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Archives: April 9, 2009

Architectural pictures of my house...

Good Lord, those fucking lunatic rightwingers are even crazier than we imagined!

Assclown Sen. Inhofe puts out YouTube vid saying Obama is "gutting" the military.

Ian Tomlinson: ‘See you tomorrow, Barry, if I’m still living and breathing’ new info on tragic death

Omaha World Herald Runs Op Ed from John Ackers of American Income Life

Gov. Rell (CT) Opposes Marijuana Decriminalization

Fox plans "Someone's Gotta Go"...a 1 hour, unscripted reality series centered on "layoff contests"

Epic! Colbert profiled the 25th district of NY, my district!

Howard Zinn "Class in America and New Obama Administration"

CIA Black Sites Exposed by Red Cross Report Never Meant for the Public (Mark Danner)

Supporter vows help for Palin's legal bills, whether she likes it or not

Don't miss KO tonight

Life is great!

With new law in Utah now only 4 states have a law against making homemade wine/beer

With new law in Utah now only 4 states have a law against making homemade wine/beer

Group opposes suicide prevention fence on bridge

"Toxic Assets. Isn't that an incredible oxymoron?"

Dollars & Sense: Taxpayers On the Hook For Up To $10.9 Trillion

The Distraction of CEO Pay and "bonuses"

An unemployed man comes to your door and asks if he could live in your house ...

Protests in Moldova Explode, With Help of Twitter

National Review: Why Coleman Should Drop Out

Oh my......Fundie Freak says gay rights activists are the real homophobes

What happened to terror suspects Washington turned over to foreign governments?

Senseless Destruction of War Memorial Leaves Community Asking Why

My union filed 4..FOUR..grievances against our building principal today

EFF attorney coming up next on K.O. (warrentless wiretapping )


Jay Leno: Unions...."created the middle class in America".

New comic Book series: "Sarah Palin Takes On Barack The Barbarian"

Man holding family hostage with shotgun on California freeway

Should the international community use ground forces to clean up pirate hideouts?

Fundies: Hindus and Muslims and Gays.....OH MY !!!!

Taxes are due in one week!

Anyone else in Mythbusters heaven tonight?

Landmark high-rise in Atlanta is in foreclosure

General Motors' Volt a full generation behind Toyota

My 1000th post ramble:

Another before and after pic***fixed?

Check out the religious right's pretty hate machine y'all.

Raising age for smokers from 18 to 21, and require a Dr's prescription to get smokes?

No bulge in men's underwear.......

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

ACLU survey

Did anyone see this today???? I know it was on the news.

Bailout Plan by Wanda Sykes on Jay Leno Show

Has anyone seen photos of Bristol's baby?

NY: Gov. Paterson taking another crack at marriage equality bill

It is all about control, isn't it? The whole gay marriage fooforal

Housing collapse drives up consumer bankruptcies

DU this right wing email poll please

"Put your money where your mouth is..."

Complaints seem to be hurting GOP, not Obama

Please DU this poll

Republicans can never be for the same thing as Democrats.

So.... its okay for that turd, Inhoff to go to Iraq and piss on Obama's parade?

Assembly Rejects $125 Million for Expanded Jobless Benefits

Thoughts on Bill O'Reilly by Roger Ebert


I genuinely enjoyed watching that Italian grandmother who was just on Olberman's show

'Drive-Through Rage' Reported At McDonald's

I saw cars with Arabic writing in the desert outside Barstow

rushbo smack-down

Fox could have put on a show where they find people jobs, but no...

The Republicans have lost their minds.

Former KKK member Elwin Wilson wants forgiveness

rash of robberies in Michigan (for cigarettes)

Instances of Abuse of Governmental Spy Power?

Help? Is there a way to post everything directly to my journal...

Media Matters: Glenn Beck and the rise of Fox News' militia media

CNN Rick Sanchez 'SLAMS' FOX News's Gun Fear Mongering

I might have gone 'round the bend, lost a few fries from my happy meal, or on to something

Minister accused of using Facebook account to entice girl for sex

Nice discussion on the Breakfast Club this morning

So, what could we do that would be the OPPOSITE of a "tea party"?

Howard Dean is on Morning Shmo...Now he's gone

Thousands demonstrating in Georgia

You think Morning Joe is bad? Fox and Friends makes Joe look like Kucinich

You think Morning Joe is bad? Fox and Friends makes Joe look like Kucinich

Is it ever right to take your own life?

I have a tea party everyday @ 4:20

The Rise of Glenn Beck's Bizarre Media Militia

maybe another term for the ReRushlicans ... Republiclones ...

19 months from now a third of the Senate will be up for re election

Sonny Perdue to Atlanta public transit users: Drop Dead

I don't really get it. On one hand people are outraged about Blackwater being in Iraq...

Great LTTEs - 3 - in the NYT about revisionist interpretations of the New Deal

"Will Offshore-Account Holders Surrender?" ... LINK

Callers are eating Rich Lowry of the National Review a new asshole on Cspan

The US aleady offered Amnesty for Offshore Tax Evasion in 2001 thru 2003.

Breaking: Wells Fargo projects record $3 billion 1Q profit

piracy reports

U2's manager wants the power to cut off your Internet connection

U2's manager wants the power to cut off your Internet connection

Liberals ramp up healthcare pressure on centrists

Naomi Klein won the U Warwick Book Prize

WARNING!! Be careful what you search due to curiosity triggered by a DU OP:

Some people say that immigration reform could be politically troubling for Obama

Virginia Assembly to unemployed: 'We don't care. Fend for yourself'

This is a stupid ad from DU's home page.

Joe Scum is decompensating...

USS Bainbridge (DDG96)

Woman commits suicide, lands on teen at NYC mall

Rasmussen: Just 53% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism

Is suicide on the rise? And other questions

Does John Yoo belong in front of a class? No: His work for the Bush admin suggests he's incompetent

FBI Hostage Negotiators Head to Pirate Standoff

Back to the Stone Age - Thanks MODS!

The Bipartisanship Mirage

NH not interested in collecting sales tax for Mass

DU this 'legalize gay marriage poll'!!!

New Jobless Claims Slip More Than Expected

Why didn't we think of this?: Georgians amass in Tbilisi, won't disperse til president resigns

I believe my head may be exploding even more so than it did during Bush's term of office.

The Cop Used by NuLab to Silence UK Opposition Quits- For Leaking Security Documents About Al Queda.

IF it weren’t for Iowa, my family may never have existed (NYT Editorial)

Not a great time for "Talk like a pirate day", then, huh?

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

Iowa is number 2 on the happiness scale.. (#2 tries harder)..

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall in Joey the Scar's hot air emporium):

The Rude Pundit: They've Lost Their Fucking Minds, Part 7 (Gay Marriage Edition)

The Rude Pundit: They've Lost Their Fucking Minds, Part 7 (Gay Marriage Edition)

I hope the pirates are smart enough to release Captain Phillips

Going after the little guy

There's no such thing as gay marriage.

How to Reject Your Bank of America Rate Increase

U.S. citizens caught up in immigration sweeps

Is there any state in which every single voter precinct does things exactly the same way?

Driving drunk, unreg vehicle, on suspended license, no insurance, while breastfeeding

Parental rights: The new wedge issue

Do these Idiots even realize, "True Americans drink Coffee"?

Tea Party in Lima, Ohio--> "YES!!! We can finally teebag other republicans at the party!! "

Breaking: Iowa House Speaker rejects constitutional amendment on gay

Repuke Teabaggers refuse to let Michael Steele join in any of their reindeer games

Don't we have a blended Capitalist/Socialist economic system...

Currently studying for finals, but DU gave me a pleasant surprise -- EFCA

Inside the AT&T–NSA “Secret” Relationship

The Pentagon Minerva Research Initiative Procuring Academics for Empire

Wall-Mart : A fist syndical convention in North America, It"s happen in Ste-Hyacinthe (Quebec).

Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio by Brian Jennings and Sean Hannity

If Holder wants to play chess, that's okay with me: Posada Cariles indicted!

Sometimes You Just Have To Hope Crazy Michael Steele Is Right About The Obama/ACORN Conspiracy LINK

Debunking the 'Ethnic Angle' to Mass Murders like Binghampton and Virginia Tech

Generational perspective for the Laid Off, Whiners, Poseurs and Olympians of Oppression


Uncle Sam Wants Us ALL To Invest In "The Shitpile" (This Modern World)

Volunteer army, my ass

Iris Mack on with Thom Hartmann right now.

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, and all the people were singin' Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na

About bailing out banks

An idea for a t-shirt with Bill-o

How many suicides are occurring at local malls? The Carousel Center

Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex (now I know why men barbecue so much!)

Jack Conway, Kentucky's AG is running for Senator in 2010. He's challenging

TX Rep. Brown (R): Asians should change their names 2make them ‘easier for Americans to deal with.’

Breaking: L.A. Angels pitcher dies after apparent hit and run.

pickled pigs feet!

Fair and Balanced? Think again! Fox News accused of aggressively promoting "tea parties"

Stocks surge as profits at Wells Fargo jump

Survivor of war loses dog to random violence.

6-year-old sentenced toTraffic School - Won't keep seat belt buckled

Amy Goodman gave a terrific speech here last night.

How to treat your unemployed friends and ex-coworkers

Lesson From Vermont --- Don't Cower - Push --- by Laura Flanders

Pittsburgh-Area Man Gets 5+ Years In Pipe Bomb, Weapons Case

WTF??? I cannot believe these ratings for FAUX news Shows

Job seekers overwhelm NH job fair -- fair had to be closed

Ready to be treacled upon? LUTTRELL's dog was shot. Killers must have been Libruls.

Alleged Driver Arrested in Hit-Run Death of Adrianna Bachan

Andrew Sullivan pulls apart the Obama Is The Most Polarizing Pres memo...

Simpsons postage stamps ready

Detroit Tigers to honor auto companies at opener tomorrow

Ex-CIA operative tied to Cuba bombings: jury

If You Have Ever Spit In Someone's Food, You Deserve Nothing

I don't remember seeing any reports of this shooting rampage yesterday

So Much for "Issues of Your Security". Larry KKK Johnson Hoped the Maersk Kidnap Would Go Wrong.

"DU is a private board"...seen that in a recent thread to justify specific, targeted issues...

"DU is a private board"...seen that in a recent thread to justify specific, targeted issues...

Iowa: Constitutional convention 2010.

Scott Horton @ Daily Beast: Republicans in Desperation Over Obama Releasing More Bush Torture Memos

Damn I almost bought $5000 dollars worth of Ford stock when it hit $1.06 last month

Hillary Clinton with Aussies live on CSPIN 1

Maersk Alabama on the move

Wells Fargo Cashes in on Mortgage Boom, expects to make $3 billion

Hunters To Kill 338,000 Seals In Canada

so at my place of work we deal with a certain bank...

A family bought and is moving into one of the repossessed houses in my subdivision

Fed judges are fed up

Six Years Ago Today: Media Hailed 'End' of Iraq War

Pittsburgh Cop Killer savagely beat his girlfriend when 16

Wrongly accused finally cleared after dying in prison

An examination of liberal and conservative views on each other.

29 Groups Urge Kansas Gov. Sebelius to Veto Bill on RBGH Milk Labeling

(Colorado) State Nixes Woman's Request For Tofu License Plate

How to Enjoy a Better Corporate IT Experience

How to Enjoy a Better Corporate IT Experience

I just had a "non-Neocon" young Republican tell me that FDR and Truman would be Republicans today!

Before Recent Shootings, Gun-Control Support Was Fading

Shamwow pictures before treatment ...warning, graphic.

Fed up residents repair road in 8 days.

Conficker finally on the move

Pentagon preps for economic warfare

'This Moden World' cartoon: 'Get a brain, morans.'

Someone Tell Contessa Brewer To Go Home...

Financial perils of texting (watch your children, or at least your online bill!!)

Inventor turns cardboard boxes into eco-friendly oven

Minn. man charged after playing 'Rambo' with bow

Safety advocate is named acting head of OSHA

The gay-marriage war hits TV

Rove Develops A Pattern

L.A.Times runs controversial ad on cover

ruh roh, Levi is Sarah's worst enemy?

The Salon Tape: Doctor says he was pressured not to

'No Saddam, no security either'

KY-Sen: AG Jack Conway to Run For Senate

Looks like Obama changed his mind on appointing anti-gay coach (Dungy) to "Faith" Council

So the truth is out there but I'll never know what it is.

We won the culture war decades ago

Norm Coleman should have to pay for court costs if he drags this out..

I Like Ike

Time Magazine: How climate change is causing a new age of extinction

Professor Jonathan Turley's missed comment tuesday describes Obama's Presidency

'Mad Money' host blasts off on Jon Stewart to OSU's Lantern.

Stress Symptoms Spike; Economy Cited

The Ghost of the 15th Detainee

Florida's Hurricane Catastrophe Fund denied aid from U.S. Treasury

Man charged for possession and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction

Mass. mothers can breast feed in public

First Cut Is the Deepest - 11 Reasons NOT To Circumsize

Sabotage Attacks Knock Out Phone Service(Northern CA)

Sabotage Attacks Knock Out Phone Service(Northern CA)

MSNBC: Did Chase pull a credit card bait and switch?

The conservative tea bagging is a mockery of the Boston Event

Would profiling "craziness" be more appropriate than regulating firearms?

Michael J. Fox will be on Larry King

I Didn't Really Think Much About Gun Control Until The Crazies...

Conservatives are shocked with the rise of the "liberal media"...

Conservative Coalition Takes Aim at Obama Legal Nominee

Obama Restaurant Name Causes Stir (Obama fried chicken)

State Sues Creator Of Caylee Doll - Suit Also Involves Michael Vick Chew Toy

That Whining Sound You Hear Is The Death Wheeze Of Newspapers

Crowd at Capitol pushes for amendment barring gay marriage

FBI Tries To Stop Pirates Who Hold Hostage....

How Many Democratic Congressmen Will Stand Up To Obama's Increased Military Budget and War Spending?

How Many Democratic Congressmen Will Stand Up To Obama's Increased Military Budget and War Spending?

Just 53 Percent Say Capitalism Is Preferable To Socialism

CNN Video: Liar, Liar, Moose Mom's Pants On Fire (The Levi-nator kicks it up a notch. BAM!)

Freddy Phelps has a rival....only in Kansas. Check this shit out

Why are rightwingers complaining about capitalism?

NOAA: Eighth warmest winter on record, this summer may be a hot one

Whaaa! Two GOP Reps: Dems Were Out Of Line With Cuba Trip

Olbermann covers the wiretapping issue again tonight . . . with lead counsel for plaintiffs . . .

HEADS UP!! Hardball in 2 minutes. DON'T MISS the O'Donnell/Buchanan debate.

More fuzzy math? How GOP estimates [lies about] carbon tax impact

In so many ways, this cartoon is true of DU...

Whistleblower comes forward -- Flight 93

Chicago neighbors repairing own potholes

I just got tea-bagged over the phone for the second time today.

I just got tea-bagged over the phone for the second time today.

Obama speaks AT Iraqis in Baghdad like a Colonial Viceroy

How the "Needy" Spend the Money we give Them

Daily Kos: Philly (Sen. Spector land) Labor Rally In Support of the Employee Free Choice Act

Remember the photos in Life magazine when these guys starved themselves to death at the Maze prison?

GOP stupidity reaches a new low level

Boy Offers Piggy Bank To Gunmen

Goodman's Road Tour: NC Tonight. Talks with Leading NC Progressives

Cannabis tax may not bring in millions to Oakland (10-20 times the current tax)

Crap crap crappity crap crap!!

Corporate oil booms in low-tax Switzerland - to stay out of reach of Obama's tax-seeking admin

4 Hail Marys, 1 Our Father, a shot of Jack, a Bud..."Pastor to hold church services in a bar"

Bank of America is full of sh**

Who was the "leaker" in the McCain camp?

God damn, Ed, what is with all of the right wingers on your show?

Don Siegelman needs our help

The Banksters need their Day of Reckoning ----- Let's help them get there.

What are the 'big changes' in the defense budget that progressive-minded folks should cheer?

A Boston memory -- on the event of white supremacists meeting in Boston

Pat Buchanan v O'Donnell on Obama at Notre Dame

Students in urban schools get big boost from pioneering tutor program

pukannan's Gonna Blow!

A Randi Rhodes Air America Reunion?

A Randi Rhodes Air America Reunion?

Like Spinning Plates: Obama Administration to Offer Aid to Life Insurers

Angels starting pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in auto crash

Sheriff Joe is an american hero

Issur Danielovitch - you know who he is, just not his name

Wedding anniversary

Swastika painted on Florida Jewish fraternity house

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine

CIA Director Panetta bars private contractors from questioning terror suspects

Grrrr. Does this sound familiar? Bachus says there are 17 socialists in the House

Dramatic Image Shows Volcano's Lightning

Police chief fired for using taser on wife

What it means to be a Democrat.

Obama is a fantastic Commander-in-Chief

My Gym is Closed from Friday at 12PM until Monday for "Holidays." This is BS.

Unreal.... watch this video.... we are screwed

Republicans so quick to blame the economy on Obama

A Massive Oklahoma brush fire

{{{ sigh }}} Why do I even bother...

Historic RICO Prosecution of Alleged Mortgage Fraud Schemers in San Diego

Well this can't be bank MAY "merge with another financial institution or face liquidation"

Re: Texas Rep Betty Brown & Asian Names

Nevada Senate OKs bill to outlaw discrimination against gays

Ayn Rand: why are conservatives fascinated with her?

Important information for those concerned about credit card ratejacks

Cop Claims It's Unconstitutional For HIM To Be Tased!!!

War hero helps nab suspects in dog killing

Who can afford to eat out in this economy !

what percentage of discussion traffic on DU is posted by paid operatives?

Asians should simplify their names, GOP lawmaker says

Caption Contest: Kim Jong Ill

My healthy 18 y/o had an cyst on her fallopian tube. Emergency surgery: $35,000

New Reality Show ExploitsThe Misery Of Unemployment

DUers a right to Life whacko (head honcho) says stem cells always turn into tumors...

32nd Chicago Public Schools student slain

'Fallujah never leaves my mind'

Songs As Weapons

Six years ago today-the Saddam statue event

NOW ON HARDBALL - Buchanan/O'Donnell "DEBATE". Don't miss it.

DU This Fox News Radio Poll Capitalism or Socialism?

Pirates seize US Treasury, steal trillions, demand planet pay ransom for generations...

Roger Ebert compares Bill O'Reilly to a delusional mouse with an erection

Witch Hunt over Obama speaking at Notre Dame intensifies

What I learned at a rehab facility -- Pharm Kids

I need a cynical mind to help me figure out the agenda of my father's primary care physician.

Did A CIA Interrogator Get Away With Murder?

Sen Whitehouse re torture memos:"Once people get a look at what was done they will be pretty shocked

Georgians Rally Against Neocon Bush Selected President

My religious wacko brother never owned a gun, now he's joined the NRA.

Jaxonville, Fla police subpoena Google to unmask local blogger critical of First Baptist Church

Lost Generation

Pirates Sending Backup to Kidnappers

Pirates Sending Backup to Kidnappers

Tom Toles has been sizzling!

Do you think Obama will support the Tea Party movement?

Who Is Funding the Tea Baggers' Robocalls?

Ship's Owner: US Warship Now Off Coast of Somalia

Anyone Other Than a Waiter: How Do You Tip?

STOP "Iowa's PROP 8": (Iowa constitutional Ban on gay marriage)

If you haven't read the International Red Cross report on our torture of detainees you need to

Jeb Bush lumbers over to FOX to peddle his "6 Ideas to Save America."

Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Bees

Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Bees

New England’s largest egg farm raided; customers and distributors appalled


Jazz Great Dave Brubeck Recovering at Conn. Home.

Should Polyandry and Polygamy be Legal.

Women as Closet Furniture(sexist ad).

A solution to the Pirate problem...

License bureau says "no" to woman's vanity plate: ILVTOFU

From the North Korea Department of No Chance In Hell

Watch for it: A repuke attack on the Obama Administration over the hostage situation.

Rep. Bachus (R-Ala.) : 17 House members are socialists

Taxing soda to fight obesity?

Them HIPPIES were Right....PEACE is the ONLY OPTION....what are we doing

Great News! The terrorism charges against the RNC 8 have been dropped!

Great News! The terrorism charges against the RNC 8 have been dropped!

"The Somali pirates are businessmen."

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs

IMMEDIATELY! Investigate War Crimes Or Lose Your Seat Mr President and Dem's(TPM)

UTTER BULLSHIT! Obama Seeks $83.4 Billion MORE for Iraq-Afghan "WARS"

'Pirates' Strike a U.S. Ship Owned by a Pentagon Contractor, But Is the Media Telling the Whole Stor

Dune ref deux

Officer uses taser on 13 year old girl in hallway of Florida middle school

Can bent USB pins be safely and effectively bent back by a novice?

The father of the captain who's been captured by the pirates

Don't you think that the Kwisatz Haderach created his own personal Passover?

Apparently TZ and Midlo are very disputatious

Anybody else watching South Park.

WTF happened the last minute of "Lost"? SPOILERS

Brown fat burns regular fat. Present in infants to keep them warm it

Defcon 4 in LBN! Washington State-related story!

Public breast feeding legalized in Washington State

WARNING: I will defend Oasis.

Is anyone watching the Philip Glass doc on PBS?

With the NCAA basketball tournament(s) now over, it's officially Grateful Dead Season

Bailout Plan by Wanda Sykes on Jay Leno Show


WARNING: You will enjoy this Oasis

American Girls

Harry Potter or Twilight?

The Sound of Music / Antwerp Central Station

Horses suffer on millionaire's farm

Wish me well, I REALLY need a good night's sleep

Now you don't see it

Smile! Hey, wait a minute...what's that on the teevee?

Scientology....and the Delphian school in Oregon...

I love "twilight" with three girls in the house

Anyone else in Mythbusters heaven tonight?

As I was getting out of bed this morning, my wife snapped a quick nekkid pic of me w/her cell phone.

I am closing on a new house, pics...!!!

Barbie Turns 50!

Is Futurama done, over?

Please make Twilight go away.

Apparently, since the MSM is in the tank for Obama, It's up to Fox assholes like Beck and Hannity...

Please DU this poll

Now I see why Beck is getting all the attention at Fox

Do you like fish sticks?

Well, it's 20 till 2:00 here, and I need to be up bright and early at noon tomorrow, so...


I could have been a millionaire

it's 3am and my cats are going NUTS !

I've done my toenail surgery. Ready for bath and head wash when the bleeding stops. I'm going to DMV

it's 420 Joani!

Has anyone taken the Naval aviator exam recently?

Whoa.. I heard this in the car coming home...

What kind of grocery store do you shop in?

Sometimes the weirdest stuff infuriates me

Why is it that every full moon, the s.o. freaks out for some minor reason

Inventor turns cardboard boxes into eco-friendly oven

DMV denies vegan's tofu license plate request


Heroes still make house calls

I have a tea party everyday @ 4:20

Good evening from Atlanta!

A White, Welsh Rapper.

Oh man the Spinal Tap guys are giving a performance in DC...

I finally started updating my blog again!


Let's arm wrestle

I've got priority vapor-lock

A white, Canadian rapper.

National Geographic Peep Photo contest: Peeps in Places

Craigslist scammers.....

Good morning Lounge

My top two favorite baseball teams are a combined 5-0.


Can you answer an iTunes question

It is Dr. Demento time, pick your favorite song.

Jack Wrangler dies at 62

John Kerry is my commencement speaker!

Facebook Haggis

Did anyone here own the Vincent Price shrunken head apple sculpture craft set?

Woman Dies After Swordfight Between Men

Now Time Warner Is Charging Extra for the Music channels

Lance Armstrong takes a shower, Naturally, the French are pissed about this unfamiliar activity

She's "...not your normal sized 13 year old child." Hence the taser.

Why do we remember the things we remember?

DON'T read this!

Well, we're off to Puerto Rico tomorrow!

This guy on the bus this morning didn't look like he was about to completely gross me out

DS1 is stalking me. Yeah. Not pretty.

There is a discrepancy in my form

Mass Suicide - maybe a cult?

I kilt a guy with a saw last night in the grocery store.

Anyone use Light Therapy to treat SAD?

WTF? I have a stye in my eye. I had pink eye a month or so ago!

Now how about a second NFL team for me besides the Philadelphia Eagles

Why do people "forward to all you know" stuff that rarely has even

Man calls 911, asks to be arrested.

It's ok for women to orgasm before 11pm

I saw a guy in a kilt last night at the grocery store.

Some Guy Who's Not Stephen Colbert To Deliver College's Commencement Speech

Enough about Rush--let's hear about Triumph?

Are you a twit if you don't want to Twitter?

Super Cute Protesters blog

BoyM is out of the shower. How do I know this you ask?

Do dogs sing? My little Pomeranian mix does this humming/growling

I saw on CNN Headline News today that Eminem's "shocking new video viciously slams starlets."

FUCK!!! 5 years ago, I covered my car with "W04" stickers, and...

SWEET! Just Had A SPOTLESS Audit Of One Of My Programs!!!

Isn't she purdy????

Lounge: you may all now refer to me as "?"

Sometimes, I just want to smack the hell out of my brother

Shit. Company CEO just walks into my office...

Why do they make such a big goddamn deal about "drinking on the job".

Damn me and my reading habits...

"There's no time BUT the present"

A PLANT? You are going to arrest me over a fucking PLANT??

Facebook Hagaddah

It is so hard to work when it is so damn pretty outside.

DU Help: Is there a polite way to drop the hint....

Satan's Cheerleaders?

LeftyFingerPop is Breaking Bad

A member of the Angels was killed in a car crash last night


Are you a Cereal Killer?

Post a link to a video interview you like with an actor/actress or singer that you like

Wooohoo - how are the Chicago White C*cks doing today?

Why do they make such a big doddanmn deal about "having sex on the job".

Funky Shit

Things overheard while watching the WATCHMEN

Aww, I just finally watched the movie August Rush.

ABC Wide World of Sports promo from the early '70s

I will never make a good politician or manager.

THe Final Four



Good Bye, Schilke 45B, You Will Be Missed


GAAAAH the Twins are playing using the assbats again

Best teevee P.I. theme?

Anybody listened to the new Coheed & Cambria box set?

Favorite well known royal person?

At long last, the Bluejackets are in

I am ready for The Masters.

Okay, I'm having vegetarian day, sorta.

New Lounge Rule: Only good posts from now on

sorry i have been gone

Shamwow pictures before treatment ...warning, graphic.

Creekdog Maxim #3: She opens threads referring to tee bags

Cancelled or canceled? Judgment or Judgement?

Breaking da rules! Breaking da rules!

You can have your crappy Watchmen and Dark Knight

This is an innocuous post!

I cancelled my subscription to our local newspaper today.

Food safety question about chicken.

If I organized a Summer Teabag Meetup, would anyone come?

NOT a teabag

I propose a day without teabags in the Lounge

Do you air dry your teabag so you can re-use it?

I could use a good teebag

Excuse me while I happy-dance over my work-findings today....

I'm making tea.

Argh! There be WHALES here...

Creekdog Maxim #2: I hide all threads referring to tea bags

Defcon 4 again! It's Massachusetts this time...

This is a bad post

Aren't DTS and Dolby (r) just raised sound effect levels?

What is a good, free email client?

Some little fucker has eaten my tulip blooms!

Call the waaaaaambulance - I'm getting sicker by the hour

They itch

Is tea-bagging the gender equivalent of face-sitting?

Anybody ever use "Error Fix" to scan/repair computer?

I thought conservatives were against sexual expression in public?

Lambeau Field may host Exhibition matches or act as a training ground if US gets World Cup

Joss Whedon / Dollhouse

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/9/09 (semi-graphic subject; NSFW/minors/survivors)

The Cubs in Haiku..

Was George Washington a tea bagger?

Im sad, I just had to take off my HBO package, and remove the internet from my phone.

Teabag me, t-bone me, just don't get me teed off!

I'm listening to my new recording of "Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg".

Any fans of Johann Gambolputty...

For my 1000th post...

I need to ramp up my humor. Brenda doesn't laugh at my jokes anymore

I need to ramp up my humor. LynneSin doesn't laugh at my jokes anymore

What The Hell Have I

I need to ramp up my humor. TM doesn't laugh at my jokes anymore.

Dane Cook needs to ramp up his humor. KamaAina doesn't laugh at his jokes anymore.

Dave reflects on VT's marriage equality victory


Please tell me this new movie "The Informers" has nothing to do with Bret Ellis' book

Send you prayers and vibes to the Gettysburg College Community. 19 yr old killed today

Top Gun Anthem...

I don't really understand all this religous stuff but HAPPY TURNOVER!!! everyone


I'd hit it.

NYPD-sued: Woman claims David Caruso jilted her, wants $1M, says he threatened to "bury her"

Texas lawmaker: Asians should change their names to make them ‘easier for Americans to deal with.’

anyone watch the tv show "hopkins"

Anybody Have A Cure For A Broken Heart?

Some days just require brownies with pastel swirled mini brownie bites.

catfish are jumping ...

So how do you tell someone they need a hearing aid?

Who the fuck still has a "W04" sticker on their car?

Anyone have the link for Sniffa's Dave blog?

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

What's the funniest thing you've overheard at a movie?

Hey WillPitt!!! This news article made me think of you.

Hello, Billy Bob Thornton

Auntie Em, I gotta go! We got cows!

I hate to ask, but I need vibes. prettypleaz...

a question for current or former landlords re: pet deposit

Do you get migraines headaches?

So, at the job interview today...

In this world there people who mock other's pain

Oh crap! My drivers license expired. Is there a grace period for that?

North Dakota. Anyone remember the blizzard of February 1984?

kitten picture of the day for thursday april 9

Pink Floyd!

What the shit? BBC America drops its morning world news??

Okay, so now I finally understand the Watchmen movie

A man I knew at work died from a heart attack

Rare picture of Symarip

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/9/2009)(LANGUAGE AND TOPIC WARNING)

I think it's time that teh Lounge faces this very serious issue - the issue of...

I think it's time that teh Lounge faces this very serious issue - the issue of...

Happy Passover!

For Teena

About 2 years ago, I posted to the Lounge in despair because my kitty had mouth herpes

rant on tween porn "twilight"-spoiler so beware


RIP Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom!

pickled pigs feet!

The Actors Portraying James Bond. Your thoughts.

Kudos to the lounge for helping the economy!

Oh, my achin' back. Heating pad or icepack?

If you follow more than one team in a sports league, list them in the order of preference....

Bumper sticker: Confederate flag, and "I didn't surrender". What the fuck does that mean?

Ladies, all other things being positive, would you decline going out with a guy shorter than you?

Post your favorite metal song.

Stupidest things you've done to yourself.

A New FReeperism: ""YES!!! We can finally teebag other republicans at the party!! "

Cabrito al Pastor (Poll)

Beer pricing discriminates against cyclists.

For those who asked..... :)

One might wonder why a right wing economist supports Obama's

Tim Pawlenty will be on with Rachel to discuss the MN senate "race"

Thrilled Iraq Vets Talk About Meeting President Obama (VIDEO)

They don't get it...the GOP is still trying to DumbDown America. Obama is using Brains and the GOP

PHOTOS Iranian DUers Speak Out

Biden vs. Cheney: Who's the jerk?

Virginia House Rejects $125M in Stimulus Cash

A Free Cup of Tea Anyone?

We're back to the MSM meme "Is he doing to much, is he traveling too much"?

Simon Johnson: What Next For Banks?

I have nothing but contempt for reflexive "America is always right

Breakout the Tea-Bags and Diapers: Vitters wants a National Tea Party day

New gov't site to help homeowners who are both current and behind

Hangin' with Mrs. Obama

Hangin' with Mrs. Obama

No U.S. banks will close due to stress tests: source

Sen Jim Bunning (R-Ky): approval rating 28% & no money

Obama as useless as Carter, according to douchebag who went to high school with me.

My Meeting with the [Congressional] Black Caucus by Fidel Castro

Is The Right Wing Actively Encouraging Or Hoping For A Terrorist Attack?

NY Times: Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority

Sixth anniversary of Baghdad’s fall marked by huge anti-American protests.

Ted Stevens 2014? Former Senator Files For Candidacy

Obama's White House dream team virtually all Chicago millionaires

Let the Republicans Waste Tea. They are still very much the Minority.

Obama to Push Immigration Reform Bill Despite Risks

Gallup daly tracking over the past week or so???

Santorum in the Philly Inquirer: Obama hates America, blah, blah, blah, teh gays are evil blah

S. Res. 98 -- I know it need not be said, but Sen. Diaper is such a loser.

HuffPo - Cesca Notes Glen Beck v. Glen Beck In Holding Media Responsible For Resulting Violent Acts

It's Just So Hard, Such Hard Work

Our President: the Man in the Arena

Hey Republifucks.... Obama wasn't apologizing for America.....

Tea Party Idea...

The President Bows to the Troops....

Robert Reich: Why It Makes No Sense for States to Cut Services and Raise Taxes Now

The banks had a GREAT day.

Republicans are SOOO into tea bagging.

"the republican party finds its favorability at an all-time

They've got herbs at the White House

Some just told me Obama allocated 600 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Anyone remember hearing about how much liberals hated Bush?

2008 Tax Records Reveal Sasha Obama Made $136 In Allowance Money

Obama to seek $83.4 billion for Iraq, Afghan wars

If Citibank Is Like GM, Which Bank(s) Are Like Ford?

the former senator from New Hampshire, has filed the paperwork to run for Senate Florida

MSNBC's lineup for tonight has The Ed Show on at 8pm!

PHOTOS: How it SHOULD Have Been

Want some chills? Read this LTTE from Pres. of the ND Alum Assoc. re:Obama address

Can we ALL agree that a "Cuban Missile Crisis" scenario with Iran could NEVER be justified?

If you ever comparred * to a monkey . . . (Humor)

Ed is too nice to the rw'ers on his show.... He lets them go unchecked.

GOP Leadership Hammers Obama Over Policies They Support

PHOTO Caption it! (April 9)

Obama DOJ Invokes State-Secrets Privilege and Patriot Act To Justify Continued Bush Warrantless Wire

What are your feelings on the DOJ's actions concerning the wiretapping case?

10 weeks out - Stimulus money, jobs, impact felt in Billings MT

Pundits escalate attacks against Obama

Stevens Files to Run in 2014 (he will be 91)

Eric Holder interview: Discusses erosion of the civil rights division, state secrets, much more

"No president in the past 40 years has done more to polarize America so much, so quickly."

Buchanan is getting utterly spanked on Hardball by Lawrence O'Donnell

Robert Gibbs scoffs at CNN reporter's lame effort to promote stupid BowGate. (VIDEO)

A reminder about the value of Toxic Assets

Buy the dress that Michelle Obama wore on the cover of Essense (and it's affordable too)

KY-Sen: Conway Makes It Official

Hey Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Freepers Etal, Feast your collective Beady Eyes on This!

Pres. Obama attending The 5TH Summit of the Americas, April 17-19th

BBC: CIA shuts down its secret prisons

What country buys the most automobiles?

Jeb Bush: Obama 'pushing down' brother

Soros: Obama "Lost a Great Opportunity" to Fix the Banks

OMG... put Larry Kudlow on suicide watch! (poll results)

The Republicans make me sad. Why are they so hateful?

Thumbs up to Chuck Todd!

ASU stiffs Obama, claims too inexperienced for honorary degree

Right Wing Tea Bag Protests - Will Liberals Will Be Caught Flat Footed And Out-Organized ala Prop 8?

WTF? ROVE??? on board with GRETA? The guy who engineered the Bush Disaster

WTF? ROVE??? on board with GRETA? The guy who engineered the Bush Disaster

The Most Powerful Picture of Obama's Trip

Limpballs claims he met with Obama, a week before the Inauguration

PHOTOS Do wax figures freak you out? Me too. But here goes....

PHOTO President under attack from young liberal

*****************An Appreciation thread *****************

Holder likely to reverse use of State Secrets Privilege

Why not Ralph Nader's idea to solve the financial meltdown?

A rabbi, a reverand, a gay rights activist - all part of Obama's faith-based advisory group

Someone explain something to me about solving the credit/banking crisis please

PLEASE CALL 866-584-3962 and thank President Obama for his commitment to immigration reform!

HR669 Are you fucking kidding me?

President Obama Fulfills Two Critical Campaign Promises to Vets

PHOTOS The White House Gardener (April 9) UPDATED

PHOTOS The President & First Lady in Europe - Official Photos (thank you Aloha Spirit!)

Ha Ha Ha. Wells Fargo's Projection Sends Bank Stocks Rallying Premarket

What is your Opinion of Ralph Nader?

Great cat ambush!

Robert Scheer: Silent "Democrats are complicit in this emerging scandal of the banking bailout"

No Countdown tonight — "Extra Ed" Schultz instead (PLEASE KEEP KICKED)

PHOTOS The White House Gardener (with a few new pix)

If you are offended by blonde jokes, DO NOT read this post.

OMG, I just found out that a good friend of mine who is physically disabled was raped.

4 shot, 1 dead at Christian retreat in California

Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority

Allen and deputies guilty on all counts

Indonesian president's son in vote-buying row

Indonesia's parliamentary elections begin

Source: 12 arrested in 'very serious' terror plot in UK

(Va.)House votes down $125 million in U.S. stimulus funds

'I'm the anti-Christ': shooting range murder-suicide

'Pirates' Strike a U.S. Ship Owned by a Pentagon Contractor, But Is the Media Telling the Whole Stor

Exiles Want to Expand U.S.-Cuba Relations

Amnesty accuses Austrian police of racist practices

Congressional Panel Opens Ethics Inquiry Into Rep. Jackson

Military sonar blamed for mass dolphin strandings

Extremist Web Sites Are Using U.S. Hosts

Dead mayor re-elected by US town

Fed judges are fed up

Woman commits suicide, lands on teen at NYC mall

Suicide bomber kills 5, wounds 17 in Afghanistan

Corruption Allegations Affect Khmer Rouge Trials

Corruption Allegations Affect Khmer Rouge Trials

Asians should simplify their names, GOP lawmaker says

Va. (Republican-controlled) House rejects new jobless benefits; state loses $125M in stimulus

Policemen to die in Malaysian case

Georgia braced for mass protests

Quake hits Afghanistan, no word on casualties

Study: Paying for lobbyists — pays off

Next bailout: Life insurance gets lifeline from taxpayers

Detroit's auto pain hits Japan

Train cars with hazardous material derail in California

Two killed in protests in Pakistan's Baluchistan

Britain’s Top Antiterror Officer Resigns Over Slip-Up

Iowa House Speaker rejects attempt to bring constitutional amendment for vote

Rights groups: Shell funded Nigerian militants, was complicit in executions of activists

Holder to name new internal ethics chief

Returning troops getting tested for brain injuries

U.S. February trade gap narrows to lowest since 1999

Russia opposes North Korea sanctions

North Korea, not surprisingly, keeps Kim as its 'Dear Leader' (Kim re-elected)

War hero helps nab suspects in dog killing

College Hospital to pay $1.6 million in homeless dumping settlement

CIA 'no longer' using secret prisons: director

Outsourced IBM Workers Denied Federal Aid

Economy leaves millions of drivers uninsured

Demand for H-1B visas tumbles

Cleric's exit imperils Pakistan peace deal (with Taliban)

ALA, Allied Organizations Ask Congress To Revise Patriot Act

Swiss hold '$150m Nigeria bribes'

US Stocks Higher; Financials Gain On Wells Fargo Remarks

Calif. Salmon Season Halted

Conficker Wakes Up

Senate budget revives 'nuclear pork'

Obama announces new veterans’ medical records system

New conditions incorporated into Pakistan aid bill

McAuliffe outraises governor race rival

Defense to Bush holdovers: Sign ethics pledge, or leave

U.S puts in a $285-million order for Detroit-made vehicles

Palin Slams Proposed Cuts to Missile Defense

Land of the free sours on capitalism: US poll

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 9

UMich study shows that aggressive intervention with laid off workers may help ward off illness

Indiana lawsuit stimulates debate on Taser training

Dow to sue over Quebec pesticide ban

Obama to seek $83.4 billion for Iraq, Afghan wars

US hijack ship 'sails for Kenya'

Taliban leader: U.S. intel is leaked to us

Crowd Of 10,000 Overwhelms N.H. Job Fair

Police chief quits over blunder

Va. General Assembly Rejects $125M in Stimulus Money

Sabotage attacks knock out phone service

Obama invites friends, aides for White House dinner to mark Passover

White House hit by swarm of bees

U.S. indicts Cuban exile militant Luis Posada Carriles, links him to tourist bombings

Lawmaker defends comment on Asians

Back in the hunt? Stevens files for 2014 election

Obama pushes Americans to refinance homes

Venezuela offers rare credit to US in drug seizure

U.S. Accepts Responsibility for Khost Civilian Casualties

CIA 'no longer' using secret prisons: director

Iran unveils first nuclear plant

Pelosi: May be 'criminal activity' in detainee abuse

New York Takes Over Paragallo’s Horse Farm

Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in accident

Protesters Jump On Stage During Larry Summers Speech

NY Times: Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority

Do Mockingbirds "Fly Over the Rainbow Bridge?"

Simon Johnson on Washington Journal

Indonesians disillusioned with corrupt democracy (the national election is today)

Response to NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad

The Lavender Lens: 100 Years of Celluloid Queers pt.1

BBC: G20 police officer shown in video assaulting Ian Tomlinson comes forward

Countdown-attorney Kevin Bankston - EFF sues government over wiretapping

Hamas Gunmen Attempt to Plant Explosives Along Security Fence in Gaza

Marc Maron's "The 10 New Plagues of Passover"

KO: Obama's DoJ & warrantless spying = Jewel v. NSA

Boys Beware!

Dear President Obama

chrisTo-Fascist Maggie Gallagher of NOM & Joe Solmonese on Hardball without Tweety

Beck, Hannity fan the flames of right-wing militia

Eugene Robinson: George Will “Crossed the Line”

Roger Ebert Rips Bill O'Reilly

Keith Olbermann & Nancy Pelosi Discuss The Military Industrial Complex and Warrantless Wiretapping

Police Chief Arrested for Using Taser on Wife

Keith Olbermann & The On-Air Revolt of a Limbaugh "Ditto Head"

Waiting on Change

$5 Billion Dollar Boats? Who Knew? Sestak Talks Mililtary Budget Increases/Cuts

Filipino Veterans Finally Honored For World War II Service

Concerns over "justice for all" in the US

See the actors behind the new religious right anti-gay lie

Fox Launches Reality Series About Layoffs

Holder Responds To Cheney: "Way Off The Mark"

North Korea Better Watch It

Maddow: Republicans Lie & Lie & Lie!

Say No To Homophobia

Protesters on Larry Summers - 'He's a toxic mess!'

Ali Velshi on How "Lucky" an 84 Year Old Woman Still Waiting Tables Is

Karl Rove & Republicans Claim Obama 'Most Polarizing President' Hoping It Sticks


Is Rush Limbaugh A Brainwashed Nazi?

Former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino denies Bush alienated America's allies.

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down New (Ridiculous) Gay Marriage Ad

CODEPINK take over the stage and humiliate Larry Summers, "We Want Our $$$ Back!"

Feinstein: Not The Time For Gun Control

Rachel Maddow Show: CIA Black Sites Torture Exposed by Red Cross Report

Obama Pushes To Continue Warrantless Wiretapping - Olbermann

TYT: (Disturbing) Girls Being Seduced by the Beauty Industry at Too Young an Age?

Caller to C-SPAN: Why do you keep bringing these neocons on?

Gov Sanford Uses His 'Have Sex With Me' Voice to Explain Not Taking Money

Leslie Marshall sends Neil Cavuto into fetal meltdown

France 24 Television interview with Howard Dean

Paul Krugman Kills Rachel's Sally Sunshine

Thom Hartmann Debates Christopher Hitchens On Religion. How Religion Poisons Everything?

They shoot horses don't they?

A person's "historic archives" of events that changed the way politics were done..the Dean campaign.

Joe Conason: An Extremist's Nightmare

On Passover, Corporate CEO Touts Himself as The New Moses

Gates signals dark days for military-industrial complex

The Disappeared -- What happened to terror suspects Washington turned over to foreign governments?

Historic American Name Generator Needed for Asian Americans

AlterNet: They Sent Me to Distant Lands to Fight Against Muslims ... Then I Became One

Israel Cries Wolf

Funny But True: Lessons from A.I.G.

“The Tooth Fairy and the Defense Budget” well written review of GAO report on acquisition.

GM Pensions May Be ‘Garbage’ With $16 Billion at Risk

Iowa’s Family Values

Advance Preview of The 'Four Questions' at Tonight’s White House Passover Seder

Debunking the 'Ethnic Angle' to Mass Murders like Binghampton and Virginia Tech

Time to crank up the heat on Coleman

The "single payer" debate -- two educational NY Times editorial articles

Still Awaiting My Invite to Tonight’s Seder at Obama’s House

Revive Lincoln’s Monetary Policy: an Open Letter to President Obama -- Ellen Brown

U.S. Tech Firms Announce Most Quarterly Job Cuts Since '02

Sweeping layoffs of gov employees are needed to prevent NY fr going bankrupt

23 Detroit schools face closure

Newt Slams Obama on Faith, Ignores Real Americans Dying

Chicago SunTimes drops Bill O'Reilly; O'Reilly calls for a boycott. Roger Ebert rebuts

The Guns of Spring

Nolan Finley: Time to wave the white flag in the drug war

Note to Newt: Back Off Harry Knox! by Candace Gingrich

TYT: Interview w/ Economist William Black ('Geithner's...Track Record Of Failure')

Selling off America's manufacturing might, a factory at a time - Charlie LeDuff

Where the Poor Pay More for Water

Somebody hide Tom Friedman’s ball 2

Putting Today's 'Pirate' Attack in Context - Scahill

The Geithner-Summers Plan is Even Worse than we Thought

Isofoton To Build PV Module Plant in Ohio

First Wind Files Application for 51-MW Wind Project in Maine

Xcel Energy, SunPower to build (17 MW) solar power plant in Colorado

Connecticut to bring in $20M (3.5 MW) fuel cell power project

Panel drops nuclear energy from (alternative energy) bill (WV)

Peak oil notes - Apr 9

Volkswagen considers (50+ mpg) Up! model for U.S. market

Recycling your sex toy

No Market for Pelts Overshadows Expanded Seal Hunt Quota

New sea ice data further bury George Will's global warming credibility

White House May Postpone Payment Portion Of Cap-And-Trade Proposal - AFP

With 800 KM Of Murray River Already In Bloom, Gov. Warns Against Further Blue-Green Algae Outbreaks

Necropsy Results Dating Back To 1885 Show Plastic Eaten By 1/3 Of Leatherback Turtles Tested

Wegener Institute - Increased Water Temps May Cut Ocean CO2 Uptake - Science Daily

A Solar-Powered Solution to Florida Sprawl (TIME) {75MW PV, planned community}

29 Of 57 Of Canada's Boreal Caribou Herds In Decline - "Not Self-Sustaining", Says Environment Min.

Dubai Officials Warn Visitors As Red Tide, Dead Fish Wash Ashore - AFP

My town just erected a wind turbine generator

most excellent site where Scientists discuss Global Warming

How Smart? (smart-grid/electric car bill)

Algae Can Save the World From Global Warming While Producing Biofuel

Bioenergy can help rural poor: UN agency study

Lightning (Hydraulic Hybrid) Strikes Denver

Spy ring for Cuba uncovered (old story but interesting)


Noriega 'can be sent to France'

Venezuela offers rare credit to US in drug seizure

South American Gas Pipeline unviable in the short term

FLASH!! Cuban American National Found. White Paper: US-Cuba Advancing People Driven Change

Cuban-American, Who Came to US Via Pedro Pan, Says Open Travel to Cuba to ALL Americans

FIDEL: "Contradictions in US Foreign Policy"

Re-electionist referendum: The turning point for Colombia

Where the Poor Pay More for Water

CSPAN VIDEO of Yesterday's Summit of the Americas - A Preview

HAVANA NOTE: "Old Think - and Downright Illogical Too

VEN Amb-OAS Says Cuba Can't Be Ignored at Summit-Demands FINAL review of Declaration doc

PBS Transcript of Interview with Rep. Barbara Lee and Link to Video

NEW indictment for Posada Cariles:

Miami Herald forms partnership to cover Summit of the Americas

Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart dies in car accident

Carl Pavano gives up 9 runs over one inning in Cleveland debut.

Frozen Four, anyone?

Sitting down to write an essay with the Red Sox game on behind me.

The Masters

Hundreds Rally Against Use of Foreign Steel In U.S. Pipelines

Economic Report: Beer - The REAL Economic Stimulus

Today in labor history Apr 9 Teachers violated court orders not to walk out (amnesty for the striker

CWA local 1298 rally New Haven CT (video)

The UAW’s silence

Wash. OKs transgender hate-crime protection

A question about posting rules in this forum

Tom Robinson - Glad To Be Gay

Anglican Bishop of Manchester Demands End to Homophobic Bullying

Lutheran Equality- Partnered Gay Clergy Might Be Accepted

Wis. High Court Asked to Review Gay Marriage Vote (YES!)

Yountville passes measure opposing ban on same-sex marriage

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Launches Marriage Equality Video Contest

Mom says Springfield boy, 11, who committed suicide was repeatedly bullied at school

Iowa’s Family Values

Posible council candidacy would test waters for openly gay candidates in Detroit

Gay marriage opponents jam Iowa Statehouse

Constitutional amendment stopped! BIG win for Iowans!

URGENT!!! It’s NOT OVER, call your (Iowa) Legislators NOW!!!

Check out this disgusting new ad from the Nation for Marriage big-otts

"Doctor Laura" Supports same-sex couples

400 chrisTo-Fascist bigots w/time on their hands protest against Marriage Equality at Iowa capitol.

2 gay men brutally beaten in Oakland Park near Fort Lauderdale

State Marriage Equality Update By State

Marriage Vote May be Coming to New York

Know Your Lying Enemy: Rick Warren disavows support for Prop. 8

If a boy or man wants to act or dress effeminately, is that wrong?

HIV drugs turned street drugs in South Africa

Stem cell success could help more than cornea

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) on health he joking??

Alleged Hizbullah cell in Egypt accused of Gaza arms smuggling

American Jews Approve of Obama's Handling of Arab-Israeli Conflict

In the settlers' sights

Daniel Barenboim speaks out about performing in Egypt

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/09/09

As Some U.S. Markets Level Off, Housing Slump Hits Manhattan

Fiat Belgian workers seize managers-sources

Robert Scheer: Silent "Democrats are complicit in this emerging scandal of the banking bailout"

"Bailout Bonds"? Really?

Happiness Index: Nebraska Nabs Top Spot

Pensions Facing a Cash Flow Collapse?

U.S. Retail Chains Report Another Sales Drop in March

We really ARE back to the 30's...look at this:

Game Theory Exposes PPIP As Fraudulent

Empty Restaurants, Falling Rents, Abandoned Boats, and Collapsing Auction Sales

Every time one of them in washington brings up new gun laws it gets worse.

Third burglary today wasn't a charm for

How many members on this board..

Mother shoots son in head at shooting range.

How Can Mortgage Securities Be Worth So Little When Houses Aren't Going To Zero?

Why I don't carry a gun

Where does gun control rank on your list of political priorities?

Suspect Shot During Gas Station Robbery

Holder infers gun control a low priority, wants to work with NRA

An interesting read-Ann Coulter

98 shots from 'new Rambo' spurs ammo debate

Answer this hypothetical question

I need some research help.

I Didn't Really Think Much About Gun Control Until The Crazies...

20/20: Easy Access: $5,000 and One Hour Buys 10 Guns

What gun laws would have prevented the recent mass murders?

Pawn shop manager shoots would-be robber

Gun free zone= Worst terrorist attack in our nations history. 9-11

Stories of citizens who shoot badguys as they are killing police officers.

Uniform Registration Process to Promote Seamless Military-to-Veteran Transition

The Death of Pat Tillman

Coke, End Free Zone and Jail

The Tightrope Walkers

In for a penny.....10 min after opening the box with alien filters....and a lens

Hawking, Detour, Security, Looking Up, Retail, Rivals

Using an LED flashlight for still life..

SUBMISSION THREAD for April Contest 'The World of Work'

COMMENT THREAD for April Contest 'World of Work'

Astro/update: For the Week of April 9, 2009

Can someone help with turtle medicine?

Contact from the departed

New Way To Split Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen Developed

Roundup of Holdren Interviews

Carl Sagan - A Personal Voyage

The Cosmic Hand of Destruction

Maundy Thursday

Did Jesus have a beard?

For carrot salad lovers

Dicey situation in the kitchen tonight.

What's for dinner ~ Thursday ~ April the 9th Edition

Anyone have a good Lentil Soup recipe?

Does anyone make --- Homemade Bisquick Mix Recipe?

need recipe for Zuppa Toscana - not the Olive Garden version

It's official. Plain white bread implodes in my oven too.

My Transcript Of arne duncan On The Ed Show

Bush profiteers collect billions from No Child Left Behind

Condi Rice says she never linked Iraq to 9/11

what are *active thermitic compounds?*

Whistleblower comes forward -- Flight 93

Texas overwhelmed by food stamp, Medicaid applications

A new progressive voice in, would you believe it, Alvin!

Texas lawmaker: Asians should change their names to make them ‘easier for Americans to deal with.’

Can 100 DU Texans send a quick email about Betty Browns racist comment?

No bulge in men's underwear.......

Anyone use the Avira free version virus scan?

MS Sharepoint?