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Archives: June 23, 2009

Link to Yahoo photos from the Washington Metrorail accident:

Call it a gut feeling, but I sense this guy hates bankers

United Airlines to furlough 600 more flight attendants

Woman accused of killing husband to avoid paying cancer costs - didn't want to deplete 401(k)

Mark Sanford compares stimulus money to slavery

"Tell ABC: Include Single-Payer in Healthcare Debate"

Ahhhnuld turns to Enron-esque magic accounting to solve California's budget crisis

A Message From President Barack Obama

Two Red Line MetroTrains in DC Crashed in 2005

Why is it that the Republicans are nearly extinct but they still control the whole country's agenda?

CBC: An unintentional martyr: Neda becomes 'symbol of goodness'

Mavis LENO is on with Larry KING. What a wonderful human!1

I forget -- do we love David Shuster for hammering the pugs or hate him for selling out this week?

Lindsey Graham SUPPORTS Iran "protestors." How about American protestors??

Yes, we can

Yes, we can

Self Delete

Mission Accomplished: Redux

Mission Accomplished: Redux

Looks Like Governor Mark Sanford Is Out Of The Running For The 2012 GOP Presidential Nod

In Iraq People Die Every Day

Given the number of active military, veterans, Medicare recipients, etc. how can someone be "afraid"

CHRIS FLOYD: The "Good" Killers of the "Good" War?; Dexter's Legions in Afghanistan

Sanford's "quiet time"!

Can Lt. Dan Choi become the leader the LGBT rights movement needs?

Who was there? Rielle, JonBenet, Posada, Florida Elections, and much more

Who was there? Rielle, JonBenet, Posada, Florida Elections, and much more

Hodgeman coming up on Countdown! Can't wait!

12 children have died in hot cars already this season. PLEASE don't EVER

Daryl Hannah, Dr.James Hansen and Ken Hechler to risk arrest in fight against mountaintop removal

'Pretty Boy' Paulson and the Goldman Gang: 'Public Enemies' run our banks today

'Pretty Boy' Paulson and the Goldman Gang: 'Public Enemies' run our banks today

Seattle's Fremont neighborhood summer Solstice parade - naked (but painted) bikers video.

John Cornyn is a piece of ........

English-only crowd should learn English

Any guerrilla gardeners out there?

MO state rep Cynthia Davis is KO's worst person. Says there should be

Update from Tehran

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Obama Chia commercial on MSNBC during KO break....arrghhhh

Teenage babysitter 'beat toddler to death'

I'm Posting This Here, Instead Of Political Videos...

Iran: Where Did All The Votes Come From? - BBC

Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin XPosted from the PV forum...

Son's Death Has Iranian Family Asking Why

I sent my Congressman an e-mail asking him to support Healthcare Reform!

The crumbling of America, HX channel.. right now

Governor Sanford not out of the woods yet...

Climate scientist Hansen agrees to debate Massey Coal Baron Blankenship

Missing Governor is hiking?

Tommorrow on C-Span's "Washington Journal" - Senator John McCain and Bob Schieffer

WooHoo !!! - Nico Pitney (HuffPost) Will Be At Obama's Press Conference Tomorrow !!!

Mark Sanford Poll: Why is he missing?

[Images] A troubled week in Iran

Tweet, tweet...

Dr. James Hansen - A Plea To President Obama: End Mountaintop Coal Mini

Single-minded on healthcare - Dr. Steffie Woolhandler

Toronto city workers strike against sweeping concession demands

Burton's plexiglass barrier ...

Who the hell is Dr. Nancy?

Who the hell is Dr. Nancy?

K&R If You Like To K&R!

K&R If You Like To K&R!

Bombing the Moon

Proposed new rules for General Discussion

Tired of all the bad news

Amazing basketball shot!

Peruvian government forced to repeal Amazon free trade decrees

So,just who are these Basiji,secret police who are shooting protesters dead in the streets?

Wimbledon girls are 'just there to sell sex', says BBC pundit Michael Stich

Talk aobut an obvious Tweet on Twitter... and what the others call a guv'ment plant

“SICKO…have you seen it? Download”

It's the last week of June: Still no MN SC ruling on Coleman's appeal

Limbaugh=Thin-skinned coward

#IranElection: The Bullet Charge

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-22)

Taliban Chief Killed By 'Own Guard'

Taliban Chief Killed By 'Own Guard'

English-Only Wingnut Conference Can’t Spell ‘Conference’

The Crumbling of America - The History Channel is running a compelling documentary

Huffington Post: Chamber of Commerce, Unionbuster vs. Pope, Catholic Bishops on Union Rights

'Pretty Boy' Paulson and the Goldman Gang: 'Public Enemies' run, not rob, our banks today

Iran: The End Game Approaches? - DailyKos

Should SC's Lt. Governor Bauer Take the Reigns?

Thursday, June 25th Is Torture Accountability Action Day

How many "Nedas"...

CSPIN joins GOP this mourning. McCain & Graham on health care

Iranian authorities scramble to negate Neda Soltan 'martyrdom'

Washington Times Journalist Arrested in Iran

Health care issues- Thrombophlebitis diagnosed as Cellulits.

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan died this weekend. Listen to the music of a man

Sanford Story Takes More Serious Turn

Sanford Story Takes More Serious Turn

AlterNet: Why the Economic Downturn Has Been Good News for Amtrak and the Future of Rail Travel

House Democrats to open hearings on health bill

$3,000 'bullet fee' charged by Iran before family can get their dead son back

Who the hell goes hiking on the AT without telling anyone?

WHY is Morning Joe so invested in killing off healthcare reform?

Dick Cheney - compliments of the Dickipedia.

Daschle just said "health care costs will be prohibitive in a few years"

“American Radical: The Life and Times of I.F. Stone”

Operation Rescue's death threats

Vernon Robinson..(oh my!) His ad is something else

Obviously, Jon and Kate are more important than Iran or Health Care reform.

Woman Collected Dead Mother's Benefits For Six Years While Decomposing Body Lay In Her House

Let's get it right. Our health care system is not broken.

So 'Hiking' is What Republicans Call it Now

Ed McMahon finally gets to have some laughs with Johnny Carson again

If we're stuck with a 2 party system - how about the Corprocrats and the Rest of Us (the ROU)

Where is Obama's solidarity with the freedom-loving peoples of Iran?

On health care: Please explain this again

WOW !!! - Another By Roger Cohen: Life and Death in Tehran

Sign this now!!

Going for hike in South Carolina by Robert Frost

Day of Witness for Troy Davis - is now

this morning, Bill Bennett said, on the radio

Mexican Cartels Lure American Teens as Killers

When is it too soon to start investigating Primary challenges for some Democrats?

60,000 inmates sexually abused every year

Current time total on health care discussion 13.4 hours


We could learn a lot from the people of Iran!!!!

Getting very pissed off at the tone of these letters from a 'subrogation' outfit

John & Kate - wish I knew who they were

John Dvorak in 2007: "Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone"

From Twitter... Think This Person Might Be A Disruptor, LOL ???

What's happened to Cheney and his darling daughter?

Washington Post: (Metrorail) Crash Was Supposed To Be Impossible

Is Governor Sanford In National Guard? Maybe He's Serving Some Time In A Stateside Unit....

If you knew in 2000 how the years 2000 to 2008 would turn out...

Funny (odd) story about the Appalachian Trail

Re: The DC Metro crash ....... a sidebar/backstory .......

The Boeing 787.....delayed again

General Walsh referred to the Male Senators as "Sir"in the hearing.

Regarding Sen. Franken: He didn't do JACK SHIT for his first 6 months in office!

My letter on RW violence makes it to print

Seattle to release names of gay and lesbian city workers

Seattle to release names of gay and lesbian city workers

Who knew that "Idiocracy" was a documentary?

Sanford's Hiking Trail Got Stimulus Money He Opposed

Breaking on MSNBC...

How large does an estate have to be to be taxed?

Sanford "Found" - Claims To Be "Taken Aback" By All The Interest!

If we did have single payer ?

Internet Surveillance And Iran: A Primer (How the people are getting around it)

Scientology leader David Miscavige physically beat staff, paper says

How many would allow a "government bureaucrat" to come between them and medical expense bankruptcy?

Sanford's Amber Alert Sign:

I'm leaving DU!

2fer, Andy WILLIAMS smooches COULTERgeist, is a Rethug. & Daily Beast's fatal contract

Modest Needs

Fresh delay for Boeing Dreamliner (BBC)

Fresh delay for Boeing Dreamliner (BBC)

On the Fake news, some Real Iran

American Family Association (AKA the Anti Family Association) in big trouble with AP

Moderators: I need to know if my thread was deleted or it was just a backup/restore thing.

Workplace Idiot Alert......Workplace Idiot Alert

Illinois Central Train Crash.. Oct 1972..

Message of the Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers to Iranian workers

Brazilian town turning human waste into clean energy

So what's Mark Sanford's "trail name" on the AT?

Online petition for "a public health insurance option" is suckering people in.

Go ahead and tombstone: I wish Bush were still President.

The people of Iran are more courageous and civic-minded than Americans...

Robert Parry: Serving the Medical-Industrial Complex

...winner of the prize for “most unhinged right-wing commentary on the Iran crisis,”

"Give Me Liberty ..." Iranian People Demand Democracy - by Michael Collins

Mark "Drawing a Blank" Sanford--Classic from 2008 Campaign:

MIND CONTROL? you be the judge

Andres Nears Hurricane Strength, to Brush Mexico

"I've been down so Goddamned long it looks like up to me"

the two criminal neo con Johns were on WJ this a.m.

Old crinkly white guy and prissy Lindsay using almost exact words

Anti-socialist forces missed one... the roads

Court OKs dumping gold mine waste in lake

Why do we continue to allow Republicans to control the rhetoric?

Single Payer Healthcare Experiences on Thom Hartmann Now.

What's McCain up to. He's been all over the place. He did a Sunday show.

Guess what day it was when Sanford was supposed to be on the AT:

Gov. Sanford: Standard advice for going into the wilderness is to tell someone your plans

Librul media got it wrong: his wife said "take a hike"

Google is on it.-this Sanford thing won't happen again

Why all the hating here over a Repug Gov who abandons family and constituents?

Fundie whackjob says Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill will result in the prosecutions of pastors

Best healthcare system in the world, right?

It's not just the insurance companies and Big Pharma who are against single payer.

Which Dem Senator Would You Replace?

The Republicans and the Insurance lobby are going to go nuclear after today's presser

Robert Parry: Rare For Politicians To So Blatantly Defend Private Industry Over Will Of The People

Obama's threat to undermine anti-war Democrats: will it backfire? Time to target pro-war Democrats?

Does anyone believe the US would have reacted any differently than Iran to the marches? The way we

Senator Feinstein, Stop Nay-Saying On Health Reform

Major Garrett =

OBAMA-Iran "I know everyone here is on 24 hr news cycle-I am not"/Health "Public Plan Makes Sense"

When you go on vacation, do have to let your boss know that you're going?

When you go on vacation, do have to let your boss know that you're going?

"The Other Great Depression" -

Swine Flu held in higher regard among Latinos and African Americans than the GOP is......

Chuck Todd seems to have had a brain fart at the presser

"a green light for responsible resource development." - Sarah Palin

All-American Squatters: Take Back the Land is “liberating” foreclosed homes to fight homelessness

letters from the black box

What is PETA's stance on abortion?

"What took you so long" (This is what I hate about politics)

Financial Times: Pessimistic executives cash out of shares

Moving Forward On Dawn Johnsen, Harold Koh

MCM: A Careful Look At Some Big Anomalies In Iran's Election

Howard Dean On COLBERT Tonight

National GOP devotes $938K to Coleman fight

.... and then there were none

.... and then there were none

GLAAD asks Perez Hilton to apologize for anti-gay slurs against

Hoping for Audacity by Drew Westen

Hasselbeck Accused of No Original Thoughts

Hasselbeck Accused of No Original Thoughts

Man's "friends" stuck him in cargo bay of bus after Buffett concert. Found 90 miles later.

Schlussel calls Michelle Obama "the new pimp for Obamacare ...

Sanford was on Appalachian trail for Naked Hiking Day

Coverage on today's presser is 100% trollish.

The perfect Madoff sentence

Sanford disappearance story coming up next on MSNBC.

If private insurance, employer provided healthcare were actually BETTER than the public option

John Edwards' Aide Pitches Publishers

I know why the stimulus is isn't going the way the WH expected.....

All 80 Members of the Progressive Caucus are standing on record for the Public Option.

Fox News headline > "Hot Dog Diplomacy: Obama Says It's Up to Iranians to Accept July 4 Invitations"

Screw Twitter. Watch Jon Stewart! Serious interview last night.

Speculation mounts that Sanford may have been nude hiking

Report: Israel plans to legalize, expand outpost

At least Iranians have elections, many of our best friends don't

Hasselbeck Accused of No Original Thoughts

I know where Governor Sandford's been

How do I find rest stop locations?

Analysis: $1.92M fine in music piracy case could hurt RIAA (Computerworld)

Eastman Kodak to discontinue Kodachrome

Is anyone else listening to Big Ed?!

Health reform is gaining not losing momentum. Opponents are sandbagging against the ocean.

SANFORD proves what Shrub and PALIN *should* have, that guvs are superflous & elitist

No more Workmans Comp Ins.

Have you told your doctor that you smoke weed?

To Hell With Pensions: Let Them Eat Dog Food

Shuster will interview Sanford's #2

Madoff's lawyer requests 150 year sentence be reduced to 12

Prediction: The Republican Party has 5 months to reform itself or it will die

While you are bashing the Dems, you are missing a prime opportunity to embarass a Republican.

Is it true? Republicans don't have the votes to fillerbuster?

As bad as the thought of Sanford hiking the Appy Trail on Naked Hiking day is, it could be worse...

OOPS! We rigged the Iran/Florida-Ohio vote count AGAIN!!

Kaiser Permenente + other insurance DENYING critical drugs to both my parents

My response to Claire McCaskill and the DSCC....

Maybe this is why Sanford split

How has CorpMedia covered the Jenikens scandal?

Harvest of shame - grape picking pays less than it did 40 years ago, before United Farm Workers

I am having some visceral reactions to that new movie trailers "Bruno"

OK, who is Shona Holmes really. She is getting so much fawning media play right now....


The New Center for Media and Democracy: From Grim News to Great News

MSNBC: "Did Steve Jobs’ wallet help cut transplant wait?"

DC Metro manager: "The scene is one that no one should ever see"

A Marine pilot who served in TWO wars died yesterday

Rats jumping ship? Pessimistic executives cash out of shares

Sanford on Appalachian Trail on "Naked Hiking Day" - ROFL

Latest on Student Loan Action Group from Alan Collinge (

I Really Hope That Gov Sanford Wasn't Abducted by Aliens

What scares me about Obama

The local OFA wants to use my healthcare story for their promos!

Awwww! This is so cute!

Awwww! This is so cute!

The rancid legacy of Ronald Reagan still haunts us:

Reading "Nixonland" by Rick Perlstein

self-delete (nt)

Obama team reaches new heights in diversity

4 kids sicced pit bull on women in SeaTac, cops say

FDL Action: Let’s Whip the Public Plan! (Put up or Shut up!)

SICKO's on Showtime right now.

Thousands rally in Illinois (raise income tax to avoid budget cuts) pics

Got this link from an Indian collegue at work ....

More states ban 'magic mint'

Our foreclosure is final, and I have nothing left to hope for.

'Secret' Questions Leave Accounts Vulnerable

America, meet the late, great Tommy Douglas:

America, meet the late, great Tommy Douglas:

Four interesting (or not) facts RE: the Mark Sanford situation

Dems To Push GOP’s Historic Unpopularity As Key Talking Point

Ed Shultz - "Republican Mark Sanford went into the wilderness

Jeff Biggers: 94-Year-Old Hechler, Daryl Hannah, Hansen Arrested: Live at Coal River

Theory - Ensign took the hush money he saved and offered it to Sanford to disappear for a bit.

From Faux News: All is OK now. Ensign apologized to his GOP colleagues.

Sanford disappears to hike Appalachian Trail (on Naked Hiking Day)

Yzerman, Hull lead 2009 Hall class

Stanford reps face questions on investigations regarding Condoleezza Rice violating the Constitution

Stanford reps face questions on investigations regarding Condoleezza Rice violating the Constitution

LIZZY Hasselbeck accused of plagiarism

Is Dana Rohrabacher

Senate GOP wants do-over on healthcare bill

What the hell is the "sensible center"? Barbara Miklulski just said on the Ed Schultz Show

Another lowlife Republican tries to question Obama's citizenship

Families of murdered protesters are charged $3K "BULLET FEE"

six lobbyists for every member of congress...did i hear that right?

six lobbyists for every member of congress...did i hear that right?

Supreme Court allowing industry to dump toxins in waterways???

Ed McMahon has died

Maryland GOP group: ‘Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common.’

Why does Dennis Kucinich have problems in national elections?

METRO CRASH: Are the trains on automatic during rush hour?

For what its worth: my latest LTTE

For what its worth: my latest LTTE

In appreciation of marmar

Dylan Ratigan

With CRP data, Sunlight Maps Baucus's Health Care Lobbying Network

Support health care reform or lose my vote

I'm glad the Appalachian Trail is getting this publicity from this Sanford idiot.

“Expel The Correspondents!”… “But They’re ALL Correspondents!”(Cartoon)

Tancredo vs. Katrina vanden Heuvel. No contest.


How DNA Testing Is Unearthing Jewish Roots

Sources Question Governor's Story

Okay, first there was Peru, then Iran. Have you seen what's going on in China?

What is YOUR position on healthcare reform?

Homeless Student Heads to Harvard

Does anyone else get irritated by the New York Times' "Prepositional Phrase First" headlines?

I love you Howard Dean

Hannity Embarrasses Himself (Again).

Sorry I went for a walk in the woods, did I miss anything?

'I lied about tattoo blunder because my father was furious' - Daily Mail UK

'I lied about tattoo blunder because my father was furious' - Daily Mail UK

Sacramento Bee: Economy makes roommates of elders and their adult children

Webathon raises $100K for Palin's legal defense fund, trustee says bills now exceed $600K

I would like to commend Randi Rhodes.

Palin/Sanford 2012

At the risk of sounding sexist

Rogue Minutemen leader held in fatal home invasion

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty to Assault Charges.

I wanted a pony, but this bike turned out to be really cool.

I wanted a pony, but this bike turned out to be really cool.

Dana, Dana, Dana ...... there are no "Moolahs" in Iran.


OK Barely Hutchinson on Hardball

US lawmakers target Iran gasoline imports

Why is there so much talk of "making Americans healthier" during the

Gay senior lives less openly in care facility (this breaks my heart)

Impossible as it seems, the NY Senate reaches a new low

The Green Dam of internet censorship: US makes official complaint.

Come, we go relax w Frank Mills.....

President Nixon favored abortion in some cases, rape and... "When you have a black and a white."

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-23)

NTSB: Train in crash was recommended for phaseout

The New York State Senate is going to be like the South Korean parliament before long.....

On the coming neo-feudalism: For a developed nation, America is a barbaric place.

Most American Bankruptcies Include Extreme Medical Expenses

Official List of Other Great Books by Elisabeth Hasselback

A caller yesterday asked Naomi Klein why Charlie Rose appeared uncomfortable around her

What are YOU willing to sacrifice for healthcare?

Why do we have to hear Republican objections to health-care reform all day long on TV?

Would you support the Iranian revolution if it was revealed the CIA orchestrated the whole thing?

DOJ: AIPAC case witness was asked to 'fake...suicide'

DOJ: AIPAC case witness was asked to 'fake...suicide'

This Modern World: Where Is Obama's Solidarity With The Freedom-Loving Peoples Of Iran?


Rallies Around U.S. To Demand Accountability for Torture

Are you satisfied with your health insurance, if you have any?

there's only one realistic way to pay for everything that's needed in this country...

Placer County Town May Allow Teens (ages 12 to 17)To Hunt Deer In Residential Areas

Cop Anthony Abbate Gets Probation, No Jail, For Beating Female Bartender (WATCH SURVEILLANCE VIDEO)

Let's start a pool about what (or whom) Sanford was doing "in the Appalachians"

English-Only Group Can't Spell the Word 'Conference'

A message from the President to Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats

If you had the option right this minute to enroll in Medicare (regardless of age) would you?

DC Metro Train collision death toll rises to 9...

California job losses blamed on "regulation"

If you had cancer and chemo was only guarenteed to extend your life for 6 months would you?

Tuesday TOONS part 2- Health care now, dammit.

Tuesday TOONS part 3: The rest

How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains

Tuesday TOONS part 1 Iran fallout

Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War...

Would you steal food to feed your family?

Cornyn: I’ll Support Norm Coleman if He Appeals to the Supreme Court

Gov. Sanford & Carl Hiaasen

Census Bureau: Older Population To Triple By 2050 (ruh roh)

Obama: "If private insurers provide the best quality healthcare as they say they do, then how

F-16 Crashes in Utah; Pilot, My Friend, Died

I've Been Outted

I've Been Outted

Federal Government to offer bailout to Japanese automaker Nissan to produce cars in Japan.

Obama's Smoking Questioned By Reporter, Again

Quick Question: Are the right-wing talking heads scaring the bejesus out of their listeners?

The Iran Situation: If Only BUSH Were Still President!!!!

K&R if you are happy to be a Democrat!

Protesting soccer players banned for life.

Evidence Mounts: Fructose and Glucose Synthesized differently by Body

Note to John McCain

Photographers: Your take on this week's demise of Kodachrome: Trivial business decision

Suspected U.S. Strike Kills at Least 60 at a funeral in Pakistan

U.S. Relies on Tortured Evidence in Habeas Case - that was tossed in 2008 War Crimes Case

Republican "Loon of the Week"

Accusing People Who Aren't Gay Of Being Gay

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Phyllis Busansky (D) found dead in hotel room

Public Plan ‘Devastating’ In Any Form, Insurers Say

McCain Hits Obama On Iran Again, Joe Klein Tells Him "Be Quiet"

Don't get mad at Obama, blame the Conservadems

Photo: Daryl Hannah arrested with fellow protesters at WV coal processing plant

Photo: Daryl Hannah arrested with fellow protesters at WV coal processing plant

Will Pitt's interview with Dean in 2003. They discuss Iraq, single payer, and wimpy leaders.

Obama Administration announces $1.6B bailout for Nissan; money to be used to build cars in Japan.

I wonder if Mark Sanford

Something very fishy about the Governor's "hike" on the trail.

Grand Old Parachutes

(POWERFUL) A description of Iran that Americans can understand!

A Message to the International Community from Inside Iran

Gov. Mark Sanford Should Be Removed From Office..

We had a strange thing happen to us today.

Let's Hear it for South Carolina Republicans..great story...hiking...

At the threat of angering some folks re HC.

12 Sexist Vintage Ads

700 NYC teachers are paid (65 million) to do nothing

Chicago cop Anthony Abbate sentenced to 2 years probation in videotaped bar beating

When Will DENTAL Issues Find a Place Within Healthcare Reform?

Checkwriters...BEWARE of businesses using Certegy.

When the unemployment rate hits 10.5%, will you blame Obama?

"Give me liberty ... " Iranian People Demand Democracy

New Graduate Nurses Get Fucked!!!!!

Who Are We?-BOB HERBERT-"Policies that were wrong under Bush-NO less wrong because Obama Is In WH"

anyone have a kid drop out of high school? or were you one?

A Short History of PETA

Sanford's Wife: I Still Haven't Heard From Him

Obama’s Right Turn

Helen Thomas: "Obama Running Scared"

American TV star Ed McMahon dies

American TV star Ed McMahon dies

I want a pony and I want it now.

Sanford's Vehicle "Tracked Down-Not To Appalacian Trail, but to Airport In Atlanta"

Zicam and Rush Limbaugh.

How important is the issue of poverty in the USA to you?

why do you fight anything if you won't stop your own society from

"Troy Davis Must Not Be Executed" Tuesday Day of Action!!!!!

The Rude Pundit: Barack Obama Is Not Afraid of You and He Will Kick Your Ass

Women should be forced not to war burqas in public.

Another blow to public education, another step down the path towards privatized education

Metro's disingenuous messages

What an evening!

I think we need a take your goat to work day

I think we need a take your box turtle to work day


For Always - For Ever...


Sounds like everyone is doing just fine

Lou Diamond Phillips is a maniac.

If you own a Nintendo Wii, here are a few games you need to check out.

I usually like pepper sauce.

A visit from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to my humble home (just now) ....

Is this Bruno shit supposed to be funny?

Is there such a thing as a Che Pet?

Say what you will, but Dwight Yoakam is the shit.

I think one of the seven seals have been broken.

He can't be wounded cause he's GOT NO HEART...

kid sings jonas brothers song

Pale Shelter

Have you ever sneezed so hard

U.S. Open fans heckle Tiger Woods

The nutrisystem commercial with the "gal" who likes sports.

Tomorrow night, my dinner salad will be picked from my garden

Manny Ramirez mania hits minors on eve of rehab stint

K&R If You Like To K&R!

Keith Olbermann lost it...

regarding multiple anti-virus and anti-spy ware programs.

In which the importance of punctuation was never more clear

Sometimes I really hate iTunes.

Perez Hilton punched in the face.

Hmmm... I ran into my ex-girlfriend yesterday and now I don't feel like eating...

Today's earworm: "Bottle Of Wine" by The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece. Yes, as in "Tim and Eric".

Susan Boyle just needs to start smoking pot, like all other singers do.

Hey-oh!! n/t

Anyone is Interested in Critiquing a Personal Statement?

Anyone is Interested in Critiquing a Personal Statement?

Now that I'm on Twitter, does that make me a twit??

Why do I do this? Any ideas? I work in retail. I take the plastic off of cigarette packs at

I love you

mark sanford killed ed mcmahon?

Kodachrome is history

Why I suck at guitar 2

Do you like green eggs and ham?

Have you ever been in a cockpit?

You know what would make golf more entertaining?

What Was the Coolest Lunchbox You Ever Owned?

I'm having a giggling fit...for no discernable reason.

Parking Lots

Do you like green eggs and SPAM?

Ed McMahon died

Who is your favorite Teletubbie????

Breaking on MSNBC...

What's the BEST way to deal with unwelcome, PITA, evangelizing XIans?

Shiiiiit, maaaaan.

You know, after seeing all these threads by no name no slogan...

Hey, is it the apocalypse and I didn't get the memo?

Celebrities you have met...who were really cool.

come on in, the water is fine

My Dick just fell off

My Dick just fell off

I saw Graywarrior's duck on a t-shirt the other day

What's your favorite body part and/or Brady family member?

A moment in time- 8 Sampsonia Way Pittsburgh PA

What is your favorite toothpaste?

If you all don't mind, I'd like to get some Lounge vibes for my Dad....

Name a word that's cooler than Kodachrome

Good morning Lounge

kitteah picture of the day for tuesday june 23

Jesus God in Heaven, why'd you have to kill such hot snatch?

So a shamrock is clover and clover is a weed, so weed is clover

Does anybody like gladiator movies?

Does anybody like gladiator movies?

He just disappeared without telling anybody!

I witnessed a car accident on the way to work today, and it really rattled me.

Why I suck at the piano, #1

Why does it hurt when I pee?

All Singing, All Dancing, All Heathers

Teach me to network.

Is It Possible To Be Too Nice?

Who needs talent when you have Pyrotehnic boobs ?

What's your favorite kind of social disease?

What's your favorite kind of social disease?

Until now, you've never really seen the world you live in.

Nobody post for the next seventeen years. I'm doing an experiment.

Has anyone heard from No Name No Slogan?

Do unicorn farts really smell like wildflowers?

My granddaughter was just born!

OOGA-chaka, OOGA-chaka: The Hoff can't stop this feelin', and YOU can't stop THE HOFF.

For some bizarro reason I watched "Brooke Knows Best" last night and I have this question...

Crap, I just ruined Rabrrrrrr's experiment

Wingnut dumbfuckery - talking to Iran

I can't wait to go huff some paint fumes over lunch

So how did you folks celebrate 'Naked Hiking Day' on June 21st, 2009?

Beer and Tide do not mix

DUer guys (and gals) over 50: Who was the best? “Digger,” “Daddy,” or “Davey?”

Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

Can I play streaming movies from my laptop on my tv?

What movie should I quote next?

I'm now aware that athlete's foot sucks with the suckage of 1000 black holes....

If you consider Warren Boyd to be the greatest person you ever met, you need to meet more people

Hitchcock day on TCM Saturday

I just bit my neighbors dog

Aw crap! I just put my Dick in the mashed potatoes

Aw crap! I just put my Dick in the mashed potatoes

Has anybody ever been in a Turkish prison?

The only way the i phone can live up to the hype...

I've been quit smoking for 1 year today. It is the longest I have gone without

My dad just went to the senior center and was excited they had Wii, hilarious.

The Order of the Universe (FUCK YEAH)

"I'm a PIMP and PIMPS dont commit suicide!"

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Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe Day contiues in the Lounge

6-4, 5-4, 4-2. 10-3

texts from last night...


You're a rebel? You think you're a rebel?

"...Drop your trousers here for best results."

Man, it's quiet in here.

Can we be serious for a minute?

I'm leaving DU!

Name an actor who's cooler than Max von Sydow

Name a cooler that's cooler than Coleman

Grammar police: Is it "Dos and Don'ts" or "Do's and Don'ts?"

I was in the bathroom, smoking pot

Shit, I've left Gordon's foot on the coach

Listen - now I know we're mates,

In the famous words of The Joker...


Girl who said she woke up with 56 tattoos on her face admits lying

"It must have been a great day, because I don't remember a thing about it!"


What would you do if Ed McMahon died today?

Last one there is a penis pump!

My Dick, presented in life size

It's OK! My friend isn't an anti after all!

Let's go bananas!

Tuesday poem thread 6/23/09

TFCD: the death of creativity?

The Sky Masterson (one time only) daily Poetry thread break.

It's hotter than a half fucked fox in a forest fire

Paper. Rock. Scissors.

Remember this movie?


A new poem from me..."Grief"

Name a website that's cooler than DU


New Gold Dream

When does someone's need to be the centre of attention become a problem?

Jon & Kate filed divorce papers today

I caught someone smoking pot in the bathroom

What we have here is failure to communicate

The Dallas Cowboys have more:

How do I find rest stop locations?

I saw half of "I Am Legend" last night.

I'm done

I made an interesting observation about bicyclists the other day

Son of Dexter

My wife wants to get Naked with another man

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Encounter?

Which one of you heinous feckers left the Gates to hell open?

I'm moving in 8 days, is it too early to pack the kitten?

Anyone here see "Christiane F."? Was it any good?

I'll start. Coolest rock guy/gal name: Yngwie Malmsteen

Well... that's a bizarre coincidence...

its my body and i'll do what I want

Volcano from space

Name an actor who's cooler than Sidney Poitier

Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean and Lands' End

John & Kate - wish I knew who they were

Tuesday Random Picture Thread!!!

Tuesday Random Picture Thread!!!

Any emetophobes here?

Name a festival cooler than HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS!

I am a cat and I will sleep wherever I want. (Lots of photos)

I'm suffering survivor's guilt

Stupid IT Question Regarding Cookies and Computer Passwords

What's for dinner, DU? --- Tuesday edition

Random Questions: State your preference

I just went and had a talk with the vet

WOW! WalMart is courting more upscale customers!

Name a film that's cooler than Kodachrome

I just busted a compulsive liar on another message board.

Name a dinosaur who's cooler than Barney

Girl with tattooed face admits she wanted all 56 stars

So I found this the other day

like texts from last night - here is f my life

Speaking of SPAM, which is more disgusting?

Cold beer is so wonderful!

Today is a good day for ice cream.

*******HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY to Kajsa!!*******

post a random quote

OK, I know I'm an old broad, but what is with the bathtubs in the Cialis

Who the hell would want to hike naked?

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Vibes for one of my clients, please...she just found out her mom AND sister are dying of cancer

Teen reportedly admits she asked for tattoos

Bailey needs good vibes

Obscure Celebrities you have met... who were really cool

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/23/09


Coolest celebrity encounter?

Help identifying a Japanese photographer? He uses an old, special camera that allows him

Name a baseball player who's cooler than Ted Williams

Why Don't Men Wear Cool Hats Anymore?

What's your favorite body part and/or Van Patten family member?

My Friend's Condo Association Has Just Told Her She Has To Get Rid of Her Dogs

Jon hates Kate + 8

I finally saw Star Trek yesterday, and I guess I'm weird...

Has anybody ever seen a grown man naked?

(xpost from GD) Please check out my Truthiness poll.

First Lady calls for volunteers, young Americans answer

GA-Gov: Barnes Crushing the Field

77 members of Congress call for DADT discharge suspension in letter to the President

PHOTO Caption It? (Michelle)

PHOTO Ah St. Louis, I remember you well.

When wingnuts say Obama has taken away their freedom, what exactly do they mean by 'freedom'?

It's been 5 months and 3 days since Obama took office

It's completely obvious that John McCain got where he is via

Michelle Obama on HealthCare (on GMA): "no system is going to be perfect, it's not going to be easy"

Barack Obama Might Part Take In Opening Ceremony Of 2010 World Cup:FIFA President

If You Were At The Helm...

Were there no photographers at the Radio & Television Correspondent's dinner?

If you are not happy with what Obama is doing contact these people.

Robert Fisk is a bitch. so is Sy Hersch. It dawns on me.

"Obama’s Political Operation To Launch Big Database Of Health Care Stories"....

WH Press Corps demands to know if President Obama is still smoking

FDR's 100 days lasted until June 12, 1933

Healthcare makes a miraculous recovery

NAME an actor other than James Gandolfini who would have been the BEST or WORST Tony Soprano EVER.

Group wants Ensign's affair investigated - CREW questions source, amount of severance paym

Neda. Neda. Have you died in vain?

Is Obama playing chess or tiddlywinks?

Obama to use the "C" word today. He will "condemn" violence Iranian government has unleashed.

GOP Will Attempt to Pressure Iran Via Loan Program

I got a question. WHo the fuck is PRESS TV and why they on Google news all of a sudden?

I hung up on an robocall healthcare poll last night

CA-Gov: And Then There Were Two

President Obama's Prepared Remarks at Today's Press Conference

HAHAHAHA! Appalachian Trail (where Gov. Sanford is hiking) is getting stimulus money he opposed!

Oh hell no! Obama took a question from an Iranian citizen via the HUFFINGTON POST!

Time's Joe Klein nails 'Neocon John McCain' in latest Swampland blog post

Is Gov Mark Sanford a hippie?

Memo to Major Garrett

"If they say that have the better deal, how can the government run them out of business?"

FRAME: Since Republicans are Concern Trolls on Iran, demand they pass universal healthcare for them

I have a hunch that the public option is going to be provided by the Private insurance companies.

Clinton did it (and others helped)

Obama's Policital Machine To Launch 'Health Care Story Bank'

Bwahahah... Check out the front page of South Carolina's largest newspaper - "The State".

Obama is back up to 60% in today's Gallup polling. That's up 3 points in one day. He must have had a

OH NOES! POLITICO/DRUDGE UPSET: In a clearly coordinated exchange, POTUS called on HuffPo

Obama condemns 'unjust' Iran (Al Jazeera)

This week-- 59 years ago: "Red Channels" published

Brooks: Healthcare reform is important, but not worth bankrupting the country over

The Weekly Standard: Barack Obama, Neocon

FauxNews New Meme: Obama invites "hot dog diplomacy".


Countdown to 40th Anniversary of Stonewall Riots

The senators who say "we don't have the votes" for single-payer should worry if they have OUR votes

The American people want cheap health care, but they don't want to pay for even though it will

FUCK YOU ALLL! He's MY President. I voted for him. And I'm extremely PROUD

How Obama can sell the discontented on his "public option"

Barack Hoover Obama?

Obama To McCain and Lindsey: "I am the President and you are the Senators

Just another poll.

AP: Intensified crackdown mutes protests in Iran

Did John McCain ever tell Obama where Osama Bin Laden is? Just wondering. nt

Obama To Chuck Todd: Take Your 24-Hour News Cycle And Shove It

Mr. "Nice Guy" took a hike today. Perhaps the App Trail. In the meantime

**HEADS UP**: Presidential Press Conference (12:30 ET)

Sanford 'Presidential'? HA! He lost his stimulus battle AND had 10 of his Vetos overturned

Haha. Pres. Obama ALMOST got angry when the guy asked about driving private ins. out of business.

Ensign gets standing "O" after apologizing for being exposed as womanizing hypocrite.

White House: We Didn’t “Coordinate” Question With The Huffington Post

Who the heck is that guy on the ED show that will have a new show on MSNBC

Polls: Obama's approval rating ... (wait for it) ... holds steady. Trend resembles Reagan's. (CNN)

"Stay the course, Mr. President, stay the course."

All-star game gets a big star: Obama - POTUS to throw out first pitch in St Louis.

The Democratic Party is a Coalition Party.

If the Democrats fail to get their act together and come up with a healthcare plan

To Those Who Invoke The Phrase "Bush's Third Term"

AP: Obama declines to apologize for CIA role in Chile

CBS's Chip Reid reveals Catch-22 the RW is trying to trap President Obama in

Dems Pile On Feinstein After She Calls Health Reform Prospects Into Doubt

Obama seemed a little punchier than usual today--didn't you think?

Strong on Housing: good stuff that's been ignored at DU.

Negotiators whittle down Senate health care bill

What happened to change the Gallup approval/disapproval so much in one day...

WaPo: Obama and The Burning Question

OMG! The Gubmint could take out life insurance on millions w/o healthcare & wait for them to die!

Take pity on me and tell me what I missed during the press conference!.

The media is dishonest to the core

Truman would be giving hell to weak-kneed Democrats

Wow - Chris Matthews calls some press conference questions "snarky."

White House tweets in Farsi - Links to today's remarks about Iran

A Message From The President To Health Care Critics

Finally, Obama starts making some sense

PHOTOS Dunno about you, I though the Press corps acted like hero worshipers today

Yeah...That's the Ticket! Spokesman: SC governor hiking Appalachian Trail

Obama Boosts In-Home Services for the Disabled

Alaska waiting on Sarah Palin's plans

PHOTO Caption it? (Today's press conference, June 23)

PHOTOS Today's press conference summarised.

Obama Leads Republicans By Nearly 20 Points — On Terrorism!

Obama challenged Medicare Advantage

Stratfor Declares Iran Revolt Has Failed

Any petitions to suspend Congress' healthcare plan?

What a friend had to listen to when talking to her cousin's UberFreeper husband

MSNBC: Conrad tells Norah O'Donnell Schumer only suggesting ways to strengthen the 'co-op' plan.

Damn! That was a great press conference!

Tweety & Chuck said the journalist exposed a possible flaw in the public-option?

Fuck Major Garrett and Fox News. He is such an asshole. "What took you so long to be appalled?"

Why Political Ideologues are Rejecting Obama

McCain Hits Obama On Iran Again, Joe Klein Tells Him "Be Quiet" (VIDEO)

Dear Gov Sanford

moral hazard and the health insurance industry

President Obama to throw first pitch at All-Star Game

The Obama Method: First he did it to Boehner, now Ahmadinejad

Surreal Nixon quote:

Lindsey Graham: "I've got plenty of sins that I'm not going to share with anyone else."

Rep. Neugebauer: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama Is A Citizen

Obama Justice Department Loves Secrecy

Dana Rohrbacher just said that if Obama talked more shit to the mullahs

President Obama, what is a "market based economy"?

Ezra Klein: Conrad and Schumer Nearing an Agreement (On co-op as the public plan)

Former health insurance executive to testify against industry

Former health insurance executive to testify against industry

I knew something was fishy with Gov.Sanford

Krugman: "President Obama making sense on the public option"

Obama deserves criticism as necessary but here is the problem with the criticism. . .

So the public option will 100% pay for itself? That is the only way it works long term!

Obama takes on insurers over gov't plan

DEAR MEDIA: stop pushing Iran when we should be talking about HEALTHCARE!

So, whatever happened to infrastrucure rebuilding?

What is the main reason Repukes don't want Americans to have health care?

Some Folks Think Obama Promised….

Hi-tech helps Iranian monitoring

Mohammed Omar: "CIA killed Neda" (Mohammed Omar: "CIA dödade Neda")

Missing Gov. sparks political fight

At least 24 Iraqis killed, 78 wounded in countrywide attacks

Iran's top electoral body rules out vote annulment, says no 'major fraud' found in election

Judge orders Guantanamo detainee freed

Big names expected to take on big coal

Torture, delay may end “enemy” status (& require release from GITMO)

Taliban commander shot dead in northwest Pakistan (reportedly by one of his own guards)

Death Toll Rises to 9 in Red Line Crash

World powers pressure Iran over violent crackdown

TSA's express security grounded


Pakistanis Flee Tribal Zone as Army Prepares Assault on Taliban

Kyrgyzstan Allows Limited U.S. Access

California lawmaker arranges improper deal on parolees

Watchdog group expected to file a complaint against Senator Ensign

Telecoms Aided Iran Government to Censor Internet, Technology Widely Used in US

NKorea warning hints short to medium-range launch

Indonesia probes Papua shooting, denies police abuse

Indonesia legal system under fire over e-mail case

Thai deputy PM to visit Cambodia as temple row flares

Europe and U.S. Accuse China of Unfair Trade Practices

(Calif. Assemblyman) Juan Arambula Left Democratic Party

Families of murdered protesters are charged $3K "BULLET FEE"

Window opens on fateful days of Nixon presidency (aides hatched a "game plan" to try to save him)

Iran electoral body won’t annul election results

Canadian prosecutor at Khmer Rouge genocide tribunal resigns

Air France Black Boxes Reportedly Detected

Torture, delay may end “enemy” status

Fight at state prison in Tucson injures officers, inmates

Obama condemns Iranian government's response to protests

Gates Urges Gulf States to ‘Embrace’ Iraq to Put Brakes on Iran

Federal Government to offer bailout to Japanese automaker Nissan to produce cars in Japan.

Another window opens on Nixon presidency (tapes,documents to be released)

Afghanistan: Coalition troops launch massive assault on Taliban

BREAKING: Prime Minister Gordon Brown to Annouce that 2 Iranian Diplomats to be Expelled

Pak officials behind killing of 11 French engineers: Report

Congress to CIA: Review Gulf War illness info

Khmer Rouge prison chief 'shocked' by his past

German troops die in Afghanistan

Kidnapper 'won't be extradited'

Iran bans election protest footballers

Obama will condemn Iran abuses (12:30 news Conference)

Insurance industry blasts government health plan

GM To Cut 4,000 Salaried Jobs By Oct. 1

Tapes Reveal Nixon’s View of Abortion


Airbus Delivers 1st China-Made Plane, to Raise Output

S.C. governor to return to work Wednesday

Ed McMahon dead at 86

'Dozens dead' in US drone strike

US docs save burned girl, 8, victim of Afghan war

Rumblings in Falluja Threaten to Disrupt Script for U.S. Withdrawal

Mousavi 'under 24-hour guard'

Taliban Guards 'Bribed' To Help David Rohde's Daring Escape Plan

Chinese Government Attacks Google Over Internet Porn

Daryl Hannah, scientist James Hansen arrested at W.Va. mine protest

Army bars Stars and Stripes reporter from covering 1st Cav unit in Mosul

1968 protesters denounce police reunion

Ahmadinejad to be inaugurated by mid-August, Iranian parliament announces

U.S. says Iranian diplomats still invited to 4 July parties

National GOP Devotes $938K To (Norm) Coleman Fight

(Israel) authorizes construction of 300 new homes in West Bank

Obama Invites Gay Rights Advocates to White House

New Tapes Reveal Nixon Supported Abortion: For Interracial Pregnancies

Sources Question Governor's Story (Sanford's car left at Atlanta's airport)

'View' co-host Hasselbeck accused of plagiarism

Obama to McCain on Iran: 'I'm the president'

Cop Anthony Abbate Gets Probation, No Jail, For Beating Female Bartender

60,000 inmates sexually abused every year

NKorean cargo ship could test new UN sanctions

"We're Singing For Our Lives" - Anti-Torture Protest Folk Music Singer - JTMP

Keith Olbermann & Richard Engel Discuss the Iran protests - Strikes are on the horizon

South Park - Obama Is Out Of Change

G.O.P. Talking Points Alert!

Do You Need to be Single to get into a single-Payer Plan? Dr. Fein interview

Rachel Maddow & The Nation's Chris Hayes Take On Critics Of Obama's Iran Response

Gustavo sings "Imagine Nation" at Anti-Torture Rally

Incredible footage from above of massive crowd fighting against & stampeding Iranian riot police

Khamenei's storm-troopers vandalize cars and property

Worst Person in the World 6/22/09


Fiance tells of Neda's last moments - 23 Jun 09

Neda's fiance tells of her last moments (includes new photos of her prior to that fateful day)

Wyclef Jean - Emergency Concert for The People of Iran

Iranian paramilitary motorbike gang accidentally tear gassed by their own helicopter

President Obama and Questions from the Press on Iran

Obama: Re Neda Soltani "it's Heartbreaking" & We've All Been Struck by the Courage of Iranian People

Inside HAARM: Late Night Brainstorming Session (another hilarious hc vid)

OBAMA Smacks Major Garrett: What took so long

How Western media backs green revolution in Iran

KO interviews John Hodgman about nerds in politics

President Obama's Remarks on Iran [with Persian subtitles]

New General Motors Government Car Demo

President Obama responds to a question about Iran from HuffPo's Nico Pitney

Boehner Invokes Violence, Compares Being In Congress To "Standing In Front Of A Machine Gun"

Sea Shepherd, Whale Wars interview on "Reality Wanted" Show

Obama Managed To Keep His Mouth Shut While Israelis Killed 1500 People In Gaza!

How Western media instigates the green revolution in Iran - 23 Jun 09

House gets started on health care refrom

OBAMA on smoking

DNC Web Ad: Where's Sanford?

Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine: Secret Meeting Details Uncovered!

Dean and Keith O discuss wimpy Senate Democrats. Dean rants about bipartisanship.

CIA and their involvment with Iran and the Election Riots

TYT: Paul Begala Schools Meghan McCain, Cenk Reacts, Explains Fox News

Mousavi was responible for execution of 5,000 political dissidents?

Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine (hilarious)

TYT: Democrats Are The New Republicans

DHS to kill domestic satellite spying

Life Sadly Imitates Art: Neda Killed by Sad Clown Regime

Obama Invites Gay Rights Advocates to White House

Robert Fisk: Symbols are not enough to win this battle

'Pretty Boy' Paulson and the Goldman Gang: 'Public Enemies' run, not rob, our banks today

Despite 'Hike in the Woods,' GOP Still Looks to Mark Sanford For Its 'Deliverance'

The Gospel and the Gosselins-Evangelicals and the making of Jon & Kate Plus Eight

In Iraq People Die Every Day

Who Are We? by Bob Herbert

Bork Proves He Should Have Been Borked

"Audacity Would be This: Medicare for Everyone"

Bankruptcies, uncontrolled costs argue convincingly for health-care reform

Great Article from Alternet on Right Wing Hypocrisy

Iran's Web Spying Aided By Western Technology

Democracy Now! Telecoms Aided Iran Gov to Censor Internet, Technology Widely Used in US

Joe Klein: What Iran Doesn't Need - John McCain's Bluster

Amnesty International USA --- Healthcare Is A Human Right

Iran’s Regime: Marching Toward a Cliff

A Lost Decade for Jobs

DOD all of a sudden thinks bombing women children and babies is bad

Senate Democrats need to grow a backbone

Who Are We? -- by Bob Herbert -- NY Times

If The Iranian Regime Didn't Fear Women, They Wouldn't Bother Repressing Them

Will revolution always end in dictatorship?

Obama Running Scared -- by Helen Thomas

NBC to Air Remake of 'Sanford and SonS'

White House refuses to disclose information on meetings with coal executives

Medicare 2.0: Doctors group urges health care for all..(explains Single-Payer)

Say bye to for-profit health insurance

Mousavi, Celebrated in Iranian Protests, Was the Butcher of Beirut

Bigfoot Claims An Actual 'Sanford Sighting'

The Elephants' Graveyard

The CIA Wants a Few Good Wall Streeters

Reza Aslan: The Supreme Leader Blew It

The Ghosts of Detroit

Wanted: Freedom from religion

Links to new Pyne articles about fire

Why the Economic Downturn Has Been Good News for Amtrak and the Future of Rail Travel

The International Wacky Whaling Commission Gets Underway in Madeira - Sea Shepherd, Captain Watson

NED Will Award Jose Vivanco & Marifeli Perez-Stable for "Work" for "Democracy in Cuba"

Brazilian town turning human waste into clean energy

Jump start for electric car trial (BBC)

Swiss Glacier Volume Down 12% In Past Decade - Fastest Loss Rate Ever Recorded - Reuters

Two Patagonian Glaciers Odd Men Out - They're Growing In Extent - National Geographic

PEMEX Announces Mexico's Jan-May Oil Output - Down 6.8% YOY - IHT

"Unprecedented" Marine Sediment Core Reveals Paleoclimate - 100- To 300-Year Resolution Now Possible

President Obama Finally Endorses the American Clean Energy and Security Bill

Notre Dame study provides insights into how climate change might impact species’ geographic ranges

Brazilian town turning human waste into clean energy

Waste water treatment plant mud used as 'green' fuel

European Climate Change Reports Launched in Brussels

New Yangtze Dam Would Gravely Hurt River's Only Remaining Aquatic Reserve, Rare Fish & Porpoises

Wind Turbines on Power Lines?

BOREV: Uribe, Drug Lord Arrested in VEN, Correa, Garcia, Those Damn Laptops

What in the world is the matter with the VIO? They never answer

Correa Highlights Importance of Ecuador Joining ALBA/Mtg. in Carabobo, VEN

Ricardo Alarcon Continues to "Hint" at a Prisoner Swap

KEVIN PINA: Haiti's Voters Support Lavalas, Boycott Election

BOREV: Officially Not-Dead Peruvian Massacre Victims Still Haven't Come Home Yet

Mr. Uribe Comes to Washington, Monday, June 29th

POEA - Inert Ingredient In Roundup - Deadlier To Embryonic Cells Than Herbicide, Study Finds

IncaKolaNews: Social Tensions Rising Again in Peru (3 posts)

CUBA: Spanish Intelligence Took Part in Recording Carlos Lage and Felipe Perez Roque

Wood ash at McNeil power plant used as fertilizer

CNN Interview on Cuba: Elena Mora-Commuist. Party-USA & Pepe Hernandez, CANF

Oregon House Does Abrupt 180, Approves Protection For Metolius River

Hello All. This is my goodbye. I don't believe I've ever done this

Obama's NASA gives huge FUCK YOU to global science community.

PL: "Bolivians Want Morales for New Term"

baseball has (at least) one Democratic player....

Oh God help me. Can somebody Fed-Ex a swimming pool full of

An Appreciation Thread for the Frisco Kids..

Hey, Upton! What is your prognostication about the battle of the Bay tonight??

The Spurs trade for Richard Jefferson

Oh, by the way -- I cannot believe nobody here has been talking about this:

Fehr did his job TOO well, allowing steroids to overwhelm the game

Which favorite has the greatest chance of proving the experts wrong in 2009

Oh Shit--- The Douche is back....

UT is putting on a home run demonstration.

Forbes Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Red Sox. Natinals. Tonight. 7:05 pm. It's on.

A's romp the Giants 5-1

Caption Zito >>

Three days till the NHL draft. Who goes #1?

Boxing: June 27

Jury awards $3 million to former United Airlines employee who complained of discrimination

Today in labor history June 23 The anti-worker Taft-Hartley Act was passed over President Truman's v

Workers Protest In National Day Of Action At Wells Fargo Banks Locations

NUHW Files Challenge To Fresno County Home Care Workers Union Election

Huffington Post: "Preventive" Labor Relations Practices Special Interest Money Means Longer Odds for Public Option

Green tea may prevent prostate cancer

Obama’s Political Operation To Launch Big Database Of Health Care Stories

How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains

Yes, we do subsidize the pharmaceutical costs for the rest of the world. But whose fault is that?

Music may have a future role in heart and stroke patient rehab

Enforce Anti-Trust and Racketeering and You Fix Health Care Costs!

Health care cartoon too good not to share

Hope for appendicitis urine test

Oh Look!!! Look who is supporting bushes terrorist watch lists!!!

Why registration is opposed...

Southern California churches and concealed carry...

States with strong gun laws&low rates of gun ownership had far lower rates of firearm-related deaths

Some folks who are not pro-gun need a pat on the back here people.

Canadian Scholar: Gun registry hasn't 'saved a single life'

Netanyahu slams Iran at start of Europe trip

IDF jails soldier who refused to serve in West Bank

Why does the Form 4473 require firearm information?

Can vitamin D, fish oil prevent cancer, heart disease? Study to target blacks in particular

June 22: Testimony – Whalen on Operation and Regulation of OTC Derivatives Markets

McCaskill Ready For Health Care Battle: "This Will Be A Fight And It Will Be An Ugly Fight"

Congressional Republicans Blast ABC about its plans to televise a health care forum from White House

A Snake Eating Its Own Tail

If you guys missed my thread in GD

Three Banks Suspend Their TARP Dividends

National Black Justice Coalition not attending gay DNC fundraiser

I watched North Carolina's House pass the second reading of the School Violence Prevention Act

Poll: More New Yorkers support gay marriage

Bailed-out bank's deals raise concerns

House members send Obama letter asking for repeal of DADT

Gay college football player fits in well on his team

Open Letter to President Obama from People For the American Way

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part VII (Washington's Crown Jewel)

Obama Invites Gay Rights Advocates to White House

Dodd, Latest Senator To Endorse Gay Marriage

Please refute and terminate this "with extreme prejudice".

Anyone know of a good bumper sticker

Petitioners to Mormons: Soften gay marriage stance

"Bishop Criticizes NY Politician for Marriage Equality Support"

I also want to train you in an old martial art called "Never Call A Black Dude a F**got Jitsu"

WH Press Secretary claims: "I don't know" if the DOMA brief was cleared by White House

A Gay Pride Parade For Bigots

Ore. AG clears Portland mayor over relationship

Rick Warren Speaks At Conserv. Anglicans' First Meeting

A plan to deal with

When an Ear Witness Decides the Case

Where Can the Doctor Who’s Guided All the Others Go for Help?

LRO Enters Orbit Around the Moon (NASA)

LCROSS Lunar Swingby complete (NASA)

Ancient primate resided in Wyoming

Animals that count: How numeracy evolved

285 MILES TO THE GALLON!!! ~ US $600.00

Have you ever wondered why your chickens gonads are lopsided?

Volcanic eruption shock wave captured on film

Who knows anything about probiotics?

Program Alert: Nostradamus & Modern Day Counterpart

Just a post of gratitude to all the wonderful people here!

Possible ghost thread in GD.

I wish we had a sticky; or I wish I would remember to bookmark threads :)

Chaplain dies 5 years after being wounded in Iraq

Lutherans Open Their Church Doors To Immigrant Families

June 23 Press Conference

Online vendors for Arborio rice?

Fried bacon? FRIED BACON!!!!

Vegetarian picnic at the theatre tonight!

MIND CONTROL? you be the judge

U.S. BTS: Last Known Flights Of 9/11 Planes Took Place Nine Months Before 9/11; None For AA 77

Destabilization 2.0

Kurt Sonnenfeld : Exclusive interview

TV's Jon and Kate Gosselin Say They're Divorcing


'Men are attracted to smiles,' Alberta MLA advised girls on blog