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"The waging of war “by way of deception” is now a mathematical discipline."

Why is John Kerry walking with a cane?

This is the second time I've heard reference to Kennedy's "honorary" degree

Ohio school district settles with lawyers to the tune of $115.5K, boy they represented gets $5.5k.

Rep. Kirk Stocks Town Hall With Supporters, Claims Only 7 Million Uninsured Americans

Nice breakdown of who will replace Kennedy as chairman of his old committee

Huckabee: Kennedy Would Have Been Urged To Die Earlier Under ObamaCare

How Nixon Gave Ted Kennedy Bodyguards - to Spy on His Personal Life

So what was Beck's 9/12 plan?

Bawling time now -To Dream the Impossible Dream

Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy - Dennis Kucinich

Nope. Iowa has no ocean front property.

*** Ted Kennedy Memorial Service cont. - 8:30 ET - LIVEBLOG TWO***

Garamendi finishing strong with GOTV events!

Conservatives Warning Against Politicizing Kennedy's Death, Did Just That For Reagan

LIMBOsevic & the other a-holes are TWISTING THEIR a-holes over the DIGNITY of Ted's service n/t

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 briefing note 9 - Preparing for the second wave: lessons from current outbreak

Nice memorial picture with 1932-2009 - somebody here has it as their sig. Where is it?

Murdoch attack on 'dominant' BBC

Bill would give President emergency control of Internet in his dreams

Bill would give President emergency control of Internet in his dreams

That Cheney/Rove are screaming about the Torture inquiry tells me that it ISN'T just a token gesture

I want to thank the Kennedys for allowing all of us to

Penn and Teller ratting out Bush and Pope!

Kennedy Counterprogramming: CNBC - Porn the Business of Pleasure -Faux:Missing white girl found..

HEADS UP: Glenn Beck Comedy Special on the Comedy Channel Tomorrow at 9..

Does anyone have a video clip of fmr. Senator Culver from the memorial?

I've watched the Kenedy wake all night, and I DARE any

Did anyone else notice how fast MCain RAN off the

CRAP! I had to be away from home tonight and missed the wake.

It's great having a VP with heart again.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Joe's words made Vicki Cry

As an homage to "moran, pubic option, Democrat party, pwn, etc...", a new way to ridicule Beck

As an homage to "moran, pubic option, Democrat party, pwn, etc...", a new way to ridicule Beck

Connie Schultz, columnist and wife of Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is on Craig Ferguson tonight

Connie Schultz, columnist and wife of Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is on Craig Ferguson tonight

Shuttle launch tonight 12:00 AM EDT The COLBERT is aboard

Leaving Earth

So I Went To A Rally..... Told Freepers w/ Signage

Craig Ferguson is on the Comedy Channel right now and I just about passed out laughing

*** Ted Kennedy Memorial Service cont. - 9:40 ET - LIVEBLOG FOUR***

DJ AM Dies

Did anyone else feel bad when Paul Kirk introduced John Kerry as the senior senator?

Johnny .... when you eulogize someone, it is customary to acknowledge the widow

We can honor Senator Kennedy tonight in a big way...

Rachel asks us to tweet in honor of Ted Kennedy!!

There are different kinds of monuments,...

Rep. Kirk Stocks Town Hall With Supporters, Claims Only 7 Million Uninsured Americans

Funeral Protocol... as determined by the GOP

Funeral Protocol... as determined by the GOP

Freepers remind me of me when I was a brat, and

Left to die

High Court Justices Among Those Paying Tribute to Sen. Kennedy

Something I Noticed In My Town

WaPo prints story supporting torture

Teddy trumps Beckkk

thanks to the usunng and unseen people during this memorial service

It's a goddamn shame John Culver lost to that loser Grassley.

Greg Palast's documentary about Katrina ffree this week.

We were all a part of the family tonight...

Two things I was told tonight: Genghis Kahn is a DJ and Universal health care will KILL YOU!!!

Coup in Honduras enters its third month

Freepers think the Democrats are going to deny Republicans healthcare.


I've Tried Very Hard to Reconcile With Republicans on Hannity's Board, but these people...

I Added My Autographed Photo Of Ted Kennedy To My Wall Of Fame

Joe Scum is on today revising history

Afghanistan: Deeper Into the Mire(Almost as Many Troops in Afghanistan as in Iraq)

Afghanistan: Deeper Into the Mire(Almost as Many Troops in Afghanistan as in Iraq)

I love Mayor Menino's accent. An earful of home

I love Mayor Menino's accent. An earful of home

US Wants 20,000 More Troops to Fight Taliban

It's a plot! Wingers are acting idiotic to make lefties so repulsed they'll leave the country!

WaPo: Blackwater Founder Accused in Court of Intent to Kill

Ted Koppel died a little tonight. ABC Nightline leads with blonde girl missing for 17 years.

More info on the Fed. When I posted info about the Fed

Abortion protest under way in Bellevue

Memphis refuses Tasers for its PD

AP article on Pres. Obama meeting with Mrs. Kennedy...

Bill Moyers is on Bill Maher tonight n/t

Bill Moyers is on Bill Maher tonight n/t

US Forest Service: Keep an eye out for Tecate-drinking tortilla eaters

US Forest Service: Keep an eye out for Tecate-drinking tortilla eaters

Can't get this song out of my head today.

Health Care at Ted Kennedy's Memorial

Iran: The Green Brief #61-62 (August 26-27 - Shahrivar 4-5) News from Iran

A Parable of Immortality

All about the "-er" wing of the Republican Party and their grip on American politics

Reagan ...... Bush ...... Reagan ....... Bush ........

Idaho Gov. Candidate Jokes About Hunting Obama

Had a great experience today...we took our turn at manning the dem booth

George Herbert Bush Couldn't Face The Kennedy Family Is Why He Was Absent Today.

why the f*ck are joe scum & buchanan handling the m$nbc coverage of Sen. Kennedy?

Do DUers think Nora O'Donnell will be talking about

DUers please help identify the non-political people at the funeral sevice

To lighten the mood a bit: Historic Route 66...

Keith up now on m$nbc...thank gawd

Why does MSNBC have to put Pat on?

Why does MSNBC have to put Pat on?

where is al gore - I don't see him in the front rows n/t

We choose to go to do these things, not because they are easy

Kennedy has silenced the right-wingnut townhall idiots......

Coercive, Christian Baby Sellers

Obama Has Cut Taxes for 98.6 Percent of Working* Households**

Time for each of us to think about what this Honorable Man means to each of us.

Mourners offer personal view of Kennedy's life

Gov. Mark Sanford waives confidentiality in ethics probe.

Lawyer: Iraqi shoe thrower to be released early

Lawrence O'Donnell also on MSNBC before the church service!

I'm watching ABC coverage in HiDef AND

I'd like to see more posts asking why MSNBC has to Pat on.

Torture Memos in a Book

Tammy Duckworth: VA official, war amputee is flying again

Charlie Crist picks his personal stooge for Senate seat

Bush Is a Book Lover?

As I've watched the events of the last few days, Victoria Kennedy

The Jewish Redemption of Ted Kennedy

It's my understanding that new drug development, ...

Compare if you will, the wonderful celebration of life held for

Funeral and Burial of Senator Edward M. Kennedy - Live Stream c-span

Latest RNC Lie: Dems Will Cut Off Your Healthcare if You Register to Vote

Latest RNC Lie: Dems Will Cut Off Your Healthcare if You Register to Vote

Four years ago today

Washington Post Disgraces Itself With "Immoral & Irresponsible" Pro-Torture Article

My local Fox broadcast channel is showing an infomercial

My local Fox broadcast channel is showing an infomercial

Why does MSNBC have to put Pat on?

The family members speaking have great courage.

CNN asia is showing world sports

Edited FOX Billboard. Very well done.

Did Anyone Else Notice When They Had The Camera On Bill Clinton......

What is the word on Ethel ? And...

well all the presidents and ladies are smiling and laughing with each

OpenLeft: Renormalizing Economics & Politics

Will George Tenet wear his Presidential Medal of Freedom over the orange coverall?

In case you missed it, Bill Moyers' Journal hit another Health Care Home Run

Teddy's grandkids and grand nieces and nephews are showing....

Powerful Video

I miss Senator Paul Wellstone

Kennedy And Katrina

ummmmmm... where are the Clintons?

Palin Misses Another Expected Public Appearance - 4th no-show this year

Anybody else in Seattle watching the live police activity on I-5 by NSCC? nt

With 3 more on Friday, the 2009 failed bank list is beginning to look like a Biblical scroll

So Teddy's Grandson, Max, just made a pitch for health care. . .

Chris Dodd is singing???

Anyone else going to We Can't Afford to Wait Public Action NOW Vigil

I heard Joe Buck announce a football game the other night and he said he was going to shut up-------

Portugal takes Guantanamo inmates (yesterday)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica

Wow! selling fruit at Yankee Stadium

Enzi, Member of 'Gang of 6', Trashes Health Care Reform

Teddy Kennedy's sons are up next.

I am sorry we lost Kennedy

League of American Voters can't wait for the funeral to be over before they sent this?

I don't think we've seen the last of EMK III

Kazakhstan's nuclear curse

Persistence stops a train—and global warming slowed - good news

Pot May Protect Brain From Booze

Big Dog at the funeral

Guess it is like divorced parents going to events for their children - you try to be nice

Has anyone seen Joan at the funeral?

Dollars & Sense: Indicators That Fell Through The Cracks...

Lovecraftian School Board Member Wants Madness Added To Curriculum

Oh noes! There's no Santa????

$495,000 settlement in cop's punch of bystander

Secret camps and guillotines? Groups make birthers look sane

The Nuclear Gang Rides Again - Reprocessing the Lies

Small earthquake shakes Dorchester County, SC.

Health Care is a Moral Issue "We are all in the same boat"

FOX news shows EXCELLENT coverage again!

President Obama.

Sen. Reid Indicates Support For A Public Option That Is Privately Run - Think Progress

***Ted Kennedy Memorial Service Mothership LIVEBLOG***

Look at the size of the officer walking behind the coffin...

A class act. Obama. A class act. That's all. Beautiful!

Damn I hope the cameras caught the look on Bush's face

The Republican Party have no HEROs....none, nada, zilch, puka, nai .. only ZEROs

George W looks like an idiot buffoon who doesn't belong at the funeral

Sums up Backus, Enzi and Grassley exactly

Full Mental Beck

Cheney: Torturers Can Do No Wrong

Has anyone else heard about this crazy "$1,000.00 fine" re: vaccinations

Brian williams has to bring up tim russet - uuughhh - can't these idiots just be nice

The BBC is interviewing that guy who swam to Aung San Suu Kyi...

Al-Jazeera, France 24, Euronews are covering Kennedy's funeral

Where was RFK Jr.?

Al-Jazeera, France 24, Euronews are covering Kennedy's funeral

Al-Jazeera, France 24, Euronews are covering Kennedy's funeral

The question to all republicans in Congress, are you for or against Medicare? /nt

"America the Beautiful"

Éamonn, slán go fóill mo chara.

I'm finding it very difficult to hold it together...

It is touching to see Ed Rollins choking up on CNN

A long transformation...

Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer! New Research indicates pot undermines lung cancer!

Keith Olbermann's eyes.

I Clearly Recall The Year 2001, When We Had Surpluses, And No One Said A Peep About Bush's Deficits

Who do they have that can match that man? Who have they ever had?

Unemployment Benefits Running out (Florida)

Unemployment Benefits Running out (Florida)

who else will fly to dc - all kennedy's or what and how do you get them all there n/t

Well I do hope that all met with the conservatives' approval

Friday Bank Dump

How are right-wingers handling the military honors being afforded to Sen. Kennedy?

When we lose a truly good person I weep for our loss

Dear Kennedys. Today I am inspired to be a better person.

ugh Phil Gramm!

Did anyone else see Clinton glaring at Bush when Obama mention Sept 11

What happens now for the staffers who worked for Teddy?

Focus on The family urges you to contact Them & Schwarzenegger on proposed Harvey Milk Day

In Honor Of Senator Ted Kennedy, Today I Will . . .

Oakland (CA) group spearheading Glenn Beck boycott

Delete (did not go through)

Hospitals ban child visitors as flu cases rise

I don't want Mark Sanford impeached or resigning. I want him to stay.

I'd rather not cloud my love for Teddy with hate for Bush

I was okay until Ave Maria

Why in God's name fuck over the Dutch, of all nations, with a fake moon rock?

Did Joan Kennedy attend the wake or funeral?

Caroline looks very much like Jackie.

Sex offender legislation set for review (bans sex offenders from operating ice cream trucks)

On Energy, Obama Finds Broad Support

I am so grateful....

Thank goodness MSNBC's got their A squad on.

Thank goodness MSNBC's got their A squad on.

Analysis: Why is the U.S. Still in Afghanistan?

Yahoo News Photos: "Edward Kennedy III arrives for funeral services of his grandfather"

Sen. Jim DeMint (R), SC, warns students against Health Care Reform.

Teddy Jr is/was wonderful!

Who will pick up the Kennedy mantle now, RFK, jr?

Are you planning to go to Glenn Beck's 9-12 MARCH ON WASHINGTON!!??

Digital signs on the Mass Pike say "Thanks Ted, from the People of Massachusetts"

Chevron Using Solar Power Plant To Drill For Oil...


Oh My, check out the mouthbreathers on CSPAN

The Separation of Church and State

Miss Venezuela winner of Miss Universe title 2nd year in a row

The Kennedy Option - A Matter of Life and Death -- a MUST READ from Shannyn Moore

Caroline Kennedy....such a heart for her uncle....

Glenn Greenwald: "I hate the Washington Post - you should try it; it's very liberating"

As a father myself, this part had me bawling

Teddy, Your Service Will Live On - pic

Teddy, Your Service Will Live On - pic

Pat Oliphant checks up on Bushco-Feds closing in....

Justice Sotomayor, Justice Scalia and Our Six Catholic Justices

Does anyone have a schedule of the events/ceremonies for the rest of the afternoon for Teddy?

I am convinced that some people have a death wish when it comes to investing

Today, my pride of being an American - and a Democrat in America - is renewed.

Here's the funeral program, if you want to follow along

A disgusting conversation I had at work today

Death, Republican Style - Newsweek

Survivalists, Town Clash Over Craftsbury Road

Racially Charged Sign Aimed At President

2009 Report: Two US Allies are Among Worst Human Rights Abusers on Earth

How can one find a good labor lawyer?

People are already lining the streets in DC

People are already lining the streets in DC

An ancient clash between class and cash

Well at least we can know more from twitter - I want more filming and

Just watched a CNN guest read history dead wrong

Cross posted from GD:

'Stunning' Viking find bought for the nation

'Stunning' Viking find bought for the nation

Thank you, Jackeens

Candy Crawley STFU

Will our Ted's memorials inspire people to work to help the poor?

Basically - the other side has denigrated liberals or anyone close

President Obama's Eulogy for Sen. Ted Kennedy

Barack Obama is a great speaker...

Barack Obama: "Love thy Neighbor"

Speaking of DREAMING things and Saying WHY NOT, Democrats Should Introduce SINGLE PAYER Upon Return!

Tweety is such a shit...

Tweety is such a shit...

Beds made of hay are latest hotel craze

Japan on the brink of a new era

Where Did The Mean-Spirited, Openly Hostile Atmosphere In D.C. Politics Come From?

I thought it was traditional to have someone sing Danny Boy at an Irish funeral?

Senator Kennedy, I wish for you

Murdoch attack on 'dominant' BBC

Bill Russell in the house

Of course politics isn't mentioned at the funerals of Republicans -

Why don't Catholic bishops care about healthcare?

Conservative Christians say U.S. health care system 'is working'

Kennedy: Liberal loser of the senate

When England ruled the world.. a timeline

When England ruled the world.. a timeline

When England ruled the world.. a timeline

Breakin News: Mandatory Evacs in La Canada, California FIRE!

Breakin News: Mandatory Evacs in La Canada, California FIRE!

Photo Essay: "Tom Stone's Photography: American Poverty / Homeless In America"

Few clues in deaths of Va. Tech students.

Sign fail

Glenn Beck can't spell oligarch.

They brought Senator Byrd out in a wheelchair, so I figured they were close.

Road to a 2010 Democratic Victory (Jon Taplin)

PHOTO: The Bushes at the Kennedy funeral. Oh my GOD.

Gang of Ten Owns Hoekstra Over His Politicization Of Debate Over Closing Gitmo

PHOTOS: "Let's Make The Dream Reality"

All That She Can't Leave Behind

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy

Up next, wireless transmission of electricity!

Reich: Don't believe the conventional wisdom about the public option being dead

Mrs. Greenspan is doing a recap of the service this morning.

Tweety, shut the fuck up with the mythological horseshit already



Pat Roberts is a DOLT and he is acting like he is heartbroken over this

Heads up! Kennedy motorcade expected at Capitol within five minutes.

Nice Ted Kennedy story from a pastor in Lancaster, PA

City's plan to ban guns has NRA up in arms!

ATT: Trolling Freepers

Okay, is the funeral being rebroadcast on MSNBC or any other station

They have a picture of Michael Jackson's feet on Google.


The more I think about it the more I like the idea of Mike Dukakis standing in for the next 5 months

Ted Kennedy - the Wounded Healer ?

The "least of my brothers" reading was the perfect gospel reading for Teddy's funeral.

"Danny Boy" for Teddy

Just a idea

a "fire-rainbow"..and a pic the firefighter will smile at one day

Why won't health care reform hurt my elderly parents?

Ted Kennedy was kind, smart, and a hard worker.

The GOP, Not the Senate, is Broken

MSNBC commentators talking about how Ted read with schoolkids every week -- without publicity

Leahy sounds like he's been hitting the Bushmill's

Rare ancient jewels found

I noticed that the Kennedy Funeral Mass included Holy Communion...

Can You Say Hypocritical?

Why Harry and Louise should die

Why Harry and Louise should die

who is the idiot trying to direct the motorcade?

And now, Teddy heads for his final rest with his brothers in Arlington Natn'l Cemetery

Liberal Democrat Suggests Blue Dogs ‘Brain Dead’

D.C. in HD.. very impressive

surge update - Bombs kill 18 people near Baghdad

I left Saturday in a hot car with the windows up. Wow!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Police Officer Fired for Egging Home-Allegedly Tired of Responding To Man's Frequent Complaints

At least for tonight, Orrin Hatch gets a white hat and a good guy award

Who are Tweety and Doris Kearns Goodwin referring to -- the "obvious"

"A burial at the dying of the day."

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Verizon sponsoring Hannity's pro-mountaintop removal rally (let them hear from you!)

How come President Obama isn't there?

Listening to these accounts of Kennedy's life I have to ask

If you liked the economic and cultural divide between

White House claims Pakistan modified U.S.-made missiles

Live feed on C-Span for those w/o TV or who don't like to hear commentary

Shuttle "GO FOR LAUNCH" under 5 minutes to launch at 11:59pm nasa TV link

Shuttle "GO FOR LAUNCH" under 5 minutes to launch at 11:59pm nasa TV link

It's not use, it's ABUSE of the 1st Amendment

Ted Kennedy loved "everything French"

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

OK, why are there TWO hearses in the motorcade?

Help with bible passages quote at Teddy's service, please.

Today's Google Michael Jackson's feet are the 'o's

Today's Google Michael Jackson's feet are the 'o's

Today's Google Michael Jackson's feet are the 'o's

Teddy and the windmill "controversy"

Conn. diocese wants Scalia to look at case (odd request - he is not assigned to that Circuit)

No Support for Gov. Sanford

who is this micheal on msnbc - he is worse than mattews -

PHOTO: Time to play another exciting round of "What's Junior Thinking?"

What have been your favorite moments from Teddy's funeral weekend, so far?

This is when the pain begins

This is a request for anyone living in England.

I tried Snopes & Fact Check & found nothing. Can ypu help?

Massachusetts, mandatory vaccinations of all citizens and a $1,000 day fine for those who refuse

What is your favorite Ted Kennedy accomplishment?

What is your favorite Ted Kennedy accomplishment?

Update for you wonderful people about a terrible tragedy

Doesn't W look about as comfortable as a whore in church

Adam Goldstein dies at 36; club owner gained fame as DJ AM

Could Ted Kennedy have won the 1980 Presidential election?

We went to Susan Davis's health meeting... CA 53rd

Kennedy Casket Arrives Senate With Gathered Staffers - PHOTOS (Updated)

MIJN GOD! The Kennedy Family has gone through hell and back again!

Souter Blocks Access to His Papers for 50 Years

Who's really pulling the plug on Grandma?-It was Sen. Grassley himself.

"...they always take the left's icons and use them for their own ends. "

A.I., meet E.I.

Mr. Skinner, an emoticon smiley with Karl Marx's beard, for us on the further left would be nice.

Glenn Beck's Psychiatrist Helps Him With "Being Called Names"

I think the health care debate just bottomed out.

I am sick and tired of hate

I am sick and tired of hate

Leaving Massachusetts - pic

Make no mistake! Democrats advocating for bipartisanship at this point are OWNED by special interest

All of Los Angeles smells like a BBQ. cough cough

Bet on no gun confiscation

fox news billboard

Pres. Jimmy Carter looks damned good for 84 years young!

He Lost His Job, He Lost His Apartment, And He's In The Emergency Room Because He's Vomitting Blood

There are times like today where I wish our community as a whole can TS invading trolls...

So, after watching the fidelity of EMK to these causes, are you still ashamed to be called

Did you ever believe that Senator Kennedy would get this great appreciation ...?

“When you’re out on the ocean,” I asked. “Do you ever see your brothers?”

“When you’re out on the ocean,” I asked. “Do you ever see your brothers?”

Joan Kennedy

question - kennedy - jack nicolson and lily thomlin - were a surprise to me

NYT: American Antiwar Movement Plans an Autumn Campaign Against Policies on Afghanistan

Driver With Lifetime Ban Involved In Fatal Crash

Dying woman recovers, says relatives "robbed me blind"

I gotta say it ........

Has Anyone Else Noticed? Jonathan Alter, EVERY TIME He Appears On TeeVee...

Franken: I’ll carry on Kennedy’s cause

Abortion protest in Bellevue (pro-choicers outnumber pro-lifers!)

Did Al Gore turn his back to George W. Bush at Ted Kennedy’s funeral?

Japanese government faces landslide electoral defeat

Can some one answer me this..

Seen nailed to a pole outside a Wells Fargo Bank, East Burnside St., Portland, Oregon.

Was Phillip Garrido given protection by local authorities?

The two categories of Conservative argument

Scientist Warning of Health Hazards of Monsanto's Herbicide Receives Threats

Please, please, please President Obama...

Please let's not forget Katrina today. Four years on.

Teddy taught us: It's not about you, it's about what you believe in

Photos from Sen. Edward Kennedy's Funeral Mass (Updated)

Honoring Victims of Hurricane Katrina on the Fourth Anniversary of the Disaster -pics

Texas: Agents in Raid Are Fired (raid on a Fort Worth gay bar)

A.Q. Khan smacked down by Pakistani blogger - big time;)

Democratic states need to STOP electing republican governors

People Rally for Health Care in Honor of Sen. Kennedy in Times Square - pics

Journalists: How To Make Your Sex Work Stories Less Insanely Creepy

The Healthcare Debate Should Be: Should There Be a "Private Option" Alongside Single Payer?

Facing the Truth

Are We Really This Stupid ???

Open letter to any Kennedys who may venture to DU

Ted, jr.'s leg amputation helped cure me of the "why me?" syndrome

Ted, jr.'s leg amputation helped cure me of the "why me?" syndrome

Ted, jr.'s leg amputation helped cure me of the "why me?" syndrome

Are there are remains of Joe Kennedy?

"Close friends" - this thread will sink like a stone

"The murder of JFK, MLK and RFK hit our generation like billy club, and we never really got back up"

"The murder of JFK, MLK and RFK hit our generation like billy club, and we never really got back up"

Hurricane Dubya Four Years On

deja vu: The Defeat of June, 1848

US government list of “problem banks” tops 400

Has anyone else ever been told to "dumb down" your resume?

It has been a difficult day

DU This Poll..Vote for "Daisy"!

Cerberus Capital Management: no bark, no bite

Ted Jr's sled story made me weep

Ted Jr's sled story made me weep

Keith just smacked down Tweety

"The work goes on, The cause endures, The hope still lives, And the dream shall never die"

"The work goes on, The cause endures, The hope still lives, And the dream shall never die"


Sarasota teachers say charter schools can advertise with taxpayer money, but not public schools.

Whats the mortality rate for swine flu virus?

Clever smackdown of the Gubmint Health Care is Socialism!!!! nonsense. I actually got a few chuckles

presumably the kid in shorts and flip flops was a family member

Is TARP Profitable? - Now It Looks like it might break even.

*** Ted Kennedy Memorial Service cont. - 9:00 ET - LIVEBLOG THREE***

Father helicoptered 9th grader to 1st day of school - getting negative web feedback

A Benediction for Teddy Kennedy, Fallen Heroes, the End of an Era, the Lesson of Love

My mother used a Glenn Beckkk line on me yesterday

Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

75 Years Since Truckers Paid In Blood To Unionize

Probably been asked/answered, but who is the young, tall, bearded man with

Senator Byrd is there .... in a wheelchair.

"Abortion supporters" outnumber opponents 2 to 1 outside Dr. LeRoy Carhart's clinic

If Detroit put out a car that looked like this, would it sell here? (edited)

Caroline Kennedy: "I know it was Jupiter, but it was acting a lot like Teddy...."

Mom Sues After Son With Autism Voted Out Of Kindergarten Class

Great story about Teddy and Vicki in NY Times ... in case you missed it.

The Kennedy Kids Rise and Speak for Us!

That was one big fat and LIBERAL prayer.

This non-Kennedy picture makes me awful sad...

I'm very sorry I have to do this, but some irresponsible DUers sparked my curiosity with links to

Bill Moyers: You Really Have Two Corporate Parties

Bill Moyers: You Really Have Two Corporate Parties

I've seen several posts denouncing the Catholic Church for all the rich

I've seen several posts denouncing the Catholic Church for all the rich

Matthew 25:31-46

it's highschool football time

Girl gorillas go ape for French pinup hunk

3rd Rock From The Sun. Funny when it originally aired, reruns are STILL funny, or NEVER funny?

The Office Reunion (English version)


DJ AM Found Dead in New York

Radio Friendly Song

"You just watch your own."

Outrageous troll in the Kennedy memorial thread....

Jesus Christ...

Pave paradise, put up a parking lot

i was a twinkle in my dad's eye

Hey, Bucky???? FUCK!!!!

It just hit me.

wish you guys could here the mountain tonight

Artie Lange FIRST guest on Letterman tonight

How drunk are you?

Shuttle launch coming up! Watch live at this link:

Led Zeppelin, much?

I've been feeding a friend's 17 year old boy,while she's out of town.

So I go to the Social Security office today

Real men grow vegetables.

When did vampires start becoming so fucking lame?

August 28, 2009. The day the dj died.

Dj AM.We are with you.

So, what happens if a zombie bites a vampire?

Respond to this post with a fake Facebook status.

Historic Route 66...


*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to slinkerwink!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RedXIII !!*******

Single molecule, one million times smaller than a grain of sand, pictured for first time

car stereo problem: I can hear the engine revving throw the stereo

I tried breastfeeding once...

Why does MSNBC have to put Pat on?

Edited FOX billboard! Can someone figure out how to post the image?

Aspies, Gamers, welcome to the Real World

Congratulations Triana! 15,000 posts!

Would zombies attack Frankenstein?

Just found dog barf on the bed. Here are the usual suspects, plus Twitter cute pets

I love these apocalyptic movies where the women all

Any fans of the movie "Blue In The Face" here?


Just a quick reminder...

Mad World

I got a deep massage today.

When I was little, my friends would hold their breath until they were blue in the face...

Little red-headed guy dancing to "Boom Boom Pow"

Ma & Pa (a compare and contrast exercise)

VIDEO: "Short Person" Michael Dunn rides Captain Kirk like a pony while he makes Yoko noises

House star Hugh Laurie designs viral marketing campaign.

I embarrassed my daughter today.

Who would win this fight: the James brothers vs. the James brothers

DU Song Of The Day (For Senator Kennedy)

Will the sequel be called 'Taking Altamont'?

The tooth fairy robbed the easter bunny and gave it to santa claus

Amount of Love According to Bands:

Chilling out, listening to Wendy Carlos' "Switched on Bach" on a Saturday.

My show hits your ears at 6PM ET

I just got back from "Inglourious Basterds."

The BEST way to see Polythene Pam?

Bye Ted.

Never watched Life of Brian until today....

Everytime I meet up with the ex for a friendly lunch or coffee

VIDEO: "Two guys wearing bacon skirts and fighting each other with salami"

So ... very ... frightened ...

Feeling kind of sad tonight...

Don't you want to hug and kiss this little kitten?

OMG, I love her hair!

People of Wal-Mart

Fuck. I just fell ass first through my new flat screen TV.

Picture Thread! You as a baby/toddler.

Warning: heartbreaking. I saw a dog get run over this evening. I don't think I've seen anything as

Can I have Princess Letizia's wardrobe, please?

Can we at least agree on the Stone Roses?

Monday I have an audition for the Chesapeake Choral Arts Society.

Facebook Question: Does it bother you when...?

Pet owners is this how it's like giving pills to cats and dogs?

San Diego, CA is 100 degrees

I am watching How The West Was Won on Encore Westerns. Why

Had a little run in with the police last night...

Grand Nagus Zek


My take on Taking Woodstock

Beds made of hay are latest hotel craze

Someone I know lost her custody battle...

Can people stop using the word "sick" to describe cool/bad ass things?

Where were yoiur great-grandparents born?

What are the best and worst sounds in the world?

Tomorrow Sun 30, South Austin DU meetup

Alley made a batch of chocolate muffins and went to bed.

Fun website if you are morbid : Death Risk Rankings

Noel Gallagher leaves Oasis over fallout with brother

When the "tooth fairy" came what did you usually get

When you see Work's number on the Caller ID, do you answer the phone?

My son brought me a birthday present.

Cat people: what's your theory on why perfectly behaved cats occasionally have a bout of teh crazy?

this is why hollywood should never do remakes. the taking of pellam one two three...

What are the fukin odds....

August 28, 2009...THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: "Noel Gallagher Quits Oasis Over Brother Liam"

"Artsy-fartsy, pretentious, capital “S” symbolism, zero suspense"'s Rob Zombie's "Halloween II"

Look at this picture

Need help settling a domestic dispute

Have you ever gone 'skinny dipping'?

Top Officer(Adm. Mike Mullen) Says US Bungling Muslim Outreach

DJ AM Dies

Pacific Western Bank, San Diego, California, Assumes All of the Deposits of Affinity Bank, Ventura,

Rep. Kirk Stocks Town Hall With Supporters, Claims Only 7 Million Uninsured Americans

Calif. firefighters wage fierce wildfire battles

Howard Dean claims TORT reform would 'make enemies'

WHO warns of severe form of swine flu

Reid Muddies Water: I'm For Public Option--So Long As It's Private

Idaho GOP Blasts Candidate's Obama Remark

Space shuttle blasts off, finally flying on try 3

Curbs on nuclear scientist lifted

Questions Arise Over How Kidnapper Went Undetected

Political luminaries pay tribute to Kennedy

Many missed chances to catch kidnapping suspect

Funeral and Burial of Senator Edward M. Kennedy - Live Stream c-span

President Obama's Eulogy for Sen. Ted Kennedy

Karzai widens lead in Afghan election race

Uruguay disavows de facto Honduran ambassadress

'The greatest' — Kennedy honored at funeral Mass

Megrahi backs Lockerbie inquiry

Megrahi backs Lockerbie inquiry

Adam Goldstein dies at 36; club owner gained fame as DJ AM

DOJ May Skirt Court Order on Interrogation Documents In Response to ACLU Lawsuit

Blackwater Founder Accused in Court of Intent to Kill

Hearse Carrying Kennedy Stops near Senate Steps Before Arlington

Taliban growth in northern Afghanistan threatens to expand war

Bombs Kill at Least 18 People in Iraq

President Obama vows not to forget lessons of Katrina

No support for Sanford among members of state House GOP caucus

U.S. is 15 years behind South Korea in Internet speed (also behind 27 other countries)

Will President Obama stop praising Republicans like Grassley and Enzi for their ideas this fall?

What is the minimum change you personally would accept as "reform" in the health care debate?

Dr. Orly's new military lawsuit - Army Doctor asks for proof Obama is a citizen

Dear Mister President: Please get a tape of Bill Moyer's

Did anyone else notice McCain not stopping for Vicki ?

George HW Bush will not attend Kennedy's funeral

PHOTOS: President Obama goes to see Vicki Kennedy

Happy Sarah Palin day!

Can someone tell me why Jill Biden's arm is in a sling? nt

Support the Weiner Amendment to HR 3200 - Single Payer NOW!

Obama Admin Won't Rule Out Middle Class Tax Hikes

Watching the wake and funeral today it is clear why the RW

Kerry: Sen. Kennedy 'stolen too quickly'

Boston mayor "Mumbles" Menino's audio clips

Obama remains opposed to middle-class tax hike

Who will head Kennedy's health care staff?

PHOTOS Funeral


You Thought The Health Care Battle Was Ugly. Just Wait For The Climate Fight. - Slate

"We are a very crippled giant

Thousands on the streets of DC, 500-600 on the steps of

Kennedy's impossible dream? I don't think so

Do the "states rights" folks have the right idea?

Kerry on Kennedy: "Sail on my friend. Sail on.”

Any info on Glenn Beck?

The Hate is Everywhere...

Club for Growth Plans to Target Specter Donors

Are there clearly defined "winning conditions" in the Afghanistan war, and if so, what are they?

PHOTOS Love and Loss

Blue dogs.

My Quiet Neighbor (The President)

Eulogy for Edward Kennedy, Remarks of President Barack Obama

Has Obama given the eulogy yet? nm

CO-Sen: Romanoff to Challenge Bennet; Buck Out, Norton Likely In

GOP accused of health ‘fear-mongering’ - Repubs ‘might’ face discrimination when seeking treatment

Informal poll: IF you think we're losing the healthcare battle....

What would be the difference between a NATIONWIDE GSE Health Ins Co-Op and a Credit Union?

Is the expression "Yobama" racist. *EDIT*

As leader of green economy, Obama should back Cape Wind

Obama is about to speak...


Orrin Hatch

NOTICE - Mensa members unable to attend town hall meetings

I like how today's "journalists" can take a non-statement and make it state something.

'Our Teddy Changed America'

Media Matters: Storming Camelot: Sen. Kennedy's death brings out worst from the right

Obama meets with Sen. Kennedy's widow

TPM: Harry Reid Muddies Water on Public Option

President Obama and Bo

President Obama Travels to Boston in Advance of Kennedy Eulogy

Veterans Affairs: "Your Life, Your Choices" or known by wackos as Death Book

Kennedy's dogs- Sunny & Spash go after a "gesturing" Biden...

Olympic shot-putter David Laut is killed at his Oxnard home (shot confronting prowlers)

Lawyer: Iraqi shoe thrower to be released early - September 14th

Jimena now a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean

Venezuela: Unruly protesters will be prosecuted

GOP senator signals fading hopes on health care

Spokeswoman: 7 found dead at Ga. mobile home

"God Bless America" Performed At Sen Kennedy's Memorial

Report: Taxpayers to Pay Subprime Players Billions to Fix Loan Mess democracy now, 8/28/09

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - Sen. John Kerry (Part 2)

Reagan proves that in stand-up, timing is everything. Well, timing and delivery. And material.

GDOAT Mike Huckabee Worst Persons

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - VP Joe Biden

Fmr Wells Fargo Subprime Loan Officer: Bank Targeted Black Churches for Subprime Loans 1 of 2

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - Sen. John Kerry (Part 1)

President Obama's Weekly Address: Lessons and Renewal Out of the Gulf Coast

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - Caroline Kennedy

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - John Culver Part 2

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - Sen. John Kerry (Part 3)

Thom Hartmann - Senator Bernie Sanders talks about Senator Ted Kennedy

Citizens Of Lincoln Nebraska Choose Hope, Not Fear, At Health Care Reform Rally

SEIU: Montana Small Business Owner Explains Why He Supports Health Care Reform

A YouTube/Kennedy Memorial/ Nick Lowe Synchronized Moment

Political Luminaries Pay Tribute to Kennedy

Sen. Edward Kennedy Funeral Mass Begins

President Barack Obama/ MLK Montage - Very Powerful Vid

Young Turks: Are GOP Lies Winning the Healthcare Debate??

Kennedy: Win One for the Tedster

Privatize the Fire Department

Joseph P. Kennedy Speaks At Sen Kennedy's Memorial

Glenn Beck's Warped "912 Project" Video That He's Using To Try And Stir A "Revolution"

Ted Kennedy Tribute

Edward Kennedy Funeral Mass - President Obama Eulogy (Part 1)

The Handmaid's Tale (English) (1/10)

Edward Kennedy Funeral Mass - Ted Kennedy, Jr. (Part 1)

John McCain Snubs Vicki Kennedy

Edward Kennedy Funeral Mass - Prayers Of The Faithful

Young Turks: Republican Admits He's Been Blocking Health Care Instead of Negotiating

TYT Interviews: FM (B. Kennedy's Press Secretary) on Ted Kennedy's Past & More

Abraham, Martin & John - Dion - Lyrics

Edward Kennedy Memorial Service - John Culver Part 1

Stephanopoulos: Kennedy Would've Supported Ditching Public Option

Stephanopoulos: Kennedy Would've Supported Ditching Public Option

Right-wing LOONS with guns at healthcare events

An Oklahoman Responds To Tom Coburns' Comments To The Crying Woman

Glenn BecKKK's Psychiatrist Brought In To Help Him With "Being Called Names", But Fails Abysmally

Young Turks: Neal Boortz - Katrina Cleansed New Orleans Of 'Human Debris'

Kennedys slow funeral procession to thank trumpet player

Brand new abstinence only ad from our US Dept. of Health and Human Services

Is Ed Klein For Real?

MIT Engineer Jeff King Says Reopen 911 Investigation

Maher: NEW RULES - August 28 - Watch it quick before it's gone!

AARP Television Ad on Health Care Reform

Jeremy Scahill Exposes Blackwater and Questions Obama Administration for continuing the Old Policies

How the World Works has no idea about how the world works - takedown of a popular right wing vlogger

Edward Kennedy Funeral Mass - "Ave Maria"

EVERYTHING IS OK 2 - The Hunt for Terror

Bill Moyers on Bill Maher-You have 2 Corporate Political Parties serving a small economic interests

Beck & Guests: Obama creating a Nazi/Saddam Hussein Army with Americorp.

TYT: Glenn Beck Goes Off On Another Chalkboard Conspiracy

Give this guy some support

Thom Hartmann - Don't Drink the Co-Op Kool-Aid

Huckabee Exploits Teddy's Death, But This is What the Huckster Shoulda' Said

Ted Kennedy's First Wife Joan Kennedy: Casualty of Camelot

Bob Herbert: Look to the Rainbow

Friday Talking Points (91) -- Win One For Teddy

A fitting Kennedy tribute: Clean up Arlington mess

Kinsley: Change We'd Rather Do Without

Losing Touch with A Good Friend

Obama ‘Change’ Is for the Worse

Forces That Killed Dr. Tiller Plan Campaign to Terrorize Dr. Carhart & His Clinic

The Great Anti-Canadian-Healthcare Fraudster Joins The Great American Healthcare Debate

5 Myths about Health Care Around the World - Washington Post - c/o Bill Moyers Journal web-site

Scientists: Tick saliva may hold cure for numerous cancers

Obama's eulogy of Kennedy

The Republican Death Machine

More Republican Lies about health care - McConnell Sen from Kentucky on wait times in Canada..

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Les Leopold, The Looting of America

Understanding the "How" In "How To Take Back America" w/Bachmann, Huckabee & AmericanFamilyAssociati

Death, Republican Style

H1N1: Writing Is On The Wall For Health Care Now

Shotgun Adoption

Bi-Partisanship is Hurting Democrats

Health Insurance Lobby’s Stealth Astroturf Campaign Revealed!

Ted Sorensen: Remembering Ted Kennedy, My Friend of 56 Years

America's deepening inferiority complex begins to bite Russia

Christian Organizations Shame and Coerce Women into Giving up Their Children

Study Says World's Stocks Controlled by Select Few

Venezuelan “Peace Bases” to Counter U.S. Military Buildup in Colombia

Murdoch attack on 'dominant' BBC

Dr. Dean Ornish, Don't Tread on Me: Transcending the Left Wing/Right Wing Health Care Debate

MONEY-DRIVEN MEDICINE - Bill Moyers Journal - the best report on the Health Care miasma of America

Nissan's LEAF EV, 4 kg of lithium

Pakistan frees AQ Khan; India calls for more nuclear tests

Joe Romm challenges Michael Lynch to a bet on oil prices

Yosemite Fires burning slowly

Hydrogen: The Fuel for Losers

Nuclear Industry Goes 0-6 in 2009 Efforts to Overturn State State Bans on New Nuclear Reactors

Work begins on Europe’s first liquid biogas refuelling station

The dirty Manny* versus the clean Manny

The dirty Upton* versus the clean Upton

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 28)

How 'bout them Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters!!!!!

Two of these Eagles thread headlines seem related

McNabb "miffed"?

Anyone get to see A-12's fireworks last night???

Is it just me or is this forum more boring without cboy4?

Favre passes for 549 yards in a 50-7 win

PP's for the King's Bishop and the Travers Stakes

Brady hurts shoulder

Something you may find interesting: New partnership seeks to reform real estate in Latin America

Fewer Cubans make crossing to Fla; economy cited

Uruguay disavows de facto Honduran ambassadress

Where does the name "Goriletti" come from?

President Zelaya Says “Hell No” to “Crisis Plan”

My presence in Cuba would lead to violence, says Gloria Estefan (more exile projecting)

As if we didn't know department: Army Suspected in Colombia Massacre

PERU: Former Minister Should Answer for Massacre in the Amazon

I have the urge to visit a National Forest with a six-pack of Tecate and a bag of tortillas

Honduras coup representative forced to quit fisheries seminar

Cuban Five issue to the UN Gen Assembly

Qassam rocket fired at Israel

Egypt: Israeli freeze must include east Jerusalem

Archbishop Tutu tells Ma'an: World must engage Hamas

Israel accepts German-mediated Shalit swap deal: report

Confronting intruders

City employee unions (including OS's) reject furloughs

Historic Route 66...

Friday night shuttle launch

Australian Work On The Chemistry Of Weapons Grade Plutonium.

China sets sights on biggest telescope

Can Bill Gates stop hurricanes? Scientists doubt it

Teetotallers more likely to be depressed

I presume to speak about oppressed minorities because i am one

Halting Recovery Divides America in Two

"Opposing Gay Unions With Sanity & a Smile"

AARP's new ad campaign on health care / insurance reform

Gruesome cigarette warning labels are coming to the U.S.

Opposition to swine flu vaccine (BMJ)

I can pay taxes for a War I hate, but I can't get health care?

An Angel helped her.

So, tonight I watched the memorial for Teddy.

Swine Flu, heart chakra, heart meridian, vitamin D, karma

Cleanse the Currency on 09-09-09

To all, thanks, and I'm back home and doing fine

Legal case against God dismissed

An entire Ohio school district has "belief in god" as part of it's MISSION STATEMENT.

LOL more stupidity from the idiots I work for

Wouldn't UBL make a great patsy?

Our brilliant Senators, Cornpone and Bighair

Interesting Video of Cleaning Up the WTC7 Rubble

George Herbert Bush Couldn't Face The Kennedy Family Is Why He Was Absent Today.

Would anyone here be "UNHAPPY" if another investigation was begun?

Was President Bush Right?

Was President Obama right?

Disc jockey DJ AM found dead in NYC

Michael Jackson was born today, August 29th, in 1958. birthday wishes

The Cloverfield Sequel Viral Marketing Begins