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The Management of American Finances

Finally, the Senate vote to extend CARS is starting (CSPAN2)

Please help: when is a cat too old to have its teeth cleaned?

More pics from the AFP rally this morning

William Jefferson

Bill Scher: Only A Lobbyist-Funded Mob Would Chant "What's Wrong With Profit?"

Bill Scher: Only A Lobbyist-Funded Mob Would Chant "What's Wrong With Profit?"

Ron SILVER was *not* CIA. Oh, unless those 5 redacted pages in his FBI file say he *was*!1

Attention motorists: If your rear-view mirror goes under my elbow you're passing too close

Teen dies at internet addiction camp in China

Labor law violations found at Lumiere over union recognition (Pass EFCA NOW!)

Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" to debut in Venice before heading to Toronto

From the AFP rally this morning

Cash for Clunkers passes. Just now on Countdown. n/t

Was GOPAC the first "cash for clunkers"' program? nt

Brownback, Roberts blocking Obama appointees over Gitmo

Oh, great, now Jonathan Alterman on Countdown lectures the left

Can someone please chart

Pill-Popping Goyische Radio Jockeys Need To Shut The Fuck Up About The Nazis

I do hope everyone is watching the protesters at the health care town halls

Great Article: The Only Good Option For Health Care is a Public Opiton

My error in posting..

ACTON ALERT: Recess Rally is holding a Conference Call tomorrow at 11am

How Dare You.

PERFECT comment on WTSP's website (they broke the story about the health care violence in Tampa)

Tim Phillips invites Rachel Maddow to join him on the "bus tours" and

Town Halls for Dummies

Wow, Go Rachel! For those who saw, yay. Didn't? Catch the replay.

Bringing my time honored tradition to GD to answer the hard questions: Ask MrScorpio

We should hold Town Halls at Professor Gates' house

The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up -- And the Nuclear Fallout for All of Us Today

Somebody at MSNBC should break it to Keith that he can't do voices.

These Mad Dog health care forum disruptors, who are surely funded by health industry lobbyists......

Advice/opinions on dealing with a cousin who sends out racist emails.

"John Hughes is dead. Get used to it, Gen-Whiners" (Filthy PIG!)

Alex Castellanos, what a dick

White House: Reconciliation "Certainly Out There" As Health Care Option

Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

Six Degrees of DU

Israel holds health care forum in Woodbury

Cash for Clunkers stays alive!!!

Will Obama send Bush on any overseas missions?

Tim Phillips from Americans for Prosperity

Tim Phillips from Americans for Prosperity

live one, have some fun

Violence at Tampa health care forum

How are the thugs who disrupt town hall meetings recruited?

Lesson: It does not matter how many compromises we make

Don't airplanes leave Wreckage?

Johnson Controls wins big (stimulus funded) hybrid battery grant

Dems should counter the brown shirts at town halls with kids denied treatment by insurance companies...

Task Force lauds psychologists' repudiation of so-called 'reparative' therapy

Is a higher education analogy applicable to the health care debate?

Unfunny Health Care Cartoon - quite brilliant though.

Business Week: No matter what goes to Congress, "the insurance industry will emerge more profitable"

Did YOU call your representative? I did!

THIS is required reading for all Republicans...

Fists Pounding on Glass, Right-Wing Violence Stops Tampa Town Hall - Jeffery Feldman

Eric Cantor is a real pile of hippo dung

Rationing care? How many times have you seen a fundraiser for a medicare recipient cancer patient?

Labor weighs in on healthcare

Robert Gibbs on CNN tonight: "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made."

The GOP-organized "angst" is a good sign, actually....

Video from Tampa town hall meltdown

California bans threatening noose displays

4th Circuit Finds for McGuireWoods Over Alleged Retaliation and Discrimination

North Carolina: Edwards’s Mistress at Courthouse - for nine hours.

Whaaaat? This isn't the audition for Wizard of Oz?

I attended my Republican Congressman's townhall tonight.

Holy god almighty...Healthcare fistfights?

Republic Disruption Will Only Get Worse. Authorities Refuse To Take Action To Protect The Innocent

CNN is taking this report card special far too seriously. Do they really need Wolf Blitzer for this?

Greek woman sets fire to Amorous British tourist

We just hire bigger goons to handle their goons. One line as they are thrown out

Protesters in Ybor City (Tampa) drown out health care summit on Obama's proposal

Towhall Meeting Idea - Start By Silently Showing Powerpoint Slides

Hmm, can someone debunk this?

Limbaugh Promoted Town Hall Hours Before Disruption - DailyKos

Tampa town hall meeting interrupted by violence

Sounds like both Keith & O'LOOFAH are breaking their bosses' truce

Health Care Forum Jackboot Squad strikes again Michigan

Freepers are workin' a Tampa online poll. PLEASE DU it!

Eww, I read Glenn Beck's bio on Wiki and saw he lives here in CT

And in lower esteem than teabaggers and antihealthcare assholes are these guys .....

Any DU attorney willing to file to intervene in a birther lawsuit?

1000 points of light versus taxation concept and 'the family' claiming to be chosen.

Congressman Dingell Town Hall Mess

PSA when you can take a DEFENSIVE driving course, it might save your life...

Rachel's interview with Tim Phillips is awesome so far. Quite fair and calm.

Let's all speak the same language, shall we?

The truth about the town hall screamers. It's not about health care.

The truth about the town hall screamers. It's not about health care.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rachel Blew it bringing Tim Phillips on...

Under all this bluster and threats, what do you want your Congressman to do?

Tune in to KO NOW..big news re: Blackwater.

I had my first run-in with a tea-bag/birther nutjob today!

Apologies to our new mods, and help me understand some posting stuff please

Why not just have the Town Hall participants just submit all their questions in written form?

Dick Morris, Man of Action!

Republicans putting the Dumb in freedom......

Okay, who rang the bell? God must have had an Ambien hangover

Video of Dingell (MI) town hall meltdown

Yikes !!! - (Caption This) Looks Like A Promo For A Really Bad Porno !!!

Now here's a curious healthcare/insurance story...

Philadelphia Inquirer: Hacker retraces Western Pa. killer's online steps

CNN Hillary defends Bill's Actions

My suggestion to my congressman:

We should consider forming "Clown Brigades" to counter the clowns being sent in by the repubs

Ballot prospects for Washington anti-gay rights measure dim

"CNN's National Report Card: Second 100 Days" is infected with Teabaggers and Birthers

Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims

Roman Emperor Vespasian's Villa Found

Republican politician interfers with DUI arrest, protege's blood alcohol level was 0.26!

Walmart rips off Girl Scout Cookies

We've got we need a nickname for the health care Town Hall brownshirts.....

You better keep kicking and recommending one of the most important articles posted today

R.I.P. John Hughes

I think letting the South back in to the union was a serious mistake

Healthcare coverage is more like a service contract than it is insurance

Jewish groups decry Obama's choice of Ireland's Mary Robinson for Prez Medal of Freedom

PA state workers finally are being paid, after over 5 weeks without

For Laughs

Another scary wingnut propaganda piece:

Desperate plea for help came too late for ancient Assyrian leader

Madagascar’s food security remains vulnerable

Firefighter Who Shot at Bicyclist Charged

Projection: Right accuses Democrats of "Alinsky tactics" while engaging in them constantly

2 months ago, Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation was a "Threat to the Republic"

Chicago holds first civic salute to LGBT veterans

Reuters: Swiss seek Pope's blessing to stop glacier melting

Contact Fox and their advertisers....

Open Left: Still A Zero Sum, Two-Party Game

Analysis: A New Opportunity in Pakistan

Morning Joe Country Club set want you to know today that unions are responsible for the disruption

Tough Week? Friday afternoon meditation aid music: GREG DAVIS

There's a nasty stew being cooked up .......

Ridley Scott, DiCaprio to make "Brave New World"

First, you tell a big lie - and you repeat it over and over

Teabag riots

FOX News not even giving cover to the organizers of the healthcare protests

Kathleen Sebelius wants your questions today!

AlterNet: Are We All Corporate Shills?

Call I Just Left On Eric Massa's Machine

The drug lobby demands, and gets, Obama pledge to protect health care profits

World's oldest map: Spanish cave has landscape from 14,000 years ago

Reality check: Trucks win in Cash for Clunkers game

How many people have you seen on TV or writing articles that DON"T have health insurance?

Cantwell OK with public option

The birther thing = manufactured controversy, pushed/funded by hidden actors.

Eight Quotes for the Town Hall Terrorists

Can someone explain why Columbia HC fined $1.7 BILL but Rick Scott not charged?

New Gallup Poll - Americans shift back to supporting reproductive rights

Revenge Of The Netizens (DER SPIEGEL ONLINE 8/7/2009)

American Express Doesn't Care About Your Sick Dog

Canada to order 50.4 million H1N1 vaccine doses

What conditions are secondary to swine flu that ins. co's are going to deny coverage for

Stop holding town halls and take the stage away from barfer/teabag movement.

Look at the Clunker in the Middle - CA-CHING ! Cartoon

Important point: Good employment report today: A drop in unemployment = Health Care reform

Email loved ones from your grave

Republican congresscritters continue to ply the elderly with fear. Big surprise.

We are about to find out if the Democrats have grown balls...

At $4500 each, $3 billion will buy 666,666 clunkers

At $4500 each, $3 billion will buy 666,666 clunkers

GOP Bluffing-A Significant Number Of House Republicans Are Going To Vote For Healthcare Reform

68 Acres Manure--Jo Daviess County, IL

TriBeCa Water Main Break Floods Streets, Buildings

DU This Poll: Do you support Health Care Reform? (it's getting seriously freeped)

If 30% of your family was insane, the "family unit" would inexorably fall apart...

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles was his best film.

Economic pundits predict a "W" shaped recession

During the campaign, the "big difference" between Hillary's plan and Obama's was mandates

The Health Insurers Have Already Won

The drug lobby demands, and gets, Obama pledge to protect health care profits

God, I love the unrecommend option. Is it an illness?

Can Erik Prince of Blackwater be at the Hague ?

My bank made the top 200 Banks in America list. I switched all

Isn't it time for the Surgeon General to add a warning label to the GOP?

Time for media to clarify the health care debate

The ironic thing about today's Teabag "revolutionaries" is ...

Tempers flare over health care in Michigan

For low cost dentistry, please see your local Dental teaching hospital

Just a lttle reminder for union members

National Anti-Obama Group Backs Down After Lawsuit From Chicago's BGA

TPM: 'Grassroots Protester' Actually GOP Official

Reports: Glenn Beck fans turn health forum into ‘near riot’

Business Week: The health insurers have already won

Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator - Make your own! Invalidating legitimate presidencies since 2009

Dollar Rises Against Euro Following U.S. Job Numbers

Can we somehow push why we don't see the

I'm just heartbroken that Michiganders would behave in such a manner...

Rightwing Activist Training Classes..sleeper cells in the making

Mary Kay Letournau is a sister of one of Blackwater/Xe's top executives?

Democracy Now Interview w Scahill on Erik Prince & Blackwater/Xe

Democracy Now Interview w Scahill on Erik Prince & Blackwater/Xe

Pittburgh shooter was a believer in "the Man Owns the Woman" theology.

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Never Do Jaeger Shots Again

Did we reach a consensus on broccoli?

Mayor: 100 jobs to be cut (My job is safe)

So, now do we understand why the rethugs wanted a delay on the health care vote?

A Tribute to Cory Aquino & The 1986 People Power Revolution

Filibuster, Smilibuster! And Forget the Blue Dogs! You Take a 51 Vote Victory & Move On.


Eric Alterman | Think Again: The Mainstream Media Opens the Door to Hate

Oops, shoud have been posted in the lounge

Please sign Color of Change petition to Glenn Beck's advertisers

Triple homicide knocks 100K off house asking price

Ten Telltale SIGNS Of Republican Disease

The Rat Has A Bad Republican On Who CAN'T ANSWER!

Many hecklers are GOP operatives.

How about changing "health insurance" to

The GOP Freak Show

More Forgeries Emerge in Climate Lobbying Effort

Thank you *ALL* for the comments & recs on my recent thread about random acts of kindness

These Town Hall baggers are part of an organized campaign.

Are there road and bridge repair stimulus projects going on where you live?

Hillary Clinton erupts in laughter at the mention of ‘John Bolton.’

There are other ways to reach voters who have legitimate questions besides town hall meetings

A brilliant Horsey Cartoon

Don't let it bring you down......

Sotomayor approved; GOP holy day ends

schrodinger's cat - Cat In Box Leads To Bomb Squad Call

Senator Mel Martinez resigning End of August

i still cant believe

It's obvious to me after observing the behavior of people

Please Help Save Laurel Canyon Wilderness

This is how they're keeping it stirred up and escalating

When you want to know what kind of people are behind the townhall protests, remember this:

Dobbs suggests that end-of-life counseling might lead to "euthanasia"

There's a cognitive dissonance to the "screamers".

This is part of what the SELFISH old teabaggers don't want reformed.

USDA Announces Ground Beef Product Recall by California Company-800,000 pounds

Video of Obama in 1993

'There were rocks in her rice.' - Why?

New Website on Glenn Beck

Self-Assembling DNA Makes Super 3-D Nano Machines

These MOTHERFUCKERS are LYING. And winning. (with the help of the M$M)

Healthcare For America Now responds to Lies

Feds to oversee immigration detention facilities - good!

How to pass single payer health care AND balance the

How to pass single payer health care AND balance the

I wonder how the MOB thugs would feel if someone stood up during a sermon at church

What universal healthcare could do for our economy:

"My America" Meets Healthcare

Frank Schaeffer on Dick Army's mob of brown shirts.

Excellent putdown to Cornyn on Obama's request for false info being spread around.

This rapid escalation among the right-wing is downright SCARY

People who think the stimulus isn't working.... look at this graph

Ohs noss

Union Health Care Activists Counter Screams with Civility

Protester "Just a mom?" bull.

Let's have Town Hall meetings to burn them all...

Maloney backs off challenge to Gillibrand

update on the 25 US Repugs in Israel for a week

Who's afraid of a stupid teabagger?

Haaretz survey: 46% of Israelis thinks gays are deviants

"Anybody who is unwilling to throw people out of their meetings should not be organizing them."

Why "Town Hall" meetings in the first place?

Somebody 'splain me something please?

You want one of these (admit it), and you can win one...

Global Cooling: TIME Magazine

Support for Afghan war drops CNN poll finds

Joel Simon of the Committee to Protect Journalists was on W.J. this a.m.

Reid: Congress To Consider Extending Unemployment Benefits

I wonder if they had Town Hall meetings in Churches if...

Man arrested for barking at Michigan police dog

We should just give up this health care reform legislation - give the

Tea baggers Impeding the flow of information


ACLU Asks Florida Court To Protect The Rights Of Pregnant Women To Refuse Medical Care

What happened to this guy

Limbaugh compares Democrats to Nazis

Since when do "grassroots" movements employ robocalls?

Rachel showed picture of bus that a DU-er took in NC!!

The Courthouse Ring: Atticus Finch and the Limits of Southern Liberalism

Greenwald/Sanders partnership

If they stopped having town halls, would that work or backfire? How would the media

Jonathan Alter said progressives should not say public option is necessary.

Jonathan Alter said progressives should not say public option is necessary.

Jonathan Alter said progressives should not say public option is necessary.

Remembering William (Doubting) Thomas & His Peace Vigil Across From The White House.......

Racism is ALIVE in America

Fergit intern: Gawker says SCABbrough ruined Elvis COSTELLO & sex for EVERYONE, ever!1 n/t

Who is going to punch back twice as hard this weekend?

ColorOfChange:Glenn Beck's advertisers are backing away -- help us increase the pressure

The cognitive dissonance that is MSNBC

U.S. looks to Vietnam experience for Afghanistan tips

Health Care Bill Is “The Final Solution”

The American Fascist Party has spread its wings.

Milestone Thread!!!! Today is my eleventy first birthday!!! No wait. That was Bilbo Baggins.

Harry Reid speculates on why Martinez is resigning

Dylan Ratigan Has The Hots for Contessa Brewer

None of us, I repeat, NONE of us should have been caught off-guard by the town-hall disruptors

None of us, I repeat, NONE of us should have been caught off-guard by the town-hall disruptors

Ben Stein finally Expelled from NY Times

THIS Is A Protest

David H. Koch’s Americans for Prosperity: Health Care Bill is “The Final Solution”

Artificial protestors are killing democracy - from Shannyn Moore

KO's impression of Lou Dobbs: I don't get it.

AFL-CIO blasts "corporate mobs" at recess town hall meetings

A 21st Century Double Standard

Assume for a moment that the birthers are right

Code Pink on healthcare reform:

Dr Nancy. What was MSNBC thinking?

Hr3200 - A Healthcare Bill

Where can I find 'you can thank a democrat?'

Acquitted, medical pot patient leaves Boulder court with drugs (Colorado)

Palin accused of attempted bribery!

Astroturf protesters have fake home made signs!

Willy DeVille passed away today.

Rahm Emanuel warns liberal groups to stop ads

"Think of it as a sort of Consumer Protection"

Can anyone debunk an email I received saying Obama wanted

Swastikas And Comparisons To Hitler Are On Display At Town Hall Protests

Can anyone debunk an email I received saying Obama wanted

Where are the democrats? Where are the progressives? After 8 years....

Can we get every Democrat to simply say that the Health Care Protestors are

Obama's Bid to Bypass Congress on State Secrets-"Profoundly Undemocratic"

Mozy sez: Your laptop might get run over with a lawn mower..

Where is the outrage now?


The Republican base has been reduced to the fearful.

Post your pic of Neo-Nazi's at Healthcare meetings

I feel sorry for the congresspersons who are hosting these town halls

I feel sorry for the congresspersons who are hosting these town halls

I am beginning to think that Obama has double-crossed on on health care.

Anything is better than the healthcare system we have now...ANYTHING!

I'm having trouble getting into Raw Story...this just started today

Things like this make me want to register Independent

Obama +2 in today's Gallup to 58% approval.

The sad thing is IT'S A TOWN HALL PEOPLE!

Wow, being a mod must be hard 'n stuff.

Wow, being a mod must be hard 'n stuff.

Could age have something to do with it?

Could age have something to do with it?

The Constitutional Mandate For A Public Option

APNewsBreak: Airspeed systems failed on US planes

Does anybody think these right-wing mobs might drive people away?

Wisconsin "Just A Mom" Anti-Health Disruptor Turns Out To Be Republican Operative....

Name people in the public eye respected by a large majority of Americans

The GOP Teaches US What Patriots Do When They Lose An Election

Arrests at Carnahan Town Hall in St. Louis

Another Republican quitter: Martinez tells supporters he's resigning

We need moderator action immediately.

Fear is the primary driver of conservative politics

Fear is the primary driver of conservative politics

Fox News directs viewers to town halls hosted by Democrats.

Lets infiltrate their movement...

If Republicans can't prove that a black man can't govern then everything they have ever believed

If Republicans can't prove that a black man can't govern then everything they have ever believed

If Republicans can't prove that a black man can't govern then everything they have ever believed

If Republicans can't prove that a black man can't govern then everything they have ever believed

Protest sign ideas!!!!!

Should the Pres go on TV and calmly explain and debunk the hysteria re: health care?

peta targets McDonalds again....."unhappy meals"

peta targets McDonalds again....."unhappy meals"

peta targets McDonalds again....."unhappy meals"

Controversial breast-feeding doll raises early pregnancy fears among parents

Deconstructing the Right Wing Lies on the Health Insurance Bill

Dear Townhall Disruptors - Read The Constitution

Femicide–The Atrocity That Knows No Border

BREAKING: Violence at Tampa Health Care Forum

Best name for the Town Hall Disruptors: Disrupticans

Senator Martinez Resigns Early.....why?

I guess this is what I should expect from user comments on

The party of No will soon be the party of None! - LOL

Would it be illegal to take a bunch of tazers to town halls???

Maddow Exposes Oil Industry Backing Of Astroturf Lobbying Firm Americans For Prosperity

Cash for Clunkers Generated 19.6 Million SAAR in July Week, Calculates

The first townhall meeting took place in Dorchester in 1633...

I feel like putting my belongings on my back and walking north to Canada

Pittsburgh Gym Killer's Dating Coach - You must be a Man of Steel Balls people make me sick. They almost put me back in the hospital

Organizing for America: The President has just launched an online Health Care Action Center

Arguing with conservatives has taught me a few things. Above all else, their sarcasm sucks.

If you hate someone enough you will take actions against them that

"Non-traditional Republicans who put the Party in the G.O.P." - Republican Rave

What the #@%&^&*$#^ ? O'Lielly kissing up to Pres Obama?

What's with the caption on this video!?!?

Frame the debate: the GOP are anti-healthcare. (xpost in GDP)

Anti-Defamation League Blasts Rush For Obama-Hitler Comparison

Just heard on a car radio that Rush's A/C in his studio is broken!!!

Just heard on a car radio that Rush's A/C in his studio is broken!!!

What if G.I. Joe were gay?

Republicans encourage racism everyday! How does one deal with shit like this?

Why do most cops have shaved heads?

Have any health care town hall meetings been held without incident?

The Limbaugh Party: Racist Through and Through

Jim Moran on MSNBC says he can control the microphone at his rallies.

GM Sales Exec RE Cash For Clunkers:"It's smoking-hot -- a home run,"!!!!!

Mark Sanford's wife and kids vacate the governor's residence


Why they fight.

Note from

The Health Insurers Have Already Won: No matter what the specifics, they will emerge more profitable

New York Times gives Ben Stein red eye, drops his Sunday column

Rumor: Jerry Springer and Co. to supervise future town-hall forums!

a $750 building permit for a Grape Arbor

Look Who has a PhD from MIT

St. Louis Tea Party To Hold Press Conference, Protest Saturday Outside SEIU Office

Just called the RNC 202.863.8500 option #1

I think this FDR quote wraps up the Obama/Nazi rhetoric.

Republicans, the Party of QUITTERS

Republicans, the Party of QUITTERS

The GOP is becoming the GQP--Grand Quitter Party

50 million could have healthcare

Hats off to the Corporate PR Firms….

"Racist Blogger" LLC Blogs Waukesha, WI Amy H.

Bill Maher: "New Rule: Smart President =/= Smart Country"...

All the teabaggers are calling into shows today.

Have I missed something? Hasn't anyone called them Blew Dogs yet?

Judge throws out Kenyan birth certificate filed by leading birther, Orly Taitz

Cash for Clunckers, this is a classic lesson in Keynseian Economics

Another problem of health that's not getting attention: Healthcare Fraud

How to pay for Universal Health Care

NPR: Why the unemployment rate fell

Obama needs to grant an interview to Faux Nooz to ...

Anti-Health Care Reform Protester Encourages Physical Violence, Use Of Firearms

At least on Twitter - they aren't afraid to let their racist selves show

Simon Wiesenthal Center:Comparing Obama health care logo and the Nazi Party symbol is "preposterous"

Henry Waxman is waxing the Senate!

Has anyone read the definitions for DU on Urban Dictionary?

There Are No Longer 40 Republican Senators !!! (Martinez Resigns)

Is there anything more annoying than Glenn Beck?

My health aide has been having chest pains all week...

Did GE Stifle Keith Olbermann? Fox and MSNBC's Gentlemen's Agreement

Obese Inmate Sneaks Gun Into Jail in Belly Fat

Memo to Joe: It's called incitement to riot

The "if you start a war you don't get a say in how it finishes" pro-nuke argument...

History question for DU

I have bad memory. Did we ever compare Bush to Hitler so visibly?

The "protesters" against reform should be called the Unhealthies

St. Louis County town hall disruption: "These tea baggers are dangerous"

SEIU receives phone call threatening gun violence

BBC UFO video.

Warning to the coward town hall disrupters. It may be easy to shout down a polite politician, but

A hearing before Judge Ellis in the civil cases against Blackwater is scheduled for August 7

A hearing before Judge Ellis in the civil cases against Blackwater is scheduled for August 7

Anyone else paying closer attention to personal defense due to the wingnuts?

Glenn Beck's 912 Project claims credit for Tampa disruptions


Obama-Allied Unions Threatened With Gun Violence For Town Hall Participation

Grand Jury Rejects Attempted Murder Charge for Asheville Firefighter(Who Shot at Cyclist)

MSNBC was just speculating on Michelle's baby bump...

Robocalls Now Directing Reform Foes To Get Out To Rallies?

if full-scale violence erupts at the town halls, should loud-mouths like hannity, limbaugh, beck...

My local paper used to have only Rethugs commenting. That has changed

Obama Nominates Five New Judges, Three U.S. Attorneys

Keeping us proles in our place

Everyone talks about Republicans' anti-Latina bias...

Justice asks high court to block release of photos

Would Timothy McVeigh have been a Teabagger if he were still around?

US strike on Iran 'feasible and credible'

Pittsburgh RW Hate Radio Tuesday before the Awful Gym Massacre

"You're going to have a lot of material". (Blitzer)

What's the best way to argue against the insurance syndicate?

Cloud ship' scheme to deflect the sun's rays is favourite to cut global warming

Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch

...and my personal ciao to Willy deVille...

Virtual town halls via teleconferences and internet are the way to protect debate on health care.

America's camicie nere or "Blackshirts".

Reuters columnist Debusmann: "Obama, Elvis and America’s birthers"

even when you have medicare,

FreedomWorks VP Refuses To Try To ‘Calm Down’ Angry Protesters

Do You Believe Randy Arthur?

Food Bank Friday, August 7, 2009

Iraqis speak of random killings committed by private Blackwater guards

What can we do to stop the madness?

Most important news story of the week (ending August 7, 2009)



Alaska woman passes out drunk in car, lets her 7-year old drive.

Driving While Black ---ADULT at the WHEEL--- Cartoon

Driving While Black ---ADULT at the WHEEL--- Cartoon

How did the world remember the 64th anniversary ...

Popular insect repellent deet affects nervous system (Oy!)

Rights group slams Limbaugh for 'outrageous' Hitler-Obama analogy

CBO won't do market analysis of Single Payer system

CBO won't do market analysis of Single Payer system

"Blue Dogs?"

We are going to have one of these Town Hall meetings next week.

Du-er proves WE can be better than the MSM. check this out....

Does anyone here believe that...

Does anyone here believe that...

Palin the Quitter: Queen Coward of the Friday news dump!!

What Can We Do To Peacefully Stop The Republicants' Beer Hall Putschs?

Krugman said

Morons are on NPR declaring that the public option doesn't need to be in the health care bill...

Okay, that was the third time she used the word.

Lobby firm forges anti-climate-bill letters from Hispanic group and NAACP

When I read or hear the name "Orly Taitz," I don't think good thoughts.

Pelosi Is Not 'Deranged' — Swastikas And Comparisons To Hitler Are On Display At Town Hall Protests

Gym shooter bought from sites that sold to college gunmen (CNN)

Tell CNBC: "Mad Money" host needs a reality check (via email)

GOP congressman jeered for telling people to stop watching Glenn Beck.

"Secret Service Cuts Endangering Obama?"

Blue Dog vs. Repug vs. Liberal should we settle for winnable?

What sucks in HR3200, the main health-care bill. (title changed for effect)

Rush Limpdoodle- (Warning, small rant)

Slowing down health care reform - a political cartoon

100mpg Electric Hummer H3E to be revealed at Plug-In Conference

HAVE any Republican lawmakers actually denounced the town hall violence/nazi innuendo?

A farmer speaks: Debunking the meat/climate change myth

Medicare for all.

I have this much to say - if Dems back down on healthcare, expect mob mentality to be the norm....

Officials: Up to 27 sick from Calif. beef recall

Lawyer Says Mouthwash Causes Brown Stains On Teeth (Crest Pro-Health)

Burger King Boots Shoeless Tot, Mom

How do you differentiate between "real" and "fake" protesters? Age? Clothing? What?


If the politicians give in to the RW on the public option are they letting the terrorists win?

Rush Limbaugh says "I'm a Nazi".....

Limpballs says the Obama's health care icon looks like a nazi

Krugman - A Telling Incident At A Town Hall

must see - 'bottled water sucks'

Interesting conversation with my congress rep's office

ACLU Asks the Supreme Court to Hear Its Case for Declassifying Torture Photos

Sarah Palin accuses Obama of wanting death panels that could kill Trig

Is the Public option health care the same as what Congress has?

Delete...just watch out for "Cheeky Bastard" wherever you go....

Showdown TOMMORROW at SEIU Headquarters in St Louis.

Remember Fox News On G-20 Protests - Where Was The Strong Defense Of Their Free Speech Rights?

Eunice Kennedy Shriver critical at Mass. hospital

This just in my mail from the St. Louis Tea Party

"John Hughes is dead. Get used to it, Gen-Whiners"

From The Onion: "Town Hall Meeting Gives Townspeople Chance To Say Stupid Things In Public"

Up at Bradblog: FBI attempts To Block Edmonds Testimony

Senate Sgt Of Arms Warns Senators of Danger at Public Appearances

Obama takes premature "victory lap" to celebrate economy's performance/ warns of 10% jobless rate!!!

#followfriday @sibeledmonds because google blocked her from posting to her blog.

Right Wing Freak Threatening SEIU : “You’re Gonna Come Up Against The Second Amendment” ... audio

how's the class war working out for you?

Afghan police: US airstrike kills 5 farmers loading cucumbers

Healthcare reform will mandate euthanizing those that cannot contribute to society?

O gawd, Palin cites Michele Bachmann as source for 'death panel'

Floridians ..... what's the back story on Mel's bagging it?

Democracy Now! - CIGNA Health Insurance Exec Turned Whistleblower Wendell Potter Speaks Out

On Healthcare: Viggo Mortensen strikes again

This is like a Bad Acid Trip.

Should we have a poll? Will the GOP destroy itself by 2010 or 2012?

I'm having so much fun battling the RW on Facebook polls

Remember that DHS report that warned against "Right wing extremism"?

Republicans are basically admitting that government run care would be more efficient than insurance

The REVOLUTION has begun. We all knew it was coming.

Amidst the chaos and ugliness, Hope is floating.

Terrorism. Let's call the Right Wing's tactics for what they are.

Idea: Congress folk could do an online "forum" to discuss health care reform

Idea: Congress folk could do an online "forum" to discuss health care reform

My thread got dropped like a patient with a pre-existing condition.

Mayor Bloomberg, NY, exports homeless to... France

Say It With Me: Ds Are The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY in the USA.

Sidon excavations complete historic legacy

As rally continues, DU's Stock Market Watch ceases reporting Stock Market.

My parents are going to a town hall meeting tom..

If I hear 1 more talking head complain about 1000 pages...

Obama: I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking

Obama: I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking

Wal-mart To Begin Selling Fake Girl Scout Cookies

After Tampa, F*** "Bipartisanship" - (Great Rant - DailyKos)

did you know that phlebotimist can get blood better if you are drinking water

My LTTE to the Orlando Sentinel regarding the right wing thugs in Tampa..

My UC unit is getting laid off while UC Execs get pay raises

When FDR was getting Social Security passed in

Walter Cronkite is dead and the corporatist replacement media sucks!

'If You Have A License To Carry...Carry.' Anti-Health Care Protester Encourages Use Of Firearms

Could someone help me with my journal tracker?

Baby Glutton the breastfeeding doll. A 'sucky' idea?

Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls

We need to call these town hall disrupting assholes for what they are: TERRORISTS

Washington Post business columnist "crosses the line" - calls Republican leadership "terrorists"

Senator Files Lawsuit Over Schwarzenegger's Budget Vetoes - "We elected a governor, not an emperor"

Robt Greenwald on Hartmann:No one on our side speaking with anger

Breaking: Unemployment rate drops for first time since April 2008

D.C. to Offer STD Tests In Every High School

The Village Square

Aspray You have to see this to believe it.

My Account of Rep. Joe Courtney's (D-CT2) Town Hall Meeting

Obama nominates first black U.S. attorney in Alabama history.

Medical debt, health insurance, and personal bankruptcies - The linkage and the numbers

Obama's Plan to Help Homeowners Is a Bust: Mortgage industry allowed to regulate itself

Senate Finance Committee Bill would make spouse's income a factor in hiring/firing.

The American Economy and Dr. Obama (an Analogy)

Right Wing Freak tells Protesters to Bring Firearms to Town Hall Meetings

Woman Who Said She Was ‘Just A Mom’ At Town Hall Meeting Is Exposed As A Republican Operative

NASA says Kepler spacecraft proves it can find Earth-sized planets

Bring out the National Guard!

Faux news unemployment is at 16 %

Are the 'Turfers invading DU?

Cocaine killed TV pitchman Billy Mays, autopsy finds

2004 Study: Single payer would save more than enough to cover all the uninsured


Would single-payer help small businesses?

We're Fighting The Anti-Health Reform Mob For A Watered-Down Plan

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Oliver North comments on Clinton dealing with enemies to release hostages.

More Video of the Denver Stout Street Denver Protests.

U.S.C. TITLE 18 PART 1 CHAPTER 102 § 2101: The Riot Act...

One dollar out of every six dollars is not too much to pay?

What the hell is with Robt Reich? He just said "Recovery will

For the first time in my 60 years, I honestly believe a mainstream American political party

HEY! Where were the Town Hall meetings on the Bank Bailouts?

What do you think of George Sodini?

Concerning the town hall protests.

"Army Guard to inform members of data loss" (oopsie!)

10 amazing truths you already suspected, Mark Morford

***EXCLUSIVE*** Orly Taitz arrested in LA! TMZ has mugshot!

WANTED: Online Central Clearinghouse for Disruptor Mug Shots, i.e.

Scientific evidence now points to global cooling

Columnist Steven Pearlstein says Republican leaders and their followers are political terrorists...

The Republican Dictionary, "We're in the minority now" Edition


Chuck Todd is a lying sack of poop. We are NOT seeing 'grass roots

In front of my six year old son, I'm told by a total stranger I could be shot.

Economists say the stimulus package's impact is helping to blunt downturn

White House warns Limbaugh Nazi Talk puts him on Thin Ice

White House warns Limbaugh Nazi Talk puts him on Thin Ice

If you go to a town hall meeting be armed with video cameras

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. " - Jay Gould

Well it's official the apparent end of the recession,

Cocaine contributed to the death of Billy Mays, breaking on m$nbc.

FL Dem at Tampa disrupted rally says they should get a bigger room next time.

Glenn Beck's sponsors to contact to get his idiot off the air

St. Louis Tea Party/GOP operatives Accusing SEIU of "thug" violence.

St. Louis Tea Party/GOP operatives Accusing SEIU of "thug" violence.

Senator Edward Kennedy - pics

Remind me again - why am I supposed to like Lawrence O'donnell?

Ten Ways Obama Screwed the Pooch on Healthcare

We need 16 votes to pass ENDA in the Senate

Has anyone checked out this electric bike from Scwhinn - 60 mile range, 20 min charge time, goes on

"A lynch mob IS democracy." Neal Boortz

Obama is "Hitler," Dems "Nazis," and Liberals "Brownshirts"

Democrats Say No to Cost Cap for Drug Makers

It's not about health care anymore.

This Toon should run in every "Blue dog's" home newspaper

This Toon should run in every "Blue dog's" home newspaper

Health care is actually the GOP Waterloo. It really means...

Hiroshima survivor remembers lost U.S. airmen

Does being racist or misogynist automatically make someone a wingnut?

How do you feel about police officers in general?

A natural history of conservatives

My White, Southern Strategy:

Rahm calls Dems attacking "Dems" "Fucking Stupid"

Town hall meetings and hypocrisy

Religious Right Watch: Health Care Reform is Against God's Design.

Palin-Oh No! - Obama's "Death Panel" Is Going To Kill My Baby

The loose definition of 'sex offender'

The loose definition of 'sex offender'

Today the Star Tribune published a letter using my peace group to justify the town hall mobs.

Patriot senior citizens should beware of The Scooter Store!!!111!!!1!!1

Dissent is no longer the highest form of patriotism. Agree or disagree?




Tom Tomorrow's latest: "Hope for Eventual Change."

All the teabagging birthers have had a demonstrable effect on Obama's poll numbers....

This is a Living Will; This is a Health Care Proxy

John Cornyn Writes a Letter to Obama About "Fishy" Goings-On

Right-Wing Turncoat Gives the Inside Scoop on Why Conservatives Are Rampaging Town Halls

It's Official: Mandated Private Healthcare for everyone

Breaking News....Sen. Mel Martinez Resigns (R-FL)

Chronic condition but umployed/self-employed/retired but no health insurance? Here's an idea...

Chronic condition but umployed/self-employed/retired but no health insurance? Here's an idea...

Rahm warns liberal groups to stop ads.

Greek woman soaks Briton's genitals in liquor, sets them on fire after alleged attempted sex assault

"Pennsylvania Gunman Used Same Gun Store As Virginia Tech Shooter"...

"Your Mother's a WHORE!"

Limbaugh's latest has to be seen to be appreciated...

Breaking - Eunice Kennedy Shriver is dying

I am frightened, really frightened.

The downtick in unemployment from 9.6 to 9.4 is largely the result of 400,000 people .........

More about the pregnant Florida woman forced to remain in hospital...denied 2nd opinion.

Damn...I wish I had thought of this excuse!

Palin: Obama's "Death Panel" Could Kill My Down Syndrome Baby

Palin: Obama's "Death Panel" Could Kill My Down Syndrome Baby

Is VA health care a good template for the public option?

Lanny Davis says the Honduran coup was legal - WTF?

Job Creation: a 10 Year Retrospect.

Cops tazer old man for sitting in the wrong seat ...

Monday is my colonoscopy/biopsy

Town hall disruptors have rights too....

Question for all the World War II experts on DU

A new magazine (parody) that we came up with.

Abortion & national healthcare

About 2,000 American Citizens were killed in the bombing of Hiroshima

Apparently A Lot Of DU'ers Don't Know What A Functional Alchoholic Is. You Can Drink To Excess

Friday TOON Roundup 3

I say we ask the protesting seniors at these Town Halls to turn in their Medicare cards.

Where do all these seniors think Medicare comes from?

DU Song Of The Day

Good News Today

Move over, breastfeeding! Here comes.... broccoli?

"Please, no more threads about broccoli."

"Daddy is a Dingbat, Daddy-O."

Elephant Talk

The yapper is back tonight.

Night Moves

Marquee war

Dude can make the wind blow with his mind - video!

A disturbing thing noticed at work...

WTF did people do before AC/DC?

Curses to the idgjits who are hacking Twitter!

Louis CK on "being broke"...

Thank god I still have my dog - RANT ahead -

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person, by mistake?

I need help with a dog that I am sitting with

What Does It Mean When A Dog Walks Behind Its Owner?

No more mary jane for me...

Greek woman sets fire to Amorous British tourist

Let's do our semi-annual "What US cities have you been to" DU Lounge survey

Rhythm - Delicatessen

California bans threatening moose displays

Hi your rod will be faultless weapon

To the top of Pikes Peak in an 800-hp Ford Fiesta - Don't go off this track. Its a long way down

schrodinger's cat - Cat In Box Leads To Bomb Squad Call

Observation: Most of the Astroturf Mob are FAT IDIOTS!

Megain McCain looked kinda hot in that black tshirt at the Sturgis rally

Just Made Perfectly Smooth Hummus

2 hours until my haircut

Johnson's underwear. Change any thread title with the phrase: Johnson's underwear.

Why does today's Pearls Before Swine make me think of LeftyFingerPop?

My AC just broke and its going to get 107 heat index today

Pizza time

Something AT&T does that bugs me!

Did we reach a consensus on broccoli?

Good morning Lounge

Video of m' pooches.

New RW moronism! "Hu?"

Which flame warrior are you?

Her sense of taste was such she could distinguish with her tongue

Anyone planning to see the GI Joe movie?

YouTube: Smokey Robinson's GREATEST SONG EVER, "More Love"

Dexter: Early Cuts

Just to make some of you men/women jealous, i going to have to share this story

Yeah, I'm not buying it either

Congratulations slackmaster! 35,000 posts!

Congratulations orleans! 20,000 posts!

Congratulations JuniperLea! 25,000 posts!

Congratulations McCamy Taylor! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations havocmom! 35,000 posts!

Congratulations donco6! 15,000 posts!

Congratulations TreasonousBastard! 15,000 posts!

Interesting Green cars on the horizon: Nissan Leaf, Honda CRZ, more + ?'s

I am bummed by Hughes death for a purely selfish reason.

A question for prescription eyeglass/sunglass wearers

Make it stop! Make it stop!

Snakes on a Sub...

Best version of Fever (the song)

I payed it forward for a stranger, and it made my day.

Remember the "Heart Puppy"? It has company.

DU Song Of The Day (and very appropriate for me today)

mowing the lawn on a hot afternoon

I can't believe I actually did it.

Holy Crap! The freeper trolls are out in force over on GD!

NCAA bans tournaments in Delaware (not toll booth related)

Hope please????????//

Why Are We Here?

I had a horrible dream about an ex-girlfriend last night. What a way to start the day.

We did it- We got hitched!

I did what I had to do today....and saved what I have left my entire Life

Big Brother & World of warcraft fans

Scottish Bar Stool

Favorite Self-Referencing Song/Musical Act?

Name all the planets that you have been to!

New freeperism: ALOUD used where ALLOWED was needed.

Why we love Germany, part 105,712:

Who made the 80s THAT much more AWESOME??

What music have you been listening to lately?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to greatauntoftriplets!!*******

anyone else watch this new SyFy series, Warehouse 13?

Dick Armey's SIL lives in my town and I must see her next week

I go monday to have my colonsocopy/biopsy

at work today in Napa

Front man looking to start serious rock band on east coast...SERIOUS replies only.

Things you were afraid of as a kid?

Congratulations lpbk2713! 15,000 posts!

In honor of our Kenyan-born president...

Forty far-out facts you never knew about Woodstock

Lovin' yooou is easy 'cause you're bwok bwok bwok....

Anyone else really excited for Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are movie?

YouTube: Marvin & Tammy, "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing"

YouTube: Junior Walker & The All Stars, "What Does It Take (To WIn Your Love)"

Shepherdess bride marries in stunning dress made of wool from her own flock

For all you John Hughes fans, this is probably the coolest thing I've ever read...

Just what kind of "irregularity" is Activia supposed to fix?

Fla. man blames cat paws for child porn downloads

Vibes, please?

Why the hell would SciFi change their name to SyFy?

I know this will be popular in lounge: New doll allow kids to mimic breastfeeding

HELP! Help me help a friend become a citizen!

Why has the radio tuner in my car stereo suddenly stop working?

A cute doggy video...

I'm scared I'm gonna cry

Dazzle us, DU Musical Brain Trust

HAH my old boss just got indicted for imbezzlement.

Two years cancer free

What's the strangest classical music you've ever heard?

Another misspelled idiom/phrase that drives me nuts

Sorry, Orly -- judge throws out fake Kenyan birth certificate

Mortgage Giants' Revamp Disputed

New Tamil Tiger leader 'arrested'

5 U.S. Marines Killed in Afghanistan

Typhoon Morakot nears Taiwan

US to issue new Swine Flu advice to schools

Senate OK's $2 billion more for Cash for Clunkers

Dingell forum on health care reforms gets raucous

Soldier's invisible war: Iraq vet charged with attempted murder

BREAKING: Violence at Tampa Health Care Forum

Rahm Emanuel warns liberal groups to stop ads

Ben Stein finally Expelled from NY Times

Job losses slow to 247,000; jobless rate dips

(Town Hall) Gathering represnents all sides

Uighur activist calls for probe on unrest in China

AIG Posts $1.82 Billion in Net Income, First Profit Since 2007

Myanmar arrests 15 dissidents on bomb charges

More Forgeries Emerge in Climate Lobbying Effort

Portugal to admit 2 detainees from Guantanamo

US strike on Iran 'feasible and credible'

Michael Douglas' Son Big-Time Meth Dealer?

Airline exec: Pilot on fatal flight shouldn't have been flying

(Rep. Kathy )Castor: Upcoming town hall meeting will be by phone (Tampa event turned into mayhem)

U.S. food stamp list tops 34 million for first time

GM gets to dump its polluted sites

Teabaggers Shout Down Tampa Bay Town Hall

Dem Senators: White House Says It Cut No Deal With Drug Makers

Adviser: US has 2 more tough years in Afghanistan

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop: 'Angry mob' may return if Gov. Granholm raises 'sin taxes'

Latin fears about US plans to open bases in Colombia

UNREST IN HONDURAS: Soldiers occupy hospital

Iraqis speak of random killings committed by private Blackwater guards

Mark Sanford's Family Moves Out

Former military officer to be sent to Argentina

NATO chief wants more troops in Afghanistan

AP NewsBreak: US looks to Vietnam for Afghan tips

Senate confirms China, Japan ambassador nominees

OAS announces delegation to Honduras

Explosions in Iraq Leave at Least 36 Dead

Sen Mel Martinez (R-FL) Resigns

'Massive attack' strikes websites

Congress Gets an Upgrade

FLA's Republican Sen. Mel Martinez resigning.

Obama Open to Creation of Health Cooperatives, DeParle Says

Congress Gets an Upgrade: $500 Million Slated for Purchase of Eight More Planes as Lawmakers' Travel

Stocks Get Boost From Better-Than-Expected Jobs Data

Former Beijing airport boss executed in China

US Army finds Iraq electrocution death accidental

Phila. Officer Attempts Background Check On Obama

Republicans react to jobless report (slam Obama for taking "victory lap")

Police: Calif. assemblyman (GOP) interfered in DUI stop

Execs still get raises as UC cuts staffing, pay

Uribe arrives in Uruguay, newspaper warns President (Re: US bases)


WSVN in Miami reporting Sen. Mel Martinez (R) resigns

(Gov) Mark Sanford's Family Moving Out

BREAKING NEWS: Payrolls drop by just 247,000; jobless rate dip to 9.4%, sign of slump ending

U.S. Consumer Credit Fell 5th Straight Month in June

Ex-employees claim Blackwater pimped out young Iraqi girls

Noordin Mohammed Top (most wanted man in Asia) held over Jakarta bombings

N.C. congressman gets death threat over health care reform

US no longer at war with 'terrorism', says top official

Castor heartened by reaction to Town Hall tumult

Obama denies U.S. creating military bases in Colombia

Four people, including P-D reporter, arrested at Carnahan(Town Hall) meeting

Obama Open to Creation of Health Cooperatives, DeParle Says

Airspeed systems(Airbus 330) failed on several U.S. flights

Dodd, Conrad cleared in Countrywide probe

(Republican) Kent County Commissioner Dean Agee loses concealed weapon permit

France Fights Universal Care's High Cost

Eunice Kennedy Shriver critical at Mass. hospital

Key Lawmaker Received Countrywide Loans

Dems call on GOP to denounce Limbaugh ‘Nazi’ remarks

Health Care Protester Exposed As Operative For Congressman's Opponent

Autopsy: Cocaine Contributed To Mays' Death

Anti-Defamation League Says Use Of Nazi Imagery In Health Care Debate 'Outrageous And Inappropriate'

5 U.S. Marines Killed in Afghanistan

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Attempts to Block Edmonds Testimony in OH Election Case...

Obama signs 'cash-for-clunkers' extension into law

Aide Says Pakistan Taliban Leader Baitullah Mehsud Is Dead

Former President Bill Clinton Describes His Role in N. Korea Trip

Nutballs at a Health Care Town Hall

FOX News: Glenn Beck's ''The Story Of Barack Obama'' On His Birthday

Rachel Maddow Exposes More Anti-Health Care Reform Players

Kathy Castor Town Hall Erupts in Tampa Florida, August 6th, 2009

Rachel Maddow: 'IntimiNation' Takes Dangerous Turn

Olbermann: Blackwater/Xe Knows Evil

cnn's Rick Sanchez vs. CPR's Rick Scott

Muslim Demographics

Olbermann: Health Care Reform Smear Campaign Takes Racist Turn

Hillary Comments On Bill In North Korea, Laughs Off John Bolton

Rachel Maddow Further Investigates The Incestuous Anti-Health Care PR Industry

Becoming Barack - Trailer of upcoming documentary (very early interviews)

Congresswoman Donna Edwards: Undocumented Workers and Health Care, Town Hall 8/06/2009

TYT: Glenn Beck On Obama's Birthday - Is He Being Racist?

TYT: Where Was The Birther Queen Orly Taitz Born? & Her Law Degree Is From...

Media Matters' Boehlert Discusses Coordination Behind Town Hall Disruptions

Congresswoman Donna Edwards Takes a Question from a Military Wife at Health Care Town Hall

Kathy Castor - Healthcare Town Hall Meeting in Tampa - 8/6

Rachel Maddow Takes On Tim Phillips Of Americans For Prosperity

Keith Olbermann & Chris Kofinis On The White House's Aggressive Response To The GOPs Fear Mongering

Congresswoman Donna Edwards On Single Payer/Public Option, Health Care Town Hall 8/06/2009

Glenn Beck Jokes About 'Putting Poison' In Nancy Pelosi's Wine

Teabag mob rule


Town Hall: Americans for Prosperity (Hugo Weaving) vs. Democratic Party (Keanu Reeves)

Old white entitlement spoiled brats disrupt Tampa townhall

Constitutional Patriot Warns Us About Big Government

Congresswoman Donna Edwards on Our Broken Health Care System, Town Hall 8/06/2009


Child Prostitution, Illegal Weapons & Murder! Yep! Sounds Like "Christian" Crusaders To Me!

FOX News: Town Hall Rage - Free speech or manufactured anger?

Doctors Are On The Verge Of Finding A Medical Cure For The Psychopathic Town Hall Hooligans

Despite Jobs Report, WSJ's Stephen Moore Ready To 'Declare The Economic Stimulus Plan A Failure'

The first VAXER rally

How To Handle''Tea Party'' Anti-Healthcare Fake ''Protesters'' Disruptions of Townhall Discussions

Americans for Prosperity Speaker Compares HR 3200 to History's Greatest Atrocities

SHARK WEEK! "Let's take on the real predators: health insurance companies" (MoveOn ad)

Teabagger to African American Blogger: “Go Back Where You Come From”

Violence at Kathy Castor Tampa Town Hall: Teabaggers vs. Union

MSNBC: Violence Flares At Town Hall Meetings Health Care Reform

Violence at Missouri Town Hall; Teabaggers vs. Unions

Congresswoman Donna Edwards on End of Life Care and the Constitution, Town Hall 8/06/2009

Gibbs: Rush Ought To Be "On Thin Ice" For Nazi Comparisons

SEIU Receives Threatening Phone Call - “You’re Gonna Come Up Against The Second Amendment”

Jam To The Orly Taitz Highlights (MSNBC Meltdown Edition):

Max Keiser on Dubai

Doofy Husbands: Target Women

Congressman Jared Polis holds a Congressman on the Corner Meeting

A Message From President Obama About His New "Organizing For Health Care" Initiative

Something big is coming down and it is world wide....

LTC Sam Mundy violates military regulations by appearing in uniform on a religious TV show.

(Music REMIX) MSNBC's Birther Queen Orly Taitz Interview

health care town hall in Maryland

White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost

GOP Uses Internet Celeb Chris Crocker to Bash Health Care Reform

NYT Hires Goldman to Explore Boston Globe Sale.

U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt

Go Hillary, its your birthday, shake it like its your birthday

TYT: Fox News/Beck Defend Corporate Funded Townhall Nuts & TeaBaggers!

Sotomayor Faces Heavy Workload of Complex Cases.

Rise of CIA's deadly drones in war on Taliban

Andrew J. Bacevich: The War We Can’t Win; Afghanistan & the Limits of American Power


Right-Wing Turncoat Gives the Inside Scoop on Why Conservatives Are Rampaging Town Halls

Where Clunker Cars Go

Our Suicide Bombers: Thoughts on Western Jihad

Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

In a wing-nut world, Granny is toast

GOP healthcare plan is a winner, for pets

Filibuster Nation - Meyerson

Bill Clinton gets hero's welcome in NYC

US's $1bn Islamabad home is its castle

Commercials: That's Gay

Why Does Jim Demint Stand with Racist Rush Limbaugh?

Business Week: The health insurers have already won

Glenn Beck's Rabid Hate Speech On Fox News

Scott Ritter: Playing Politics With a Ghost

TYT: BraveNew Films Hits the Healthcare Industry Hard

Krugman: The Town Hall Mob

Crazed Town Hall Protestors Learn Their Health Insurance Excludes Laryngitis

A Message From The White House On The Recent Events At Health Care Town Halls

Has anyone ever called you a 'bird brain?' Take it as a compliment.

The GOP Freak Show

Shooter Read Sexist Christian Author's Book Before Pittsburgh Female Aerobics Class Massacre

The Clintons’ High-Return Diplomacy

AP NewsBreak: US looks to Vietnam for Afghan tips

Hillary Clinton erupts in laughter at the mention of 'John Bolton'

At My Nose

maxkeiser, France24; 'Economy will expand if US continues to invade countries and commit genocide'

Rick Sanchez Grills Anti-Health Reform Leader Rick Scott About Fraud

Apple demonstrates the need for Net neutrality -- now

California "A penal colony with a nice coastline"

The Minimum Wage and the Coup in Honduras

Republicans Work To Sweep The Leg Of Health Care Reform

IBM union: Layoffs could hit 16,000 by year's end

For the Love of Profit

Repeat After Me: Pro Life = Govt. Healthcare

Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) tells angry mob of teabaggers to turn off Glenn Beck. "He's trading on fear"

The Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd

REpublian creeps disrupt town hall meeting in Florida.

Many Could Lose Unemployment Benefits

Orchestrated outrage: fake protesters disrupt healthcare town hall meetings

Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health Care

TYT: Glenn Beck - Vicious Hate From Left on Astro-Turf Protests/Townhalls?(!)

Republican Mob Rule: I Was There at the Birth

Outsourcer: A 'global citizen' will emerge

"C Street" and the Military by Chris Rodda at Talk2Action

TV's Gay Friend Obsession

NAFTA Gives Indian Outsourcers Another Visa Option

FEMA Concentration Camps are now hiring

TYT: Deconstructing Rush Limbaugh's Townhall & Nazi Comments

Jeremy Scahill: US Still Paying Blackwater Millions

When the Troops Stop Listening to Their Leaders - Scarecrow @ firedoglake

"Former Top Navy Psychologist Involved in Pre-9/11 Prisoner Abuse Case" by Jeffrey Kaye (8-5-09

Conservative Christian leaders urge flock to swarm town hall meetings and 'read them the riot act'

David Sirota: The Me-First, Forget-Everyone-Else Crowd

The Weekend Economists' "Bridge Over Troubled Water" August 7-9, 2009

Teabaggers/Republicans now encouraging their thugs to take firearms to Town Hall Mtgs

The new Brown Shirts: All that's missing are the uniforms by Francis Schaeffer

Black man yelling at a cop in his own damned house = arrestable offense

If black people were behaving like this, it would be called "rioting," not "protesting"

We should split America in two

Is anyone else here starting to feel a bit of uneasiness with the political violence

"We knew, and we are watching. Sadly." (from DKos)

Is anyone else totally paralyzed with hatred for these people?

Seriously - what are the two year-olds crashing these town hall meetings actually achieving?

Folks the GLOVES ARE OFF, the Obama team (OFA) is calling out the racist birthers in new video

Secret Service looking into Obama-Joker fax

Senate passes 'Cash for Clunkers' funding extension. Vote was 60-37.

Organizing for America: The President has just launched an online Health Care Action Center

Palin Bumps Up the Crazy

July unemployment report better than expected, 247,000 jobs lost, rate falls to 9.4.

Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul compares U.S. to 1923 Germany on Glenn Beck's Show.

Frame the debate: the GOP are anti-healthcare.

Gallup today: Approval up to 58%

On a lighter note: Obamas going to Grand Canyon and Yellowstone

The art of Propaganda and Writing Headlines......

Science called key to economic, energy, health care challenges

Teabaggers threaten to kill SEIU/ACORN members.

Went to Hannibal, MO. Mark Twain would be so ashamed - picture

FOX is upset that Axelrod is receiving secret service protection

Two things I've noticed in these town hall videos: no minorities yelling and chanting

time for a prime time town hall with the people and Pres. Obama no press no congress folk just

Bumper Stickers: GOP's Message On HCR

SC first lady, sons move out of state residence

White House Indicates Obama Willing to Circumvent Republicans on Health Reform

Pearlstein: Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

Hardball: Obama needs to keep working, aka, No Vacation for You!

The First Family’s Latest Burger Foray

"Notes from the field"

I don't get birther buzz

Castor: Tumult at town hall ‘has strengthened my resolve’ to push for health care reform.

Health Care or Lie-Driven Mobs?

Hillary Clinton erupts in laughter at the mention of ‘John Bolton.’ (VIDEO)

Hynes Challenging Illinois Gov. Quinn

Dirty Tricks and Distortions

The birthers, the deathers, the healthers?... whatever..they are such an embarassment.

The Freepers are spreading disinformation on Torrent sites!

Oops: 'Grassroots Protester' & 'Regular Mom' Turns Out To Be...GOP Official

The Right Wing Tradition of "NO" : (FRAME THE DEBATE !)

This is not about the issue of Health Care

Gubernatorial bid for Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau?

lawrence o'donnell hosting ed show discussing rahm vs the dem left wing. nt

Think about all of the things that didn't elicit all this faux outrage among these RW whackos.

Only the GOP would try to claim death threats = free speech

Tea Party Protesters Waving Racist Posters Of Obama As “The Joker” At Town Hall?

Do you think that this time President Obama should pull out his trump card on health care...

Health insurance =/= healthcare.

Repeal Medicare.....give 'em what they want.

Pelosi Protesters, Including Kid In Stroller, Compare Obama To Hitler

Tea Baggers and Birthers have merged to become Town Hall Protesters. Time to pick a fight!

Is this rabid rioting at town halls going to help progressive causes?

Seriously, what are the town hall meetings achieving?

Listen to Rahm, seriously. Enough "pressure from the left."

~ Unions To Take On Astro-Turfers at Health Care Town Halls! ~ Huff Po

GOP congressman jeered for telling people to stop watching Glenn Beck.

Rubio Tells Crist: Appoint A Conservative (Unlike Yourself) To The Senate

Panel: Senators' VIP Loans Broke No Ethics Rules

Obama Should Tell Repubs "Time To PUT UP OR SHUT UP-Let's Have A REAL Televised DEBATE About HC!

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, (D-NY) just issued statement: Will not challenge Sen. Gillibrand

Did Mel Martinez resign because he's a closet Marco Rubio supporter?

Take on the Teabag Birther Asshats! Here is their schedule

Deal or no Deal: Dem Senators say WH denies Big Pharm deal

Hillary's Daring Mission

Gibbs On CSPAN Now - Daily Press Gaggle.......

Rush Limbaugh Sponsors. WHY DO THEY SUPPORT a Racist?

Best week of the Obama presidency so far?

"They've become political terrorists'"

Likely Martinez replacement: FSU Chairman Jim Smith

Anti-Defamation League Blasts Rush Limbaugh For Hitler Crack

I am so tired...

Congressional Procedures Experts - What Happens If House Passes Public Option and Senate Doesn't?


At Deeds Fundraiser, POTUS is SUPERSTRESSED about his poll numbers.... (video)

Sen. Martinez (R-FL) is resigning his seat

What excuses are Birthers yelling about the news of lower job losses in July?

For those that are worried about polls Obama continues to rebound 56-38

Lest we forget : August 6, 2001

Where are the Health Care protests in England and Canada for USA type Health Care????

Sen. Mel Martinez to step down

Gillibrand Rival Reportedly Won’t Run in Primary

WaPo: John Bolton Criticizes Bill Clinton's Trip To North Korea - Didn't He Get The Memo?

Just another example of how the GOP spins the facts to trick con dupe lie

the birther's message is very simple: go back to africa

OMG! OMG! OMG! You will never believe what Bill the Clown has written now!!!

I Quit

Franklin D. Roosevelt Told Progressives, "I Agree With You, Now Make Me."

Bloomberg: Obama Open to Creation of Health Cooperatives, DeParle Says

How is an approval rating of 56-40 bad?

Economists See a Limited Boost From Stimulus

Joe Madison: I think I will call Farrikan to have the FOI dispatched at the townhall meetings

Sorry if this is uninformed but, we are we now on reform?

More crappy news for America-hating Repugs. Even Rasmussen has Obama up, consumer confidence up.

Palin as The Joker

Who are the real brownshirts?

GOP reacts to positive unemployment #s: "Democrats should abandon their job-killing agenda..."

For a President who is in the process of transforming America, Obama is doing great

Police Arresting Health Reform Supporters At Carnahan Meeting

Kerry heading to Afghanistan to observe elections

Updated: Wonder why the MSM didn't play up the Time poll? Maybe they didn't want anyone to see this

Don't believe all the BS spin about Obama's approval compared to past Presidents

I am amazingly exausted over this fight we engage in with corporate evil.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh, Hitler was ALL about setting up a single payer health care system

WSJ: "Will a Public Option Hurt Insurance Company Profits? Insurers' Profits Are So Slim..."

Bush had higher approval rate at this time. At this time?

Barbara Boxer: Congratulations Justice Sotomayor!

So how'd the 100 Other Days thingy go on CNN?

Open letter2my Cngrsmn: in favor of health insurance reform based on personal experience

Idea for executive order: all of congress must APPLY for health insurance

rachel maddow interviewing an astroturf spokesman.

Advertisers Dumping Glenn Beck After Racist Comments (GOP unhinged)

Bush got his PDB this day in 2001.

Robert Reich: Astroturf Along American Highways and the Republican Plan to Stop Healthcare Reform

Media Defining the "Center" as Anti-Public Option

Yes We Cannabis

Chris Matthews takes on conservative group, calls them Frauds.

NRL's XFC (eXperimental Fuel Cell) UAS (unmanned aerial system) Achieves Flight Endurance Milestone

The wisdom of crowds—Climate change is inherently a social problem…

Beijing Softens Stand on Emissions Cap

Alaska glaciers shrinking fast: survey

Big Coal: Back on the Offensive

Highest-ever winter water temperatures recorded (off Tasmania’s east coast)

Quick climate changes fixes come with huge dangers, warn scientists

NSF: Permafrost Could Be Climate's Ticking Time Bomb

Psychological Factors Help Explain Slow Reaction To Global Warming, Says APA Task Force

Is Texas a Wind-Power Success or Failure?

Cloud ships on course to beat climate change, says Copenhagen study

Tesla achieves profitability in July, but for how long?

Sceptic (Bjorn Lomborg) switches tack—“It’s incredibly important. We need a global deal on…climate”

Vampire Fuel Cells Feed on Human Blood

49er draft pick Crabtree ready to sit out season -- re-enter draft in 2010

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Thursday, August 6)

Michael Crabtree going down a dangerous path with holdout

Major League Baseball, 2009 Standings...

A's release Jason Giambi*

It has come to my attention if you put "certain poster" in your subject line...

Florida No. 1 in coaches' poll

Smoltz is toast. Tazawa is zowa.

This * Day In Baseball History

Gee, I wonder if the Giants will win tonight?

Papi to discuss positive test Saturday

UNREST IN HONDURAS:Soldiers occupy hospital

Honduras Coup Generals Break Silence in Hopes that World Will Understand Them

Guatemala to sign up to Venezuela's PetroCaribe oil alliance

Former military officer to be sent to Argentina

Electoral Hypocrisy in Latin America

Mexico's war on civil rights

The Minimum Wage and the Coup in Honduras

Honduras is Only Part of the Story: The Conservative Counter-Attack in Latin America

Honduran Coup Government Continues Attack On The Poor With Plan To Seize Indigenous Hospital

Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection

Latin America Threatened by US Military Bases in Colombia

OAS announces delegation to Honduras

Der Spiegel interview with Zelaya: "We will not be brought to our knees"

I never knew what a disgusting facsimilie of a human being Lanny Davis was.

Some clown claimed he believe Uruguay would be Colombia's love puppet on the new bases.

Latin fears about US plans to open bases in Colombia

If magbana happens to look in, do you know what has happened to Channel 36 in Honduras?

TESL? Does anyone know anything about getting certified and or finding a TESL job ?

My aunt Marina is on life support in San Salvador.

Obama denies U.S. creating military bases in Colombia

"President Vows to Protect TRICARE", latest MOAA Legislative Update

the violent 2009 Atlantic hurricane season continues

Palestinian Authority to Stop Financing Gaza Strip

Fatah party to renew leadership in 20-year first

Haaretz editorial: Israel does have a Palestinian partner

New Gun Rights Suit In D.C. Tests 2nd Amend Limit

Man charged in fatal shooting at Pillsbury plant

Cops arrest fired worker...

Some in the media DO listen

I'm just sayin....

Mother arrested over daughter's shooting

Sawed off semi automatic machine gun with a silencer.

Irving Moskowitz's bingo madness

Haaretz survey: 46% of Israelis thinks gays are deviants

Labor-backed candidates surge in Detroit

AFSCME American/Union Grown Hawaiian Coffee

Display honors San Francisco General Strike anniversary

Labor Department OKs trade aid for foundry workers

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor

NYC labor union officials charged in bribery probe

Georgia Labor Department (3 new) Job Listings

Detroit mayor says need for wage concessions from labor unions is urgent

Appalachian professor helps document child labor worldwide

Union vote, incentives bring battery plant to Schenectady

Union Pickets Red Cross Over Proposed Concessions

U.S. Department of Labor awards $10 million to promote older workers in job market

AP: NFL News: Labor strife may be looming

NBA owners expect major labor and financial pain in league's future

My Local is on the Ropes by Omaha Steve

Union families show anti-Obama rally ‘what real Americans want’

The First Passion Flowers

Canon Pixma PRO9000MkII Inkjet Photo Printer


So I'm watching PBS at 3:00 AM and NOVA does a story on this

my first post

Looking Glass Rock

Beetroot juice boosts stamina, new study shows

Mike Ross D-Arkansas 4th) proud to spike single-payer

Is VA health care a good template for the public option?

The chant we must ALL chant to the Astroturfers at the town hall meetings

Simple plan for healthcare... Add a conditional clause (ala no college aid for drug bust)

Charting the U.S. Recession Unemployment Crisis

The Public Option in Banking

Organic Carbon Compounds Emitted By Trees Affect Air Quality

World Science Festival and Bobby McFerrin

Another Hurdle for the Jobless: Credit Inquiries

Extinction hits 'whole families' (BBC)

NASA says Kepler spacecraft proves it can find Earth-sized planets

Dr Housing Bubble 08/06/09

Economy on a Scaffold

The world needs a breather from the US. And they'll get it sooner than many think

Sam Harris On Why Francis Collins Is A Bad Choice To Head the NIH

U.S. Economy, Confidence Games and Ponzi Schemes

Upon closer inspection--the recent boom in business...

Star Trek Was Right: Transparent Alumium Created!

Foreign Office to back gay communities around the world

The Universe's Furthest Object, Ever

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act - What's The Math?

Ballot prospects for Washington anti-gay rights measure dim

feeling pressure to choose

Encounter with an anti-health care protester in Troy, Michigan

Eunuchs begin fight for Pakistan rights

Gay Hate Crime Faces & Stories - Watch this. I dare you.

Police: Teen shot in chest during attempted home invasion

Dan Savage: Was Obama a One-Night Stand?

Who would you turn gay for?

The new "Batwoman" comic is awesomely gay

First thing I found on DU this morning

"They bring good luck to all who see them".

Can I have some support on a lonely thread in GD please?

Does anyone do handwriting analysis?

Posting outside of prayer thread, sorry need immediate attention

Any news on Rick, yet?

Another thought about that "19 years ago" thing

some thoughts on DOOOOOMSDAYING

George W. Bush: Invaded Iraq To Thwart Gog And Magog

Is this sign offensive

President Obama burger

"Julie & Julia"

Green beans a-plenty!

elderberries -- any hints?

Don't airplanes leave Wreckage?

Michael Douglas' Son Big-Time Meth Dealer?

Egyptian Bust in Chicago Museum Bears Eerie Resemblance to Michael Jackson

Kenny Ortega Talks about MJ's Big Heart - turned around a Romanian orphange in 24 hours

Michael Jackson to have Moon Crater Named After Him

Jermaine Jackson - New Mission - Continue M.J.'s Humanitarian Work...