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Did Israel play a role in 1979 South Africa nuclear test?

Denver Post: Stand up for working women: Pass EFCA

So ummmmm, Keith and MSNBC

Update: Cable providers push back against anti-birther ad

On Ed Schultz today, a person attending the event had a great line ...

Michael Moore: Keith Olbermann to Expose Congressional Opponents of Universal Health Care Tonight!

the triumph of Keith O over Bad Journalism

Olbermann's 2nd Worst Person Tonight Is Bill'O The Clown

Citizens are waiting for leaders to provide public-care option

You know what you are, senator.

did anybody else hear Keith just say Rupert and Billo in Worst Persons????

Today in Labor History: Poland cracks the Iron Curtain


Is a person only eligible for the Presidency if both of his or her parents were citizens?

I sure hope President Obama and his advisors and speechwriters are watching Olbermann tonight ......

Sarpy County to open first DEMOCRATIC headquarters (ever)

If you were a congress critter and you were at a town hall and you were getting shouted down .......

Tipping Point? Glenn Beck Fan Arrested With Guns and Ammo

Tax Revenues Post Biggest Drop Since Depression

Tamiflu-Resistant Swine Flu Found Near US-Mexico Border

Breaking: Big Dawg en route to North Korea to negotiate for release ofthe two captured journos

Breaking: Big Dawg en route to North Korea to negotiate for release ofthe two captured journos

More Troops Heading to Afghanistan?

Boehner: Democrats Will ‘Feel the Heat in August’

So I'm kind of suspicious about ORLY'S citizenship.

This digital TV conversion was frustrating, expensive

No vote on Sotomayor. No progress in the senate on health care. Reid has to

Cash for Clunkers Gains Senators' Support

So much for Keith 'not taking shots at Faux News' n/m

eviction laws in california (foreclosed property) - need help please!

Ensign watchers - more emails

"You were elected to restore this country." Keith Olbermann to...

"You were elected to restore this country." Keith Olbermann to...

The Olberman Comment MUST be sent to the in boxes of ALL blue dogs.

For the first time, the NRA has weighed in against a Supreme Court nominee

Major Parvo outbreak in Michigan, hundreds of dogs dying

Something I Just Sent To a RWingnut

Sen. Sherrod Brown responds on health care.

"Tolerance" my ass!

Town Hall Meetings Should Have Rules.......

Draft Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for Arizona U.S. Senate in 2010: Time to send John McCain Packing

Tax Revenues Post Biggest Drop Since Depression

Should someone contact the Australian gentleman whose birth certificate was used as a template?

Keith has me wetting myself from laughing so much

Not meaning to sound like a "concern troll", but I could use some

Forged Kenyan Document Splinters ‘Birther’ Movement

The Screamers and Deathers Are Going To Backfire Like The Teabaggers And Birthers

Let me see if this is correct, Dan Rather supposed forged documents...

A Look at Democrats Targeted by House GOP

I watch alot of British TV (on BCC America)

Desperate Plea for Suffering Dogs Ignored! - Pennsylvania earns another black eye

Sean Hannity and Rick Perry share the stage (and the brain cell)

apparently the hadron collider needs

apparently the hadron collider needs

YES!!! The Ted Baxter voice is back!!!

OMG, an Olbermann BOBBLEHEAD?????

Did slanthead really post a poll that says...

Freepers/Birthers, a special message for you all

Master Rebators!

Mr. Gates vs. the Townhall Screechers.

"One of These Things is Not Like the Other" (birthers and racism)

Glen Greenwald "surprised" by the Olbermann denial

Well according to Keith, Glen Beck must have been reading DU, he's apparently mentioned

Report: Bill Clinton heading to N. Korea

3 US Circuit Court judgeships to become vacant this month, as of right now

Which is the more pathetic short-lived Republican hoax?

If the rest of the Senate votes along party lines Sotomayor will be confirmed 64-34

This Modern World - A clear and compelling vision: Hope for eventual change - By Tom Tomorrow

"Are you oneathem there BIRTHERS?" LOL

Is This the Source of the Forged ‘Kenyan Birth Certificate?’

Awwww, our little ethics chior is going to be sad, jurors can't reach a verdict in third day of

Bill Clinton going to North Korea re: the two incarcerated journalists

Freepers discussing UK Article on huge number of death threats against Obama

Pre-existing Condition

A good question about Health care systems around the globe.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Supreme Leader wouldn't kiss Ahmadinejad -- I think the love is dying

Well Quinipac is asking questions, and the poll includes

Corker you are a fucking liar (on Hardball)

We need a list - of all the lobbying firm dirty tricks. Is there a place

CNN's second 100 day report card poll....Vote

CNN's second 100 day report card poll....Vote

Comcast subscribers: If MSNBC is not available in HD on your teevee, here's the Comcast link...

Olbermann "lying" about reason for his decision to stop criticizing O'reilly, media critic says

I have one small problem with the "cash for clunkers" program.

I need help !!

a secret weapon in the War on Faux news in the public square...

Everybody that keeps talking about Secret Service this and that...

Fears rise over side effects of Tamiflu as cases of adverse reactions double in a week

C Street followers, heads-up

Scorched British Columbia

Holy Shit, The Freepers Are Nuts... (Freeper Classic)

The Dog Days of Summer.

digby: The Village Idiots Fall In Line

Should Congress Have Government Run Healthcare While WE Don't?

Reuters: Loudly, some Kansans reject Guantanamo detainees

Healthcare Townhall Meeting Report

Healthcare Townhall Meeting Report

More than 6,400 lightning strikes lead to 122 new fires across Oregon

Anonymous Posters Named in Defamation Suit

Civil political discourse is DEAD

found on another board

Why are we giving the brain dead wingnut morans such major publicity?

NYT Arts: A World Springs to Life on an Urban Wall (Manhattan)

Republicans, Healthcare and Money

Cyber-Security Czar Quits Amid Fears of NSA Takeover

deleted dupe

Cubist Poll.

Many of us have now seen the Australian Birth Certificate in question...can we all PLEDGE

Vt. taxi service allows patrons to decide fares

Pope Signs Record Deal For Popular Chant Album

Ha ha ha csmonitor links youtube video entitled "Orly Taitz loses her damn mind"

Anti-tax-fairness group using convicted forgers, thieves and sex offenders to gather signatures

Anti-tax-fairness group using convicted forgers, thieves and sex offenders to gather signatures

Have the cops gone on a power trip?

So, has anyone ever sent anything to ?


The Nation: Race, Lies, and Health Scares

Best comment about Oily Taters interview on MSNBC:

Top 10 Reporters vs. Hurricanes

BREAKING NEWS: GOP Releases New Official Seal

I like "Nut Radio" better as a descriptor than "Talk Radio"

To engage the birther fantasists is futile; to dismiss them, reckless

"Some say" Bob Corker molests animals

Can you sue a TV programme for mind rape?

WJ discussion -Cash for Clunkers

FREEPERS, do YOU have health care? Even living in your moms' basements?

The people who we should feel sorry for about the fake Kenyan BC:

True Stories of What ails the labor movement

NY Times: States in Distress

In America, anyone can just about say anything that they want...

Who is Bert Folsom?

How many votes will Sotomayor get today?

How many votes will Sotomayor get today?

TOON: This Modern World -- Hope for Eventual Change

"Its not easy being a messenger of God." Yeah, I said it to my mother yesterday.

Drop Your Pants For The MOON THE BALLOON Protest

Police probe underage driving YouTube video (Idiot parents)

Man, where were all you presidential legitimacy people eight years ago

So, does Oily Taintz actually make money from all this "birther" crap...

We'll show 'em! Eventually. (Report: Freedom Tower won't be built until 2018)

Right-Wing Rhetoric Is Working To Incite The Crazies

If the birthers/town-hall-disturbers are being bussed around, WHO is organizing???

Specter to Face Primary Challenge From Sestak(Officially Announced)

Kucinich among friends on health care

37 - The Most Important Number in Politics Today

Orly Taitz

Christian Science Monitor: Birther leader Orly Taitz implodes on MSNBC

Has your career path been influenced by health benefits?

Another ReThug Ambush - Town Hall Rep Kagan in Green Bay

Day 2 of Doonesbury visits C Street in Washington DC is PERFECT!

Let's make the lurking Freepers happy

White House uses Web against Drudge attack

A Denver lawyer sues to overturn TABOR

No joy in Birther-Freeperland: One of their own has called them "idiots"

Critics of the public option

Afghan Elections Leave Analysts Fearing the Worst

So the Repub party is sending disruptors to Town Hall

U.S. Incomes Fall 1.3%, Biggest Drop in Four Years

Random thoughts on the state of the nation

Gibbs calls the town-hall protestors "astroturfers" and "Brooks Brothers Brigade"

Obama's Irish birth certificate

Ready for this? Nukes in Burma report

Was this response too harsh??

The Eliminationists.

Report: Driver inattention caused turnpike wreck in which 10 died

Report: Driver inattention caused turnpike wreck in which 10 died

Number of Americans taking antidepressants doubles

Strange New Air Force Facility Energizes Ionosphere, Fans Conspiracy Flames

Mom Finds Baby for Sale on Craigslist

HR 3200 Health Care Reform

Mott said he learned how to construct the devices while he was serving in the Navy

Huff Post: For The Modern GOP, It's A Return To The "White Voter Strategy"-long-term losing strategy

Husbands want freedom on August 15 (India's Independence Day)

Husbands want freedom on August 15 (India's Independence Day)

SWIFT BOATER Rick Scott-Emails-Spread Sheets Of Town Halls To "TEA PARTY PATRIOTS"

Australian Bomford Amused His Birth Certificate Used In Faking Kenyan BC

Just watched KO's Special Comment -- Ginny Brown-Wait's been reading my comic!

"Thug Life GOP" - Rachel Maddow

CommonDreams: Tel Aviv Murder Reflects Israeli Fears

Great quote from Jackie Robinson about Republicans...

Michele Bachmann still harvesting federally subsidized farm profits

It will be a Hell in America

CNN bimbo calls soaring stock market a "Clawback" from last year

As a Liberal I feel like dog shampoo

Some RW'er email: "Obama to sell B2 bomber plans to China"

New Gallup Poll - Bad News, TERRIBLE News, for The Republican Party

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

The Politijabber Who Found The Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate Template

I just saw the FUNNIEST

Morning Jerk and Uncle Pat try to dismiss the reich wing disruption strategy.

Kagen (WI-D) Listening Session On Health Care Disrupted By repukes

DUCK & COVER -- Illinois Tornado, straightline winds (downstate)

DUCK & COVER -- Illinois Tornado, straightline winds (downstate)

Rachel Maddow: "Oh my god, did you just hear they found Obama's real birth certificate?!"


The Violence Of The Right

The Jackson children might as well be named Jarndyce

This Just In - Another Republican Sex Scandal

I am so sick and tired of hearing about "60".

Bashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools

But Geithner could have just answered the fucking question, right? So fuck Geithner.

Britain To Put CCTV Cameras Inside Private Homes

So, how did Obama get those birth announcements in those newspapers in Hawaii decades ago?

Goldman Sachs, the lords of time

Teabaggers, Birthers and Deathers..


"Why Extreme Inequality Matters"

"Why Extreme Inequality Matters"

Emails reveal Ensign’s staff knew about affair, "as long as a year ago"

How it works in modern Journalism

How it works in modern Journalism

Britain: National Health Service hospital faces privatisation

NAACP calls Dobbs' "extremist fixation with President Obama's citizenship" "outrageous"

Whoopie--a town hall meeting that DIDN'T get disrupted!

Sen. Ensign's Dad Could Lose Casino Project Over Scandal

Birthers vindicated and every suspicion they hold of Obama is now verified as FACT

Protecting the status quo, at UnitedHealth

Republican Health Care Politics and Right Wing Thuggery

Pentagon furious over call for execution of captured soldier

A question about "Cash for Clunkers"

Teabaggers infiltrate Rep. Kagen's listening session in Green Bay

Sickening example of how far the anti-gay crowd will go to "cure" someone

Anonymous Posters Named in Defamation Suit

The August Health Care Battle

Is the M$M up to something?


Conservative Astroturf Mobs Having The Opposite Effect? Doggett "more resolved than ever" for HCR

Hugo Chavez: When the working class roars, the capitalists tremble


Isn't it ironic that the Republicans that protest the public health plan will use it the most.

What They Are Really Saying in Congress About Healthcare Reform....

Doggett undeterred by unruly right-wing mob, says he remains ‘more committed than ever’

Meanwhile, back at one of the Wars....

Oily Taitz, the gift that keeps on giving

Senate Democrats Willing to Bypass GOP on EVERYTHING


Rally around the President ... ahhhh ... anybody seen him lately?

A question I would like to hear asked of Reid

Bernie Sanders I love you

Suspended Boston police officer Barrett sues commissioner, mayor

OMFG!!! I Just Discovered I Have Relatives Who ARE NOT Natural Born Citizens

Damn! Keith is pulling NO PUNCHES!

Caller to hartmann gives contact info for Nazi orgs

I feel left out... The Disrupter's aren't coming to my town....

loony professor sits at Wash. Journal's table this a.m.

Clinton Era Freshman tells Blue Dogs to "Get Some Guts"

Olberman: Health reform now or else

Flashback: Obama Supported Barrow In Primary Because He Would Fight For ‘Access To Affordable Health

The Unintended Consequences Of Mob Harassment

Daily Kos Diary: Senator Ben Nelson is Feeling the Pressure

Faint Praise for Obama on Healthcare

Fox’s Beck begs viewers not to turn violent

The Peacock Factor in disrupting Town Hall Meetings

There is no point to having these town hall meetings for health care

In a nutshell what did Keith Oldermann say or do tonight?

In a nutshell what did Keith Oldermann say or do tonight?

So should we fight fire with fire and disrupt "listening sessions" with repuke congress critters?

PALIN-TAITZ 2012! It's here!

Name for the Townhall Trolls:

Olbermann responds to Greenwald's charges against Richard Wolffe

Olbermann responds to Greenwald's charges against Richard Wolffe

Are there any banks or corporations that are free of corruption?

Reid thinks the votes are there to extend Cash-for-Clunkers by end of week

Man who helped rescue Hepburn has died

Limbaugh lost 90 lbs; 3-1 odds he's back on the junk

Rachel is nailing the Insurance companies for inciting Town Hall attacks.

Why did Orly Taitz go to Tel Aviv and not London?

UK Government To Install Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes

Don't mess with Lou Dobbs! He's got Chuck Norris backing him!

press conference everyone singing happy birthday to Pres Obama

If they keep this up, the party will be over

Damning photo evidence of the depth of Kenyan BC coverup

Damning photo evidence of the depth of Kenyan BC coverup

The crazies are pushing us toward single payer, in spite of themselves.

Time for a new Church Committee? What should we do about it?

If Orly Taitz is a dentist, doesn't that mean that somewhere in

GOP-organized MOB TACTICS worked before. Remember?

John McCain was born in Kenya, too. I have proof.

"Pressure mounts over allegations of British complicity in torture" by Richard Norton-Taylor (8-4-09

If Gates' Yelling in His Home Was Disorderly

Shuster reporting news release from NK that Kim Jong-Il has ordered release of journalists.

Shuster reporting news release from NK that Kim Jong-Il has ordered release of journalists.

I need some help dealing with a racist family member

DeMint Says “Cash For Clunkers” Is “Stupidity” — But South Carolina Car Dealers Like It!

Rope. Tree. Justice.

Campaign to Bring Orly Taitz Back on MSNBC!

The media should SHUT UP about Clinton's trip to Korea....they could be endangering the fate of the

Clinton to deliver tough message to Kenya's leaders

If something happened to Bill Clinton while in North Korea

Just how did Mr. and Mrs. Obama smuggle the infant Barack

Freeper heads are exploding. They are fixated over how we negotiated terrorist North Korea.

Breaking!! Paparazzi photo of little Barack being smuggled into Hawaii sufaces:

There needs to be a Congressional investigation

President Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table (re-direct)

Attack of the unrecommend trolls

Why does Orly Taitz hate my computer? I tried to go to her targets conservative Democrats on health care

Billy Lee Riley dies at 75; rockabilly pioneer did 'Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll'

Crazy Landlord Fights Heat Wave With Air Conditioning Ban

Could Reconciliation Bring Single Payer Back From the Dead?

Dan Rather Sues CBS CEO Moonves, Ex-CBS Pres Heyward For $70M

DU -- FreedomWorks Blog wants your comments. What say you?

Fraudster's Anti Reform Group Takes Credit for Helping Gin Up Town Hall Rallies

Media report - North Korea 'pardons' two journalists.

Iran: The Green Brief #48 (August 3,4 - Mordad 12,13) Latest news from Iran

Keeping Their Eggs in Their Backyard Nests

Mission Accomplished!! Thank you President Clinton!

"Astroturf" is too mild a term for what they're doing.

So if Cheney was still President,would those journalists have had a chance of ever seeing

Wow, did you hear that caller on Ed's radio show?

Petra Solar Inks Deal with New Jersey Utility for World’s Largest Pole Solar Project

You can't refuse The Clenis!

I just came from

Birthers demand video proof of Obama's birth

Have an Orly-free Tuesday. . . . CAPTION her and get her out of the way!!!

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick

Wasn't McCaffrey one of the Pentagon media hacks?

Controversial Student Absence Policy Considered by Modesto

At some point, does Major Cook face any consequences for his

Happy Birthday President Obama!

Republicans under Bush vs. under Obama

It's A Conspiracy, I Tells Ya!!!!!

Happy Birthday President Obama

a rather simple question about USPS

when I was teaching dental students, we always had one bat shit crazy

The ideal ticket for 2112: PALIN-TAITZ!!!! . . . Let's show them what grassroots is all about.

For The Modern GOP, It's A Return To The "White Voter Strategy"

Sen Kent Conrad (D-ND) is on w/Charlie Rose saying co-ops are the best we can get

In praise of Sec. Ray LaHood...

I just want to take a moment to say one damn thing about Obama

Go Shuster - expose these GOP thugs

Is Bolton saying that he'd rather have Americans languish away in a NK prison?

Fight in August

House GOP Targeting 70 Democrats In 2010 Rebound Hopes

So NOW do you all get why we LOVE Keith...

msnbc reporting that john 'the mustache' bolton was not happy that the clenis prevailed

Angry white people (Birthers, anti-health reform, tea-baggers..)

A moment of quite meditation for our right wing friends ... They are hurting

Calling all Web Developers: The GOP website NEEDS YOU

Special message for freepers - NO Kenyan birth certificates AT ALL were issued before 1963.

Orly dahlink! Vy vont Rush and Hannity and Beck have you on der choes?

Real Christians vs Selfish Heretics

"Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder" = most redundant headline, ever?

How not to report on health care protesters

FYI : "inciting a riot..."

Happy Birthday Mr. President: Antigua’s gift is to rename highest peak “Mount Obama”

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

How Come CBS Journalists Can’t Recognize Paid Lobbyists When They See Them?

I am psychic (yes, REALLY), and I know what's going on here.

**One More Time**Unrecommend means not recommended, NOT "this doesn't belong on the Greatest Page"

Q: We won't start euthanizing the elderly until we've reinstated the death tax, right?

**One More Time**Unrecommend means not recommended, NOT "this doesn't belong on the Greatest Page"

Of all the problems the GOP/Bush-era has left us with ...

Obama: 30 Death Threats a Day

VIDEO: If you have ANY doubt the "birther" movement is not turning violent

Our mission: Show up at the townhalls and be louder than they are

Our mission: Show up at the townhalls and be louder than they are

CNN Privately Pressed Cable Operators Not To Run Ad Attacking Lou Dobbs

Come have fun with the teabagger!

Neo Cons for the Bomb: More Advice from the Men Who Brought You Iraq

How do we counter pro-insurance hecklers at Democratic town-hall meetings?

I am concerned about Obama's origins...


Help! Need assistance debunking anti-healthcare email

Clinton's mission to N Korea had been planned for weeks (Politico)

Where do you think the Korean/journalist incident would have been under a McCain administration?

Obama Told Dem Senators To Keep Working With GOP On Health Care

The $221,000 baby

Still no vote on Sotomayor. I thought is was to be today. Republicans held it up

Barbara Boxe has a new book: Blind Trust

"Why did Hillary rush to Kenya if the birth certificate I provided was not legitimate?"

My bank wants to loan me more money than I asked for?

Bwahahaha - radio yapper Gunny Bob resigns

Bwahahaha - radio yapper Gunny Bob resigns

Hey guys... we can all relax... Global Warming is no big deal!

Calif: Judges Orders Early Release Of 40,000+ Inmates (to be able to provide adequate medical care)

Oh boy, here it comes, SARAH PALIN LOVER REVEALED!

Extreme Shepherding

Household Incomes in U.S. Weaken, Threatening Consumer Spending Recovery

If I were from PA, after watching Specter, Toomey, and Sestak on Hardball today, I'd vote for

"W" can be the envoy to another realm also.

Alert! MSNBC is about to reveal what we all knew yesterday about the fake birth certificate.

Alert! MSNBC is about to reveal what we all knew yesterday about the fake birth certificate.

Does the Senate have the votes to pass the House version of the Clunkers?

Why is it so hard to understand?

Why is it so hard to understand?

Meet Levi Johnston's "team"

The "left" has its 9-11 issues , but it does not EVEN compare to the "meeting disrupters" & birthers

CNN asks why Al Gore wasn't involved with Korean Reporters since they were Current TV

Is Bill Clinton 'the man'?

Good News, Bad news

Media Matters Works to End Lou Dobbs' 'Birther' Talk

Internet Tough Guy stories

Health care reform

Have you heard about the MoveOn movie?

Web war between Obama and Drudge

Rihanna Requesting "Less Restrictive Protective Order" Against Chris Brown

FreedomWorks Board of Directors -- Cancer Treatment Centers of America??

"If you can have 'A Night With Mark Twain' or 'A Night With Will Rogers,' why not Molly Ivins?"

A weird question and pondering

Shape of planet blogging

Reading Schama's latest book has me fired up and ready to go

Introduction to High School government studies courses

3rd suicide on one Chicago Metra line this year. Is this normal?

3rd suicide on one Chicago Metra line this year. Is this normal?

GOP caves on 'clunkers,' ensuring Senate vote this week

Anyone participating in National Night Out Against Crime tonight?

Who are these people?

Additional Forged Letters to Congress Uncovered

Tweety: Teabaggers @ Town Hall Meelings "like Iran! the streets of Tehran!"

Land of Opportunity . . . a meme whose time has gone?

Austin Moves to Beef Up Non-Discrimination Policy

Where's Condi?

Lost dog collects clues which lead rescuers to her family

Top Cash for Clunkers Trade-Ins and New Cars

New Fox Conspiracy: Cash for Clunkers Will Allow Gov’t To Seize ‘All Of Your Personal Info'

Be Careful Things are getting nasty

Did you really imagine the right was going to release their necrotic grip on power via democratic

Ensign Votes against Sotomayor to Protect 'Sanctity'

Cryptic sign at Jiffy Lube

Breaking on Maddow - Fmr Prez Bill Clinton heading to N Korea to negotiate release of journalists...

Would there be all this "outrage" if Obama were white?

Glenn Beck's fans insane? Best opening line of a news story I've seen in months

Here is the group that's sponsoring the threat mobs at events.

Is Chris Matthews Really That Stupid - Third Show In A Row He Leads......

The Destruction of the Black Middle Class

Media demagogues who whip up right wing discord forget one very important thing

Diane Schuler drove erratically for 60 miles before Taconic Parkway accident(8 killed)

Automated traffic camera cought 10,000 violation in one month--$1 million worth

Harpers Magazine - Great Story On Astroturf/False RW Grassroots Protests Sponsored By Corporations

President Clinton in N. Korea ---pix--->>

Clean up on aisle MSNBC...Olbermann spilled blood tonight.kicking ass and taking names.

Looks like right wing will target Jim Moran's town hall with Howard Dean on August 25

"No Liberal or Progressive will lose their Seat(Congress) if the Public Option

A Message for Teabaggers over 65 !!!!!!!!!!!

Food Bank Report..Chicago Area

Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table

LA Fire Department shuts rescue units **THANKS REPUBLICANS**

Colorado law makes it illegal to throw things at bicyclists..

Colorado law makes it illegal to throw things at bicyclists..

Redflex Red-faced about Automated Traffic Ticket Notices

Kim Jong il simply seeks attention

Why are foreign cars eligible for Cash for Clunkers?

If Bill Clinton gets the journos released from N Korea, we should send them right back ......

3 Americans arrested in Iran - Extreme Zionists or backpackers?

"Save your bullets/ammo for the Obama administration."

A TV news junkie most of my life, and I've stopped cold turkey w/out a thought

AAA South Pledges Family Memberships to Same-Gender Spouses

AAA South Pledges Family Memberships to Same-Gender Spouses

I'm going to work very hard for Joe Sestak.

White House uses Web against Drudge attack

Why don't the Dem's put out commercials with Insurance Lackeys

For my 1000th post...

For my 1000th post...

Hundreds of pounds of explosives were stolen from the Port of Walla Walla.


MSNBC: The two jouranilsts have now been released in North Korea

Erik Prince (Blackwater) Implicated In Murder

Compare these two documents

driving into work today i saw the Obama 'joker' signs on many street poles

Phony outrage over birth---NO outrage over phony war

The Nation: Greetings From California: Letter From a State in Crisis

The Nation: Greetings From California: Letter From a State in Crisis

I just love this pic :)

Harvad tells Gates to consider moving

Issa wants answers from Emanuel

Australian Bomford on radio CONFIRMS his birth certificate

Lazy Candy Crowley

I am never working a non-union job again if I can help it

Between saving the ship crew from the Somali pirates, and the two journalists from N Korea....

Richard Wolffe "Will Not Be Appearing With Us" Until Conflict Sorted Out: Olbermann

Ah the propaganda is thick... local news

The R Nightmare IS Coming True: Obama Is Being Successful

They've gone down the rabbit hole over at FreeRepublic (no, they've REALLY gone down it)

****One More Time***** Unrecommend means it is a vote against the thread going to the Greatest Page

****One More Time***** Unrecommend means it is a vote against the thread going to the Greatest Page

Today's GOP Meets the Definition of a "Cult"

Woman cheats on boyfriend, he pulls out her hair weave

Remember the Mama gorilla who didn't want to let go of her dead baby?

Doonesbury - Day #2 at C Street with the Family

Idolize the wealthy and deplore the poor

Rep. Sestak officially launches bid against Sen. Specter

Rep. Sestak officially launches bid against Sen. Specter

The Rude Pundit: Time to Join the Fight Against the Right-Wing Townhall Uprisings?

If Sarah Palin really DID cheat on Todd with his business partner...

Women stick together against cheating lover. Revenge plot included Krazy Glue, authorities say

Patrick Fitzgerald Gets a Promotion

Classic Eugene Robinson -The Berserk 'Birthers'

81-Yr Old Urinates in Park (update w/video)

Illiterate Birthers Wandering Around Capitol, Annoying Staffers, Twitter About It

Always Remember, They Don't Give a Fuck !

Think About It: The Republicans Are Afraid The Gov't Will Do A Better Job at Health Insurance

Indication of bias at ABC? Transcript repeatedly capitalizes "Republicans," but not "democrats."


Whats the deal with the incessant "free credit" commercials on CNN

Orly Taitz responds to forgery charges

Big Dawg's (hopefully) successful mission to N Korea will be a big win...

I've seen fire and I've seen rain.

I guess they must be right...the TV tells me I formally ask that we privatize police & fire

I guess they must be right...the TV tells me I formally ask that we privatize police & fire

CIA director issues a warning to Congress

Looks like the progressive caucus is going to let us down......

Looks like the progressive caucus is going to let us down......

Help me have some fun with OK Rep. Sally Kern

"Why is Orly Taitz in Israel Two Days After Submitting a Forged Obama Birth Certificate...

Happy Birthday Helen Thomas! - pics

CBS revives "Let's Make a Deal!!

My letter to Congressman Tim Johnson, in response to his health-care op-ed

Repost: "Follow the M3 money to hell" by Jerry Mazza (started 10-27-08)

I wonder if Daryl Cagle is going to get sued by Palin....

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Michelle Obama gives up organic dream

Senator Dorgan at a DPC Hearing on the Exposure of Soldiers to Sodium Dichromate

Ken Ham of Creation Museum lies to children in book saying dinosaurs lived with man.

Remember the last time Republicans sent Angry Mobs to Disrupt Something?

40 years after Stonewall

Rec this thread if you think the GOP's opposition to the Cash for Clunkers

Tea Baggers FAIL to disrupt Health Care meeting, lessons shared.

msnbc 'stocks remained relatively flat today'... dow was up 33 points.

Latino Grandfather, Pregnant Woman Tasered at Baptism — But Don’t Call the Cops Racist

Anybody want to discuss who comes between you and your doctor?

Bill Clinton manages to get a pardon for two journalists held in North Korea

Bill Scher: A Right-Wing Mob Is Not a Majority

Woman who drove wrong way on NY parkway was DUI

Jesse Ventura to spin conspiracies on cable TV (TruTV)

Personal thank you to the gay rights advocates

DNC: GOP 'inciting angry mobs' of 'rabid right wing extremists'

VOTE HERE: DU August 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest Finalists

lol, freepers

Hey, Photoshop experts... please look at the fake Kenyan BC

Kenyan Birth Certificate has place for "Christian Name" - But I thought he was a Muslim.

Obama/Joker? Two can play this game!

Workers of Quad City Die Casting Block Road: Wells Fargo cuts off credit to destroy businesses

What Social/Economic Class Are You A Member Of ?

Deported Activists Ask: What Is Israel Hiding?

Is it weird if an atheist volunteers regularly at a catholic charity?

OH SHIT! Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

The horror of Hiroshima lives on

Man sleeps with four women and gets his parts Krazy Glued!

Why does CODEPINK get lambasted by the MSM when they do so much as lift a finger....

A BIG DU Shout Out To cliffordu, Operation Birther Control Has Succeeded MASSIVELY!!!

OK, guess what the FReepers saying NOW about the Aussie Birth Certificate...

Town Hall Disrupters - THESE TACTICS CAN BE COUNTERED Please Forward This Information

So it appears the anti-war movement for the past 6 years wasn't an anti-war movement at all.

So it appears the anti-war movement for the past 6 years wasn't an anti-war movement at all.

Sibel Edmonds has been subpoenaed folks, in a case involving our old Jean Schmidt from Ohio!

Here's a list of townhall meetings the right-wing mob plans to attend.

DU Song Of The Day

More EMail Gems...

A perfect, slow buildup to a simultaneously thunderous and gentle musical climax.

Rec this post if you think we should be able to rec posts in the Lounge.

Posting from train between Chicago and St Louis

Rio-Houston Flight hits massive turbulence

let`s hear for the 13th floor elevators!


Have you ever had your heart broken??

3weeks-1month until the start of a new ERA and a new beginning

has anyone ever seen an eastern european version of saturday night fever?

There are pretenders among us...

random photos

I just want you all to know that I am there.

I just want you all to know that I was there.

VANILLA FUDGE: What is the bass player strung out on???

I just want you all to know that I am here.

Casper...Catches the bus daily...for the past four years

I Hate Office 2007

How do you mourn the loss of a living child?

Walter Cronkite/Grateful Dead connection explained!

You just can't take a bad picture of a bulldog.

I want to create a thread that never lives.

"Let Your Love Flow", Re-Make From the Prius Ads

I just want you all to know that you did not see me, I was not here.

Let us never forget... The Spear!

What Is Your RISK Strategery?



The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time

I just saw the cutest TV ad I've seen in a long time.

So, Anderson COOPER is on vacation or what?!

for all intensive purposes

Why are State Workers so inept?

Lost --- and found!


Dammit!! I think I have a UTI again!

OMG! They're remaking The Seven Year Itch with William H. Macy and Jessica Simpson

Days Between

A Night in Tunisia

YouTube, Peaches & Herb, "Reunited," American Bandstand

Holy shit what the hell is Skinner's problem?

It amazes me how the human spirit endures...

ENTIRE PERFORMANCE. Mindaugas Piecaitis Catcerto #1 - Nora The Piano Cat

Cool, Funny Dogs Picture. "Alright Guys, No more boating, I'm tired of rescuing your asses"

I just saw leeroysphitz. n/t

YouTube: The Love Unlimited Orchestra, "Love's Theme" conducted by Barry White, for DUer Mr. Scorpio

I didn't know that TWILIGHT was about SEXLESS love and romance

Does some news story ever pop up in the afternoon that gets GD all atwitter but you have no idea....

Were in the hell is "Life in Hell"?

Good morning Lounge

Anyone else watching Shark Week?

What is your RICKMAN Strategery?

Ahnold IS FULLY FRONTAL NUDE in the first Terminator movie.

Congratulations DBoon! 10,000 posts!

OMG! They're remaking Scarface with Al Pacino!

Post Number 10,000!!!!!!!!

Going to see Willie, The Coug and Bob Dylan this evening!

Would you rather be a star player for a losing team, or a pine-rider for a champion?

Joke of the day.

*******HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY to President Barack Obama!!*******

Gone Too Soon

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/4/09

*******HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY to hellbound-liberal!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mainegreen!!*******

So you catch a glue in a mouse trap; what do you do next?

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to never cry wolf!!*******

archival footage of ABBA performing for King Gustaf of Sweden

4 Wis. women accused in bizarre revenge plot

Most ridiculous exercise equipment of all time

Create your own Freeper malapropism...

"Green Waves" My poem for tomorrow night...

Is it still camping if you get 480 satellite channels, use a microwave, and sleep on a Tempur Pedic

Yesterday it was "Get a Brain Morans" guy at the Post Office. Today it was Chuggo at 5 Guys Burgers.

Has anyone here seen 'Evening' with Vanessa Redgrave and Natasha Richardson?

Does anyone else fall asleep standing up in the shower?

So you catch Alison Krauss in a glue trap; what do you do next?

Isn't a natrual born citizen born one of several ways?

My god, I didn't know they made this! The SnuzNLuz!

Happy Birthday Mister President

Ever the early adopter, I finally got to the Harry Potter movie.

Would you rather be an individual champion or a member of a championship team?

One of my clients just knocked me the hell OUT with kindness today

Why moms can’t do yoga

So last night I had to rescue my cat from the top of my bedroom door....

Glenn Beck is a no-neck toad with SPAM in his fat and otherwise devoid skull.

Is there anything worse than being at work w/ nothing to do?

turkey, just picked tomato from the garden on fresh baked "French" bread.

If you catch Jessica Alba in a glue trap, what do you do next?

Any Whitey Herzog fans here?

Is there a way to get radio identification files for different stations?

Punitive Damages

what obscure fact have you learned at DU?

Tip of the day: There's a big difference between antidote and anecdote.

In Junior High, I had the longest nickname ever invented.

Anyone know where I can pick up some brain Beano?

Im hungry and I have bread, tuna, and mustard.

What is your RICK ROLL Strategery?

So you catch a mouse sniffing glue; what do you do next?

A sock puppet we can all relate to.

Remember "Let's Make a Deal?"

I am psychic (yes, REALLY), and I know what's going on here.

Scenes of Summer photo contest is taking entries now in the Photography

Poll: Chinese trust prostitutes more than politicians and scientists.

Any Frank Herzog fans here?

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Miles and Miles O'Keefe....

Holy freakin' crap. Lois! The name "KamaAina" may shortly become obsolete.

My squishkebab, let me show you them (dial up warning.)

Why did G.Washington, etc. wear a white wig?

Check in if you're a Luna Lovegood fan...

Oh look it'sdeeee lounge! I needs to shtop posting under dee influenza!

Who wants to start a DU Squamish team?

You're welcome

Who wants to start a DU Squeamish team?

I want to create a 2nd thread that never dies

Just got a copy of my high school transcripts...bwahahahahahah! I failed clothing!

My Apologies to non Oregon State workers

My Apologies to non Oregon State workers


DU Song Of The Day


How the hell do you reply to a job posting asking for salary requirements?

OK, so you take an electric rice cooker...and some brown rice...and some Swanson Cooking Stock...

Congratulations valerief! 15,000 posts!

Are there any things you avoid, because an old flame liked them?

Anybody else disgusted with HD tv??

Call Me Wesley writes me the sweetest notes.

Does anyone else here dream about something ,and then it happens in real life

A joke thread. (Cuz I can't sleep)

The Super Kitten!

I was running home from high school once...

New magazine Photoshop

"FULLY FRONTAL NUDE" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "FULLY FRONTAL NUDE".

Better Author: Eric Schlosser or Jon Krakauer? (A poll no one will vote on)

What do you like best about DU?

Did No Name No Slogan leave DU?

Does she sound like Madonna?

I tried to make Scalloped Potatoes today

"I made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs."

Congratulations DainBramaged! 20,000 posts!

What makes "German Chocolate" German?

Favorite vinegar-soaked thing

What's your Backgammon Strategy?

How weird am I?

Any Werner Herzog fans here?

I wish our pets outlived us.

A Moose Wanders In To Knox Mill - Got To See This!

I have an interview!

Request for those wonderful Lounge vibes - and some hugs

Just got a birthday card from my State rep - with a "Senior Citizen"

I can't look away: a seriously awful German music vid:

I would totally hire this guy.

The 2 Best Computer PC Games

Do you believe in ghosts and evil spirits?

more black and white 35mm photos :-) [Dialup warning]

Forget Narwhals. I'm all about the PANDA!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!

Photo & Recipe: Paula Deen's BLT with avocado & cream cheese

Screech banned from "Saved by the Bell" reunion, cropped out of group photo

How to separate a big dog and a groundhog: We were driving home along

Fill in the blanks: I'm hungry and I have _________, ________, and ________.

What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

Best Nigerian 419 email ever: Reimbursement to scam victims

Good Thing I had Colonoscopy

Well then, if I'm going to try to quit boozing...

In the world of movie second bananas, Wedge Antilles is a very underrated character.

What Books are you reading this week?

Who is one of your favorite tv gay charactors.

"You're here for ONE reason...JUST TO FUCK US!"

OMG! They're remaking Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore!

In kingdom, Saudi prince's coup 'fails'

Tenn. senator has affair with intern, resigns

Australia: Police swoop on Melbourne homes after Somali Islamists' terror plot exposed

Insecurity and Fears of Fraud Cast Pall Over Afghan Election

NKorea: ex-President Bill Clinton in Pyongyang AP

Clinton's trip to Africa her biggest yet

Deported Activists Ask: What Is Israel Hiding?

AIG taps former MetLife chief Benmosche to be CEO

Former President Bill Clinton is going to North Korea to negotiate for the release of 2 U.S. journal

5 rockets hit Afghan capital, 1 near US Embassy

Several wounded in Thai jet crash

Fed Plans to Strengthen Bank Examinations With Teams of Experts

5 rockets hit Afghan capital, 1 near US Embassy

81-Yr Old Urinates in Park (update w/video)

'Key Mexico drug trafficker' held

White House Counsel's Job at Stake

Obama Brief on State Secrets Rankles the Left

Plane hits control tower at Thai airport, 1 killed

Al Qaeda Offers 'Truce' to President Obama

Thomas Cook staff Dublin sit-in staff arrested

Jail and trial are next for wounded Peru Indians

Teachers killed in violent repression in Honduras

Teachers killed in violent repression in Honduras

Bill Clinton Off to N. Korea to Discuss U.S. Journalists (To Negotiate Release)

Democrats May Bypass Republicans on Health Plan, Schumer Says

Strategy On Flu Under Revision

Makeup of Calif. GOP lags state's ethnic diversity

MI5 and MI6 are 'unaccountable' (over torture methods), report says

Iraq to impose controls on Internet

Post Office Looking at Closing up to 1,000 Offices

Number of Americans taking antidepressants doubles

Unveiled: The honour code for Taliban fighters

NATO OKs new operational command for Afghanistan

White House Hits Back at Drudge in Video

Senate Will Pass 'Clunkers' Extension This Week: Reid

Web war between Obama and Drudge

4 Wis. women accused in lovers' quadrangle plot

Iran Questions Detained U.S. Hikers

UN admits failures in Kenya camp

Historic (SF) Muni streetcars, vehicle collide

Goldman CEO Tells Employees to Tone Down Spending

N.C. Senate could allow bias test in death sentences

Secret Service Cuts Endangering Obama?

House GOP Targeting 70 Democrats In 2010 Rebound Hopes

Antigua's highest peak renamed 'Mount Obama'

Corrupt Ex-Bush official goes on trial over steering money

Housing plan offered help to (only) 15% of borrowers

Clinton Meets Kim In Bid To Free Jailed Duo

Senate Leader Expects to Extend ‘Cash for Clunkers’

Gov't counting on public shame to help loan effort

Adelaide (Australia) man caught up in bid to oust Obama (forgers used his birth certificate)

'Cash For Clunkers' Prospects Bolstered By Feinstein

Tauzin's Pharma Lobbying Efforts "Blessed" By White House

White House mostly mum on Clinton's NKorea mission

Russian troops on high readiness in South Ossetia

Fed judges order Calif. to cut inmate population

Toyota, BMW Beat Analyst Estimates, Prompt Optimism

AFL will cease operations (Arena Football League)

Southern states an epicenter for U.S. job losses

Geithner Vents at Regulators as Overhaul Stumbles

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 4

Sestak Officially Announces Challenge to Specter

Military Lawyer Claims U.S. Paid Gitmo Prosecution Witnesses

(Dan) Rather sues to return CBS execs to $70 million suit

Senators, Advisers Urge Obama to Double Afghan Forces

Senators, Advisers Urge Obama to Double Afghan Forces

Chinese migrants in Algiers clash

Senate Democrats Willing to Bypass GOP on Health Bill

US: Ahmadinejad is elected leader

Mortgage modifications moving at snail's pace

AIPAC slams Obama for honoring 'anti-Israel' ex-Irish president

Guard troops may be needed in troubled Ala. county

Climate Letter Forgeries Stir Outrage (Lobbyist Group Sent Fake Letters to Congressmen)

Correa: Ecuador to take over radio, TV stations

North Korea: 2 U.S. journalists pardoned

Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service

Bogus Debt Collectors Sweep the Country - BBB Issues Emergency Fraud Alert About Widespread Scam

Clinton Meets Detained Journalists, Hope That Pair will Return to U.S. Tomorrow

White House Isn't Concerned by Health-Care Protests (group seeking to create "manufactured anger")

Cop who wrote ‘jungle monkey’ email sues Boston mayor for violating his civil rights

Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S.

Bank Bosses Defiant Over Bonuses

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

Report: Taconic mom drunk, pot in system

Obama 'Joker' Poster Causing a Stir in L.A.

Homeland Secretary Napolitano predicts severe flu epidemic for fall

Taking a Stand on Healthcare


Olbermann: Bernie Sanders on Town Hall Disruptors "Opposite of Freedom of Discussion"

AMERICAN HEALTH CARE: Woman Dies on Hospital Floor

Officer Barrett and the Banana-Eating Jungle Monkey

Olbermann: Keith Debunks Forged "Kenyan" Birth Certificate

Rachel Maddow: The Sen. Ensign Affair - Who Knew What & When?

Olbermann Special Comment Health Care - Unedited PT. 2 (w/ Conclusion)

Young Turks: Conservative Pundits Stoke 'Black Obama' Fear

Sacha Baron Cohen Getting Sued by the "Terrorist" Bruno Interviewed

President Obama Launches Post-9/11 GI Bill

Chris Matthews & Joe Conason Discuss Birther BS: They Want to "Create Fear of a Black President"


Message to Wingnuts

Rachel Maddow & Ana Marie Cox: Birthers echo other "attempts to de-person black people"

Mountain Dew Solves Oil Crisis

The Yes Men Fix the World

White House: No to Tax Hike for Middle Class

Headzup: Ben Nelson Threatens To Kill Health Care Reform

Shocking Facts About Red States

The Two Minutes Hate: August 3, 2009

Jonathan Mahler: The Challenge: Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Jonathan Mahler Part 2 of 2: Executive Authority, Closing Guantanamo, and the Hamdan Case

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Creepy at the EP(a)

Maine Marriage Equality - Vote No To Protect Love

The Dirty Secret About President Obama's Birth Certificate

GRITtv: Abortion Providers Face Uncertain Future

Soldier? Demands Apology From McCaskill At Health Reform Townhall St. Louis, MO

MSNBC; Brutal beatdown of Pat Buchanan and GOP, and they still don't get it

Orly Taitz and Major Cook Challenges Barack Obama s Eligibility

ANIMATION:Afghanistan: The Good War by Ted Rall

AP Raw Video: Obama Visits Press Room on Helen Thomas Birthday

Facts Are Stubborn Things

Mercury is Good for you!

Olbermann: Worst Persons 8/3 - Bill O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch

Rick Sanchez Breaks The News That North Korea Pardons American Journalists

911 Live News Broadcasts - HQ Special Edition

TYT: Near-Riots at Townhall Meetings Are Faked

Rachel Maddow Show: Corporate Lobbyists Inciting Town Hall Hooliganism

MSNBC: Linda Douglass Explains Why The White House Is Taking On Drudge Report Etc

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT: Health Care Obstructionists 'You Were Elected to Restore This Country'

Birther Texas Ranger: Chuck Norris Agrees With Lou Dobbs

Astroturfer Yells For Dodd To Commit Suicide Because Of His Cancer...

Contracts for Wall Street, None for Workers?

CNN: Rep. Doggett Says Town Hall Ambushers Orchestrated By The GOP & Insurance Industry

Poll: Half Of Israelis Feel Those Born Elsewhere Can't Be 'True Israelis'

Right-wing mob targets a Dem in Greenbay

TYT: Turkish Demolition Goes Terribly Wrong

TYT: Ridiculous 'Obama Plantation' Prostest Held In Front Of White House

Play Orly Taitz Off, Keyboard Cat

TYT: Cash For Clunkers - GOP Comes Out Against It

The Coup in Honduras: A Set Back for both Democracy and U.S.-Latin American Unity

Eight Great birthday gifts for President Obama

TYT: RW Nut Accusses Joe Biden Of 'Hate Speech'

Disgraceful and Disrespectful: The Republican Policy Against First Responders

The Ugly Racism of the Right Will Be Their Undoing

Conservatives' selective concern about deficit spending

Baby, You Can Drive My Car . . .

Matthew Yglesias: Here Come the Racists

GOP to America: Be Afraid... Please.

Peter King (R-NY): Health Care Reform Not A Major Issue With Americans

Don't Let GOP Lies Sink Health Care Reform

Townhall Where The Disruption Tactics Were Exposed Ahead Of Time Still Wild

President Surprises Reporter Helen Thomas On Her Birthday In Press Room

Rednecks Claim the Gummint is Trying to Take Away Their 'Clunkers'

MSNBC and Fox: Posing Divided, United They Stand

AFP in Honduras Hung By Its Own Photograph

Specter Supports Single-Payer, Sort of, At Teabaggered Town Hall With Sebelius

Push Back: Town Hall Circus

Health Care Terrorists

Brutal parody of Milbank / Cillizza

Income Loss Persists Long After Layoffs

Follow the Thuggery

How Pay for Healthcare? Make Creationists and Teabaggers pay taxes

O'Donnell Obliterates Birthers & Kenya Birth Cert: "Next Time Just Look Up Basic Kenyan History"

McCain’s Stellar Judgement About Women

Venezuela to Transfer Private Media Concessions to Community Media

Judge: Ohio illegally limits lobbying

Health Insurance Giants Arrest Children While Senators Arrest Seniors, Nurses, Doctors

Human rights activists call for missing Spaniard probe

The left-wing rogues' gallery

Liberal Caught Stealing Obama Birth Certificate Sign

Teddy Kennedy Saw It the Same Way

California budget deal punishes the poor

CNN's Christiane Amanpour 'Schools' Kyra Phillips Over Her Helen Thomas Comment

Coup General: "We're Going After the Protest Leaders" By Al Giordano

Feeling The Sweet Flow Of Freedom With Sean Hannity

The truth about the market rally

Olbermann Special Comment Unedited PT. 1 (w/ Triangle Shirtwaist Disaster Intro)

Video Killed the Radio Star

AlterNet: Right-Wingers Are Stirring Up Xenophobia to Swiftboat Health Reform

Obama Sings Happy Birthday To Helen Thomas, Brings Her Cupcakes

This is perhaps the best explanation of the conservative "mind" ever.

The White House Is Asking For Our Help: See A Health Care Lie? Tell Them (

Wingnutz attack Dave Obey

AMERICAN HEALTH CARE: Skid Row patient dumping

Memo Details Co-ordinated Anti-Reform Harrassment Strategy

We were ignored when we marched by the millions against Iraq.....

Analysis: Clinton to North Korea -- a matter of respect (Kerry coordinated deal)

From Talking Points Memo, a perfect snapshot of today's GOP

BREAKING: Two journalists freed from North Korea

Our 48 yr mission to install a fake POTUS, destroy Xmas and kill seniors is nearly complete!

They don't call him "da Big Dawg" for nothing! Now we need him to go to Capitol Hill

You Got To Give Credit To Obama For Sending Bill Clinton......

main point for Clunkers: CLEANER AIR!

Town Halls need to be for the people of that district.. start carding

Where is Orly Taitz's proof that she is in the U.S legally?

Can you imagine what went through Laura Ling and Euna Lee's mind as Bill Clinton walked in?

"The DNC is out with a stinging rebuke of the tea party protesters"

Barnacle on MSNBC wants Obama to be LBJ in dealing with Congress

AWWWW!! Obama just brought in cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Helen in the briefing room!

What's with all the older people disrupting the town halls?

Krugman: A moveable mob?

My Congresscretin took almost 3 Million Dollars from health care corporations!!

Gibbs Notices The 'Brooks Brothers Brigade' At Work

What Health Reform Means for Veterans (

Michael Moore Comments On Keith Olberman

NC-Sen: Who Wants to Be a Democratic Senate Nominee?

Cash for Clunkers - a catastrophe for next year


I know what you are all asking....How can I help Joe Sestak?!

The thing that really gets to me about Obama's birth...

So Richard Wolffe is now a bad guy.

Cao: My career is probably over

Today 's developments in NK were a great reminder that the adults are back in charge.

Let's Buy Our Own DU Senator!! (Just $10 per DU User!!)

Antigua's Highest Peak Renamed "Mount Obama"

The Hill: President Obama Took A "Calculated Gamble" In Sending Bill To NoKo...

Birthday Present for Barack.... Gallup polls jump in past week

Every Dem. in Congress holding a town hall over the break should start by saying this:

PHOTOS: President Barack Obama wishes Helen Thomas a Happy 89th Birthday

Happy Birthday to President Obama

Happy birthday, Mr President

A sure fire way to shut down the organized disruptors at D town halls

A big fuck you to Obama...

Happy Birthday, President Obama! (from the birthers) (Huffington Post)

USAmericans in exile in Canada

President Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table

If the President wants to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, then let him have it at...

Why is the media giving these Birtha people air time

Castle to Decide on 2010 in 'Month or So'

Bill Clinton's visit is already having effect on Kim Jong Il

Gibbs: Ahmadinejad 'Elected Leader' of Iran

Anyone know what happens to the "Clunkers" after they're traded in?

Kathleen Sebelius: Lifting A Burden Of Worry

Bill Clinton to N Korea re: deal in the works for the release of the two journalists n North Korea

Happy Birthday Mr. President....

hey, the Obama naysayers forgot something

Geithner blasts Bernanke, Bair, Schapiro in "expletive-laden critique" for criticizing reform plans

Instead of celebrating the release of the Journalists. The media is bitching about

Obama Brief on State Secrets Rankles the Left

Minneapolis Mayor Sounding Like a Governor Candidate

Obama to Bill: "Hey, while you're on the road. Can you swing by Iran?"

Presidential Medal of Freedom Honoree Draws Criticism from Jewish Groups

Even Good News of the release of the Journalists held captive in NK is being spinned negatively

A big fuck you to the Obama administration

How is Obama's popularity not rising? 24/7 Obama bashing on TV?

Top takeaways..People are stupid.

Press foiled again-- Re: NK journalist release.

"Christian" Freepers once again espousing the virtues of Christ (north korea journalists)

Eugene Robinson: The Nut Job as Political Force

Why Single Payer Advocacy Matters Now More Than Ever

Here's the video of POTUS and Helen from HuffPo.

Too bad Orly Taitz wasn't born in the U.S

Why did Orly float a forged birth certificate?

MN-06: Tinklenberg Drops Out

Hidden gay slur, search terms, get campaign site blacklisted

Volusia GOP censures Charlie Crist

VA-Gov: Ugly, ugly numbers from PPP confirm Survey USA

What about showing up, en masse, at the insurance companies?

Awww. Happy Birthday, Helen Thomas, too!

Congressional Progressive Caucus Slams Pelosi on Health Care Remark


RW website helps us make the case for Health Insurance Reform. Thank you RW website.

SEC is talking about banning "flash trading." I couldn't find an online definition.

Orly Taitz Melts Down On MSNBC, Blames MSM "Brownshirts" (VIDEO)


25 Repug Reps won't be at Town Hall meetings - they are in Israel

The media saw Obama's poll numbers rise again, and so they made shit up about Taxes!

Facts Are Stubborn Things

Why are birthers intent on Obama not being a natural born citizen?

Shout 'em down w/ "YES WE CAN!". Problem solved.

Smirk (Bush) gave the rich a tax break

President Obama receives 30 Death Threats A Day - 400% More than Bush Did

Shouldn't we be growing "balls" and going after these Conservative Nutcases?

Happy Birthday President Obama & how to talk to a blue dog

Call the craziest on stage on make them answer questions.

What Health Reform Means for Veterans

Zawahri Tells Obama Truce Offer Still Stands

Why don't Dem politicians and "left" pundits refer to the birthers, and GOP, as what they are?

Why are the Righties following foreigners?

I'm so glad we "slowed down" on health care and took a time out.

DU this poll: CNN's 2nd 100 days poll

Healthcare Justice Movement Mourns Loss of Marilyn Clement: June 30, 1935 - August 3, 2009

White House says no to tax hike for middle class

Could you hit this Health Care poll in my local paper please..

I've uncovered it all...


Estúpido John McCain Ataca a Sotomayor: Will Oppose Sonia and Smears her as "Judicial Activist"

Abortion and the Health Care Plan

Parody: Obama debunks birther conspiracy, admits being a Cylon

"I'm surprised you haven't stabbed me with a steak knife here."

Is This the Source of the Forged ‘Kenyan Birth Certificate?’

Aren't the Birthers probably the same people who talk about "anchor babies"?

August Recess: An Breakdown Of The Health Care Fight Ahead

Olbermann to call out Blue Dogs tonight.

Rachel's calling out the Town Hall Hooligans!!!!!

I have some questions for the birthers

Sorting out the facts in Obama-Joker 'socialist' posters around L.A.

So did Michael Steele ever issue a comment on Orly?

Keeping Their Eggs in Their Backyard Nests (Chicken hatcheries can't keep up with demand)

UN and Google Create Climate Change Mapping Resources

Nobel Halo Fades Fast for Climate Change Panel

Earth's Biogeochemical Cycles, Once in Concert, Falling Out of Sync—Climate change, land-use…

Deforestation In Brazil's Amazon At 223 Square Miles In June Alone - Rate Up 4X From May - AFP

As Hebei Province Withers, 5-Yr Delay In S-N Canal Means It Will Supply Beijing's Water - AFP

1C Increase On Subarctic Peatland Experimental Site Boosted CO2 Output Up To 60% Over Study Baseline

Station ALOHA Data Track Course Of Ocean Acidification In Hawaiian Waters

To Date, Pine & Spruce Beetles Have Attacked/Damaged/Killed 45 Million Acres Of N. American Forests

Will a Warmer World Make Us Sicker?

McKinsey: U.S. can meet entire 2020 emissions target while lowering the nation’s energy bill $700B

Hybrid vehicle rebates produce scant environmental benefits, high cost

Israeli vaccine could save bees from colony collapse disorder

Yucca Mountain Dead - Chu & Reid Agree To Defund License Application Funding

States give cyclists room to ride

Studies Question Plug-in Hybrid Mileage - (e.g. Carnegie Mellon Univ research)

1 Year After Olympics, Beijing Air Quality Back To Near-Daily "Unhealthy" Readings - AFP

Public Forests Decision 2009-Definitions

Global Warming will turn out to be no big deal

A very simple fact of baseball


Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 3)

The Rox are 1/2 game ahead of the Gnats in the Wil...Wa...


Sorry to be late with the nightly Natinal v. Pirates thread.

Calling all soccer fans!

Report: Sharks' Roenick to retire

Vick to Packers? GM looking at 'all options'

Very interesting...and difficult. Shit.

The AFL is done.

Patriots sign ex-Raider QB Walter -- does this quell Vick rumors?

It has come to my attention that a certain poster has been tombstoned

Correa: Ecuador to take over radio, TV stations


AFP in Honduras Hung By Its Own Photograph

Guardian: Obama must help Honduras

Jail and trial are next for wounded Peru Indians


Teachers killed in violent repression in Honduras

Brazil VP heading to US for cancer treatment

One golpista down, how many to go?

Coup General: "We're Going After the Protest Leaders"


And so now it is SEVEN

Israel's Barak says U.S. to present peace plan soon

Stop the brutalization of the State of Israel

In West Bank Settlements, Sign of Hope for a Deal

ATF puzzles over newest arms meme

Terra Incognita: How to fake peacefulness

Poll: Labor down to 6 Knesset seats

Clinton slams Israel for evicting Arab families from East Jerusalem

Father shoots and kills, daughter, her foster father, and himself in Dyersburg TN.

Atlanta PD looks at going full auto

USA Today: More seek concealed weapons permits

Israel defends Jerusalem evictions

Israel moves to declare rights groups as foreign agents

Open Carry

The ugly reality of Israel's settlement-made beauty products

The 2A IS Different From The Rest - REDUX

AIPAC slams Obama for awarding 'anti-Israel' former UN official

Is it better to educate children about firearms or keep them away?

Take Action Today to Save Bargaining Rights for Postal Workers

Unions budget up to $15 million for August campaign (to lobby on healthcare)

NYT: Income Loss Persists Long After Layoffs

Labor's heavy hitters in the city (Health Care Rally)

Worker electrocuted, not trained, $29 billion firm should know better

Thousands Rally in PA to End ‘Payless Paydays’

Today in Labor History Aug 4 Some 180,000 Teamsters launched a successful 15-day strike at UPS

Speaking of summer, here's a Scene from Summer, Hogtown-Style

Poll question: Should Congress Have Government Run Healthcare While WE Don't?

Healthcare Justice Movement Mourns Loss of Marilyn Clement: June 30, 1935 - August 3, 2009

More flecky "analysis" of healthcare legislation

Congressional Progressive Caucus Slams Pelosi on Health Care Remark (re-direct)

Why Single Payer Advocacy Matters Now More Than Ever (re-direct)

President Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table (re-direct)

Greece to vaccinate entire population for new flu

How to find a paper on what's in the health care reform package

acid reflux, heart burn, My daughter has been complaining of this for

Divorce, It Seems, Can Make You Ill

Life saving potential of resveratrol

Geithner loses his cool at regulators meeting: report

Peter Schiff: The truth about the market rally

Wrong forum

GE Pays $50 Million to Resolve SEC Accounting Probe

Isn't Anyone Watching the Fed?

Michelle Malkin is a Liar

Matt Taibbi: Next, I'm Going To Crucify Charlie Gasparino And CNBC

CNBC is trashing health reform!

Doctors in Cuba Start Over in the U.S.

China moves to internationalise its currency

Temptation Harder to Resist Than You Think

Giant Particle Collider Fizzles

Latvia Economic Crisis as Thatcher Free Market Model Collapses

Research Undermines Dog Domestication Theory

Finally, the Spleen Gets Some Respect

They are updating The Laramie Project

AAA South Pledges Family Memberships to Same-Gender Spouses

Gay Miami news anchor sues WPLG-TV for discrimination

Wis. same-sex couples sign up as domestic partn

I listened to "The Story" tonight on NPR: Rights beyond marriage

Prop 8 $1M Donor John Templeton Foundation >> C Street...

The Advocate: Hope and History (The hero was a player after all)

What drew you to get involved in politics? What is your political background?

BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/4/09 (warning: graphic language)


New Ghost Photo Draws 12,000 Hits in 48 Hours

Birthday Celebration come join the Party for Why Syzygy

I forgot all about World Puja Network!!

August 2009 - Visionary, Intuition & Dreaming Thread!

Which is a greater stepping stone for personal growth?

Foreskin's Lament

Catholic sisters queried about doctrine, fidelity

Sin and Shame, how some groups destroy their conscious.

US girl 'burnt in voodoo ritual'

Alumna sues college because she hasn't found a job

Pike's Peak Roast.

Low Carb Pasta??? Diet Pasta??? Heart Healthy Pasta????? Diabetic Pasta????? ....... YES!!!!!!

Subject: Lloyd Doggett needs some support

Anybody have news about house district 6 (joe barton)? Is anyone thinking

Brad Friedman talking to Mike Malloy on Sibel Edmonds tonight

Here's what happens when a truther gets a mainstream interview


Ridley Scott to direct ‘Alien’ prequel