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Archives: August 31, 2009

LAT: Fear of gun limits fuels a burst of demand for bullets

How do you feel about "grunting" in professional tennis?

Op-Ed: Celebrate Labor Day by supporting a new law

Israel has Iran in its sights

Dollars & Sense: Indicators That Fell Through The Cracks...

So Cheney says the DOJ torture investigation is "political"...

So, the NRA pours millions into advertising because "Obama will take the guns away"

Be warned about the dangers of Prozac like drugs (SSRI anti-depression medications)

I survived concealed carry class

bu$h* Daughter Jenna Hager Becomes 'Today' Reporter

Doesn't Rachel Maddow live in Mass.

Laptop Reported Stolen from Brunner Campaign Office (Ohio Secretary of State)

I just saw an ad for "the Institute for Human Continuity" on TV...weird

When they say "Torture Was Necessary" We Say.....

RNC:Era of Responsibility?‏

McCain Clears Pelosi- Says CIA LIED About HIS Briefings

Medical debt to those with insurance said increasing

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them

"Do we need a Black Man in the White House asking for change".

Selfdelete.....I'm sorry I ever posted this.

Doesn't Rachel Maddow live in Mass.

Delete Dupe

Credit Discrimination Bill Being Introduced By A Wisconsin Legislator

Biggest cause of U.S. bankruptcies? Medical bills

Biggest cause of U.S. bankruptcies? Medical bills

Dear Bill,I came to this black wall again,to see and touch your name.....

CAT 4 Hurricane headed for Mexico (Baja California)

1 in 6 health workers unlikely to respond in pandemic flu emergency and other flu news

Freeps: "If Dick Cheney had hair and a reliable ticker he would be the successor to RR"

Freeps: "If Dick Cheney had hair and a reliable ticker he would be the successor to RR"

The Sentate is chock full of childish, obstinate small-minded stooges..

Think of it like a movie

Nation's Unemployment Outlook Improves Drastically After Fifth Beer

THIS is why we love Firefox and AdBlock!

Did you know?

Terri Schiavo's father dies in Fla. at 71

New Twist on Wing-Nut Delusions: the 'Birther with an Explanation' Arrives

Do all members of congress belong to a committee?

Ha ha: Hitler Finds Out Americans are Calling Each Other Nazis

New Seattle charity aims to help military sexual-trauma victims Pack Parachute

The Today Show hires Jenna Bush as new correspondent

$250 per year health care solution: Move to Mexico!!!!

$250 per year health care solution: Move to Mexico!!!!

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

11-year-old gets away with voting

Why is the public option important to you

Sex offenders move to Antioch area 'because they can' - where Dugard was held for 18 years

Sex offenders move to Antioch area 'because they can' - where Dugard was held for 18 years

Mount Wilson webcam image, looking west, shot at 22:27 PDT

Meet the world's heaviest cockroach...and it's NOT Karl Rove

Fear or Fun? Image heavy

Chris Wallace - A Teenage Girl Interviewing The Jonas Brothers

Ten years since East Timor’s independence vote

Lockerbie Part of a Bigger Story

Government-funded privately-run schools - not only on the table in the US, but in UK too

Two Mass Murderers, Two Very Different Stories and Much Hypocrisy


Police: 8th person dead in Ga. mobile home attack

We Need a Special Prosecutor for Blackwater and Other CIA "Contractors"

CNN's "Proud Abortionist" coming up now on CNN

Pakistan Blast Sets NATO Fuel Convoy Ablaze

John Voight is quite the nutter, isn't he?

Excerpt: 'The Test of Our Times' by Tom Ridge

Irish Central: I Wish I'd Known it Would be the Last Time I Would See Ted Kennedy

"I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana."

'This is your captain slurring'

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them

Election ‘Revolution’ Swings Japan to the Left

Andrew Sullivan: Chris Wallace interviewing Cheney = a teenage girl interviewing the Jonas Brothers.

Hey lurking Wingers...yeah YOU!

What is the evolutionary history of cancer?

Newsweek: The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate

What happens after you call your Congressperson's office and talk to an aide?

Blue Chip, White Cotton: What Underwear Says About the Economy

Time to slap the Morning Joe country club set for mocking the crowds who showed

US general: New strategy needed to defeat Taliban

woke up to assholes ron christie and pat buchanan on one to counter

VA won't pay benefits to Marine whose injuries came from vaccine

cheney thinks it's alright to go BEYOND the law in torturing

Jackie Mason calls Pelosi a "common vulgar animal" for supposedly "inventing" teabagger/nazi attack

Post-Katrina New Orleans and the Gulf Region: Too Big to Fail

Post-Katrina New Orleans and the Gulf Region: Too Big to Fail

Pomp and Pagentry

Colombian president contracts swine flu

Megrahi set to name US ­citizen as prime suspect who hid behind terror alias of Abu Elias

Obama's Fight for Reform

"Radical" Left Party makes big gains in Germany

Some Michigan, Ohio cantaloupes recalled (sold at some Aldi & Meijer Stores in IN, MI, OH)

Ted Kennedy's wife Vicki Kennedy good fit for Senate seat, say pols

Ga. trailer 911 caller: 'My whole family is dead!'

Why is GA law enforcement so secretive about the Brunswick murders?

Dick Cheeny is taking it on the chin on Washington Journal.

Dem on CIA probe: 'No one is above the law'

"Loss-Share": FDIC Offers Billions In Guarantees For Buyers Of Failed Banks

"Loss-Share": FDIC Offers Billions In Guarantees For Buyers Of Failed Banks

Health Reform Bill Would Cut Drug Spending for Many on Medicare, Budget Office Says

San Francisco Chronicle: Many Californians with medical debt are insured

TED Talk: One Seed At a Time - Protecting the Future of Food (specifically, from Monsanto)

To put "teabagger" whining into perspective

A Crack Surveillance Team Has Found Footage From Faux's Security Cameras Of Glenn Beck's Office

Tom Ridge on the Toady show this morning backtracking...

I was just looking at the trailer for Michael Moore's "Capitalism" (again) and I have a question:

Steep fines for some robocalls start tomorrow

A case of the NIMBYs slows down California's high-speed rail plans

Screwing the self employed out of health insurance

Why Do People Buy Right-Wing Nonsense on Health Reform?

Cheney is not defending agents, he's throwing * under the bus.

Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire (Hedges)

Hurting Dick Cheney's Feelings....

Chet Edwards Town Hall Meeting in Waco report

Group of suspected hit men accused in 211 killings

Who Needs Health Insurance When You Can Sponsor A Car Wash?!?!

‘The Last Truck’: HBO Looks at Plant Closing Through Workers’ Eyes

Non-Drinkers Report More Depression

US general: New strategy needed to defeat Taliban - AP

dupe self-delete

What atheists cry out during sex

Is there a reason Democrats in Congress Do Not Fight Back Against FOX News & Limbaugh?

Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews

Did anyone here have relatives in Ireland in 1911? New online searchable census.

Anyone else suffering from ragweed-induced allergy misery?

caption this Tom Delay pic..

Radical Arizona preacher hopes ‘God strikes Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy'

‘Brilliant’ Kennedy Widow Would Be Good Appointee, Hatch Says

Why I'm Going to the Big Gay March in Washington, D.C. October 11, 2009

What to expect from the Town Hall meetings?

Harper's Index? Am I the only one who never knew about this ?

Has anyone seen that ad.. ?

Now here's a headline - Baker Hughes to buy BJ Services in $5.5B deal - AP

Midwest High-Speed Rail Development: On the Fast Track

Which Dems do you think are "quick thinkers" on their feet?

Are we rational enough to maintain a healthy democracy?

The government got between me and my doctor

The government got between me and my doctor

‘Brilliant’ Kennedy Widow Would Be Good Appointee, Hatch Says

Judge acquits mother in cyberbully case

The ad provider needs to be a LITTLE more selective as to what it sends where

RE: Larry Frankel Death

Japanese voters sweep Liberal Democrats from office

Chris Brown tells Larry King that he doesn't remember hitting Rihanna

Fiorina, eyeing Senate run, faces questions over HP sales in Iran

Fiorina, eyeing Senate run, faces questions over HP sales in Iran

Jim DeMint: "I wouldn't get out of my driveway without my wife shooting me in the back. "

Review-Journal publisher blasts Reid for 'ugly, boorish' remark

Dick Cheney is offended (as per CNN)

misogyny and the Afghan election

Plastic bags outlawed in Mexico City

Plastic bags outlawed in Mexico City

Dave Neiwert calls for massive boycott:

The "little judge" that big banks hate (requires foreclosures to be--OMG!-legitimate)

Is there a Pulitzer in the offing?

Iran: The Green Brief #63 (August 30 - Shahrivar 8) Latest news from Iran

Reflection on Faith of Ted Kennedy

Storm Story

Apparently, in Sedalia Missouri evolution is an anti-God religion

Just where the hell is common sense?

American Antiwar Movement Plans an Autumn Campaign Against Policies on Afghanistan

Sexual curiosity normal for most children

1400 degrees.... and over 85K acres

TiVo future turns on patents (fast forward, rewind, time warp dvr technology owned by Tivo?)

Horsefeathers on an elephant.

Plastic bag limits save China 3 mln tonnes of oil per year

Texas Republican Pete Olson's Health Care Propaganda Fail


Humanoid Robot Designed to Mimick Humans From Inside Out

where was Bush Sr during Kennedys funeral?

Let's Pass Ted Kennedy's Health Plan

"Ass Hole or Whore....

The Public Option - Change the Rhetoric

Obama's proposed health care cost is covered- see how.

Apple: 'Exploding' iPhones 'not out fault'

Apple: 'Exploding' iPhones 'not out fault'

Heat forms toxic substance in corn syrups

Do you believe a new strategy in Afghanistan will lead to success?

Do you believe a new strategy in Afghanistan will lead to success?

The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811/1812 in Missouri:

False Profits? Bank Bailout Accounting

False Profits? Bank Bailout Accounting

Grassley: I’m Working For The “Defeat” Of “Obamacare”

Key Republican: GOP would repeal health bill if they win in 2010

9/11 memorial services/benefits in NYC

Do liberal successes push conservatives to the left or the right

Investment Firms Make Money the Old-Fashioned Way: They Bribe People

Anyone else listening to this hack job on healthcare on C-Span?

"Kiss My Big Blue Butt" blog responds to calls for secession in Texas:

Power outage San Diego

Health Insurance Reformers Continue Coming Out in Massive Numbers

Wind farms can appear sinister to the weatherman-appear like a violent storm/ tornado

Media cannibalism of rescued "victims"

Sarah Palin gets 1,070+ invitations

Sarah Palin gets 1,070+ invitations

"Not because they are easy, but because they are hard" - John F. Kennedy, 1962

What JFK said about segregation in '63: "This is a moral issue." So today...

Democrats Probe 'Purging' of Health Coverage

Hearing Date Set for Possible Kennedy Replacement

can anyone point me in the direction of the facts

"A Better View"

Mr. President, September is upon us. IT IS TIME TO FIGHT.

Ghosts of Paranoia Past : William A. Wirt (Bill the Teacher?)

Attending a Town Hall with Rep Baron Hill (blue dog) on Wed

PSA: OxyRush Limbore is on vacation this week.

'I don't think evolution should be associated with our school.'

Fishermen (DU'ers?) survived on beer and crackers

Iranians beat up Paramilitaries

Tom Daschle and Escorts and the Need to Reach out to those who differ

We're now debating a version of Nixon's 1971 health plan

Tax collectors now hitting social networks to collect

Fear-mongers attack Education Reform in Venezuela, Healthcare Reform in the US

Ya know what? I want Rush Limbaugh to get off of our military's airwaves.

Sometimes a little bit of knowledge in the hands of someone with a big mouth is dangerous

Gov. Duval Patrick urges MA legislators to pass law allowing for interim appointment

Talk about making not a damn bit of sense: Israeli skinheads.

this Amanda Carpenter on MSNBC is the new Nancy Pfotenhauer...

Republican faux outrage of Obama legitimizes the Bush administration.

(Rolling Stone) Matt Taibbi on Health Care Reform: Sick and Wrong

Redneckistan's Crime of the Week

One of My Co-Workers Is Skipping Out on Jury Duty

A letter from James Carville

"Tea Party Express" Heading to Washington

KATRINA was NOT the "worst natural disaster in the history of the U.S."

Stop showing her pic, stop saying her name, she is A VICTIM of a sexual crime and predator. . .

Somali pirates fire at U.S. helicopter, Navy says (pics)

Pat Robertson recovering from heart surgery (he has one?)

Chick Deney, you sick fuck .......

Marijuana's new high life-Cannabis is moving into the mainstream

Marijuana's new high life-Cannabis is moving into the mainstream

Alaska Air tests fuel-saving landing procedure

Sept. 13 Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform Rally & March

When is the media going to come to the obvious conclusion.

McCain ..... that thing on his cheeck? Is it getting worse?

Tort reform? Give me a one line answer. Need to make a sign.

Sadly, the King Fish is still correct today.

Sadly, the King Fish is still correct today.

Sadly, the King Fish is still correct today.

Cannabis Compounds Reduce Multi-Drug Resistant Infections

Do you believe pulling out of Afghanistan soon will lead to "failure," i.e. Taliban, al Qaeda, etc?

Tweety on Cheneeeeeeeey and Torture

Are you sitting down? Jon Gosselin Blames Media For ‘Exploiting’ His kids.

NATO: 2 US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Why is no one on M$Greedia asking DUer Kentuck's question

Illegal workers: Are they entitled to sue? (For back wages)

Illegal workers: Are they entitled to sue? (For back wages)

for you atheist heathens

Air Guard Adds 6 Years(To 40) to Enlistment Ege Cap

Why is "Obamacare" such a loaded word?

LOOK!!!! "Glenn Bek" is missing a letter!!!!

Groundwork Is Laid for New Troops in Afghanistan

Ex-CIA Inspector General on Interrogation Report (DER SPIEGEL)

anyone else keeping tabs on lunatic Beck today?

Why do they give Duck Insaney airtime?

Senator Kennedy's Most Important Vote

Michael Pollan: Farmer's markets trump healthcare reform

Conservatives seek to boycott WorldNetDaily: GOP rents WND's mailing list

Historical Facts to consider.

Dickipedia: The Gang of Six

Imagine that you got your dream job

Found these old photos of Kennedy funeral 1963, with Ted.

"They kept us safe"

Want to confound a wingnut? Say, man that Al Sharpton sure is

Why do Republicans support the torturing of our troops.?

Eeeeek!!! It's Crosseyed Mary Christie!

Cognitive dissonance revisited: (did we ever leave it?)

FBI traces members of abortion murder suspect’s study group

Labor leaders call on Congress to pass healthcare reform for Sen. Kennedy

A general thank you to all who responded with such kindess to my

Angeles Crest Fire--Pics from across the LA basin

Pro-choice religious leaders urge Congress to maintain abortion access in health care reform

Matthews on how to say the asshole's name

House Dems target six health insurance companies for additional data

Redding Penlight LTTE against the flag flying at half-mast for Kennedy

Richard Nixon: Socialist Liberal?

Clearly, Reed Sifer was a better speller than his hero, Glenn Beck.

Three Quarters Through the Worst Year in Afghanistan--8 Years in and Worsening

'Man in a van' collecting stories of recession ("How has the recession affected you?") story & pics

Cheney: Screw the Law

A 'Little Judge' Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style

California Wildfire More Than Doubles on Sixth Day

I miss Teddy

Sarah Palin Sucks and Other Thinks Fox News Just Tweeted (larf...F*x Noose Twitter Acct Hacked?)

Coca Farmers in South America Use Monsanto's Evil Technologies To Get Free Weeding Service From US

Senator Kennedy saved us from "Justice Bork."

Are we really going to lose 20 to 50 house seats???why would

Los Angeles Times: Fire moves west toward Santa Clarita, Sylmar; Mt. Wilson in peril

23 States Have NOT Expanded Jobless Benefits Despite Stim Funds Available

Monday Toons, Part 1

Mitch McConnell @ invite-only town hall: American health care already the best, reform slowly

Being a firefighter in California is like no other job.

Remember how they found lead in a bunch of toys

Whose insane rantings on the House floor did/do you enjoy the most?

LA Times: L.A. County fire doubles in size; more homes destroyed; Mt. Wilson threatened

Those Republicans shut down dissent among their own so fast

Hurricane Jimena approaches Category Five

Some people are just sick bastards.

Sarah Palin making first trip to Asia in September

PAKISTAN- US Hummers Enter Pakistan, Undercover American Soldiers Swarm Islamabad

A student at my school was the victim of a likely fatal car accident

VIDEO: Right wing nut job attacks ABC news crew at health care protest

Who is Hal Sparks who's filling in for Stephanie Miller this week?

White House: Cheney has his facts wrong

Just Chewed PacLab a new A-Hole

A ‘Little Judge’ Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style

Bank Bailouts Turning a Profit for the Federal Government

AP: Wildfire makes menacing advance near Los Angeles

Researchers find association between household chemicals and childhood leukemia

Carrie Prejean Sues Pageant For Religious Discrimination

George Will calls for pull-out

From the Kennedy Funeral: Matthew 25:31-46 -Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers..

Do you think the War in Afghanistan is winnable?

Senator Mark Begich of Alaska Comes Out In Support Of A Public Option

Disney purchasing Marvel Comics...Good or Bad?

The Rude One: Fucked New Orleans, Four Years On in Purgatory

Republican Congressman (DeLay's old seat) getting calls on exploiting sick kid.

The Rude Pundit: Fucked New Orleans, Four Years On in Purgatory

During all this talk about people either from insurance or government coming between people and

Would you believe this was at the bottom of a lawyer's e-mail?

How about if we give everyone a choice?

That crazy pervert is on TV, trying to justify his abductions and sexual abuse.

Need help with a personal issue

Either Obama surrenders or 10,000,000 Americans could die...


Rep. Pete Olson Booed For Suggesting Baby Would Die Under Public Option (VIDEO)

Duncal hunter, we wouldn't have to be teaching our kids how to withstand

Grassley Criticized By Longtime Iowa Republican In New Health Care Ad

Angry Colorado Democrats

The Method of Cheney's Madness

Bahamas Outlaws Killing of All Sea Turtles

Norah O'Donnell stacks the deck

The Banking Crisis Is Spreading

McCain Owes Pelosi an Apology

Did Bill Press just say that Obama/Dems need to "quit dicking around"...

Friends of Animals calls for Idaho potato boycott after Gov vows to participate in wolf massacre

Illinois is broke

Where's Sarah Palin(not in Alaska)? She's busy writing memoir, her father says

Looking for a pic @ Arlington of the bugler silhouetted in front of the Custis-Lee

A message to those who oppose Health Care reform:

Caption This Photo:

Huckabee: "Liberal bloggers" go berserk over Kennedy comments..."What did I say that wasn't true?"

I lost my grandmother this weekend.

Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Bob McDonnell’s College Thesis Is Making Everyone, Especially Women

This is a silent thread in support of Joan Kennedy.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz sounded like an idiot on Tweety.

THIS Should Be The Very Next Resolution Considered By Congress after Health Care Reform

OH NO!! Tippi Hedren's Shambala Animal Preserve is in the path of the fire

Astroturf mob? Teabaggers? Meet The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Here's a big problem - the media shows both sides as if they are both the truth - re health care

Here's a big problem - the media shows both sides as if they are both the truth - re health care

Carrie Prejean Sues Pageant For Religious Discrimination

well,the lunatics in my paper are out in full force against Kennedy

U.S. Army Interrogator supports torture probe: "we cannot become our enemy in trying to defeat him"

Internet Social Networking and the "New Literacy"


I was watching Senator Kennedy's funeral and one of his sons

Monday Toons, Part 2

Congress considers airline cell phone ban

Chanel, world’s oldest dog, dies at age 21

The GOP don't mind billions for war but when it comes to healthcare.........

South Carolina's Lt. Guv Has His Own Secret

South Carolina's Lt. Guv Has His Own Secret

A ‘Little Judge’ Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style

CIA "Freaking Out" Over Investigations

Beyond Parabens: 7 Other Cosmetic Ingredients You Need to Avoid

Regent University graduate and fringe right wing asshole leads Virginia governor's race

The total illogic of the "Personal Responsibility" meme of the right wing.

Beck: Election was really a coup

We save horses, don't we? you bet we do!

The Incumbency Amendment

The Incumbency Amendment

The Incumbency Amendment

Generals state that we have NOT lost the war in Afghanistan yet

Generals state that we have NOT lost the war in Afghanistan yet

5 People Who Refused To Evacuate Won't Be Rescued

Pentagon Deceit on Media Manipulation Confirmed

$1500 randomly deposited into our bank account, what do we do?

Catholic priest during his homily today called Ted Kennedy "not a good Catholic"

SPLC: Evidence Grows of Far-Right Militia Resurgence

Capitalism in the crosshairs in Venezia: Michael Moore headlines film fest

FEMA Training Manual: "Emergencies and natural disaster can occur ANYWHERE in the United States"

The River in Reverse: Looking Back at the Drowning of New Orleans

Click Here To Email 18 Crucial Senators on ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act)

Glenn BecKKK - totally unhinged: Accused Van Jones of taking part in LA riots and going to prison

Walt Disney Co. To Acquire Marvel Entertainment For $4B

Geraldo Rivera on Howard Stern today

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

100 Abandoned Homes Project - Detroit

Jane Hamsher isn't playin' about health care reform:

Help! Questions needed for repuke town hall meeting tonight!

Health care Reform: We cannot let them win.

Mr. Juajen has died after a lenghty illness.

I just checked and found that DeLay has never been sentenced

Low-income families use taxpayer money for crab legs and more

CMS may cut up to 44% of Medicare payments for cancer treatments....

Secret Service 'Aware Of' Gun-Toter And Pastor's Prayers For Obama To Die

Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors, Says New Report By International EMF Collaborative

Markey D-CO says Medicare recipients must give up some benefits to fund health reform.

People wrongly say about New Orleans she shouldn't be rebuilt

A fresh solution to our health care problems--the free market? YES!

Spencer Wells: "According to DNA, race does not exist."

One Republican's View On Single Payer

Esch says he's now an independent (Was a D candidate twice in Ne)

Mark Sanford is an amateur erotic author compared to the Secretary of Education he appointed!

Tethered to mother at college

Tethered to mother at college

Banks can go under, Wall Street can crash,

Thank you Thom Hartmann, for being the calm, lucid antidote to BS Fatigue

Would You Support A Single-Pay(triot) Act?

Dean says make Medicare the public option. Says Dems must not wimp out.

Bill Clinton - Corporate Democrat, death-dealer to America's blue-collar and middle classes

Argentine Court Decriminalizes Private Marijuana Use

Any Kindle users? Talk me into/or out of it. I am being snowed under by

This should be required reading for all who support the death penalty

Monday Toons, Part 3.

The whole world is ........laughing?

How can anyone dealing with health insurance not want reform?

Anger - A Rant (foul language warning)

Back brace appreciation thread!

Gonna wash that man right out of my hair

Another Wit Among Lords

Sunday Night Football -- Jay Cutler comes back to Denver

My friends mother passed away a few weeks ago, Friday would have been her birthday.

Get back, Jack. I did it again

One week from now, I will be spending my first night in residence at university.

Have you ever just wanted to f$%^#$% s#@%$ the...

Daytime Emmys thread ***Spoilers***

Post # 1957

Kennedy announces senate run

Irony? A guy lost by broken arm in a MMA production called "Unbreakable"?

For those who like John Denver...

"Cindy Goes to a Party"

Anybody in the Reno, Nv. area? Whats with Fitzgeralds?

Cinderella Arabella

What a country. Cheezits Scrabble,

Wanna loaf around?

How to get out of jurors duty

Top 10 Signs You Might Not be a Libertarian

New Shit Coming to Light at the Dudespaper

If you love dogs, read this-

You're such a lovely audience. And 64

George Carlin once asked, "Why is there no blue food?"

I am on the twitter

Have fruit flies ever driven anyone to suicide before?

An excited X-Factor contestant (I'm ashamed to post this)...

101 T-Shirts for Scientists, Science Geeks and Nerds!

What do you seek in a friend yet neither expect or want in a lover?

Why is the Lounge so freaking picky lately? I swear it's worse now than ever.

I'm The Urban Spaceman

Minnesota sports bar owner pays $750 for former NFL running back Onterrio Smith's "Whizzinator"

Do you think this is some kind of joke or something?

Marriage is an institution,And those that want to be married should be...

I'd be a big fan of purses for men becoming mainstream.

The dog just opened the slding glass door

Jim Henson's Resident Evil 5

Apparently First Dog Bo has been visiting the zoo.

I'm addicted to pain killers.

I'm moved in.. and enjoying my view

You get what you pay for there

*******HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to bicentennial_baby!!*******

My Dinner Menu Tonight (I Was In A Cooking Mood)

Why is the Lounge so freaking clerky lately? I swear it's worse now than ever.

So I'm at some restaurant, leering at a hot young woman who seems angry at her much older boyfriend

Good morning Lounge

Oasis will never play Carnagie Hall. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!

I'm actually back at work!!!!

Do they still have pay phones in Europe?

Why is the Lounge so freaking clucky lately? I swear it's worse now than ever.

a conundrum ... how to react ...

Friends Worry About Mental Health of "The Shining" Star Shelley Duvall,

"I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana."

CA fires--any du'er need our vibes?????

I have an announcement

The sound of stupidity - a neon sign couldn't have been more clear.

US Open Tennis starts today!!!!!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DODI !!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to murielm99!!*******

Best Zombie Paradigm

What is "Ted"?

Strangers in the night...

Asparagus may ease hangovers

You know what sucks?

I have a bees' nest the size of a beach ball on the arm of my


Please, people...wear more than boxer shorts when riding your motorcycle.

The 25 Funniest Misspelled Tattoos Of All Time

Bowie - "Loving the Alien" new version - Acoustic

Frankly, I found Moe Weintraub to be degrading and offensive

I just got recruited to the "Chabad Student Network Ottawa".

your son rip is on line toot

What's this about Bruckheimer doing a remake of "Clockwork Orange????"

Which are more important: Actual experiences or the memories that remain

a condom... how to reuse...

This is a continuation of a locked thread

5:00 - CRACK ONE!

You are witnesses to the birth of Spinal Tap Mach II...hope you enjoy our new direction.

Sorry if I offended anyone. I have asked for the offending post to be

Jesus of Siberia

Does the government offer internet access services at low or no cost if you're unemployed?

I have YouTube account and they list responses to my comments

Do you wear your special shoes when you post on DU?

What's the deal with Michael Bay doing a remake of Wizard of Oz?

¿Donde están Batman y Robin?

Listen up! If you go to an AA meeting, it is not wise to shoot up in the restroom.

The person sitting next to me in lecture smells like ass...

It has to be said: None of the Stargate series were worth a damn.

What's the deal with Ang Lee doing a "re-imaging" of "Gone With the Wind"?

when you come across an old diary, do you have to read it?

What's the deal with Robert Rodriguez directing a remake of "Citizen Kane"?

What old TV show is on your DVD player right now?

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe:

DRUGS FOR SALE....HERE!!!! First come, first served. All sales final.

In honor of the weather: my poem "Heat"

I finally got more of the Vietnam trip pics....

Can anyone explain why I can't have numbers with different area codes on a cell phone account?

What atheists cry out during sex

So have the DUzy awards vanished?

Disney buys Marvel for $4bn.

It's official - my boss is finally gone after over ten years

I learned two important things this weekend.

Frankly, I found Married...With Children to be degrading and offensive...

Justin Timberlake likes it, I like it. Treat for photographers (dial up warning)

For Ptah: One good sunflower deserves another

ATTN: September babies.

Now I'm miffed - BLENDER labels Skinny Puppy one of the 50 worst artists in music history

The perfect toy for the lounge

Update on Max: His surgery was a success

OK - I am listening to the entire Beatles Catalog right now, and I had a few observations

Artists, post a pic of a sample of your artwork...

I feel like shit. I think I might be a bad person.

True Blood discussion for last night's episode. Big showdown in 2 weeks *** spoilers ***

I. Want. To. Rip. My. Own.. Face. Off. !. !. !.

Thar she blows!!!!!!!!! (Massive dial up warning)

00s music thread - post one song you love from the 00s

How many languages do you know fluently?

Group Living Home Poetry Time! Based Upon A Shocking True Story...

'I would tend not to' support the public option, says Landrieu

Israeli former PM Olmert charged

Health-Care Reform, One Stop at a time: Obama Supporters Organize Bus Tour

Kerry Prepares to Protect Kennedy's Legacy

Bill Moyers: Republicans "are setting the agenda for a Democratic Party that controls" Washington

Is there any Republican who honestly thinks Jesus would not want Universal Health Care???

Just got approached by a bunch of LaRouche freaks on my street corner.

Kerry's statement on Kennedy has put the Republicans on the spot

"Federal Reserve made $14 billion on turmoil loans: report"

Huff Post: Glenn Beck Tells Listeners That 2008 Election Was A "Coup"

No Senate Seat for Vicki

Liz Cheney can't handle the truth

To Believe the NY 2004 Recorded Vote, you must also believe.., (X)

Andrew Sullivan:Chris Wallace, A Teenage Girl Interviewing The Jonas Brothers

how do you define"public option"?

Racist image, or am I nuts?

Republicans for Public Option in New Ad against Chuck Grassley

Who would win a Dopeathon match between Chuck Norris & Jon Voight ?

Repubs attacking Ted Kennedy's oldest son?

The Resistance portion of SERE, useful training or an exercise in sado-masochism?

WTF!!! I tried getting on the website to listen to Randy Rhodes and there asking for a fee

Robert Reich is worse than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh put together

Will Joe Kennedy Be Teddy's Successor?

Obama Keeps Bush Appointees in Top Posts....

Duncan Hunter played the semitic card on Hardball tonight.

Joe Klein: It is liberating to finally shed dead weight of Grassley's know-nothingism and cowardice

Moran in Pittsburgh PA area Flies Soviet Flag to Protest Obama

PHOTOS Joe and the Little Leaguers

WTF is Dick's problem???

Ana Marie Cox is an idiot and Rachel should stop giving her a mic.

Funny stuff... WAPO's Howard Kurtz considers Paul Krugman an Obama "cheerleader"

Pastor Steve Anderson prays Obama dies of Brain Cancer like Ted Kennedy

Salon's Joe Conason : Ted Kennedy Wanted the Public Option

Rep. Pete Olson Booed For Suggesting Baby Would Die Under Public Option (VIDEO)

GOP Whiners questioning Wrong President.....shoulda kept Bush in Line..Because he went on to destroy

NY-Sen-B, NY-03: King Won't Challenge Gillibrand

The Ed Show: He had Ron Christie on the show.

When I hear the words "Vice President" on cable news, 9.5 times out of 10 it's about Cheney.

White House fires back at Sen. Enzi

National Security Adviser Says Obama Is Having Greater Success Fighting Terrorists Than Bush Did

Wont Helath Ins Corps go bankrupt if they can't kick paying insured off their roles?

Senator McCaskill (D-Missouri) qualifies her support for a health care public option

"We thought we had good insurance, and when the time came, it just wasn't there,"

What's the purpose of insisting the public option is dead?

Braley rules out Grassley challenge

Here's an idea: Open up pharmaceutical drugs/health programs via NAFTA

Thom Hartmann is covering Obama's continuing the rendition

Democracy for America's ad calling out Grassley in Iowa. It's terrific!

Gibbs slams key GOP healthcare negotiator

Patrick to make announcement about special election for Kennedy Senate seat

Ezra Klein: Chuck Grassley Fundraises Against Health Care Reform

Report: US makes $4 billion from bailout banks

This morning Tom Joyner said Obama had a 42% approval rating

Editorial boards mighty unimpressed with George LeMieux pick

Buck NOT Withdrawing From Senate Race

Vice President Biden is asking for our help: Why does Reform Matter To You?

Eight months on, what's your mood?

Thom Hartmann just completed an interview with an idiot named Ron Brooke.

Until last year, Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s health care bill was a bill known as Medicare for All

Nate Silver : 50 Percent is Not a Magic Number

Regular folks flock to Ted Kennedy's grave - 'he worked for little guy'

Krugman: Missing Richard Nixon


I Just Do See It, The Kennedy Option

GE hires new generation of BFEE, member to get a spot on a media sideshow.

Addressing a talking point used against a public option: CB0 estimates 10 million would be covered

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them

Marijuana's new high life-Cannabis is moving into the mainstream

Medical debt to those with insurance said increasing

Nation's Unemployment Outlook Improves Drastically After Fifth Beer

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

China faces 3rd case of kids' mass lead poisoning

Tribune may exit bankruptcy this fall: report

Jail term for S Lanka journalist

California Wildfires turn deadly

Two Los Angeles County firefighters killed in vehicle accident near Station fire

Japanese voters sweep Liberal Democrats from office

As Big Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit

Excerpt: 'The Test of Our Times' by Tom Ridge

U.S. military ends journalist profiling contract

Senate field hinges on Kennedy decision

"Loss-Share": FDIC Offers Billions In Guarantees For Buyers Of Failed Banks

Commercial Real Estate Lurks as Next Potential Mortgage Crisis

Radical Arizona preacher hopes ‘God strikes Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy'

Military terminates Rendon contract

Republicans turn attention to reluctant Daniels

Scotland denies oil influenced Lockerbie release

UN urges action against forced indigenous labour in Bolivia, Paraguay

Binyam Mohamed: I will fight for other prisoners

Binyam Mohamed: I will fight for other prisoners

McCain Denies Giving O.K. to a CIA Torture Tactic

Sarah Palin gets 1,070+ invitations

Oops, duplicate, sorry/Billionaires for WealthCare mocks healthcare protesters in California

'Poll leak' tweets alarm Germans

India 'terminates' Moon mission

Myanmar's Suu Kyi to renovate home to stop trespassers

UN leader defends leadership style amid criticism

Suspected Taliban Torch NATO Supplies In SW Pakistan

Two more (U.K.) soldiers killed in Afghanistan: ministry

Kashmiris oppose Pakistan's Northern Areas package

Tensions easing near China-Myanmar border

Rep. Pete Hoekstra says it's just politics: Letter criticizes opposition to moving Gitmo detainees

Indonesian police: Terrorist infiltrated airline

World Bank in talks with Cambodia over evictions

Angry Colorado Democrats

US identifies Syrian prisoner sent to Portugal

Dalai Lama prays, encourages democracy in Taiwan

Loan-value Data Shows Ills Persist (double-dip)

Hearing Date Set for Possible Kennedy Replacement

Hearing Date Set for Possible Kennedy Replacement

Kennedy successor to be debated early September

GM China, China's FAW launch joint venture

McDonnell blasted for controversial research paper

George Will calls for pull-out

Ridge Softens Critique of Bush Terror Alerts

Sinovac Jumps to Record as Approval of Swine Flu Vaccine Nears

CIA "Freaking Out" Over Investigations

Last Australia Vietnam MIA return

Iran's Ahmadinejad to Address U.N. as Pressure Builds for Sanctions

Disney to buy comic book powerhouse Marvel for $4B

Koreas to restore regular cross-border traffic

Radio-Canada ordered to apologize over Bye Bye 2008 (Obama assassination joke)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 31

Merkel, Sarkozy Urge G-20 to Limit Bank Size, Bonuses

Putin Travels to Poland to Defend Russian Role in World War II

Nigeria begins bank boss charges

Pat Robertson, 79, recovering from heart surgery

Sarah Palin making first trip to Asia in September

Oil below $70 as China stock market sinks

CIA's Black Sites, Illuminated

Cheney wrong on interrogation inquiry facts, Obama official says

Fire Threatens Mt. Wilson Radio, TV Towers

US general sends Afghan war review to Pentagon

Taliban Ready if Afghan Government Fails, Analyst Warns

Turkey, Armenia agree to establish diplomatic ties

Disney to Buy Marvel Entertainment for $4 Billion

Larry Frankel, Longtime ACLU Lobbyist In Pa., Dies

Canadians bristle over U.S. health care rhetoric

Nasscom proposes new service visa to replace H-1B to end abuse

Cheney, Bush Disagreed Over Striking Iran

KRouge prison head has no mental problems: experts

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them


Miami Beach weapons wunderkind pleads guilty to defrauding U.S.

Burner Helping House Liberals Hold Firm on Public Insurance Option (Liberals Bloc "Isn't Bluffing")

International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’

2 American, 2 British troops killed in Afghanistan

Raging Fire Threatens Mount Wilson

Ex-Ill. governor explains himself in book, says he and Emanuel discussed seat 'placeholder'

Mercury Marine Refuses Second Contract Vote; Moves forward with plan to move jobs to non-union plant

Colo. Man Plans To Execute Horses In Protest

Incoming A.F.L.-C.I.O. Chief Warns Democrats Not to Side With Insurers

ABC Exclusive: Nat'l Security Adviser Says Obama Is Having Greater Success Taking Terrorists Out

Exclusive: Mary Cheney gave $1,000 to anti-gay Senate hopeful

Phoenix Pastor Draws Protests After Telling Church He Prays for Obama's Death

American commander: US on the road out of Iraq

Physicians' Group Seeks Criminal Investigation of Torture Docs

As Big Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit

Sensenbrenner has prostate cancer

Obama Admin. Continues Rendition

500 Days of Sanford

CNN's Howard Kurtz Pokes Bill O'Lielly With A Stick For 'Unfair Editing'

Shep Smith suggests viewers better off Googling

60 Minutes: The Wasteland

John McCain's Push Back Against Cheney: "Interrogations Were In Violation Of The Geneva Conventions"

Marking Kennedy's Legacy

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?

Kurt Anderson Talks About Glenn Beck's 'Nuttiness' on CNN

A Widow's Mural for Health Care

RFK Jr.: Ted Kennedy

Open letter to the Health Care Town Hall Terrorists

Texas Gov. Candidate Medina Talks Weapons, Secession, Bloody War, Decisive & Fatal

The Human Face of Health Care

Pierce Bush In 2024

Fox selectively edits Duckworth comment then calls her a liar. (EXTENDED VERSION)

ACLU's Jameel Jaffer: CIA Probe Should Include Higher-Ups

Headzup: Obama Continues Bush's Laptop Search Policy

Young Sea Lions Dying in Chile, Spanish News report

Should Judge Napolitano replace Glenn Beck or Is he just as bad?

Sam Donaldson Takes On Liz Cheney Over CIA Torture Investigation-She LOST!

Jon Voight's Delusional Hate Filled Rant About Obama On Faux's Huckabee Show

Clinton Gore come together in Tennessee to push health care reform

Kerry on Attorney General Holder

Young Turks: Glenn Beck's Funny Chalkboard Problem!!!

Glen Beck Loses All His Advertisers.

"Main Street Bipartisanship" - Taking on Grassley and Republicans

TYT: Huckabee Warns Against Politicizing Kennedy Death - A YOUTUBE QUESTION

Healthcare Repo

Biden calling on us to help with Healthcare Reform

Gibbs Responds: "Why Is Anyone Still Listening To Dick Cheney?"

Inside The White House Garden: Mrs. Obama And The WH Head Chef....

Texas Sovereignty or Secession Rally - Larry Kilgore

Required (Corzine Takes the Gloves Off)

Daybreak! David Swanson on new book

Young Turks: Limbaugh - Kennedy Screwed Up Everything He Touched

Billonaires for Wealthcare INSIDE the Susan Davis townhall meeting in Spring Valley, CA

Right-Wing Extremists Protest Health Care Reform: “We Hate the United States!”

Binyam Mohamed: I will fight for other prisoners

Cheney Claims Detainee Torture Was Merely 'End-of-Life Counseling'

President Obama and his family's last day of vacation (slideshow)

How paying top dollar for terrible health care is killing people in this country.

Four Years After Katrina, Thousands Are Homeless and Struggling In New Orleans

G.I. Joe, Post-American Hero: The Long, Slow Death of American Triumphalism

Why Jim DeMint is Sure to be Next GOP Presidential Nominee

Analysis: Obama keeps Bush nominees in top posts

Chris Hedges: Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire


Washington Lobbyists: Why did their number in D.C. double since 2000?

End of Summer Blues (James Howard Kunstler)

Joe Klein, Hypocrite

"It's time to embrace American royalty" (Jenna Bush Hager get's gig as "Today" reporter)

Poll: More than half of voters say they would vote to replace every lawmaker.

How Much Freedom Can One Man Stand? (Joe Bageant)

Editorial: Questions About an Execution (NYT re: Cameron Todd Willingham)


Education Alert: Evolution is Now a Religion

'Death panel' fears: Mayo Clinic refutes them

Elegy (ddjango)

Human Rights Missing from Health Care Debate

Christian Fundamentalists Hawk Crackpot Theories With Dinosaur Robots

Why Is iTunes Selling White Supremacy?

Hands-Off Plan: School Bans Touching To Fight H1N1

Need to sell America on a national health plan?

Ted Kennedy: A tribute to our potential

Peace groups map actions for Oct. 7, Afghanistan war’s 8th anniversary

"Gunning for Obama: A Modest Proposal"

Anger, Apologies and Apathy - My Lai reconsidered

Afghan strategy is failing, says general

Liz Cheney can't handle the truth

Colleen O’Connor: Put Ted Kennedy Jr. in the Senate

Jeremy Scahill: We Need a Special Prosecutor for Blackwater and Other CIA 'Contractors'

Journal From Tegucigalpa: Scenes of Resistance in Honduras

Erica Jong: Don't Let The Crazy People Win This One

Pat Boone Raises Healthcare “Expert” From the Dead

Commercial mortgage crisis hitting now will demolish any illusion of recovery.

Hands-Off Plan- School Bans Touching To Fight H1N1

Gibbs Slams Key GOP Health Care Negotiator: He's Walked Away From Table

US role in Colombia and Honduras sparks Latin American criticism

ODAC Newsletter - Aug 28

Drumbeat: August 30, 2009

(AU) Companies 'may have lied' over emissions trading

Peak oil review - Aug 31

Shipping Rates Seen Falling 50% on China, Fleet Size

Melting glaciers threaten 'Nepal tsunami'

Kenya hippos hard hit by drought

Oil spill off Australia potential disaster for marine wildlife

India's PM Singh: Country Faces "Severe" Drought; Pledges Grain Stocks Enough For Shortfalls - AFP

3rd Lead-Poisoning Incident, This Time In SW China - 200/1000 Kids Near Industrial Park Confirmed

Imperial College London Study - Climate Adaptation Cost Likely 2-3X More Than UN Framework Assumes

Jimena At Cat 4 145 Max Sust 395 SSE Cabo San Lucas Moving NW 8 MPH - AFP

Credit-wary investors put green projects in red

Astroturf attack on democracy is intentional - and should be illegal

US Miner Digging for ‘Rare Earth’ Metals To Fuel the Boom in Green Technologies

These Solar Researchers Don't Even TRY To Pretend They're Interested In A Fossil Fuel Phaseout.

oh, dear, the Prius uses SO many rare earth metals

Welcome To Arctic Canada, Where Cranes Fly, Fish Jump And Pure Methane Bubbles Up From Lakebeds

Clash in Alabama Over Tennessee Coal Ash

India's generation of children crippled by uranium waste -- from coal.

Standards for Small-Scale Wind Power

As hybrid cars gobble rare metals, shortage looms

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 30)

An Arizona Wildcat retires. Thank you Tedy

Big Unit willing to contribute as a reliever

Here we go Houston, here we go!

Josh McDaniels is a belichick hoodie wearing wannabe,

Bruschi Retiring?!

Favre might have cracked rib?

Chiefs can Gailey as coordinator, mum on Cassel

Rocky Marciano

Brad Penny to sign with Giants

NFL fans - name five reasons your team probably won't go to the Super Bowl this year.

Who's a college football fan?

Which NCAA game has the best chance to be an upset this week?

US Open starts

UN urges action against forced indigenous labour in Bolivia, Paraguay

Journal From Tegucigalpa: Scenes of Resistance in Honduras

US Role in Colombia/Honduras Plus Golinger Video on US Threat to Venezuela

Mexico and Argentina move towards decriminalising drugs

Toppling a Coup, Part VII: A School of Leaders in Honduras

Opinion, L.A. Times: Honduras' coup must not stand

Canadian Delegation in Support of the Resistance Travels to Honduras

US role in Colombia and Honduras sparks Latin American criticism

Venezuela's "strong bolivar" swamped by inflation

Colombia: La Rosa Nestlé food worker and union leader killed at his home

Shooting incident in north Seattle (nobody hurt, fortunately)

My daughter is getting older, now a qestion....

I survived concealed carry class

NC Supreme Court finds prohibition on (some) felons possessing firearms unconstitutional.

So, the NRA pours millions into advertising because "Obama will take the guns away"

Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews

CWA Calls for Labor Unity, Governance Reform at AFL-CIO Convention

Virginia OSHA establishes “Watch List” to strengthen program

Immigrant Workers in Boston Win Unpaid Wages

NYT: A Dispute Over Unionizing at Montana Hair Salons

NYT: Plight of Carmakers Could Upset All Pension Plans

NYT: Decision to Close Plant Casts Toyota in Unfamiliar Role

Protesting Whole Foods: What About a Boycott?

75th anniversary of the Minneapolis truck drivers’ strike 4 PARTS

Today in Labor History Aug 31 Solidarity march for workplace fairness and healthcare reform 1991

Despite Recession Silicon Valley Continues To Lead For IT

Workers Comp for Firefighters with cancer

Enzi Takes Aim at Obama's Solicitor Nominee

When I look at photos by David Douglas

my new favorite wild flower and other stuff

Something very familiar from an unusual angle.

I "looked up" a lot in Japan

How did your gardens grow?

I finally have some corals in my tank! Here are some pictures...

***SEPTEMBER Contest Theme*** Looking Up

How Science Can Create Millions of New Jobs

Model Suggests How Life's Code Emerged From Primordial Soup

Birth name right for female couples - UK

So I bought the movie I wanted, "True Love"...I guess it's true what they say!

Loan-Value Data Shows Ills Persist..."double-dip"

Ouch! Shanghai down over 5% today.

Surge Near, Bank Count to Be Halved

More Bogus Bailout Reporting: “As Big Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit”

End of Summer Blues

Fed Liquidity to Keep the Financial System from Collapsing

It's about time- the return of men.

Ben and Jerry’s to Serve “Hubby Hubby” This Month (in honor of VT same-sex couples)

Will Chris Dodd Leave Banking? Regulatory reform hangs in the balance

Banks 'Too Big to Fail' Have Grown Even Bigger

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/30/09

Why Don't Americans Discuss The Root Of Problems Instead Of Mocking It's Symptoms?

Anti-Gay SC Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer Outed As Gay Man

Let's Cut To The Chase-the private market-based approach obviously is not working

New Mexico Healthcare

Anxiety attacks--I mean, when something really hits your core fears, and you feel hot

Rationing spelled out in HR3200? And what if it is?

Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.

Has anyone here done a chart for Obama

Anyone have any ideas on why the placebo effect is growing stronger?

Sananda: Stay Calm as The Storm Gathers

September 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

New ladies mask for Sleep Apnea!

for you atheist heathens

Pat Robertson should feel lucking knowing that there likely is no hell...

Which is more offensive:

So I told my mom that her belief in God was irrational...

Back to school day!

Julia Child's "French Cooking" DVD series

Chicory Coffee

Speaking of Cheese ...

Today's projects in the kitchen.

Re: the Kinkster as a DEM

World's "Thriller" dance record? The Mexicans Beat It!

Fall election would be 'irresponsible': Baird