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Day 50 for Bergdahl

Damn it! Stop compromising!

Robert Novac getting the Love on the fox nation forums

Is it time to talk about the "Nuclear Option" in the Senate??

healthcare reform e-mail today

What's the point of a bipartisan bill if we're making all the concessions? (AP)

What's the point of a bipartisan bill if we're making all the concessions? (AP)

I think Congress should pass a simple Logan's Run bill.

Drudge saying NYT says that Democrats are going solo on

The free healthcare guy is going to be on Larry king tonight...

President and CEO of America's Health Insurance Plans, a lobbying group says ...

The Republicans are Coming, and They Want Your Medicare!

If you keep pissing in the soup, you end up with piss soup.

Woman Shouts "Heil Hitler!" At Jewish Man Praising Israel's National Health System (VIDEO)

any updates on Sen. Kennedy's Health?

Is Ron Regan's hearing ok?

About the AARP membership flight...

Hey Ben ...... wanna go down in history as a serious player and true patriot .... ?

NY Times: City’s Poor Still Distrust Banks

Yahoo News presents the following explanation for Obama's irrational

Pearlstein says public option will not be effective. I call BS.

Health Care Reform: Summing it up

GM is rehiring laid off auto workers.

Is the Silent Majority starting to come out of its slumber?

The dark knight is gone. Let the celebration begin!

New shirts for the Equality March (not for profit) - Please tell us what you think!

Support the ...people. The Patriot Health Act.

At least we're talking about the public option now. House dems get in the game.

Surprise, Surprise! Republicans support lowering the age of Medicare!

A hypothetical question: What if 100 people came to a POTUS event with assault rifles?

'Punctuation hero' branded a vandal for painting apostrophes on street signs

So my 12-year old son approaches me with a mischievous grin...

End The Recess Now......Bring Em Back To DC

There are "death panels" in the health care bill

Jon on TDS: The only reason to arm yourself with an assault rifle in public?

Bravo Jane Hamsher and FDL

U.S. says building criminal cases against UBS clients

Blue Cross (Mich.) gets OK to increase premiums 22% for individual market products

Michael Moore: "I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make."

Here's some non pussy-footing around talk about Public Options from Dr. Dean's front page

Please confront this lousy op-ed on the public option

I think we killed

Thank you for the star!!

When you find yourself face to face with a sanctity of life/screw the uninsured bot, rattling off

When you find yourself face to face with a sanctity of life/screw the uninsured bot, rattling off

The reason that the PO won't work is that all but a small percentage of people would be PO'd

Memo to Conrad: Republicans see Trojans everywhere. They are against co-ops too.

WCCO, our Twin Cities CBS affiliate, broke into the

So I honestly believe this... who's with me?

Deleted dupe. n/t

So next year at this time we'll have 65 million uninsured.

It's time to itemize the taxes on pay stubs - show Pentagon spending

Why the Right's Propaganda Works

NEED A MODERATOR please...I've alerted


A little something to RW fundie Christians out there

When Are The Nazi's Going To Stand Up And Object To These Comparisons

This Reddit deserves some love

Who is in charge of Medicare and what is that person paid?

Someone flipped out at a train stop and jumped out in the middle of central ave and osborn

Dig opens window on 1694 raid by Native Americansc

Bob Novak appreciation thread...

David Letterman - Billy Currington, wow..

"Aiming at Obama" (New HuffPo Article on Guns at Rallies)

Emotion may help the visual system jump the gun to predict what the brain will see

So, 65 Dem Reps have sworn not to vote for any bill that doesn't have thePO.

Boy, this healthcare business is really exciting, innit it???? N/T

Chase increase your minimum cc payment from 2 to 5 lately?

Program cuts (Safe and Drug-Free Schools, Student Mentoring Program)

I am just pissed.

Would someone please tell Tweety to stop haranguing Wiener?

Tom Tomorrow's Toon: What if Democrats Behaved More Like Republicans

Any Democrat voting againt the "Public Option" deserves defea.

The Nation: Obama Choked

Would you support non-profit health insurance co-ops?

Democratic Congresspeople and Senators - I am putting you ON NOTICE! Dump the compromises...

Defense contractors brace for life without supplemental bills

Obama Joker artist unmasked

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So the accusations are going from Socialism to Nazism. If the public option loses, they've won.

Laws are in Place to Require Purchase of Benefits that are Gone, from Jobs that are Gone, to Pay for

A possible end-game scenario for healthcare bill?


Oklahoma abortion law overturned - would have required ultrasound /Fetus Description

New Health Care Reform Scare Tactic Aimed at Women

Lillian Smith, letter to The New York Times, April 4, 1948:

Robert Reich urges us to march on D.C. for the public option. Dean sends out

The Progressive: The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

Jon Stewart and Novak

Stock market gyrations reflect fears of protracted global slump

So We Have to Endure Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck Now....

Activist Who Staged Gun Interview At Obama Event Was Prominent Defender Of '90s Militia

World nut daily arent dropping it (LOL!!!)

"Please don't shoot me. I can't afford the medical bills."

My suggestion for the Unrecommend feature

If you never go over to the video forum, you need to see this

All depression to end by 2025, Mark Morford

Michael Moore: "I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make."

Is Glenn Beck too right wing even for Fox News?

New Think-Tank Seeks to Regulate Historical Analogies

VIDEO: World With No Public Options

50 killed in Central Baghdad

Swedish Newspaper claims IDF kills Palestinians... for their organs


Chef Brings Gourmet Food to Homeless

Video link: Barney Frank Pwns Woman calling health care reform a Nazi plan

Hey GENBCWeather Channel

Good News from our Friends at Drudge "NYT: DEMS PLAN TO GO IT ALONE ON HEATHCARE... DEVELOPING... "

I need some help in finding out if my rep is taking money from the healthcare industry and how much

Just say NO to RATs.

Is there any Talking Head Speaking The Truth Other Than Mike Malloy?

Family Research Council spreading lies about healthcare reform

Morning Scab On Now....

Send an ecard to wish President Clinton Happy Birthday!

Either congressional democrats are literally the stupidest fuckers on the face of the planet, OR

Highway Store

Bill Frist is pontificating on Larry King. His family business engaged in bigtime Medicare fraud

surge update - 75 killed, 310 injured in Baghdad attacks

After Watching Barney Frank Handle the Lunacy, We Should Call the

Exxon may face hearings over oil well sabotage allegations in Texas

Anti-Health Reform Nut House and more

What would you tell President Obama if you got to have a beer summit with him?

Media reports on AARP membership losses due to health reform support ignore relevant details

What had been shoved down our throats?

Anyone else think the only reason people are showing up to political events with guns...

I wonder what earmarks/projects Sens Baucus, Conrad, and Nelson want for their states.

What does Aetna's Ron Williams mean by "slow down the rate of increase in health care

If you don't have some core beliefs, you got nuthin'.


"Mr. Political Science Major" makes what I believe is a veiled reference to health care.

The presumption of innocence applies to

World Wide Universal Health Care at US taxpayer's expense!

Sister: 'Survivor' winner jailed for TV interview

White House Comment Line 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST 202-456-1111

White House Comment Line 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST 202-456-1111

Best Buy Fires Two Employees Who Tackle Thief

The Republican Party Is Turning Into A Cult

On What Planet do you spend most your time?

Stupid question about cashing checks without a checking or savings account...

Don Wildmon, founder of Christian right group AFA, hospitalized in critical condition

Connecting the Guys Packing Heat in AZ and NH

Remind Me Again-Why Didn't We Try Single Payer?

The President is not as ideological as the average DUer...

Letter to the editor, any suggestions?

Obama administration going after rich tax cheats

Buffett Says Federal Debt Poses Risks to Economy (Update1)

Barney Frank lays into a stupid 'nazi' commenting woman...

WaPo: Law Requiring Ultrasounds for Abortions Is Struck Down (Oklahoma)

WaPo: Law Requiring Ultrasounds for Abortions Is Struck Down (Oklahoma)

Why Holder and Obama Have NOT FIRED The BUSH Appointed, ROVE Vetted DOJ Attorneys.

17 % gap in support for Democrats' health care plans when referred to as "Obama's health care plan"

What is the difference between listening to a blue dog and a repub?

Another unwarranted tasing: 14 year old girl tased in the head

Barney Frank #2 trending topic on Twitter

Barney Frank #2 trending topic on Twitter

Tom Tomorrow: "We're all one day closer to death! Insurance companies will greet us as liberators!"

President holding live strategy meeting tomorrow, 2:30pm ET and wants your participation!

Whole Foods Health Care Forum poster "IhateSocialism" writes "Bravo Mr Mackey"

Medicare-for-all or bust

Be happy we are going to win this thing

Dear Mr. President: What happened on the way to "Yes We Can"???

Reps. Waxman, Stupak Seek Information From Insurers

Woman who set self afire in busy US mall dies

UK Guardian writer: 'I'm glad I didn't break my leg in the US'

LTE Update - My LTE supporting the Health Care bills was

Snapshot of today

FL public school principal faces 6 month in jail for school prayer

Our next big move should be to take away the power of corporations to donate to

In Arlington Cemetary this morning.

FL public school principal faces 6 month in jail

Sooooo...for a kidney I could:

Sooooo...for a kidney I could:

GOP Leaders Attack White House: You Killed Bipartisanship

I'm sure glad I didn't vote Republican.

Let's cut through the chatter:

Guns are fine. Gun fetishists are not fine.

A guy named Barack Obama sold me on the importance of the public option

'The Clunkers of the Power-Plant World'

Jackson to be interred Aug. 29 at Forest Lawn in Glendale

What side are you on?

Happy Birthday President Big Dog

What's the point of looking for intelligence in outer space, when for millenia humans have been

Why the hell do I have to belong to a party that is incapable of learning

Andrew Napolitano linked abortion to slavery this morning

The FBI and Secret Service will infiltrate the gun groups at townhalls?

Insurance Company Employees Being Directed to Attend Anti-Reform Protests by Their Employers

The Rude Pundit: Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck Talk About...Nothing

Could Obama make an end run on health care?

It's too bad the Insurance Industry wasn't anti-war. We'd never have

White House Backs Right to Arms Outside Obama Events

2 Phoenix gun toters - a second look

So supposedly 0.15% of AARP left because they opposed the AARP stance in health care reform....

Mexican Army takes over customs on US border

Standing Up For The Public Option

Annual Beloit College List of Class of 2013

Whole Foods fans decry CEO's health care views!

In the old days they had people cheering prisoners fighting lions, or public floggings

Gibbs insisting to WH Press Corps that Admin. still wants bipartisan solution.

I don't know about y'all but if I were in the WH, I'd advise all the Dem congress critters

The White House "wants" a bipartisan solution to health care, but they know they're not getting one

Whomever put up the Palin with the squirrel sticky pis my new best friend.

Whomever put up the Palin with the squirrel sticky pis my new best friend.

Someone who shouts "Heil Hitler"...

Monsoon Wind said an interesting thing about US healthcare

Don Hewitt creator of "60 Minutes" has died

FEMA’s new administrator has a message for Americans: get in touch with your survival instinct.

The average protester at a townhall (cartoon)

So does anyone have any video of Repukes talking about people comparing Bush to Hitler..

US income gap widest since 1917

GOP, only to happy to kill health care reform, furious about being blamed for attempted murder

People REALLY angry about health care don't have time to go to the town halls

I just got onboard to fight the tea baggers! (FDL)

I just got onboard to fight the tea baggers! (FDL)

Baucus confronted by protestors "with YouTubes"

How much faith do you have in a conviction/acquital?

North Korea deligation to meet with Richardson

UK Independent: Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason

NASA Researchers Discover Life's Building Block in Comet

The tree of stupidity must be fertilized constantly with the BS of Fox and paid lairs.

More "grass roots" protests, this time brought to you by Big Oil

Pink Floyd frontman narrates UN film on Israeli barrier

This Prez. was supposed to be our new FDR.

Was this whole thing a poker play by the WH or did they really get caught unprepared?

Some baby boomers still getting high, report says (THIS is news?)

Congressman Wexler's (D-FL) town hall meeting gets screwed up

finally war has been declared on those obstructing health care reform.

finally war has been declared on those obstructing health care reform.

The real question in all of this is A person's health a matter for government?

Toons- If the Public Option is taken off the table, look out

"Ghosts in the Journals" (print headline) - Medical "research" is Pharma PR

Town Hall Shouters in Mississippi get trashed in LTTE's

Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest.

Another Health care op-ed that needs refuting, this from CNN!

We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists.

Tell me what is wrong with this plan?

Major Health Insurance Company Urges Employees To Attend Tea Parties

What is the excuse going to be when some crazy opens fire at a town hall?

Hartman has a live one right now

Obama has volunteers on the ground here in my Blue Dog district

So how did the republicans develop a powerful grassroots organization

Need some help...

Milwaukee's beat up Mayor is giving a press conference. He sure seems like a decent guy. nt

Need help: CNN said they have a poll, 'should Dems go alone on health care'

CBS News pioneer Don Hewitt dies at 86

San Francisco Chronicle: Senate bid dogged by Fiorina's failure to vote

What do we mean by "robust" public option

New Rasmussen Poll: Support For Health Care Reform Collapses Without Public Option

Have You Seen Racism at Town Hall Meetings

Indiana high court asked to clarify sex offender ban

A Conservative’s Road to Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy (Ted Olson)

Sen. Baucus: "There were a couple of people in the crowd with YouTubes”

Will the National Equality March help us - or hurt us?

Tasered Homeless Man Catches on Fire

Kay Bailey Hutchison longs for the era of segregated Texas schools.

hartman talking about the gun totters and

National Health care forum Aug 20 at 2:30 Eastern time

A Republican Voice in the Wilderness - How Sad

Ignore the guys carrying guns outside of political events.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3- random bits

Borosage: No Surrender, No Retreat on HCR. Don't Let Blue Dogs Steal Reform's Thunder

Will Hurricane Bill become a Cat 5 today

Analysis: Liberals say 'no more compromise,' call for end to one-sided health care negotiation

The German Bundeswehr's Afghan Nightmare (DER SPIEGEL)

Thank you Samuel Blum!

UBS to divulge more than 4,000 account names

Why is it that America has such a fetish for insanely irrational indiscriminate laws?

Left vs. Right (Liberal vs Conservative) defined: Anyone have a good site?

Obama doing live radio interview with Smerconish tomorrow

Are the Militias the militant wing of the Republican Party?

No "line in the sand" for the public option

Looks like we need a Godwin's Law sign at these town-hall meetings

The Insurance Co's Are In For A Kick In The Nuts Too, IMO. They Cast Their Lot W/Republicans

In case you didn't catch it, reusing "Waterloo" was meant to brand US as the same as the R's

Obama Administration to Continue Push for Chief Executive in Afghanistan

WND publisher is losing it, "Judas was a socialist, not Jesus."

Oxfam: Pregnant Afghan Woman Dies Every 30 Minutes

The Afghan government should immediately dissolve the restrictions on media

Obama we need you to do this with the ReThugs & resistant

Is there some kind of astroturf Healthcare rally tomorrow in DC for the morans?

Harry Reid's office:Democrats are ready to use "any legislative means necessary" to pass health care

Ohio Executes Triggerman In Murder-For-Hire Scheme

If you would like to DU a facebook poll, here is one:

Cong. Joe Barton Townhall, Lovelady, TX comments

Six U.S. Troops Dead in Afghanistan

The county sheriff's family values

You guys have to see this serial astroturfer. I'm posting a link

He's (I'm) Baaaaa-aaack!!

Minuteman group accused of parting fools with their money

*~* Book Bomb: "Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?" *~*

Prof. William Jacobson (the guy behind Dijongate) defends woman who told Israeli "Heil Hitler"

The Birther Is STRONG In Colorado

Pre-Existing Condition(TOON)

More than 15,000 homeless vets in Los Angeles

Anyone will watch Al Gore's new movie premiere?

THey are gonna make MY MEDICARE a gov'ment program!

Baucus has a role model.

Sand Art. Wow.

Doodadem thanks you!

What value *do* insurance companies add to American health care?

Senior Republicans Ask Attorney General Not To Probe Interrogations

WTF??? Wrong house auctioned

WTF??? Wrong house auctioned

Oops Barney Frank has made it to Shuster's program


Rack 'em up! Farmers Insurance reportedly "ceased placing [ads] on Glenn Beck a week ago"

Meet Pamela Pilger, the Crazy Lady Who Yelled 'Heil Hitler' at a Jew

Scandinavian evening TV news on AMerica

The two party system: the Democrats and the Cult.

NJ DUers

Court Rules Government's Freeze Of Charity's Assets Unconstitutional

Atta Boy, Barney

Chuck Todd misses DASCHLE???>!1! LOL...puke...

Gov. Howard Dean: On - WHY - The Public Health Insurance Option Is Worth Fighting For

Attention DU'ers in the Omaha area and surrounding communities - Sen. Ben Nelson town hall today

IMO, the best way for President Obama to turn the debate on health care around is to...

Harvard Primatologist Says Joys of Barbecue Sparked Evolution

Anti-Reform Group’s Internal Memo: “Rumors Of The Death Of The PO Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”

Sully reveals secret pain behind his heroism: Miracle on the Hudson captain's father took own life

Sully reveals secret pain behind his heroism: Miracle on the Hudson captain's father took own life

TPM Delves more deeply into Arizona Viper Militia in 90's

I think Rush Limbaugh is the greatest American traitor of my lifetime.

Mom of Bristol Palin's former fiance pleads guilty - Could get 20 years

ZOA: ‘US Jews Realizing Their Mistake on Obama’

My Bad! Woman's House Mistakenly Auctioned by Bank

Is Max Baucus' stall in the Senate a macabre strategy to prevent Ted Kennedy from

Who else hopes Novak runs into someone in the netherworld that he is responsible for putting there.

Australian on US Health Care

Just wait until those seniors find out that Rush, Beck

dupe, deleted

dupe, deleted

Caster Semenya's 800m gold medal overshadowed by gender controversy

BREAKING NEWS: New poll finds Americans want blue out of clear skies.

Baucus:It's not going to happen in America in my view. So I’m not going to waste my time pushing it

HAHA Tweety is LHFAO at Delay right now on Hardball

Head Wreck rounds the week's curve. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

SF Gate posts nice pictures of men showing affection to eachother

Certified Pre-Owned Cats: Inspected, Detailed, Better Than New!

A Question On Current Health Insurance Policy

Tom Delay seemed like he had a few to many drinks

SDPD Officer Arrested for Pulling a Gun, Being Drunk at Carlsbad Bar

Reid spokesman: Congress will pass health bill 'by any legislative means necessary'

Sotomayor sides with liberal/moderate block on first vote

Dumb as a Box of Hollow Marbles: Idiot America is a scary place

Howard Dean:Why The Public Health Insurance Option Is Worth Fighting For

This is where Iive. It's rural.

Rashid Dostum -- Untouchable Afghan Warlord to return to Afghanistan

Letter I wrote Bill O'Reilly

ACLU Sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Arrest and Detention of U.S. Citizen

Way to go Barney!

150,000 DIE!

Did Jonathan Alter just say "Bullshit!" on The Ed Show?

Tom Delay want s Obama to produce his birth certificate

Brer President

Public Option Rides Again-- $100,000 In 24 Hours

If 21 companies have now pulled their ads from Glen Beck's show . . .

The top 10 vehicles for pet safety

What the Hell Happened to Nat Hentoff?

Baucus on why his plan is popular with insurance CEOs

How can Republicans be so MOTHERFUCKING STUPID?

WARNING: EXTREME Economic Doom: Structurally High Unemployment For A Decade

Pollster Behind Controversial Public Option Poll Has Long Ties To Insurance Industry

Iran: The Green Brief #58 (August 18 - Mordad 27) Latest news from Iran.

Fire Rahm

Dean very optimistic about Public Option.

Sarah Palin is WRONG again as usual!

HELP! Going to Town Hall, need Bill#

Excellent explanation by Prof. Deborah Tannen on why the repukes are fighting so hard against health

Explosions just a few miles up the road from me this AM

Health Care as a ‘Moral Imperative’

Proposal for an Executive Order to properly brand US Government programs

Majority in ABC Poll Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting: Republicans are the war's strongest backers

Majority in ABC Poll Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting: Republicans are the war's strongest backers

WaPo Unleashes Army of Anonymous Sources to Slag Public Option

Public Option Fundraiser Nets $100k In 24 Hours

Judge sets January trial for Prop. 8 lawsuit

Number Of Poor In U.S. Likely Increased By 1.5M Last Year: Report

Why isn't __________ in jail?

David Schuster just detailed how Fox News viewers believe health care myths

Uncyclopedia: Are Dick Cheney and Snidley Whiplash one and the same?

Just heard radio spot for US Chamber of Commerce on how bad health care reform is...

Former CIA Operatives Agree: American Occupation of Afghanistan Threatens US Security

i'm on a conf call with Suzanne Kosmas (FL-Dem dist 24) right NOW -- she is ANTI-public option

Ed is so mad that Dennis Kucinich has to talk him down

14,000 People lose their Health Insurance each day in the US-

Is everyone trying to email Jonathan Alter after his tirade on the Ed Show?

The REAL big news of the day... MICHELLE OBAMA IS WEARING SHORTS!!!

Searching through what's on tv, looking for stuff to Tivo, and Octomom has a show?

How's this for a Carly Fiorina campaign slogan: "You don't deserve a job, but I deserve your vote"?

Maybe it should be called the "medicare option" instead of the "public option"

Memo to the White House: You HAVE to "Go It Alone" With Only Democrats Regardless of What You Do.

Tweety hammered that gun nut asshole & Ed's on fire too, KO & RM might be tame by comparison tonite

Must be this small to bring a gun to a presidential event

MrScorpio's Definition of an American Conservative:

Protest at DeMint town hall today in SC-link

Ed is so mad, that Howard Dean has to talk him down

Pedophile Suspect Lured, Beaten By Victim's Family

South African female track star faces questions about her gender.may not qualify to compete as woman

Tom Delay IS A BIRTHER!!!

Pollster Behind Controversial Public Option Poll Has Long Ties To Insurance Industry

The New Face of the GOP

That shattering, bone-rumbling sound all around us is Critical Mass.

All Douchebag and no common sense makes Lou Dobbs a dull boy

A timeless classic: Michele Bachmann is 'Hot for Jesus'

Ed Schultz: "Senator, I’m prepared to lose friends over this (healthcare)"

I'm for the Obama Health Plan, Are Anonymous White House Staffers? -- HuffPost

Bahamas trying to outlaw marital rape

Think about it: Huge bailouts for Wall Street & the Banksters - then, quick, change the subject

does any progressive policy have a chance without Clean Elections first?

Senator Boxer's challenger, Carly Fiorina, dogged by failure to vote

In the Bahamas, Men and Women Differ Over the Wisdom of a Marital Rape Bill

Where was Tom Delay born?

Blue Dogs?. More like, Blue Rats.

Obama's not first 'Joker' POTUS

"Medicare 4 All" to fix the economy.

DeLay Unsure Whether Obama Was Born In The U.S.: I Want To See His ‘Gift Certificate’

Are Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck related?

People came as far as SF and AZ to get free medical care at Remote Area Medical event in LA

Rapture! Benny Hinn is signing books at my Barnes & Noble...

Car dealers and the reimbursements

Engine designers with tie to region (Kansas) believe product will change industry

Lockerbie bomber to be released

"In defence of the NHS: I'm glad I didn't break my leg in the US"

Co-op, Co-opt, Cop-Out: Conjugating Health Reform

Let's Play Guess the Anonymous Source!

Dad followed dead son's footsteps among his fellow soldiers in Iraq

Medicare law needs to be amended to allow voluntary surrender of benefits NOW

There IS competition now in Insurance industries and IT DOES NOT WORK!

Patricia Heaton stiffs worker and fires her for having a kid

New poll finds that 39 percent of Americans want government to ‘stay out of Medicare.’

Judge puts halt to tobacco fund raid by legislature

We get our son's MRI results back today.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1

Republicans seem to have a winning strategy: Lies and fear

Inhofe wants to know how you feel about health care reform.

http:// PublicOption

Dr. Conrad Murray, Personal Physician for Michael Jackson, Will Reportedly Faces Manslaughter Charge

Where does stupidity come from?

The Barney Frank video and the Heil Hitler video are both on youtube...BUT STRANGELY...

Rebutting "You can't change your private coverage"

A sticky just broke my heart

is there a Bug going around that has body ache, rash around the neck so far.. tiredness


Maxine Waters: Obama has 'seen very clearly' he needs to back public option

This uglyness is going to end.

been to a hundred protests, never have I seen protester w/ a gun

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

Does anyone use Credo Mobile cellphone?

Mark Schweder, I am so very sorry.

Deputies watched (and did little) while gunman killed two on bridge

Anyone here consider themselves socialists?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - White supremacist goons gang up on elderly black man

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - White supremacist goons gang up on elderly black man

A person is smart. People are dumb...

It's about time: Dems will go it alone on health care (NY Times)

Will someone please tell Ed Schultz to use his indoor voice?

Health care discussion with new co-worker

Barney Frank shows the Dems how to fight off the nuts

Michelle Bernard on MSNBC: "Quite honestly, a lot of labor unions are what holds America back (video

Obama on Afghanistan: "this is not a war of choice, this is a war of necessity"

50+ face discrimination in the workplace that could be eliminated if they could opt into Medicare

Ensign: I did nothing 'legally wrong'

Need a star? Be quick & answer correctly...follow the link

One in three nurses 'do not want swine flu vaccine'

Roy Blunt (R-MO) caught lying about health reform, slammed in hometown paper

Has anyone else played the game Rachel Maddow talked about?

Has anyone else played the game Rachel Maddow talked about?

Some asshat used to bring a gun to our gaming sessions.

Grassley to Dems: Let’s keep working together

What If Liberals Packed Heat At A Tea Party? (VIDEO)

'Blue Dogs' Serve Blue Bloods...

ATTN Sam Seder Fans: Sam Will Be Hosting TYT Thursday 8/19 & Friday 8/20...

Conservatives Give Their Top 10 Reasons For...

Need help - kids and heroin

How to make the public beg for Single Payer= regulate the insurance companies into non-existence

FBI Allegedly Trained NJ Blogger to Incite Others

Petition: Tell Obama that the public option is not optional.

A Flawed bill is better than no bill

Antibiotic Resistance at Factory Farms "Scares the Hell Out of" Johns Hopkins Scientists

a fucking dining room table!

Oklahoma Abortion Law Overturned

Man Who Brought Assault Rifle to Obama Event Part of Radio Stunt

Bipartisanship Porn - (Gawd I Love) Bob Cesca



Glenn Beck on Chris Dodd's cancer

Where will the health care savings come from?

Grassley The Poster Boy ..... Death Race 2009 ......

MI ‘Firearms Freedom Act’ Legislation Introduced- will not put up with increasing federal powers


Truckfuls of Bodies

Wal-Mart Drops Glenn Beck

DART suspends driver after she refuses to use bus bearing atheist ad

BREAKING: CNN reporting Dems going it ALONE on health care!

That round slimey turd on Hardball makes me want to kick in my TV!!!

DU this poll -"Should health care reform include a Public Option" yes or no (66% no-84 votes)

Without a public option, we might as well not vote in 2010

Anyone know where I can find the FOX News/myth poll conducted by NBC

How do you deal with the rage?

Lombard St. in San Francisco transfomed into the world's largest game of Candyland- pics

Teamsters Prez Hoffa: Blue Dogs 'making a big mistake' on healthcare

Why do Republicans side with health insurance profiteering over Jesus' call to help the sick?


Appreciation thread for Rep. Anthony Weiner

White House Backs Right to Arms Outside Obama Events

$1.4 million dollars/day- Once again our "representatives" are selling us out to special interests

Afghan women lose right to eat, leave the house, have custody of kids & not be raped

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett speaks for the first time since attack - story with pics

US Life Expectancy Hits a New High of 78

Does anyone else here think our military is a socialist run structure

Rock on, Malia!

Rock on, Malia!

"Your Doctor, your choices, always covered."

"Your Doctor, your choices, always covered."

"Your Doctor, your choices, always covered."

Lou Dobbs is a douchebag Lou Dobbs is a douchebag Lou Dobbs is a douchebag Lou Dobbs is a douchebag

Rahm to GOP: It's War

The wingnut who yelled "Heil Hitler" belongs to this church:

What many young people don't know about health care

The end of Overteaing, Kessler and personal observations

My biggest worry about abandoning the Public Option is about guns


Again these so called "Christians" have no idea what Christ stands for!

Would you keep a wolf-dog hybrid that snatched your baby from the crib?

If health reform passes, Obama should have public health services do a "Remote Area Medical" blitz

"Why have a mammogram, if you can't afford the cancer?"

WP implies Howard Dean and "liberals" could be blamed if health care reform fails.

Analysis: the Next H-1B Fight Begins By Labor Day

we SHOULD love our cars...

Why Haven't We Had An "Illion Man March" For Health Care!

Why Haven't We Had An "Illion Man March" For Health Care!

NBC Pollster Behind Controversial Public Option Poll Has Long Ties To Insurance Industry

Please help me, I'm a HealthCare babe in the woods

Gardisal vaccine: rate of serious adverse effects higher than rate of cervical cancer

39% of Americans: "Keep Government out of Medicare."

Why do rural area tend to be more conservative than urban areas?

Guatemala -- Femicide ....

Santa Monica is seeing the effects of pot decriminalization - no more arrests for pot use in homes

BCCI Banker - Khalid Bin Mahfouz was Buried Today

Dear Arne Duncan, you misread my book. Sincerely, Herbert Kohl.

How The Hazardous Chemistry of Everyday Things Threatens Our Health and Well-Being

Taking the law into your hands.

Barack Obama, You FOOLED ME, And I Apologize UPDATE: Now Breaking On AC360!!!!!

Barack Obama, You FOOLED ME, And I Apologize UPDATE: Now Breaking On AC360!!!!!

Help me DU a local poll


Within a couple months at most, the most popular video on Youtube will be...

Study: Average gamer is 35, fat and bummed

The Tao Dude Ching

Happy Happy JOY JOY

who will win the 3nd quarter fund drive?

N. Texas teenager shot in South Ft. Worth. They wanted her SUV rims

God damn. That red sticky with yellow font has burned my retinas.

5 pounds down, 28 to go!

HURRY UP! I need a pristine copy of the August 1964 "Modern Romance" magazine. NOW!

Just packed the van to take the eldest to college tomorrow morning.


I am going to put 15 to 20 sequential *burp* threads in GD.

Wednesday first day of school!

The 39 Steps : ending (1935)

Wierd question

Ever find yourself watching "America's Got Talent" and suddenly say to yourself, "wtf am I doing?"

OMG...I got tickets to see Al Green!!!

Do you like the feeling of grass under your bare feet?

Effing fruit flies...

I think I killed three kittens accidentally with my car

Isaac Newton was a life-long bachelor

What modern movies are as powerful as "The Hill" ?


Days getting shorter

Bees on yellow youtube {2:10}, boring

It's HERE! It's HERE! It's finally HERE!

Is it technically an allergy...

I hereby call out the vile knave Grovelbot- A lengthy insult to His Majesty, in 'high style'

So ever since NBC took over the Weather Channel...

Thank Jezeez - Bret Favre is BACK!!!Playin' fer teh Vikings!!!

It is so quiet here tonight, quess everyone went to bed.

Okay, which of you pevs did it?

Cut! That's a wrap.

This song makes me want to become a revolutionary fighter...

Please post all updates here.

So summer is almost over, did y'all get everything done that was planned.

The local newspaper editorial this am pissed me off

I just had a family of FIVE young raccoons right outside my door. We were checking each other out.

What do you drink in the morning to wake up?

Congratulations Orsino! 20,000 posts!

The Horror! Why am I thinking about writing fiction?

If that crazy Loon hit me with that Dipstick, he'd find a quart of oil up his Ass.

Intersting sticky...

Has anyone clicked on the ad about the one secret to a flat stomach, etc?

Would you expect your character to be greatly different if you were a member

Skinner, my truck just blew a head gasket. I'm gonna be needing that $3,000 back.

The most truthful textbook ever

Posters who people say are funny but have disappointed you...

Congratulations JerseygirlCT! 15,000 posts!

Would you do wedding photography for free for a friend. ( with these specific circumstances)

Before Calvin and Hobbes, there was...

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GalleryGod!!*******

*******HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY to Shrek!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HereSince1628!!*******

Democrat and Republican bipartisanship

Thank you for my star whoever you are.

Exciting shoes/bags!

Congratulations skygazer! 20,000 posts!

Betty or Veronica?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TommyO!!*******

DU Song Of The Day Celebration Time

Help! My donation must have gotten lost!

What is wrong with this picture. I just can't put my finger on what is out of place.

Andrew Dice Clay and Conan O'Brian

I avoid reading movie reviews, previews, trailers, etc. if I'm planning to see a movie

Yahoo image search is messed up!

Views of Quito taken from the top of Mount Pichincha

My former foster daughter and her girlfriend broke up a couple of months ago

Anybody need a TV table? (pics)

Its Going To Be Over 100 Here Today!!

Has there ever been a more subtle album title than this one by Redd Foxx?

Some say that Lou Dobbs is married to a box turtle.

The evolution of the purrito....

Excuse me, but I am going to go jump in the shower.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

I Am So Happy Right Now I Could Do A Flip Here At The Libree

Caption this picture!

Congratulations TheWraith! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations tularetom! 10,000 posts!

Pizza time

Five tiresome and inane Lounge questions

Please help me with title of a movie. Movie is about a man who becomes

Should I donate blood?

I Will

And now... Wednesday Afternoon jazz

Moran guy meets the squirrel


I must call an emergency meeting of the Grammar Nazi Party

I want to be the 700th donation so I can punch Palin in the face!

Music Video: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? LOL!

Jackie Greene? Whaddayathink?

ok, whose stickie is the kukla, fran, and ollie?

Fresh fish in GD

What's the deal with the stickilies at the top of the page?

Zee Avi

Obama is considering retiring again.

Are people posting GD generally insane or is it a hit and miss sort of thing?

Movies that people say are funny but which really disappointed you?

Americans are educated EVIL because we deny the Time Cube!!

Utd... LOL!

Congratulations ThomWV! 15,000 posts!

There was a dumb ass named Drudge, who filled peoples' minds with Sludge...

Who would win in a fight between Grovelbot and Jack LaLanne?

Replaced by CGI - please help

looking for super awesome picture of Grandmaster Flash

My stove

ever notice that the square of a sum of first n natural numbers is equal to the sum of their cubes?

What local/ethnic staple have you not mastered?

my AC repair company is very late

Person above you flame war.....

Math stuff: 11x11= 121 and 1111x1111 = 1234321 and 111111x111111 = 12345654321


A free star to the first person without one who can answer this.

I just downloaded the Add Art plugin on Firefox!

If I could draw I would draw famous cartoon characters doing it.

Finally the answer to who duct taped graywarrior's duck to the wall...

What would happen if I put up a "Go Cowboys" sticky?

Princess Bride totally overrated or not?

*******HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY to meow2u3!!*******

Electronics companies need to provide a feature on televisions

I think progressives are the border collies of the human race.

Rule No. 1 of trucking: no one knows the town they live in

The Fucking Weather...

Just donated for umpteenth time and can't post a sticky

Are there any food items in which a national chain restaurant does it better than anyone else?

A HUNDRED and sixty-nine dollars and FUCKING FIFTY CENTS for a USED text book???

I just Alerted on Grovelbot.

Is the original song always better than the remake?

The squirrelizer- Put a squirrel in any online picture

One year ago today, my kitty Imhotep left us.

Neo-Swing music: any fans here on DU?

What does this smilie mean?

John Cleese settles divorce with third wife for $19.7 million

Robert Downey Jr to play Lestat?

Am I the only one who uses (abuses) GMail for cloud storage?

Emo. Being a middle-aged geezer, I had no idea what this was when I came across it, so I checked it

(SPOILER ALERT) Has anyone else here seen DISTRICT 9 yet?

I'm sure I'm late to the game on this one, but Trailer Park Boys might be the funniest

Whats For Lunch

Top Chef Masters tonight! Predictions?

These stickies are really designed for Lounge topic starters. As an example, what the heck does

Finally! We now know what GoddessofGuinness's anteater is going after ..

Finishing up a degree - the rip-off begins

Poetry by gender.

I must be living in a bizarro universe (**I need relationship advice**)...

I just dodged a metaphorical bullet.

All this time I thought 'buxom' meant big-boobed.

Beetle Bailey movie? Paul Rudd in the title role?

Alan Rickman proudly displays his driver's license of choice.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hippywife!!*******


Will you change your opinion of me when I win Powerball tonight?

Ineffective or off-putting euphemisms for the word "penis"

Want a DU star, but can't afford it?

I'm making a cherry cordial.....

How do you enter the shower?

Anybody ever gotten "It's either me or the cat (dog)" speech from an SO?

I just noticed that Lady Gaga includes some subtle sexual imagery in her lyrics

Good Morning Lounge (the substitute)

I can't wait to punch Sarah Palin. POW! Right in the kisser.

Could whoever is preaching their religion via DU stickies please stop?

I'm bullish on mattmorgan. He's going places.

Would you encourage your child to tell on a class mate who was cheating?

It's Alan Rickman time again.

Afghan vote carries big risk for U.S. fight against Taliban

Any Democrat voting againt the "Public Option" deserves defea.

President Nixon's determination to eliminate the socialist government of Salvador Allende led him to

McCain calls for more US troops in Afghanistan


Dig opens window on 1694 raid by Native Americansc

North Korea deligation to meet with Richardson

British media uncover attempts to rig Afghan election

Democrats Seem Set to Go Alone on a Health Bill

Detroit 3 score higher on customer satisfaction

Clinton Says No U.S. Bases in Colombia

Violence surges in Mexican city

Robert Novak DEAD

Colombia's Uribe inches closer to 2010 re-election

Afghanistan Imposes Censorship on Election Day

Groups Denied Protesting Permits for G20 Meet (Pittsburgh)

Senator says he asked Obama to back off public insurance option

North Korea deligation to meet with Richardson

My Bad Woman's House Mistakenly Auctioned by Bank

Analysis: Liberals say 'no more compromise,' call for end to one-sided health care negotiation

'60 Minutes' Creator Don Hewitt Dies

Senator Moves to Stop Scientific Ghostwriting

Axelrod's ties targeted in health fight

Bank Sells Woman's Home By Mistake

Series of explosions strike Baghdad, kill at least 58 people

Michael Jackson's Doctor to Be Charged With Manslaughter

(US Federal) Judge orders release of Yemeni from Guantánamo (29th detainee ordered released)

CBS News pioneer Don Hewitt dies at 86

Fraud by Trial Lawyers Taints Wave of Pesticide Lawsuits

Gibbs: Obama wants bi-partisan bill (no matter what the media says)

Google must identify 'anonymous' blogger

Law Requiring Ultrasounds for Abortions Is Struck Down (Oklahoma)

Public Option Fundraiser Nets $100k In 24 Hours

Secret No More: UBS to Divulge 4450 U.S. Client Names to Fraud Probers

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett speaks for the first time since attack after leaving Wisconsin State Fai

6 US troops die in Afghanistan ahead of election

January trial set for U.S. court challenge to California's gay-marriage ban

Judge: US wrong to freeze Ohio charity's assets

Public Option Rides Again-- $100,000 In 24 Hours

Study: Global warming sparked by ancient farming methods

Swiss Bank UBS to Divulge at Least 4,450 Account Names

Pollster Behind Controversial Public Option Poll Has Long Ties To Insurance Industry

Number Of Poor In U.S. Likely Increased By 1.5M Last Year

Car Belonging to Congressman's Niece Torched (Afro-American Democrat congressman)

Major Health Insurance Company Urges Employees To Attend Tea Parties

US military: American soldier dies in Iraq

U.S. soldiers killed in southern Afghanistan

Costa Rica to withdraw Honduran diplomats' accreditation

European banks identified in U.S. tax probe: report

Colombia arrests ex-security head (Assassination of leftist Presidential candidate)

NY dealers pull out of clunkers program

Television pioneer and "60 Minutes" creator Don Hewitt has died

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 19

Tasered Homeless Man Catches on Fire

U.S. blasts Israeli restrictions on American travelers in West Bank

Judge sets January (1/11/10) trial date for Prop. 8 case

Without Public Option, Enthusiasm for Health Care Reform...Collapses

GOP senators against special prosecutor to probe CIA

Legendary Lawyer Doris Brin Walker Dies; Represented Angela Davis, Smith Act Defendants

Grassley insists he's still looking to make a health care deal

Bachus discusses Social Security, health care

UBS to divulge 4450 account names, more coming

Cannabis chemicals may help fight prostate cancer

House Dems seek info from health insurers-request detailed records

White House may push through health care without Republicans

Stabenow: Government option only one part of necessary health care reform

Honduras post-coup mediation moves to Washington

Gold medal athlete Caster Semenya told to prove she is a woman

Buffett Says Federal Debt Poses Risks to Economy (Update1)

Bill now a CAT 4

Baucus: Bipartisanship still on track

Barney Frank goes toe to toe at health care town hall

Ruling could let model find, sue online heckler

Honduras: Military Is Accused of Abuses

Florida man pleads guilty to threat to kill Obama

Majority in Post-ABC Poll Say Afghan War Not Worth Fighting

Cannibis smokers have a seven-fold schizophrenia risk

ACT prognosis: 23% could earn C, at best, in first-year college courses

White House advisers: Intraparty rift over fate of public option caught Obama by surprise

(Michigan) County Commissioner Compares Obama to Hitler

Homosexual Bruno's song [VIDEO] [HD] - Bruno Gehard Charity Song

Shoes - National

This Can Save Your Campaign Lots of $, Regina Schwartz on Color Campaign Lit - Netroots Nation Day 3

Health Care for America Now - Shoes

Marriage Equality, as per Sophia Petrillo

2 Progressives Own Intense Health Care Debate Against 4 GOP Shills On Faux's "Strategy Room"

Press Conference From Remote Area Medical's Free Health Care Clinic In LA

Leadership -- Health Care Reform

Children's group launches health care ad against Vitter

TYT: Obama Gives Up On Healthcare Public Option

Interviews at Los Angeles health care clinic

Woman Yells Heil Hitler To Jewish Man at Las Vegas Town Hall (Its the reup)

Interview with the woman who shouted 'Heil Hitler' to a Jewish man

Sarah Palin Butt Of Joke In New Hugh Grant/Sarah Jessica Parker Trailer

Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher on The Rachel Maddow Show - Progressives Throw Down For Public Option

Jail for Praying Story Has Fox News Lies?

on the obama/hitler comparisons and the healthcare debate

Insurance Jive: The Real "Death Panels" (by Courage Campaign)

O'Reilly Spins Netroots Nation

Special Report - Who Are the Uninsured? - Bloomberg

New Zealand PM goes off script

Experts Call Out Afghan Occupation Bullshit

Ok, I wrote the President about my feelings on the Public Option.

Did Obama Screw Up by Not Offering a Plan for Health Reform?

KY-Sen: Mongiardo Leads Conway, Grayson Leads All....

Rep. Anthony Weiner Discusses Health Care Reform on MSNBC's Hardball

Rachel Maddow & Bill Maher Discuss Delusional Republicans & Their "Miniverse"

Robert Reich calls for 'march on Washington' in support of public option

BREAKING: Some of you are so naive!

Hey, Remember When? (Part Duh!)

Stephanopoulos: White House "debating whether to deploy Hillary" in health care debate

Barney Frank - Dartmouth,MA (TOWN HALL) - Any VIDEO Link?

Gotta high-five that "Chill the f*ck out. I've got this. Love, Obama" Sticky...

(HardBall) Howard Fineman: Sources: With Reconciliation No Public Option

What Obama is doing is not chess, but it is Obama 101

Pay Czar Approves $10.5 Million Compensation Plan For AIG Exec

Obama accuses healthcare opponents of "an extraordinary lie" and of "bearing false witness"

Huffpo's Robert Borosage: Health Care: Let the Majority Be Heard

What exactly do you think a "public option" is, anyway?

You know, this would be a good time for Kucinich and other progressives to rally around Obama.

I swear some people here are dense...

Happy 63rd Birthday, President Clinton

ED SCHULTZ just called out RICK WARREN (among others) for his silence...

Health care debate going anti-Semitic

Perhaps I expected too much(Maybe we all did)

Obama To Use Biden To Twist Senate Arms On Health Care

"COBRA sucks!" says Big Ed.

President Obama to Talk Health Care With Conservative Radio Host

Hey, in Journalism School back in the late 1970's, I never heard the words...

PHOTOS Time Magazine: The Kennedy Covers

White House holds health care conference call with progressive faith activists

Freepers react in two different ways to Dems' plan to go it alone on health care

CNN Video: Obama about to go NUCLEAR on their behinds?

If the Dem's go solo on this, what can President Obama offer that will

I hope DUers' sex lives aren't like their posting...

Can the BlueDog "Democrats" be counted on for a cloture vote?

The most worrisome thing Barney Frank said

CO-Sen: Bennet Numbers Not Strong, But Little Changed from April

President Obama ESPN interview today

Rahm Emanuel: Bipartisanship Is Dead

Did President Obama/Sebelius purposely intimate the PO was dead


"Blue Dog" Taylor rejects Obama plan

So I received this email from a friend of my Dad's today...

Poll to DU

Why "abandoning" the Public Option was a masterstroke

Surprise! Tom Delay is a birther!

Con woman yells "Heil Hitler" at a Jewish man ....

Step Back...On CNN now.. Obama is backing Public Option

Here is something we can all agree on: the co-op idea is dead

BREAKING ON CNN-Dems. consider "nuclear option"/reconciliation!

MSNBC report distorts NBC/WSJ poll results

(HardBall) Tom Delay: I Want To Privatize Medicare

Huffpo says White House to deploy Biden

Anonymous White House official "The 'left of the left...are forgetting why we're in this'"

Obama, Biden To Raise Money For Specter

These Town Hall Idiots remind me of my favorite George Carlin quote.....

Video: Barney Frank Goes off on a woman at a town hall...Wow

I do find it a bit odd that all these folks are giving the president advice who have never been

Gibbs: We're Still Pushing For Bipartisanship, But Obama Agrees With Rahm

Barack Obama will never say publicly that he's given up on bi-partisanship

Three days on speed dial, one hour on hold, I finally got through

22% of DUers would carry a gun to an Obama event.

So resigning in disgrace gives you a free ticket and star treatment on Cable News...

*** An Official DU Thank You to Former Governor Palin for her "Death Panels" ***

PHOTOS Vrooooooooooooooom.

Out comes the faulty logic and Dean say Pearlstein's WaPo op-ed against public option is "confusing"

Bachmann announces she may run for POTUS

Chris Matthews is whipping this gun boy

Gibbs just now (1:53PM) : Obama Wanta A Bill That Both Parties Can Support

(Ed Show) Ed V.s Johnathan Alter

Stop apologizing for Obama's mistakes

Dang it Its not Chess

Simple questions: What IS the public option and what MUST it mandate....

White House Denying Its Own Health Care Concession: AP Fact Check

I am surprised by the political tone-deafness on the issue

Beats kittens to death with puppies...

Medicare Part D, Healthcare Reform and the Edgar Alan Poe's The Purloined Letter

Rush: "Fabulous and hilarious" that woman at Rep. Frank meeting compares Obama to Hitler.

PHOTO The Chess Master!

Poll: By Double Digits, More Blame GOP Leaders Than Obama For Failure To Work Together

An Open Letter to People Who Claim Obama Has Flip-Flopped (and readers of Huffington Post)

ed show on morality and healthcare... and barney frank and the turfer. nt

Howard Fineman: What went wrong?

White House on the furor from the left: "It's a mystifying thing"

"And I hope it's Bipartisan...."

Always bet on black ........ and never bet against Gibbs.

Rahm Emanuel did not say bipartisanship is dead

It's an OUTRAGE that Barney Frank refused discussion w/a constituent who accused him of supporting..

First lady’s shorts draw some long, hard looks

A deeper look at the birthers (new polling)

Frank/Franken 2016

Joe Conason: Obama and the Drawbacks of Rahmism

Obama Conference Call with Faith for Health on Now

Study finds end-of-life counseling improves mood

All the lunatics come out to fight health care reform

So, Obama Doubles Down on Public Option.

Salon's Joan Walsh: How Obama Can Turn It Around

Forgive me if I judge the health plan based on what's written and out in the open

Obama to appear in back-to-school cable

Are you familiar with Dr. David Manning?

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." Obama in June of 2008

Ricky Bobby Obama? (NASCAR Event today at WH Live on ESPN2)

Gibbs: Obama Agrees GOP Is Bent On Defeating Health Care

POTUS Supports U.S Health Care Exchange

Bush Legacy: LA has 15,000 homeless vets.

PHOTO Caption it? (Barack & Bill, August 18)

******* Breaking: White House walks back "Dems going it alone" *******

Gibbs just now (1:55PM) : "I trust that 3 republicans on the Senate Finance

The White House is still talking about they want a bipartisan healthcare bill

I don't care if the public option is watered down.

It's the "Pick Your Poison" Plan... the 401-k-ization of medical care

PHOTOS Go For It America

Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason

Two new polls: President Obama approval at 51% (Pew); 52% (PPP)

Obama has invited supporters to a live online health care "strategy session" this Thurs.afternoon

bernie sanders on andrea mitchell. nt

70% indies oppose bill with no public option / 68% repukes

202-456-1111 Whitehouse #

Can I have the term "Progressives" back?

Are Senior Citizens Really Quitting AARP & Rushing To The Conservative American Seniors Association?

I Just Called The White House To Give My Support For The Dems.......


Guess What? He's a Terrible President.

This guy needs to GO!!!! from Obama's Administration

Rumor: Obama to Sell Public Option Health Care As Freeing Slaves

How much you want to bet the stinking news media will interview this female Sen. Frank told off

Public Option Fundraiser Nets $100k In 24 Hours

Conserv Dems Want No Public Option Co - Op

A scene from my office today. Republicans are unable to separate reality from politics.

Public Option advocacy: jonesing for a placebo

Who's this dipshit host on MSNBC right now

House Dems Seek Info From Health Insurers (AP)

Amerika V6.0 (It's the best that we can do) by Steve Earle

Fiorina Moves Closer to Calif. Senate Bid

Want to drop the "heil hitler" lady a message on facebook?

Joe The Plummer says he wants to beat the tar out of Pelosi and the media says NOTHING!!!!

Short Attention Span Theater - America went Blue over healthcare

NYTimes: Democrats Seem Set to Go Alone on a Health Bill

Obama says Mideast peace process is in a 'rut'

A Letter for Your Senators - COPY, PASTE, PERSONALIZE, and SEND.

Don't believe these bullshit polls that just came out

This guy needs to GO!!!! from Obama's Administration

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama approval at 51%.

Dave Obey Prefers Public Option

NBC/WSJ POLL: 21% approve of GOP on health care, 60% support complete overhaul or major reform

High-Profile Prospect Opts Out of Utah Gov Race

Crist adds Rep. Jennifer Carroll and former Mayor John Delaney to Senate interview list

A personalised gun case, a glass elephant, a statue of the Virgin Mary, a goatskin-bound Bible.....

I hope - no pray - that the Dems. follow through with the public option...

Overall I am VERY Pleased With President Obama.

Unemployed Cancer Survivor and Obama supporter speaks

Ted Olson (yes, that Ted Olson) leading legal fight in favor of gay marriage!

Obama Joker artist unmasked: Not who readers were expecting


Sotomayor casts 1st vote

O'Donnell to Olbermann: Opposition won't be satisfied with killing public option

I can hardly wait for Repukes to tear the flesh from their very faces if Dems go Reconciliation

Take away the media's health care insurance.

Is the Obama Admin Caving? ... or is it the media trying to squash this?

KY-Sen: Mongiardo Leads Conway, Grayson Leads All


If Democrats came with assault weapons & took up defensive positions ..would

SPECTER takes a stand re the ENERGY/CLIMATE BILL

KO played clip from Meatballs. One of my favorite scenes: "It just doesn't matter."

Chuck Todd: When Americans Read "Actual Details" Of Obama Health Care Plan, Majority Supports It

Woman Yells Heil Hitler To Jewish Man at Town Hall Re Up Unedited

Rove's Seven Unsolicited Pieces Of Advice For President Obama

Scarborough: " Republicans Say Palin "Doesn't Know What She's Talking About"

Arizona GOP uses doctored photo of Obama

Rush: "Rep Barney Frank Lives Around Uranus"

Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler

U.S. Militia training video

Sam Seder and David Cross give dramatic readings of Kos hatemail

Giving up health-care reform's public option for what, exactly?

Amy Goodman: Troy Davis and the Meaning of ‘Actual Innocence’

Guardian UK: Dancing with DeLay

In the health-care reform debate, the insurance lobby is a wolf in sheep's clothing

Froma Harrop: Death panels already exist in glorious free market

GOP Claims Obama Health Plan Will Cause Your 'Nana to Go Missing'

The Lanny Davis Disease and America's Health by Glenn Greenwald

The Perils of Unassisted Childbirth in the Quiverfull Movement

No Public Option.. No Mandates or Subisides for Private Insurance

Revolt on Goose Island: The Chicago Factory Takeover, and What it Says About the Economic Crisis

GOP to Support Public Option, for Gun Care Reform

Vox Ignoramus

Joe the Plumber Prime GOP VP Material

Traditional lending goes mainstream

AlterNet: Is It Okay to Fire People Who Smoke or Are Obese?

WIll you be going to the G-8 protests in Pittsburgh?

Huh? I can't hear you...

‘Death panels' and a free-market insurance system

In Pictures: President Obama in Phoenix, Arizona

Warren Buffett Predicts The Bubble Boy Will Face a Housing Bubble

Robert Scheer: UBS Money Laundering: What Did Phil Gramm Know?

Amy Goodman: Troy Davis and the Meaning of ‘Actual Innocence’

So many officers are "acting appropriately" these days.

Tighter UK immigration norms may affect Indian professionals

United Health Advocacy Team Urges Employees to Participate in Health "Tea Parties"

Brett Favre 'Un-Retires,' But Still Undecided About the Public Option

Common Dreams: What constitutes illegal protest? Depends on the color of the prez

Astroturf Comes to the Oil Patch

Clinton Defends Colombia Bases Accord Chavez Declared a Threat

India emerging as major centre for cybercrime: UK study

The "Government"..i.e. WE are already paying for the care of the uninsured. The expensive way.

God Taps Crazy Eyes Bachmann for President

What The Health Care Reform Legislation Actually Says

Many Fault Media Coverage of Health Care Debate - PEW Research Center

The Entertainment Value of Snuffing Grandma (Joe Bageant)

Barney Frank responds to town hall idiot:: "On what panet do you spend most of your time?"

Back in Home Districts, Much-Wooed Blue Dogs Not Barking for Health Care Reform Legislation

The Baucus Caucus: PhRMA, Insurance, Hospitals and Rahm

Number of Poor in U.S. likely Increased by 1.5M last yr

Guardian UK: Is there any point in fighting to stave off industrial apocalypse?

Do I Trust the President?

To those ass-holes carrying guns to Presidential town hall meetings - I take that as an indication

Robert Novak Was a Liar

So I Dated a Republican Girl

Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason (Johann Hari in The Independent, London, UK, 8/19)

In Case of Emergency

Nearly two-in-three (65%) favor requiring that all Americans have health insurance _ PEW Res.

Pollster Behind Controversial Public Option Poll Has Long Ties To Insurance Industry

SPECTER takes a stand re the ENERGY/CLIMATE BILL

Renewable Energies Will Benefit US Workers; Shifting to Wind & Solar Could Eliminate 130 deaths Ann…

How to kill a coal plant—…nonviolent civil disobedience may be our best hope…

The Great Paradox of China: Green Energy and Black Skies

8/18 - NSIDC Update - "A Change In Ice Motion Slows Seasonal Decline"

Plugging Into the Sun: Sunlight bathes us in far more energy than we could ever need—if we could…

More Fake Letters to Congress on Climate Change

How to turn seawater into jet fuel

Targeted investments in climate science could present enormous economic savings for UK and Europe

Drumbeat: August 19, 2009

Japan's Chubu seeks 2-3 spot LNG cargoes for Sept

Ruling leaves North Georgia with water crisis

EV club members get first rides in Coda Automotive electric sedan

U Calgary Study - Methane Emissions From Stressed Crops May Be Much Higher Than Thought - AFP

Homes pollute: Linked to 50 percent more water pollution than previously believed

Maldives President Cancels Trip To Copenhagen Climate Conference - No Money - Reuters

Current Indian Drought Projections: 10% Rice Shortfall, Drops In Oilseeds, Sugar Crops - AFP

Indonesia's Environment Minister Silent On ASEAN Nations' Offer To Help As Forest Fire Season Begins

(Reuters) INTERVIEW-Unions favour deep CO2 cuts and green jobs

Taiwan Invests Big in Clean Tech

Bolivians look to ancient farming

Researchers Boost Production of Biofuel That Could Replace Gasoline (Butanol)

A meteorolgist looks at global warming

Australian solar-powered air con uses sun to beat the heat (12 times more energy efficient)

Mexico City bans stores from distributing plastic bagsStory Highlights

Renewable Grid news

Annual Tahoe Report Says Asian Clam Invasion Is Growing Fast

With Fraser River Sockeye Run Commercially Closed For 3rd Year, Projections Still Down 95% For 2009

13th Confirmed Forged Letter Opposing Climate Legislation Arrives For Rep. Perriello

Irony Alert - Utah Ski Resort Owner Wants To Open US' 3rd-Largest Coal Strip Mine - ENS

Number Of Lead-Poisoned Children Near Plant In Shannxi, China Rises To 851, Xinhua Confirms - AFP

Biofuel Bet Aims to Harvest Fish That Feed on Algae

Victoria Times-Colonist - BC Stumbling On Forests & Climate Change

Scrubbing sulfur—New process removes sulfur components, carbon dioxide from power plant emissions

(US) Climate plan calls for forest expansion

Garko's heroics spark Giants big comeback

The AAA Pirates shut down the Brew Crew to move 5.5 games ahead

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, August 18)

Wow! The Mets did something they never had done before,

Forget about Favre. Smoltz to sign with Cards today.

Are the Angels batting good or what?

Those Damned Sox!

"A shout out. To the Best Forum on DU. Yessir. The Legendary Sports Forum"

Motion filed to dismiss Roethlisberger lawsuit

There's a new attitude on Long Island

I'm chuckling at all this Viking Super Bowl talk...

Jets' Ryan clarifies remarks on Belichick but likely provides more fodder

"If you're a true Packers fan, you understand."

This is NOT a thread about Barry Bonds or steroids!

Boxing (8-22)

CUIDADO! Cuban-American Terrorist, Armando Valladares, Heading to Honduras

Costa Rica to withdraw Honduran diplomats' accreditation

Honduras: Military Is Accused of Abuses

Colombia arrests ex-security head

NO CRACKS IN THE COUP REGIME – It’s All Part of the Plan

Amnesty Int’l: Police Brutality Rampant But Nary a Word About Military

Introducing Micheletti, Man of God

Honduras post-coup mediation moves to Washington

Colombia's Uribe inches closer to 2010 re-election

Guns are fine. Gun fetishists are not fine.

Gun controllers: how would you deal with the rise in muggings in Lincoln Park and Lakeview?

Girl aged 17 knifes 30 men to death

White House Backs Right to Arms Outside Obama Events...

No second thoughts

Hamas frees Fatah captives ahead of Ramadan, talks

Swedish Newspaper claims IDF kills Palestinians... for their organs

Israel's state-sponsored injustice

Israeli minister calls anti-settler group a "virus"

US: Woman yells 'Heil, Hitler' at Israeli

'Open Carry' of guns - logical direction of gun lobby's campaign

Huckabee says 2 states in Holy Land 'unrealistic'

Former ANC leader backs study finding Israel guilty of apartheid

Swedish government funds anti-Semitic NGOs

Workers at Wellsville Manor Care Center Ratify First Union Contract

Unemployed Workers Taking Advantage of COBRA Subsidy

HCAN and AFSCME Launch Ads Against Republicans Opposing Health Insurance Reform

Huffington Post: Teabaggers Are What Workers Experience When They Try to Join Unions

Today in Labor History Aug 19 Confronted by tanks, helicopters, 426 state troopers and 325 National

Repairing the dock line


Forty years after "The Star-Spangled Banner"...

beach 2

beach 1

Well, I didn't make it. Being new to this group (though a lurker

coming home from the beach

Some must-see photography by the son of an old & dear friend of mine

Cameras That End the Low-Light Nightmare

Mooing over the Alps

Robots evolve to deceive one another

Internet Archive's Announces Availability of High Resolution Image Downloads

Amateur Video Captures Io's Shadow on Ganymede During Transit

Appraisers Under Fire—Again

Dark energy may not actually exist, scientists claim

latest BofA letter

Hedge Funds Return To Status Quo While Governments Double Debts

Hey You! Dimwitted assclowns! You're wrecking the economy!

TIME: Why Does Obama Keep Flip-Flopping on Gay Marriage?

Americans: Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs

Controversy erupts over exclusion of LGBT group from NYC’s India Day Parade

End of life counseling for dying cancer patients

SF Gate posts nice pictures of men showing affection to eachother

Limbaugh makes gay joke about Barney Frank

Step up America...

Who Opposes the Public Health Care Option and Why DEMS MUST Pass It

How would the population react if a bill were proposed to shut down Medicare

Single Payer VOTINGBLOC - please sign up

New shirts for the Equality March (not for profit) - Please tell us what you think

The Four Archetypes of Survival

What is Shapeshifting?

Miller or Rural?

Unified Field Theory--last night's C to C show

Anyone good with dream interpretation want to take a whack at this one? Poem form.

About the health care debacle.

Another Hakim Bey essay. Amour Fou (crazy love)

I am a big fan of Hakim Bey. Here is one of his essays.

The Tao Dude Ching

A Mathematician's Lament

Dawkins: Nazi Eugenics "May Not Be Bad"

Want to see a serious foodie?

Summer Dinner for a Friend

10 Characteristics of Self Proclaimed 'Skeptics'

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show

Rep. Joe Barton's 8-20 Arlington meeting has been moved.

Pete Sessions town hall tonight

Cuellar against public option

Defending the OGCT = Protecting the Bush Administration

Michael Jackson's Doctor to Be Charged With Manslaughter

Just started watching "Lost" season one on netflix.

Thank god Grand Devine and the conservatives sold PCS to a Chicago company.