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Alexi Giannoulias is not running for mayor

School Money Club

Here is a nightmare scenario... well there is a worst case

An oldie but goodie: I'm The Decider (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo)

katy couric bit on first school integration and angry whites looks and sounds like tea party

Inhof and Cantor should be watched and held for treason

Sorry for the spam. Does anybody have a link to "The True Life Story of Frankie Toussaint"?

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Horsey Toon: The myopic selfishness of libertarians

The problems teachers face:

Relatives of city officials pay only $200 to $400 rent for city owned property

Spanish priest arrested over '21,000 child porn images'

Report: Dogs thrown from NW Georgia overpass

Comatose Ariel Sharon spends weekend at home


Question for those who say that Obama must defend DADT in the courts:

Meet my little friend Righthaven Frederick is out at Las Vegas Review Journal

Thank You Rep. Brad Miller - Representative, North Carolina !!!

Why don't people sue Fox News for slander when lied about?

Jon Stewart on Rachel reminded me of some kids...

Has Stewart commented on the negative reaction

Here is a link to Ron Christie's just shameful appearance on the Ed Schultz show

Oakland pigs thought slain man's scale was a gun. Killed over weed!!

Hit and Run driver that killed woman in Los Angeles is 'Girls Gone Wild' distributor

Failure in a righteous cause

Newt. Effin' NEWT. Let's blow a round of "Taps" for his last functioning brain cell.

Ten years of tax cuts to the rich bastards who sent our jobs overseas!

For those watching Rachel Maddow right now...

What do Mike Huckabee and Michael Moore have in common? Both are on with Bill Maher in half an hour

'McConnell's True Colors' on Rachel!!!

Frozen dog means jail time (30 days)

Looking too far ahead to 2016: Democratic Nominee

Haven't the wealthy had a decade to save up?

New DNA Test Undermines Evidence For Texas Execution

Weird... I Wasn't Quite Sure Of The Value Of Keith's Thurber Readings

so. From now on Jon STEWART is going to be the filter for Rachel, Keith,

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law

What alcohol actually does to your brain and body.

Michael Moore will be on Bill Maher's panel tonite

Fuck Glenn Beck.

Fuck Glenn Beck.

Fuck Glenn Beck.

Prince Georges County (MD) Exec & Councilwoman arrested by FBI (breaking)

Sooo..I guess Glenn Beck found God and figures God hates Jews?

Media Matters David Brock wins auction for lunch with Rupert Murdoch

Obama seeking compromise on Bush tax cuts (WP)

The Unbearable Unbearableness of Rand Paul

"Cause when they own the information, oh They can bend it all they want "

If I was Soros, I would use all of the wealth at my disposal

Anyone watch Jesse Venture's Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV. Spying and detaining US citizens

You're all going to prison

Put your skills to the test! and dare to see how crazy they really are....

I'm a Keynesian. I believe

Reverse Bubbleomics: What If OPEC Figures Out Crude Oil’s Fair Price is $150?

Now that WAS wild, a horse in a car

Nebraska abortion doctor moves practice after state ban

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Are drug companies paying your doctor?

Give your interpretation of President Obama's words regarding the tax cuts.

Anyone for a spot of Tea? DU this NBC comment section on VA Teabagger plates

I sent an email to Nor about DADT. Iasked him is Obama

I sent an email to Nor about DADT. Iasked him is Obama

Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality

Amy Goodman: A Look at Argentina’s Economic Rebellion and the Social Movements that Led It

Jon the Viacom Wild Palms Comedian

Buy a truck, get a free Kalashnikov: Florida recession antidote

Cindy McCain reverses herself on gay rights.

How long will it be until Bush blames the American Left for his decision to invade Iraq?

We don't play chess...

Democrats want to do the right thing.

Does anyone have the Boehner link critizing obama about jobs hours after he was sworn in?

You know who George Bush reminds me of since the book tour started?

Acid Trip (Taking Woodstock)

Abortion Tax?

Bill Clinton gives thumbs-up to Bush's book 'Decision Points'

Two Gosselin Kids Expelled From School: Report (Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV show)

LAT: Postelection White House meeting underscored Obama's diminished sway

Berlusconi on scandal with underage runaway "better than being gay".

Why in hell can't the so called bipartisan commission propose a lifting of the SS cap?

Direct links to deficit commission report.

I wish we could retire the N-word.

Question for the economic wonks on the board about the printing of 600 billion dollars

wikipedia soliciting donations:

The knives behind the smiles

DNA Tests Undermine Evidence in Texas Execution

DNA Tests Undermine Evidence in Texas Execution


Rank-and-File Autoworkers Organizing: Conference 11/14, Toledo

Australia: Sydney Foxconn workers expose sweatshop conditions

BREAKING: Deal ends Democratic leadership fights (Hoyer to be Whip)

Louisiana college students protest budget cuts in Baton Rouge

Nick Clegg is a fraud

Post-Katrina Shootings Witness: Cop Said Looters 'Deserved To Be Shot'

Parenti was right - it is Democracy for the Few

Catholic bishops: More exorcists needed

Has President Obama said anything about the release of Aung San Suu Kyi

The supposed tax cut extenstion is not a cut at all, it's a loan we'd have to pay back with interest

Alert: If you have both private/public sector earnings, SS benefits can be reduced or eliminated

Feds visit Sheriff Joe's jails in bias probe

A Doctor in Your Pocket

Lack of industry means lack of jobs for Oswego County

Racist Woman attacks US Postal carrier..

IMF Ready to Shock Doct..., err, Help Ireland, If It Makes Request for Aid

How many elections will it take?

Loan Modification Program Has Spent Barely 1% of Available Budget

Teacher gave student 'morning-after' pill

Reason v. Fascism

Intrade's predictions.....always fun for a look....

IF Eric Cantor comes out and condemns Beck

The television personality that I admire is vastly superior to the television personality you admire

Arizona Family Loses Home to Foreclosure, Neighbors Give Them a Place to Live

Arizona Family Loses Home to Foreclosure, Neighbors Give Them a Place to Live

Things our taxes pay for.

Things our taxes pay for.

Wisconsin lame duck Dem governor complete union deals before leaving

Wisconsin lame duck Dem governor complete union deals before leaving

File A Complaint With FCC..........Beckster and the Drugster

Shocking State Fair Scandal, Wage Theft Epidemic, Spur Nationwide Protests

Fifty-three percent say income tax cuts should be renewed for all

Fifty-three percent say income tax cuts should be renewed for all

Move over, coiled snake... the NEW Teabagger symbol of democracy and rugged individualism:

Anyone see David Brock on Olbermann tonight .... ? Video .... ?

Roger Ebert: A Meeting Of Solitudes

TRENDING: palin's UNFAVORABLES reach all time high

U.S. Catholic bishops holding a national conference/training on how to properly conduct exorcisms!

Time for a New Five-Dollar Day

Family Says Driver Had License to Kill, DUI Offenders Keep Licenses When Officers Miss Hearings

Here we are -- Hannity to teach Congress about the Constitution?

Sam Seder on Bush book: ''me, me, me''.

Howard Kurtz thinks Olberman and Hannity are the same

Our two-tiered citizenship – that’s you on the bottom

Email I received from Tea party Patriots.."STOP CALLING!"

please help with my next editorial..."Buy American"

Do you support our war effort in Afghanistan?

Latino kids now majority in California's public schools

Food Stamps Soar, Jobs Offshore

Food Stamps Soar, Jobs Offshore

On The Occasion Of Olbermann's Return

On The Occasion Of Olbermann's Return

A legacy to our job problems: How the Girl Scouts nearly sunk the U.S. economy

Conservative Movement Leaders Discuss 2011 Agenda Behind Closed Doors

Cameron and Clegg are laying you off, cutting your benefits,

Immigration 'compact' offered in Utah (alternative to AZ's SB 1070)

Bush's Cut & Paste Book

BREAKING: Aung San Suu Kyi released from house arrest in Burma (CNN)

What President Obama should have should have told Boehner

WTF - Bush was more open to the press

Here is a shock from Az - Go figure

Suing for the right to pollute

Why I am NOT for the death penalty

Dem backers of changing filibuster rules undaunted by GOP House

HuffPo: Child Abuse Rate At Zero Percent In Lesbian Households, New Report Finds

Del City (Oklahoma) High Students Say Discrimination Keeping Them From Graduation

Is Bill Maher on tonight? If so, is it worth watching?

WOW the WH has no idea of WHERE the compromise will be...

Lady Blah Blah's disapproval numbers are at an all time high

watch this video and support a world without breast cancer

Guardian: Afghanistan - Military Quagmire And Government Money Pit

Carnival Splendor stranding baffles marine experts

First Progressive hero Russ Feingold loses Senate re-election bid to climate change-denying Tea


Bush didn't write no damn book

Congressional Record or Federal Register

Another failed politician releases a pile of self serving bullshit and calls it a book

I'm so sick of the drunken frat boy's revisionist bullshit. If the Lord spoke from a burning Bush...

My Father Was a Freedom Fighter, Ramzy Baroud

How do you feel about the ongoing deficits and the national debt?

This is an impressive crowd:

Randi Rhodes was knocking Rachel and Kieth on her show

My camera phone sucks.... but documents what I did with "Indecision Points"

Heads up for veterans willing to engage in civil disobedience to overturn DADT

We broke $500.

Much like FOX News, I am idealogical but not partisan

About this fucking country and the poor.

Despite Prop. 19 Failure, Cities Embrace Marijuana

Political Propaganda has Defined Patriotism

MIchael Moore.."Obama Needs to Take off The TUTU"......

Drug expert claims David Kelly was murdered as he could not have taken overdose

Let's say the world economy fell into a syndrome where

You can't cut your way to growth. Part 1b: A night at the theater?

Tax cuts

Carlin - reality check

The deficit hawks' war on algebra.

Destroying villages in order to save them, senator Kerry

Obama sends out robots that murder children in Pakistan

Mofo, we need an Herbal Tea Partay. Motion to adopt motion to create Herbal Tea Partay.

On the WaPo's Ridiculous "Obama Shouldn't Run Again" Op-Ed

On the WaPo's Ridiculous "Obama Shouldn't Run Again" Op-Ed

Workfare to be imposed in Britain

Did trying to please the left really cost us the election?

At the risk of some bringing up Goodwin's law

275 Investors Demand U.S. Chamber of Commerce Reveal Funding Sources

Emanuel formally announces run for Chicago mayor

Does Glenn Beck want progressives dead? (Facebook page)

Selective Ignorance & The Tea Party

John Dean: Tea Party threats of coming government shutdown enter territory of criminal extortion.

Caucasian, Europid, or White?

Over 800 dead in Haiti cholera epidemic, 200,000 at risk

DC Centrists Unite Against the Middle Class - Mike Lux/HuffPo

New NYC Schools Chancellor Previously Hawked Sex-Tip Phone App

Strangest of bedfellows: McCarthy and the Kennedys.

How much does the DUniverse care about earmarks?

Negotiating the Catfood Commission: Don't touch their proposals, demand a fresh start

Rosanne Cash Interview: Johnny Cash was devastated when Bush invaded Iraq

Another Bank of America Story:

I would like to make a proposal about this recession

Can an Employer Ask You Your Age on an Application on the Internet???


The "Two Party" System And The Public Option... From David Sirota... What Say You, Fellow Dems ???

When we get to do 2009 over again...

Feds seeking to seize Missouri farm over drug use

Outlaws we remain: Despite Prop 19 defeat, we've still come a long way

Why are Fox News employees allowed to plug their financial interests without disclosure?

Is a citizen out of line for questioning whether government officials are acting in good faith?

How Some On The Left Embraced The Corporate Media Narrative That They Are Powerless, Invisible

OK DUers you earned this laugh with Bubba

New poll : Tax the rich and save Social Security

Death Panels

So.. here I am... playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, when I get a IM from a MW friend who is a

Pelosi for President.

The 6 bullshit "moral" crisises...


Hug warfare.

A Small Fraction of a Man

Gosselin kids expelled from school?

Debt Collector Threatens To dig up woman's daughter, hang her from tree, kill her dog, etc

So How Is The Obama Experiment Working For You...Day 662

So How Is The Obama Experiment Working For You...Day 662


Media drops story of apparent missile launch

Harlem principal and deputy at Academy for Social Action ousted amid affair, threats

Harlem principal and deputy at Academy for Social Action ousted amid affair, threats

I posted the content of my e-mail to Rachel about Jon on a Facebook link at Comedy Central

India rage at China quarantine authority after horse ban

How America Can Resurrect Itself: A Message Of Hope

China to unveil its own large jetliner - with help from U.S. companies

Hilarious New Conservapedia Entry: Mystery: Why Do Non-Conservatives Exist?

Counterproposal: Obama Mails Every Taxpayer a $1,000 Check Instead of Tax Cuts for the Wealthy - FDL

Did you know Fanta Orange was put out so Coke could keep a Nazi foothlold in the market?

Democratic Party needs to differentiate itself from the Republicans

Why on Earth Would Americans Vote the Old Bush-Cheney Agenda Back into Power? Europeans Are Perplexe

Gen. JC Christian, patriot, reviews "Decision Points"..."If Horatio Alger Had a Trust Fund"

In Canada, they're keeping the noisy SunChips bag, for the good of Mother Earth

In Canada, they're keeping the noisy SunChips bag, for the good of Mother Earth

Letter to a whiny young Democrat

Foreclosure mess prompts growing number of public officials to slow down process

Conservatives burn over Fred Upton's light bulb law

Moving to the Center Means, Moving Left?

Beck's Dangerous Campaign by Kati Marton

Sex-Tip App? New Schools Chief Promotes It (NYC)

On Veteran's Day I made a post about our gov't's broken promises with which some of you took issue

After the elections, Cuomo steps up attacks on state workers

"Republicans Still Can’t Name Any Programs They Would Cut To Offset Extending The Bush Tax Cuts"

Here's another reason to get rid of Nancy Pelosi.

How the FUCK do you hide $80,000 in a bra?

Az news on that too close to call Prop 203 - Medical Marijuana....

Glenn Beck lashes out at the Anti-Defamation League

Sarah Palin's Unfavorability Numbers (52%) Hit New High, Survey Finds

Until tonight, I had never heard of Norman Thomas

This is too old to be so relevant.

I have just seen the lowest down most sleazy car commercial ever (Toyota)

So Apparently I'm Late To The Party... GW's Mom Puts Her Miscarried Fetus In A Jar And...

Ron Christie Has a Hissy Fit Defending Scooter Libby and Iraq Invasion

Ron Christie Has a Hissy Fit Defending Scooter Libby and Iraq Invasion

So have we ceded so much power that we are picking a fight with a comedian??

Alternet - "GOP Pledges to Cut Programs That Don't Actually Exist"

Man says he was forced to eat beard in mower spat

How U.S. Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) won re-election but could lose his district

Ouch! My Nose!

A Small Fraction of a Man by William Rvers Pitt

Torture victims centre wants Bush prosecuted

Sunday Talk Shows

Suppose the drumbeat continues, the propaganda intensifies, and we lose the White House in 2012?

Mystery 'Missile' Identified As US Airways Flight 808

16 of the Dumbest Things Americans Believe -- And the Right-Wing Lies Behind Them

The "Debt Commission"

Contender For Worst Reality Show

Socialist? Communist?" Is it just because the "N" word would get them bad press?

Wannabe Republican hopes to sack Pelosi

Editorial | McConnell's true colors

Fox & Beck Make A Mockery Of Committment To Not Exploit Anti-Semitism & Holocaust

It could be so much worse you guys. Imagine this in the Oval Office (warning, graphic)

First Jon Stewart, now Ted Koppel

Temp jobs a permanent solution?

Socialists: Get out of the closet!

Lawyers Depart Alaska as Miller’s Chances Dim

BEATING UP Nancy Pelosi

Help spread the word about what President Obama HAS done in his first 20 months

Bill Maher, Michael Moore: "America Is Like a Dog"

Glenn Greenwald on Cantor and Israel: "Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance"

Immigrant Soldiers Serve Country, Still Face Deportation

Immigrant Soldiers Serve Country, Still Face Deportation

Glenn Beck: Millions will starve when hyperinflation comes January

Dean Baker: "the country really has no near-term or even mid-term deficit problem."

Eric Cantor is a traitor

Eric Cantor is a traitor

So, THIS is why many progressive sites have gotten more conservative in the past year! (xpost)

Something F*ked up about the promos for the Conan O'Brien talk show

Why On Earth Would Americans Vote Bush-Cheney Agenda Back Into Power? Europeans Are Perplexed...

Sound familiar? ..... Fast food companies helping write health policy in Britain

Has DU gone crazy? Obama is a coward and Stewart is the enemy? What's next, Nancy Pelosi is a

Regarding Glenn Beck's description of George Soros as puppet master.

Cantor Told Netanyahu That GOP 'Will Serve As A Check' On Obama

Bad day for the Pro-Death Penalty crowd! DNA Tests Undermine Evidence in Texas Execution!

16 of the Dumbest Things Americans Believe -- And the Right-Wing Lies Behind Them

Execution (Pvt. Eddie Slovik) witness pays his respects

Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news

Couple a things...

we have lost 26 troops in Afghanistan so far this month

The postal service can fix ONE big problem~rant

I just watched the Maddow interview of Jon Stewart.

8 Reasons Why Obama Shouldn’t Extend Tax Cuts for the Wealthy – “Temporary” or Otherwise

VIDEO: Bill Maher's final NEW RULES segment of the season 11/12/10 (UPDATED w/more links)

Stop saying Freepers are racists!

How Banning Happy Meals Could Make Kids Fatter

Enough already–Miller campaign adviser has endless allegations but no evidence

"And now they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your fuckin' retirement money."

Tea Party Seniors Will Revolt Against GOP if Social Security and Medicare are Cut

Teabaggers who want to kill the President.

Teabaggers who want to kill the President.

'Park Like an A**hole'? Website Is Watching You

Exactly what was wrong with the Jon Stewart interview?

Economy forcing suburbs to lay off cops to cut costs

Student told to remove flag from bicycle during Veteran's day. Outcry ensues. School reverses

The other shoe drops: Full Tilt bans Washington residents

Christian mother-of-five, given blasphemy death sentence

A Small Fraction of a Man

Hold me back !

Minimum hourly wages in Canada

Scientists warn of danger in airport body scanners

What SHOULD G. W. Bush have named his memoirs?

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

WTF? Squatters Take Over $2.6MM Home In OC. Owner - And Police - Can't Get Them Out.


Savage Austerity by Cindy Sheehan

School Lets Kids Wear "Straight Pride" Shirts

Republic of Money: The Arms of Krupp to Gatsby to the Psychedelia of Millbrook (pic-heavy)

Photo: Montgomery Ward CEO arrested by Troops in WW2

Buffalo, NY has by far America's Stupidest Democrats.

Poll conducted for DFA finds 85% of voters opposed to Social Security cuts.

What prevents America from becoming a totally left-leaning social democracy?

What prevents America from becoming a totally left-leaning social democracy?

Pink Tutus - Blunt language vs. nuanced language

The Grim Truth

The Grim Truth

"in most ways the European right is to the left of the Democratic Party, which is fairly startling."

New FL congressman to bring "vile, vicious, despicable" leftwing to its knees.

Passenger backlash growing against TSA touching of breasts and genitals (WP)

Why I find the term pink tutu so damn offensive

Anyone else watching "Terriers?"

two cool piano songs

The United States of Television

Number of minutes on a first date in which Captain Hook can avoid discussing his hook

Well, I did it. I finished LOST.

I'm listening to classical music right now, however, earlier

Grammar question: what's the name of the "-er" forms of adjectives?

Kentucky man says his former friends forced him to eat his beard over lawn mower dispute

Mike Huckabee appeared on Bill Maher. It's a friday night.

With your silicone hump and your ten inch stump...

A great song.

Kukla, Fran and Ollie-The First Episodes on DVD Nov. 20

It's snowing in Omaha

Who do you love?

Creepy, with a capital C.

"I'm not supposed to but I agree. We are all dead inside" - FUNNY workplace commercial

The Alan Parsons Project- I Robot

An idea for your next family game night - Battle Shots

My Fondest Wish for GW's Book

Oh look... already a new $$$$-making book from Dubya!

Book - The Year of Magical Thinking - half way through, not getting it...

Okay, how well do you know your significant other? What music do they dig?

another mullet resource

"I just invented tacos!"


The Onion -- Masters of the beautifully obvious...

Its ON

Tonight's ominous host.


Carolyn McCormick - Star Trek TNG (Minuet)

Tonight's ominous post.

Got 35 Minutes? Check out Runaway

Cool, Cake Boss Season 2 now on instant view on Netflix.


What other DU forums do you visit when you visit the Lounge?

I finally joined facebook... and I had a gazillion friend requests waiting for me.

Phases of the Moon II.

Do they still show movies like Ox-Bow Incident and 12 Angry Men in HS classes ?

The television personality that I admire is vastly superior to the television personality you admire

So there I was last night... pounding, pounding, pounding away.

Does anyone stream content to your tv via Netflix or other?

What's with the pirate thing on Google?

Move over, coiled snake... the NEW Teabagger symbol of democracy and rugged individualism:

Have fun wearing your biggest tinfoil hat...

You're my Home.... My next stab at performing on the You Tubes...

The disgraced monarchs confront a giant cigarette

OK DUers you earned this laugh with Bubba


Doctor Jimmy.

The $83 Million Vase?!?!

I don't kill people....and I don't eat hands...

A thought on beer and travel money.

Look at those cavemen go...

Hot damn. Nothing like a good circumcision thread

What is (are) the name(s) of your cat(s)?

I'm very proud of my daughter tonight.

Bounce your boobies!

DU gamers - what are you playing?

What animal(s) do you fear the most eating you alive?

You know what, DU? I wanna hear about your Dads....

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread

DREAM Act to get one Last Push During Lame Duck Session

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Sullenberger opposes airport body scanners

Whistleblower accuses HSBC and JP Morgan of silver futures scam

Nissan To Recall More Than 600,000 Vehicles, Mostly In The U.S.

Nissan To Recall More Than 600,000 Vehicles, Mostly In The U.S.

Carnival Splendor stranding baffles marine experts

Chinese goods to cost more

Cantor Told Netanyahu That GOP 'Will Serve As A Check' On Obama

DNA Tests Undermine Evidence in Texas Execution

DNA Tests Undermine Evidence in Texas Execution

ooooo.mmmmm.ggggggggg what a day!!

Denmark MP: Breasts best defence against extremism

Chinese leader vows open trade, stable currency

House Dems reach deal on leaders

Obama says US, Asia will benefit from more trade

Saudi Arabia blocks Facebook over moral concerns

Pueblo police interview author of pedophile guide pulled from Amazon

Radio host resigns from Congress job after lockdown

McDonald's and PepsiCo to help write UK health policy

Looking to 2012, Republicans Vie for Big Donors

Democrats to push for $250 Social Security payment

Obama calls for earmark reform, GOP calls for ban

Refugees cowering in fear of Zetas

Obama welcomes release of 'hero' Aung San Suu Kyi

Groups applaud (Obama administration's) push to boost policing of web privacy

Myanmar Democracy Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Released

Largest solar power plant in Mass. about to start

Saudi Arabia unblocks Facebook after brief ban

Is Glenn Beck an anti-Semite? Fox host slammed by Anti-Defamation League for attack on George Soros

Emanuel announces run for Chicago mayor

Progressive Income Tax Reform in Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs' Proposal

Jack Johnson, Prince George's County (Maryland) executive, and his wife, Leslie, arrested

Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Airport

'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Reality show or campaign ad?

Chinese Plan to Buy Stake in GM

Handling the Nutters

French prime minister's resignation may bring cabinet reshuffling

Josh Green: How TPM Got Started (love the descriptions of Josh Marshall back then)

Lame Duck Actions

There's one issue that I support the tea party on.

The Books GWB "wrote"...

President Barack Obama called Suu Kyi a personal "hero"

What Obama needs to do about the tax cuts

Former GOP Sen. Talent Considering Rematch Bid Against Dem McCaskill

"And I welcome their hatred!"

Clearly a reminder is in order: Bush tax cuts KILL jobs

Centrists want Obama to stand firm on tax cuts for high income earners

On taxes: Would everyone just SHUT UP about the rhetoric for a while?

How are we even having this discussion about the bush tax cut???

The resulting deficit from extending the tax cuts for the rich will be hung around Obama's neck

Female House members strongly support Nancy Pelosi

So i guess you can't say the words "Racism from the Left" on this site

Willie Sutton was asked, "Why do you rob banks?"

Call their bluff, Mr. President

Palinism is Bushism, But Worse

It's Not Just That Dumbass Bush. No Republican President Has Ever Delivered On Job Creation,

Obama urges earmark elimination in weekly address

If only negotiating with Republicans were this easy.

Give President Obama some credit

Is it asking to much for those on DU to stop looking for a replacement

Some successes at G20 for Obama (tomorrow's WPost)

POP QUIZ: Which of the following will make up a majority of the deficit in the next decade?

I am "concerned"-actuallly I kind of am-When will the President reach 50% approval again?

So if defeating the Catfood Commission's recommendations is all up to Pelosi -

I'm convinced that some democrats want to bring down Obama. Who told Morning joe he's clueless?

I'm convinced that some democrats want to bring down Obama. Who told Morning joe he's clueless?

Lingle to take 6-month rest

democratic leadership to create a fourth position to keep Clyburn and Hoyer in the leadership

Economy and med insurance is impacting the blood center.

I wish it wasn't true . . .

Should we permit our post offices to go under?

Obama seeks more market access, jobs for Americans

Ron Christie Defends Rush Limbaugh's 'Driving Miss Nancy' Racist Smear of James Clyburn

Mr. Holder, charge Eric Cantor now! Enough is enough!!

Well well well Cindy McCain does a one eighty on DADT now she supports her hubby

Krugman: The Soft Bigotry of Low Deficit Commission Expectations

FYI - Koch is supporting Romney in 2012.

So - Eric Cantor has a private meeting with Netanyahu to tell him that the GOP will keep an eye on

Possible new chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee denies climate change

GOP means there will be an absolute halt to the Obama agenda

So when the very rich don't get a tax break 'it is called raising taxes'

I Believe I Can Fly

Bluntly put, Obama needs to learn hardball.

"Based on Cantor's own standard, he's just committed a felony."

How Joe Lieberman helped the Democrats lose the election

Don't Call it Treason

The Public Isn't Happy About GOP Victory

Why do the net root progressives hate President Obama?

(50,000) TSA employees can vote on union representation, labor board rules

Why doesn't OUR President get respect?

NBC Special: We Are All Policemen (Crime in New York circa 1968)

An Art Show, Minus the Artist: Alec Monopoly vs. NYPD

MTV News: Russian images in film (1985)

Free Keene in New Hampshire (the "movement" the "TSA molested me" woman is a part of)

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Obama Tax Cut Compromise? - Joan Walsh and Michael Scherer of Time

Canada! Bring Your Troops Home!

Weekly Address: Exports & Earmarks

Capital Punishment is Flawed.

Weird Liberal Head Show #220: Liberals, Independents, Glenn Beck, and George Soros

We're the TSA and You Can Count on Us!

Hillary Clinton Turning New Zealand Against China

MRN: Obama CAVES On Bush Tax Cuts Hysteria

Bush Gets Waterboarded!

Holy Crap!!! Mona Lisa is a Robo Signer.

Random Rush w/ Sam Seder

U2 - 'Walk On" Song for Aung San Suu Kyi (Banned in Burma)

Keith Olbermann: Lt. Dan Choi comments on John & Cindy McCain Conflict and DADT

Austerity Road to 19th Century

Maher: Teabagger Romantic Comedies

Behind the Mysterious Fog Surrounding the Milky Way

Fox News Willfully Ignorant

Cenk on MSNBC: Blue Dog Democrats (Corporatists) In Trouble?

Police Raid Barber Shop

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Responsible for Bombings/Assassinations in Pakistan

Say Hello To Rick Scott

TSA screener accosts a very unhappy 3 year old.

Friday Talking Points (146) -- Clowning Around

Denmark MP: Breasts best defence against extremism

War On Dissent Town Hall; Documenting a failed and dangerous US intelligence network (Videos)

Carnival Splendor stranding baffles marine experts

Canada stands by Israel… (Jim Miles)

Can the US and India Really Work Together?

Another Baghdad Massacre: Iraqi Christians Are Already at Home (Ramzy Baroud)

The Asian Century?: Meeting American Decline Face to Face

Big Money On Rise, Average Worker Losing

Cindy McCain Admits She's Bi-Textual

Broken: From Watergate to yellowcake

William Rivers Pitt on W

"Obama Has A 'Reputation For Playing A Little Soft' (Sam Stein reports Kucinich & Rather comments)

The Financial Crisis and America's Political Duopoly

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

With GOP Victories, Harsh Immigration Copycat Laws Likely Across the Country

Blood, gold and water

Feds Criticized in Fight Against Killer Bat Disease

So, THIS is why many progressive sites have gotten more conservative in the past year! (xpost)

Agency aims to protect eagles from wind farms

Ukraine completes modernization of 2 reactors under budget. Plans to finish two others.

6 Statistically Full of S#!t Dangers The Media Loves to Hype

Native Americans sue U.S. over solar power plant in desert

A fatal, familiar chain reaction

Why do you all post about the deaths of people you know nothing about

Robber shot in self defense by Church's Chicken customer

The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA)

Letter to Nation's Hamburgers about Brady Campaign petition ...

Shot & a beer

British cadets banned from carrying rifles in parade ...

Award for Cuban exile causes controversy at University of Miami

Venezuelans' purchasing power crumbles 4.9 percent in the last year

Man to be tried for wearing anti-revolutionary T-shirt (Spanish)

U.S. ambassador -- left out of the loop (Colombia)

Washington wastes billions on clandestine ops, militarism and RWers in Latin America

Mexican Officials Seeking 12-year-old Killer- “El Ponchis”

Colombia's consul general in Miami resigns

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Responsible for Bombings/Assassinations in Pakistan (& LatAm)

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Friday, November 12)

Idaho Vandals?

Peru contacts unknown Amazon tribe

Paul Pierce with the tweet of the Month

Women's hockey final,Canada vs USA on right now.


Moscow, Idaho

Real Close one in Madison!

Notre Dame-28...Utah-3

I just watched the movie "8: The Mormon Proposition"

Cindy McCain reverses stance on DADT repeal

Hamas nixes Arafat commemoration in Gaza Strip

Canada stands by Israel… (Jim Miles)

British politician: ‘Israel is the root cause of terrorism'

NY Times urges Netanyahu to 'stop playing games'

For Catholics, Interest in Exorcism Is Revived

U.S. Catholic bishops holding a national conference/training on how to properly conduct exorcisms!

Once Again Another Priest Is Arrested

Hitler: The Atheist

Catholic bishops: More exorcists needed

Earth's Dust Tail Points to Alien Planets

Hubble Helps Build Most-Detailed Dark Matter Map Yet

Limits To Science: God, Godel, Gravity

Is this evidence that we can see the future?

No reason

Yellow on Red and Red on Yellow

A quote of a few profound words -and a "funny" stairway

bridge at sunset

OK - thank you - lifting my head now and it's decision time

Through the branches

Today in Labor History Nov 12 “Chainsaw Al” Dunlap lays off 6,000 workers, half the workforce & more

AFL-CIO Welcomes NFL Players Association To State Feds And Central Labor Councils (It's about time!)

200,000 New Yorkers to begin Exhausting Unemployment in 3 weeks

A suggestion that new Mods not over-do policy against medical advice.

The GUNS forum is consistently used for the posting of news about people killed by guns

Why is bigotry allowed if it is against Christianity?