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Independent UK: Fury about more than tuition fees

A quiet rift on DU over inflation

Guardian UK: 'At last the country is beginning to fight back'

Am sending the whole msg: Colorado Dems. call for new 9/11 Investigation: An Insider tells us how

I know four conservatives who voted for Obama.

A USA Cheer for the 21st Century: ‘We’re Number 12!’

Need help DU

Waterboarding: call to indict Bush following his memoirs confession

FDA Wants Your Input on Cigarette Warnings / Where to See the Warnings and Where to Comment

Statement on China Rare Earth Materials Policy (US Outsourced to China)

OK..Please review my next editorial on Poverty and uninsured

Why would the 2 co-chairs of the fiscal commission bother

Labor Notes: Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security

Labor Notes: Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Protesters challenge regents on immigration

I have a new rule for pundits on radio or tv - they need to issue a warning when

A civilization is measured by the size of the creatures it renders extinct

If Obama does NOT come out against this debt commision report, someone should challenge him in 2012

Political Mutual Assured Destruction - Why are we asking for escalation instead of disarmament??

Health official: 'Obamacare' was once 'Romneycare'

The pedophile's guide to love and pleasure

Have you read the draft proposal from the defict commission?

I think Simpson & Bowles released this info today as a con.

Knock me over with a feather! Lou Dobbs gets a job with... wait for it... Fox Bidness Network!

Research help needed...

Moderator: please delete

Bibi liked the election results

Independent UK: 'W has the self-awareness of a bison'

I can't believe Keith has that scumbag Howie Kurtz on!!!

Thanks Anthony Weiner

Beck finds his... MORIARTY!!!!

Somebody please fill me in. What did Obama just say that has everyone

President Obama speaks at a Veterans Day event at U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan in Seoul - pics

Reddit's starting a fundraising group to get an ad in the NYT against TSA feel-ups:

Anyone Else Think The Democratic Coalition May Be Falling Apart ???

For Veteran's Day, I'm Posting this Article To Honor And Respect Veterans Everywhere

Thanks so much, Kanye, for adding legitimacy to that fucker!

Will graphic warning labels on cigarettes lower smoking rates?

UPS plane would have had blown up 2 hours north of Quebec City if the brits had

Union That Helped Torpedo Whitman Now Plans to Press Brown on Workplace Rules, Universal Coverage

Catfood Commission: Include public option

So I just saw a promo for Rachel Maddow's 'exclusive' interview with Jon Stewart.

So I just saw a promo for Rachel Maddow's 'exclusive' interview with Jon Stewart.

The Carnival Splendor is just TWO YEARS OLD

The Carnival Splendor is just TWO YEARS OLD

A really funny cartoon that ran in my local paper today

Sarah Palin attacks another strawman

McCain Goes to Kabul to Criticize the President on Afghanistan?

DU: Help me with this moral dilemma

Another rumor about a Dem Senator switching parties - Webb (Va.)

Why do we talk about *the* SS retirement age?

They want your retirement...they want it back

Cuba says Castro video game tries to legitimise murder

Putting Tucker Carlson into perspective

Jon is going to be on Rachel tomorrow! Get out! Why didn't you tell me!

McConnell joins health care suit

Who will be upset by panel's proposal on national debt? Nearly everyone. CS Monitor book defending pedophilia sparks boycott call !

Wonderful commentary on O'Donnell from a Repub in DE

Breitbart's Dana Loesch: Bush "infinitely better than the man who bows to anything with a pulse"

Pierce Arrow & social upheaval

Mariners fans - Breaking that Dave Niehaus has died. No info on how/why. He was 75. nt

Best diagnosis of America

OMG - it's Boehner Jr

Warning: Gruesome Video Footage

Classes Start Soon for Bachmann's Constitutional Conservative Caucus

Murdoch Speaks: Fox Civil War Deepens -- Rove vs Palin

warning: christine o'donnell on jay leno show

Don't be evil UPDATE: Google Fires Employee Who Leaked News of Raises

50,000 students & academics march on Conservative HQ in London, occupy building

Video: Rand Paul Gets Pissy With Eliot Spitzer for Asking Him to Name Specific Budget Cuts

Video: Rand Paul Gets Pissy With Eliot Spitzer for Asking Him to Name Specific Budget Cuts

Carrie Prejean is pregnant and has started thinking about names for her baby. Can you help?

Obama live on CNN.

Oakland elects first female mayor after close race

interesting facts

I was just elected to the executive board of our county Democratic party

Bush 43 Spokesman Denies Report that Former President Supported Obama over McCain in 2008

Marine biologist denounces BP commission findings

Social Security adds NOTHING to our debt ... it neither increases it nor decreases it ....

Fellow vets, post 'em if you got 'em!

Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem

Bank Seizures of U.S. Homes Drop 9% as States Probe Foreclosure Practices

Rememberance Day Poem from Canada

Powerless Cruise Ship Entering San Diego Bay Thursday Morning

Many deficit commission staffers paid by outside groups

Emulating Palin, Bachmann quits

Bush Library & Policy Institute Ground breaking Protest

What About Voter Intent Joe Wannabe AK Senator Miller

Why are we letting republicans tell us what to learn from the election.

Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet and the Kaplan/Post Company

One of the most disrespectful things I've ever seen a poltician do

How REPUBS And BIG BIZ Allies DUPED Millions of Evangelicals Into Voting For A CORPORATE AGENDA

Ongoing wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and tax cuts for the Have Mores. He got a third term after all.

Ongoing wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and tax cuts for the Have Mores. He got a third term after all.

I always did love Cher! Calls Jan Brewer "even worse then Palin "

What the hell should I boycott THIS week?

Rescinding the Bush Tax Cuts on the Top 2% Would Pay Off the Entire Social Security Trust Fund.

Key Figure In Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit In U.S. Court: Amazon Defense Coalition

DU is infected.

DADT STUDY LEAK: Repeal Will Not Undermine Military During Time Of War

Why is the media fighing so hard againse Pelosi being minority leader?

If Obama slashes Soc Sec benefits, then he never planned on a second term.

Pillow fight breaks out on Continental flight

Even though it pains me to think this, I am not convinced that the President will seek a

Vote for TIME's 2010 Person of the Year

Tony Hayward: BP "totally unprepared" for disaster

PIC: two kind of justice

Palin calls Obama 'most pro-abortion president'

Another bank to avoid that has Faux on their lobby TVs

Avoid Metcalf Bank

Be True to your school now (except if your gay)

Perfect Toon

Thomm, Ed, Rachel, Keith, and Bill, you GOTTA have this author on your shows.

AWOL soldier returns on Veterans Day

Behind Drone Issue in Yemen, a Struggle to Control Covert Ops

"If you want to hit ratings gold, try to attract Republican viewers."

Taking On a Second Mortgage to Pay the Foreclosure Lawyer

Deleted- DUPE

If there were truth in political advertising... what the Teabaggers' flag would REALLY look like:

Ireland on Brink as ‘Beggar’ for Aid After Losses by Fingleton

Kindergarten teacher arrested in raid

Is the Deficit Commission Serious?

Help. I can't find a list of the people on the Deficit Panel....

The General Defends Killing Civilian

EPA Toxic Substance Database is 55 Years Behind Schedule

"I need to run for office just so I have more material to share in my speeches"


Another Outfit trial, another courtroom circus

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Obama to Congress: Stop shooting down deficit proposals

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

Bush wasn't a POTUS, he was a FETUS (Fraudulently Elected Traitor of the United States).

10 Hard Truths About War for Veterans Day (and Every Other Day)

White paper sets out most severe welfare penalties ever imposed by a British government

CIA May Face New Probe Over Destroyed Videos


Italian cinema legend De Laurentiis dies

My problem with extending the rich tax cuts is not economic or moral

Alan Grayson May Try Again: ‘I Don’t Want to Waste’ Supporter Base

CSM: Will tea party allies in Congress balk at international trade pacts?

Oh the things you see when you don't have a protest sign

Dear President Obama

Help Bring Scientific Integrity Standards to Food Safety

Help Bring Scientific Integrity Standards to Food Safety

Does one have to reject the notion of free will completely to be a liberal?

I'm a Democrat and I'm okay...


Would even George W. Bush have had the brazenness to cut SS for present & near retirees?

Whoa. Our DU-linked petition made this morning's NYT:

The next time you fly, there might be a Boehner in the seat next to you

Maddow/Stewart - The Brawl For It All

Toronto Star: Canadian-Arab relations sink to an all-time low

Toronto Star: Canadian-Arab relations sink to an all-time low

Judge refuses to dismiss Camp Lejeune water exposure lawsuit

Heard on Leno:

How the game is played

Turning Bush-Era Tax Cuts into our newest Sacred Cow

Navy’s Superlaser Is More Than a Weapon

Drone footage overwhelms analysts

Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers End Up in Human Blood

Facts are a liberals criptanight

Jon Solz, to Deploy to Iraq as Part of 'Operation New Dawn

Washington Post: Many deficit commission staffers paid by outside groups

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

Are there any ordinary people on the Deficit Commission?

Helen Thomas Headlining Arab-American Workshop

Helen Thomas Headlining Arab-American Workshop

Amnesty International: US must begin criminal investigation of torture following Bush admission

Huffington Post: "White House Gives In On Bush Tax Cuts"

Is Axelrod playing at something? Re:White House Gives In On Bush Tax Cuts

About this debt.

EU Council President Van Rompuy: 'Euroscepticism leads to war'

WHY wasn't cuts in Congressional pensions included in the Cat Food Commission?

Deleted bad link.

Now that corporations have gained the rights of an individual


Would you be willing to give up your tax cut if it meant the top 2% didn't get theirs?

Divisive Issue: Social Security Tax Base

Wounded Warriors...

Toon - Sarah and Ben

WaPo Story on Anti-Social Security Billionaire staffs the "bipartisan" deficit commission

female Gulf War Veteran's book is on line

It shouldn't surprise anyone that our President will forsake Social Security and Medicare.

if they can justify spending all the money on two wars, how dare they suggest SS

I hate Alan Simpson

pueblo man writes book defending pedophiles

Three simple acts to balance the budget

The Bush Tax Cuts Kerfuffle - Hear Me Out

2fer gossip whimsy: Mercy-sex for RAYGUN. & ONASSIS dialog from a play.

Report: 1,000 Wild Tigers Killed in Last Decade

Report: 1,000 Wild Tigers Killed in Last Decade

Republicans good for TV ratings...Joe and Mika et al don't dare mention why.

Gay bookstore gets letter from Jesus

Jon Stoltz of Vote Vets deplyed to Iraq.

Cheney Has To Be Pretty Po'd

Which is your FAVORITE part of the Chairmen's proposal?

Ireland on the Brink

Ice cream shop owners get a call from VP Biden thanking them for video about economic stimulus fund

Its all sorta funny and sad and great and ironic and pointless

So if Obama and the Dems agree to the Bush tax cuts does that mean

FU Kent Conrad...

To talk about cutting the deficit and not talk about defense and Bush taxcuts is hypocrisy...

Should social security be made progressive?

The Dems And Their Money Raising Efforts.....

Don't laugh at me.

Kevin Drum: Is the Deficit Commission Serious?

Question...Do active duty veterans get the day off today?

The Deficit Commission should take into account what is going

I like Olbermann's comment on Bush's book...he said

About the proposals of Obama's Commission Co-Chairs...

White House Gives in on Bush Tax Cuts

I love the Unrec crew. And the rec crew!

July 2011 - START of Afghanistan withdrawal. 2014 - FINISH of Afghanistan withdrawal.

Two years after departure, G.W. Bush is still calling the shots...

King of spades is deciding vote in Ne election

I'm interested in reading "Decision Points".

OMG... Who Could Have Foreseen This ??? - 'Debt Commission Report Targets Social Security, Medicare'

How does it feel?

Why Is It That Dems Are More United When They Are Against Something Than......

Amnesty: US must begin criminal investigation of torture following Bush admission

Was Karen Hughes the "ghost writer" for Dubya's book?

Russian Spy Master Helped Expose US Spy Ring & Anna Chapman

Former CSU Student Could Be Behind Bomb Plot

Freeper discussion points at work today. Sick F'ers.

another list of benefits to Veterans today... enjoy!

Science or God?

Question One

Michelle Obama visits troop in Germany

A nice poem about America for you on Veteran's day.

Aetna/AARP health insurance premium doubled due to my preexisting condition of ACNE

Aetna/AARP health insurance premium doubled due to my preexisting condition of ACNE

What are the "Bush tax cuts" doing now for the economy?

Why do I NEVER hear pointed out..

And if you rearrange the letters in "so-called Tea Party Republicans,"

I HATE the unrec crew..dems or not..

A Warning to Turtle Face, ManTan, and all Banksters, Greedheads and Tea Partiers

Freeper talking points at work today.

White House Gives In On Bush Tax Cuts

Meghan McCain: Julian Assange is "un-American" "villain"

On Armistice Day: "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda"

Jon Stolz is leaving for Iraq.

Politics: Will the Pugs rally around the Commission?

Good careers for the coming depression

OK now that the Administration has caved on tax cuts why should Republicans stop there?

Earmark dispute splits GOP senators

Acts of kindness, generosity left their mark on WWII veteran

Ireland Investors Are Heading for Exits, Nomura's Sheard Says

NAME THAT TRAIN: Corporate Sponsorships Coming To the Chicago Transit Authority

Political Priority--Get out of These Wars!

Though Experiment: What will it take for the US to erupt in street-filling protest/riots

oops sorry wrong link please delete

he's a one termer in my book... Obama agrees to allow rich bigger tax cut than middle class

Veterans: Did you fight for an America that tortures?

Republican leader definition of compromise and Obama's needed response

Social Security and Medicare cuts won't happen, but they should.

Well, today I joined America's Jobless

in my local Right wing rag this morning, the Cat Food Commission's recommendation

" DEFICIT HAWKS " Have Amnesia

It would be funny if the deficit commission has no recommendations

White Pages Face Last Call: Residential Phone Books' Days Are Numbered

Joe Barton Is Going To Marry An Incandescent Lightbulb

I want to start a new right wing anti-Obama whisper smear campaign

Czech Transport Minister Loses Driver’s License

Illinois appreciates the idiocy of our Republican neighbors and their Governors. . .LOL

This is just bizarre... the WH did not deny anything but folks are sure excited

Fiore Flashtoon :Compromising with the uncompromisers!

History shows Dems need to be optimistic

Police: Man who was shot after buying sandwich went home, ate before going to hospital

The people deciding our future will never collect Social Security

Mrs. Greenspan interviewing Peter Peterson on MSNBC now. n/t

"It's time to take back our democracy"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Paranoid freeper freaks think today's Google logo shows Soviet flag

Amazon defends selling 'Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure'

Tell Congress: Don't extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

Obama Didn't Fold--- More Huffington Crap!

The White House is sharply denying the Huffington Post story

'Pentagon Study: No Need to Fear the Gays'

Question to Chicago Mayoral Candidates: Food Trucks in Chicago?

"American hegemony in Iraq is over,"

another police "anarchist" surrounded by a gaggle of photographers breaks a window

Republicans are conflicted over earmark ban

Republicans are conflicted over earmark ban

GE to buy 25,000 electric vehicles from GM, rivals by 2015

US Trade Deficit is Half Oil

NOW Toronto: Battle of the browsers

Vice President Joe Biden at Arlington National Cemetery - pics

'Dancing With the Stars' Wants Portia DeGeneres for First Same-Sex Dance Couple?

Neil Young items damaged in San Carlos fire

andrea mitchell just made a it true?

john mccain is in afghanistan trashing President Obama's afghanistan policy?

FCC Investigating Google Street View Wi-Fi Data Collection


Many deficit commission staffers paid by outside groups

Why always cuts? Why can't the gov generate revenue?

We have a John Stossel problem in Orlando.

Winter is Coming

Oh this was funny

Oh this was funny

Anyone heard of a trial balloon? I think that's what the tax cut cave-in story was.

Borowitz: More bad news for Carnival Cruises

Let's raise a glass to our veterans here today!

Support Our Troops?

Someone tell me why Obama can't just propose the middle class cuts in the lame duck House session,

Hypocrisy of the right

Hypocrisy of the right

Veteran's Day repost: Covert Operations by Jane Mayer (8-30-10 new Yorker)

I've got this deficit proposal all figured out! ;-) or :-(

Raising the retirement age is a fool’s game by any measure (Urb Surviv)

FCC investigates Google

I say we go back to the same tax rates we had under Bill Clinton ASAP

Greg Sargent: WH denies giving in on tax cuts

My favorite WTF has Sarah Palin done item.

a personal tribute to the veterans in my family

Amazon reviews of Bush's new book

The workers who built your imported products don't pay into our SS and Medicare programs

Reaction to Deficit Reduction Plan Runs Hot, Though Obama Urges Open-Mindedness

Tennessee GOP Lawmaker Warns Undocumented Immigrants Will ‘Multiply’ Like ‘Rats’

I open Amazon's front page and what do I see?

Students busted for cheating

Students busted for cheating

What I don't get with the tax cuts more than anything is why the administration won't even try

Perhaps OK had the right idea, just didn't take it far enough ...

Toons for the day

Colbert Reviews Decision Points

high school coach video taped whipping players with belt...hard!

Jewish leaders call out Glenn Beck for his attacks on George Soros

The Rude Pundit - DADT: Absurd from the Start

Allen West Ditches Right-Wing Radio Host For Chief Of Staff Job

There's probably a thread here somewhere about Rachel...

"Signals" Nominated as Best Weasel Word for 2010

Toronto Star: Microwave popcorn bags popping out dangerous chemicals

Women voters shifted Republican in midterm election


Paid In Advance

Project: What's the Best Bus Route in America?

Project: What's the Best Bus Route in America?

A modest ultmatium to the Republicans re: the tax cuts for the rich

A modest ultmatium to the Republicans re: the tax cuts for the rich

Soldier Wins Car At Sacramento Kings Game For Veterans Day

Every time we think about same sex parents, "Oh my gosh" we exclaim

All praise the DU mods!

OK, here's my question. How did you benefit from the creation of the

Lots of pedophile booiks for sale on Amazon...

The Humiliation of Britain-Britain’s finest hour this is not.

Debt panel calls for second look at the public option

RW talk show host was inspiration for gun threats against schools...


Cut the Deficit

Today is Veteran's Day

Tell me if my logic is wrong.

Thank You Keith !!!

FDA approves first drug for HIV-drug side effect


Who on DU makes over 250K a year and what do you do for a living?

Cooley's statements in union dispute 'false,' hearing officer concludes

Outsourcing jobs inside U.S. lets terrorists hide in plain sight

So why can't thew Dems use reconciliation for tax cuts?

PCCC Circulating this Petition to encourage Obama to fight and stop caving to Repukes!


Axelrod Says President Hasn’t Given Into Republican Demands for Permanent Extension of Bush Tax Cuts

British Students Riot in London Over Tuition Fee Rises

From the front page of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Website

"Next Stop is Vietnam"

The assassination of FDR

Tell your Freeper friends all about it... Google's insidious secret Muslim symbolism for 11/11

Here is a song for all those DUers who think we can still work with the right

Judge Hearing Joe Millers’ Lawsuit Recuses Because Of His ‘Negative Opinion' of Miller...

Trivia Question About Commission Reports On Anything

IVAW is defending the rights of veterans and service members this Veterans Day

"Because in America, it's far more shameful to owe money than it is to steal it."

Earmark dispute splits GOP senators

Even if Obama caves on the tax cuts for the rich, nobody can blame it on him when the deficit rises.

Radio host quits new job following threat to Broward schools Allen West's Chief of Staff

Petition to Protect Social Security!

"Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy ..."

Dylan Ratigan, Idiot?

A poem from a WWI vet for this day.

If someone mentions 'shared sacrifice' just laugh at them it ain't going to happen.

Tell the Fiscal Commission Social Security & Medicare Cuts are UNACCEPTABLE

Ed Shultz about to comment on Bush facing

Prelim Deficit Recs: Opening Gambit to Make the Coming Assault on Economic Security Seem Palatable

"Fellas, it's been good to know ya."

Happy Veteran's Day, Bush and Cheney. Dulce et Decorum Est

"Equal justice for all"?

Rubicon CANCELED: AMC Axes Conspiracy Drama

blitzer at the soul train awards....begging for a caption

RIP Professor Peter Hilton

OK Palin has lost the fight with Murkowski

DNA Test Casts Doubt on Executed Texas Man's Guilt(Gov. Bush)

Aung San Suu Kyi loses court battle

How my boys spent Veteran's Day

$1.7 million verdict for undocumented immigrant inmate's untreated penile cancer

They just showed an old clip of Rumsfeld on the colortini . . . .

USA Today: Detroit comeback?: Ford, GM profits both top Toyota

The President doesn't want anything to do with the SS report

What the American People Think: Social Security

Every time the clip of Bush saying he isn't a lawyer is played

2500 and counting. Thanks DU for petitioning that NYC public schools be led by a true educator.

Veterans eat free tomorrow at several restaurants...

Prepaid Pain

The President says one thing, critics claim he's really saying something different

Oh no. Rick Scott reportedly asked Michelle Rhee to run Florida schools.

Deconstructing Axelrod's HuffPo statement and what about signing statements?

Limbaugh Calls Dem Leaders RACISTS, Says Clyburn Should CHAUFFEUR PELOSI

Amateur space enthusiasts launch paper plane into space

Hello, my name is Christopher and I am an Alcoholic…

10% of $685.1 billion is: $68,510,000,000

Must read book on our economy?

Speaker Pelosi: 'This proposal is simply unacceptable.'

Meet Lou Barletta (Penn): America's Anti-Immigrant Mayor Heads to Congress

13 Things Your Child's Teacher Won't Tell You

The Far Center is the POLE in the Big Tent. Pull out the pole at your own risk.

Ronald Reagan's Budget Director Says Repeal the Tax Cuts: Republicans "Should be Ashamed"

Wall St Playbook: Bill In Works To Make All Fraud Of Banks Legal Retroactively

On The Nature of Blogs vs. News

First Lady Michelle Obama serves food for US airmen & their relatives at Ramstein Airbase - pics

Mr. Fish Toon: Super Smart Bush!

Why doesn't Fox News fire Beck Glenn? Read this..

Obama's annoying pattern on tough decisions.

PETITION -- Stop Time Magazine from naming Glenn Beck "Person of the Year"

First things first: Gunshot victim eats lunch before going to hospita

Our friend has cancer and is on chemo...he's losing his insurance now...

Amid all this talk about improving the electrical grid before we can move to

Big companies being sued for cheating workers out of pay.

NJ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights will have Senate and Assembly Hearings on Monday

(HuffPo) Longest-ever study of lesbian families (24 years and counting) shows child abuse rate of 0%

Veterans days always make me feel weird.

Welcome to the new normal

What caused World War I Armistice Day (Veterans Day) was the refusal of soldiers to fight!

Not looking good for Murkowski

Axelrod interview in HuffPo: A new kind of triangulation, reaching out to the Tea Party

Three spins on the Greek elections: which is closer to truth?

Democrats pressing Pelosi to step aside

Wow... From Taibbi's Piece On The Forclosure Fraud Rocket Docket

NEA Research Brief: "Full-service Community Schools". "It takes a village," but, in most schools,

We all try to do our part. I try to do my part with my music. Please listen.

Obama AGREES To Allow RICH BIGGER TAX CUT Than Middle Class

700,000 casualties in Verdun. And a dead gunner in Afghanistan.

Wow, they are acting like the Cruise Ship fire is another miner disaster!

The movie AVATAR's "political" message

"Catfood Commission" Recommends "Add a robust public option and/or all-payer system in the exchange"

"Catfood Commission" Recommends "Add a robust public option and/or all-payer system in the exchange"

Toonmeister Mike Thompson's blog - "President Obama: More cowardly than the Cowardly Lion"

Meet Lou Barletta: America's Anti-Immigrant Mayor Heads to Congress

War Criminal Now a Republican Congressman

Pelosi Wants Lame Duck ENDA Vote!

Obama Buckles On Bush Tax Cuts RIGHT AFTER His Deficit Commission Recommends CUTTING SOCIAL SECURITY

Bowles jokes that he and Alan Simpson may have to enter witness protection.

From June Of This Year... 'In Jail For Being In Debt' - StarTribune

TPM: White House Signals Intent To Cave To GOP On Bush Tax Cuts

Tall Tillman Tales

Bank of America Is in Deep Trouble and There May Be Financial Disaster on the Horizon

Americans have sacrificed their homes

Pelosi Responds To Cat Food Commission

Bombs Away: Afghan Air War Peaks With 1,000 Strikes in October

"President Obama Screwed You. Wait, No He Didn’t."

Repeat after me. Social Security is INSURANCE.

Repeat after me. Social Security is INSURANCE.

Repeat after me. Social Security is INSURANCE.

Thank you Rep. Jerry Nadler! Bush Era War Crimes Must Be Investigated

DNA tests on hair strand raise possibility Texas may have executed innocent man in 2000

Raise the retirement age to 69?

Memory Lane: Obama signs Patriot Act extension without reforms

Radicalism is in the air and the rage is palpable

WSJ article: GOP will have more influence in the Senate because

Subject: U.S. Election Causing Problems in Canada

Here is some of what I stand for


Pat Sajak has "apologized" for introducing Keith Olbermann to America. Olbermann fires back.

35 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You.

The Slurpee Summit

The Slurpee Summit

Continuing the tax cut, selling out on SS; I just don't see how I could support Obama again.

A Thin Raft

WATCH U.S. Sergeant: Army Tortured Me Into Giving Up Health Benefits

Just because someone writes it doesn't mean you have to sell it

Girl Kills Self After Being Bullied Over Rape Allegations

Is the WH open to extending rich-tax cuts in 2011-2012?

Beck's Soros smear is "totally off limits and over the top."

Just found the perfect Christmas cards for Democrats :)

Why so many homeless veterans?

Meds or groceries, and now cuts to S.S.

Meds or groceries, and now cuts to S.S.

Exposing the Dirty Truth That Bush's New Memoir Tries to Cover Up -- Russ Baker

Test score makes the teacher? Maybe, at LAUSD

Happy Armistice Day...

Rich folks sure seem to pick the right candidates that actually get things done for them

In America, 'It's Far More Shameful To Owe Money Than It Is To Steal It'

How to Pass Social Security Cuts and Make It Seem Like a Democratic Victory:

Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke

Well, I just joined America's Jobless this morning

Obama, Pelosi, Reid: Tax Cuts Solution - Listen Up!

The real issues for public education are these:

The ***OFFICIAL*** Stick your Catfood Commission Up Your Wazoo Thread.

Stolen Alameda dog reunited with owner

Shame on our party to even consider cutting present SS retirees by 3 to 6 percent.

Why is the Rep Party so hypocritical and the Dem Party so gutless?

"DAMN RIGHT" Bush boasts about Waterboarding -- by Ray McGovern

Response to "Female radio host cuffed to chair, ticket ripped up..." (yeah, she made it up)

My wife has an analogy she uses to describe Democratic critics' attitude toward the President

President Obama is going to extend the top 2% tax cuts.

Will Congress enact the deficit commission recommendations?

ACLU is joining in as pressure rises on Obama to investigate Bush for torture

So I Guess It's Ok To Break Contracts With We The People

Dear Tea Party: Now you will get yours! (SUPER GREAT ARTICLE)

How Joe Lieberman helped the Dems lose...

They are lying about the President's position on

"Attorney General Holder has indicted the former president for ordering torture."

Student gets 30 months in prison for hacking Bill O'Reilly website

Illinois School RefusesTo Discipline Students Who Wear 'Straight Pride' T-Shirts

Three Pics That Make Me Wistful

THIS is what Fox News has done to people, guys

THIS is what Fox News has done to people, guys

Where can a working class/working poor American emigrate to?

Pedophile Advice Book for Sale on Amazon

The disgusting difference between my health care and my single-mom friends health care.

Obama admin. cutting gay soldiers pay in half once discharged, when they don't have to

During a DEMOCRATIC administration on a DEMOCRATIC web site are we really having this debate?

"Obama Was Used, and Is Now Used Up"

Howard Dean says 50 State Strategy worked well for the GOP in 2010.

The United States of Obesity

Democrats should hold their ground, says E.J. Dionne Jr.

Debt Commission Report - Shouldn't Liberals Use It To Attack Republicans? Seize The Narrative!

We are repeatedly asked to believe that this administration's rhetoric will match its actions.

"We will not wait any longer for the Obama administration to act" --- Why Bush Should Still Worry




The Feds Owe SS $2.5 TRILLION That Has Been Borrowed From SS

Media Matters Pays $86,000 In Auction To Have Lunch With Murdoch

Question Two

Tucker Carlson Sent Emails Posing As Keith Olbermann

Log Cabin Republicans: White House is MIA on DADT

Hi people (high people?)

It's okay to eat your neighbour's pussy

Calling Skittles - my s.o needs an ass-kicking

DU sticker sighting, Cola, SC, 11/10/10, 5:40 pm. Green car parked behind the Nickelodeon


If there were truth in political advertising... what the Teabaggers' flag would REALLY look like:

Have you ever wondered where the term proof for alcoholic beverages comes from?

The word of the day is deliquescent

And NOW, another EXCITING episode of everyone's FAVORITE game show, IS SNOOP WASTED?

I Am Going to See Charlie Pride This Saturday


I think one of the writers for Weeds must read DU

High Rise

HOF broadcaster Dave Niehaus is gone at 75

Tomorrow would have been my Mother's birthday and is Veterans Day.

Dinger Is . . . . .

How many dinosaurs had to die, just so you could burn their fermented blood?

Veterans (and active duty) - get your free lunch today

My Degree Turned Out to Be a Merit Badge

Pharaoh Sanders concert here this weekend is sold out

Nice post, Xema!

XemaSab Appreciation Thread....

Is P90X even worth attempting if you're not already an athlete?

An Identity Theft Prevention Tip (for cat staff)

What is the most romantic thing you've done or had done?

Just got back from Applebees

My wife is fighting with someone on democraticundergrond.

The Mosquito

Thursday's kitteh

It begins. Just saw my first Christmas commercial of the season.

Whatchya Watchin' Tonight?

Is DU becoming snarkier?

Angelina Jolie's daughter wanted 'dead pet'

The current episodes of South Park suck ass!

Veteran's Day .thank you to Bertha.

American Attention Deficit disorder fucks up my TV watching yet again

The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation

New Mexico Rolling Stones fans heads up: Bobby Keys in Albuquerque on Dec. 18th

Pride in the Name of Love, Or: How I learned to stop worrying and hate the mental hospital

How many grapes had to die, just so you could drink their fermented blood?

(Guardian): Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke

Photographers - A strong neutral density filter is my new best friend (Pics)

A girl I went to high school with has become a pro-life fundie Christian.

GOP Proposes Name change to "Thanksgiving"

Something is wrong with me. I can't stop laughing at this.

I guess I'm a geezer who doesn't like to hang out with other geezers.

It's time for the annual DU Veterans Day, veterans check in!!!

The new Mr. Peanut: I hate him already

How has the Amanda Knox case affected you?

My wife is fighting with someone on Farmville.

To all of my brothers and sisters who served....

We need thine captions!

The word of the day is rigid feminine pleasure device

Live Holographic Concert in Japan

Friday's kitteh on Thursday (busy bee time)

How do you feel about people being used as Sushi tables?

Help! My niece found a black widow spider in some grapes.

Star Rugby Player Quits Team After Sex With Dog

You won't believe the cover of this book: Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity

Computer geeks, can you please help me?

DUers: Domestic House Cats vs Song Birds?

Hmm. Just got junk email from a bookseller: "Based upon your previous purchases, we thought

My poor Bubby-cat has only 2 hours left with us

Join me in a loving memorial tribute to Kali's husband's dear departed half-colon (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Greatest baseball catch ever!!!


Carrie Prejean is pregnant and has started thinking about names for her baby. Can you help?

Officer McNally Is Called to Investigate An Outbreak of Surrealism In New Jersey.

11 Nostalgic Activities Kids Today Will Never Experience

Did you know someone who was born in the 19th century?

Happy Birthday to India! My rescued little munchkin kitty!

Black Voter Forced to Swear on Bible Before Casting Vote in Mid-Term Election

House featured in 'Sleeper' movie sold at auction

FCC Investigating Google Data Collection

Tentative Deal to End Iraq Impasse Keeps Maliki in Power

Cuba says Castro video game tries to legitimise murder

Democrats pressing Pelosi to step aside

Utility Official Suspended for an E-Mail Masquerade

Key Figure In Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit In U.S. Court: Amazon Defense Coalition

White House Smacks Down Newest Effort to Slide Afghanistan Troop Drawdown

Michele Bachmann's GOP Conference Chair Bid OVER

Former CSU Student Could Be Behind Bomb Plot

British Students Riot in London Over Tuition Fee Rises

Costa (D-Calif.) takes lead in 20th Cong. District

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke

Russian journalists march against attacks on media

(Canada) Liberals defend meeting terrorist-branded group

Gov.-Elect Cuomo Opposes 9/11 Trial in New York

Russian 'double agent' named by Moscow newspaper

US-South Korea fail to agree trade deal

Ohio school asks judge to dismiss bullying lawsuit

Cholera Reaches Haiti Earthquake Camps (Death Toll Soars to 600)

Tentative Deal to End Iraq Impasse Keeps Maliki in Power

Judge allows Koua Fong Lee to join Toyota lawsuit

California's deficit balloons to over $25 billion

DNA test casts doubt on executed Texas man's guilt (Bush's final months as governor)

Greek Jobless Rate Jumps as Austerity Takes Hold

Powerful bomb destroys building in centre of Pakistan's largest city Karachi

Major GOP Donor Scammed Millions With Phony Veterans Group, Authorities Say

Gareth Compton, British Politician, Arrested Over 'Stoning' Tweet

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 11

Prep kicker back on football team after pink cleats flap

Reputed Mafia patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto killed

Kucinich to force Congress to vote on withdrawing from Afghanistan

Kucinich to force Congress to vote on withdrawing from Afghanistan

Many deficit commission staffers paid by outside groups

Italian cinema legend De Laurentiis dies

Govt to withhold welfare cheques from some unemployed

Deficit Plan Matches $3.8 Trillion Math With Tough Politics

White House Gives In On Bush Tax Cuts

Powerless Cruise Ship Entering San Diego Bay Thursday Morning

Obama to Congress: Stop shooting down deficit proposals

UPDATE: White House Denies Giving In on Bush Tax Cuts

Amnesty: prosecute Bush for admitted waterboarding

Senate candidate Ken Buck still has 'no idea' how he lost to Sen. Michael Bennet

ACLU: Investigate Bush for Waterboarding Admissions

OAS' Insulza rejects statements made by Venezuelan general

Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, Nov 9; Olbermann Demo Up Nearly 50% On Return


Bush Diaspora

White House White Board: The President in Asia & the National Export Initiative

The President and First Lady in Indonesia (Photos by Pete Souza)

Check in with how you think Dems should "frame" what they believe in:

Nancy Pelosi wants DREAM Act vote

Joe Conason: Meet the leader of the Obama witch hunt

This is what happens when the fools in Britain try to triple fees on university students.

Multi- Statewide Office Loser and DINO, Rod Smith, to Head Florida Dem. Party

I'm glad most of the democrats in Congress are sticking by Pelosi instead of listening to media

Let the Dems pass the middle class tax cuts, later, Republicans can pass them for the wealthy

What If Not?

Bachmann and O'Rielly bash the President on water boarding

Author Signing

Which modern Democratic president was the most spineless?

There are those on the Left, idealists, who believe Social Security...

Study: Little Risk in Ending "Don't Ask"

Make them all vote NO on extension of middle class tax cuts--R's and Conservadems alike!

White House Smacks Down Newest Effort to Slide Afghanistan Troop Drawdown

Veteran's Day during Bush

Morning Joe loving debt commission report. Could it be the top tax rate of 23% they love.

Michelle Obama visits troop in Germany

Martha Coakley won reelection in Massachusetts by 23 points

Conrad wants temporary middle class tax cuts

AK-SEN RESULTS: Early 'write-in' results looking good for Murkowski.

What the hell kind of report is this by Sam Stein at HuffPo

Equal rights for copiers, by executive order.

CBS News Poll: 72% of Americans Want GOP, Dems to Compromise

Obama on catfood comm- “Before anybody starts shooting down proposals, I think we need to listen..."

Mother Jones Kevin Drum: Is the Deficit Commission Serious?

When must they raise the debt ceiling??

Lying to your constituents will bite you in the ass....

President's approval slips to 42% after midterms as they say IT'S THE BASE STUPID!!

It's a beautiful day! How about everyone take a break?

What frustrates me so much about some of us, WE WANT TO BE DISAPPOINTED IN OBAMA

Maureen Dowd has COMPLETELY lost it......

Will the Bush tax cuts for incomes over $250,000 be extended past the Bush deadline?

Obama dutifully pushing S.Korean "free trade" deal on behalf of US Chamber of Commerce

Greg Sargent gets to the heart of the matter on the extension of the tax cuts...

Kos: Obama marketing fail

Don't Mourn, Organize-"Fight Even If You Cannot Win Today, and Someday You’ll Win without a Fight"

It was a kitchen-sink proposal.

President Obama Reacts to Debt Commission Report: "We're Going to Have to Make Some Tough Choices"

Can someone remind me? When did the 60 vote rule start?

Do You Approve Or Disapprove Of Extending All The Bush Tax Cuts?

Mike Papantonio was on the Ed Shultze Show

“There is zero tolerance among progressives for Democrats caving on an issue where 98 percent

OMG! I've found the PERFECT candidate to challenge Obama in 2012

Have to agree with TPM on Obama tax cut cave. 'It's hard to read it any other way.'

Tina! Bring me the axe! Teh stupid gays, how could they?

Are you ready to fight for liberal causes in your community?

DU, have you lost yo' damn mind?

Bold Progressives has a petition going re: the tax cuts/extension - the

George BUSH CAN NOT have it BOTH ways!!!

********Obama speak in South Koera LIVE*****

McConnell 'willing to listen' on temporary extension of Bush tax cuts

Obama offical hints the White House has given up on a popular policy and then backtracks

The chief of staff for a Democratic senator comments on Axelrod

I'm reminded of "Braveheart"...

First lady's Veterans Day surprise

How Joe Lieberman helped the Democrats lose the election

The White House disputes HuffPo tax cut cave in story. Do you guys want HuffPo to be right?

FYI: The WH wanted Cong Dems to vote on extending the middle class cuts before the election

How The Hell Can A Gay Person Vote Republican?

Hope.......the once beautiful word has now been replaced by hate and fear.

Do corporations make money off employer-based healthcare plans?

Sshhhh. There's ch_lera in Miami. Ssshhhhhhhh!

So now the false story of "the cave" has Boehner putting out a statement:

Dammit, Mr. President, PLEASE stand up.

First GOP presidential debates hosted at Reagan Library in Spring, 2011

Tired of "worse than Hitler"? I found this on the net.

Thank you to all the Veterans of DU..

Thank you to all the Veterans of DU..

I don't get it: The richies are saying they don't NEED the tax cuts, but Rethuglicans are still g

Republicans Call for War

WH Denies Huffpo story on Tax Cuts

Remembrance Day in Canada: The larks, still bravely singing, fly - Scarce heard amid the guns below.

President Obama should let the tax cuts expire for everyone.

How would you rate you local Democratic Party?

Obama doesn't have a choice but to extend the Bush tax cuts

Obama doesn't have a choice but to extend the Bush tax cuts

When and where exactly are we supposed to criticize and push?

Whitehouse CAVES IN on Bush tax cuts

How many times do we have to have the rein jerked on us... to realize they are playing us

U.S. Tweaks Message: Troops Will Still Be in Afghanistan in 2014

Thom Hartmann: Rollback "REAGAN" tax cuts and we will no longer have a deficit

rachel maddow just reported obama lowered deficit 20% from last year.

Obama Didn't Fold--- More Huffington Crap! - by whamfan (Update: Huffpo Full of it)

What to do about the catfood commission?

I'm now more convinced than ever that someone is planting stories to piss us off.

On the tax cuts, here is the reality

Why wasn't there a concerted call for Repubicans to move to the center after 2008?

Let's just take a deep breath and stop jumping off the cliff over the tax cuts thing.

What does the Obama administration stand for?

How are we supposed to trust a president who would stack the deck like this??

Write-in count shows 98% for Murkowski; most challenges fail - Updated

If all tax cuts extended for two years, who thinks they won't be extended in heat of '12 campaigns?

Cenk Uygur To Gays: The GOP ''Just Isn't That Into You''

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/Hollywood Does Climate Change

Hitler on Climate Change

Americans Get Down With The Sickness,Fear And Hate 24/7

Kevin Danaher

The final nail in the coffin for Net neutrality?

Rep. Alan Grayson: The Progressive Appeals to People With a Good Heart

Leonard Cohen honors our national sycophancy toward Corporate America

And the Band Played Waltzing Mathilda

Haiti Cholera Outbreak as Congress Blocks Release of Aid Funds

Willie McBride

The Turkey Votes for Thanksgiving

Ich hatt' einen Kameraden (I Had A Comrade)

We Were Soldiers

TYT: Young Republicans Obama Attack Ad

Bush is back!

TYT: Bush forgives Conway West for calling him a racist

Keith Olbermann: Beck's Paranoid Psychosis

Presidential Pardon Of The Day: The Indians

I'm A Denier

Obama Deficit Commission Criticized for Proposals to Slash Social Security, Medicare

Blog Wars, Part 1 - Obama's Golden Plane

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Right Wing Tea Party COS

Weird Liberal Head Show #218: No Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich!

MRN: Rand Paul Cuts Eliot Spitzer

TDPS: Will the liberal gene lead to the next Republican stem cell conspiracy theory?

Christian Filmmaker Accuses David Barton of Ignoring Founding Fathers'

TYT: Cuts to Social Security & Medicare Coming?

The Veterans' Trust Fund

Climate Change Science 1958: The Bell Telephone Science Hour

Interview with Ana Kasparian on laws targeting parents not going to conferences/allowing truancy

Cine Politics reviews "The Torturer" - A Military Interrogator Returns from Iraq with Acute PTSD


Will Social Security be cut while Obama is President?

Face Columbia's Dispaced: Interview with Afro-Columbian Activist Daira Quinones Preciado

September 2010 The Torture Hearings

Thom Hartmann and AFA's Bryan Fischer debate

Papantonio: Old People Flipping Burgers

(not quite) Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany

NH woman beaten for refusing full-body scan

Liberals balk at fiscal panel's plan

Glen Beck Found the Devil, George Soros Vs. Rupert Murdoch

The White Backlash Has Arrived – Bring on the Black Is Back Coalition!

Ten Flash Points In The Fiscal Commission Chairmen's Proposal

The new politics: Student riot marks end of Coalition's era of consensus

The Reign of Right-Wing Primetime

Report: Global Warming Issue From 2 Or 3 Years Ago May Still Be Problem

Kansas family is selling five year old's drawings to pay for his chemotherapy

What Everything Means

Is the Deficit Commission Serious?

The Elites Are Having a Tea Party

E.J. Dionne: Do Only Conservative Victories Count?

Anyone remember Stacy Taylor?

Bank of America Is in Deep Trouble and There May Be Financial Disaster on the Horizon

Jobless Targeted in Welfare Shake-up (UK)

Former Schroder Spokesman Questions Bush's Intelligence

Matt Taibbi: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners

Parents TV Council aim to sanitize our favourite shows right into Dullsville

Nation's Nurses Sharply Criticize Deficit Commission

Tuareg and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: The unlikely jihadist bedmates

Democracy Now!: Slash SS/Medicare

Chattanooga at it again with the governmental prayers

Paul Krugman: Unserious People

Dick Cavett or Glen Beck, Your Thoughts?

State Ed Should Investigate NYC Schools

Outlaws we remain: Despite Prop 19 defeat, we've still come a long way

Is Obama a Blue Dog President?

September 2010: 300 Economists Told Obama: Focus on Jobs, not the Deficit

Best Cartoons Mocking George Bush

Health Insurance Profits Soar, Dem Calls For Rebates

Kansas family is selling five year old's drawings to pay for his chemotherapy

Who Will Be TIME's 2010 Person of the Year? Vote them up & down! Unless you want Sarah to be TPOY

Cutting Social Security is the New TARP (Cenk - Huffington Post w/ Petition)

First Energy can't do anything right

'Hydrogen highway' may run to Portland (Maine)

Sempra Generation Receives Approval to Build Southern California Solar Plant

SDG&E Adds More Imperial Valley Renewable Energy to Portfolio (130 MW, Calif.)

Cogenra Solar commissions its first commercial-scale hybrid solar PV, hot water system

Chinese automakers seek to lead global electric bus market

GE Announces Purchase of 25,000 Electric Vehicles and New EV Customer Experience Centers

Renault can name new car Zoe as girls' case rejected (BBC)

Prevelance Of Beak Deformities In NW Crows, AK Chickadees 10X + Rate Normally Present

U Miami - Study Projects Up To 73% Drop In Coral Recruitment By 2100 Thanks To Acidification

Study Suggests Triclosan - Common In Anti-Microbial Anything - Damages Diatoms' Photosynthesis

‘God won’t allow global warming,’ congressman seeking to head Energy Committee says (Shimkus)

Why treading on a caiman is not a good idea

In climate change debate, Shimkus (R-dumbass) points to God's promise to Noah

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) On Climate - "I Think We're Going To Need More Science To Prove Something"

IEA Estimates Global Average Temperature Rise @ 3.5C By 2035 - CS Monitor

Obama Administration Denies Endangered Species Act Protection to 251 Species

Coda all-electric automobile

Merkel Has 'Re-Ignited a Culture War'

Typical U.S. Homes Reduce Their Energy Bills Most Significantly With Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Is violence ever ethically justified (a little humor)

A slightly different view of the "compensation" argument...

Another perspective.

Anyone here know about buying guns on the internet?

Remember that BART shooting back on New Years Day in 09?

Venezuela, Saudi Arabia: Two OPEC giants strengthen relations

The "virtual assassination" of Fidel Castro

Nibia Sabalsagaray (Uruguay) -- couple graphic fotos

Colombia exporting paramilitaries to Honduras: El Tiempo

Key Figure In Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit In U.S. Court: Amazon Defense Coalition

Political polarization has sparked a green movement in Venezuela

Travel warning issued today -- Colombia

Cuba says Castro video game tries to legitimise murder

Vargas Llosa: Attacks against Venezuelan journalists must be reported

Brazil tests literacy of clown elected to Congress

xpost from Video forum: Haiti Cholera Outbreak as Congress Blocks Release of Aid Funds

A Political Prize, Unjustly Awarded

Coup University: SOUTHCOM and FIU Team Up on Counterinsurgency

Venezuela Celebrates Five Years Free of Illiteracy

Cuban Tourism Grows Amidst Economic Crisis

OAS' Insulza rejects statements made by Venezuelan general

Venezuelan military would "not accept" an elected opposition government

East Coast bias? These days sports is all about the West Coast...

East Coast bias? These days sports is all about the West Coast...

SF Giant fans: Is Aubrey Huff a free agent?

Dayum! The Jazz has humiliated the state of Florida in basketball in their own backyard.

Meggett sentenced to 30 years in prison...

Lincecum wins Babe Ruth Award..

Sports digest: WAC adding Texas-San Antonio, Texas State, Denver in 2012

Seattle sports radio just reported that Dave Niehaus died.

As Heat Prepare for Celtics Tonight, Hater Schadenfreude Blows Up The Internet

UK Coach Calipari 'jacked' as 2011 class makes it official

+++ NFL Week 10 Picks +++

Food price inflation up 33.7 percent in one yea

I know you've got some great ideas! Be on LOGO! Enter our Anti-Bullying PSA Contest

Obama Lawyers Back Military Gay Ban at Supreme Court

"Pentagon Study: No Need To Fear The Gays" Military report is leaked.

ILLINOIS: Civil Unions On Fast Track

DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Deny Log Cabin Request

Great Anti-Bully PSA

It's time to rock the boat ,,,

GLBT veterans....thank you very much for your service to our country.

Can This Really Be True? RE: man found naked with a mouse in his rectum

Bibi liked the election results

A glimpse at the Palestinians who build Israeli settlements

Hamas breaks up Arafat memorial in Gaza

Police: Machine gun fire from Gaza hits Israeli kibbutz

The Settlement Fixation

CNN: Unbelief More Common

Tough (Fundie) Room!

Science or God?

Scientists discover unknown lizard species at lunch buffet

World's Oldest Dinosaur Embryos Found

Scientists discover unknown lizard species at lunch buffet (not the Onion)

Enough Oxygen for Life Found Millions of Years Earlier in Geologic record


DNA Reveals Origins of First European Farmers

China Releases Images of Proposed Lunar Landing Site

NASA Announces Televised Chandra News Conference

Hawai'iki Nui Vaa 2010 (Not Dial Up Friendly)

Remembering the Fallen


Remember Laura? The sleeping princess with the Teddy who wears Jeans?

Enchanted Rock

The Decline and Fall

October 21 and today

Check out these photos in the lounge

Walking to work . . . walking home! LOL



Briefs received, posted on cases involving successor employers and voluntary recognition agreements

Cutting Public Retirement Plans

I was only a few hours ago "alerted" ...

why is AlterNet listed in BlogRoll if it is a "questionable source"?

A question about a drop-down list on the search page.

On deleted posts.

You guys do know that Alternet is on your front page blogroll, don't you?

why are some threads locked by 'moderator'?

Why is it, I really must ask,

Text preview function?