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WH To Articulate Position: "We Will Post Online The Text Of A Proposed Health Insurance Reform Pkg"

Senator Mikey (Mike Haridopolos R-FL26) tells Fair Districts FL organizer "look at me"

Lockheed Martin Takes Out Full-Page Ad Memorializing Murtha

Questions Raised About Role of Military Chaplains

Republican Revisionism with KO and Lawrence

Some images of civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Allstate Insurance has just cynically co-opted FDR's First Inaugural!

Heads up: Some kind of crazy new reality TV program coming on NBC.. involves a lot of snow and ice..

Do American children have the right to an education?

Torture Apologist Marc Thiessen Joins The Liberal Media.

Zionist Mortimer Zuckerman considering run for Senate against Gillibrand in New York State

To the person who gave me a heart tonight

DOes anyone know if the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics will be

Here's How The British Are Doing It... The Robin Hood Tax (Must See Video)

I want to thank the DU'er that gave me a heart today.

I'm involved in a love triangle...

Thank you Secret Admirer for my Smile Heart!

"We Are the World 25" - Check Your Freakin' Egos At The Door

Priest caught buying cocaine

Check in if yer over 60 and remember......


Ezra Klein's on Rachel right now. He's trying to grow a beard.

Fifty ...... one ...... percent

Queer Rising Shuts Down Manhattan Marriage Office!! RAW VIDEO

The media and politicians succeed at spreading ignorance because we accept it

Of the three terrorists tried under military commissions since 9/11, two are now free

Coalition Begins Major Afghan Offensive (This looks like 'it'.)

What Next For Us Fucking Retards?

Just a little FYI. Obama's Idea of Change....

City joins ambulance service lawsuit against insurers!

Secret Admirer ...

Drug Industry Chief Lobbyist Tauzin To Resign: Cut deal with White House to protect drug industry

Drug Industry Chief Lobbyist Tauzin To Resign: Cut deal with White House to protect drug industry

Appliance rebate program-what's your state giving rebates on? go to

Throughout Bill Clinton's ordeal...

Anyone Emailing Rep. Nancy Elliott?

Thank you so much for the recent hearts

What if the onus of the filibuster was placed on the minority instead of majority?

I like the mix of English and French in the Canadian anthem at the ceremonies

War and Olympics...

School shootings enter new dimension.

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

This could be yummy, RedState bans the birthers

Hey, apparently I have a heart on!

Three cheers for civil disobedience, and a civil rights hero: Robert Warden

Is it just me, or does Rachel get better and better every damn day? nt

The Lobbying-Media Complex (was there ever any doubt?)

Biden will be leading the US delegation at the Opening Ceremonies coming

In the spirit of the winter olympics, does anyone remember this?

Which are the better Olympics? Winter or Summer?

Snowing in Savannah, GA, first time in years, so I hear!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Valentine's day you all!

Labor to Obama: Where's the Change we can believe in?

For tonight's Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver, I predict...

Health Care Summit: See The Official Invitation, Format, Attendees

Coinciding with my 10,000th post at DU...

Thanks for all the Olympic ceremony spoilers everyone.

President 'Clean Coal-Clean Safe Nuke Power' Obama - $54 B Loan guarantee...

PBS doing a George Carlin tribute right now..

Somewhere there's an Olympic Opening Ceremony Tonight...Help I can't Find it!

OK..with over 1 BILLION people why did India only field THREE athletes?

I want to thank the hearter who hearted me for my heart.

"Heavens to Planetoid!" snagglepuss has received some more hearts even.

Rachel Maddow is the Liberal Version of Glenn Beck

No quarter for climate deniers

Is it true that Canada wasn't letting Olympic competitors from other countries

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Kenya chiefs block Mombasa 'gay wedding'

Australia's Aboriginal children still at risk says PM

Shami questions US involvement in 9-11 attacks

Millions of American Liberals who are alive today, will be dead within 7 years

Millions of American Liberals who are alive today, will be dead within 7 years

Millions of American Liberals who are alive today, will be dead within 7 years

Almost exactly 12 hours apart, two different people gave me a heart.

Man, I really like the Bidens

Japan to rent pandas from China

I'm going nuts!

I seem to be getting a little collection of hearts


Obama Sets Trap For Republicans - Or Does He?

I'm a sports junkie, but sorry: **** these Winter Olympics.

Joint raid on arms smugglers in Iraq kills 5 (maybe more)

Three more hearts? All at once?! Who was so profligate?

Thanks to those who have given me hearts.

Why did HuffPo downplay the Clinton story?

Poll: bu$h* still blamed for economy

Poll Reveals Most Americans Don't Know They Got a Tax Cut

call Senator Harkin's office

Who was the "mastermind" of the 9/11/01 attack?

Harold Ford's FLACK Desperately Backpedals

A request to think before replying to any GLBT threads

A request to think before replying to any GLBT threads

A Saturday morning smile for you

Which Is More Egregious Reading From A Word On Your Hand Or A Teleprompter?.....

Jay Rockefeller: Obama 'Beginning To Be Not Believable To Me'

Jay Rockefeller: Obama 'Beginning To Be Not Believable To Me'

Dear Senators McConell, Shelby , Corker et al

Dear Senators McConell, Shelby , Corker et al

Jay Rockefeller: Obama 'Beginning To Be Not Believable To Me'

Does any DUer have a relative, friend, or self, who has had a stent

Does any DUer have a relative, friend, or self, who has had a stent

Minority rule has replaced majority rule.

Wall St. Sets Its Greedy Eyes on Shaking the Silver out of Hollywood

Palin/Quayle '12?

The Art of Compromise

SPOILER: Doesn't anyone speak american in Canada?

Union pension funds build new Twin Cities housing (40 percent affordable to lower income families)

Union pension funds build new Twin Cities housing (40 percent affordable to lower income families)

AP: Japan worried that Toyota woes could hurt US ties (graph of drop in interest in brand)

Video from the opening of the Winter Olympics in Canada

Take the News Quiz

Thanks for the 2nd heart!

Crooks & Liars: "The Real Battle: Deficit Reduction is Class War"

surge update...NATO: Blast kills 3 U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Study links spirituality to brain damage.

People compete in amateur sports because they have a passion for it.

North Korea envoy 'to visit US' (good news)

Yesterday we cheered O'DONNELL thrashing THIESSEN. Today WashPo gives THIESSEN a weekly column

I got an evil DUer heart.

Toon:Miss Me Yet?

Toon:Miss Me Yet?

North Carolina GOP Congressional Candidate Holds Machine Gun Social

oh my! Urban dictionary's definition: 'Teabagger'

Haiti, One Month Later. Excellent article.

Oh NO! The Olympic Flame is broken, lol.

Obama nuke plant loan reflects new energy strategy

Umm.. PLAY BALL already..

Thanks, you all, for all the Hearts. I wish I we could "re-gift" the hearts we get. Hmmm...

800 800 800 800 800 Ding ding ding. We're getting there.

Happy Valentine's Day DU! - pics

CNN showed the Olympic luger's snuff video

It's About People: Olympic Torch

Thank you for my Valentine's hearts.

What Do Empires Do?- Michael Parenti

The K Street Kickback: The Giveaway That Reid Stripped From The Jobs Bill - HuffPo

I'm blushing. I got 2 more hearts - hugs and kisses to whoever

Free Market News: 'Colo. Wing-Nut Capital Becomes 3rd-World Dump' - DailyKos

Free Market News: 'Colo. Wing-Nut Capital Becomes 3rd-World Dump' - DailyKos

How is it that I now have one fewer hearts than I had yesterday?

Do you suppose bullets and free trade will ever make wheat more profitable than opium

AlterNet: Republicans at Highest Levels Really Want to Do Away with Democracy for All

Rant. Tic Tic Tic it goes until November and beyond ...

Has Pres. Obama said anything about helping the homeless?

Stephen Colbert and his show are lead sponsors of US speed skaters at the Olympics

MSNBC host explains to Glenn Beck where snow comes from (Thanks for my hearts!)

Obama insists he is "FIERCE ADVOCATE" of business and free market

Okay, I'll give more money!

Thanks for the heart. It's a nice feeling. n/t

Gi-normous Real Estate Crash imminent in China?

Would another name for Obama's desperate attempts for bipartisanship be appeasement?

Woman sues Anderson Cooper after fall at NYC home

What's up with the DIck

These Congress folks reveal their own weakness in their DADT arguments

A nice place to see all the bills introduced by each member of the current Congress

"Most good investigative reporters are conspiracy theorists, by the way."

"Most good investigative reporters are conspiracy theorists, by the way."


I don't know what to do with all my anger towards the right wing anymore....

I don't know what to do with all my anger towards the right wing anymore....

Sacramentan who saved Japanese family farms in 1942 will be honored

Anyone Have Any Information On the Daytona Race?? May Be Wrong Place To

The SBOBU Index

The opening ceremony in Vancouver was very, very "human"....not hype

Mystery Ribbon in Space

RI Democratic Party head runs for Kennedy's seat

Hume & O'Reilly-coverage of Tea Baggers not as nice as Anti-War crowd

Rain and 50 degrees in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics

Dana Perino: Comparing a SHOE bomber and an UNDERPANTS bomber like comparing apples & oranges

Gerald Posner caught plagiarizing

AP: What's worse than health care overhaul? No changes

Men's Luge now being started at Women's start line...

NBC News Shows Snuff Film

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for our Corporate Anthem

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So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Cherokees fight Duke Energy substation near sacred site in North Carolina

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radioactive alert at Burbank airport


Does it irritate anyone else...

Doesn’t it terrify you how many Americans are talking about a second Civil War?

Stargazer99 says Thank you! for the heart!

Stargazer99 says Thank you! for the heart!

I give you the Master Cartoonist

I give you the Master Cartoonist

Thank you for my hearts!

To the generous soul who gave me a heart, I am sincerely

Report: 90 percent of restaurant workers not offered health insurance or sick days

Thank you so much for my second heart

Talking with global warming denier

A hug to the person who gave me a heart.

I love the Winter Olympics.

Blind patriotism (among other things) has destroyed America

American ingenuity at work - and what happened to the snow on the roof?

Professor accused in Ala. slayings shot her brother in Mass. 24 years ago

From Froomkin To Thiessen

Democrat Shami also raises doubts on 9/11 attacks

LOL - The GOP is in crisis and can not even run their own Party.

Justice at Last?

Justice at Last?

Justice at Last?

Justice at Last?

"Up Or Down" - Now. No More Gamesmanship.

I just finished up on my federal taxes. Guess what? I got a tax cut. Hooray!!

A Dutch Power Company will reduce the price

Do I sign up for health insurance or opt out?

Do I sign up for health insurance or opt out?

North Korea fields a total of TWO athletes for the Winter Olympics...

lookit me! I've got a Heart On!

India Today: Monsanto 'faked' data for approvals claims its ex-chief

India Today: Monsanto 'faked' data for approvals claims its ex-chief

The Winter Olympics and "spoilers"

Thank you gentle persons for the hearts - I've been mostly absent this week

Men’s downhill race postponed due to slush

'Warning: Tea Party In Danger': Leader Slams Palin As 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing'

Interesting news story on child obesity

Interesting news story on child obesity

White House sends invite for bipartisan health "summit": will propose its own reform "package"

If our national debt eating 10% of our GDP is scary in any way then..

Another Eye-Opening Senate Committee Hearing on our Fiscal Future

Thank you, whoever just gave me the

Exposing The Story Behind Goldman's Record Profits

95% of Americans got tax cuts; 12% know it; teabaggers least informed

Michele Bachmann wants to gut social security, but she says you shouldn't be talking about it

Cologne Carnival (political) Floats 2010 - pictures Der Spiegel

Iceland Aims To Become An Offshore Haven For Journalists And Leakers

Maxim: The Mysterious Death of Bush's Cyber-Guru

BREAKING NEWS: RedState bans Sarah Palin!

THANKS for the HEARTS, guys!

To the lone DUer to send me a heart, I would like to share an observation:

To the lone DUer to send me a heart, I would like to share an observation:

3000 People Died Because Bush & Cheney Had A Different Agenda

anyone here ever watch "Ghost Whisperer"?

Anthem to delay insurance rate hike amid criticism

Thank you for the heart.....I really appreciate it.....nt

Snowe and Collins: Why are these two women laughing?

MORE SNOW just announced on tv; 2-4 inches in DC area, Monday!

Ack... the shooting at UAH is all over Twitter as "left wing", "socialist"

Ack... the shooting at UAH is all over Twitter as "left wing", "socialist"

30 Hearts.

Rogue Waves at Mavericks (HalfMoon Bay, CA) & we had a mini-quake

Lawyer misconduct rises with foreclosure record !

Rachel must b impressing more people than just us!

Psychic Freep "SmartInsight" PREDICTS: In 2012, "Scott Brown can beat Obama like a drum."

Been there nearly 9 years already but we got them Afghans on the run now ain't we?

A Horse's Ass has more fans on facebook that Senator Mitch McConnell

COBRA Runs Out Soon For Many

If hate didn’t exist, neither would the Republican Party.

If hate didn’t exist, neither would the Republican Party.

Protests On Dresden Bombing Anniversary

Pres. Obama Won't Rely on Bipartisan Progress - Plans To Use Exec Orders For Stalled Policies

Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glenn Beck?

Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glenn Beck?

Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glen Beck?

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy

(Health) Insurers Post Record Profits

Good lord, can you imagine this 911 call?

Green Fire Logs

POLL: Which of these eight out-of-office Republicans is the most insufferable?

So what would you call global warming deniers?

To our friends in Canada.. Good Luck with the Olympics

To our friends in Canada.. Good Luck with the Olympics

It's time for a minimum vacation law

‘Horror' visited rapist's cell

‘Horror' visited rapist's cell

A weird twist re Christian 'Kidnappers': Adviser to Detained Americans in Haiti Is Investigated

Dan Quayle: Still Dumber Than A Sack Of Hammers

We are in the midst of a powerful El Nino. Canada's senior climatologist with EC said....

Finally revealed: Picture of Naked Teabagger tooting his own horn

"Hallelujah", kd Lang, I love her, and she's a Canadian singing for

I won a lovely voodoo doll here during our fundraising for Katrina victims.

Howard Zinn, Peter Jennings - both great Americans and posthumous victims of David Horowitz

Freepers promoting census fraud

It angers me that both so-called "Democrats" and Republicans are wishing away the New Deal

It's snowing in the SC Lowcountry!

Our Founders were NOT Fundamentalists-by Harvey Wasserman

just met Jim Hightower

GOOGLE home page crass and insensitive, not to mention unnecessary!

And now they're rioting in Vancouver...

The Tea Party Movement Is a National Embarrassment

Good Show Canada!

Good Show Canada!

Another E. coli-related beef recall.

Pa. family: 'Friends' torture, kill disabled woman...

Luckovich toon: Must we be against EVERYTHING?

Democrats Call Out Republican Leaders For Their 'Bizarre' Statements

Missouri bill would require drug tests for welfare recipients, elected officials

Texas Education Board Is Trying to Infuse Schoolbooks with Ultraconservative Ideology

Cut working week to 21 hours, urges think tank

It's a MAN's car. Buy it b/c you're angry & frightened. (GREAT guy response to Charger ad)

Thanks for the heart!

This will become public next week (OS backs an R for office)

Jupiter an electric generator that never shuts off

Why? Why is Cheney going to be on This Week tomorrow morning?

Training Day

Got hearts?

Savage Says Sarah Palin Is Unelectable: “She’s Like Dolly Parton”

Health insurance article in Tucson paper-and interesting responses from readers.

Harry catches a HUGE break: "Tea Party to field candidate in battle for Harry Reid’s Senate seat"

Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service (Time to rethink using Gmail)

You should see the thing that just plowed our road

I got 16 hearts left. They take 'em away Tomorrow.

Detroit Schools Offer Class in How to Work at Walmart

I actually received three hearts BUT . . .

"Operation Gays Out" in Kenya: Christian & Muslim youths "baying for blood" at planned gay wedding.

Skinner, why don't you use the actual donation totals in your donation meter?

Mardi Gras! Galveston! Love to DUers

After warmest January in history, Vancouver airlifts in snow for Winter Olympics.

SNOPES: Obama "Teleprompter in the classroom" = LIE

Does Anyone Know About How The Aboriginal People Of Canada Have Been Treated By The Canadian Govt?

Local news reported that the Olympic Luge accident was result of human error.

Pa. family: 'Friends' torture, kill disabled woman

No-camping ordinance causing some homeless to 'freak out'

America, the land of inequality

Am I the only one wondering how that cute couple from the Super Bowl eHarmony ad are doing?

Am I the only one wondering how that cute couple from the Super Bowl eHarmony ad are doing?

Zuckerman Considers Senate Bid

"Strike and National Day of Action to Defend Public Ed" 3/4/10

Republicans BLOCK Emergency Unemployment Benefit Extension-MILLIONS Set To Lose Benefits in March !

Thank you Keith O. !

Taking it to the Streets! Time for Massive Demonstrations for Jobs and Financial Reform - HuffPo

Can Climate Change deniers be held legally liable for the damage they will cause?

I want to Thank My Secret Admirer(s) for the 57 HEARTS! All I can humbly say is WOW!

I want to Thank My Secret Admirer(s) for the 57 HEARTS! All I can humbly say is WOW!

Native American Disaster Overshadowed by Haiti

The Religious Right's Effort to Reshape History Thru Public Schools and Establish a Christian Nation

The Olympics Are The Planet's Best Celebration.

Unions Bash Democrats, Warn of Political Fallout

If you're on Facebook, please fan this horse's ass.

Just told the ACLU to jump up my ass and to get back to me when they get Citizens United overturned

Whom else? I have one more life, err, heart to give......

Human chain of thousands blocks neo-Nazi rally

Taking the "public" out of public schools.....happening quickly.

Taking the "public" out of public schools.....happening quickly.

".... we have in Obama a President who is what we used to call a moderate Republican "

".... we have in Obama a President who is what we used to call a moderate Republican "

Boy, 12, May Get Life In Slay Of Pregnant Woman

Should We Clone Neanderthals?

When the US speedskaters start doing their thing today in Vancouver, don't forget...

Becoming vegetarian 'can harm the environment'

Declassified State Dept. Documents: Taliban Tried to Stop bin Laden from Attacking U.S.

I think NOT getting an abortion for a 14, 15, or 16 yr. old is child abuse

I think NOT getting an abortion for a 14, 15, or 16 yr. old is child abuse

My Race-Based Valentine - Why Online Dating Is the Last Refuge of Overt Racial Preferences (TIME)

As American citizens, in all our diversity, what is the one thing we should all know?

Spc Alexis Hutchinson wins discharge as a result of your support

Perhaps someone should teach the U.S. Olympic team the flag code

Woman with $555,000 student loan balance

Surgeon snaps over woman's 'lifestyle' choice and tells her to go on a f*****g diet.

No Nukes

The Mysterious Death of Bush's Cyber-Guru (Maxim Magazine)

** Free Food Free Camping ** Starting March 13th

How are you adapting to our new economy?...

LA Times: California constitutional convention push fizzles

The Nation Unearths Massive, Blatant, Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest Among TeeVee Pundits

State Sales Tax Rates

State Sales Tax Rates

LA cops arrest nearly 50 homeless on Venice Beach

I got another heart at 6:46 PM EST. THANK YOU whoever you are!

Tonight I have invented a new art form.... the loldraper

As of this week,the MMJ dispensary is more busy than the liquor store

I bid two hearts...

Camper Van Beethoven - "Pictures Of Matchstick Men"

If Alvin and the Chipmunks made good music this would be it.

I thought the Opening Ceremonies were to start at 7:30 eastern???

Killer, CLASSIC earworm: Cracker's "Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)"

So ... Sunday's Daytona NASCAR race ... will it be raced using

New music recommendations?

+1 for having a sasquatch as a mascot for the Olympics

From my heart to yours, secret admirer!

Next time your wife dies, send her off with a quality Rock of Ages Vermont granite tombstone!

BREAKING: Olympic Torch Lighter announced!

Check in if you're over 30 and don't trust yourself.

My CAT gave me a Valentine's Day heart!!!

Thanks for the hearts. I really appreciate it.

If Football was covered the same way TV covers the Olympics

Speeding ticket

Where to watch Online Olympic opening ceremonies coverage?

What's the appeal of the hugh?

What's the appeal of the Lounge?

36 Hours in Vancouver, British Columbia

Today's Google Logo for the Vancouver Olympics

About time you slack-jaw yokel losers in Delaware come out of the toll booths and deal

Just been searching on Craigslist

That "Clouds" section of the ceremonies is about as sublime as

Is NBC Winter Olympic television coverage snubbing Barrel Jumping again?

I finally figured out what to do with some extra memory

Great moments in DumbAsserry: I screwed up my DU "Valentine Heart" donation somehow....

What's the appeal of louvers?

I got TWO EviL Duer hearts today

One thing this opening ceremony has taught me...

What's your quick definition of hell?

"Inner Peace". This has probably been posted before...but...

Ahava (Beloved) A video for all who gave out hearts

Apple Announces Ipad Nano!!!


Can't these Canadians learn to SPEAK ENGLISH?!

The DUzy Awards are up in General Discussion...

Eddie Vedder - Springsteen's "My City of Ruins" live @ Kennedy Center Honors

John Mellencamp, "If I Die Sudden," Live in Toledo, Ohio 11/2/07

What was with the fat guy with the neckbeard during the opening ceremony?

FUCK! Canada's favorite Rock Band is going to be performing tonight.

Hey Bob Costas and Matt Lauer:

R.I.P., Iain Burgess, a key architect of the Chicago punk sound

Oh wow, I love this new computer!

for cat lovers..a movie from my childhood..."J.T."

After they dump figure skating from the Olympics, what should they replace it with?

Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska

for RetroLounge

Björk - Isobel

Björk - Bachelorette (live)

Mrs. V. leaves for Tennessee today

These Two Proud Canadians Should Have Lit The Olympic Torch

White-out in Tucson {dial-up caution} four pictures.

When is the figure skating?

Livestream of me playing a bunch of punk/new wave era records at a bar tonight

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (new single)

I'm thinking today's Google doodle is going to be a problem

Tila Tequila falls off chair, calls paramedics, compares incident to death of Natasha Richardson

Olympics - Men's luge training run 7 starting now on

To those who gave me hearts, you have no idea

Are you a prideful creature?

We interrupt this program for a message from René Descartes

Set It Off




Porfirio Rubirosa

Cute scene at the nail salon today: a Dad and his 3 yr. old daughter getting pedicures

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Björk - Human Behaviour

Check in if yer over 60 and remember......

Have you ever seen what you would call a UFO? Unimpaired that is

Can this horse's ass get more fans than Senator Mitch McConnell?

Memo to NBC:

yellow brick road..greatest cover band ever?

Just got back from seeing a touring group of the Tony Winning Musical "In the Heights"

Jeff Brock's '52 Buick

Just in time for the Holiday..

Yay ! two people like me !!!!

Thirty-seven posts to 15,000.

Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture

I posted a video (pouring my heart out into song, ha.)

Whats the appeal of the lounge?

I swear, NBC would tape delay the Super Bowl

Name a few celebrities you dislike for POLITICAL REASONS

Movies about cities

Anyone for a new algorithm for the "Greatest page"?

Show Time, folks! Tune in. You'll love it

CMW and his wife must be celebrating now!

We are going to expand our family. We want a Boxer. Do any wonderful people have one

Did this hurt, he was going fast.

Question: Are there any websites

Questions about Hip Dysplasia in Dogs.

From Gil Scott-Heron's new album, it's Robert Johnson's "Me And The Devil"

From Gil Scott-Heron's new album, it's Robert Johnson's "Me And The Devil"

The Avalanches - Since I Left You

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a blizzard during the Daytona 500?

Delete Dupe

Everyone in this state has sore muscles and, more snow on Monday.

Thanks for the stars, whoever you are....sorry I haven't been around lately

Should I be ashamed of making up "Piano Jazz" dialogue...

Most UNsexiest Songs

TMI! Jon Gosselin's 3-inch penis

Name a few celebrities

Post a song that isn't, but should be a classic.

Has anyone seen "Fantastic Mr. Fox?"

Long time no see, and thank you for the heart!

They fucked it up! The Olympics are ruined!

Took down my xmas tree tonight

Pitchers and Catchers report in 4 days!

Post a song to your loved one for Valentine's Day.

In keeping with the REAL MAN automotive theme of the evening,

Thank you to all who gave me hearts -

Who is the great seducer/seductress?

I just noticed the rice I've been eating has been expired for a year

Do you wear cologne or perfume?

My computer monitor was acting up. I hit it. Hard. Works beautifully now. Ask me anything since

Serge Gainsbourg - your thoughts?

Stories from the Road: Body Count

I need an aftershave rec

Many years ago,someone poisoned my dog Bing.

Post an occasional indulgence.

put some racing gas in my 4 wheeler

What's the appeal of the Louvre?

What Winter Olympics sport would you get rid of?

"Get It Right the First Time"

Is Valentines Day a conspiracy by the Florist Industry just to sell flowers?

Does anyone care LESS about the Olympics than me?

anyone here ever watch "Ghost Whisperer"?

Songs with "Heart" in the title: Rockpile - Heart

Whats the appeal of the luge?

Sexiest song of all time?

has anyone ever noticed the paw prints that cats leave in the snow...?

what is god's will for you?

Every Time I think of Canada, I think of...

Happy 49th Birthday to RetroLounge

Please note update on fundraiser for theNotoriousP.I.G., Jennifer

It took The Mummy a half hour to get across a ROOM, but he ALWAYS caught his victims.

Lindsey Graham and Rahm Emanuel met last week to discuss KSM trial

Poll: Obama has edge over GOP among public - Bush / Wall street blamed more for economic mess

It's not the Party of No. It's the Party of Cowardice.

Robert Reich: The National Anthem - and Why We Need Health Care Reform So Desperately

Can Congress enact a 50% tax on last years profits? They'd better wake the hell up, the people are

Did you ever notice that...?

Ohio Businessman Decides To Run In Wilson's District

N.Y. Assemblyman Will Not Challenge Murphy

No Shortage of Possible GOP Candidates to Succeed Ehlers

Larry King show proves that Progressive women are hotter and sexier than Repig gals

Openly gay soldiers from Germany and Britain are fighting with American troops in Afghanistan NOW

After delivering Swift Liar money to Alabama GOP, Pawlenty tries to run from Bush/Republican record

Durbin: DC residents fear snowstorms like 'nuclear attack'

Zuckerman Is Said to Be Weighing Bid for Senate

Ezra Klein: Citizen's United is part of the problem, but it's not part of the answer

Would Hillary Clinton have been more effective in achieving change?

Washington Independent: Corker: Forget the Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Tommy Thompson mulls Feingold challenge

Brad DeLong: "Fourth Quarter Was Even Better than We Thought at the Time"

Senate Republicans: Filibuster everything to win in November?

For some reason I can't post videos, but has anyone seen Cenk's vid about Obama and Pharma?

Marshall drops petition off at Burr's office

North Carolina GOP Congressional Candidate Holds OUTRAGEOUS Raffle!

Treasury Gets Better Returns for Bailout Warrants

NYT: Obama Breaks for Band Recitals

Are Sarah Palin fans and Tea Baggers potential terrorists? (One apparently is)

First Lady Michelle Obama launches Let’s Move

Patrick Kennedy to Retire From Congress...

Michael Savage: It’s ‘Suicide’ For Republicans To Choose Palin As Our 2012 Nominee (AUDIO)

Obama names special envoy to global Islamic group

LOL - The GOP is in crisis and can not even run their own Party.

New Zealand surgeon tells patient to go on fucking diet

Who knew? Jimmy Carter And George Bush Have Exactly The Same Foreign Policy!

Top Obama spokesman joins Twitter (Gibbs)

Just a quick update for the RW nutbars: Obama has been in office over a YEAR

AP source: Obama to announce nuke plant loan

Jobless Claims Drop Markedly

The Neoliberals have finally got their most desired wish

Providence mayor - David Cicilline- to run for Patrick Kennedy's seat. He's openly gay, by the way.

Anthem to Delay Insurance Rate Hike Amid Criticism

Do you guys think KSM should be tried in Federal court or military tribunal?

Palin’s Cunning Sleight of Hand, By FRANK RICH

Obama says new budget rules will rein in spending

What do you think was behind the tenure denial that caused the shooting. Bad science or

Oh boy -Obama's approval rating in today's Gallup tracking poll:

Just Because

In case you haven't noticed...

Photos: The Bidens at the Olympics (and Shaun White)

AZ-03: Dan Quayle's son running

Kerry’s speech to the U.S.-Islamic World Forum

Can anyone explains Obama's behavior anymore? Are they Comatose?

Colombians increasingly fleeing to Ecuador

Toyota sued in Calif. over acceleration deaths

R.I.P., Iain Burgess, a key architect of the Chicago punk sound

One Grand Deal Too Many Costs Lobbyist His Job

Schwarzenegger renominates Maldonado (for Lt. Gov.), sets stage for 90 days of battle

Obama nuke plant loan reflects new energy strategy

India restaurant bomb blast kills eight in Pune

Honduras' new president wants to meet with Obama in hopes of restoring ties with US

Costa Rica finds ton of cocaine, arrests Mexicans

Pending closure of Toyota plant in California protested

Three US Soliders Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Attack

Senate Democrats race to regain bipartisan coalition on jobs bill

Luge Officials Alter Track While Asserting It Was Safe

Toyota recalling 2010 Tacoma trucks

Only 12% Of Americans Think Obama Cut Their Taxes: POLL

GM To Seek Government Incentives To Reopen U.S. Factory

Prof. charged in 3 fatal shootings on Ala. campus

Helicopter armada heralds Afghan surge

Men's luge start moved to prevent top speeds

University shooting at Alabama-Huntsville: Dr. Amy Bishop is suspect

Wall St. Helped to Mask Debts Shaking Europe

Police, protesters clash in Vancouver

Unusually wet Arizona winter leads to more illegal immigrant border deaths

Union: NBA Tears Up Proposal After Heated Meeting

Bus tunnel victim says she sought help from police

Neo-Nazis rally on Dresden bombing anniversary

Obama signs bill allowing more US debt

New Mexico Senate OKs concealed handguns in some restaurants

Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power

Dems Force GOP to Take a Stand

Snow days deprive many students of food

Professor accused in Ala. slayings shot her brother in Mass. 24 years ago

Gerald Celente on the Annual economic report (RE: Unemployment, etc)

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

Canadian Politician Gives Parliament The Finger! OR... What Obama Should Do To The GOP!

Young Turks- Republicans Beat Democrats 60-4 : On What?

Queer Rising Shuts Down Manhattan Marriage Office

BraveNewFilms: Anthem Blue Cross: Screwing Californians for Profits

Thom Hartmann - Should government mandate women in the corporate board room?

Hunter S Thompson, another satisfied customer

Rachel Maddow On Busting The Filibuster

Countdown: Lawrence O'Donnell Discusses With Keith Why He Went Ballistic On Marc Thiessen

Sen. Brown discusses outrageous bonuses at firms receiving help from U.S. taxpayers

CSPAN: Corporate Election Finance Legislation Part 1

Anatomy of the White House - PhRMA Deal

Rachel Maddow- Quentin Tarantino talks Inglorious Basterds

Young organizers arrested during 2008 RNC getting to go to Court... check out their video

Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Out Linda McMahon On Steroid Use In WWE

TYT: Obama Pharma Deal (Devastating Video)

Young Turks: Cenk Interviews Medical Doctor That Opposes Healthcare Reform Bill

Binyam Mohamed storm widens as Johnson defends MI5 over torture

If you live in CA and you want to get involved in change rather than complain here that it isn't

The newest issue of Harper's magazine: Why Germany kept its industrial base

Friday Talking Points (111) -- Use It Or Lose It

Canada Accuses Venezuela of Stifling Democracy While Parliament Remains Prorogued

Toward A Progressive Tea Party Movement

Highlighting the work of Claudia Jones and Shirley Graham Du Bois

Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency

Evo Morales' Peoples Climate Summit: Restoring the Balance

Break the silence on Iran

Richard Shelby Deserves a Thrashing--And He's Getting One

Two And a Half Years Later, NYC Workers Win Wage-Theft Case

Republicans should quit slash-and-burn tactics, help push country forward

Homeless shelter threatened with foreclosure

Dem Sell-out Dianne Feinstein Attempts End-Run to Hand California Water to Billionaire Farmers

One month later, Haiti's despair deepens

Will the US economy recover? Excellent article......

Lay off the Layoffs - Our overreliance on downsizing is killing workers and the economy.

What Obama Did Wrong

Communist Party and African American equality - a focus unequaled in U.S. history

The Mysterious Death of Bush's Cyber-Guru. Now posted online @ MAXIM

Why can't Americans make things? Two words: business school.

Chu takes energy efficiency message to ‘Extreme Makeover’

Navarra, Spain: At the Cutting Edge of the Green Economy

After warmest January in history, Vancouver airlifts

KYOCERA Achieves World Record Conversion Efficiency for Multicrystalline Solar Modules (16.6%)

Idaho deal urges landowners to protect sage grouse

BrightSource Alters Solar Thermal Plant Plan to Address Concerns Over Desert Tortoise

U.S. Chamber (of Commerce) Files Petition to Challenge EPA’s Triggering of Clean Air Act Regulation

Conservatives rebel over German government's nuclear rethink

Reuters: European carbon scheme is a success, research says

We have tried to Google but cannot find the answers. Are there any

AP: Obama nuke plant loan reflects new energy strategy

If It’s That Warm, How Come It’s So Darned Cold? (James Hanson)

Beware of “DIY” solar panel scams

New turbines, more wind energy power generation (global generating capacity grew 31% in 2009)

Goddammit Canada, it's not Aboriginals it's Originals!

A few extra pictures that trumad may have missed in the latest SI issue...

Mavericks Surf Contest...South African victorious

Brian Burke discusses his sons death.

The Official Story: G-force, not track, cause of luger's death at Olympics

So I got my Matt Kenseth nascar flag today......

DAMMIT!!1!! The Jamaican Bobsled team did not qualify for teh Olympics.

The JR Chess Report (February 13): Vietnamese GMs lead Aeroflot Open; Linares Begins Today

Report: Abbas to boycott Arab summit if Hamas' Meshal attends

Talking up war

Isolated and battered, Israeli doves hold protest

IDF Turns To Human Rights Watch for Help

Chile mint boss pays the price of coin spelling howler

Great Performance in Mexico of Grammy Winner Omara Portuondo

The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel

Environmental groups pledge support for janitors’ campaign, possible strike

Plumbers & Pipefitters Mourn Their Brothers Killed In Kleen Energy Explosion, Fund Set Up For Famili

Today in Labor History Feb 12 Abolitionist Frederick Douglass born into slavery & John Lewis born

Iowa gets job training funds

Schwarzenegger’s Jobs Record ‘As Bad as His B Movies’

Janitors to march through Minneapolis skyways Monday

Today in Labor History Feb 13, 8 month strike ends in victory (first union contract of any kind USA)

Economic Report: High Unemployment Will Last All Year

DELETE, somehow made a duplicate

12-year-old Iowa boy charged in shooting death of stepfather

Two victims of Tampa shooting rampage remain in critical condition

Can somebody help me with this chart on violent cities?

Here's a Tampa area desperado who knows the score.

Official: 4 sea lions, 1 seal shot near Seattle

Brian Burke pledges to keep his son's message alive.

Tea Partier, and REPUKE Congressional candidate Angela McGlowan comes out as ANTI-GUN....

DADT insanity - Alan Turing

Why laws re medical marijuana and guns are loosening at the same time

Heh. UAHuntsville shooter story has a new twist.

North Carolina GOP Congressional Candidate Holds Machine Gun Social

WOW! Florida, has issued over 1,408,907 concealed handgun permits in twenty one years.

Another Gun Rights Victory: Court Strikes Down Seattle Park Gun Ban

Fatal shootings at colleges and universities are rare. As far as I can determine,

Three cheers for civil disobedience, and a civil rights hero: Robert Warden

I go to school at the University of Alabama Huntsville.

Chile May Host World’s Biggest Telescope

stunning photo of the last shuttle launch

Minnesota Drive on a slushy afternoon

a rare event

Front page news

river snow tree

They are all asking;

For Mira

Busy Intersection

Vancouver 2010 (Day 0): Welcome to Vancouver (Dial-up Warning)

California winter

A couple of really stunning...

Thank you for the hearts!

Thanks for the heart!

I posted something in Health you may be interested in..

Hello everyone and happy belated New Year!!

2010 Aquarius New Moon bi Kathy Biehl

huge white/gold-breasted raven in my pasture this morning

Astrologers, why are the Vancouver Olympics star crossed?

How to prepare a prayer feather.....

Did Goldman Sachs Use One Of Its High-Powered Computers To Rig An Online Vote?

So THAT's why we are not regulating banks...

Another Wakefield paper pulled?

Frankincense: Could it be a cure for cancer?

(Cognitive) Behavioral Therapy Improves Sleep And Lives Of Patients With Pain

skates, sleds, skis, and salvation

A Very Spiritual & Political Song, a Heart To Heart Gift

L.A. Unified schools' chief works for district supplier

State exam results to help determine whether 700 teachers win tenure

Teach for America's federal funds threatened by grant competition proposal

Religious discrimination rampant in California

Teacher charged with overseeing students' striptease asks for trial

Links to Spirituality Found in the Brain

Kale and Sweet Potato Soup

I made this Turkish dish of cod, Swiss chard and raisins last night.

Bacon grin of the week

My newest kitchen purchase

Thai Coconut Soup