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The Real World . . .

GOP unveils health care plan

U.S. Army paid bonuses to KBR despite questions (about "electrocution deaths of U.S. soldiers")

Did anyone just catch KO

347 convicted terrorists are already being held in US prisons.

Stupid and Spineless Redux

What is missing ...

Those voting NO on stripping funding to close Gitmo

Carrie Prejean’s Mother Is Gay?

Vince Bugliosi wrote a book threatening to bring charges against W

Help me undestand this - if I am wrong (due to understanding) set me straight

Simon seems kind of bored.

Right wing civil war: Michael Savage lashes out at Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh

OK DUers I need your thoughts on how Obama will

Republickers: "These terrorists can melt bars and walk through walls! They can hypnotize

Has anyone ever used Lending Tree as means to find a mortgage?

John Weaver: GOP "Headed For A Blowout" In 2012 If Cheney, Limbaugh, Palin Lead

Weird Science: Mixing Carbon NanoTubes With Plastic

Weird Science: Mixing Carbon NanoTubes With Plastic

Medical Professionals: What kind of cancer is this?

Postville: One Year Later

Health Care Activists Battle Powerful Insurance Companies

Obama Huddles With Human Rights Groups Before Security Speech

Bombshell Report Ties Gonzo to Torture, Months before "Authorization"

a wonderful animal rescue person -- Sue Underwood --

Political discussion on the Democratic Party for the Progressives at the forum : Investigative journalism online

Why is Rumsfeld the whipping boy du jour?

Today we moved another little step closer to marriage equality in America

ACLU Has PROOF - Gonzales Approved Torture Months Before Memos Written

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Which is the worst?


I'm willing to support the Health Care plan if:

And here is the religious nuts response to IDA, you've been warned

Blind Bakersfield boy: 'Daddy ate my eyes' (Video)

MP3 of Obama's call to space shuttle Atlantis...

Bill Maher on Jay Leno: A President is a TV personality

Is Politics "just a game" to you?

WoW!! I was just searching for words to express MY feelings and

Best WTF ever KO

If you're being pummeled from the left and pummeled from the right, it is easy to make it stop

Rick Reyes: Washington Repeating Iraq Mistakes in Afghanistan

It's slowly sinking in that the Repub Party of NO won't ever work with Obama in a bipartisan way....

CIA Interrogation Briefing List Contains More Errors

Spoiler Alert...American Idol....The Conservatives Viewers Spoke ...... Spoiler Alert

Gitmo - The New Baby Boomer Retirement Plan.......

Deleted. Dupe.

Get The Gitmo Prisoners Into U.S. Prisons And Close Gitmo......


Yankee Buccaneer.

Obama's Warfare State

It is possible that Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi won ...?

Can Cheney be declared an enemy combatant? n/t

FYI: Liz Cheney Shares Powerful Insights!

A Disturbing Patent....

What are some of the worst facts/statistics you can find about health insurance corporations?

Iran fires missile, tests US

Hooked on Liberals: Michael Steele: "Liberalism will kill you."

4296 in Iraq, In Afghanistan 685

In Defense of George W. Bush

Oops -Airline pilot 'failed breath test'

Italian Prosecutor: Enough Evidence for CIA Convictions

Limbaugh likes anal rape jokes

found this website: Share The World's Resources: sustainable economics to end global poverty

If they manage to take down Pelosi

Transgender Woman in Maine Wins Discrimination Lawsuit Against Denny's

Did Halliburton ever build that death chamber at Guantanamo?

Harold Ford, Jr...his 'place' on MorningJoe is obvious...

Sen. George McGovern being interviewed right now on The Sam Greenfield Show

George W. is coming to my town tomorrow and everyone is all goo-gooing about it.

Hey Mrs. Massimino! it's your boy!!! HI MOM!

US Attorney General to talk with CARICOM counterparts

US says only 30 Afghan civilians died in bombing

mika....FAIL!!....your outrage is better saved for something like a movie review...

surge update - 3 U.S. soldiers killed as bombs hit Iraq cities

Pragmatic govt. vs. bold govt.

Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans

Oh so *that's* what a legislative branch looks like

"New York City deserves to get hit again." Freeper

What are the names of the doctors who assisted in torture? Anyone know?

Anyone know what time The President's statement on Military Commissions is today?

McChrystal & Pelosi-

Only one speech today, not two

Oddly, Mark Halperin wasn't too bad this morning with Joe.

Eyes Forward on Intelligence-By Bob Graham: Torture 'Demonstrates Relationship Has Been Shattered'

Rep. Berman: State Dept. will establish benefits for same-sex diplomats in the ‘very near future.’

Is there an inside "conspiracy" against Barack Obama?

Morning DU - Not Morning Joe

CNN and other news keep covering the MN teen who refuses Chemo, yet ignores

The New Republic thinks Obama's war on terror is fabulous.

This INFURIATES me -- "Child Witches: Accused in the Name of Jesus"

The Sleeper (cell) of the Senate--- Meet Senator Max Baucus

Online FOIA request

So the big terrra plot

"Leave Rush alone!!!"

Vigilantes move against auto-warranty robo call company

4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC targets, shoot down planes in Newburgh, NY

Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans

Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans

The Two RNCs

Has Obama's speech been released prior to his giving it?

So Fred Phelps is coming to us in the "Sodom of the South",

The Media Loves Its (Manufactured) Showdowns...

Official: Gitmo suspect to be sent to NY for trial

What new name for the Republican party?

Rachel and Scary Music

Sexual-Harassment Cases Plague U.N.

Baghdad: 3 Killed, 9 Wounded...Actually, 15 killed, 34 wounded, if you include those other people...

One week left for ALL US troops to get out of EVERY Iraqi city

the "Partial Pro-Life Party": caller on Randi's show said this is more accurate

Right -wing media hyping up Cheney's speech today...

Who the fuck cares what DICK Cheney says

Who the fuck cares what DICK Cheney says

msnbc...split screen...Obama speaking on left with cheney's quotes on right

Greenspan Says U.S. Banks Still Have `Large' Unfunded Capital Requirement

Ritter vetoes labor measure - CO

Was A Brain-Injured-Disabled Man: Tortured & Experimented Upon-Deprived Of His Liberty & Life?

If Dick Cheney were smart, he would develop sudden laryngitis

Michelle's fashion choices drive sales UP.. but , to be fair

We The People - a Toon

there's a dick in the house

Thank you Elizabeth Edwards for fighting for a public healthcare option

just now on the M$NBC fade to commercial...(paraphrasing):

Team Coleman to Minnesota: Fuck You

What is the contact addresses of MSNBC and CNN

F U dick. I'd rather be tortured than listen to a single, filthy word you have to say

CIA is doing itself zero favors trying to show Pelosi, others in Congress, are liars

Electric vehicle battery exchange station demonstrated.

The GOP needs a zipper to keep this fucking Dick from flopping in the breeze ...

Augghh! Who's that creepy guy on my TeeVee?

Torture Question

can you believe this shit?....cnn

So was American Idol rigged or what?

I Find It Unbelievable That Cheney Is Even Having To Say The Things He's Now......

I Find It Unbelievable That Cheney Is Even Having To Say The Things He's Now......

my nephew the war hero. sigh.

Not much feeling or passion there Dick. You don't even sound sincere.

No seriously GEM$NBC will be discussing Cheney's address

Remember: "Cheney is a coward"

Dick Cheney: "9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11"

Anybody know how to make a DUzy nomination?

From inside the asylum

Methinks, Cough - Whine - and nine eleven,

Paging Colonel Wilkerson....

The Party of "So."

jeebsus...the Dick was painting such an invalid argument that even Andrea Mitchell had to point out.

From my Cheney archived photos - Is this the time to ask for a caption?

MSNBC/CNN/Faux give Free Airtime to the Shadow President...Shocking...

I am simply stunned....

Hate Crimes Law opponents find a new ally, an Anti-Semitic Imam

So what Did I miss?

Cheney Calling For Documents To Be Declassified That He As A Private Citizen Now Has Reviewed At....

Love the Evil Dick Pic over at Halerpin

I'm only watching MSNBC but is the rest of the media lining up to suck Dick off?

So which is it Dick?

I can't believe that Dick Cheney is their best spokesperson to defend their positions

I have seldom been more proud to be a Democrat.

Porter Goss Won’t Say Whether He And Pelosi Were Told About Use Of Torture

Watching the President speak weekly

Dick "the RW Whore" Gregory now commenting on MSNBC...

US Colonel Advocates US 'Military Attacks' on 'Partisan Media'.

Dramatic increases in water bills expected globally, including South Florida

Robotic collection agency calls...

For your edification - Text of Cheney speech.

We must tell him he is wrong

Dear Dick --

I have a New Name for the GOP now that the Grand OLD Party has pick us a new name!

I have a New Name for the GOP now that the Grand OLD Party has pick us a new name!

meanwhile... 3 more US soldiers killed in Iraq today...

Frankly I'm confused about Obama's health plan or what he stands for after I

so...the man who was, arguably, the second-most-powerful person on earth the past 8 years...

I am shocked ..... Dick brought up 9/11

The Cheney Speech: Illogic, Misinformation, And Strawmen

Did Anybody Get The Impression That After Cheney Finished His Speech He Was Going.......

Dick Cheney seeks to limit discussion to one practice (waterboarding) used on 3 men

After hearing President Obama's speech, I expect that there will be a FLOOD of negative comments by

After hearing President Obama's speech, I expect that there will be a FLOOD of negative comments by

3 letters about Dick Cheney.

H.R. 1207 - Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 - 175 Cosponsors

Dear MSM: Can we have Melea and Sasha on to analyze Obama's speech?

I just completed my act of defiance of Obama's lawyers.

who is in a good mood today?


If it wasn't for Imus being stupid, Morning Joe Schmo would be on FAUX where he belongs

James Madison: Of all the enemies of true liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded

As if the coverage of Dick wasn't bad enough, why do we have to hear from Liz Cheney?

Indict Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and the rest now.

Flatulence from an Alternate Universe

Flatulence from an Alternate Universe

Are you homeless now and a member of DU?

How Bruce Lee Changed the World; Two hour Prime-Time special tonight on the History Channel.

Now if one MSM so called journalist or pundit calls Cheneys appearance what it is..

Andrea Greenspan: Who won today, politically...

Ed is kicking Joey Scar's ass!

I hope I’m not around to see the US like this.

True or False: Dick is scared he might be prosecuted for war crimes?

Army Ranger and medal winner argues for repeal of DADT

Hey Chuck Todd - Dick Cheney is not the Vice President


CNN pushing Cheney..time to boycott

Chuck Todd takes over coverage on MSNBC and immediately shows

Why does Yahoo show so many Fox News videos?

"'What Pelosi knew' is a 'war on terrorism' red herring" by Larry Chin (5-20-09 Online Journal)

To those concerned about the amount of air time Dick Cheney continues to receive...

Bristol Palin's People Magazine Cover is a Total Promotion for Teen Pregnancy!

Cheney Shits On The Constitution With His Every Word

Cheney is a megalomaniac.

So do you think Obama really means what he said in this quote from his speech today?

Bank Execs Profit on Death of Employees....disgusting

Cheney Just Can't Stand It Can He? No Longer Being The Big Kahuna On The Block

Prehistoric Goposaur "Newt" Uncovered

Are we so proud of our War on Terror if attacks increase outside of the US?

ACLU: California School Bans Sixth Grader’s Presentation on Harvey Milk

Bush didn't watch Cheney, Obama speeches (CNN) {GREAT excuse!!}

CNN Poll: Whom do you agree with most on closing Guantanamo Bay?

About the revised military tribunal rules the president outlined . . . this was positive:

Does MSNBC Realize That Chuck Todd Is An Idiot?.......

The media's game with this Obama vs Cheenee bullshit

I Think Cheney Just Made Matters Worse

in the Green Zone is the largest embassy in the world.

Benen: Cheney has a problem with euphemisms?!

Not to change the subject, but what's the latest on the anthrax attacks?

Wouldn't be a Cheney terror speech with out a Saddam - 9/11 connection

Good Evening Free Republic

If Cheney goes to prison, and his cellmate subjects him to an "Enhanced Seduction Technique" ...

If we can pay $4.00 for gas we can afford single-payer healthcare.

It's fucking bullshit entrapment and it will be used to continue Bush/Cheney policies mark my words

It's fucking bullshit entrapment and it will be used to continue Bush/Cheney policies mark my words

Could Cheney's support for South African apartheid and his support for American fascism be related?

Wow, I missed Cheney's speech, but I just found a screen cap from MSNBC...

Ex-Creston officers each get 25 years in rape case

Don't read this if you hate conspiracy theories.

Evan Bayh votes against a national renewable electricity standard that even Republicans supported.

Hide or Seek?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Quite frankly, Cheney looks like my sweet kitty I euthanized yesterday.

Repeating the 90's - secret healthcare discussions allow the industry & MSM to misrepresent freely

Dems hire speed reader for climate change bill (CNN) {to thwart Repugs}

Specter Would Crush Sestak in Primary

Pardon me for asking - but is Al Franken a Senator yet?

The US Embassy bombing that you are supposed to forget



RI rep.: Bush should be waterboarded for charity

Untitled Poverty Photo Project update 5-21-2009

Cheney Speech: When Subliminal Messaging is Accurate

On the Road to Oregon: safe & sound in beautiful Bend!

Glenn Beck Demands "A Damn Apology" From The View (AUDIO)

Darth Vader's approval up 8 pts from January??? WTF???

My fav portrait of former Veep

Can anyone give me advice about job interviews?

I'm scared, four terrorist from the US... Dick, help!

Reid Shifts On Gitmo After Obama Speech

Who's watching The WH Press Briefing

When it comes to national security, who's got it right — Barack Obama or Dick Cheney?

Caption cheney

I believe the Obama admin's argument that they're working their way through the Bush GWOT mess

I'm going to a gun show next month! (Have any of you ever been to one?)

Yesterday, CREW launched, a new website

Iraq an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the U.S.?

Sen. Arlen Specter says transcripts should record secret CIA briefings to Congress members

Porn star Stormy Daniels forms exploratory committee to look at run against Sen. Vitter

Hurricane names for 2009 - NOAA Predicts Up to 14 Storms

Is Darth speaking yet? I'm at work, watching Obama on CSPAN online.

MSM in full throated Right Wing Warble

Al Franken's birthday is this from his daughter

Glenn Beck's wife can handle his sexually harassing a reporter, but The View went too far?

He is not "The Vice President"

And don't forget .... even during the bush era, cheenee was voted down by, amazing as it seems .....

Do you support "sin taxes"?

Take health care reform off the table if single payer is off the table

How Optimistic Are You about Health Care Reform?

USAF launches Skynet. Soldiers form bonds with their robots? WTF

One view on whether or not a minor should or should not receive chemo in spite of a parent's

OMG - Palin needs a ghost writer for her memoirs?? I'm shocked, I tell ya...shocked!!

video of Israeli aide who called Obama "childish and stupid"

What would you do if your bank accidentally gave you $6million???

Lawrence O'Donnell is on Tweety

Let's hear it for the crew of STS 125! The Hubble Space Telescope lives!

Senator Hatch's Wild Ride *LOL*

Didja ever notice that the torture-advocates never ever


BANK BUST FRIDAY starts early this week........

Another day, another Ponzi scheme busted

Think by now, even non-DU'er's must realize Cheney's a complete psychopath?

"It is much closer to the truth that terrorists hate this country" - Richard "Dick" Cheney 5/21/09

This must be that "compassionate conservative" meme

Law Students, Attorneys: Have you ever encountered a strategy in case law

Ha! Good one, Ed!

Maybe something good out of the stimulus for us . . .

Maybe something good out of the stimulus for us . . .

Maybe something good out of the stimulus for us . . .

How come only REPUBLICANS (IOW: The Torture Party) are defending the CIA?

Maxed Out

There's only one question for Mr. Cheney: Then how come you stopped? nt.

Gov. signs Colo. benefits bill

Private Health Insurers Can't Compete With the "Public Option": Medicare

Dying Boy Wishes to See Guatemalan Family One Last Time

Hannity's listeners....

Face it, Dick Cheney is a COWARD

NYT Helps the Bushies, Again By Robert Parry

1 in 7 Freed Detainees Rejoins Fight, Report Finds--i call bullshit

Sen. Patrick Leahy: Time to Support the President and Close the Facility at Guantanamo Bay

Skinheads Arrested For Home Invasion Robbery

"I want Dick Cheney out of my back yard" - woman on "Ed Show" just now.

The FReepers have TRULY lost their minds

Rachel Maddow must see tonight

Does Classified Info Wind Up At The National Archives?.........

Gitmo Detainees Transferred to ‘Big Brother'

Here's the Answer to the Obama/Cheney security rift

N.M. cops: Mom confesses to suffocating boy

George W. Bush "Kept Us Safe"?

ONE thing Tricky Dick II (cheney) is doing:

Just got home from the Dodger game (yeah they won) and watched the Idol finale on TIVO.

PHILIPPE SANDS: "The Bush Six...Arent Going To Be Taking Vacations In Tuscany In Foreseeable Future"

A NOUN, A VERB, AND 9/11.... (Cheney's speech)

Rachel Maddow's show will be interesting tonight

Serious question? Why cant anyone else file charges against Cheney et al for war crimes?

"His popularity hovers between the old drinking age and the new drinking age"

Dick Cheney, Simpleton

Ed Shultz just said Cheney pulled a Giuliani: Noun, Verb and 9/11

Can you come up with a more mutually exlusive pair of phrases than .......

Can you come up with a more mutually exlusive pair of phrases than .......

Mr. Obama's Speech (5/21/09)

What do you think will happen beyond the president's detainee policy?

Conservatives Bash Cornyn, Threaten to Withhold Donations to GOP

Conservatives Bash Cornyn, Threaten to Withhold Donations to GOP

I assume bush & cheney's wars will just go on forever, going on 7 years now.

Hey President Obama

Dick Cheney: Nothing is More Consistent with American Values than Torture

Sick girl's mom said she expected `divine healing'

Anyone been to WOLFTRAP in Vienna, Va.?

Sen. Tom Harkin calls Cheney "Pathetic... full of fear"

Missing woman in Simpsonville, SC--Du'ers, your thoughts?

What's really sad is that Jesse Ventura is more aggressive and articulate in his defense of Obama

So who is interviewing Sasha and Malia about their daddy's speech?

Middle School Expels Teen With Eyebrow Shaver

Tancredo of all people supports legalization. cmon Obama and yer drug czar. get with it!

Why, in the name of all that is good are we prosecuting these folks?

Cheney Convicts Himself of Crimes In His Own Speech

Greene gets life sentence (rapist and murderer of Iraqi teenager and her family)

I hope it's Obvious to EVERYONE Including Prosectors Abroad, Cheney's just BUCKING UP HIS DEFENSE.

My radio stumbled into the dark side

surviving and thriving after chemo and/or radiation for cancer? check in.

surviving and thriving after chemo and/or radiation for cancer? check in.

A new meme hatching on FREEP:

You know I've seen my fair share of prison movies over the years...

McClatchy: Are Wall Street speculators driving up gasoline prices?

Tweety LOVES to:

CREW article: Obama administration is closely aligning itself with the Bush administration’s views.

And that you heard was the National Security State putting its foot down

Obama said to be mulling a "preventive detention program"

AP: Mag gets flak for altered pic of Obama's buff bod

Couple withdraws money, flees after bank error

A black woman's journey to the rabbinate in North Carolina

Single-payer must be included in any attempt to "reform" healthcare in the U.S.

Army blasted for letting drug abusers slide

Iraq Invasion

Does Cheney Make Obama Look Good Enough?

U.S. swine flu deaths hit double digits

Breaking on GEM$NBC - AIGs Edward Liddy out

Breaking on GEM$NBC - AIGs Edward Liddy out

How sad it is that the only time a Cop is fired is when there is video of the beating!

What the... Do kids really need this?

"Gore sharply criticizes Bush on terrorism" and nobody in the media...

Do smokers have a right to exist?

Keith last night, just WOW.

Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC: "Sleaziest VP performance since Agnew"

Which Republican delusion do you wish most really was true?

man, I'm feeling a little sick...

Amnesty International Responds to President Obama's Major Address on National Security

The GOP rebranded! 'The Partial Life Party'!

These people who were released from Guantanamo who went back to the fight?

This is just F'ing SICK

I am profoundly unimpressed by the terrorist threat to America.

GITMO detatinees would radicalize prisoners: Bullshit

Probably obvious to most of you, but it hit me again the past two days - two party system is broken!


Closing Gitmo could be easy

What ever happened to the proposal by Spain to go after

Dripping Irony- Bill Clinton Named New UN Envoy to 'Stabilize' Haiti a Country He Helped Destabilize

I Vote This THE BEST SONG Of The Bush Years

DC gay marriage debate moves issue to black community

The DTV changeover: Recieving off-the-air DTV. Some informal field observations about the equipment.

Caption Michael Steele

Aaaaaaaargh! What next??

Lieberman Looks to Make Detainee Photos Indefinitely Secret

I'm Fine With Indefnite Detention Of Some Detainees

WTF?? Dick Cheney belongs in Jail, not on National TV following a speech by the President!!!

A Call To Action in Regards to Torture

CIA Briefing Lists Goss as Congressman--Even though he was CIA Director at time/ More Lies from CIA

ACLU Director: Obama's Commitment To Constitution A Welcome Break From Past

My LTTE was printed today!

Conservatives: "Waaaaaahh!!!! Mommy Government, keep me safe!! Waaaahhhh!!!!"

WTF! is harry reid's problem?

Green Day lashes out at Wal-Mart policy

Montanans. Can we look into recalling Baucus? This page says there are provisions for this...

Montanans. Can we look into recalling Baucus? This page says there are provisions for this...

The Rude Pundit: A Few Notes Regarding Today's Speech(es)


Mom's 911 call leads to trooper whipping her 8 year old son with belt

Pentagon: Many Guantanamo Prisoners Return to Fight. This Is Why Young People Don't Read Newspapers

First Rule of Negotiation

Activist alert. White House Contact information!

Indict and prosecute the Bush/Cheney criminals and their Congressional accessories

"Guantanamo was a torture chamber" By Noam Chomsky

Drug Puppies

The motion picture "No Country For Old Men," and what it means to you.

For those critical of the child not receiving chemo/radiation.....

Catholic Church shamed by Irish abuse report

Dear malevolently masturbating media motherfuckers,

School Halts 6th Grader's Report on Harvey Milk

Noam Chomsky: American Amnesia - We Forget Our Atrocities Almost As Soon As We Commit Them

Our government is now merely the enforcement arm of powerful corporations.

Our government is now merely the enforcement arm of powerful corporations.

Am I being overly sensitive ..... ?

Three days waiting for a bumper for our Saturn Outlook, has me concerned about the future.

'Changing the narrative about Michigan'

This Obama vs. Cheney poll needs some DU help:

Penn Hills Student Expelled Over Eyebrow Shaver (WPXI)

Newt Gingrich vs the Constitution

FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts

The Great Experiment: 1776-2000 CE. R.I.P.

NM mom charged with killing son on the playground

Mental gymnastics on this board

I'm too smart to be a blind cheerleader anymore

Women sought in daring TV theft from MO. Wal*Mart

Beng anti-science from a "left" perspective is really no different

A Social Definition of Class

Accused Palin Hacker Says Stolen E-Mails Were Public Record

Howard Dean touts Obama health-care plan in Kalamazoo speech

Why Pot Should Not Be Legalized in the USA

Evangelical homophobes getting huge backlash from American Idol fans

Overall, was the Clinton victory in '92 a good or bad thing for this party and its core supporters?

Why does Cheney want to keep Gitmo open?

Sick girl's mom said she expected `divine healing' (trial for mom who let child die)

ABC News: Torturers => Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell, Tenet, Ashcroft

Florida easing government oversight on developers. Bill will give developers free rein.

I have decided on my next caterer

I have been watching Clean House all day, there is a new show on right now.

Boomers... remember this?

American Idol Results .. please remember us in the West Coast.


Graduation prank gone bad: 3 teens arrested in Vail bus vandalism

Was Rod Stewart stumbling his way to the stage?

If I drank I'd need a REALLY STRONG ONE...

"Monster Quest" -- Lamest show ever?

KISS on American Idol!

Is Shell psychic?

Courtesy of Midlo

I'm calling out my wife Haruka -- I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THE HELL SHE DID TONIGHT!!!

if you don't want the american idol results spoiled for you, log off

swordfish steak, asparagus and a yummy salad. Nice dinner tonight

Happy 58th Birthday..... AL FRANKEN

"Best Backscratcher Ever"

Help me out. How do I post a YouTube video?

NO!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!i SPOILER

4$ for a pack of ZIGZAGS If you buy them what do you pay?

From Freeperland re: American Idol (SPOILER)

I am tuning into AI towards the end. No need to watch 2 hours of

Liriano is not having a good night...

Fat Bottom Girls make the rockin world go round...

In your own personal experience with those you encounter daily ........

Need some doctor's office advice (not medical advice) please?

For those who say Adam is too theatrical, HELLO Freddie Mercury!!

I was surprised at how much I actually liked Next Day Air...

One year ago today, my step-father, Ed, passed on.

Will you be seeing Terminator Salvation in the theater?

Will you be seeing Terminator Salvation in the theater?

"And my love is a river runnin' soul deep..."

Maybe some of you who know about dogs can explain why the beag does this.

Mercy me! Did you see that game?

TI'm watching the Cavaliers vs Magic game, who else is watching

King Crimson -- Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With

Adam Or Chris?

I paid $700 for a pair of headphones, and I do not regret it one bit...

I bet more people actually voted for the Loser tonight, {screwed by muti-votingTeens)more spoiler)

This is dedicated to all musicians out there that have had to open

Jane Monheit: Taking A Chance On Love

Washington Nationals fans attacked by sausage missiles.

Simon seems kind of bored.

Name a shitty band that could be good if they had better songs written for them.

I've given up swearing off thinking

For classic lovers...TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE Brightman, Bochelli

A brief eulogy for a friend,

Dodgers pulling away from the pack

Which is the worst?

Good night everybody !

Who will take my homemade VHS recordings of movies and homemade audiotapes?

Speaking of Freddie Mercury...since he was made of mercury, could he eat any fish without fear?

I found a snail on my deck.... and I saved it !

I was thinking of giving up wearing clothing..

Russia invading the US with new weapons of mass digestion !

Doesn't matter who won American Idol

God forgive me, but I think David Gilmour's first two solo albums are better than Roger Waters'.

My Second LSAT Practice Test.....

What percentage of a band should be original members in order to allow it to use the original name?

Will you be seeing Terminator Salivation in the theater? n/t

Hulu = B-movie Treasure Trove

Please help--I have an earworm and can't find the legal name/artist who did the song.

I'M CHRISTIAN [email protected]!! CURSE AT ME AS MUCH AS YOU WANT [email protected]

My cologne has attracted 23 (by my last count) little brown bats

American Idol fans/watchers-drunk or not

"Hell hath no fury than a middle schooler with a Twitter account!"

Obama admin. opposes Joe and Valerie Wilson's appeal against Cheney, Rove, Libby and Armitage

Let’s start our own country.

This has to end...

Smokers/retail workers: What are tobacco prices where you live?

I saw the new Terminator

Where do you shop for used cars online?

Let Me Borrow That Top

My only complaint about Keith Olbermann

Sometimes I think most people are shitheads.

Las Cholitas de Lucha Libre or MMA

Can you use a plunge router to rip out termite runs?

Cat advice needed:

On the other hand, I found a "Kitchen Moth" and I executed it !!

How do you get a majority of your music these days?

Speaking as the human furnace...

American Idol...

No bodily function threads.

I'm watching the first episodes of LOST again, and something occurred to me about Locke

Poor Banjo the Cat - seems Banjo has defective humans

Apple introduces revolutionary new MacBook wheel!


It's official - we have a defective cat

British actress Lucy Gordon commits suicide in Paris apartment

Playdoh: what is it?


So is FloridaJudy the East Coast version of CaliforniaPeggy?

For a laugh....

Bikini girl came back to idol with her new big boobs and got PWNED!!!!

Question about Cards /Cubs game last night for you fans


Yet another reason to prefer the Yankees over the Red Sox - Yankees can jam!

Which bong are you saving for when the Pope visits?

I'm posting this thread about an topic I don't think deserves as much attention as it's getting

Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts?

What comicbook should be next made into a movie?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/21/2009)

1990s commercial jingles.


Just 120 shopping days until Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/21/09

Dont laugh, I listened to the Carpenters while driving last night

Dont laugh, I listened to the Carpenters while driving last night

so who won ameriCON idull last night

DU Song Of The Day


What's your favorite song from The Clash?

Happy RP and the art I made today.....

Is American Idol over? If so who won

Ignore this post.

Elton John: AIDS Needs More Attention in America

Does anybody here use software?

Does anyone else cat sniff?

Can you be depressed for no reason?

Do dirty dogs smoke grass for the same reason as cool cats?

Just 217 shopping days until Christmas!

The only use for Chick tracts....

Ok, I need all your help. What am I missing?

Does anyone else's cat sniff?

How about them Twins!

To everybody who thinks I DON'T like Raspberry bismarcks--well, you're wrong.

The thread in GD about the Gun Show inspired this...What's your favorite Will Ferrell movie?

The Mythbusters are great at Statics

kitten picture of the day for thursday may 21


i'm cooking the eyetalian SAHsage

I cannot stop projectile vomiting after viewing the "Kiss & Adam Lambert Duet" YouTube clip.

Best Nintendo (NES) Game of all time?

For future reference: Vicodin and Strong Dark Belgian Ale make Mexican wrestling fascinating.

Joe Mauer is a seriously good baseball player.

OMG Whack-A-Kitty!

Why aren't there more movies about psycho gnome axe murderers?

Awwwww baby jaguars in a basket

I have a baby blue jay in my apartment

Save 100,000,000 American Idol contestants and fans, or go about what you were doing already?

What's more experience as it's happening or the memories that result?

Just so you know, I had NOTHING to do with the AA thread in GD

Mom of buried NM boy says she killed him

I paid $700 for a pair of call girls and I don't regret it one bit

May 21 1997

The Platypus: What is it?

What is this, Sophie's Choice Day in The Lounge?

Save a pod of endangered California Right whales OR Save the life of a death row inmate?

Raven in the Snow

Darth Cheney and the keyboard cat!

a cool country song

Am I the only one here suffering from Fecal Cranium Disorder?

Pic of my two most favorite girls in the world.

Pic of my two most favorite girls in the world.

I am a bad daddy

directly faced with the border bullshit again

Has a work of art (movie, song, painting, etc) ever unlocked some confusion in you to the point that

If a man farts in the forrest and there is no women there to be grossed out by it,

Save the life of Kris Allen OR Save the life of Adam Lambert?

OMG, you thought yesterday's Chick Track was Whack - there is another one out today

Is there a problem with drying your socks in the toaster?

About Old Highway Road Maps...from Gas Stations???

Yay! My husband (Orrex) got published!

"What would you say... you DO here?"

Paging texanwitch, paging texanwitch.

Kalamazoo, Michigan - You got a damn fine town here

Does this ancient female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski?

I just transferred 100G of music/audio data to my new hard drive

do dogs eat grass for the same reason as cats?

I love it when people leave me passive-aggressive comments in my Honesty Box.

Tal Wilkenfeld

Illusion: The "break" of a curveball...

What user names do you mispronounce in your head?

my stanky ass gotta go to houston tomorrow

So what do you want to do with your life

Mom On Run With 555-Pound Boy

i spoke to my best friend today, she is sad but resigned to her mastectomy

What does it mean when your husband _and_ kids complain that you play your rock music too loud?

I just bought some vegan shampoo.

American Idol Reaction Thread... (SPOILERS INSIDE)

Does anyone know how to remove rust from clothing?

The most gorgeous pop song you've never heard

Green Day refuses to edit their CDs so they can be sold in Wal-Mart

80-year old woman makes Guiness Record for most tattoo'd senior (with pic)

OK! Peggy's gone! Let's talk about her!

Twins Snap Losing Streak in Style 20-1

who is in a good mood today?

I do not live in Deliverance Country

Would you like to see Keith O. and Rush in a cage fight?

Johnny Carson's next-to-last Tonight Show aired 17 years ago, 5/21/92...

Derek Trucks is sooooo awesome

I just transferred 100K of money to some guy in Nigeria

Tatoos....Need some help...Went to get my hair cut and...

The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, so why do they still have fans?

I want a third tattoo, but i don't know what i want... show me your tattoos

My Border Collie, Mick, is secretly a ninja

Did you ever shoot a man in Memphis, just to watch him die?

I'm not "judging his Presidency." I'm judging specific action, which can be evaluated.

Which James Bond are you?

So we went to the Children's Museum here in Pittsburgh today

How Star Trek II SHOULD have ended.

you're talking to an interesting woman, she's attractive, you're both digging each other and . . .

Save the life of your pet OR Save the life of a complete stranger?

Hello everyone. A second introduction.

I saw the San Francisco skyline today for the first time! Awesome!

On this Gitmo thing

SCOTUSblog: Nominee Analysis - Judge Diane Wood

Top Contenders for Souter's Seat Diverge on Key Issues

The Conciliator: Meet the second coming of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Diane Wood)

Deep thoughts on the way home

WP: Obama Starts to Meet with Court Contenders

Grab the tissues, folks. This is a HORRIBLE story. ( PIC warning)

All a moderate is, is a supporter of the Corptocracy

How much did the Bush administration 'doctor' CIA reports/briefings?

Obama Seeks To Retake Terrorism Front - Thursday speech largely intended to mollify political left

Awww...Dixie Kitchen, Hyde Park Restaurant Touted On TV By Obama ("Check, Please"), Closing

Tracking important legislation

VA-Gov: SUSA Has McAuliffe Holding Lead, but Deeds Moves Up 4

Obama Said to Have Met With High Court Candidate Wood

Gitmo, or the US..todays decision limits all other options

What I want to hear democrats start saying


AP: Obama pulls back Bush-era policy curbing lawsuits

Suspect "...was concerned about deaths at the hands of the U.S. military in Afghanistan,"

Hmmm, suspicious timing: 4 arrested for attempted terror attack in New York

Our prez is talking about national security tomorrow.

Obama signs Helping Families Save Their Homes Act and the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act

Where can I see the posting rules.

One Obama healthcare goal elusive

RE: the Isikoff segment on Rachel's show...

Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan

The Republicans as still in campaign mode..from Coleman to Cheney..Repubs are doing a CYA

President Obama: U.S. 'lost way' fighting terror by failing to trust its institutions and values.

"Wider Confidence Lifts Economy From Winter's Deep, Dark Freeze"

President Obama To Clarify His Position Today...

Call It Friendly Intervention

Just got an email from Vice President Biden about Specter

Anybody got a link to Pres. Speech this Morning?

Gitmo and Congress: A question

"Obama Huddles With Human Rights Groups Before Security Speech"

HuffPo: President Obama Reverses Bush Admin's Preemption Policy

Self-delete. And edited.

Single Payer Health Care

Not only does the CIA lie, but it lies big time

WP: Obama WH uses signing statements to preserve WH policy privacy:

Wouldn't it be perfect if Cheney was arrested in the middle of his speech?

"..I GET IT..."

CNN's RICK SANCHEZ Twitter on Obama's speech: this prez obama speech is intense, he's got that look

President Obama is STICKING HIS FOOT UP DICK CHENEY'S ASS, wiggling it around. . .

So, how many people tortured to be able to arrest those 4 would-be-terrorists yesterday?

"...a dose of common sense..."

LOL! FauxNews has Rovian turdblossom on. He's whining about being called "un-American" by Obama.

Hey 'Pukes - Your Dick is OUT!

Mr. Cheney, it's not the job of the New York Times to cheer lead for

OK Lord, if you use massive coronary disruption as a strategic theological weapon

What a nasty sh!t Cheney is!

Isn't there an audio recording of Cheney authorizing torture?

I'm watching a great President here

9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11.. EFF you Darth!!!

Remarks of President Barack Obama: Protecting Our Security and Our Values - May 21, 2009

Cheney: Noun, Verb, 9/11

Cheney is kicking Obama's ASS right now!!!!!!!!


Obama is 'distracted' by Biden's indiscipline...Richard Wolffe claims

Are you F'ing KIDDING ME? Limp Dick is upset because of the phrases. . .

With all due respect,

Public Officials Covering Up Billions "RICO, Fraud, Sherman I & II"

A fallen sailor, betrayed by his country

Pat Puke says it quite often and it is enlightening.

The Obama vs Cheney fiasco is another rating game for the MSM

Laurence O'Donnell's fixing to pop a blood vessel LOL

"By focusing on the future, Obama made Cheney's speech much less relevant"

Did the WH set a trap?

What Is It That Makes Old Farts Insist On Speaking After An Obama Speech?

Don't Forget the Mockery. Josh Marshall on how to treat Dick Cheney's speech today.

Obama's show of steel

Video: Lawrence O'Donnell on Cheney's 'sleazy' speech, compares him to Spiro Agnew.'

Accessory after the fact...

Full text of Obama's speech - up before he's done!

ABC News Mis-characterizes President Obama's Speech.

Robert Scheer: Our Loss is BlackRock's Gain:

I'm really getting tired of these stores from the Obama's Justice Department

Lawrence O'Donnell is the f'ing man. "Who pays for them now "

Just remember to tell your neo-con, fundamentalist Christian friends this

The President meets with Judy Shepard re: hate crimes legislation

**** Heads Up!: POTUS National Security Speech - Live! ****

**** Heads Up!: POTUS National Security Speech - Live! ****

President Obama's Remarks on National Security (FULL TEXT)

Dick Cheney kept us safe...

9/11 happened on the Bush Cheney watch,..a day late pal

Lets give it up for Sherrod Brown. Demanding there be a Public Option!

Besides being a former VP's spawn, what qualifies Liz Cheney as a national security expert?

Mixed Messages on Pres. O's meeting with Human Rights Advocates

VA Gov. DailyKos/Research Poll: McAuliffe leads all Dems, all Dems trail Republican

McConnell knocks Obama's speech this morning as "flowery"

Cheney's Rising Approval Numbers?

President Obama says US prisons are tough enough for detainees

Michael and Jeffrey Derderian kept us safe after The Great White Concert...

Cheney's continuing lie-"These methods were successfully used only after other methods failed."

Something struck me.

Cheney really is scared. But of what?

Is Obama being too soft on the Bush administration?

4 month scorecard (part 2)

4 month scorecard

White House Reporter Protects Cheney, Accuses Gibbs Of Taking “Swipe”

Does Mitch McConnell realize the type of loons he has in Kentucky prisons

The Meaning of Michelle Obama

PHOTOS Behind the Scenes with Michelle Obama (Time/Callie Shell)

Kennedy affirms support for public healthcare plan

Mr Cheney: If you were so sure the files on intel received from torture would justify torture

"Look at him, the auld twisty mouth on him - you'd know that fella had something to hide."

Has anyone ever been to a max-security prison?

If Picked, Granholm Would be 7th Foreign-Born Justice

And WHERE is Terry Nichols now?

Republicans Delay Votes on Appellate Nominees

Republicans Delay Votes on Appellate Nominees

I would like POTUS to stop drinking bottled water....NOW!

Nobody can convince me Cheney isn't hoping for an attack even greater than 9/11

Is this what Cheney looked like today?!

Contessa Brewer just made a GREAT point-TODAY'S "terror plot" was stopped WITHOUT torture!

I love my President ..... What a speech

Transparency!!!'s youtube page has a whole board meeting on it

Former VP Cheney is Pyscho....he is sick, he was sick right after 9/11..

PHOTOS: President Obama and the Steelers

"I can stand here today, as President of the United States,

CNN Quick Vote up. The President vs. A Dick on Gitmo.

Does the United States need a Federal Reserve?

Is our Constitution Adequate for the 21st Century?

HALPERIN'S TAKE: Barack Obama's Best Friends

Will Feinstein sink or swim in Calif.?

PHOTO Dick? See that sign?

Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan During Meeting with Human Rights Activists

Oh yay, I can start threads! Instead of complaining here call the White House

Democrats hire a speed-reader in case rethuglicans try and delay climate bill...

W.H. smacks down Wolffe story

Cheney, you crazy son of a bitch, I have to hand it to you - and I hope that you are 1/2 successful.

President Obama settles a DU dispute

Should President Obama request the DOJ for a special prosecutor

Biden in Kosovo (BBC and link to photos)

Baucus Flees From Single Payer Advocates

PHOTOS The President's Day (May 21)

I'm Fucking Tired of Chuck Todd and the rest of the Media Torture enablers!

Denis McDonough

Never in my life have I smiled at a cough

First Lady Graces Cover of Time Magazine - The Meaning of Michelle Obama

Help. What does this bad article about B & J mean??

Wood Vaults Atop SCOTUS Rankings

Poll: Sen. Specter Would Crush Rep. Joe Sestak in a PA Democratic Senate Primary

Cheney Speech: Obama 'Deserves an Answer'

John Boehner Admits the CIA Lied to Pete Hoekstra

"The Pentagon was wrong and corrected the record. There ARE preliminary conversations about DADT."

Souter: Republic is Lost Unless Civic Education Improves

I just realized - Dick Cheney admits culpability for 9/11!

How can Cheny attack a sitting president in a time of war?

"Gore sharply criticizes Bush on Terrorism Policy" with NO MEDIA COVERAGE

Obama administration opposes Joe and Valerie Wilson's request for Supreme Court appeal

Pew Research: Centrism has emerged as a dominant factor in public opinion as the Obama era begins

Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism

Mr. President, you alluded to your oath of office today, stating that you are obligated

Post your Cheney opinions on the MSM sites as well as here.

DU sucks lately.

Our Sec. of State looks wonderful here....

Looks like I am going to be on Fox News again on Monday (Memorial Day)

Oh my Keith! I love ya but PLEASE dont really put teeny Rush on the bottom of the screen!

Political Bites: It's Rush against the world

SF Mayor did NOT ask CA Supreme Court to delay Prop 8 decision

Abuse ‘endemic' in Irish Roman Catholic schools: Report

Gitmo Detainee To Be Tried In U.S. Court

Commons touch: how MPs' fiddles made news (British intrigue)

Four men arrested in suspected NY (synagogue, plane) bombing plot

FBI gathers records related to Easley (Bushbot US Attorney witch hunt?)

Argentina Seeks Colombian in Attack on Jewish Center

Arrests in New York 'attack plot'

Obama to Speak on Guantánamo Military Commissions Thursday Morning

US police fired over beating film...includes video

Prosecutor Recommended Over Foley Partners for Mass. US Atty

Obama: Plame Lawsuit Should Not Be Reconsidered By Supreme Court

3 US soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

Rumsfeld ripped on Katrina

Senator postpones fingerprint bill vote to allow more debate

U.S. drug czar sets sights on abuse of prescriptions

Indonesian clerics want rules for Facebook

Sexual-Harassment Cases Plague U.N.

Venezuela seizes 35 oil contractors under new law

Decomposed body found along Des Plaines River: 'It could be Lisa, it could be Stacy'

KBR's chief defends electrical work in Iraq

Tamil Tiger leaders 'killed trying to surrender'

Obama defends plan to close Gitmo

Republicans to call for probe of Pelosi

Obama at Risk? Secret Service Disputes Own Tech Worries

Ex-CIA agent gets prison for taking credit cards

Lawyer’s Ways Spelled Murder, U.S. Is Charging

More errors in CIA interrogation briefing list

Army blasted for letting drug abusers slide

Cheney Begins Counterattack On Obama's Speech

Stockbrokers, Securities Firm Indicted For Racketeering

Specter calls for transcripts of CIA congressional briefings

Reid: Obama Speech Opens Way For Gitmo Closure Discussion

House GOP to Force Vote on Pelosi

Sri Lanka vows to resettle Tamils

House rejects probe into Pelosi CIA claims

Clinton says Cuba not ready for OAS

US keeps nuclear "don't ask, don't tell" -Israel aide

Shuttle crew beams down to Washington

Obama: 50 Gitmo detainees cleared for transfer

ACLU: Obama's Commitment To Constitution A Welcome Break From Past

Libya Says Islamist Militant Hanged Self In Jail (whose 'testimony' used to justified Iraq war)

Dying Boy Wishes to See Guatemalan Family One Last Time

Gurkhas win right to settle in UK

GM and UAW reach deal with U.S. government on restructuring

Palin vetoes include some stimulus money

Bolivia's Morales proposes total change in relations with US, calls for 'mutual respect'

RI rep. (State Rep. Rod Driver): Bush should be waterboarded for charity

Former NFL player, ex-girlfriend charged in 1994 killing

BankUnited Closed by Regulators, Assets Sold to Kanas-Led Group

Computer virus strikes U.S. Marshals, FBI

McConnell rips Obama's 'flowery' security speech

Spain revives US army murder case

N.Y. Bomb Suspects Said to Have No Connections to Terror Groups

Pak behind Iran missile test: Israeli expert

ALERT: UAW & GM (and Treasury) Reach Agreement


Microsoft Ordered to Pay $200 Million in Patent Case

BankUnited Fails in Florida, Marking Biggest Collapse of 2009

BREAKING: Facing Progressive Pressure, Obama Backs Off Panama Free Trade Agreement

Bush didn't watch Cheney, Obama speeches

Feeling the Squeeze, Exclusive Country Clubs Get the Common Touch

A.I.G. Chief, Brought In During Bailout, Plans to Leave

Geithner Says TARP Can’t Help U.S. States Solve Budget Crises (we only help banksters)

Cheney sharply criticizes Obama on terrorism

Missouri Executes Dennis Skillicorn

Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan

Filmmaker Michael Moore Targeting Economic Crisis

Ireland deeply shocked by abuse revelations

American Airlines Pilot Fails Breathalyzer (Before London Flight)

Obama slams Bush administration for taking America ‘off course’

USDA Announces Ground Beef Recall (OH, PA, IL)

3 U.S. soldiers among 25 killed in Iraq bombing

Senator Kennedy affirms support for public healthcare plan

Some Nutro-brand dry cat food is recalled

California Wants US Treasury to Backstop Loans

Michigan Unemployment Rate Hits 12.9%

Michigan Unemployment Rate Hits 12.9%

Are Wall Street speculators driving up gasoline prices?

ACLU says school censored student's (Harvey) Milk report

Jurors can't reach decision, ex-soldier's gets life without parole

White House says 'don't ask' policy under review

Four men arrested in suspect NY bombing plot

(Michigan) License plates may honor God, teams

Teen Somali piracy suspect pleads not guilty in NY

Hispanic voters say immigration's No. 1

Friendly Fire at the White House (Obama meets with his critics on the left)

NZ hunts accidental millionaires

Heading to a National Park; Now you can pack heat...Surreal & scary

FTC shuts down massive robocall scam

Woman dies at Perryville prison after being left outside

Day in 100 Seconds - Newt is the third act

Democrats Fight Voter ID Bill in Texas - Dems Beat Repubs to Press Conf.

Who lied CIA or Pelosi? Issa (R) wants investigation on his terms using FBI

"The Idiots are Taking Over- NOFX"

James Carville - 'Pelosi is a remarkable woman - just a bad press conference'

TYT: Cenk explains why Obama's nomination of a Repub for ambassador to China is brilliant

Let's List CIA Lies - Wilkerson: Pillars of Colin Powell's Presentation were Lies

'Tip of the Iceberg' Video Report - Col. Bradley (R) Military Attorney

NYPD Credited with Terror Arrests - Mayor Bloomberg Speaks

Democrats hire speed reader to limit Republican delay tactics - Maddow

Boycott China or DIE1 Drywall Edition

Obama: Will Seek To Transfer Some Gitmo Detainees to U.S. - quotes Lindsey Graham

Inspector: Contractor Did Faulty Wiring in Iraq

The Gay Agenda

The Lapdog Party

Jesse Ventura delivers the serious beat down on "Faux and Fiends"

Bible Burning In Afghanistan To Protect Troops - CNN Report

Poythress takes on Republican Secession Talk

Glenn Beck, suffering from bullshit poisoning, is totally unashamed by his View performance

This one is for you creationist - Bill Maher

Glenn Beck On The View

Chris Matthews Calls Michael Steele A Liar, Fearmongerer

Cheney Revealed As Terminator At AEI Speech

Obama: 'The prison at Guantanamo has weakened American national security.'

Mr. Cheney: Speech Defending Torture at the AEI (Thursday May 21)

Glenn Beck on the View Part 2

Steele on college: 'I partied my behind off.'

President Obama: Speech on National Security and Torture (Thursday May 21)

TYT: Netanyahu finds American lawmakers actually backing Obama, serious about peace this time

Crazy person is glad that Adam Lambert lost American Idol

Harvey Milk White Knight Riots

Even if Pelosi knew, torture is still wrong

Rachel Maddow: Obama Clashes w/ Activists at WH Meeting - 'No Prosecutions of Anyone in Bush Admin'

Morning Joe hosts fail Schultzs challenge to "name one" Democrat who wants Pelosi "out" as Speaker

NYT Reporter: Maybe 1 In 7 Detainees Didn't "Return" To Terrorism

Larry O'Donnell on MSNBC: Cheney's Speech an Insult to One's Intelligence

Sam Seder debates Garofalo's wingnut radio stalker (round 1/3)

TYT: Lawrence Wilkerson denounces Bush administration

End Of Ze World

Countdown: Keith's WTF? - Keith to Rush Limbaugh: FU!

UN expresses concern about Tasers in NZ

Rush Limbaugh challenges MSNBC, Ed Schultz challenges Rush Limbaugh

New Yorker Correspondent Jane Mayer and British Attorney Philippe Sands on Bush Administration Tortu

CIA Backtracks On Reasons For Withholding Docs in Interrogation Tapes Case (Leopold | Public Record

Bill Changing Credit Card Rules Is Sent to Obama With Gun Measure Included

Gingrich's Deranged Ethics Advice (Marcus | WaPo)

Obama in Command (by David Broder)

Playing the Pelosi card (Lyons | Salon)

The Other Wiretapping Scandal

The Health Care Lobby: Watch What They Do

Desperate Dodd Holds Secret Fundraiser With Payday Lenders

Politico Has Fired Its Editors

Close Gitmo

Karl Rove is quite happy that Obama is embracing Bush policies.

Gene Lyons writing that GOP laying a false trail

The Drones Are Coming: New War on Civilians (Ramzy Baroud)

Rightwing Detroit News editorial: Legislature should adopt sensible legislation for narcotics offend

American Enterprise Institute Cheney is like a Reoccurring Nghtmare Neo Conservatives

A NOUN, A VERB, AND 9/11....

Posner Blames Capitalism for Greenspan Goofs, Bank Binge: Books

Ed Shultz vs. Ron Paul 5-20-09

Valerie Plame: Obama is on Bush’s side


Small town (in Russia) erupts

Obama May Slide High Court to Right

Civil Liberties Invasion: Fingerprinting You for a Speeding Ticket?

John Yoo, Rick Santorum and the Philadelphia Inquirer

Joe Conason: Cheney and the Iraq-Torture Link

Robert Parry: NYT Helps the Bushies, Again

Gays Have Served Honorably in the War on Terror: It's time to end 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' Obama's Warfare Budget

Obama And Cheney: Mr. Spock Vs. Jack Bauer

Bill Maher: Superheroes can't save California

Expect a crowd on the road for Memorial Day weekend

Achieving Health Care Reform — How Physicians Can Help (New Eng Jour Med)

US: At Least One ‘Recidivist’ Tortured to Confess to Terrorism (HRW)

Help Wanted. Please Have Résumé, References and Details of Sexual Inclinations

The True 'Logic' Behind Tying the Credit Card and Concealed Weapons Bills

Jeremy Scahill: US Colonel Advocates US 'Military Attacks' on 'Partisan Media'

My Personal Credit Crisis by Edmund L. Andrews (economic reporter for NY Times)

MSNBC's Deafening Silence on Patrick Buchanan's Association with Holocaust Deniers

"The Past's Agenda" E.J. Dionne (Why Obama can't move on)

Marxism and military don't mix in Paraguay

Anti-Chavez students protest in Venezuela

The Other Wiretapping Scandal (Colombia, Uribe)

Bolivia to Boost Iron Exports (to build canal in Santa Cruz)

VENEZUELA'S Chavez and EL SALVADOR'S Funes Discuss Cooperation

BOREV: Interpol Severs Ties with Colombian Intelligence Agency

Human 'mules' haul coveted goods from US to Cuba

More insane ranting by Marifeli Pérez-Stable in the Miami Herald.

Salim Lamrani: "Cuba and the Contradictions of Barack Obama"

Whoa! rabs called this weeks ago: Carapintadas from Argentina involved.

Bolivia's Morales proposes total change in relations with US, calls for 'mutual respect'

Bolivia's Nat'l. Day of Battle Against Racism 5/24 - re: outrage/humiliation of campesinos in Sucre

Canada: Fair trade better than free trade for Colombia

Peace laureates publish declaration against nuclear arms

Peak oil notes - May 21

DrumBeat: May 21, 2009

Agrichemical industry steps up pressure on White House organic garden

Study Sees 'Alarming' Use of Energy, Materials in Newer Manufacturing Processes

Study … reveals Critical Role of Evolutionary Processes in Species Coexistence and Diversity

U.S. Carbon Emissions Fall by Most Since '82 (2.8%)

Carbon capture (and release) success in Wisconsin

'Green' charcoal (biochar research) gets $1.4m (Australian)

U.S. lawmakers reject nuclear in renewable power goal

AFP - South African Penguin Numbers In Sharp Decline

Follow the Science on Yucca

BPA, Chemical Used to Make Plastics, Found to Leach from Polycarbonate Drinking Bottles Into Humans

Climate bill packed with protections for coal industry

Power Plants: Artificial Trees That Harvest Sun and Wind to Generate Electricity

Draft Climate Bill Heavy With Coal Industry Protections; No Major GHG Cuts Until After 2020

China tells rich nations to cut emissions by 40 percent

Does anyone want to change their mind about the Cleveland series yet?

Wife of D-backs' Schoeneweis found dead


Boxing: May 22, 2009

Niedermayer brothers to Vancouver?

Who is your favorite player you grew up watching on your team?

Interleague Stupidity

Sad, sad, sad......

Here it is for all you decent, God-fearing righteous people!

Mickelson's wife has breast cancer; he leaves Tour

Ryan Leaf Indicted on Drug and Burglary Charges

Dwight Howard- I get it

Auto barons slash more jobs

Patriotism, Unions and The Middle Class

GM, UAW hold third day of talks in D.C.

Need for Collective Bargaining Evident as TSA Again Lands Bottom Spot of Best Places to Work

Professional Workers Form Coalition to Protect Public Interest

Nurses strike looms at New York Hospital Queens in Flushing

Fired workers keep up organizing drive

Using the courts to undercut union power

Florida Workers Confront Union-Busters

Work is Hell -- Tales From the Working Class

On health care debate, it's not Dems vs Reps, but D.C. vs the American People

Rep. John Conyers to speak in Rochester, NY, May 30th

Our health insurance system sucks

The Internet is great.

BPA, Chemical Used to Make Plastics, Found to Leach from Polycarbonate Drinking Bottles Into Humans

Beer tax on tap for health care?

Newsom did NOT ask court to delay prop 8 ruling

NY Senators Gillibrand and Schumer send letter to lawmakers urging passage of marriage equality bill

Protests take on teen violence bill that ignores LGBTs

American Idol Results .. please remember us in the West Coast.

Dick Cheney to appear opposite Adam Lambert's Post Idol Performance...

ACLU says school censored student's Milk report

I think that this American Idol outcome will be like the outcome from the season...

Help Get This Bill Passed, Or Don't Fall In Love

The Gay Agenda (TM) as a pie chart

White House lies, says Obama working to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Lettuce Review - American Idol over the years

Illinois poised to approve civil unions

Puke alert.There are already posts on American Idol saying A US proved it is still "Christian"

I just found this group on Facebook and I wanted to share

Not another penny to KISS... lest it end up in Gene Simmons' pocket...

Memorial Day thoughts

May 22nd '68, USS Scorpion sinks. Here's the JAG report of the investigation

Iran tests missile with range that can hit Israel

Lieberman: Settlements not hindering peace

Analysis: U.S., Israel forming working group on Iran

A black woman's journey to the rabbinate in North Carolina

Netanyahu: Jerusalem will never be divided again

We didn't bow to Obama on West Bank outpost evacuation

Israel gives UN maps showing cluster bomb sites in Lebanon

Protected by Israeli army, settlers uproot olive trees near Salfit

Ole Man Lobby Jus’ Keeps on Rollin’

There are 70 conflicts worldwide, so why do we focus on just one?

How is this possible - isn't Harvard a Gun Free Zone?

I'm going to a gun show next month! (Have any of you ever been to one?)

About this policy that allows guns in National Parks

Do you enjoy shoot-em-up movies?

A friend of Israel - Gideon Levy

The Toll Booth Economy

Global Systemic Crisis: June 2009 (LEAP/E2020)

Credit Where Credit is Due: We're not out of the woods yet

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/20/09

Cameron AZ- Traditional Historic Indian trading post - ceiling and wall

Why I stay.

Deja vue - but what the hey?

forgive me

Incredible art photos

I finally made the plunge into digital

Tell me this is safe...

It looks like I finally have a job!

An incredibly powerful, strange dream--enter if you dare! (Warning: long)


Meditation podcast

Darwin: The Genius Of Evolution

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