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Archives: May 18, 2009

Rep. Shuler joins with Progressives for Immigration Reform to promote SAVE Act

Is there a list of who won the prizes for this fund drive?

Marriage Equality rally in midtown New York - pics

Wars end progressive movements

Death In a Libyan Jail Cell...The Obama Administration is pressing the Libyan government to explain

By special request-for Madame Speaker: "Secret Meeting"

Thanks to whoever gave me a donor star!

FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group before GOP convention

Thank you for the donor star,

It is my belief that if we do not get **real** health care reform in the ObamaI admin ......

The last day of "summer"

Something to think about RE: Coverage of the Obama Military tribunals

Football player not going to White House because Obama would have met with other team if they'd won.

C-SPAN: Pres. Obama Commencement Address at Notre Dame University 45:32

OK, this is getting disturbing

National Geographic is repeating the documentary

Coast to Coast and "The Dumbest Generation" program last night

Rumsfeld's "crusade"

I'm Reserving Judgment on Obama for 6 months

Economic Stress Map Outlines Recession's Stories

someone said earlier that this place is becoming "teen beat" obama.


lets discuss portland oregon

Bilderberg UPDATE!

1981..interest on CD? almost tax rate? 66%

GeekTyrant reports earthquake right in middle of their live podcast

Coleman extends Senate fight

Day 118 in the Age of Obama and I'm not really cranky!

Wow - Is "Jesus the Christ" as a topic has "gone missing"

I got T-Bagged Today!

Wow - two missing/deleted topics in one night!!!!

I took my Gay Friend to his first Dem Party meeting today.

Just waiting for the next shoe to drop...

The Perfect, The Good, The Planet

Everywhere you see Obama, there is US Secret Service Special Agent Joe Clancy.

Congrats to the ND students who shouted down the teabaggers

It's all perspective, isn't it?

After watching Air Force One on TNT (repeat in about 5 minutes)

Suu Kyi Faces Trial, Loss of Home

BIG Earthquake just now in L.A.

Yellowstone workers fired for peeing into geyser

What is MN's Gov. Tim Pawlenty doing to MN ? towing the line for Neo Cons

"This revolution will be tweeted..."

Scientists shift vaccine strategy in fight against AIDS virus

Girls in Afghanistan were poisoned for attempting to get an education.

Utah school forces student to change out of kilt

Students, faculty and parents don't like having their commencement politicized

Local labor goes green - Electrical union, tire company shift plans toward environment

"We're the party of Lincoln! (Continentals)"

Apology sought for making boy change kilt

I'm not going to tell everyone to stop fighting.

FDR said "Work was a Right "and now, instead, we have game shows of who is canned next!

China's yuan 'set to usurp US dollar' as world's reserve currency

What do you think about horse racing?

(deleted as double-post)

The Conspiracy Theorist Label

The Conspiracy Theorist Label

BUSHCO's TORTURE 13-Who Authorized-Implemented & Crafted Cover-Up (Marcy Wheeler In Salon)

5-1 panel literally SHOUTS DOWN Shrum and the mere suggestion that CIA would mislead

All my choices for Superior and Commonwealth Court Judges are Dems!

update on naming rights for college mascot....and the winner is Colbert!!!

"Less is the new more."

EFCA and intimidation (by CEOs)

While talking politics...

Pelosi Knew About Torture, Colin Powell Did Not: I'm Calling BULLSHIT

New York Reports Its First Swine Flu Death

Another right-wing morning on WJ with Ronald Kessler

Democrats fix sights on GOP prosecutor (John Edwards, Mike Easley)

How About a Nuclear Free Middle East?

Club For Growth Wears On Some Republicans

Transsexuality will no longer be classified in France as a mental illness

Deeply 'underwater' cities (Snake eyes in Las Vegas)


John Skillicorn: Another example of how wrong Capital Punishment is.

Prosecutors Block Access to DNA Testing for Inmates

Jesus is a Cheeto! His nickname is "Cheesus"

Obama's Republican (Bush Loyalist) USA's Political Case Continues to Disintegrate

Single Payer Health Insurance on Diane Rehm, NPR

Matt Lauer's telling me all about Obama's 'controversial' speech.

I'm really happy with the overall job President Obama has been doing

Obama cheerleaders. Obama haters.

msnbc...the voice of pat buchannan

DISBAR The Torture Lawyers Now

I have an idea re: the death of newspapers...

Buy Premium Bird Seed? Your Credit Card Co Knows You Pay Your Bills. They Know More About You...

How would the NYT react if Joe Biden gave an excuse this lame?

A Leftist Affirmation on this Monday......

Gambler who lost millions claims he was plied with alcohol, drugs

Vote in India Reshapes Landscape

Anyone ever try the "free" teeth whitening products advertised

Dick Takes Manhattan

Toyota Rolls Out New Prius Amid Hybrid Price War

Liberal media

Granholm in DC last night - SCOTUS nom. soon?

Recession-Proof? Summer Camps Charging $9,000 a Camper Sold Out

The Ugly Truth Behind Organic Food: Is your organic food a humanitarian nightmare?

Abel Raises Cain: A Documentary on a Master Hoaxer of the MSM

Hey---I wrote a speech that was inspired from a conversation I had with a friend--what do you think?

We only seem to waterboard Muslims!!!!

Didn't Obama say, regarding his taking the "right action" -- "MAKE ME"?

Couric's 60 Minutes piece last night. Anyone else find it horrible?

43 stun-gunned at prisons' Take Your Kids to Work Day

Justices Turn Back Ex-Detainee’s Suit Over Prison Abuses

Forget Pelosi-Getting the false confessions was only reason for the torture

Lowering gas price futures will probably not be seen at the pump

last week we got a pretty clear perspective of where our media stands

Was Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House when congress was briefed?

how many ex-bu$hites are now employed by the faux snooze network

We knew that torture didn't work 400 years ago, what happened?

Gates: ‘I wished I hadn’t said’ that Obama was more analytical than Bush

Flu fears, rains buoy Cambodia rat exports to Vietnam

Prosecutors Block Access to DNA Testing for Inmates

Reading DU and posting occasionally for 5 years

The Rude Pundit: A Photo That, If the Context Was Right, ...

Matthew Yglesias: GOP's Torture Tricks Backfire

Jo and Moe -- 21 Years ago Dowd Crushed Biden's Presidential Bid Because of Plagerism

91-year-old Sen. Byrd hospitalized

Dowd issues a weaselly apology for plagiarizing Josh Marshall

Does anyone else think Rummy's Bible Intel reports looked like

Can Someone Explain This About Google Adsense

Wash. school districts laying off more(2,900) teachers.


Pelosi: Dems in Congress 'committed' to EFCA

Abuse of child 'witches' on rise, aid group says

Hard to believe:

unfair and unbalanced addresses the recent Gallup "pro-life/pro-choice" poll

Another Divide: GOP Strategists (Unlike GOP Leaders) Start Publicly Criticizing Cheney

Has anyone proposed single payer WITH suplemental options?

Very informative discussion about single payer with Diane Rehm today.

All the D.C. DEMS we helped elect Need to Remember us When Voting on Healthcare Reform...

Big Earthquake in Los angeles

OMG, Dana Perino is back, and dumber than ever...... -When Did Your County's Jobs Disappear?

WTF? LETTER: Powell Said Bush Plan To Authorize Torture 'Would Put Troops At Risk' - in 2006

Yet again, media figures respond to a Pelosi controversy with attacks on her looks

China demolishes sex park before it starts

I would have loved to have been a fly on the oval office wall this morning.

hardly a mention today on msm of cheney/'s all pelosi/cia

Judge rules family can't refuse chemo for boy

Conservative Media Figures Attack Speaker's Looks While Responding To Torture Controversy

Conservative Media Figures Attack Speaker's Looks While Responding To Torture Controversy

norah o'donnell just stated that there will be no torture investigations

Taller Workers Top Pay Ladder

WTF - Is this the first time ever that a spokesman of the Israeli

Pretend Thought Exercise: I Want You To Pretend And Visualize For A Moment.

Politico has replaced Drudge

So WTF was that presser with Jane Harmon and the CIA person

Bush kept us safe for eight years.

Telescopes poised to spot air-breathing aliens

Just for fun: Here are the 100 top rated TV shows of all-time

Do you know a Pro-Secessionist that earns $10 or $20+ an hour?

"Crocodile Hunter" Wildlife Reserve threatened by strip mining

Wanda Sykes gets her own show this fall... on... FOX?


Disbar the Torture Twelve!!!

How the Notre Dame students really felt about Obama's visit, by the numbers

OH man calls 911 over messy room argument with son

Rover, Cheney and the boys: Still defining the conversation

And here I thought they'd bottomed-out

Torture News Roundup: Cheney's Screwed

Get your Pelosi Waterboarding doll here!

No Duh: Gallop Poll Shows GOP Losing Ground With Nearly Every Demographic

Grats Thread To All DU New-Grads!

Name something controversial that Obama has done as president

So am I wrong to infer that Bushco was on a Crusade

From 2006: The Dark Side: Cheney and Libby made 10 trips to the CIA.

Fox News: Focus On Pelosi Changes Subject From Whether To Prosecute Bush Officials

GOP Losses Span Nearly All Demographic Groups (hope it isn't a dupe)

Nancy Pelosi and the Republican Orgasmathon

STILL waiting for confirmation of FCC Chair nominee -- because of Repug pettiness

The throwdown (actually it would be a beatdown) I'd like to see....

The throwdown (actually it would be a beatdown) I'd like to see....

So, Air America dropped Ed Schultz? For Ron Kuby?

Does Anybody Think This Pelosi Diversion Is A Ploy To Give The Repugs Cover......

Play Nice.

Florida and South Coast DUers - here comes Tropical weather season 2009

Foreclosure Fast Track Puts Delinquent Texas Homeowners on Curb in 41 Days

Modern Founder of Ashtanga Yoga, Pattabhi Jois, Dies

Simple question. All these pro lifers who protested at Notre Dame - their view on killing in war?

‘Superfood’ (Acai) Promoted on Oprah’s Site Robs Amazon Poor of Staple

So was Newt Gingrich upset when Cheney, Libby et al

GOP losing ground in most Demographics

What's a more descriptive name for a system of govt mandated insurance with no public option?

Huckabee Rejects Pelosi W/Poem; Poetry Critics Reject Huckabee

ACLU: Obama admin. will defend Patriot Act ‘gag order’ letters

Obama to raise CAFE standards

Legal Question: What happens if you are the defendant and midway through the trial you

Anger over budget cuts boils over at L.A. schools ( 39 teachers arrested)

Interesting column on buying a gun in Massachusetts...

Who Has The Worst Job Here at DU?

Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican (Fox News)

Washington State Steps Closer To The Northeast On Gay Marriage...

The Difference Between Crediting and Linking

I forget. WTF does PWNED mean, again?

Need Link to DU'er "DemoTex" post from last night...Canoe and Bicycle as he arrived in the Mountains

Is It Okay for Them?

ok nancy, boner just threw down the gauntlet.....bring out your guns

Pentagon reports no longer quote Bible

Conservative Cities Have ''Harder Time'' Getting It Up

About the Gallup Abortion poll, didthe count too many Republicans?

US backing for world currency stuns markets

US backing for world currency stuns markets

Leon Panetta

I know, we just got over a fundraiser....but can you give to buzzflash???

Gitmo Investigator: Interrogators Were Tasked To Find Qaeda-Iraq Link

Woo hoo! Earthquake! SoCal! Stand by for links! LINK FOUND!

Principal cuts offending poems out of book in school library

Elisabeth "Right Wing Idiot" Hasselbeck PWNED by Jesse "The Body" Ventura on the issue of torture

Ray McGovern: How Torture Trapped Colin Powell

Sorry and thank you.

Sheldon Whitehouse is on Ed saying that there will be

Disbarring 12 Torture Lawyers

The Official Status Of Forces Diagram

The lying and deception is too much to handle.

Rasmussen Poll: More Say It’s Likely That CIA Misled Pelosi About Torture


Fortune: credible attack on global warming?

Siegelman Judge Committed Fraud on the Court

It's going to be Granholm for the Court: Increasingly apparent.

What is your level of buyer's remorse toward the Obama administration?

On 60 Minutes tonight: Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and the inspiration for the ........

McChrystal and Pelosi (and Obama and Tillman and torture and Afghanistan)

As stupid as we want to be

Don't tell Cheney about this: Saudi 'Killer Chip' Implant Would Track, Eliminate Undesirables.

Anyone here affiliated with Landmark Education?

"Treat others with respect" is a value. "Don't be a slut" is not a value.

nuke event in N.J.

Biden describes Cheney's bunker

Palin defends Miss Calif. from ‘malicious’ attacks

Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison's Lame Excuse To Snub White House Visit

Almost an entire region of the country has legalized marriage equality.

While the posts tearing down Pelosi and Obama continue, so does the Yoo debate.

While the posts tearing down Pelosi and Obama continue, so does the Yoo debate.

God Damn, CSPAN. Ronald Kessler is a paid propagandist for the CIA

[email protected]; 1-877-MYAMFIX - call CNN re Pelosi: focus on who ORDERED the torture

GRAHAM's Notorious Notes Killing CIA'S Credibility

Woman gives birth in jail cell, alone

Post office has cut 25,000 jobs this year

The High Cost of Poverty: Why the Poor Pay More?

Matt Wuerker TOON nails the Pelosi situation

How old are you?

Happiness is.... being old, male and Republican

Why I refuse to use the term "pro-life"

MoDo's plagiarism?

Please help me refute local neocons's column re:Obama's plan to steal money from you

Which state will be the last to have gay marriage?

Wanna write speeches for Nancy Pelosi? Here's your chance!

1 year ago: 44% anti choice. Today: 51% anti choice

Mac's Pres run exposed a secret that has the GOP pissing themselves in fear.

Newly-Disclosed Memo Shows Bush Was Presented With Legal Alternative To Torture Program

Does the MSM have any idea of how full of shit the general population thinks that they are?

Play Nice

On Ponds and Puddles

Careful! Don’t mess with mockingbirds

I want to thank DU for the laptop! I was gone

If Pelosi has to give up the speakership - which I think is absurd...

Time Out instead of Torture?

Bodybuilders flee drug testers; event canceled

Someone else mentioned this, but I miss Walter Cronkite. You, too? Then kick this.

Montel Williams AGAINST Single Payer - Yes he says it won't pay Specialist enough and it is too slow

Judge in Siegelman Case Faces Renewed Impeachment Effort

Where can I find sheet music with letters for my girl's toy glockenspeil?

Where can I find sheet music with letters for my girl's toy glockenspeil?

Middle Class Healthcare Reform? Bend Over…

Matthew Yglesias discusses how the right-wing strategy on torture is backfiring.

Rumsfeld's Biblical Message-Laden Intelligence Briefs

3 Good Reasons (and 1 Bad One) Why I Don't Buy Into Your Conspiracy Theories

3 Good Reasons (and 1 Bad One) Why I Don't Buy Into Your Conspiracy Theories

NYT's Dowd Admits Plagiarizing Blog

Which Country is most likely to use a nuclear weapon?

This one's dedicated to Rummy and his bible cover sheets

Army Forced Suicidal Soldiers To Wear Orange Vests That Advertised Their Depression

Jesse Ventura just pwned and continues pwn Elisabeth Hasselbeck on THE VIEW right now

ACLU: High School Student Takes On Anti-Gay Harassment—And Wins

Instant History: Donald Rumsfeld talks to reporters about prisoner abuse 5/4/2004

Endless wars, torturers free, billions for criminal banks, no single payer

Graduation Speaker FAIL

Here's a fun way to get back at robofaxers

On the Road to Oregon: Back roads and I-70 to Grand Junction (pics)

Politics and American Idol: Adam Lambert and the Partisan Divide

Pakistan Is Rapidly Adding Nuclear Arms, U.S. Says

Pakistan Is Rapidly Adding Nuclear Arms, U.S. Says

Gun bill added to credit card bill. 27 Dems voted YES for guns, failed to pass credit card limits

Tonight we said goodbye to a photograph

THE LAST TWO WINNERS, REVEALED! The winners of the Acer Netbook and "The Audacity of Hope" are...

My son's former Assistant Principal died of swine flu last night. First death in NYC.

Michael Parenti: Conspiracy Phobia On The Left

okay, but I still wouldn't give him money

You have offended my family and you have offended the Shaolin Temple

enjoying the Simpsons episode about xenophobia tonight.

My former professor's film is screening at Cannes

"Secret Meeting" by The National (lyrics for today)

Aly, Walk With Me - Raveonettes

Some pictures from my Trip to Minnesota (dial up warning)

Anyone watching the SNL Digital Shorts special?

keroro gunsou is going to win the last prize.

Boy. It pisses me off when my PMs are answered.

Yerba Mate fans , raise you hand !

Everlast - What It's Like

You hear that you freaks? keroro gunsou says I represent DU.

The Ghost In You - Psychedelic Furs

So, if I wait until the last minute to donate, do I win?

Computer question:

question for midlo-obatarian

SF Bay area DUers, a question re: bridge tolls

Second person in US dies of swine flu. CBC news at 10PM

Kings of Leon- Sex is on Fire

What movie was the Family Guy band scene taken from

I am in a coffee shop , listening to local artists , it is raining and thundering outside

NYC-Boston: Bus or train?

Please post a song with any variant of the word "dance" in the title.


Todd Rundgren - Hello Its Me

I'm not naming names, but one of you used profanity in a PM to me, and I'm offended

Anyone else get Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown yet?

Did you guys hear the news about Midlo?

What the heck was that?

I really can't wait to see this in action

For my dear friends, my favorite song.

I wish I knew how to fall out of love.

I like The Beverley Hillbillies just fine...

Jessie meets the new Kitten ***dial up warning***

How much do you think Skinner would charge me to take down Midlos sticky?

If you don't love Shirley Bassey, you suck

Crap, all my pictures are level, and the contents of my cabinets have spilled back in.

How many midwestern relatives will ask if I felt the earthquake over the next few days?

Just a little piece of advice--if your ex sends you a friend invite on facebook,

The torch has been passed. The Trek universe is renewed.

So Cali DUers: How are your pets handling the shaking, rattling and rolling?

Good night everybody.

Is there a Pepsi Max shortage or something?

Chicago police dog who's scared of thunder returns

Get your filthy hands off my ice cream

On the weekend, Obama becomes soccer dad

Blago inspires 'Bleep'n Golden' hair care products

Private parts vs. genitals vs. sexual organs

Dane Cook is about as funny as ulcerative colitis...

Man calls 911 about son's messy room

Why are 99% of people dumber than dog poo ?

Is this a real children's book? How can they sell this?

The ancestral homelands have called me, well - home

It sounds like a God damned Dog Kennel in my neighborhood this morning

I caught the most fish

The Preggers Thing

What do you think of "Wings Over America"?

Earthworm warning

Oh God I am such a freaking idiot.

Oh God I am such a freaking idiot.

A raccoon got caught in a electrical box at home today... **nasty graphic pic**

I want to create a threat that never dies.

Can't you just wait until same sex marriages become just as unremarkable as hetero ones?

Congrats to Cynthia Nixon on her engagement (announced with the NY Gov standing by her)

How did the Nats do this weekend?


Hey Beachbaby, at least ours is only a burning refinery NOT a leaking Nuke Plant

I'm hosting a virtual Mosin Nagant shooting competition...

Good morning Lounge

This was toooooo funny!

Argh!! Beard trimming mishap!

The Iggster, His Thin White Dukeness, The Lou Man

When was the last time anyone could access CrooksAndLiars?

M*A*S*H* fans: do you like this episode?

Politics and American Idol: Adam Lambert and the Partisan Divide

Last DU prize of the quarter. Win a date with GrovelBot

what the hell is this guy doing?

I do not believe in karma, but flvegan does. As such, I would like to ask that the quints talk cease

Jesus is a Cheeto! His nickname is "Cheesus"

I'm going to be in Louisville area the weekend after Memorial Day

So I won't be going to a wedding this weekend. I'll be going to a funeral.

Has anyone else dealt with Sarah at PayPal? At least she knows when to say goodbye.

I just had lunch at a Panda Express. Ask me anything!

Swap soil for straw to grow a garden

Quick 2009 music summary - favorite 2009 albums so far?

DU, please stop the teeth ads

13 year old graduates college

Hey what was that song Will Ferrell did on SNL the other night?

Study finds cocaine in the air of Spanish cities

2009 NBA Champions

Cover me, I'm going in (to GD)

DU Song Of The Day

How do you feel about Capt N' Crunch waterboarding Jean LeFoot?

Time And Matter

My first rant about working retail...

time masheen?

time masheen?

Could someone please shoot a tranquilizer dart at me?

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch bomb scare in Shoreditch, East London

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch bomb scare in Shoreditch, East London

I need a good lap dance


Had A Fantastic Time Yesterday

Holy Fuk ,My 20yr Old Just Entered The Libree

Operating System Poll

if the other half I was with DIDN'T believe it until I explained the situation to them

Can The World of Star Trek Help Americans Understand Muslims and their Culture of Terror?

Grovelbot is freaking me out.

Some pics of the local flora and fauna, as well as the sunset on Lake Calhoun

Cannes film festival falls in love with maths

If America really wanted to strike fear in the hearts of our enemies, this should be our anthem:

I think we need to redeploy Grovelbot on a critical mission:

Attention Small Animals: Please stop trying to commit suicide in front of my car.

Fish found in boy's penis

We need more cryptic threads in the Lounge

Which would you prefer in your neighborhood


I Think Thats Happening Tonight

For The First Time In Weeks I Feel Tingly All Over

Four Games: Pirates vs. Reagan-Natinals!!1!!



Huh? Why?

I am appliance hex'd. Yup. I am.

"Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi..."

Test results are back

What was that?

Hey Lounge...."Somebody Calling"

Ladies' Rooms in public places

Anyone use InterVideo WinDVD creator? If you do, could you

Is anyone else having problems with their Gmail today?

Siegelman Judge Committed Fraud on the Court

I just put $500 in the "trip to Scotland" fund.

To Depends or not to Depends, that is the question..

Online yellow pages - Damn those Fuckers

Its Heineken Time Tonight THE BAR IS OPEN

LynneSin - are you as asphyxiated as we are?

Wow - Is "Jesus the Christ" as a topic has "gone missing"


Parche, consider this before leaving home tonight...

methinks i lurve u

Man calls 911 over 28-year-old son's messy bedroom

If you never stop fighting for what you believe in then you will always be victorious

Is It Ok To Fool Around With Someone Who Is Buried?

MSNBC said the Hubble telescope will give a more dazzling view of the university. Which university?

School forces student to change out of kilt

Someone help...why isn't the game on CBC???

I found this at a local store, and was instantly transported to my childhood days

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't.

Should people be arrested and jailed because you think they are going to commit a crime?

So I walked away from my job.

so i see a big teeth ad and think "why am i seeing ads"

Why does a priest need $250K year salary?

Haydn String Quartet in D...

scary headline: Mule Fire closes Arizona 80 near Bisbee

Ask me anything: Went to see Capitol Steps tonight

In case you were wondering what balls of steel can accomplish (186' waterfall)

All the work for my Undergrad degree is finished, as of 5 minutes ago!

This shower curtain: Love it or leave it?

Can anybody explain the appeal of "Sweeney Todd"?!1

Trekker or Trekkie?

I need a good lap dog

Pentagon reports no longer quote Bible - only quotes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead now.

What's a good virus protection program for Windows?

Is it ok to fool around with someone who is invisible...

Math/logic problem. An old one, but appropriate for the times:

Whale Wars.

** ALERT!!1!! The Pirates are playing the Reagan-Natinals in ten minutes **

The 13 people who made torture possible

I can haz Dave?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/18/2009)

Question.....Jesus "H" Christ

Can anyone recommend a decent (free) CD burning program?

But then I took another look at the chicken and decided I didn't want to.

Hey you guys: My 19 year old son graduated college!!!


* Post your bad jokes here *

OMG. The ads!!

I think I have a cross between a sprain and a broken ankle

HUGH!!1!! news!! Someone real powerful is calling for Prez. O's impeachment.

Well folks, 3 times proved NOT to be a charm for this running fool.

Bike advice?

At what age does one start to become invisible?

90 days sober

Exclusive First Listen: Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse Team Up With David Lynch

OMG my poor mother fell down a flight of porch steps

Is It Ok To Fool Around With Someone Who Is Married?

let's play pretend that darth vader impregnated hitler's mom

What Is Your Favorite Peter Gabriel Song?

Heat Wave in Iceland!

Candy Bar From Mars Aims For Women From Venus

Men who were once at Florida's School for Boys...still waiting for justice.

Here's what I won today!

So what does one do when the relationship

Absolutely begs a caption....

"They're all owned by the Banks" "They care only about their re-elections" "Look at how much ......"

som bijalay

Need suggestions for a picky eater

Just saw Star Trek, and I have a HUGE problem with the way it ended (SPOILERS)

English teacher corrects graffiti

iPod question

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico--has anyone been there?

Questions about compost heap

Retail Wage-Slaves: Tell us about your freakiest customer!

I want my own thread on how everyone's telling me to shut up about stuff.

A favor

Has anybody watched the new Wallander series on PBS Masterpiece Mystery?

Dammit, I have to get new tires.

Black Bear on the loose in Seattle!

Favorite first line

Update on my friend.

WOOOHOO! My documentary was selected to screen at a film festival!

quitting smoking update

What Products Do You Miss Most From Your Youth?

Message board words and phrases you hate

Michael F-ing Steele (from a black blog) my peeps

Michael F-ing Steele (from a black blog) my peeps

Freeper Madness of the day

'All the president's emails' (The Guardian, UK)

Wardlaw wrote the strip search ruling on the 9th Circuit

BBC Youtube Video with BS RW Title: "Obama Heckled during Abortion Speech"

What does your credit card company know about you?

Action Steps to Appoint a Special Prosecutor and Call for Accountability

Graduates appreciate Obama's remarks (ND Observer).

This to me was the most moving part of The President's speech.

This to me was the most moving part of The President's speech.

Why the hell would another country take detainees if we wont take them? And Jim Webb is a moron

Myths and facts about DADT

Orbitz Worldwide Launches Campaign To End U.S. Travel Ban To Cuba

Our Stinking Media going after Pelosi; no longer interested in Pres Obama's ND visit and Speech!

Bwahahahaha! Media STFU about Obama and Notre Dame! How Special.

Article about Pelosi being drawn into GOP net/trap:

SCOTUS rulings expected this morning.

Cheney's Magical Mystery Media Tour: What the Dark Lord Doesn't Say

That's weird. I saw a Notre Dame diploma on eBay. Comment said...

WOW! Where to start with this Zelikow memo?

why limit torture to "enemy combatants"? experiments on twins could save thousands of lives!

Democratic Underground is fast becoming a place where you hear Hyperbole daily

Corporate badasses, religious loonies, and black helicopter survivalists

FL-Gov: AG Bill McCollum (R) Announces Run


When do you think the President should take his Vacation, if ever?

If Newt and Boner think Nancy was wrong to hear of torture back in 2002

Sessions: Obama's Court Nominees No Longer Get "Powerful Deference" Open To Filibuster

Have you met Rotus?

"Court candidate Granholm to be at White House"

Why Obama's Notre Dame appearance is so signifcant

I have an idea. Lets subsidize private insurance companies with tax dollars so we save money!

Onward Christian Soldier. DELETED for a DUPE...

A Dollar A Day to Make Norm Coleman Go Away

Obama urges dialogue, not demonization, on abortion

MSNBC: Supreme Court names on Obama list that have not been made public yet

The Health Care Cave-In (R. Reich)

Tweety - abortion rates dropped in the 90s. OF COURSE Obama can reduce them again

Dodd Getting a Primary opponent,, Here we go again.

Please rate Barack Obama's performance so far

Joe Biden reveals secret bunker information ...

I believe this Notre Dame speech was one of Barack Obama's Finest Speeches to date!

A two-and-a-half year-old post on freerepublic... funny stuff...

Democratic Underground:

Here I come USA ~

"Obama's opponents on the Catholic right placed a large bet on his Notre Dame visit. And they lost."

Abortion. Socialism. Welfare.

Imagine there's no Republicans too...Only the deed of ones actions

Obama is speaking after meeting with Netanyahu

Text of Notre Dame's Jenkins introduction for President Obama~

Gibbs: Obama has not interviewed any candidates for SCOTUS nominee - but might this week.

Skinner Says We Can Criticize Democrats - Yet Moderators Send A Warning Not To Criticize

How inaccurate is this Rush Limbaugh quote?

Gallup: GOP Falls With Nearly Every Group, Down To Conservative, Church-Going Base

the military industrial complex is not acknowledging their new c.i.c.

Parties Prepping for Redistricting Fight

CNN Poll: Abortion not hurting Obama

DO We Know if Mel Gibson is a Republican?

Why are reporters so Damn opinionated?

Why are reporters so Damn opinionated?

Shining Light On Cheney's Hideaway

Stephen Baldwin: President Obama is "jive talkin"

I wish folks wouldn't just make shit up!

Obama-"I believe in a two state solution...Settlements must be stopped."

Gallup: GOP Falls With Nearly Every Group, Down To Conservative, Church-Going Base

John Weaver: GOP "Headed For A Blowout" In 2012 If Cheney, Limbaugh, Palin Lead

What caused the stock market jump today?

"Obama's opponents on the Catholic right placed a large bet on his Notre Dame visit. And they lost."

Obama Nominates Superfund Polluter Lawyer To Run DOJ Environment Division

PHOTOS The First Lady at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Obama plans new fuel limit by 2016

Mortgage fraud bill goes to Obama to sign

Montana AFL-CIO State Convention Reaffirms Endorsement of HR 676--Baucus is in bed

Conyers on Obama: ‘Why is he becoming so conservative now that he’s got the job?’

Obama Winning Debate Over Bipartisanship

Democratic Underground is fast becoming a place where people whine when they can't win the argument.

Michelle Obama: 'First date... a museum'

Tweety thinks Obama named the new Chinese ambassador,

How can Obama bring the troops home when there are NO JOBS?

So, now the Senate Republicans are so desperate, they sing a Marx Brothers song?

Editorial: Obama deftly calms culture war passions (Dallas Morning News).

Our troops in Iraq.

Our troops in Iraq.

I just unsubscibed from Organizing for America, the Obama web site.

I turned the speech off after Obama told the world how he found christ

90% of Gitmo Prisoners Innocent: Says Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell

The Record So Far, Have We Been Deceived?

Pres. Obama to link pollution standards with limits on greenhouse gases for first time in history

Today I'm angry at Obama because ...

What concessions are you willing to make for single-payer healthcare?

Is John Boehner, taking a cue from Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet)

Tomorrow Michael Steele goes 100% batshit dellusional; "Our comeback is well underway "

I'm going to be watching closely to see if the Dems let the Repubs beat up on Pelosi

I honestly think some of you want all the Gitmo detainees immediately released

Report: Bill Clinton To Be Named United Nations Envoy To Haiti

"I guess we'd all like to aspire to civilized discussions motivated by intellectual expansion..."

Obama's EPA clears 42 of 48 new mountaintop removal mining permits

Kuwait elects first women MPs

Bloody Urban Battles Could Lie Ahead in Pakistan

Somali militants capture key town

Explosions Reported At (Sun Oil) Ethylene Facility In (New Castle County) Del

William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright march for peace in Mideast before Obama meets Israeli leader

Guatemala rally targets president

First Swine Flu Death Reported in New York

US journo (Seymour Hersh) claims Bhutto was killed on Cheney’s orders


Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan

World Economic Forum on the Middle East closes with participants pledging strong leadership for...

Lithuania gets first woman head

Satellites zoom in on crime at border(Military spy agency tracks drug smugglers from space)

China Wrestles With Shaping the Future of Shanghai

EU discuss toughening Myanmar sanctions

Pakistan seeks national support against Taliban

Foreign investment in Pakistan down 42 percent

Vote in India Reshapes Landscape

UAW says GM talks to intensify as jobs issue looms

UAW says GM talks to intensify as jobs issue looms

Supreme Court rejects 9/11 detainee's lawsuit

Filipino militants behead kidnapped farmer: police

Flu fears, rains buoy Cambodia rat exports to Vietnam

(Police) Property room mess included fetuses

Canada could stay (in Afghanistan) beyond 2011, MacKay says

Iraq police release video 'of Qaeda leader'

High court to review media mogul's conviction. (Black)

CIA more popular than Pelosi, poll shows

Gunmen open fire on Japanese ambassador on visit to Iraq’s Anbar

FBI, Ramsey County spied on Iowa group before RNC

Like Bush, Obama White House Chooses Secrecy for Key Office

Court: Old maternity leave doesn't count

China demolishes sex park before it starts

Abuse of child 'witches' on rise, aid group says

Allen wins $5m court settlement

Staid in China: Yet-to-open sex park demolished

Top Bush officials not liable for Muslims' post-Sept. 11 arrests

'US special (Cheney) squad killed Benazir'

Commander’s Ouster Is Tied to Shift in Afghan War

W.H.O. May Raise Alert Level as Swine Flu Cases Leap in Japan

Obama set to announce national emissions standards

Transcript of press conference with President Obama and PM Netanyahu`

Granholm to be at White House on Tuesday

Conrad Black's anti-fraud case will go to Supreme Court

Pakistan press hopes for peace after India vote

Airport security bares all, or does it?

91-Year-Old Sen. Byrd Hospitalized

Secret memo reveals Bush was given 'humane,' 'legal' alternative to harsh interrogations in 2005

Waldorf Man Working for Dept. of Justice Indicted for Dealing Cocaine

5.0 Earthquake in southern California

Cheney said in 2004 Gitmo detainees revealed Iraq-al Qaida link

MoD loses battlefield rights case

Brave Suu Kyi supporters keep vigil for trial

Karzai brother 'survives attack'

Harley-Davidson weighing moving production plant(York, PA)

Dodd To Face Democratic Challenger In 2010

(SCOTUS:) Top U.S. officials can't be sued for post-9/11 abuse

Uruguayan writer and poet Mario Benedetti dies

Brazil and China Eye Plan To Axe Dollar

American Express to cut (4,000 jobs or) 6% of workforce

U.N. says 1.4 mln people displaced in Pakistan valley

Study links cigarette changes to rising lung risk

German boiled alive

Webb opposes Gitmo timetable

New York principal's death linked to flu virus, hospital says

Boy Allegedly Shoots Middle School Teacher (then shot himself)

Ventura takes shots at torture, Coleman ( "I'm ashamed of my country.")

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama sees ‘historic opportunity’ to restart Mideast peace talks


Germans Deny Patent For GPS/Poison Microchip

Gregoire expands same-sex partnerships

CIA director won't block commission

GQ report blames Rumsfeld for military delay after Katrina

Shooting reported on Harvard campus

Maureen Dowd Caught Plagiarizing?

Netanyahu stands firm against demands from Barack Obama

Astronauts finish repairs on inside of Hubble

Feds accuse Wyeth of cheating Medicaid

Sri Lankan rebel leader 'is dead'

Lawmakers Push Ultrasound Bills as More Americans Say They're Pro-Life

Shenandoah teen admits in juvenile court his role in fatal beating of an illegal immigrant

Vatican: Obama seeks "common ground" on abortion

Complaint seeks disbarment of Bush lawyers

Pakistan Is Rapidly Adding Nuclear Arms, U.S. Says

Obama: Israel must stop expanding settlements

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Medical Marijuana Challenges

Obama to unveil big increase in required mpg (42 MPG)

Lula Wants Brazilians and Chinese to Eliminate Dollar for Trade Between Them

Suicide attacks are un-Islamic: (Pakistan's) Ulema

Unions Rally against Pratt Institute

Made In the U S A

RFK Jr. Live Earth Speech

Get in the Ring

Godsmack - Greed

Obama Notre Dame Commencement Speech - PART 2 ("Open Minds. Fair-Minded Words")

Obama Notre Dame Commencement Speech - PART 1 ("Find a Way to Live Together As One Human Family")

Obama Notre Dame Commencement Speech - PART 3 (Community Organizing; The Golden Rule)

Suu Kyi faces 'life threatening' detention

Obama Notre Dame Commencement Speech - PART 4 (Eisenhower Civil Rights Commission)

Aung San Suu Kyi on Non-Violence (from 1999)

Wilco - When the Roses Bloom Again

Dick Cheney in 1994 predicts overthrowing Sadam would lead to a "quagmire"

Jake Tapper on Pelosi CIA briefing

Enron the smartest guys in the room - Trailer

US signals shift in ties with Israel

Johnny Cash - Singin' In Vietnam Talkin' Blues

Ford Plugs-in to the Future

The newest from NOM

Paul Begala vs. Ari 'forked tongue' Fleischer on Cooper 360 re: torture

Sen. Bob Graham: CIA Misled Congress

PBS Legacy Of War: The Nuremberg Trials Excerpt

SuperNews: Dick Cheney gets Boarded

Give Government A Chance

'Party of No' Chairman on whether health care reform will pass: 'Noooooo.'

Capitol Hill Agenda: May 18, 2009

Rumsfeld: ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS Slideshow (set to music)

Pup Defends Injured Mother on Busy NY Street

5 Steps to Fix the DOJ

Zombie Bank

Cheney on torture memos, waterboarding

Barry Goldwater - Khruschchev, We Will Bury You 1964 Election Ad

Michael Steele On Gay Marriage Costing Money

MLK on Iraq...opps I mean Vietnam:)

Boehner: "Lying to congress is a crime."

Mosh - the best anti-war video ever

Entire World Knows Bush Cheney & Rumsfeld Should Be In Prison!

Rep Price (R) 'Not Up to Limbaugh to decide who oughta be in Republican Party'

Coleman Meets 'Dollar a Day' Campaign

Matthew Yglesias discusses how the right-wing strategy on torture is backfiring.

Pelosi Attacked by repugs for her LOOKS

CREW: Melanie Sloan on CSPAN Q&A

Sea Shepherd: Nobody Talks, EverybodyWalks

TVMA Republicans, All Fear All the Time! Barack Wants Brains! Brains!


Elisabeth Haseelbeck gets PWNED by Jesse Ventura

Was AIG Cooked Long Before Joe Cassano?

The Only Road Out of Crisis: Yes, it is socialism, but nationalize the banks already

GOP Confusion in South Carolina

Gen Stanley MacChrystal under fire over rough tactics and 'prisoner abuse'

AL. Sen. Linked to White Supremacists

From Serving in Iraq to Welcoming White House Guests

Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan

Remembering When Citigroup ‘Cared’ about Inequality

The Gulag Revisited

Cheney Raises Doomsday Scenario: The 'BACKWARDS-Ticking Time Bomb'

U.S. still determined despite harsh reality in Afghanistan

Obama's Long War Against Cheneyism?

As Alaska Glaciers Melt, It’s Land That’s Rising

Geithner's gift to Wall Street

Orgy and Fear, The Third Party - The Media, Abortion, Gay Rights Guns and Taxes

No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Supreme Court’s stealth hard-liner (Chief Justice Roberts) - great read.

Acquitted man languishing behind bars (Liberty City Defendant)

Lawmakers plot finance shake-up

Feudalism With A Smiling Face

Obama and Congress see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

LA Times, Maxine Waters, Police Union Strongly Endorses Carmen Trutanich

A Letter to a Daughter (Liz Cheney) From a Daughter

Oil Up, Gas Up, Supply and Demand Down, Speculators Ready to Screw Americans, Again!!!!

Donald Rumsfeld covered Iraq briefing papers with Biblical texts

Pelosi's burden of truth (SF Chronicle)

Obama Can’t Turn the Page on Bush

Philadelphia Inquirer Hires Torture Memo Author John Yoo to Write Column

Chris Hedges: The Disease of Permanent War

A Case For Economic Democracy

India thinks Pakistani N-sites already in radical hands: Report

No Right Wing Whining About Obama’s Nomination of Lesbian?

Study Links Cigarette Changes to Rising Lung Risk.

HuffingtonPost: "Tough Love Time for Obama"

China emerges as world's auto epicenter

Was George Bush on a Mission From God in Iraq?

Christian Science Monitor: "NRA: New Face of the American Right?"

"Do We Need another WPA" (Excellent Article...Must Read..Seriously!)

Poor? Pay Up.

Bolivia would-be assassins: Photo of Michael Dwyer and Eduardo Rozsa Flores not posted here earlier


Ho Chi Minh Anniversary Honored

Lula Wants Brazilians and Chinese to Eliminate Dollar for Trade Between Them

Brazilian Senate to approve Venezuela's entry to Mercosur

New Leaks in Bolivia Terror Case

BOLIVA TERRORISTS STORY - Inca Kola has the latest including Villa Vargas' confession

Colombian defense chief quits, may seek presidency

Rudd plans 'world's largest' solar project

The effects of residential development

Peak Oil Review - May 18

Scientists work to plug microorganisms into the energy grid (sustainable biofuels)

DrumBeat: May 18, 2009

Scientists Make First Direct Observations of Biological Particles in High-Altitude Clouds

Double trouble for water life—New study argues need for dual nutrient strategy to improve aquatic…

Synthetic catalyst mimics nature's 'hydrogen economy'

How Solid Is Concrete's Carbon Footprint?—Concrete may absorb more carbon dioxide than earlier esti…

New South Wales Drier - 60% Of State Now In Drought As Winter Approaches

Heavy Rains Prompt Warnings To S. Australian Ranchers - Don't Let Cattle Drink The Runoff - Too Acid

From a Theory to a Consensus on Emissions

Pay farmers to halt irrigation to ease water crisis, Chinese adviser urges

UK Apiarists Seeking To Revive Ancient Variety Of Black Honeybee - Independent

Whale Wars - Sea Shepherd, Season 2 Animal Planet starting June 5

Brazil Moves Closer To Retroactive Approval Of Illegal Settlements, Land Use In Amazon - 230K M2

"The Freedom Lobby" - Energy Bulletin

Plans for Carson `green' power plant are dropped

As Alaska Glaciers Melt, It’s Land That’s Rising

Obama's EPA clears 42 of 48 new mountaintop removal mining permits

Scientist says climate change isn't fueling hurricanes

Canadian research team reports major breakthrough in lithium battery technology (>3x capacity!)

One Month Of Fast Food Diet Enough To Alter Fat Cells' Response To Insulin - Science News

(UK) Ministry of Defence admits to further radioactive leaks from submarines

CO2 release out of control says scientist—(Carbon capture and sequestration is needed)

Happy Gilmore was right: Longer drives in golf running at the ball

Let's Go Nuggets!

Oh boy! What's it gonna be? Game 4 of the West NBA or WWE?

Game of Night to be played in DC tonight!!1!!

Down to 4 .. Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup?

Down to 4 .. Who do you want to win the NBA Championship

Gruden heads to Monday Night Football

Who was the worst Monday Night Football ever?

Jon Gruden---the most overrated NFL Coach in the last 10 years.


Skyline of Richmond, Virginia Painters Union members picket Lackawanna College

UAW Workers In Wisconsin Protests Shipping U.S. Auto Jobs To Mexico

Labor union steps up Wal-Mart organizing campaign

Today in labor history May 18 $10 million 4 negligence leading to Silkwood’s plutonium contamination

NFL: Coaches unhappy about pensions

United Steelworkers: Obama Needs To Create A Permanent Committee To Renew U.S. Manufacturing

A lift for the laid-off, COBRA changes bedevil employers


Fighting for a Last Chance at Life

Some People May be 'Allergic' to Cell Phones, Computers

What will happen in Maine? With the veto and perhaps an amendment?

What's going on in Iowa?

I met Lt Dan Choi yesterday at one of the counter protests

A Soldier Coming Home

Anyone ever get pessimistic about their future and think of re-enlisting?

On Fiery Birth of Israel, Memories of 2 Sides Speak

Poll: Only 31% of Israelis consider Obama pro-Israel

Palestinians End Talks In Cairo Without Deal

Palestinians see Obama statehood comments encouraging

Construction goes ahead at new Israeli settlement

The US can bring new hope to the Middle East

Justice Minister pushes bill to extend rabbinical courts' authority

I'm hosting a virtual Mosin Nagant shooting competition...

Pro-gun bloggers cover NRA convention

AIG Scandal: Did Hank Greenberg allow Cassano to take the Fall for AIG's Failure?

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/18/09

Bad Collateral

Laid-Off Parents Are Scraping Together the Money to Send Their Kids to Camp

A favor

Peonies. My first attempt at pics on DU.

Strange Bird

So, this is my first trip the the Photo Group, thanks to blueraven95's kind info about the photo

Pink lupine and a man with a ukulele/kazoo set-up

In Shelby Farms they are letting the grass grow high

Pics from New Zealand

Purification – May 2009 By Kate Ann Spreckley

need good vibes for real estate negotiation, please

What is going on in our universe? Good grief...

Buying a Mac during Mercury retro

I got an "A" on my final web project!

When you're lonely, one thing to

Science of Spirituality

Reading Cheney from a photo

The Stars This Week: "Learn Something New" - May 18 - May 24, 2009

The evolutionary argument for Dr. Seuss

Wild Justice, The Moral lives of Animals

Is there life after death?

"Church Politics: Why the Pope Is Sidestepping Notre Dame"

"Singapore warns against mixing politics and religion"

Strangely enough, I am on the side of the church in this one:

"W.Va. mom asks immunization exemption for daughter"

Faithist Memes, Religious Privilege, Victimization, and Bad Arguments

Carla Bruni criticises Pope Benedict XVI (France's First Lady)

Abuse of child 'witches' on rise..Surprise! "belief system is being spread by so-called Christians."

Middle Class Healthcare Reform? ...Bend Over

FREE DiGiorno Flatbread Melts

Oven-roasted Cashews

Weird Food Site of the Day---and it's Pizza!

If it was revealed that 9/11 was an inside job

So, was 911 planned in seven and a half months...

Reposted cuz it's cool

Arlen Specter claimed that JFK was STANDING when he was shot

Yes, I defend the so called OCT

3 Good Reasons (and 1 Bad One) Why I Don't Buy Into Your Conspiracy Theories

Ricky Perry's "Dickipedia " entry

The Kennedys: American Experience tonight on PBS at

And Now