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"The truth is out there...just not on the internet"...

Need some help finding publishers!

Senators Question Pentagon's Relationship With KBR


Repubican women .... in a league of their own

Rush gets behind Palin

Rush gets behind Palin

Mods, this motherfucker MITCHUM needs to be Tombstoned

Boomers are the worst generation EVER!

Holy shite Jonathan Alter just said

Today's Carol Simpson cartoon: Payday Loan

Study: Majority Sign-Up (card check) Works, Without Coercion, for Thousands of Workers in Illinois

Hatch says Obama promised not to nominate radical

Sarah Palin honored by NRA with special Alaska-themed assault rifle

Russia to Build Floating Arctic Nuclear Stations

Are Obama, Rendell, Casey being suckered by the republicans? They will spend

Fundies: The San Francisco Unified School District is the Mothership of the Gay Agenda

Remember the reports about Citi needing $10 Billion more of your money a couple days ago? Well...

I blame Thomas Edison for our country's woes

It's Official! Maine House To Vote On LD 1020 Tomorrow

Eric Cantor needs to go

Ask Yourself: If Abu Zubaydah had been raped 83 times-would we be talking about no legal consequence

[Streaming Video] Real Time with Bill Maher

New Yorker's Hertzberg: Put Al Gore On The Supreme Court

on Rachel... AIG name change

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Clinton offered Mario Cuomo a spot on the Supreme Court...

Georgia SoS To "Validate" Own Electoral Bid For Governor (GA's Next Guv To Elect Herself?)

Man blasts wife with shotgun after tumbling down a rabbit hole

"Going Forward"

I'm Reading "The Audacity of Hope"

http:// - GO THERE NOW....

Here's a thought for the SCOTUS...Susan N. Herman, President of the ACLU

COMMUNISM on the Rise in Recession-hit Japan

This Modern World - Mr. Vice President, should Americans be worried about the swine flu?

Sessions as Ranking Repub Member of SJC Will Undoubtedly Make It Must See TV...

Props to the mods for their quick action

Fry's Electronics

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Think of the possibilities: Sara Palin the Musical!

Anyone like Olbermann's backup QB?

Arlen Spector, you stupid fuck .........

Was Spector promised "no primary challenge" for coming over? Can the party actually enforce that?


Bernie Madoff ...

My weekend celebrating the life of Pete Seeger


Meet the mascot of the "new" Republican party

Hackers Break into VA Health Professions Database (prescription info)

The Illogical extension of "Protection of the rights of the unborn"

About 10 U.S. stress test banks need capital

Workers Fired Over Private MySpace Accounts

The President needs to choose a Supreme Court nominee with EMPATHY! My suggestion:

I don't need a Sneak Peak presented by an Auto Co via Scary King Masks & Squarebutt Slut Dancers


Holy Crap - Van Gogh Didn't Cut His Ear Off - Gauguin Did!

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone.

On Democracy Now! - Pete Seeger's 90th: Listen to those who carry on his voice.

Feds COOK THE BOOKS to deny Social Security cost of living increase for "at least 2 years"........

5.4.9 Full Circle Find The Cost Of Freedom Four Dead In Ohio Fuck Corpo Media

Anybody watching the "We Shall Remain" series on PBS?

No Sale: Bank Wrecks New Houses

U.S. Jews, Muslims Support Obama Strongly after 100 Days

Which Democrats are protecting wealthy citizens' and corporations' foreign tax havens?

LBJ knew how to "sway" dissenting Dems..

Girl abused for ‘telling’ dad about mum’s affair

When will Joe the Fucking Stupid Asshole finally go away?

Anyone watching "Geronimo" segment of We Shall Remain this evening?

People, people, people!! Generations are not monolithic!!

Plunder and Blunder: The Rise and Fall of the Bubble Economy

Oops! Georgian troops 'launch mutiny'

WJ this morning - How Important is Bipartisanship?

Chicago police torture case: Jon Burge seeks a change of venue

DUers need help with comments on this one... Buckeye Inst = Blackwell...

Holocaust survivor, 103, tells students of resisting Nazis

About that "Big Tent" the republicans are always talking about.. Found it !

Specter on health care "If we waged a war against cancer with the same intensity of other wars

What do you consider hate speech?

Went into the dicussion area without logging in

Camp Funston (Kansas) 1918

History should judge $100 million in anonymous donations

Enough!! Let's get things in perspective on Obama's budget proposal!

pos mike pence says Obama is going to raise everyone's energy costs $3,000.00

Pakistan Expects Up To 500,000 Refugees From Swat

If Housepets Were Libertarians:

Republicans Look To Bush Losers For Advice On Winning

Jimmy Fallon, Trent Reznor among Webby winners

If my own Mother, who is an 82 yr old Republican, likes what Obama

Savage Lies: Michael Savage Forgets the Topic of his "Ph.D."

"Public Healthcare Option" = Will the Democrats hide the bruises AGAIN?

Dean Baker: Outsourcing the Bosses: The Lesson of Fiat-Chrysler

I need to pick your brains... (poll)

Glenn Greenwald: TNR Sotomayor smear: Anonymous sources at their worst

Senator Russ Feingold on Obama’s Escalation of the War in Afghanistan . . .

Repub To "Torturer": "You have received many accolades. . . . Continue to perform at this level...

Woody Allen Tries To Block Mia Farrow's NYC Testimony

Ms. Rice's explanation may not have been in good faith but, assuming it was,

A little perspective on Bush* raising 100 million dollars in 100 days

Mitt disses Bible Spice

Senator Specter is Senator #60 - We were third and one - now we are first and goal!

NBC's 'Meet the Press' losing its Sunday talk ratings lead

Feinstein's Secret Torture Probe May Nix Public Hearings

Out lesbian to helm federal aging administration

Train-wreck On The Horizon For Dem Establishment And Specter?

Sessions Was Blocked by Judiciary Commitee in 1986

Ok.... just heard on The Today Show news, the NYC flyover of fake AF1's photos

So the "swine" flu hysteria perpetrated by our traitorous media

Oh No! say it ain't so: Lubbock, largest dry city in Texas, may go wet!

Oh No! say it ain't so: Lubbock, largest dry city in Texas, may go wet!

Ok folks: it's SpectEr not SpectOr....

Mr. Greenwald Gets a Letter… and Writes One

Hillary Clinton, the next Supreme Court Justice?

Let's play Republican-post your talking points in FAVOR of the not yet existent SupremeCourt nominee

The Maine House of Representatives is debating marriage equality NOW!

Why was an Illinois inmate imprisoned with a man who said he likes to kill?

Michelle Bachman At It Again

Dear Michelle Bachman, LGBT is a "natural byproduct of nature" too.

Joe S. defends Miss CA, cites Garden of Eden, Jesus.

Joe the Plumber wants to keep ______________ away from his kids??

No, that's not a UFO you might see this week

Representatives speak in favor of same-sex marriage bill in Maine

After careful consideration and much soul-searching

As a Boomer, what did you do to implement social change

Acorn Charged In Nevada

What's This About Revealing Miss California Photos ?

Neocon Say No to Upper Education Grants

Milbank Article a goodie.....

Michael Savage banned from U.K.

Joe the Plumber a homophobe. Really, are we surprised?

The Fatal Flaw In The Hate Crimes Bill

Jesus and the Supreme Court

Stop typing and call 202-224-2651 if you want Single Payer

Heads up for NH Residents - National Organization for Marriage - Survey

Salon: Kent State photo reunion: John Filo (photographer) & Mary Vecchio (subject)

Interesting info about swine flu virus

GOP's War On Empathy

Specter vs Franken....

Supreme Court to Consider Life in Prison for Juveniles

Does John McCain agree with Joe the Plumber ??

Too heavily critiqued

Some Democrats may not want to close the tax loopholes for corporations?

Get in on a conference call with Michele Bachmann today, May 5

Motives of American Muslims debated at Republican meeting in Fort Worth

Irony Alert (warning - graphic image)

poison water - pbs documentary

Fox News puts Miss California in the proper perspective

Support Rev. Billy

***Washington DC Council Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill!!!***

Cute Cinco De Mayo header on Yahoo - if you run your cursor/pointer

"`Rise of Obama, India and China could trigger violence in US'" - India Times

It wouldn't bother me to have a gitmo prisoner in a prison near me

I think it's terrific that Obama, the VP & some of his staff go out to

I love it that Obama, the VP and some staff go to lunch at the local eateries!

Clergy to lobby on hill for gay rights....

(Toledo, OH Roman Catholic bishop) bans gay-ministry talks

Sent to my inbox: Social Security Fix. Need fact checking!

Boehner Opposes Timetable for Afghanistan

Birther civil war - East Coast Berg faction sues West Coast Taitz faction

There is a desperate need to issue H1B visas to foreign economists:

Specter: "Just Too Cocky" ?

Poll: Even Republicans Want Specter To Back EFCA

The biggest change to the Internet in a Generation

Criticism of Iran's president raises questions about Ahmadinejad's support

Jim Bunning to Mitch McConnell: Stop Being Such a Loser

UK Permanently Bars US Homophobes Phelps, Savage

Senator Bernie Saunders on "The Guy James Show" at 3:45 Eastern today

US climate change denier James Inhofe joins Al Gore in fight against soot

D.C. Gay Marriage Measure Set for Mayor's Signature

An Open Letter To The GOP Senate Caucus Re: Arlen Specter

Biden says Israel must back two-state peace deal

Gubernatorial candidate posts nude photos online

Do you ever use inter-library-loan programs?

KBR Connected to Vast Majority Of Fraud, Pentagon Auditor Says

Sarah Palin is splitting the Republican Party right down the middle. is a Creationist Fraud

Plouffe, Rove Spar in California Video coming up on MSNBC

ARRGH!! Just had my morning ruined by latter day saints pushing

Officials tell schools not to close for swine flu

Can I plug a microphone into my PC mic input and listen to it on the headphones?

Top Senate Republican "serves notice" on Barack Obama over his choice for Supreme Court nominee.

Iraqi Gays Face Gruesome Torture/ Murder Technique

Rick Sanchez just said something funny. Anybody catch it?

Better than the US media..the BBC World News is back on.

Michael J. Fox to Rush Limbaugh: Screw You!

Bipartisanship reduced in House because rethugs can't smoke, don't socialize?!

Check out the new facebook group: Bring back Jay Severin NOW!

Kentucky Senate Primary Could GO GALT

No Matter What

Empathy = Showing sympathy or understanding the feelings of others.

Sanchez on CNN attackingTexas governor's hypocrisy...

401(k)s Hit by Withdrawal Freezes

RIP Dom DeLuise

Justification for murder

Misha Lerner the 10-year-old Bethesda Boy who took Condi Rice to task regarding torture

David Plouffe: Lessons on Bipartisanship from Rove are like

Privacy commissioners warn teenagers (and everyone else) about Facebook and MySpace

Maine House approves gay marriage

Bush gets 100 million $$$$ for his library...."still a pig"

I need some help regarding Bush vs. Obama spending.

And then there is the TIME 100

Penske to buy saturn?

Norway's "poo-poo terrorist" has been arrested

Republican Clown College.

Has Anyone Else Noticed on C-Span Recently, Today For Example

Prop 8 ruling by California Supreme Court by June 3rd.

Comment on Glenn Beck calling Government evil

So it looks like the Next Senator from PA will be Tom Ridge

She's young and stupid...

Look who is NOT welcome in the United Kingdom:

ABC: Specter Switch Makes New Enemies - In Both Parties

Suspect of accused of throwing baby from car: "It's a dirty game."

Letter to Wall Street Journal by Alisa Wilson

Former unit of Cheney’s firm makes up ‘vast majority’ of criminal audit cases in wake of Iraq war

The anti-war origins of Mother's Day

The anti-war origins of Mother's Day

Reid Spokesman: "We Are Just Going To Have To Disagree" With Specter About Minn. Senate Race

~** ATTN: MEDIA **~ Movement Conservatives invented the term "Activist Judges"

Let me tell you my Senator Specter story.

Hey MIke Pence

Greenwald on TNR's anti-latina smear of Sonia Sotomayer

"You go out to the mall, you might as well sign your own death warrant!"

Breaking: Protesters interrupt the

Michael Savage, Fred Phelps banned in Britain

Update: Bush officials trying to interfere with Justice Department ethics report

"Government run" healthcare.....

Atrios: And Then The Black People Took All The Supreme Court Spots

20-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Faces Death by Firing Squad in Laos

I am a member of the Axis of Empathy

It’s getting harder to not hate Republicans

Bushies Scrambling In Advance Of OPR Report

Obama official Kareem Dale confirms White House's love for MSNBC

BO and JB lunched at Ray's Hell-burgers today. Here's a video from a WaPo review of the place

Advice to Obama's Supreme Court Nominees. Answer every question asked with "I don't recall".

Carrie Prejean, Rick Warren both signed up with christian PR firm

Barack and Joe go to White Castle … I mean, Ray’s Hell Burger (Pool Report)

Benedict Arlen says he wants Sore-Loser Coleman to win in courts against Senator-Elect Al Franken

Interesting fact sheet on behavioral health issues related to pandemics

Specter says Coleman should be seated

Here, hold this bag. It's warm, it stinks and it's leaking, but it's yours.....

Repub Poll: Ridge beats Toomey in PA Primary by a landslide

EMPATHY is about caring. President Obama on EMPATHY(video)...

There is only one way to defeat Specter in the primaries and it may include Sestak but he won't win.

R.I.P., the Help Wanted classifieds

Bristol Palin is the"Teen Ambassador" for the Candies Foundation !

Rove: "We're the people that believe the small guy gets screwed"

Health Insurance Industry Leader Urges Regulation Over Government-Run Plan

GOP Listening Tour my arse. Look at who is "Campaigning" already!!!!!!!!

Duke University Press to Publish Dissertation by President Obama's Mother

Poll for Parents and grown children

Fresh Questions About the CIA’s Interrogation Tapes

A little diversion for today: THIS is how I want to dance at MY wedding:

EU takes aim at Canada, bans seal products

60 vote cloture is a rule of the Senate that can be changed.

Liberal Hunting Permit

If you missed Tweety as he PWNED Pence

Britain's Got Talent shines bright again!

Scientology Protestors Accosted In Nashville

two nuke plant events, one in Japan, one in US

Ed vs. Republican ex-doctor with a health care plan

Chrysler bankruptcy may hit Indian IT cos

Is Harry Reid WEAK? Or, is he just doing his JOB? Isn't he Doing it with Excellence?

LOL - Caption this pic

16 Pairs of Underwear Found Under Philip Markoff's Bed (Craiglist killer), 60 pairs of flexcuffs

With Obama As President - It's No Longer Fun Being Black

With Obama As President - It's No Longer Fun Being Black

Scientists Unveil Chocolate-fueled race car!

DU'ers need to CHECK this One Out! An Incredible Watch...for you Dem Lurkers, too!

Source: No criminal case likely over torture memos

They're Going To Make A Mockery Of The Public Option!

First U.S. Face Transplant Patient Appears Before Cameras

Single-Payer Health Care Myths and Facts

Economic Casualties Pile Into Tent Cities

I hate my cable company

Old S.C. school gets new look (and probably more)

Specter-lating in PA

Byron Dorgan’s Wife Lobbied Against Cramdown

I have a dilemma I could use help with

Single-payer health care is the same as having a public option

Photo could cost Stephanie Miller

Ray's Hell Burger ...... was visited today by two guys on their lunch break ......

How would the fundies react if they discovered the government owned an archive of gay porn?

a modest proposal to balance Sen. Schumer's health care reform sabotage....

Miss California Bible USA Carrie Prejean's Topless Photos Surface

Source: No criminal case likely over torture memos

CNN: Topless photo could cost Prejean pageant crown

Disgraced John Edwards back in the spotlight

FDA May Ban Life-Saving Cigarettes

in the fuck arlen dept: Specter Wants Coleman To Win In Minnesota

New Swine Flu Control Measures Announced.

If You Were President . . .

Union launches Wal-Mart organizing drive

$94.2 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan without timelines, restrictions, or money to close Gitmo

Michelle Obama excites crowd in UN visit

Obama can and should nip specter's "independence" in the bud

Condi Rice's Tortured Macaca Moment

Elizabeth Edwards: How I Survived John's Affair

Let's hear it for Aaron Sorkin and "The West Wing"

Who Ran Away With Your 401(k)?-How the boss absconded with your benefits. (Mother Jones)

Michael Savage banned from UK for preaching hate

Oh, this is good. Michael Savage barred from entering Great Britain

When a conservative asks do you want the government to determine health care...

Reminder! Please vote for Adam Lambert tonight on American Idol ! Support talent instead of hate!

Economic casualties pile into tent cities

Someone compared Obama to Hitler - what do I say?

Elizabeth Edwards tells Oprah about husband's affair, her battle with cancer

Visualizing Torture, With Lego

What is the basic worldview difference that makes some liberal and others conservative?

The Rude Pundit - The Death of the Republican Party, Part 1: Janet Jackson's Nipple of Doom

My son's music

Should jury nullification exist?

the super celibacy pledge: "Virgin LIps". No kissing until marriage

Gay man says he was forced out of partner's hospital room

Think there are no gangs in the suburbs? Think again

WOW - I didn't realize how scared USAmericans are . . .

Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims (CNN)

SCOTUS: Identity Theft Must Be Intentional to Be Illegal

RIP Dom DeLuise

Fox News blogger delivers a scathing personal attack against Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

RNC Clown College

May 30th: National Day of Action (Nationwide Rallies for Medicare for All)

Bad Trouble in Pakistan

First Victim on Road to Abu Ghraib: Rumsfeld Was Behind Torture of John Walker Lindh

Student Commits Suicide at Canandaigua Academy

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA07) "Single-payer national health care will be adopted here"

Join me on Saturday, May 9th for Stamp Out Hunger™

Gun owners are stocking up on so much ammo, suppliers can't keep up.

My better half's father was in town. He's a fire-breathing conservative.

[There is] a brutalizing aspect of being constantly in submission to your husband or to your father.

Dude… Schwarzenegger says it’s time to debate marijuana

Obama's a Good Tipper

Race-Baiting on Tweety. Buchanan Says "So What?" to Black Firefighters Being Fed Dog Food

Ed Schultz shuts up a GOP jerk who was dissing European and Canadian health care!

An open letter to "lawn care" companies:

A right-wing doctor faces the reality of our failing healthcare system.

A right-wing doctor faces the reality of our failing healthcare system.

Miss California ... Carrie Prejean Naked Photo Scandal

Could we make this video go viral? It's the doctors fighting for single payer

Single Payer HEROES!!!!!!!!

So, last Thursday I took the abortion pill.

Mormons baptized Obama's mother after her death, violated their own rules --Provo, UT, Herald

Exactly what does heckling accomplish?

'Judge rules teacher violated 1st Amendment... for calling Creationism bunk.'

you hear the argument that if we close bases around the world and

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar Sets Gray Wolves Up for Slaughter

Cop-killer raped 2 women on day of slayings

Russian hairdresser turns stickup merchant into sex slave

Springsteen to "outlasted the bastards".

French excel at leisure

While shopping for a good malpractice lawyer in Texas, my eyes have opened

Do you use Twitter? If so, what do you think of it?

Sen Max Baucus D-MT donor list for '08 election cycle.

Confirmed, Mormon Web site shows Obama's mother as baptized after death

Your Blog is a Weapon?

Cynthia McKinney - Obama Buyer's Remorse

Some Christians Have a Thin Skin!

Victoria "Dallas" Principal: Maid took dog for walkies, dog wouldn't poop, Victoria pulls gun

Time for Dancing With The Stars!

Three years after being sentenced to 12.5 years in jail, LARRY FRANKLIN IS STILL A FREE MAN!

Is it true what they say about that song MMMBop

I am in Columbia, MO - wow - its green and warm here

Don't post anything at all, nice or otherwise. Here, I'll start.

So who's watching the Celtics/Magic game?

I'm going to be on Dancing with the Stars!!!!

Dupe, deleted

The Zohan is Adam Sandlers best movie.

So when is Batman 3 coming out?

You might be seeing me on tomorrow's newscast...

I think it's going to rain until June here

See, now this is the kind of thing that'll drive me crazy.

Are chickpeas legumes?

Is there a DU facebook group or something?


Tonight's Lullaby - Seven Stars (to guide me)

So I signed my separation agreement tonight.

So Wolverine has this superduper healing ability, right?

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Mi Amigos Y Mi Amigas!

My wedding song.

I just read a "Star Trek" novel to prepare for the movie coming out

I have jury duty tomorrow...

Pink vs Beyonce

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

you know what maybe it is to much info

This Kitty ROCKS!!!!!!

Me, Ann and I think Joe the Plumber?

Is it bad that I look forward to stabbings??

Star Trek Tech We Use Today (Almost)

Question about crackheads

2 more hours!

Anybody like that "Shrek" song?

Don't say anything about a fellow DUer. NOTHING. Not a goddamn thing.

Say something nice about a fellow DUer, but don't type it here.

Play Ball!

A Neil Young Fest for my fellow recovering addicts (or just plain Young fans)

I got my phone blown up with text messages tonight...

Can an Ebay seller just decide not to sell whatever they were selling

Use these outlines to show us where you have an unnatural overgrowth of hair.


For someone who says absolutely nothing, I have a lot of threads going here

I was looking for Ann Miller's Too Darn Hot scene from Kiss Me Kate On YouTube

Only You

Well, I have done it again, I wasted another perfectly good hour

Televangelist and Pastor Meslissa Scott Has A Porno Past

By Your Side

Karma is a BEE-YOTCH when you're an selfish asshole driver

If you can't get to the Wolverine movie, here's one for you!

This time next week I'll be leaving for Minnesota....

Fun for Me

How Many People Is Too Many People To Have Sexual Intercourse With?

Can I Be Free From Crying


NY Fed in Bed with Goldman - Fed chair holds Goldman stock

The Time Is Now

one more thing to blame Nicholas Cage for

Think Twice

There is no Lamb of God song that Pantera couldn't have done better.

Safe From Harm

Make It Better

I regret to inform the Lounge that Dom DeLuise has died.

If any DUers are going to be in Upstate NY tomorrow...


Joba Chamberlain's mom arrested on meth charges

What are some good snack foods that give you a boost?

Revenge Of The Number

say chatterbox

All Mine

MEMORY TIME!!! What is the earliest major national or international event that you'd like to be able

personality crisis?

Hotel California

You know what will warm the cockles of one's heart?

Black Capricorn Day

Instruction Manuals for the USS Enterprise

Na Mangueira

Will Midlo's baby be as cute as Shell Beau's baby?


Bossa 31

I'm calling out Shell Beau!!!


Please donate to the Nickelback Defense Fund....

The Window of Joy is closed forevermore

I guess I better start looking for an infant to steal to shut you people up.

My Boston visit

you are waking my family

my friend

I love Smashbox cosmetic!

come outside

Pink Moon

my mood music for the day...

Have you ever told someone a sarcastic joke that they took seriously as good advice?

I know you're saddened by the loss of Dom Deluise but there is still good news...

Anne-Sophie Mutter - The fiddler who should be banned

Should I be gracious, or "I told you so?"

Is my seatbelt causing this?

What are you wearing right now?

Most orgasmic food item

Is my wife freaking nuts for wanting me to reuse zip-lock baggies she puts my snacks in?

A suppository and a question

NY and surrounding area Du'ers....If you are around near memorial day

Artists turns her old Skoda Fabia into an 'invisible car'

Dom DeLuise has died.

Invisible cloak

Invisible Touch

Would it be possible to genetically engineer a freeper, Bushbot, etc.,

You're going to have to kick someone off the boat, pick one

Invisible Man

Invisble Woman

Invisible Sun

Artist creates invisible car

Yes Man

Do we know if Midlo's grandchild will be a boy or a girl?

How to play Classical Gas

Scam e-mail I just got:


Who is the GREATEST LIVING AMERICAN? Send in your nominations

this is what passes as GREAT playing in my area

it's that time...

Cat Yodeling

Cat Yodeling

Hi Roon

Midlo is not going to be a mother. She is going be a GRANDMOTHER!!

2 women blow pot smoke in disabled child's mouth

Watched "The Changeling" last night....

Miss Universe to anti-gay group: Stop using Carrie Prejean pageant footage

Miss California says racy web photos posted to mock her fakes

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I composed a little song >>

The Spam Flu

'Dallas' star sued for pulling gun on maid -

Beer pong fight ends in death, police say

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday.

Wasilla must be a fun place to be a cop

Is it wrong to cut your spouse off from your health insurance because they're annoying you?

checking to see what happens...

Pink Floyd

World's Largest Swimming Pool

Trent Reznor Responds To Apple: You Want Obscene, I’ll Show You Obscene

I have the headache from HELL!

***ROON!*** Fix your beer pong link dammit!

Winnie the Pooh

Here's a Calvin & Hobbes from about 15 years ago that is surprisingly timely now.

More sad news out of Hollywood...

The sign above the Time Clock reads "No Cell Phones". Does that mean

What do you use as your home page on your computer?

So, is it stealing the company's electricity if you charge your personal

very long dr visit uneventful

Birthmarks? Who has 'em?

I just bought some kick-ass kim-chi

Just started my daily whiskey binge. I should be ready to post in a few hours.

My fiancee had never heard of the "Dark-sided/God Warrior" freak-out lady...

Girl allegedly finds condom in ‘Happy Meal’

I have nearly 300 followers on Twitter, but NO friends on YouTube: Will YOU be my YouTube Friend?

Brian Wilson, Pete Best, Christopher Reeve, Jill Kinmont. What do you think they have in common?

Call Out Another DU'er Here In This Thread!!!!!

I just tried accupuncture today!

What should I wear for jury duty tomorrow?

What should I wear for jury duty tomorrow?

PSA: If LostinVA asks what you want ready on the table when you get home from work...

WTF! Why do I have to check for duplicates? Midlo is the only one here "duplicating"

Interesting. I was on a job site in the Philly area yesterday, and apparently there had been a theft

So I just joined Twitter ...

Nuggets vs Mavericks

Majestic bird !

What is going on with napkins?

I just want you to know, that I each and every one of you, sincerely, from the very bottom.

I just saw my first Blackpoll Warbler...

I think I have swine flu...

I am so happy right now!!!

You know, it would be so easy to just give up.

New Dave blog: Douchebag Lama

My dear brothers and sisters......

The Onion - Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as 'Fun, Watchable'

Strange Maps: "How one Russian thinks America will fall apart"

For my 1,000th post I give of my cats

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/5/2009)

Why hasn't that president guy invited us DUers to dinner at the White House?

Patti Smith soon to be Meg White's MIL


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/5/09 (warning: graphic language; NSFW)

The Nationals didn't lose today...

Hearing, "Yankees Suck!" at Yankee Stadium

Bah! Gotta bring my VW beetle to the shop.....

The more I watch LOST, the more addictive it becomes

Have you ever had a family member try to sell you something you don't need?

Buttocks? Who has 'em?

Buttocks? Who has 'em?

Fry's Electronics

Ok, here are some pics from Hawaii:


I spent the last hour or so on the phone with Michelle Bachmann...

Play him off, Keyboard cat!

Whatcha listening to now?

Good morning Lounge

I am in the Jury Duty holding cell

Random Question of the Day: How can copper wire be melted?

Anyone else a Fable 2 Fan?????

I don't think DS1 understands this whole FWB thing.

What would be the most kick ass way for the world to end on 12/21/2012?

Five shopping days left people!

what do you reuse ,recycle and reduce to help mother earth?

Do you wear a seatbelt?

ARRGH!! Just had my morning ruined by latter day saints pushing

Favorite candle scent?

Is anyone here NOT getting divorced?

So if I liked the music of Spinal Tap, but was looking for music by bands that were serious about...


It seems that CreekDog isn't around - let's talk about him.

A little DU lovin', please.

Graywarrior is making an appearance at Whole Foods in Portland ME at 1 pm-ish

Favorite supporting character in a movie?

I haz LOLcat!

Day is Done

Did you know Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Mother's Day?

I've started my memoirs.

What's the best pet?

A Supposition and A Question

A little diversion for today: THIS is how I want to dance at MY wedding:

Miss California says racy web photos posted to mock her faith

I'm going to read this poem tomorrow at the open mic...

New Rock Church of Fire

If torture isn't prosecuted the way it should be, how's this for second best?

Cantor Briefly Rebrands The GOP Rebranding Effort - Press Release Messes Up Name of New Org.

Will Stevens and Ginsburg also retire within the next few years?

Per GOP ReBranding efforts: Mitt, paraphrasing. "We are looking for new Tricks to boost our Image"

AZ-01: More GOP Recruitment Woes

So the smears begin: Sotomayer is "dumb and obnoxious...a consolation prize for amnesty folks."

Clergy gather in D.C. to lobby for gay rights - Gene Robinson and 300 others...

Yeah but this graphic could mean anything, right? (Fox News via Newshounds)

BLT: SG Kagan Pays Tribute to Justice Souter

Listen Live to Howard Dean discuss Health Care at 9PM Eastern


So its been over 100 days of Obama...

Republican Rebranding session attendees agree on new GOP logo!

Another day where that wimp Harry Reid doesn't bring Dawn Johnson's nomination

Obama should nominate an experienced far-right Log Cabin Republican to The Supreme Court.

VA-Gov: Who knew?

FLASHBACK ... Kristol called for 2006 and 2008 to be "a referendum" on makeup on Supreme Court

Democrats deserve some credit for the dire situation the GOP finds itself in...

We should have a "Spit On A Republican" Day!

Miss California Bible USA Carrie Prejean's Topless Photos Surface

They Tortured With Good Will - Andrew Sullivan

From WH blog: NEC's Jason Furman responds to twitter/myspace questions on tax proposals

**ACTION ALERT: option **

FauxNews goes for the trifecta - adds “accurate” to “fair & balanced” slogan (VIDEO)

Groups push for first gay Supreme Court justice (POLITICO)

***HEADS UP*** David Plouffe Lecture at Panetta Institute - LIVE NOW Reinserts Call to “Repeal” Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


Annie Get Your Gumbo

I was thinking of a poster.

Given the administration's actions regarding the economy and the basic "structure" and

I would never let Joe the Plumber near my sink

At meeting with Obama, GOP leaders were ‘unprepared’ to make any ‘concessions’ on health care.

Rachel did a bit about Jeff Sessions and how racist he is. This is the guy

Sarah, Todd Palin: FauxNews guests for White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

What happened to Condi's eye?

Apologies and Arrogance

Remember the "shoddy conditions" of J.V. Martin Junior High School?

PHOTO Caption It? (May 5)

Any news on reconsideration of S.896 -- "Helping Families Save Their Homes" Act?

Mark these words. PA Senate race is going to make CT 2006 look tame

Condi:: Bush is a wuss....he was terrified....justified torture to get back at

A new LOLbama is up at ICHWH

Does every action taken require some kind of profit motive in order to be pure?

Michael Savage is banned from entering the UK......

Oopsie... Ridge Listed Residence in Maryland

"Reagan carried this state twice. I don’t think this state has changed."

Bank Stress Test Fails The Smell Test

Letterman Takes On Cheney For Attacking Obama (VIDEO)

PHOTO The many hair-dos of President Obama.

Obama Tax Haven Plan Faces Opposition From Democrats

Mike Pense wouldn't say he believes in evolution, when Chris Matthews

Discontinuing Religious Right-Focused Prayer Event At White House

Obama, Biden sneak out of White House for burger run (

Joke Or Not, I Still Want that Fool out of this Party and out of the Senate.

Specter: Norm Coleman Should Be Seated

Not important Prez news, but cute: pic of baby robins at WH

Dodd: Torture investigations may need to go as high as Cheney’s office.

Jake Tapper Tweets Press Stood for Bush - YouTube Video

MN-06: A candidate emerges to Dump Bachmann

EMPATHY is about caring. President Obama on EMPATHY(video)...

Sestak questions Specter's 'reliability'

Gun ammo is flying off of the gun store shelves!

Specter's remark about Coleman coming up on Hardball...

Colbert: "Clearly Obama plans to appoint a drug-addled evolutionist with swine flu." (VIDEO)

"Specter receives warm reception from Dems "

Specter wants Coleman seated...I think it's a joke, people.

Interior Secretary Salazar to Appear on 'The Daily Show' Thursday

Not bad at all...

Specter: Norm Coleman Should Be Seated

First Lady "thrilled...on a high" after recording Sesame Street. "Best thing i've done so far..."

Oh sweet Jesus; Limbaugh, "GOP leaders hate Palin" Cantor forced to add her to rebranding

CSPAN video of 2nd Circuit oral argument including Judge Sotomayor (torture and rendition)

Making a big deal out of the Specter joke makes us look as dumb as the majority of Freepers.

I am listening to Mark Thompson right now and he has a brutha on right now by

Specter's switch (and subsequent lamitude) ensures that he has no love from anyone

20 ways Obama is NOT approaching this "recession" like Roosevelt approached a 3 year old "depression

Kerry Introduces Legislation to End Gender Disparity in Individual Health Insurance Market

Kerry Introduces Legislation to End Gender Disparity in Individual Health Insurance Market

The firsts account of Kerry speaking at AIPAC that I can find

I got my Barack Obama prize!

Can't Some DEMOCRAT Jump In For Franken, Or Are We Gonna Let The repuglicans Do All The Talking?

The Obama effect on the Nation vs. his effect on the GOP!

Bush officials lobbying Obama Justice Department to ‘water down’ torture report.

Talk radio hater Michael Savage barred from entering UK due to "extreme views".

Durbin: Obama 'dream come true'

Ron Paul's Clout Grows Within GOP Minority, Among Some Dems

Buyer's Remorse Poll: Specter

Two guys walk into a burger joint.... (video)

Why did we want Specter in the party?

MSNBC showing Obama and Biden at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, VA.

VA-Gov: PPP Poll Shows McAuliffe Surging in Dem Primary

What Do You Think About specter's "Seat coleman" Comment?

Photobucket and racist images of the President.

At meeting with Obama, GOP leaders were ‘unprepared’ to make any ‘concessions’ on health care.

PHOTOS Shocking: The First Lady of Recycling.

Chris Hedges on "the Obama brand"

Watching Tweety and his segment on John Edwards... ugh...

PHOTO Soylent Brice, your powers of comparison are unrivalled!

The focus shouldn't be on Specter, but on these Senators/seats,

PHOTOS Mmmm, burgers.

Pat Buchannan: What is happening right now to white men is the same thing that happened to blacks!

So Obama's mom is a Mormon now??

Calif. Gay Marriage Backers Poised to Try Again in 2010


So, I listened to Rush today for about 1/2 hour - (You're gonna love it)

Bush officials lobbying Obama Justice Department to ‘water down’ torture report.

Pelosi aide begs for our faxes on single payer -- send a fax for FREE right now

largely due to the fact that 50 per cent of the individuals in my vicinity...

Harry Reid fails at long term thinking regarding Specter

Student Wins Suit After Teacher Says Creationism 'Superstitious Nonsense'

Probe call in Afghan 'convert' row

CDC Reconsidering Guidance On Flu School Closings

Apple and Google 'probe launched'

Sessions Was Blocked by Judiciary Commitee in 1986

About 10 US stress test banks need capital-source

Pakistan court acquits two over attack on French

Suicide bomber kills 6 in Pakistan

KBR looms large in auditors' review of cases for criminal investigation

Religious freedom panel adds Iraq, Nigeria to list of concern

Britain's 'least wanted' blacklist published

Advances by the Taliban Sharpen U.S. Concerns

Coca-Cola, Oracle, Intel Use Cayman Islands to Avoid U.S. Taxes

FBI and police review YouTube videos of recent Kent State riot for evidence of excessive force

Think there are no gangs in the suburbs? Think again

Kerry, Lugar aim to triple nonmilitary aid to Pakistan

US mum on Afghan leader's running mate choice

Probe of interrogation memo lawyers nears end

India, Suddenly Starved for Investment

ISM: Economic Decline To Continue For Rest Of 2009

Mexican plane en route to pick up nationals in China

U.S. government loses immigrant identity-theft case

First Victim on Road to Abu Ghraib: Rumsfeld Was Behind Torture of John Walker Lindh

China changes visa rules for US citizens

Use Of Drugs To Treat Mental Illness Rockets In The U.S.

Prosecutor says Bolivian opposition backed plot

French excel at leisure

Bankruptcy (Sentinel Management Group) Sleuths Find Cash in Trader Receipts for Lap Dancers

Obama’s Bid to End Offshore Tax Havens Faces Hurdle in Congress

Former Iraqi allies turn against US

What a week for immigration reform - SEIU

Iraq insists on US leaving cities by June 30

Maine moves a step closer to allowing gay marriage (House Approval)

White House Keeping NYC Flyover Pics Under Wraps

D.C. Gay Marriage Measure Set for Mayor's Signature

Search for US poet in Japan to be scaled down

House Dems reach 'cash-for-clunkers' deal

EU bans chemical used in Chinese leather goods

Book by President Barack Obama's mother, S. Ann Dunham, to be published

Afghan Taliban spokesman: We will win the war

Michael Savage: Banned in Britain

Former Bush Officials Work to Soften Ethics Report on Interrogations

Waxman predicts climate change passage this year

Former unit of Cheney’s firm makes up ‘vast majority’ of criminal audit cases in wake of Iraq war

Embattled coal industry wages multifront lobbying war

Social site warning for teenagers

Spanish judge asks US if it will probe torture

Ridge mulls possible bid for Specter's Senate seat

"Baby dies after being attacked, thrown from car"

Chrysler bankruptcy may hit Indian IT cos

Pregnancy may help Briton avoid firing squad: Laos

Economic casualties pile into tent cities

D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed in Other States

DOJ Report: No Interrogation Memo Prosecutions

Georgia says it halts army mutiny (tank battalion)

Sessions to lead GOP fight on court nomination

Deadline for Bush lawyers to respond to (DOJ) probe passes

(Boston) Globe proposes 23 percent pay cut

Tainted liquor kills 8 in eastern India

State attorney general files charges against ACORN, 2 employees

(Miss California Carrie) Prejean says racy Web photos posted to mock faith


Man faces prison for stealing government laptops

Actor Dom DeLuise Dies at 75

First U.S. Face Transplant Patient Appears Before Cameras

U.S. Wants Israel, India In Anti-Nuclear Arms Treaty

(Philippe Sands) Bush administration 'could face charges over Guantanamo torture'

Obama to Nominate New Head of Consumer Safety

Biden tells AIPAC: Israel must support two-state solution

Former Bush Officials Work to Soften Ethics Report on Interrogations

Torture Memo Probe May Lead To Disbarments

US charges father of money market funds (Bruce Bent, Sr.) with fraud

US resident dies from swine flu

Bernanke: Recession Will End Soon But Pickup Will Be Slow

Republican Senator Blocking Obama's FEMA Nominee

UK 'least wanted' list published

Chrysler won't repay bailout money

Illinois prisons: Low-level inmate is killed by cellmate with violent past when Illinois prison...

Poll finds for first time, majority in Calif. support legal marijuana

Georgia 'uncovers military coup'

Schumer Offers Middle Ground on Health Care

Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims

Fed Rejects Request to Help Credit Card Holders

Liberty City Six jury deliberations at a standstill

Peace Deal Crumbling, Pakistan Warns: Flee

AIG reveals (additional) $454 million in 2008 performance bonuses

Spanish judge sends Guantanamo inquiry

Swine flu no worse than regular flu, Napolitano says

European Union Makes History by Banning Trade in Seal Products

(NYT Breaking) Justice Report Opposes Prosecuting Torture-Memo Authors

Bristol Palin promotes teen pregnancy prevention

Nepal parties meet to address political crisis

Arrested at 13 for a murder he didn't commit, US man freed after 16 years in prison

Maine House passes LD 1020 -Same Sex Marriage

Health care activists disrupt Senate Finance Committee hearing

Mozambique arrests 'dam plotters'

Pakistan expects up to 500,000 refugees from Swat

Schwarzenegger open to studying marijuana tax idea

European Parliament approves ban on seal products

Senate panel starts inquiry into CIA interrogation program

Battle erupts in west Afghanistan after executions

Michelle Obama at the Sojourner Truth Bust Unveiling

Raw Video: Date Night for the Obamas


First Lady Michelle Obama Takes Questions From School Children

CNN: Chicago 15-Year-Old Killed - Beaten, Shot, Set on Fire

Young Turks: Obama To Discriminate Against White Men -- Time's Mark Halperin

DN! Vice President Biden to Headline AIPAC Conference

With New President Comes New Fears

Obama To Meet With Afghanistan/Pakistan Leaders

Rep. Paul Broun (R - of course) Says All Americans Have Access to Healthcare---The Emergency Room

Howard Dean Talks Healthcare on The ED Show

Rachel Maddow reports on the Grand Old Pizza Party

Sen. Jeff Sessions' Racism

William Greider on his new book "Come Home, America" Pt. 2 of 3

Rachel Maddow discusses the off-shore tax havens, talks w/Austan Goolsbee about closing them

Cinco de Mayo - President Obama at the White House (plus tiny oops moment)

Rachel Maddow: New SJC Ranking Member Sen. Jefferson Sessions (R-AL) - His Racist Issues?

Young Turks: How Much Does A Racist Radio Host Make?

Ed Show: Rep. Nadler - It's Our Duty to Investigate Torture

Obama 100 Days set to NBA on NBC Theme song

ANIMATION: Dharma Bums by Ted Rall

Young Turks: Is This the Fate of the GOP?

Gov. Kaine Goes To An ATM

Grassley: Sessions Has No 'Affiliation With Any Past Statements He Made'

Sestak: Dem Establishment Accepted Specter For "Expediency"

Live and Let Live Ad Inspiring Calls to the Governor's Office

Condi Rice Silenced by 4th Grader

Scarborough Warns Pence Not To Criticize Limbaugh

Condoleezza Rice Defends Bush Torture Policy Again

MOE ! Earth Day 2009 DC - All Roads Lead To Home - JTMP

The GOP Rebrand: Time, Time, & More Time

TYT: Surprise Pick For The Supreme Court?

Pence denies global warming and evolution

With New Administration Comes New Fears

Day in 100 Seconds - Cinco de Mayo Style

William Greider on his new book "Come Home, America" - Pt. 3

OMG! reporters stand for Obama but didn't for Bush!!!

Republicans asked for ideas on health coverage Instead Offers Tired Attacks On Single-Payer

Jack Cafferty reports that religion makes people LESS moral. Huh, who'd of thunk it?

Cafferty File: Should Republicans listen to Jeb Bush now?

Miss California Naughty Pix Controversy Undermines 'higher purpose' - breaks contract?

Obama and Biden go for lunch

Pain Management a health care FAILURE and TRAVESTY

Code Pink protester Desiree Fairooz on Table at AIPAC as Shimon Peres Speaks

GOP's Pence Trounced on the way to the Promised Land - Hardball FAIL

Senator Chris Dodd open to torture hearings

William Greider on his new book "Come Home, America". Democracy Now 5/5/09. 1 of 3

Hasselbeck tells Hannity that Barack & Michelle wouldn't meet with him because he's dangerous

Interrogating Torture

Justices Agree to Take Up Sentencing for Young Offenders.

TYT: GOP Fight To Keep Tax Loopholes For Big Business

GOP’s Latest Makeover = Mystical Pizza

Court Bars Identity-Theft Law as Tool in Immigration Cases.

AT&T + U-Verse + Direct TV + Cingular + SBC + AT$T @ $16 Billion = Monopoly, that is against the Law

It's time to tweet the hops free: Alabama senator blocking Alabama bill to allow real beer

AIPAC Conference Comes Amid Turmoil

HRH The Prince of Wales Delivers Webcast to Online Community and Launches New Campaign Video

Interrogation Debate Sharply Divided Bush White House (Boston Globe)

What's wrong with the Republican party according to Arlen Specter & Joe Scarborough

GOP Has Hit the Dead-End of Politics: Who's Going to Buy Their Fear and Hysteria?

The road to Tent City

The Wholesale Sedation of America's Youth

Leonard Pitts Jr.: When ignorance of history, civility meet

Joe the RNC Chair

Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16 Year Old Boy

Condi Ignored Warnings: '4th Grader Determined to Strike'

For her an uproar, for him a whisper

Jack Kemp’s Futile Quest

Obama to Hire 800 IRS Agents go after Corporate Tax Shelters/Cayman Islands

The GOP Deserves Its Current State of Isolation

Barack Obama torpedos Bangalore -- again

Russ Feingold on Democracy Now, Video.

Can Obama curb offshoring with tax code?

Mitch McConnell is against closing tax loopholes for tax evaders

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Wackiest Moments

Elizabeth Kucinich explains opposition to Single Payer Healthcare

Limbaugh's living large while radio boss Clear Channel implodes

If Torture is Not Punished, Charles Manson Should be Freed

Can the Neocons Jump to the Dems?

Voices from Vermont and America on Credit Card Rip-Offs

How Tax Havens Helped Create The Financial Crisis

The Battle for Healthcare Begins by Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Obama's tax plan could push up outsourcing cost 50%


India, Suddenly Starved for Investment

In Pictures: President Obama hosts White House to Light House Wounded Warrior Soldier's Ride

BushBots Furiously Working to Contain Torture Ethics Report

Senate Health Care Hearing Starts off In Protest

Fox Crops (MediaMatters)

TYT: Republicans Ready To Fight Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

Indian IT professionals upset with Obama

40 Million Nonbelievers in America? The Secret Is Almost Out

Stray Cats

Feingold Vid: Obama's Use of State Secrets, Cheney Prosecution, Torture, Bybee Impeachment, FISA

MUST READ! Chrysler Creditors May Have Bought Credit Default Swaps!


Ed Show: Stand With Dr. - Heath Care Reform

Prosecutor says Bolivian opposition backed plot

Death Of Colombian Radio Journalist

La Jornada Columnist, Jaime Aviles: "Mexico's Plague-Bringers - Name the Dead!"

Ricardo Alarcon: "This is the Revolution that We Dreamed Of"

Montreal Conf. on Democracy and Elections in Cuba - this is a keeper for reference

An Interview with Cesar Chavez - May 17, 1968

Google translation on Bolivian assassins testimony by Ignacio Villas:

The Trouble With Lithium

Drumbeat: May 5, 2009

Arizona State University Energizes West Campus with (3.3 MW) Solar Project

Siemens In US Wind Turbine Production Plan (400 new jobs, Kansas)

American Foulbrood Hitting South African Bee Colonies - First Outbreak In 150 Years

Rainforest film brings out stars - includes BBC video

Vestas to cut 600 jobs in UK after "losing faith" in local market (plus 1200 in Denmark)

Cumbrian farmers to generate own energy through biogas plan

Average hurricane season foreseen by CSU, but TSR predicts an active season

John Tomlinson beats his own record for climate denial nonsense - falsehood every 21 words

New KS governor is agreeing to the damn coal plant

Climate change threatens Lake Baikal's unique ecosystem (CNN)

Grid preparedness for geomagnetic storm damage

Oil execs seen rough path for alternative energy (who knew?)

Richard Heinberg: Somebody's Gotta Do It

In Bolivia, 18,000-Year-Old Chacaltaya Glacier Now Gone - Melt Was Faster Than Expected

Amazon rainforest threatened by new wave of oil and gas exploration

European Parliament approves ban on seal products

Arizona hospital sees spike in snake bites

Outspoken hurricane scientist Ivor van Heerden cut loose by LSU

trumad your wait is over

Nationals 9, Astros 4!!!

Ryan Howard must have a hunting license

How 'bout those Fakers and Celtics?!

Red Sox at Yankees

Dodgers improve to 11-0 at home, beat Arizona 7-2

That loud noise you are hearing coming from Washington

We Got Rid of Bush, But We Aint Never Going to Get Rid of Brett Favre

Brett Favre, go away.......and stay there.

USW members to lobby Congress over tax relief for struggling paper industry

Labor is Not a Commodity: Rosemary's Story: Fired for being pregnant

Huffington Post: America's RNs call for much broader response to swine flu

Nurses Congress to Address Health Care Crisis

Pay for Performance? No Thanks, I’m a CEO

Letter Carriers Poised For Massive Annual Food Drive

Today in labor history May 5 troops fired in the crowd, killing 7 & starting of the Battle of Harlan

Hotel Workers Organizing in Indianapolis

urgent action - 'Ethical' Unilever Denies Employment to Lipton Workers Challenging Disposable Jobs

Troy, NY Labor Council Latest To Endorse Conyers Single Payer Bill

U.S. Supreme Court bans key tool in immigration raids

AP: Toyota car assembly plant labor leader killed in Venezuela

Union Leaders and Community Supporters Plan Protest of Verizon's Lack of Respect for Workers

Warehouse Sit-Down in California’s Inland Empire 13 arrests

Does your local need some new items to wear to show your pride?

Three Unions Are Forming An RN Nurse "Super-Union"

i have a question for gay DUERS


Hate Radio's Amputee Stump Fetish

Interesting op-ed about equal marriage from a straight, divorced writer.

Maine State House gay marriage debate, is the video available?

Miss Calif. denounces racy pic posting

Maine house OKs gay marriage bill

assistance from LBGT sisters and brothers

Marie Osmond on Gay Rights and Her Lesbian Daughter

Greek court annuls gay marriages

gOd Hates Figs (and plays laser tag)

Topless photo could cost Prejean pageant crown

Maine House to take up gay marriage bill (Portland Press Herald 5/5/09)

Miss KKKalifornia's Biblically Correct chrisTian Titty Pic 4 Those Who Believe in Opposite Marriage

Major Winchester from M.A.S.H comes out!

Is it okay to be gay yet?

Iraqi Gays Face Gruesome Torture/ Murder Technique

Washington DC passes bill to recognized out of district Same-Sex Marriages.

Gay Portrayals in the Media

Is NuvaRing Dangerous?

Anyone here knows about hearing aid?

Schizophrenia Reseach from the NIMH

Medical Mistakes

North Carolina Senate passes anti bullying bill with gays specificly protected

Reminder, please vote for Adam lambert toght and vote for talent over hate! The fundies are massing

Barry Warns of "Civil War" Over Gay Marriage

Where the Pope Inspires No Hope

Eric Cantor needs to go

Avigdor Lieberman Threatens Action Against Iran If No Progress In 3 Months

Peretz: Barak forcing us to consider forming new party

Bereaved family gets seizure order against PA

Israeli envoy taunted with anti-Semitic slurs in Madrid

U.S. urges Israel to sign anti-nuclear arms treaty

UN report accuses Israel of recklessness in Gaza

Biden tells AIPAC: Israel must support two-state solution

Rabbis call on govt to "guard" Israel's daughters

Netanyahu: 'We want peace with Arab world'

Israeli Soccer Team Penalized for Fans' Anit-Islamic Chants

Hamas Says It Has Halted Rocket Strikes on Israel

Spurred by Gates, Congress May Consider Overhauling Military Health Care

Oregon lawmakers: close handgun records

TN: Bill making permit holder information secret clears House

X-Post -- “Phoenix man rejoins NRA and ACLU” interesting solution to protect ALL civil liberties.

Gunmen kidnap 3 year old boy

**INVESTOR SPECIAL** Assault Weapon 10 pack

Lance Thomas, Shop owner with a gun survives 4 attacks by gang members.

“Proposed gun law couched states' rights language” MT gives bird to anti-RKBA, will UT follow?

Just some points of discussion for the great DU gun debate.

Should felons be allowed to own/possess firearms?

Running out of Solutions

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/04/09

The news you dio not see: # of properties sold for unpaid taxes soaring.

Manufacturing Index indicator of Recession Bottom

Once ‘Very Good Rent Payers’ Now Facing Eviction

Debating a so-called "Democrat Centrist" now

Climbing Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona

Three pictures taken while eating lunch at an outside table

Early May Sun Set

How many of you folks have cats?

The Bottom

The Jews are to blame

Use Of Drugs To Treat Mental Illness Rockets In The U.S.

The Stars This Week: "Return to Old Ideas" - May 4 - May 10, 2009

Settlers chop down Palestinians' olive, fig trees near Ramallah

On 2012 and the midpoint of the Sixth Night

sad synchronicity (or coincidence, takes your pick)

After Life in The Lounge...

Something I've wanted to ask for a while: do you believe in the devil?

Dolores Cannon interviews Bob Dean regarding UFO's and ET's - 54:41 - Nov 28, 2008

Ear Plugs to Lasers: The Science of Concentration

America's 11 most endangered historic places announced

A touch of green from strawberry hill

Dinosaur footprint fossils face the triple threats

Dinosaurs Lived in the Arctic

50 Years of Seeking E.T.

Merck and Elsevier Create Fake Medical Journal

A Battle to Preserve a Visionary’s Bold Failure

"Obama plans proclamation, not event, for National Day of Prayer"

How does this commentary on a NY Times Op-Ed piece make you feel?

"US panel: Religious freedoms ebbing in Russia."

Baptismal Abductions: Kidnapping In The Name Of The Lord

Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge

Ravioli Casserole?

Dan Barber named top chef in US at food `Oscars'

?? about why grocery produce dept. sprays the veggies with water.

Anyone have recipes for mayonnaise?

Avacado Oil ...Anyone?

I have four mangoes...

I decided not to go to the teacher appreciation reception tomorrow

Britain's Got Talent shines bright again!

Top AIDS researcher lured away by Florida

Ready to Vote? Nova Scotia's Minority Tory Government Falls