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Billions $$$$ in New Spending for Drones and Military Contractors' Stock Prices Soar:

USA v Afghanistan

George Orwell, meet Orrin Hatch

the big unmarriage

You better watch out for those weapons of mass education

AlterNet: Ron Paul Helped Inspire the Tea Party Movement, and Now It Could Take Him Down

thank you for the star

The organizer at a GOP rally tells the door guards ...

Tea party doesn't need a 'queen,' Palin tells convention

Another Grey Seal Slaughter Set for Hay Island

Newt Gingrich knew he was lying when he said

Somebody else gave me a heart earlier today

"They're angry at government and the banks" is IMHO the most fallacious myth about the teabaggers

"They're angry at government and the banks" is IMHO the most fallacious myth about the teabaggers

Make no mistake about it: the pubbies aren't THAT stupid!

Afghan avalanches toll goes up

Former boss says Knox school shooting suspect had threatened him

Is this thing starting to form a center?

Lest we forget.

A thought; I wonder if the Tea Party/Less Government Pukes want to be shoveled out tonight?

What ever happened to this Fox News poll

Zodiac Signs, Do you believe in them? Feel free to share your sign.

From the Canada forum: Vancouver protesters force Harper to scrap appearance

German Corporations accept Lower Productivity and Lower Profits to Save Workers' Jobs:

Daily Show exposes RNC Meeting in Hawaii..

OMG I got two Valentine hearts!! Thank you thank you

Spying is now a consumer toy

Palin learns lesson, upgrades

Palin learns lesson, upgrades

Palin learns lesson, upgrades

Vice Guide to North Korea

Can someone please guide me through giving hearts away?

I like the new moderation procedure.

Meet Mullet Man: hair follicle unlocks secrets of the ancients

U.S. To Be Hit By Massive Cyber Attack On Feb. 16. Asterisk.

thank you for the star... you

Six in 10 in the new poll say republicans aren't doing enough to compromise with President

Six in 10 in the new poll say republicans aren't doing enough to compromise with President

Report: Hundreds forced into labor, sex in Ohio !

Thank You Keith!

Dupe - self delete

thanks for the heart there mystery donor :-) nt

Wow... I Didn't Know We Used To Have A Labor Party... Sort Of...

Iraq has ordered over 250 current and former Blackwater employees out of their country-what policies

Former Rep. Charlie Wilson dies; led U.S. support of Afghans against Soviets

Ohio man accused of tattooing letter 'A' on rear end of 1-year-old girl visiting his home

Mortgage Loans

It seems the GOP-Teabaggers have turned to Cafe Press for their talking points.

I am now a two heart person--thanks to lovely donors!

Barack, the Insult Comic Dog

Senator 'Shocked' By City Traffic Fines - Lawmakers Says Cities Ripping Off State Resources

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

need some help, please-- a friend is telling me that on the news last night, there was a story about

Barack.....we really need you to come out 110% right now.

Man Walks Into Wal-Mart, Smashes 29 TVs With Bat

Wray: The Federal Budget is NOT like a Household Budget – Here’s Why

Have people seen this Alternet article?

I have 29 hearts for other DUers that actually get a kick out of my insane posts.

Rachel and Keith have the GOP by the short hairs...

New aerial photos of 9/11 attack released

New aerial photos of 9/11 attack released

Democrats gearing up with $40 million effort to attack GOP's Meg Whitman

Federal appeals court allows man to fight deportation despite conviction for indecent exposure

Part of me is worried that the national Dems will draw the wrong conclusion...

Vick admits to laziness and complacency in Atlanta.

Toyota may redesign push-button ignition

Is there an offical "THANK YOU" thread to thank secret admirers? I'd like to thank mine...

WSJ Editorial: Cheney's Revenge

"Hope that snow in D.C. brings an end to those global warming folks' ideas!"

So who's still advertising on Beck? February 10 edition ...

So Inhofe balked at Rachel's including him in last night's litany - So she just tore him a new one

So Inhofe balked at Rachel's including him in last night's litany - So she just tore him a new one

I am grateful and sorry

Three Democratic New Media Firms Merge

Once stigmatized, food stamps find acceptance

The Weekend Orgy Of Ignorance And Hate That Was The Tea Party Convention.

Reuters photographer says reborn after freed by U.S. (after a year and a half in jail w/o charges)

Thanks for the heart!

White Stripes: Air Force stole song

(Military) ‘Widows’ tax’ still survives

Air Force sets release date for tanker RFP

my new FB group...

when I first learned about Dr. Cyril Wechts legal difficulties I suspected government retaliation

Hey Simple Sarah...

Tomgram: Nick Turse, America's Shadowy Base World

"President Palin? Israel just attacked Iran...our carriers are on standby, what should we do?"

3 Seattle bus tunnel guards watch brutal beating

Glenn Greenwald: Today in The Liberal Media

As the economy continues to fail, will prison become a viable choice for many?

Attention Iglooramuses


In honor of Lady Blah Blah's birthday, post your favorite and most scathing Simple Sarah images here

Al Franken:Oppose the NBC/Comcast Merger

Just Want To Say "Thank You" To The Person Who Gave Me The "Nice"

I heard that the Military is no longer paying enlistment bonuses.

Major League Baseball To Donate $1,000,000 To Haiti

So now we Americans and our resources are backing up $25Trillion in CDS, or

Small Business Owners Press For Strong CFPA To Defend Them From Wall Street

15 month old baby burned with a hot pot

Iran protests: live blog

Poll shows teabaggers are overwhelmingly white, mostly conservative and don't like President Obama

This Valentine's Day, it's time to break up with the big banks.

Ex-Edwards Aide Andrew Young Says Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Him

The healthy approach to meals on wheels

Why do the Republicans want suspected terrorists tortured so bad?

50 Car pile up in Newport News/Lightfoot VA....

Al Franken: Oppose the NBC/Comcast Merger

Thanks for my heart!

Change in Census Bureau data on prison population could reshape political map

"No We Can't" is lame BS.

good doggy...not

good doggy...not

Port-au-Prince: The Moment (By Mischa Berlinski)

Grayson on wall street show

Ludicrous attacks on Michelle Obama's Anti-Obesity Plan

So ...... 83.9" of snow is not enough? Some forecasters are calling for another 4 to 7 on Monday.

Why are freepers/teabaggers/repugs so fucking stupid?

Michigan Republican to retire. Rep. Vern Ehler is the 16th

Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead & Fmr DS Correspondent Brian Unger Co-Hosting TYT w/ Cenk NOW!

Federal Unemployment Extensions Set To Expire On Feb 28th...

I see I now have 4 valentines. I don't feel naked

Senators release bipartisan jobs bill

Senators release bipartisan jobs bill

Guy who took hostages with fake bomb at Clinton campaign office arrested again

Who knew that over seventy percent of the country is composed of pointy-headed Liberal elites?

Who knew that over seventy percent of the country is composed of pointy-headed Liberal elites?

Who knew that over seventy percent of the country is composed of pointy-headed Liberal elites?

Who knew that over seventy percent of the country is composed of pointy-headed Liberal elites?

Governors of Ms, Al, Ky and In.... defend the foreign corporation TOYota!!

This needs to be posted here every now and then:

This needs to be posted here every now and then:

CSPAN airing Reagasm from Regent University

Sorry - I am so excited by Palin's birthday, I posted it twice. Hey,

Tina BROWN runs website like print: Perks, power, paper.

Rec / Unrec Advise

The bipartisan Jobs Bill emerging in the Senate "won't create many jobs"

CIA: Increase in Indecipherable Chatter Turns Out to Be Palin (Borowitz)

Rep. Diane Watson to announce retirement today

Labor Dep't Approves New Rules on Farm Workers,reverse Bush administration rules

Two realities in one cartoon NOT FUNNY

Gibbs swipes at Republicans for double standard on handling of terrorist trials

Slumburbia-Nobody is home in the cities of the future.

Why didn’t the Scandinavian countries get into colonizing the “New World?”

Jobless Suffer With Corporate Cash Climbing to $1.19 Trillion

Totally Occupied: 700 Military Bases Spread Across Afghanistan

Scenes from Snowmageddon (videos)

Fox News Poll: Yes, We Are Insanely Racist Crazy People

Palin didn't know the difference between England and the UK!..

Marines Push 'Breachers' Against Taliban Lines

at last, an excuse

I was passing by MSNBC on the dial and Gov. Beshear of Kentucky was on

Hey David Broder how's that middle-of-the-roady, moderationey stuff workin out for ya?

And on her behind for the sake of the blind she had it embroidered in braille

E.U. rejects deal to allow U.S. access to bank transfer data

Judd Gregg, the out-front hypocrite...

Happy Valentine's Day from The Onion!

Get Out of the Way: NATO Tries the Power of Advertising

Looks like the Republican Gubernatorial Primary is back to a 2-person race...

When the capitalist system cannot provide enough jobs....

Democrats move to counter high court campaign finance ruling

Ryan's Health Insurance Proposal

Vermont's Radioactive Nightmare

Brain Trust To Nowhere: Meet The ADVISORS Behind The PALIN Road Show

Hope and Change and the State of the Union re-visited ( CARTOON)

Biden: Major Terror Attack on U.S. Unlikely

Alcohol abuse weighs on Army

After Sensationalized TV Report, Vandals Strike Nashville Mosque

NYT: "Slumurbia" GREAT commentary on foreclosures and planning/tax issues. INTERESTING

Business Week: Is Global Warming a "Crock of S*%t?"

It's official, Mark Fiori knows what it is we all want for Valentine's

Ted Rall: Memo to Obama: People. Need. Money. So hire them. Like FDR did.

The Pen: The Supreme Court 5, Baking Fresh Fact Pretzels Every Day

Scary times made worse by employer...

NJ governor declares fiscal emergency as deficit soars

2010 Fire Dogs: Kucinich, Grayson and Weiner Win

Brain Trust To Nowhere: Meet The Advisers Behind The Palin Road Show

Uh - Um!

It's hot in Brazil - thus proving Global Warming

Wash. state initiative filed to lower drinking age to 19

"Our problem is the Senate," Gerard said. "The only thing they can pass is the washroom."

Waxman Launches Probe Into Blue Cross' Massive California Rate Increases

Did anyone see Jane Mayer of The New Yorker on Morning Joke?

Colbert Comes To Palin's Defense

Why Did Court Deny Protection For Woman Being Stalked?

My Reply to Mitch Stewart and Barack Obama on "You Fight, We'll fight": YOUR TURN MR. PRESIDENT..

Blackwater Billed Government for Prostitute, Ex-Employees Say

Federal judge in Chicago acts after being flooded with emails.

This is the 'dean' of Washington journalists?!

British Fashion Icon Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- Rights and other things

Remember to read your consitution, kids!

Remember to read your consitution, kids!

Comparing Social Security to Bernie Madoff

Incredible photos from the air, of the 9/11 attack. These photos were just released

70's tea party, we had the cracker "I'm Eddie Chiles, and I'm mad as hell,"

Thanks sweety for my heart.

Thanks sweety for my heart.

Interesting article on lives of the everyday people of North Korea.

Interesting article on lives of the everyday people of North Korea.

Krugman: Republican Medicare Cuts

Racist Daily Mail cartoon equates immigrants with animals

Do you think charter schools contribute to a more segregated society?

Some interesting tidbits on the Palin e-mail front

The faux controversy about Palin's bracelet- not black and not a memorial bracelet

An example of what's wrong with our current health care system:

The Right's Top 25 "Journalists"

WTF?!? - Obama Killing Too Many Terrorists

China orders retreat from risky assets (e.g. California & other debt without Federal guarantee )

ex-employees say Blackwater kept prostitute on the company payroll: "Morale Welfare Recreation"

Oooh another heart! Thank you!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- No help here

Mitch McConnell and Newt Gingrich made a box of rocks feel really smart.....

Today is Sarah Palin's Birthday.

18 R's retiring to 13 D's 10%of Republicans retiring

My home owners' insurance has doubled in five years. What can I do?

We Need Filibuster Reform NOW

Today-Baucus and Grassley work on a jobs bill. Next week- Republicans filibuster jobs bill

For all the weather based climate change deniers, here's PROOF of climate change

MOTHER JONES: Aryan Outfitters - Meet the KKK's seamstress of hate couture. Photo Essay

I just need to vent a little

Lawmaker skis home from Congress

Texas Tea Party Candidate Exposed?

Can We Here At DU Instead Of Using The Term Global Warming - Call It......

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Tell it to the hand

Feb 11th is SARAH PALIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! She is 46 today.

It's now 18 Pubs retiring and 13 Dems. Diaz-Billard (S?)

Attention Mike Gravel fans (you know who you are)

Palin; "How's that diggy-plowy thing workin out for you now?"

Dueling chalkboards!

The Greatest Deliberative Body In The World by digby

Is Snowmageddon II -- Snowpocalypse! (TM) over yet?

Palin Seeks First ‘Seven Figure’ Candidacy

California Senate committee approves $2.5 billion in budget cuts

Excellent alternate slogans for the Bush sign

So a suicide bomber entered a US base in an Afghan border police

WellPoint Hikes Insurance Rates Closer To Home, isn't alone in raising rates

I read a great sound bite from Nancy Gregg a few days ago.

I read a great sound bite from Nancy Gregg a few days ago.

Nelson Mandela makes appearance as lawmakers honor him

Volcano In Lesser Antilles Erupts

Minneapolis has new parking restrictions until April 01, 2010.

It's Time for Democrats to Use Their Army of the Potomac

Ratigan's going after Beck about his (Beck's) stooooopid comments on Climate Change. nt

Ratigan's going after Beck about his (Beck's) stooooopid comments on Climate Change. nt

Thanks for the heart!

Are Red Light Cameras Really Designed To Protect Our Children?

Feds push for tracking cell phones

White House Moves Swiftly To Stem Fallout Of Obama Interview

***Breaking on CNN***

How long will it take?

Bill Clinton Enters Hospital

What do you think of South Korean Rescue Camps?

So Newt didn't even remember what he said back in 2005 -Bwaaaah

Captain Phil Harris has died

Britain's role in the torture of terror suspects. (Binyam Mohamed & others)

Climategate e-mails inquiry under way

Conservative writer: Tea Party movement is "dangerously detached from reality"

CNN confirming hospitalization of Clinton is due to chest pains. (They didn't

Army Vet to Palin: "please take off the bracelet. Be thankful you have no reason to wear it."

Bill Clinton admitted to NYC hospital has stint inserted..

Yves: "Obama is a lackey of the financiers ... their looting, or he is a fool."

Groom discovers new wife has a beard

The new homeless

Four Seasons Hotel said to be hitting the block (Four Seasons New York)

Atlanta transit changes name of line from 'Yellow' to 'Gold' to avoid...

Apparently, it's not a double standard when you change your name

Foreclosure activity falls 10% in January

Ok, all you Southerners, time to batten down the hatches!

City of Orlando sweetheart deal that cost the taxpayer $200k has jumped from the newspaper to TV

Majority Leader Reid Cuts Bipartisan Compromise Bills Down to Size

Whoever gave me the heart, thank you!

Can anyone enlighten me about this site--Citizens Against Government Waste?

Focus on Your Family: The pro-life case for pregnancy termination.

The New Deal in Reverse: How the Obama Administration Ended Up Where Franklin Roosevelt Began

Colbert concludes sun's burned out, using FOX News's logic on the nor'easter & global warming

New investigation into 'Climategate' university

Sen. Russell Feingold on Single Payer ...

Is the internet very slow the last couple of days or is it my computer? I'm thinking that with all

Teen Fends Off Mountain Lion With Sword - Pit Bull Suffers Minor Injuries In Fairfield Mauling

NJ governor declares fiscal emergency as deficit soars

Obama to meet the Dali Lama at the White House.

Breaking! Big Dog in Hospital, heart related. n/t

Just to reiterate the gratitude that some others have shared, thank you for the hearts. I try to

Alec Baldwin examined at hospital after 911 call

Reid overrules Baucus, narrows jobs bill focus

Gay men & lesbians get strong support for serving in military. Homosexuals not so much... Uhhh whu?

Sen. Sherrod Brown seeks 50 percent tax on Wall Street bonuses

What I call Good News: FL's Diaz-Balart to retire.

Weather is like a snapshot, The CLIMATE is like the whole photo album

At least one of you Duers are very, very cool!

anybody know when the democrats

Debra Medina self-destructs on Glenn Beck radio show

Freepers are so predictable.

Well, This Is Fun:

Reid nixes filibuster reform effort

Andrew Young hands over JRE sex tape to the judge..

The hearts I received made my day.

Feds pass on surest solution to Asian carp advance!

Woohoo. Four Hearts.

Critics on left cry foul as Obama says he doesn't 'begrudge' bankers' big bonu

Bombs In Breast Implants?

Officials: Inskip shootings occurred shortly after teacher contract nixed

John Cole: This Is What Obstructionism + Nihilism + the Wurlitzer Looks Like

Get Well Bill Clinton!

Wow ...... to those who laugh at the MidAtlantic for pre snow panics ......

Japanese murder exposes world of hired marriage wreckers

Govt shuts door on prisoner Facebook taunts

Question about todays Judiciary Committee hearings

Question about todays Judiciary Committee hearings

"I'm sick and tired of Democrats having power and being unwilling to use it."

Dems have reauthorization of Patriot Act incorporated

Capitol Hill Declared Disaster Area

Eating Disorders are not a Choice

Bill will be fine

US cos to up India ops despite Obama’s anti-outsourcing call

MoveOn Hits Obama For Bonus Remarks, Dem Senator Announces Bank Bonus Tax

Have You Ever Been Unfaithful While Being In a Committed Relationship?

Senate GOP leader weeps during floor speech on departing aide

Ya know what would really stop the wars?

Have you ever looked at the resumes of government employees?

Amnesty International: Who Iran wants to punch in the mouth

Smacking down right wingers: call them LIBERAL over and over to their face.

CAN YA HEAR ME NOW? (oh those poor FOR-PROFITEERS, barely keeping their families fed)

Get gov't aid? Ariz. bill says no smokes, alcohol, HBO

Why France is best place to live in world (CNN)

Endangered Species Condom Project Launched for Valentine's Day

Hey Big Dawg - hope you'll be fine

After 20 Years, All Of A Sudden Citibank Starts Charging Me A Monthly Fee

Hannity & Other Science Deniers Make Fools Of Themselves Over East Coast Storm

Palin Good for the Left

"Obama wasn't even born in America".

From LA Times (Per N.E.): John Edwards Engaged To Mistress

Tweety - all Bill Clinton

Victim’s family says 'thank you' to Fort Hood shooting suspect

18 House Republican, 12 House Dems to this normal?

Denver Artist Beaten Bloody By Police

The Rude Pundit - Note to Obama: Recess Appoint All of Them

NY AG Cuomo complaint against BofA is deliberately misleading

Sen. Jim Inhofe's (A-OK) butt is so sore today that he can't sit down

It Takes a BBC Reporter to Cover Obama's War

Why does the Right love Reagan so much?

During this horrendous weather we are having, I want to make a heartfelt request of everyone

My friend lost a second job in 8 months, daughter will probably loose her home

ML loss data reports to BofA. had misleading ("anachronistic") labels

Worthy of a closer look - 79% of Democrats support "Gays" to serve openly, but only 43% support

"Miss Me Yet?" - Yes We Do

Fascinating and Appalling: India Defies Monsanto (Corporate Insantiy)

To ‘cut’ the ‘entitlement mentality,’ Rep. Kingston touts privatizing Social Security

Thank you for the heart

Feds push for tracking cell phones

Turley calls for a new Constitutional Convention and

NJ is reaping what it sowed by electing Christie: Massive cuts in vital programs

Ron Reagan argues with Pam Geller over whether Ron's dad would dig Sarah Palin

I was talking to a former supervisor who is now an HR manager at a global company

Tonight on PBS - A Celebration of Music From The Civil Rights Movement

Donation angst/exhaustion venting.

meteorite hits Mexico leaves 100 ft. crater, surprised people

The Horror of War on Stage

The Horror of War on Stage

70%-Sarah's very, very bad number

Is Obama Committing Political Suicide? Defending Wall Street CEOs is not a winning strategy

Congress Leaving Unemployment Benefits Extension To The Last Minute

Congress Leaving Unemployment Benefits Extension To The Last Minute

Big goes after Congressman Alan Grayson & unions (I can't figure it?)

I'm trying to imagine how life would be with drones flying over my home.

Majority in unscientific poll pegs Tea Party movement ‘racist’

Proposed 28th Amendment to the US Constitution

Seems my taxpayer money will be sending many more to private schools....

YES! Bernie Sanders to GOP: Spare me the lectures on YOUR deficit

5 Most Highly Vulnerable Senate Dems Signal Consequences of Right Turn by Democratic Party

Obesogens: Chemicals in Food that add to Obesity

The Worst Of The Pain - Bob Herbert/NYT

The democratic party does not want an independent progressive movement

Did everyone catch the story about active CIA moonlighting for banks and other corporations?

"Name Another Great Modern Republican President, Other Than Reagan"

THE INSULT (with appologies to Charles Atlas)

Hunger Report 2010

Does Our Afghan Policy Make Americans Safer?

ok after one year unemployed, I just got one freelance assignment

Army discharges single mom who wouldn't deploy - she had nobody to take care of her son

Hey Big Dawg ....... I hope you have lived less than half your life.

The press WANT you to believe Obama is backing down on health care

"Snowing in winter totally disproves global warming, take that, environuts!"

If you like the current health care bill put your time where your mouth is

NJ: Woodbridge snow plow driver finds

Right-wing LOL's - pics

Bystander pistol-whipped by LAPD for "paying too much attention"

We're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow in East Texas.

Gay guys make generous uncles, study shows

Vote for one of these names for an anti-Reagan Anniversary bs web site.

need advice - latin

The #1 reason behind the Teabaggers' anger

The #1 reason behind the Teabaggers' anger

Native Americans get $1 Billion dollars in stimulus funds!!

Elizabeth Edwards' Suit is Foolish

Tony Judt has a form of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)

Lurking Freepers: How's that Mavericky-thing workin' out for ya?




Stars and Gripes: Tea Party Protests Captain America Comic

Republic of Money: "Meg" Whitman (ebay, candidate California governor)

Bernie Sanders to GOP: Spare me the lectures on YOUR deficit

The Fourth DU "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

I have 18 hearts left for people who have had difficulty in contributing

OMG: SNL skit next week will be Bill Clinton sharing a hospital room with Alec Baldwin.

How many people do you know that have lost their home?

Gawker's almost as good as STEWART/COLBERT: skewers WashPoOp re Teabaggers & PALIN

OFA doesn't want ME to fight...

Homelessness in my Small Town of 15,000

A concise summary of the Healthcare debate (with cats)

30 pounds of pot found inside pictures of Jesus

Dick Armey and Tea Party Activists Craft 'Contract from America'

Picture worth a 1,000 words:


I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock.

I'm having Peanut Soup tonight.

Honor System at Tenleytown (DC) Safeway!

the ten types of crappy interviewees

OK - has anyone tried this? When trying to explain support for gay marriage...

This is why living in the city is great during a fricking blizzard!

Where Fairy Dust comes from.


The House of Lords is sending me an ATM card! I'm rich!

Pickles is back on the Methimazole, and the rash is coming back. :^(

Why dosen't Southwest Airlines

Valentine's Day looks like a pretentious and shit-stained film.

Would you give a heart to someone on your ignore list?

Somebody loves me...I wonder who?

i gave two weeks notice today

Move over Hugh Jackman,Billy Crystal...let Dolph Lundgren show you how to open an Award show..

you know what i did before i got paid?

I love head cheese!

Well, I'm going in for my procedure tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Yahoo Answers is super helpful

Don't waste your love on dogs!

who did that?

BIG conventions call for BIG tea bags!1!11!

Laptop DUers... Does your computer have a 10-Key?

Snowy the Frostman ?!

This may be it! She's going for the duck!

Thank you for the warm heart!

Paranoid about my garage.

Firefox's sense of humor. I boot up my laptop, after letting the batteries run out & got this...

An entire season of Heroes and Sylar doesnt kill one single carny!

Houston, we are at stable one, the ship is secure. This is Apollo 20 signing off.

I need music.....Joan Baez - It Ain't Me, Babe

Add me!

The view out my office window this morning. (Cell phone pic; poor quality, but oh my!)

this snow is getting serious

Ohio man accused of tattooing tot’s rear end

Have you noticed the increased talk about the debt

So you conservatives are worried about the national debt

This still sends chills up my spine:

Thank you to who ever gave me my two valentine hearts!

What is the best thing one of your parents ever said to you?

Thank you for the gift of a heart, my secret admirer

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/11/10

Man Walks Into Wal-Mart, Smashes 29 TVs With Bat

Paranoid about my roof.

Thank you for the Hearts!

I saw actual BLUE SKY through thin clouds about 5:30 this morning.

I saw actual BLUE SKY through thin clouds about 5:30 this morning.

Snowpocalypse weatherman with Soundtrack

To anyone who needs to travel to Frederick County , Maryland...

Man vs. Food's Adam Richman was wearing my name on his tshirt

If anyone needs some deals on [email protected], PM me.

so some idiot behind me wrecked

To whoever gave me my heart, thanks!

You know you've had a lot of snow ...

Do I laugh now, or wait 'til it gets funny?

So, one of my two cats has decided she is a kitten again

For your enjoyment...or not: Dick Cheney in a bumper car in 1976

Dog the Bounty Hunter busted a co-worker of my DH's yesterday

Where were you porn?

When you leave your computer on at night.

Thank you for my hearts!

Last night I was helping my 6 year old son get ready for bed and he said to me,

Snowblind by Black Sabbath - post some snow songs.

Brian Wilson, Brian Eno, Brian Jones, Brian Warner

Candy, I got a piece of candy, Thank you!

The future of bus travel...

Good morning Lounge

Ancient Greenlander was highly constipated.

So.. this Eskimos was going down the road when he saw another guy on the side

I wish somebody would invent some liquid you could put into pools so if

Do you pass on those harder to crack pistachios to others.

Upside to snow: 'It's good for making margaritas' - Bet you didn't think of that

What does a mathematician do when he's constipated?

Thank you secret admirers!!!

Thank you mystery DUer for the heart! I appreciate it!

Snowing in North Texas...a robin in a pear tree (pic)

Job Problem..

What are some fun things your local bar does for promotions?

It's snowing so hard right now...

"Mantracker. Experienced in the Bush"...

In honor of the Valentine Day season, my engorged Narwhals have become shocking pink.

Thank you so much for the Valentines Heart!

Kenny Dope & Bobby Hutcherson - La Malanga

Please provide examples of how the DU Lounge has become freeperized over the past 2 years.

Madlib - Beat Konducta in India

Jaylib - Raw Addict (Instrumental)

Lookee! A new column!

I got a heart !

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents Rahel - HOPE

The smell of freeper has become more frequent on this

4hero feat. Ursula Rucker - Loveless (live)


DU threads that ask you to post PERSONAL DETAILS of your life that anyone on the INTERNETS can read

The family viewing was hard tonight, the funeral tomorrow will be so sad

This PSA made me cry

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm promoting the devil, but Pepsi Throwback is GOOD

The best car-porn I ever read! (Dan Neil on the Ferrari 458 Italia)

I have 10 hearts left to give. Suck up to me and maybe I'll toss one your way.

Wait, what? Indy racing cars are going to look like THIS?

"2012" will be released to Blu-Ray on March 2. Kids can't wait to get it.

Valentine's Day Panty Party; Unattached DU'ers Check In

OMG! Alexander McQueen committed suicide

"A Confederacy of Dunces"

To whoever gave me the heart - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

to whomever gave me the hearts

**Official Thanks for not giving me a f'n Heart** thread

Sparklehorse - Comfort Me

I'd like to thank those who have given me hearts by posting my favorite Heart song, "Mistral Wind."

Good news for the coming Apocalypse (Zombie edition)

Philatelists - a trivia question

The 50 best love songs of the '80s

i just got back from a chamber of commerce "business after hours" event

Just when you think John Mayer couldn't possibly be a bigger asshole...

Jill SCOTT - ft 4hero- Gotta get up

Photographic proof that my cat is a demon from hell.

The Roots - Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New

Snowing in Fort Worth, Texas

New "i before e" rule

We've got snow! Quite a bit for the DFW area!!

can someone let me borrow some money to buy hearts?

I have four funeral plots to sell, no idea how to do it.

FYI, Loungers. Bill Clinton has been transported to a hospital in NY suffering from

Why didn't Hans Gruber just start shooting hostages?

WHat should I make my wife for Valentine's Day?

God hates shrimp

Valentines Day STILL sucks.. it just sucks less this year because roses are apparently cheaper.

The smell of Narwhal has become more frequent on this website.

So what are your valentine's day plans?

A right-winger just suggested I hang myself.

so, are they saying aspergers is a boutique diagnosis?

Someone say midlife crisis for kitteh guy?

good thoughts for Mrs. Venation, please

I love liverwurst!

CMW's night to cook. Ribs, baked potatoes and artichokes.

I've got hearts to give away, and I'm not afraid to use them!

I want to thank Hugh for the heart

If I lived in another state, I'd want it to be NM or AZ.

Marvel Comics apologizes for equating Teabaggers with white supremacists

Question for guitar people

Why do people drink when they have problems?

Behold! The next chapter in the old saga.

I don't know why I haven't told you all before, but Jason's Mother is very active

Lawyer Jokes! Lawyer Jokes! Post 'em here if you got 'em!!! Here's mine

Zodiac Signs, Do you believe in them? Feel free to share your sign.

MiddleFingerMom is in the 700 club! Everybody point and laugh!

What's your favorite use of music in a TV show and or movie?

Wife just found out she'll be working for the census

My surprise last weekend? I'm engaged!

Name a few celebrities you dislike for NON-POLITICAL REASONS...

What are you listening to right now?

Valentine's Day Pity Party; Unattached DU'ers Check In

By Request: The Sarah Palin Limerick Thread...

Senator Dianne Feinstein supports extension of Patriot Act included in jobs bill

So it's Newt and Sarah for 2012?

**Heads Up: VPOTUS on Larry King, Live!** (9pm Eastern Time)

"Boehner-Cantor Letter to Obama Outed as Delaying Tactic"

Obama Approval Bounces Back

What would have happened if Karl Rove called a room full of conservative activists f*cking [email protected]?

Newt tweeted he was wrong about Shoebomber Citizenship

"U.S. To Be Hit By Massive Cyber Attack On Feb. 16." ... And it will be TELEVISED!

Time to go off on Tweety for his lead story tonight....Good Grief.

PHOTOS You Can Call Me (Frozen) Al

A Conservative Spits Out His Tea - "more John Birch than John Adams."

Can someone tell me what is wrong with this post?

Healthcare Reform... holding out for less.

Just Want To Say "Thank You" To The Person Who Gave Me The "Nice"

Don't give in to media-inspired fatalism

Stock futures surge after labor report

Trumka Says Time for Recess Appointments

Obama’s Terrorism Poll Numbers Rise Despite GOP Attacks

Greenwald: Does anyone deny the link between these two events?

Jobless claims drop sharply

Obama will meet with the Dalai Lama on Feb. 18 at the White House

We need to do MORE before the upcoming elections!!! February is almost half over.

The Pacific Ocean is warmer and so we get snow and mudslides

Those who claim that only U.S. citizens are entitled to due process are lying or ignorant - or both

What is the right size jobs bill?

Anthem Responds to Sebelius. She calls "bullshit"

Mario Diaz-Balart Will Run to Succeed His Brother

IN-Sen: Bayh Comfy; Hostettler Outperforms Coats

VA-05: Perriello Just May Survive

NY citizens have a RIGHT to judge 9/11 cases.

Anyone here Limbaugh say today that onehing t he "liked" about Obama was that he was light skinned

Why does Gallup refuse to conduct an Obama vs. Palin poll?

Texas: Tea Party gubernatorial candidate has "not taken a position" on 9/11 conspiracy theories

Diaz-Balart To Retire

Not Backing Down An Inch

nothing will come out of the big HCR summit.

Doesn't Anthem/Blue-Cross' 39% rate increase just show that a mandate is a terrible idea? n/t

Campbell says Whitman camp played no role in contest switch

Amann to drop bid for governor

Michigan Governor's Race: Bowman Getting In, Ilitch Out

ABCNews POLL: 35% view teabaggers favorably, Palin unfavorables up,71% say not qualified to be POTUS

WH: What the President Said in the Bloomberg Interview....

Can Judd Gregg help White House save health bill?

Note to DU, Krugman and the like: ****AMERICA'S NEWS MEDIA IS FUCKIN SLOPPY!!!!!****

Senate Republicans: Do as I Say, Not as I Do.

It's Snow-bama! (because I'm bored and so why not)


David Broder (on Sarah Palin): "The lady is good."

Christina Romer: A Look Inside the Economic Report of the President

Coming up with protest memes

G.O.P. = Gridlock, Obstruction & Paralysis

PLEDGE To Make 1,000,000 Calls To Congress To FIX The Bill And Pass It!

HA! Current Poll at CNN re Sarah....

Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come open each month

Maybe we oughta describe Congressional "majorities" in terms of ideology instead of party

House GOPers Running For Senate Put On Spot: Dems Ask If They Support Social Security Slashing...

Seven Republicans who supported the deficit commission wound up voting against it..

Ezra Klein: The Senate Finance Committee's Jobs Bill (Massive tax cuts for the rich)

Limbaugh to GOP: ‘Be proud of being the party of no’

Pelosi Makes Her Case (HCR): A Majority Is 51 Votes

NRCC Hits Own Member In Fundraising Gaffe

No change in Dan Choi's DADT status. Original story misinterpreted.

Roosevelt historian offers lessons from the past on deficit, spending

Lt. Choi: Other Openly Gay Soldiers Are Being Called Back To Service During Time Of War


**Heads Up: Gibbs on MSNBC in the 9am EST hour to rebut Kit Bond**

This obituary/death watch style of coverage of Bill Clinton is f'ing sickening. . .

MSNBC's Guthrie and Todd smack Kit Bond (Repugnant-MO) around like a BoBo doll (VIDEO)

ABC News saying Bill Clinton has been hospitalized.

Captain America 4ever!

Is there any good news anywhere reguarding HCR?

Chad McGowan Drops US Senate Bid

Reid nixes filibuster reform effort

If FDR was President today, this is what the media would be like to him

GOP/Teabagger candidate for TX governor exposes herself as "9/11 Truther" to Glenn Beck


Obama 2012!

I love Obama. I love all Democrats. I hate the GOP.

At some point do we need to get back to "Buy American"???

Bill be well.

Reid overrules Baucus, narrows jobs bill focus

The "Obama-Bonus" headlines remind me of

The jobs bill that wouldn't cost a cent:

Palin almost as unpopular as Dick Cheney

Franken 2012!

The Inconvenient Truth: A Record of Accomplishment the AP Neglected

Why the fuck is Larry King keep asking Dem's about Palin

It's no longer worth fighting for the seal hunt

PM backs tougher sanctions on Iran

Reuters: Haiti judge will free 10 Americans

Former Rep. Charlie Wilson dies; led U.S. support of Afghans against Soviets

30 pounds of pot found inside pictures of Jesus

Man Walks Into Wal-Mart, Smashes 29 TVs With Bat

Intel Chief ‘Deeply Regrets’ U.K.’s Torture Disclosure, But…

Afghan government in tentative talks with insurgent leader

Orphaned in Argentina's dirty war, man is torn between two families

Iranians rally to mark Islamic Revolution

Appeal by China dissident Liu Xiaobo rejected

Iran protests: live blog

States get new leeway to tally prisoners in census

Iran to shut down Google email service

Chinese nationals working in India complain about visas

Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come each month

Appeal judge watered down Binyam Mohamed torture ruling

Former Uruguayan dictator sentenced to 30 years

Rain pours new misery on quake-struck Haiti

Feds push for tracking cell phones

Feds push for tracking cell phones

Majority in unscientific poll pegs Tea Party movement ‘racist’

Help on Greece debt crisis removes immediate threat to EU economy

British Fashion Icon Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide

Deadly blasts at Pakistan police compound

Technical setbacks cause Iran to falter in push to enrich uranium, report says

US cos to up India ops despite Obama’s anti-outsourcing call

Senate GOP leader weeps during floor speech on departing aide

Haiti judge: Detained Americans should be released

Former President Bill Clinton Rushed to N.Y. Hospital

More Americans say 'don't ask, don't tell' for gays should be repealed

2 Ex-Workers Accuse Blackwater Security Company of Defrauding the U.S. for Years

Recovery not complete until jobs restored: Obama

Group hands out free endangered species condoms for Valentine's Day

Iran Makes First Batch of Higher Enriched Uranium

Progress Energy Florida sued over nuclear plant financing scheme

Reid Dismisses Harkin's Bid to Change Filibuster Rules

Maldo hangs in the balance (Calif. Assembly rejects Lt. Gov. nomination 36-34)

Democrats Unveil Plan to Boost Campaign-Finance Laws

Iran’s show of force quashes protest attempts ‘It means they won and we lost,’

WellPoint price hike defense fails to satisfy feds

White House forecast: no roaring economic recovery in 2010

Huge rally and protests mark Iran revolution

Euro MPs block bank data deal with US

Arizona quits Western climate endeavor

Internet Sales Tax Moves Forward

La. lawyer in talks to resolve Landrieu caper case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 11

Osama Bin Laden's Son Warns His Successors Will Be Worse

China's fears of rich nation 'climate conspiracy' at Copenhagen revealed

Report: Hundreds Forced Into Labor, Sex in Ohio

Governors defend Toyota, cite federal 'conflict of interest'

Obama Says He’s ‘Fierce’ Free-Market Advocate, Rejects Critics

Judge Bars Ex-Toyota Attorney From Releasing Documents

Nurse Whistle-Blower Not Guilty for Reporting Doctor

Citi to let distressed homeowners stay for 6 mos.

Pelosi Makes Her Case: A Majority Is 51 Votes

Army discharging single mom who refused deployment

US troops close Taliban escape route before attack

White House warns UK ruling could 'complicate' intelligence-sharing

Walmart offers job training via DPS - activist asks whether students are being trained as "subservie

Airport body scanners violate Islamic law, Muslims say

Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart to retire

Healthcare Summit Just Political Positioning?

President Obama's Remarks at "Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement" WH Event

Rahm Couldn't Win w/ Lebron, Jordan & Kobe

Museum of Tolerance - Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 1 Chapter 4

Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (HD)

Re: Cenk Vs. Caller Defending Sarah Palin!

Max Keiser interviewed on Moscow radio; 'suicide bankers on Wall St. are market-fundamentalists'

Thom Hartmann vs. Yaron Brook - Government or private Fannie Mae?

Ben Bernanke's Greatest Hits

The Zoo Group -- Topic: Very Rich Share?

Young Turks: 6 Facts - Obama/Dems Very Bipartisan On HC Reform

Malvina Reynolds - No Hole in My Head (1965) Best progressive anthem I know of...

Keith Olbermann Comments On "The Crazies"

Marc Faber Discusses Global Financial Markets on Bloomberg

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Flying with a Foreign Language

Waiting For Armageddon - Documentary Trailer

Plastic Palin(s)

15-year-old girl assaulted in downtown Seattle transit tunnel while three security guards stood by

Palin president

Lt Dan Choi: I will hold everyone accountable until we have an institution that lives by integrity


Rachel Maddow: Global Warming Isn't the Opposite of Snow

Bill Nye the science guy calls Republicans unpatriotic

Congressman Grayson: 20% Of Our Accumulated Wealth From 2 Centuries! Gone In 18 Months!

Dylan Ratigan schools Glenn Beck on climate change, breaks out chalkboard and red phone!

Bill Nighy video backing Robin Hood tax on banks

Wife Calls Cops On Man Preparing For Martial Law In Massachusetts

Binyam Mohamed: Torture and the missing paragraph

Patrick Cockburn: Where war goes, propaganda follows

TNR's ugly and reckless anti-semitism games

Sen. Enzi Goes 'Elmer Fudd' trying to say Blagojevich

Layoffs related to outsourcing, Labor training requests show

Joe Conason: The GOP’s Double Standard on Terror Trials

Argen Press, Argentina: Pinocchio in the White House

Frank Luntz: "Who Single-Handedly Poisoned Health Care Issue"

NYT: The Politics Of Fear

Experts: Jobs Bill Won't Add Many Jobs

The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have America's Money

Last year tops 'decade of death' with 110 reporters killed

Expulsion of Monserrate (D.-Queens) a Victory for Women of New York State

Tea Party double standards

Go ahead and laugh Republicans, but record snowfall IS from Global Warming.

Gene Lyons tells the Prez to lead the bleeping party

The Far-Right Gears Up (Germany)

Is Jim DeMint Among the Chosen?

The New Deal in Reverse

Heads or Tails

Once stigmatized, food stamps find acceptance

Amend the Constitution – and Whatever Else It Takes to Break Corporate Power

Orphaned in Argentina's dirty war, man is torn between two families

Robert Reich: One Free Market System for Wall Street, Another Free Market System for Main Street

A Greek crisis is coming to America

Palin’s Future and Neocon Rifts; the appeal of Palin is her malleability on foreign policy

Sarah Palin's Jihad

dupe delete

Sarah Palin Draws Raves from David Broder

The Democrats, the Deficit, and Social Security (Global Research)

Michelle Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’


It's no longer worth fighting for the seal hunt

Setting Up to Go Down (urbansurvival)

Viagra Ads to Feature GOP 'Stimulus Hypocrites'

Broder--"Sarah Palin displays Pitch Perfect Populism"

Fear of a ‘Multicultural’ Nation

Thom Hartmann - GOP Senate candidate Curtis Coleman refuses to apologize to holocaust survivors

America's Secret Afghan Prisons

Obama: Dumber Than Sarah Palin by Ted Rall

To ‘cut’ the ‘entitlement mentality,’ Rep. Kingston touts privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

die Tageszeitung, Germany: A Field Trip to a U.S. Atomic Bomb Warehouse

A Terrorist Tried In Federal Court: The Case Of Aafia Siddiqui

Insurance Provider’s Profits Are Up While Coverage Dwindles, Claims New Report

Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs, clicking in the votes?

How Christian Were the Founders?

Muscling Latin America

Unions Bash Democrats, Warn of Political Fallout

Democracy Now: Dennis Kucinich v. Glenn Greenwald on the Supreme Courts Citizens United ruling

"How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America" (Atlantic Magazine)

Denny's Acknowledges Suffering of Hens in Super Bowl Ad:

EPA capitulates on ethanol:

Medvedev says nuclear energy Russian priority amid climate change

Drumbeat: February 11, 2010

Oil exploration costs rocket as risks rise

As Japan's Seaweed Forests Die Under Multiple Impacts, Abalone & Fish Vanish As Well - Asahi

"How Our Food System is Killing the Nation's Most Important Fishery"

Superinsulating Aerogels May beHomeInsulation of Tomorrow

Taxpayers Subsidize Public Land Destruction & Species Endangerment:

Mid-Atlantic sets all-time snow records (storm hits 969mb)

new rebuttal of Mark Z Jacobson's work

20 Years ago today, Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson...and the decline began....nt

Big Ten has Preliminary Talks with Texas about Joining the Big Ten

Rachel Alexandra owner wants a 3-race series against Zenyatta

2010 American League MVP Winner

Nike employee Tom Izzo scolds fans for hating proposed ugly Nike logo

Vick admits to laziness and complacency in Atlanta.

Israel needs Goldstone

Palestinian PM condemns West Bank 'stabbing incident'

UN report co-author: Hamas fired 2 rockets before Gaza op

Palestinian policeman who killed soldier 'had personal problems'

State of denial: Robert Fisk searches for peace in Israel

IDF rerouting barrier near Bil'in

Heresy of a ‘Hebrew Palestinian’: the first Jew elected to the Fatah Revolutionary Council.

Proton rocket set to launch satellite for Latin America

Orphaned in Argentina's dirty war, man is torn between two families

Former Uruguayan dictator sentenced to 30 years

Assoc (re)puke: In Cuba, license plates tag drivers, not the car

Volkswagen recalls 200,000 cars in Brazil

(Miami Hairball) U.S. broadcasts to Cuba get stronger

Israeli diplomats 'hazed' on campus

Confronting Jews who defame Jews, by Isi Liebler

W Post Op Ed: Under Obama, labor should have made more progress

Today in Labor History Feb 11 “Mother” Jones is arrested, GM recognized the UAW union, more

Connecticut Supreme Court Hears Case On Police Officer Union Rights

Minnesota State Senate Passes A Nearly $1 Billion Jobs Bill

San Francisco Mayor Proposes Controversial City Worker Policy To Cope With Budget Crunch

You'll putcher eye out !

Gun owners support appeals court's decision that felons can't have guns...

Democratic candidates weigh in on gun issues for Amendment II Democrats

Music Video By The Bastard Fairies


OK, One More. Music Video By The Dazzle Dancers

Music Video By Ivri Lider

Disgusting....Americans see DADT as discrimination

I'm going crazy trying to think of the title of a movie!

Gay fashion designer Alexander McQueen dead

Missouri Lawmaker’s Argument Against Repealing DADT: It Would Be A ‘Cultural Affront’ To Terrorists

Solar Dynamics Observatory to Launch Today

Orion in a New Light

Mars and a Moonbow

Evidence of Liquid Water on Saturn's Moon Enceladus

Hubble Snaps Saturn With Rings Edge-On

Directed Panspermia: Moral Obligation or Bio-Pollution?

"Drunk" Bats Fly Right--Discovery Surprises Scientists

Structureless Space Telescope Could Look For Life Around Other Stars

Monster Rises From Japanese Seas

For CA DUers

I went bird watching today

Flowers and Door

straight from the 50's... starring me!


Walking around downtown with my new 35mm prime (dial-up warning)


Snow 2.0 (language warning.)

***SUBMISSION THREAD for February Contest - STILL LIFE***


Hee hee WANT

Hi I have not been on DU for a few days, but thank you for the hearts

Hay House?

About this new moon:

"6 Personality traits to admire and acquire"

Thank you so much for the hearts!

I really, really need some advice.

I really, really need some advice.

A series of visions, vision dreams and happenings at Big Sky Montana, part 2...

Yoo-hoo! Have you seen this thread about Astrology in GD?

So what IS the point of Valentines Day...?

Can someone help me with this New Moon

Humor: A new form of Yoga: POO-CHI

Larry Kudlow for Senate...

Capital One customers face rate hike

Who died and made Moody's Gawd?

Your big bank is abusive, Break up with them for V-Day

Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs, clicking in the votes?

Cutting Their Losses And Running In Florida

US banks facing $1.4tn crisis over commercial property loans

Number one risk of heart disease is smoking. Number two is . . .

Genetic Mutations Linked to Stuttering

Bills Stalled, Hospitals Fear Rising Unpaid Care

CardioFuel—another magic pill

Science by press release

"The Simpsons" revels in mocking public education

The top ten reasons to blame teachers for children's failure!

Iranian protester sentenced to death for "waging war against God"

All this time, I had it wrong.

Vatican Economist: Recession Caused by Low Birth Rate

Who can answer the question?

Yogi Tea, recipe for home made tea from spices

Anybody here ever heard of "Crack Pie"?