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Who's the best name caller from M$Greedia

AARP Survey by PENN, Schoen & Berland "Internet based, causes confusion" says Nate Of 538

Star Wars fans, check out this pic I found on

Rachel is back tonight!! I know that you need to know that!

2 Va. Tech students found slain. Third tragedy in past two years

Anybody just hear Georgie Stepenopolis on FAUX saying not enough votes for Public Option

Ethel Kennedy

why is it that everytime (it seems)

Whose Tour Schedule is this?

Ingraham to Luntz: "Glad to see you AND for MORE bad news..."

I loves me some Rachel Maddow

When republicans say what they want to happen or want not to happen, remind them

Oh Teddy, we hardly knew ye......God Bless You, rest in peace....

Video Captures Teacher Beating Student with Autism

Boom Icons passing on. Cronkite, Shriver, MJ :yoiks: Teddy... who will be the Future Icons, Gen XYZ?

Caution Democracy - pic

World faces hi-tech crunch as China eyes ban on rare metal exports

Rachel Maddow Just Now: Kennedy Family Has Informed Line To Pay Respects For Sen. Kennedy...

Swine flu serious for more blacks, Hispanics

check out the police sketch from 1991 of the co-kidnapper (re: Duggard kidnapping)

i still expect my page to refresh when i recommend

My Run In With Senator Edward M Kennedy

Holy crap... Are you watching that Rachel Maddow segment on the new FACES pro-coal group?

What is/was the source of the antipathy between Kennedy and Carter?

Conservative media invoke Wellstone memorial smear in predicting politicization of Kennedy's death

A gazillion people are gonna lose their gun rights because of Democrats' healthcare reform

Help me respond to the lies on this blog

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Kidnap Suspect: I 'Straightened Out' - Phillip Craig Garrido Accused Of Kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard

Who will carry the torch left by Ted and continue to fight for Health Care?

Notes from Feingold listening session today~ good session!

WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah responds to Kennedy’s passing calling him ‘a rotten man – a wicked man’

Inane stuff on Twitter

This song has been running through my head lately

Exclusive: The Rest Of That Barney Frank Town Hall Meeting With The Teabaggers

File this under: Disscussions you'll never see in America / American Media:

Website of the nut that kidnapped the girl in CA who just escaped

Idaho GOP gubernatorial candidate jokes about hunting Obama

DU this poll, please, My unfortunate (R) congress critter, Tom Price

Curious Discrepancies in Reports on Sleep Deprivation

Parody, but not by much: "Afterbirthers Demand to See Obama's Placenta"

Scary spinal cyst only the beginning

Paul Krugman: Till Debt Does Its Part

Why do we keep hearing about a good faith torture program?

Anybody know how to find a list of Katrina/Ike missing adults?

Brush Fire in Rancho Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles

Hey Randi Rhodes Fill In Guy DON'T MAKE US LISTEN TO THIS MFn Shit!! Jeff NeFarius

Anecdotal, but concerning...

Krugman: A note on the Bush fiscal legacy

Impeach Him!

New Michael Moore Movie Tackles Wall Street

Deep into night, memories carry throngs to wake

Houston Chronicle: Texas man's Taser death ruled homicide

Loyal dog tried to save drowning owner

I think Glen Beck may be

Leaked new Butterfinger Commercial... Yes, that IS a Butterfinger in his pants...

Death of Fort Worth, Texas man tased by police ruled a homicide

I want to commend the astuteness of the Berkeley campus policeman

I want to commend the astuteness of the Berkeley campus policeman

Senator Ted Kennedy after visiting Ethiopia in 1985 - Video

I count my blessings

Adoption Legalized in Germany and Uruguay

Limbaugh comes out in favor of Government-run health care!

Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies

Health insurance providers find ways to prosper as more people lose coverage

Beck just showed requisite Farrahkan clip, and a bonus Black Panthers clip!

Orbitz advertising on Glenn Beck tonight: email Orbitz contacts here:

Now I'm gettin' tired of hearing everybody go on about what some of us said for 30 years

Large brush fire in Rancho Palos Verdes area of California

E-mail Mass. Leaders to Support Temporary Senate Appointment

A question about Ted Kennedy

God forced me to crotch-drop my child.

One of the arguments against the "public option"...

Former Kennedy staff in many high places in Government and more...

WJ this moning - are more banks at risk

Another face of "domestic terrorism"

Outrage over 'terrorist' is purely political


What is with ABC correspondents going on the factor?

Banks "too big to fail" last year now even bigger!

The revisionists are out in numbers

Glenn Beck having total mental breakdown right now - Obama about to use a

From Media Matters - Fox - Scheuer: "Rahm Emanuel wants an attack." & "Obama aids enemies"

Quick Declaration in Afghan Presidential Election Unlikely

Joe Scar. and Noonan just can't help themselves

Abuse Issue Puts the C.I.A. and Justice Dept. at Odds....well, now ain't that a fucking shame

Canada Fights Back re Health Care

Florida Congresswoman short-sales house, shacks up with constituent!

Obtained: The RNC’s Health Care Survey

I just watched a Glen Beck Youtube and I FINALLY GET IT!!!!

The Right Wing Revisionist Bullshit Is Fucking Thick

My theory on Swine Flu: MILK

Rex Rammell, Idaho GOPer, Jokes About Hunting Obama

Hey Blue Dogs- A lesson for you

Fuck you, Peggy Noonan

The life lessons of Burning Man, Mark Morford

The life lessons of Burning Man, Mark Morford

Dupe. Sorry DU acting funny this morning.

One of Guantánamo's Youngest Inmates to Sue US Over Seven Lost Years

I DO NOT want Mark Sanford impeached!

Defense Attorney Calls Rape Victims “Whores,” and Worse

Morning Newspaper Opinion Page: DC Metro...

FTC to ban robocalls starting September 1 EXCEPT*

ROVE caught lying (again) this time about "death books"

ADN: SarahPAC taken to task by feds for illegal contributions

"Liberals are afraid of the concept of death...

Nixon on Kennedy: 'If he get's shot, it's too damn bad'

Afghan lawmaker says US Helicopter Firing on Medical Clinic Violates Islamic, Intl Law

I got this from my BinL...

Big Beck: Goes over 3 million viewers, beats O’Reilly in demo:

God and the School District

Obama’s Road to War

My Right Wing Co-Worker Was Getting All Upset

Anybody else having trouble pulling up either of these sites?

Priest held for burning ritual

Senator Kennedy Lying in Repose. I'm watching on CSpan2. Many gestures of

'Moon rock' in Dutch museum is just petrified wood

Is access to health care more determined by policy or location?

Oh, why must you lie Peggy Noonan

Medicare-Defending GOP Now Raising Money By Attacking “Government Run Health Care”

Healthcare reform is a conspiracy to kill Republicans.

Universal health care message from Canadian doctors and health care experts

Consumer Spending in U.S. Climbed in July on `Cash for Clunkers' Program

Laptop blamed for fire death

FYI: "Four Years After Katrina" (Insititue for Public Accuracy Press Release)

Mullen’s Inadvertent Afghanistan Admission(Taliban Helping the Poor)

Limbaugh, Hannity and Bauer urge Democrats not to let Kennedy's death rejuvenate health care reform

Without counting the south Obama would be flying high in the polls

U.S. Soldier Killed in Eastern Afghanistan(August Deadliest Month of Deadliest Year)

Anyone watching the coverge of the wake for EMK on C-Span

I didn't see this during the recent election

Protests aimed at doctor who performed 60,000 abortions

Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama's Placenta

DU a poll: Was Sen. Kennedy the most influential senator of our time?

"What did WH know about release of Lockerbie guy"

Afghans Worry Taliban Taking Over Kandahar



blood on his hands

Better yet. Leave your brain at home too.

Better yet. Leave your brain at home too.

Coburn says the "47 million uninsured" figure is a lie

Two Virginia Tech students found slain in Jefferson National Forest

Dr. Nancy: Nixon was all excited about HMO's...

An open letter to Glenn Beck:

"If I didn't know better, I might think Grassley... doesn't really want a bill"

Help finding a post. Tried the search but I must have the wrong keywords. ("you didn't complain")

Come fry Friday's fritters . . . with a CAPTION of Head Wreck!!!

good news - Solar Panels Drop in Price

Cheney to Face Searing Questioning on Torture Sunday

Water Utilities Lack Proper Filters for Weed-Killer

Medicare Part C = "Private Option"

Sorenson smacks Joe Scar down: "Robert Kennedy never said that."

Water shortage threatens two million people in southern Iraq

Why aren't Mayors & Governors Stumping for Medicare for All?

Dell quarterly profits head south.

Company with bushco ties sold prop pumps profitting on post-Katrina scam...

Ex-coach, Tory insiders among new senators

Daily Hartmann thread

O'Donnell about to skewer McGramps

MSNBC schedule changes Fri 8-28-09

Friday TOON Roundup 3

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Health and Repubs

So a car full of angry young men were screaming at me and giving me the finger the other day...

Anyone else following the Kennedys on Twitter?

Seriously, how do you recover from being used as a sex slave? From having children with the one who

Kennedy Funeral Coverage: Broadcast Network Plans

Goodbye, Reading Rainbow 1983-2009

Help take this essential health care link to everyone you know.

Check out glenn beck's latest twitters

Is the Sanford Show going to be on today?

Researchers: Pacific Trash May Be Killing Fish

Japan’s elections: the Communist Party’s role

Friday TOON Roundup 1-CIA

I'm not going to post the graphic to this disgusting attempt at cartooning....

A lot of people going to see Ted - did this many show up for reagan

GMO foods: Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments

How to sell national health care to the right wing.

Tourists Rerouted Around Pot Garden - Sequoia National Park

Solar Sleuths Tackle the "Quiet Sun"

The Party Of Medicare -- That's the GOP, in case you hadn't noticed.

Joe Scarborough & Peggy Noonan: Americans Secretly Yearning for Republican-Controlled Congress

National Journal - Republicans' Stealth Atttack On Medicare

Agriculture: Some Corporations discriminate against people.

Stop the scare tactics! We ALREADY have health care rationing!

Reading Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

"Failed State", is what they continue to repuke.

Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama's Placenta

Muslims Banned from Black Eyed Peas Concert!

Micronesians to rally over health care (Hawaii Gov. drops their coverage)

I feel sorry for Glenn Beck

Hoe Down: Grandmother Attacks Fox News TV Crew with Garden Tool

Nation's Unemployment Outlook Improves Drastically After Fifth Beer

Nicotine-Loving Iraqis Deride Smoking-Ban Plan

Nicotine-Loving Iraqis Deride Smoking-Ban Plan

Hey Joe: Slavery and genocide "worked"

Assuming you believe in God and were knocking on heaven's gate

Health Care Forum Help - Need sources and info for prep (It's a Repub/Insurance guy running it)

No wonder there are so many stupid, ignorant people...

Weekly Tracking Poll: Summer Getting Hot and Ugly For Dems

"We take very strong measures to protect ourselves from the outside world."

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Ban "Hurricane" as a Drink Name

Get Ready for Gruesome Cigarette Warnings

Americans are Partisan.. It's a fact. We tell the pols every election

Senate Republican Pussies Plan Closed Health Care Forum

ACLU Warning on Facebook Quizzes

As Sponsors Flee, The Glenn Beck Show Gets More And More Awesomely Bonkers

No Money For Blue Dogs: My response to the DSCC

Luckovich nails it again: this time... the public option debate

Question: Are the Senator Kennedy memorial service and funeral mass open?

Charlie Crist appoint George LeMieux to replace Mel Martinez as Senator from Florida

Who's a better Christian?

The best States to live in are on the edges of the country...

Hummer dealer starts selling guns

"Quit hiding Granny, you know it's time"

Made another Glenn Beck gif to brighten your day.

Death Panel Advisors.

Did you just see young Teddy's interview on TV

Twitter and GoDaddy support homeless pets

OLIGARH - Glenn Beck supplies the missing letter!

Gov. Siegelman: Fire Rove's Prosecutors

Government contractor provides detailed photos of sensitive locations on social networking site.

I just lost it about "moving too quickly" on health care

I Am A Proud 'Kennedy Liberal'

I Am A Proud 'Kennedy Liberal'

Rick Sanchez (CNN) is gonna show the arrest of the lone protestor of teabaggers

Suspect in Jaycee Dugard Abduction has a Blog

Ronald Regan was a Michael Jackson Fan

Tenther’ Activists Add The Federal Highway System To List Of Programs To Kill

Health Care Charts ------------>

OR Group Says Cops Shouldn't be Immigration Officers, Too

Maxine Waters: Republicans are 'desperate' on healthcare

Blackwater in Court Today in War Crimes Hearing

A foreign rockstar from a country with deeply rooted social and human rights issues....

India. For Profit Bloodbanks. Oh what a great idea!

Naomi Klein disowns Winterbottom adaptation of Shock Doctrine

Heads up: Ed Schultz coming up at 4pm EDT on MSNBC.

L.A. Sheriffs seek Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Francis RE: punching, kicking Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole

So, has DiFi made her big announcement yet?

So, has DiFi made her big announcement yet?


Fame didn't separate Kennedy from little guy

CNN will cover the Teabagger events that will take place all day today.

Dr. Nancy

Exclusive: The Rest Of That Barney Frank Town Hall Meeting With The Teabaggers


republicans want to "honor" ted kennedy by denying him his dying wish

Mapquest at Town Hall - Guess which group couldn't find Iraq-Then Got Angry

Everything must go! Calif. holds giant garage sale

"Honor Kennedy with Unity" (Jim Wallis, Sojourners)

Hank Gilbert for Texas Governor Web link

Police chief: Officer was wrong to use stun gun (on city councilman's daughter)

€ 42.90 = $61.30 Per Arm (DER SPIEGEL)

RNC asks: HCR-plot to discriminate against GOP voters?

Is this true? I heard yesterday if you took advantage

The insanity of the US health care system.

CBS News correspondent Cami McCormick injured in Afghanistan

Crist names aide to Senate Rep/Dems criticize appointment of 'Crist's crony'

Rove: "This year is going to be defined by Republicans and conservatives by what we oppose"

I am not AT ALL surprised no one cared to help this child locked in a shed

The Katrina response: was the non-response set up to match the anti-government talking points?

Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans (free download)

Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans (free download)

On the Bushes and the Kennedys

Tree-sitters staying put in Day 3 of mountaintop removal protest

Winners wear red: How colour twists your mind

Winners wear red: How colour twists your mind

Several books about Senator Ted

According to Glenn Beck's birth certificate, his name is actually spelled with only 1 "n"...

According to Glenn Beck's birth certificate, his name is actually spelled with only 1 "n"...

Saw this ugly-ass bumper sticker on a parked van...

Gun rights groups oppose Pittsburgh's proposed G-20 rules!

Insurance company astroturf

General Dynamics scores $100M machine gun deal

Honoring Murdered Gay Hero, Harvey Milk

An uncontrolled or uncontrollable mob is only the voice of madness not the voice of the People - RFK

To Dream The Impossible Dream

To Dream The Impossible Dream

Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama's Placenta

Too Long We Have Waited.

Jenkins vote may contradict 'great white hope' claim

The Bushie Obama Can't Fire

The Bushie Obama Can't Fire

People from many walks of life paid their respects today. (PICS)

50,000 have said goodbye to Teddy in past 2 days...

Report on a republican push-poll

So the teabaggers are now the "Tea Party Patriots" At least that's

So the teabaggers are now the "Tea Party Patriots" At least that's

So the teabaggers are now the "Tea Party Patriots" At least that's

Garrido compound searched for evidence of 10 slain prostitutes

Nice! My super congresswoman just invited me to a discussion on health care reform.

Thank You Senator....

Rush can go fuck himself, we're gonna send Teddy off with a celebration of his life.

Rush can go fuck himself, we're gonna send Teddy off with a celebration of his life.

I hope Patrick Kennedy was in a good place

Speakers at Kennedy Memorial Tonight (7pm ET)

Bing administration issues layoff ultimatum to Detroit city workers

McCain Throws in With Sarah Palin: Agrees That VHA Pamphlet is "Kind of a Death Panel"

Beck has a sponsor that helps you protect your natural bodily fluids

Huckabee: Kennedy Would Have Been Urged To Die Earlier Under ObamaCare

Cross eyed Christie wants Teddy Kennedy's funeral to be like

Anybody read "Plausible Denial" by Mark Lane?

Glenn Beck/Lonesome Rhodes

Lest we forget while remembering Ted Kennedy - 46 years ago today and 4 years ago tomorrow,

Edward M. Kennedy III...Future Senator....

Texas Medical Examiner Rules Young Man's Taser Death by Police a Homicide

This was the photo that really got to me.

Pastor of Man who Brought Rifle to Presidential Event Prayed for President to Die

Kit Bond having invitation only town hall on Monday with McCain and McConnell as his special guests

Senator Edward Kennedy on Healthcare in his own words:

He was just a kid when he first became a Senator. He was in the

US debt to hit $20 trillion by 2020

Anyone know when Obama's Eulogy for Kennedy will be? Google says

Compare: Letterman boycott v. Beck boycott

Nissan and Chrysler end OEM accord

DPJ Lead over LDP has doubled: poll (Japan will elect a new government Sunday)

Support Gov. Brian Schweitzer

Journalist Nir Rosen Obtains His Own "Pre-Afghan Embed Memo" From The Rendon Group

Let's give a Houston Chronic poll some DU loving

Batshit Bachmann Gets Some Flack at Town Hall (About Bloody Time!)

Three things I learned about H1N1 vaccine by reading.

McCain perpetuates 'death panel' for veterans myth

When your party "leaders" aren't elected officials... u b fukt.

I have been in deep hibernation, but somehow this penetrated

TPM: Does Harry Reid Prefer Co-ops Over the Public Option?

Houses of worship close as house of bishop eats up cash

I'm bored. Both of my Senators already support Public Option

Obama Goes Golfing on Martha's Vineyard as "TOO BIG TO FAIL" Banks Get Bigger

If you've got 8 minutes to spare, watch this Ukrainian's Got Talent winner....

Get a load of this crap: Huckabee weighing in on Ted Kennedy's health care

Join us at 7 p.m. on, which will feature a live video stream of the service

An open letter to Jim Robinson of Free Republic

Kennedy Memorial Live Stream @ 7pm ET link:

"Miss Jean Louise, Stand Up, Your Father's Passin'."

"Miss Jean Louise, Stand Up, Your Father's Passin'."

I'm sorry, I don't get why these folks aren't getting arrested or

Pat Nixon checking out Joan Kennedy's rocking outfit.

The Emperor of Ice Cream by Wallace Stevens

Live stream of memorial service

If people were as outraged about the skyrocketing cost of healthcare

Honest question... how can one find out if they are on the Terrorist Watchlist (No-fly list)?

"I wouldn't wish it on my greatest enemies"...

If you wanted to buy insurance, who would you most want to buy it from?

Best argument yet for what we're up against on the public option

How do the rest of you penetrate the skulls of your relatives who forward freeper email?

"Don't worry it's nothing" Damn

Iranian women activists not fooled by president

Last Gasp, Business as Usual, or Something Else?

"I've always respected his steadfast public service, but..." Na ga do, as Dana Carvey would say.

"I've always respected his steadfast public service, but..." Na ga do, as Dana Carvey would say.

Thai woman gets 18 years in prison for "insulting the country’s revered monarchy"

Which is the more disgusting?

I just drove by the Ford dealership in my small town. Formerly, the

Ah! Now I know

God bless America

God bless America

Leave it to * to be partially responsible for the death of "Reading Rainbow"

Leave it to * to be partially responsible for the death of "Reading Rainbow"

My email to Sen's Alexander and Corker.

Sean Hannity REFUSES to say PRESIDENT Obama, yet 8 years ago

Nice TeeShirt to Support Ted's HealthCare Hopes

Teddy Kennedy III

Can someone confirm a report I heard..

Freepers Plan "9/12 taxpayers March on Washington."

For D.C. locals, here's an opportunity to pay your respects to Sen. Kennedy tomorrow (Saturday)

For D.C. locals, here's an opportunity to pay your respects to Sen. Kennedy tomorrow (Saturday)

Tissue time ......

Mali's President Declines to Sign Legislation Expanding Women's Rights

The way the rethugs and media are "pre-acting" to Sen. Kennedy's death, by now a liberal media

Union official takes the helm at New York Federal Reserve

Idaho Canidate Ripped For Joke About Hunting Obama

We're being reminded again why the Hard Right hated Ted Kennedy so much

Superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery: "Senator Kennedy was here all the time"

Sometimes I hope the rich/middle class DO lose their homes - this is why the homeless are beaten

The Pentagon aims to robotise 15% of US armed forces by 2015

Glenn Beck is toast

so i got a robocall from my doctor's office today...

LOL Teddy is laughing. . .his memorial service and tomorrow funeral is all over FOX

Joe should replace Teddy...

Conservatives warn against 'Wellstone effect' for Kennedy

No baby shoes, no service

My Yard signs were vandalized and got Hate letter in the mail

I really went off on two Republican door to door canvasers today.

How about two years of 10% inflation to reduce US Debt?

Home of the Knave (an open letter to freepers and birthers and deathers)

Elder Bush will not attend Kennedy funeral

Dallas schools reject naming schools for either President Obama or Justice Sotomayor

Dallas schools reject naming schools for either President Obama or Justice Sotomayor

Cape Kennedy, Cape Canaveral and rednecks

FREEPTURDS name me ONE meaningful piece of legislation you've passed in 29 years

Leave the Sex Offenders Alone!

Coming Home: Appliance Maker Drops China to Produce in Texas

George Thomas, from CT Pequot tribe, pauses for a brief ritual (pays respects to Sen. Kennedy) - pic

Please Don't Pet Me, I'm Working (service dogs for injured servicemen) - pics

Nixon dug deep for dirt on Ted Kennedy

Target may be open on Christmas

Blighting businesses: Nail Salons, Tattoo parlors, check cashing places, pawn shops

Rush, Billo, Glen, Sean et al...and Caliban

Montana GOP Congressman hospitalized after "serious" boating accident

Michael Vick Given Standing Ovation in Philadelphia Debut

There's the Kennedy Family & Then There's the Bush Family.

Absolutely Perfect Glenn Beck Toon

Because we could all do with a belly laugh. Here it is!

*** Ted Kennedy Memorial Service on NOW 7:00 ET - LIVEBLOG***

Oh, Danny boy.... TS Danny forecast to rain on Kennedy's burial

Art or obscenity? A nude model is arrested at the Met

Half-staff for Edward M. Kennedy in Germany

Friday TOON Roundup 4- More Ted respect

Rex Rammell-who joked about hunting Obama like an animal-has shut down his website

The World's Greatest HealthCare System Killed Grandpa - The REAL Death Panel

Anyone else here a campaign button collector?

Nixon Dug Deep for Dirt on Ted Kennedy

at pro-health care reform rally Wednesday, Righty stood on our side and waved a giant Soviet flag

Boston at the center of things

ABC's New Gay Stereotypes

ABC's New Gay Stereotypes

ABC's New Gay Stereotypes

Beware Washington Insiders Saying Public Option Is Dead- Robert Reich

Not to worry. Planet Earth and life itself will survive global warming.

What Would Kennedy Want? Government-Run Health Care Key To Both Of His Final Efforts

What Would Kennedy Want? Government-Run Health Care Key To Both Of His Final Efforts

FCC Diversity Chief Asked Liberals to Copy FDR, Take on Limbaugh, Murdoch, Supreme Court

We should privatize the Fire Departments

So it's possible for 3 people to be held for years in a shed in a California suburb

Anonymous donor would pay for homeless man to keep his dog, Baron

Pro-Choice: WIN - - Anti-Choice: FAIL * Good news in Nebraska *

Would you consider voting for a Republican if...?

Veterans Demand Apology from GOP and FOX for Lies About VA

When do you think Republican hatred of the left will escalate into 'out in the streets' violence?

Bush Tortured

I Am Scared For Dr. Carhart

Sibel Edmonds has a question for you all

Vanity Fair Writer Goes Undercover To See "Why Men Cheat"

AZ Senator(R) Who Grabbed Sign From 78 Year Old Woman(D) Acquitted On Technicality

Didn't Laura Welch Bush have a bit of a driving mishap in her past?

Charter school principals fired after questioning taxpayer money spent on school's real estate arm.

In 2010 IRS could cut 401(k) contribution limit to $16,000

More insurrection talk in Freeperville

Still Waiting For That GOP Alternative

Scientists: Tick saliva may hold cure for numerous cancers

If you aren't crying now, you will - photos

KS state senator (Democrat) gets a black eye because he supports health care reform

Brownie-Mail: Ex-FEMA Chief Threatens to Rat Out Bush

Will employers be able to buy into the public plan? If not.. why not?

It is 116 degrees F on my shaded back patio in Yuma - with 6% humidity.

"White House does everything it can to protect and ensure" blue dog and centrist dominance in party.

"White House does everything it can to protect and ensure" blue dog and centrist dominance in party.

A Humanitarian, Leader on Immigrant Issues, Gold Star Brother and Friend Has Left Our World

Man Arrested For Counter-Protesting Against Teabaggers Without A Permit

When I see crap like this, it's really hard for me to believe the writer is not mentally ill.

Reid Muddies Water: I'm For Public Option--So Long As It's Private

Anybody hear Juan Williams insult Ted Kennedy on NPR?

I'm so glad I don't live in Canada. I wouldn't want to wait to see a doctor!

to whom much has been given, much is expected

Howard Dean claims TORT reform would 'make enemies'

Update - cops got call on kids living in tent in Garrido's backyard yrs ago, did not enter backyard

Kennedy's Catholicism source of comfort, conflict

Hoyer's Bad Applism and Our Own

Sen. John Kerry reacts at the flag-draped casket of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy - pics

Niece's SO's mom went OFF on the social worker at the hospital yesterday.

Secret camps and guillotines? Groups make birthers look sane

Bobby Jindal would love the latest equipment at my lookout tower!

Mad as Hell Doctors

Called up Senator Bill Nelson's office today and let them know that I was unhappy with his failure

Anyone Going To See "Taking Woodstock" This Weekend?

Breast-feeding mother asked to leave Olive Garden

Want to hear from some fellow progressive Re: Crime

Whats Rove afraid of?

CNN: Secret Service Interviewed Pastor Who Prays For Obama's Death

CNN: Secret Service Interviewed Pastor Who Prays For Obama's Death

President Obama faces an increase of 400% in death threats a day

It burns me up to see Gov't buildings refuse to fly the flag half-mast for Ted

Resolution Urging That Congress Make Buying Into Medicare the Public Option

Buying McDonalds For A Hungry Person

WHO warns of severe form of swine flu

WHO warns of severe form of swine flu

Remembering Glenn "One letter is missing!" Beck. . .

NY Times breaking a stunning Katrina story

Tracking the BUSH/CHENEY perps: Where are they now?

The Secret That Will Destroy the World's Financial System

TeddyCare For All!

Braney Frank Calls for a "Complete Audit" of the Federal Reserve

Braney Frank Calls for a "Complete Audit" of the Federal Reserve

I saw Ted Kennedy at McDonald's this morning.

Kos:Do something about it, Max

saving the Great Lakes

Banks 'Too Big to Fail' Have Grown Even Bigger

Healthcare Reform Named After Ted Kennedy Must Not Suck

Staff to pay final respects to Kennedy, on the Senate steps

We need to win this one for Teddy.

Michiganders trapped under pressure of debt collectors

Twenty-six Lies About H.R. 3200 Being Circulated In A Chain E-mail

6th grade girl choked, arrested for refusing to have school picture taken

Feds burning Yosemite, uncontrollably!!

An open letter to Glenn Beck

Kitteh Loves Vacuum!



Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies

So I play "SNAFU" in an online scrabble game.

For those who can watch C-Span the wake for Ted Kennedy is on.

I'm an Amendment to Be, yes an amendment to be...and I'm hoping that they'll ratify me

Wal*Mart sells a "fixed utility bar"

Our apologies to the copycat posts "My teacher is a singer" and "My teacher is a stinger"

"It's A Man Man's World"- James Brown/Luciano Pavarotti

This happens every time I log into DU

I need personal advice.


VIDEO: A dancing Tonya Harding makes the Seinfeld "Elaine Benes Little Kicks" look like Cyd Charisse

DU Draft starting in10 minutes

What is THE Las Vegas, casino?

There's only one answer to "When did Styx jump the shark?": Kilroy Was Here

A strange story about my cat today.

Jesus vs Hitler

Leaked new Butterfinger Commercial... Yes, that IS a Butterfinger in his pants...

Paradoxical response

Really good interview with Patton Owalt

I need a swift kick in the ass to get me writing again.

My email praising Bill O'Reilly

Do you consider yourself in shape?

"Burke"-a funny short movie on Youtube that made me laugh

After further consideration: My teacher is a stinger-singer.

The lost Bush press conference footage- the zombie menace

Donald Rumsfeld riding a unicycle...

Conan O'Brien sent out questionaires to celebrities skit last night

Once you have a journal, you always have a journal.

Question to those with Library Science/MLIS backgrounds.

Good morning Lounge

I just got a VD in GD!

Soo is anyone here????

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lazarus!!*******

Have you ever sunned someone?

And now, DU Lounge, for your viewing and reading pleasure, I present to you:

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dpbrown!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to cheezus!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to flama!!*******

Sometimes I feel like such a freak.

Is this a push-poll?

11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30

11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30

My tribute to Teddy - the most intense 2 1/2 minutes of Bagpipes I can find


DU Song Of The Day

Quick Poll: Watch Beck or scoop eye-balls out

I guess I need to know this. How does twitter work?

42 year old bachelor saddened to discover that he's not the target demographic of "iCarly"

What is your doubt or worry?

My impression of Sen. Kennedy.

Big Ten Peace Summit Fails To End Century-Long Michigan, Ohio State Rivalry

Does anyone know anything about grants?

John Harwood

John Harwood

I am having problems....labs are all ok

L.A. County: Rancho Palos Verdes is on fire

Halloween 2...

Ok loungers, there's a GD thread worth a look

The new yahoo homepage is ugly

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DemBones DemBones!!*******

I think I finally figured out what the term "shit eatin' grin" means.

Helpful information for any DUers planning a party

Greetings from NYC!

Unfortunate names in the news

Favorite Beck?

Is this evidence that there is a God?

Once more into the breach with me, my dear friends...

Inane stuff on Twitter

World's oldest showgirl is 85 years old!

The sky weeps

Paris Hilton to appear in an episode of Supernatural.

Post a song about a season.

Best Rock-n-Roll songs of all time....

August 28th--Anniversary of the fire that destroyed our house

Bad Company

Hollywood officially out of ideas...

Amazingly, the word "fuck" is not to be found on the Lounge home page

What's your favorite Etrade talking baby commercial?

i think my boy is nearing the rainbow bridge and my heart is breaking

Oasis is history.

Is it just me, or has DU seemed to be dead for the past few days?

Your vote for Best Wedding Song?

UPS - The Killer of Friday Evenings

Write the first and last lines to your novel

Have you ever mooned someone?

Anybody else see those Capital One "pillager" commercials?

So you find a gray hair, what do you do?

Depressing Comic Week 3

Midlo sighting on Facebook

New Tattoo

Why some people shouldn't be scientists

I just got alerted in GD!

Worst first date ever? Police say Detroit man skipped out on check, stole date's car


Will y"all join me in toast to whatever you drink to Senator Ted Kennedy.

Does Julia Child's voice annoy the piss out of anybody else besides me?

Huffpo: Megan Fox: I Feel "Safer" Kissing Girls

My aunt hung herself Tuesday, and her funeral is Friday morning

The Shining (Kubrick) vs The Shining (King)

Two Mormon missionaries just stopped by my office.

Who is your least favorite DUer? (fictional)

question about Open Office/microshaft office

GD Post: Breastfeeding Mother Asked to Leave Olive Garden

I once hoped that I would be a person of renown. Anybody else? nt

Has anyone else seen this video?

I made a post that now has negative recommends! I think I'm flattered!

Salaam Bombay + 20 years = Slumdog Millionaire (spoilers)


Best Coen Brothers film?

Play Taboo.

My ex-boyfriend's girlfriend just added me on facebook.

What to read next?

Name a classic album that had one inexplicably effin' AWFUL track.

What Is The Dumbest Thing You Have Ever Done?

DU'er Pencil Portrait

DU'er Pencil Portrait

So, you thought your squirrelized pic was funny? Think again.

Songs about crime or criminals

Hit 60's songwriter Ellie Greenwich dies

Government went too far in Balco sports drug case, says court

Idaho GOP Hopeful Jokes About 'Obama Tags' (To Hunt President)

U.N. Rights Boss: CIA Probe Must Go to Highest Level

Judge's order challenges executive branch secrecy

Mohammed Jawad to sue US Government over seven years in Guantánamo

Pentagon caught lying about profiling journalists

1991 Kidnap Victim Was Sex Slave, Bore Children With Sex Offender

Abuse Issue Puts the Justice Dept. and C.I.A. at Odds

E-mail Mass. Leaders to Support Temporary Senate Appointment

US Seen Easing Israeli Settlement Demands

A Million And A Half U.S. Workers Will Exhaust Unemployment Benefits By Year's End

Facebook to make privacy changes

Get Ready for Gruesome Cigarette Warnings

Reid pushes idea of special appointment for Kennedy seat

Even More CIA Documents to Be Disclosed Monday

Nixon Dug Deep for Dirt on Ted Kennedy

Eagles fans cheer Vick's return to NFL (standing ovation)

CIA Will Cover Legal Fees (Panetta: For Officers Ensnared in Interrogation Probe)

Former Stanford Financial CFO details fraud, lies and bribes

Senator Kennedy Lying in Repose - C-span Live Stream

Banks 'Too Big to Fail' Have Grown Even Bigger

Holder's Decision To Probe CIA Hints At a New Dynamic - Official Winning Many Battles

Homes Burning In Ranchos Palos Verdes Brush Fire

Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk (CDC Possible Recomendation)

Kennedy's Catholicism source of comfort, conflict

Texas liquor board fires 3 over raid on gay bar

Small Midwestern States To Be Hit Hardest by Climate Change: Report

new Michael moore trailer

Xcel, RPI Coating, Execs Indicted In Tunnel Deaths(5 Workers Colorado)

US-Colombia deal could fuel arms purchases

Microsoft ad swaps out black guy for white guy (has apologized for editing photo)

CIA (Taxpayers) Will Cover Legal Fees-Policy Will Help Officers Ensnared in Interrogation Probe

Labor launches ads to thank Specter for 'card check' reversal

L.A. Coroner Confirms Michael Jackson's Death Was Homicide

Crist officially names former aide as new senator

Japan jobless rate hits new high

(Pittsburgh City) Council Mulls Assault Weapons Ban For G-20

At least 8 minor earthquakes shake parts of Okla.

EU considering new measures against Honduras, Spain says

Tens of thousands pay tribute to Ted Kennedy

UAE 'seizes N Korea arms cargo'

U.S. bank regulators closed Mainstreet Bank

Micronesians sit in Gov. Lingle's office waiting for meeting (losing health care)

Jackson’s death officially ruled a homicide

Link sought between Garrido and series of prostitute killings

Abortion fight shifts to Neb. after Tiller death

California holds giant garage sale

Court Rejects FCC Cable Ownership Limit.

Crist picks LeMieux to replace Fla. Sen. Martinez

International Tribunal Takes Up Case Of Innocent Victim Of CIA Extraordinary Rendition Program

CBS Reporter Injured in Afghanistan (Stable after IED Explosion)

Cheney: Obama Team Should be Debriefing CIA Interrogators, Not Investigating Them

Mont. Rep. Rehberg hospitalized after boat crash

Supporters back Carhart (late-term abortion doctor, closing some roads, rerouting traffic 4 protest)

California governor declares wildfire emergency

Military chief rips U.S. message to Muslims

Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company, Buffalo, New York, Assumes All of the Deposits of Bradford

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Domingo to perform at Kennedy funeral

Elder Bush Sitting Out Kennedy Funeral

Pakistan's A.Q. Khan a "Free Citizen"

Cheney: Obama Team Should Be Debriefing CIA Interrogators, Not Investigating Them

Hundreds file past Sen. Kennedy's casket in Boston

GOP hints Dems would deny Republicans health care

US must do more to improve Cuba ties: Richardson

US must do more to improve Cuba ties: Richardson

In Birmingham, (AG) Holder Lobbied on Behalf of Siegelman

Flat incomes raise doubts about economic recovery

Child dies from swine flu at Chattanooga hospital

Tide turns in favour of drug reform

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad

GOP blasts Idaho candidate's 'Obama tags' comment

CBS Reporter Injured in Afghanistan-Cami McCormick Stable after IED Explosion Hits Army Vehicle

Call for more India nuclear tests

WHO warns of severe form of swine flu

Court Throws Out FCC Cable Ownership Limit

U.S. Farmers See Their Income Plunge 38% As Recession Grips Agriculture

Confidence Among U.S. Consumers Is Higher Than Forecast on Recovery Signs

Warner: I'll Vote For Public Option

President Medvedev is a Buddhist goddess

Whirlpool to cut 1,100 jobs, shut plant in Indiana

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 28

Conservatives Warn of "Wellstone Effect" For Kennedy

Bush's Search Policy For Travelers' [Laptops, Cameras, iPods, Cellphones] Is Kept

Uruguay House passes bill allowing adoption by same-sex couples

Hey Irish-American DUers.

Robert Reich: Beware "inside sources" who say the public option is dead

One year ago tomorrow, Obama effectively won the Presidency

Attention MSM! 'Key' Republicans Politicizing Sen. Kennedy's Death!

Obama, Working Quite Hard at Taking It Easy

Suggestion -- Please use this tool before posting/reacting to "scary" POTUS approval ratings.

ha... ha... Wolf Blitzer -- John McCain might be the new Ted Kennedy

Dear Wolf - not only is McCain no Kennedy - McCain is no McCain - the Maverick schtick is over.

Local official to Bachmann: "I’ll be danged if (I'm losing) my Social Security because of socialism"

Vitter May Get Primary Challenge

Is it true that in 1972 Nixon proposed a universal health care?

"Obama Tags" Not A First For Rexburg, Idaho

View of Barack Obama’s Speech at Invesco Field in Denver - Time Travel Back to One Year Ago Today

Obama is a failure...

Rammell continues his "Obama tags" hunting joke on Twitter.

Glenn Greenwald 8.27., on Obama...

Senator Kennedy & Bo (updated)

Need some help from DU!!! Where's the context in the below comments...

Insurance giant, Blue Cross, sends email to its customers attacking the Dem's Healthcare plan

House Leadership Memo Urges Dems: Remember That Public Option Has Tons Of Support

District by District impact of Health care benefits

Eugene Robinson: Ted Kennedy: An Eternal Prince

DKos:Harry Reid comes out in strong support of public option

Matthews on Limbaugh: "What is the matter with these people? Can't they take a week off?"

"John Kennedy inspired our America. Robert challenged our America. Our Teddy changed America."

Huckabee: Kennedy Would Have Been Urged To Die Earlier Under ObamaCare

Would somebody grab Mike Huckabee by the nuts and and whisper in his ear...

Michelle Bachmann announces she has given birth more times than man at town hall.

Political cartoonist Beattie on Ted Kennedy and his legacy

Roubini: Exit Strategy from the Monetary and Fiscal Easing: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

There already is a Kennedy health bill

GOP hints Dems would deny Republicans health care

McCain as the New Kennedy is like Wolf Blitzer as the New Walter Cronkite!

I feel like we have lost more than a wonderful senator, but a piece of our soul

The Legacy of Ted Kennedy

Gov Rendell says we must not give up too much-which seems to be what the Republicans are pushing for

What do you think President Obama has enjoyed most about his vaca in the Vineyard?

We knew Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy was a friend of ours. John McCain is no Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy Funeral Coverage: Broadcast Network Plans

I would love to know why the GOP didn't care about Healthcare costs for the past 8 years.

Media pundits suggest John McCain could be ‘the new Ted Kennedy.’ (insulting and ludicrous)

Civil Rights Commission May Target DOJ Over New Black Panthers(Philadelphia 2008 election day)

Kerry pays Kennedy visit at JFK Library

Lawmakers Laying Groundwork to Impeach Sanford

Brewer eyes 2010 run for governor

McConnell says he won't endorse in GOP primary

Should Dems ask the GOP to censure Obama haters?

John McCain: 'Revolution' on health care

Does anybody know why John Kerry is using a cane to walk today?

Ron Christie's evil eye is like something out of a horror movie.

Pundits saying that Kennedy would've gotten liberals in Senate to compromise.

Secretay of Commerce Gary Locke: Fixing Health Care Is Good for Business

Add another Senator to the yes vote on a public option column: Warner

Why is John Kerry walking with the aid of a stick?

Conservatives likely not cheering over LeMieux

Honoring Kennedy? "the question of whether Kennedy's legacy will be honored is up to Democrats"

Senator Kennedy Wanted A Public Option. Period.

H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, District by District Impact

One of the better healthcare discussions I've heard...

Special Issue: Exploring the Concept of Single Payer

Turning the Green Mountain State(house) Blue

Universal single payer health care will stimulate the growth of small businesses and create jobs

The RR folks have it all figured out

Obama girls fly under the radar -- but how long will it last?

Howard Fineman on appointment of Senator to replace Kennedy-"I think it's gonna happen."

NJ-Gov: Pair of New Polls Show Corzine Inching Back

Today's Town Hall Meetings

NY-20: Tedisco Gauging Support for a Rematch

Large brush fire in Rancho Palos Verdes area of California

VA Is Right to Help You Consider End-of-Life Choices

Dick Lugars response to my Health Care Reform inquiry.

Joe Conason: Ted Kennedy wanted the public option

Help Please DU: I Need An E-Mail So I Can Send Something To Teddy's Family

August deadliest month for US in Afghanistan

Dutch sailor girl put into care

OAS: Any Honduran deal must restore ousted leader

CNN: Public Farewell to Sen. Kenndy at JFK Library

Eric Holder's Next Move

Glenn Beck Talks To Sarah Palin About Obama's Secret Army

A Season of Hope: PHR Honors Ted Kennedy

Alison Stewart reports on McDonald's problematic or not?

Should members of Bush administration also be investigated about CIA's interrogation tactics?

Rachel Maddow explains why 'Mittens Romney for Ted Kennedy's seat' is a stupidity detector

Young Turks: Fox Calls GOP Blocking Healthcare A 'Conspiracy Theory'

Countdown - Larry O'Donnell - What Senator Kennedy meant by "compromise"

Fox's Glenn Beck Comes Clean On Blacks, Mexicans & Arabs

Thom Hartmann - Angie's List - Democracy in the Workplace?

The Only Question Joe Scarborough Would Ask When it Comes to Torture: 'What Works?'

Rachel Maddow: GOP's Sen. Kennedy Revisionist History

Senator Kennedy's speech in Alaska in 1967.

The happiest video ever! Steven Anderson getting tased by the US border patrol.

AP: Sen. Kennedy's Body Begins Final Poignant Tour

Young Turks: Jay-Z Vs. Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly!!! -- Explicit.

Shannity and Faux Spokescows proceed to bash Kennedy while pretending not to

"Great White Hope" on Olbermann (with Maxine Waters)

Scarborough and Noonan Agree: The Best Thing That Could Happen to Obama is a GOP Congress

Rachel Maddow exposes the most stupid pro-coal astroturf ever

Rachel Maddow exposes the most stupid pro-coal astroturf ever

Max Keiser; ON THE EDGE - Joe Lieberman; 'Mercenary, Opportunist, Schmuck' with guest Mike Shedlock

Thom Hartmann - David Aaronovitchis about his documentary

John F. Kennedy on health care plan (Medicare) at Madison Square Garden, May 1962

U.S. Radioactive Munitions, Landmines Blight Iraq

The VAXERS! Swine Flu Vaccination... or Lethal Injection?

Fire Rove's Prosecutors

Bachmann Gets Beautifully Punked By A Local Councillor At Her Town Hall

Ted Kennedy & The Health Care Town Halls

TYT: Proof Of Double Standard Between Bush & Obama Rallies

Conservative Media's Culture Of Death: Zombie Smears In The Health Care Debate

Glenn Beck Gives His Army His "In Or Out 2010" Pledge

Glenn Beck Can't Spell

The Two Minutes Hate: August 27, 2009 - Limbaugh's Attacks On Kennedy

CNN's Rick Sanchez: Secret Service Has Visited Lunatic Pastor Steven Anderson

Thom Hartmann - David Ray Griffin - 911 on the other side

Rachel Maddow: Watching The Republicans Fall Apart

Keyboard Cat plays Glenn Beck off... again.

Man in Obama Mask Whips Elderly Outside Moran/Dean Town Hall

Laura Ingraham: Democrats Playing Death Card With Kennedy's Memory

TYT Interviews: Glenn Greenwald of Salon w/ Cenk on Dems, Healthcare & More

A Brief, Documented History Of Republican Ignorance

Ohio soldier made 2 calls to mom telling of abuse (before committing suicide)

Glenn Beck Continues Losing His Mind on National Televison (Smash the OLIGARHY!)

Message to Muslim World Gets a Critique.

GOP: We’d Do Health Reform if Lincoln's Mythical Secretary Named 'Kennedy' Was Still Alive

True Health Care Reform: 10 Missing Pieces Dr. Frank Lipman

Climate change is shrinking sheep By Victoria Gill, Science reporter, BBC News

From dust to bust, America's poor take on a new type of monster

Joe Lieberman Claims 'Public Option' Would Force Grandma to Get Circumcised

Naomi Klein Disowns Winterbottom Adaptation of Shock Doctrine

Lessons in Leadership: Why Obama Needs to Brush Up on His FDR

Banks ‘Too Big to Fail’ Have Grown Even Bigger

Is Paul Wolfowitz for Real? (On the Realist/Idealist divide)

"Half of the World's Emissions Came from Just 700 Million People"

Fighting for the Right to Walk (Ramzy Baroud)

Mainstream Media Play Stupid While Health Care Bullies Sway Opinion

GOP Employs 'Monty Python's Black Knight' to Attack Democratic Health Reform

Conservative bullies, progressive wimps? No more!

The Kennedys' Most Irish Son

Gordon Brown: He inspired change, progress worldwide

David Sirota: The science fiction of military marketing

Analysis: Afghanistan vote snarls US job instead of easing it

In Pictures: President Obama and family bike trip & visit to lighthouse

IBM Has Cut Around 10,000 US Jobs In 2009 - Union

We're counting on you, Mr. President

Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

After Kennedy's Death: Silence from the Pope

Did Education Dept.'s Shift Help Kill PBS's 'Reading Rainbow'?

Millions of dollars in USAID funding still flowing to Honduras

Al Gore eco-alarmist or Global Warming profiteer?

Finding Their 'Great White Hope,' GOP Resurrects Dead Boxer to Challenge Obama

Birthers Have Found A NewOld Disbarred Felon Lawyer To Rely On

Give me my country back: Another great cartoon by David Horsey

Some workers not furloughed by federal law (H-1B's)

Noam Chomsky Meets with Chavez in Venezuela

TORTURE, WAR CRIMES: What's the Big Deal? Jane Smiley

The Fast Food Industry's 7 Most Heinous Concoctions

A Time When All Good Men are Gone

Private Insurers Breed Medicare Fraud

New York Times Runs Yet Another Fawning Story on Health Insurance Industry

Nine-Year-Old Forcefully Removed from Town Hall Meeting after Question; Had no Supervision

The People's Role in Causing The Health Care Mess in The US

Even The New Republic Now Calls for a Party Purge of Corporate-Owned 'Centrists'

Offshore outsourcing - the Obama effect

This Thread Is My Thread, This Thread is Your Thread: WE August 28-30, 2009

President's Approval Sunk To 35%! Unemployment Over 10%! But, Some Say Greatest POTUS Ever???

Conservatives, poor excuses for human beings, can't let the Nation mourn the loss of a champion of

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

New Journalism Clubs are "Members Only"

Climate protection 'to cost more'

Debunking the US Chamber of Commerce's Climate Change Court Claim

Ocean 'Deserts' Becoming More Lifeless, larger

Mutant bacteria + polyester = more biofuel

Drumbeat: August 28, 2009

NEI Magazine: Nuclear decline set to continue, says report

Nepal villagers on climate change frontline

National Research Council: Report on climate effects of suburbanization coming Tuesday

ORNL scientists hone technique (using algae as sentinels) to safeguard water supplies

Plastics patch found across 1,700 miles of Pacific

Connections among Solar Cycle, Stratosphere and Ocean Discovered—generate periodic…weather patterns

World's rarest duck near extinction

New Temperature Reconstruction from Indo-Pacific Warm Pool

BYU geologist solves mystery of glaciers that grew while Asia heated up

Temperature Records Across NSW, Queensland Fall By 3C And More During Late Austral Winter - SMH

On Energy, Obama Finds Broad Support - Poll Shows Backing for Reform Efforts

Six Explosions On Sour-Gas Pipelines Since 10/08 Prompt Million-$ Bounty From Canadian Gas Firm

URGENT- Your Comments Needed to Help Marlin & Bluefin Tuna by Aug. 31st

NOAA Study Shows Nitrous Oxide Now Top Ozone-Depleting Emission

Tunnels concentrate air pollution by up to 1000 times—potential to harm drivers and passengers

Poachers threaten spider tortoise

Oregon Looks to Clean Tech for Revival

BBC: Hijacked by climate change?

Study: Oil speculators dominate open interest in oil futures—calls for enhanced regulation

Your, um, in case of nuclear power plant meltdown emergency potassium iodide is free.

Unique Mexican amphibian nears extinction

Your, um, solar power installation cost calculator for your zip code.

International Paper Follows Monsanto's Blueprint to Grow `Frankenforests'

More Sun for Less: Solar Panels Drop in Price

Diamondbacks leading 8-0 over Gnats

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, August 27)

Statement from George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees Re: Senator Edward Kennedy

The Smallmen of SanFran get pummeled by the D-Back 11-0, meanwhile

No commentary from joey about how Eastern New England's Beloved team did last night?

Brandon Marshall

Eagles fans cheer Vick's return to NFL (standing ovation)

NFL sets rules for Cowboy Stadium video-board plays

Human Rights Watch asks for investigation into Awa massacre, army implicated (Spanish)

Today’s State Dept. Briefing: Zelaya Coming to Washington Next Week?

EU considering new measures against Honduras, Spain says

el tiempo giving frequent updates on UNASUR conference

self delete nt

Cuba, Cuban Americans should talk, Richardson says

Telam carrying UNASUR conference live at this moment

Millions of dollars in USAID funding still flowing to Honduras

Fake Deadlock Unlocked: Suddenly EVERYONE Has an Answer

8/28 Day of Solidarity Against Coup: New York, Los Angeles Actions

OAS: Any Honduran deal must restore ousted leader

Uruguay House passes bill allowing adoption by same-sex couples

No end to assassinations of trade unionists in Colombia

State Department Recommends Aid Cutoff to Honduras

Honduran Boy’s Fiery Anti-Golpista Speech Brings the House Down at Sunday Concert

Chile, Bolivia discuss access to Pacific

Gun rights groups oppose Pittsburgh's proposed G-20 rules!

And yet another day a person goes home safely because they had a gun.

Four shot dead in Atlanta suburb. 4yo wounded.

As we mourn Ted Kennedy, we should remember his brother's words

Fighting for the Right to Walk (Ramzy Baroud)

Palestinians must unite for talks, U.N. chief says

Broken Watch

"The waging of war “by way of deception” is now a mathematical discipline."

Just 4%' of Israelis think Obama is pro-Israel

Dome of delusion

First they came for the guns

Boycotts only harden Israeli opinion

Tutu to Haaretz: Arabs Paying the Price of the Holocaust

Barghouthi: What we Palestinians need

More veterans set to return to work soon

Workers forced to strike for health care (cancelled withouit warning)

This Friday: Tell the “Whole” Truth About Whole Foods & Health Care Reform!

How lewd can they go? (Sexual harassment is against the law, isn't it?)

Limbaugh's drinking game: "a drink for every black person I see" on Kennedy's procession

Some random shots from the Coastal Trail

New Sony A850

The dogs - a slide show

Hiking the Alps and Wienerschnitzel

Photographically speaking: should I go to Copenhagen, Prague or Barcelona?

Triffid Triple Treat

The Map of the Universe, Galactic Superclusters, and more

Skylab was huge!

Single molecule's stunning image

Desert Stonewall Democrats Action Alert Aug 27

New impetus for bill banning anti-gay bias at work

Texas liquor board fires 3 over raid on gay bar

I FUCKING HATE when people ask oppressed minorities why they are angry?

Leverage Rising on Wall Street at Fastest Pace Since ‘07 Freeze

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/28/09

U.S. credit card issuers pare lending limits

Max Keiser on appointment of Bernanke; Bank of Scotland warns of suckers' rally

Bernanke's other banking problem: Identity theft

Holy Housing bubble !!!! the house I sold in PHX 3 years ago just sold again

Can you guys help me figure out what my mom is talking about re: credit card bill?

Utah governor: No special rights for gay people

Uruguay lawmakers OK gay adoption

Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk (CDC Possible Recomendation)

Get a real job!

DailyOM: "Going Through the Opening - Contracting before Expanding"

Come Down To Earth With Wood Betony - The case of the UFO abductee


It's Metta's Birthday, Let's Throw A Party For Him

AMORC: A Special Free Membership Offer, ends August 31

Rick (ricochetastroman) is back in the hospital. (Thursday, August 27th)

My theory on Swine Flu: MILK

Pastor at the Creation Museum: "Is this how Christians treat people?"

Religion Outlawed

My son was the last student to be interviewed by his Head Start teacher,

It turns out that the guy who abducted the 11 year old girl 18 years ago and had their

So, how do you create a religion-free society?

Question for DU Atheists...

Quick question regarding basil & fresh tomatoes

Hold the Mayo! First Up, Rouille.

Here's what on Black Op Radio Tonight!

TABC fires agents from Fort Worth incident

OBL wanted for 9/11?

Anybody read "Plausible Denial" by Mark Lane?

Austin: Saturday 8/29...Health Insurance Reform Now Event

The Most Amazing Thing I've Ever Seen......

new Michael moore trailer