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NYT: Justice Dept. official kept Josef Mengele's scalp in drawer

NYT: Justice Dept. official kept Josef Mengele's scalp in drawer

L&O: Closing arguments against the writer of the torture memos

GOP lawmakers take "tough" stand on Bush tax cuts ~

Caption Time!

Who is launching missiles in NATO territory and what are they trying to prove?

Quelle surprise !!!!

McDonald's and PepsiCo to help write UK health policy

Fed Official: Foreclosures No Better In 2011

Kasich on schools: ‘Changes are coming’ (and a personal note to Kasich)

Exporting Privatization

Fresh meat: Teabaggers eager to teabag 90+ freshmen House members

Has Anyone Seen "Inside Job" Yet?

Scalia, Breyer bandy about how to decide cases

Maybe this is what Joe Miller is upset about......

As he ventures out flogging his book . . . . .

Crooks & Liars: "Analysis Shows Rich People Save, Not Spend. Obvious Solution? Bigger Tax Cuts!"

GWB: A small fraction of a man

Priorities going forward

How many folks have sent a Thank You to President Obama for 'any' of the below accomplishments?

Memoirs Accomplished...


Fiscal Commission advocates establishing public option for health care.

Your weekend Police Misconduct Thread Courtesy of the InjusticeNews Twitter Feed

The "Last Word" is Stewart deserved to be "Worst Person in the World"

Freepers think holograms are Satan

Hmmm...Maybe, just maybe we were wrong about Iran

When you imagine the future....

The Social Security third rail

Take a moment today...

Does it really matter that Aung San Suu Kyi is free?

Does it really matter that Aung San Suu Kyi is free?

Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure

They're discussing W's Delusional Points on BBC International

America's problem is that "right" and "wrong" has always been much of a numbers game

Cindy McCain Reverses Course On 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Auction of Bernie Madoff's personal items nets over $2 million

Oh My! Not winning hearts or minds -Karzai calls for fewer US raids

"Oh her power shall rest on the strength of her freedom" - Phil Ochs (video and wise words)

Some of the most touching, evocative photos of the Depression and the Dust Bowl . . . . .

NYT: Scientists seek data on melting ice, rising oceans...gosh, I wonder

He's a secret Buddhist !!!!!

To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012

Why Do Polls Suggest Republicans Want To Fight And Democrats Want To Compromise

Smithsonian HD Channel. Pretty good.

Guardian: "McDonald's and PepsiCo to help write UK health policy"

Military Apologists Rig TIME Vote Against WikiLeaks. An Example:

UT professors find mixing business with politics pays off

Senator-Elect Mike Lee Attends Lobbyist-Run Retreat With Other Tea Party GOP Freshmen

Bob Ehrlich (R-MD) Robocalls Broke The Law

A photo that needs a caption.... warning it's the orange boner...

TSA shirts

Helping people help themselves.

Axelrod Starts President Obama's Re-election Work Next Year

a fine example of the excrement pile known as faux news

Man makes record $335,000 in Entropia Universe virtual real estate deal

Sikh, Simran Lamba, in the US Army (interesting PIC and story) - first since 1984

A tree house grows in West Village

Chu voiced early BP spill doubts, fears climate ‘backtracking’

Irony alert: Pope Ratz says new technology blurs the line between illusion and reality....

LEX 18 asks on home page if people are going to attend Palin book signing

Should the law ban or at least monitor and restrict religious education of young children?

CBS News Poll from a few days ago. People do not care about the deficit.

David Cameron accused of using constitutional reform to rig parliament

We can help build a resilient financial system that will serve real people in real communities

GOD in the Sunday Richmond Times-Dispatch

China to unveil its own large jetliner

West cannot defeat al-Qaeda, says UK forces chief

Political Asylum Seeker Faces Deportation for being 40 Minutes Late…15 Years Ago

Obama Should Pardon Clarence Aaron: Debra J. Saunders

West cannot defeat al-Qaeda, says UK forces chief

West cannot defeat al-Qaeda, says UK forces chief

Christopher Hitchens: 'You have to choose your future regrets' - interview

NY Times: As Glaciers Melt, Scientists Seek New Data on Rising Seas

Hopefully judicial confirmations are on the agenda for the lame duck session

Companies won't hire smokers to cut healthcare costs (quit smoking or lose your job)

The Nation: Antichoicers on the March

Repug who wants to be Chmn of Energy & Commerce: Don't Worry, God Will Take Care Of Global Warming

Stewart v. Maddow: The Thrilla Was Vanilla

Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan

National Opt Out Day Is Wednesday Nov. 24

Post-Tea-Party Nation

Glenn Beck Sees George Soros as Iran Does

TSA Female Suicide Bombers History Overview

Protesters try to block Neo-Nazi rally in Phoenix

Netanyahu Calls the Shots

Hillary Clinton for Chief of Staff

Government is about compromise as in Non Blue Dogs Dems with Blue Dog Dems, as in Democrats with

Fresno Bee 7-day series: Are we in denial about illegal immigration?

Need a Job? Try Exorcism

Interesting discussion on Maddow/Stewart interview on reliable sources CNN

Mid-air safety scare as pilots lose control of Airbus with 43 passengers on board

Italy Goes Solar With First Sun-Powered Road

Italy Goes Solar With First Sun-Powered Road

Never-before seen JFK portrait includes kid with toy gun in odd position

Jim McMahon: ‘My memory's pretty much gone' (Super Bowl QB - concussions)

In rare public debate, Justice Scalia admits to not caring about intentions behind laws

Mistah KURTZ & panel "miss" Shrub and say his "side of information" helps him

Mother Jones: Should You Shut Down Your Computer or Put It to Sleep?

Schumer suggest tax compromise: No cuts over $1 million

Schumer suggest tax compromise: No cuts over $1 million

Axelrod: White House objects to permanent tax cuts for wealthy but is silent on extension

TSA encounter at SAN (with video and audio support - not another made up story)

Aides: Obama to prove he's a different kind of Democrat

W on CBS Sunday Morning .... 5 minutes and i had to bail

San Francisco voters approve ban on sidewalk loitering (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

San Francisco voters approve ban on sidewalk loitering (7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

Watching an interesting show on the history channel regarding our crumbling infrastructure.

Oh Look, a Contrail, Venus, Swamp Gas (not a missile) off the coast of Newfoundland

So your employer wants you to agree it can change your contract at will - Sears workers locked out

we southerners say hi

Sunday Talk Show Hosts Admit That the 'Tea Party' is Part of the Republican

Investigation shows elevated levels of lead in re-usable grocery bags

How is it a compromise to pass temporary tax cuts for the wealthy to replace

Response post: How many folks have sent a Thank You to President Obama THREAD

Toronto Star: Defiant and proud, gay Iranian refuses to blend in

Grade the Obama administration: post-midterm edition

Remember the RW mantra "perception is reality".

SETI hits redial in celebration of " Project Ozma" 50th anniversary.

Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure

Do you smoke?

Singer James Blunt 'stopped World War 3'

Gulf of Mexico DUers - Keep an eye on Invest 94

The 1944 Time Magazine Story On The Sewell Avery Arrest

The word 'permanent' is pissing me off!

"No child of mine will go without anything! , except quality healthcare!!"

Bush : no regrets about backing the federal bailout.

Did Heath Shuler just call us the "Democrat Party"

our wars now!!

What kind of atmosphere would a planet have if the moons appeared

The United States needs to revive and pass The Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution

Be Subversive: Move Bush's Memoir to the Crime Section at Your Local Bookstore

must sport the dems

War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

Hitting the bottom

Welcome home Mr. President. I, for ONE, still support you. The road will not be easy but I

Most great people aren't appreciatred during their time...

Is DU the new Free Republic??? Seriously the question must be asked.

An opinion piece by Melinda Henneberger

Have corporations silently replaced our government?

And His Wages Were Death:

New York Law School Blog: Wikileaks Has Committed No Crime

Bush's 'Decision Points' Is A Terrifying Journey Into the Authoritarian Mind

Tea Drinking Anti-Choice Zealots

Why WHY do we go to John McCain for direction? He LOST......

Obama needs to be re-elected for one important reason.

Signs of a Split? Long-term Tory Pact "Stark Raving Mad", Says New Liberal Democrat President

Signs of a Split? Long-term Tory Pact "Stark Raving Mad", Says New Liberal Democrat President

Schumer: Obama Will Rebound, Surprise Us, Must "Focus on Middle Class

Cat-Feeding ban opposition to turnout to Bellaire city (TX) council meeting

Look Ma I solved the Federal Deficit!!!! And so can you!!!

Legislation that is needed but will get nowhere due to plain old bipartisan cowardice.

Hospital bans magazines to block spread of diseases

NorCal salmon increase brings hope for fish runs (Sac Bee)

Call the Capital on Monday

Less hate, more love. Beware of red herrings.

The Mortgage Tax break

When nothing is ever good enough...

No Sanctuary at This Church in Haitian Storm

Toshiba’s Home Nuclear Reactor

Why is everything about 'race' with freepers? This time boxing, a thread on the Pacquiao fight.

I'm tired of hearing that decency in argument is a slave morality


Time person of the year poll being rigged

Incarcerated mothers represent the nation's fastest-growing prison population

The Tea Party brews terrorists

Patients left owing thousands because hospitals classify them as outpatients: Support HB 5950

Alex Jones Thinks There Is Concertration Camps

Shuler doesn't have the numbers to win, but If 'Pelosi doesn't step aside, I will challenge her'

Bush on post-presidency: 'I miss being pampered'

Interrogation Nation (Dahlia Lithwick for SLATE)

Interactive: O.K., You Fix the Budget (New York Times)

High US Deficits Could Spark Bond Crises

So when will the Ensign hearings or trial begin?


Fuck the TUTUS! Stop getting your diapers in a bunch....

Megan McCain doesn't like that "Swedish guy," Julian Assange

Anybody have links to debunking the "India trip costing 200 million per day",

Cops Are Wasting Time

A Simple Fact: Most Americans Pay SS Tax on 100% Of Their Income; A Millionaire Pays On 10%

Internal revolt among the (UK) Liberal Democrats (Cozying up to the Cons has consequences)

To Grandmother's Rave We Go

Soldier-turned-singer: US ordered me to attack Russian troops

Investigation shows elevated levels of lead in grocery bags (this is important)

A leading German footballer has urged gay players to come out

So the Church is training more exorcists.

Something to agree upon.

Scotts Miracle-Gro names former EPA head to board...Things that make you go, HMMMMM:

Jeff Bridges joins the campaign to publicize and stamp out childhood hunger.

Fannie, Freddie Could Cost U.S. $259 Billion while TARP bailout to banks makes money.

Disgusting comments follow LTTE in Dubuque, Iowa paper

Wayne Morse, from War Made Easy, video:

Fair, just wow

Is Obama a Democrat?

Mr. President, why not go for broke? What do you have to lose?

Another one that give christians a bad name.......

Democratic Rep. Ben Chandler wins close Ky. race

Explosion at Playa del Carmen resort kills 6

In January, my father is being profile in Mother Jones magazine due to his book and website

One of 4 People in Ohio Missing Family Case Found Safe, Suspect Arrested

New poll confirms that Americans don't like Palin, even though the media keeps forcing her on them

Frank Rich-Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich?

What's next . . . "I'm an Asshole" plates?

Oh Crap... Do NOT Click On This Link !!!

KBR knew of Oregon soldiers' exposure to cancer-causing hexavalent chromium in Iraq

With two wars going on, if wealthy won't put blood on the line, how about cash...

Buyer's Remorse Setting In...........ALREADY

Gulf Oil Spill: Tracking the Claims -- 'Kind of like going to battle'

Poor minorities and liberal bloggers

Bankers Association Looking Forward To ‘Better Outcomes’ From The Incoming Republican

McDonald's Japan New 'Christmas Set' Challenges KFC Chicken Tradition

I don't have any trouble with the TSA - and as I've posted elsewhere,

Need help from DU History buffs:

More on the foiled military coup d'etat against FDR by American industrialists

How Would You Solve the Deficit? Budget Calculator on NYT

How Would You Solve the Deficit? Budget Calculator on NYT

how about us southern leftists?

George Bush actually said that Katrina undermined

Of all the cartoons of the week, this one just about sums up what is about to

Breasts are best defense against extremism: Danish MP

Breasts are best defense against extremism: Danish MP

John stewart vs Rachel Maddow vs. John Stewart vs. Barack Obama

John McCain wants another study on DADT repeal

NY Times: Defying Trend, Canada Lures More Migrants

"The US Corporatocracy" - updated 11/13/2010 to include "Debt Commission Report" and other issues.

The end of a coalition... this is why we are so damn divided

Please review my latest editorial dedicated to Kip's nephew...

Please review my latest editorial dedicated to Kip's nephew...

What am I missing??

Singer James Blunt 'stopped World War 3' (Kosovo, 1999)

Nicolas Sarkozy moves further to the right

REPUBLICANS in 1776 = No American Revolution

TV viewers: What will you be watching at 9pm est tonight?

Social Security Judges Face Violent Threats

Social Security Judges Face Violent Threats

Young GAY Student DEFENDS TEACHER At School Board Meeting

Tax INCREASE on $200K - $500K "small business" earners if Bush Tax Cuts EXPIRED: $700.

Ireland's young flee abroad as economic meltdown looms

Cindy McCain looks petrified standing by McCain since her last attempt at independence.

If Obama had Eric Cantor charged with Logan Act crimes...

Whither the Park 51 outrage?

your medication is watching you...

your medication is watching you...

The Foreclosure Crisis Spells Disaster For The Economy - FDL

Did somebody declare war on Yemen?

John "Git 'er Done" McCain: "Get The Study, Have Hearings, Examine It, See If It's What We Want"...

'Soul-searching' Obama aides: Democrats' midterm election losses a wake-up call

Arizona Sheriff used hidden database to misspend up to $80 million, officials claim

NYT asks how DOJ can still argue 'with a straight face' that Congress will end DADT

National Opt Out Day -Nov 24- Just say NO to TSA stupidity

Digby On the TSA Airline Security Incident & Submission To Authority

President Obama stood tall against Myanmar and they blinked

Conventional Wisdom says that Obama needs to do two things...

Five killed in California crash involving 12 motorcycles

Robert Reich: 2 American economies going in opposite directions

The "War of Ideas" is over and guess who won

Ooh look.. "real" news and honesty...

Ooh look.. "real" news and honesty...

Schumer nails it on Face the Nation. Every Democrat should be saying what he's saying right now.

Reading this is making me wonder what kind of "cat" is in Glenn Beck's bag

Elections highlight Obama's eroding base ....

It's shocking to realize, yet again, that Bush really is a dumb sonofabitch

It's shocking to realize, yet again, that Bush really is a dumb sonofabitch

TSA ejects Oceanside (CA) man from airport for refusing security check

Libertarian Reason magazine joins growing chorus condeming Beck's Soros attacks

So, I see the 2012 campaign has already begun at DU

Why don't we just raise taxes on the wealthy temporarily...

On "Pride" and "Power" messages...

George W. Bush says he is glad to be out of the Oval Office because he doesn't have to

Looking through some old bookmarks, I came across this one by NanceGreggs from exactly 3 years ago.

We can't wait any longer: Time to rebuild the Democratic Party

We can't wait any longer: Time to rebuild the Democratic Party

CNN: Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure

"Collaborwocky": A Parody

Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoes fast-food toy ban

Barbara Bush had doctors save her miscarried fetus in a jar

God is a pedophile

Breaking on CNN - explosion at the Hotel Riviera in Playo del Carma, Mexico

Yes, I do smoke.

Feds Rule District Can Limit School Choice For Special Education Students

I bought NEW BALANCE MADE IN THE US of A shoes today at DSW warehouse

What rights do mortgage borrowers have?

Memo to President Obama: You Have 48 Days Left to End DADT "This Year" as Your Promised. Do It.

Memo to President Obama: You Have 48 Days Left to End DADT "This Year" as Your Promised. Do It.

Psychologist who developed CIA torture techniques might lose license

McAlester, Ok objects to Westboro protest

It's the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Damn it! Can we get everyone on board, please?

I worked for Obama in 2008 and feel no remorse.

In Regards To The Alleged $250 SS Payment What About a 2nd Rebate Stimulus For Low Income Americans?

Kitty Delenn's update: post-treatment!

Kitty Delenn's update: post-treatment!

Time to find new leadership, Now.

Obama to Switch Party


Coming Soon: Farmageddon...The Unseen War on American Family Farms

THE NATION: Obama Without Tears

News Alert! Lameduck Congress may try to quietly pass a retroactive mortgage fraud immunity bill!

News Alert! Lameduck Congress may try to quietly pass a retroactive mortgage fraud immunity bill!

Mama Grizzly too close to the bears?

Giving Name To The Bush Legacy: "SHANKRILA" -------->

TSA encounter at SAN [San Diego airpoirt]

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week November 14 - 20, 2010

Locating The Bush Library: "AT GITMO" ------>

"Help a DUer @ Wishadoo!": Sunday 11/14/10

This is the future I want...

Why doesn't my doctor ever say I'm somatizing? Why? WHY?

So what represents the ganglion in Network Design?

I was at a restaurant and had shrimp and crab dip with pita bread. It was yummy. I think there was

I just bought the XBOX360 250GB with Kinect

Am I missing something....

Show us your senior picture....

Even on the compost pile

Cat games

Should I or shouldn't I?

Relationship question

Where am I?!?!? Where the hell are YOU?!?!?!?

My eyesight really STINKS!!!!!

There is no love quite like stoner love.

Piercings... they're good for what ails you!!!

And finally... while you are viewing this, MiddleFingerMom would consider it a personal favor...

The new Buddy Guy CD? Like Lawrence Talbot under a full moon.

No words for this. Seriously....

Company Memo RE: Gala Christmas Party

Is it acceptable to be circumcised while breastfeeding at Olive Garden?

Hollywood's Hidden Parking Lot (mother lode of movie cars)

Take a moment today...

Johann Johannsson - Sun's Gone Dim

My poll needs love and affection

Why MiddleFingerMom hasn't dated for awhile:

There's nothing more filling than a good meatball hero.

REALLY proud of my middle daughter - she was selected as a judge for yesterday's karate tournament.

Laughing Song

:-) :-) :-) ^^^^^ @@@@@ ***** Medulla Oblongata APPRECIATION THREAD ***** @@@@@ ^^^^^ :-) :-) :-)

11 Nerdy Moments Guaranteed to Make You Cry

There was a lot in Kung Fu Panda for adults to enjoy .

Keith Olbermann named new Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings!

Many too small boxes and Maru

Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo Nobody Bother Me Commercial

what's your favorite onomatopoeia?

The LBN circumcision thread is at 486. It needs the Lounge to tip it over 500.

Kindle, yea or nay. Clue us (o.k., ME!1) very late bloomers, please.

What happened to the DUer with 'syrup' as part of

So, I just saw the movie It's Complicated and would like to know...

Is it possible to increase resolution of a photo?

Cute baby porcupine

Ketchup that is more tangy than sweet?

I kissed a woman for the first time in 16 years last night

The phrase of the day is "groin check". Replace any word in a thread title with "groin check".

Smartphones - Hard Drives spin in them these days?

come wee little friend....

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Shot Of 2% Edition



Ladies (and guys who like guys), is bald/balding a deal-breaker?

5 Sunday questions

Post a favorite novelty song (and now I can't get it out of my head...)

Best way to remove the adhesive sticky crap from a cookie sheet...

Need help re: feral cats.

Do you own something from the 19th century?

My other old lady rabbit died this morning

What old TV series would like to have the Whole series of.

Voters approve Arizona medical marijuana measure

KBR knew of Oregon soldiers' exposure to cancer-causing hexavalent chromium in Iraq

Coalition of (tea party backed) senators challenges GOP on earmarks

Arizona Sheriff used hidden database to misspend up to $80 million, officials claim

Netanyahu Agrees to Push for Freeze in Settlements

Taliban mount series of attacks in Afghanistan

Berlusconi Wants Italian Budget Approved Before Confidence Vote

Singer James Blunt 'stopped World War 3' (Kosovo, 1999)

Voters approve Arizona medical marijuana measure

Chilcot inquiry's credibility 'is on edge of an abyss' (Iraq war inquiry)

Aung San Suu Kyi could call for lifting of Burma sanctions

Bank Raid Could Have Been Warning Against Planned WikiLeaks Russian Corruption Expose Says Lebedev

Protesters try to block Neo-Nazi rally in Phoenix

Barack Obama pledges to push nuclear New Start treaty through Congress

FBI: Man Once Thought Dead Arrested in Kidnapping

Karzai wants US to 'reduce operations'

Obama opposes permanent tax break for wealthy: aide

British couple kidnapped by Somali pirates freed after ransom payment

Peru presents footage of hidden Amazon tribe

U.S. offers Israel incentives package in exchange for 3 month settlement freeze

Probe is sought of lead in reusable grocery bags

Lebanon arrests preacher who praised 9/11 hijackers (Omar Bakri Mohammed)

Secret Papers Detail U.S. Aid for Ex-Nazis

Missing teen found; whereabouts of other 3 unknown

Chinese mine in Afghanistan threatens ancient find

Heroic N.J. teacher was sacrificed for political cause in hidden video

I think the wealthiest 2% should get tax breaks! Before you flame me, look at this.

More questions on the Cantor story

Fighting for Liberalism is fighting for fair taxation.

I like this article, because it addresses INSTITUTIONAL traits of Presidency established by Bush.

I could support a raising of incomes with tax-breaks -- But not "temporary" extensions for all

Bush: "I miss being Pampered"


We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend.

We can't wait any longer: Time to rebuild the Democratic Party

The Oval Office: A future reality show starring Sarah Palin!!!

Growing Rift in G.O.P. is about to get ugly (for them)

Karzai: US Should Cut Back Afghan Military Operations

Obama to Switch Party (Satire)

A president is not a dictator, that being said what compromise would progressives accept?

Meet the Tea Party's first 2012 target...they are targeting the last of the moderate Repubs

Rand Paul Is Still Waiting for Obama To Call Him

Obama Says He’s Committed to Middle-Class Tax Cut Extension

O.K., You Fix the Budget

"I have an iReggie, who has my books, my newspapers, my music all in one place."

What I would like to hear from Thom and/or Keith tomorrow

David Axelrod on Meet the Press with David Gregory this Morning

16 Ways to Cut the Deficit

Does anybody remember an interview when Obama said this?:

Does anybody remember an interview when Obama said this?:

Tea Party attacks people who are bad spellers!

Which teabaggers will run for prez?

Obama May Deny KSM a Trial; Give Up on Closing Gitmo

My question is if Obama loses in 2012 should he step aside in 2016?

Somebody Got To Cindy

compromise is like a bowel movement: it may be necessary, but it is distasteful to announce it

I think it should be understood that DU is not, has never been, will never be Obama's base. . .

Sarah Palin accused of breaking countryside rules in TV nature show

Another stupid poll about 2012(will the Dems take back the house?)

Airport Scanner Manufacturer accompanies Obama to India

some new music

Burma Releases Nobel Laureate Suu Kyi After 15 Years Of House Arrest

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Wall Street Part 2

War criminal...sorry, Jon Stewart, but he is...sellin' his book in a Florida retirement community

A Democratic Future Is Now

Chris Hedges: Objectivity Morally Neutered the Press

This Hour Has 22 Minutes: Canadian Tea Party

This Hour Has 22 Minutes: "It Gets Better" for ex-gays

Canadian comedy show ambushes Christine O'Donnell

Mike Malloy - Sarah Palin Is An Old Style Carnival Hustler - Part 2

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Insane Health Insurance Co Profits

Right Wing Women Don't Get It

Mike Malloy - Sarah Palin Is An Old Style Carnival Hustler - Part 1

It Gets Better- Weird Liberal Head

Military spending, collapse of US empire

Love Dogs

Chris Hedges: Perverting the Gospel

Effects of Spain's foreclosure laws

Bill Maher and Michael Moore - November 12, 2010

Business in Afghanistan, Connections Matter Most

New twist to US foreclosures

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Wall Street Part 3

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Wall Street Part 1

13 Year Old Forced to Remove American Flag from Bike

99ers Extending federal unemployment benefits through 2011

Sarah Palin Puppet!

Students Wear 'Straight Pride' Shirts

Republican Says God will deal with Climate Change

Dylan Ratigan: Outsourcing Becomes Major Economic Problem

This is the woman who claimed TSA harassed her

Neo-Nazi Rally in Arizona Got Ugly

Offensive response to open letter

Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan.

"Obama's PRO-Israel Record"...(Center for American Progress Report)

Try Something Hard: Governing

The Strange Case of Jon Stewart: Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hide

Eric Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance

Sirens, Egyptian and Equine

Torture in US Prisons

Der Spiegel: 'I'm Not Fomenting Revolution, I'm Studying It'

Incompatible Interests: The Truth Blurs for Bush and Schroder

NY TImes: Try Something Hard: Governing

How The Chilean Miners Survived

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

“Money and the Midterms: Are the Parties Over?" (Interview with Thomas Ferguson”/Naked Capitalism )

Banks Get Bailouts, We Get Shared Sacrifice (Marshall Auerback, New Deal 2.0)

Sasha Abramsky, Salon - "Obama's toughest task: Make us believe again"

Meet The Press Is A Joke

GOP, Reid headed for more conflict over Yucca, nuclear waste

Fusion project looks for savings (Nature)

Saving the manta rays of the Maldives (BBC)

As Glaciers Melt, Scientists Seek New Data on Rising Seas

Use of hydraulic hybrid technology grows

Using Biofuels in Europe will produce much more GHG than using fossil fuels - Greenpeace report

Supercomputers 'will fit in a sugar cube', IBM says (BBC)

Heinberg: The End of Growth

The Australian Government’s solar PV rebate program

For all the policy wonks: 131 years to replace gasoline?

Texas officials covered up dangerously radioactive tap water for years

A begging letter from the Brady Campaign with something left unsaid.

"Packing heat where you eat"

Is the purpose of guns in general to kill?

"They have guns so what can we do?"

Ok so I've narrowed it down to a walther pps .40.

Journalists celebrate their day and report attacks on their profession

Angered by President ‘Pepe,’ Teachers Strike Again in Honduras

Decrease Increase U.N.-backed investigators shake up Guatemala

GMO soy bringing poverty, poor health to South America

Troop pull-out urged in Nicaragua-Costa Rica border row

BREAKING NEWS: 7 Dead in Explosion at Popular Mexican Resort

Mexico and Central America Face Hundreds of Millions in Repairs from Natural Disasters this Year

Bolivia defends seizing foreign energy firms

Venezuelan police arrest 33 people in metro protest

An Ugly Family Affair

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Saturday, November 13)

***Bowl Projections - Week 11****

We're #1! Lions set record with 25th straight loss on the road.

Lights out at the Meadowlands

OSU haters here are some fun facts ....

Tebow scores first passing TD

Texas Radio Host Attacks Joel Burns - "Stop lying, you don't have a 'husband'"

Pastor says student's suicide was tipping point for his coming out

Montana Attorney General Takes Aim at GLBT Rights

Conditions Critical In Refugee Camps As Strike Continue

SNCF apologises for role in WWII Jewish deportations

Israeli student attacked by Palestinians in Italy

Just who is misguided?

The military-media combine

U.S. offers incentives to Israeli to halt settlements 90 days

Catholic bishops say more exorcists are needed

New discovery could be best hint yet of the elusive Higgs boson

NASA: James Webb Space Telescope Costs Becoming Astronomical

Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal


Big price drop for Olympus E-PL1

I know Halloween is over, but...

Evening Sky

A few left . . .

A few pic from my Berlin trip

Question about photo processing

Which one do you like?

Little Laura is back home - and this is what I got today- in for a penny...

A Couple of Questions

"Are you off your meds" used as a humorous question

I'm having trouble adding a journal to my journal blogroll

2 way "ignore"