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Palin/Bye 2012... that is if we don't quit first..

Palin/Bye 2012... that is if we don't quit first..

Tidewater seeks arbitration for disputes in Venezuela

Help Me !!.... I can't stop watching Olympic Curling !!!

Calif. research shows pot can ease muscle spasms

Zsa Zsa's flamboyant husband (independent) joins race for CA gov

"The Mtvernon Statment"


Meanwhile, Up North... New Hampshire Says No: Equal Marriage Rights Preserved! - DailyKos

Explaining the Senate rules, in basketball terms

Unfortunately, I think it may be too late, the bowl may have been flushed

Jeffrey Rosen: Roberts versus Roberts, Just how radical is the chief justice?

Democrats put Missouri's Kit Bond in 'Hypocrisy Hall of Fame' for stance on stimulus

USA TODAY: John Mellencamp for Evan Bayh's Senate Seat?

Hold on you EXTREME Young Conservative Activists! XPAC is here!

Toyota head won't attend U.S. hearing / Prius repairs moving ahead of schedule

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Apple sure does do business with some sick fu**s

Navy opens review of care Murtha received in surgery

From The Nation: Senator Mellencamp?

Afghanistan outpost decision an insane strategy


"Fiscal conservative" has lost all meaning

Judge’s confirmation one of many stalled: Filibusters slow U.S. Senate in approving jurists

Toronto Star: Man reportedly used fake Olympics pass, came within metres of Joe Biden

This is why we can't work with the Tea Party people

Venezuela's Polar Defends Itself As Chavez Moves In

Can you believe today's most important story cannot be posted in LBN?

Imagine if, one year ago, Congress had passed a stimulus bill that really worked.

The "Bite Me" thread for February 17, 2010.

I know 10 people who have jobs because of stimulus money - they probably don't know it themselves

Taliban Resistance Slows Coalition Progress in Marja, Afghanistan

Whaling activist may be charged / Sea Shepherd member who boarded Japan ship to be handed to JCG

Agreement Near on New Overseer of Banking Risks

Empty promises: U.A.E.'s sky-high office vacancy rates and empty apartments

A New Party Strategy for Democrats: Demand An Opposition

Current Offensive Just First Step in Afghanistan

LTTE: H-1B visas allow companies to avoid hiring American workers

Smith College announces commencement speaker: Rachel Maddow

Movie "The Cove"

Tiger Woods owes you zippo

The most popular story on right now is.....

Special election for Murtha's seat will be primary day May 18

Judge Judy CNN interview.

Dianne Feinstein Signs On To Public Option Push

In These Times: Escape From the Dismal Life

BREAKING: U.S. to launch investigation of Toyota Corolla steering problems

Michiganders--Call Levin and Stabenow about the Public Option!!

A Bipartisan Warning:

Just like we have the government we deserve, we also have the healthcare we deserve

"Rush is Right"

Need help debunking Kronick UCSD (nobody dies from lack of healthcare)

Are you a member of a DU family?

Update on Public Option, Klobuchar and Cardin indicate support

Missing Mexican Grey Wolf Spotted In Ham Lake

US Geological Survey: 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocks China-Russia-North Korea border region

Excellent commentary from CBS Radio against the tea partiers:

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell rolls back protections for gay state workers.

British Conservatives Vs American Conservatives - re:homosexuality Andrew Sullivan

I'm writing a letter to the editor and I was wondering if I can get some input before I send.

Politico - "Why Washington is broken?" - Hint: The Republicans

Reading Joe Biden's forehead

Reading Joe Biden's forehead

Senator Retires, and Voters, Too, Grow Dismayed

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Hill: Mellencamp for Senate?

I don't care who the GOP runs

Liberty University Dehumanizes Homosexuals

Millennials are less religious than preceding age groups

It looks like CO Sen Bennett has been listening to his constituents...

Ancient Arabic inscription found in Jerusalem

Special Olympics Southern California Dream House Raffle.

HCR Reconcilation - The votes are (still) not there.

What I don't understand about fundamentalism...

Christian Science Monitor: John Mellencamp: Replacement for Evan Bayh in Senate?

Christian Science Monitor: John Mellencamp: Replacement for Evan Bayh in Senate?

AC Transit Bus Fight. WOW!!!

AC Transit Bus Fight. WOW!!!

Watchdog: Google Buzz may have violated wiretap laws

UCSD fraternity hosts 'Compton Cookout', mocking black history month

Please UnRec This Thread If

Democratic Kansas Sen. Tom Holland launches campaign for governor

Bayh decides not to run for his Senate seat, and Joe Biden is getting a much

Myanmar's Colonial Treasures Threatened

How do we fight back against the rule of Corporations?

Campaign Contributions Up Five Percent In Fourth Quarter As Big Donors Beg For The Begging To Stop

You guys ready for this?

"illegals" and "retard" = two of the most gramatically- and senselessly-abused words now

Pitt-led study debunks millennia-old claims of systematic infant sacrifice in ancient Carthage

UK calls in Israeli ambassador as Dubai killing row escalates

UK calls in Israeli ambassador as Dubai killing row escalates

Making Partner Less Likely as Big Law Firms Face Cash Crunch

New rules could force Britain's tax exiles to pay up

Meet the Flintstones

Healthy and unhealthy counties

Wow! Those little Cpac-ers are going to be worn out..

Lejeune water report had no mention of benzene

At the end of the first quarter in the Super Bowl, the Saints were behind 10-0

Official: Despite delay, JSF needs will be met

The Ameriadude in jeans and a flannel just nailed it in whatever sport that

Guam leaders balk at U.S. military buildup

I certainly hope all of the party poopers aren't leaving the party.

Army: Up to 12 active-duty suicides in January

Pre-Partisan America, 1789-1801

more on the Greek debt crisis

Army tries to figure out what to do with MRAPs

The Well-Funded Anti-Union Arsenal

A (very) belated thank you for the hearts. I feel like such an Ass!

Ironic...Joe Scumbag calling Tiger out for not being truthful..

Retirees return to duty

LA Times: John Mellencamp for Senator?

The Hypocrisy of the Strict Constructionists

Mount Vernon Statement: Why we suck at political theater

Behind Obama’s overtures to Republican right: “Bipartisan” campaign targets US working class

Up Or Down. - Bring On The Vote. - 18 Feb 10

Wireless Weblimp Follows the Crowds & Action in Vancouver

Funny-Ass Picture From Bartcop:

Would you support nuclear power if it was run by the government?

Dubai, Israel, an assasination and the British Foreign office - this one's a real mess

New York Times history lesson on civilian control of the military: Why now?

Dear Gov. Kaine,

Howard Dean on Morning Joe

Anthem Rate Hikes Just Tip Of Iceberg - Premiums Going Way Up In Six More States

Olympic Committee Scared of Women?

Dream the impossible dream....

The Olympic skier known as 'spam king'

If the VT legislature votes to close VY will the Feds pre-empt the state?

Message to the YOUTH

IRS Statistics: 400 Families Earned an Average of $345 Million Each In One Yr Under Bush

KANSAS Republican Rep. STEVE BRUNK Compares Rape To Auto Theft

Our battleground...

Just between me, you and the DU.. not for outside consumption. The wackadoodles.

No Loan Guarantees of Nuclear Powers Plants

Eight states to introduce program for 10th graders to get diploma early and enroll in college

Kansas lawmaker compares rape to auto theft.

Wall Street shrugs off unemployment figures...

Medicare is bad business … A doc’s POV

Taliban Gov of Virginia Brings Back Discrimination for Gays

Technology predictions that did NOT happen

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

CPAC Picks Unionized Hotel For Conference

Check out the title of one of the workshops at CPAC:

This guy sounds like a health insurance exec.

Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle, riders....The Commercial Real Estate Ride is going down !!!!

Hey National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform!

TPM has a CPAC wire......For all the people stuck in cubes.

Conservatives always act like they represent YOUNG people.

The President finally found a Republican that will work with him !

WTF? Donna Brazile: Cheney attacks Obama while silent Bush is "trying to become an elder statesman"

Did we have any idea this happened yesterday? My Mother mentioned it in a phone call.

Former Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert spends $1 million

Kucinich's Prophetic "Prayer for America" Speech 8 Years Ago Today

Here's a personal blog from Vancouver..from a Vancouverite.. Lots of cool pics

Heard on MSNBC this morning that Rs want a rematch debate with the President

The European Bosses Are Ready To Crucify Goldman For Their Sins

Jim DeMint got a woody listening to Marco Rubio

Thank you letter to my senators for public option signature

Wondering about this AD on DU

Cairo protest over anti-women vote

Was just informed a coup is underway in Niger. No links, just a text mssg...

The "public option" zombie lives!

Rise In Teen Pregnancy Proves Teens Still Got It

NATO air strike kills seven Afghan police

Female Polish Bear chases man after being shot with tranquilliser dart. pix

Pagan worship at Air Force Academy by Bob Barr

Do you guys think Bloomberg is lying about the cost of trying KSM in New York?

Credit Card Games -- make your move -- OPT OUT!

You really need to take time and view the level of douchebaggery @ this CPAC event

Shocking: Tea Partiers Mostly Rich, White, Christian Guys

Rep. Apologizes For Sex Accusations

Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad In It

The problem with This Modern World cartoon...

LOL, can the Tea Party ever catch a break? Sarah Palin says they need to pick a party, and now this.

Austin crash pilot set fire to his own house . . . ?

Delay in Iraq government formation won't slow exit of U.S. combat troops by August

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: God Hates Gays, ...

Report Cited by Obama on Hospitals Is Criticized:

You just KNOW there's a smoking gun in the Toyota e-mail system. You KNOW there is.

The "health" care industry is cannibalizing the rest of the economy!

Small plane crashes into building in Austin Texas

Top 400 Earners in U.S. Averaged $345 Million in Income in 2007, IRS Says

LIve feed from Austin. Fox station. Sorry


New observed technique of nuisance Conservative trolls

Institute for Policy Studies: Nuclear Plants Aren't the Answer

Nice headline, NBC

Foster Care Cut by Catholic Charities in DC to protest gay marriage laws

Locking threads for "broad brush slam"

Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder

Convicted Police Chief who shook down two churches and a Kiddieland gets 6 years

Cops: Imitation pot as bad as the real thing

This is why I belive that conservative republicans emrace and tout the "Pro-life" position

Union of Concerned Scientists: Congress should be cautious about funding nuclear plants

Married Jeffrey Toobin in Baby Mama drama with Jeff Greenfield's Yale grad daughter...

24/7WallStreet: Public Pensions Face $1 Trillion Shortfall

Is there ANYTHING Evan Bayh CANNOT do? Click here to see all of our problems solved.

Sierra Club: Statement Opposing Nuclear Plant Loan Guarantees

Telegraph UK: US bank lending falls at fastest rate in history

Digby: Tea Party = Whiter, Maler, Rural-er Subsection of GOP

Digby: Tea Party = Whiter, Maler, Rural-er Subsection of GOP

Digby: Tea Party = Whiter, Maler, Rural-er Subsection of GOP

Disaster capitalism update: Small airport security contracts for security firms upcoming.

You Betcha: Fey's 'SNL' Return as Palin Is Likely

Let's not kid ourselves: Uranium mining (nuclear energy) kills people.

Just a hunch regarding the guy who crashed that plane

How to Succeed as an Ayn Rand Character

Murtha's death being investigated

Murtha's death being investigated

Janet Napolitano told you so

National Resources Defense Council: Massive Subsidies to Nuclear Industry 'A Mistake'

MSNBC reporting the plane wasn't stolen. It was registered to the suicide bombers software company

Senate GOP Staff Meet With Lobbyists On Jobs Bill

UN: "We will not be part of that military strategy" in Marjah, Afghanistan

Is Barack Obama a liberal?

Spitzer at the Commonwealth Club of Caifornia on NPR

The 30 Senators Who Voted Against Anti-Rape Amendment

New jobless claims surge unexpectedly, producer prices up

Nevada voters against previous health care reform package, support PO reconciliation

Joseph Andrew Stack Revised His Death Letter 27 Times Before Settling On The Final Draft

**Breaking on FoxNews**

What happens when freepers have their health prescription coverage denied...

Well of course it is not terrorism

Coming Soon: Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcies

If The Austin Kamikaze Turns Out To Be A Teabagger, Round Up Those Fuckers, and Waterboard Them...

U.S. Cracks Down on ‘Contractors’ as a Tax Dodge

Kung Fu Kitty

Now that we caught the #2 Taliban, can we ask him about their energy meeting with Cheney? nt

What Citizens United v. FEC Means for the 2012 Election

I got no plane to my name

self delete dupe

self delete dupe

Terrorism in Austin?

University of California: Ten year medical marijuana study released.

Fox News’ Doocy Blasts Carlin Senate Bid

CPAC-LOL!!! They "Speak In Complete Sentences"?!?!?!

American Scarelines

If the Austin Crash/Attack Turns Out to be a RW Act

Definition Terrorism...a Stark concept.

The Austin plane crash was obviously all Obama's fault.

dupe delete n/t

Fuck me, Cheney's jumping for joy at the plane crash in Austin...

Toon: When the going gets tough...

Wall Street Space Exploration

When Security Takes Longer Than the Flight (WSJ)

No New Stimulus

Here's the info on the Austin crash plane

***Breaking-plane hits building in Austin***

***Breaking-plane hits building in Austin***

***Breaking-plane hits building in Austin***

This would appear to be the pilot's suicide note/manifesto

Meet the Flintstones...Texas Tribune Poll.

So did Joe Stack Go Galt?

Suspected pilot in crash, Joespeh Stack... A bone with the IRS? His last post?

Suspected pilot in crash, Joespeh Stack... A bone with the IRS? His last post?

Who is this hysterical idiot talking to Thom Hartmann now?

Unbelievable freepwad stupidity about TX plane crash

What if all states had to be "donor" states? (as a way to cut the deficit)

Team finds subtropical waters flushing through Greenland fjord

Toon: Putting Sean Hannity's 'logic' to the test...

So every time a single seated air plane crashes

So every time a single seated air plane crashes

Soldiers seize President Tandja in coup (Niger -- uranium exporter)

Suspicious package with a shipping label marked "Lebanon" prompts response from Merced CA bomb squad

Suspicious package with a shipping label marked "Lebanon" prompts response from Merced CA bomb squad

Suspicious package with a shipping label marked "Lebanon" prompts response from Merced CA bomb squad

Hatchet Job Television

Stan Greenberg: How dems can avoid the disaster of 1994

Stark's Rant archived on The Smoking Gun


Crude Oil Approaches $80 A Barrel

At similar point in Clinton presidency angry guy flew plane into WH

At similar point in Clinton presidency angry guy flew plane into WH

Is it really possible that the government can prevent every and all terrorist attacks

Public option support growing in senate. Schumer is in!

But he got his message heard loud and clear

Obama meets Dalai Lama despite Chinese warning

Obama meets Dalai Lama despite Chinese warning

***IAEA warns that Iran may be making progress on nuclear warhead.***

Colbert Nation arrives at the Olympics

Live from Right-Wing Central- with video

Our public schools should teach children union activism and union organization, starting..

Joseph Andrew Stack Revised His Death Letter 27 Times Before Settling On The Final Draft

Mr. Fish: Funding Cheney

Do a Google search for "Bill Clinton" and look at the 10th result

Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glenn Beck?

Life isn't fair...

Joe Stack was perfectly sane

Beck vs. Maddow. Glenn - don't even go there

Waiting for al-Qaeda to claim credit for Austin plane crash

Who's this hack on GEM$NBC with Ratigan

“Joe Stack”: IRS Austin Plane Crash Perpetrator?

Tobin Tax now supported by Japan, Germany, UK, France and Australia

So overtly sexist threads are ok here, as long as "it's just a joke"?

So overtly sexist threads are ok here, as long as "it's just a joke"?

Pension Gap of $1 Trillion Is ‘Daunting’ Bill to U.S. States

Clyburn: Public Option "Could Very Well" Return, Schumer Signs On

Stack's letter (site is currently down)

For those of you wishing to file a complaint against your friendly, neighborhood MrScorpio...

Las Vegas Monorail’s failure may drive down state’s credit

Zogby Poll Questions - Religion

Has anyone seen pictures of the plane suicide bomber in Austin at Tea Party events?

Has anyone seen pictures of the plane suicide bomber in Austin at Tea Party events?

Generals and Killing People

Generals and Killing People

Comet’s 10 Million-Mile Tail Lights Up in Infrared

The Democrats now have a rock solid issue to run on, (as if they needed another issue.)

E.J. Dionne: What's holding the Democratic Party down

Would killing the filibuster allow for bipartisanship finally?

FNC: "Is Scott Brown the next Ronald Reagan?"

Tweety on Cheney and CPAC

Tweety on Cheney and CPAC

chris matthews 'who invited the troll to the party?'....asking the geeky rethug about cheney

Rudy Giuliani and George Bush's pick for Homeland Security Secretary

sorry, dupe

To the few who still support NAFTA, GATT/WTO, have you lost your job, home or livlihood?

you know, I don't think I would have liked Joe Stack at all...

CPAC speaker: One of today's children could be the next Hitler

Because Stack criticized the rich and corporations in his diatribe

I know the story of the coup in Niger was posted already, but did you know...

Bernard Kerik sentenced to four years in prison

CPAC Comedy-Rubio Reads Teleprompter Joke, From Teleprompter

Please join in with me...

Delete, wasn't him

Your new paycheck is $100 less.. we'll call that a raise

Toyota investigates Corolla steering problems

Luckovich TOON: When the moment is right...

Oliphant- Bayh, Bayh, Birdie!

Oliphant- Bayh, Bayh, Birdie!

Is the purpose of CPAC to spend an entire weekend insulting democrats?

Dalai Lama throws snow at the press

Reminder & request to MI Sens. Levin & Stabinow

McDonnell's cuts target schools, state workers (VA)

U.S. Court of Appeal Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Couple Denied Birth Certificate for Adopted Son

You betcha: Fey's 'SNL' return as Palin is likely

Some quotes I've read here and there...

Update on Public Option List 18 senators have signed so far.

Update on Public Option List 18 senators have signed so far.

Time to Party Like It’s 1854

New Foreclosure Cases Hit Record In Ohio

House GOP Website, Republican Leadership Takes Credit For Successful Stimulus

Bayh Open To Reconciliation For Health Care Reform

scumbag Kerik get 4 years.

Here's a new teabag photo for your amusement.

So the angry plane pilot was pissed off at GM?

Noe seeks reversal of '06 conviction; appeal filed with Ohio Supreme Court

Franni Franken vs. Michele Bachmann On Social Security

Stress claim denied for Conn. cop who shot chimp

Stress claim denied for Conn. cop who shot chimp

Paying for 911 calls in California.

Anti-Union CPAC Being Serviced By ‘Terrific’ Union Employees

This Facebook group is KO's #1 story tonight on Countdown!

James O'Keefe and the lil plumbers might be getting some company soon

Baptists, bibliophiles, and bibles, Oh My!

40 Days of Harassment - pro-choice

I think the administration should be treating todays crash as a terrorist attack.

“Bipartisan” campaign targets US working class

Jimmy Carter unwittingly helped the GOP, and the DLC

Bachmann: Social Security A 'Tremendous Fraud' (VIDEO)

As US Seizes Marjah, UN Rejects “Militarization” of Aid

About that proposed bill to regulate supplements - a more acceptable source

'Cheney had accompanied his daughter, Liz Cheney, to the conference as "arm candy." ' (ewwwww)

Obama’s Nuclear Option by Amy Goodman

sickening piece of stenography from Howard Fineman

Obama Goes Nuclear

Hey! Senator Bennett! Throw in a buy-in to Medicare at age 45, while you're at it.

Banks may be mining social media sites for personal info

Meanwhile, Nigeria's President Has Been Missing for 2 Months

Clinton warns Iran not to 'build their bomb'

Can we blame B*sh for Toyota's problems?

This toon nails it ( wave of quitters)

J-Stack would be no more or less of a coward as a RW'er as he would have been were he a LW'er.

A man jumps to his death and people -- laugh?

Some graffiti to really piss you off (blood pressure warning, and no pun intended)

Republican theme song. I think this one is perfect.

There's a new book out about my town: The Town That Food Saved

Have you received your Census booklet yet? When do they start coming?

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy recommends legalizing medical marijuana

What??? Rick Perry just now ended his statement on that crash by saying

Get a souvenir photo taken with President Reagan at CPAC - pic

Anyone still have the canned tuna under your bed that the Bush administration told us to put there?

Teabaggers create Facebook tribute page for airplane crasher

Breaking: Public Option Through Reconciliation Scoreboard: 13 + Levin = 14

This Austin nut job just goes to show there is no recovery

Is there any hope for health care reform now? The senate has apparently quit, and the house

Shocking New TSA Strategy Announced

Shocking New TSA Strategy Announced

Obama Smashes Economic Talking Points With Simple Facts: Road To Recovery

CPAC. Chronic Phonies and Charlatans. These people are mentally ill and dangerous.

Dahr Jamail the dark underbelly of Occupation, Army Medic's book

Anyone else boycotting Thom the rest of the week?

Top Ten Interesting Abandoned Places

Escaped Mexican Gray Wolf Recaptured.

Of course most of them have no idea that is a country

More evidence of global warming hoax

Oh my! Thom Hartmann at the CPAC convention wanted to

The writing on the cave wall

Primitive Humans Conquered Sea, Surprising Finds Suggest

Anyone watching C-span 3 ... Jack Straw testimony - Iraq Inquiry?

Anyone watching C-span 3 ... Jack Straw testimony - Iraq Inquiry?

NOW I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING. Facebook fan page for Joseph Stack

NOW I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING. Facebook fan page for Joseph Stack

The worst is yet to come: What to expect from the commercial real estate crisis

Having no TV has changed DU for me

Who else saw Bill Black on PBS? Whoa,

Today I figured out why we still have our Dean signs and other memorabilia.

Hey Newt, your first contract sucked. Won't work in 2010, Hannity and Boortz tagging along

Teabagger plays Fred Phelps game by disrupting memorial service

Heads Up, An old email from President Obama

Today's Bite Me thread is about the TSA and their new random screening by roaming screeners

So, how can the tea baggers defend this guy when he did a rerun of 9/11?

Australia: Copyright staff get more than they give to authors and artists

The Rise of the Public Option - Hacker's Proposals and why “Medicare for All: Still the One”

Did you know there are "open access" peer reviewed academic journals?

FAA says pilot of plane set fire to his own home and stole this plane.

CBC: Lightfoot responds to death reports: 'I'm fine'

Breitbart Lied About ACORN 'Pimp' Story in His Own WashTimes Column

Super Rich Made $345 Million Each in 2007 as Their Tax Rates Plummeted

Atheists offer to take care of pets after their owners are raptured to heaven for $110

Straight-Up Capitalism: Florida man rented out foreclosed homes that weren't his

Straight-Up Capitalism: Florida man rented out foreclosed homes that weren't his

Straight-Up Capitalism: Florida man rented out foreclosed homes that weren't his

Straight-Up Capitalism: Florida man rented out foreclosed homes that weren't his

Obama is the Best We Will Get

The seven nations of the USA..

Too much plane crash coverage on the cable channels?

Pregnant woman jailed for having thought about abortion

Dana Loesch, St Louis teabagger, announces teabaggers are going to "confront liberals"

December 2004, President George W. bu$h* nominated Bernard Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security

December 2004, President George W. bu$h* nominated Bernard Kerik as Secretary of Homeland Security

Why do we need 18 Ohio class submarines? 14 of them carry up to 24 Trident

It's Xtreme Conservative Youths!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Are you a liberal?

Why we should not be excited about reviving the Public Option

Matt Taibbi: Goldman Sachs and other big banks re-creating the conditions for another crash

Senate bill supporter Nate Silver: Do not trust Firedoglake polls

Girl's arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance

Who wants a nut?

Gibbs On Plane Crash: This Isn't "Terrorism"

Joe Stack Pictures: First Photos of Alleged Austin IRS Plane Crasher

The Auschwitz Album

IRS and income tax are stupid...

THIS tiny area "debunks" Global Warming? (graphic)

I just found out about the crash. Was this guy a teabagger?

The immediate attempts to pin blame for Joseph Stack to any political orientation are gross.

Merced, California: 19.8% unemployment 62% drop in home values

Why do men who commit suicide so often take out their families along with themselves?

The Primal Forces of Nature vs. The Real Primal Forces of Nature

CPAC Speakers Bash Obama's Use Of A Teleprompter — While Standing In Front Of ...

I don't recall where I read it but...

Paul Krugman: "we're doing a 1937"

Anti-Union CPAC Being Serviced By ‘Terrific’ Union Employees

It bugs me that people can just fly around in small craft

If 51% of elected federal officeholders were women, would we still be a warmongering nation?

response to conservative ''liberal vs. conservative'' viral email

Are you in favor of laws requiring seatbelts be worn?

employment attorney questions

Wolf Blitzer just said he doesn't rule out a 2012 presidential run by Cheney...

Wolf Blitzer just said he doesn't rule out a 2012 presidential run by Cheney...

..the joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies...

Stop Glenn Beck

here's the Manifesto of Joseph Stack -- "Mr. Big Brother IRS Man" - RE Austin plane crash

Feingold in for public option through reconciliation; Reid says reconciliation on the table

"...the modern American heirarchical system provides a natural order for the exercise of sadism."

So.... what's Joseph Stark's freerepublic user name?

Folks, if you get angry and just can't take it anymore, don't take innocents with you

Dem says public option is 'within grasp' 16 Signatures so far

Real health reform once again shut out...

Real health reform once again shut out...

for those who thought Co. Spgs city govt couldn't sink much lower:

Swabbing hands now at the airport? The cost and hassle. I think more people are going to agree

Romney says that Obama "failed America"

Overwhelming Majority of Dems, Reps & Independents OPPOSE Corporations United decision

(Conway, Ark.)PD arrests two for leaving child in car

Bushco's tax cuts, Reagan's tax cuts, Gop's call for more tax cuts after a decade of runaway debt..

For All the Poor Oppressed Joseph Stack's of the World, I have this

Boehner: Obama 'Slapped Table,' Scolded Me At White House Meeting

Whirlpool: Keep It Made in America

Man locked out of his own house, shot and killed as burgler by police

CPAC Speaker Bashes Obama, in Racial Tones

Plan afoot in Utah to "share" Dr. King's holiday with John Browning, gun manufacturer

If You're Serious About The Public Option, Go Here And See If Your Dem Senator Is On This List !!!

If You're Serious About The Public Option, Go Here And See If Your Dem Senator Is On This List !!!

Dances w/ Devils How Apocalyptic and Millennialist Themes Influence RightWing Scapegoating & Conspir

Dances w/ Devils How Apocalyptic and Millennialist Themes Influence RightWing Scapegoating & Conspir

Whether it's Amy Bishop or Joseph Stack, I don't really give a shit about their grievances

I Support President Obama in Building New Nuclear Power Plants.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke proposes cutting social security and health care benefits.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke proposes cutting social security and health care benefits.

School used students' computer webcams to spy on them at home

PNHP requests invitation to Feb. 25 White House health summit

Is it all the Boomers' fault?

Is it all the Boomers' fault?

VIRALIZE public option letter calls




Sylvia Striplin - You Cant Turn Me Away

Change - The Glow Of Love

Isaac Hayes scores Shaft film - Café Reggio & Shaft Theme 1971

Jesse James reunited with lost dog CinnaBun

George Benson - Nature Boy


Are there any Photographers hanging out here tonight?

Official I Don't Give A Rat's Ass What Tiger Woods Will Say on Fri. thread

Bring On The Night - THE POLICE

Tonight on Mantracker : "Hainsley and Andrew"

Why Women's Olympic Hockey Leaves Men Disappointed

Going to see the Wolfman later tonight.

Meshell Ndegeocello - Earth (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)

Maxwell - Lifetime ( Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)

Half Pipe snowboarding is about to start 10:15 EST

Anybody have experience with Classmates?

AC Transit Bus Fight, WOW!!!

I liked it very much . . . for its echos of . . .

Ha ha!

These people are way funnier than.......(you decide)

Did I just see that?

True sweet Heart-men, Everywhere . . .

"April is the cruelest month . . ." nt

My good friend Sallie

Crash: art and JG Ballard collide

What is your favorite insane death-cult?

Please UnRec This Thread If

I don't remember where I read it but...

I just did that

How come whenever you come to a parting of the ways with somebody,

Do you ever think about someone you knew long ago and wonder if they think of you?

Jerry Garcia gave me a New Year's hug long ago,

Fuckin' extreme conservatism! WOOO!!!!!

What is your favorite mundane result?

Ever dealt with feline renal failure?

What are your top five favorite U.S. skylines? (dial-up warning)

Sade - By Your Side (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)

Today's math lesson.

Photos: The Robert "Twilight" Pattison Manllow ("Man Pillow")

I love animals, I mean REALLY love animals, but I have just about reached my limit with

Are you a member of a DU family?

Who else thinks it's awesome that Carrot Top is dominating the Winter Olympics?

Remember that time that guy said that about the wondering system convene burst upon light shadows?

TMZ Photo: Donna "Ellie Mae Clampett" Douglas at 75

A welcome to new DU'ers!

Little Timmy walked in to his parents bedroom...

I'm a fucking menace.

Kung Fu Kitty

Dolphins surfing South Africa

Chico (the sheep) + Dorothy (the goat) = true love

Does McDonald's in the US charge for ketchup????

Do you ever use the sync software with external harddrives or do you just copy and paste?

Judge Judy CNN interview.

Did anyone else combine wholesomeness and sexuality better than

Kids In The Hall - Chicken Lady At Strip Show

Police station to station: Best mugshot in the history of mugshots?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/18/10

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Epic Fail

An error occurred during processing.

You know you're a Lounge denizen when:

Chilling a vat

When will the poor/middle class realize they are the majority?

Filling A Cat.

In which L&O:SVU episode diid Benson technically kiss another woman?

Pilling A Cat

For those of you wishing to file a complaint against your friendly, neighborhood MrScorpio...

I have had a headache for days

Help needed - I'm hiring a cleaning service

I really want to kick this guy in the balls, as hard as I can.

15 Movies Where Comedians Lost Their Funny

Help needed - I'm hiring a preening service

How does one man accumulate so much damn debt?

In which ST:TNG episode diid Picard technically kiss another guy?

Photo: This woman is 23 years old.

The Giant Hogweed - yes, it exists. Heracleum mantegazzianum

Can you believe it? The junk e-mail I get INCREASED!

A really interesting side effect of a medication I'm taking: Vivid dreams.

How to be a gracious bitch....

I just got two packages of pretzels from the vending machine for the price of one - Ask me anything!

You want to put this in your mouth

Zebra escapes from Barnum & Bailey circus, wanders into downtown Atlanta

We just got a new camera and I know what I want to do!

Capitalists make lousy lovers

Today, I Held The Door Open for Janeane Garafolo

Barf, Gack or Hurl? Is there a regional difference in terminology like Pop or Soda?

In which episode did Wesley get repeatedly kicked in the balls the entire episode?

I suddenly realized why curling is so popular...

Is there a Wikipedia article about you?

Have any of you ever heard the late Richard Nixon sing or play the piano?

AC Transit Bus Fight. WOW!!!

The REAL problem with Toyota's cars

Can Famke Janssen act?

Reason #1874 why I love curling

How do I know if I've caught Olympic Fever?

DU Facebookers...

A tale of a dog and master reunited...

MISSED romantic opportunities from your past. Any you regret, or were they better off missed?

What you talking about Lisa Bloom...

I have a 2 part question for you to understand your moral values...

Kathryn Grayson Dead: 'Show Boat,' 'Kiss Me Kate' Star Dies At 88

When I lived in Austin, most folks were too busy getting high and drunk to cause a lot a trouble

Zombieland ***SPOILER ALERT***

What are the "little things" you get enjoyment from?

What is it?

YAY I just ordered chinese food!

Pick a genre of music and I'll see if I can post a YouTube vid that I like

I need math help!

Lawmakers Grill WellPoint Execs Over Profits, Rate Hikes

Republicans: Don't be harping about the debt when every single one of you voted against 'Pay Go!'

Seems like forever that Zogby sent me an online poll

Statements about Stimulus

I hope that Dem Senators are serious about the Public Option & that this isn't pre-summit posturing

When people vote Republican, what the hell do they think they're going to get

A death in Homer.

Corporate Media Hype Tea Partiers Way beyond their Actual Significance

Balance The Budget or Decline to Seek Reelection - WATCH This

OFA Releases New Recovery Act Video.....

It's this Executive Order day? Has Obama got out his pen?

Freepers All Upside Down over FRED THOMPSON Endorsing McLame

Philadelphia Area Manufacturing Gains as Orders Fuel Factory-Led Recovery, Highest Level In 5 Years

** Heads Up: Biden to Give Speech on Non-Proliferation, 1pm EST **

Dems Looking For GOP Votes On Jobs Bill; GOP Not Interested - No SHI_!!

How Should Progressives Challenge Right-Wing Populism?

I think Bill Gates is getting ready to try the for political office. Not sure

Talkingpointsmemo: Tea Partiers Forming Circular Firing Squad

A Call to Treason - Special Update

HRC: Best Secretary of State Ever

The senate is in recess right? Is Obama going to appoint a labor guy like Bush did during recess?

Clyburn: Public option 'could very well' return to health reform bill (plus whip count)

Make those A******* filibuster the job bill!

Stack, IRS conflict, Crashes plane into IRS building in Texas

CNN Poll: Tea Party Bigger Than You Think

Ebert: "Q. How come Bush got people to believe lies but Obama can't get them to believe truth?"

WH to Post HCR Proposal Online Monday 2/22

"Sebelius: Obama will have 'one proposal' for health reform at summit"

Just got around to reading Gelb's article on Daily Beast. He wants to replace Gibbs w/ Jake Tapper?

Pelosi Statement on President Obama Establishing a Bipartisan Commission on Fiscal Responsibility

Emailed and called Sens. Stabinow and Levin....nt

I'm free associating, beginning with the word "fool"

On Dealing with the So-Called Entitlement of Social Security and Medicare...

Cheney: "Obama will be one term president"

Denver Post Editorial Board Trashes Michael Bennet

..ahem...About the Bennet letter...

A reminder for Romney and the RW

Obama Spanks Boner at WH Meeting. Boner Cries

Will the public option be part of Obama's health care reform bill?

Conference of Prejudice Asshole Conservatives (CPAC)

Anthem Rate Hikes Just Tip Of Iceberg - Premiums Going Way Up In Six More States (TPM)

VT-Gov: New R2K Poll Points to a Tossup

Photos: You see Mr. Boehner, you're missing the point....

Just Called My Senator (Kay Hagan) About the Bennet Petition

Did anyone hear Big Ed mention the Democratic Underground

HCR Action Updates - OFA Pledge Tops 7 Million, HCAN & Allies Marches & Rallies Start Today

There's "sharp resistance" against the public option in the White House (Ezra Klein)

****Heads Up: POTUS Signs Exec. Order Re Fiscal Responsibility, Live! (10:10 EST) ****

US seeks climate progress despite UN resignation

Stephen Baldwin on Obama: 'Homey Made His Bed' (VIDEO)

I'm sorry, GOP, but Americans won't vote for you based on a set of hazy ideals.

Dalai Lama "Very Happy" With Obama Meeting

"Sixteen Senators Now Calling For Vote On Public Option"

U.S. Cracks Down on ‘Contractors’ as a Tax Dodge

Agreement Is Near on New Overseer of Banking Risks

Klobuchar (and Harkin) supports reconciliation, public option


Heh.... Rick Santorum lubing his supporters into a froth for a presidential run

Random CPAC Tidbits

Can we please debunk (once and for all) this "phony zip code rumor"? The lies are everywhere....

Rachel Maddow chats at the John Birch Society booth at CPAC (Image)

****Heads Up: POTUS Speaking Live at a Rally for Sen Michael Bennet! ****

After all the facts re the Utter GOP Failures these past years..The GOP have the GALL, The AUDACITY,

Suspicious package sent to Sen. Kerry's office

CPAC Speaker Mocks Obama's Use Of Cocaine (VIDEO)

Is there a level of criminality that would force Obama to prosecute Goldman Sachs execs?

Is there a level of criminality that would force Obama to prosecute Goldman Sachs execs?

Support Democrats Already!

Blackwell accuses Obama of 'anti-Christian pogrom'

Teabaggers are absolutely insane...

Today I heard a 94 year old Democrat explain why Obama isn't FDR.

CNN Poll: Anti-incumbent fever at record high

New PPP poll examines 2012 matchups (Obama vs. several Republicans)

Hamas official accused of helping Mossad hit squad

Hamas official accused of helping Mossad hit squad

Cops: Imitation pot as bad as the real thing

Wash. Post adds to its stable of former Republican staffers (Mark Theissen)

Associated Press: Israelis convinced: Mossad behind Dubai hit

Stress claim denied for cop who shot chimp

Lawmakers Grill WellPoint Execs Over Profits, Rate Hikes

Lawmakers to launch bipartisan effort to rewrite No Child Left Behind

Niger Coup Attempt Underway

In Blow to Taliban, 2 More Senior Leaders Are Arrested

Afghan: 2 Taliban shadow governors arrested

Deaths reported in Pakistan blast

Danger of Marines’ water removed from report

Danger of Marines’ water removed from report

Police: Mentally ill man breached security near Joe Biden at Olympics opening ceremony

Obama Goes Nuclear

Jobless Claims, Inflation Jump as Economy Wobbles

BNP leader Nick Griffin welcomes Australian politician Pauline Hanson's move to Britain

Excise tax on high-cost health plans would have nonunion impact, study shows

U.S. Leading Indicators Gain a 10th Month in Sign Economy to Keep Growing

DELETE - already posted.

(WHO) H1N1 should be added to next flu vaccine

Obama to meet Dalai Lama despite Chinese warning

The Manifesto of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Stack

Iraqi official: 9 killed in Ramadi blast

South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency

HHS warns of double-digit spike in health premiums

USDA: Stimulus helps rural Neb.

Waxman takes insurance company to task over premium hikes

House committee asks Toyota president to testify

Kerik gets 4 years on felony charges

Ex-NYC Police Boss Kerik to Be Sentenced (4 years) for Lying

Indian Maoists kill 10 in 'revenge' attack: police

Senate GOP Staff Meet With Lobbyists On Jobs Bill

(UK Gordon) Brown: ‘Saddam’s WMDs were not why I backed the Iraq war’

UK calls in Israeli ambassador as Dubai killing row escalates

World's top firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage, report estimates

UN climate chief quits, leaves talks hanging

Canada Should Put Democracy Before Free Trade in Colombia, Say Returned Observers

FDA Issues Warning On 4 Widely-Used Asthma Drugs

Dianne Feinstein Signs on to public option push

Maui County sues Merrill Lynch over access to $32 million in securities

First Solar posts major sales, profit growth in 2009

Clyburn: Public option 'could very well' return to health reform bill

Fed hikes discount rate, says not tightening

STIMULUS WATCH: Unemployment eclipses fiscal jolt

In a doomsday cyber attack scenario, answers are unsettling

Flight diverted to Salt Lake City after bomb threat

Homeland Security reports losing guns

U.S. Cracks Down on ‘Contractors’ as a Tax Dodge

Lindsey Vonn grabs gold in downhill

Senator (Ron Wyden) seeks benefits for Iraq vets suing KBR

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 18

Evan Bayh Predicts Third-Party Candidate Could Win Presidency: 'Ross Perot Moment'

8 of 10 missionaries freed from Haitian jail, return to U.S.

Small plane crashes into Austin office building

Pew Study Finds States Face $2.73 Trillion Bill for Retiree Benefits

Poll Finds PBS Most Trusted Name in News

Dalai Lama likes 'energetic, tall' Obama

Internet note posted by man linked to plane crash

Gordon Brown says UK is prepared in Falkland Islands

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s perk costs taxpayers $1 million

Jobless Claims, Inflation Jump as Economy Wobbles

Google Buzz Draws Class-Action Suit From Harvard Student

Coup under way in Niger

Microsoft to outsource general legal work to India

Obama keeps all-Democratic health care option open

Chuck Schumer Joins Push For Vote On Public Option

Clinical trials show medical benefits of pot

Ellsworth not definite on seeking Bayh's seat

Cheney Makes Surprise Appearance At CPAC ("I think Barack Obama is a one-term president")

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Charged With Attempted Murder, Assault

NATO air strike kills seven Afghan police

S.C. pol wants to ban U.S. currency

IAEA fears "current" Iran bid for atom bomb

Banned Commercial

Kids Are Having Sex--And Need Access to Care

NOVA | Extreme Ice | PBS - Fascinating Time Lapse Imagery

MoveOn Counter Tea Party Protest in Seattle

Stimulus Or No Stimulus

The Tea Party and the GOP

Young Turks: The Lobbying-Media Complex w/ The Nation's Sebastian Jones

300 Jobs

Obama uses stimulus anniversary to push jobs bill

Bush v. Obama, The Economy 101 (Job Loss Chart)

Bill Maher on Larry King Live: Cheney is a liar

Keith Olbermann: Rush Limbaugh 'Worst Person In The World'

Red Dress.m4v

Saint Vitus War Is Our Destiny Dec. 20 1984

British TV Host, Mistakes Joe Biden's Ash Wednesday Forehead For Bruise

CNN Rick Sanchez makes fun of Republicans taking the stim

Glenn Beck Madness & Paranoia - with Tom Waits Music

Maine Marks First Year Of Federal Stimulus

Sonic Boom Meets Sun Dog 720p

Minuteman and other Wackos at Tea Party , Laguna Hills .

Second City on climate change deniers

TYT: Cenk interview Bob Borosage about the corporatist consensus in Washington

A 2010 Census Message from President Obama

Meg Whitman runs away from reporters

Sarah Palin Needs to Quit Fox

Why Did Cheney Rip Sarah? TYT

Russia Today: Max Keiser - Welcome to American Slavery 2010 Style

Michael Steele meets with Tea will be SHOCKED by the LARGE TURNOUT of POWER PLAYERS.

Young Turks: Glenn Beck Inciting Violence w/ Blatant Lies & Fear Mongering

Rachel Maddow & Bernie Sanders on the return(?) of the Public Option

People with stuff written on their hands! It's a Tea Party campaign ad! Two snaps UP, Tea Party!

Smith College Students Go Wild When Maddow Announced As Commencement Speaker

1994...Petersen Foundation tries to get Clinton to Privatize Social Security instead of doing HCR!

Robert Reich:A Thought On Evan Bayh And Partisan America

In These Times: Beyond Pale, Male and Stale

Cluster Bombs Banned

Do We Really Want the Status Quo on Health Care?

Afrik, France: Algerian Government Threatens Paris and Washington

Wall Street Moves in for the Kill

Gene Lyons says bye bye to "Justice Jim"

Medvedev proposes tougher punishment for police crime

Robert Scheer: It’s Greek to Goldman Sachs

In These Times: Escape From the Dismal Life

Cop turns off camera & beats up female

After Bayh, Less Bipartisanship Needed

Dagsavisen, Norway: Palin The Phenomenon

Jewish groups to adopt measure backing gays in military

What Ever Happened to Candidate Obama?

Environmental Advocates Are Cooling on Obama

White House - 2 million jobs saved or created from Stimulus

Putting the "Snowpocalypse" in perspective with maps.

Denver Post - Michael Bennet Trying to Shove HCR Down Our Throats

Anti-nuclear response to Obama's 8 bn gift to nuclear power

Time to Party Like It’s 1854

E.J. Dionne: Why the Democrats Are Losing

A new low for the Cheneys and their friends

Samsung C&T Wins Solar Power Plant Deal in U.S. (5 plants totalling 130 MW)

Intel lab explores nanoscale power storage

World's biggest river restoration kicks off Thurs at official ceremony in Oregon

Climatologist Phil Jones fights back

Australians Warned To Avoid All Contact With Murray River - 150Km Toxic Algae Bloom Still Growing

Thailand: Tight security at energy plants

Russia to seize Kovytka gas field from BP venture

Utility Executives Like Nuclear Power. Climate Science, Not So Much.

Surge in population of native frogs in outback Queensland thanks to big rain

Phoenix OKs $1B solar landfill deal for Tessera in Buckeye (Stirling Solar)

16 'Endangerment' Lawsuits Filed Against EPA Before Deadline

Environmental Advocates Are Cooling on Obama

Peak oil notes - Feb 18

xpost: Team finds subtropical waters flushing through Greenland fjord

Drumbeat: February 18, 2010

Slow Shipping Saves $$$ and the Environment

Honda - solar hydrogen prototype in Los Angeles

Hope For Some Coral Species In Penn State Study - Andaman Sea Species Can Stand High Temps

Understanding global climate change through new breakthroughs in polar research

Russian gas to fall short of EU demand

Understanding the threat to monkey numbers from forest decline

Small Reactors Generate Big Hopes

Carbon sequestration: Buried trouble (Nature magazine, subscription required)

Wind-turbine plan envisions switch to nuclear

Leaked German Memo - Ocean Cleaning Efforts Have Failed ; 90% Of N. Sea Seabirds Have Eaten Plastic

New rules on corn ethanol may hurt environment

"Why factories aren't efficient"

JPL/NASA - Loss Of "Ice Arches" In Narrow Northern Straits Contributed To Record 2007 Ice Retreat

UCLA chemists create synthetic 'gene-like' crystals for carbon dioxide capture

Latest Projection For Sundarban Tigers - Potential Loss Of 96% Of Habitat By 2070 As Seas Rise

Lovelock's positive writing on nuclear power

Bill Gates' TED talk on climate

"Ghost Traps" Catch Lobsters For Years - ME Lobster Fleet Loses 100-200K Traps Annually

Seeds from the Moringa tree can be used for water purification

Urban 'green' spaces may contribute to global warming, UCI study finds

Officials sign landmark Klamath dam removal agreements

Orange peels, newspapers may lead to cheaper, cleaner ethanol fuel

"UN climate chief quits, leaves talks hanging"

Human error to blame for Indonesia's mud volcano

Nanofibers Developed For Energy-Producing Clothes

Nearly Half Of 634 Primate Species Face Extinction - Bushmeat, Illegal Trade, Deforestation

Most Recent Eruption Photos From Soufriere Hills, Montserrat

First Solar posts major sales, profit growth in 2009

Detroit News: Electric cars "inferior in every way"

Global Assessment of High-Altitude Wind Power

41% Of Peruvian Amazon Already Covered By Oil & Gas Leases - 600% Increase Since 2003

Ocean geo-engineering scheme no easy fix for global warming

San Francisco gears up for age of electric car - All new buildings to be wired with chargers

Religion rejuvenates environmentalism

Nuclear Loan Guarantees Aren’t Just Guarantees: They are Actual Taxpayer Loans

A Brief Explanation of Electric Vehicle Pusher Trailers for Cars and Bicycles

CPS/NRG Settlement Shows Nuclear Power Too Costly, Too Risky

My "Inner Nascar Fan" is coming out. That was just like

Defying Injury, Vonn Wins Gold in Downhill

Cavs trade for Wizard's Antawn Jamison

Au Canada is a VERY NICE Anthem!



Pitchers & catchers reported today

Does Tiger Woods really have to make his big ol' speech during the height of the Olympics?

Shaun White ......

I dont think there is a more exciting Olympic Sport than Short Track Speed Skating.

Farc ambush kills five in Colombia

Purging Loyalists, Chávez Tightens His Inner Circle

Venezuela ponders electricity imports from Brazil or Colombia

Diaz-Balart May Be the New Man to See About Cuba (and now the Bad News)

New Honduran president keeps military chief behind coup that ousted Zelaya

Honduras: four campesinos wounded in land dispute

State Terrorism against the resistance movement contradicts discource of reconciliation

Interview: Tortured, Exiled Honduran Journalist Recalls His Experiences

Canada Should Put Democracy Before Free Trade in Colombia, Say Returned Observers

Militias attack biggest state university in Caracas... again

Santos: I wouldn't bet on Uribe re-election

"Christ was a socialist... Who could imagine that Christ was capitalist?"--Hugo Chavez

Pro-Mideast in America: Getting past 'Pro-Israel' and 'Pro-Palestine'

Associated Press: Israelis convinced: Mossad behind Dubai hit

A new approach to Iran

Gideon Levy / Mossad is supposed to gather intelligence, not sow death.

U.S. Envoy Holds Talks With Syria President

Israel's women soldiers share stories of hate and despair

Dubai points finger at Mossad over Hamas assassination

Interpol puts Dubai killing suspects on wanted list

'Hamas man arrested in Dubai killing'

Dubai police call on Interpol to help arrest Mossad head

Dubai, Israel, an assasination and the British Foreign office - this one's a real mess

Pro-Mideast in America

Egypt police seize explosives destined for Gaza

Iran May Be Working On Nuclear Weapon, UN Report Says

Steelworkers call for Civil Rights 2.0: A youth-led jobs revolution

Will Local 952 take on UPS?

Today in Labor History Feb 18 One of the first American labor newspapers, “The Man”, is published

Opposing view: Don't buy 'free-trade hype' (Korea deal could put 1000's of US jobs at risk)

*RANT ON* 60 [email protected]%K!NG YEARS LATER & NO SHOT at meaningful Labor Law reform...

Transport Workers Union Has Had It At American - Four Years Long Enough To Settle Contract

Solidarity Center Funnels Aid To Haiti Worker- To - Worker, Union To Union

SAG Seeks Renewed California Tax Credit As Entertainment Work Is Pulled From The State

Starbucks district managers accuse regional vice president of sexual harassment

NH pol recants her lies

UK - Government should not stand in way of homosexuals marrying in church, say Tories

x-post: Jewish groups to adopt measure backing gays in military

Despite suicidal thoughts, Oneonta lax captain Andrew McIntosh found his way out of the closet.

A Website That The GLBTQ Community Might Find Interesting

Evangelicals call for the excecution of homosexual people

A status message on facebook about lent from a friend of mine:

VA Governor Rolls Back Discrimination Protection for LGBT Employees

Northport home invasion victim shoots suspect

Homeowner shoots suspected burglar

Nashua, NH, admits shooting at truck

Punishment or prevention?

243 more guns on their way to Mexico to fuel La Violencia

Police: Man pulls gun during knife fight, faces no charges

Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot in Game Room

Would you turn them in?

Criminals and Firearms… A big WTF!?

WY: Constitution Carry Out Of Committe, Goes To House

Richmond police arrest 15 year-old in church shooting

HA HA!!! It's that time of year again!!! Brady Score Cards are out!!

MD: Proposed semi-auto ban has been WITHDRAWN by sponsor

Is CNN Report on "Legal Guns that Go Bad" Misleading?

Somebody I know was shot to death in D.C. last weekend.

Obama anti-gun?No, anti-gun control ...

Should "no gun zones" also be liable for gun violence?

Pretty Shuttle pic

NASA releases first images from WISE spacecraft

NASA Brings the Dark Side of the Sun to Your iPhone

Astronomers discover secret of the supernova

Ok, if God made me in his image, why did he give CHICKENS better vision?

VIDEO: Moscow Ice Disk a rarity of nature

Ever witnessed feline renal failure?

Guns used by Mexican cartel traced to Texas gun store.

home, through the snow


icy view

Moon and beams

eat me

sky light

Vancouver 2010 (Day 5): Homes for all

Photography Group Beat Poetry

Zionist group urges donors to avoid UC Irvine

British threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas assassination

Since reading the" I Ching "post....


Anyone else here watch Ghosthunters Intl?

I would very much appreciate your input, because I'm stumped.

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/17/10

BlueGold’s Jen Says China May Revalue Yuan By 5%

It's the trade deficit stupid

Gold Tumbles As IMF Reaffirms Plan To Sell 191.3 Metric Tons

California Research Studies Show Pot Can Ease Muscle Spasms, Pain From Injuries

First of Its Kind Study: Marijuana useful for treating pain of some medical maladies

Question to the astute Master Minds who post in Economy

WHO: Add swine flu to regular flu vaccine

Study: Young Americans less religious than their parents

It's best to leave people alone and if I don't like it I can leave. I will find another sports

DC Archdiocese Ends Foster-Care Program Over Same-Sex Marriage Bill

I call myself anti-theist

Teacher killed in southwest Germany

Gates Revives Tuckerism, the Plan to Make Senior High School for Elites Only

High Schools to Offer Plan to Graduate 2 Years Early.

Grating lemon zest. Grrrr...