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I can verify that Arizona State University is incompetent & Obama is fortunate

waterboarding is not effective at getting the truth. it IS, however, effective at getting lies.

Slavery in the Americas?! The 'opposition' to Morales using forced work and generational debt

Feingold Has SEEN Cheney's Docs: "They AREN'T The Bombshell Cheney Has Been Promising"

Washington Post: Card Check and Gut Check

KO's on -looks good

Boehner Is SO Full OF Shit. I've Seen The Bourne Movies

Figure it out

Sen. Feinstein (D-Ca.) brings back bill to legalize farmworkers

Report: Karl Rove to testify tomorrow -to prosecutor

Insured immigrants spend less on health-US study

Inhuman, immoral, horrific, evil

Is Cheney In A Position To Mastermind Another Attack on America?

Did we just enter backwards land? CIA denies Cheney's request to open up documents

Mr Cheney as long as you're in a declassification mood

Ahhhnuld will work for food (or $6 billion)

Quietly, Patrick keeps up a somber duty

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter our $250 Progressive Non-Profit Donation Contest!

Vermont dairy farms count on illegal immigrants

Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’

John Dean: The Politics of Excusing Torture In The Name of National Security

Treasury rolls out relief for more homeowners facing foreclosure

Time to rebrand the Republican Party to

Breaking: Trump Announces Future Miss USA Contestants To Be Sold to Highest Bidders

Olbermann's comment on Bush, and the labeling of Sunnies as Nazis by Wolfowitz

R-Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson may quit this fall ?

Gay U.S. Navy Posters

On reporting about my interaction with evangelicals knocking at my door

For anybody who just watched Keith--

Vets Rally Behind McGovern's Bill for an Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

Obama is an Incredible and Gifted Person...He is the Best Candidate we could get as Dems...

Let it play out

Congratulations, Democrats- in a few short weeks you've become the party of Wall Street abuses

Human Rights Investigator: "Torture Investigation Should Focus on Estimated 100 Deaths"

Ben Nelson (D-Ne) FIghts Key Obama Appointment At Justice Department

Matthew Brady

Someone gave me a star!

Fundies: Left-leaning Christians who support this hate crimes bill SHALL ROT FOR ETERNITY!!!!

health care reform fearmongering in AARP opinion piece

Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, to announce his senatorial bid on Rachel Maddow?

After over a half century of criminal activity the CIA has reformed itself in just 100 days!

The torture worked except bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri and Mullah Omar are still not in custody?

Troopers: 7-year-old was mom's designated driver

Pa. grants domestic-partner benefits

Right wing whining works - DHS retracts report on white supremacists and anti-abortion extremists

Oldest Soldier Killed In Iraq, (would of been 61 yrs old later this year).

"We must immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor and approve an investigative committee with teeth"


Not very good pictures

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Basic questions about the torture photos themselves

Do any nations have universal coverage under a privatized system?

I thought it was ok tto supress the pictures...

Jon Stewart On Arabic Translator Lt. Dan Choi Being Forced Out Of Military For Being Gay:

I'll be in the Bay Area 5/19/09

Boy Scouts Become Paramilitary A-Rab-Terra-ist Hunters...

Go for it Rachel Cheney ordered waterboarding to link Iraq & al Qaeda

Wis. high court to review 2006 gay marriage ban

keep the pictures - just put Cheney in jail

A video from the grave throws Guatemala into crisis

Olberman doesn't have anything to explain to me about the period after his mother's death.

Elizabeth Kucinich is a very lucky woman.

Speaker's Comments Raise Detainee Debate to New Level

Every 'journalist' should be asked, "What would you like me to say?"

Craigslist Discontinues Erotic Services Advertisements

Cascade-plot suspect to go home Judge refuses to release second of 4 teens, says he is danger to com

Just saw Bush on a Rachel repeat - just had to turn Rachel off...

King of the Congressional Assholes......

Something for nothing

Obama's argument regarding not releasing the photos is completely legitimate

You have got to see this crap...

Just Shut The Fuk Up Dick Cheney

Thank you NYT - keep the focus on the War Criminals in Chief

Climate change displacement has begun – but hardly anyone has noticed

WJ this morning - CIA misled Congress

The Suttle truth: We're a Democratic town

Sotomayor, Baseball’s Savior, May Be Possibility for High Court

"Yes we can, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're going to."

Why did Cheney want torture formally authorized?

Chargnng for radio now?????

Lawrence Wilkerson: The Truth About Richard Bruce Cheney

The CIA would never lie!

Upticks everywhere but here


Dear Joe - let's talk about liars

WAAS (07) Explains What Cheney Was Up To Besides Torture In Summer of 2002...

The man we need to get under oath right away: General Geoffrey D. Miller

Match the superhero to their political affiliations

Dear media: The economy is MORE IMPORTANT than the torture!

Swine flu genes traced to North Carolina factory farm

oh boy, david gregory is on bringing down the ratings of the mourning joe show

Bad even for Joe -- parade of torturers filling every segment today

Report from a welfare queen.

Senator Bob Graham says the CIA lied about briefings that never took place

A new form of trade war brews

Prisoner abuse by the military is not the same thing as torture by CIA Contractors

Just earlier tonight on

Post office mural earns time in spotlight (one of just 36 left make-work projects during the Depres)

Charlie Rose on here. Elizabeth Edwards due on tonight. PBS,

Not one word about Cheney demanding torture on MSNBC

Not one word about Cheney demanding torture on MSNBC

Everytime I see this picture it seems to me that it happened yesterday

76 Members of Congress Oppose Staying in Afghanistan Forever

Joe Conason at We Tortured To Justify War (The Question Cheney Is Never Asked)

We are good people but not very deep (many of us protested torture and W MD)

E action 1/2 of workers have no Paid Sick Days? Tell Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act!

In 2007 Boehner said he didn't trust what the CIA was telling him either

Dear Mr. President

Limbaugh Likens Democrats' 'Quest For Power' To Drug Addiction

To Promote donations, you will love the acer aspire one!

If a person were to go on various TV shows and repeatedly confess to assault & battery

Monday 10am NPR: Diane Rehm will host a discussion of single-payer. nt

Chalmers Johnson on the Cost of Empire

You dirty kids! Mark Morford

GEM$NBC has mentioned Nancy Pelosi over a dozen times since

When thinking about the Holocaust what comes to your mind?

Reminder: "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" was originally a term coined by the Gestapo

If This Torture Issue Withers Away, Is It Game Over For All of Us?

Money: The Myth of Banks and the Congress

It's Not the Crime, It's the Coverup: What Pelosi Said and When She Said It

Finally, the media have identified the culprit that led the torture.

Media reporting of civilian deaths

10/5/01 BUSHCO Presidential Order Dictating-ABSOLUTE-Control Over Who/When CIA Could Brief Congress

Remember WATERGATE? We're living Worse Than Watergate, the Secret Government. When are the HEARINGS?

the "pictures" will be leaked (warning? pic in post)- From Australian Press

RNC Mocks Obama For Credit Card Reform

Now That We Have Established That Chris Dodd, Barney Frank & Nancy Pelosi Were The Culprits All Alon

Now That We Have Established That Chris Dodd, Barney Frank & Nancy Pelosi Were The Culprits All Alon

You know what really frightens me about this whole Cheney/torture/Pelosi thing?


I ***just*** figured it out ...... Mika is Alan Colmes to Scarborough's Hannity

Fox Nation advertises on DU. I hate Fox and all it stands for. I love DU.

NOTHING is off the table

military tribunals and journalists

If the CIA knows 'the truth', who are they speaking it to?

Weren't all those briefings classified? Why is everyone out there now

Does the Sheriff and two deputies that were tried and convicted of torture

Pete Williams (MSNBC) to give status of Rove hearing shortly.

Pelosi and Waterboarding

If this was the post WWII era and Obama was actively trying to cover up the holocaust...

The CIA has a long and glorious history of lying to Congress

How much would you pay to read the NY Times online?

How low can they go? Matt Laurer interviewing

Private Contractors & TORTURE & Ties To BUSHCO

silly hitler! if only he had briefed a member of the opposition party, the holocaust woulda been ok

Mika defends Scarborough in letter to the NY Times !

GOP Insiders Say Cheney is Hurting Party

Arkansas GOP Senate Candidate Apologizes For Calling Schumer "That Jew"

TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007 VIDEO

Wilkerson On CIA: "There's A Bent To The Way They're Briefing"

No!! No Pictures!!

Anyone else notice that as the noose is tightening around

Want to make a Christian conservative's head explode?

Shuster interviewing Sen. Bob Graham on GEM$NBC now n/t

Which seven (or more) other locations are included in the photos? nt

When we used to read "the paper"

I'm sorry about yesterday, I don't know if you caught it, but my pills slipped up.

Shaw Communications Gives Canadians Chance To Turn Off Fox News Channel Over Military Slight

Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kinkaid is a Birther

Well, somebody gave me a star.

Cable company gives Canadian consumers the option to cancel Fox News.

Look what the Rethugs did to a disabled Vietnam combat veteran who stood up to Bush in 2002

The CIA can only hope their record keeping is as accurate and complete as Bob Graham's

Who Knows Where These Children Are?

Is there a way to search for all of the responses of a poster? Apologies if in wrong forum.

How about a DU fiction contest? I'll start with the outline of a plot to develop .......

Feingold, Rockefeller, and Harman all

How does one develop their political ideas? Here's a study done on college students and by that age,

Was/Is Pelosi being blackmailed?

1.20.13 End of an Error.

GOP congressman (whackadoodle King from Iowa) says Pelosi should lose speakership

if you aren't listening to Ed Schultz you are missing a righteous rant...

Water Infrastructure Financing Act Benefits Corporations the Expense of Taxpayers

Ex-Government Worker Sues for Immunity in CIA Rendition Case

Who were the Republicans briefed along with Pelosi and why aren't DU'ers screaming about them?

Larisa Alexandrovna: What Did Karl Rove Know About Torture And When Did He Know It?

GOP backs CIA in dispute with Pelosi

WOW -- Laurer LYNCHED Pelosi on Today Show!!! Public Lynching!

(Michelle) Obama's irresponsible and elitist promotion of cancer, obesity, and starvation


Is anyone scrutinizing the CIA? Nah!

This statement is either true or it is not:

A Simple Question

The only good news for us is that the GOP is sinking faster than Obama's credibility.

Teen accused in school plot can go home

Where's Panetta?

I hope Obama goes to Notre Dame and tells those

Here's my take on the whole diet/exercise debate:

Will you watch "Farrah's Story"?

Holder's Plans As Clear As Gonzales' Memory

Advice to Junior: throw Cheney under the bus

Since the CIA is in leak mode...

What is wrong with going after Bushco...

Tell President Obama: Keep your promise to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Dick Cheney Is Hoist On His Own Secrecy Petard

A remarkable woman.

Republican douchebag senator's wife indicted for stealing from a charity

Eli Lilly - Big Pharma - CEO Warns Against Public Healthcare Plan Idea......

I woke up to the 1960's

Thirteen, dammit! There's thirteen triangles.

Former Sacramento King Wayman Tisdale Dies

Andrew Lloyd Webber eyes future for Susan Boyle

Gloria Allred

Some reall cool pictures of the space shuttle and Hubble...

Sad to read the Chrysler closing list

In Limbo: Dawn Johnsen's Nomination Stalls Thanks to *Democrats*

Liddy Letter: AIG Plans To Award Bonuses Even If Taken Over By US

So .... Kitt Fucking Bond goes on Dead Intern Joe's show and makes a snarky fucking crack .......

I've lived a fair amount of my life under one party rule .......

Some Americans may be comfortable being sheep, I want the power of knowledge

What kind of person(people) starts a war with a country on false pretenses

US releases Boumediene from Gitmo

Obama honors World Champ Phillies!

Take That, Apple: Download Torrents With Your iPhone Without Any BitTorrent App

Does classifying evidence of a crime trump the Constitution and the rule of law?

Hoyer and Cantor forget to take ‘AIPAC’ off file name of letter to Obama on Middle East peace.

The weak-assed approach taken by the DEMOCRATIC Congress and DEMOCRATIC President in relation

Lets Guess who the Company was that "Contracted" the job of Interrogation/Torture

Skinner, does what happens on DU stay in DU????

War Room: Dark days for the right

AG Eric Holder said : “If somebody was tortured to death, clearly a crime would have occurred."


I am unaware of any situation since Viet Nam when the CIA told the truth.

If the Torture was contracted out what company was the Contractor?

Growth of Hispanic, Asian Population Slows Unexpectedly, Census Reports

Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano changes address to Florida to avoid New York taxes

Can't pay for your child's cancer treatment? Your child can die! Can pay but don't want chemo?

Uninsured sick people...

FOX: Pelosi authored torture memos, faked Iraqi yellowcake docs, personally water-boarded OBL

Nike Cuts 500 jobs

Playing the shell game to put anti-gay donations into your pocket

The last word on these torture photos

How hate groups went mainstream

Question: Does Obama's refusal to release the torture pics leave Pelosi twisting in the wind?

So Pannetta just issued a mealy-mouthed statement that the CIA

If Rush Limbaugh is so great--

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Attn: California - Prop 1A Yes or No? n/t

Why Is Specter Speaking At Pipes-Sponsored Conference?

The GOP & TV pundits' use of banal euphemisms.

Bounce your boobies!!

Correlation Between the Pandemics & The Chinese year?

The sails are deployed, the ship of state is sailing, "the stars are aligned" and yet...

Look for new Republican proposals to amend the Constitution

Huntington WV loses Air America - replaced with ESPN

Hey, Limpdick!

The Spy Who Billed Me

Q: If conservatives insist that "government is the problem", why are they so afraid of...

"This is now all about her"


Red Herring Alert

Specter's Slow Move To The Left Begins?

Craigslist: It's hard to be a pimp in 570 cities

US soldier takes on Talibans – in pink underpants (pic)

Coleman files final brief with state Supreme Court

If Only THREE People were "Tortured", as Cheney Says, What's So Bad About the Pictures?

"It's the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!'"

Are these some of the 'new' torture photos that obama is blocking?

MUST SEE: Story of Roberto Rodriguez & Sgt. Allen Hill. Due to an org. called Puppies Behind Bars

Southern lawmakers push for new restrictions on voting.

Food Bank Friday! (May 15, 2009)

Most important news story of the week (ending May 15, 2009)

Alabama Senator Sessions Linked To White Supremacist Hate Groups

What looks better: Maria Bartiromo or a Toad?

Tortured Logic

Rep. John Larson (D-CT): Pelosi has “more integrity in her pinky” than Rove, Cheney

The Only Way The Torturers Will Be Held To Justice Is If The People

How does anyone in their right mind accuse Obama of being the most pro abortion person in history?

Young Mr. Brown must be a Democrat

As much as I want to believe Pelosi ...

"... we're talking about rape and murder here." - Lindsey Graham, 2004

Fmr. Marine General Bolden Likely To Lead NASA

Jury: Inmate Killed Cellmate For Being Chatty

The first rule of Fight Club is, you don't force people with disabilities into Fight Club

04 Excerpt: "Makes It Clear" Detainee "Strongly Pressured" To Provide Info Linking Saddam/al Queda

Any Chance This Pelosi Controversy Is A Ploy To Get Both Sides Of The Aisle To........

CNN: Powell aide says torture helped build Iraq war case

Why didn't the Bush administration and CIA get EXPLICIT approval from Congress?

Pelosi - you should have impeached them when you had the chance

Obama says U.S. can't keep borrowing from China

The Democratic Party talking point should be

Marsha Blackburn is an absolute maestro

Economic downturn doesn't slow down public transit ridership in Toronto

Don't like President Obama? Fine. Go vote for Republicans next time. Free Republic needs money too.

MarketWatch: Gloom over Sunshine State

Complete this pattern. Like an SAT question.

Anybody have recommendations for on-line florists?

Obama... attacked hard from the left AND the right... but guess what:

What is bothering me a great deal about the entire issue of torture is...

Question: who the fuck does the Dick (Shitstain)....

Bahama Fridays? (Taking business casual attire to a new level) - pic

It's not just liberals who play the empathy card

Report: Abusive tactics used to seek Iraq-al Qaida link

Dedicated the the Pro-life Heretics at Notre Dame

VISTA: Proposal for 'Carrie Prejean Day' fails

Swine flu set to spread: WHO

Imo, the Republicans are trying to get immunity from prosecution by holding up Nancy.

'9-11' changed everything

Larisa Alexandrovna @ Raw Story: QUESTIONS Prosecutor Dannehy Should Be Asking Mr. ROVE

George Tenet - Slam dunk

Look at the DINOS who voted for Bybee to be a Federal Judge:

Starbucks processes debit transactions immediately; it takes my CC Co. three days!

Downing Street Memos- intel being fixed around the policy. Dems should have held hearings then and

Look! Pelosi's shiny! Ignore Cheney!

Hold war criminals accountable or nothing changes

Please send good thoughts to my friend with a cancerous brain tumor).

Panetta Responds

Fascinating. NY Times Economics Reporter Gets Caught in Mortgage/Credit Card Trap

Credit Derivatives for Dummies

Do you see DU as a Democratic site or a Progressive site?

Panetta: It's Up To Congress To Figure Out Whether Our Records Are Accurate

Conservatives for Patients Rights? You Are Kidding, Right?

"Greatest" page has 28 posts with the word "torture" in the title

Mary Cheney works at firm trying to sink Employee Free Choice Act

Please consider the arrogance. Is there anyone doing what I'm doing?

Couple years ago no one in the media would even use the word torture

We all need to take a deep breath

Ok, put your feet up and ENJOY. Have a smile or two, then go back to fighting.

Gore says he's working to free journalists

Congressman Steve Israel has withdrawn from the NY Senate race at President Obama's request.

Sen. Wyden: Bush admin didn't comply with law on intel briefings

The Greatest Economic Secret in America

Man returns stolen gun to wrong owner

Why I won't stay in a Wyndham hotel.


I don't give a crap if Nancy knew.....

Senators alarmed by treatment of Nobel recipient Aung San Suu Kyi

Patrick J. Fitzgerald tried to get Obama, came up with “Zilch,” says former Chicago Tribune editor

Global Day of Action for Troy Davis!! Tuesday May 19!!

Caption - Former Bush White House official Karl Rove after being interviewed by federal prosecutors

Google Outage Caused 5% Internet Traffic Decline

Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

With all this talk about proof of torture ...

my new rep voted no to more war funding

Am I missing something regarding the whole Pelosi flap?

Pittsburgh loses its lone liberal Lynn Cullen again - WAMO sold religious group

Did anyone hear the first hour of Randi's show today? Something strange happened.

Did anyone hear the first hour of Randi's show today? Something strange happened.

Ensign: GOP will try to block closing Gitmo

Joan Walsh, Salon: Rush offers advice for women, obsesses over "anal poisoning"

City orders new holiday lights at a cost of nearly $31,000

Ari: "With some minor changes, Obama really is following the same path Bush pursued"

Porter Goss, the epitome of a Bush lacky/party hack is to be believed???

Lesson: Wear underpants on yearbook photo day

Counterfeiter cranked out cash in van, feds say

CARRIE PREJEAN: Latest Republican Ditz!

Totally tired of talk about torture---It misses the point.

Bibles in Afghanistan: A Tribute to the (US Military) Power of Belief

If this is good enough for the US Attorney's office, it should be good enough for DU

Congress did pass a law regarding torture in 2001 - the Patriot Act

Got sick from your food? It's your fault!

Too many things are coming up on the torture story to keep track of:

A few things to remember about how the GOP ran things during the Bush years ...

Boo effin' hoo: MC Karl Rove's dance partner hits a "new ratings low" with Meet The Press

MarketWatch: The happiest places on Earth are heavily taxed

Budget saving item: NASA

PBS Newshour - Brooks shit all over Pelosi. Shields raised good counterpoints -

Juan Cole at Bill Moyers Journal re: Pakistan, Today, Friday May 15

Juan Cole at Bill Moyers Journal re: Pakistan, Today, Friday May 15

62 percent of white evangelical Protestants believe the use of torture often or sometimes justified

Myriad Genetics seeks to patent genes that cause Breast Cancer!

A rare glimpse inside Cheney's undisclosed location

If you want single-payer health-care, now would be the best time to let your Senators know

WTF @ Tweety's shirt

Coleman Brief Silent on Franken Foray to Require Senate Election Certification

The destruction of the Domestic auto industry by the Obama administration

Next time a rightwinger bit... about the ATF let them know they're busy protecting their sorry a...

A great Michael Wilbon column that DUers should read. It's as much about politics as sports

just went to WOW. those people are crazy.

Bob Graham: "three out of four of these alleged briefings never took place"

What's behind Obama's recent reversals: Torture Photos, DADT, Military tribunals.

Babies, boyfriends and bad tempers: A deadly mix

Stalking the Shadows: More torture photos would remind us that “The Others” IS us.

A friend of mine, who is a lesbian, has lost custody of her daughter and has to go by this "10-6"

Allow me to go on a drunken rant

Michael Steele at the NRA: Dems To Take Our Guns, Move In Terrorists

Our country is still in trouble

White House pressed again on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Michael Savage has the nerve to ask Hillary for help

Someone is mailing drugs to my house and I didn't order them

Senator Bernie Sanders I-VT

would you go to work in this? Tornado warning I am supposed to go to chaparone a dance in 1 hour

Why did they *stop* waterboarding?

Jeremy Scahill: Little Know Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners At Gitmo

Cheney, shut up! Cheney, shut the hell up!

Obama's statement on Military Tribunals:

Torture is...

Sadly, the right has won the torture debate.

Torture is the ultimate lesson in "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."

How The Torture Timeline Destroys Cheney's Argument In Favor Of It

The Rude Pundit: Nancy Pelosi Restores the Natural Order of Things

Call the GOP bluff... I say we have to be willing to throw Pelosi under the bus

If Pelosi goes down, I blame Democrats, perhaps even more than repubicans.

Obama Justice Dept. Again Warns Britain Not to Reveal Details of Torture of Gitmo Detainee

People.....pull your heads out of the sand....(torture issue)....

Unproductive closed door meeting on health care today? Have we forgotten who has the majority?

I'm standing with Pelosi

I like Nancy Pelosi!

Yes, blaming Pelosi is a diversionary tactic. And god damn her for making it possible.

I truly believe that President Obama wants to do the right thing...

Why the Caged Bird Sang

Why the Caged Bird Sang

I am gonna get in so much trouble for this ........

San Diego Christian School Teacher Caught "Sexting"

Advice to Wingnuts: Don’t Believe Pelosi on CIA Lying? Buy a Calendar By: Jane Hamsher

Big Business lobbyists: Obama is mean to us

Full appeals court declines to hear Siegelman case. Now what?

Josh Marshall: Reporters Gettin' Played

Ex-CIA Official: Agency Brass Lied to Congress About Interrogations

Ex-CIA Official: Agency Brass Lied to Congress About Interrogations

Torture/Abuse Photos Ridiculed by Rush, Kept From View by Obama, Posted on The BRAD BLOG

Gore mocks Cheney for his crude attacks on Obama

AMAZING images of Atlantis and Hubble crossing the plane of the sun

Isn't it interesting that for 8 years Cheney was hiding

The Latest Excuse for Torture-letter from a mom

These records the CIA is relying on re Pelosi

Just the threat of torture was enough for Galileo to "admit" he was wrong and the Pope was right

U. of Md. Law School should be proud of Prof. Michael Greenberger

EXCUSE ME...But Where Is The Dem Support For Nancy?

How does Leon Panneta know what happened in 2002???

Damming 2005 article with Bush/Rumsfield quotes when US pilots were captured

Lapdog Mika Defends Loudmouth Scarborough In Letter To NYT


It's easy! If the CIA says 1 thing & Sen Graham says another, then the CIA is lying- (James Fallows)

Certain practices were illegal, were then "legalized" and are now "banned"

I think it's just sad to see so many DUers being

Can you help? Local No Kill Animal Shelter in danger of closing.

This how we win and move Pelosi off the news cycle

The secret "gay agenda" revealed at last!

Is it just me?

They never used torture in the ticking time bomb scenario, they used it to get false confessions.

So does this mean we DID torture?

an open letter to adoptees and adoptive parents

Is Leon Panetta in charge at the CIA or NOT?

Cheney tortured to advance domestic political priorities.

Allow me to set up a hypothetical situation...

WE'RE GIVING AWAY A COMPUTER!!! One DUer will win a 2-Pound, Ultra-Portable Acer Netbook Computer!

HP recalls some laptop batteries today

Can A New Search Engine Outdo Google? (Wolfram Alpha)

Graphic Abuse Photos Emerge

Waits to see Hub doctors grow longer: Busiest practices have no openings for a year

Happy Bike to Work Day Everybody!

VF Exclusive: Wolfowitz squashed original "Sunni Awakening" in '04 - thousands could have been saved

Question about Farrah.

I have to admit...I'm concerned.

Anybody Like Green Day?

Anybody Like Green Day?

Those torture photos must resemble the propaganda shots al-Qaeda puts out

What if the CIA is telling the truth?

Anything Less Than Absolute Moral Clarity from Democrats Will Enshrine Bush's Abuses

It grieves me much to bring this news, but it affects us all

WE HAVE A WINNER! The winner of Thursday's $250 Progressive Non-Profit Contest is...

Rethink our War and Occupation of Afghanistan

College grads to see low wages for years

Huge NYTimes AD! Conservatives Running Scared on Torture?

Nancy & the Rattle Snake

David Brock 2004: "Democrats will be brutally slammed and systematically slandered"

David Brock 2004: "Democrats will be brutally slammed and systematically slandered"

World's oldest sculpture was porno?

JOHN W. DEAN: 'Keep Pounding The Drums'-We ARE On "The Right Side Of This Issue & Obama KNOWS It!"

JOHN W. DEAN: 'Keep Pounding The Drums'-We ARE On "The Right Side Of This Issue & Obama KNOWS It!"

tweety has a lot of nerve asking marsha blackburn about nancy pelosi

Need Education: How do dealerships cost the auto makers money?

Release the Torture Photos!

Pelosi Now Feels The Backlash For Taking Impeachment Off The Table

a movie about my art installation

"Mark Levin" Guest Host Calls Maddow A "Little Boy", Perez Hilton A "Vile Sodomite" (AUDIO)

Elizabeth Cheney is a domestic enemy of The United States of America, just like her dad

The Rachel Maddow Show application for the iPhone and iPod touch now available

it looks like the Repuke on the Ed Show doesnt even believe what shes saying

I dislike calling the turn coat traitor bastards "Blue Dogs". I propose we rename them the "Red Dogs

Based on the definition of accomplice in my edition of Black's Law Dictionary

More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

The Night Of The Texting

I Think A New Era Has Begun

Whats for dinner DU?

What Is A Friend

Every day I beat my own previous record for number of

Does DU need some additional "Personal Interest" groups?

what's the best commercial free, listener supported, indie, college radio

Men are very possessive of women.

C'mon Celtics!

Sh*t My whole weekend has just gone up in smoke

DU Song of the day

I Now Have Unlimited Minutes On PHone and Can Text

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter our $250 Progressive Non-Profit Donation Contest!

Sequestered in Memphis

I need some suggestions here.

Whitecaps on Lake Superior

Swine Flu!!!!!!!

Is it wrong to pray for my death?

What's up with the Montauk Monster? (graphic)

Reply to this thread but don't rec it

Three Wolf Moon

Sci-fi movies with big budgets that looked pretty came before 'Star Wars'...

Rec this thread but don't reply to it.

Whoever Watches American Idol Should Be sent to Guantanamo, and banned to Free republic

BTW Haruka, I hope you suffer from horrible constipation....

The Wings win and Kobe and the Lakers are losing. A good night for sports!

Men become impotent because of women's low-cut dresses and bare legs

Eminem's got a fucking screw loose. There, I said it.

How dumb do you have to be to take a piss on Old Faithful?

Gawd Can Ron Howard look any MORE like my brother?

I am going to drive a van down to Yreka California and back

So how does the magnetic stripe on phone cards work. I was trying to sell


OMG...I got lost in Minneapolis in the dark..

I was thinking about a friend I hadn't seen for years, guess who I ran into at CVS.

Is it physically possible to cuter than Zooey Deschanel in this trailer?

Kitties, posted late at night.

Scorsese to do Sinatra - Who should play Sinatra?

Its going to be 85 this weekend

I'm retiring my car tomorrow,funny how we get attached the things.

Anybody know anything about tractors mine just broke?

Vancouver Olympics tickets--any suggestions?

Thank you so much !

May I please have a hug? I know that I ask for that a lot, but please.

Goodbye Minnesota

Wise and Funny Quotes !

OK, now that we know who won Hell's Kitchen - SPOILERS!

Is anyone else hypnotized by that Celebrex commercial?

vicious lies!

Ghandi Quotes, They actually kind of gave me a little head explosion! I love when that happens!

Spanish study shows traces of cocaine, other drugs in the air in Madrid, Barcelona

I'm a thief

Losing Phils to meet President Obama, then face the Gnats this weekend-

damn the man n/t

Cheeseburger dress!!!!

Grammar question

I present to you, DU, the most disgusting foods known to man.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek movie...

Have you ever participated in a pledge drive and then

Could someone with any understanding of airconditioning and conservation answer a question?

i just found a pair of pleather pants that i got several years ago

Grits for breakfast fucking rocks. That is all.

Natalie Portman: Can she act or not?

I'm not going anywhere. Can I get anybody nothing?

Do you think my neighbor REALLY needs to be mowing his "lawn" right now...

How the fuck can your nose be runny and stuffy at the same time?

What are your recommendations for a reasonably priced digital camcorder?

When I get stressed at work, I clean my keyboard

Waffle House customer shot after complaining

Who here has tried durian (the fruit)? I just got back from Taipei

What Did Midlo Do To Facebook?????

Match the superhero to their political affiliations

Will somebody please explain how airfare rates can so drastically change overnight?

I'm having a cheese sandwich. That is all.

Driving Portland-Yreka Tonight

I feel like shit.

Poll question: Why does Midlo think that charlie and algernon thinks she insults us?

The Grovelbot 40 post

So how hard is it to go to the store and buy a fukin microwave?


I'm cross posting this to the lounge 'cause I know how many animal lovers we have here.

Tommy McCook & The Skatalites / Silver Dollar

Who do you like more Evanescence or The All-American Rejects?

Do they make cast iron frisbees?

I hosted a meeting of homebrewers last night, and we're NEVER gonna make you freaks anything!

**Happy Birthday** to the bestest guy ever!

I like being called "Freep!"

Please send good vibes for Fitz...

I don't think it's weird that I "do voices" for her stuffed animals in order to amuse my wife.

I have a new tooth!

Why does Midlo feel the need to insult all of us all the time?

Tax Question - What if an employer doesn't pay the taxes?

Mr. Midlo has totally redeemed himself.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/15/2009)


BREAKING: Beastie Boys may have invented the Vulcan nerve pinch

Back in February, I started watching X-Files for the first time.

I like being called "Freak!"


Thank you DU. You just saved me from getting a traffic ticket.

i think my kitten has a.d.d....

Am I the only one in here that does NOT have cable or satellite tv?

My new favorite actor - and I've never heard of him before or to my knowledge ever seen his work:

* * * Question about "Lost" * * * (warning: possible spoiler)

Lets all party! Glow with your inner beauty!

my heart is beaming

Pump it up, Kitty!

Adam Lambert is NOT gay

I'm going to BestBuy to get a new microwave. Can I get any of you freaks anything?

Have you read The Turner Diaries? Should I?

I would like a drink. Anyone will to buy me one?

Dinner Review.

Interesting. Ever hear of Puppies Behind Bars?

If you really like a tv show, do you go out of your way to see the actors in other things

Anyone see Angels and Dodgers yet?

"Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a bad way to do business" - my late grandmother - read the rest.

I got Yankee Candle Coupons in the mail today. Buy 2, get one 1.

Breaking: Trump Announces Future Miss USA Contestants To Be Sold to Highest Bidders


WTF is up with my neighbor and his "lawn" today...

Which State Stinks More Delaware Or New Jersey>?

Secret ingredients you'll never see on Iron Chef. I'll start.

Hey, TZ: Here's the airport I told you about last night that's worse than DCA!

Downloading audio from Libraries Question?

kitten picture of the day for thursday may 14

kitten picture of the day for thursday may 14

Faerie House Tour of Homes

Cosmo says I'm fat.

The search for the microwave was a total bust and I'm royally pissed.

On the fifteenth of May, in the jungle of Nool,...*Happy HORTON Day!!*

BTW , if anyone cares , today is my Birthday.

My best friend is dying.

Considering monitoring the Spouse's internet activity,,,

Man trying to light bong sparks garage fire

Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam is mugged in Atlanta

Important Lounge Update: That Motherf*cker Andy Capp still owes me one Hot Fry

Saw something really disturbing today.

When will the History channel do a "Gangland" special on Midlo's Bunco Group

Should I go out tonight? I want to try something new:

Trying to get motivated to keep a workout schedule.

What is your status message on FACEBOOK? if you have facebook that is

Ok children, here is what the media has not shown you for years, and you must ask WHY

Teaching english in a foreign country

SallyMander still here? I just fulfilled an old promise.

The new Rabrrrrrr? Fucking rocks. That is all.

Two Elephants at Tennessee Sanctuary pass away

my new kitchen toy

Five more Friday/weekend questions

I'm going to Fred Meyer to get soda. Can I get any of you freaks anything?

Bristol Palin Graduates from High School

How many different ways are there for people to get in touch with you?

Student who shot classmate to graduate, no jail time

Anyone see Angels and Demons yet?

My astrologer told me that I'm going to win the DU computer

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/15/09

What other DUers have dual citizenship?

Will you watch "Farrah's Story"?

The As Yet Untitled Poverty Photo Project May 15, 2009 **UPDATE**

What do you hate most about work or your job?

OK, recovering dude, when you start telling me what not to say to people, you are out of my loop.

Actors you initially wrote off as horrible who turned out to be talented

*Spoilers* Star Trek (2009): UHURA

Please Read My (Long) Heartwarming Kitty Story

Supreme Court candidate Elena Kagan has admirers left and right

Only **15 MINUTES LEFT** to enter our $250 Progressive Non-Profit Donation Contest!

Goood news for those wishing to move on to a new topic

PA-Sen: Torsella Out

Deconstructing Obama's Excuses

Are you pissed at the way President Obama is running the country?

Well here's ONE thing we can all agree on......

Gibbs' Replies to a Question Re: Torture Photos

Is it probable that the president wants a prosecutor to see the photos & not the world

Crosspost looking for Suggestions:

Alphacat has done it again, new video

OK! Hey, let's act like Obama released the torture photos! Gee, look at what you could see!

The next American POW - why does Cheney advocate waterboarding our own troops?

In lieu of no new torture photos being available, perhaps these will do in a pinch (no pun intended)

I trust Obama to balance and weigh important principles, for now.

What do you most admire about Dick Cheney after seeing him on TV so much recently?

What does it say about the on-going relationship between the media and the political class

Two words: George Tenet.

Military tribunals at Gitmo? I thought we WON the election.

I've got goosebumps! Obama mentioned *me*!

Can Obama Tame the Democrats?

Lawrence O'Donnell: Goldwater said that CIA lied to him in '84

Supremes: Okay Sotamoyer helped stop the '95 baseball strike. She's now my favorite.

Why were pictures taken at all?

Lieberman again praises Obama - this time for reinstituting military tribunals

Gallup: More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

Torture photos, required reading:

Tim Kaine and Michael Steele get ready to THO' DOWN on Meet the Press Sunday.

Gallup: 75% of Americans believe abortion should not be illegal.

DU'ers are underestimating President Obama's brilliance!

Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for Afgan Exit strategy....


Gitmo - 3 very different perspectives - Cheney's from just a few days ago

List of prominent figures who advocate old standards, not new ones, for trials against terrorists

Obama has the burden of government, that's why he's not releasing the photos, etc.

Obama to renew military tribunals

Best joke from the Daily Show last night:

Website tracks Obama campaign promises. What say you to their score?

"Obama's bid to suppress prisoner abuse pictures fails as images are leaked"

So what do we want from Barack Obama?

Why doesn't Pelosi put an end to this and move to appoint a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR??

Biden discusses the planning of the Navy Seal attack on the Pirates ....

Oldest Army soldier killed in Iraq (60 year old reservist)

Cheney's Argument Crumbles Further: Ex-Bush Official Says Torture Ended In '04

Senate Finance Committee Staffers Coming to MSLA, Hamilton, Many Towns in MT

If the Media was really "concerned" about Torture, it would have aired the Ali Soufan Testimony!

Gingrinch on Pelosi: "...most despicable, dishonest and vicious political effort I've seen"

Question for the Photo Seekers: Why release the photos?

Please Please I'm Begging. Can Someone Explain Why What Pelosi Knew and When Is An Issue?

Reference Pelosi- What's worse that Pelosi didn't stop the GOP's crimes

Greedy bastards(Health industry) are already going back on their word to Obama.

Montana Launches Statewide Grassroots Push for Single Payer Health Care.

Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo !

Pelosi is NOT gonna resign.

Want to meet with Sen. Baucus re: Single Payer?? –AND send a free fax to….

Michelle Obama no 'beauty' but 'bright': Iman

Is It Possible To Be An Anti-War Activist, And Still Support President Obama's Decisions?

We're four months into the Obama first term and he:

Gibbs mocks RNC

Obama restarting bush-era terror tribunals

Revealed: Rahm Emanuel's Secret Service Code Name

The Cheney family media blitz: Anyone still believe Dick doesn't care about popular opinion?

Pelosi is gonna resign?

AP: White House: No interviews of court candidates yet

Pelosi and Torture - Bombshell Evidence that the CIA Invented Evidence of Informing Democrats

To anyone who supports tribunals: would you be tried under military tribunal?

Obama Aids Labor With Policy Shifts, Key Appointments

Corporate Media kissing the Left's ass today! How Neato!

Obama is a corporatist, not a capitalist nor a socialist

Tucker Carlson, Dana Perino joining Fox News as Contributors

Nancy Pelosi or Republicans... Who you gonna believe?

When has the CIA lied to Congress? Just ask these GOP Congressmen and others

Your favorite Politician arrested AGAIN today

Did anyone notice that Karl Rove started this last thing with Pelosi?

What should Obama do to make for a completely transparent government?

Great New Photos on the Whitehouse Flickr stream


Obama on Senate Floor

Detail of health care plans emerge

Where's the banner and flight suit?

NC-Sen: Cooper Won't Challenge Burr

Steelworkers District 2 Endorses HR 676: Unions for Single Payer Health Care

Biden headed back to Balkans next week

Far left desperately wants the photos released because of concern for the lack of mainstream outrage

Obama to deliver speech next week on detainees at Guantanamo Bay

I don't know about you, but I'm standing with Leon

Leon Panetta needs to shut the f**k up.

Obama to revive military tribunals with more rights for detainees

I see Pelosi as the siren on the torture rocks that the Republican ships will crash against and sink

I dont know about you, But I'm standing with Nancy

I agree with Obama about the photos

So there is this girl at a bar

Say this to a Republican:

Is this honestly the scenario you want?

Since Obama was not awarded a degree at Arizona State, why did he wear

The media should be talking about Ali Soufan-NOT Nancy Pelosi

PHOTOS Light relief?

Washington, Lincoln and FDR all employed the use of military tribunals.

The clean up guy

I'm very disturbed by the campaign to vilify us on the "far left" for criticizing Obama

What happened to the Daily Photo threads? I miss them

Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie Tutki

soccer - how to take fucking someone to school in '09

Am I delusional??

You want a Youtube video wave? Pick a genre

Is the 1994 movie Junior (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) an anti-gay movie?

Thirteen, dammit! There's thirteen triangles.

If you're going to bid on a presidential autograph, make sure he was alive when the doc was made

If you're going to bid on a presidential autograph, make sure he was alive when the doc was made

33. The magic number is 33. We need to keep threads under 32

This is the quiz I'm giving on Mexican history today

Is this somehow Pelosi's karma for taking impeachment "off the table"?

Why does Midlo feel the need to ruin a poster's ability to summon Grovelbot all by him/herself?

Freemasonic GrovelBot VS Montauk Monster, who would win?

I want to create a thread where I summon Grovelbot all by myself.

Good morning Lounge

I Am SO Disappointed that Obama is NOT Being the Uber-Progressive I had Imagined He Would BE!!!

Finally home! woohoo!

I have a Bluetooth!

Agent Franzia, please pick up the white courtesy phone

I just got back from Hannaford's. I didn't get you freaks anything.

Capricorn One

So If Midlo Gets That Super duper Wow Microwave, Mr Midlo better bow to her

Its official - daydreaming is good for you

Fun facts about the human body

Why does charlie and algernon think I insult you guys all the time?

Your choice of the AP's 6 listed top candidates for SCOTUS

Obama doesn’t need Congress to halt gay discharges info on talks with New Zealand, Georgia

Are we seriously going to let the media help the republicans skate while taking down one of our own

Catholic Democrats defend Obama and Notre Dame

FTC sues to stop auto warranty robo-calls

Nike to cut about 1,750 jobs worldwide (500 in Oregon)

Quietly, Patrick keeps up a somber duty

20 former Agriprocessors workers get visas

60-year-old is oldest Army soldier killed in Iraq (Vietnam vet)

Judge throws out evidence in (Dr. Cyril) Wecht case

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

Detroit (Policemen & Firemen Retirement) fund sues Halliburton, KBR

Nuclear rhetoric from Pyongyang alarms Seoul

Schwarzenegger Seeks $6 Billion Loan, Orders Cuts

A video from the grave throws Guatemala into crisis

Authorities probe insider trading at SEC

Leon Panetta's mission to stop Israel bombing Iranian nuclear plant

Venezuela Targets Cable Station

Mexican Data Say Migration to U.S. Has Plummeted

CIA Contractors Played Big Role In Interrogations

Here's how Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear program

New York City Official Is Obama Pick for C.D.C.

Gibbs: Bush tied CIA's hands on Cheney request

Health pioneer may get Obama post

Pakistan Eases Curfew in Swat

Pakistan's Taliban Fight Threatens Key Economic Zone

Microsoft, China's Hangzhou set 'model city' pact (Microsoft Invests in China)

Panasonic slumps to $4 billion yearly loss

GOP backs CIA in dispute with Pelosi

West rebukes Myanmar on "trumped-up" Suu Kyi case

Asia-Pacific nations agree to protect reef network

Obama, Richardson meet briefly before NM town hall

U.S. Industrial Production Falls Less Than Forecast

Confidence of U.S. Consumers Rises to Highest Since Credit Crisis Started

Shi'ite Maliki calls for majority rule in Iraq

Oil firms battle banks for shot at Semgroup's cash

Hartmarx Focus Of National Effort (Wells Fargo push to liquidate tailor's business)

FBI subpoenas Easley travel records

U.N. Envoy Arrives in Sri Lanka ("unimaginable humanitarian catstrophe")

Swine Flu Not an Accident From a Lab, W.H.O. Says

American who swam to Suu Kyi's home faces 3 charges

Cost of jailing illegal immigrants soars; feds plan to cancel funding

Guatemala police arrest Twitter user for 'inciting financial panic'

Tying Dems to corruption is key for N.M. GOP in 2010

Gilani for incorporating political dimensions following military operation

California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

Powell aide says torture helped build Iraq war case

Lab didn't tell police 22 vials stolen (Re: former researcher accused of smuggling Ebola into US)

Some L.A. teachers may defy restraining order

Can A New Search Engine Outdo Google? (Wolfram Alpha)

Architects plan tunnel to free landlocked Bolivia

Deal on 90m UK swine flu vaccines

4 US citizens found strangled in Tijuana

Contractors (another Erik Prince company) investigated in shooting of Afghan civilians

Graphic Abuse Photos Emerge

US releases Boumediene from Gitmo

Town celebrating first lady's visit

Algerian Guantanamo detainee arrives in France

KSM Questioned About al Qaeda-Iraq Ties During Waterboarding

Dems: CIA briefers may have broken law

Los Angeles Facing Fiscal Emergency Declaration

Corporate Front Man: Richard Berman manages the news on key labor-backed bill

Gingrich: Pelosi 'Lied,' 'Despicable,' 'Dishonest,' 'Vicious,' 'Trivial'

GM set to cut 1,200 dealers

Treasury Agrees To Aid Insurers

New 'prisoner abuse' photographs emerge despite US bid to block publication

Obama to replace U.S. Attorneys

Canadian Auto Workers union is not close to deal with GM Canada ahead of midnight deadline

Notre Dame president catches heat for Obama invite

Yellowstone Workers Fired for Urinating in Old Faithful

Health Care Leaders Say Obama Overstated Their Promise to Control Costs

SEC Attorneys Probed For Insider Trading

2 in US guilty of bribes for Haiti phone contracts

Rick Perry: States will 'assert their independence'

Bizarre bird gets private beach in Indonesia

Ron Paul's Son Announces Candidacy for Senate

40,000 protest in Brussels against ‘casino captitalism’ (Jobs not bankster bailouts)

(Special) Prosecutor Ends Session with Rove

Ponzi Scammer Dies in Drive Off Cliff

Photographer who took famous Saigon photo dies

NRA convention bringing top GOP brass to Phoenix

Ivory carving may be oldest sculpture of human form

Graham: CIA was 'loose with the facts' about interrogation briefings

Consumer Price Drop Is Biggest Since '55

Congressional leaders inadvertently expose Israeli lobbyists behind letter to Obama

Human Rights Activists Assail President Obama's Decision on Military Commissions

Costco employee files $50 million lawsuit

43 stun-gunned at prisons' Take Your Kids to Work Day

(GOP Rep.) King: Pelosi is an ‘enemy of national security’

Pelosi Says She Knew of Waterboarding by 2003

More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

White House may seek funding for abstinence-only education

Wisconsin Supreme Court to review gay marriage ban

Former astronaut (Charles F. Bolden) likely to be new NASA chief

Gitmo general told Iraq WMD search team to torture

Former Oklahoma great Tisdale dies at 44

Panetta to CIA employees: We told Pelosi the truth

Al Gore joins Cheney-Obama feud


Full appeals court declines to hear Siegelman case

Wal-Mart starts $1 program

Board advocates dumping UND nickname, logo (Fighting Sioux)

GM Says Chrysler-like Deal Best Bankruptcy Option

Judge rules family can't refuse chemo for boy

Picnic Goers Advised To “Bring Your Own Gun” (aka BYOG)

General Janis Karpinski: Let's get out the truth about detainee photos

The Wisdom of Solomon

Cicely Tyson

Ronald Reagan speaks out against Socialized Medicine

Dick Cheney: Wrong on Employee Free Choice (And Everything Else)

Kucinich: 'We're Moving from Industrial Capitalism to Finance Capitalism to Crony Capitalism'

Countdown: The Pelosi Distraction; Torturing for 9/11-Iraq Link (Waterboarding from Cheney Office?)

50 year old "Left Wing" New York radio station battles to survive

The Shock Doctrine - Republican Think Tanks

VP Biden on the Employee Free Choice Act


Que Sarah, Que Sarah! The Sarah Palin Book Tour

Olbermann 3/14 WTF!?! Mother's Death as Sleazy Gossip

KO: Senate holds hearing on torture

Did Cheney's Criticism Play A Role In Blocking Torture Photos ? "Absolutely Not"

Cheney Used Torture To Get The Answers He Wanted

CNN: Philip Zelikow Senate Torture Testimony

Maddow: Cheney Tried to use Water-Boarding to Prove False Iraq/9-11 Link

Rep. Boehner: Then & Now

Thom Hartmann - “Torture…prosecute or pardon?” Thom speaks with Bruce Fein

CNN: Pelosi - CIA deceived me

US Troops Forced to Steal Clean Water

Thom Hartmann - "Should the torture photos be released or not?"

The Obama Card-RNC tries to bring the funny (00:34)

Apache Junction man invents solar powered motorcycle

Sheldon Whitehouse: Iraq Justification Raises the Prospect of Criminal Prosecution for Torture

Pelosi "mislead" on waterboarding

Harold Ford about torture on Hardball. Now he is backtracking.

Front Lines of Homeland Security

Week in Review: May 15, 2008

Nakba remembered amid Gaza suffering - 15 May 09

Bob Graham: "There's an Atempt Under Way to Shift Discussion From What's Really Important"

Rush Limbaugh Gloats About Pelosi Waterboarding

TYT: Right-Wing Mocks Obama For Caving In On Pictures & Cenk On BBC?

The West's Torture farm - Uzbekistan

Republican on Republican Crime

Consumer Prices Flat, Industrial Production Dips

Limbaugh Invokes anal poisoning again

Rush Limbaugh Thinks Nancy Pelosi Should Resign Because She is a Woman

Fight club for the mentally challenged

Rep. Kucinich Today: 'Trillions for War, for Wall Street... Less Money for Soc. Sec., Medicare'

Graham: They Claimed to Have Briefed Before Torture, Did Not

Fox anchor takes on Pelosi situation, fair and balanced style

Kennedy girls give Dick Cheney cookies and cupcakes

Reporter Challenges White House On "Don't Ask Don't Tell" At Press Briefing

Proof that Michael Savage's mental illness is not an act

Lieberman: CIA “Told Me the Truth as They See It”

New G.O.P. Attack on President Obama

TYT: Miss California To Join Fox News?

On The Ed Show - The Torture Issue IS NOT about Nancy Pelosi

Doroteo Jimenez speaks at LA vigil for his niece, heat death victim Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez

Inside the mind of a wingnut .... Call to Arms

TYT: Was Nancy Pelosi Misled On Torture? Or Is She Complicit?

Thom Hartmann - "Has Dick Cheney won?"

White House Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones responds to conservative attacks on green job initiatives

Joe Klein: Cheney and Torture

'Grey Lady' has a patient suitor

Joe Lieberman Sees No Evil (Ackerman / Washington Independent)

Sen. Wyden: Don't Let Anyone Fool You That Bush Admin Kept Congress in the Loop on Torture

Pelosi Palaver (Cohen / CBS)

Janis Karpinski: Let's get out the truth about detainee photos

Anything Less Than Absolute Moral Clarity from Democrats Will Enshrine Bush's Abuses

For Republicans, it can't get any worse (Cornwall / The Independent)

CIA Contractors Played Big Role In Interrogations (Shapiro / Morning Edition)

Who's Responsible for Torture?

.. Attorney John Sifton: Torture Investigation Should Focus on Estimated 100 Prisoner Deaths

Dick Cheney may have used torture to try to forge a false link between Iraq and Al Queda

The Fabrications of Jay S. Bybee

Chuck Todd: Yes, it's that bad for the GOP

Obama: twice rolled by his generals

Pelosi’s Claims Getting Much More Media Scrutiny Than CIA’s Assertions

"Banksters and military-security industry gangsters are ruling America" by Paul Craig Roberts

The Politics of Excusing Torture in the Name of National Security

Who Rules America? By Paul Craig Roberts

A Skeptical view of torture

"Aipac's hidden persuaders" by Richard Silverstein (5-15-09 Guardian)

Ending the War on Drugs: The Moment is Now by Arianna Huffington

Card Check and Gut Check

Media Shocked - Shocked! - That Pelosi Criticizes The CIA

Focus on the Family Reacts to Barney Frank Internet Gambling Bills

Leveling the playing field

Old Dog, Same Tricks? The CIA Then and Now

Opposition to NH Gay Marriage Confuses Children

"My Personal Credit Crisis" (NYT Economics Reporter Caught Up in Housing/Mortgage Bubble/Personal)

Carrie Prejean Should Sue Ann Coulter

Desiderata for the 21st Century

Binyam Mohamed: government delays again (Index on Censorship)

Bush Team Still Haunts Environmentals

Inside Guantánamo Bay: Desperate prisoners ask ‘where is freedom?’

CREW: Abramoff Scandal Lives On (5-16-09)

US Put on Trial for Terrorism and Convicted.

Hollywood beckons for Somali pirate negotiator

½ Naked Blond, Donald Trump Media Circus, Gay and the Gullible Public

Fire the Boss: Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis on “The Worker Control Solution from Buenos Aires to Chicago”

Democrats: Al Franken isn't enough (Waaah, we don't have the votes)

Washington Post: What Ms. Pelosi Knew

Joe Conason: We Tortured to Justify War

The Rosetta stone to Bush era torture

That Didn’t Take Long: Insurance Industry Breaks Promise To President Obama

Eugenics in Israel: Did Jews try to improve the human race too?

The Cure for Layoffs: Fire the Boss! by Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis

"Water Boarding" Was Called "Water Torture" Until 2004

Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama

Obama's Drug Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'

David Sirota: Health care's enigma in chief

We Wouldn't Want to Inflame Anti-American Sentiment

Thomas Kostigen: The happiest taxes on earth (higher taxed countries have higher rates of happiness)

Weekend Economists' Return to Camelot May 15-17, 200

Play him off, Keyboard Cat

Editorial: Rice speech taints policy school opening (Gauntlet / U Calgary)

The happiest taxes on earth: More people are satisfied in heavily tariffed nations

DOJ opposes national security whistleblower protections

Brazil to continue purchasing Bolivian gas until at least 2019

VENEZUELA-CUBA Inaugurate New Oil Tanker: "The Sandino"

Anti-Cuba Terrorist in Miami: "Don't Expect Peaceful Transition in Cuba"

Colombia Calling: The Other Wiretap Scandal (Indypendent)

Call the NEA! "Venezuela Increases Public Teacher Salaries by 30%"

Ecuador to increase troops on northern border with Colombia

Circulating Letter to OAS' Insulza for Praising Insanely Flawed Senate Elections in Haiti

BOREV: Colombia - "Meet Zulema Jattin! Senator, Terrorist, Drama Queen

Uribe edges towards autocracy (The Economist)

CASTRO AND CHENEY: Ghosts of Administrations Past

BOLIVIA Links Prefect to Terrorists

Hard-hit county gets a green jolt

Krugman: Empire of Carbon

DrumBeat: May 15, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - 15 May 2009

An observation on global warming coverage outside the US

Triple Whammy For Andes Region - Warming Climate = Less Water, More Disease, More Migration

Lawsuit Filed Against Environmental Protection Agency for Failure to Combat Ocean Acidification

PCB dredging in the Hudson begins

Researchers closer to the ultimate green 'fridge magnet'—magnetically-cooled fridge

JGR - Oceans Study - Mechanical Behavior Of Arctic Sea Ice Also Contributes To Rapid Loss

Ecuador Eliminating Fossil Fuel Use in the Galapagos

After Unprecedented 12 Dust Storms , Parts Of Colorado Basin Snowpack Will Melt Weeks Early

Joe Biden announces $100M for lead-paint removal

Barack Obama's climate change bill is weakened, but still intact

Bicycles touted as ‘first modern post-fossil vehicle’

Compost tea makes my garden grow like fucking crazy.

Phil Jackson might need to go after this year

The Red Wings vs Ducks game 7 is getting interesting....

Watch out Pittsburgh, we're coming.

sorry, dupe

OK, let's try this again...The Bruins vs Caines game 7 is getting interesting..

NHL: The regular season and home-ice are irrelevant.

So the Schmucks think that the Wings' last goal shouldn't have counted?

Former Oklahoma great Tisdale dies at 44

Amputees in Liberia find hope in football

Interesting. Report: Manny test indicated 'steroids'

Could the final 4 hockey teams be any worse!!!????

Chicago Bears meet new union chief

Light at the End of the Unemployment Line?

UFW, Community Held Vigil to Remember Fallen Teen Farm Worker (Maria was 17 & pregnant)

Lifeguards approved to choose union representation

CWA says AT&T's 'final offer' just isn't good enough

Combating Wage Theft

SEIU launches 'Keep America Working' hotline, Web site to support workers and small business owners

Today in labor history May 15 A major focus of the union was the inferior status of women workers

Card Check and Gut Check

Workers In California Block Wal-Mart Warehouse In Civil Disobedience Union Organizing Action

"Restricting H-1B Visas Is Bad"?

Chrysler moves to eliminate 789 dealers, 39 in Michigan

A union-buster's fear campaign

Longshoremen to march in memory of slain workers

Getting Detroit Back to Work

What's going on with David Ortiz?

Post deleted

Put Up Your Dukes: Fighting Disease With Soap and Water

Human Noses Too Told for Bird Flu -- One Nose Cosey, Please

Health Care Needs Common Sense Rationing

Judge rules family can't refuse chemo for boy

What makes up the bulk of health care cost increases?

Michael Pollan: "Don't Buy Any Food You've Ever Seen Advertised"

Pair guilty of Sol Campbell abuse

State Supreme Court to hear case on marriage amendment (Wisconsin)

I want to know who was the jerk that post 8 was overturned?

You should read this! Moscow braces for European musical song contest

Near-fatal beating of Buffalo man in West Village investigated as possible hate crime, say police

I'm listening to the archive of Randi's show from this afternoon...

SC House nixes mention of gays in date-abuse bill

I am marshalling two protests this weekend. You guys are invited to both!

For anyone keeping up with what is going on in Maine

Gay websites being taken offline by attacks today... (Denial of Service Attacks from overseas)

Obama's team wants LGBTs and our issues to go away

Palestinians mark the 'Nakba'

Haaretz poll: Netanyahu just as bad as Olmert, if not worse

NYTimes Op-Ed: Do Like Jimmy Carter

Livni: Time is running out for peace process

Eugenics in Israel: Did Jews try to improve the human race too?

Dennis Kucinich would be the ideal candidate if...

The BEST gun control poll I've seen

Senator McCarthy wants to put teeth in Bush's Secret Terrah Watchlists...

Here's how Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear program

New York Times is wringing its "hands" again...

The Bullcrap is strong with this one

Dziekanski's death following Taser jolts no coincidence: expert

Scumbag Bankster Owes Ex-Wife Interest on Divorce Payment

Bloodsucking Insurers get TARP Funds

Former U.S. pension agency director probed

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/14/09

UBS Said to Raise Bankers’ Base Pay by 50% After Bonus Cuts

Anyone else notice the new look to the Citicard bill this month?

Denninger :Has President Obama issued an actual directive to Geithner?

Why is the administration overlooking credit unions?

TARP Chairman Calls Bailouts a Sham

LAST-MINUTE "help me pick my entry" poll...


Olympic Village, Squaw Valley, CA

The Colorado Chautauqua! Which one?

what do you guys think of this

You all probably know about gigapan, but this was new to me

Surf's Up...

More surfing...

Some photos for Celebration. Sometimes those blurry birds make the shot.

'The "Miracle" Energy of the New World' - Karen Bishop - May 14, 2009

Faerie House Tour of Homes

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/15/09

Channeling the dead and repairing my Louis Vuitton

Question about an amethyst cluster

You guys......

another small synchronicity

No consensus on the origin of the giraffe's neck

Scientists warn of new 'super rats'

Is a non-destructive de-orbit possible for the Hubble?

Stay tuned. Incoming!!!

Jesus Vs. Jack Bauer: Torture debate splits evangelicals

[Image] I've Got Nothing Against God

Before you do anything, thank God.

Thanks mitchum. You owe me a new friggin keyboard.

An Evolution for Evangelicals WP

Former fundamentalist 'debunks' Bible

Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions

my newest kitchen toy....

Texas DUers - to arms! Perry has made another gaffe

Andrew Lloyd Webber eyes future for Susan Boyle

Dhalla controversy takes twist with accounts from advocate, lawyer