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Wall Street Wants To Burn Down Your House

human athletic performance peaked in 1988

Shame On The Media!!

Are my comprehension skills failing me or is this just one very poorly written AP news story?

The CIA's Mind Control Program

Critics demand that production end for upcoming Kennedys miniseries on History Channel

'This Week' Transcript: Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Pharma Giant Gets Cozy With Congress, Spends $100 Million in Advertising to Cash in on Health Reform

'This Week' Transcript: Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Lost dog tale has happy ending in New Orleans

The Right Wing's new Manifesto: "Change is bad, we don't like it! It scares us!"

Disillusioned Bayh advocates electoral “shock” to broken system

to those of you who doubt bayh's stated rationale for retiring:

happy mardi gras!

Key Senate Democrats push for health care public option

Endless War

OT: Remember when Fox was a bright light? *for folks over 25*

OT: Remember when Fox was a bright light? *for folks over 25*

A death in Homer.

Persistent Middle Class Squeeze:

No joy in teabaggerville! Scalia says there is no right to secede.

Rescue crews find missing hikers...along with 4 other hikers along the way

Ford Lays Off 900 Workers At Michigan Mustang Plant

"The End of Obama's Vision of a Nuclear-Free World"

More children have chronic diseases; study cites obesity

NY Times - Economic Scene - "Judging a Stimulus by the Job Data Reveals Success"

Why are there so many Exceptionally Stupid People Around Me?

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine: Ready to Dean Scream?

QuitterPALIN to be on O'LOOFAH against "brazen" attack on her by Faux cartoon!1

Rachel is showing that the Washington Times and Wall Street Journal have done

Newborn Found In Backpack By Park Worker

Is Shitibank prepping for another financial crisis?

Go give something that breathes a hug.

Where there is Goldman Sachs, There is Financial Catastrophe

Party Gridlock Feeds New Fears of a Debt Crisis

TSA agent makes 4-year old take leg braces off and "walk on his own"!

Anyone who didn't catch "The Warning" on Frontline....

This just in from David Plouffe - A Rohrschach Graphic on the results of the Stimulus Bill so far.

KO is pissed....did he get censored?

Obscure Blogger Calls Palin ‘A Retard’

New wave of foreclosures by end of 2010 is feared

So much for the Reduction in Taxes Obama gave the Middle Class

Where do we go to surrender?

Remember Dan Quayle's remark about out-of-wedlock child birth when Murphy Brown chose to give birth?

Prosecute Cheney NOW---or scrap all this "rule of law" nonsense you're still

As Molly Ivins Might Say "Texas Always Makes Me Laugh..." (Here is a good one) LINK

Read the Report: Missing Police Records In '86 Bishop Case Found (TPM Muckraker)

CNBC's Charlie Gasparino joins Fox Business Network

Predict the direction in the level of prices in the U.S. (inflation or deflation)

U.S. Supreme Court will hear anti-gay petition signers case in April

Beck loses 103 sponsors as his UK television broadcast runs for five days straight without any ads.

Amy Bishop charged with 2002 assault at IHOP

Everyone Agrees: NBC's Olympic Coverage Sucks

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fmr SEC enforcer admits it 'missed some stuff' and 'Others bear much more culpability'

Politico touts Dem to GOP candidate; ignores scandal with Don Blankenship causing party switch

Blazing a trail for N.C. black history

Beck: "Shoot him in the head before it goes into a court...He's a bad guy. Shoot him in the head."

Why Canada Must Be Nuked

Under what authority does Obama have the right to 'grant loan guarantees' for Nukes?

The Emptiness of Evan Bayh - Ross Douthat

Hi! I'm Peter Graves/Robert Wagner and I'm here to steal you house.

Our Old Problem: What Will Convince Unorganized Workers to join a Union?

George W. And Jeb talk to packed house,.."Social Security Cuts"..

The Mega Crystals of Naica Mine: Big Pics

The Mega Crystals of Naica Mine: Big Pics

Obama lays ground work for killing social security

Bayh "hates" us?

I would be willing to bet that Rachel Maddow can beat the shit out of Glenn Beck..anytime anyplace.

For anybody who says that nobody predicted global warming could cause record snowfalls

IF You Expect INFLATION To Heat Up You Should Be Borrowing All The $$$ You Can Today...

TSA forces travelling policeman to remove his disabled four-year-old son's leg-braces

uh oh.. FDIC rents massive space

Mellencamp for Senate?

Evan Bayh is right:: "...the movie doesn't have a happy ending."

A Country of Serfs Ruled By Oligarchs

So McCain is upset about pharmaceuticals. That is okay, but he is lucky enough`

The People Bitchin' About the Family Guy DS Episode Are Uninformed!!!!!

shaheen confronts senate for violence against women director delay

So, Bayh quite because DC is suddenly too partisan?

On Dealing With Teabaggers (this is kind of a rant, sorry)

The Folks Who Missed the Bubble Want Your Social Security

Aspirin might reduce recurrence risk for breast cancer survivors

The US puts “regime change” in Iran on agenda

Regulatory capture by the health insurance industry

New York Times business reporter resigns... multiple instances of plagiarism

$hitibank unveils financial disaster derivative

Should Sarah Palin Resign From FOX Over The "Downs Syndrome" Brouhaha?

Malawi launches operation against high-profile gay and lesbian people

Boozman On Ryan's Social Security Plan: 'We Are Considering All Proposals'

Up Or Down. Govern - Bring On The Vote. 17 Feb 10

So will Joe Scum and Mica Mouse

VA plans to recoup emergency GI Bill payments

Pentagon confirms 1-year delay for JSF

Cutting Social Security "Entitlements"

Military high court to review Graner conviction

The revolution, televised - What Cubans are watching on TV

Campaign to Pull Glenn Beck Off the Air Gains Momentum, Here and Abroad

The never-ending nightmare for Toyota

The never-ending nightmare for Toyota

The never-ending nightmare for Toyota

Lance Mannion: "It ain't broke"

Toles: The Result

Right-Wing Stunts and Tea Party Froth on the Eve of Conservatives' Big Yearly Conference

Who's watching Grading the Stimulus on WJ

Woodward just asked Tim Kaine if he "talks to the president periodically."

Economic Report: Our Wealth Is Being Constantly Redistributed To The Top One Percent

Aid to poorer countries will miss targets, says OECD

David Shuster’s Twitter Silent Since Breitbart/O’Keefe Battle

You know, if you parade Twig, Twit, Tweed, Twerp or whatever Palin named him around...

Must-Read criticism on the role of "moderates"

Hi! Everything wants to kill you, Mark Morford

Sarkozy lands in Haiti -Hmmmmm!

Lawmakers help food stamps get to farmers markets

Neo-Cons, Neo-Nazis And Neo-McVeighs Crash Ron Paul’s Tea Party

Debunking the whole GOP "family values" nonsense

Xtra reports from Uganda: Hundreds rally against homosexuality

Purging Loyalists, Chávez Tightens His Inner Circle

Anyone else at the Helen Thomas / Craig Crawford town-hall yesterday?

Why Republicans are Ready to Embrace America's Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament

NeoCon Buzzword Bingo

So the NYT drops their Paterson bombshell and I fucking laugh my ass off.

NYT - Judging Stimulus by Job Data Reveals Success

Banana Land and the Corporate Death Squad Scandals

I stole this from our DU Stock Market Report for a larger audience ('toon)

Loser Pat CADDELL gets fired by Dem candidate. The Dem actually wants to WIN!1

The stupid is strong this morning on Washington Journal.

Thoughts on the University of Alabama Shooting

Bush: attacks on America is what keeps him awake at night after 9/11

James O'Keefe: Ass Clown and White Supremacist?

Rachel just told Glen Beck to BACK OFF!

James O'Keefe has to ask his parole officer if it's OK before he can go to CPAC

"I didn't lie...Back Off"

So, "Family Guy" and Rahm Emanual - BAD. But Rush Limbaugh - OK

Cluster bomb ban to enter into force on Aug. 1

CPAC will feature a Pelosi piñata and Reid punching bag.

And so we ask yet again: why are Democrats such ninnies?

Energy Sec Unaware That Nuclear Loans Have 50 Percent Risk of Default

Hi! Everything wants to kill you - By Mark Morford,

If Palin becomes President, will you leave the US? Student asks Hillary the burning question

Want to know what pisses me off when watching the Olympics?

More of those Family Values

‘Kennedys’ miniseries ignites a storm

Body found of another La Crosse college-aged man drown in the Mississippi after drinking.

"Back off" Glen Beck.

New clip shows JFK arriving in Dallas in 1963

Why are Democrats such wienies?

Anyone think DU is getting fanatically leftist?

Feds Charge Med Pot Grower with Posession and Intent to Distribute.......

McCain et al Trying to Outlaw Vitamins and Supplements (or put manufacturers out of business)

Via Newsweek: Next No. 2 for Taliban could be former Guantánamo detainee released by Bush

Hiker found dead on Mount St helens

Grdilock in DC: Any Democrat who is not part of the solution is precisely the problem

IN AWE - title of a one sentence Letter to the Editor in my paper today.

Stimulating Hypocrisy

Toyoda won't testify before congress

Why chuckles greeted Hillary's Gulf tour

The guy that shot the Hooters waitress was a Neil Boortz's fan.

No Nukes! No Nukes! No Nukes!

All I'm saying is...

Does YOUR car have a "black box"? - oh yeah, they've been installing them for over 15 years

Why are there no Taliban "bad guy" playing cards like their were Iraqi ones? Budget cuts?

Why are there no Taliban "bad guy" playing cards like their were Iraqi ones? Budget cuts?

Why are there no Taliban "bad guy" playing cards like their were Iraqi ones? Budget cuts?

Just to stop the uproar that is sure to come about Vice President Biden today

Holyfield Accused by Wife

After Voting To Kill Recovery, 110 GOP Lawmakers Tout Its Success, Ask For More Money

Thom Hartmann just debated high speed rail with a conservative.

8 senators so far have signed the letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Obama Still Wants Excise Tax on Middle Class for HCR:

Chaos Expected as Lufthansa Pilots Vote to Strike

No Tweety or Ed Today...Hockey Airs from 3PM-8PM

Individual Insurance Rates Soar In At Least 4 States

Hoyer: GOP 'abusing' Senate rules to block Democrats' bills

Mother Jones: President Obama's Nuclear Boondoggle

Joe Conason: Evan Bayh's farewell: Self-serving, smarmy and false

Thoughts on tenure

Thoughts on tenure

Italy Now Suspected Of Using Derivatives To Hide Their Debt Problem, Just Like Greece

Tom Tomorrow: "Pass me another taxpayer, would you? I swear, they're positively addictive!"

Trolls love writing letters to the newspaper editor too (today's LA Times)

Facebook Zero: To Get More of Your Data Dollars, Social Networking Takes a Cue From Crack Dealers

Facebook Zero: To Get More of Your Data Dollars, Social Networking Takes a Cue From Crack Dealers

Do you give a damn about the "deficit"?

David Shuster Muzzled? Tweets Suggest MSNBC Management Ordered Him Off Twitter

Can Fox "News" or for that matter any News source be embarrassed into reporting on Republican

Every Republican should be linked EVERY DAY to Bush and Cheney's fascist attack on our economy

I went to church(Catholic) on Sunday...a divisive issue came up..

Mount Vernon To Right Wingers: You're Not Welcome Here

Luckovich TOON: revealed at last- where the Moran guy got his education

Nuclear Power - yea or nay

O Happy, happy days. It's that time of the year again. The CPAC circus is back in town.

When a politician talks about bipartisanship what he really means...

Endgame? House, Senate Edge Towards Deal On Bill For Health Summit

"Lifetime limits" on medical insurance plans--are they ever raised?

Glenn Beck Loses 103 Sponsors as His UK Broadcast Runs 5 Days With No Ads

30 Unintentionally Hilarious Political Signs

Tired of Dan Gaynor on Hartmann

So, my boss is annoyed with my migraines.

Oranges prompt police department evacuation. . . .

Amnesty Int.: Nato 'ill-equipped' to probe loss of life or prevent further civilian deaths

Group: NATO Forces Blocking Movement of Wounded Afghan Civilians

Humanitarian actors need urgent funding to aid Afghans, says UN official

The Rude Pundit: Conservatives Are Signing Some Worthless Thing Today

2002: Alabama shooter shouts "I am Dr. Amy Bishop" and punches a woman

'Wall Street Still Doesn't Get It'

HuffPo: Failing Upward: Former Bush Speechwriter, Torture Advocate Mark Thiessen Given WaPo Column


Iowa Guard set for largest deployment in years

Newest Version Of "Gun-Grabbers" Canard. "They're Going To Take Your Wii!"

Life imitates art- well, it imitates the move 'Frozen'. Money-burning snowboarder rescued from lift

inHumana to cut 2,500 jobs

California teachers’ pension fund faces $43 billion shortfall

It's Official: Karen Bass To Run For Congress - a favorite to replace Rep. Diane Watson (CA)

The Deficit Zealots and Their Media Enablers

Let's make a list of the major and minor legislation accomplishments of Evan Bayh...

I'd like to say a word about U.S. relief efforts in Haiti

Will Susan Bayh stay on the payroll of for profit health care companies .....

nouveau pauvre!

How Healthy is your County?

EPA's tough talk on BPA goes silent after lobbyist meeting

America’s Global Weapons Monopoly

Wall Street Wants To Burn Down Your House

Students sent complants and petitions to administrators over professor charged in shootings

Subcommittee C, to plan the implementation of the consideration of the policy...

Subcommittee C, to plan the implementation of the consideration of the policy...

Repeal the 17th Amendment

Toon: Making the world safe for hypocrisy

Michigan sends out letters to Unemployed "benefit extensions may not be renewed"

Borosage: Bayh is the symbol of Washington's disease: bipartisan folly

Texting while driving likely caused fatality of Jenison student, Ottawa County police say

Insurer to raise Iowa rates 18 percent

10 Most Lethal Driving Mistakes

Right wing forms "Military Culture Commission" in order to influence the military

Net Neutrality: The National Broadband Plan & Civil Rights

So how long now before "Al Qaeda" magically appears

Pro-tax groups protest budget cuts at Ill. Capitol - story with pics

New wave of foreclosures by end of 2010 is feared

Got got results from our Town's Food Drive

For those that missed Gov. Dean on Mourning Joe today - Wow! Video at link:

Obama's Atomic Blunder: He's driven a deep wedge between himself and the environmental movement

Average Tea Party member: Rural upscale conservative male

Bayh really hurt the GOP this time

I'm willing to admit that Obama's good presidential attributes FAR outweight his bad prez attributes

Africa's first high-speed train

The $555,000 Student-Loan Burden

Snort- "the tubby tots tea party"

Al Qaeda is a cult and can be eliminated with 24 months

The city of Charleston in the state of South Carolina will be hosting its first Gay Pride.

SA economy 'to grow 2.3% in 2010'

OK, I'm drunk again.... (warning, bad language)

George Carlin: the Earth + plastic

Can we ban paying lobbyists?

Rachel is coming up on Andrea Mitchell after Evan Bayh

Regarding Sarah Palin and the "mother" of Trig, let's let our own birther movement die.

Shortly after the stimulus bill passed, the economy actually started to turn around

Report on Marines' water omitted cancer chemical

What Should Progressives Do?

ConstiPERVatives sign historic Mt. Vernon Statement of 'Principles' (you can sign it too!)

Toyota gas pedal problem: We've got a bigger problem now

GOP - All Slogans, but no solutions.

Afghanistan Policy

"BBC man Ray Gosling admits killing Aids-suffering lover "

Chronic health conditions increasing in children

3G demand expanding too fast for networks

Haitian judge frees 8 of 10 missionaries, no bail or further conditions

Given nbr. of threads on corporations DUers might watch “The Corporation” at HULU

Woods to end silence, but no questions

Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds Fear of a Debt Crisis

Here's The USA Today Editorial Rachel Was Talking About

Spoiler from the Olympics. Enter at your own risk.

So here's the scoop on Bayh

Central Florida "Legoland" to hire Rod Blagojevich to be Lego Man.. their spokesperson

Image Crisis in America

John Murtha special election added to May 18 primary schedule

Making Work Pay Credit- Well Thank you Obama!

A $2 bill for $17 plus $5 shipping? Sign me up!

A Reminder Of The GOP "Compassionate Conservatism In Action" Health Care Plan

Oh, NOW his name is Samuel Wurzelbacher or whatever.


Wednesday TOONS, Part 2

Being the "little guys" - WE will NEVER win!


Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Rolls Back Non-Discrimination Protections For Gay State Workers - TPM

Gov't mortgage plan aids 12 percent of borrowers

The Course of Empire, a series of paintings by Thomas Cole.

Nukes Aren't the Answer

WTF - the leading headline on Diane Sawyer's news

Taliban using human shields

Dean and Morning Joe panel call Obama a Wuss.

Public Schools, residency laws, and accessibility (why my kid couldn't attend public school)

Okay, Palin works for Fox AND she's complaining about Fox, so...

"Sarah Palin 2012- Change You'll Be Begging For"

Will Marjah be a 'success' on the ground in southern Afghanistan, or only in the Western press?

Sanders joins Dems in final push for public option

Calif. redistricting commission attracts mostly white, male applicants

We do not have time to "debate" climate change

a fauxy Alice in Wonderland

One more reason why I hate John Cornyn. Not that I need another one.

Sarah Palin Vs. The Family Guy

If Americans are smarter than given credit for, than why do they keep electing the same people?

NPR's Fresh Air: Bill Clinton Almost Killed by Al Qaida While FBI Was Distracted by His Sex Life

Proper health care requires everybody in the same boat

Obama to create fiscal commission Thursday

BOLD members of the HOUSE and SENATE look to all Americans for SUPPORT... do not abandon them!

Iraq to Blackwater and other contractors: "We are in charge, not you"

Fox Is Turning on the Teabaggers, Part 2: BillO Gets The Memo

I think we are very near a "tipping point" for our party and our nation.

When you place a cold pot of water on a stove top burner...

When you place a cold pot of water on a stove top burner...

Is the polarization of DU consistent with anyone's definition of "liberal"?

"Nobody, NOBODY likes (Tweety)"

Berlin children win right to be noisy

President Obama spoke out against nuclear power plants!

Greece loses EU voting power in blow to sovereignty

Wash. Post adds to its stable of former Republican staffers (Mark Theissen)

Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world

217 workers possibly exposed to radiation at Canadian nuclear power plant

WANTED For War Crimes

Congressional Members get bundles of lobbyist cash

More On The Ressurection Of The Public Option From DailyKos

The Mother of all perpetual wars- The War on Terror

Steve King (R-IA) chases raccoon into blizzard, kills it with gas-operated semi-automatic handgun

Health Insurers Break Profit Records As 2.7 Million Americans Lose Coverage

Joe Is Back - And Mad As Hell

Wednesday TOONS, Part 3

Mr Fish....

Florida's new attraction, Legoland, posts jobs, but doesn't want calls about them. Hmm..

If you've never seen the movie "The Man from Earth", I highly recommend it

I've long been liberal, but

Am I alone in thinking this story from 2/12 is related to Bayh's decision?

No one here needs liberating, they say

Two Iraqi Refugees to U.S. Trying to Rescue their Children from Imminent Risk of Death

FRONTLINE on PBS now! "The Warning"

Trading An Addiction To Oil For An Addiction To Uranium? Why Not Ditch The Dealer-

Pentagon's story now is that it killed 12 Afghan civilians in order to save civilians

Palin Says U.S. Has Two-Party System; Asks Tea Partiers to Do the "Smart Thing" and Pick the GOP

Palin Says U.S. Has Two-Party System; Asks Tea Partiers to Do the "Smart Thing" and Pick the GOP

Fox (Doocy) preemptive strike against Mellencamp: ‘He’s way over there, really very liberal’

Amazing photos of Carnival from around the world

Tim Griffin denies he was involved in a 2004 scheme to suppress votes of the homeless and soldiers

Vast Majority Oppose Supreme Court Ruling (except Republican leaders, of course)

Jim Hightower: Health Insurers More Grotesquely Greedy Than Wall Street Bankers

We're Off Track

Why do "fiscal conservative" "small government" advocates miss the most basic point?

Tongue in Cheek

Are Republican voters insane, or just plain stupid?

Those Republicans sure know how to create jobs!

Technical question about the filibuster

Wednesday TOONS, Part 1

Let the President Know - About a Better Approach to Reform, Medicare for All

Spin on Amy Bishop's political views

E&J Gallo conned into buying 18 million bottles of fake wine

List things that are still a good deal.

Police shootings in the week after Hurricane Katrina. Incredible series of articles

Veggies in, lawns out. Seed Trends - food gardening, pickling.

Pedal parts supplier CTS says 'This is Toyota's recall'

Happiest Cities In America: 2010 Well-Being Index Released (PHOTOS)

It turns out Egypt's beloved boy-king wasn't so golden after all

1977: Isaac Asimov talks lack of fuel and the future...

Poll: Large majority opposes Supreme Court's decision on campaign financing

Violence against women is justified, says pupil study

BREAKING: Three Tesla employees die in Palo Alto plane crash *UPDATE

ROTFLOL ALERT: CNN Profiles the Teabaggers: Rich White Christian Males

Blood-bank chief's pay raised to $605,000 -- then 42 jobs cut

A Limit On Assets Accumulation?

History Channel, Stop RW Kennedy Smears!

History Channel, Stop RW Kennedy Smears!

History Channel, Stop RW Kennedy Smears!

Bill Clinton is officially back at work - story and pic

Bill Clinton is officially back at work - story and pic

There's a giant yellow nuclear reactor in the sky above my house!

There's a giant yellow nuclear reactor in the sky above my house!

Bustin' loose: O'Keefe wrestles with parole officer to make CPAC

Teabagger calls for hanging death of Senator Patty Murray

Here Comes Single-Payer Healthcare in Another State

The same thing that happened to Carter and Clinton is going to happen to Obama

Rare, Open-pollinated & Heirloom Garden Seeds...good source here

Justice Scalia deals a major set back to the Tea Party movement

Deadly Child Abuse Case Linked To "Biblical Chastisement" (1 child dead, 2nd in critical condition)

Hey Catholic Church, You get to tell me I am immoral when you clean up your pedophile mess

A good friend explains why Bayh is really quitting

How tax cuts killed California

Space enthusiasts ALERT! (mild dial-up warning - two images)

RFK, MLK, Huey Long. Has a right-wing leader in this country ever been

Just In Case You Missed This... And Thank You dixiegrrrrl !!!

I miss my Hearts!

"You've got the Presidency, the Senate, and the House, and you STILL can't get anything done???"

Nah, we aren't in a depression

An observation about the arguments against Nuclear Power Plants

Endorsement of US Nuke Plants = equal opportunity spirit killer: Duck&Cover Kids and Youth of Today

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater."

Joel Patrick (7 yrs old) did not survive US healthcare. He was buried today

This won't be popular but I'm posting it anyway. Popularity ani't all that great anyway.

"Things Suck" - If The Democrats don't stop things from sucking-The People will throw them out.

When was the last time you read a book?

Sugar May Be Bad But This Sweetener Is Far More Deadly

"Number One"

End Timers are All Abuzz ... Benjamin Netanyahu Proclaims Ezekiel 37 Fulfilled

worst campaign website ever

A one term pres, huh? (rant)

I just got off the phone w/ Blue Cross (North Carolina) and I'm so mad I could explode.

I just got off the phone w/ Blue Cross (North Carolina) and I'm so mad I could explode.

I think part of the problem on energy (nuclear) debate is people can't grasp the scale.

I think part of the problem on energy (nuclear) debate is people can't grasp the scale.

I think part of the problem on energy (nuclear) debate is people can't grasp the scale.

Republican "Prayer" against Health Care Reform (satire)

Lobby Firm Tells Clients How To Sway Elections While Avoiding 'Public Scrutiny'

The Richest 1% Have Captured America's Wealth - What's It Going to Take to Get It Back?

Grow Your Own - Urban Farming's Challenge to Corporate Agriculture

How Blackwater built morale: Strippers, prostitutes and murder

Kids in the Hall - The My Pen Sketch

New law will ban marriage between people who don't love each other

My Screwspeak do you feel about your CURRENT BOSS?

RS has a song up from the upcoming "new" Johnny Cash/Rick Rubin album

Anyone watching the women's snowboarding? (Spoilers)

Why Canada Must Be Nuked

An impulse post - deleted! :)

A compulsive post - repeated :)

An explosive post - completed :)

A repulsive post - deleted :)

A flamey post - ignited :)

An ignited post - flamed :)

This sentence makes my head hurt - - - - ->

I need some Facebook help...


Need some advise concerning the auto train

A classic Tonight Show moment from the Carson era!

Guess what returns next week on LOST? Jackface!!! (microspoiler picture)

How many times did Picard say "Fire at Will!"

Flottz's theory of relativity

Best decision in the history of the Star Trek franchise:

A client who canceled a $54,000 proposal a year ago emailed me and said he's ready to re-visit it

I do not understand curling

Are you a lumberjack? Are you okay?

Shoot anyone wearing a ski mask.

As Brazil Gets Hotter, So Does Its National Drink

Grammar Nazis, this one's for you!

Madonna - I Want You

Ford Recalls 2010 Mustang For Being Too Cool

Du won't let me post! I keep getting this error:

All of a sudden,people quit calling me back..

Update. still is missing in action.

Does anyone want some dogs?

Dear female smokers: Do you honestly thing that perfume is hiding the fact that you smoke??!!

Has anyone here received plastic surgery to change some feature they don't like? `

Happy Birthday BarenakedLady!

Happy Birthday MissHoneychurch!

They're fixing the plumbing in the breakroom right down the hall...

Another DUer gave me hearts AND these Fabulous Corals for my little aquarium. Check it out:

Plumber's smile?

Was Joaquin Phoenix good as Johnny Cash?

It's Fish Sandwich Season again!

Ekatrina Gordeeva..Happy Ending (for you pairs fans)

Fun in Brasil! Carnaval Photos

My loos leak.

Carnival in Rio with the Governator

OK, Who can change their pants in the air whenever they want?

my screws are loose

Anyone good with computers? I need help

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE MEAD?

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE FRED?

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE DEAD?

Hi - I'm Oldnews here.

Not to be a copy cat, but I just want a Chase and Sanborn.

Just bought me a bottle of Firestone 13.

"I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven..."

My next door neighbor is a fuckwad.

Kim Kardashian Outs Air Marshal On Twitter During Flight

my son, the but tutcher, kept asking me why he couldn't just have

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE HEAD?

My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus.

I never heard of the word piehole growing up in Texas, must be northern word.

Just bought me a bottle fo Thunderbird

Not to be a copycat, but who died and left LeftyFingerPop the ruler of the DU Lounge

I want Drew Barrymore to make another Firestarter movie.

Not to be a copycat, but what the heck?

Just bought me a bottle of Drano.

Not to be a copy cat, but I just want to blow my own horn.

I just got this spam email. "2010 Toyota 4Runner, Not For The Faint of Heart"

My shrews squeak

Link for Eurosports Audio Olympics Coverage

Link for Eurosports Audio Olympics Coverage

What the hell is going on with my e-mail?


Just bought me a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20

I just bought me a bottle of Boone's Farm

Random observations thread.

"I'm sending you some Spring!1"

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE MED?

A.N.G.E.L.- Dwele feat. Slum Village

Common - The Corner ft. The Last Poets

Mos Def -The Ecstatic - Auditorium ft. Slick Rick (Produced By Madlib)

DJ Spinna - feat. Fresh Daily, P.SO, Homeboy Sandman (AOK) "Get On Down"

So, my boss is annoyed with my migraines.

Arrested Development: Yea or Nay?

Not to be a copycat, but SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIEHOLE.

Menahan Street Band - "Make the Road by Walking" Live

It's time for the Movie Pants Game!

Jay-Z - Roc Boys

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE BED?

Albq & Santa Fe area DUers: benefit show and jam this Sun. for a local musician with cancer

Oh No - Move ft. J Dilla & Roc C


Four Tet & Guilty Simpson - Money Motivated Movements

Busta Rhymes & J Dilla - Dillagence - Takin What's Mine

You're the ugliest thing I've ever seen, and I think I love you.

Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (J Dilla Remix)

Massive Attack - United Snakes

Slum Village - Selfish (Remix)

Since DUers know everything: where can I buy "Trailer Park Boys" DVDs?

Computer Whizes of the DU Lounge: SOS! My computer is ridiculously slow...

David Matthews - Sandworms

Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker

Canto de Ossanha and City of God

Tricky - Overcome

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - 100 Days

bossa nova

"Sandalia Della" - Stan Getz & Flora Purim

Post your favorite video that features footage of Franklin Street

Flora Purim - Stories to tell

Flora Purim - Open your eyes you can fly

Jack Arel & Jean-Claude Petit - Psychedelic Portrait

The Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round

Need to take color out of your linoleum? Buy yourself a bottle of Slivovitz plum brandy.


57 years old and reminiscing/regretting about all the good ones I let go.

Almost very serious Hollywood mistcasts

Well, ladies...I give you GQ!

Once again NBC prooves why they are the WORST network to carry the Olympics

WILLIE NELSON - A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Any Texas DU'er here? I will be spending time in San Antonio over the

Wow we just became part of the drastic cuts happening in Alberta.

Do you Roomba?

My Grandfather is too old to grocery shop now..

Could use your positive thoughts and prayers for the inlaws today.


90 year-old Briton has delivered papers for 68 years


Movie "The Cove"

This pic of Michelle Obama on HuffPo just seemed rather stunning,

Am I just being paranoid here?

Happy Birthday miss_american_pie

Not to be a copycat, but what's your FAVORITE BREAD?

“Susie Q” Writer and Rockabilly Star Dale Hawkins Dead at 73

Your very own personal Seinfeld moments...

Complain about the really insignificant stuff in your life, in this thread...

Man builds igloo in parents' front yard complete with flat screen TV

Requesting lounge vibes

What the...

Help Me !!.... I can't stop watching Olympic Curling !!!

What music do you have on your Ipod/MP3?


Last Hand Gun On Earth

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/17/10

Science is PWNED! by the Bible!

CONFESS!!!!!! What was your bumwine of choice when you didn't know any better

What is your favorite profane insult?

"Have you ever seen a sexier owl??"

Photos: Bonk? .... Nah. (The Obama Presidency, February 16th 2010)

Bayh, if you're so concerned about the debt, why vote for Kyl/Lincoln's $440B estate tax giveaway?

"really don’t understand how bipartisanship is ever going to work when one of the parties is insane"

Biggs to run for Kansas secretary of state

Boehner Requests, Receives, Then Criticizes Health Care Reform Transparency

Graham takes show on the road

Dems playing Lucy with the football again on the public option

Dear Barack, Harry and Nancy

Michael Steele Offers to be the Teabaggers b....

Bill Maher on Larry King right now.

Over a year later and I still don't know if Obama supports a public option or expansion of medicare

Steele appeases Tea Party activists in lengthy meeting - "the beginning of a relationship"

Some things are just not easy to reconcile.

Put the CNN Poll in the Trash where it belongs!

McDonell expected to unveil budget cuts today

Stimulating Hypocrisy: 111 Lawmakers Block Recovery While Taking Credit For Its Success

U.S. Economy: Factory Production, Home Starts Exceed Forecasts

Top US Envoy Meets Assad As Syria Back In From The Cold

"Housing starts have now risen 21.1% in the past year." (up 2.8% in January.)

NEWS! HuffPo has a positive article on the Stimulas bill and POTUS..

"The 11 Democrats who will decide the fate of healthcare reform"

EPI: "One year since the passage of the Recovery Act, its efficacy has been unmistakable."

"Pakistan: Detained Taliban Chief Talking"

Brad DeLong rebuts the GOP on the "interest costs of funding the ARRA" and additional spending

jeb fuck is coming to Wisconsin for fucker scott walker

Harold Ford Jr. In For 'Rude Awakening' At Stonewall

Democrats Get Their Issue

Stimulus graphic that shows the success:

"Endgame? House, Senate Edge Towards Deal On Bill For Health Summit"

* *Calling All DUers - Sat. 3/20 March on D.C.* *

"Democrats mark the anniversary of the stimulus with GOP 'hypocrites' video"

Pelosi: We Must Build on Recovery Act Success and Stay Focused on Creating Good-Paying Jobs

Dammit. Yet again....My hard-won apathy about Health Reform is shattered watching Countdown tonite

State Sen. Tom Holland, Baldwin City Democrat, to announce candidacy for governor

Moderator asks Palin what she believes is the number threat to America today... "besides Obama".

How many times do you call your republican reps?

Moderate Party leader to run for R.I. governor

"Mount Vernon To Right Wingers: You're Not Welcome Here"

Samuels' gubernatorial bid banking on business boost

Va. to challenge Obama administration over global warming finding

NateDogg: "Republicans Must Defend Senate Seats Too"

**** Heads Up: POTUS Calls International Space Station ****

DeLay may enter crowded GOP 3rd District race

DeLay may enter crowded GOP 3rd District race

Tom Toles on the Dems and Health Care...

Ezra Klein: Selling Insurance Across State Lines: A terrible, no good, very bad healthcare idea

Four MORE Senators Ask Reid to Use Reconciliation....

"Exclusive: Another Taliban Leader Captured in Pakistan"

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Rolls Back Non-Discrimination Protections For Gay State Workers

Feinstein rules out run for California governor

This was NOT me....

I am amazed at all we have accomplished with what we have had to fight against....seriously

If I were paranoid...

Chart: before and after the Recovery Act

"Democrats 'very close' to healthcare agreement"

Caterpillar recalling 100 workers to Lafayette plant (Indiana)

Howard Dean on Mourning Joe

"Gibbs: President Obama "Would Love" To Appear On Daily Show.."

US job loss Dec 2007 to Jan 2010

Tea Party Revolution Could Undermine Republican Jewish Outreach

Tea Party Revolution Could Undermine Republican Jewish Outreach

Huckabee Gets Michelle Obama on Fox

CNN research poll says Obama and Democrats in trouble.

Two notes: President may introduce his own HCR BILL. Poll suggests Americans want a do-over on HCR

WaPo POLL: 80% oppose Supreme Court's decision on campaign financing, support congressional fix.

Bush 43: "Who the hell is Marco Rubio?"

Bush was not a success when it came to Congress.

My advice to this Administration......

**** Heads Up! POTUS Speaks on the Economy, 10:25pm EST ****

I'm against building nuclear power plants..

Mongiardo internal shows 18-point lead in primary

"Reid woos Scott Brown on jobs bill"

Ezra Klein: The White House's Troubled Relationship with Labor

Dear Tea Party movement: Palin Says There Are Just Two Parties and You're Going to Have to Pick One.

TPM: Bayh: Hey, Senate! Reform The Filibuster Already!

Nice Kerry interview in the Indian Press

My Republican friend says "Obama's stimulus cost roughly 240K per job." What is she talking about?

Judging a Stimulus by the Job Data Reveals Success (NYT)

"‘Dem Aid’ – Movement To Draft John Mellencamp For Indiana Senate Bid"

Here's the Crux of the Problem in my opinion. We are The Party of Nothing.

What Our Minds shall Conceive, We Can Achieve....

Job Loss Chart: Bush Vs. Obama

It's Now, or (for too many) Never

Hard-up EMI seeks buyer for Abbey Road studios

Republicans furious about timing of Bayh’s retirement announcement

Third-hand tobacco smoke causes cancer, study shows

French Leader's Haiti Visit Revives Bitter Legacy

Newborn Found In Backpack By Park Worker

Party Gridlock Feeds New Fears of a Debt Crisis

The Mega Crystals of Naica Mine: Big Pics

Colombia Mimes CIA:Students as Spies

Japan Overtakes China as Largest Holder of Treasuries

Ahmadinejad claims Israel will attack within months

Dubai police to issue arrest warrants for 'hit squad' accused of killing Hamas chief

British men named as assassins shocked by claims

US drone strike 'kills four' militants in Pakistan

Privacy commissioner probing Google Buzz

U.K. Unemployment Claims Jump to Highest Since 1997

Aid to poorer countries will miss targets, says OECD

Poll: Large majority opposes Supreme Court's decision on campaign financing

Judge rejects lawsuit over 2 dead Gitmo detainees

Iran refuses to stop enrichment in return for isotopes

Military coups are something of the past, says Iraqi general

3G demand expanding too fast for networks

Texting while driving likely caused fatality of Jenison student, Ottawa County police say

Credit Card Delinquency Rates Level Off

Maldives: Taliban met with Afghan gov't envoys

Pakistan confirms Taliban 'number two' arrested

Africa's first high-speed train

Data on industry output, home building boost hopes

DNC's 'Hypocrisy Hall of Fame' calls out Republicans over stimulus stance

Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds Fear of a Debt Crisis

Suspect in reporter's death in Mexico to be freed

A Haitian judge grants bail to eight of 10 detained Americans and says they can leave the country.

Bowles, Simpson to Head Debt Commission

U.S. to stay in climate pact even without China

Russia says missile delivery to Iran delayed

Goldman Sachs, Greece Didn’t Disclose Swap, Investors ‘Fooled’

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 17

Iraq to seize security contractors' heavy weapons

Dianne Feinstein says no to governor's race

Report on Marines' water omitted cancer chemical

Toyota chief says company considering Corolla recall

Astronauts unveil phenomenal new window on world

Sanders joins Dems in final push for public option (count now @ 10 Senators)

Senate Panel Announces Big Hearing on Blackwater’s Afghanistan Contract

3 dead in small-plane crash in East Palo Alto (Tesla Motors Executives)

Tea Party activist: Hang Patty Murray

Just weeks before elections, specter of sectarian violence resurfaces in Iraq

NH House rejects 2 anti-gay marriage measures

Climber's Body Recovered In St. Helens Crater

Amy Bishop charged with 2002 assault at IHOP (Alabama Shooter)

Palin: Tea Partiers "Have to Pick a Party"

Judging Stimulus by Job Data Reveals Success

Four More Dem Senators Join Push For Vote On Public Option

Spate of Christian killings before Iraq March vote

Man Dies After Ambulance Can't Reach Him In Snow (in the City for 3 days)

TSA to swab airline passengers' hands in search for explosives

US demands Toyota turn over recall documents

TAKE ACTION: Public Option Whip List

Former paramilitary death-squad leader captured in Colombia

Officers Won’t Face Federal Charges in Sean Bell Killing

Obama Re-Election: Majority Don't Think President Deserves Second Term, According To CNN Poll

Poll: Large majority opposes Supreme Court's decision on campaign financing

Argentina imposes shipping rules in Falklands oil row

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Captured In Karachi

Greek people resist paying for crisis

Can’t Even Pass The Fox News Laugh Test: Cavuto Hits GOP For ‘Being Selective’ In Its ‘Rage

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C

XemVanAdams: We Were Born Gay & We Aren't Going To Hell

Anyone for an organized step forward?

'Vanilla Ice is now officially off the hook as the worst rapper since Vanilla Ice.' - OYE

Hedge Funds and the Global Economic Meltdown

Politicians: An Apology

Papantonio Explodes on Fox Panel

GOP: Recovery Act Hypocrites

I'm Afraid of Christians

Palin and O'Reilly discuss extremist teabaggers

Young Turks: Right Wing TV Talking Points On Terrorism Debunked

Rachel Maddow on the GOP and Cheney's staggering hypocrisy on UndieBomber

Rachel Maddow on Utah, education, and a hilarious homophobe

Chevron Lawyer Freudian Slip (Hilarious)

BraveNewFilms: Stop The Kennedy Smears

TYT: Obama Kicks Terrorist Ass & Glenn Beck Hates It?

Capitalism: A Love Story' DVD Extra Preview - Bank of North Dakota

Bye, Bye Bayh!

TYT: Chart - Record Breaking Republican Obstructionism! (Courtesy of Rachel Maddow)

TYT: "Moderate" & "Centrist" = Owned By Corporations (& Failure Of The Mainstream Media)

Bill Maher Interview With Larry King pt.1

Rachel Maddow: Rachel Tells Glenn Beck to “Back Off”

Wurzelbacher: The MEDIA ruined my life, NOT McCain, but I'll throw him under the bus anyway.

Elders of Wall St. Favor More Regulation.

Database Gives Snapshot of Health in Each County.

Human Rights Group Renews Appeal for Torture Memo Report

Ala. Prof's Story Begins With Brother's 1986 Death

GOP Hypocrisy on ‘Stimulus’ Reaches Whole ‘Nother Level

NYT Invents "Broad Agreement" About Budget Problem

Yes They Can

Washington Post editorials debate the use of the word "retard"

Palin’s Cunning Sleight of Hand

How we'll beat the deficit

Can the Ticking Middle East Conflict Be Defused?

The Great Bi-Partisan Deception By Shamus Cooke

Religious Right attempts to hide the Deism of America's Founders

Elders of Wall St. Favor More Regulation

Greed Trophy up for Grabs

Bayh's Burning Bridges

NATO troops kill more civilians

Biden: "Washington right now is broken.."

A Scary Tea Party

Stopping the Nazis in Dresden

"A Military Strike at Iran Would Be a Colossal Mistake": Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary

The Folks Who Missed the Bubble Want Your Social Security

Guardian article on the subject of Greece and the EU - California and Washington.

Josh Marshall:Key Finding

More Americans Considering Community Banks

Former Mexican foreign minister calls for ‘North American union’, unified currency

Dr. Hajo Meyer Auschwitz Survivor on Palestine

West Hollywood Moves To Ban Dog, Cat Sales

Researcher: Rogue PDFs account for 80 percent of all exploits

Der Tagesspiegel, Germany: America: Land of Unlimited Anger

The Future's so Bright, I've Got to Wear Lead

Obama's Atomic Blunder

Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture

The Richest 1% Have Captured America's Wealth -- What's It Going to Take to Get It Back?

Oil groups mount legal challenge to Schwarzenegger's tar sands ban

NOVA "Extreme Ice"

Team finds subtropical waters flushing through Greenland fjord

Lake Erie Walleye Problems Tied To Reproductive Failure, Not Overfishing - Plain Dealer

Viral Collapse - Guy McPherson

Another headline we would not be seeing if President Al Gore had served his 8 years in office.

The Carbon Cycle Before Humans - Two studies provide clearer picture of how carbon cycle was ...

Drumbeat: February 17, 2010

Ethanol's Redundant Subsidy

The garabage dump that is the pacific ocean

PRC Blocks US Emb. Tweets Re. Beijing Air Quality, Despite PM2.5 Readings "Off Chart" Wk. Of 1/19/10

Obama Administration Considering National Monuments In Great Basin, Owyhee Desert?

Projection shows water woes likely based on warmer temperatures

All 5 GOP Candidates In OK-5 United In Denying Warming - "I'm A Scientist" Says Urologist Candidate

Virginia challenges U.S. greenhouse gas curbs (because of "newly available information.")

NY Times Editorial: With Stakes This High

"Yemen's Water Crisis....."

Compostable Plastics Have a Sweet Ending (new non-food-sugar-based polymer)

"Southeast timber coalition loses lawsuit over Tongass logging"

Goanna attacks 84yo Hunter Valley man

(AFP) Climate skeptics exploiting scandal: US envoy

Slow Trip Across Sea Aids Profit and Environment

Two KS Oil Drillers Guilty Of Felony Dumping Of Fracking Brine In PA National Forest

Yemen Water Crisis Beats Al Qaeda Threat - Wells Below 1,000 Meters, Some Families Get H2O 1X/Week

GAO - Damage From Mountaintop Removal Continues Long After Sites Are Officially "Reclaimed"

Snow Brightens Vancouver In Time for Olympics

Permafrost line recedes 130 km in 50 years

Oregon is first U.S. site for a wave-power farm

Feds: Tritium leak not enough to close Vermont Yankee

Weather model shows where California will burn

Dangerous Fossil Fuel Waste Is Found In 31 Hospitalized Students and Teachers In New Hampshire.

170 mpg diesel hybrid? Why hadn't I heard of this before?

Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Village Designated the Greenest Neighbourhood in the World

United States' drought has 'extraordinary' reversal

Industry Loses Lawsuit Over Alaska Forest Logging

For the first time in 14 years, Erie gets completely blanketed by ice

It's finally happening! VT Senate to vote on Vermont Yankee's future

xpost: 3 dead in small-plane crash in East Palo Alto (Tesla Motors Executives)

WTF?? M$NBC preempts Tweety to show hockey.

25-1 Kentucky shatters ESPN GameDay record 2/13/10

George Karl head coach of the Denver Nuggets has throat cancer...

Indiana Basketball

Tiger Woods will address the media Friday morning 11am eastern

Former Major League pitcher, Jim Bibby, dies.

Link for Eurosports Audio Olympics Coverage

Watching sports online

Source: Stallworth to sign with Ravens

NBC Olympics Coverage Appreciation Thread 1

Tiger Woods owes you zippo

OMG! Lindsey Vonn has collapsed in pain!

Why don't ice skaters get fall down dizzy after those prolonged spins?

Kentucky Derby Trail: No Golden Rule

Former paramilitary death-squad leader captured in Colombia

BBC News to broadcast live from Havana (O Rrly?)

Governor of Brazil's capital city surrenders to police

Colombia nabs militiaman charged with 2,500 killings

Soccer stars return to booming Brazil

Staunch anti-Castro U.S. congressman to retire (some good news)

Suspect in reporter's death in Mexico to be freed

Colombian voters threatened with loss of gov't aid

Hiring Death Squads Is Coming Back to Haunt U.S. Companies

British men named as assassins shocked by claims

Dubai Hamas assassination: two Palestinians held

Hamas official accused of helping Mossad hit squad

Mossad in hot seat over murder of Hamas man

U.S. lawmakers in Israel 'puzzled' by Ayalon boycott

A Pattern of Retreat: The Decline of Pattern Bargaining

Planned closure of Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn raises questions of fairness

UAW–Ford 'No' vote still echoes through plants

Hospitals Ravaged by Recession Pile More Work on Staff

Restaurant Workers Launch Multi-City Campaign to Transform Low-Wage Industry

Today in Labor History Feb 17 U.S. Supreme Court declared sit-down strikes illegal, strike at Yale

New Jersey Nursing Home Workers Still Fighting For A Contract After Three Years

Hiring Death Squads Is Coming Back to Haunt U.S. Companies / Gay Rights - some good stuff here -

Austin: "Texas AG Fighting Divorce of Same-sex Couple:"

Citing same-sex marriage bill, Washington Archdiocese ends foster care program

Kenneth Starr, Prop. 8 Legal Counsel, Named Baylor President - Gay Rights Leaders Speak Out

Jersey Shore Gay Tirade

Guns Forum now is in 3rd place at DU in terms of messages posted...

For those who are opposed to firearms in restautants...

Kasich for Governor campaign compiles record of former Congressman's gun-related votes

Does anybody believe that a "gun free zone" will stop an active shooter situation?

Malawi launches operation against high-profile gay and lesbian people

The democrats pro gun control plank is awesome for republicans.

Va. Senate votes to allow guns in restaurants

In what way does my legally carrying a concealed weapon at a restaurant harm anyone else?

NASA's Fermi Closes on Source of Cosmic Rays (big image)

They opened the windows on the space station!

Here's a picture of the day for ya....


self - delete / posted in the wrong forum - will link to the correct one if you're curious

No More Stalking Herons!!

3 more STILL LIFE spaces left

Another one from the Peru Archives.

Happy year of the metal tiger

Community art garden (Dial-up warning - 7 photos)

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

Snow Capped

Gun group sues over school zone restriction

Working on my New Year's Resolutions

Anne Ortelee weekly weather-- 2/15/2010

I rescued a Chickadee this morning...

How to make and use a Medicine Bag....

Shoutout to Shallah Kali and other kind, wise souls....

Retirement Savings Rate Held Steady: Fidelity

Wall Street Moves in for the Kill

Uncle Sam Wants You: To Pay for Wars and Millionaire Tax Breaks.

"88% Of Respondents Think Economy Is Still In A Recession"

Canada And U.S. Agree To Permanent Market Access And Waived Buy American Provision

Housing Shortage Predicted in 2010

A Country of Serfs By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

The WH better get the unemployment benefits extended......

Men 'need better-fitting condoms' (BBC)

Rates of Childhood Obesity, Chronic Health Problems Increase, but Conditions May Not Persist

A Plan to Banish Economic Insecurity. Forever.

Japan passes China as largest holder of U.S. Treasuries

Anyone watch Frontline last night? "The Warning" Brooksley Born, etc.

High Levels of Vitamin D in Older People Can Reduce Heart Disease and Diabetes

Is it legal to invest in a company in another state doing something that's illegal in your state?

Study... Aspirin cuts risk of death from breast cancer by 50%

Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries

Everything You (Never Knew You) Wanted to Know About Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

I went to church(Catholic) on Sunday...a divisive issue came up..

A few novel excuses for priestly child abuse

My position on religion & theology is basically...

So I got this flier in the mail from the local Seventh Day Adventist church.

This verse was used today at an Ash Wednesday service.

What is your opinion of Montessori schools?

Superintendent fires every high school teacher - Central Falls, Rhode Island

Next Tuesday (the 23rd) is National Pancake Day