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Responding to your message (Ben Nelson D-Ne on extending tax cuts)

The last fighter pilot has already been born.

Keith Olbermann:Special Comment: Who "killed" tv news? Me? Or

BP’s list of unpaid bills growing (VIDEO)

Is The Office Of Congressional Ethics On The GOP Chopping Block?

Bwahahahaha. Virginia Thomas Denies Reports She's Leaving Liberty Central

Is The Office Of Congressional Ethics On The GOP Chopping Block?

The hire a healthy woman to stomp James O'Keef's ass thread.

Comparing Democratic and Republican tax plans

Get em Sherrod Brown...

Future Republican Congressman....

TSA DADT policy?


November 20, 1910 - The battle for Effective Suffrage

Ezra you and I cannot get it at a policy stand point

X-ray technology used in the scanners poses a cancer risk

The reason Republicans have the upper hand on the tax cut issue


Breaking: Abramoff Associate Kevin Ring found guilty of 5 counts in bribery case

The Republican power is in control of the message

About "The Democrats"

Karzai's attack on Petraeus puts in doubt US exit strategy

Today in climate change: Less snow, more floods in Tahoe's future

This week's selection for the DU book club

Rachel on John McCain's Worst Enemy=...

Guantánamo Bay detainees to be paid compensation by UK government

Have you heard about "Diversifying for National Security"?

67% of historians surveyed say Obama presidency will be regarded as Bush presidency's "little buddy"

Toronto Star: Britain cleggs its way to destruction

KO's going to respond to Koppel in a Special Commentary

Transgender candidate wins East Bay judge race

America's Eggshell Nukes

Court OKs NH law allowing 'God' pledge in schools

"The Run for the Orange"

Is it time for the Tree of Liberty be watered by members of the Supreme Court?

McCaskill could face a fight for re-election to Senate in 2012

Use Reconciliation Again To Extend Tax Cuts In The EXACT Form Obama Wishes Them To Be

Insurance Roulette...Which One Do You Keep?

How many gynecologists are ex-sex offenders, registered or unregistered?

We Democrats are finding ourselves between a rock and a hard place.

How many TSA screeners are ex-sex offenders, registered or unregistered?

42 killed after building collapses in India: Police

Sorry About The McGlaughlin Type Poll/Question, But...

Just because Drudge Is Against TSA

Video of the he 14 y.o. gay kid in Ann Arbor has officially gone viral

They seem to have renewed their vows and retaken the Hipocritic Oath.

I just saw "Inside Job" this afternoon.

Anyone else watching O'Donnell discussing "Beyond Borderlines" .....

Kagan offers practicality to arguments, settles in as new justice

Let's crunch the #s: FIVE f-ing M watched Quitter's TLC ridiculous/PATHETIC crap last night?!1

"Have you no intelligence, sir? At long last, have you no intelligence left?"

To win in MO Dems have to carry more than 3 counties

The Problem With Not Being Able To Tolerate The Words Of Republicans...

OK..I'll just ask...will someone adopt me this quarter?

Sen. Murkowski: Palin lacks leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity to be president

A very fundamental difference.....

Keith Olbermann: Ted Koppel And The Real Death Of "Real News"

Keith Olbermann: Ted Koppel And The Real Death Of "Real News"

When Murkowski wins, does it mean anything for us?

Harris has widened her lead over Cooley in the CA AG race

Manchester (UK) police dept. intends to cut 1/4 of its workforce

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back

Fall weather - By Tom Toles

9 more arrested in Prince George's corruption probe

Sixty Lame Minutes

The first 3 active female Justices, ever

Have the frogs noticed the boiling water?

Nancy and Harry need to call the Democratic caucus together...

Urging GOP to Avoid Social Issues Quagmire

Miliband faces MPs' questions over knowledge of rendition

Girl with DS left next to her mother's corpse for nine days

Check out my new 2012 graphic

Insourcing - Transfer of Private Industry Jobs to Prison Industry-Made in USA

Worth 150 Million - But he won't fix his roof - has blue tarp over it

Just watched "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Palin's 'Refudiate' Is Oxford American Dictionary's Word Of The Year

Oh snap---where's my health care....

FYI, Wiki is having a donation drive if anyone would like to donate. nt

Associate of Abramoff Kevin Ring found guilty of 5 counts in bribery case

Disabled shouldn't run for office?

Ex-trooper pleads guilty in 1965 Ala. slaying that prompted key civil rights marches

The Five Most Ridiculous Moments from the Sarah Palin's Alaska Premiere

Leave terms like "caring" and "supportive colleague" the hell OUT of your resume

Glen Beck is simply an evangelist preacher with a new angle.

The Stimulus Package in Kabul (I Was Delusional -- I Thought One Monster 'Embassy' Was the End of It

If you, like me, was wondering why the teacher that the 14 year old stood up for, got suspended

more info on today's Bush Lie-brary protest in Dallas today

U.S. Pursues Wider Role in Yemen

Strengthen Social Security's LTE tool

More US households short of food

Luckovich 'toon: Afghanistan... forgotten.

Mike Luckovich: Four days in Afghanistan

So Paul Ryan (R-capgun) is just saying on MJ that they aren't going to do "earmarks" in the House or

None flew over the cuckoo's nest: A world without birds

Walmart drug plan for seniors may not be best deal

Buck McKeon (ranking R on House Armed Services Committe) Gets His War Hat On

Wish we'd see this in our country.

Newsweek: How The Cell Phone Is Changing The World

Is this evidence that we can see the future?

Is this evidence that we can see the future?

Has anyone here "opted out" of TSA e-strip search? Is anyone planning to? Is anyone brave enough?

How can Bill Press listen to Moaning Joe bully every conversation with his "I Know It All Attitude?"

CNN: Faith, delusion or excuse for crime?

GI Gets Eight Years For Killing Another GI In Gang Initiation


CNN Crawl: Congressional Black Caucus witholds support for Nancy Pelosi

Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton

U.S. takes new approach to Yemen aid program

Note to Freshmen: the trouble with Washington politics is POLITICS. You'll find this out quickly.

An interesting note on the TSA scanners

Please DU this poll/Would you approve medical marijuana in your state?

Chicago Tribune: Fewer Latino children enrolled in preschool, study finds

On the subject of defense spending, Grampy McBush wants Rand Paul off his lawn...NOW!

Psssssssssssssssssssst Since Election day

Review of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'..."like “The Sound of Music” without the romance, Nazis or music."

Review of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'..."like “The Sound of Music” without the romance, Nazis or music."

Lisa Murkowski: Sarah Palin Lacks 'Leadership Qualities' & 'Intellectual Curiosity' To Be President

B.F.D., Apple: Today is yesterday's tomorrow that I won't forget that I've already forgotten

Bummer: Hero dog from Afghan occupation accidentally euthanized

Bomb threat reported at Ohio State University

UPDATE 1-Unit cost of Raytheon artillery program soared

Farm Subsidies Highlight the Hypocrisy of Anti-Spending Politicians

Clown Robs Woman on Toilet: "you broke into the wrong house --a poor person lives here"

We all just need to chill out and have a discussion.

Army To Spend Another $437 Million Dollars On 'Smart' Weapons

New 'Bagger-critter from MD, anti-"govt run" health care, upset HIS is delayed 28 days

New Income Opportunity for Banks and Hedge Funds…Investing in Lawsuits

What's the short version on the Rangel ethics charges. Anything to this?

Lockheed Martin will face whistle-blower lawsuit for F-35 work

Tell me about John Larson (D - Connecticut)

Report: Foreclosure mess could threaten banks

Re: During Station Break Fox News Team Mocks ''Sarah Palin's Alaska'' -- Download MP4 File Here --->

Is Guy James Still Doing Live Radio?

Q: Could the F-35B Really Be Cut? A: I Certainly Hope So.

The Hater Party

'It's not our fault': George Bush blames allied forces for prolonged war in Afghanistan

Would this be crazy? Workable? Comments please...

Ex-trooper pleads guilty to misdemeanor in 1965 civil rights shooting (Montg'y Advertiser)

Teachers union urges DPS substitutes to reduce workload

DWTS: A perfect example of Wingnuts promotion of mediocrity

I don't know why they say grown men don't cry....

Machinists Union Charges Illegal Use of Katrina Relief Funds

Bank of America: We didn't seize any homes improperly. Trust us.

Unemployment Extension & Tier 5 Congressional Letter Campaign.

Erasing the stigma of mental illness -- Short-lived campaigns are not enough

And the hypocrisy just keeps getting better and better!

And the hypocrisy just keeps getting better and better!

Michele Bachmann attacks the unemployed!

GD, GDP, and the Lounge are nice places to read, but....

Victory! HUD Prevents Domestic Violence Survivors From Becoming Homeless

Tom Ricketts' Request for Wrigley Money Undermined by Dad

Fox News Anchor Effectively Says All Hispanics Are Illegal Aliens

Fox News Anchor Effectively Says All Hispanics Are Illegal Aliens

My health insurance stopped paying for part of my prescription,

Michele Bachmann attacks children!

Incoming New Mexico governor vows to revoke licenses issued to illegal aliens

Minority Report tech: NYC Police Photograph Irises of Suspects

300 million dollars for george bu$h* presidential library

Video: Keith's smackdown of KOPPEL

"How Corporate PR is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans"

Attention Ted Koppel.....I prefer bias out in the open...where I can see it.

An early picture of the crowd awaiting the opening of the Bush Library;

Robo-Signer Foreclosure Scandal May Threaten Fundamental 'Financial Stability'

"Once again, the [election] Portrait appears to be a fake."

U.S. missiles kill 20 in Pakistan border town

Repugs out to discredit author of DOJ report "targeting" Christie ...

The economy in 2012

Strong New Films Go After the Much Hyped "Waiting For Superman"

Tom Toles nails it again.

When do the stimulus tax cuts expire?

Rush Limbaugh says he would trade Murkowski for Heath Shuler...

You can tell RWer's are brain dead by the type of tee vee they watch.

A thought just occured to me about Ted Koppel

"...Republicans will ultimately settle...

Deficit Commission: If You Won’t Fire Simpson, Keep Your Hands Off Social Security

Bob Woodward: Bush trying to rewrite history with new memoir

Anti-Earmark Bachmann Open To Earmark 'Redefinition' For Her District

Anti-Earmark Bachmann Open To Earmark 'Redefinition' For Her District

True bipartisanship

Jon Stewart "naming and shaming" McCain on DADT

Tom Friedman made short work of Senator Lemieux (sp?) yesterday re nuclear power plants.

Koppel romanticizes an era gone by

Koppel romanticizes an era gone by

TPM: Schakowsky Unveils Progressive Deficit Reduction Plan

TPM: Schakowsky Unveils Progressive Deficit Reduction Plan

US corporate executives back at the trough

US corporate executives back at the trough

Michael "Brownie" Brown on Thom Hartmann

Do balanced federal budgets cause bubbles?

'Naked' scanners fooled by creased clothing

Domestic cat vs. Alligator. Guess who wins.

Making the passage of time invisible (and the illusion of a Star Trek transporter)

Kensington Runestone: Real or fake? What do you think?

A century after his death, Mark Twain still makes waves

We're Losing Our Intelligence -- How the Purge of True Dissent Has Starved Our Discourse

Making no sense is a feature of the police state, not a bug.

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen fatally shot in Beverly Hills attack

Immigration: Far-right fringe exploits European coalitions


Monday TOONS, Part 1

All-electric Ford Focus to debut in 20 cities

OH GOP Re-districting-Kucinich Has a Target on His Back

Monday TOONS, part 2

Cmh ceremony is on

Australia: Privatisations send electricity prices surging

Monday TOONS, part 3

Freshman Teapublican congressman demands his government healthcare

Monday TOONS, part 4

The biggest problem with the Democratic Party....

What do YOU see as fair and reasonable expectations of the Obama Administration 'til 2012?

This post has been deleted.

This post has been deleted.

Can't donate this quarter. Sorry.

that picture of Boehner in the fundraiser graphic above

Want to get results?? How about not buying anything for a week?

More details on the kidnapping Ohio case.

GOP Wants To Strip Fed Of Power To Combat Joblessness

Despite GOP victory in the House, the party remains in pretty rough shape.

Wow, all those new Republicans in Congress are great for business - just look at the stock mkt since

Violence or Bad Language?

Pledge law upheld by federal court

Pledge law upheld by federal court

"Throwing grenades, charging ahead." There's a thought ripe for politcal metaphor.

Government Employees Owe Billions in Delinquent Taxes

Pakistani journalist upset by George Bush 'plagiarism'

Bachmann: Massive tax increase for carpet layers, maybe a plumber & his brother, if Bush Cuts expire

There's something amusing about hearing that so many men

Record temperatures in Russia

Ted Koppel, Bad Reporter

The Rude Pundit - James O'Keefe and Chris Christie: A Conglomeration of Motherfuckers

After Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama hopes for Liu Xiaobo freedom

GOP Wants To Strip Fed Of Power To Combat Joblessness

Kamala Harris (D) more than doubles lead in state attorney general's race

Mich. teacher ejects student for anti-gay remarks

Mich. teacher ejects student for anti-gay remarks

Muhammad cartoon 'has taken on life of its own'

When peace is not a priority of a Peace Laureate, it is time for a change.

Gay Troops Urge Defense Bill Passage Even if DADT Fails

Anyone else watching Obama award Sgt. Giunta the Medal of Honor?

It's so good seeing Dick Cheney...

Message for the TSA.

Top Aide to Michael Steele Quits, Blasts RNC's Leadership

Make Congress undergo airport screening procedures to enter Capital Building

Pat Downs

Soldiers dog brought from afghanistan mistakenly killed at US animal shelter

A DU salute to an unsung hero.

Please hlep me understand: Does Bill Gates or Microsoft employ people?

Think about this

Adam Curtis: From Pigeon to Superman and Back Again (David Cameron follows Skinner!)

Freshman GOPer: Hey, Where's My Health Care?

"Climate Gate" - One year later - Who were the perps?

Charlie Rangel was just convicted on 11 out of 13 counts. They don't know

Medical marijuana patient with stage 4 cancer on health dept. rejection of his MMJ license

Will the Lame Duck pass an Emergency COLA?

On nazi assemblies, counterprotests and the first ammendment.

Taxpayers itemized reciept

I wonder if the men who are so upset about pat-downs

"don't touch my junk" tshirts and stuff already on sale

Jobless Benefits About To Lapse As Senate Dems Mull Strategy

Whew, the DJIA is still above 11,000

Happy Holidays From The GOP-Give The Rich A Tax Break-Or-2 Million Lose Benefits By End Of December

Point/ Counter-Point discussion on Earmarks

Incoming GOP Rep (Andy Harris-MD) Who Campaigned Against 'Obamacare' Demands Government Health Care

Tobacco Smokers - what else should be done to them?

The fallout over Decision Point is a perfect truism about Der Chimperor.

The fallout over Decision Point is a perfect truism about Der Chimperor.

Colin Powell admits he supported torture

Knocking Back Neocons, SecDef Gates Says Military Action Would ‘Bring Together A Divided’ Iran

So I just saw the new DU enforcement in action--Well done in this case.

Heads Up- Foreclosure Fraud: Senate Banking Com Hearing Today 2:30

Heads Up- Foreclosure Fraud: Senate Banking Com Hearing Today 2:30

Dream Act students risk deportation to win support

Gay Republicans to be absent from ALL state legislatures in 2011

Gay Republicans to be absent from ALL state legislatures in 2011

Cousin Eddie still on the lam

About the star & giving to others when donating to DU...

Florida Cuban American Republicans Support DREAM Act

How Quickly We Forget Why We Voted Them Out In The First Place - by BooMan

Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez, joins Sea Shepherd in Fremantle.

Hey, did you know the Confederate flag is 'a symbol of Jesus Christ.'? Really, it's true!

PPP Poll: Obama Leads Top 2012 GOPers In Virginia

Critics target GOP lawmaker for not disclosing oil royalties linked to bill

Study: Most Workers Have To Wait Longer For Health Insurance Than Congress

GOP Hopefuls STILL Trail POTUS for 2012: Do Republicans Need a Bigger Boat?

With cries of 'scab,' striking crew and supporters confront vehicles entering the production site

LGBT Service Members need YOUR help today - it will only take a minute of your time

Was Marion Jones Truthful On the Daily Show Last Night About Her "Performance-Enhancing Drugs"?

Many thanks to the generous DUer who donated a star for me!


Bush book describes incident he didn't witness, passage "allegedly lifted" from N.Y. Review of Books

If the GOP had successfully made a deal with Hitler to avoid WWII, who would be in charge now?

If the GOP had successfully made a deal with Hitler to avoid WWII, who would be in charge now?

Not going to be popular...but TSA "techniques" are not decided at the local level

Mother Jones: The Coming Tea Party Civil War

Mother Jones: The Coming Tea Party Civil War

Mother Jones: The Coming Tea Party Civil War

Mother Jones: The Coming Tea Party Civil War

Dear Representative Harris,

Dear Representative Harris,

Mother Jones: The Coming Tea Party Civil War

Dear Representative Harris,

Dear Representative Harris,

Did anyone else see the entrepreneur on Morning Joe laugh at Joe's argument re tax cuts for top 2%?

Question for stock broker - accountant - statistician types?

DADT: A Political Disaster Entirely of Obama’s Making

New Lawmakers Hit Fundraising Circuit 'Before They Even Find The Bathrooms'

Walker Creates Jobs, but Not in Wisconsin

The Magic Bean

Social Conservatives Spar With Tea Party, Gay GOP Groups

Skinner/Earl...about the dropped lawsuit

Bernie Sanders to FCC: Block Comcast-NBC Merger

Did PBS cut Tina Fey's Palin jokes? You betcha

Should we continue with the harsh TSA checks or stop bombing the Middle East?

false claims by george w. bu$h*

DU/EFF should have the power to dictate terms of the dismissal w/ Righthaven

My largely conservative, Republican class essentially admitted to me that the media is NOT liberal..

NPR invited Keith to be on Talk Of The Nation today

Predict the 2012 electoral map (With under 3% GDP growth and 9% unemployment)

check out this TSA (Thousands of Sexual Assaults) logo: " If we don't get off, you don't get on"

Struggling New York actors find work busting bedbugs

The TSA junkyard

Does the Government have the right to fondle the genitals of 13-year-old children?

$7 billion a month

So someone is able to refer to me as a "scumbag piece of shit doctor"...

This Republican bullshit about the deficit is just that bullshit

Anyone want to have some fun

Who are these people?

caption BushCo


Meet Congressman-Elect Tom Marino: A Study in Corruption

If the tax cuts for the rich WERE made permanent, wouldn't that make electoral politics pointless?

Neo-Confederate Radical Catches GOP Wave, Elected to Arkansas State House

USA! USA! The first 100 leaked body scans, here:

Red Alert!!!! HR-3808 Veto Override Attempt

Bush totally vindicated by history -- in two years

GOP's Top Tax Guy: Republicans Will Block Permanent Middle-Class Tax Cut

Some of the things I never thought I would read

"The only people left who care about Steele are his inner circle..."

Meet the Spanish Woman who has Spent 29 Years Protesting in Front of the White House

They want us to be "cut" instead

Sam Seder starts his daily radio show today...

'Kumar' Back to Work for White House

The Stupidity of Airport Security

Click this at your own risk

Is being against the TSA the only thing progressives and conservatives can agree upon these days?

I fly. A lot.

Geez, I wish Ed Shultz would take control of his TV show

Trumka Willing To 'Accept The Consequences' Of Holding The Line On Ending Wealthy Tax Rates

To all the asshole republicons advocating for a Govt. shutdown

GOP Reps. Threaten To Disrupt Global Economic Stability, Shut Down Gov. To

The last fighter pilot has already been born: Version II

Drone attacks in Pakistan and...

Drone attacks in Pakistan and...

Judy Miller (on Fox News) Mocking Sarah Palin


A freshman rep. to watch in 2011 -- Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit)

MY earmarks are golden..yours are SHIT!

Merkley joins uprising to change Senate's rules, moribund nature

Wichita man pleads guilty, admits to collecting 3 million child-porn images

UN Expert Urges Full US Torture Investigation

Rep. Rangel: "How can anyone have confidence in the decision of the Ethics Subcommittee?"

Heartless bastard post of the week: poverty expert thinks hungry are faking it

When does it stop with these ridiculous TSA security measures?

Andy Harris (R-Maryland Hypocrite) wants his socialized health insurance Immediately.

Why is it not OK for FOX to call the Presdent "Mr. Obama" but

Man Reports Own Order As "Suspicious Package"

Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage

Unions Blast News Report About Feds Making More Than $150,000 per year

I just saw a clip on the NBC news with Dick Cheney. He looks like shit warmed over.

Cool! I just saw the ISS fly over. Never seen it before. (edited)

Please kick to support the protesters at the Bush Lie-brary groundbreaking tomorrow!

A view that many of us thought we would experience someday, but never will.

The place where progressive ideals die

Righthaven seeks to dismiss lawsuit against Democratic Underground

The Mythbusters settle the debate once and for all regarding Obama's religion;

Anyone listening to Ed Schultz call out Rush Limbaugh for being a racist pig?

If the senate can't pass the Food Safety Bill S-510, nothing will pass in the lame duck

Is KO too passionate in his reporting?

TSA Is Pushing Big Airlines Towards Extinction

Servicemembers United: “Mr. President, Either Your Administration is With Us or It’s Against Us!”

96% in poll say they'd change travel plans to avoid TSA gropings

Islamophobic idiots protest construction of building they think is a mosque (Actually a church)

definition of insanity? Re-electing spineless Reid as Majority leader...

Bush LIE-Bury Lacks Shovels

Schuler Admits He's A Loser

A humble thank you to whoever gave me a star.

GOP Reps. Threaten To Disrupt Global Economic Stability, Shut Down Gov. To Send ‘Important Message’

Half-term, President Obama has fulfilled many of his environmental promises

Any chance we can get the lame ducks to repeal the mandate provision of HCR?

Which traveler will you be this holiday season?

Things Not To Say To A TSA Screener During A Pat Down Search

Police: USF biologist dies in an apparent suicide by cyanide

Am I crazy, or are gas prices skyrocketing since the GOP retook the house?

50,000 People Face Humanitarian Disaster -- In South Dakota

50,000 People Face Humanitarian Disaster -- In South Dakota

U.S. Envoy Secretly Offered Troops in Iraq after 2011

As end times near, Glenn Beck peddles ‘food insurance’ kits

Mr President, the people will stand behind you...

This immigration forum is amazing

If we didn't know better, I would almost be willing to swear pubs allowed BHO to be president

This Modern World: Statistics don't lie, do they?

Passenger becomes internet sensation for telling US airport security 'don't touch my junk'

I dont follow the logic... over half the blue dogs in the house not re-elected yet the blue dogs are

Before you mess with SS here's a few thoughts....

Your choice of protest to TSA privacy invasions.

The entire first Beatles concert in America is available to watch for free at

Is Joe Lieberman a Retired Man Walking?

Is Joe Lieberman a Retired Man Walking?

Have Gas Prices Gone Up In Your Area Since The Election?

Have Gas Prices Gone Up In Your Area Since The Election?

Homeland "security" Secretary Napolitano - "It's all about everybody recognizing their role"

WOW!!!! Keith Is Ripping Koppel A New One

California Will Default on its Debt

Bush Can’t Travel Abroad Without Risking Arrest

does anyone have info re: a movie about Gary Webb?

Sexism and homophobia

KY head stomper gets ASS handed to him by Dea Riley

Floridians. Did you all know that Karen Thurmon finally stepped down?

just realized that the Olbermann discredidation march is full steam ahead.

New Construction Baffles Underwater Homeowners

ABC's Amanpour Refuses to Ask Honeywell CEO about Locked Out Workers as He Tours Asia with Obama

The Coming Sell-Out to the Super Rich and What It Means for the Rest of Us

New "(Enhanced Pat Downs) require screeners to touch passnger's genitals"

Nobody cares about the Medal of Honor ceremony?

Nobody cares about the Medal of Honor ceremony?

Petition - Free Sex Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan!

Video of TSA Screener Accosting 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint

Why not train more dogs to sniff airline passengers for explosives ...

I don't give a flying fugg about the Royal Engagement

Moving to the suburbs for your kids? Think again

Walter Pincus weighs in on Bush's bullshit recollections on Iraq

Peter Orszag, Obama's former director of OMB, defends proposal to cut social security benefits!

New Orleans school district can no longer restrain and handcuff students under age 10.

At this point would having the House be better? Flip a Coin

At this point would having the House be better? Flip a Coin

Teabaggers spoil football game at Penn State

I could use a star from someone here that isn't on a fixed-income (SSDI)-because I don't have $

Breaking: One Dem Senator endorses middle class tax cut vote

Airport Body Orrifice Scanner maybe next - NO JOKE!

Airport Body Orrifice Scanner maybe next - NO JOKE!

Women have been getting their breasts patted down for years now

A Harsh Reality: America Is Facing A Depression

Businesses do not create jobs

Afghanistan dog hero accidentally euthanized

Afghanistan dog hero accidentally euthanized

TSA May Prosecute “Don’t Touch My Junk” Guy

Michael Moore: An open letter to Congressional Democrats

Health Care Law Gives 'Notable Improvement' To Debt Outlook If Implemented: GAO

President Obama, we elected a DEMOCRAT not an appeaser.

So, routine groping is just fine, after all we must be safe.


About Charlie Rangel and all politicians...

I'd like to share something with you regarding the times we live in.

Should TSA Workers Be Able To "Touch Your Junk" ?

My experience at THE PEOPLE'S RESPONSE to the George W. Bush Library & Policy Institute

Arrest Bush - pics

Humor me, please. If we were to create a media campaign here...

Giving up Liberty to The TSA?

Visualize a Democratic Underground where rule-breaking posts are no longer deleted by the moderators

What this says about America is sad -America's Most Popular Jobs

A question I have about grocery unions

Not "public charter", say "semi-private school". Not "merit pay", say "test score pay."

I'll say it! This wouldn't fly in a white neighborhood.

How much money does the medical industry get when you donate an organ?

PBS edits Tina Fey's remarks from Twain event

When George Bush said something conservative. (How our left pundits are failing us)

Justice Department Censors Nazi-Hunting History (11-13-10 The National Security Archive)

When someone says "Can I see it?"

If owner's could read their pets diaries -

Attn. UI/UX Nerds: An update to my online Button Designer =)

I was going to start a topic

LKJ - Dread Beat an' Blood

Those fighting green monsters are real sticklers about parking violations

Not stupid

Uh-oh. Once again, I'm asked the question with only one (IMMEDIATE) answer...

Financial Problems are like having a large obelisk lodged in your ass

This dog is way beyond sit, shake, and roll over.

National holiday in Upper Michigan today


Please send good vibes, prayers & well-wishes my Dad's way

Damn glaucoma

FYI, "index toe" isn't a regionalism.

Favorite tutus

Asia travel suggestions?

Why I answer the door naked:

It only got up to 71 degrees in Tucson today. What is this...

This is not a sex thread. It's a BREAKFAST sex thread.

We have anti-discrimination rules that apply to businesses. How about some to apply to customers?

Has anyone ever had the DC Jack on their laptop repaired?

This ain't no 'fraidy cat!


Bad kangaroo.....

The stages of life of breast appreciation:

Name the 4th quarter fund drive contest

Ad for rum that is a true LOL...

Are you on Team Kitten or Team Puppy?

Domestic cat vs. Alligator. Guess who wins.

I just about died of cute.

The king of cool...Steve McQueen

Domestic cat vs. Alligator. Guess who wins.

Dont tutch the junc!

I think someone gave me a star - thank you whoever it was, I'm pretty broke right now,

ARGH...And I mean that sincerely

Smell Like A Monster

Ever see a horse in a car?

Caprica fans - good news - kind of...

Wow, pretty big baseball trade

Are you satisfactorily entertained?

Putting the "Rant" in Deodorant

What is your favourite Tv show that plays regularly these days? Mine

Is there anyone from...

Someone tell me a joke

Tangled Up In Blue

Are there threads you just can't open? Like the one now about the hero dog accidentally euthanized?

Anyone here ever tried heroin recreationally?

Keystone, er, Kamsas City Cops?

Baby gives "evil eye."

Dog Stuck On Cliff Rescued By Sheriff's Deputy

Harry sent Charley home to me.

Uplifting Comic

Is prince williams fiance' england's future queen?

If you could watch a Major Leauge baseball game with two celebrities who would ithey be

Apple's Big Announcement... the Beatles

I just made one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make

The Skittles Appreciation Thread

Go to your inbox here

A question to all of you Cricket users: How is your coverage?

Not a big Streisand fan, but I'll say this: she sings in tune because she knows how to sing in tune

Anyone see the movie "The Tunnel"?

Pop culture theorists: Vampires and Zombies?

Confession time - I don't get "The Great Gatsby"

I have a 66% chance of surviving a zombie holocaust, according to this quiz.

Katrina victims get more federal money for housing

Transgender candidate wins East Bay judge race

Ring Found Guilty of 5 Counts in Bribery Case (Abramoff associate)

Plagiarism charges fly in Bush memoir controversy

How tea party senators stared down Mitch McConnell on earmark ban

EDF Puts U.S. Nuclear Expansion Plans on Hold, Increases French Production

Urging GOP to Avoid Social Issues Quagmire

Miliband faces MPs' questions over knowledge of rendition

Scientists witness the apparent birth of a black hole

Three in four Americans support extension of federal unemployment benefits

Mich. teacher ejects student for anti-gay remarks

Seven Charged in Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Ring

BREAKING NEWS: California Supreme Court Rules Undocumented Keep In-State Tuition

Indian jailed after Australian loses baby in crash

'It's not our fault': George Bush blames allied forces for prolonged war in Afghanistan

Thailand extradites alleged arms dealer Viktor Bout

Vice President Biden swears in Democratic senators from West Virginia, Delaware

Passenger becomes internet sensation for telling US airport security 'don't touch my junk'

Britain to compensate ex-Guantanamo detainees alleging abuse

Haiti cholera protester shot dead by UN peacekeepers

MSHA threatens to seize Upper Big Branch Mine (Massey)

Ohio sheriff: Missing mom, 2 others may be dead

U.S. Envoy Secretly Offered Troops in Iraq after 2011

Britain to Pay Compensation to Guantanamo Detainees (Millions of Pounds)

Tom Ricketts' Request for Wrigley Money Undermined by Dad

Experts iffy on swamp gas explanation of hotel explosion

Paraguay cancels British science expedition

Met closes down anti-police blog

Opposition Growing to Bloomberg’s Pick for Schools Chief

GM raises stock price range due to investor demand

Authorities Respond to Reported Bomb Threat at Ohio State University

India Building Collapse Kills Scores (Home to About 200 People Reduced to Rubble)

Union Calls For Cancellation Of Mexican Aerospace Conference

Pakistani journalist upset by George Bush 'plagiarism'

Labor big: White House, Dem leaders seriously mulling middle class tax cut vote

More US households short of food

Angry left to Obama: Stop caving on agenda

Guantanamo inmates set to receive payouts of up to £1m

Pakistani journalist upset by George Bush 'plagiarism'

DeLay trial to look at 2003 Texas redistricting

Lieberman, Collins seek earlier release of Pentagon 'don't ask, don't tell' report

Murkowski passes Miller in vote count

Hero dog from Afghanistan mistakenly killed

Apple Finally Snares Beatles

33 Chilean Women Lock Themselves In 9,000 ft Deep Mine

Don't underestimate foreclosure crisis, watchdog warns

Bikers rally to support Denair, CA boy's flag display

World's Fastest Train on Track for Beijing-Shanghai Line

Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta First Living Medal of Honor Recipient for Valor in the Wars in Afghanist

Japanese scientsts confirm space probe Hayabusa recovered asteroid dust

Bachmann Supports Tax Cut Compromise, But Not if Tied to Unemployment Benefits

Swamp gas blamed for deadly Mexico hotel blast

OH BOY Joan Walsh and Smerconish drinking the Palin cool aid

Guess the president

Obama is the PRESIDENT, yet he got less coverage than both W and Palin last week.

Romney Watch: 2012 Republican hopefuls agree on earmarks ban

Under Attack, Fed Officials Defend Buying of Bonds

Maddow Show: About Ginny Thomas

U.S. missile strike kills 20 militants in Pakistan

Apology For Sellafield Body Parts Testing

Reid, McConnell Stay in Senate Top Party Posts

Darryl Issa has his own dark past

Hey Obama - when life gives you lemons, make

Eight official White House Twitter accounts

Teabaggers urging members to call Sens and ask them to vote against Food Safety Modernization Act

Thailand extradites alleged arms dealer Bout to US

Teen charged in Iowa store killings (47-year-old mother of 10 & 61-year-old clerk Sheila Myers )

Crist promised to vote with rethugs if elected

Prostate cancer spread may be stopped by soy (& new treatment could make it 'a thing of the past')

Wow, seeing clips of how Repubs treated Clinton on the Daily Show makes me think Obama...

550 Florida Nurses Join NNU

Senate Democrats feel boxed in on tax deal

Rahm: I never believed in bipartisanship

Dick Cheney: History "Beginning to Come Around" on Bush

Eugene Robinson: Runaway Military: A Raw Deal at Half the Price

GOP frosh: Where's my health care?

Obama set to hold second Native American conference

Washington Post blog argues Obama to blame for Muslim smears

Out tomorrow: Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama.

Marian Wright Edelman: The Threat of Persistent Poverty

Political Cartoonist Tony Auth on the Banks and the Mortgage Crisis

What should be the limit on middle class tax cuts?

NYT: Rigors of treating the Patient in Chief

Geithner.... &^%$#@ *&^%$# *&^%$

ooh, what fun - a book about NASTY OL' RAHM!

Something very sad. Hillary Clinton as is she is, away from

Statement of the President on Earmark Reform

What changes would you make to fix the economy?

Righthaven seeks to dismiss suit over posting of R-J story(Democratic Underground)

*Richard Wolffe about to discuss his new book on Obama admin on WNYC (listen live 12pm EST)*

Beatles Hits Come To Apple's iTunes Store

Lame Duck Dems: Give bankruptcy judges power to order lenders to reduce principle homeowners owe

Palin Loses Alaska

Black caucus not ready to endorse Pelosi deal

Keith O: The democrats have SCREWED!!!! this up strategically

Toughen up, Barack.

Newly elected GOP congressman incredulous that his govt run health care won't kick in for 30 days

Republican Party Front Group "Let Freedom Ring" Issues An FEC Complaint Against Blue America

Kevin Drum: The Uncertainty Meme

GOP Wins Back the House - World Markets Tank

Greg Sargent: One Dem Senator, Jeff Merkley, Endorses Middle Class Tax Cut Vote

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi Push DREAM Act in Lame-Duck Session

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi Push DREAM Act in Lame-Duck Session

GOP shill Mark Penn's Politico op-ed pushing the President not to run unless he becomes a Republican

Democratic Congressman Defends Debt Commission

The National Medals Laureates of Science, Technology and Innovation

Sometimes it is sheer Hell to wait for news

Bobby Jindal NOT Running For President In 2012

More Passion For A Shutdown Than For Job Creation

PPP: Obama defeats all Republicans in Virginia (!) in early 2012 poll

Reps latest initiative: Flatter Obama into not running 2012

Is Palin's new show her campaign bio-pic? Check out INTRADE...

Have you ever been to a wedding where the wedding vows said "love, honor and obey"?

Obama, Dems to meet on DREAM Act

Breaking: Rangel Found Guilty Of Ethics Violations

Couldn't middle class tax cut be passed by reconciliation?

GOP says "H*LL NO WE WONT!" to the Slurpee Summit

Good News: HUD Prevents Domestic Violence Survivors From Becoming Homeless

"The miracle of Dodd-Frank is that it got stronger as it moved through the process."

Murkowski was the truth, not crist

The '76 & '80 Democratic Ticket together again working for others

Finally - suggestions from that Debt Commission I think we can all support!!!

Ezra Klein: Simpson-Bowles First Tax Reform Option Hits the Poor the Hardest

I am a bit confused! President Obama got elected with majority voters!

Tom Tomorrow: Statistics Don't Lie, Do They?

We're Watching you

Obama’s reelection is not that important.

Gates sees Iran rift, says strike would unite country

Gates sees Iran rift, says strike would unite country

Let's get the messaging straight - this is The Bush Tax Increase &

Labor big: White House, Dem leaders seriously mulling middle class tax cut vote

Top RNC aide quits, blasts Steele (politico)

Surgery tomorrow - Lounge vibes, please?

Lisa Murkowski: Sarah Palin Lacks "Intellectual Curiosity" to be President

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 16

Smoking Among Some Adults Dropped Dramatically in Past Three Decades

Is the Huffington Post Important to the Left?

Cheney Crawls Out From His Grave: "This may be the only shovel-ready project in America."

"The name you moaned was not my own."

Tuesday's "better late than never" kitteh (squeeeeeeeeeee)

Dick Cheney is looking thinner these days

Early Marijuana Use Leads to Later Brain Problems

There is a BIG difference between "criticism" and "bashing".

There is a BIG difference between "criticism" and "bashing".

I would support letting ALL of the Bush cuts expire,

"Obama was holding back tears when he finally signed the health care bill."

"Obama was holding back tears when he finally signed the health care bill."

America - He's Your President for Goodness Sake!

Beck under fire over Soros comments

Prince William, Kate Middleton to Wed

More than 900 pigs found dead on Pennsylvania farm

Cat vs alligator video.

L.A. County Passes Sweeping Ban on Plastic Bags

Let's Pass Some Laws Before the Repubs Head Into Town (after all, that's what they'd do) by M Moore

Poll: 4 in 5 Support Full-Body Airport Scanners

My parents 53rd anniversary is today, taking place at the funeral home.


TDPS: Cartoonist Ted Rall Interviewed, Says We Need Violence to Impact Change

"Like 'The Sound of Music" without Nazis, romance and music": Fox News about "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Andy Rooney Surveys the Surveyors (including Gallup presidential approval)

Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Prison-style strip searches?

O'Reilly Craps At Ted Koppel's Comparison To MSNBC

Rachel Maddow - Senator JOHN McCAIN vs. Senator JOHN McCAIN

Obamacare Critic Freshman Republican Rep Wants To Know Where His Government-Run Health Care Is

Sen. Ted Kaufman Introduces COP's November Report

Dear America, Your Taxes Are Going Up 20%, Food and Gas Prices Will Skyrocket, Fed Drops Bomb On

The Dragon in the Room

HAITI - Rioters stone UN peacekeepers in protests over cholera

Identity and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

MRN: Will Boehner DO IT On Camera?

Ed Schultz: Freshman Republicans Out for Political Blood

TDPS: 1st 2012 Tea Party Candidate "Naked Cowboy" Interviewed, Hilarity and Anti-Gay Confusion Ensue

Water Boarding is NOT Torture!

Sen. Joe Lieberman predictably thinks TSA groping female airline passengers is essential

Michael Medved Gets Schooled on Bush Tax Cuts: The ED Show

Russell Pearce's SB1070 attracts Tourist

Wendell Potter: Republicans and the Health Industry

Rep. Rangel Guilty On 11 Ethics Counts

Iowa AG: Robo-Signing Is 'An Affront To State Courts'

Weird Liberal Head Show #223: Weird News and Announcements

Roland Martin: HOW Should The WHITE HOUSE Handle The BUSH TAX CUT takes on climate deniers

progressive policy and Obama

How libertarians view supply and demand and economic exploitation exposes hipocracy from Tea Party Congressman

Do You Want $1,000 or Rich Tax Cuts? MSNBC w Cenk & Jane Hamsher

1st Living Medal of Honor Recipient in Generation to be Honored at White House

Medal of Honor for Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta

Free AK-47 With Truck Purchase

Anderson Cooper Losses Jeopardy to Cheech - Blames Buzzer:

The President Should Still Fight For The Things We Believe In

Is Jon Stewart Of The Daily Show Right?

Striking Images Of Gay Military Members

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: False Promise Of 'Objectivity'

OUTRAGE: The first of the leaked body scans! (Yours will be next)

Fox News: 'Heaven Is For Real'

Libertarian author: sexual harassment in the workplace is okay

"I Don't Like The TSA" Song

The "Free" Market - Myth and Reality - Taking on Blue Cross - USA Today

Toronto Star: Britain cleggs its way to destruction

The Coming Wave Of Oppositional Sexist Panic - YesMeansYesblog

Strong New Films Go After the Much Hyped "Waiting For Superman" and Its Simplistic Analysis

Black Ops, Cuba and the First Amendment

Class Warfare Jeopardizing American Workers' Rights

Religious Right Slams Gay-Tea Party Alliance

Corporations Hate Democracy

'Robo-Signer' Foreclosure Scandal May Threaten Fundamental Financial Stability, Government Watchdog

We Do Not Consent to Warrantless "Porno-Scanning" in Airports

When Voters Find Out They've Been Conned

Trumka Willing to 'Accept The Consequences' Of Holding The Line On Ending Wealthy Tax Rates (HuffPo)

The Dream Act

Barack Obama's hopes for a nuclear-free world fading fast

Breaking News: The Republicans are having a Victory Party

99ers Protest New York Unemployment Office

The Nation: Democrats Cannot Ignore Young People

Eugene Robinson:Trimming a bloated defense budget

Democracy Now!: Insurance Insider Speaks (PR and Michael Moore)

Tea Party FAIL: GOP’s Historic Ban on Earmarks Already History

Meet David Barton, Bachmann’s constitution class teacher

SPLC: Defender of Hate Group Leader Campaigning to Head GOP

Freshman GOP Congresscritter: "Where's my healthcare?"

Funny Pictures Mocking Right-Wingers

Major spy scandal as five Scandinavian governments catch the U.S. watching their citizens

White House Plot: For The Religious Right, Will 2012 Be Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Angry left to Obama: Stop caving on agenda

Is Warped Christianity Threatening Our Democracy?

Let's Pass Some Laws Before the Republicans Head Into Town By Michael Moore

Glen Becks Lies of The Week Summarizing! Rant Rave and Lies of the week.

When Fascism Masquerades as Populism By Charles Sullivan

Peak oil review - Nov 15

Drumbeat: November 16, 2010

Up To 90% Drop In SE Asian Fish Populations 1965-95; Trawlers, Mangrove Destruction Stripping Oceans

Troposphere Warming Along With Rising Surface Temperatures, Decades Of Data Show - Reuters

Yemen's Farmers Can No Longer Subsist On Their Own Land - Water Table Falling 1-5 Meters/Yr

Sci-Am: First Comprehensive Look At Huge 2005 Caribbean Bleaching Points To Bleak Marine Outlook

UK Expedition Into Paraguay's Dry Chaco Ends - Fears Outside Diseases Would Sicken Uncontacted Tribe

Norwegian Crew Completes NW, NE Passages In 3 Months - In A Fiberglass Trimaran - CNN

Industry CEOs Say Advanced Biofuels Will Take On Oil Within the Next Three Years

If built, a huge mine would transform Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, possibly jeopardizing

Issa (R-Batshit Crazy) Backtracking On Pledge For Plenty O' Climate Investigations

China's Miracle - 8-12% Of GDP Erased By Pollution Each Year; 25-33% Of Water Unsuitable For Any Use

Venezuela in Talks With China on Power Projects After Shortages

China seen quietly opening sluice for mega hydro projects

New Hurdle for California Condors May Be DDT From Years Ago

For Sale

Energy rebates on appliances don't move water heaters

A Long Night's Journey Into Death

Reading the IEA's Tea Leaves

Meanwhile, a few miles from Hong Kong's teeming millions...

The wind subsides in Britain

Suspected intruder shot, killed by resident in San Marcos

Ohio man shoots self in foot

Some thoughts to ponder upon.

Court Rules Gun Use in Drug Crimes Means Added 5 Years ...

Paraguay cancels British science expedition

Saint Louis Art Museum Announces Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea

Southern Andes reports new uranium find at Accocucho Sur, Peru

Search team finds missing Colombia-bound helicopter

wtf? Redskins edition

Father of murdered children claims cover-up

Chile May Develop Geothermal Energy Projects With Bolivia, Efe Reports

6 killed in agrarian conflict in Honduras

UN General Assembly remembers late Argentine president

At what point does a Skins Fan turn the game off?

Cuba to amend laws before economic changes' plan

IACHR Deplores Extrajudicial Executions Against a Family in Venezuela

National Embassy Hands Over Computing Material to School in Cuba

Kidnapped Migrants from Central America Rescued by Mexican Navy, Local Police Implicated

Not a good day to be a Redskins fan

Florida Cuban American Republicans Support DREAM Act

Halliday unanimous choice for Cy Young

Fines Against Two Chevron Lawyers Increased for Obstructing Ecuador Environmental Trial

Will the Eagles score 70 tonight?

DeSean Jackson pulls a verbal "DeSean"

Venezuela's ambassador answers New York Slimes' columnnist. Yes, we got no bananas!

All-Purpose Albert Haynesworth .gif

What in the fuck are the Ricketts doing to Wrigley Field???

Chicago Cubs, welfare queens

Lets get this season rolling/ AP College Basketball Poll

Argentina, China bury the trade war hatchet

Argentina and Uruguay settle seven-year pulp mill row

BREAKING NEWS: 33 Chilean Women Lock Themselves In 9,000 ft Deep Mine

When was the last time Vick threw an interception?

Colombia to extradite Walid Makled to Venezuela

New Paper Finds Big Increase in Trade is Transforming Colombian-Venezuelan Relations

Boxing: Williams vs Martinez

Poll: Gay People Coming Out Earlier

Can anyone make a pink tutu avatar

Gay Fraternity Launches At IU: Sigma Phi Beta Expands To Bloomington Campus

Lesbian Students Stopped From Graduating

The Glee Bully: It Gets Better!

"Glee"'s Ryan Murphy Discusses Darren Criss, Whether Kurt and Blaine Will Be Boyfriends and More!

Barak: Israel must reach deal with U.S. before Palestinians do

Israeli red tape plagues ailing Holocaust survivor

U.S. taxpayers are paying for Israel's West Bank occupation

This Congress won't give Obama a free pass on Israel

Settler convicted of kidnapping, abusing Palestinian teen

Oklahoma's faith-baiting initiative

How many people hold Reagan's view of atheism?

Amphibians New to Science Discovered in Colombia

Cats' Tongues Employ Tricky Physics

50 Years of Chimpanzees - a conversation with Jane Goodall

How Reading Rewires the Brain

Scientists witness the apparent birth of a black hole

Poll: Would you volunteer for a trip to Mars if you knew you could never come back?

Rush limbaugh at home

One more Gingko image

Henry Clay's Legacy.

Can we have a rainbow contest?

The Camera and I hung out at the mall for a short while

Myra, Myself, and I.

Would you open the Door and go in?

Today in Labor History Nov 15 It urges enactment of employer liability, compulsory education, & mor

Union volunteers renovate home for returning veterans

NFL Players Association Strengthens Ties With Major Unions As It Tries To “Block The Lockout”

Aramark stays neutral (Dining services workers go forward with unionization)

LA County AFL-CIO Council Targets 'Biggest Loser' (strike now in its second week)

President Haynes Urges Senator Brown to Advocate for Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Today in Florida! Big win for now!

Union to protest Mexico outsourcing conference

Urgent alert on unemployment benefits extension from NY's Labor Commissioner

'Tomboy's' firing ruled unlawful (hotel staff should be pretty, wore men's button-down shirts etc)

How you can help farm workers this Thanksgiving

NLRB news release: Federal Judge Orders New York Laundry to Rehire 100 Employees

Today in Labor History Nov 16, 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter were assassinate

Is there a place I can go to pick a good DUer in who's name to donate?

Can you publish a "Top Ignored List" and "Most Alerted Poster"?

OK, I'm just

If we hit 1000 donations can we have a bit more consistancy on "Hate Mail Bag"?

Why is the sky blue?