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Archives: September 2, 2009

Col. Wilkerson calls lindsey graham "Leslie" on Countdown

So I may have made $5 in traffic on my way to work this morning

What the hell is going on with Olbermann and Kevin Neale?

Governor’s Sunday helicopter travels have come at taxpayers’ expense

RANT, thy name is ATTICUS!

I am looking for a post from earlier today. Subject included Laura Bush's killing of her boyfriend

She's nuts


Rachel Maddow: I Had The Swine Flu

WTF is wrong with this nation? How did it devolve into being so aweful and barbaric?

Tom Ridge can't even look at the camera OR Rachel when he lies.

(here we go) Prelimary info on our "Health Benefits" for next year

Streaming town hall in Chicago right now.

Congressional Sex Scandals Emanating From A House On Capitol Hill Shine Spotlight On ‘The Family’ –

Beck has a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

What Did I Miss On Rachel With This Women's Group .......

Lefty Groups Raise $60,000 — In One Day — For Ad Attacking Grassley

Man says he robbed bank to get away from wife

Dan Savage tells it like it is!

Assault on Harry Reid

We need a good general labor strike.

A good neighbor, a cat lover, a nice guy - all the same person

Cheney made a friendly phone call to Tom Ridge.

Contractors (Mercenaries too) Outnumber U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

A Beck show dramatic reading: Obama's czars -- or our new robot overlords?

OMG! Van Jones is a COMMUNIST! Call Glenn Beck! I have proof!

Health care advocates pressure Iowa Sen. Grassley

You know what I find maddening about the debate over the public option...

RNC 2008 Retrospective 1 year later. Many memories are shared.

Question about "Teddy Care"

C.I.A. Resists Disclosure of Records on Detention

C.I.A. Resists Disclosure of Records on Detention

The Myth That Government Cannot Do Things Correctly

A 'Little Judge' Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style

so why aren't employers backing a strong public health plan?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

US appeals court upholds Internet gambling ban

Fierce California fires tear into tattered budget

Our feathered and furry friends and medical care...

Anyone watching Rachel's interview of Tom Rainbow Ridge?

Wingnuts Advocate Truancy because Obama is Giving a Nationwide Speech to Students.

Sigh .. looks like the little guy loses again.,.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...

From the Left, a New Fact-Checking Health Care Site

Cheney Is Wrong: There Is Precedent for the Torture Investigation

Cheney Is Wrong: There Is Precedent for the Torture Investigation

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

CBPP: "President’s Proposals would Produce Lower Deficits than Continuing Current Policies"

The Big, Bad Feds.

Dear Abbey

I am so proud of Rachel tonite. Watch this video. She doesn't back down.

Can we drop Laura Bush's and Ted Kennedy's accidents already?

"The federal government has failed"

Tom Ridge: Liar? Apologist? Dissembler? Or Scared Shitless Blackmail Victim?

Mountaintop removal tree-sitters released from jail

Mountaintop removal tree-sitters released from jail

Has anyone here ever taught English abroad?

Has anyone here ever taught English abroad?

Michelle Bernard (Hardball fav) uses scare tactics against Health Care!

American (BUSH Admin) Diplomats Advocated "Nuremberg Defense" 2 Newly Obtained Documents Show How

Where can I get info to debunk this

"Liberal" and "Progressive"

So who's still advertising on Beck? August 31 edition ...

Help! SUBSTANTIVE Response Needed to Healthcare E-mail!

What do you think of Time Magazine's cover pic of Ted Kennedy?

obama on the vineyard

Not-political, but interesting little vids.

Wildfires ravage central and southern California

Hoyer Steps Up, Speaks Out For Public Option....

Fragment from world's oldest Bible found hidden in Egyptian monastery

Keeping the Obama Presidency in perspective, some positive news

Now I'm ashamed.

US commander’s report paves way for military escalation in Afghanistan

Right-wing thugs and corporate "reforms"

Apple Specialists Help Save Wild Snow Leopards

fyi, Commander in Chief, Geena Davis, is available on Hulu.

Verizon tries to downplay sponsorship of Hannity's rally for mountaintop removal

The psycho rapist freakshow conundrum, Mark Morford

As the Republicans are playing Checkers, President Obama has a Chess Strategy re: Healthcare Reform

Bailout Propaganda Begins

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts (Video)

CVS, Walgreens offer free flu shots to the jobless and uninsured - starting today

CVS, Walgreens offer free flu shots to the jobless and uninsured - starting today

Daryl Hannah on cover of E magazine — "Is this the end for Big Coal?" (Great story)

A Real Fairytale Wedding

Healthcare "Debate" - what dabate is that?

Texas No Limit

Republican Myths About the Clinton Surplus

Oklahoma Pastor Murdered In Her Own Church

Conservative Democrats Expect a Health Deal

BREAKING: Obama to Outline Health Care Demands in Major Speech Next Week

BREAKING: Obama to Outline Health Care Demands in Major Speech Next Week

The Wing-Nut Code: What Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Are Really Saying to Their Followers

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

Murphy [D, CT-5] hears opponents of health proposal

In The World Of Politico, Progressives Are Chimeras And Unicorns

In The World Of Politico, Progressives Are Chimeras And Unicorns

A few Repukes stopped expanded healthcare for children....

Bailed-out bankers to get options windfall

Los Angeles Times: Weather aids firefighters, but some flanks of fire have lethal potential

New "Auto-tune the News" on CNN coming up next!

New "Auto-tune the News" on CNN coming up next!

New "Auto-tune the News" on CNN coming up next!

New "Auto-tune the News" on CNN coming up next!

New "Auto-tune the News" on CNN coming up next!

Mika is hissing at Joe this morning. I think she's tired of the abuse.

Video Blog (Live) with Joe LIEberman on the Danbury News Times

Independent UK: Lies, damned lies... and the double-speak I would expunge

No one profits if a sick child's family can't afford health insurance,

US Embassy Contractors in Kabul Accused of Abuse

Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops in Afghanistan (by Largest Percentage in US History)

Is Health Care the Next 'Bonusgate'?

Single payer..

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji’s ‘Cove’ Suspended

Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji’s ‘Cove’ Suspended

How come an investigation for Rangle but none for Vitter?

A not-so modest proposal

LOL! - Hong Kong Broker Pulling A "Borat" On Sarah Palin

Terrorist warnings affect political attitudes

Muhammad Ali Visits Ireland, Meets Distant Relatives

No wonder Zoe Wanamaker was so pissed about the US. I guess she

This country was unbearable under Bush. Now it's worse.

Our Tax Dollars At Work: Camp Sullivan, a few miles from the Kabul embassy, 'Lewd' & 'Deviant'

How are all the campuses handling the swine flu issue?

Privacy Office approves laptop searches without suspicion at U.S. borders

Look at this killer speakers' lineup you Libruls will miss by avoiding the Values Voters Summit

Obama's Health Care Speech Won't Include Public Option (Politico) UPDATE: Politico Wrong

Wasn't Tom Ridge On The Short List For Veep In 2000?

My Vote Is For Sale, Too

Further dumbing down of our politicians...

WTF? "Obama Signs Bill To Create Reagan Centennial Panel"

Mind-numbing stupidity......

Fascinating site

Mich. church enlists Satan in advertising campaign

Mich. church enlists Satan in advertising campaign

Mich. church enlists Satan in advertising campaign

GOP for Reconciliation Before it Was Against It

PODHORETZ: Why are Jews liberals? Praises anti-Semite NIXON, blames Affirmative Action!1

Politico's Ben Smith leaves out context of his Obama's-bad-poll-number item

Position in Government; Compromise and Failure

What If Rush Limbaugh's House Was on Fire?

wsj: "stimulus appears to be “helping the US climb out of the worst recession in decades.”

Top House Dem Now Says He Supports Public Option

Blackwater inherits CIA job of using drones to kill al-Qaeda leaders

Michael Moore's Wall Street `Vampire Movie' Will Open at Venice Festival

The arguments are starting to get convoluted in regards to health care reform.

GOP FL Party Head: Its "SOCIALISM" To Have President Talk To School Kids About Working Hard

Sarah Palin's CLSA Speech May Be "Borat"-Style Practical Joke

If I was a betting man I would bet that there won't be a healthcare bill

MSNBC just had two intelligent young guys discuss HCR bills in..

Nail Biter

Nail Biter

Batshit crazy born again weight loss program and wild eyed guru

Politico Says WH Will Throw Obama’s Credibility and Party Under the Bus

Another One-Two For Us Poor Saps

The Most Racist POS poll on facebook I've seen yet

Parents rebel against Obama TV speech to schools

List Of Guests For White House Ramadan Dinner

A Yazoo County High School football player disarmed a 14-year-old student aboard a school bus

Freeper Convention looks like it's a total bust LOL

Tazed Jerk Video (raw footage, non alex jones version)

Rachel Maddow gets Tom Ridge to disavow the dust jacket copy of his own book

Locals: Karzai Brother Took Ballot Boxes

Our Embassy in Afghanistan Is Guarded by Sexually Confused Frat Boys ** warning. pics***

"Californians' support for death penalty waning"

If you're going to a "vigil" tonight, please bring some persuasive messages

Unemployment: The Harder You Look, The Uglier It Appears

Inside the Duggar Family's Conservative Ideology

LA's charter school giveaway

Healthcare Reform Muddled by the Right.

Mad as hell across the country

Do you believe employers providing Health Care Insurance makes them less competitive

"Minor Revolution"

Ahhhhh .... those wacky Wackenhutters. What a bunch of cutups.

Ahhhhh .... those wacky Wackenhutters. What a bunch of cutups.

People need to remember, there is a lot of money involved...

Police Shutting Down Sacramento Homeless Camp - Police Confiscated Some Tents and Sleeping Bags

Obama:"I strongly believe that Americans should have the choice of a public health insurance option

Any lawyers out there? What does "An appeal was perfected to the Court of Appeals..." mean?

Time to dump Blackwater

NCLB Commission hearings today on C-Span. Information...

Klobuchar skeptical of public option, Franken all for it

New Medication for Right Wing Lunatics

Question - online Master Degree Business courses under 1000

Kieffer Sutherland's grandfather was voted most popular,

Putin Found the Right Words in Gdansk

Why do we need all these town meetings on health care anyway?

Hartmann Tuesday - Ayn Rand nut job coming up

Study: Gun Shows Main Source Of Guns Used In Crime

Obama and Camp David

When will the Secret Service start arresting these....

Pressler suit vs. Duke may continue

Had to modify some wingnuttery

The Angry Liberal.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Unfunded Mandates...How do people here feel about them?

Sea Lion Killed by Oregon Fish and Wildlife for eating 9 fish - Sea Lion Defense Brigade

This guy put the "G" in Grump

LarouchePAC stand outside my post office...

A Public Mandate WITHOUT a Public Option is NOT Going to Work....

Call the DCCC--No funding for Dems who Oppose HC Reform

Poll: Would America be better off if Texas did secede?

Pfizer sells cancer drug that gives you 12 extra days to live, for $3,500 a month)

Mt Vernon, WA gave the key to the city to Glen Beck. Some citizens objected

Big Teabagger March on Washington scheduled for Sept 12th

Beware, there may be people spreading misleading information:regarding

Gibson to step down as anchor of ‘World News’

A five year old tells how to avoid hurricanes

If you falsely yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater, you can be prosecuted.

New DNC Television Ad Slams Cheney - Wrong Then, Wrong Now! (video included)

State Dept. Extends Blackwater Contract in Iraq

Airline Saftey vs Healthcare.....By Faux news

WSJ: New Taser 'Shoots' Evidence; Stun-Gun Maker's Technology Lets Police Record Video

WSJ: New Taser 'Shoots' Evidence; Stun-Gun Maker's Technology Lets Police Record Video

Diane Sawyer to take the helm at 'ABC World News'

Thom Hartmann talking about possible "end of the world" on Dec. 21, 2012 now

Latin Americans Ditch US 'War on Drugs'

How many uninsured people will DIE from H1N1 flu this year?

Gawker: Contractors (guarding US embassy-Afghanistan) are sexing it up,paid much more than military

Credit Card Question

65 yr old HCR advocate punched by opponent at Nelson event

Bear down hard on a humpday , . . but first please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Forced to shrink, Army National Guard gets pickier

Get On the Phone NOW....

Possible silver lining if there is no public option for now

Today is a special day: national Fight Procrastination Day!

"I'm a rock star!!!!!".....caption necessary

The American government -- which we once called our government

How Kent Conrad torpedoed use of reconciliation for health care ... link

time filler CNN poll on Obama and healthcare

Breaking: Water is wet. SEC IG: agency never did competent probe of Madoff

Karzai Short of Afghan Election Win(With 60% Tallied, 47.3%)

Hoyer says he will vote yes on public option

Rachel can't get a statement from the Independent Women's Forum regarding their scare tactics ......

Maybe I've missed it, but has Sen. "Turd" Conrad from NoDak issued any statements

Food Aid Grows in California's Agricultural Heart

"Doctor Nancy" on MSNBC reporting that Obama will outline his plan with NO public option

Poll: Who Will Take Ted Kennedy's Seat?

Parents react to school board member's party pics on Facebook

FCC Recommits to Daytime Indecency Ban

what kindof bastards evacuate, and leave caged dogs to burn alive?

Insurance Companies Are The Mafia

as one who is very upset w/ Obama, please help list positives for perspective

I'd like some opinions: why are muslims more vocal and militant

Ahmadinejad's Imam: Islam Allows Raping, Torturing Prisoners

Speculation rises that Supreme Court Justice Stevens will retire


Seattle DUers - Just making sure you know of the health care rally tomorrow:

Medicare drug benefit gets good marks

Neighbors Angry at Man Claiming He's a Sex Offender

Jeb Bush: "Education Reform, What Indiana Can Learn from Florida"

OMG I love the parents who got sold on craigslist!

FYI -- Big Ed is negotiating with this woman to appear on his show tonite

Innovations in Suicide Bombing: The Ass Bomb

Is John Paul Stevens about to retire?

Patty & Cathy '12

Japan's new first lady says she rode UFO to Venus

What SHOULD be sent as LTTE around the country...

... .and now for something completely different. (sort of)

Steele Dismisses Woman Whose Mother Died Of Cancer: ‘It Makes For Great TV. You’ll Probably Make It.

Any scuttlebutt about Baggers showing up at Moveon Vigils tonight?

Any scuttlebutt about Baggers showing up at Moveon Vigils tonight?

If you are believing POLITICO, take some time to head over to MEDIAMATTERS and do a little research

We're getting smoke from the California fires,

Cry for Pfizer

Two books to consider for your reading pleasure:

Somebody has been turned.....(Fredo Gonzales)

Levi's spilling his guts...

Woman allegedly hid 12-pack between legs - has 40 arrests on her record

PETA to Salt Lake City: Ban Cruel, Dangerous Horse-Drawn Carriages

While Unemployment Continues to Rise, so Does Job Dissatisfaction

I'm trying..really trying ...but there have been many disappoinments with our new administration

Whenever I see the words "anonymous source",

Birtthers are to the GOP as Code Pink are to the Democrats. Discuss.

Wow! Today's THE day. Jimbo walks free.

Pssst.. Hey Blue Dogs! Listen up! Your constitutents are NOT corporations

Pssst.. Hey Blue Dogs! Listen up! Your constitutents are NOT corporations

DU this idiotic poll from my local paper..please>?!

AutoNation CEO: "Clunkers program one of the most successful stimulus programs of all time"

Beck calls Americans 'lazy'

Washington's Afghan clock ticking - Asia Times

Come clean, Glenn, just come clean.

Tweety has Ridge on again

Fighting Corporate Personhood and Restoring Citizen Control over Corporations - A Resource Guide

Tom Ridge's investments...

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

A Win-Win for the Progressive Block?

Digby: If Obama capitulates, I hope he likes Blue Dogs, DLC'ers, because that's all he'll have left.

" ..... the system worked. The system caaaaalllllledddd reciprooooocityyyyy .... "

BREAKING: Blue Dog made to look like schmuck on Hardball

The Fast Food Industry's 7 Most Heinous Concoctions

Can't Obama raise money for for these key Dems deciding health care?

Tony Blair defends decision to invade Iraq: "In the end, people can disagree and that’s life.”

Paranoia on the right. Thank Bush and Cheney.

Dear Blue Dogs

Insured Property Losses in Wildfires

Drunks raping women at HIV/AIDS refuge in Papua New Guinea western highlands

Let them eat (organic) cake

Let them eat (organic) cake

Fistfight Breaks Out Over Healthcare Reform At Sen. Nelson Event

Lionel ..... he defines the term "A Face For Radio"

Dear Gov Sanford: If God wanted you to stay as Gov he wouldn't have your own SC GOPers....

Dear Gov Sanford: If God wanted you to stay as Gov he wouldn't have your own SC GOPers....


Bank (Of America) Demands Armless Man's Thumbprint

Toyota to ask new Japan government to extend green car aid

Equal ID Act Passed By California Legislature

Curt Schilling might run for the Senate in MA

Change you can fall for yet again. No pubic option?

OK - When Repugs Are Asked About Affordable Health Insurance I Hear Many Of Them......

Watching Ridge and Maddow for the first time, somebody has gotten to him

I like this Todd Webster guy, Dem strategist, on Ed right now.

Levi Johnston: Palin wanted to adopt grandchild to cover up pregnancy

How do the current Dem health positions reflect the platform they were elected on?

So who threatened Ridge? My money's on Darth Cheney?

"Giant" oil find in Gulf of Mexico; possibly a billion barrels or more

Marc Maron's new audio endeavor is available as a podcast

Blackwater renewed. NO BROADCAST MEDIA would spotlight or discuss opposing views.

Media Matters Action Network Launches To Combat Misinformation Gone Viral

Cloudburst! With thunder! Yay for the firefighters

To wonder, to muse (the basis of the Tom Ridge backstroke)

Just received this E-mail from firedoglake.

wingnuts are also a PROLEM (fixed)

The effect of economic recession on population health

Ed debating tony perkins now on his show...

Bloodshed at Iranian camp tests US-Iraq transition

A story on gun shows being the main source of guns used in crimes is sent to the gungeon...

Medic ignores shrapnel in her own arm to save SEVEN of her fellow soldiers.

There is a Time for Compromise - This Isn't One of Them: MAD AS HELL DOCTORS Drive for Single-Payer

Need advice on reporting something at work

Need advice on reporting something at work

Republican nazis shout down disabled woman in wheelchair (video)

All things are headed toward fruition

Senate hopeful of the day: Curt Schilling for Kennedy seat

If Mass. allows an interim senator, that person can't run in the special election, right?

mens underwear sales up/ leading indicator of a recovery?

Forget health care -- Fox News wants to talk patriotic music with Pelosi

Question 1 - What is “death with dignity” for the public option?

Can animals be suicidal?

A real Public Option means that hospitals MUST accept coverage

Productivity gains are not going to workers

Did Glenn Beck Rape And Murder A Young Girl In 1990?

Are the Pubs winning any Special Elections since Obama was elected?

What is this story about Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh raping a girl in 1990?

Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Young Girl in 1990?

2September, 1945 USS Missouri

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Shouted Down At New Jersey Health Care Town Hall (VIDEO)

Wendy Murphy sounds like Paula Poundstone ......

MSNBC's "Productivity grows at fastest pace in 6 years" article: Silver lining wraps fat black cloud

"comforting" wingnut Charlie GIBSON to retire by end of year; Diane SAWYER to replace as anchor

Flu Shot Hype-o-Rama

Right wing has taken over the billboards in Virginia

Michael Steele fails empathy at premier black college, insults a woman who lost mom to cancer

Fistfight Breaks Out Over Healthcare Reform At Sen. Nelson Event

Stating the obvious. Obama's outreach and leadership on healthcare reform has not been effective

GOP As Defenders Of Medicare? Dems Find It Funny.

For those who may have missed Rachel Maddow tonight: Who knew?

Health Care Reform Supporter Shows Up at Town Hall Meeting Wearing Dress Made of Boxing Gloves - pic

Under fire, Obama shifts strategy (will not call for a public option)

What. A. Fucking. Hoot.

Curt Schilling interested in Kennedy's seat

I asked a question at the Sestak/Toomey Townhall on Healthcare

I asked a question at the Sestak/Toomey Townhall on Healthcare

Sign ideas for health care vigil tonight

How Many DUers are Going to Public Option Vigils?

Scarborough: Kennedy was gracious to me when "my political allies let me down"

Do you find liberal/left Carrie Nations as annoying as right wing moralizers ...... or .....

FNord, From an old woman ...

55% support the public option, 41% oppose (new CNN poll)

Wow, looks like another "macaca" moment in Virginia

Why can't medicare negotiate for the cheapest drug prices?

Levi Johnston in Vanity Fair: Life with Sarah

The replacement of Randi Rhodes with Thom Hartmann on Chapel Hill AM1360 - very glad.

Cincinnati Archbishop Pilarczyk bans nun from teaching -she supports the ordination of women priests

I am starting to understand all the Texas bashing now...

A Hint on Justice Stevens’ Retirement

A Hint on Justice Stevens’ Retirement

Woohoo! The recovery is in full swing!

For fNord: "Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."

Personal Bankruptcies in U.S. Rise 24% on Economy's Pinch, Researcher Says

At HC protest, moran holds up a copy of the "USS Constitution," and then he embarrasses himself.

GOPers Decrying "Socialized Medicine" Go To Govt. Hospital For Surgeries

Verizon mocks concerns over Hannity's pro-mountaintop removal rally

Student shot on Northern California college campus

Is the Pledge of Allegiance still recited in US public schools?

Honolulu Seeks to Ban Bad Smells on Buses-$500 fine and/or up to six months in jail


New post about my day, today and a thank you.


Hard evidence that the birthers were a Republican-manufactured phony distraction

Something Big Is About To Happen

Levi reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate

Cheney - Palin 2012

Curt Shilling To Run For Sen. Kennedy's Seat?

Astroturf mailer from insurance companies

Charles Gibson to Retire from 'World News'

Obama loses the left - Guardian UK

Canadians are dying in the hallways! (Or what I learned at my local town hall)

What's next, folks banning cell phones in bars? In one UK Pub, yes.

Hey, lookie here, a nice, shiny new RW talking point on government health care!

Glenn Beck to be Given Key to City

"My sister died today - WITH health care coverage, could not afford life-saving medicine"...

We Are Finally Reaching a Tipping Point in Afghanistan

Jindal uses taxpayer money for a helicopter to shuttle him to church.

Do you know Obama's healthcare plan? Please help me, I need to answer a GOPer

The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies

Google Explains Why You Didn’t Have Gmail

Talk Left: Is Justice Stevens Retiring?

Catholic church issues prayer for faithful to say before sex

Wow, I cant stop shaking........

President Obama has announced three bedrock requirements for real health insurance reform:

Dr. Nancy supports a public option for health care.

Has anybody actually SEEN what single-payer or a public option would cost?

Republican Nazis heckle disabled woman in wheelchair (video)

Health Insurance and the "Letter of Creditable Coverage".

Err, when you first sign up to Facebook how does it know who you know?!

So, I'm p0wning this tool on Facebook...

I ended up at a pill mill last week.

Ok folks for the obesity crisis to become clear

Cute Nicknames for Men Who Assault Women

Taser to challenge Braidwood Inquiry

Mark Maron is BACK! The WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Anyone else kinda sick of being right about everything regarding BushCo?

2 bridge guards fired after citizen photographs & posts pics of them sleeping

Olbermann v Maddow

Miyuki Hatoyama, Japan's New First Lady, Says She Rode A UFO To Venus

Two Presidents Against the Base

Stranger accused of slapping crying child at Wal-Mart

Pew Poll: Independents leaving Dems narrow dem edge for '10 to statistical dead heat

OMFG !!! - American Diplomats Advocated "Nuremberg Defense" - Scott Horton\HuffPo

“The Savings Rate Has Recovered…if You Ignore the Bottom 99%”

VOTE HERE: DU September 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest Finalists

Ever Wonder WHY Big Pharm Objects to a Public Option?

Eleven more companies ditch Glenn Beck

Tell me if this school is not discriminating against our president

Howard Dean is waiting in the wings.

Axelrod: Obama says public option is "gone but not forgotten". The "spirit" is still there

Cindy McCain reveals Migraine suffering- compares it to husband's torture

Levi Unloads: "Me and Mrs. Palin" (Vanity Fair)

Teen tackles armed girl on Miss. school bus

We are all mutants say scientists

Can I actually say that I am pro-abortion?

Socialism Is Putting Out Wild Fires In Los Angeles, CA

South Carolina official resigns after she's linked to writing internet porn.

South Carolina official resigns after she's linked to writing internet porn.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro outsells the Mustang for a 3rd straight month!

Police: Wal-Mart Shopper Slaps Crying Child

Please help me with this. Pls tell me who the man in this video is?

Oh crap...another mother killed baby incident

You know it. They know it. We all know it. They know we know it. And they know we know they know it.

Letterman mocks wallace cheney interview. funny 2 minute clip. Very touching. sniff.

Mexican dental care

Mexican dental care

A wonderful letter about Senator Kennedy

If people were pets, we'd have healthcare reform-By Garrison Keillor

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- Disney

Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) on the Ed Show: It's not just "He said, she said", they're lying!

Will losing votes from the left force the Democratic party to move left?

New Liberal Group - BALLS - to counter Teabagger movement & protest outside Limbaugh's house

Hastert, Burton, Blunt, Others 'Bribed, Blackmailed': The Sibel Edmonds Disclosures

PA Gym Shooting Victim has no Healthcare. Family raises money with carwash

The Rude Pundit: Northern Racism Alive and Well and Stupid

My mother's trick for dealing with crying babies in stores:

Excuse me, but when the hell are we going to tax some fucking rich people!?!

It's Official: Obama Saves The Country From the Worst Economic Disaster in Decades (WSJ)

Principal, teacher say JROTC student lied about a Muslim student.

Former assistant dean at Pat Robertson's Regent Univ and his wife plead guilty to child sex abuse

I will happily give them tort reform in exchange for universal single payer.

Class-action lawsuit filed over mass arrest on first day of RNC

It's that simple.

It's that simple.

Do you all remember what you did to help elect Obama?

Pelosi: Health bill will come to the floor soon, and it will pass

Don't make the barely acceptable the enemy of the totally shitty but able to say we passed something

Brace Yourself, Proud Liberals: We're About To Be Kissed Off.

A friend of mine got half beat to death by a kid the other day

Mother Jones: "Fast Times at Recruitment High".. Arne Duncan and military schools.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4- War and Frustration

Remorseful Teddy accepted Warren Report, thought Vietnam would have been different had JFK lived

DU Song Of The Day

Friends I will remember you... think of you (you tube)

I took a risk and it turned out OK...

The Pekar Project: Harvey Pekar’s First Ongoing Webcomics Series

Seriously- am I the only one who reuses those paper toilet seat covers?

Only 18 more shopping days left until "Talk like a LynneSin Day"

Remember what Bob Barker always says...

KFC For Dinner Tonight

I just bought a Macbook...

Seriously - am I the only one who USES those paper toilet seat covers?

Osprey nest Cam at sunset

I've been perfecting some awesome recipes

My girlfriend says I tend to sigh a lot.

and our boy has crossed the bridge

We are all in very VERY big trouble...

Wow, I cant stop shaking........

You think the pope dips his ring in purell?

A Green Bay PBS station is showing a preview of Ken Burns' latest show.

Would the Duggars qualify for the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden?

Celebrity lookalike sperm bank to open(Favre one of the most sought out figures)

Some are born to the endless night

Great. My kitteh Lucy has discovered the joys of my headboard

Worst Romero Zombie Movie?

This is Lisa's Life: You know how I've been unemployed ever since

fyi, Commander in Chief, Geena Davis, is available on Hulu.

I ate a Barracko Taco.

Don't let the bed bugs bite

My head may explode if I read anymore case law tonight...

Check in here if your football team has yet to win a PLAYOFF game this millenium

Best Romero Zombie Movie?

Really cool juke box has different eras of music from 1950 to 1989

Really cool juke box has different eras of music from 1950 to 1989

Tomorrow I leave for a month-long sabbatical in Spain

Watching "Who's Minding the Mint" on VHS

What's something you did as a kid, that your parents never

We had a very late night lounge party last night, hope nobody minded the mess we left.

Dead Comic Appreciation Thread:

I've decided that instead of going on a diet

I've decided that instead of going on a diet

How to tell the difference between swine flu, bird flu...and zombie flu.

Good morning Lounge

Congratulations JVS! 50,000 posts!

Jack Black gets a mammogram

Which of you DUers had your car parked outside of Wal-mart.....

John Mayer pays up on "TMZ Mug Shot Challenge," Ace of Hearts dog rescue foundation gets $12,500

It may hurt you, but you have to try some anyway!

That was quick,

Who would prepare the tastier breakfast: Satan or God?

this may be a stupid question, but . . .

Just finished the most recent Le Carre (A Most Wanted Man, 2008)

Who are your "emergency contacts"?

Business is down so I've filed papers to have you all re-classified as slaves.

During a job interview, the hiring manager wrote "Teabagger" on my resume...

I'm being shuffled against my will to play drag board. nt.

Ahhh I can't get this song out of my head...

Was I the only person not able to access DU all day yesterday?

Any Emmylou Harris fans?

I'd say this qualifies as a bad day.

Categories you will never see on Jeopardy.

Did I hear this correctly? The KC Chiefs have lost their QB

My friends are taking me out for a goodbye dinner tonight...

Glenn Beck needs a mass all-male mooning.

I despise cliches, but...

The Lounge word of the day is- ass-rot

When Zappa's "We're only in it for the money" came out, WTF did people think???

Anthony Bourdain tackles Nick, Jr.

Anyone else catch the season finale of Rescue Me last night?

'Reading Rainbow' Reaches Its Final Chapter

In a letter, how do I address a Methodist pastor?

Using napkins, stolen from the dining hall, for toilet paper...

With all the hootin' and hollarin' about secession, I'm just wondering...

My repug mother has officially written me off. She even invoked "9/11" - Series

BREAKING: Poor mountaineer who barely kept family fed shoots at food, up comes a-bubblin' crude

Ah, got a picture of the darn things.

It is so September outside, fall came early.

ARGH!! My roommates are driving me crazy!

Congratulations anigbrowl! 10,000 posts!

Four words Nostradamus warned would signal the Apocalypse: "Lindsay Lohan considering Playboy"

What's your favorite subject to discuss?

WebMD on the chances of you catching ass-rot from a toilet seat

I have the ultimate service dog: he's just tall enough that when

My kitty is fussing at me.

Do Zombies Live in your Neighborhood?

DU Song Of The Day

DU NYC Meetup 23-25Octobra PM Thomcat if you are attending

FIL had a heart attack. He's at the cath lab getting checked out for blockages. Please

I will know next week if I can get my GED.

Aughhh. No exclamation point. That would imply energetic expression.

no one knows what it's like

I want to create a _________________ that never ______________

Congratulations Omaha Steve! 20,000 posts!

Check in here if your NFL team is UNDEFEATED in the Super Bowl

George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey have a new movie.

Help! We ate out tonight and the food was extremely salty

need creative minds

N.E. Patriots QB, Tom Brady, Has Been Replaced!!!

I'm being dragged against my will to play shuffle board.

Car guys, how come the VW R32 (new R20 for '10) isn't considered

The incredible light graffiti ...VERY cool!

Given one choice only, which would you choose to learn?

A cute e-card for the kitteh lovers

I'm going to Circuit City. Can I get anybody anything?

So I am not supposed to 'drink', but I love dark rum

I think I am going insane: it's been 1 month since I took painkillers

Is it okay if I call myself Balthasar Ambrosius Empedocles Malcolm X?

Food photo fail

Levi Johnston: Palin wanted to adopt grandchild


My little buddy is being teased at school.

How long does it take alcohol to exit your system?

During a job interview, the hiring manager wrote "FUBAR" on my resume...

I watched Season 6 of Reno 911, then re-watched Season 5...

Charlie Watts Is Quitting the Stones!

Anybody needs me I am watching Galaxy Quest.

New Yorkers: Is NYC worth living in at some point in one's life, even if you're old?

I've never asked for good vibes or special thoughts but today brought me to my knees

Happy Hump Day Picture Thread: Please post your own (PIC HEAVY)

So, my son says I'm not the type of person who throws anyone out into the cold

I'm a sucker for anthems: Whitney's new song: "I Look to You"!1

"President Obama has a couple of months to turn his failing administration around"

Report: Obama won't insist on a Public Option

Will all schools broadcast Obama's address to Students?

WH luring Snowe with 'trigger' on public option

Cheney's preparing for a 2012 run for president.

It Has Been Suggested ...

Can we all take a deep breath and wait to hear from the President next Wednesday?

Obama to Roll Out New Health Care Strategy with Labor Officials Who Insist on Public Option

Schuster and others: "How did the Public Option become the Holy Grail of Health Reform"?

The President's View on the Public Option

Single-Pay Is PATRIOTIC!

Axelrod: "The President embraces the public option . . to keep companies honest"

FYI folks, if Obama was going to nix the public option it wouldn't be at a union picnic!

CNN poll: 55 percent support a public option

Bush's Third Term? You're Living It

So let's see here - FauxNews reports on Obama adviser "asshole" remark but...

Healthcare Vigils tonight! Are you going? Here's a link to find one near you

Two FREE handy handouts for upcoming Teabagger events

Duck! Here comes the gauntlet! (Obama to Deliver Major Health Care Speech)

Mr. President: Say It ....Yes We Can have a Public Option!

Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care

U.S. to boost combat force in Afghanistan

Is Obama's inexperience showing?

Medicare for ALL. Its easy to Define and easy to Defend.

Clinton kept us safe for 8 years and then we were attacked in the first year of the Bush admin.

Do Liberals have the intestinal fortitude to fight for Health Care Reform?

An educated society: the RW's single worse enemy

U.S. Economy Gets Lift From Stimulus

Jack Bauer does TV ad in favor of healthcare reform. His grandfather ,

I can't wait until we stop arguing over whether the "democrats" will pass health care reform,

If you are going to the vigils tonight.. call the media

Small Businesses in Iowa Celebrate Democrat’s Support for ‘Public Option’

Obama up to 54% on Gallup today

First Dog Bo sports a new leash. Of course he loves Obama

I'm going to John Kerry's town hall in Somerville tonight and I'm gonna

Semantics semantics...but it works right?

Classic Kennedy:

"White House Floating 'Snowe' Trigger"???

My aunt isn't very smart.

White House Giving Up On The Public Option.......

Imagine that George W. Bush had been allowed a third term as president...

A bill without public option would make insurance stock more precious than gold

Lol CNN lies about Obama backtracking on public option

Will the media write stories about the 12% approval of Republicans in congress?

“challenge students to work hard, set educational goals and take responsibility for their learning.”

Did August *REALLY* hurt Obama's approval ratings?

Prospect via Ezra Klein's blog: What Max Baucus Can Learn from the Labor Movement

ABC - Wackenhut Securities (Armor Group) home of sexual deviants

Ezra Klein: The Divisions in the White House on Health Care Reform

Matthews should take lessons from Rachel Maddow. His interview with

The Right Wing is up in arms over Obama's speech to schoolchildren next week

If I wrote a letter to the President-

VA-Gov: Deeds Rebounds, But Still Trails

Why August Wasn’t Apocalyptic for Health Care Reform

Apparently people who shop at the Dollar Store don't like Obama

Teabaggers organizing a nationwide "Keep Your Kid Home From School Day" to protest President Obama

Democrat wins close race for House seat

Breaking: President Obama to Address Joint Session of Congress on September 9th

The useless Democratic pundit class at its finest: Stephanopoulos

CNN reports about Obama's upcoming speech on health care, no mention of dropping public option

For 1st time in 45 years, Health Care Reform is possible: History will soon judge who was Right

NOT BREAKING: SF's Public Option Plan Rates 94% Satisfaction

How can a Modern Administration strategizes these days when they can't even scratch their ASS?

Take everything I say and post with a Grain of Salt

Question about Medicare

Blanche Lincoln, looking out for self

The phrase "public option" has become toxic. Obama could say he wants all the components of a P.O.

How did Blagojevich do business?

I want & believe we need a Public Option but willing to listen to what alternatives Obama proposes

Whether Politico Is Right Or Wrong - It's Time AgainTo Call The White House In Support........

He might be a great chess player, but Obama's poker skills are debatable

Obama Hurt by Hands-Off Strategy

Crosslink : Obama to Address Joint Session of Congress on Health Care Sept. 9

Randi Playing Frightening Montage of Freepers @ Townhalls

Will another Snelling enter politics?

Obama And The Public Option: "I Want An Animal That Looks Like A Duck, Walks Like A Duck And Talks

ObamaCare versus the old ClintonCare: a major step backwards

Blue Dog to Obama: Don't work with left

Is Dick Cheney Running Scared?

Blanche Lincoln says a Public Option is too expensive

Just got this email from - posters, flyers to print out for rallies, bus tour stop

Will Obama decline to extend the Trading with the Enemy Act (i.e., will he end the Cuban embargo)?

Justice Stevens slows his hiring at high court

POLLSTER: Looking at Obama's Poll Numbers

"Uniquely American" for profit healthcare system reminds me of another "uniquely American" mistake

Charity condemns Obama policy backing rendition

Any chance Obama will be coming to my town? The NY 23rd is

George H.W. Bush Addressed Students on TV Re: Drug Abuse

Little-Noticed Federal Law Could Push Late Primaries Earlier

Rachel Maddow just ripped into Tom Ridge. The whole exchange was

Yeah!!!! Deeds closing the gap in Va race

Anyone against a robust public option is not a progressive.

Max Baucus: I'm Such A Shitty Senator (The Onion)

Obama White House Hosts Ramadan Dinner Tonight

Response from my Congressman, Jay Inslee, to my e-mail expressing support for

Fighting the Republicans means fighting the Media.....

Canton judge orders silence in the court — with duct tape

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Rachel Maddow: I Had The Swine Flu

KidsCare parents to lose state-run health insurance

Government Withholds Key Torture Documents In ACLU Lawsuit-CIA Defends Interrogations Tactics

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

American (BUSH Admin) Diplomats Advocated "Nuremberg Defense" 2 Newly Obtained Documents Show How

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

White House: Obama may detail health plans soon

Health firms pour millions into campaign funds

End immoral Cuba embargo, US told

US Fares Poorly In Child Welfare Survey (4th Worst Infant Mortality Rate)

Under fire, Obama shifts strategy (will not call for a public option)

We are all mutants say scientists

The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies

GM Boosts China Forecast, Now Expecting 40% Growth This Year

Report Cites an Atmosphere of Anti-Immigrant Hatred in Suffolk County

Study: Gun Shows Main Source Of Guns Used In Crime

Pakistan court again puts curbs on nuke scientist

Iraq’s Basra loses half of its arable land (‘the Paradise of Aden’ turning into desert)

(Updated) Quake measuring at least 7.3 recorded near Indonesian island of Java

Study: 1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia

Study: 1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia

Study: 1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia

U.S. to boost combat force in Afghanistan

Agent accused of holding people at gunpoint

US official applauds Cambodia for arresting (US) paedophiles

China dissident given jail term

UN sees drop in Afghan opium growth

State Dept to review Kabul Embassy

Mass. attorney general is 1st to seek Kennedy seat

China Toughens Derivative Rules

Freed reporters say they were dragged into NKorea

China's move into oil sands irks the U.S.

Mitsubishi, IHI to Join $21 Bln Space Solar Project (Update1)

Blast kills Afghan deputy chief of intelligence

Pakistan Official Survives Assassination

Accused Holocaust shooter denied release from jail

Recorded telemarketing calls illegal without written permission begins (exemptions remain)

Pfizer to pay record $2.3B penalty for drug promos

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

Slaughterhouse Trial Moved and Delayed

Caroline Kennedy to Address Labor Convention

Mich. House OKs tax breaks for former Ford plant

Pfizer to pay $2.3 bn to settle marketing charges

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 2

Colombia's lower House backs referendum on allowing Uribe to run for third term as

H1N1 unlikely to mutate into 'superbug': U.S. study

Taiwan asked by China to cancel Dalai Lama events: MP

Malaysian Muslims allowed at Black Eyed Peas gig

Obama Calls Islam Part of America at White House Ramadan Dinner

Labor Draws a Line in the Sand On Public Option

Afghanistan Now Has Drug Cartels

Controversial Blackwater Security Firm Gets Iraq Contract Extended by State Dept

Pinochet purges arrests ordered

How Garrido got out the first time

Couple must pay $125,000 in damages to ex-nanny

Obama to Address Joint Session of Congress on Health Care Sept. 9

China Plays Down Rare Earth Fears

CBS News Survey Poll: Two-Thirds Confused by Health Reform

Mercury Marine says union can vote again

Charles Gibson to Step Down as ‘World News' Anchor

Justice Stevens Slows His Hiring .

GOP senator (Lamar Alexander) warns of 'minor revolution' over health care

BP talks up 'giant' Gulf of Mexico oil find

Fed Officials More Confident Recession is Ending

(Texas) Schools ponder showing Obama speech to students

Shocking Hazing at U.S. Embassy in Kabul

U.S. to boost combat force in Afghanistan

Inspector: SEC botched investigation of Madoff scam (was incompetent but not corrupt)

Gov. Bobby Jindal should reimburse taxpayers for church trips, pastor says

Russia Seeks Role in Afghan War Planning as NATO Deaths Climb

DNA to free another inmate

S.C. Gov. Sanford says God on his side

President and Mrs. Obama Open White House Poetry Jam

The First Lady Introduces the White House Jazz Studio

Nadler Calls For Cheney Investigation

Kiefer Sutherland on Need for Progressive Health Care Reform in America

Glenn Beck's crazy radical buddy Pastor Stephen Broden - Preaching Politics from the Pulpit

China Ditches Derivatives

Rep. Anthony Weiner - Discusses Healthcare Reform on MSNBC (w/ M. Bartiromo) - 09/01/2009 - Part 1/2

Fear Driving Market Down

Marshall Ganz: Healthcare and Civil Disobedience

Republicans cause abortions

Rachel Maddow's Interview w/ Tom Ridge - PART ONE

MoveOn: Dear Congressman

Republican Sexcapades with Cliff Schecter

The Vaxers: The swine flu vaccine has a contraceptive in it.

Thom Hartmann - Cash for Geezers?

No Public Option? Not so fast. The best motivation video

The TRUTH about Medicare!

Some People will Never Believe It - til their world comes Tumbling Down!

The Secret Government

Cindy Sheehan: America needs to wake up (RussiaToday) 11:36 minutes

Glenn BecKKK: "I Am A Clown Who Needs Security"

The private sector can't do anything right!

Thom Hartmann - Have we seen the Death of Conservatism?

Cheney's 2012 TV Ad - Keith Olbermann & Chris Kofinis Discuss The GOP's Warped Logic

Real Canadians Talking Real Health Care

CNN: Male Sexual Hazing & Breakdown Of Discipline At US Embassy In Kabul

This is not a parody

Bartiromo asks 44 yr old Congressman: 'If Medicare is so good, why aren't you on it?'

Traficant freed from prison

Tango Dancing at the Ambassadors Reception at the WH

DNC Ad Slams Cheney with McCain's own words

Trumka Lays out Union Priorities for Health Care Reform

"Trying to get the President KILLED" Dan Savage NAILS it all, from "the Birchers to the Birthers"

Thom Hartmann - Why do conservatives want to keep health care from Americans?

TYT: Cenk Dissects Crazy Secessionists At Texas Rally

Do You Think We Can Get Congresswoman Bachmann To SLIT Her Wrist On The Ed Show?

Olbermann: "Reagan is dead and he was a lousy president!"

Young Turks: Maria Bartiromo Does Not Understand Medicare

ESPERANZA SPALDING - "Overjoyed" (performed at the WH)

Obama Advisor Van Jones: Republicans are A-holes

TYT: Cenk Slams The Hypocrisy Of Jon Voight's Hate Filled, Idiotic Rant Against Obama

Rachel Maddow: ASTOUNDING Final Moments of Her Interview of Tom Ridge

Dan Savage On Countdown: Michele Bachmann & Glenn Beck Are Trying To Get Obama Killed!

Real Canadians Talking Real Healthcare

Michael Bennet is proud to support a public option

Michael Steele Town Hall at Howard University Interrupted By Health Care Reform Advocates | 9/1/09

Sabotage/Progress as Yin/Yang

Eliot Spitzer and the GOP Slut Factor

Republicans are idiots

Guardian UK: Give it up, Dick

Give it up, Dick

Independent UK: Lies, damned lies... and the double-speak I would expunge

Michelle Bachman Endorses a Public Option, For Faith Healing

Michelle Bachman Endorses a Public Option, For Faith Healing

Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women's Gains in Human Rights

Indian Trade Group Proposes New H-1B Visa Approach

Saint Reagan said healthcare reform is Socialism

We Have A Winner: The Worst Rationale For Staying in Afghanistan (Danielle Pletka Alert)

Mattel Exempted From Toy Safety Law

Conservative Democrats Expect a Health Deal

God, the Appalachian Trail and Sarah Palin

Guardian UK: Don't let Murdoch smash this jewel. The BBC must act to save itself

Low-Wage Workers Are Often Cheated, Study Says.

No Public Option In Health Care Bill

In These Times: Why Kansas Matters

The New Yorker: Kennedy Care

The Wing-Nut Code: What Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Are Really Saying to Their Followers

Garrison Keillor: If people were pets, we'd have healthcare reform

Jim Hightower: Holding Wall Street Bankers Accountable

US Audacity of Hope Falters: Settlement Freeze No Longer Required (Ramzy Baroud)

Robert Scheer: Obama's Meaningless War

Don't let Murdoch smash this jewel. The BBC must act to save itself

We're pumping out CO2 to the point of no return. It's time to alter course

End these bogus parallels. We are fighting no Nazis now

The Sermilik fjord in Greenland: a chilling view of a warming world

Obama Still Dodgy on Public Option

Nat’l Org for Marriage Ought to Just Wait for the Rapture

Kerry Kennedy on HuffPo: On Losing a Human Rights Icon and a Beloved Uncle

Under Fire, President Obama shifts strategy

Twenty-six Lies About H.R. 3200 ( - Annenberg Public Policy Center)

Who'd a Thunk It? Sarah Palin (Mis)Quotes Woody Allen

So, you thought you made a great deal on that new car?

Chuck Grassley - Without the Sheep's Clothing!

Tom Ridge Changes His Book's Name to 'Full Mental Jacket'

Jeremy Scahill: Why Doesn't Hillary Clinton Fire Blackwater?

Labor Day and the American Dream

Survivors gather to pay tribute to 'British Schindler'

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): The Next New Plan for Bananastan

Taliban Surprising U.S. Forces With Improved Tactics

There's a Bubble That Still Threatens the Entire American Economy ... and Few Are Talking About It

"The More Things Change" (the more they are the same) "Tom Gram Dispatch"

Ray McGovern: Afghanistan for Dummies

Laura Ling and Euna Lee: We Were Arrested in China

Extreme Motherhood

What happened to immigration reform?

Glenn Greenwald: Deleting the Bush Personality Cult from history

Attack of the Town Hall Zombies

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

The Public Option is Popular, Moral and Inexpensive, Therefore It Must Die

Iraq’s Basra loses half of its arable land (‘the Paradise of Aden’ turning into desert)

Obama's rendition shame

Sexually deviant photos of U.S. Embassy Guards in Afghanistan cause outrage

South African white man granted refugee status

Rev. Jim Rigby: Why Is Universal Health Care ‘Un-American’?

Bush's Third Term? You're Living It

List of 2009 energy tax credits that are available.....

AlterNet: Call Chevron to Account for Its Assault on the Amazonian Ecosystem

Drumbeat: September 1, 2009

Drumbeat: September 2, 2009

Insured Property Losses in Wildfires

China detains 15 parents for lead poison unrest

Transneft Fights 27,000-Ton Oil Theft as Violence Surges

Time to tap climate-change-combating potential of the world's ecosystems

Diesel Exhaust is Linked to Cancer Development Via New Blood Vessel Growth

Humans causing erosion comparable to world's largest rivers and glaciers

Fewer fin whales spotted in Biscay, prompting fears for fish stocks

India Projects GHG Emissions Between 4 And 7.3 Billion Tons Annually By 2031 - Scientific American

NOAA Report Explains Sea Level Anomaly this Summer along the U.S. Atlantic Coast

Maldives President To Rest Of World On Climate: "Please, Don't Be Stupid"

MIT: Methane gas likely spewing into the oceans through vents in sea floor (…at a much faster rate…)

Rapid decline in freshwater fish populations

Solar panels stolen from gas company well pads in western Garfield County (CO)

Reuters: Senate urged to let states keep climate plans (more stringent than federal requirements)

Seas Off Mid-Atlantic & New England States "Fundamentally Changed" In Last 40 Years - AP

1.6 billion face water, food threat in Asia

Cold winter coming

WWF: Warming Arctic's global impacts outstrip predictions

Inorganic Mercury Detected In 30% Of US Women In 2005-6 Study - Had Been 2% In 1999 - ENS

Global warming – why trapping carbon may not work

Sustainable fertilizer: Urine and wood ash produce large harvest

Washington Capitulates: Peak Oil Is Real

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 1)

(Yankees-Redsox)Game time changed to avoid conflict with holiday

Luongo gets 12

Giambi will be in uniform for the Rockies tonight.

David Wright looks like a bobblehead tonight.

Lou Piniella Lauded For Not Getting Anyone's Hopes Up This Year

Redskins Fans Waited While Brokers Got Tickets (Nice job, Snyder!)

49ers release Damon Huard

Schilling expresses interest in Kennedy seat

About Favre's crack back block

Name a team (college) that you are not a fan of that you want to win almost as much as your own

Some words from the great Curt Schilling...

The Smallmen waste a fine three-hit, one-run performance by Jonathan Sanchez and lose


Pinochet purges arrests ordered

Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women's Gains in Human Rights

Chile: 129 To Be Arrested In 'Dirty War' Crimes (NPR)

Guatemala court convicts paramilitary in first enforced disappearance trial

Couple must pay $125,000 in damages to ex-nanny

The high price of U.S. puppetry

Political Candidates: Some Off Like a Shot, Others Vow to Boycott Elections

U.S. must get tough to help restore democratic order in Honduras


Colombia's lower House backs referendum on allowing Uribe to run for third term as president

I Would Just Like To Thank All The People Who Welcomed Me -NT

If Jordan attacks Israel, will the thread be moved to the Israel/Palestine forum?

Study: Gun Shows Main Source Of Guns Used In Crime

America has never had a civil war. And the government has never banned any guns.

Rachel Maddow in the Jimmy Fallon Show....

Traffic Stop W/ CHP Do You Inform?

What circumstance do you believe warrants a permanent revocation of a person's RKBA?

Liberation, not a fictitious Palestinian "state"

Haniyeh calls for Hamas-Fatah unity

Egypt uncovers two tonnes of explosives near Gaza

2 Hamas gunmen killed by malfunctioning explosive device

Iran anoints anti-Jewish bomb suspect as defence secretary

Study: Gun Shows Main Source Of Guns Used In Crime

Ahmadinejad's Imam: Islam Allows Raping, Torturing Prisoners

A Question (1) For Gun Control Advocates

Gun Owners' Next Major DC Battle--"Bearing" Arms Outside the Home

NFLPA confirms U.S. Department Of Labor looking into meetings

Huffington Post: For Labor Day: A Nod to a Woman Who Pushed for Worker Safety

Union: GM agrees to pay $50M more for Delphi retiree health care

'Possibility of major fight' in talks between hotels, union

18,000 Union Members Took Part in More Than 400 Health Care Events in August

Obama to Address AFL-CIO Convention

Washington Post: Labor-Environmental Coalition Targets Wal-Mart

On-Demand Audio Program Examines The New Obama NLRB

Economic Report: One In Four Young U.S. Workers Don’t Earn Enough To Pay Bills

Today in Labor History Sept 2, 1st time US used airplanes to drop bombs on its own citizens

UNITE-HERE Says Chicago Hotels Are Chronically Under-Staffed

AFL-CIO: Young Workers In U.S. Much Worse Off Than Ten Years Ago

Socialist Kennedy’s Sins Against Labor — Growls From the Wake in Massachusetts

Employee Contracts to be judged illegal

Hooking up?

Looking up - from the deck

More didgeridoo

Many snapshots - and settling in - communing and adapting


Food photo fail

Shooting up - harmless pastime or trend?

Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest

So I'm searching for background info on a particular claim in a mass transfer patent

How science reporting works. (Comic)

Are We Closer To A Real Life Jurassic Park Than We Think?


LRO Sees Bouncing, Rolling Boulders on the Moon

Ted Haggard doesn't remember ever being anti-gay

Fate of Maine gay marriage law in hands of voters

UF study: Education best predicted support for gay marriage ban

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/01/09

Reshaping of Basel II Begins with Financial Accounting Standards Board Push

UK increased buying of US Treasuries ?

Could a Viable Third Party Emerge in the U.S.?

Opponents of reform claim that WE'VE awakened a sleeping giant.

live video of townhall healthcare debate tonight Sept. 3 (Sestak/Toomey)

Pfizer to pay record $2.3B penalty over promotions

COBRA limbo help

CNN Poll....VOTE!

can Obama count on 51 votes in the Senate?

Whatever passes as health care reform this year may be badly compormised

Obama to address joint session of Congress

Starchild Energies for Sept| The Seeds of the New: Compassion, Joy & Service to the Plane

"Held in the Pocket of Protection" - Karen Bishop - September 1, 2009

Rose has passed. Thanks to you all for your prayers for her.

Reading a Book About Crop Circles

I just found out that my grand daughter........

Japan's new first lady says rode UFO to Venus

** HELP!** I need help finding my pregnant KITTY -

Cell phone safety to be studied

The Makings of a Theocracy in America? (The Family)

Explain how evangelicals can claim an 'inerrant' Bible and still use one that has "dynamic

"Dutch prosecutors to charge Arab group with hate speech for Holocaust cartoon"

A Counter-Revolution in Jewish-Catholic Ties

All Dogs Don't Go to Heaven: Post-Rapture Pet Care

"Mali women's rights bill blocked"

Say a prayer before sex

Re-thinking Nero's fire

NCLB Commission hearings today on C-Span. Information...

The longest staff meeting of the year is history.

My Brita Water Filter unceremoniously blew itself .....

I've was totally bad and made something really good!

Can you turn off the laws of nature?

Did Michael pull the old Switch-er-oo on us again?

Just call him the King of Giving . . .(MJ warning)