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US names secret terror suspects

US names secret terror suspects

Why people in the US are so satisfied with their health care system

Panels? Almost Nobody Gets Unlimited Treatment Now

Report Details Alleged CIA Abuses

Health care in the U.S. costs the most, not the best in the world! mistakenly extracts 16 teeth!! mistakenly extracts 16 teeth!!

4 big health reform myths cloud national debate

Grassley Reverses Course: No Death Panels In Bill

The Conservative Mindset......A Postcard from Great Britain

Haaretz: Netanyahu wants meeting with Abbas at UN

Plane hit by 3 cars after Calif. freeway landing - story with pics

Flashback to Death Panel: Family sues insurer (Cigna) who denied teen transplant

Wifes Friggin BOSS

Brewster Rockit, Health Care.

AP - "NKorea's Kim wants summit with SKorea" - Wonder Where Things Would Be If Gingrich/McCain...

Plastics industry fights back re: BPA

Jeff Sharlet radio interview (mp3 audio)

I have to share this

So I hear Hannity is not ruling out a run for President in 2012.... per World Nut Daily (W/ link)

Attention Twitterers: Check out the Tweet Progress Directory.

State considers dropping ban on happy hour ads

Three weeks without Jon Stewart

Number 432 in the many ways to spot a freeper

No @#&!, Sherlock: Prehistoric Cave Bears Were Ferocious and Other Obvious Science

Good News For Cons (Repub or Dem)

Three Former Top CIA Agents Say War In Afghanistan Making World More Dangerous (VIDEO)

Health-care reform: Medical insurers poised to reap a healthy 'bonanza'

Why can't we all just get along? (like these two)

Justice Dept. Report Advises Pursuing C.I.A. Abuse Cases

Where can I debunk this at?

Minuteman president linked to property tax scam

Girl's essay nets praise from First Lady

Dimitri The Stud Is A Real Catch - True Audio - Funny As Hell

TheHill.Com - Rep. Fattah calls for healthcare march on Capitol grounds On September 13

change~ Justice Dept. Report Advises Pursuing C.I.A. Abuse Cases

Do you love where you live and why?

'Pink, Pixie Dust ' Falling From The Sky!

Empty office buildings (20.5%) dot Silicon Valley

Afghan conflict serious, "deteriorating": Mullen - Reuters

Are banks already building the next real estate bubble?

BTW...whats the scoop re them asshole Somolian Pirates? They all been killed yet?

Obama to give back country

Boooooo fugging hooooo

Teen Arrested In Senegal For Homosexuality

The Doctor is in---he's always in!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: What's DeLay's Dance?

Attack on Obama riles Beck's advertisers

Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk

Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk

The Marine Mammal Protection Act. USA is NOT pro-whaling.

NYT: Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk

Loony in Livonia - Meet Mr. Glenn Moon- Palin/Moon 2012

Loony in Livonia - Meet Mr. Glenn Moon- Palin/Moon 2012

No more Missing white cheerleaders for Faux

Do health insurance companies actually serve any useful purpose?

Poor Cheryl Burke.

Poor Cheryl Burke.

Hey, All You Socialists Driving Along The Highway

Heads up -Howard Dean to Join Rep. Moran for Town Hall on Health Care Reform Efforts

traffic stop results in large cash seizure

U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient

Afghan Vote Results May Be Delayed(Until Mid-September)

Navajo soldier dies in Afghanistan

Help: Heathcare costs for US vs Europe/Canada in 1994 vs 2009

Roosevelt was smart "Give people JOBS"


One health care scenario that could be realistic

Frank Luntz?! - To Southern Governors Association- "The American people want you to fix healthcare"

Parents ban tween ritual of sleepovers, cite safety

Town Hall meeting today in Arlington Heights, Il.

Terrorist group "Campaign for Liberty" plans a march on Washington

After years of speculation, fictional stories, and hoaxes; real life zombies have been discovered

Thanks Very Much for the pictures of Afghanistan.


After 5 Years of Legal Gay Marriage, MA Still Has Lowest Divorce Rate in US

Blast from the past: Clinton Retaliates Against Japan Whaling

May I present Ladies and Gents, an Alternate Theory of Max Baucus

A DU hatemail WTF moment: Racist trash...

Progressives Turn on Obama as Air America Exposes ‘Fascist’ Drug Deal

As If Limbaugh and Beck Weren't Bad Enough

Looks like an Afghanistan escalation is coming soon

Right Wingers: Accused child murderer and terrorist is being "set up" by Socialists and Hispanics

Anyone know what time the CIA IG Report is to be released?

Baby-roasting BBQ pulled from Sears site

Our nation would rather pay for a needless war than health care

Petition asking progressive Reps not to cave on public option.

The Senate Finance Bill Forces You To Pay 35% of The Bill!

Tech Support Cheat Sheet--your laugh for the day!

Hurricane Wave Sweeps 20 to Sea in Maine!

Foreign Policy: Saigon 2009(Afghan Comparisons to Vietnam Are Valid)

Once again the white man is being treated unfairly!

Molly Ivins: A Rebel Life

Steele Doesn't Argue With Radio Host Who Trashes Boehner And Blunt

NPR - Iran And The Bomb: U.S. Keeps Options Open

Uh-Oh:Afghan Media Announced on Sunday Karzai Got 70+% of Vote

The top priority of Health Care Reform right now is the survival of the Insurance Companies.

Why is Joe Lieberman still chairman of anything?

Why is Joe Lieberman still chairman of anything?

“To the Person Sitting in Darkness” - Mark Twain

Those "pix of Afghanistan before the UScorporatist chaos began" in the stickie above...

Lieberman Cowers In The Face Of Crisis

Stars and Stripes: Journalists' recent work examined (by The Rendon Group!?!) before embeds

Is Harry Reid in trouble of losing?

New photo shows healthier Fidel Castro meeting with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

Fake "Fox News" screen that's a little too true.

U.S. Starts pumping in dirty oil from Canada's Tar Sands: Mother Jones

I need help debunking some "facts" that were in a full page ad in my local paper on Sunday

Hey! Great Whole Foods stickie - that so FUNNY! tee hee hee!

Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona is a complete lowlife.....

Aspen Times Column - A shipwreck

Panetta Spins Forthcoming Torture Report: We Were Told It Was Legal

Religous Hate in Western Kentucky Borders on the Occult

The conservative filth is going to drive across the country in a bus!

The Next US Troop Escalation in Afghanistan Could Bring the Total to 113,000

Do Huge CEO paychecks improve performance? No, says researcher

FBI Responds to United States Parole Commission Decision to Deny Parole to Leonard Peltier

Saving the World's Women

Would you support setting up the public option on a trial basis

I can't wait till Karl Rove tries to say

Radio Station KPOJ AM 620 Portland - why am I hearing Limbaugh?

Justice Dept advises pursuing CIA abuses

my quick response to the health care fear-mongering email.

Zombie Reaganism -- and the truly sad thing is

Death Panels are the Bedrock of Insurance Company profitability

That's a Godwin. You lose, goodbye.

Toxins in Lake Michigan fish linked to diabetes

About "the new normal" and "excess capacity"

Limbaugh is ragging Obama and Pelosi...

An Odd Silence on Gay Marriage

Repuke Mayor/Funeral Home Owner Steals From The Dead

CREW files legal complaint against DELL

Duplicate post, pls ignore

60 percent of Blue Dog Jim Cooper’s constituents disapprove of his actions on health care.

The Rude Pundit: Redemption for the "Don't Taze Me, Bro" Guy

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops(74,000 Contractors)

Andrea Mitchell just called reconciliation "seldom used". .

Did she just say, "his damn dog"?????

Well, Boo-Fu*king-Hoo, somebody start a charity. The Super-Rich are losing money.


Congratulations DU for the current fund drive....

Freeper email: Indian condom use will kill us faster than global warming (Not a Joke!)

Wall Street pay disclosure looms as flash point.. Where's the sunshine?

Superb Read: UK v USA – the basic healthcare facts

Kraft Foods pulls ads from the Glenn Beck Show

Native Americans to Join London Climate Camp Protest over Tar Sands

Man held in kidnap, rape of 7-year-old autistic girl

Fox News " Obama's adding 9 trillion dollars to the debt"

Ill. GOP forgets flag so do the pledge to a man's flag t-shirt

Where we are headed

CIA on "Release of Material on Past Detention Practices"

Jeremy Scahill coming up on MSNBC

Got this from my Freeper MIL while I was away. Do we have anything

Birinyi Says U.S. Stock Market Rally Signals a `Stronger' Economic Rebound

Foreign health insurance. Is there any law that says we can't buy it?

Kit Bond: "White House is taking over the CIA and how we interrogate Usama bin Laden"

So Cheney got those CIA memos he wanted declassified in time for his book?

Attn Chicago NW Suburbs DUers

Want a 'level playing field' with the public option, private insurers?

Ex-VOA chief of staff indicted in Abramoff scandal

Ex-VOA chief of staff indicted in Abramoff scandal

Why does it seem like presidents visit Martha's Vineyard all the time?

Bertrand Russell - 1872-1970 - a bit ahead of wing-nut-tea-bagger's times

Dennis Prager: slaves had health care too

Cambridge police release details of Crowley’s record

Woman who posed as man to become judo champ finally gets gold - 50 years after being stripped of it

Robot with bones moves like you do

Cash for clunkers question.

Dem congresswoman: single payer 'part of the conversation'

Legal Schnauzer: How Ill Informed Are The Rowdy Town Hallers? (Medicare)

Wow...CSPIN Really Is Reaching The Bottom Of The Barrel


CIA Inspectors General Report on CIA detention and toruture released

Isotopic evidence for the diets of European Neanderthals and early modern humans

Smokers Risk Deadly Swine Flu Complications Like Pneumonia, Doctor Finds

Torture v idle conversation

Why every child needs a GPS cell phone

John Durham, federal prosecutor, reported to be Special Prosecutor, brief Wikipedia profile:

The key to debating R's/libertarians on healthcare --- most will admit they want the poor to die.

Report: CIA threatened detainee families-

DU now has 145,000 registered users. Congratulations DU!!

What will Obama say when the repukes take back control of the Senate in 2010?

Delay's official portrait for "Dancing With the Stars"

"It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again!"

Jenny Sanford's friends on 'Early Show' Monday morning

It's Monday. . . . What the heck? . . . Please come CAPTION Glenn Beck

Astroturfing on the Left

Needed: A list of advertizers who have dropped Beck & a list who continue to support him with links.

C-span replaying California Supreme Court - Same-Sex Marriage Ban

M$NBC: '2010: Trouble for Dems?'

These people are worse than fire ants and kudzu combined.

Activist Randall Terry Brings Health Care Protest to Louisville

CNBC pushing GREEN mortgage backed securites........

Our very own birther conspiracy?

PHOTOSHOPS: Why keep trusting Wall Street with health insurance?

1,000 cameras 'solve one crime' (BBC) {Panopticon is a bust?}

Do you think the Blue Dog senators will filibuster the Senate Vote?

Healthcare vs CIA vs Michael Jackson. . .

Holder's statement...ver batim

Requesting link to original CIA detainee torture report

DEJA VU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feingold asks Obama to announce a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Alec Baldwin Says He Won't Run Against Lieberman

WIRED: Erupting Volcanoes on Earth as Seen From Space

Finally we have some news that can focus on healthcare

They Should Charge Michael Jackson With Conspiracy....

Man who sold Iraq war now vetting embedded journos: report

Energy Citizens rally here tomorrow.

Maybe the schools aren't the problem!

Healthcare: What LBJ would do

I'm surprised that there aren't more posts about Holder appointing a special prosecutor

Feingold: "Those At The Very Top Who Ordered Or Sought Legal Cover Should Be Held Accountable"

Breaking News: Attorney General Eric Holder to Appoint Prosecutor To Investigate

Thank you Tweety

MSNBC Crawler: Senator Schumer says Dems are going to go WITHOUT the GOP on Healthcare Bill

AdAge: Political Talk Shows Talk Themselves Out of Ads

Report on Health Care Forum in Harrison AR

Would a _national_ co-op be possible?

1990s Lotto jackpot winner now runs summer camp

THE most important first step towards a reformed congress is...

White House on (AG) Holder’s Torture Probe

C.O.L.B.E.R.T. treadmill set to blast off tonight at Kennedy Space Center..

Beck's flap shows advertisers must choose between large audience and controversy

Alamo Drafthouse cinemas sez to patrons: SHUT THE HELL UP

Where is Hollywood on Healthcare? Have I missed Redford's commercial?

Boys get better grades at all-boys schools: study

Freepers can't spell 'Eric Holder'.

Young Obama backers AWOL from health care fight

This "Cash for Clunkers" deal hurts the Health Care Debate.

Check in and apologize if you posted that Obama/Holder would NEVER prosecute Bush crimes!!

Bible Thumping Republican doesn't know the difference between Tupperware and Styrofoam

Does anyone think this news about social security is a ploy

A steel beam from the original WTC is returned to the site Aug. 24, 2009 for Memorial & Museum- pics

A steel beam from the original WTC is returned to the site Aug. 24, 2009 for Memorial & Museum- pics

Campaign finance reform+term limits = actual change

Justice Dept. Report Advises Pursuing C.I.A. Abuse Cases - go rec this thread!

Interesting how on the DU fund drive graphic at the top of the page

Paneta has threatened to quit if there are prosecutions?

Americans 4 Prosperity vs. Mad as Hell doctors on Ron Reagan NOW n/t

Want to know why Interrogators blew cigar smoke in detainees faces?

CIA Inspector General's Report = WHITEWASH: Strangulation = "Pressure Points"

Guess what? That heroic NC Senator who shot "intruders," actually shot one of his clients!

Guess what? That heroic NC Senator who shot "intruders," actually shot one of his clients!

Anybody else for chaining Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert to their

This Poll Has To Have Been Freeped !!! (Pursuing CIA Interrogators)

Calling Obama racist costs Beck 33 advertisers --- 33 ADVERTISERS !!!

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gets a street salute from 'Pavement Picasso' Hani Shihada

This is beyond ridiculous

If Progressives hadn't caused an outcry on the public option, it wouldn't even be considered /nt


Socialists denying Socialism for all

Feuding families cause riot of about 150 in Ala.

(Fooled Again) ALL Ten Torture Report Recommendations Redacted

Big Mac Index: Americans work approx 13 min to afford a Big Mac, Kenyans 158 minutes

SAY THIS ONCE MORE! Congressman: Obama violating law by not investigating Bush officials

Message to citizens of Scotland and the UK. Join us in our boycott of FOX NEWS!

WTIC 1080 Hartford 24/7 Right Wing Radio

I was forced to explain Health Care (financing) Reform this morning

Orly Taitz on the march . . . come CAPTION the number one Birther!!!

New meth formula avoids anti-drug laws

US prison authorities: "Bernie Madoff is not terminally ill, has not been diagnosed with cancer"

can anybody give me information on the girl who was

ROFL - Jim Cramer on Beck Advertisers: 'I Think They All Come Back in the End'

Reagon Administration signs UN convention against torture

Even WalMart dropped Glen Beck

Michael Steele A No Show On Tweety

Holder ......

President Obama is an uncle again! Obama's sister Maya has a NEW BABY girl!

Will someone kindly tell Senator LIEberman to kindly sit down and STFU?

As I've often said, "What this country needs is a good 5 cent Jesus."

Stimulus money, helping the environment, creating jobs

Breaking > The 2004 CIA Inspector General’s Report on Torture Released

Just called my doctor's office to make an appt because of abdominal pain

I am headed to a healthcare townhall with NE senator Ben Nelson today. My question:

Former Migrant Worker Set For Blastoff - Discovery will launch next week

Record number of illegal dentists in N.J.

Record number of illegal dentists in N.J.

CIA report reveals interrogator threatened to kill detainee’s children.

Colorado Springs police may sell confiscated firearms back to dealers

Poll finds Newsom trailing Brown even in S.F.

How do you copy text from a PDF document?

Sen. Lieberman is disappointed in AG Holder's decision to name a prosecutor to investigate CIA

IG’s report reveals interrogator restricted detainee’s carotid artery

Mea Culpa

LA Times: Healthcare insurers get upper hand

I actually saw Lou Dobbs tonight!!

I agree with Obama about looking forward and not behind.

Torture... drip... drip... drip

Please consider adopting or fostering a pet for those who have lost their homes.

LOL - RUSH: Obama "wants us to have the same health care and plan that he had in Kenya"

Greenwald: Holder to investigate those "tortured people the wrong way"

Health Reform Supporter Shows Up At Protest With Revolver in Arizona

Forget Reconciliation, Force a Traditional Filibuster or Use The Nuclear Option

Streaming MSNBC?

Gay Critics Say "Too Little Too Late" on Obama - saw this on CNN

Chris Matthews raving that folks in Africa will be enraged over Jackson's death ..."they killed him"

To the Muslims on DU: Ramadan Kareem

Gun website launching attack on Dem Town Meeting site !!!

Has Your Teen Been Screened for Depression?

A friend called me on Skype

It is becoming clear that we are going to get the reform that was pre-ordained from the getgo

Cheap, Easy & Legal Recipe for Meth, as per MSNBC (srsly)

The First Member!

Green Bay Hires First Black Police Officer

Things that make you say "Huh?"

Reverse Boycott: Let's call and thank advertisers who dropped Beck!

AG Holder to appoint special prosecutor, breaking on m$nbc! A

Why We Didn't Crash

When somebody says they support a politician, what do you think they mean?

Remembering Sacco and Vanzetti

Saw "Food, Inc." today. Oh my god. I knew a lot of that stuff, but still learned a lot.

Saw "Food, Inc." today. Oh my god. I knew a lot of that stuff, but still learned a lot.

Saw "Food, Inc." today. Oh my god. I knew a lot of that stuff, but still learned a lot.

Glenn Beck Goes After Color Of Change Co-Founder Van Jones - LATimes

IMPORTANT for Northern VA DUers!

I Won't Be Treated This Way Anymore!

Iceland: Bank bailout and corruption scandals fuel protests

MSNBC: In the red, U.S. school districts cut yellow buses

MSNBC: In the red, U.S. school districts cut yellow buses

How you know when your employer switches to Budget Health Plan..

Whose side are Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) and Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) on in the health reform debate

I forced myself to watch the so called "christian" shows yesterday.

Propofol... manslaughter, MJ... sorry folks but the first time I heard

Action alert for Single Payer Health Care - check in here if you really want it

***Read*** Holder's statement at the DOJ site

Senate proposal--Insurers to cover as little as 65% of enrollees bills

Did you know Democrats control all the house seats on the US-Mexico border?

Which new DU Hate Mail is your favorite?

Did Apple Just Lie to the FCC?

Illinois GOP forgets flag so they Pledge Allegiance to Gene, a man in an American flag t-shirt.

Chuck Todd to Jeremy Scahill: "That was a cheap sullied my reputation"

Why do Repugs have more power than Democrats? or in simpler terms - WTF - is wrong with us?

Why do Repugs have more power than Democrats? or in simpler terms - WTF - is wrong with us?

Skinner, I'm begging you can you PUHLEEEZZZZ!!! PURTTY PUHLEEEZZZZ

"We build our own cages...."

Please help me with this LTTE for accuracy or other comments

FORGET GLENN BECK: the UPS Store has temporarily halted buying ads on Fox News Channel as a whole

Healthcare Reform: Look at this picture.Study it.

What is wrong with this picture?

Man cleared by DNA after spending 21-years in prison for rape-murder

What the hell do elementary students carry in their backpacks...

Way to reduce the healthcare PROBLEM - 200% tax on fast food.

Way to reduce the healthcare PROBLEM - 200% tax on fast food.

Death & Taxes 2010 - A Visual Guide To Where All Your Tax Dollars Go (((Graphics Heavy)))

The Birther's next demand .. This one is truly a doozy..

Massachussets people, who's going to replace Teddy Kennedy?

Verizon, Lowe's, Johnson & Johnson, 13 more drop Glenn Beck

Attention DU, desperately need some advice!

Texting while driving PSA on youtube (graphic warning)

Chuck Todd Reeks

UPS drops ALL Fox advertising Not Just Glenn Beck!

Has Cheney crawled out of the basement

OMFG! This news is a BOMBSHELL! This is incredible!

NC sen. shoots intruder who is in fair condition

Grass Roots Resource Thread

Vikings-colored goat rescued from woman’s trunk at repair shop;

Obama Pentagon Employs Bush-Era Propagandists to Screen Embedding Journalists in Afghanistan

So I got a Facebook page (long)

From the Files: Old GOP quotes they would love us to forget:

Fox news advertisers who are NOT getting the message

Leon Panetta SHOULD resign....get the f**k out....

Wow. David Shuster just Demonstrated what Reform Without a Public Option Really Is

We tried it your way, assholes!

Alec Baldwin: Lieberman's one of a 'few moderate Republicans left'

Ok I think I have it figured out now...

Live from McCaskill's town hall. Wingnuts are loud, rude and way outnumbered

Live from McCaskill's town hall. Wingnuts are loud, rude and way outnumbered

Your Junk Insuruance is About to Get Worse, Courtesy of Max Baucus & Rahm Emanuel

Your Junk Insuruance is About to Get Worse, Courtesy of Max Baucus & Rahm Emanuel

Make The Repubs Use a Traditional Filibuster (or, how to stop a Filibuster)

Why Post at DU: Supporting Working Americans first, or Establishment Politics first?

After the CIA told Khalid Sheikh Mohammed they were going to kill his kids he admitted to everything

I just realized that I am wrong...

Where is DemoTex?

Where is DemoTex?

What is the Difference between Assertive and Aggressive?

In what way, if any, do you support the troops?

Breaking: Michael Jackson died of lethal levels of the anesthetic propofol

Obama paid $35,000... OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET... for this vacation

Sibel Edmonds deposition video clips just released!

ADD and ADHD, and other learning disabiltiies

ADD and ADHD, and other learning disabiltiies

WOW! "Fresh Air" interview with T.R. Reid author of "5 Myths About Health Care Around the World"

Why is it that it seems only the rich bitch about taxes

Randall Terry going to the Jim Moran, Howard Dean town hall tomorrow.

The lighter side! come & post a joke to help us all chill out!

The lighter side! come & post a joke to help us all chill out!

A case of class law: harsh judgement against Berlin cashier

Obama Administration Keeps RENDON GROUP For Afghanistan Propaganda Management

I expect all the people that bashed Obama over torture prosecution to issue a mea culpa....

Forget Teens: Gamers Are 35, Overweight — And Sad, CDC says

Monday Toons, Part 3.

Monday Toons, Part 2

Monday Toons, Part 1

Educator suspects that regimented reforms not for learning, but preparation to be employees...

USA: Denial of parole to Leonard Peltier after more than 32 years in prison, disappointing

NH considers taking some off sex offender list

NH considers taking some off sex offender list

Ghostly Companions

Paul Krugman: All the President’s Zombies

Rendon, the man who sold the Iraq war, calls himself a politician who is a "perception manager".

Mac OSX Snow Leopard available Friday. Why wait until October for Vista 2?

DER SPIEGEL: Memo Reveals Details of Blackwater Targeted Killings Program

The Wiggles made a Bryan Ferry joke at their show this afternoon.

I finally watched the Beatles Anthology in 5.1 surround sound

Well done Paula Creamer! Am I the only DUer watching the Solheim Cup?


We are stardust, We are golden, We are billion year old carbon


if someone loves you

Mad Men, two minutes. Pour your Old Fashioneds and fasten on your pee buckets

I love Apple and iPods!

I love Fiona Apple and sauropods!

Do you Like My Sticky?

Year's Best Optical Illusion

Gaslight coming up on TCM

Attention fitness bluffs!

Today I am Reborn!

Sean Hannity at, please vote

Do you think Inglourious Basterds will get a Best Picture nom?


A Poem: "Underneath"

I Won the Pottery

Gogol Bordello: Alcohol

MY Lego town is a urban fortress where I rule in the giant tower

I'm creating my own communist lego daughter....

Damn! I really want to watch "Shadow of the Vampire" but I don't own it...

Stunning libraries...

Finally- honest cops. (pic)

Poem: "Close your eyes"...

Snuggies - designer series

When you go to the movies do you like to sit in the back, front or middle?

Great Music Podcast *The Other Black Music*

Last.FM kicks Pandora Radio's ASS. Holy CRAP, what a DIFFERENCE.

My French placement exam might as well be written in another language...

So where's DU Fantasy Football this year?

Poll posting test

We did it! We did it!

Soon it will be autumn, then winter...

Milli Vanilli?

I just saw "The soloist"

You've all heard this doleful music, I think it may be classical.

can someone explain the appeal to Tim and Eric Awsome Show Good job?

If you could rob from the rich and give to the poor and get away with it

Kid golfing on top of a mountain accidentally hits backpack over cliff (video)...

Mad Men - Season 3, Episode 2: Whadidya think?

OMG!!!!! This (according to the DU Hatemail bag) is the Mark of the Beast...

Apple iphone ear speaker problem

Forest Fire Smoke IS a MAJOR Health Hazard!

Dog Humiliated In Front Of Entire Park

Facebook Virus Spreading - Beware of "Flashplayer Updates"

Best duet ever recorded

Scared of Big Snakes? Then hide this thread.


Well. Today I Had My First - And Perhaps Last - 5 Guys Stoner

These words of wisdom NEVER get old...

Tales From the Help Files...

XKCD: Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Hey you! Yes you, the dumbass who doesnt' know how to use your turn signals

Well. Today I Had My First - And Perhaps Last - 5 Guys Boner

Is the church of Man-Love such a holy place to be?

The late, great Mr. Warren Zevon.

Crypt above Marilyn Monroe's at Westwood Cemetery selling on eBay for $4.6 million

I was driving in Deleware and I broke my turn signal

I just realized that The Daily Show/ Colbert Report is on vacation for 3 WEEKS...

Reality just slapped me in the face with a 2X4...

Is the Lounge more popular then GD?

Oh yeah? Well, I'm childless, so I'm creating my own suburban sprawl hell Lego town.

DU Song Of The Day

School starts tomorrow!

I move to NYC in less than 24 hours!!!

My Pineal gland itches.....

An old anecdote that describes today's Republican mindset (slightly updated)

A follow up on the Dallas Cowboy's new stadium

I Saw Abe Vigoda Driving In Delaware and not using his turn signals

Dyslexics of the world Untie!

Court rules Delaware's sports betting plan violates federal law

My Showtime, right now!

Home alone.

Scared of Big Rakes? Then hide this thread.

"Smite me, motherf**cker!" -- True Blood last night with spoilers

The Philadelphia Eagles might win A super bowl in January.

I Won The Lottery

Hypothetical question: Which sci-fi character does your subconscious love the most?

Poll Question: How many stickies made you giggle, snicker, snort, or laugh aloud?

VIDEO: KFC "Double Down" Sandwich: bacon, 2 kinds of cheese, 2 pcs of fried chicken instead of a bun

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent sues the band...AGAIN

Australian police seek help as man glued to toilet

All right. Who put up that "I Like Turtles" sticky?!

Anyone see District 9 and would you recommend it?

Move over Susan Boyle...

Missed the show? Get my podcast

The Passing Stones

You know what's depressing about posting in the GD forum?

Dang... I got banned.


Want some motivations to clean up - go watch the show "Hoarders"

Blast from the past: RCA Color TV ad from early '60s...

Transformer Barbie and G.I. Barbie

Possibly slightly amusing Republican-deriding cartoon idea.

My Avatar

8 months into presidency, President Obama has FAILED to give anyone a demoralizing nickname

The X Factor 2009 - Danyl - Auditions

OMG her body was identified by the serial number on her breast implants

Your Favorite Hostess Snack?

What are the best band names you've heard of?

What kind of vacations do you like?

What brand of car stereo of the most reliable?

Why was ANYONE giving Michael Jackson propofol?

Can they ID you from a P*nis implant?

Hayden Christensen is a great actor, yes or no?

Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday?

Has anyone seen ElShiva lately?

I apologize for every post that I have ever put in here.

Well. Today I Had My First - And Perhaps Last - 5 Guys Burger

$29 "Party Passes" are a hit with fans at first football game

I totally suck...

If I Fell

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Township75!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rainbowreflect!!*******

*******HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY to BelleCarolinaPeridot!!*******

Yipes, Steve Tyler ain't looking too well.

Beer me, wench!

BREAKING: Chuck Todd challeges Jeremy Scahill to a duel

Clearing dead algae from a swimming pool is a pain in the fucking ass.

Tell us the most amazing thing you've seen in nature.

Attention fitness buffs!

Questions concerning online education - Middle School version

Best Group Ever...

Aside from YOUR team, who would you most like to see win a Super Bowl this year?

Do you love where you live and why?

Union rejects pact, Mercury Marine to move jobs.

Empty office buildings (20.5%) dot Silicon Valley

Analyst Bove sees 150-200 more U.S. bank failures

Fugitive Jenkins found dead in B.C. motel

China tries 200 for Xinjiang riot

Ryan Jenkins (Jasmine Fiore's husband) found dead in motel room

Malaysia delays caning beer woman

Godmothers: Italy sees rise of women in Neapolitan crime

New Unit to Question Key Terror Suspects: Move Shifts Interrogation Oversight From the CIA to the WH

Senate Democrats Consider Tactic to Push Through Government Health Plan (with a simple majority)

Malaysia beer woman spared caning

French banks may adopt tighter rules on bonuses

Malawi child tobacco workers exposed to nicotine

U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient

Calls to reopen CIA abuse cases

Bus bombings south of Baghdad kill 20 - police

High Line is a Lust Cause

Tax Money Used For Suspected Cat Killer's Defense

Asia’s Recovery Highlights China’s Ascendance

Fighting in Yemen escalates

Remember me? Wall Street repackages toxic debt

Goldman's (Sachs) Trading Tips Reward Its Biggest Clients

Ex-VOA chief of staff indicted in Abramoff scandal

Did Apple Just Lie to the FCC?

Guantanamo prisoner detained as teen released, meets with Karzai

White House on (AG) Holder’s Torture Probe

Investigators condemn deaths & disappearances in Honduras

Swine Flu May Infect Half of U.S., Kill 90,000, Report Says

IRS Could Target Off-Shore Hedge-Fund Investors Next

Report: CIA Threatened Detainee Families

Hunted reality TV contestant found dead in Canada

Australian police seek help as man glued to toilet

Boys get better grades at all-boys schools: study

Sen. R.C. Soles (D-N.C.) shoots one of two home intruders

Afghans move toward reconciliation with Taliban

Springfield (IL) to require training after nooses found

Madoff Dying of Cancer?

Judicial Watch Obtains New CIA Documents Detailing Results of Detainee Interrogations

Factory Fire In Detroit

CIA report: 'Inhumane' tactics used on detainees

Possible Leak Detected At Pueblo Chemical Weapons Depot

US backs high-stakes Honduras mission

White House Won't Rule Out Sending Terror Suspects To Countries That Torture

Journalists' recent work examined before embeds (Pentagon using Rendon Group for Embed Approval)

Baucus: “I Want a Public Option”

Healthcare insurers get upper hand Obama's overhaul fight is being won by the industry, experts say.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 24

Allen Stanford must stay in jail-court

Justice Dept. Report Advises Pursuing C.I.A. Abuse Cases

Obama spokesman announces interrogation unit

(Balt. Police) Agent: Baltimore Ravens LB Fein Was Profiled (thought cell phone was gun)

(Balt. Police) Agent: Baltimore Ravens LB Fein Was Profiled (thought cell phone was gun)

Attack on Obama riles Beck's advertisers

Source: Duke Cunningham Pushed for Assassinations

Debt collectors illegally threatened arrest, assault

Report: CIA threatened detainee families

CIA Withheld Medical Information From the Justice Department to Obtain Torture Approvals

Healthcare insurers get upper hand

Ex-Gitmo inmates ask Supreme Court to declare them ‘persons’

GOP Rep. Trent Franks Considering Obama Citizenship Lawsuit

Swine Flu Shot Protection? Maybe By Thanksgiving

Coroner rules Jackson's death homicide

H1N1 Flu "Serious Health Threat" To U.S.: White House

Feingold to Obama: Announce Withdrawal Timetable from Afghanistan

Iran discovers vast new oil reserves

Calls for Boycott of Scottish goods over bomber release

Coming Home: Appliance Maker Drops China to Produce in Texas

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to In_The_Wind!!*******

Attorney General Eric Holder to Appoint Prosecutor To Investigate CIA Terror Interrogations

Obama White House v. CIA; Panetta Threatens to Quit

Strapped shoppers put pens, pencils(Basic School Supplies) on layaway

Lynne Samuels believes in death panels and believes Obama is an illegal alien.

PHOTO Caption it? (August 24)

Why are the Obama supporters so positive?

Are Americans as Dumb as You Appear?

Good Idea/Bad Idea: The NEA Is Right To Question This Administration's Education Policy

DU has become the twilight zone. Unrecommending posts advocating for the best health care plan

Should have FDR vetoed the Social Security Act as passed?

Ezra Klein on the 'upside of health-care reform'

President Obama: Progressives support you, which is why progressives remind you

Dear President Obama and Family: Enjoy Your Well-Deserved Vacation in Beautiful Martha's Vinyard!!!

Where in the HELL is Oprah during this heathcare reform crisis!

So, are progressives and liberals just wired differently...

Roman dictators and Medieval despots restricted usury more than the Reagan-Obama era administrations

NYT: Most of Obama’s Top Appointees Are Not in Place

Social Security COLA's cancelled:

Coburn tells crying woman at townhall that neighbors should help pay her husband's health bills

Attention DU.. the right will be putting out a push to scare seniors..

Feingold: "Those At The Very Top Who Ordered Or Sought Legal Cover Should Be Held Accountable"

PHOTOS A Good Walk Spoiled

Why did Meet The Press use a NY Post headline to attack President Obama and health care?

60 percent of Blue Dog Jim Cooper’s constituents disapprove of his actions on health care

Enough With Corporate Astroturf! List of Progressive Groups SUPPORTING Health Care Reform!

If John Edwards were Vice President?

Am I going crazy or was Michael Steele supposed to be on Hardball tonight & he wasn't?

GOP Rep. Trent Franks (Asshole)Considering Obama Citizenship Lawsuit!

Obama Reopens Massacre Investigation Obstructed By Bush

Shock: Lieberman voices "strong disappointment" with decision to appoint torture investigator

Fuck Bipartisanship.

Panetta Threatened To Quit, Got In "Screaming Match" Over Torture Probe

We should press the attack - If they are against Universal Coverage - who is left out?

Our biggest problem with getting real progressive legislation passed is lobbying.

An unusual sighting in Ramallah

Bill Moyers - Single Payer Insurance [VIDEO] - (Old Show, Still Informative)

The Cat, the Bag - and Other Tall Tales

Michael Steele Flushes Roy Blunt Down "The Crapper"

Change is tough. So liberals can't just leave it to Obama

A public option that "competes" on a level playing field with private insurance is doomed to fail

AARP to RNC: We agree with the goals you pulled out of thin air

MoveOn.Org Applauds DOJ Appointment of a Special Prosecutor

Mad As Hell Doctors - Sign their message to President Obama

Beck Story goes mainstream: AP: Beck has lost 33 sponsors - "toxic asset"

California politics: Whitman's refusal to debate raises questions

Conyers and Nadler Applaud Appointment of Special Prosecutor

Rendition of Terror Suspects to Continue Under Obama (No Torture)

RW meme about abortion creeping into the MSM's attempt to sabotage of a public option (updated)

Latest right wing meme: Haggle with your doctor for health care...

Top Ten Differences Between Bush & Obama First 7 Months

Why Health Care Reform Failed

I'll take a "wee-weed up" over misunderestimating

Pentagon Hires Controversial Firm To Screen Whether Embedded Reporters Wrote ‘Positive’ Stories

Imagine a new vocabulary

Top Democrat wants Sheriff Tom Dart to consider Senate bid

Crist adds Lou Frey, others to his Senate short-list

Blue Dog Jim Cooper responds to Kos Poll showing him in trouble, pledges to support public option

Montana Dems Confront Max; Baucus says: “I Want a Public Option too!”

RNC continues lying about 'end of life' and health reform - issues "Senior Bill of Rights"

Health insurers mobilize 50,000 employees to lobby Congress, defeat the public option.

Driving to work I heard Rush Limbaugh mention DU

It is time to stop the war!

Thom Hartmann was awesome today he challenged a right winger to explain why the middle

This Isn't Healthcare Reform, It's Robbery: "lobbyists have already killed a viable public option"

ABC News spreads rumor that Leon Panetta just threatened to quit CIAt

WAPO: Holder Will Name Prosecutor For CIA Interrogations

Holder Names Prosecutor to Examine Abuse Cases (John Durham)

Fresh Reality Check: “We Can Afford Reform, We Can’t Afford the Status Quo”

Dear "death panel" republicans...(ie freepers & various other rightwingnuts)

Please excuse me while I vent my spleen (note to mods, this is not a bodily function thread)

public option vs. nothing at all

Insurers Set to Reap Financial Windfall from Healthcare Reform

How did Baucus get a chairman seat on finance commitee? Who would give that guy that position?

From the LMAO dept: Sean Hannity in 2012

Now that Obama and whole boatload of "democrats" have guaranteed

Sen. Conrad believes Americans deserve "significantly less" than the HELP and House bills provide.

I remember wondering how the Russians could not win in Afghanistan!!

Top 10 Conservative Idiots - Hate Mail edition

NYT editorial: The Uninsured (2004 est. 18,000 deaths a year due to lack of insurance)

Krugman: All the President’s Zombies

Senate Dems: Turnabout's Fair Play on Reconciliation

Surreal & Bizarre - Terms and Talking Points in the Health Care 'Debate'

Video: Israelis talk two states, President Obama, & J Street

Ezra Klein: The 'Recession' Excuse

Trailer for Michael Moore's new movie 'Capitalism:A Love Story'

Damn You President Obama...Taking a Vacation...

What Obama Does Not Get

NY-Sen: Massa Endorses Gillibrand For Senate

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

Obama spokesman announces new interrogation unit

Hutchison holding on to Senate seat

What Would MLK Say About Health Care?

Folks, I am officially p!ssed off and depressed about health care "reform"

Large scale Preventive Screenings and Care costs more than it saves?

NYT: Senate Democrats Consider Tactic to Push Through Government Health Plan

MA Gov Poll: Patrick Faces Uphill Fight

Michael Steele outlines GOP health care strategy: The War On Granny.

Sen. Baucus: "I want a public option too."

Senator Kennedy

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) Reverses Position, Suggests Birther Lawsuit

The Hill: White House takes small steps on gay rights

What a trigger might mean

As A Public School Teacher, I Would Like This Administration To Use A More Comprehensive

(Trigger Talk Is Back) Blue Dog Leader: Public Option Unlikely To Survive Conference Report

How about some kind ot indication---maybe an icon---in the subject line for "joke" posts?

Tammy Duckworth "Death Book Debate" (Fox) transcript links here:

Expensive Without the Results...Health Care in America

Tanya Tarr on Why Democrats Should Love Unions - Netroots Nation Day 1

Stewart Acuff Explains the Employee Free Choice Act - Netroots Nation Day 1

Young Turks: Who Wants Urns Shaped Like A Loved One's Head??

TYT: Sen. Grassley against Obama On Healthcare Reform

Obama supporter gets thrown out of Townhall Meeting in Tomah WI

Stewart Acuff on Passing the Employee Free Choice Act - Netroots Nation Day 1

TYT: Cenk interviews the author of a book on the Hamdan lawyers

EPA Fails To Inform Public About Weed-Killer In Drinking Water

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop

Obama Spokesman Announces Interrogation Unit

Bill Maher on Letterman 1986

Headzup: Joe Lieberman Sees No Reason For Health Care Reform

The Doughy Pantload Compares VA Pamphlet to Nazi Eugenics

Homophobic Pastor Steve Anderson prays for Obama's Death

Thousand Dollar Video: A very simple message about health care reform

Little O'Reilly Vs Barney Frank

The Irony Of Chris Matthews

Barney Frank Was Right...You Can't Argue With Angry, Crazy Or Hatred

PSA: Texting While Driving (graphic images)

In These Times: Dixie Media Versus Unions

Godmothers: Italy sees rise of women in Neapolitan crime

Eduardo Galeano Contemplates History's Paradoxes (Open Veins of Latin America)

Krugman Defines a New Economic State - Purgatory...ABC

Leonard Pitts Jr.: If you think Obama is like the Nazis, you need a history lesson.

sorry posted in the wrong place

Wal-Mart Faces Its Day of Reckoning

Steelworkers and British Union Counter Lies About British Healthcare

Journalists' recent work examined before embeds by secretive PR firm The Rendon Group

Wise Old Mexico (Charles Dews)

GOP Trying to Attract Young Voters = FAIL

Financial Crisis Called Off (James Howard Kunstler)

Why has Human Rights Watch Fallen Silent on Honduras?

Beyond Transparency: The Government Needs Authenticity

Gang of Six to Approve Co-ops, for All Six People in their States

77% of Voters For a Public Option: How NBC/Ras Got It Wrong

The Debilitating Myth of the 'Free Market' Alternative

Remember me? Wall Street repackages toxic debt

REALITY: Grandmas death by Profit Motive NOT imaginary (future) death panels - Moyers Journal

RNC unveils Senior Bill of Rights BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Trekkie Pastor Orders Attack on Lesbians Instead of Klingons

One Wrong Move and Your Credit Score Gets It

GOP pushes charade to 'protect' seniors' health

As If Limbaugh and Beck Weren't Bad Enough, the Granddaddy of Hate Radio Is Back on the Air

Want to Stimulate the Economy? Lower the Retirement Age to 55 Now!

Afghan conflict serious, 'deteriorating'-Mullen


Sweet Revenge: 'Whole Foods' Taken Over by 'Publix'

Interview with FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Man who sold Iraq war now vetting embedded journos

COLOMBIA: Half Century of US Military Presence

"Your Money or Your Life" - more on rationing of health care by ability to pay

Lynching of Cynthia McKinney urged by journalist trained and paid by FBI

Mike Honda & Danny Glover: Minority report

Why is the Obama administration continuing rendition?

ISR: In defense of Marxism

Chris Hedges: This Isn’t Reform, It’s Robbery

KRUGMAN: All the President’s Zombies (of failed Reaganism)

Roubini Joins Chorus Warning Of Double-Dip Recession Risk

It's The FASCISM, Stupid!

Ronald Reagan FLIP FLOPPING on Medicare!

New Warning of Terror Campaign By Far-Right Extremists

1-Meter Sea Level Rise Means Loss Of 1/3 Of Mekong Delta - Reuters

Chokepoints Holding Northwest Passage Closed For Now, Despite Near-Record Arctic Basin Ice Loss

Bubbly-belly-bugging boffins battle bovine belch peril

Peak oil review - Aug 24

ODAC Newsletter - Aug 21

Drumbeat: August 24, 2009

Searching for an interglacial on Greenland - The first season of the international ice core drillin…

All things considered, oil palm production is emitting Carbon

Power Cuts May Threaten S.African Rebound

Trees on Farms Key to Climate and Food-Secure Future

Reprocessing isn't the answer - by Richard L. Garwin

France Declares 200-Mile EEZ In Mediterrenean, Ostensibly To Protect Fish Stocks - AFP

Deforestation Forcing Blackouts In Nairobi: Kenyan Politicians Suddenly Favor Forest Protection

N. Chinese Drought Worst In 60 Years In Some Areas - 4.6 Million Face Water Shortages - AFP

Timor Sea Oil Well Blowout Could Pollute For Months - Slick 8 Nautical Miles Long On Sunday 8/23

Oops! Titan International's Tar Sands Truck Tires Lasting 1% Of Anticipated Life @ $42K Apiece

State Department Issues Permit For 1,000-Mile Pipeline From Tar Sands Region To Wisconsin - ENS

Reining In Brown Clouds—Cuts in regional, black-carbon-laden air pollution could…help curb…warming

Anyone heard anything more about how Tesla Motors is doing?

Researcher finds higher acidity in Alaska ocean waters(Global Warming)

China, US near climate-change deal over fuel efficiency

Help with renewable energy grants (for residential solar installation)

Chagas, Dengue, Toxacara - Common In Developing World - Now Spreading Among Poor Americans - WSJ

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) may shutter aging coal-fired plants

A storm brews over food, water & power (BBC)

Europe's Saharan power plan: miracle or mirage?

Catastrophic Wilderness Fires?

Two German Cargo Ships Depart Vladivostok Bound For Holland - W/O Icebreakers - Reuters

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 371

Funny toon in today's paper >>


Mascot gives runner piggyback ride, crashes into hurdles

Guardian: Australia, Dame Edna, suck on it and like it that England beat you at cricket

SFGate (aka Mark Fiore) hits a Home Run...

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 23)

Lane Kiffin!

NFL to limit fan drinking at the games

Take a look at the great seats you get at Jerrah's football palace


Why has Human Rights Watch Fallen Silent on Honduras?

The Acteal Killings, Twelve Years On co's Supreme Court Tosses a Bombshell into Chiapas

Nicaragua attains full literacy

Don't normally pay attention to such events, but Miss Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe tonight

Cuban TV shows a healthier-looking Fidel Castro welcoming Venezuelan students

KC women are convinced coup in Honduras was military

COLOMBIA: Half Century of US Military Presence

HRW, Where Are You? Coup Protestor Gang-Raped by Honduran Police

OAS Mission Arrives in Honduras Monday. Why?

Eduardo Galeano Contemplates History's Paradoxes

US backs high-stakes Honduras mission

Did guns embolden this crime?

D.C. delegate calls for ban on guns near Obama

Palestinian women knit Jewish skullcaps

Florida concealed weapons permits on the rise...

Abusing freedom of speech

"Is there a connection between healthcare reform and gun rights?" (CSM)

Sen. Lautenberg’s bill S 1317 gives Atty. Gen. unilateral authority to prohibit firearms.

Hamas to expel Gaza schoolgirls not wearing Muslim dress

How do I properly dispose of an unspent 9mm Luger cartridge??

Study finds S.F. health plan didn't hurt jobs

Unions invest in N.C. Democrats

Hartmarx ‘Victory’ No Longer Sweet for Rock Island Workers

ACLU Sues ‘Sheriff Joe’ for Racial Profiling, Worksite Detentions

Today in Labor History Aug 24 UFW begins lettuce strike, Solidarity was founded in Gdansk, Poland

Cintas Settles with Delivery Drivers $22.75 million for unpaid overtime!

Workplace Fatalities Down in 2008, but Workplace Suicides Up

They are called "waders" (dial up warning)

A few portraits

Aiman Overload

Confirmation Bias, The Glossy Shine of A Dining Room Table

Deep-Sea, Swimming Worms with Luminescent "Bombs"

Mystery satellite prepped for launch

Researchers find genetic link between physical pain and social rejection

"Morning Glory" clouds defy explanation-spectacular photo!

Goldman Gives Preferred Clients Stock Trading Tips Early, Defends Practice

The Pareto Principle and the Next Wave Down in Real Estate

Barry Ritholtz on housing numbers

Roubini warns of double-dip recession: report

nation's 12th-largest U.S. mortgage lender bankrupt.

Listen to Bernard's Story (BBC)

Was the Financial Crisis Caused by Hormones?

Budget Pain Spreads to Energy-Rich States

What am I not getting about gay rights groups?

Financial Crisis Called Off

Is This Rally The Final Kiss Good Bye?

The truth on infant mortality

is there a connection between apnea and acid reflux?

CDC pushes for universal circumcision recommendation.

Anybody here willing to get a swine flu shot?

Fear of Rejection and falling down


Car maintenance-better before, during or after Mercury retrograde?

REALLY cool post in GD "Ghostly Companions"

Missing PC - Can we reassure eachother that this will all be okay?

A 'wretched, backward, uncivilized regression to the Middle Ages'

Gospel of Hate: Arizona pastor Steve Anderson spews bile toward Obama, Frank, and gays

"Cardinal Slams Irish Lawmakers Over Civil Partnership Bill"

A Grand Bargain Over Evolution

"World’s first Muslim superheroes, the 99, out to conquer the West"

Tomato stains

100 Ways to Use a Strip of Bacon

One of the local farm stands had a bag of tomatos for...

Sunday in the Happy Hippy Kitchen.

After 48 Years, Julia Child Has a Big Best Seller, Butter and All.

REVOKE Revenue Ruling 70-549

Has anyone ever given a better explanation for those toasted cars ...

Was there a corn dog being eaten by someone at a county or state fair?

It boggles the mind, how many of you still support the "official story".

9/11 Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds' Testimony Under Oath Now Available On Video

Pickin' For The Record

Should the CIA Be Considered Complicit in 9/11?

It's gone man.

Was there a military exercise conducted at the Pentagon on 9/11/01?

Larry Knechtel dies at 69; bassist, keyboardist (You probably know some of his work.)

USATODAY: David Nordhal - Michael Jackson's personal artist - talks about Michael . . .

Fricking loving Netflix online movies now.

One of the funniest commercials I've ever seen