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whomever gave me the "you rock", "candy heart" hearts, thank you. love ya, sweet

The Nation: Dropping in on the Tea Party

Huge waves at Mavericks injure spectators...

The future of Progressive activism

Putting the Tea, er, I mean "T", in Totalitarian every day

Interesting study on why people are hostile towards the news and believe the news is biased.

Thanks for the Heart!

To my secret admirer

White House snubs budget panel leaders in health summit invites

European Parliament says candidate countries must offer gays protection

So in the 1800's the Supreme Court declared people to be property (Dred Scott), last month

Thanks for the hearts!

No Republicans Whined When Bush Made 171 Recess Appointments

DU the Poll for Republian Presidential candidates. Romney is winning.

4 hearts for xchrom --

Wow-oh-Wow! I have 4 hearts! Thanks to all my heart-givers

Well TY to the DUer for the "Sweet" heart - (hmmm - "sweetheart")

Plans advance for Golden Gate Bridge suicide nets

Virginia Defies Federal Health Legislation

Thank you whomever for the heart.

how do they control those sleds in the luge?

I love how Arlen Specter is hated by both parties

Health care poll: 63 percent say "keep trying"


One in ten House Republicans calling it quits!


Saudi call for boycott against men selling lingerie

Up to 40,000 civilians 'died in Sri Lanka offensive'

Thank you to the DU'er who sent me heart...

"The Indymac Slap in our Face. "

Sunday TV News Shows, VP Biden & Rachel Maddow

Sunday TV News Shows, VP Biden & Rachel Maddow

Dianne Feinstein's Hand Notes From 1990 Highlighted By Fox News (VIDEO)

Just a little more help next time, Uncle Sam, just a little more help.

America Inc. The World's Largest Factory Farm

I'm going to wait until this sappy heart shit is over.

Time to let the Republicans have the country again.

I got hearts and I wish to thank those responsible.

Marijuana medical question.

SO - I decided to try this Face-Book thing .. .

Should there be all women shortlists in Democratic Primaries?

I just gave my last heart away

tea bagger sent me this vid of little girl

Whoever is suddenly giving me all these hearts

Reflecting on the late MOLLY IVINS, her new bio and her crusade against corporatized America

Reflecting on the late MOLLY IVINS, her new bio and her crusade against corporatized America

Salon & How Lack Of Health Insurance Kills Artists

Please note that Harold "The Artist" Ford is allergic to shellfish.

Dick Cheney On ABC's "This Week": What He Should Be Asked

Anyone else getting reviewed by the dept of treasury this year?

Dylan Ratigan is really start to distinguish himself with his new timeslot.

M$NBC is now in HD. Verizon FiOS now carrying it here.

Captured lightning....

Obama, when you come to Denver.. you better not campaign for Bennet

Opinion of Barry Goldwater?

What happened at the wind farm? (catastrophic failure and an eyewitness report)

IT revolution an achilles heel for Swiss bank secrecy

IT revolution an achilles heel for Swiss bank secrecy

McCaskill asks MO Senate Republicans: What would you do without stimulus funds?

Calif. restaurant that welcomed Open Carry regrets decision, changes policy

Biden: "Cheney ‘trying to rewrite history"

Embracing history: Man sets hugs record in Vegas

Spanish government struggles with crisis message

Beware of electronic Valentine's Day cards -- They May Contain Malware

Do You Miss The Scumbag Yet?

NBC reports fourth cauldron did not "rise" because of hydraulics..

Meet the Press: Vice-President Joe Biden vs. Dick Cheney / Transcript and Video

China beating us to the punch in clean energy development

Up Or Down. 14 Feb 10

Valentines Day Parade. France: A float called 'Yes we can be ecologist', despicting President Obama

Google again revises privacy settings of Buzz

John Boehner's newest comment regarding Pres Obama. - (I'm so sick of republicans I could scream)

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for restoration of the "Olympic Truce"

Rachel and Joe Biden coming up on MTP

How Are Recess Appointments Like Filibusters?

Cheney... separated at birth?

Someone forgot how to use spell check at CNN

I think it's safe to predict that Rep. Delahunt (D-MA) will announce his retirement

Tea Bagger Planned for "Armageddon"

"6,000 jobs have been created overseas" Wind Farms stimulus money goes abroad as do the jobs....

Small change... not the change you hoped for, the change you

Isn't this special: President Obama goes the extra mile on Valentine's day ('toon)

Queer Rising II LGBT visibility demonstration in Albany NY

Queer Rising II LGBT visibility demonstration in Albany NY

Yesterday,they showed VP Biden and his wife strolling the Olympic village.

I think the Utah legislature is onto something big here.

Good for the administration taking it to the media. The media is toxic

The GhouLIANIs massacre St Valentine's Day - (Look at dose face, so full of yadda yadda)

OMFG - Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Norm Coleman

Has capitalism killed the free press?

Vacancies Threaten National Security: After Recess, President Obama Demands Senate Action

Guards Watch Girl's Beating at Seattle Bus Tunnel

Marines meet with Afghans to explain offensive, seek support

Individual insurance rates soar in 4 states

Hidden Victims of Eviction

The hidden cost of Senate gridlock over President Obama's nominees: He can't fire anyone

Thank you to everyone

I wanna give you big huge wet sloppy kisses for my hearts!

Jones on DADT: 'Times have changed'

Late1930s to 1980--Period of Growth, Developing MIddle Class,

Witnessing Uplifting Behavior May Spur Good Deeds

Alaska avalanche kills Big Oil executive

Interesting picture from the Creation Museum in Kentucky

Happy Birthday, Arizona ! You are 98 today. Feb 14th, 1912 - Feb. 14th, 2010.

'Profound Pain': Organization Seeks To Make Massive Corporate Giveaway Fla. Senate Issue

Rachel Maddow came to MTP loaded for bear!

Cheney criticizes Sarah Palin (irony alert)

winning hearts & minds....

A heart....

Not-Joe the not-plumber: Is our morans learning?

Not-Joe the not-plumber: Is our morans learning?

Thanks for the heart!

World Cup or Winter Olympics

Conservative Policies, Economics Hard On Families

India's ambassador to U.S. says outsourcing not causing unemployment

received another heart to warm me up on a cold 55 degree a.m. in

This is an extraordinary example on how polls are 'bent'

isn't it funny that a lot of people still think Obama used a teleprompter with a 6th grade class?

Sacramento: One in seven businesses has closed

Bomb scare closes Fort Worth freeway - any other updates?

Need a laugh? Check out Ralph, the world's biggest bunny who a psychic says is possessed.

John Kyl (R-AZ) Calls Bipartisan Health Care Summit 'Pointless'

NATO rockets miss target, kill 12 Afghan civilians - AP

Heyheyheyhey guess what??

The Bobblespeak Translations - ABC’s This Week hosted by Jonathan Karl with Dick Cheney

Nancy Grace on her high horse

Gung Hay Fat Choy--Happy Lunar New Year (metal tiger)

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory is very interesting

The Bobblespeak Translations - Meet the Press, Feb 14, 2010 with Joe Biden

Reid DENIES attempts to LEGALLY limit senate filibuster !!!

I was angling to be the 1,000th donor, but I woke up to no donor star, and that was just wrong.

Cheney: Waterboarding Should Have Been Option with Underwear Bomber

A nice valentine for you all:

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm just not ready to start thinking about 2010 elections yet

How to Answer the Dumb Things Climate Deniers Say

Make Dick Cheney Go Away!

Afghanistan news keyword search

New FEC rules could impact effect of campaign-finance decision

Despite Obama admin’s promise, DEA continues raids on medical marijuana growers

Deleted by poster.

What sort of event could trigger an absolute economic collapse?

HELP CA: vote for GOP gov candidates biggest failure and vote page up social bookmarking:

NATO Says its Rockets Killed 12 Afghan Civilians

Petition for Rachel host MTP...

Schumer Backs Master List Of Recalled Products

Free trade If Libertarians and conservatives love Constitution...

Free trade If Libertarians and conservatives love Constitution...

Whoever gave me my latest heart, thank you SO much!!!!

Rockets miss targets: 12 Afghan citizens dead.

Why are Liberals so condescending? An in depth examination in the Washington Post

Video of implosion of W. Palm Beach 30 story condo....

I'm not rah rah USA! I'm rah rah Vermont.

Shooting of pit bull 'terrible mistake'

Rogue Waves knock spectators over at surfing contest in CA (video)

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina to be on "The Amazing Race"

Everybody's a tool: NYT on Cong. Black Caucus: ATT, WalMart, etc.

Sydney (Australia) headline: Cheney 'a complete supporter' of Obama Afghan effort

Winter Olympics w/o snow: Is god telling Beckkk..

Winter Olympics w/o snow: Is god telling Beckkk..

Winter Olympics w/o snow: Is god telling Beckkk..

Happy Valentines' Day from George W Bush: ''MONEY TRUMPS PEACE.''


Some results from President Obama's threat to make recess appointments

Republicans are the Mean Girls, while Democrats continue to vie for Miss Congeniality.

New DNA findings show that human genetic mutations are more recent, more rapid than once thought.

Afghanistan War: Marjah Battle as Tough as Fallujah, Say US Troops

The Amazing Adventures of a Middle Aged Geek (last night) or Instant Karma's Gonna Get You.

Further @ Barton Hall Ithaca, NY tonight...

Study finds link between hardened arteries, living near L.A. freeway

Daniel Ellsberg: A whistleblower’s call to arms

Daniel Ellsberg: A whistleblower’s call to arms

All The Presidents Emails...

Women Hunger Strikers At Immigration Detention Center In UK Report Being Beaten

Director who plays 'Silent Bob' ejected from flight because of size

Director who plays 'Silent Bob' ejected from flight because of size

Ten Commandments display will get high court review

Corporate "persons" should be subject to imprisonment and the Death Penalty

I got back from a weekend trip to OH, and I found me another heart!

Texting ban for S.C. drivers advances

What happened to Grovelbot???

Hearts In Space, A cosmic Valentine

Hearts In Space, A cosmic Valentine

Federal Court or Military Tribunal (Newsday poll)

The Dem Party nationally needs to call out Repubs for being Pro-Wage Slavery.

Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell "years away"; meanwhile, Cheney says end DADT

Campaigns to Amend the Constitution Take Off -- Help Push the Idea to the "Tipping Point"

In memoriam to those departed

Old Lady in C-SPAN

Old Lady in C-SPAN

Old Lady in C-SPAN

I've been unemployed since October, 2009.......

Did anyone see Alex Witt on msnbc.,,

A familiar poem dedicated, by me, to Mr. Obama and the Democrats

Two gubernatorial candidates in Texas (One Dem., one Rep.,) do not rule out US involvement on 9-11

US debt will keep growing even with recovery

Thanks for the heart, Secret Admirer! I really appreciate it!!!! n/t

The latest offensive in Afghanistan was no "offensive" but simply a major troop movement.

Just saw "The Most Dangerous Man in America:

See Triana's Post Below or Hopefully Above.

Joe Biden Tears Into Dick Cheney On 'Meet The Press' (VIDEO)

Customs Question

Identity theft should have hardly ever exhisted

Identity theft should have hardly ever exhisted

Caught in the open: a firefight with the Taliban

Neo-Nazis in Germany turned back by crowd three times as large

I hope that Pres. Obama and the Congressional Dems are putting together a plan for the 2/25 summit.

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt U.S. Safety Probes, Documents Show

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt U.S. Safety Probes, Documents Show

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt U.S. Safety Probes, Documents Show

The Legacy of Billy Tauzin: The White House-PhRMA Deal

Many Many Thanks for my 3 hearts....its a joy....:o)

Freep "kristinn"...the Malia Obama attack guy...thinks we "are terrified of Cheney"

Take GM Corn off the shelves! Please sign petition.

Valentine's Day...

Why Vote? Our Democracy's in Our Own Hands

Afghanistan war: Marjah battle as tough as Fallujah, say US troops

thank you for my heart secret admirer! i was a bit bummed by some nasty comments to one of my posts

thank you for my heart secret admirer! i was a bit bummed by some nasty comments to one of my posts

NM Health Sec says MMJ Med Advisory Board’s Recs Not “Scientific” Enough: (FBN responds)

41-Senator Blockade Represents Merely 36.4% of US Population

From The Nation: A 2010 Elections Primer

Could Wichita be the Detroit of aircraft?

I participated in my first food-share today.

How does the NATO distinguish dead insurgents from dead bystanders?

David Frum on Tea baggers....great

Only 65 to go !!...Come on DU....

Michele Bachmanmn explains whe she's an ineffective congresswoman: "I'm a fairly new freshman"

Knack lead singer Doug Fieger dies of cancer

Toles:Slush For Brains

Camp Lejeune's ex-residents, many ill, only now learning of toxic water

NASCAR identifies with its viewers by stopping the Daytona 500 for ... catch this ... pothole repair

Valentine's day is akin to blackmail

Valentine's day is akin to blackmail

If you could send Valentines to some of your favorite Dems, who would they be?

V-Day--ending violence against women

Merci to the DUers who gave me hearts today. You made my day.

Thanks for the hearts... think I might cry.

Ok, I have a NSFW piccie that I cannot tell if it's been photoshopped...

I am finding the NBC coverage of the Olympics very USA-centric..

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the idiots at CNN say that Cheney

Bolivian women sure have it together

Am reading Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth".

Sara Palin says Obama should "declare war on Iran"...

How Are Recess Appointments Like Filibusters?

U.S. Drone Kills Five in Northwest Pakistan

Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in health talks

Media Matters - "2009: A year of Fox News political activism"

NY Times: In Black Caucus, a Fund-raising Powerhouse

Are we just "keyboard commandos"?

"Obama's Secret Prisons" by Anand Gopal

"Obama's Secret Prisons" by Anand Gopal

This oughta be fun to watch: Birth Certificate March on Washington

One Free Market System for Wall Street, Another Free Market System for Main Street

Planned closure of Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn raises questions of fairness (OH)

My friend's husband is at Daytona and watched the race standing next to Sarah Palin


Dick Cheney can kiss my

Thanks for the hearts! Now, who needs one?

Southwest Airlines decides actor Kevin Smith is "too fat" to fly with them - kicks him off plane

Halliburton "sold nuclear technology to Iran" (latest in 2005)

Halliburton "sold nuclear technology to Iran" (latest in 2005)

VP Biden says Cheney's either ignorant or lying

If anyone wonders why I just disappear quickly, and don't follow posts I make

Why is Dick Cheney on my TV screen this morning?

Olympics coverage- Do any DU'ers know of any other online video access

Olympics coverage- Do any DU'ers know of any other online video access

Lieberman says he wants to be less political in 2010

Rachel Maddow Stuns Rep. Aaron Schock By Calling Out His Spending Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow Stuns Rep. Aaron Schock By Calling Out His Spending Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Racism, Imperialism and the “Divine Mission of America”

'Repigs', 'Repukes', 'Rethugs': Time to can lazy epithets.

"we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram"

Why vote? It only encourages them.

Hundreds jailed on clerks' orders (Cincinnati)

the only reason dick cheney is on our televisions is because the media supports him

Joe the Plumber goes off on McCain, says he 'screwed up my life'

Is the "rec" feature contibuting to polarization? An honest discussion

Spanish Inquiry of Alleged Bush-Era War Crimes Begins Monday

I've yet to see a news story about a doctor insulting and berating a MAN for being fat.

America's cup is coming home

Rev. Joseph Lowery released from hospital after two-week stay

TPM -- A simple plan to end GOP obstructionism (grow a set)

It's Time for a Progressive Revolution -- Cenk Unger

There will be a long line to piss upon the grave of The Big Dick..

Ever hear of "Collection Bureau of America"?

Wait a minute, things aren't as gloomy as we may think!!!!

Luger Who Died Was Terrified of Track

People now tattoo their eyes? (slight caution to the squeamish)

High speed trains--with no tracks!!

We need to eradicate the idea of assimilation from our thought in this country

KIPP charter school invades NY public school with "A" the views of both sides.

For the President and the Ignorami: Lack of Health Care Kills Way More People than Al-Qaeda

Kung Hei Fat Choy!! Happy New Year to all my Chinese Friends!

I saw the worst humans have to offer today.

Young lives lost to violence in Newburgh (poverty = WMD)

If Dems get their asses handed to them in 2010 election, will they draw the right conclusions?

Holy crap... Bill Maher is on fire tonight. New special on HBO.

Shorter working week better for 'sustainable future'

Shorter working week better for 'sustainable future'

The Sixth DU "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

The Sixth DU "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

WTF is Harold Ford, Jr. on Press the Meat representing the Democratic party?

Why a public option/single payer is more likely with the Senate bill than without it

Palin, Romney and the GOP Field

today's accepted teen excuse for getting preg. "I was drunk"

Our declining standard of living

Bank of America forecloses on house that couple had paid cash for

No, actually, it's *not* "my day with my daughter."

No, actually, it's *not* "my day with my daughter."

I Just Now Lost my Membership. Can I Beg someone to Host my DU Gold Star?


This place is absolutely unreal.

Afraid of letting women fly - the IOC and women ski jumping

Jennifer Daugherty: Disabled Woman Tortured, Murdered By ‘Friends’

Guitar players/fans - I previously posted some Les Paul - Here's Herb Ellis...

I wish we could put a bunch of signs just like this up around Connecticut

In simplest terms, this is a "people business."

Peter Weir vs Christopher Lambert

Lets Go Apolo!

Okay, I just saw the "Game Change" writers, Heilemann & Halperin...

Thank you to all of those who gave me hearts.

it's been about 20 years, but i will start taking my meds again.

Meh, heh, or feh?

Why do you dislike the Winter Olympics?

I just want to take this opportunity.

How long does it take to get undrunk?


Whats the appeal of the liege?

Chocolate execution appliances on Aisle 19!

You know those air cans with the stem that you use to clean your keyboard, etc.?

Thanks for the hearts, whoever you are.

Whats the appeal of the loo?

Good for Valentines Day?

How long does it take to get undrunk?

The thing about speed skating is...

Do they make Febreze in drinkable form? n/t

I gave myself all of my hearts.

Johnny Wier vs Adam Lambert

By the way... to everyone who was so kind to do so... thanks for the Valentine's hearts!

I gave everyone all of their hearts.


First, you make a roux. Actually you cook the sausage first. Chicken and sausage gumbo!

I hate Valentine's Day and I still feel horrible.

Who ever donated to DU in my name, thank you.

Perfect Valentine's gift for dirty old men and the women who love them

Do you wear clothes or pajamas?

I have watched 5 hours of Dr. Who season 2 on netflix.

Sometimes I just know my life is like The Truman Show.

Wisdom needed.


Comma assistance (Yes, yes. We all know that this will yield "Coma assistance copycats)

Waitaminute... Brisco County Jr. at the Olympics???

Ohhhh... These are the Japanese Style hot dogs they were talking about last night!

HAPPY YEAR OF THE TIGER!!!!!! Happy Lunar New Year!!!!

Happy Birthday, Hooky!

Since I sobered up, I started cleaning my room...I have found my nail clippers,

Something a little different. Slack key guitar.

This is for the heart-broken...

Senior moment

Happy bloody Valentines Day and all that jazz...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/14/10

Poet Lucille Clifton has died.

The proof is not in the fucking pudding

Insidious Internet Worm strikes when computer owner is drunk



Men's short track

The Lounge has been lacking in flame wars lately.

Well, I'm up to two Valentine hearts

Do you deal with the real?

Your favorite track from Michael Jackson's Thriller LP

Kotmorn Yoop Yap

I am now offically wireless and I'm in bed--nekkid--as I type this.

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day

Whatever became of the meme meme?

I watched the first 17 hours of The English Patient yesterday.

Massive Attack- Saturday Come Slow

Are you shod?

"The Soup would like to wish Glenn Beck a Happy 46th Birthday! Because no one else is going to."

Samurai Champloo all up in your YouTube

I will give a heart to the first DUer that can correctly answer this question:

Chris Botti with Sting - "My Funny Valentine," 2005 @ Wilshire Theatre Los Angeles

George Strait - Amarillo By Morning

So when we humans finally take ourselves off the


I just heard a cannon! Again!

"Angel From Montgomery" - John Prine, 2004 Philadelphia Folk Festival

Ive been trying to think and I cant figure out where I can go and buy 1 cup cake.

Chaka Khan - "My Funny Valentine"


Lucinda Williams - "Real Love," Letterman 10/02/08

I've spent five years of my life trying to invent an anal bum cover.

I need some legal advice, and I need it RIGHT NOW!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!! Happy New Year to all my Chinese Friends!

I want a pill that gives worms to ex-girlfriends!

Thanks for the hearts!

Karma assistance

and on Valentine's Day no less! nice to be back on DU...

I just heard a canon! Again!

Happy National Engineers Week to all DU engineers!


my shit is fucked

Re-watched "The American President" last night

I got a heart!

I need some medical advice, and I need it RIGHT NOW!

Korma assistance (Yes, yes. We all know that this will yield "Comma assistance copycats) {View All}

What's the fastest way to get drunk?

SO - I decided to try this Face-Book thing .. .

What's the appeal of the lube?

Etta James - "My Funny Valentine"

Has NBC shown any actual Olympic events yet?

The Winter Olympics PWNS the Summer Olympics.

Dog VS Cat

I know this gets repeated several times a day, but I feel it deserves another go...

Jorma Assistance,

Bad Finger...

i've come to the conclusion, i'll live out my life as a single person.

I need the biggest DU Hug Ever

Anyone else see the film "Breakfast On Pluto?"

i have a valentine's day poem

If they added competitive cheerleading to the Olympics,

The Amazing Adventures of a Middle Aged Geek (last night) or Instant Karma's Gonna Get You.

God, I hate one of my professors.

God help me, I want desperately to buy things.

God help me, I want desperately to buy things.

I think DU randomly generates hearts

When lyrics are misheard

It lifts and holds

Royal, obedient subjects of The Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger:

Mavericks: South African victorious, 45-50 foot surf

My Valentine's Day Poem

Most sexist song of all time?

Do you fold toilet paper?

I have some just-completed fractal art for you (Dialup warning)

Fuck! My computer just got infected with Antivirus Soft.

Feeling so sad...

Meet Callie, My MVP (Most Valued Pet)

I may get TS'd. I've certainly abandoned my last remaining liberal principles

Here we go again....Snow predicted for Monday PM through Tuesday AM

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Valentine's Day Edition :)

Poof! You're a billionaire. What's the craziest thing you do?

Post your nominees for the most evil characters in fiction

Tea Party to field candidate in battle for Harry Reid’s Senate seat

Good question...

I support the Tea Party as a third party movement

Cheney vs. Biden, a veep smackdown on Sunday

White House snubs budget panel leaders in health summit invites

Dan Quayle quotes...

Steve Fraser of The Nation: Obama's policy of The New Deal In Reverse

Why I personally approve of passing Health Care Reform, even if it doesn't include a whole lot!

The Consequences Of Failure

Eyeing midterms, Democrats to push Republicans to go on record against key bills

Cheney endorses repealing DADT?

On MTP this morning, we have the Biden smackdown of Cheney and Rachel is on the panel.

Vice President Biden: Dick Cheney "Rewriting History"

Have you noticed the recent trend on the talking heads shows to put on First term repubs?

After warmest January in history, Vancouver airlifts in snow for Winter Games

The gang is all here

What the hell???????

They're Not Above Lying

The Legacy of Billy Tauzin: The White House-PhRMA Deal

Obama's Choice- model his presidency on Reagan or Clinton

Do you think the financial collapse would have taken place if John Kerry had won?

Photos: The Float that We Have Been Waiting For

Darth Chaney: Biden 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq. Instead, they should say ‘thank you George Bush’.

I caught 3 minutes of Maddow.. and she pointed out it is the senate that is killing us.

Despite Obama admin’s promise, DEA continues raids on medical marijuana growers

We need to congratulate Climate Change Deniers because they apparently know more than these people:

VP Biden says Iraq war wasn't worth `horrible price'

Harold Ford Has Never Paid New York State Income Taxes

Fantastic analysis by Cenk about President Obama's Big Pharma Deal & how it's just more of the same

Every Republican who opposes civilian trials for terrorists should hold their head in shame.

Hello. My name is Writer. I live in Colorado.

Fuck you George W bush

Read this! And spread it everywhere!

Took a short hiatus from posting....

Rachel Maddow Stuns Rep. Aaron Schock By Calling Out His Spending Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Out of Patience and blaming the President for not passing bills?

Focus on Republican HYPOCRISY.....not Republican policy.

But he isn't fighting

Obama to Campaign for Reid in Nevada

Joe the Plumber goes rogue! Blames McCain for ruining his life, turns on Palin

Clinton Bashers Who Are Now Obama Bashers

The Guardian: We have let Barack Obama down

Feds push for tracking cell phones without warrants.

Lots of Words! Lots of Pages! Run Away, GOP!

Do you miss George W Bush Billboard goes up in Minnesota! How dumb are people???

The makings of a "secret" deal

If Texan Theocratic Superstitionalists have their way, Ted Kennedy's name won't be in school books

Poll: 56 percent of S.C. approves of Obama

Here's the skinny on how the RNC is going to destroy Palin in 2011

What is the war in Afghanistan for?

Boehner whines a bit more. Summit not a real bipartisan attempt.

Gallup: Obama's Approval Numbers Come back down to Earth

The Game of Expections vs. Telling of the Truth - Understanding the Difference

••••• India bomb blast - please post news and updates here •••••

Waves knock N. Calif. surfing spectators to beach

Jennifer Daugherty: Disabled Woman Tortured, Murdered By ‘Friends’

IT revolution an achilles heel for Swiss bank secrecy

Lehman liquidators fight $50bn bank claims

Pakistan court order raises new instability fears

India bomb blast clouds renewal of Pakistan talks

Beware of electronic Valentine's Day cards -- They May Contain Malware

Hillary Clinton heads to Gulf to keep pressure on Iran

GM to talk to states about plant incentives

Despite Obama admin’s promise, DEA continues raids on medical marijuana growers

Wall St. Helped Greece to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis

Gunfire as some Taliban fight Marines in Marjah

Goldie Hawn talks to UK Conservatives about setting up schools in Britain

Lawyer for Haiti Missionaries Could be Trafficker: Police

US debt will keep growing even with recovery

No rethinking on talks with Pakistan

America's cup is coming home

Ukraine PM to challenge poll result

Do you believe the Administration is on the take as Cenk Uygur claims?

Man advising Idaho detainees in Haiti confirmed as fugitive

No Reason To Stall Iran Missiles Deal, Moscow Says

Anthem to delay insurance rate hike amid criticism

Nationalists blame Pakistan for bombing in India

NATO: Troops Miss Target, Kill 12 Afghan Civilians

U.S. Army Chief To Visit Israel For Talks On Iran, Defense Issues

BNP meets to vote on membership rule (whites-only) changes

Conoco Phillips AK President killed in Spencer Glacier avalanche

Cheney backs 'Don't Ask' repeal

Joe Biden Draws First Blood On Dick Cheney

Floridians protest offshore oil drilling

Alleged AL killer was suspect in attempted bombing of Harvard Professor

Obama to Expand Funding for Programs to Help Women

Haiti's homeless get tarps, want tents

Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 2 Chapter 1

Valentine’s Day Massacre (not the gangster killings)

Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and The Economics of Destruction.

GRITtv: Frank Schaeffer: Don't Support Hate

Texas Flashlight

Dick Cheney Home Torture Movies

Catch part one before it's gone! Wanda Sykes in D.C. regarding Obama

Who's Michele Bachmann working for?

Atheist Comedy - The Great Flood

AIG Pays $100 Million More In Bonuses

Rachel Maddow sets the record straight on interrogating the Christmas bomber

Vice President Biden and cheney on Iraq sunday tv

Liberalviewer: Fox News Edits Out Jon Stewart Beating Bill O'Reilly?

TYT: Republican Busted Lying On MSNBC (& O'Donnell Booted From Morning Joe)

TYT: Video - Republican Talks About Anal Sex?

London 2012: Radioactive waste? No problem, we’ve got a plastic sheet...

Goldsmith calls for investigation into UK's role in torture

How Popular is the Tea Party Movement? (Matt Yglesias)

Retired general discusses problems in America.

Battle Over the Bailout

Who's Up, Who's Down?

As health care reform stalls, insurers rake it in

A Haitian-Free Rebuilding Plan?

Much Better Questions for Dick Cheney on "This Week"

Leading article: Let this operation be the last (Afghanistan)

"Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction" Barry Lynn

Cheney Struggles To Explain Terror Contradictions; Endorses DADT Repeal

NBC video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s death: necessary or not?

Glenn Beck & David Barton to host Lie-a-palooza 2010

What Could Be Done

Wrest control of textbooks away from Texas

How Christian Were the Founders?

Palin’s Cunning Sleight of Hand Frank Rich

Should TARP money fund unemployment insurance?

LEONARD PITTS JR.: Do us a favor and run, Sarah

If You Could See America Through China's Eyes

Robert Parry: Cheney Exposes Torture Conspiracy

We have let Obama down

The New Deal in Reverse: How Obama ended up where FDR began

All Are Responsible (re: climate change deniers)

New poll finds more Americans in favor of eliminating the filibuster

We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video

Sacramento River Fall Chinook Runs Collapse To Lowest Level Since Measurements Began

20 Million Mongol Cattle Or More 50%+ Of Entire Herd - May Die By Spring As Record Winter Flays Land

Mallorcan Caves Show Evidence Of Rapid Sea Level Rise 81,000 BPE - 2 Meters In Kess Than 100 Years

Puget Sound Steelhead runs in steady decline

(California) Energy Commission Awards $2 Million to PG&E for (large-scale) Battery Storage Research

Big gift for local climate efforts

Legal Actions Follow Suspicious Vandalism In Biggest Hog Waste Spill In Indiana History - 04/09

Mongabay - Overuse Of Fertilizer In China Has 10-100 Times Impact Of Acid Rain

World may not be warming, say scientists (Twaddle from The Sunday Times)

Bill Gates Calls For "Energy Miracles" - i.e. Increasing Battery Capacity 100-Fold

IBM Sets World Record by Creating High-Efficiency Solar Cell Made from Earth-Abundant Materials

Did D.C.'s blizzard bury climate change legislation?

Rubio Says He "Doesn't Accept" Scientific Evidence For Climate Breakdown

Worst Heatwave In 50 Years As Rio Hits 115 F - At Least 32 Elderly Dead From Heat

Prof. Phil Jones says no warming in last 15 years.

A new wire twist on silicon solar cells - Flexible wire solar cells need less silicon

Did you see the Olympic short track ice skating? Wile E. Coyote couldn't have done it better!

Let women compete in ski jumping!!!!

Apparently $elig and $teinbrenner have taken over NASCAR. The

Short track speed skating is more similar to NASCAR than luge

cripes, the slam dunk "contest" is AWFUL

What are your favorite sports? To watch and play?

how the hell do you NOT make sure your track is properly paved before hosting a major race?

USA Women's Hockey is Kicking Ass and Taking Names (Bewaaaarre West Coast)

Should NASCAR End Restrictor Plate Races ?

MK Tibi: Israeli Arabs not immigrants

Ex-IDF chief: Israel can't handle nuclear Iran alone

Gaza War Crimes Fallout Deepens Political Rift in Israel

FOCUS News Agency: Brazil to donate 260,000 tons of food to poor countries

Brazil mayor bans rap music

'Bolivia Carnival of Oruro' (February 2010)

'Bolivia Carnival of Oruro' (February 2010)

Annual 'Night to Honor Israel' slated for Feb. 22

U.K. lawmaker 'fired over claims IDF harvested organs in Haiti'

Lebanon comes full circle back to the Syrian fold

Gaza sources: Sole power plant to halt over Israel fuel blockade

Foreign corporations flock to Venezuela for oil contracts--WTF?

Questioning Our Special Relationship with Israel

Lebanon troops fire at 4 Israeli warplanes flying overhead

Today in Labor History Feb 14 President Theodore Roosevelt creates the Dept of Commerce and Labor

Valentine’s Day Massacre (not the gangster killings)

MI Militiamen insist they're just ordinary folks with guns and a deep paranoia about the government

Another good article on DADT

Americans OK with Openly Gay Soldiers (Angus-Reid)

Calif. restaurant that welcomed Open Carry regrets decision, changes policy

3 Shot During Robbery At Vacant Fulton Home (Victim defended himself)

I-35 Can Stop Homosexuality

Why do some people become frightened if they see a gun?

Do you fear people who legally carrying concealed firearms?...

Can you give me some input on the NRA?

Spacewalkers install room with a view

An Alien View Of Earth

Astronomers back Chile to host world's biggest telescope


Stilled Lives


Vancouver 2010 - Day 1 - HappyCynic version Part I: Day (Dial-up warning)

Vancouver 2010 - Day 1 - HappyCynic version Part II: Night (Dial-up warning)

Zippety-zip down the . . . Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen

Vancouver 2010 - Day 1 - HappyCynic version Part III: Drums (Dial-up warning)

Surf's up!!!

Vancouver 2010 (Day 1): So much to see and do

Frivolous Photo Thread

Roof line details, Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Thank you for the hearts!!

Thank you for the heart!

Bollywood Meets Ice Dancing

X-Post fm. GD: Mexico's Cave of Crystals

Prayers and thoughts, please.....

To Fix the Real World, Play Games Online...

Happy Valentine's Day, ASAH!

The Prez thinks the Bankers bonuses are just like baseball salaries?

Canada looks to China to exploit oil sands rejected by US

Spray version of 'cuddle hormone' can ease symptoms of autism

Man believed touching while dancing was sinfull soooooo

Recite the scripture or you don't get a star. Suggestions needed!

"it's even in the Bible"...from my editorial that was printed in the local newspaper


Reorganization of KC School District would involve closing half of buildings (30 of 60 buildings)

Anyone making a special Valentines day Menu?

Does Garlic powder go rancid? I just started to make

Rosie wants roast chicken tonight and we have no rotisserie.

I posted a "Thank you" to my heart-givers in GD