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"Apologizing would basically say the decision was a wrong decision..."

'The rights of men and women are not safe in France'

Democracy Now: Big Business & Arms Deals Top Obama's Agenda in India

Hillary on tonight on Inside - National Geo Channel

Bombs in Lillington yard under investigation (Trick or treaters or his support 4 President Obama?)

Ireland's Woes — And Ours?

Oh snap, that was an amusing add from the wireless

Victory! Time to start eating their own...

For every "investigation" the Repuke House pursues, the Dem Senate needs to respond in kind. I am

The Party Game Is Over. Stand And Fight

Sign the National Congrats card to Keith Olbermann

Considering all that has happened recently - why should we still have a Democratic Party?

Colorado Democratic Party Calls for Grand Jury Investigation of 9/11

Documentary delves into the life and death of Glenn Burke (first openly gay MLB player)

RE: DADT After watching 300,000 people sign a petition for KO & shut Phil Griffin's phones down. . .

Well none of the usual stand ins took the show

I almost feel bad about Bush as he talks to Matt Lauer...

Should Obama take a hard stance on Sunseting Bush Tax Rates?

Keith Olbermann just released the below "Statement To The Viewers Of Countdown"

Joan Walsh is leaving Salon to write a book.

Taking responsibility and behaving like Progressives should

Heads up - Elizabeth Warren will be on

Anyone will watch

Bush ruined my night..

"Wind Up" mini car (41 inches high, 51 inches long and only 26 inches wide) - pics

(Presidential) Spill Panel: No Evidence of Saving Money Over Safety

WaPo: Outsourcing U.S. jobs a source of tension on Obama's India trip

WaPo: Outsourcing U.S. jobs a source of tension on Obama's India trip

If Ralph Nader had run for president in 2008, would he have won over Barack Obama?

Rebuilding the Mesopotamian marshes of Iraq

This is one reason why I approach prognostications about elections with skepticism.

At What Point Do Think It Was Too Late For The Germans To Stop It ???

Criticism Runs Deep for Spill Commission Findings

Absolutely Chilling Interview On Maddow

Stoopid is on

GOP's Keith Fimian to concede to Rep. Gerry Connolly in race for Virginia's 11 District -

PHOTO: Junior & Bar, with their hands over that place where their hearts would normally be

PHOTO: Junior & Bar, with their hands over that place where their hearts would normally be

The BFEE fetus in a Jar? Good gawd almighty.


Business majors... help me out....

Andy Borowitz: Bush Publishes Memoir, I Can Has Prezidensy

No charges against Bill Gates' dad in hit-and-run

Barney Frank: Defense bill won't pass House if DADT repeal removed

About Keith...

Ok something that is really bothering me

World Bank chief advocating a return to the gold standard?

Jon is running Keith's comments about him, re the rally

ReTHUGS are fugging crazy

good lord!

How to verify a notary's signature???

Sam Seder is on Countdown

Joy Behar says Keith demanded that Griffin apologize to him.

LA Times: Cal State to call student fees the T-word

Texas GOP Leaders Want to Secede from Medicare, Social Security

A look back at 1987, and the National deficit.

A look back at 1987, and the National deficit.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 1,000 families forced out by developer's default

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Keith Olbermann Thanks His Supporters via Letter Issued on Bold

Keith Olbermann Thanks His Supporters via Letter Issued on Bold

McConnell Says Banning 'Earmarks' Is Complicated

Downsizing the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota

"Look out, your medicine is watching you"~~Reuters

Daily Show or Coco?

Obama's Peace Dividend: War Profiteering in the land of Gandhi

Larsen beats Koster in 2nd District

I just watched the Johnson Civil Rights episode of Decisions That Shook the World...

Conan premieres tonight at 11 Eastern on TBS.

"Joe Manchin is a life-long Democrat and he is not switching parties "

Spill panel: No evidence of saving $ over safety

Ideas about the Bush Tax Cuts

Revealed: Kim Jong-un the Schoolboy (New Video)

:Facepalm: Obama On 60 Minutes

Why did Lawrence O'Donnell allow Nicole Wallace to spin and spin?

Anthony Weiner reminds us all, that it is the REPUBLIC PARTY!

Caption THIS ???

Dahmer childhood friend released from jury

Dahmer childhood friend released from jury

Breaking: Abe Vigoda....

Anyone catch the end of the Last Word?

Hilarious FR foodfight: re: Bristol not voting

As much as I love Keith Olbermann, Roberts sure make an excellent liberal news cast anchor.

Come on! These guys need a tax break!

If everybody voted Democratic the way LGBT people do,

Women hits man, man won't hit a woman so beats to death the next random man who walks by

Shame On You Carl Levin

Democrats have nothing to apologize for, nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to regret

Pentagon chiefs: Afghans can manage by 2014

Wow, Gay-bashing fuckstick actually gets what's coming to him from court

Bush discusses Obama's India trip with Matt Lauer

Thom Hartmann cribs from Alexander Hamilton's industrialization program

WIN site major upgrade

The Democrats need to educate the public

The Portrayal of Pakistan and America’s Friendship Is Just a Joke

The Portrayal of Pakistan and America’s Friendship Is Just a Joke

Toon- I made that!

I'm wish Molly Ivins was alive. Watching Rick "Good Hair" Perry on TDS tonight

Healthy people are not profitable, neither is dead people

You need to know more about Natural Gas "frackng" - Ask the parents in Argyle, TX about this ..

Sometimes you have to laugh

US ready for the long haul in Afghanistan

U.S. OKs $5 bln sale of Boeing helicopters to UAE

should we find the most liberal, stinking-rich candidates we can find?

George Bush is no different than those anti-abortion murderers

The Idiot Bastard Son: Did Zappa know about Bush fetus in the jar?

Private Security Companies Sign Code of Conduct

"The American people have spoken. We are but the humble servants of the exceedingly wealthy..."

Houston lawyer, wife accused of stealing from vets

Early alert surfaces on a potential head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

American Public Gets Exactly What It Deserves For 112th Straight Election

Poisonous meme alert: Guest on CSPAN is putting out the idea that

Oklahoma Woman accused in death of baby found in washer

Jesus' General: Suffering Suffrage

the whitewashing of the bu$h* years is in full swing

Gates: U.S. open to longer Iraq stay for troops

Study: Americans Still Puritanical About Sex

Ireland's Woes — And Ours?

If I could I would ask the Administration/Obama one question...

What are your favorite purveyors of left-of-center t-shirts & other political gear?

Consumer Protection's Citizens United

I know I know I know I stole it ....but it needs a LARGER audience (Bush Book release cartoon)

Panetta Says CIA Will Probe WikiLeaks Document Release

(in)equitable distribution of wealth

Tinfoilhat Alert: Bush emerges from Spideyhole when Rethugs gain control of Congress.

George Bush eviscerates everybody in his book, especially John McCain. He leaves himself smelling

Cable Companies' $46+ Billion Robbery -- Subscribers Have Been Ripped off for $5 a Month Since 2000

"The people have spoken", and I intend to extend to them the respect

Larsen survives scare by Koster in District 2 (Snohomish County, WA)

Exclusive: Pentagon arms buyer sees spending growth at risk

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

Study: Kids of deployed military have more behavioral problems

Study: Kids of deployed military have more behavioral problems

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

Study: Kids of deployed military have more behavioral problems

Study: Kids of deployed military have more behavioral problems

We do need to cut the deficit. And here's how to do it.

Study: Kids of deployed military have more behavioral problems

GOP creates new leadership position to satisfy Tea Party demands

Poll needs a little attention: Re: Olbermann

President Busch (sic): Waterboarding saved your lives, you ungrateful bastids

Fearing the Mama grizzly

Gloat over my ignorance: Why am I watching a Boeing commercial?

Michigan Asst. AG, Andrew Shirvell fired from job for harassing U-M

Bill O'Reilly Presidential Campaign 2012

The Pukes are making like they ARE in charge, and NO ONE from the Administration

In the memory hole... WMD

As boomers age, 1 in 5 drivers will be oldsters

Fed official raises doubts over bond-purchase plan

In Alaska, a preview of the GOP's future...

The Military's "we dunno" line on the missile reminds me of Manfred Powell, clock, "Tomb Raider"

Health rates NOT driven up by reform

Beck: Lawrence O'Donnell's 'Socialist' Claim Is Evidence Of Looming, Violent 'Event'

The message sent by THE PEOPLE

Straight British couple seeks 'gay' partnership

NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Republican economics

Duplicate Deleted

Was there ever a public investigation into torture by Bush Administration?

Oy of my co-workers is nearly orgasmic after getting an autographed copy of Bush's book

Inverted Totaliarism

The Legacy of George W. Bush...according to The Onion!!!

Bush: Waterboarding Legal 'Because The Lawyer Said It Was'

Burned Puppy Up for Adoption!

GOP Takeover In The House May Spell Doom For Obama's Environmental Policies

So is water boarding illegal?

Whip it, whip it good.

Opposing Health Funding For A Million Arizonans, Pearce Compares Health Care To High-Priced Fashion

What's the difference between a rapist and a pedophile?

DU Call To Action: As patriotic citizens of the United States, we have a duty before us. Read on...

Law makes this year's gift cards more consumer-friendly

U.S.S. Reagan: "We're from the government and we're here to help."

Lilburn mosque gets cemetery; residents fume

Gingrich on The View now, and I lost my breakfast!

What the HELL is wrong with our Government?

TPM: Conservative Mag Worries Rand Paul Is 'Already Selling Out' On Earmarks

They said yesterday that Olbermann would be on The View today

These are the American voters who rose up last week

Boner will soon be third in line to the presidency...he must come clean about his medical condition

Some Things Don’t Change: Dan Riehl Is Still Stupid

DOJ Mum As Deadline Passes To Prosecute CIA Torture Tapes Destruction (TPM)

Welcome to Florida....But not if you're elderly, disabled..

USA Today: State and federal marijuana laws collide

So Bush wrote an entire book...

Give me $65 million and I'll give you the House back

Republicans are supposed to know something about business

"No election let women vote, or created the civil rights movement, or laws to protect our air

america has mainstreamed torture

Former British intelligence chairman all but calls Bush liar, says waterboarding didn’t stop terror

Another seemingly irresistable step toward "Idiocracy"

Remember that McDonald's in Ohio that threatened their employees if Republicans didn't win?

China's First Driverless Subway Line Opens

A "Liberal Democrat" in Salon's comments section is offended by "foolish" Bush photo

The Love Boat? Not so much anymore......

Bush on human suffering from Katrina: That was bad, too

Wendell Potter coming up on hartmman, regarding healthcare

Calling Obama's Trip to Indonesia a Homecoming

Republican Secretary of Defense Robert Gates say U.S. troops could stay longer in Iraq

DOJ charges GlaxcoSmithKline corporate attorney with obstruction of justice.

The Bush Family IS Our National Stephen King Novel

Connolly (D-Va.) Wins; Fimian to Concede Tuesday

Keith learned of the suspension through the media???????

The "Porky and Shrub Show" on radios near you...

a little insight into the Tea Party Mind

Caught: Justice Department probes GOP governor Christie for lavish spending on cars, hotels

Reagan's quote--

More Rethuglican Voter Suppression, this time in Maryland...

DOJ: No Charges In CIA Torture Tape Destruction


Lawrence O'Donnell is a socialist?

Pentagon and FAA: No launches approved, still don't know where the missle is from

Listening to World Have Your Say on The BBC right now is making me sick to my stomach (reg Bush).

What is your reaction to Bush's memoir? (BBC) {reader's responses!}

More Americans opt for high-deductible health insurance plans

Justice Dept.: No charges in CIA tape case

Tea Party patriots want your input

FT: Bush in 2008 "probably won’t even vote for McCain...I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked"

Good Toon on "Journalistic Integrity"

Poll Gauges The Role of Health Reform In The Mid-Term Election

Congressman: Tea Partiers said to 'Go Back to Mexico'

Thank goodness for smart voters: Texas GOP Mulling Medicaid Withdrawal

The script used to perform the new republican House Christmas play.

Crosspost from the Veterans Forum..two editorials in my paper today

So, what's the keyword for the Keith Olbermann return-to-Countdown party tonight?

Purple to the People

Purple to the People

Does anyone have a link to that recent, awesome cartoon?

Mr. Fish Toon: American Democracy

ANother Commodities Trader on CNBC just implied that the only way

"Hold on awhile": Advice for the Common Man

Last month the O'Loofah Falafel Suit turned six.

Job Openings in U.S. Decreased 163,000 in September, Second Straight Drop

Obama: US must fight protectionism... Indian outsourcing industry to grow to $200 billion

Deficits are bad, sometimes

Deficits are bad, sometimes

The rehabilitation of the W. Bush presidency

Creating The Unabomber

Heads up: Chris Hedges on w/Thom Hartmann now.

Paul B. Farrell: How hackers can help us defeat Wall Street

There are conservative actors, singers and athletes but ...

Eric Cantor Tries to Lie His Way Out of Compromise

No One Charged In Destruction Of CIA Interrogation Tapes

The deficits are important.

Couldn't incessant media coverage of Sarah Palin be considered as a form of TORTURE?

Whitman, Fiorina losses raise questions about their political futures in California

Is there any hope for democracy?

Is there any hope for democracy?

is joe biden in the witness protection program?

I want to post this after having posted about Barbara Bush's miscarriage.

I want to post this after having posted about Barbara Bush's miscarriage.

"Perhaps the most serious war-crimes case" begins

Back in the third week in October, I posted a poll that asked

A "person" is smart...

Tips for those cowards who fear change.

local letter on "Election Coverage"... oy.

WTF!? I'm looking at the KISS website for XMAS Tshirts for the boys...and I see THIS?

so this whole idea that the sins of the few will be visited on the many that

Should a employer have a right to fire someone for venting on a social site or is it free speech?

A Mom that "GETS IT"

I know who shot the missile

On that missile contrail

The Nobel prize family disociates itself from the economics prize

The Nobel prize family disociates itself from the economics prize

Income distribution: (in)equitable?

Idaho Gravel Mine Refuses Federal Inspection

GOP Unity Lifespan? One Week

GOP Unity Lifespan? One Week

International monetary battle heating up?

10 Worst Places to Live

Court case my give hope for the more than 200,000 Floridians who have lost their homes to foreclosure

Oxycontin Pigboy praises Bush's admirable restraint in not lashing back at his "Democrat Party" foes

Oxycontin Pigboy praises Bush's admirable restraint in not lashing back at his "Democrat Party" foes

OweNo, $20 Million Campaign With Bayh And Conrad As Allies, Is First Salvo SS

GW's Mother Showed Him His Miscarried Sibling in a Jar???

Palin Lashes Out At WSJ Reporter, Misquotes Story

TOON: This Modern World has best summary of Dem & GOP reaction to election

Crist says he'd consider pardon for dead rocker (Jim Morrison)

I want to brag about my book covers

Pelosi: After 'productive' Congress, fight for jobs goes on

So, ya...where ARE the jobs anyway...?

Prepare for Republican (Rove) Dirty Tricks in the CA Attorney General Squeaker

Gabriel Byrne In the Run Boy scene from Camelot....

Top 10 Excuses for Ignoring Unemployment.....cartoon

Top 10 Excuses for Ignoring Unemployment.....cartoon

Where Are The Jobs - Mr. Boehner?.........


Sen Bernie Sanders on VPR's Vermont Edition live tomorrow at noon (link)

Priest arrested for buying porn with church funds.

Meet Allen West (R-FL): Fanatical Opponent of Muslims, Immigrants, Progressives & Obama

No Punishment Over CIA Torture Tapes

Mobile Backscatter X-ray

No Quick Way to Cut the Unemployment Rate; President Advisor Paul Volcker Says

It's only a missile.

No charges in CIA waterboarding video destruction

Does somebody have the numbers? Gov. shutdown vs expiring Tax Cuts

Gotta love the FAILblog.......

Joe Wilson reacts to Bush memoirs

Ratigan has a great guest coming up

Failure To Reauthorize Unemployment Benefits Will Hurt Economy, Say Economists

Coming up on Tweety - Joe WIlson on Bush's version of reality

Can someone explain how this works?

I just peeked at Oprah's interview with W on the TV in the breakroom...I think he's back on the beam

What is the proper Constitutional way to deal with American citizens abroad threatening harm ?

Caption Palin (is there a Nobel prize in her future?)

FED UP Judges INVALIDATING Mortgages Over FRAUDULENT Paperwork

FED UP Judges INVALIDATING Mortgages Over FRAUDULENT Paperwork

PG&E SmartMeter exec tries to anonymously infiltrate activists, didn't realize name showed w email

At Legal Fringe, Empty Houses Go to the Needy

Who has the least power when it comes to enacting progressive policy?

Fla. Recount Participants hold 10-year reunion

Senator Herb Kohl Should Bow Out for Russ Feingold, And Let’s Not Fetishize Businessmen

If you missed last night's "Moran Monday" edition

To Armistice Days, Past and Future

UFOs Visited Nuclear Weapons Sites, Former Air Force Officers Say

In a tough economy, old stigmas fall away

"The WH seems to have forgotten...that we elected a commander-in-chief, not mediator-in-chief."

BREAKING: Ron Christie ALSO feels that Scooter had suffered enough.

GOP-led Ga Senate: daily devotional, pledge to US Flag and to Ga Flag.

Rachel's Guest Thursday: Jon Stewart

If you want to read a lot of really sad stories about unemployment...

Please Mr. President, STAND AND FIGHT. No compromise. Nothing is worth giving up your self respect

Cost of Sharron Angle's failed Senate bid: $97 per vote

Dear Elected Democratic Representatives and Senators:

breaking freaking news

Illinois: We'll take Wisconsin's $810M in stimulus money

It is very simple, just pass the sub $250,000 tax cut renewal during the lame duck session

Pew Research: Public Support for Increased Trade, Except With South Korea and China

Boeing 787 test flight evacuated after smoke in cockpit

Alternate titles for shrub's book?

It's a curious argument to point to the election results as a progressive referendum on the WH

I think that a "State of National Emergency" order should be issued immediately

OMG! What!? -- "One in five teenagers report no texting and no online social networking at all."

OMG! What!? -- "One in five teenagers report no texting and no online social networking at all."

The George W. Bush Library?

Rush Limbaugh: 'Pre-Existing Condition Coverage is Not Insurance; It's Welfare'

McConnell-DeMint standoff over earmark vote heats up

Not only will we have Keith back tonight! He will have Michael Moore to discuss W's"book"

"Bush's eyes filled with tears when he talked about consoling widows of soldiers..."

Post-election, Palin shifts career path


Will OH Kasich forfeit schools' $400 million prize AND $400 Rail Funds? Well he is a Repub isn't he?

Police in Oakland, Calif., fatally shoot unarmed man

A really cute kitty

Chicago's First Employee-Free Subway Shop Opens.

Pentagon, Navy tell NBC they have no idea who launched Monday night's missile

George Bush settles the score – it was everybody's fault but his own

Ehrlich's (R) Campaign tried to suppress African American Vote in Maryland

GOP Oversight Committee Chair plans hundreds of hearings into Executive Branch 24/7 LINK

It's time to drop Fox (petition to advertisers)

Tea Partiers: AZ Town's New Trash Plan Reeks Of Socialism

Keith Olbermann Hoax: Did Tucker Carlson Pose As Olbermann In Emails?

MORE "Decision Points" fun...Evil Dick tests "Bush's personal tolerance"...with TEH GAY.

Bryan Fischer of the AFA: Kill all bears in the US to lift God's curse

There's no need to worry about ballistic missiles launched off the coast of the United States

Is "The Leader Of The Free World" still a meaningful way to refer to a US president?

Slowpoke TOON: Sunday morning talk show debate

Bad news: Sharia law continues to creep closer to taking over Oklahoma

Have at this douchebag.

Our Banana Republic

Congressman Adam Smith's letter on Social Security and Medicare

The two party system is a major reason for the decline of American democracy

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Today's political cartoon

Sorry W it won't wash

TPM: Fiscal constipervative Chris Christie was #1 on list of US Att'ies wasting travel funds

Job openings drop for second straight month

How self-sufficient are you?

••• Obama will not let the GOP implode in the next 2 years. He will bail them out. •••

Huffington Post states perhaps female Repig

It was a big mistake to send a man of color to Washington

BREAKING: White House Opposes Any Effort to Strip Out DADT Repeal

BREAKING: White House Opposes Any Effort to Strip Out DADT Repeal

Welcome To White Supremacist 101, Brought To You By... Wilson Sports?

It took my all day to begin this thread.

US won't file charges against CIA officers who destroyed torture interrogation videotapes

US won't file charges against CIA officers who destroyed torture interrogation videotapes

William Greider: The End of Free-Trade Globalization

NO!!!!, MSM, NO!!! You Will NOT Rehabilitate George W. Bush

Cenk Uygur Hosting MSNBC 3 PM Hour Through November!!!

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth and Inequality in America

All the Twitterati here should send the Oompa-Loompa a tweet, asking where the jobs are

hot rumor: joel klein to resign: edit: Joel klein out as NYC ed chancellor

hot rumor: joel klein to resign: edit: Joel klein out as NYC ed chancellor

Mark LeVine: Where is the Anger at the Horrors Revealed in the Latest Wikileaks Iraq War Logs?


Bwahahahahahah.......Rand Paul already disappointing libertarians

Fox News desperately wants Democrats to validate them

why isnt the Obama Admin charging Bush with the war crimes he committed?

Please listen to history re corporations taking over the government!

cool pic

Sign Petition to Stop Comcast/NBC Merger!

Should there be a law banning smoking within a certain distance of children?

Report: Young voters supported Democrats and Obama over republicans by large margins in midterms

Social Security funds are 100% separate from the deficit. Look at your paycheck - taxes are one

"I mean, we’re gonna have to, you know, tackle some big issues like ENTITLEMENTS that

George W. Bush Interview: Insulting, Ugly And Pathetic

Could pictures of your goodies end up on a TSA training video?

Criminal barbering? Raids at Orange County shops lead to arrests, raise questions

$697 Million Sure Doesn't Buy Much These Days

Found this covering the date ranges of 11/7-11/9 (re: missle launch)

Scientists ready to take on the Troglodytes in the new Congress

Scientists ready to take on the Troglodytes in the new Congress

Failure of pseudo centrism? Blurring distinctions in the name of bipartisanship.

Memphis pilot says he plans to sue to change air passenger screening procedures

Could you put this in your Facebook status?

Does "life without parole" mean just that, or can the governor pardon or change the sentence? nt

House Republicans Name An Already Expired Program As First Spending Item They Would Cut

New TSA rules - No large ink cartridges, all belts must come off

Bragging about killing Afghan civilians was met with disbelief

Gulf Shrimpers Wonder: “Are We Next on the Extinction List?

The sensible and rational Republicans want Democrats to "return to the center"?

US to Bully Germany on Trade Surplus at the G-20

Residents of Missouri Town Block Protesters From Picketing Soldier's Funeral

Call Centers and Landscaping Business.

They just evacuated a Walmart I was at.

BBC presenter dropped because 'she was not young and pretty enough'

Majority Report w/Sam Seder -podcast is here!

Administration Claims Unchecked Authority to Kill Americans Outside Combat Zones/ACLU and CCR Stmnt

The Rude Pundit: A Few Random Observations Regarding the Re-Emergence of George W. Bush

Phawker story about KO a sham. He should sue *ucker Carlson!

when a former president of any nation goes on national TV and defends torturing other human beings

FULL LETTER: Here's a link to Keith Olbermann's FULL LETTER to viewers of Countdown

This Modern World: Why the Democrats lost

2010 Veteran’s Day Free Meals and Discounts

Great news Top Gear fans, It is coming to the History Channel

Energy Committee Chairman Candidate Says God Promised no More Catastrophic Climate Change after Noah

Perlstein: In a battle between liars and people too polite to call them liars, guess who wins?

What is the cause of the "missile" in California?

Thank God for our Canadian healthcare system!!!!

Bush Interview a Ratings Flop

Bush Interview a Ratings Flop

Decision Dots

Ya know, every time the L.A. skyline is split by the contrail of an unidentified missile launch...

KO + Poverty Awareness + DUers doing something constructive! :)

President Obama: Offshoring Fears Are Outdated, Unwarranted

President Obama: Offshoring Fears Are Outdated, Unwarranted

War with Iran ...?

Social Security and the Deficit

Has anyone actually posted video of this "missile" being launched?

Kitty Delenn's update

Dr Strangelove, tonight 8 pm, TCM.

Question: Why did Dems filibuster the Social Security "Lock Box" in 1999 ?

Chuck Versus the Evil Ex-President

Does anybody foresee a challenge to Obama from the left?

Oprah is having quite the love fest with Shrub. Plus, it was Saddam's fault about WMD

Are there any conditions in which you would support the death penalty?

Underwater: Profits and pay are sky-high, even as bad loans are sinking the megabanks

Just imagine you're stuck on this cruise

Herr Decider is signing copies of his confession in Dallas right now

Jet contrails, from some angles, look like missile trails

** Heads up! Protest Bush "library" dedication on Sunday 11/14 **

Bush's New, Self-Serving Response To Questions He Can't Answer: "Buy My Book"

What is wrong with Ed Schultz? Ever since the election he has been railing against the President

Teabagger "Patriot"'s lie in local paper debunked. Claimed 3/4 of Founding

Two reasons why Obama will lose the White House in 2012

Should pedophiles/sex offenders be allowed back into society?

I'm amazed at how many here watch television

I'm amazed at how many here watch television

Why Is Obama Cuddling Up to Karl Rove and His Gas Drilling Friends?

Betty White named an Honorary Forest Ranger by the US Forest Service - story and pics

We have a former president who has admiited to criminal acts.

We have a former president who has admiited to criminal acts.

Black caucus says it will allow Republicans

A word for anyone who wonders why I believe in being a heavily armed liberal.

Debt Collectors create fake courtrooms, attorneys, judges and subpoenas to steal from consumers!

Florida teachers fearful GOP will push bill that kills tenure, says advanced degrees don't count.

Bleak Outlook for Social voted for change, you got it

We Are Spending $7 Trillion A Decade On Defense

An Eel Soaked In Oil Is More Trustworthy Than These Folks.

*CONFIRMED* Chemist: That’s BP oil on Southwest Florida beach — “Should put to rest any doubt”

FTA bills NJ $271 million for cancelled rail tunnel

US-born cleric calls for death of all Americans

Two senators eye gas tax hike (.25) to pay for highways and bridges

Carnival ship dead in the water after fire in engine room

America is a fascist state.

Media EPIC FAIL: WHERE are CBO staff or CBO reports on fiscal policy options? IMO, reporting on

This is about Social Security....I urge all DUers.....

Bush admits he tortured. Failure to prosecute make this administration complicit.

Judge Dismissed $292,500 in Debt Due to Shady Lender Practices -- Wall St. Freaks Out

"America, He's your president of goodness sake.....

Well, I got my elderly kitty settled into her new home..

Fuck... local greasy spoon burned...

BrewDog Paradox: Isle of Arran Stout. Yum. If you love Scotch, this is your beer.

INspired by "Angry French Canadian" AN American feat of Sandwich engineering...

A Perfect day... from Susan Boyle

Cat Bossed Me Around Yesterday

Yay! Finally a GD post I can be proud of

lou reed makes amends--directs susan boyles interpretation of his "perfect day"

Anybody want to take a shot at explaining Russell Brand's inexplicable "appeal?"

Any of them 24X7 christmas music stations on the radio yet?

Conan's beard?


Yes, I am old

Cherpumple: The Turducken of Desserts

"packaging not ovenable"

Do it!

Another "classic" DU member is leaving.


Lou Reed directs Susan Boyle's Perfect Day video


Wheel of Fortune - solves with one letter on board (and a ')

Richard Thompson is so fucking amazing that he could probably turn a Britney Spears song into gold.

Movies make me feel old. :(

Need some advice here.

And the Scottish girl goes "doot doo-doot doo-doot..."

Oh goody. Conan reruns at 12 noon on the comedy network.

I think I have a plan for Paul's birthday...

Got another recording job...

anyone else watch the next iron chef? *spoilers possible*

self delete

I made popcorn soup and I liked it

I have a new found respect for the band Slaughter.

Tuesday's kitteh (better late than never edition)

I just saw my contender for worst Christmas video of this year.

This,,, Trick play... Whoa....

Tips for those cowards who fear change.

I had the freakiest dream re: McDonald's

Mmmm ... persimmons.

Lookin' Out For No. 1

Mmmmmmm... amorousgibbons.(EDITED AND NOW WORTHFUL DUE TO PICS!!!)

Hey You

Takin' Care of Business

Couldn't've made it up if I tried: Embattled Ga. pastor has "LongFellows Youth Academy"!!

Mmmm ... genesimmons.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

For Tobin S. - Roll On Down The Highway

Let It Ride

The last thing I want to do is hurt you

I'm having a hard time finding "how big is a billion" type facts

I'm having a hard time finding "how big is a billion" type facts

It's getting dark too darned early.

On this day, 35 years ago.. The Edmind Fitzgerald was lost...

So the doctor cancels my husband's appointment today....

What's a city right in the middle of Kansas? I think the US capital should be moved there.

Hollywood Squares

DU info retrieval experts: Need help finding what I *think* is a non-profit...

My favorite post ever from a particular site which you must visit

I'd probably hate the book, but I just love the cover

Breaking: Abe Vigoda....

I make my TV acting debut tonight in Detroit 1-8-7.

One of my students just turned in his tests with the name "Mike Hawk" written on it.

So...another birthday, I'm 47 today

Video: Cat vs. iPhone app 'Cat Toy'

Crunchy or smooth?

Windkiss Shelties

I feel like making my mom's Mac and Cheese tonight

When will Bristol Palin get voted off "Dancing With The Stars"?

What book did you like most when you were young?

What book did you like most when you were young?

Druggie mom threw baby into washing machine (with Mug Shot o' the Week!)

Does this baseball player's body look like a woman's?

Mmmm ... richardsimmons.

People Choice Awards - this is what THEY constitute as 'Rock Bands'

cooks source magazine beaten into submission by the internet

Susan Boyle takes on Lou Reed

I'm a trucker. Ask me anything about trucking.

At first look, Conan's set looks like an updated Johnny Carson set.

Someone defriended me on FB over a Bush Cowboy hat joke

If Cats Published a Tourist Guide, How Would They Rate the Accommodations at Your Place?

How will you use your copy of "Decision Points"?

Firefighter, coach among arrested in alleged cocaine ring

UC board to weigh more fee increases

Keith Olbermann Thanks His Supporters via Letter Issued on Bold

Cholera spreads to Haitian capital

Dahmer childhood friend released from jury

Gunmen Kidnap Two Indonesians (Plus Two French, Two Americans & One Canadian) in Nigeria: Police

GE to invest over $2 billion in China through 2012

Bicyclist angry over lesser charges in Vail hit and run

US-born cleric calls for death of all Americans

Canada 'to extend' Afghan mission

Panetta Says CIA Will Probe WikiLeaks Document Release

Oil spill: BP 'did not sacrifice safety to save money'

Italian court indicts American Amanda Knox for slander against Italian police

President Obama warms ties with Indonesia; volcano may cut trip

Chile's dam complex faces green fury

Shippers fought full screening of cargo planes

Investigation launched into soaring executive pay

US to Bully Germany on Trade Surplus at the G-20

Obama pledges closer ties on return to Indonesia

Small-Business Index in U.S. Rises to Highest in Five Months

Serial shooting suspect (targeting immigrants) arraigned in Sweden

American Missionary Drowns in Unsuccessful Attempt to Save Indonesian Teens

Russia may impose harsher punishments for attacks on journalists

Issa walks back comment calling Obama 'corrupt'

BP was unprepared for oil spill, ex-CEO says

U.S. to announce home energy efficiency initiatives

Transgender youth leader charged with murder

Chevron to Buy Shale-Gas Owner Atlas Energy for $3.2 Billion

Netanyahu Sharply Insists on Building in Jerusalem

George W Bush claims UK lives 'saved by waterboarding'

New GOP chairman of Oversight Committee plans hundreds of hearings into executive branch

Gates: US open to request from Iraq to stay

Gulf oil spill: President's panel says firms complacent

George W Bush: British government outlines opposition to waterboarding

Justice dept.: no charges in CIA tape case

US charges 17 over '$42m theft' of Holocaust funds

Private security companies sign code of conduct to respect human rights in war zones

NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy

High-Frequency Traders Lobby, Donate to Head Off U.S. Rules

Senior PG&E director admits snooping on Smart Meter critics

New Economic Study Reveals Comcast-NBCU's Control Of 'Must Have' Content Will Cost An Extra $2.4 B

US takes on violent Afghan valley that bled Brits

US Agency (NLRB) Challenges Corporate Facebook Sacking (protected activity)

Republican Study Committee Recommends Cutting Welfare Program That Already Expired

White House Opposes DADT Deal

McChrystal Named to JetBlue Board


Obama, in Indonesia, Criticizes Israel on Housing

Convictions upheld for medical pot-growing couple

Indonesia Honors President Obama's Late Mother with Gold Medal (Incl. Photos)

Indonesian minister says he shook first lady's hand — by accident

Sculptures confiscated by Nazis to be displayed.

Riverside police officer is shot to death

Magnitude-5.6 quake shakes Yogyakarta (Indonesian city where the evacuees from the volcano ran to)

Number of Uninsured American Adults Hits Record High (Nearly 50 million)

Gay lawmakers back Pelosi’s leadership bid

Reid Reaffirms Commitment To Ending DADT, But Also Slams GOP For Opposing The Measure

Homosexuals banned from Croatian national team, says football federation president

FBI: 69 child prostitutes rescued, 99 pimps held

When you lose an election, change course—but only if you're a Democrat.

Link to live coverage of Obama in Indonesia:

Doing It Again

Tug boats, USS Ronald Reagan to assist disabled cruise liner

Cognitive Messaging within the Democratic Party

I love Obama

Texas with bigger budget gap than California

EPA Subpoenas Halliburton Over "Fracking"

What's in Obamacare?

Student who hacked Bill O'Reilly gets 30 months

Bush Still Blames Saddam for WMDs

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich: 'Compromise'

Okay ..... some mistakes were made

TDS: Gov. Perry

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich: 'Deficit Cutting' with Boehner, McConnell

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 9

Smoke pot? Schwarzenegger says, who cares?

Economic stress dips to 16-month low

A Blunder in the Making

Axelrod opens the spigot on LARGE Dem Donors in 2012

Falsely Jailed (for 30 Years) Man Dies 1 Month Out of Prison

Campaign in Poetry, Govern in Prose

Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast

What estimates have you heard where Obama is spending on the India trip?

Polls and Elections

Michelle the Maharani

TPM: Chris Christie: No. 1 U.S. Attorney In Wasting Gov't Travel Money

Former British Government Minister Disputes Bush’s Claim That Waterboarding Foiled Terror Plots...

NYT's Bob Herbert: The Impossible Dream

Fuck you George W. Bush for caring more about an unborn fetus then those who you sent to their death

Scarborough:Graham's suggestion attack on Iran is neoconservatism on CRACK

"Obama Visits a Nation That Knew Him as Barry"

2010 Midterms: Footprints of Election Fraud

For reason. Obama is a great man!

Seven chairmen back Steny Hoyer (including Frank) ?

“I want seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks,” Issa said.

Promises, Promises

Dem Rep. Connolly Wins VA House Race, GOPer Fimian Concedes

Why is Cenk talking about Palin

Paul Waldman: Democrats Sticking With Pelosi. (updated)

2010: An Aligning Election (Nate Silver)

The post-election outlook for regional cap-and-trade

Please help us win in 2012 today: defeat the hateful lies being told about our President & party.

What Orrin Hatch Considers A 'Tax Increase'

Fight fire with napalm. Water does not seem to work.

President Obama Signs Executive Order Widening Government Transparency

TPM: Clyburn Insisting On Vote For Whip

White House Opposes DADT Deal

Turns out that most Americans like most of the health care law.

Newt is on ABC morning news trashing Obama.

The Republican wish list of spending cuts....

Heads up - Jon Stewart addressing the Olbermann story tonite + Obama's 5 trillion dollar trip.

When Pelosi foiled the Republicans' best laid plan.

Jake Tapper: "imagine if in 5 years....

"Manchin Fights Rumors of Deal to Switch Parties"

George W. Bush Interview: Insulting, Ugly And Pathetic.

WH withdrawing support for Pelosi?

David Frum: GOP won't deal, health care law won't change

Cenk to host 3:00PM time slot on MSNBC the rest of November

OK DU'ers a question: Should Congressman-Elect West join the Black Caucus

Obama's 47% approval is freaking amazing.

How IL Dems kept the Governor's office and General Assembly

Dylan Ratigan, a FRAUD?

US May Break Promise to Leave Iraq (Anyone Surprised?)

Don't Blame The President-Tim Kaine MUST GO !

Don't Blame The President-Tim Kaine MUST GO !

Things like this are why I think I need to take a break from all things political. For life.

Indonesia Presents Posthumous Gold Medal to Pres. Obama's Mother

When did AP begin running commentary as news?

Kerry in Turkey - trying to help with the deadlock between Turkey and Israel

Does President Obama know what the mystery missile was?

Bush Book Comedy Gold!

ACLU: Obama Adm. Claims Unchecked Authority To Kill Americans It Designates An Enemy of the State

I guess the rewriting of history is working...I just ran into an old friend at the

Andrew Sullivan: The Big Lie

Boehner's health delusion - Op Ed

Unprecedented bounce for President Obama in Gallup tracking polling after midterms

Obama Administration Backs Religious School Aid, Opposes Right To Sue

Now I am Convinced Palin is running 2012...Five myths about Sarah Palin

WH not happy about Pelosi remaining Dem leader?

Obama's Indonesian Gay Nanny

Jack Cafferty question on Monday: "Isn't it time for Nancy Pelosi to just go away?"

Cantor, Republicans signal Obama tax proposal is dead in the water

The amazing aspect of Obama's RomneyCare admission

CIA Interrogation Tape Destruction Will Result In No Charges

Ever tried to tell a whistler to please stop whistling?

TDPS: Democrats & Obama should not even think of bipartisanship for 2 years...


Origin of Fake Election-Night Robo-Calls Confirmed

Papantonio: Teabaggers and the Stray Cat Syndrome

James O'Keefe's Conservapranks

America: The Financial Empire

Sen. Sanders Discusses Clean Energy

Sanders and Ed Schultz Discuss Outsourcing

Laura Flanders Interviews Greg Mitchell

MRN: Bush Fetus BANS Ten Commandments

GOP Transition Transparency

Cenk Uygur Interviews Congressman Kucinich (MSNBC)

Weird Liberal Head Show #216: GOP- Moderate, Compromise, or Die!

TDPS: OK SQ755 Sharia Law "Outlawing" Unnecessary, Malicious, and Irrelevant

TYT: Sarah Palin vs. GOP Establishment

Capitalism and QE2

The Fighting Wing of the Democratic Party

Mysterious Missile Launch over Southern California?

Rachel Maddow- Can Americas middle class be saved with Elizabeth Warren

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Will Obama Make A Progressive Case? w/ Rep. Woolsey (D-CA)

Something Terrible is Happening!

Ode to the Twilight Zone

"Heartbreak" near Florida border: "Massive amounts of submerged oil" on beaches

Pennsylvania to Become 'Gasland'?

Indonesia's Michelle Obama handshake scandal

Fox News Interprets Presidents Comments About Islam

Bill O'Reilly Presidential Campaign 2012

RSA Animate: Smile or Die. Narrated by Barbara Ehrenreich of Bright-Sided.

Online Execution? Artist straps himself to electric chair, users decide his fate (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Obama, the street kid from Jakarta, knows US dominance of Asia is over

In Matt Lauer Interview, Bush Cites 'Seinfeld'

Why are Democrats the only ones making concessions on the Bush tax cuts?

The Money Party Deficit Reduction Scam and Social Security

Fox News gets subpoena power

Wall Street Wins Again

Unemployment Extension, Tier 5, 99ers, or Bush Tax Cuts?

US to Bully Germany on Trade Surplus at the G-20

Let Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Pledger Rand Paul Slam Dunks "Pig Party"

George Monbiot: Yes, Britain's open for business – the sort of business that doesn't pay tax

China's Quarantine U.S. Corn Cargo Refused Entry into China

Greg Mitchell, The Nation - Matt Lauer Interviews George Bush: The Silence of the Lamb

Massachusetts doctors snub state’s HCR as model for country, pick single-payer system instead

Nancy Pelosi Attack Ads Break Records

FBI Busts Consenting Adults for Having Sex -- Don't They Have Anything Better to Do?

Mid-term election results not a mandate for GOP, poll shows

"Amerika, Inc."

Durham Torture Tape Case Dies, US Duplicity in Geneva & The Press Snoozes

Levin ready to drop DADT from Defense Authorization Bill

Lawrence O'Donnell plugs whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar .com

US activists are campaigning to move George Bush's memoir, Decision Points, to the crime section

'Jewish assets seized by Nazis funded 30 percent of WWII expenses'

Smart People Do More Drugs--Because of Evolution

Dumbest George W. Bush Quotes of All Time

send them [liberals] to ovens

Out comes the sun, and the anti-Semites, in honor of the New Orleans GA

Life after Climategate

UN can't say Iran's nuclear (energy) program is peaceful

Drumbeat: November 9, 2010

Peak oil review - Nov 8

China Awards Contracts to UK, French and US Firms on 8 New Nuclear Reactors.

Chevron buys Marcellus shale deposit owner Atlas Energy (BBC)

$312 Billion: Governments Gave Six Times More to Fossil Fuels Than Renewable Energy in 2009, IEA Rep

'Culture of complacency' ruled at companies, oil spill panel's co-chairman says

Deformed bird beaks trigger environmental hunt

Gov. Ted Strickland refuses to halt passenger rail project, despite request by successor John Kasich

Call to stop fossil fuel subsidy (BBC) {worldwide}

Illegal tiger trade 'killing 100 big cats each year' (BBC)

America's Energy Question: What Price Will it Take to Commit to Renewable Energy?

Halliburton Fails to Give Gas Drilling Data, EPA Says

interesting variant for pumped hydro storage

Why EV drivers should worry about Big Brother

Peak oil redux

Family of Christopher Bizilj says gun jammed twice before 8-year-old was shot during Westfield Sport

Update (Nov. 2010) - S. Korean Garands and M1 carbines coming back home???

Gun Week (a publication of talks about liberal gun owners

Colombian unionist calls for solidarity

Hugo Chavez Celebrates Cooperation with Cuba

Water-Park Fire Reveals Hamas' Tightening Grip on Power

Terrorism Against Cuba v. The Cuban Five

Venezuela's Chavez targets freedom of press: watchdog

Ex-IDF officer said to have trained gunmen set to return

Killers in Awa massacre get 52 years jail .

Castro calls rare Cuba communist party congress

This week in kicking

Kurt Coleman Will Not Be Fined For Austin Collie Hit

Why are there NO threads about how the Cleveland Browns kicked the Cheatriots asses??

Joe Morgan and Joe Miller canned from Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN..

Florida’s Meyer denies leaking Cam Newton records

American League Gold Glove Winners Announced

Duhamel wins World Series of Poker

Cleveland gave up _____ _____ for Peyton Hillis (and got a 6th round pick)

Odd survey by the NFL about the Falcons.

Cowboys' team website disappears..

Colorado fires Dan Hawkins; McCartney to return?????

Ya want to see a wild ending to a High School football game---This is my Son's team.

Klash of the Korn Kings: Kansas vs. Nebraska

The Hate Bus

Dubya's "Gay" Hypocrisy (Regarding Dick & Mary Cheney)

And yet again....Brandon Bitner, 14, Kills Himself In Early Morning Tractor Trailer Suicide

GLAD To Launch Second DOMA Suit

Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon for Marriage Equality

State Supreme Court Overturns Conviction For Anti-Gay Speech

Obama Had A Gay Nanny Who Did Drag (NY Times article)

Tyler Perry's Down-Low Hysteria

Top US officer surprised at Marine chief’s dissent

2 lawsuits challenge US Defense of Marriage Act

US "Deeply Disappointed" With Israel's New Settlement Plan: Spokesman

Water-Park Fire Reveals Hamas' Tightening Grip on Power

Palestinians demand immediate statehood to counter Israeli 'unilateralism'

Netanyahu Sharply Insists on Building in Jerusalem

Who will value Palestinian rights?

After GOP Victory, Emboldened Israel Declares New Building In East Jerusalem

Israeli plans to build hundreds more homes in West Bank settlement risk US anger

Nobel laureates: Oppose Israel academic boycott

Book recommendation: "The Pity of It All" by Amos Elon

My grandmother passed away last week.

What does Atheism offer me? Read it all….

Stem cell researchers have found a way to turn a person’s skin into blood

Chip-in-a-pill technology

Archeologists Link Rise of Civilization and Beer's Invention

Vast, mysterious structure discovered at the heart of our galaxy

Gay Checks

After dinner she asked me: "Do you have a pillow please"

Closed for the season


Today in Labor History Nov 8 FDR announces plans for the Civil Works Administration & more

U.S. Steel Locks Out Nearly A Thousand Workers because They’re Resisting Pension Cuts

Republicans Taking Over State Governments Are Eager To Kill Jobs Projects

What happened to the post questioning the phantom jobs in October's BLS data

How is it "inflammatory and divisive"