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Archives: August 2, 2009

Sen. Ted STEVENS case: Special prosecutor can force testimony

Frank Rich: Small Beer, Big Hangover

The Nation: Italy's Pillow Talk

A cliffhanger to see if a GM turnaround succeeds

Where there's smoke, there is fire....

Post 4000 and I feel fine.

With GM offshoring and cutting corners all these years, might that be why Rush is cheering their end

Female Veterans Fight for Healthcare

The Palins have Divorced

The Palins have Divorced

OK, fine. A poll then.

How many cases of swine flu are there in the US? Just heard

Sailor Accused of Murdering August Provost Commits Suicide

Spotlight on AMA

Cash for Clunkers. Sheer brilliance! Even the hard-ass Repubs admit it's working.

"Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story"

Alaskan DUers: Who is Ben Latham and why was his case reopened?

Astronaut: 1 Month, Same Underwear

The city of Brotherly Love? Philadelphia Sued Over Whites-Only Bathroom

Does anyone know how to search the history of the ownership of a domain name?

Weird: Drudge Pulled All of the Cash for Clunker Stories and Links from His Site Why Isn't Single-Payer "Uniquely American?"

Good C-Span discussion, re: Crowley's false statements in his police report

Liberal media will get the blame for Palin's divocre

I am completely convinced that health care reform will finally pass


Glenn Beck explains the left and right fringes and the gap in between, then puts himself in between.

AP: Russia signs deal to open 2nd base in Kyrgyzstan

NRA Threatens Lawmakers Over Sotomayor Vote


What would happen if Obama suddenly came out in support of single payer

how sloppy can the AP get?

"A More Civilized Christian Right

Reuters: "Smoking-ban murder" (Turkey)

Heckler and candidate brought together for beer summit

Major changes in Probation system are approved in North Carolina

From the local Republican paper

Reuters: Amsterdam mayor marries U.S. gay couples on canal

Perdue signs coal ash bill

Must Read Kos Diary: How the Bank Lobby Beat Credit Card Reform

Five Foreign Troops(3 Americans) Killed In Afghanistan (Sunday)

More Than 700 Killed in Nigeria Clashes -Red Cross

Me. Drunk. At my wife's family reunion. Debating people calling Obama a fascist and a socialist.

'Coalition of the Willing' Comes to End in Iraq (US Alone)

Just caught a few minutes of Fox and Friends talking about Sarah

Healthcare is a HUMAN RIGHT

Matthews purports to correct Romano on end-of-life consultation, but gets it wrong

Default Jump Curbs Bankruptcy Lending as Recoveries Sink to a 19-Year Low

Illegal Guatamalan immigrant found dead down the street from my house.

Michelle Malkin on "This Week" simply shows how far the MSM has fallen.

Exploited Earth: The Prix Pictet photography prize 2009

Is Palin camp pushing, or even starting these "false" reports?

In case you missed it, here's a Bank Bust Friday recap.....Five more banks go.....

Remains of pilot shot down in first Gulf War found in Iraq.

If NAFTA had not been passed, would our country be better off today?

Hale's in South Haven to close after 154 years / my hometown

HillaryCare CBO vs real cost increases and care deterioration, anyone know?

Up yours Panetta! he has article out saying we should forget CIA last 8 yrs.

Lurita Doan on Gates: Quiet obedience is what gave us civil rights

Olberman and O'reilly attend beer summit

Holy crap, my credit card company RAISED my limit..

If it's True...that Palin is divorcing Todd..then I'd say she will be the Repug Nominee in 2012!

If it's True...that Palin is divorcing Todd..then I'd say she will be the Repug Nominee in 2012!

"ABC's This Week" should be worth watching this time.

AGAIN PETA Takes it To Far...

How many civilian deaths are acceptable?

Nov. 30 deadline looms for "first-time (home) buyer's" credit

Great program that discusses the operating rules of our current Health Care system:

ALERT: Tornado Warning for Mercer County, NJ and Bucks County, PA

Have A Beer With Mark Fiore

Cons Hate Freedom

The Media ruined Sarah Palin's marrige

Be Your Own Boss!

Grapes of Wrath on TCM

Gunman attacks center for gay teens in Israel, killing three

Gunman attacks center for gay teens in Israel, killing three

I hate agreeing with both sides of an argument

Funny Amazon customer review.

GE's silencing of Olbermann and MSNBC's sleazy use of Richard Wolffe

Mexico shuts Cancun beach, alleges sand was stolen - not a joke

Mexico shuts Cancun beach, alleges sand was stolen - not a joke

August 4

Did I break DU?

The FReeperville reports on MM's appearance on Stephanopolous

A Kia with an American flag license plate cover

Anyone see stephanopoulos's graphs this morning on all the indicators that the econ is improving?

Pelosi says single payer will get vote. Is Obama for or against HR676 passing?

A better Clunker Plan

Panetta’s Pathetic Attempt to Get Lawmakers to Ignore CIA Crimes

What do GOP media propagandists know about patriotism?

Obama brings change to diplomacy and Presidential persuasion (toons)

Homeless in Poland, Men Dream of Odyssey

Da CHEENEE sisters are dripping rich, but feed at the trough of government perks

Why is McCain getting this block of time on CNN this morning?

Al Franken relishes policy role in new Senate job

I think some in DC are making a big mistake calling for a second stimulus before the 2012 elections

My recommendation: Hence forth Orly Taitz MUST be referred to as

Send a Letter for Single payer--yes a letter..........

Town hall disruptors are there to shut down democracy..not be a part of it

If somehow the world could turn onto a path of universal peace and harmony,

How come freepers/birthers

Guess how much this job pays?

Breakdown In Planck's Law

Does anyone think more programs like "Cash for Clunkers"...

Malkin was beaten down left and right like a rented mule

certifigate: o happy day

Palin Lawyer Threatens To Serve Papers At Kindergarten, Then Balks

Before you trust a republican with your health care




Sarah Palin Superstar

How a smart Representative handles the "memo-people"/disruptors.

Iran Says It Arrested 3 American Hikers


Bad news for the Republicans

Bad news for the Republicans

Greenspan:: "we've already seen the bottom"

DU this poll!!!!!!!!!!!

The media drum roll to the next invasion dementedly continues: target Iran

I had to make myself keep watching this video by a religious person

Cool: Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with the pentatonic scale

Cool: Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with the pentatonic scale

Three Dead, Eight Wounded in Shooting at Tel Aviv Gay Center

Florida highrise has 32 stories, but just 1 tenant

UK Ambassador: We’ll be in Afghanistan ‘For Decades’

U.K. Plans 2,000 More Afghan Troops

Paranoid, Armed, Glenn Beck fan apprehended scouting Nat. Guard base

The Birther Movement vs. The Electronic Voting Machines Scandals

Destruction of a clunker


Please share your sense of what the next two years holds for us economically.

Video: Glenn Beck promotes paranoia with recent Cash for Clunkers website myths

Hitler's Hidden Holocaust on National Geographic tonight

Former Ties: Organizations backing workers say Democrats take up corporations’ interests over theirs

Former Ties: Organizations backing workers say Democrats take up corporations’ interests over theirs

Venezuela begins shutdown of 34 radio stations

Letter I wrote Glenn Beck - Re: Cash for Clunkers

Sunday "Have Fun at a Wingnut's Expense" Link: E-mail a Malkin sycophant and win valuable prizes!

WooHoo! I got a raise. NC unemployment increasing this week.

Post-racial America? Dream on

Philadelphia workers file racial discrimination case

Giggles for the day (Tbogg)

So where did the right wing come up with the euthanasia thing?-opinion piece in my paper

State Parks Look for Ways of Surviving the Budget Ax (TIME)

Want to feed the hungry? for Free? Snopes says this is a legit way.

Oily Tater's real birth certificate

Anyone recommend site where I can spread some of my terrible

Jesus Plus Zero at C Street . . . please come CAPTION The Family!!!!

How Many Teabaggers Have Participated In The Cash For Clunkers Program?


Rush Limbaugh, Traitor to Consciousness. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Before you trust a republican with your health care

A poem from Vietnam....

"The Family" Ask Your State's Politicians to Get Out

Army Looking Into Monitoring of Protest Groups

Idiot "birthers" claim to have Obama's Kenyan "birth certificate".

When Is President Obama Taking His 1month vacation at his Hawaiian Ranch?

The curious and sad case of Capt. Speicher or "How to make a corpse shill for your war"

Orly, Orly Taitz, bleached locks shining in the sun. Orly, Orly Taitz, come to save us from THAT

Orly Taitz on live now--holy crap, I've never really heard her before.

Portland, Oregon woman is overall winner of Chicago half-marathon...

Osheaga - anybody have info

Stop Glenn Beck petition

I NEED HELP: Keys to new house won't work and landlord is out of town...

I NEED HELP: Keys to new house won't work and landlord is out of town...

***Breaking*** 3 hikers from Mexico detained in US when they cross border

Politics is not war.

To engage the birther fantasists is futile; to dismiss them, reckless

Should every congress person, senator, cabinet secretary, President and VP

FACT CHECK: Distortions rife in health care debate

Priority List for Swine Flu Vaccine recipients revealed. Causing great Anxiety to some.

Why are there school?

Just heard some great news!

Crhistians Largely Mum on Torture --

Hawaii Coach Greg McMackin Earns a 30-Day Suspension with Gay Slur

Question re. "Hardball" with Chris Matthews.

Obama Ambassadorships for Sale - NOT Chump Change you can believe it.

Sarah Palin and her daughter were sitting on a bench . . .

"Cash for Clunkers" success criticized by corrupt and desperate Republicans

CNN asks Facebook users to grade Obama's second 100 days

Suggestion: put post #s on the thread map / shell

British families to be monitored by CCTV in their homes...

More racism from the teabagging terrorists......

More racism from the teabagging terrorists......

Repubs never really believed America would elect Barack Obama.

Living in a cave for 10 yrs on ZERO money

George Stephanopoulos on Positive Economic News, with graphics and quotes (Obama's stimulus working)

Boycott the Corporate Hate Machine; say NO to Mr Beck

Lou Dobbs A "Publicity Nightmare" For CNN: AP

Where are their birth certifacates?

In Kenya, the beaches are covered in muslin!!!!

In Kenya, the beaches are covered in muslin!!!!

Health Bill May Advance Without Bipartisan Deal

Court orders shorter sentence for {Qwest} ex-CEO (AP)

Anyone ever been to the "Festival Au Desert" two hours away from Timbuktu? Sounds awesome!

Let's see if we can REALLY embarrass the Deathers

Iran: Green Brief #46 (August 1 - Mordad 11) Latest news from Iran

Pretty awesome grading system on, please go vote there

We Need Affordable Health Care, Not Just Affordable Insurance

URGENT ALERT: Minnesota peace activists jailed in Israel

URGENT ALERT: Minnesota peace activists jailed in Israel

Bank teller chases robber gets fired because of it

Hey Orly Taitz, I can forge my own Kenyan birth certificate!

So... Oily Taters called in to Brian Copeland's morning show on KGO a.m....

Chris Hedges: No Bailout Can Stop the Sinking

Who planted the "Kenyan birth certificate"?

Who planted the "Kenyan birth certificate"?

"Systems Architect" wanted for $10/hr

An Angel In Queens, New York: School Bus Driver Responsible For 70,000 Hot Meals And Counting...

The first affordable electric car on the market?

Neda's mother talks to BBC: 'Knowing that the world cried for her… that has comforted me'

Sallie Mae Has Spent Millions Fighting President's Student-Loan Plan (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Health Care: Unasked Questions

Fla. highrise has 32 stories, but just 1 tenant

Fla. highrise has 32 stories, but just 1 tenant

Sarah Palin could divorce Todd, dangle Trig off the Brooklyn Bridge,

The Bill Maher videos posted in DU forums now deleted by You Tube.

The Birther Movement vs. The Electronic Voting Machines Scandals

Just an FYI:, the Truthiness Encyclopedia has bears in its tubes!

Here is a link to the full Oily Tights interview this morning

Braidwood nuclear reactor shutdown deemed 'unusual event'

I think I was adopted...

Detroit Free Press: How the arts can change lives

Job possibility for those losing unemployment benefits

Just released Palin's Divorce certificate

Let's give Ben Nelson something to cry about.

Must Read: How the Bank Lobby Beat Credit Card Reform

Politics and religion aside - today I saw President Jimmy Carter at the Sunday School he teaches

So will Palin do a press conference announcing she's quitting Todd?

Birthers Don't Want the Truth

Woodrow Wilson: Good President???

Rep. McIntyre acknowledges ties to secretive Christian group

Tiger RULES....-20 Gets him the Buick Open...AWESOME #69

Tiger RULES....-20 Gets him the Buick Open...AWESOME #69

King salmon vanishing in Alaska, smokehouses empty

Update on my post about the local GM plant.

O'Barry of "The Cove" : " this tsunami of bad publicity is coming their way"

Larisa Alexandrovna: Missing Pilot Speicher, Chalabi, Cheney's Ghost Team and Sy Hersh's Team?

Glen Greenwald (Salon) on the corporate censorship of Olbermann and O'Reilly

TIME: The Henry Louis Gates Affair: When Race Matters

Single Payer - Yes We Can! Call Obama and get him to bring it home to America!

The fact is we will continue to decline until Obama says....

"Bolivia declares indigenous right" - bbc

A Bigger Problem Than the Taliban? Afghanistan's US-Backed Child-Raping Police

We the people should ban together and form a large corporation.

Admin/Mods- Is it against the rules to call the cops pigs?

Palin Lawyer Threatens to Serve Libel Papers at KINDERGARTEN !!!

The Conservative movement has created a Frankenstein.

What I Learned About Canada's Health Care Just From Talking To A Neighbor

Prolonged aid to unemployed is running out

Teen passenger in speeding car sues driver who was hit

The timeline of Barack Obama Sr...

Fundie Logic: If today's animals evolved from dinosaurs, how do you explain the Loch Ness Monster?

Raw Video: Demolition in Turkey Goes Seriously Wrong

The Health Insurance Industry: A Pre-Existing Condition

The Problems I've noticed In the So-Called "Kenyan Birth Certificate"

Fweepers in Ecstasy! Oily Taters has discovered Obama's Kenyan birth certificate!!!

What is going well?

Sarah Palin divorce reports are untrue, says the ex-governor of Alaska's people

AL: cops Tase and pepper spray deaf and mentally disabled man who was in bathroom too long

Small Beer, Big Hangover-By FRANK RICH: 'The Only Crime Obama Committed Was Honesty'

Tommy Douglas-the Greatest Canadian-introduced universal healthcare

I want to do some freeway blogging... need some catchy healthcare related one liners, pls help me!

Calling all DUers with Photoshop! Your country needs you!

Military family's tattered flag angers neighbors

The BCCI-CIA Connection: Just How Far Did It Go?

"Something invaded our solar system and we didn't see it coming"

Why does Cash for Clunkers get more media coverage than the Bicycle Commuter Act?

No good evidence organic food healthier.


A Request (per DU & the media)

Hugo Chavez begins shut down of 34 radio stations in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez begins shut down of 34 radio stations in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez begins shut down of 34 radio stations in Venezuela

NYT: Venezuela Still Aids Colombia Rebels, New Material Shows

Folks, Our SOS, HRC is a member of an "elite cell" of The Family. THIS NEEDS ADDRESSING!

The Rise of Corporate Tyranny in the United States

Citizens seem to be getting single payer "socialism"/Medicare for All --

Can someone tell me WHY we have H-1B workers?

Blue Dog overheard: "what do we have to do to get the Democrats off our back?"

I think Suicide Girls has watered down it's standards a bit too much.

MC's cocktail of the day - Pina Colada

OMG Those nutty Duggers

I Heard A Funny Line And I Must Share It

World's Strongest Vagina!

A 7" cylinder that's 3" in diameter.

Ten Years Since Chris Gaines

Anyone hungry?

Did any of you just watch a show called Face the Ace?

Summer Night City

Summer Night City

The Visitors (Crackin' Up)

Margot known as Missy.

Foreclosure....damn !!!

Do you think Andy actually committed the murder?

Just because this has been a worm in my ear all day for some reason:

Soccer Purists - How would you like to play on this field?

Snot - Snot

Nice. Rock Monster is on SyFy.

OMG, TGI Fridays has some sick, perverted commercials on the radio.

Sweet Dreams DU...A lullaby for you...

I love the cable... Not such a wasteland as it seems...

twitter question

Astronaut doesn't change his undies for a month

House of Doom

Character Zero

Driving home earlier today, I saw a girl - maybe age 9 - whose gut was larger than mine.

My lines are blurred. n/t

I don't really know why, but I HATE the word "swagger".

Well my Momma she didn't allow me just to stay out all night long, oh lord.


Anyone ever read this book?....

Taking from the greedy giving to the needy.

I have to go to fucking bed!!!!

my mom's driving me nuts

Anybody here an Estaban fan?

Does anyone sleep on a water bed?


goin on a trip..

Johnny Mathis

Give me love

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

My Lines are Blurred and I'm Swaggering n/t

Where can I get a good fish taco?

Congratulations Kadie! 10,000 posts!

so my wife sent me pics of the people she is training with

Poem: Bliss is ignorance

Symphony nickname quiz

I might have to shoot the neighbor's damn dog.

I trapped my neighbor's cat once

Some horrid excuse for a person killed three trumpter swans

Movie buffs. Netflix is amazing!

My 4000th post!

No kissing, no hugging, no sharing beer bottles warning issued for rock festival.

Adobe Illustrator appreciation thread!!!!!

Lucinda Williams-Sweet Old World & Drunken Angel

I posted something in GD yesterday

*******HAPPY BELATED 55th BIRTHDAY to Cassandra!!*******

I don't care. I like Doritos. I like Doritos so much that I will eat a stale one off of the floor.

*******Happy BIRTHDAY to azmouse!!*******

*******HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY to Zavulon!!*******

somebody shoot me!

Lounge, do you like Ceviche?

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to tekisui!!*******

Utterly useless complaint: I'm tired of companies not trusting people or being human.

Best decision I made in the last few weeks

Best decision I made in the last few weeks

Top Ten web browsers all time (not IE). Yours?

I love you period. Do you love me question mark?

Quote of the day!

Who do you think of when you throw out a mustard jar that still has mustard in it?

I'm becoming more conservative as I age

From the Police Blotter- football fan found

Is it possible to go to an Italian restaurant without hearing "That's Amore" and "Mambo Italiano?"

DU Song Of The Day

This post is about posting on DU.

When you're at home alone, do you wear

What should my next "John" shirt say?

Saw Green Day last night.

Something weird I noticed after I had an atlas and too much time on my hands.

The Most Awesome Looking Chick Is Sitting Next To Me At The Libree

FYI, Wendy's and Subway are hiring!

What do you remember about your first day of school?

Blaze Foley-Oval Room: An Ode to Ronnie Raygun

If I Had $1 Billion....

So, went to Six Flags New England Friday and were price gouged to death

*sigh* for the days when buffets were only $2.50...

When chicken is outlawed, only outlaws will have chicken

Just saw this on tv, Snuggies for Dogs.

Two garden pictures for Sunday


Locked in the trunk of a car- Tragically hip

I just stuffed most of an 18 1/2 lb turkey in a crock pot!

WE Tv has Bridezillas on. WOW!!

Is it me or does anyone else find the phrase "Good luck" to be a backhanded remark

Miller's Crossing question, what was the song the Goon was singing in Italian in the woods?


Where does the sun go at night?

Most Annoying Portmanteau? Staycation, Freemium, chillaxing...

Bing Fail!

PSA- for EBay users

So, its been a week since I asked about him.............

Top Ten male singers all time (not opera). Yours?

How to be annoying online

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/2/09

Lucy sez "Sleep Tight".

WI State Patrol: FIBs more likely to get tickets

It's not just dangerous coyotes; a hawk swooped down and grabbed a cat

Someone posted this pic in GD

Holy cow! Mattresses are expensive as hell...

Where Is Chuggo?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) I'm Too Lazy To Name This Edition

Top 10 female non-opera singers of all time - what are yours?

Cats demonstrate wrong/right ways to use treadmills

Old Fogey thread. The kids of today will never experience a band as great as . . .

How on earth did Terry Gilliam get from "Time Bandits" to "Brazil"?

Name a song that when played, MUST be cranked up as loud as possible

Stephen King Fans:

Congratulations Ptah! 16,000 posts!

Question for grammar people

Stuff that hasn't changed in 50 years? I have two ideas..

*** RETIRING: "The Most Tired Phrase on DU." (TM) ***

Top 10 Prima ballerina assoluta of all time - what are yours?

Worst modern marketing disasters? I nominate for consideration:

Fuck, Let me say fuck, fuck, fuck,,,,,,,

Sad post about how no one seems to notice me today. *sigh*

Yemeni official: Gitmo inmate died of asphyxiation

3 Shot Dead at Gay Center in Tel Aviv

Fires rage across Canary island

Former Iranian president calls trial a sham

Nigerian Official Says 700 Dead in Recent Violence

Plane carrying 16 missing in eastern Indonesia

Al Franken relishes policy role in new Senate job

UK's MI5 in al-Qaeda 'breach' query

Chinese Town Quarantined as Man Dies From Plague

Pay to Play is Washington's Sport of Kings

81-year-old woman to be tried for urinating in bushes of Bienville Square

Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out

69 US banks go belly up in 2009, 24 fail in July

'Safe' ozone levels unhealthy for some, small study finds

NATO says 3 US troops killed in Afghan battle

Suspect Arrested in Connection to Daniel Pearl Murder

Sarah Palin divorce reports are untrue, says the ex-governor of Alaska's people

Nigeria photo shows leader alive

Judge jails 15 Colombian soldiers

Distortions rife in health care debate

'Clunker' Sales Honored Through Tuesday, LaHood Says

Israel Evicts Palestinians From Homes

Venezuela begins shutdown of 34 radio stations (Update 2)

Mousavi says protesters confessed after 'torture'

Christians killed in Pakistan riots

2 more Canadian soldiers killed in roadside bomb blast in Afghanistan

Buffett shines at Iowa gala (everyone will owe President Obama a big thanks)

Army opens inquiry on Fort Lewis worker accused of spying on antiwar groups

Afghan mission falls short of expectations: Lawmakers

US Marshals Seize Sanitizer for Bacteria Problems

US Marshals Seize Sanitizer for Bacteria Problems

AP sources: Military-civilian terror prison eyed (in the U.S.)

More steps may be needed on economy: Geithner

More steps may be needed on economy: Geithner

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni enjoy holiday at first lady's mansion

New G.I. Bill helps vets pay for college

Scientists find new strain of HIV

Ford Sees First Monthly Sales Gain in Nearly 2 Years

Venezuelans Helping Colombian Rebel Group

Anthrax investigation too narrow, congressman says

GOP defends tactics in opposing Obama agenda

McCain will lead GOP opposition to ‘cash-for-clunkers’

Geithner Won’t Rule Out New Taxes for Middle Class

Nissan rolls out electric car at new headquarters

Catholic bank owned pill shares

Obama Trims Sails On Health Reform

Allegations that Britain Colluded in Torture of Terror Suspects Reach European Court

Paul McCartney dedicates Beatles' classic 'Michelle' to first lady Michelle Obama

1 Dead, 40 Hurt in Canada Stage Collapse(Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose)

Castro says Cuban system to stay

DeMint: Americans will 'take to the street' on healthcare

Remains of Pilot Missing 18 Years in Iraq Found

Ben Nelson, liberals escalate feud

Lou Dobbs A "Publicity Nightmare" For CNN: AP

UFOs are real, and here's the proof!

Man dies from plague in China, 11 others infected

Candlelight Vigil for Iranian Victims - Washington, DC - July 30th

Organic & Fair Trade

Gunman kills 2 at Tel Aviv club for gay youths

Obama Explains Health Care re: Plan for Undocumented Workers

Some People With Insurance Don't Know What's Good For Them

Strong anti-Russia sentiments are growing within the Iranian opposition

Beck Mocks Paraplegic Illegal Immigrant: "I'd Just Like to be the Racist Meany Here for a Second"

This is who George Stephanopoulos hosted today....

Bill Maher, Old Baracky Beer & a few minutes of opening dialog

Dirty Secret Caught on Video

Real Time with Bill Maher : Republican anti Obama books 31/07/2009

Greenspan: "We've Already Seen The Bottom" In Recession

YWAM watch. They've been making movies.

The Week In Cartoons 8/01/09

Geithner Foresees Very Hard Choices In Controlling Deficit...We're Gonna Do What's Necessary

John McCain Defends Sarah Palin's Quitting As Alaska Governor

Bill Maher (7 31 09) - C Street & the Christian Right Attempting to Hijack the Military

Are the Youtube Patriots a Threat to National Security?

All Rise - Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity

For Pelosi, Recess Means Selling Health Plan

They opposed Medicare too - Rush Holt

In Tennessee, Baking Pie With Stimulus Funds

Ethanol – a new front in the antibiotic battle

In Pictures: President Obama's weekend

Former U.S. Ambassador Roger Noriega hired to push Honduran putsch agenda

Anger Has Its Place

US Manufacturing. Guns R Us?

Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out

How fact-free claims about Obama's citizenship gained mainstream currency

The Right-Wing Op-Ed Insurgency

'Twas 147 Shopping Days Before Christmas ...

UK in Afghanistan for decades, says our man in Washington

The GOP's Double-Barreled Attack: Combines the 'Birther' and 'Health Scare' Tactics

Tulsa World: Facts, schmacts ..'Birthers' won't give up their silly quest against Obama

Why Liberals Need to Give Michelle Malkin Unemployment Benefits

3 Americans arrested and detained in Iran

Life vs. Death

House bill quashes military privatization

Hopefully some sanity around our mission in Afghanistan

Data shows overseas shift for U.S. IT jobs

BlueOregon: I am a daughter of torture

In Pictures: First lady Michelle Obama speaks at Norfolk Naval Station

Living alone in 32-storey tower 'like a scary movie'

Honduras coup is more bloody than bloodless

How the Bank Lobby Beat Credit Card Reform

" Warfare Over Health Care"......we're being taken for a ride

Guest Post: Recent Lehman MD Reviews "A Colossal Failure of Common Sense"

Police Abuse: Texas police and DA accused of highway robberies!

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

Panetta: Time To Move On

We are being played; let's make a resolution: IGNORE SARAH PALIN

Shannyn Moore says Palin's divorce off limits

"I'll Die Before the Endgame," says Terry Pratchett (re: assisted suicides in the UK)

Your choice city for the 2012 Democratic Convention?

Some say that so called "conservative" Republicans are good people

When Your Health Comes Between The Insurance Industry And Its Profits : (

If you could require all presidents to read one book, which would you choose?

"Memo: ‘Yell,’ ‘Stand Up And Shout Out,’ ‘Rattle Him’ "

2 Obama officials: No guarantee taxes won't go up--for the middle class

NYT: White House Signals Health Bill May Advance Without Bipartisan Deal

The Crafting of President Obama's Cairo Speech (Warning: have tissues nearby)

David Gregory logic on the current state of the economy.

Likelihood of a primary challenge to President Obama in 2012

Lou Dobbs a ‘publicity nightmare’ for CNN.

Healthcare cartoon

FReepers now talking openly about overthrowing Obama - or worse.

To Caption or Not to Caption

Multipayer Universal Healthcare: Why It Works

David Axelrod Told Obama to Toughen Up

Ford to post first US sales rise in 2 years ( Thanks to cash for clunkers)

VOTE in CNN's poll: Obama's second 100 Days

What does this whole "Obama needs to *slow down*" meme mean exactly?


President Obama storms back!

Malkin is embarassing herself on This Week. I wasn't going to watch

The Opposition will be be showing up at COngressional Town Halls, If we don't....We suck

In Beer Summit "Spoof" Milbank Suggests Hillary Drink "Mad Bitch" Beer

Tuesday, August 4 2009!

Jonathan Alter: "I like the status quo on health care in the United States." (sarcasm)

I hope the beer summit doesn't lead to any problem drinking in the whitehouse. I believe if you

Second 100 days

Larry Flynt For President!

"It is clear that the large amount of state aid contained in the ARRA made this growth possible."

Please show my DU "Kenyan birth certificate" poll some love ...

Curbing Runaway Health Inflation - Times Editorial - Warning: substance!

A Sarah Palin radio or tv show....

CNN and Facebook are polling users over Obama's performance


Which do you think are more successful - hyper-partisan presidencies or conciliatory ones?

A question regarding "Birthers"

Officials see US economic growth in 2nd half

White straight folks in todays news.

A robust Public Option would take off like the Cash for Clunkers program and.....

Pelosi to Insurance Giants: your "Glory Days" are over!

The Prof. Gates Saga: The issue that has been overlooked

Krugman: Health reform made simple

Probable Birther next step : investigating whether Hawaii was correctly admitted into the US.

You have got to be fucking joking!! "Single Prayer" Healthcare Plan

I am completely convinced that health care reform will finally pass

TYT Interviews: Cenk Debates Conservative On Healthcare!

The "Big Coal" Mountaintop Removal Lobby Vs Local Residents' Wishes for a Wind Farm (Must See)

When It Comes To Going Green, People Want Smaller Gains Now, Not Bigger Gains Later (as with money)

U.S.: Coal Power Hitting Roadblocks

Firm forged letters to lawmaker on climate bill

Nissan LEAF Electric Car is Unveiled

Publics Want More Government Action on Climate Change: Global Poll

(Time Magazine) Clean Energy: U.S. Lags in Research and Development

(Australian) Scientists hit back at climate scepticism

China energy efficiency 'improves in first half'

Warming Relations—U.S. and China are making noteworthy progress on climate change.

Newsweek: He Protests Too Much—India is already going green.

India wants climate change pact at Copenhagen (but no "binding carbon emission cuts")

Mitsubishi to build range-extended hybrid (similar technology to Chevrolet Volt)

MIT recommends steps to slash gasoline use by 2035—It's feasible—but challenging on many fronts

How Many D’s in Obama’s Energy Pledge?

Cash for clunkers stats...

Movie on Dolphin Slaughter in Japan - "The Cove" opening at local theatres

Exelon wants info on Oyster Creek tritium leak withheld; Lawmakers demand to know cause

Nissan Leaf - the first affordable electric car on the market?

DOE Makes $30B Available to Jumpstart Renewable Energy,' Smart Grid' Projects

(Automobile) Manufacturers' electric dreams likely to stumble on forecaster's reality

Yucca Mountain killed by Senate

Scientists claim planet is heading for 'irreversible' climate change by 2040

With Brady, Patriots’ Kraft sees no room for Vick

HOLY SHIT!! Andrew McCutchen is on ROIDS tonight!!

Red Sox fire two security staffers after steroid investigation

Top 10 women sportscasters

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Suturday, August 1)

Lincecum does it again...Giants down Phils 2-0

Around the Horn college football predictions: the SEC.

Cowboys fans: Training Camp report from BTB

Singletary's tough 49er camp

Postcard from camp: Seattle Seahawks

Report: Arroyo says he may have tested positive in 2003

WTF?? The Red Sox lead the O's by a touchdown half way through

The JR Chess Report (August 2): Vachier wins Biel; Anand falls in Mainz; Shaba ties for 1st in PanAm

Rob Dibble (Natinal's announcer) is an asshole.

I've been watching a meeting of NED on BookTV about Africa

Bolivia leads South America

Welcome home, Capt. Speicher.

Obama’s diplomatic offensive in the Middle East

Arabs claim land reform is racist

Breaking Israel's spell

Israel Evicts Palestinians From Homes

Israel asks Spain to stop funding group that reported IDF 'crimes' in Gaza

Yes, The 2A IS Different From The Rest


Gunfree Englewood (Chicago) : 2 shot, one dead at Englewood block party

Israel Evicts Palestinian Families

A tale of two strikes

Federal officials reviewing Nevada OSHA oversight (12 deaths in 18 months)

Today in Labor History Aug 2, 60 striking miners were wounded by police in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Workers United Wins Landmark National Labor Relations Board Decision

Bloomberg News: Rules to protect workers in China widely skirted

Testimony: FBI agents targeted during Hoffa trial

dragonfly on a stick

Okay, I am coming clean

Air Force to use acupuncture to treat PTSD and chronic pain

Experts find new targets to stop breast cancer

Bernadine Healy on CNN as Health Expert

Update on Health Care Legislation, Blue Dog Punks, Weiner everyone is in love with him

Re Osteoporosis "prunes aka dried plums have the capacity to reverse bone loss"

Anecdote: Overheard two Republicans at lunch

Heads up. Info about colonoscopy exam.

Single Payer is the Strongest "Public Option"

Petition Against Obama's Healthcare Plan

IMF Report Should Scare Us

Failed bank comparison 2006/2009 ( green shoots, eh?)

The Federal Reserve

3 more Bank of America board members resign (AP)

Fed Won’t Raise Rate Till 2011, Pimco’s McCulley Says

Mammals family tree predates the dinosaurs

King Salmon Vanishing in Alaska, Smokehouses Empty

A moment of silence...

Dutch soldiers allowed to join gay parade in uniform

Gunman attacks Israeli gay centre (BBC)

What do you say to a parent that tells you she is worried you wont go to heaven?

Just finished watching............

Fiji Bans Massive Methodist Hymn-Sing


The best rhubarb crisp recipe ever...

ants in the kitchen?

ants in the kitchen?

Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch -- Must Read

Texas Sen. Hutchison explains no vote on Sotomayor

Anyone looking forward to TRON sequel coming out next year?