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Archives: August 11, 2009

Mrs. Betty Bowers reviews "Healthscare"

From World Nut Daily - UK tells Michael Savage to drop dead...

Fox News urged left-wing hecklers be "Tased" or "beaten to a pulp"

Is Rachel Maddow being censored?

Would you get married to get health care?

How to stop the screaming_ Town Hall Forums

Regular MJ smokers: Is there a day when you're not thinking or talking about pot?

The Nation: We Need More Protest to Make Reform Possible

Lies, damn lies, and f**king lies........

Obama supporters organize free showings of ‘SiCKO’

Freshman Congressman = Single Payer Advocate in Rural New York

Freshman Congressman = Single Payer Advocate in Rural New York

Heh - "Disrupt the town hall meetings, my pretties!"

I need links to the recent stories I've seen on Repubs bringing guns to townhalls

How about we put together a list of who supports single payer and money bomb them?

Obama holding three public townhall meetings

Hannity bringing his parade of losers to WV to support mountaintop removal

The Dems are going to let the Rethugs keep playing stink finger and then jam through single-payer

Your Guide to Corporate Astroturfing: Lobbyist-Run Groups Orchestrating...

The 2nd Circuit now has 4 vacancies

I hope this proposal fails too...

Big Eddie is back wow did I miss him!

Birthers and Teabaggers need a project that they can congeal around. Let's help out!


Mehsud killed while getting 'leg massage' on the roof

Energy interests to fund ‘astroturfing’ efforts during congressional break

I just want to say how much I appreciate our Secretary of State.

This poll needs some help too...

FACT CHECK: No 'death panel' in health care bill

Single Payer Site To Help Document What Your Legislator Says When you Ask Them..There is Still Time.

In case you didn't already know the right wing just doesn't get it

Miami TV news anchor says firing caused by 'increasingly high profile' of his sexual orientation

Stanford University Professor sequences own genome in weeks

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lest We Forget... 'Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism'

DU Facebookers --- My wingnut friend posting wildly skewed FB polls

The Darmok episode of ST: Next Generation is starting now!

The Darmok episode of ST: Next Generation is starting now!

President Clinton: ‘Cash-for-clunkers’ has ‘worked like a dream.’

Need advice from the veteran cat lovers here

New word

Today's Anti-Conservative Quote: August 10, 2009

Are Republican Congressmen afraid of their own constituents? I just had a stealth

Cousins or brothers in arms?

Does anyone actually READ "Investor's Business Daily"?

God Dammit, Health Care Reform is FUBAR.

God Dammit, Health Care Reform is FUBAR.

So, there's not a re-run of Jon Stewart?

Yikes! Hundreds of Taiwanese killed in a mudslide...

Let's play "Jeff foxworthy"!!

Death Panels for Dummies

The Daily Show is cracking me up right now....

Petition to Faux News

Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to additional 18 months for...

GOP senator wants Sanford to be impeached - for expensive flights

Very good movie and a question "Them"

See our ex-President and his wife at the beach..

Opponents dominate Cardin town meeting on health care

The original freeper thread about the forged birth certificate is up to 340,686+ views and

New Zealand - A possible model for U.S. health care reform?

A few days ago a lot of sites were saying Obama made a deal with pharma

Obama goes to Summit of Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

Skinner, it's time to set up forums for DU town meeting attendance

AP FACT CHECK: No 'death panel' in health care bill

Okay, I am a glutton for punishment . . .

WJ this morning: What do you think about Obama's comment

Eunice Kennedy Shriver has died at age 88.

Trying to re-educate my (newly) RW younger sister. My reply is in blocks.

The Nonexistent "Pro-Life" Majority

Sign: Boycott FOX News Advertisers

Sometimes we just seem to be saying nothing or repetitive nonsense.

The State of Alaska already offers free Living Wills to its residents

Congresswoman: U.S. ties with Xe, formerly Blackwater, must end

From Sports Illustrated: Eunice Shriver - Small Steps, Great Strides 12/08/08

Nepal villagers flock to worship malformed baby as Hindu god

Lets see how much media coverage this gets next week

Former Sen. Frist on CNBC? wtf? Did he see a video of the economy and declare it dead?

DCCC pressures House GOPers to refute Limbaugh Nazi comments

Where is that video that starts with some CEO's pay and all of his houses followed by stories

Arm And A Leg

Focusing on healthcare is great, but what good is it when you don't have enough money to eat?

The Army was handing out action figures at the theater were I work.

OLC: Grand Obstruction Party Still Obstructing Dawn Johnsen’s Nomination

DU This Poll!!!

Productivity surges in the second quarter

The smell of irony in health care debate

LAT: Washington state revisits three-strikes law

Jesus Christ had children, grandson still alive

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

It happened

Public Option will put Insurance Industry Death Panels out of business.

3 American Troops Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Will the Palin Family be without health care in @18 months?

The Real Health Care Fight: Those who have Insurance v Those who Don't

Senator Boxer was GREAT on Morning Joe

The Obama townhall is at 1:00 ET

I'm at a health care rally Saturday (check out the bus!)

Congress at home

How do you feel about your private health insurance company?

Modern American Unbridled Corporatism told in Four Panels.

The Vanishing Terror Alerts

Do you have an irrational fear?

These Town Halls Are NOT About Health Care

Based on observations of town hall meetings I must agree with Charlie Rangel

Based on observations of town hall meetings I must agree with Charlie Rangel

The white conservatives protesters want people to die!

Petsmart and Petmeds funding right-wing lie machine


They worry about "Government" run health care, well AIG the country's biggest insurance company

It is literally a fight to the death.

2007: Conservatives defend "death panel" that rejected treatment for teen girl

What time is Obama's Town Hall Today and Does Anybody Know A Link?

What time is Obama's Town Hall Today and Does Anybody Know A Link?

Focus on the Family falls on hard times...can anyone spare a dime, er, $6 million?

I love the phrase "batshit crazy" however I want to know what makes batshit crazy?

Diffusion of Responsibility: If you see something, say something

A Question: How many questions were actually about health care ?

Stephanie Miller is hilarious...

The talking heads on MSNBC need to STFU,

If The Senators And Congresspeople Learn Something About This Country During This Recess......

Teabagger on MSNBC right now .... Batshit Crazy and or a Talking Point

David Scott (D) On Faux Being Attacked...

Billions to bailout the rich, the poor sleep hungry under a bridge

Billions to bailout the rich, the poor sleep hungry under a bridge

Help this poll...

teabagger injured in town hall scuffle has no health insurance / needs donations to cover bills.

teabagger injured in town hall scuffle has no health insurance / needs donations to cover bills.

Obese Pennsylvanians To Specter: No Reinforced Chairs or Free-Donut Tuesdays in Obamacare

NASA: Planetary Smash Discovered Nearby

Cops: Mortar Launchers Found In Home

Who's watching Specter's Town Hall

Digby: "... Maybe We Should Give 'Em Something Genuinely Crazy"

Chevy has been screwing America a LOOONG time. Just announced the Volt can do 230 MPG

6.4% increase in productivity - 5.8% decrease in labor costs !

Health care debate turns vile with Nazi analogy

Senators and Congresspeople Covered by Federal Health Care Program

Republicans setting up for a self fulfilling prophecy

The Republican Dictionary, Special Health Care Edition

Jackbooted brownshirt thuggery (minus the actual boots and brown shirts)

Surgeries YOU are paying for when YOUR insurance company death panel denies YOUR family's care:

Today's "right-wing nutjob yells at cloud" LTTE...mobs are really the "silent majority"...

Will GOP Mobs Disrupt Obama's Town Hall Today? New Right-Wing Conference Vows "War" on Reform

I'm worried that the GOP base will be out in force in '10 elections

Summer Photo Contest winners announced

Irony: Most of the Town Hall Disruptors Look Like They Already Have a Public Plan: MEDICARE...

"First Wi-Fi pacemaker in U.S. gives patient freedom"

Obamacare DOES have strict waiting periods for health services.

The republican health care plan...

RE: Health care: "If Obama can't win this one, it will be very hard for him to recover."

Can I get some DUer help please?

Who is Mike Sola?

Conservative terrorist brings his gun to the debate..........

Looking for signs of contamination in Hanford-area fish

It's worse than I thought. Just saw photos of my brother with Lee Greenwood at the "Freedom Concert"

Here's what I'm mad about:

doesn't this ron kessler book about the secret service make your skin crawl?

U.S. Officials Seeking Afghan 'CEO'

U.S. Officials Seeking Afghan 'CEO'

Ed Schultz goes off on a stupid ass right winger!

If You Find Waldo, Tell Him to Say “Hi” to OFA

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five by Ricardo Alarcón Quesada, President of Cuban National Assembly

Have Any Of The Blue Dog Dems Had Town Halls & What's Happening At ........

HeHe, Senator Coburn to hold Town Hall in my home town

Is there ANY way to contain this craziness at this point?

Is there ANY way to contain this craziness at this point?

Townhall disrupters: "They are the vanguard cadres of a home grown fascist movement" (re-direct)

Behind the screamers...

Bring in a 4th grade teacher to explain on a blackboard about the baseless healthcare fears

Bring in a 4th grade teacher to explain on a blackboard about the baseless healthcare fears

I can't begin to tell you how much I dislike CNN's Wolf Blitzer


How did so many people get so misinformed so quickly?

Thanx Eunice

Militarizing the Homeland

there will be wingnuts at the President's town hall

We need to start our own database.

I'm sorry about Mrs. Shriver, may she rest in peace -- and I hope Arnolt feels like

Chuck Norris is an absolute idiot

Help debunking this from the DU HC scholars...

I'm mad as hell at all the right-wing liars who are screwing up my child's chance at healthcare!

Is left leaning, right leaning, or centrist?

Sen. Arlen Specter deals with angry mob at town hall - pics

CNBC slides as viewers get crunched-Aggressive business network becomes a turn-off

Question about Massachusetts insurance "reforms"

Question concerning Big Gov vs Big Business

Can anyone please get a screen cap and video of the guy with the gun waiting on Pres. Obama. . .

The level of insanity from the RW wackos is only going to get worse.

Medicare already allows insurance companies to cherry pick the risk pool.

GM says new Volt to get 230 mpg in city driving !

Teh stupid is EXTRA strong today!

Andrea Greenspan: "Pelosi wrote yesterday that it's un-American to protest"

86 degrees in the Arctic - really!

Sentencing set in cat killing

Deadgirl: Nothing says movie classic like rape and necrophilia

Call them back in from their August recess...

The insurance companies want you to die! Its how they make money!

Man Guilty Of Groping Minnie Mouse or what teabaggers do for fun.

It's Time To Start Locking These Lunatics Up

Proof that the Gummint can't do anything right...

"unscientific america" ?

Russians are drinking & smoking themselves 2 death. Alcohol responsible for 50% of deaths

Is Health Care Reform About to Go the Way of No Child Left Behind?

What's So Good About It?

Teabagger at Specter's townhall says... "let's have a referendum"...

Over 50 Million Americans have no access whatsoever to Death Panels...

Sign up - Conference call tonight with David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President.

What about some huge demonstrations for health care reform?

Right Wingers Have a History of Disrupting Political Forums

Pipeline spills crude into French nature reserve

1st trial in Texas 'Fight Club' case begins

i think we need a DOCTOR revolt.

Faux News Is Re-Showing The Specter Town Hall And Not Showing......

What Pisses Me Off More Than Anything Is Those Smug People That Behind The Scenes Orchestrated......

Ed Schultz is going nuts

Ed Schultz is going nuts

"Health Insurance Reform"

Well, do you agree with those crazy people?

Well, do you agree with those crazy people?

Health Care Chess, Two or Three Moves Down the Road

The SS are out in numbers

M$NBC now actively attempting to cast doubt on the

Addicted to War: America's Brutal Pipe Dream in Afghanistan

Wait a minute - Gates gets arrested for disturbing the peace

Congress Releases Rove And Miers Interviews On U.S. Attorney Firings LINK:

Breast-Feeding May Protect At-Risk Women From Breast Cancer

NY Times: Palin’s Poison

McChrystal wants huge boost in U.S. civilians in Afghanistan (in addition to 45,000 troops)

Speedos Banned from Water Park for being 'inappropriate in a family resort'

OBAMA: "Not these wild misrepresentations that bear no resemblance to anything..."

What the HELL is he talking about???

Fox News is NOT carrying the town hall meeting.

Here we go...Kook Time

Marsha Blackburn, R(ancid)-TN, is too stupid to be an effective liar

Limbaugh to be guest of honor at a luau

GM says the Chevy Volt will get 230 MPG in the city

I got on the Ed Shultz (radio Show) today

Defending Obama

Clair McCaskill's doing a fine job answering questions from some very angry RW'ers

Transcripts, E-Mails Detail Campaign to Oust U.S. Attorney

Transcripts, E-Mails Detail Campaign to Oust U.S. Attorney

Help! Need vid of old George Bush town halls.

Birmingham Mayor Langford to offer pardons to segregation-era protestors

limbaugh does commercial singing praise of wills and living trusts

Bill Scher: Oh-So-Sensitive Conservatives Get Their Feelings Hurt By Pelosi and Hoyer

Can the President commit to 1) A strong public option approved by Howard Dean, Conyers and Kucinich;

Put America to work- ban TV from 8am to 6PM

Corporate Treasurers Continue To Hoard

McCaskill offering to go home...

Need help re: Ken Gladney incident

He talks to us like we're adults

Bad: Countries with socialized medicine tend to regulate consumer products.

GOP Rebranding Effort Fizzles

I can't help shedding a tear or two

Time to start calling these people out for what they are: Liars, creeps, thugs, hooligans

Maybe a good place to begin would be to make healthcare nonprofit--including the insurance industry.

Obama is telling the Teabirthdeathers to bring it on.

I think Obama is missing a key point.

I have a great way for Republicans to win this whole health care debate:

I have a great way for Republicans to win this whole health care debate:

CNBC: Unemployment Benefits Are A ‘Fraud,’ We’re ‘Paying People Not To Work’

**** OFFICIAL Portsmouth Obama Town Hall Thread #1 ****

Produce truck encourages healthy eating in Detroit

House Judiciary Releases Rove and Miers Interview Transcripts and Over 5,400 Pages of Bush WH Docs

Emails, Transcripts Describe Involvement of Bush White House in U.S. Attorney Firing

D-Day pictures the beach then and now

What are the chances news networks will give full coverage to Rep Joe Sestak's healthcare town hall?

Another social justice frame bites the dust. This time it's health care.

Should we be referring to Health Insurance Reform opposed to Healthcare Reform?

Dingell says town hall mobs remind him of the Ku Klux Klan

You will be able to "keep your doctor & insurance", IF

U.S. Underwater Mortgages May Reach 30%, Zillow Says

Dinner Conversation at Damocles' Table

Looks Like The Senators And Congresspersons Are Finally Earning Their Money.......

Tierney won't hold meeting on health reform and Republican opponent says conference call inadequate

My favorite town hall teabagger moment of the day.

Dumbos In Disneyland meet Specter in Lebanon

How can we accept a reform that allows up to 38 million people

Does anyone here have a link to a stream of The Ed Schultz Show?

You know what they are don't you? They're drama queens!!!!!!!

Reporters Without Borders rank the US 36th in freedom of the press in 2008

Breaking: Coalfield Uprising Grows, More Sit-ins: Will Feds Take Down WVA's Embarrassing DEP?

Breaking: Coalfield Uprising Grows, More Sit-ins: Will Feds Take Down WVA's Embarrassing DEP?

I am SICK and TIRED of these right-wingers spreading LIES over the public airwaves!

White House emails, Bush aide implicate Rove in firing of US Attorneys

You know you are getting Old

If I'm a liberal, and I was to "protest" a Republican president, did I have to have a permit to

Bush asked Chirac to help fight Gog & Magog?

Olbermann: ‘Death Panel’ Palin dangerously irresponsible

I think its possible the Right Wing has shot itself in the foot

Side-by-side comparison pdf on congressional plans?

WaPo Op-Ed: Death Panel Fear Mongers Are Misunderstood, Prescient Sages

Has Anyone Polled The Townhall Disruptors To See What % Of Them Are Birthers?

Short on luck: Meet Koda the miniature horse...

I swear I have NO idea who posted this: "Republicans"!!!

In the summer, forests in U.S. are hot spots for squatters

DU isn't the only place where people are talking about healthcare.

Democratic members of Congress should start out each town hall meeting with 1 question

Now that the president has had this Town Meeting, I think he needs a prime time oval office speech

The bizarro world of the GOP health care debate, as defined by Rep. Peter King...

Hardball to have man with gun outside TH on tonight.

37-inch flat screen TV for $100 is really an oven door

Sen. Mccaskill took a swipe at Town Hall media coverage today.

Another irritating thing about cable news outlets

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the health care plan in a nut shell:

Arlen Specter doing a poor job at his Town Hall...

Here's a tidbit from Harriet Mier's testimony

Here's a tidbit from Harriet Mier's testimony

So, anyone who doesn't believe we should all jump over a cliff with hysteria

Madoff firm's CFO pleads guilty in huge fraud

Use the RICO Act on town hall disruptors

I am watching Specter and these people( the audience) are so fucking ignorant

i predict the ed show is gonna be fun today!

For those wanting to read the House Judiciary documents (DOJ firings)

Do our legislators not know how to moderate a meeting themselves?

Daily Show Routs Brian Williams, Nightly News - Softball 12-2

Some quotes on the health care debate

So Did Specter Become More Of A Dem Today Or Is He Sorry He Switched......

Tweety looks TERRIBLE tonight...

Low income familiesin NYS to recieve money for back to school expenditures for their kids....

Lou Dobbs promoting hate & violence towards Governor Howard Dean - Link to protest here:

All this screaming is bought and paid for by the insurance companies

Have you read the Health Cre Bill/ Do you know what number it is?

Miley Cyrus Pole Dancing for Jesus!

BTW - if you have insurance, how many pages long is your policy?

My dad met Eunice Kennedy Shriver

From Geico Insurance: So long Glenn Beck, you're done

The Right Goes Crazy

No More Talk Radio Hosts on CNN? - Jon Klein edict

RWers have always accused the government of frivolous spending...

Swastika painted on sign outside office of Rep. David Scott, D-Ga - pic

Local faith leaders speak out on health care reform

More Obama success: Cash-for-Clunkers results in biggest one-month mileage improvement on record

Health Care Bill Page 425 - The Truth

A hypothetical situation (re: armed protester in NH)

Dodd undergoes surgery for prostate cancer

Grandma Got Run Over By Obama-Care - pic

YouTube video prompts complaints to Whitehall police(Elderly Woman)

The Hard-Luck Washington Metro

Dodd out of cancer surgery, 'resting comfortably'

Gov. Sanford Defends Use Of State Plane For Family Trips: "I've Got A Busy Life"

SEIU being called out by right wing crazies ...........

So - taking a big step back - where the hell is all of this heading?

We all have GW Bush to thank for completely dividing the

Flying rabbis protect Israel from swine flu ......

Whistleblower: Insurance firms ‘very much’ behind town hall disruptions

You know I sound like one of them...but don't these great hard-working "real Americans" have jobs?

Documents: Rove involved in US attorney firing

For unknown reason, government tells US Marshals protecting Dr. Carhart to go home

Is Senator McCaskill telling the truth about single payer?

This Modern World: The Lunacy Reaches Fever Pitch (Glenn Beck, Birthers, "town hells")

Do you remember corpmedia's wall-to-wall coverage of anti-war sentiments at townhalls in 2002-3?

rural vs. urban/metro

Have Democrats lost control of the message/agenda?

Did Specter get ANY support from public option advocates?

Did Specter get ANY support from public option advocates?

Public Universities are an example of a public option

Public Universities are an example of a public option

George H.W. Bush was right.. It IS a "vision" thing.

George H.W. Bush was right.. It IS a "vision" thing.

Huckabee says disruptions at town hall meetings caused by ‘organized supporters of the Democrats’

emails show Rove "driving force" over US attorney fiings

To The RNC: WAKE UP - Denninger is on fire against the repukes!

People, we need to show our support for the President and

Check in here if you think a strongly worded letter will be sent to Karl Rove

Thank you all for your vibes and prayers. NO cancer!!! there are two spots

ABC News Health Care Fact Check (Video Is Astonishingly Good!)

tweety has guy who wore gun to town hall meeting on hardball

Omaha World-Herald: Sufferers tell how pot eases pain

Obama: 30 death threats a day

Prez Obama gets a good hug after town hall

Those who oppose Healthcare Reform should have their SS and Medicare benefits taken away

Funny email from my friend in Sweden (Our town hall brownshirts have made the world news)

Question regarding right winger actions being impossible to distinguish from comedy

John Solomon's Sycophantic Email To Justice On Attorney Firings

Zig Zag Zell has shingles

Levi Johnston: Palin Resigned Due To Marital Problems

We know what conservatives are against (EVERYTHING involving humanity). So? WTF are they FOR?

Chevrolet Volt Said to Get 230 Miles Per Gallon in City Driving

Once again, clownish right-wingers have caused us global shame....An email from my friend in Sweden:

Target Of Obama-Era Rendition Alleges Torture

Sargento Next Advertiser To Pull Ads From Glen Beck Show...

I smell a rat...

Here is the guy wearing a 9mm pistol outside President Obama's Town Hall - pic

AP- Documents: Rove involved in U.S. attorney firing

Single payer could potentially save this country 800 billion a year on healthcare.

A Two-fer Rally in L.A.

David Fiderer: When Joe Scarborough Dragged Dick Armey (FreedomWorks) Out (Sandy Hume Suicide)

'10 Percent' Campaign Against Bank Usury

Tom Tancredo is a complete ass

With each new day they are pushing the envelope further and further.

Dana Perino On US Attorney Firings Scheme: 'I Can't Breathe'


Progressives in Congress Should KILL Healthcare Legislation If It Does Not Contain Public Option

None of these teabaggers has asked a single question

Weekly Standard: It’s ‘likely’ that the swastika at Rep. Scott’s office is a ‘fake hate crime.’

"Mr. Political Science Major" checks in with his thoughts on health care reform:

AP Source: Jackson Doc Bought Anesthetic in Vegas

Is This Terrorism?

Sarah Palin DOES NOT believe in free speech (except for herself)!!!

Obama's Facebook Page LOL from (check out the birth certificate)

Is anyone here from NH? I'd love to know what church let this asshat carry a gun

Is anyone here from NH? I'd love to know what church let this asshat carry a gun

Tuesday TOONS part 2- Nuts and crooks

It's 2002, and an antiwar protester takes a loaded gun to one of Bush's pro-Invasion rallies.

"The guvmit can't even run the post office how are they supposed to run a car company?"

What are your thoughts on privatizing the United States Postal Service?

New PETA ad... Worst Photoshop job ever?

DEATH PANEL: Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K

I'm reading the Harriet Meir's transcript and I'm dumbfounded

Stop calling the "Tea Party" people "teabaggers"!

Caption Rove

On Private Conference Call, Tea Party Organizers Say No Reform At All Is Goal

Guy with the gun

I can't make myself believe that Americans are fundamentally dumber or less educated

Can a busy female politician give reliable evidence? A judge says no

Ok, who's going to Netroots Nation? Who lives in Pittsburgh?

Ok, who's going to Netroots Nation? Who lives in Pittsburgh?

Brutal Mailer From Anti-Reform Group Displays Sick, Languishing Old People

Why does everyone pick on the post office?

Armed and Dangerous? (MSNBC-Obama NH Town Hall-Shows Man With Gun In Holster)

Glenn Beck also loses Sargento, confirmed by Oliver Willis/MediaMatters

My Message to Birthers, Deathers, Tea-Baggers, and Town Hall Screamers

Three Obama events, three handguns on holsters.

Documents: Rove Was "Deeply" Involved in Attorney Firings

Today's Anti-Conservative Quote: August 11, 2009

Where is Rove? Screamers at Town Halls smell like him.

Matthews interviewing gun guy right now!

To the "God's Judgement" guy who heckled Spector: What Jesus actually says about Judgement Day..

Heard This Today - If Health Reform Doesn't Pass - We Should All Cancel Our .......

Top Three News Stories on Today Show:

WWJD: Who Would Jesus Deny (Healthcare)?

More GOP infighting: Meghan McCain vs. Michelle Malkin

How come the GOP wants to kill MediCare, Social Security, MediCade, and the proposed universal care

I just participated in a Pew Research Center poll!

"Free" credit report offers/ads. Will new legislation shut these operations down?


Within 5 years, Fox News Channel will change its name to FNC like Headline News Channel is now HLN.

Birther Toons!

Why the Public Option Sucks

How to deal with loud-mouthed Nazis. From Casablanca:

Can anybody think of a better way for Sarah Palin to exploit her child than

"American politics has often been an arena for angry minds."

It's quite clear that most politicians are quite happy with the insurance companies in our pockets

tuesday TOONS part 1: The health care war

I'm having a problem with streaming radio/media players.

Please DU this poll about the town hall meetings

You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again

Birthers Question Existence of Obama

Birthers Question Existence of Obama

If Medicare for Everyone is So Bad...10 Questions:

Health Care Protesters Largely From Out Of District, Sign-In Sheets Show

Need help LIVE reporting the town hall tomorrow night -

OK, today I am expressing unconditional love for Rachel Maddow - by Jon Carroll SFGate

I'm too afraid to go to my congressman's townhall, so I wrote to him instead...

Obama will lose in 2012 if he does not have a generous public option

Asshat ---photo--->

The smell of irony in health care debate

Who Says We Don't Have Universal Health Care?

To the "35 year old Republican woman" who demanded from Specter

To the "35 year old Republican woman" who demanded from Specter

Sour job market drives older recruits, those with masters degrees into Army

Silent Thread for Eunice Kennedy Shriver

NYT ethicist: Can You Hate the Artist but Love the Art?

They're showing up and we aren't.

Granny, 87, Kills Venomous Rattler With Bare Hands

Update: Secret Service detain owner of truck seized @ Obama town hall

Townhall protester: "Adolf Hitler was for exterminating the weak, not just the Jews and stuff"

Carrying a 9 mm handgun in the open is perfectly legal...

ONE Of The Main Differences Is FACTS. (Resources to Counter Health Care Reform Lies)

Judge Reportedly Questioned Whether Woman Was Raped Because She Was "On Top"

is today crazy day?

Just a thought, but any man that has to carry a gun around on his leg-

MSNBC: Man with the gun outside the Obama town hall - Ron Paul supporter - was under surveillance

Americans working much harder – for less pay

Another 25 minute video on Sibel Edmond's testimony this weekend...

About Hillary Clinton getting pissed off in Africa .......

Michelle Malkin asked which conservative should shut up. Here's her answer

What do you think about Jefferson's quote: The tree of liberty must be

The guy in NH with the gun and the sign about "refreshing the tree of liberty " started something

Protesters: Send Illegal Aliens Home “With a Bullet in the Head”

Zero to Godwin's Law in about a second and a half

Next up for Bill Clinton after dealing with the Regime in North Korea (toon)

Read the bill you shitheads!!

President Obama and four-year old Candace - pics

Effective, Non-violent, Action to Counteract the Town Hall SwiftHaters

GOP activists are protecting the Death Panels the Insurance Companies use to DENY lifesaving care

$12,712 for $675 cataract surgery, $20,120 for $584 knee operation, $72,000 for $1,629 spinal fusion

Big government doesn't scare me. Big business does.

Sexing Up Abstinence

Sarah Palin takes questions about "Death Panels™" A Townhall in Pictures

Dick Durbin taking up collection for assisted living for colleague

A RW nutjob sign I keep seeing on TV that is being ignored by the media who is showing it.

How did GM arrive at 230 mpg for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt? (The answer)

Childless man released from child support debt (CNN)

Childless man released from child support debt (CNN)

Brilliant... on both Specter's and Obama's part

Brilliant... on both Specter's and Obama's part

"And you're carrying a GODDAMNED GUN!"

Heads UP !!.....Perseid Meteor Shower TONIGHT !


Cenk's Take On Man with a Gun Near Obama Rally -- Hell No!

This Modern World-Glenn Beck, Birthers, "town hells": The lunacy reaches fever pitch-By Tom Tomorrow

Local letter to the editor shouts ignorance.

Florida is 51st in stimulus spending....dead last.

I Will Not Discuss My End-Of-Life Options With Anyone - pic

Remember how MSM minimaliized and IGNORED protesters during the Shrub years?

Anyone have a personal health care story you want me to leave with Sen. Feinstein?

Does anyone have a rebuttal on these arguments against health care reform?

Dobbs suggests Howard Dean may be stopped with 'a stake through his heart'

Florida leads in sending young people to prison for life without parole...for nonhomicide crimes.

Nothing. Not a word.

Harriet Myers fingered Rove during congressional testimony!

Has Obama been shouted down by any of those white racist freaks yet?

James Carville On CNN Says No Public Option!!

It's tough for me to forget that for Obama, every day is potentially a drive through Dealey Plaza.

Re: the gun nut with the 9mm in the tactical holster

Geico pulls ads from Glenn Beck (fifth to drop sponsorship)

These infuriated rightwingers are the very definition of "TOOLS, personified!!"

"Prime Suspect" Named in West Memphis Doctor's Car Bombing

These 'town hall' experiences are similar to a difficult classroom...

tweety just called it...'it's about having a black president'

Pssssssssssssst! Want to start your day off ROFL?

2 nuke events, one in NY state the other in Japan (quake)


Chris Rock takes on black hair

What, no Joe Scab thread!!!...

GMAC calls for immediate arrest of Minneapolis home owner Rosemary Williams

GMAC calls for immediate arrest of Minneapolis home owner Rosemary Williams

I don't want my child around people who carry guns...

Violence is coming

Pelosi and Reid need to be Removed from their Leadership Positions

Pelosi and Reid need to be Removed from their Leadership Positions

BREAKING: Bomb Sniffing Dog Registers HIT On Truck By Obama's Townhall Setting

BREAKING: Bomb Sniffing Dog Registers HIT On Truck By Obama's Townhall Setting

BREAKING: Bomb Sniffing Dog Registers HIT On Truck By Obama's Townhall Setting

WTF - a guy waiting for Obama on one side of the street in NH

WTF - a guy waiting for Obama on one side of the street in NH

Some Interesting Observations on the Life and Thoughts of Sibel Edmonds

How does it make sense that an 80 yr old lady with a steak knife was immediately taken down

One thing you gotta give Obama credit for--Guts--Chimpy Bush never have gone to a town hall...

Freedom Works sent me this email.....tell me what you think.

How many people would be in favor of trashing No Child Left Behind?

The 'Perfect' Porn Vulva: More Women Demanding Cosmetic Genital Surgery

The sexualized schoolgirl outfit. Sexy, or disturbing?

The sexualized schoolgirl outfit. Sexy, or disturbing?

The sexualized schoolgirl outfit. Sexy, or disturbing?

Afganistan = Vietnam

can you please help by sending $10 today?

Are Republicans Right? No One Leaves The US For Healthcare?

Trying to track down a thread from a week or so ago on the Right is always wrong

How do you handle prude relatives?

Regular MJ smokers: Is there a day when you're not thinking or talking about pot?

Nothing like a good downpour to take a good shower in!

Outta here in about 20 minutes!

Nudism legal in Oregon city? Good!


circling over northern virginia...

A short story: The Little Dumbass

The steamy probability of stud failure...

Iron Chef: "You lop off a finger. You sear it on a flat top and you keep going."

Yet another Email from my funny friend...

You all know about Neil Young's "Living With War Today - Songs...

I sometimes wish my fingers were pointy

Today's Anti-Conservative Quote: August 10, 2009

Has anyone seen a movie called Mirrors with Keifer Sutherland?

What is the option on a link, Backward links

How big is your tv or tv's.'s Canadian writer weighs in on the health care debate

Nepal villagers flock to worship malformed baby as Hindu god

Anyone seen that movie "Moon"?

Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Stephen Fry to guest star on House, MD?

At 2 AM, I was in a dead sleep, when suddenly I heard the sound of hooves on asphalt.

Who says government shouldn't play a role?

Glad I wasn't outside

I've officially revoked my significant other's permission to choose movies....

Does the plot for the movie District 9

Cross-posted from the Computer forum: Help! The print on my online pages has shrunk. The

I just found "Miss Potter" online

Dream Home; I haz found it...

Florida never ceases to continue to fuck me over.


Gangster Knitting...

DU Jazz-o-philes: Reccomend me a Mingus, Coltrane and a Miles album

Ah, memories

Choke my chicken till the sun goes down

Okay so, whatever, Stanley Tucci is hot.

Obama's Death Panel Will Have A Cake Option

Duck Tales... wooooo wooooo!!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to renegade000!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Paradise!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ishoutandscream!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dajabr!!*******

Well, I asked her to leave

Once more I have found a home

What a pain in the neck!

Graywarrior never ceases to continue to fuck Florida over.

Men: What are you accomplishing when you tell the daughter

just when i thought the colorado division of unemployment couldn't be more aggravating, this happens

Hey, where'd SallyMander go?

Snakes on a Plane, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and 55 other movies as done by rabbits in 30

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/11/09


Now for something completely different: Emotional Arsonist

OK, you're "motoring." I'll give you that. But what's your price for flight? Didja think about THAT?

Minnie Mouse has br - - - ts and no you may not touch them

Health Tip #1

holeee alacranes!

Wo is that woman in the Progressive Insurance commercials?

Dumber n Plumber

5 questions for a Tuesday

I just got back from watching "Brüno"

Still wide awake after seeing Depeche Mode

Annoying aspects to videogames...

Anyone have a Masters in Public Administration degree?

Carrying a gun to an Obama town hall is acceptable behavior?

I just consumed a quart of chocolate milk and a package of cookie dough...

Do you have an irrational Kerr Avon?

New "FReeper-ism:"

Its Harvest Time For My Illegal Plants (pics)

Vampire films. Vampire TV series. Vampire books. Feh.

Do you think it's possible that someone not only has the same name as you but also same BIRTHDAY?

Do you think it's possible that someone not only has the same name as you but also same BIRTHDAY?

Number of Leprechauns living in your home, and do they burn, break, steal, or eat your things?

While we're talking birthdays --

How do you handle nude relatives?

Breakfast Burritos hurt

Sweet dreams, Ptah (later.)

Washington Post Won't Run Tank McNamara With Michael Vick Theme

Have you seen Simon?

And so, the takeover of the Planet Earth by business machines begins.

Snowin' in the Wind? Dylan Christmas album due

Jim Traficant to be released on Sept. 2, 2009.

Congratulations muriel_volestrangler! 45,000 posts!

As I was tucking in my five-year-old tonight, he asked...

Don't forget the Perseid Meteor shower tonight

i've been on hold with the unemployment office for more than 3.5 hours

Kudzu Jesus

Communism KILLS!

Seriously, go see "Coco Chanel" with Shirley Maclaine, or you'll be sorry.

New York: Anthora coffee cups

Starting right now, I am going to see how long I can go without swearing.

A big thunderstorm just scared a dog into my home.

i have a kitteh napping halfway in my lap

The Prius commercials

I can't believe what happened today.

Here's the winning ticket in the 2012 Presidential Election:

Need advice from the veteran cat lovers here

I passed my two tests tonight.

Frank Zappa or Mark Knopfler

Do you have an irrational Kir?

I tutched the butt!

I got a single suite-style room in residence!

Todd Rundgren v Eric Carmen v Joe Jackson v Ben Folds


VH-1 classics censors music videos.

Who else loves The Wire?

For True Blood fans --

I'm going to read this poem tomorrow at the open mic...

Does your cat like sweet corn?

Air America.............How is it doing?

Do you have an irrational Vir?

When I was 10, I asked my mom to explain why dinosaurs were not in the bible (re Orrex thread)...

I wanna see a movie with Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman, Judi Dench, Shirley Maclaine, & Maggie Smith

Facebook "disabled" my account without explanation

Mad Men: The early 60's may have not been fun, but damn I want those suits!

*** Taterguy appreciation thread ***

Photo Thread: In Costumes!

God help me ( I don't think the bastard exists, btw ) I just watched the new G.I Joe movie

WORST song lyrics ever.

We're making pindo palm-pepper jelly.

Car People - want a laugh? I really do need an answer though

Stanford prof sequences own genome in weeks

ALERT Rachel Maddow to host Insurance Executive who quit NEXT

Radio host visited by Secret Service after alleged threat against Obama

"Death panel" architect a pro-life Republican from Georgia?

At Mexico summit, Obama says immigration reform will have to wait

Judge: CIA interrogations not relevant to 9/11 accused's sanity

Rockets hit NW Pakistani city; militants attack

US puts Afghan drug lords on hitlist to disrupt Taliban finances

Senator: Flights justify Sanford impeachment

Offshoring & H1 / L1 Job Losses

U.S. commander seeks civilian 'surge' in Afghanistan

British Insurer Accepts $3.1 Billion Buyout Bid

Disruptions drown out debate at health care meetings (Update)

Nepal villagers flock to worship malformed baby as Hindu god

New Jersey Voters Say Corruption Major State Issue, Poll Finds

Protester on Fox: Pelosi 'Thugs' Came In 'Middle Of The Night'

Facebook in challenge to Google

Nazi war criminal jailed for life

Thais reject U.S. request to extradite arms smuggler

White House Disputes Pelosi Contention that Town Hall Protests are "Un-American"

Whistleblower: Insurance firms ‘very much’ behind town hall disruptions

LatAm summit over bases

2 Yemenis freed by US return home

Kuwait 'foils US army base plot'

In the summer, forests in U.S. are hot spots for squatters

Protestor Seen With GUN Outside Obama Town Hall

Feds Bust Mexico-U.S. Oil Smuggling Scheme

Armed and Dangerous? (MSNBC-Obama NH Town Hall-Shows Man With Gun In Holster)

Live Streaming link to President Obama's Portsmouth Health Care Forum

Alaska Legislature overrides Palin veto

US soldier charged in Mexican cartel killing

White House says Obama strategy will win Afghan war

Car bombs kill eight in Shi'ite Baghdad district

Hardball to have man with gun outside TH on tonight.

Target Of Obama-Era Rendition Alleges Torture

Experts Debunk Health Bill's 'Death Panel' Rule

Senate’s Afghanistan Narcotics Report Released

Documents: Rove involved in US attorney firing

BREAKING: Guilty verdict on Burma's Suu Kyi

Bank of America faces more bonus embarrassment

Jewellery raid haul put at £40m

Pro-gay Utah gov. resigns to be ambassador

Secret Service Has Truck Towed From Site Of Obama Town Hall

Afghanistan hires 10,000 tribesmen to secure polls

New Graduates Finding Jobs in China (Mandarin Optional)

U.S. war deserter given another stay of removal

Pequot trades raised many warnings: report

Nelson (D-Ne) responds to ads

High Fees Common in Medical Care, Survey Finds

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 11

Gay partnership foes want names private

Posters alluding to Obama girls draw fire

Eunice Kennedy Shriver died early this morning

US banks may need more govt support to cleanse bad assets

Drone raid 'kills' Pakistan Taliban

Clinton appeal on Congo conflict

Obama Takes On Health Care Critics (Who Try to "Scare & Mislead the American People")

US, NATO deaths from Afghan bombings spike 6-fold

Musharraf facing arrest on Pakistan return, officials say

Vandals Strike Congressman's Office With Spray-Painted Swastika

Chechen activist, husband found dead in car trunk

Transcripts, E-Mails Detail Campaign to Oust U.S. Attorney (Rove, Miers)

Toxic assets still festering ( TARP program has not relieved banks of their troubled loans)

Tiny deer among 350 new species found in Himalayas

Government Proposes Massive Shift In Online Privacy Policy (Serious Threat To Personal Info)

Thirty-Somethings Find Home in the Army

Ex-Madoff Finance Chief Frank DiPascali Pleads Guilty (very very very sorry)

Clinton Demands Release of Aung San Suu Kyi

(Sen.) Specter faces angry crowd at town hall meeting

GM claims unprecedented mileage rating for Volt (230 mpg)

Former German officer convicted of WWII killings

Fox cuts away from polite town hall meeting on health care reform; CNN and MSNBC carry it all

Any tips on recharging after a brutal week in politics?

Inglis talks health care on Hardball

Olbermann: GOP's Agents of Insurance Agents

Blue America Health Care Campaign - #3 Blanche Lincoln: Bailout

You know those lobbyists Obama used to villify so much?

Rachel Maddow & Senator Bernie Sanders Discuss Universal Health Care

Thom Hartmann: Whistle blower Frank Schaeffer exposes right wing rampaging tactics

Exploding Teabaggers Health Care Myths

Thom Hartmann: Should we junk the mail and privatize the USPS? w/ Tad DeHaven

Countdown: Harper's Scott Horton on Holder Torture Probe

David Brooks: Limbaugh nazi health care rhetoric "insane"

"Something In It For All Of Us"

CNN: Rating U.S. health care (must see video)

Rachel Maddow: Exposing More Health Reform Fear Merchants

Kathy Griffin Interviews Levi Johnston On CNN's Larry King

Steve Leser Debates Fox News' Neil Cavuto re: Pelosi/Hoyer &

Chris Matthews vs. Tim Phillips "Americans for Prosperity"

Protests At Cardin Town Hall, 8/10/09

Fox + Health Care = Bullshit

Can We Afford Health Reform?

Protesters At Cardin Town Hall, Part 2, 8/10/09

Obama: Answers a Skeptic: I am NOT Collecting an Enemies List

Burn The Witch!

Indiana Special Olympics remembers Shriver, more than a show up for snapshots celebrity spokesperson

Rep. Scott's Office Vandalized With 4 Foot Swastika

Hardball: Matthews Takes No B.S. From Tim Phillips (Edited)

Young Turks: Pat Buchanan is a Crazy Old Man!!!

President Obama's Opening Statement At NH Heath Care Town Hall

Protester With A Gun At Obama Town Hall 8-11-09

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT - "There is Downright Evil, & Ms. Palin, You Just Served Its Cause" PT. 1

All Hell breaks loose @ Specter Town Hall Aug 11: One day God's gonna stand before you and judge you

Can politicians do anything without the approval of Industry?

Gun-Toter At Obama Town Hall: 'Who'd Be Silly Enough To Carry An Unloaded Firearm?'

Remote Area Medical's Stan Brock On Single Payer:"We'd Be back To Guatamala & Haiti Where We Belong"

FauxNews interrupts Obama's town hall for spin and distortions

Headzup: GEICO Dumps Glenn Beck

Obama: Private Companies Vs The Government

TYT: Does God Want Healthcare Reform? (Religious Right Weighs In)

Rep. Dingell Compares Town Hall Mobs To The KKK

TYT: Upset Father From Townhall Threatens Violence, Says Pelosi Thugs Came To His House

Rachel Maddow & Health Insurance Whistleblower Wendell Potter On The Industry's Soaring Profits

Sen. McCaskill being Awesome at a Town Hall

Town Haller Envisions Future With Toilet Paper Rationing

C-SPAN Caller Blasts the Mainstream Media’s coverage of Town Hall Protests

Teabagger: "Send Them Home With a Bullet In the Head"

When Boehner and Gingrich condone, defend and support the spittle-flecked

Blackwater Heir Wants to Keep State Dept. Security Contract; Company at Work in Afghanistan

Town Hall Protestors Give Whole New Meaning to 'Health Nuts'

The ruling class is alive and well

Townhall crowd boos when Sen. Arlen Specter says President Obama is an American.

Only YOU Can Save Health Care Reform- so please ACT NOW!

Obama: Its gotten spun in to Death Panels I am not in favor of that

Conservatives Love Government, When It’s the Military

Why the Left Lost Single-Payer Health Care Reform

Iran: Demand judiciary halts stoning: Sakineh Mohammadi

Hillary Clinton Outraged - Loses Her Temper in Democratic Republic of Congo

When Creditors are Predators

Christian Cowboy Plots to Bring Christ into Kids' Social Studies Class

Why Corporations...and Petro-States Are Snapping Up Huge Chunks of Farmland in the Developing World

Eugene Robinson: A Reason For All the Health Care Rage

Clive Crook: More noise than debate

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT - Conservative Scare Tactics on Health Care PT. 2 (10:56)

IBD Editorial Board Grants Stephen Hawking US Citizenship

Double Standards and Disingenuosity On Bellowing Townhall Disruptors

Nataline Sarkisyan and Private Insurance “Death Panels”

In These Times: Dems, You Have the Power!

Health Experts: 'Sarah Palin Should Be Evaluated by a METH Panel'

Clinton: I’m secretary of state, not Bill - ‘I am not going to be channeling my husband,’

Woodstock, Handmade

Chris Matthews Unloads On Protester Who Carried Gun To Obama Event

Glenn Beck Starts Crying While Talking Nazi

NYT: Dreams From His Mother

More of the Same in Latin America

David Sirota: Health Care & The Fox News Incentive System

Routine complication from surgery turns fatal

Palin 'she is like a gasoline hose dousing these tea-bagging republicans with hate & misinformation'

Outrageous rates charged for prison phone calls breaks family ties

Sen. Fritz Hollings: Afghanistan and lessons not learned

Birthers: The New Republican Party

Newt Gingrich Claims Eunice Shriver Killed by a Social Security 'Death Panel'

Glenn Beck’s Latest Charge: Obama To Outsource 'Death Panels' to Kenya

Town Hall Bullies Unravel American Civility

Bob Herbert: A Scary Reality

It's possible to be a fascist and not know it.


Breaking: Rove and Miers Sunk Iglesias, a Latino

The Poop on Population: Disposable diapers harm the environment, so here’s a modest proposal

GEICO Pulls Ads from Glenn Beck Show, But Offers Beck Role of 'Caveman'

It Is Democracy, Not Health-Care Reform, That Is Sick (Ezra Klein)

Increase in Nations cost for Healthcare over next 10 years $10 trilliion with NO reform.

New bull, new bubble, new meltdown by 2012

Town Brawl

$480 billion in excess spending each year ..due to "excess admin costs and poorer quality of care"

Fear failure, not health care reform

Rove involvement in US attorney firing detailed (...cue the Wagner -"Ride of the Valkyries")

How the Sotomayor Saga Could Help Progressives Take Back the Courts

Gun Toting Townhaller on Obama Route Calls For Blood

Fear Techniques wouldn't work nearly as well on "Medicare for all"

Canada: The Insurance Industry's Pension Fix?

Offshoring & H1 / L1 Job Losses

The GOP decline starts Phase Two

What's Behind Birthers' Obama Belief (From Scientific American)

A Century-Old Principle: Keep Corporate Money Out of Elections

Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs Have Created Million Of Jobs For Americans

Americans working much harder - for less pay

The birthers’ nutty claims are grounded in paranoia

Scientists make voting machine turn against itself and steal votes!

Health care debate turns vile with Nazi analogy

Whistleblower: Insurance firms ‘very much’ behind town hall disruptions

Inside Story on Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work

If Medicare for Everyone is So Bad, Why Does Every Nation Who Has It Keep It? by Dave Lindorff

The NH gun-toting protester is no terrorist. Sorry

It wasn't Supposed to be Easy, and Those Who Thought So Got it Wrong.

Only YOU Can Save Health Care Reform- so please ACT NOW!

GEICO Pulls Its Ads from Glenn Beck Show

Obama said just now " I have never said I was in favor of a single payer pan"

Great photo of the pro health reform group and the lunatics

LOL NH protesters are upset Obama didn't drive by and went in back entrance, called him a coward

The Media keep acting as though it's crazy (pics)

For fellow "seniors" about health care.

Guys, Im really scared.

do european countries have the same percentage of nuts that we do?


Question of the Day: How long before this nationwide right-wing primal scream gets out of hand?

I am proud of my fellow New Hampshire citizens.

PHOTOS. Man with gun in NH holding sign: 'It is time to water the tree of liberty...'

President Obama’s “Senior” Moment?- Tapper @ ABC, who else?

Rove, Dean to debate at DePauw University in September

The gun toting political terrorist has a name: William Kostric

Woman asks what society would be like if there was good access to mental health care.

Townhall disrupters: "They are the vanguard cadres of a home grown fascist movement"

LOVE MY (OUR) PRESIDENT, encouraged those concerned about health care reform. . .

White House debunking smears because the media won’t

Obama hit close to home today for my office.

These are the issues that matter - Hillary's trip to Africa

Photos: President at New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting

AARP is one of the biggest enemies of Single Payer & real health care reform

Obama sharpens his message

Why in the hell was William Kostric wearing a damned ear piece

Cross Jeb Bush off the list for U.S. Senate

Has Chris Mathews ever had someone from Code Pink on Hardball?

Successful Surgery for Dodd

So what else are we to believe but this guy who wears a Confederate Flag

Why won't the media do their jobs on health care? WHY!??

Here’s How One Union Community Took Back a Town Hall

If you have Twitter, you need to add Joe Bob Briggs...

Obama: “For all...the yelling and the shouting and the noise, what you need to know is..."

"That is a vicious, malicious, untrue rumor"

Can a Republican Take Obama's Old Seat?

Swastika Painted On Dem Rep's Door After Testy Town Hall

SFRC Chairman Kerry releases report examining U.S. counter-narcotics strategy in Afghanistan

Lol. Wouldn't cover her internal organs! Obama just said.

Gibbs To Media: Please Balance Your Hyping Of Palin’s Lunacy With Some Reality

*********** OFFICIAL TOWN HALL THREAD #1 *****************

Kerry Condemns Conviction of Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese political prisoner)

If We Didn't Have idiot press, we wouldn't need this

Dear mainstream media, there is no such thing as 'death panels'.

I don't know how Pres. Obama does it...

A Modest List of Remaining Possible Republican Candidates: Senator Edition

Rove involvement in US attorney firing detailed

NV-Sen: Heller Won't Run, But GOP Poll Shows Reid Underwater

One Year From KS GOP Senate Primary, Moran and Tiahrt Face An Undecided Electorate

Republican Jungbauer Makes Minnesota Gov. Run Official

live: congresswoman gwen moore townhall.

For anyone interested in the actual implications of mandated private health insurance....

Investors Business Daily attaches "editor's note" to article with Stephen Hawking flub in it.

MUST READ LA Times Article - Illustrates How Even Liberals Are Getting Led Astray By Media

"A health insurance exchange in which you choose the plan that's right for you"

Obama condemns new restrictions on Nobel winner Suu Kyi

I'm sure if an anti-war protester openly carried a gun back in 2003

High Fees Common in Medical Care, Survey Finds

President Obama debunks right wing’s ‘enemies list’ conspiracy.

I've got it!

ed show discussing townhalls. nt

I would tell the NH gun toter with the clearly threatening sign that patriotism is the virtue

"Hillary Unhinged" that's the talking point of the MSM

Dear Sarah "failin' Palin'"; take a quick look at WHO WROTE the "death panel" ammendment.

Andrea Mitchell and her guests said there weren't enough tough questions

Red-Baiting and Racism: Socialism as the New Black Bogeyman

I am not a consumer, I am not a client, I am not a customer. I'm a fucking patient

Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act

How to put yourself less than a second from death;

Brainiacs on m$nbc inferring the crowd was pre-selected?

What Should Be Done About The gun whako In NH?

live: arlen specter townhall

My Doctor Today:

UpChuck Norris Says Government Health Care Will Invade Your Home

I really tried hard to play devils advocate to argue against public option ..

One arrested for sneaking into Portsmouth High before Obama's arrival

mccaskill being astroturfed live on

On Private Conference Call, Tea Party Organizers Say No Reform At All Is Goal

I just saw Claire's townhall was in Hillsboro, MO. I went to elementary school

Politico's John Bresnahan: Rove Key to New Mexico Attorney Firing

I guess being "un-American" when protesting depends on the cause

I just love hearing all these Rethug talking heads saying

A question about Health Insurance Reform

A friend sent the me a pic of the guy waiting on Obama w/gun

M$NBC--We spin the merry go round both ways.

I got news for M$M and their corporate backers--Pharma is with us so you are FAIL

Gun toting political terrorist at Obama town hall carried sign promoting

Answer to nutjobs whining about Obama raising the national debt

All you need to know about AARP is...

At least we have a great new name for a speed metal hair band now...


***HEADS UP*** Presidential Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform - Live at 1:00 pm (ET)

A guy wearing a large weapon in public probably has a small gun in his pants

All Your Questions About Health Care Reform Answered Here!

Was there ever an objection to George Romney

The "death panels" are already here

Obama calling out the lie on death panels and that it was started by a Rethug

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler: "Private health insurance is a defective consumer product"

In case you think the RW nutjobs are harmless....

Live Streaming link to President Obama's Portsmouth Health Care Forum

joe scab claims the town halls are very well staged and the

where's the official townhall thread? nt

Progressives Should Be Shutting Down These So Called Town Meetings Too

Irony - If There Are No Disruptions Of President's Townhall, Media Will Not Show It

“Potent Bombs Slow Marine Offensive” Obama get out of Afghanistan NOW!

OH PLEASE!!!!! Drudge again

Prediction about today's NH town hall

Where was this worry about dismantling the country,during the bush years?

Over 50% of our medical costs are waste

Dem Congressman's District Office Vandalized With Swastika


The easiest No-Brainer cost savings for healthcare is...

Favorite Right Wing Attack....

The Republican Health Care Plan Revealed

FT: Like Felix the Cat, being "not only black," but "also very, very lucky" "sums up" Obama

White House: Healthcare reform foes not 'un-American' -- Knew this was coming --

Chuck Todd badly spins Obama town hall story

When is Obama's health reform town hall?

White House Objects to Poster That Invokes Obama Children

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails it again!

WANTED: An experienced and talented producer to reverse this 'wag the dog' healthcare debate

Look who's rallying vs. Obama in Portsmouth

Allowing these rabid rightwingers to take over one congressional town hall after another

Some stupid woman at a town hall meeting

"None of the participants, or their questions were screened."

Christian Coalition's 2009 Legislative Agenda - Corporate Christians Perverting The Gospel In 2009

Obama to listen to GOP thugs -- but not to single-payer advocates

Hillary Clinton, Sotomayor, Scalia, Rahm Emanuel, and a sexist double standard

Are These Obama Joker Posters Trying To Say That Obama Is Awesome?

AP, GOP Senator Debunk 'Death Panels' (Called 'Nuts' by GOPer)

Olbermann just went there (re Palin et al whipping up the "base")

Did you get the memo?

Hey Deathers - Keep up the good work. Seriously.

AFSCME Launches Rockin’ Down the Highway to Health Care Reform

President Obama using signing statements.

Statement from President Obama on the passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Why don't the republicans denounce Sarah Palin and what she said about

2010 cnn poll: congressional dems with 10 point lead-44-34%

Single Payer: Will You Make ONE Phone Call This Month To Make A Real Difference?

Join us - special briefing from Rep. Doggett, actress Edie Falco, and more

This healthcare debate is a PERFECT FRAMING MOMENT for us. Here's how:

Help this poll...

The only way America will geat universal health care is with a Federal Government

State Democrats Fear That Paterson Is Liability

A great new slogan for our side: WE NEED HEALTHcare, NOT WEALTHcare.

NY-23: Democrats Pick Bill Owens

keith olbermann (with new cute glasses) doing a "special comment" on palin death panels. nt

fake kenyan b.c.

rachel w/ barbara boxer on astroturfers. nt

It's not about Obama, but

Slate: Why is the White House's Pharma Deal a Bad Bargain?

Rachel wasn't lying! There really is a where you can hire Blago!

A response, of sorts, to tonight's Special Comment on COUNTDOWN

Inflame Anti-American opinion, Mr Obama? Release the damn photos, and douse the anti-American

Growing Scientific Consciousness Revolution

Meet The BOOTHERS ---->

Sugar price reaches 28-year high (BBC)

McKinsey: Electrifying cars: How three industries will evolve

Ukraine in talks with Japan, Turkey on natural gas terminal (to avoid Russia)

Climate models confirm more moisture in atmosphere attributed to humans

Global "dimming" and "brightening" are not well understood

Largest French glaciers shrinking

Canadian scientists uncover alarming invasion of round goby into Great Lakes tributaries…

3-Year Drought Cuts Syrian Ag Output 50% Since 2007; Many Under 3 Malnourished Per Red Crescent

Pessimism And Deadlock Dominate As Bonn Climate Talks Kick Off - Business Green

Coral Bleaching Will Cost Australia $30+ Billion (US) In Direct, Indirect Losses - Radio Australia

Drumbeat: August 11, 2009

Springfield, MO Ramada Inn To Host Climate Skeptics' Conference - 120 Registered So Far - SLPD

The Earth Is Warming? Adjust the Thermostat (with climate engineering)

30,000 digesters to be installed in Pakistani biogas programme

Mantria Industries Opens World’s Largest BioChar Plant

New figures show India emissions a fourth of China

Eastern Himalayas reveals abundance of new species (CNN)

More Than 70 Beaches In Brittany Closed By Toxic Fumes From Decaying Seaweed, Algae - Guardian

China’s green leap forward—China positions itself to be a leader in green technology

Chevy Volt snags 230 mpg city EPA rating!

Sintex seeks to solve India's energy and sanitation problems in one stroke - with biogas digesters

New Tacoma biomass plant starts churning power

Homes Go From 'Superefficient' to Zero Carbon Emissions in Europe

Selling Americans on a 'Green-Collar' Economy

In Cold Northeast, Officials Consider Limiting Furnace Emissions

G.M. Says Volt Will Get Triple-Digit City Mileage

G.M. Says Volt Will Get Triple-Digit City Mileage

G.M. Says Volt Will Get Triple-Digit City Mileage

can you please spare $10 ?

NFC East News: David Tyree on bubble, throws helmet

seriously, how awsome are these next 50 games going to be?

Does anyone have the results of the Dodgers - Giants game last night??

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 10)

Holliday visits Patriots camp

This ! Day in Baseball History 8/11/1929

This * Day In Baseball History 8/11/2001

This * Day in Baseball History 8/10/2002

Breaking...Pujols makes bases-loaded out

Kane arrested, pleads not guilty to robbery charge

OMG! Vick is going to the Ravens!

S. America concerned about US military in Colombia

Argentine Embassy’s Timerman flies the flag of constitutionality and of the legitimacy of Honduran P

Channel 36 looks very peaceful and populous.

US Secretary of State Clinton’s Micro-Management of the Corporation that Funds the Honduras Coup Reg

The Coup and the U.S. Airbase in Honduras

More of the Same in Latin America By MARK WEISBROT

The latest "Presente" is out.

Too Cute by Half on Honduras, Mr. President

Clashes in Tegucigalpa right now

Let Obama buy those 10,000 cars

Venezuela: Chavez Launches New Housing Program

OAS chief vows to accompany Honduras mission

Last night we watched that documentary, Helicopter Wars, again on cable.

Jailed Palestinian wins top Fatah post: results

Mayors "Bloomberg, Booker Blast Loopholes in Gun Laws"

Abbas emerges stronger from Fatah conference

Hamas: We've got UNRWA's ambulances

Tube of hatred

What do you think of this system for national CCW reciprocity?

Peter Tatchell: Help save Ezra Nawi, for the sake of freedom in the Middle East

Mary Robinson defends herself amidst Medal of Freedom firestorm

“Obama's Mexico Mission: Keep Guns in el Norte “(Time)

GOP Tacitly Accepts Mob Violence While Progressives Step Up Reform Drive

Valero (Oil) slapped with class action lawsuit

New Hampshire gives workers extra protection from mass layoffs and plant closures

Sicko: Milwaukee officials won’t stand behind 69% vote for paid sick days

Media Matters: Beck Attacks SEIU (video)

Construction site 40 foot fall injures one (He was unconscious after the fall)

Union Health Care Activists Counter Screams with Civility

Today in Labor History Aug 11 Federal troops drive some 1,200 jobless workers from Washington D.C.

Could Fall Out From September 11 Attacks Be Responsible for Immune System Cancer in Some Workers?

300 New Jersey Nursing home Workers end Strike Against Omni

Hoffa warns of potential strike in Teamsters' office

Americans working much harder – for less pay (re-direct)

How companies should deal with union campaigns

Here’s How One Union Community Took Back a Town Hall on Health Care

No green at all.... guaranteed!

A few greens for your consideration...

***Summer Contest Winners***

Iron Mountain 8/8/09

the problem with buying insurance in the "open market"

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler: "Private health insurance is a defective consumer product" (re-direct)

Does anyone have a rebuttal on these arguments against health care reform?

Townhall disrupters: "They are the vanguard cadres of a home grown fascist movement" (re-direct)

All Your Questions About Health Care Reform Answered Here! (re-direct)

Studies Question Using Cement for Spine Injuries

Aspirin reduces cancer death in colon cancer patients by 29 percent

Check out this video of hard-working Elizabeth Warren

What the hell is going on out there? A warning for the future?

Scientist Tackles Ethical Questions of Space Travel

Traces of planet collision found

Man-made craters on the Moon

Americans working much harder – for less pay (re-direct)

America's Biggest Economic Problem?

H.R. 3200 (the health bill)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Sucks

Clinton Portis Does Not Come Out Of The Closet

Pro-gay Utah gov. resigns to be ambassador

"The Straight State: Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America" by Margot Canaday

CBC: Tim Hortons backs out of anti-gay marriage event

Gay partnership foes want names private

41 Seconds What do you do when your girlfriend says your best friend kisses better than you?

Grapefruit juice found to give cancer treatment a boost

An interesting article about gays and religion

Anyone here on the raw foods diet?

The Proxy Me In Show - Liz Tobin - sorry now in archives, but

Please help if possible. I am heartbroken. Something lost.

What Are You Reading Now?

"Islam's Dr. Ruth and her campaign for good sex"

Christian Coalition's 2009 Legislative Agenda - Corporate Christians Perverting The Gospel In 2009

An interesting article about gays and religion

Science and religion.

So what is a true Christian?

Federal comments requested on College 529s

I hope you caught Anthony Bourdain Monday night

Rice help please.

Pie Pops!

Brown Bag Lunches - A plea for Help

Townhall Sched for Jackson Lee and G Green-WE NEED U!

Texas Democrat's Bush ties may be issue in governor's race

MIT researchers find tinfoil helmets amplify rather than diminish mind-control radio waves.

Wikipedia: conspiracy theory guide

Miley Cyrus is three months pregnant

Migrant Mexican farm workers vote to quit union