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CNN: Conspiracy Nuts Network (some blogger citing

Court ends Bush-era road-building in forests

Marines Ban Facebook and MySpace, Pentagon Considers It

O. M. G. "Attempt to debunk Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate debunked" - By Geoff Linsley

NC city wants voting rights exemption

NJ DUers

Former patient of Dr. Phil claims he sexually abused her during treatment

Former patient of Dr. Phil claims he sexually abused her during treatment

Parties cry foul over spate of homestate showdowns

"Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid

What happens when 95% of a society's political knowledge is imparted by Stalinists and ultramontanes

Michael Steele: we're not encouraging people to be "nasty, brutish and ugly"

Which is worse?

Afghan Voters Turn to Warlords for Help in Picking Candidates

Is it just a coincidence that both the "Christian" bunch on C Street and Charles Manson's group

There is no Republican Party

"Democrats get hostages released.....Republicans do business with the people holding the hostages."

What should be done with Eric Prince

I am so disgusted with what the Remoblicans are doing

My Daily Report To Obama Of Health Care Opposers

My Daily Report To Obama Of Health Care Opposers

Rachel Maddow exposing "recess rally" promoters

Americans For Prosperity "bus tour" will be here tomorrow.

Republicans: Some of Our Best Friends Are Brown

Hamas sponsors mass wedding in Gaza

Exactly how man blue dogs are in the senate?

Analysis: Clunker cash won't drive true recovery

Murdoch to charge for all news sites "Quality journalism isn't cheap," he says.

I need information on Obama's healthcare vs. Oregon's.

FAILED GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Mike Huckabee compares Obama spending to his own weight issues

DCCC ups August campaign against GOP lawmakers

US Considers Remaking Fannie and Freddie

Holdout jurors in the Jefferson trial got what from the US Attorney?

Bug Spray


Two Important Lessons from today: Dems can work as a team 2) This prez knows how to pick his fights

Now on DVD: Townhalls Gone Wild and Teabaggers Gone Wild!

CREW Continues to Fight for Cheney Interview Regarding Plame Wilson Leak

Have you ever "unrecommended" a thread (OP)?

I just conquered 900! BOO-Yah! (shut your mouth) !!

Michael Moore's new film on the schedule at the Toronto International Film Festival

Ya know what I enjoyed seeing today? I enjoyed seeing ........

A coworker said she and her church had 'cured' a member who was gay

Analysts: Half of Mortgages Underwater By 2011

"Turfer" tactic

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dupe - go see my sister - babylonsister

Poll needs some DU love

"Americans For Prosperity" website(s)

Carnahan for Senate campaign spruces up web site (MO Senate Race)

Bill Clinton ... The most interesting man in the world....

A little help from my democratic friends

HuffPo: "Keith Olbermann Playing Viewers For Fools On O'Reilly Truce"

Washington state anti-gay referendum: Number of bogus signatures increases

Am I the only one who sees this as a hit piece against HC reform dressed up as legit news?


Michael Jackson walked like an Egyptian

Paper that Endorsed McCain Rips Town Hall Heckling Tea Baggers

Joey Scab on Charlie Rose tonight, fyi. nt

2000 school employees march in CA to protest cuts to education - pics

Bill Clinton lives vicariously through himself!

Morris and Krauthammer volunteer to remain as prisoners in North Korea

Bolton Decries Release Of Euna Lee And Laura Ling

Kenyan Birth Certificage Generator

Here's a cool story: US Tourists resume trip after dumpster diver finds stole wallets

Erik Prince did have a neo-crusader agenda. Does it tie into "the family"?

Hey. What's up with this....I swear it is real

Can I brag about my boss for a moment?

How to deal with the hecklers: "Don't tase me bro!"...

Battles between secular and ultra orthodox heat up in Israel

National Union of Healthcare Workers leaders speak in Seattle

We are in the middle of a teachable moment in our history

A First Hand View of a Raucous Town Hall Meeting

I don't watch CNN anymore (prefer MSNBC) but was wondering are they now as biased as Fox News?

Check in if you feel it's time to push for reauthorization of the Fairness Doctrine.

Check in if you feel it's time to push for reauthorization of the Fairness Doctrine.

Those Who Cannot Win Elections Simply Scream Louder

It's Always Cloudy In Republicanville.

Hearing set for Obama OSM nominee; citizens oppose confirmation

Suicide Calls Spike Due To Economy

The Incredible Shrinking Health Care Reform

Media buyer claims News Corp preparing to sue Google, Yahoo over news services

Is Keith O. having a stroke?

Health care advocate Marilyn Clement dies at 74

Greenpeace Wins Campaign Against Kimberly-Clark!

Today is the 60th anniversary of Mann Gulch: August 5, 1949.

MSNBC Temporarily off air her in NoLA

Britain's Afghanistan Combat Mission 'To End in 2014'

Michael Moore Does Toronto

Senator Menendez to Introduce Online Poker Legislation on Thursday

Giving Birth And Covered By Health Insurance? $22,000, Please

Human Rights, the Mind and Congnitive Oppression

Jon Stewart on faux news coverage of the Journalists (North Korea)

Recess Rally - desperate attempts to disrupt DNC meetings

Advocates Call For Statewide (MD) Salvia Ban

Stupid Is Hard At Work Again In This Country..........

Federal legislation directs $350 million to help dairy farmers

The Consumer Spending Elephant in the Room.....

Free Republic went from getting 44% of the money requested

tom coburn was just on faux friends talking about his new amendment to the healthcare bill...

Good Toon on the disruptors

Now that these female characters arise in pollitical power, so does the use of "bitch"

Sheriff in Sweet Home, Ala, wants to use National Guard.

NY TIMES.... Torture ads

Former Flipper trainer's film exposes slaughter of dolphins

Gawker: Gay Conversions Don't Work, Says Shocking New Study

Does this bother you?

Rupert Murdoch said quality journalism is not cheap!

KO has some new info on GITMO

Protesting the town hall mobs?

Clinton Urged NKorea to Free Detained SKoreans

Online GLBT (High) School To Launch In 2010

Racial Justice Act clears NC Senate

Rescue Ink

Crazy Train

Pat & Joe in "sky is falling" overdrive this morning.

That Child Born in 2008? He / She Will Cost You Over $291K to Raise

Ok, is that full senate vote on Sotomayor going to happen today??

SS for SCOTUS vote will be at 3pm ET.

US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

64 years ago they (some of the gullible still say 'we') fired the first shot in what was called

One reason the Anti-Health Care reform move is gaining traction. . .they are united behind "NO!"

Remembering William (Doubting) Thomas & His Peace Vigil Across From The White House.......

to Berni McCoy plz. pm me

What do you think the RW response to the APA saying gay-to-straight therapy doesn't work will be?

"Son of a bitch" is a phrase frequently used to denigrate a man.

Sam The Koala Dies In Surgery After Surviving Australian Wildfire

Coal industry flack says mountaintop removal solves ‘lack of flat space’ in Appalachia.

Morning Meeting is HYSTERICAL!!

Police: Newlywed Hired Cop As Hitman

The PDB - August 6, 2001

Tim Egan nails the critics of Cash for Clunkers

At Meet-And-Greet, Rep. Chris Murphy Meets Some Hostility

The Incredible Shrinking Health Care Reform

"I'm Ready For Love"

"I'm Ready For Love"

I hope that my daughter

A just way to pay for healthcare.........

Will "Cash for Clunkers" save lives?

The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Untold Story

This photo of Bill Clinton and Al Gore make me nostalgic.

(Federal) Legislation Worries Vt. Radio Stations

(Federal) Legislation Worries Vt. Radio Stations

City worker suspended for failing to greet mayor

Rethugs will soon owe President Obama a huge F'n apology.

One of my customers, tonight, refused to eat Heinz ketchup...

By the way, have you seen Jesus' Birth Certificate?

A prescription that makes the patient sicker: Dr. Quentin Young Physicians for a National Health

New FTC rule cracks down on oil speculators

We are seeing something absolutely unique in the annals of chat rooms:

Grand Jury meeting in John Edwards case.

Cornyn outrage at Obama "fishy" healthcare email program...

Why we are not "winning" the health care battle.

Would you attend a town hall meeting if you knew a gang of thugs planned to disrupt it?

Corrine Williams wants you to call her (policy analyst for AMA)

Just stand over there somwhwere - who is pulling the strings

I believe by today's standards, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be a war crime

just stand over there somewhere - who is pulling the strings?

The Rude Pundit: Why Does Conservative Spoogebucket Kevin McCullough Admit That He's a Screamer?

I know it sounds corny, but I DO have hope...

Taconic crash driver Diane Schuler's husband wants exhumation prove illness played role in wreck

If Christine Romans is right in her analysis of the housing mkt.

If Christine Romans is right in her analysis of the housing mkt.

1945 - "We are in possession of the most destructive explosive ever devised by man"

Cash for clunkers - a good plan?

Cash for clunkers - a good plan?

Reconciliation Group in Hiroshima

"down for everyone or just me?"

State Democratic Party to dissolve Mobile, Ala. chapter...

Republican Town Hall media coverage in Normal, Illinois

Rush's New conspiracy Theory? The Health Care Reform Bill "is a Trojan horse for the single-payer"

Government map shows dire Afghan security picture

Suicide Calls Spike Due To Economy

I need some info on the Radio Tax

LOL! Freepers are turning on Ann Coulter in a major way

Maybe I'm getting my old groove back-2 ltte printed this week!(sorry for the length)

When? Aug 8th Where? Lincoln Restaurant, Chicago Why?

Voinivich will vote "aye" - that makes 9 repub committed votes for Judge Sotomayor.

Militia groups are using Craigslist to recruit

Are the Hooters as selfdestructive as the Birthers?

Last summer, credentialed reporters were arrested. "Free speech zones" were everywhere you could ...

Protesters? No. Let's call them what they are - thugs.

Wal-Mart trying to put Girl Scouts out of business?

Rethug who wanted to turn down stimulus money for his constituents just got back from vacation

Cornyn declines to endorse Ensign in 2012

c-span2 - Senate's Sotomayor debate

Pew Poll: 39 Percent of Republicans Want More Coverage of Obama’s Citizenship

Hehe! RecessRally, the Republican Angry Mob site, still hasn't recovered since Rachel EXPOSED it!

Stopping the town hall disturbances.

Stopping the town hall disturbances.

Amateur Hour

Medicare to cap payments amid rampant fraud

Is John Bolton Upset The North Koreans Once Called Him

No More Perks: Coffee Shops Pull the Plug on Laptop Users

Now cnn's Michael Ware is scaring up fears about Mexico? How did we

Now cnn's Michael Ware is scaring up fears about Mexico? How did we

FTC braced to fight oil price manipulation

Twitter under DOS attack

Federal court bans new roads in national forests, again

Bush to Chirac: Iraq must be invaded to avoid armageddon

Feds to begin immigration detention makeover

Why don't the Congresspeople only admit people in their districts

American Liberty Alliance has a facebook site (maybe the new Free Republic?)

HR-3200, re-warmed ROMNEYCARE has already failed in Mass

The "C" Street Senator learns 'Christian' forgiveness

I knew the day would come - no cash allowed!

I knew the day would come - no cash allowed!

On This Day, Let's Pause To Give Thanks For Some Great American Heroes

California Prisons Must Cut Inmate Population (by 40,000 Judges say)

CALL RNC HEADQUARTERS at 1-202-863-8500 Ext.#9 for Chairman Michael Steele

"Is the Military a Socialist Institution?" - Cenk Uygur, Huffpo

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

Roadside Bomb Kills 4 Marines in Afghanistan

Twitter hit by denial of service attack (CNN)

Making excuses for health care non-reform

Couple Charged: Disabled Son, 7, Weighed Only 15 Pounds

if anyone cares to du a poll on the town hall mobsters at wgn-tv?

Representative Todd Akin (R-MO) jokes about lynching of people at town halls

A weekend moment in Wednesday!!! . . . Please come CAPTION (the traitor to human consciousness)!!!

Glen Beck Speaks to the Timmy McVeighs of his audience

About these town hall disruptions..I have a concern. My daughter and I have


NOAA now expects quieter hurricane season

DR. DAVID Scheiner was Barack Obama's personal physician for 22 years, until 2007.

Teabaggers and Repbulicans Prevented from Hijacking Lloyd Doggett's Town Hall in Bastrop, Texas

Teabaggers and Repbulicans Prevented from Hijacking Lloyd Doggett's Town Hall in Bastrop, Texas

Teabaggers and Repbulicans Prevented from Hijacking Lloyd Doggett's Town Hall in Bastrop, Texas

Anti-health reformers, now it's personal

No More Perks: Coffee Shops Pull the Plug on Laptop Users

Perhaps a Drive to Cancel Insurance Would be the Way

Re: iPhone dictionary app endures approval nightmare over dirty words

Republicans 'troubled' by US policy on Israel

Does anyone have a link to all health care reform proposals being debated?

Where Are All The Dem Senators Talking Up On Health Reform?.......

I love Bubba

Who will you be most angry with if health care reform fails?

Did Oily Taint have an arranged marriage to get a green card?

America Will Win

Call your Local RNC...

This is what you get when you put a moron like David Gregory in the MTP chair....

Bush's Conspiracy to Riot-By Robert Parry

Cash for Clunker math

Insurance Industry Distributing Town Hall Talking Points That Bash Public Option

The organized frenzy at the townhalls is a tipoff: Health Care Reform is GOING to pass

OFA, PFAW, Unions Organizing Against Tea Party Mobs

Clunker class warfare

Daily Kos: OFA, PFAW, Unions Organizing Against Tea Party Mobs

Liasson apologizes for Cash for Clunkers-Katrina link: ‘I said something really stupid.’

Wrigley's terminates ad campaign with punk-ass Chris "felonious assault" Brown

Cornyn: GOP ready to capitalize on Americans’ ‘fear’ and ‘anger’ in the 2010 elections.

Franken Is Presiding Over The Senate Sotomayor Vote.....

This CNN poll needs some love!

Bill Clinton deal lowers HIV drug cost in poor nations - article and pics

According to MSNBC just now, Sen Byrd will be voting for Sotomayor today

Freepers plan to disrupt healthcare forum featuring Rep. Moran and Howard Dean

Australia: Labor’s “reform” to further privatise health care

Larry Kudlow reverses course... now SUPPORTS Cash-for-Clunkers

self-delete: dupe

Morgan Stanley pays back $1 billion in TARP funds... Taxpayers get 20% return!

Jon Stewart just Kicked Faux News to the curb....


Sotomayor vote at 3 PM today

The Yeas have it 68 - 31, Welcome to the Court Justice Sotomayor

People go to sporting events, bars, BBQ's, etc. to "socialize".

Sotomayor UPDATE - Senate Vote Thursday 3pm ET - Sotomayor UPDATE

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) jokes about Democrats "almost getting lynched"

Ron Paul's son is named "Rand"? Seriously?

Reid Backs Off Health Care Deadline

If after "Reform" everyone has Health Care coverage will we still have to pay Medicare?

Who has more influence over the rethugs - Limbaugh or Glen Beck?

One point the wingnuts have RE: healthcare is valid

US to Double Arms, Ammunition Aid to Somalia: Official

A good day. Our first latina Supreme Court Justice AND Orly Taitz loses her flock.

Is it true that there will be MANDATORY health insurance under the current plan?

Heads up, DU.

My sister and her family have NO health insurance...

so, which sad-sack politcos went down on the wrong side of history today?

The wingnuts are out in force in the local paper's comment section today, re: health care.

You Do Not Have Health Insurance

You Do Not Have Health Insurance

Wonder how many of these health Care protesters

I'm actually opposed to the Obama Health Care reform plan...

Glenn Beck Loves Rape: An Impartial Look At His Comedy Show

URGENT Sibel Edmonds's site may be blocked by Google


Hee Heeee...NAILED it!

Sen. Begich will vote YES

Sec of State Clinton: It is a 'great regret' the US is not in International Criminal Court

David Shuster just announced that John Edward's mistress is talking to the press

When are the Republicants and the rich thieves....

Sestak to Colbert

Should PR firms be regulated ?

In a Plea for Health Reform, a Widow Picks Up Her Paintbrushes

Pensacola creationism theme park "Dinosaur Adventure Land" being seized over tax fraud

Look out below! Abby Joseph Cohen predicts S&P at 1100 year end...

Rep. Hoekstra: "locals would be endangered by affiliates of the detainees coming to the area"

Corsi and WND conclude that Kenyan Birth Certificate is a fake

The right-wing reaction to Sotomayor's confirmation was predictably disgusting.

Indiana: Woman arrested for buying cold medicine

Did any democrats vote against Sotomayer?

9 republicans voted for Sotomayor. 4 democrats voted for Alito.

Democrats slam town-hall protests as 'phony'

Stop Opponents of Health Care Reform from Distorting the Truth - Sign! Take Action!

Ike's original phrase was "The Military Industrial Congressional Complex"

Ike's original phrase was "The Military Industrial Congressional Complex"

"Cash for Golf Clubs" - McCain right now on the floor. He appears to be a little cranky.

Actor Tom Sizemore arrested AGAIN

Chinese teen dies at Internet addiction rehab camp

Soldier's invisible war: Iraq vet charged with attempted murder

Medical Papers by Ghostwriters Pushed Therapy (for women)

Fort Pierce felon arrested with guns, pot at his 'bomb shelter,' police say

George unseats Lurch!

Obama CNN Report Card. Grade him here. (needs help)

How can there be 50% for the Plan and 45% against the Plan when there is Not a Plan Yet???

What are the legitimate arguments against health insurance / health care reform?

Glen Beck's solution to California's prison crisis: Kill Charles Manson

McCain on the Senate floor asking for "Cash for Golf Clubs" program.

Rove: "Americans now seeing damage that polls & focus groups can inflict on W. H. decision-making"

CNN Poll: Support for Afghanistan War Drops(Repubbies Still Like It)

Aaaaah...the sweet nectar of freeps' tears over Sotomayor's confirmation

Barbara Boxer's Kos Diary: "Congratulations Justice Sotomayor"!

"Randian philosophy is gentle and peace-loving and isn't at all about contempt for the poor."

"We refer to ourselves, the great global majority, as the 'Obamajority,' "

Freedom Works guy on Tweety

So the men all dashed for the ferry's lifeboats, and all the women and children drowned.

So the men all dashed for the ferry's lifeboats, and all the women and children drowned.

Why are people who are not residents in the district allowed in the town hall meetings?

Teabaggers Lay Ambush For Miller; Schedule Constituent Meeting, Announce It As Town Hall


What possible excuse is there to raise one's Insurance by 43% in one year?

Tweety just called a repuke a fraud...

Palin lawyer threatens to serve papers at kindergarten, then balks

Congress really needs to send some money for biology in schools

Help the meeting mobbers make some signs (templates inside)

Help the meeting mobbers make some signs (templates inside)

The World's Rubbish Dump: A Garbage Tip that Stretches from Hawaii to Japan

Death in the Recession: More Bodies Left Unburied (TIME)

Now Taitz is accusing innocent Aussie of forging his own birth certificate

Now Taitz is accusing innocent Aussie of forging his own birth certificate

What if we were to start exposing these birthers and tea-bagger thugs?

Wingnuts Terrified of Big Brotha

Sotomayor Confirmation.....Fundies in a close to O/T Roe they could taste it

We are the UNION the mighty mighty union!

For his second court nomination I'd like to see the president select an out and out liberal

We should flood the town halls with ACORN members - that would really

thank god we got our racist, socialist, empathetic, left-wing, supreme court justice

On health care. No way around it, Obama needs to be having multi-town halls all around the country.

Distinguished fried chicken & 'tater salad pimp slams "Second 100 days worse than the first 100"

The health care town hall protestors are just "innocent patriots"! (According to a local crank)

House provides $200 million for gov't VIP jets

I used to think the Republicans were mean spirited, selfish and liars

Dennis Kucinich hosting WTAM 1100 radio online streaming call-in format NOW!

Dennis Kucinich hosting WTAM 1100 radio online streaming call-in format NOW!

Dirty Coal Group Joining Teabagger Effort To Disrupt Town Hall Meetings

“Droning On” Something Commander in Chief Obama might consider in his Afghanistan War.

Must see video about the troops greeters

Is there any way to use proxies or mask IP addresses to vote more than once for that CNN Report Card

LOL - If Twitter is down, Twitterholics will find another way to Twitter - check this out:

If you go to a townhall, don't forget to play Turfer Parrot Bingo!

One Good Thing About the Birthers...

Did you know that Free Republic has it's own document analyst?

Orly Taitz makes it official. The GOP has jumped the shark. nm

Bing Search Tainted by Pro-Microsoft Results

For 8 years the Bushies stifled dissent.

World Net Daily: Orly Taitz to Sue Toronto Blue Jays.

Grassley: Teddy wouldn't be getting good health care with a public option

Just in case people forgot- "Secret Service blamed Palin for sudden spike in Obama death threats"

happiness is....

Comedy! Freepers heartbroken as Ann Coulter disses birfers.

So Republicans are for a free market. Let me get this straight. But

Which poll showed support for the details of heath reform even with the overall num. falling

Barbara Boxer: Congratulations Justice Sotomayor, sign online card

Lawrence O'Donnell deserves his own program...

CNN POll: Obama @ 200 Days: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Some Post here said new Haynes Johnson, Dan Balz book about Election '08

Fight Fire With Fire on Health Care

Five Reasons the Health Care Battle Is NOT the Presidential Campaign

Orly Taitz's Group "Defend Our Freedoms" Is a Non-Profit

Tick tock, Barack.

McCotter (R-Mich) wants tax deduction for pet care expenses but opposes health care reform

Aussie koala that survived fires dies in surgery

Aussie koala that survived fires dies in surgery

A town hall near you.

GOP Delegation In Israel Contradicts U.S. Policy

Harry Reid: GOP 'run by a talk show host'

Why is it so difficult to paint "Protesters" and Teabaggers as corporate clowns?

Anyone Who Votes For Dodd's Primary Opponent...

Are you listening to this tool from the DICK Army on Tweety's show?

George Sodini: 'Maybe soon, I will see God and Jesus...Eternal life does NOT depend on works.'

Coburn on the Senate floor now...

Best comment about GOP: Takes Action on Blackwater Allegations

Woman Cleaning Out Garage Finds Live Pipe Bomb

On the cover of Rolling Stone...Obama by Shepard Fairey

How D Pols Can Handle The Angry Mobs At Townhalls

Assuming that Pres Obama gets to fill another SCOTUS seat, who is nect on the list?

The economy won't get relief from low oil prices anymore.

The economy won't get relief from low oil prices anymore.

Cash for Clunkers;dealers raising prices?

Got a text message from a friend at Dingell's town hall meeting.

Hey, GOP. Let me explain to you how monster movies work

Question regarding wills.

Time to Vote Enzi Off the Island?

CA Assembly hides names of supporters of oil drilling bill (Bill did not pass)

Lawrence O'Donnell subbing for Ed.

Tweety called the Freedom Works guy a "fraud" and confronted him

Time for me to fess up. I have a deep-seated hatred for

"Father" of the birther movement: "The Orly Taitz circus must be shut down"

Glenn Beck's Obama "Racist" Comments Cost Him Advertisers

Time: Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

What someone might think if Bush had been behind the door in North Korea:

Three Companies drop Glenn Beck

Three Companies drop Glenn Beck

Second Harvard professor accuses police of bias

I've joined a Teabagger facebook group, and have started countering their arguments

Caught On Camera: Child Dragged Through Ga. Store On Leash

One strategy for Town Hall meetings.

New DCCC Fact-check Site...

Hospital: "Sorry - we no longer accept cash"

A peek into the mind of a Blue Dog - insights from talking to a good friend (who IS the blue dog)

Judge throws out fake Kenyan Birth Certificate

Why can we easily get 100% Democratic vote on a Judge but not Health Care?

Meet George Sodini's Relationship Guru

Reflections on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Our World- 64 Years Too Late and Not a Moment Too Soon


+++ 5, 098 +++

What response should we have to the town hall takeovers?

Howard Dean on the Blue Dogs from NPR's Talk of the Nation:

John Hughes is Dead at 58.

Rep. Moran 'looking forward' to town hall protesters

Another half million file for unemployment benefits. Looks like 13 to 10 unemployment

It's official: Sotomayor has been confirmed. Suck on that, repukes.

se·di·tion [ se dísh'n ]

One drop in the bucket.. Join me

Anyone else learning to HATE the Senate? I am totally done with these bastards

5 U.S. Troops Killed as Afghan Violence Swells

Why do the female right wing Christians always sound so perky and cheery?

WOW, I just "googled" myself and found this. :)

My e-mail to President Obama

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Attacker(s) use chlorine gas in hate crime, creates noxious cloud

Teabaggers and Republicans Prevented from Hijacking Lloyd Doggett's Town Hall in Bastrop, TX

DUers help recommend this great LTE about the teabagging mobs...

Overhead at my library yesterday...

URGENT: Tommorrow Stop Them in Denver.

Play Orly Taitz Off, Keyboard Cat ... I just can't stop laughing

I admit. I love when I get to send a dumb post to less than 0 recs

So it seems the people who could afford to drive a car worth under $5000 are now going to

RIP...John Hughes gave us such Great Memories..."16 Candles" and all the rest!

****** DU August 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest: And The Winners Are... ******

Teabaggers yell "Kill Your Parents" at Monday's Health Care town hall with Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH

Fundie Freak: Obama's health care plan = out-of-control govt-funded sex change operations

White Racists Want Their America Back.

Just saw a TV ad warning of Obama's *socialism takeover of health care*

Venezuela's Draft Special Law Against Media Crimes

Does anyone still think it's silly to think astroturfers were paid to disrupt hc debates on DU?

Major advertisers leave glenn beck

It's not about the substance of the health care issue anymore it's about

Happy Hiroshima Day

Should President Obama console the families of US soldiers who are killed in Afghanistan? Is this

Six Months of Immunity

Gym Gunman Phoned Mother Prior To Shootings

Should we form up volunteer security teams for each district town hall?

Contact They pretend they don't know who pays the town hall mobs

I'm over 60 years old and I know one thing about these Right-Wing Idiots

Does anyone know if Hillary was able see all the records in Kenya???

The American Familiy Association and PROJECTION

"Town Hall" report...

Remember when Bush pushed through legislation "exempting" mercenaries from the Geneva Convention?

Remember when Bush pushed through legislation "exempting" mercenaries from the Geneva Convention?

Would infiltrating Republican Town Halls work?

Thumb your nose at cops, get tazed

Thumb your nose at cops, get tazed

Here's what we're up against - I was speaking with my doctor's

The Federal Government never does anything right....

Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs

Meme busters check-in: the GOP's name for healthcare reform

Uh, apparently Jesus named the antichrist and guess who it is?

"Insurance is for catastrophic events that probably won't happen"

People are still actually defending the nukes on Japan as necessary and justified here?

Gym shooter posted video monologues online.

My husband worker's compensation just cut off his medications...

He could have just sat on his yacht counting his money

Sen. Byrd arrives back on Capitol Hill to vote for Judge Sotomayor - pics

The biggest hollow rabbit of all to me is the American people.

Dumb question: when the media states Bank of England 'injecting' 50 billion pounds into economy,

Iran: The Green Brief 49-50 (August 4,5 - Mordad 13,14) Latest news from Iran

Unions To Take On Conservative Groups Health Care Town Halls

Would the SILENT "Unrecommenders" of Hiroshima threads dare to comment on WHY?

Anyone else suspicious of "Dr. Nancy" on MSNBC ?

Celebrating the confirmation of Judge Sotomayor - pics

It's beginning to feel good again to be American.

'03 Bush To Chirac: 'Gog & Magog are at work in the Middle East-this confrontation is willed by God"

Peleiu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Invading Japan would have been no picnic.

Sorry, Orly -- judge throws out fake Kenyan birth certificate

Conyers: “There is no one more disappointed than I am in Barack Obama.” Health care: "crap."

I'm not sure what to think of this: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club names "Miss Cougar"

Cash for clunkers: A floor polish AND a dessert topping.

How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor


a question about disrupting public meetings and freedom of speech

a question about disrupting public meetings and freedom of speech

Unions Going To Take On Astroturfers

This MSNBC Poll needs some love...

FL DUers, don't let them overrun this one.

wow....Rick Sanchez is grilling this RW asshole from "Conservatives for Patients Rights"

DNA Frees Accused Killer, Rapist After 21 Years

I like the "Somebody actually unrecced this" movement here at DU.

Howard Zinn on Hiroshima & Nagasaki: The Bombs of August

Half-black President with a funny name... Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court.....

Al Franken in the BIG CHAIR for the Sotomayor vote.


Sorry, Orly -- judge throws out fake Kenyan birth certificate

Eight years ago today, a PDB was delivered to Crawford, Texas

Ok I'm really pissed now and it's getting REALLY personal! My

Sodomized to Protect Our Freedoms

A "funny" email bashing the President's Healthcare, and my TRUTHINESS reply:

Why aren't car bumpers at a 'standard' height?

Can these town-hall rethug disrupters be arrested for disturbing the peace?

How would you locate and identify possibly dangerous right wing extremists?

Web citizens trying to kill Internet Explorer 6 (CNN)

All right, I'm wrong. Fuck it.

Subject: A Republican’s Appeal to His Own Party…’STOP it Already!’

Hello DU, I'm back and I'm blaming the insurance industury for what happened to me

Blatant Hypocrisy in the Effort to Destroy Universal Health Care

Tom the Dancing Bug: Let's say the Earth is pretty much filled up with humans....

Three advertisers drop Glenn Beck

Ex-wife of sick neo-nazi leader arrested for posting photos of undercover police officers

‘Punkin’ the Birthers: Priceless’

Some people see a punchbowl and think of only one thing: taking a dump in it. Please come CAPTION!!

Fascism Is as Fascism Does

GOOGLE Blocks Sibel Edmonds Web Site as She Prepares to Testify on Intel Abuses

John Edwards' mistress - Breaking on MSNBC - talking to a grand jury in Raleigh NC.

Take a moment for a LAUGH

Had an interesting conversation regarding health care with a small business owner

Breaking: Violence at Tampa health care forum

Bumper Stickers: Health Care Reform ------>

a couple weeks ago I had pancreatitis brought on by crohn's ...or so they thought

The Pittsburgh shooter killed those women because he hated women.

If Obama really wanted a public option there would be one

Rachel Maddow brings to its knees.

Beck: ‘Just one lunatic like Timothy McVeigh could ruin everything.’

Let's do our own viral email campaign!

Seriously, what does "Chicago politics" really mean?

I feel sooo proud today!!!!

My son and I were just recipients of a random act of kindness...

Kunstler digs Crumb..."Robert Crumb's View of America"

Kunstler digs Crumb..."Robert Crumb's View of America"

A little help from my democratic friends please

Raul Grijalva asks if industry gets "first big piece of the pie and we just fight over the crust"?

Does anybody here recall a children's television show from 70's called "Wonderama"

How much more of the tax burden should the rich have?

Read about a test that would cost $86,000 in the USA and cost NOTHING in Canada!

I just don't know what the big issue is. America WANTS a strong public option....

Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep at the Wheel for 64 Years

Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep at the Wheel for 64 Years

Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep at the Wheel for 64 Years

Starting w/a Bang and ending w/a Whisper-Come visit the South w/me to another Rally for Va. Foxx

IKE: "the Japanese were ready to surrender & it wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing"

Was Hiroshima Necessary?

Sick For Profit: Check Out The OBSCENE Amounts Of Money Health Insurance CEOs Earn

Men who kill women are not "JUST" sad lovelorn losers.

Malloy: "Glenn Beck appears closer to suicide. I'm hoping that he does it on camera."

Masons and architectural historians a question about colonial Virginia's Anglican churches.

?'s For People Who Fear Single Payer/Public Option (AKA, 'Govt Can't Do Anything Right')

manic RP decorates

The Funeral - Band of Horse

Starry starry night

an observatory or two

DU Song Of the Day

time heals all wounds

How right was my prediction?


This Sucks I Have A Summer Flu


everyday my family asks me "what is new on DU?"

Mainers are just the best people on earth

I am going to sketch soon

OK I am going home now, having soup, and watch movie: A Few Good Men



Question to the mods or the DU powers that be.

I'm feeding two cats strawberry ice cream and they keep popping up for more.

Remember when you were a kid and there would be TV ads for the cleaning product "Janitor in a Drum"?

How often do you bathe/shower?

Router settings

I once had a coworker tell me I remind her of a house.

Did you ever have one of those days?

|\|/| () () () () ()()()()

I've been banned from every Burger King within a 50 mile radius.

I'm giving up republican friends....

Life is good: Just found out I do not qualify for tuition aid

I just bought some music on ITUNES

I am curled up in bed with my laptop on my lap.

Are you on your way?

almost Woodstock time

What I'M NOT RAPPAPORT character are you?

Bye Bye Paula. We'll miss you?? (VIDEO)

Michael Jackson walked like an Egyptian

A particularly fruitful discussion was had last night in GDP.

Good morning Lounge

this is why we love the Onion

crap, its almost 11

Went to bed at 4 and woke up at 7:30...

Anybody seen "Walking with the Dinosaurs"?

There will come a time when everybody who is lonely will be free, to sing and dance and love.

Gmail hacking...

When is a cat too old to have its teeth cleaned?

vogue... post your strike a pose pics here

Is DU buggy for anyone else today?

Why are you miserable? and does it help when you take it out on others?

tonights art

"He does a lot of dancing. He put his stand down, twirled around, stepped backwards off the stage"

an open letter to the lounge

Hot August night And the leaves hanging down

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dannofoot!!*******

Thank you for the vibes. Update: Uncle Marty's Funeral is this Friday.

Carrie is on Retro and I can't watch it

Major sadness! Sam the Australian fire survivor (koala) is euthanized

If I were to say, "I'm earning a PhD in media studies..."

What is the deal with flip flop slouch boots?

how could i get a master recording from black sabbath?

the last time i gave a shit

Let's discuss the weird perversion of America's Got Talent and why I get sucked in to watching that

Bugs ate my lower legs last night.

I'm BACCCCKKK!!! Somebody buy me a drink!

***LeftyFingerPop's Doctor Appreciation Thread***

The funniest image I've seen in a long time

Generation gap story

Help! I BADLY need a HAIRCUT!!!

Are we due for a major miracle drug discovery this month?

finally got a new car radio!!!woot

HELP! I need a dryer

Can I just say that my cousin is one of the greatest people on the planet?

Pussycat - Georgie

This party just took a turn...

small dogs and hardwood or tile floors - a constant source of entertainment.

I swear I'm talking to the female version of Milton from Office Space on the telephone right now

Question about bankruptcy ..

I just got back from my haircut...


FACT: The average ornithologist's favorite rock song is BTO's "Takin' Care Of Birds Nests."

"Lolly pop, Lolly pop, Lolly pop..."

If money was no object, would you have your peter cloned?

WTH???!!! Purple Drank - things I learn reseaching the prescription drugs I just got.

If money was no object, would you have your money cloned?

Pure and Easy

they thought I had crohn's disease...but now it could be colon cancer

Congratulations Justice Sonia Sotomayor! Confirmed by the senate.

Television shopping with my significant other.... Recommendations?

If I were to say I had a box of funsticks

What is the untold story of the two journalists released by North Korea?

Another "under the radar" musician's passing? Gordon Waller, of Peter & Gordon, July 17th

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

If money was no object, would you have your clown cloned?

Groucho: I'm Against It!

Jon & Kate Plus 8' ratings plummet

Is it just me? Or has anyone noticed

Question re Downloading and Saving Videos:

Townhalls Gone Wild...

Skittles should kick this boy's ass:

If money was no object, would you have your pet cloned?

If money was no object, would you have your pet cloned?

RIP, John Hughes

Do you just talk a good game, or do you deliver?

OK I feel lots better today

In case you are wondering why I am not a mod (Exclusive footage)

Can you turn off Facebook announcements about friends' stupid applications?

Can you Buy Cable Boxes?

My doctor pissed me off today.

Brothers in tiger attack arrested again

Greetings, lounge denizens!

I just told a telemarketer in India if he called again, I would send the cops after him...

My family are going to take the cog train to the top of pikes peak

Crappy Taxidermy!

Thru Hikers, True Heroes

Oh yeah, I´ll tell me something

can you define "art" ( some nude images)

That's it, I'm declaring an all out war on bugs and there will be no prisoners... has acquired That SUCKS!

45 Million year old beer...

Fuck it all...even my favorite CANDLE store has gone belly-up. THANK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH.

Nats win 5th in a row beat Marlins 12-8 for series sweep..

An oldie but a goodie: Two cats holding a conversation with each other

It's Stinking Thursday....What's for Dinner.....

I have an idea for a rant about the fitness club killer to post in GD

Do You Understand Cats?

If money was no object, would you have LynneSin cloned?

WTF did people do before A/C?.

John Fogerty - I Saw It On T.V.

Bringing my time honored tradition to GD to answer the hard questions: Ask MrScorpio

so many regrets it's almost unbearable.

Please help: when is a cat too old to have its teeth cleaned?

Susan Boyle does photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar

Orly Taitz calls on Toronto Blue Jays to give up their pennants because not an American team

I joined DU 2 years ago today. Where's my fuckin' ASTERISK ***HAPPY ANNIVERSARY*** thread?

Johnny Depp has fifteen project in development...

Associate Freely

Favorite John Hughes movie?

Let's do our semi-annual "What states have you been to" DU Lounge survey

What's the farthest you've been: 1)North, 2)South, 3)East, 4)West?

Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen! Eat your heart out Ann Miller!

I'm drinking sake. A cheap, shitty sake.

‘Underwater’ Mortgages to Hit 48%, Deutsche Bank Says (Update1)

Soldier Who Didn’t Obey Orders Is Jailed

GE to Pay $50 Million to Settle SEC Fraud Charges

Boston Cop sues citing first amendment

U.S. asks Israel for one-year settlement freeze

Senate reaches deal on $2B 'clunkers' refill

Bill Clinton's Connections: Special Contacts Aided Release

CALL RNC HEADQUARTERS at 1-202-863-8500 Ext.#9 for Chairman Michael Steele

Bair Supports Reining in ‘Eye-Popping’ U.S. Banker Compensation

Hiroshima mayor backs Obama's call for an end to nuclear weapons

U.S. to Reform Policy on Detention for Immigrants

Newscorpse to begin charging for their websites

Clashes at Honduras student protest

Programs to change gays to straights don't work, report says

White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost (Shields Big Pharma from Competition)

India to execute 2003 bomb trio

Twitter Iran delay 'not forced'

A Judge May Kill Bank Of America (BAC) Settlement With SEC

Obama's Battle Against Terrorism To Go Beyond Bombs and Bullets

Sotomayor picks up more GOP support with vote near

In Japan, Citizen Jurors Return to Criminal Trials

Pakistan says Indian evidence against Saeed too weak

Uighur unrest shows China's failures - Dalai Lama

L.A. police chief to leave

Twitter goes titsup

China Investigates Top Nuclear Official

Campaigns end ahead of Sri Lanka's first post-war polls

Murdoch signals end of free news

Baghdad blast walls to come down

'On the Waterfront' screenwriter dies in NY at 95

Wells Fargo Boosts Stock Pay For CEO, 3 Other Executives

Bing Search Tainted by Pro-Microsoft Results

Weekly jobless claims drop more than expected

US to double arms, ammunition aid to Somalia: official

NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning agrees $97m dollar deal

Hiroshima mayor calls for abolishing nuke weapons

William Jefferson should forfeit $470,000 after guilty verdict

John Hughes Dies

Judge Won't Approve Bank Of America, SEC Settlement.

White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost

Contact They pretend they don't know who pays the town hall mobs

John Hughes Dies

Roadside bombs kill 22 in Afghanistan

Men from tiger attack arrested again

Murdoch: We will charge for all news sites

Security firm (Xe formerly known as Blackwater) denies criminal allegation

Goldman Sachs' (Abby Joseph) Cohen says new bull market has begun

Autos clunker bill set to pass Senate

Armoured cars destined for Afghanistan held in Dubai 'due to secrecy'

Twitter Says Message Site Is Unavailable After `Denial of Service' Attack

Senate reaches deal on extending ‘clunkers’

'80s teen flick director John Hughes dies in NYC

Hank Greenberg Said to Face SEC Lawsuit After Role as AIG Chief

Apple Hit With Overtime Suit

Medical Marijuana accepted to dismiss Federal Court Cases in New Mexico

U.S. Official: 'Strong Indications' Pakistani Taliban Leader Baitullah Mehsud is Dead

Sotomayor Confirmed by Senate, 68-31

U.S. Senate's Webb to visit Myanmar this month

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 6

Kansas senators threaten action over moving Guantanamo detainees to Leavenworth

U.S. Official: 'Strong Indications' Pakistani Taliban Leader Baitullah Mehsud is Dead

GOP activists pack town-hall meetings, shake support for healthcare bills

GM to sell plug-in hybrid crossover SUV

FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Subpoenaed, Set to 'Break' Gag Order Unless DoJ Intercedes

Gunman at Pa. health club was bitter over women

Clinton Says U.S. Supports International Criminal Court

Support for Afghan war drops, CNN poll finds

Liberal groups launch town hall counteroffensive

Pakistan: Laws to be reviewed post-Christian havoc

Morgan Stanley repurchases TARP warrants

Ex-Edwards Mistress at Court Amid Campaign Probe

Ex-Edwards Mistress at Court Amid Campaign Probe

No More Perks: Coffee Shops Pull the Plug on Laptop Users

Chavez: Venezuela to buy more tanks over US threat

White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost

Clinton threatens Eritrea action

Recession's job losses may take years to recoup

Pregnant Briton jailed in Laos flown home

Bill Clinton briefed W.House on N.Korea -spokesman

Husband of Wrong-Way Driver Says She Didn't Drink

U.S. appears to soften support for Honduras' Zelaya

China executes 2 for defrauding investors

West Point claims top spot in Forbes Magazine's annual survey of American colleges

Obama promises health overhaul with or without GOP

Ahmadinejad's Inauguration Protested in Washington, DC

Hampstead, NH, Health Reform Protest, August 5, 2009, Part I

"A Face in the Crowd" creator Budd Schulberg dead at 95

Keith Olbermann: N. Korea Diplomacy - Bill Clinton Style

Rachel Maddow - outrageous corporate thuggery behind anti-health care 'activists'

Keith Olbermann: Sick And Tired Of GOP Health Scare Tactics

Stupidity: America's REAL Enemy!

The Alex Jones Drinking Game

Rachel Maddow and Joel me read between the lines

TYT: Dems grow a pair

Republicans' Health Care Plan: The Status Quo

The Empty Mind - Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks

U.S. Senate Confirms Sonia Sotomayor As Supreme Court Justice - Sen. Al Franken Announces 68/31

Former Edwards mistress testifies before grand jury

Sotomayor Confirmed

Enola Gay-Utah Phillips song sung by Jim Lundy

Teabaggers yell Kill Your Parents at Monday's Health Care town hall with Rep. Steve Driehaus, D-OH

Todd Akin (R-Mo) jokes about Dems "almost getting lynched"

Hitler is a Pissed Birther!

Police taser 14 yr old girl in the head, crack her skull (NM)

Fox News: USA Should not have freed Journalists in North Korea

Jonathan Capehart's Mama lets Dylan Ratigan have it for dissing her son.

. Scientists Find Unignited Explosive Residues in WTC Dust

Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI) Shouted Down At Town Hall

Andrew Sullivan: The Crusader Prince

Blackwater Responds to Murder Allegations

Right-Wingers Livid Over Clinton's 'Charms for Hostages'

Chris Floyd: The Real World: Mercenaries, Murder and the American Way

Wealthy Hollywood Producer Paid for NKorea Flight

TYT: Cenk's Take On Crazy Birther Orly Taitz's MSNBC Appearance

The Health Insurance Racket: UnitedHealthcare CEO Stephen Hemsley Earns $819,363 A DAY!

RSU: Disappointed in North Korea's apparent lack of last minute

Hey, Did You Hear That Democrats Won The Election?

AARP Town Hall Meeting Shut Down/Overrun- Aug 4th Dallas

Free School Backpacks Worth Their Weight in Gold

Jim Hightower: Think Your Food's Organic? Think Again

Lou Dobbs is a Kenyan

Anti-Government Ideologue Megan McArdle's Amnesia About Her Privileged, Govt.-Funded Upbringing

Organizing for August Town Halls

Gene Lyons

Health Experts: 'Real Reform Requires Psychiatrists at Town Halls'

Venezuelan National Assembly Discusses Combating Media Terrorism

Blackwater Founder's Visions of Christian Supremacy in Iraq

Democracy Behind Bars (Census issue)

Honduran Coup: The US Connection

Headzup: Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Is Like Hitler & Liberals Are Like Nazis

maxkeiser, France24; 'the banks just want us to toss their salad.'

Shackles and Chains: America Leads the World Again

No Common Ground On Health Care Reform

Clinton and Gore, Together Again

See how the birthers got "punk'd"!

Bill Clinton shows that diplomacy works

How Far Must Johnny March?

Alabama city destroying ancient Indian mound for Sam's Club

The Newest Weight-Loss Craze Sweeping Septic Right Wing Talk Show Hosts

Drawing Wrong Lessons From the 60's, Town Hall Protestors Burn Their Health Insurance Cards

For 64th Anniversary: The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up -- And the Nuclear Fallout for All of Us Today

The Healthcare Solution: Universal Medicare ?

Right wing shuts down media in Honduras.

American Psychological Association says Ted Haggard Still Gay

Report: IBM to Lay Off Hundreds

Joe Bageant- A Yard Sale in Chernobyl

Student arrested for ‘modding’ Xbox consoles

Clarence Thomas, in a Walmart parking lot

TYT: Cenk On Dick Morris's Insane 'Clinton Rescue Was A Mistake' Comments

Joe Conason: What Are the Birthers Really After?

Rachel Maddow Exposes Who's Pulling The Strings Of The Health Care Town Hall Hooligans

Chicago Tribune: Birthers think Bush was behind 9/11, and Media Matters promotes right-wing hate

Is the NRA part of the problem in counting school shootings?

Abusive mortgage servicers profit from government help

Something big in works at EDS: smaller paychecks

Worldwatch: Water Scarcity Looms

Bishop says wealthy elite behind Honduran coup

The Color of Fear: the Paradox of Race and Oppression in the new Millennium

Fault Lines: The Battle To Transform Health Care In The US (Graphic Content)

AMA senior policy advisor/admin of a site with racist Obama pic

CNN poll..........rate POTUS first 200 days.....

"You won't see any lobbyists running the White House when I am in office..."

MSNBC - President Obama's Election Fails To Increase U.S. Fertility Rates

Hmmmmm. "Bill O'Reilly pens ode to Obama (seriously)" in Sunday's Parade magazine.

Robert Gibbs' Quote Of The Day

I wish Al Gore would have gotten the chance to be President.

Crazy woman at Arkansas town hall: "I want MY America back!"

Hillary in Africa

So where does Senator Kerry stand on health care legislation and why is he MIA?

9 republicans voted for Sotomayor. 22 democrats voted for Roberts, Bush's 1st Pick

NJ-Gov, VA-Gov: Republicans Lead in New R2K Polls

Extremist Outbursts At Town Halls Put GOP In Tough Spot

Hilarious YouTube: Hitler is a disgruntled birther!

An outcome of the cash for clunkers I did not take into account.. The Presidents

Stop the healthcare NAZIS!!! [email protected]

Ridiculously bad FRONT PAGE WaPo article from yesterday's paper.

So now Glenn Beck is talking about

Rasmussen's WSJ op-ed claims "biggest obstacle is the 68%... who rate their health coverage as good"

Senators Harkin, Franken, Kerry, Schumer, Landrieu...Introduce the Safe Babies Act of 2009

Sotomayor will be the first of @ least 4 to 6 judges that Obama will ...

The best part about Sotomayor being confirmed was having it announced by SENATOR Al Franken

I wasn't a Hillary fan during the primaries, but I'm loving her as SOS.

Congratulation Sonia Sotomayor !!

Violence at Tampa health care forum

I'm glad that Sotomayor is confirmed

The Way they Were: Bush's 100 Days Report Card (from 1st term) and Pundit Comments

PHOTOS: Madame Justice

Curious - Orly's husband, Yosef Taitz, involved with Novartis and the flu vaccine?

Ok, seriously. Gov't works like this...

Wedding Bell Blues

Must watch Obama video: Letters to the President

Did you ever hear the old white folks and their fear on NPR before the election?

Rep. Moran 'looking forward' to town hall protesters

President Obama, if you are going to pass health reform without 'bipartisan support' - do it RIGHT

Rand Paul joins race, fundraises in NYC

Anyone here helped Obama at [email protected]?

LOL! Sec. Clinton Laughs (literally) Off Clown Bolton's Criticism

Birth Certificate Generator

Five Reasons the Health Care Battle Is NOT the Presidential Campaign

Ruh Roh. Freepers say Joe Farah says he "has something" What could it be?

Claire McCaskill Tweets That The Mobs Are Not Manufactured

PHOTO: Look what Leahy got after the Sotomayor vote

Hiroshima Day Legacy Poll

Does anyone have a link to the original FR thread about Obama's Australian..err, Kenyan BC?

An ad I would like to see

Senator Harkin wants income limits on "Cash for Clunkers" program

CNN is real garbage now , they are going berserk with that "Scorecard" crap.

Wonder how a Maxine Waters townhall meeting would go?

This "euthanize old people" provision is just Obama's way of getting more USSC nominees

Newsweek - The Gaggle - President Obama Wrong To Pick On Insurance - They Support Healthcare Reform!

Any Dem Senator proposing an amendment to C4C *NOW* is a freakin' idiot

On Sotomayor: "Q Are you happy with the 68 votes, sir? ...THE PRESIDENT: I'm very happy."

An email I just received about the health care debate

On Sotomayor confirmation, 31 nays from the Party of No (Update: they're on wrong side of history)

Ten Dem senators write Obama about climate bill

Lawrence O'Donnell rips Peter Schiff, who is challenging Dodd....

Liasson apologizes for Cash for Clunkers-Katrina link: ‘I said something really stupid.’

Obama- "...I want you to argue with them and get in their face,..."

Obama baby boom turns out to be a bust

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

John Roberts will swear in Sotomayor. The same guy who messed up Obama's swearing in.

Inhofe: Sotomayor Is a ‘Racist,’ But Strom Thurmond Is A ‘Great American’

"Joker" poster is racist, Washington Post concludes

TPM: Rick Sanchez (of all people) smacks down hypocritical Healthcare exec

freedomworks vs afl-cio debate on hardball now. nt

Is anyone surprised that the president's poll numbers are slipping right now?

Washington Post apologizes for Clinton joke

Justice Sonia Sotomayor: "a significant moment in our nation's history."

Birthers plus Teabaggers = Douchebaggers. nt

on sonia sotomayor swearing-in ceremony this saturday....

Sotomayor confirmed

Cornyn to Obama: Are You Collecting Info On Your Political Enemies?

...Which color is the most important?

Senate Roll Call - Confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor

Kudos to Perky for calling it back in May on Sotomayor vote

sotomayor vote live on c-span2 and univision. nt

New jobless claims drop more than expected

I Came Across A New Repug Talking Point Against Health Care Reform........

Steele, RNC Ad: Obama presidency a "failed experiment -- Count the dog whistles.

Rex moves toward run for SC governor

Imagine if we had to produce driver's license exam results every time we were stopped...

Lawson won't seek rematch with Price

Clunkers Plan Deflates Mechanics

I fear someone is going to get SERIOUSLY hurt at one of these townhall meetings

Limpballs: "Adolf Hitler, like Barack Obama, also ruled by dictate" (MediaMatters)

'Obama Effect' at school: Black parents volunteer, expect more

WaPo: Finance Committee Closer to Healthcare Deal Which Would Abandon Public Option

Heads up: Pres. Obama will hold a town hall style event in Portsmouth NH on

PHARMA's Tauzin: "They blessed the deal. It's up to the WH and Senator Baucus to follow through."

The perils of reconciliation.

Biden had it right: Rural Russia is dying of poverty, neglect

Obama offers ray of economic hope to struggling Indiana region

Obama Administration promised Billy Tauzin Health Care Reform bill won't lower drug prices.

Comparing Obama's and Bush's approval ratings after 200 days is a FALSE comparison.

I will toss my cookies, at the next talking head that tells me the "protests" are from the "people"

Protesting the town hall mobs

What do we do when our progressives in Congress clash with Obama?

Deedee Meyers made a point: NK was not a nuclear nation when Clinton left office. n/t

rep.Brad Miller receives death threat on health care reform

The "birther" argument settled - what I received

Polarizing - One word I never want to hear again in Democratic Politics.

Telephone town hall meetings - what's an unruly mob to do?

President and first lady make best dressed list

Chuck Grassley is an ass turd. Says that President Obama doesn't have the experience

Anti-Healthcare Mobs = ALL SOUR GRAPES (& here's how to respond):

AP: "Ark. crowd mocks lawmakers over Obama health plan"

Impeach The Kenyan

NORML: Obama Says "Yes We Cannibis"

Bush 3rd term alert!!: U.S. to Reform Policy on Detention for Immigrants

ADL Sends Message To President, J Street Responds (and ADL writes back--UPDATED)

John Podesta?

The President returned to Elkhart, IN today. What has Evan Bayh done

(xpost from GD) If you go to a townhall, don't forget to play Turfer Parrot Bingo!

Just FYI, Obama isn't really even the president

Poll needs some DU love

Please help me pitch Obama's health care plan

rachel maddow doing an excellent expose on fake grass-roots organizations. nt

FL-16: Chris Craft Launches Bid Against Rooney

Bluedogs get torch and pitchfork mob treatment:: "An unruly Little Rock crowd heckled and shouted"

Could humanitarian mission pave way for nuclear deal?

The Real Estate Industry Quietly Removes a Label Showing Energy Use of Older Buildings

Revealed: the secret evidence of global warming Bush tried to hide

Coal Group Reveals 6 More Forged Lobbying Letters

U.K. Told to Triple Nuclear Share of Power Generation

Full water ahead: GM reminds us that hydrogen is a "key" long-term solution

Arctic Ocean may be polluted soup by 2070 (transpolar drift shutdown)

Wastewater produces electricity and desalinates water

On the Fairway, New Lessons in Saving Water

In Detroit, Security Guards Monitor Deliveries As Emergency Food Demand Surges - CNN

Prayers For Glacial Melt In Swiss Mountain Towns Finally Effective After 300 Years - New Text Needed

'Green' energy from algae—KIT 'algae platform' develops efficient photoreactors and novel cell …

High-Resolution Modeling Sees Transpolar Drift - Key Ocean Current - Ending By 2070 - New Scientist

Detroit's TechTown is launchpad for battery plan (

GM Announces New Plug-in Hybrid Buick Crossover in 2011

India can build nuclear aircraft carrier, warships

Hurricane Felicia Strengthens To Cat Four - Well Offshore WSW Baja California - AFP

Setting the record straight

Caltech researchers show how organic carbon compounds emitted by trees affect air quality

Climate bill may fall by the wayside

Europe's biogas plants growing

Award-Winning Solar Reflectors Will Cut Production Costs

Fumes from rotting seaweed on France's northern beaches could kill

Award-Winning Reflector to Cut Solar Cost

Global warming will see 'billions at war'

Wildfire Costs and Impacts

Despite fertility declines, world population growth is not slowing

Dirty Coal Group Joining Teabagger Effort To Disrupt Town Hall Meetings (crosspost)

U.S. Needs to Add 45 Nuclear Reactors, Emissions Study Finds

Magic Of The Marketplace, Chap. 231 - Science Writers Axed Left & Right At Leading Newspapers

Brazilian TV Spots Urge New Approach To Water Conservation - Pee In The Shower - Guardian

Looks Like Williams Is Off The Hook Again

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 5)

I went to a Hempstead Town Board meeting yesterday and a hockey game broke out.

NFL official helps Patriots tackle the new ‘Brady Rule’

Lou Holtz is NOT running for congress.

NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning agrees $97m dollar deal

Battle Brewing Over Giant Desert Solar Farm

Silence from Fenway

The Mets now have TEN PLAYERS (!!!???) on the DL...

Giants Have Most Expensive Beer in Baseball

New rule! If you're going to post every time your insignificant douchebag team wins----

Bettman may have to clean up his own mess

What baseball team currently has the longest winning streak in MLB?

Ali at Yankee Stadium!

Venezuelan will expropriate the country's two largest coffee processing companies, President Hugo Ch

Clashes at Honduras student protest


Cracks in local support for Zelaya expulsion

Chavez: Venezuela to buy more tanks over US threat

Speaking of Democracy, Honduras, and President Obama. . .


Giordano: After Some Technical Difficulties, We're Back

Bishop says wealthy elite behind Honduran coup

From resistencia morazan - Civil Aviation Authority and other workers groups join strike

Obama's national security adviser roils the waters even more

Venezuela's draft media law. good God!!!!

Brazil Opposes Holding Elections in Honduras under De Facto Government

Siding With The Generals: The Independent On Honduras

As of today, fly into or out of Honduras at your own risk

Venezuelan National Assembly Discusses Combating Media Terrorism

Uribe wins some, loses some on whirlwind tour (make that "won ONE.")

Given revisionist's posts re Hiroshima, vets may want to read "The Invasion That Didn’t Happen"

Haaretz survey: Half of public thinks gays are deviants

Hamas sponsors mass wedding in Gaza

Haaretz survey: Half of public thinks gays are deviants

South Africa Urged to Prosecute Soldiers Over Gaza, SAPA Says

IDF: Hamas seized 3 UNRWA ambulances in Gaza

Hamas rockets a war crime: Human Rights Watch

New Assault Weapon Must Be Banned!!

Republicans 'troubled' by US policy on Israel

From Sheikh Jarrah to Sheikh Munis

Hezbollah stockpiles 40,000 rockets near Israel border

Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin Helps Advance Reform, Will Bring Up Single Payer Health Amendment

Today in Labor History Aug 6 Socialist antiwar meetings in Minnesota drew huge crowds of up to 20,00

Job openings (Mn)

9/11 First Responders Continued To Report Health Problems For Six Years After Attacks

Economic Report: July Jobs Losses Down 100,000 From June

Labor Joins Illinois Government, Employers In Helmets To Hardhats Agreement With Army Reserve And NG

Economic Report: 45 Percent of Women Skip Cancer Screening Due to Prohibitive Costs

Turning the Economy Around – Rebuilding the Labor Movement with Young Workers at the Forefront

Postal Workers Oppose Senate Bill That Threatens 39 Years Of Collective Bargaining Gains

Job Posting: Title: Worker Center Network Coordinator

CWA Newsletter: TNG-CWA Wins Landmark E-Mail Case After 9-Year Battle

NABET-CWA to Union-Busting NBC: 'We'll Walk and Take Advertisers With Us'

New report on Rite Aid union busting will be released Aug. 10

Congratulations Justice Sotomayor!

A Champion for Workers’ Safety


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Bella: My ten month old Golden Retriever

Lily says HEY! (as we say down South)

I can't let Blue_in_AK have all the fun ...

Blackbird Fly

A pretty Southern town in the Heat, and OH so GREEN

Where I've been hanging out for a week.

A couple from Chicago a couple of years ago.

Men with livelier, more plentiful sperm live longer

Benefit of Popular Spinal Surgery Is Questioned

HR 3200 Mis-information Campaign

So where does Senator Kerry stand on health care legislation and why is he MIA? (re-direct)

Metal compounds fatal in human neuronal and fetal cells

NOAA now expects quieter hurricane season

Back From the Brink - Saving the World's Fisheries

Arbitration agreements - can I refuse?

Witchcraft Job Draws 3,000 Applicants

Geithner Takes Regulators to Task on Turf Battle

Despite Bailouts, Business as Usual at Goldman

Hunger hits Detroit's middle class (armed guards for food)

The Fed Buys Last Week's Treasury Notes

Night sky brings town an air of distinction

Haaretz survey: Half of public thinks gays are deviants

Rate of rejected signatures opposing same-sex referendum in Washington increases

Rainbow Lounge Investigation Reveals 19 State Policy Violations

Coming out early: the fight to help LGBT youth

I just wanted to stop in and say Hi.

Which is the preferred term these days, LGBT or GLBT? or does it matter?

GREAT story from GD for once (about a random act of kindness).

Lunar eclipses make my stomach hurt!

Phew. Yay, Justice Sotomayor.

I am going to post another song and this one I am dedicating to

I'm baaaaack!

Happy Birthday! to Me! Send me some love!

ricochetastroman (Rick) will be having heart bypass surgery Friday, August 7th

Seeking career advice, insights

The Jews that I've known did not concern themselves with Heaven or Hell.

A New Therapy on Faith and Sexual Identity

Secret mission to expose L. Ron Hubbard as a fake

this simple salad just came together in a perfect way

Google Bans and Buries Web Sites-Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's Campaign Site Is Latest to Get Blocked

Lloyd Doggett announces healthcare events: Please attend

Something big is coming down and it is world wide....

9/11 phone calls to feature in C4 doc