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I sent this to 2 local news channels and not even a reply

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

Kill Moloch. The Urgency of Campaign Finance Reform: A Meditation on Election Day 2010

Obama's Position on the Bush Tax Cuts IS the Compromise Position

Why extending the Bush tax-cuts for folks over $250K cannot be "paid for"

Why extending the Bush tax-cuts for folks over $250K cannot be "paid for"

Might the KO controversy be a gift for us...?

Pharmaceutical Chicanery: Snake Oil Vendors of the Modern Era

Thought about about encouraging voter turnout

so who will Phil Griffin get rid of next?

Is this why the US is in the shape it is today?

Democrats And Republicans Find Common Ground On ‘Tweaking’ Health Reform’s 1099 Provision

Defense chief Gates backs push to end "don't ask, don't tell"

First Lady of Fabulous - Michelle Obama cushions by Delhi-based designer Arpita Kalra - pics

What is our vision for the future of America and how do we get there? nt

It was Republicans. I mean the people, not just their politicians.

"I don't care if you fuck the elephants, as long as you're not covering the circus."

Hell with the election, it's time to fire up "The War on Christmas".

George Bush blasts Palin as 'unqualified' for President... and McCain as being 'less of a man' .....

Michael Steele - "Voting is a risk"...

So does "November sweeps" include cable news channels

Allen West shows a lack of class and declares he will join the Congressional Black Caucus

Has Keith said a word? Has he tweeted? Any Facebook communication?

This is Politically Incorrect, is it not?

GOP senator: Consider neutering Iran's 'ability to wage war'

Remember when Dem congressman Bob Etheridge went berserk on two kids who were harassing him in DC?

A song for the end of a long week...

"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk

Rep.-elect West plans to join Congressional Black Caucus

One birthday, spent at work

Talk about your collapsing infrastructure.

I want to unleash a string of curse words, but I need to cut that out

Time Magazine arrived today - with Boehner's mug on the front.

Does congress have the power to change the laws regarding gerrymandering?

Should Obama move to the Left or to the Right?

Seems Like Old Times. Well, kiss and hug those you love.

If Keith Olbermann Goes, So Do WE!

I just emailed MSNBC.

Tea Party War Criminal Caucus (article from vetvoice, part of VoteVets)

Haven't glenn beck,Slannity,O'lielly ...

Rep. Larsen (D) increases margin in WA 2nd District


I need a debunking of this video that was sent to me please.

Snow White Just Rocked My Face Off



If money is speech, why can't speech be money?

The US computer industry employs only 166,000—fewer than in 1975

Who can help me make a stand against some nasty Repugs on another forum?

I watched some Glenn Beck tonight.

Obama Nods to GOP Again in Radio Address

Huge midterm losses for the incumbent, economic collapse

I think that maybe I'm dreaming. Certainly tired of pretending.

"The Propheteer" ad is making me go blind.

Texas Considers Medicaid Withdrawal

Democracy for America: Thank You, Russ (sign your name)

Remember, the MSM was predicting we'd lose both House and Senate

You realize Obama ruled out PERMANENT top 2% tax cuts, not extending them, right?

DU Public Service Announcement - FALL BACK! Daylight Savings Time

DU Public Service Announcement - FALL BACK! Daylight Savings Time

No way THAT would happen

UK to review their high-stakes ed testing policies after 25% of schools boycott the tests

So Texas wants to get out of Medicaid

Scottish Parliament Opening Song...Auld Lang Syne

More Keith Avatars

I need the answer to two questions (any help would be appreciated)

If you were czar of Democratic Party strategy, you would:

UK cuts school lunch program to fund their own "Race to the Top," Duncan cheers reforms (sic)

SHOCKER: John McCain LOOKS BAD In George W. Bush's Book

Torturer-in-chief: Bush brags about waterboarding

What's next for defense of Social Security--timeline from national coalition

Mahatma Gandhi on war...

DU Fox's poll - about Olbermann

WaPo: How Pelosi's determination could hamper Obama

Now that Alex Sink of Florida Can Speak Freely...

"Not On Your Side" (An election post-mortem question)

John Hall's seat (19th NY) was bought and paid for by George Pataki . . .

Republicans will have the power to gerrymander districts to keep the House for a decade

Republicans will have the power to gerrymander districts to keep the House for a decade

The new Missouri state Senate

The new Missouri state Senate

U.S. Monetary Policy: Too Much of the Bad

I was musing on the Air Force tanker deal one fine day...

The Republican establishment wants Palin to go away.

What if KO and Griffin

Nice Job OHIO unemployed who voted for fuckstick Governor Elect kkkasich...

Political Changes May Imperil Congressional Probe into Kent St Shootings

Political Changes May Imperil Congressional Probe into Kent St Shootings

View from outside the USA -Was it the economy, Stupid?

Here's a good summary of the Senate race in Alaska: NY Times.

How an obscure provision in the health care law turned small business against Obama and the Democrat

Maddow Guest Melissa Harris-Lacewell (Now Perry): 'USPS Retaining Suspicious Letter Sent To Me'

Maddow Guest Melissa Harris-Lacewell (Now Perry): 'USPS Retaining Suspicious Letter Sent To Me'

Holidays are coming..parties, drinking.....driving. This is not pretty, but it must be shown

Flashback: Bush in India (massive protests)

Democrats hold on to Arizona congressional seat (Tea Party favorite concedes)

While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales

I don't want to say I told you but...Printed last Jan.

I don't want to say I told you but...Printed last Jan.

I don't want to say I told you but...Printed last Jan.

Evolution by Religious Selection: Mexican Cavefish Develop Resistance to Toxin

The Party Game Is Over. Stand and Fight

Do you think Keith would accept a position at Fox ?

Daylight Savings

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Requests Removal of Document from Public Intelligence

Lil' Lindsey's Alexander Haig moment: "Nuclear containment of Iran is off the table."

Ruling class muscling Rahm Emmanuel into mayor's office

Jim McDermott (D-Wash.): Republicans 'don't believe in anything,' McConnell 'doesn't care'

Bill Maher

Livin' the dream.

Political giving not unusual on cable

KO to appear on Today Show - Monday Morning

Another example of our so called 'Justice' system in action

Sunday's DOONESBURY: 'Just Another No-Brainer'

Sunday's DOONESBURY: 'Just Another No-Brainer'

Time to tag the fucking majority as lazy......

WikiLeaks At The U.N. (PHOTOS)

Bishop Gene Robinson to retire in 2013

Sunday Talk Shows:President Obama on 60 Minutes

Dick Cavett on CBS Sunday Morning show

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.

"How the Hippies Saved Physics"

So fucking Lindsey GrahamCracker.....

"Our Banana Republic" by Nicholas Kristof - no need to travel, we have one right here

Thirteen ways of looking at a Blue Dog

a john boehner love story from cnn....

here we go: GOP to attack health care law 'piece by piece'

Grayson for DNC Chair-Facebook page available

Our Lying Society Just Got Worse

Is it time to "invade" Fox?

Was MSNBC Already Backing Down Friday Night?

Chilean Miner takes to streets for NYC Marathon

Let us not forget that when the Democrats tried to get their message out, the well oiled machine of

Let us not forget that when the Democrats tried to get their message out, the well oiled machine of

Van Hollen endorses Pelosi

No Appetite for Prosecution: In Memoir, Bush Admits He Authorized the Use of Torture, But No One Car

10 years ago on November 7 it was election day. I don't think we'll ever recover from what followed.

What role did two Arizona teabaggers have in the suspension of Keith Olbermann?

US Goverment helped Domino's concoct new pizza line using 40% more cheese

Rand Paul Long on Budget Cuts, Short on Specifics

What do we know about the Working Families Party, which has had some

Who has the clause that Phil Griffin used against Olbermann?

Unequal Treatment; Scarborough 2010 Political Donations in Question with Olbermann's Suspension

"We hit 250,000! Join the momentum!" -boldprogressives on Keith's Petition

GM Bailout Shields $45 Billion of Profits

If it's true, 1/3 gay voters voted Republican...should Gates be ignored?

If it's true, 1/3 gay voters voted Republican...should Gates be ignored?

Sunday Dental Thread: No teeth today...

"Rep. Pelosi did what was right for the country, and what's right isn't always what's popular."

Mitch McConnell gives Obama a tempting opening

YOUR wish for George W. Bush as he embarks on his book tour

an acquaintance just moved back to town--uh oh

Bill Maher - "Am I racist?" to be worried about all the Muslim babies...

25,000 votes for socialism in "teabagger" ohio

Pelosi's damaging competence

Florida woman tries to sell infant grandson - throw away the keys

Pope Defends Values In Face Of Gay 'Kiss-In'- Barcelona

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Heads up: Joan Walsh, Howard Kurtz discussing KO - on CNN NOW

Should Keith Olbermann be Democratic Party Chairman?

Should Keith Olbermann be Democratic Party Chairman?

C&L: Rs Duck And Cover On Spending Cuts

Electric brain stimulation can enhance a person's maths ability for up to six months

Russ will need a job soon, where should Obama put him?

History Channel: 'Marijuana - A Chronic History'

Ok let's play a WORST case scenario, shall we?

Keith Olbermann NEVER Engages In Over-The-Top Hyperbolic Rhetoric

Pawlenty Touts Opposition To Health Law, While Accepting Some Of Its Funding

Here is an enterprising individual who will probably make a few bucks off me this year

I've got my comment ready whenever I see a rightwing news article about Keith Olbermann.

A prediction related to life on other planets

Battle begins over campaign funding secrecy in Montana

How would you describe the USA right now, economically & politically?

On the rally and NPR (Fear or sanity)


Why call them Bush tax cuts?

Why call them Bush tax cuts?

We ought to be very careful to not let right wing crap get posted as fact on DU

Boehner under fire: First cut should be lawmakers' salaries

Boehner under fire: First cut should be lawmakers' salaries

Republicans Plan? - Ask Obama

Looking over the voting figures in each District here in

Why Spain Can Actually Prosecute Bush and Co. for Their Crimes

Sunday Infographic - "How Our Laws Are Made"

Sunday Infographic - "Left vs Right" (note: from the UK)

Idea for a Keith avatar

Idea for a Keith avatar

America - He's Your President for Goodness Sake!

Arianna Huffington: No GOP winner says they will touch "defense spending"

Tax Cuts to the Wealthy....

Government Sachs!

The Truth Behind the Everlasting Happy Meal: Burgers That Size Don't Rot

I am sick and tired of the talking heads and GOP'ers telling us what the message of the

Clyburn dares TeaPublicans to repeal ACA

GM Gypsies & the Tentacles of Resistance

UAW Local 5960 National Labor Relations Board Challenge

The Progressive: 'bosses at MSNBC worship "objective" journalism. There is no such thing ....'

McMaster scientists turn skin into blood

Pelosi's Triumph Democrats didn't lose the battle of 2010. They won it.

Am I overreacting, or is the Obermann suspension the first salvo in destroying the liberal voice

The first act of the Democratic Party is to call out anyone who

The Democrats Prepare to Move Right

Debt Collector Uses Fake Sheriffs, Judges and Courtrooms!

Senator Lindsey Graham Urges War With Iran, Confrontation With China

Jon Stewart Doesn't Care What You Think

Why don't we raise a storm on Twitter to Keith's acct there?

Why is it that Rethuglicans and media all act like they won trifecta?

MSNBC: Mass. town makes peace with Du Bois, a native son

OK You Have Two Years......TOON

Bill Gates Passing Out More Bribes in Seattle

a question I want the talking head spewers (and the righties) to answer about the tax cuts

PA Homeland Security office engaged in domestic surveillance, compared political groups to Al Qaeda

PA Homeland Security office engaged in domestic surveillance, compared political groups to Al Qaeda

Sweden investigating alleged U.S. spying

The GOP is pushing extending all the tax cuts for one reason....

Frank Schaeffer: Bad Theology and Crazy Politics (Why the Republicans Won)

Exporting Our Way to Stability ~ Barack Obama - NYT Op-ed

Why losing the House matters

Take Back America Tour , From 10 Years Ago,On Mad TV.

Take Back America Tour , From 10 Years Ago,On Mad TV.

Pope defends family as Spanish gays hold 'kiss-in'

After PETA letter, renowned travel writer apologizes for past support of SeaWorld.

The 2012 Senate Races

Did Bush actually give the rich a "tax" cut ??

Quantitative Easing, Wall Street and the Press

Massive Protests As Nuclear Waste Train Reaches Germany! Video Links Here

California borrows 40 million a day to pay unemployment. Owes the feds billions

You have the right to free speech

California borrows 40 million a day to pay unemployment. Owes the feds billions

Over 250,000 people have sign the petition to put Keith back on the air!

The Real Reason America’s Cities and Towns Are Broke

Cantor: If Pelosi stays, then Dems don't get it

So, it's Keith's fault if he does not apologize, even though he did

If the repubs hold "investigative" hearings of the Dems, would you advise the minority (us) boycott?

41% of US children born to unwed fathers

Apparently, Amazon plans to cash in on the Republican Takeover

WHY Are members of the Progressive Caucus Supporting Hoyer?

President Obama and the First Lady tour Humayun's Tomb in New Dehli - pics

GOP: No Compromise on Bush Tax Cuts

GOP: No Compromise on Bush Tax Cuts

"Greetings From Exile!..." KO Tweets!

The essential philosophical difference between Progressives and Conservatives is...

So FOX News gets more views than other news programs but Huffington Post beats Drudge Report

does anybody know if Keith Olbermann has been seen in public since this all went down?

While you miscreants are busy fighting the War on Christmas, please remember one important thing:

As we find ourselves the minority party in the US House, what ought our over strategy be?

And now for a bit of levity - "In Sarah Palin's Alaska, There Are Float Planes for Everyone."

Frank Rich is a bloated out of touch white guy!

self delete

Too funny! A FARK photoshop must see!

Napoleon was a great fan of referendums

A Fickle Electorate

I'd like to see another progressive Democrat run for leader instead of Pelosi

longtime du military vets.

Republicans Duck and Cover on Spending Cuts

Repubs gained 680 state seats-Redistricting, among other things we need to fear

Or that he has tactile insufficiency.

When you're Owned by a big C, Corporation


Ok this was tragic, and funny

If they want Keith to apologize, he should give them a Babylon 5 apology...

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!! It is now 5 days. How many jobs have the

Did they ever catch all those guys who escaped from

"This is not Rand Paul’s America" By Jayne Lyn Stahl

"Keith Olbermann was suspended because he refused to deliver an on-camera mea culpa."

Speaking of the sanctity of marriage.......

The British Monarchy to Join Facebook

House GOP leader forsakes tea parties, takes earmark ban off the table

Keith Olberman (Dec 1998) The Scandal That Ate My TV Program...

Keith Olberman (Dec 1998) The Scandal That Ate My TV Program...

Detroit Free Press: Unions brace for a GOP onslaught

Pat "Obama's Dream Died " Buchanan vs. Barack Obama

Agencies that help the homeless struggle to survive and maintain services

Two years ago 92% said the economy was in bad shape and 54% of those voted Obama.

Corporations vs. Citizens... Citizens vs. Corporations

Best quote of the day from Frank Rich - NY Times.

Request to ban activists raises eyebrows

What if KO.....

Gates, Obama urge repeal of ban on openly gay service members before new Congress arrives

Note to Republicans ~ the average small business owners annual income is between 40-100K.

Is it wise or unwise to offer - before the first bill is intoduced - to compromise with the repubs?

California AG race still up in the air

What if Lisa Murkowski Caucuses with the Dems?

What if Lisa Murkowski Caucuses with the Dems?

Keith, we here at Democratic Underground love ya! We hope to see you on TV again soon!

Keith, we here at Democratic Underground love ya! We hope to see you on TV again soon!

Keith, we here at Democratic Underground love ya! We hope to see you on TV again soon!

Clyburn dares repubs to try to repeal the health care law...

Bloomberg Blasts incoming ReTHUGS - Says U.S. Leaders Can't Read, Don't Know Where China Is

Keith Tweets!

Article: Obama Can Pursue Ambitious Agenda Without Congress's Help

Will someone please let me know when that obnoxious "Propheteer" ad is gone

Pope Ratz declares jihad on "aggressive secularism"

Why is President Obama neither recognizes nor knows how to deal with Racism

MSNBC will let Keith back on the air if he apologizes so says

DU Members' Opinion: did voters say, "Get things done" or "Stop Obama's Agenda"...

Taxation And Privatization - FDL

OMG, I think my job may end soon

I work for Wal-mart. If they ever told me who I could and couldn't donate my hard earned money to

Need advice on challenging CA-46th in 2012

Can someone tell me a bit about the child sex parties that Poppy supposedly held at the White House?

The media keeps asking "Are Democrats out of touch with voters?"

So Keith, Phil and Rachel

Red State Political do we do it? How do we get people to show up?

The annual time change poll

Keith Hasn't been Fired.....

These don't stand for anything

Minorities Rule This Country

Rand Paul: GOP must consider military spending cuts

Can we work with SOME libertarians?

•••The Phil Griffin (who fired Keith) gratitude thread. Stop the candlelight vigil at Rock Ctr!•••

When is it moral to make a profit?

Should we ask all future Dem U.S. Senate candidates receiving DSCC funds to sign this pledge:

Should we ask all future Dem U.S. Senate candidates receiving DSCC funds to sign this pledge:

Does the term "Muslim" refer to race or religion?

Toon to put a smile on you animal lovers....

Happy Meal -- 3 weeks old. Don't believe everything to see or read on the internet.

Love is hard

Petition for Keith: 257,929 people have taken action—103% of our goal

Strike Iran? Already?

Who came first with the straight criticism of Bush? Olbermann or Stewart?

Who came first with the straight criticism of Bush? Olbermann or Stewart?

I would rather see all the Bush tax cuts expire..

CRIMINAL BARBERING?!! Armed Orlando deputies storm barbershops, conduct searches w/o warrant

I don't think it's out of hand to view the opposition and results in the midterms as validation

Tea Party Favorites Rand Paul & Jim DeMint Struggle To Name Specific Budget Cuts (VIDEO)

Tea Party Favorites Rand Paul & Jim DeMint Struggle To Name Specific Budget Cuts (VIDEO)

The Cowboys

We Can Start Our 2012 Campaign By Having REAL Primaries, Not Coronations

How Britain's new welfare state was born in the USA

My Polish Jesus erection is bigger than your Brazilian Jesus erection

Fight to preserve a free press. Stop the Comcast NBC merger.

NYT "Obama's Enthusiasm for Gas Drilling Raises Eyebrows" plus more frack stuff

I, for One, Welcome Our Superhuman Overlords

I, for One, Welcome Our Superhuman Overlords

According to the Bush/Obama education policy, 100% of all students must be proficient by 2014.

Sarah Palin ruined 2008 elections for Republicans, says Bush

Should Democrats start referring to Republicans as fascists?

My Gulf War 1/Veterans Day editorial printed today

Would you be offended if your teen got condoms & speech on safe sex for halloween?

My Compromise Proposal on Tax Cuts

DC charter schools make $24 million in profit in 2009.

How Obama Enables Rush



Susan Crawford sees hints of Comcast in Olbermann suspension

Bank of America Edges Closer to Tipping Point

I think I know why Lawrence O'Donnell said he was a socialist

Rep. Bernie Sanders: Where do we go from here?

Mother of All Issues

Keith Olbermann Breaks His Silence: 'Greetings From Exile!"

Brace yourselves, guys. The right-wing are trying to take-over the mainstream media.


Classic Peanuts

Juan Williams sees Rove-vs.-Palin ‘civil war’ inside GOP

"But by the time I got to the White House, I hadn't had a drink in a long time"

Olbermann suspended for refusing on-air apology: report

Online Exercise in Hard Choices

Dan Choi Boycotts MSNBC Over Keith Olbermann Suspension

Lou Holtz --- OFF the list

Eye of the Hurricane

The Right Answer (but not a popular one)

Do we really need daylight saving time?

Discredited Right-Wing Author Jonah Goldberg Given Three Free Hours on C-Span's In Depth Today

2012 -- we'll totally "get his back" if he can show he has ours

2012 -- we'll totally "get his back" if he can show he has ours

Thank You, Dick Cheney, For Giving Me the Proper Words

Do you know how big the universe is?

Well, one thing about the Olbermann brouhaha.

When it comes to discussions here, why do some seem...

Stanford sure has no friends in that Texas prison

Why Barack Obama is looking good for a second term in 2012

The most unbelievable story that FOX NEWS will report as true.

Lesson #2: If you describe yourself as Liberal, you probably approve of Obama

Arne's goal of mayoral control of schools. Too much concentrated power?

I voted Republican and all I lost was . . .

Just a reminder. Do NOT, any of you, go back

Eric Cantor Opposes Compromise On Extending Bush Tax Cuts, Says Government Shutdown Will Be Obama's

Forcing MSNBC to put KO back on is just instant gratification. It does nothing to address the

Best pro-Obama Letter to the Editor ever

How are YOU treating the Midterm Election Hangover?

Be Careful What You Wish For

The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy

Credit agencies responding to 'shocking development' - credit elites walking away from debts

President Obama’s “Dancing, Diwali”

"You can’t win an election without a coherent message... You can’t govern if you can’t tell

Can totalitarian fascism happen in the USA ?

Americans do not know jack about history

Vegas tunnel people a sign of the times?

Gay kiss-in greets pope

President Obama: offshoring fears are outdated, unwarranted

Bush crime family review:

What can we DO NOW to combat poverty and homelessness?

Bank giving away free money!

Did Thomas Jefferson grow and smoke marijuana?

Resources to defend Social Security and Medicare--please move on this!

President's '$2 billion dollar' trip to India turns into $10 billion dollar deal for American jobs

Frank Rich: 'Barack Obama, Phone Home'

Hooters Shows Why Deflation May Never Go Away: William Pesek

The Real Reason For Obama's Trip To India: The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History

A Progressive classic movie must see on TCM tonight: Metropolis

The Progressive: "Why progressives should no longer invest hope in President Obama"

Heads Up: Massive Volcanic Eruptions In Indonesia (Dialup Warning & Incl. Some Very Graphic Images)

I'm at the Doh Whisperer Cesar Milan Pack Leader show

dont forget to change your clocks ....

You'll never know what you'll catch...

5 seminal bands of yer yut

Liar Liar

Nation Taking No Joy in Cowbows' Pathetic Collapse-The Onion

Have you ever tried Poutine before?

Placing notes on someone else's pet...

I have many cousins

Is something wrong with the Search function?

i've had two over poured glasses of wine...

I just got a bunch of beer in my eye


Did daylight savings time just make a bunch of threads perma-kicked for a while?

Hey, anybody got change for the jukebox?

Should I rip and replace my disks to a RAID-5 system and boot disk

Sooo... Did the Lounge spring forward instead of falling back or something?

The official Macaroni the Clown NYC Marathon thread.

I have a cousin...

Echo and The Bunnymen - Over The Wall (live)

need a good chuckle ?

Have you ever tried Putin before?

It is not a good idea to post after midnight

Stolen from some twitter guy...

Help me name my new cocktail

I don't need a XBox 360 memory card!


Good to Sea

**spoiler alert**

Best cover song ever (I know this has been posted several

How do I voice chat on my XBox 360?

The only clock we had to adjust was the microwave clock

When did French green beans become haricot vert?

Time Warp

I'm so impressed with the groundkeepers during the pro football games on tv.

Does anyone have a link to pictures of things found by archaeoligists

Spoiler posting etiquette??

Most Painful headline of the week: "Sen. Graham: 'Neuter' Iran's military"

I am spitting angry....

I hate Fox Sports

Everly Brothers - BORN YESTERDAY

I'm having trouble accessing the iTunes store -- anyone else having problems?

And the Lamb...lays down...on BROADWAY!!!

there are no "sides" to facts.

Ok. Forgive me. I'm new in Twitter. How the hell do I get KO's tweets?

ATT U-verse dropped The Food network and a few others

What did the cannibal to his bud say while eating a clown?

Anybody a Night Gallery fan?

My cat is sick :(

Happy Birthday Joni Mitchell

I get to crow a bit

My husband bakes great cookies...

Is there any place you know of that would take used cameras???

This is not a joke. I would like your opinions and comments on this situation.

laundry fight - see if this makes sense

A dear friend gave us Dylan tix for tonight. Haven't seen him live in years.

The Walking Dead

Help me win!

Most romantic song ever?

The Animated History of Poland in 8 minutes

Gag - the Xmas marketing blitz has begun.

Highland Park porn shop sells $128.6M Powerball ticket

Man swept off rocks at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Weebles Wobble Edition

Did Keith Olbermann even violate NBC policy?

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop to Retire in 2013

Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran

Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran

Somali pirates get hefty ransom ($9.5m for release of a South Korean oil supertanker)

Battle begins over campaign funding secrecy in Montana

NATO says two of its soldiers killed in eastern Afghanistan (Roundup)

Hillary Clinton praises Australia's peacekeepers

'Don't ask' should stay for now, new Marine commandant says

Mass. town makes peace with Du Bois, a native son

Nuclear bomb material found for sale on Georgia black market

Burma declares state of emergency after poll

Burma's elections not free and fair, President Obama says

Let Cher's exposed buttocks on the battleship USS Missouri remind you of what you need to do @ 2 AM

Chilean Miner Takes to Streets for Marathon

Dan Coats For Filibuster Reform: Incoming GOP Senator Embraces Change

Pompeii's 'House Of The Gladiators' Collapses.

Share the Petition: Tell Congress to Continue Federal Unemployment Benefits

President Obama holds a Town Hall with Students, Mumbai

VP heads to Texas for staffer's wedding...Cost To Taxpayers 55 million dollars????????

How Obama should deal with the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Gates urges Congress to repeal gay ban now

Pope's Spain visit rocked by gay kiss-in protest

"Talking to sex workers" what is so new about that???

You have to go all the way to India to find fruity, positive coverage of Obama.

John Boehner's links to lobbyists could be the chink in his political armour

Republicans signal a hard-line stance after election success

Republican Gains Cheer a Former Power Broker at His Money-Laundering Trial

Obama says 'midcourse corrections' to come at home

(UK) Unemployed told: do four weeks of unpaid work or lose your benefits

Eric Alterman: You Are Only Coming Through in Waves

Republican establishment takes on Sarah Palin

Anyone remember when W went to India in 2006? -- great pic inside

Photos: 4 Degrees of Separation

Sick F**k's Rule Our Discourse

Secret Memo From the Past to Save Republican Party

Trade deal with India means 22,000 jobs for Long Beach!

G.O.P. Plans to Use Purse Strings to Fight Health Law

Ducking Tea Bags

Question about the Republican "tsunami" "hurricane" "Tidal wave":

**** Wake Up! POTUS holds Town Hall with Indian Students, LIVE 1:15am EST ****

Check in with what Obama/Dems need to do now.

Paul: Military cuts on the table

Error in tally upends NY congressional election (bad)

NYT editorial: Plenty of Work for the Lame Duck: The $4 Trillion Question

Unemployment payouts push California deeper into debt

I'm getting tired of defending him.

I Never Tire Of Celebrating The Success and Accomplishment of This President

The sad tale of the Democrats who hated the unemployed

I thought the world had ended when Richard Nixon was elected.

Gates urges Congress to repeal gay ban now

Canada Offers $100,000 In Aid To Victims Of Indonesian Disasters

Wouldn't it be funny if Obama said.....

DUers on Facebook: I am embarrassed to ask this, but

Canada may keep non-combat troops in Afghanistan until 2014

Pelosi Urges Unity and Says She Will Work Toward Democratic Rebound

Marines' Leader: Keep Policy on Gays in Military

The US has turned into China

Leadership is not just legislation. It’s a matter of persuading people.

Vote Which better Dancing, Bush or Obama

Clinton on Cspan - replaying his remarks after the 1994 election...

Throwing the Bums Out for 140 Years

President Obama with Indias young people on right now.

John Boehner Gives Obama 'Terrorist Fist Bump' On New Yorker Cover

Letter to John Boehner

Public Financing of Campaigns is the Solution to America's Growing Inequality

Clyburn "dared the Republicans to try" to repeal health care reform


The Repubs. think the people gave them a mandate to "repeal and replace" healthcare!

How much more needs to happen before liberals are finally pressed into action?

One thing that will help Obama/Democrats win in 2012 is if WE stop asking/thinking they can't

"I regret the rain, but it remains as the Bible tells us on the just and the unjust alike,

MA Gov. Patrick nominates first black Chief Justice

This is why the Tea Party will be much harder to deal with than any of us will stop and consider

"The American People" "We need to listen to the American People" "We were sent here by the American

Read this Bloomberg quote!

If the left would have give Obama

SPINE UP....Obama must not extend the Tx Cuts for the RICH...He has no choice but to Principle UP

Rank Hypocrisy

NYT: Fresh Slate at the Pentagon Lies Ahead for Obama

Does anyone have video of Obama's town Hall in India?

Send a "Thank You" Message to Speaker Pelosi

Jeb Bush: Silky Sullivan Surprise in 2012? by Steve Clemons

Keith Just Tweeted a Thank You~

Thanks, President Obama, for saying you'll stand your ground on the tax cuts...please MEAN it!

Michelle Obama: A complete natural / The Obamas charm with their fisherfolk dance

We need a strategy to counteract the right wing media

Robert Reich: Why Obama Should Learn the Lesson of 1936, not 1996

Robert Reich: Why Obama Should Learn the Lesson of 1936, not 1996

Eric Cantor, via the MSM, weighs in on who Democrats shouldn't pick as their House leader

Netanyahu to tell Biden: Only military threat can stop Iran

Keep Hope Alive

It's time to go "Populist" on their ass...

republicans make terrible drivers. but they make worse passengers.

republicans make terrible drivers. but they make worse passengers.

Thank you Mr. President

What would Ronnie do about the Bush taxcuts? Dems - are you listening?

Pelosi move is a sign that Democrats intend to fight the GOP, not cut deals

Link to a non-stop coverage of Obama in India. Unbelievable:

Does Obama think he's going to win in 2012?

Democrats need to stop hyping the Republican Party

Message to the Tea Party - What took you so long to get angry?

George W. Bush praises President Obama's Afghanistan surge

The silver linings.

Republicans and the US Debt Limit. The very real threat to the World Economy.

The Other Shoe Is Dropping

Obama will run and win in 2012. So you better get used to the idea.

Murdoch Speaks: Fox Civil War Deepens

Remarks by the President to U.S.-India Business Council and Entrepreneurship Summit

What Really Happened in India vs. The Right Wing's Claims

I'm NOT tired of defending him

Remembering the Bush crime family

It is time for SNOPES to go Mass Media with a TV Presence.

Our dysfunction is being noticed overseas

Cantor Opposes Compromise On Extending Bush Tax Cuts, Says Government Shutdown Will Be Obama's Fault

Giant Jesus statue completed in Polish town

Pilots boycott full-body scanners over health fears

In the spirit of Kumbaya, a tribute to our friends across the aisle

Thom Hartmann: Why Is The Media Lying About Job Creation?

GOP wanted $1,000,000 bond for access to Ayotte (New Hampshire)

No Indian Miracle

Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York

America's Racist Heritage

Thom Hartmann: Conservativism Kills

You Street ...Mother of All Issues

Will Fed's 600 Billion Jumpstart Economy?

GOP to attack health care law 'piece by piece'

Michelle Obama Dances With Underprivileged Children In India

We Want Keith Olbermann back on the air.

Call boehner and ask

Indonesia's Foreign Minister & David Frost On Merapi's Recent Devastating Eruptions & Obama's Visit

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Will Obama Fight The GOP? (w/ Sam Stein of The Huffington Post)

Real Translation of GOP Chinese Professor ad

In memoriam

Weird Liberal Head Show #214: Boycott MSNBC AND NBC!

George Carlin on the "pro-life" lobby

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Will The GOP Compromise With President Obama?

Mike Malloy - Olbermann Suspended From MSNBC - Part 2

George W. Bush: Still Stupid

SHOCKING VIDEO Glenn Beck Uses Vicks To Cry On Cue !!!

TYT: Debt Collectors Create Fake Court

Mike Malloy - Olbermann Suspended From MSNBC - Part 1

Mainstream Media Is Dead,Except For Fox News

Mike Malloy - Rick Scott Would Be Executed In China

Maher takes on Rally to restore sanity

Glen Beck Loses It On The Air!

Bush Never Thought About a Drink in White House

URGENT: The Video NOAA and The FDA Are Afraid You'll Watch. Lab Finds 193 ppm Oil in Gulf Shrimp

Nouriel Roubini: Is American spirit stifled because of big government? Not at all,

NY Daily News: Olbermann Suspension Was Right

Edible-Oil Prices to Increase on Demand, Supply Constraints (Bloomberg)

Addressing the "Democrats are too liberal" meme

Our Banana Republic

Our Banana Republic

"... legitimacy lies with the people and the street."

"Are We On the Brink of a Confrontation?" By Jihad el-Khazen

Ryan's tax plan is to raise taxes on everybody but the wealthy - see chart - Huffington Post

Ghostly views of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Tell the Post: Representative Cantor Cannot Acknowledge Something That is Not True

"Democrats Take A Deliberate Midterm Dive" By BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

'The Fatal Mistake by Democrats - Stimulus Failure' By Mark Weisbrot

Democrats blew election chances when Obama shifted from bold to hesitant on a large enough stimulus

JOBS-JOBS-JOBS … NO Jobs, Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Raising retirement age doesn't sound good if you work on the line: Connie Schultz

U.S. Health Care Compared to Other Developed Nations

White House, GOP Reach Historic 'Compromise': Extend All Tax Cuts, Let Obama's Term Expire

House Democrats Punished for Senate's Failures

Climate Wars: Not if, but When

Meet the 4 Republican tools who want the keys to the climate car

Sri Lanka to plant 1.1 million trees in 11 minutes

I wonder if they glow in the dark

The failed presidency of Barack Obama, Part 2

Without Vermont Yankee, ISO NE Predicts Possible Transmission Line Melting

Colombia's 'king of money laundering' arrested

19,000 Colombian kids involved in prostitution: Report

Cuba Inside Out Cuban airline pilot died as hero to villagers

Santos' approval rating soars to 89%

Uribe’s post-retirement blues

Video: Amazing 86-yard punt that got some help from the wind

Hollywood has an eye on Mine That Bird.

****Bowl Projections - Week 10*****

How about the Browns, Auggie!

Whoa, Jets almost tripped over the kitty cats.

Check out Oregon's new basketball court "In a word, awesome."

Oregon's basketball court

Gene Robinson to Retire

Craig Crawford on the day of the Rally for Sanity/Fear . . (pic)

Netanyahu leaves for U.S. to meet Jewish leaders, administration officials

Israel Renames Checkpoints in Hebrew

Israeli police raze mosque amid protests

Dear American Jews, if you love Israel - criticize it

Pope Benedict consecrates Barcelona's Sagrada Familia

Gene Robinson, first openly gay Episcopal bishop, announces his retirement

Angels are the personification of the astrological aspect.

An Agnostic's Manifesto

Christianity Refutes Itself.

Christianity Refutes Itself.

North Broadway

A Study in Scarlett

Southern Hemisphere Sunset

the Saga of the Bird... Thanks to all who helped (dial-up warning)

More flowers from the Sacred Isle (Not Dial Up Friendly)

OSHA proposes penalties, cites 'willful' and serious violations in Amtec explosion on Redstone Arsen

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Why did Naturyl get TS'd?

Every time that we change the clocks, DU goes nuts.

Can you explain why a post was deleted?

Some questions that have nothing to do with day to day running of the site

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