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Police: Dad killed kids because wife was leaving (yesterday/Graham, WA)

So, I'm Watching this Move On TCM Called "This Children's Hour", . . .

Huh. One of the pics from the Banks' show yesterday

RFK Jr & Bendan DeMelle: Paul Minor's Attorneys File Emergency Motion For His Release


Democrats Brace for Legal Fight in New York 20 with 'Protection Fund'

KO Widipedia entry prepared by Bill O'Reilly

delete this

Police probing Calif. child death to search church

So, is Turley on the shit list? I heard him use the term "cult of personality" when discussing ...

James Inhofe: Dumbass, Nutcase or Asshole? ..............

James Inhofe: Dumbass, Nutcase or Asshole? ..............

FReepers freaking out because Obama allowing gay couples

ew, Barbara and George H.W. Bush are ruining my Cubs game.

Arise, Ye Freepers!

Andrew Sullivan on Pittsburgh cop-killer: Will Fox News tone down their rhetoric?

LAPD officer faces sex assault charge on hotel employee retrieving crib for his 3 month old

Little girl dies in her home as 50 shots are discharged into the house

Heads up: Nancy Pelosi on LKL right now...

Thank you, Keith, and Professor Turley. n/t

Senators Fault Science Agency Over Handling of Porn Cases

Senators Fault Science Agency Over Handling of Porn Cases

Looking to the next election

LKL: Joel and Victoria Osteen on Obama: I'm impressed.

Link to Adam Kufeld's photos of election day in El Salvador

Troll waiting for his/her Pizza ..... 5 minutes tops before gonzo

So when do the repukes come up with an Obama version of the Arkansas Project?

Gay marriage vs Polygamy

Is it a full moon tonight? There are some really nutty posts here tonight....

The Ed show did pretty good last night in it's debut

Limbaugh gets PWNED on his radio show!

Republican Caller Tells Limbaugh he's a "Brainwashed Nazi"

My sister said something disturbing RE: Chris Brown & Rihanna

Born the same year as Rush Limbaugh, and my message to the coward: Fuck you, Rush.

Hill AFB commander killed in car accident in Georgia

Something for Bush to keep in mind: Former Peruvian Pres Fujimori has been sentenced to 25 yrs

Maybe Obama wants to leave the spying thing alone so he can

LTTE: Freeper type hopping mad!!!!1 that Obama is flying Air Force One to a fundraiser.

I flew on Delta today. In their inflight magazine was a plug for .... ?

Why does JP Morgan Chase hate Chrysler -- and thus the state of Michigan?

Krugman on Rachel now

Saving Mexico by Legalizing US Drugs

Woman allegedly runs over ex-boyfriend's pregnant girlfriend

TCF Bank secretly changed policies to raise cash...

Sometimes all it takes is a threat ....... Sallie Mae shits a brick.

Sometimes all it takes is a threat ....... Sallie Mae shits a brick.

Columbine dad advocates for tighter gun control re: gun shows

Whatever. Talk about interest groups running the asylum.

Turkish Student Asks Obama The Right Question & Reminds Me (kpete) To Be Patient

Turkish Student Asks Obama The Right Question & Reminds Me (kpete) To Be Patient

FYI - Jehan Sadat on TDS and Queen Noor on Colbert, .

Dollars & Sense: Insolvent Banks and Imaginary Firesale?

How long might it take to bring Bush/Cheney to Justice??

Congressperson Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) , Colbert, and urine

We almost made it through a day without a shooting rampage

Brothel owners reluctantly support sex tax bill

I'm sure it was a matter of good law that Alaska Ted is now a not guilty man again

The RNC 8 Railroad

Oil Companies Loath to Follow Obama’s Green Lead

Have You Seen A Lot Of Ads Of The Form "If You Lose Your Job, It's Free!" ?

Govt. approves plan for new spy satellites(we spend 25 million a month as well on commercial images)

Carl Levin (d-MI)....Bush Apologist?

The Movie They Didn't Want You to See

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Quigley claims victory in race to replace Rahm Emanuel

Remember to watch the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC or listen at these links -

I'm sure this has been posted, but: Iowa Senate Minority (r) Leader gets smacked down over

Queen Noor stands over Steven colbert with a sword and tells him to sign.

The economy continues to slide down the crapper (somebody tell CNBC)

TDS: 00Bama!

Freepers denigrate the troops in Iraq greeting President Obama as "REMF's"

University of Connecticut player just called out B. Obama

On Verizon FIOS, Faux Nooz in HD is a premium channel

N. Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention

Let's all join the NRA.

I'm SKEERED: The Burger King is doing a rap commercial featuring "I like SQUARE butts"

Jon Stewart is on fire tonight!

Franken vs. Coleman question: Will the MN Supremes issue a writ of mandamus? If so, when?

Self Delete

Self Delete

Bank Regulators Meeting To Discuss How To Pull More Wool Over Our Eyes

Is the FBI acting as a collection agency for AT&T and Verizon??

Is the FBI acting as a collection agency for AT&T and Verizon??

Quake Toll in Italy Rises to at Least 235

Eric Holder to Federal Prosecutors: Don't Play Politics with the Law

Heads Up: Jon Stewart Daily Show Replay is on NOW.. this is hilarious!

15 years later, Rwanda remembers the massacre/U.S. Says It Failed to Stop Rwanda Killings

Teabagger Spotted in MD!

1000+ Posts and it has Been a Ride.

Firm Acted as Tutor in Selling Towns Risky Deals

How the Nation's Only State-Owned Bank Became the Envy of Wall Street

Safety team warns of 'catastrophic' wiring in Iraq

Moldova uprising was organised on Twitter

Stocks Rally Last Month Was `Dead Cat Bounce,' Aberdeen Asset's Young Says

Washington Journal question: What's your reaction to Iowa and Vermont

Can you even imagine the embarrassment factor that California will now feel?

Can you even imagine the embarrassment factor that California will now feel?

Amy Goodman: U.S. Muslims Still Under Siege

Disposable Soldiers.........This is the cost of war the MIC doesn't want to pay for...

Please DU this online poll

Politico: New campaign fights same-sex marriage

I love David Shuster

Mark my words---the captured 21 sailors will be the Media's new talking point against Obama.

US apartment market worsens with economy

Tribute to a last living link to a painful past

Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic Request Your Moral Support

Predictable Reaction to Iowa Gay Marriage Ruling

Predictable Reaction to Iowa Gay Marriage Ruling

Jon Stewart on the wing nuts -Baracknophobia

Wednesday humor: Q and A for Doctors. (FICTIONAL!)

Roubini: "Cramer is a Buffoon"

“Democrats skirmish in ranks” If Dems can’t compromise on racial quotas, how can the U.S. demand

Toby Keith (chicken hawk) denies getting reamed by Kris....

KO and Turley on the continuation of wiretapping

Val Kilmer may run for New Mexico governor?

Alex Jones, Rush, Bachmann, Beck-Explain your "revolution".

Somali pirates seize ship with 21 US sailors UH OH

Oh My - they're twittering on WJ now

Noah Webster Gives His Blessing-Dictionaries recognize same-sex marriage—who knew?

LBJ and Reagan loyalists clash over Obama agenda

The Hijacked Ship---Who's In Charge of Negotiations/Actions?

Chart on National Security spending

My message to Morning Joe.

repubs upset & vaporish about Obama bowing to the Saudi king

On Religion

Fidel Castro is 'very healthy,' lawmakers say after meeting

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - The deadliest domestic attack on law enforcement since OKC bombing

Weary ND residents prepare for 2nd crest

Laura Ingraham on TODAY about what Prez did NOT accomplish.

Are ideas such as this too simplistic?

Treasury launches $5 billion supplier aid program

Has anyone ever seen the documentary "Flow", about water and the battles over it?

So if I started a Facebook group lobbying for MORNING SHUSTER to replace MORNING JOE, would you join

Fantasy Land

ALBRIGHT to fill JEFFERSON's & FRANKLIN's shoes as ambassador to France?

The Nation: April 11 Bailout Protests

And in other good news that makes you want to cry in your beer...

I hope you are all on the daily update list from the FDA.

In Case You Missed It...El Rushbo Gets Pwned...

Does anyone have the clip of Barney Frank at Harvard Monday night?

Three pages of freeper heads exploding with hatred for a man with nothing but love in his heart.

Congressional Panel Suggests Firing Managers, Liquidating Banks

Breaking: Somali Pirates Hijack Ship With 20 Americans On Board

Pakistan and Counter-Terrorism, a new examination

FUCK. My homeowners insurance is getting cancelled.

WaPo: Franken's Lead Grows In Minn.'s Senate Race

"See now you're in the MINORITY. Its supposed to taste like a s#*t taco" --Daily Show VIDEO

"See now you're in the MINORITY. Its supposed to taste like a s#*t taco" --Daily Show VIDEO

Per MSNBC: At least 4 shot, 1 dead after shooting at Christian retreat in Calif.

Former SoS Albright's Pin Collection Exhibited for First Time at Museum of Arts and Design

Burr drops his still-unexplained opposition to Duckworth nomination.

A terrible story out of Iraq:

*psst* the Russians and the Chinese are in the walls and in the toilet ... pass it on

Al Franken Keeps Crushing Norm Coleman

Prosecutors: Bamboo sticks used in 'demon' beating

Lou Dobbs panelist: "Obama doesn't love this country"

Montel Williams Air America Topic Today Medicinal Marijuana

Colbert was knighted by the Queen of Jordan

Wish me luck . . .

I am so done with George W Bush.

The GOP’s Long-Term, High-Stakes Gamble

hmmm a rash of these lately (cigarettes stolen)

If it becomes accepted as fact that the Bush* torture was not illegal

Obama Administration quietly expands Bush's legal defense of wiretapping program

What to do? Utility shut offs for non payment

Look you stupid bastard.. you've got no arms left.. Is Norm Coleman the Black Knight?

When jumping off a cliff, first make sure there is a bottom...

Safety team warns of 'catastrophic' wiring in Iraq

Palin wars

Russian Space Capsule Lands Safely With 3 Aboard

FUX is sick! Making a reality show where someone gets laid off from their job in the end!

Man cleans with gasoline while smoking

Question about a specific lay off...160 at John Deere in Monline..

worst defense ever? Cop sez he tested positive for cocaine because of oral sex with gf

"I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD"

More people going apeshit -- Yellow Corvette leaves path of destruction

Afghan Women to Obama: We Must Be at the Table!

Iowa Governor Chet Culver Reluctant To Amend Iowa Constitution

Quote from a former (R) Senator about MN politics:

Turkish anchor wears blackface to report on Obama’s visit.

So I have this idea for a Fox reality show. Who do I call?

Octomom gets a reality show

Never mind ...... delete

FEMA taking back its hurricane trailers

what game, and/or whose game is Hosni Mubarak playing

Jack Cafferty is off today & tomorrow. Until Friday, there is no reason to watch CNN.

Did Mukasey Ignore Evidence Of Misconduct In Stevens Case?

Is it me or does it appear that some DU'ers are a day or two late with the news.

Fox to make reality TV show out of human misery (company layoffs)

Kuttner Dies in House, Goes to Work for White House

Penis pills, debt relief, and tax experts...........

Binyam Mohamed lawyer Clive Stafford Smith by Glenn Greenwald

Is there a chance that the financial crisis was 'contrived' by those profitting from it now?

Drone Warfare: "Filling the Skies With Assassins" (Engelhardt article)

US to delay bank test results for earnings

The world economy worse than the Great Depression

Leave it to Rupert Murdoch....asshole!

Another before and after pic

Maersk Cannot Confirm Status of Hijacked Ship

Nancy Pelosi to be on "The Daily Show" tonight

Am I right in thinking that the answer to a VAT, were we, improbably, to enact one, would be

Can anyone point to one iota of "proof" that the left plans on disrupting

What political label fits me?

Filming of "Fair Game" (based on Valerie Plame's memoirs) is under way in NY

Filming of "Fair Game" (based on Valerie Plame's memoirs) is under way in NY

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Reg Henry on the RW media Looneys fueling Haters

CNN just interviewed the 2nd mate on the Alabama.

Tofu-loving license plate rejected by DMV

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King . . .

Storage Auctions: Smart Buyers, Vultures, Both?

The two Republicans differ on the Independent panels review of the TARP.

$1.5 Million Spent On Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

I have a question about New York City (suggested gratituty)

I Don't Believe In Tipping

Glenn Beck and the rise of Fox News' militia media

Is your PC infected with the "Conficker" virus? Try this easy "Eye Chart" test

Education improvements

U.S. electrical grid penetrated by spies: report - Yahoo

Is this cartoon offensive?

Spooky facts behind the Montana plane crash

US Crewman: Somali Pirates Hold One Crewman Hostage on Ship's Lifeboat

To my fellow Jewish DU'ers, Happy Passover!

Gun Violence Thread; April 8, 2009.

Cold fusion experimentally confirmed

"Our rights were being infringed upon" = CNN Live is slamming FoxNews, Sean and Glenn for Pittsburgh

Right Wing Whine Alert: "Allow doctors the right to refuse to treat gay people!!111!!"

Who is behind the hannity and friends resistant movement? Daily Kos read.

The actual Motion filed by the justdice department. Read it for yourselves so you are fully informed

The actual Motion filed by the justdice department. Read it for yourselves so you are fully informed

14 Ships, 260 Crew Held by Somali Pirates

ATC reports ammunition shortage blamed on Obama's election.

ATC reports ammunition shortage blamed on Obama's election.

Big Oil shuns alternative energy sources: NY Times:

Susan Molinari is becoming a bigger and bigger ogre-like troll with every passing day

About utility shut offs .......

Cheney = Churchill

Why Are Army Recruiters Killing Themselves?

Turkish Anchor Reports On Obama In Blackface (VIDEO)

Wong fired 98 shots in under a minute: 87 from a 9mm semi-auto pistol, 11 from 45 semi-auto pistol.

US to join nuclear talks with Iran, Freeper heads about to explode once again

Hatfield-McCoy Feud continues on CBS: "Levi: Palins Treated Me Like Outcast After Election"

UK launches massive, one-year program to archive every email

Life Disrupted after an earthquake

yet another way to insure good tips....

Military Sonar Blamed for Mass Dolphin Strandings

Iowa governor cool to anti-gay marriage amendment

Walgreens new health "clinics"...?

Juilliard Curtails Program That Serves Poor Children

Schumer: DOJ should investigate Red Cross reports of torture

CNBC giving it's all: Obama destroying Hawaii's Tourism Industry

A new definition of the word "insidious"

Ending War Is Popular - Peace

NY Times: "Iraq’s Newly Open Gays Face Scorn and Murder"

Is it President Obama's religious values that form the basis for his opposition to gay marriage?

Sonny Perdue throws Atlanta mass transit users under the bus

When is the prop-8 court decision coming?

NRA Discipline

DU This Poll on Gay Marriage!

glenn beck makes Lou Dobbs seem sane and rational..

SECRET RECORDING Of Army Psychologist : "I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD" (Salon)

Universities and colleges are “nodes for radicalization” being monitored

Fear Of New Regs Drives Gun, Ammo Shortage

Check This Out !!!!!! Very Cool Music Video!

Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies

Barnicle should not be allowed anywhere NEAR the Hardball mic.

Portugal's drug decriminalization 'bizarrely underappreciated': Greenwald

Beck just THANKED Doug Feith for his SERVICE to the country on Torture!

Phil Gramm Owes America $2 Trillion

Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies


The further this goes...the sicker I get for "Texas Just-Us" (follow-up)

Information about New York City

Nearly 60% of Americans think The US Should hold Diplomatic Talks with Iran

Silvio Berlusconi tells earthquake survivors to head for the beach

So are we resigned to a Corporate Surveillance State?

Big Ed Talking Education & Teachers

As a Tribute to the end of Consumerism As We Know It...

Brown U To Stop Observing Columbus Day - New Holiday Called 'Fall Weekend'

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

arne duncan on Big Ed's Show Now

In college I was a consumate liar about being gay

A Public Plan is Healthy Competition

Republican Members Of Congress Embrace Radical Anti-Obama Tea Party Protests

Teens locked up for life without a second chance (CNN)

The US has fought piracy throughout her history

Westboro Baptist Church Whackos in Pittsburgh to picket police officer funerals

Texas woman calls 911 over lack of shrimp in fried rice

36 million dollar contract to let the bodies of veterans rot

Free Talk and Music Radio Online

And another thing - there should be a limit on interest rates not

Video shows Fla. woman aiming gun at son's head

Hardball: Hitchens v. Blackwell arguing whether Christians are suffering a power decline.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Christian doctors' group protests rolling back 'conscience' rule

LOL I wondered why all these pirate threads popped up all of a sudden

Area Applebee's A Hotbed Of Machiavellian Political Maneuvering

Is it time for authorities to investigate Hannity, Beck, O'Riley, and Limbaugh?

Levi Johnston Is Full of Sh...

Palin legal defense fund - not sanctioned by Palin

Poll: Support strong for gay marriage in New York State

Is ther a family murder/suicide or hostage situation every day now in the country?

Bad Nuts

Did any of you just hear this Ayn Rand loon on Thom Hartmann?

Repugs threaten state university funding to block porn movie

MN Du'ers: Any idea of the sentiment among independents in MN regarding Franken-Coleman?

Legislation seeks to keep Preakness in Maryland

YOUR INTERNET ACTIVITY: will it be costing you a whole lot more?

Coleman-Franken Senate Race May Hinge on Bush v. Gore Decision

Civil Rights is like a Fruit Cobbler

Feds Deny Protection to Delta Fish

Up Is Down: The Military Budget

Woman who allegedly ran over pregnant woman charged with murdering baby who died after birth

I don't know how you all do it, face each day as if nothing is wrong...

if there had been or there was a nation of Gaylandia --

Texas police say a 35-year-old man was cut and stabbed in fight over flatulence at a motel

Wikipedia for Spies

How is the Bush Depression treating you? Bankruptcy? Foreclosure? Laid off?

Charles Rangel introduced historic legislation to combat the HIV epidemic

Actual Picture from Republican Tea Party

Montel: I'll Air both sides on 'America'

I just heard that DC will recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere

Rick Sanchez - my hero! Woo hoo!!

question about perscripton drugs...

Christian doctors' group protests rolling back 'conscience' rule (CNN)

Man formerly on Death Row acquitted in retrial

Court upholds Philly police ban on Muslim scarf

File this under stupid: PETA wants the Pet Shop Boy to change their name.

Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act. Applied right or wrong here...?

37 Cents to Military; 2.8 Cents to Environment and Energy

NH House Reverses Self; Passes Transgender Discrimination Bill

Prepare to be Stalked - Roger Ebert takes on Bill O'Reilly.

Texas looks at weight-specific legislation (for dogs)

Laura Flanders (GritTV) hosted a very instructive discussion on Afghanistan. Watch if you care.

Why is this night different from all other nights?

The Defeat of the Predator State


I'm having tin foil hat thoughts re that

I'm having tin foil hat thoughts re that

Who is your favorite and least favorite rep in your state.

I lost my job today

Kevin Phillips: The "Disaster Stage" of U.S. Financialization

Big Liberal Bloggers Tee Off On Progressive Groups For Not Sharing Ad Wealth

Big Liberal Bloggers Tee Off On Progressive Groups For Not Sharing Ad Wealth

only 29% of Americans believe possession of handguns by private citizens should be banned

Legislation would allow parents to decide how far sex ed goes

Johnston-Palin war of words continue-Mercedes calls Palins "snobby"


AP: 4 shot, 1 dead at Korean retreat center in Calif.

Spotted in the Publix check-out line today: more tabloid grist on suicidal Bu$h.

Did Bush and Cheney stop Bin Laden's Assassination?

HEY! Tom Tomorrow reads DU!

arne duncan Calls himself "The CEO Of Chicago Public Schools" On Ed's Show

CNN Newsroom is calling out Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity about creating false panic over gun rights!

Why do statements like "the plight of gays is comparable to the plight of blacks" offend people?

Quebec dad sued by daughter after grounding loses his appeal

FAIR: Frontline Distorts Global Healthcare Options

Who is going to win the Master's?

TIME - Nice Article - Discusses Some Background Behind Wagoner's Firing And Pent Up Demand For Autos

Colorado rejects vegan tofu lover's "ILVTOFU" license plate

Bill easing smoking ban endorsed

MSNBC to go HD in June... woohoo!

So I'm 17 years sober today...

MLK: Lest We Forget

Should the US Navy be used to protect private shipping from pirates?

Some Thoughts About Socialism

Survived 8 Years of Bush/Cheney and NOW I'm Frightened. Gun & Carry Permits Rise at Alarming Rate

Can someone set me straight on this Ted Stevens thing please

The CIA Torture Cover Up


Looks like the "right" is prepping themselves for Coleman LOSS

If We Are Serious About Ending Poverty

TSA full body scanners, child porn?

Gay people can make lousy parents

Living Large and in Charge (guess who? rhymes with hummers)

My city of 50,000 just elected a 24 year old mayor with no political experience.

DOJ and the FISA Lawsuit: The Lawyers are Doing Their Job (Kos Attorney's Diary)

The word for the day is Psychopath.

The Chilling Rise of Right-Wing Hate in America

“Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009”, Project Censored Sonoma State University CA

How To Get Good Tips

Good. CBS reporting that American sailors have retaken cargo ship from pirates

Gunmen in mass killings had permits

In Defense of Obama Keeping Domestic Wiretapping Capabilities.

It's the first time I turned on Ed Schultz's teevee show and

This is just disgusting... Teens take part in "coon bashing" on rural roads.

If taxing the rich means they won't work as hard to make more money,

Cenk fans, with respect, I have a question...

Mass. white supremacist meeting canceled

Did Paranoid Right-Wing Media Fuel the Pittsburgh Cop Killer's Rage?

Person with autism running for a seat in the NJ Assembly

Legislature OKs right to breast-feed in public (Yay for WA!)

Opening Day (about nuclear disarmament)

Iowa Nuns Sue State Street Bank on Investment Loss.

wingnut freeper types are sexual deviants.

CBC: Mother can have dead son's sperm harvested, Texas judge rules

just to make you smile today!! (and we can all use a smile)

Vegan's "ILVTOFU" license plate request denied because it could be misinterpreted

Blame the teachers, Blame the teachers!

Blame the teachers, Blame the teachers!

When corporate interests collide with public schools. Neil and Babs Bush and the software program..

Rock Island, IL Mayoral race only 15 votes apart

Charlie GIBSON got out of following in the MOYERS - BLACK footsteps


The Intoxication of Larry Summers By BILL MOYERS and MICHAEL WINSHIP

The Intoxication of Larry Summers By BILL MOYERS and MICHAEL WINSHIP

What's so hard about stopping these pirates? Station armed marines on these ships

What's so hard about stopping these pirates? Station armed marines on these ships

Job Prospects? I just got off the phone with a friend...

The Hundred Year War Against the American Worker

MURDER Trumps Torture Says Bugliosi - an Interview

The American Conservative: "Carter Was Right!!" columnist Roger Friedman fired for writting a review of the leaked X-men movie

A Call-To-Arms From Don Siegelman

NYT: bodies of as many as 25 boys and men suspected of being gay have turned up

Who else thinks Socialism would be better than Predatory Capitalism?

Dog swept off sailboat found alive on remote island four months later

We must stop pretending we did not know doctors were complicit in torture. From July 2004

Have you received your "tea party" robocall yet?

Murder Trumps Torture Says Bugliosi - An Interview by Michael Collins

I just got my robocall for the Tea (Bag) Party!

Rich People Sobbing In Fear As UBS Bars Swiss Bankers From Leaving The Country

Raise your hand if your sick of how the Palin family always makes the news...

whatever n/t

Which is worse?

well, gotta say, I hope TZ is enjoying our gift of Scott Olsen

Know your BFEE: It wasn’t Obama who Looted the Treasury and Banks. It was Bush and his Cronies.

Some dude is handing out freepers in GD.

Sorry TZ. Marlins-xx, Reagan Nationals-00.

I would like to apologize for every post I have ever done.

Has anyone here read The Collector,

Bumper Sticker just seen on car:

Good Gawds, I'm An Internet Addict!!!!!

Is it a full moon tonight? There are some really nutty posts here tonight....

looking back on winter?

Toddler Killed By Falling TV

Advice needed: Should I share an email I received from a pastor?

Tipping made simple: Calculate 10% of the bill.


My biggest pet peeves with restaurant service staff:

It's official. I'm an asshole.

Okay, I am sick of Miley Cirus and her daddy grrrrrrr

I need some new t-shirts. Post some cool ones for me to get.

2009 shaping up to be a big year for Jimi Hendrix

I had an onion burger for dinner & will take NyQuil for my cold tonight...

Pygmalion is on TCM.

Sex pest GP struck off after telling a woman that rubbing her breasts was test for pregnancy.

A problem with the ST:TNG episode 'Measure of a Man'

Sara Palin Makes Me Sooooooooo Effin Sick!!!!!!!!

Since no one liked the Twain excerpt I posted, let's try this

I'm about to dig into some home made apple strudel.

I'm jumping on the Nationals bandwagon before it's too late!

Why are some threads moved to the Lounge after 80 plus replies?

Can we just have a group hug for no particular reason?

Youtube is educational

'If life aint worth living anymore don't just Kill yourself....Go Kill Liberals!'

Youth is wasted on the young.

What county, that you've never been to, do you most want to visit?

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

Love Flame!

When Obama assigns you a freeper to re-educate, what are you going to do with him?

This world is just a meaningless dream

Name people you were disappointed to learn were republican/right wing.

help with Word -- why can't I turn off caps lock?

Am I on you're ignore list ? That's the feeling I have...

Five more days until Chuggo Week!

Rare Megamouth Shark Caught, Eaten

Does anybody have a walk of shame kit? If not, ladies, here's the site for you.

I had a dream about Barack and Michelle Obama last night

Adam Lambert is really growing on me

I love Judas Priest. It hurts, but their time is gone. Who is the next Judas Priest?

I had a dream last night that I was sky diving with the band, The Pixies.

Ok, same kinda deal. The NorthFace. Too pricey or worth it?

Good morning Lounge

Opening Day for the Reagan-Nats next Monday against the Phillies.

Is there something in the water this morning?

Anybody know about the rise in the cost of CDs compared to cost of living?

It has happened. n/t

Harley Davidson to receive bailout money too?

Wow, Just Wow

Any photoshop experts out there?

father sued by his 12-year-old daughter regarding a grounding over internet use

"It's absolute hell...I'm a f--king 22-year-old girl who's in love...Everyone's turned on me..."

I love the DU mods

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Its Fukin Cloudy Again, and rain on the way tomorrow

Mildo isn't ignoring me.

OMG they're copy-catting in Editorial forum

Cell phone conversations in public restrooms

Who Is This LynneSin Creature?

My Dilemma re: Angel

How To Enjoy a Better Dining Experience

Someone needs to learn a lesson.

What Should I Do This Weekend?

In case you missed it, WA is a Sleeper.

Redneck Driving Range. You need to watch this one. Hilarious!

Austin Trekkie fans thought they were going to see "Wrath of Khan" instead were shown new Star Trek

Everyone in the southeast.. BLOW!

Do smokers cost society money?

PHOTO: Bono -- Still Hasn't Found What He's Looking For

Damn it!

My Moms House Is Finally Up For Sale Next Week

Frozen Four tomorrow!!!!

Just brushed

How do you tactfully tell someone to leave you alone?

Breaking: NO new White House Dog this week.

I like New York in June

Quit emailing out the side of your ass!

I love the fact that Bella pooped her pants. I have no change of clothes for her

Look Up On The Wall, There On The Floor....

Why are they making a documentary film about a rock band that I never, ever heard about before?

Any Cat Power fans here? Ever seen her live?

I'd Like To Fly, But My Wings Have Been So Denied

I'll take "Raging Flame Wars" for $500 please Alex

2012 Olympics: Pick a new sport



cool tune

Chipper Jones is ruining my life.

Midlo Calls out Turtleandsue as a Freeper, But how well do we know her?

I"ll take, "Cruises to Avoid" Alex.

my nephew liam.....hehe... I know another rp post


What's your favorite DU smiley?

I don't believe in Tipping

In an effort to change their image, the Washington Nationals have announced a new hat design

Advice needed regarding moving an elderly relative into assisted living

I'd rathar pick my ass in public then to EVER own a Sony Erickson Cell phone ever again

I'd rathar pick my ass in public then to EVER own a Sony Erickson Cell phone ever again


Let My Dreams Come True

Can you feel me?

My Blackberry beats the shit out of your iPhone

All in all, what is the central theme or premise of the following Lady Gaga music video?

Colorado license plate rejected: ILVTOFU.

The Flower

Is there a website that collects good deals on hard drives?

I'm now part of the iPhone cult......

I'm gonna be an auntie for a second time!

Is google mail working for you? Mine is down, is yours working? Thanks

some art

I have to share this information- 100% natural weed control.

I am a little bit young to remember. Is this dance or is it not actually the hustle??

Missing the Bay State.

(Buxom) Pirate Statue Stirs Controversy

How often do you hide threads?

Republicans. You just can't trust the little fuckers.

I really really hate office politics....(warning long)

I am usually not a very observant person.

What's the deal with credit reports?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/8/2009)


On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!

As of 3:30pm today, it is official.

Rodents. You just can't trust the little fuckers.

How many people here are having rabbit for Easter dinner?

Just heard Steely Dan's "The Second Arrangement" for the first time

Just heard Steely Dan's "The Second Arrangement" for the first time

Just heard Steely Dan's "The Second Arrangement" for the first time

How was your day today?

Octomom gets a reality show

My son's election bid:

Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett has something to say about women farting

Who knew? Coca-Cola make special coke for Passover.

Blue-eyed kitten pic thread!

Is this weird? My husband and I are going out tonight to celebrate our divorce,

Chinesee food on the way

I have just discovered Craisins.

Republican tea party

I am giving up teabags...

The new cutest avatar ever...

What's a Bigger Threat?

I missed the second half of House.

Why should I start watching baseball again after 15 years


How can you tell if someone's a meth freak

Shamu is fascinated by the big pink pig in the HSBC commercial.

What is your opinion of EHARMONY and other supposedly

I smell...GUMBO!

Was I scammed? Re: eBay and PayPal.

How many women here are madly in love with Parche??

Chag Pesach Sameach, Loungers!

Remember television station sign-offs?

Who wants to celebrate with me?

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday with my needy doctor

What unusual thing did you do at work today?

I put to rest my beloved 15 1/2 year old "Puppy" yesterday.

PSA: Don't listen to Lil Missy

How did it?

Tell Me I Havnt Gone Crazy, I am doing a Temp job next week 12hour shifts

blackberry or iphone

PSA for women. The latest scam. Don't show them your tits!

Is the PS3 worth purchasing (also posted in gaming group).

What should I have for dinner?

Man shoots himself during "The Watchmen" screening.

Impulsive or thoughtful when posting?

Don't you hate when you find something questionable in your Chinesse food?

Billy Bob Thornton goes into Mega-Douche Mode during radio interview

I have found the new Spinal Tap..sorta.

Which Team will win a championship first?

In case you missed it, TZ is a freeper.

Your Passover jokes or stories. Post 'em up here.

Everyone in the Northeast.... SUCK!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/8/09

Do you collect anything?

Don't ya love dogs that bark all day long?

I saw two very disturbing things today - both in the same parking lot

Favorite Grace?

You know what they say about blondes?

Dh is still not home

I hate acronyms

Uh oh! Hank (my dog) just tongue kissed Bella! I turn my head for one second....

Do you have a rare but completely useless talent?

Advice needed

I overheard my wife talking to our daughter

So I went on a date - should I be concerned about this person?

Dr says.....the girls are healed!!!!!!!!!!

Dumb Question... How do address a Secretary (ie Interior, State, Commerce)

I'm bored. I'd like to start a pic thread.

Final Answer: Tim and Eric have done a Great Job on their Awesome Show

Annoying co-workers

Creepiest gif ever.

Match Game Story: "Stupid Sally began her essay on linguine with 'Pasta is made __ glutens.'"

I am somewhat jealous of rising phoenix's new boobs

Your input is requested

Hello from Italy

Wait staff - would you really, seriously, tamper with a customer's food?

A mystery or a scam. You have to hear this wierd one!

GAAAAAAH I could just kick myself.

all you ladies are gonna hate me

Most likely product placement in new Star Trek film?

Danny Gatton - Greatest guitar player you probably never heard of.

I'm shopping for a new baseball team.

Moms and babies: Brings a tear to your eye to see how loving and tender they are.

Do You Ever Cry Yourself To Sleep?


Why aren't merchant ships armed?

AWESOME Rant By General Wes. Clark's Son On American Consumerism, Economy, Societal Values & More! PHOTOS: President Obama in Iraq

Warrantless Wiretaps

Warrantless Wiretaps

How do you apologists defend Obama's position on wiretaps?

How do you apologists defend Obama's position on wiretaps?

Obama is protecting democrats who knew of the wiretaps and their illegality, I also expect....

Who is following the IL-05 election tonight.

1993-2000 1. Everything positive had nothing to do with the Clinton Administration;

Its never too early

Free Range Cougar: Michele Bachmann

FL-Sen: Conservative Backlash Brewing Against Crist?

Slate - Even Liberals Agree With Gingrich On Opposing Nuclear Nonproliferation? Nukes Pose No Risk?

Jindal-backed candidate Lee Domingue got trounced during special state Senate election

Obame The Diplomat At The G-20? Lets Be Fair, Here's CNN Tape Of Bush At The G-8 In 2006

GOP Long Odds Gamble:: Convincing more Ppl that President Obama is Worse than W Bush

You know, I wanted to cut Keith Olbermann some slack this week.


THE INFLUENCE GAME: Big Biz has a friend in Locke

LOL! Not that there was any doubt: Dem beats Freepwad in Congressional race in Illinois

PHOTOS Today's links for the Night Owls

"Kumar" (without "Harold") goes to the White House.

Give Jim Douglas (governor of Vermont) a piece of your mind.

Great K. Parker column: "When you're the big dog, you can afford to smile.The saber is understood."

Just discovered: Dump Michelle Bachmann blog

SO, How much did Coleman and the GOP Cost the Taxpayers of Minnesota?

IF you arent sick to your stomach after this first segment on KO....

AP:Obama achieves defining TV shot in Iraq-Glowing reception a world away from shoe attack on...Bush

Gov. Sanford must have presidential ambitions. He's on Morning Joe ...

Have we not yet learned to take first reports with a grain of salt?

Bloomberg: Congressional Panel Suggests Firing Managers, Liquidating Banks

Here's a word we need to learn the meaning of: "apologist."

Queen Noor on colbert right now n/t

VP Biden making some wonderful remarks to a bunch of soldiers

Obama shows Muslims America's best side

President Obama, thank you for your efforts on our behalf in Europe and

Another legal setback for detainees

What the fuck is wrong with Obama? Olbermann ripped Obama tonight and was right to do so!

President Obama: Tell The 'pukes to Fuck Off Already! If Anybody Can Do It, You Can!

Obama will be the first U.S. president to attend a White House Seder.

Treasury: GM, Chrysler launch supplier support

Obama officials reflect on Passover celebration a year ago: "Next year in the White House!"

The Obamas and the Clintons will be on Martha's Vineyard at the same time in August.

You know who haven't made the news in a while? The Birthers, that's who.

PHOTO Caption it!

President Obama - An Extremist's Nightmare (Joe Conason)

Where is the outrage? Obama said a dog would be waiting at

Why is Somalia still even called a "country"?

Barack Obama is a true SuperHero!

Ayatollah Khamenei may not support Ahmadinejad in the upcoming election

Ayatollah Khamenei may not support Ahmadinejad in the upcoming election

KY-Sen: Bunning Is In Santorum Country

Bloomberg - Surprisingly Balanced Discussion Of Geithner Plan

WIDESPREAD Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

Rick Sanchez is about to cover the "Obama is coming for your guns"

Recovery on the horizon or not Part II

You are wrong about the Geithner plan. (You are also right about it)

"America is back!"

Help: I've read the motion, watched Keith - I need some links to arguments FOR DOJ position

President Obama needs to do what he does so well:

The Obama Doctrine: Swagger a Little, Reassure a Lot

How do you defend the USA's position on wiretaps?

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Willing To Give Obama A Chance, Welcomes Talks With U.S.

Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. faces ethics probe

From Wonkette: Images of Tea Bag Protest Letters sent to House and Senate Staffers

Johnny's Little Blue Wagon - The Awful Truth

Do you approve of everything you've seen from President Obama?

Obama chooses MADD official to lead safety agency

I'm going to give this BS one week, Then I'll rip my Obama bumber sticker off

I will put myself out there; I am NOT getting bent out of shape over the wiretapping - why?

2009 President Obama out of the 'lower 48' Itinerary

Murphy Looks Set to Win Absentees

Harper's Magazine: Obama’s National Security State

The GOP wants to make a COMEBACK? Do they Really? They need to DUMP Cheney, Bush, Rash, Sean, BillO,

Just back from trying to take the Obama bumper sticker off my car..

Pres. Obama's Global Warming Plan Involves Geoengineering The Climate To Cool Earth's Air

Federal Reserve Staff Economic Outlook (March minutes)

David Rivkin is on Hardball. Anyone know what his accent is? I looked him

I've been holding back way too long

Republican caller calls Limbaugh a brainwashed Nazi. (Audio Included)

Why is Obama's Secret Service still protecting Bush and Cheney?

Wiretapping was why the hoopla?!

Palin plans to assist Murkowski campaign in 2010

PHOTOS The Trip to Europe (Time Magazine)

Conservadems (Bayh) - Continue to Oppose Giving Bankruptcy Courts Any Power To Modify Mortgages

Last Time Bush Was In Iraq, He Got A Free Pair of Shoes. What Did Obama Get?

Wall Street Journal - "Obama and Gates Gut the Military"

Secular Country? Obama Sides With Jefferson, Madison, Paine

Ooooo... spooky

"GATHERING STORM" - Anti-Gay Marriage Ad just started running on msnbc in the Philly area...

The Daily Show: "Wingnuts Gone Wild" (VIDEO)

The Geithner plan: criticisms are off the mark (Michael Spence)

White House Release on President Obama's Call to Congratulate UNC Basketball Coach Roy Williams

Hey Newt, remember all the pro-religious right wing zealots in Bush's administration?

Those accusing Obama of "group hug diplomacy" and saying it's a sign of weakness don't get it!

Inhofe bashes President Obama while overseas. Is that still unpatriotic, or

First Dog: the word on the street is...

Politico: Obama a huge fan of HBO's Entourage - watched Jon Stewart’s smackdown of Cramer

Steele wants more delegates 'of color'

Steele wants more delegates 'of color'

Listening to David Rivken on Hardball....Republicans are

The latest to make RWs pee themsleves with rage! GRRRRRRRR! oops!

I took off my Obama '08 Bumper Sticker a week ago

PHOTOS More pics of Joe the Pitcher

How 'bout a little "Hell Yeah!" for Rick Sanchez?

This Guy Says Obama is Protecting Bush

PHOTOS The VP at Fort Bragg (April 8)

About tomorrow's White House Seder

When is NC going to get off Virginia Foxx??

Who here is surprised? Levi Johnston says he's been treated like an outcast since the election

Well, Yeah, Just Like, uh, Because

Just ordered more Obama Bumper stickers for myself and friends

Wing-nuts are not merely wrong... they seek to perfect wrongness

Hey Oscar de La Renta - at least Michelle didn't meet the Queen wearing 'Saggy Boobs' Dress

NY House Race: Absentee Ballot Distribution Appears to Favor Dem

TARP Oversight Panel: Treasury May Not Be Acknowledging ‘The Depth Of The Current Downturn’

Media Matters Story Re Fox Promoting A Militant Right Wing

In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ's New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush's

Yepublican Eric Cantor ... is a bully

Bill Moyers on the economy: "Stand aside, Mr. President, and let us prod with our pitchforks"

Bill Moyers on the economy: "Stand aside, Mr. President, and let us prod with our pitchforks"

How About A Big Cup Of "CHILL THE FUCK OUT" Regarding Ongoing DOJ Court Cases

White House- Obama Did Not "Bow" To The King

Arrrrggghhh.... Pirates holding US ship Captain.

Sony Pix acquires Ed Norton's 'Obama'

A Dozen Things Read on DU Today re EFF NSA suit (Obama admin motion on illegal wiretapping)

PHOTOS Behind the scenes with Obama in Iraq (Time Magazine)

'Israel does not take orders from Obama'

Helen Thomas: Obama plays it safe

Quake Toll in Italy Rises to at Least 235

2 pit bull terriers euthanized after being set on fire in Dallas

N. Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention

FEMA taking back its hurricane trailers

U.S. EPA: Exelon Reduced its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by More Than 35 Percent

Exclusive: Lone protester takes on corporate giant

Somali pirates seize ship with 21 Americans onboard

Horizon Air Flight Diverted to Sac, 6 Passengers Injured

Obama Back in Washington After Overseas Trip.

Oral Sex Linked to Throat Cancer

Pakistan arrests 5 militants "planning attacks"

Official: Ala. man kills wife, 3 others, self

Jewish settlers rampage through West Bank village

Amazon Top Songs Now Priced Cheaper Than iTunes (iTunes price increase)

The CIA Torture Cover Up

Criminal case call over G20 death

Gunmen in mass killings had permits

N Korea threatens 'strong steps'

Report says spies compromised US electric grid

(Tony) Blair: Pope is wrong about gays – and most Catholics think so too

Mom kills son, then self at shooting range (left suicide note)

Give us the drones, Zardari demands of US

Feds count H-1B applications as engineering unemployment spikes

U.K. Boys, 10 and 11, Charged With Vicious Assault

U.S. crew regains control of ship hijacked by Somalia pirates

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Fall Twice as Much as Forecast; Sales Rise 0.6%

US To Take Part In Group Talks With Iran

Two Tibetans sentenced to death over Lhasa riots

White House invites gay families to Easter event

Binghamton Gunman Fired 98 Shots in Just Over a Minute

Recession-era reality TV: Show lets employees decide fate of co-workers

China sentences 2 to death for fires in Tibet riot

Gay Rights Groups Celebrate Victories in Marriage Push

Lawyer: Ruth Madoff Will Fight For NYC, Montauk Homes

Ex-El Rukn gang leader acquitted of two murders (after 24 years)

Ex-El Rukn gang leader acquitted of two murders (after 24 years)

A Plea to Obama from Father of Detainee

Work along Highway 45 gets funding

AP source: Spies compromised US electric grid

Rubber Soul: CVS Accused of Locking Up Condoms in Its Eastside Stores

Cyberspies have Penetrated US Electrical Grid: Report

(Iowa Gov.) Culver: ‘Voters will have an opportunity to weigh in’ on gay marriage

Obama will be the first U.S. president to attend a White House Seder.

Insurers rise on report gov't may extend TARP

Ahmadinejad Welcomes U.S. Talks.

(Texas) County cuts out of KBR deal

Berlusconi: earthquake victims should view experience as camping weekend

(US Military ) Safety team warns of 'catastrophic' wiring in Iraq

Ex-POW McCain visits 'Hanoi Hilton' Vietnam prison

Justice Dept. to Name New Leader of Internal Ethics Unit

Texas judge allows collection of dead son's sperm

'Crown of Thorns' Galaxy Photographed in Space

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 8

Battle kills 5 as Taliban move beyond stronghold

Major MI5 operation against al-Qaeda endangered by security breach

Breaking CBS News Radio: Americans Retake their Ship

Police: Curfew, door-to-door searches in Fallujah

Biden warns Israel off any attack on Iran

(Coleman) Recount Lawyers Say (MN) Supreme Court Will Decide Case

Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. faces ethics probe

Officials: Somali pirates seize 21 U.S. sailors

Alaska House wants Stevens to be able to sue

Man who died re-elected mayor of Missouri town

After critical editorial, (Hillsdale) college newspaper editor finds animal carcasses draping porch

US think tank wants H1B cap raised to 195,000

Asif Ali Zardari: Barack Obama should give us drones to fight terror

Trans-gender rights bill passes (New Hampshire) House by one vote

Trans-gender rights bill passes (New Hampshire) House by one vote

Legislature approves breast-feeding rights

Fox to make reality TV show out of company layoffs

FCC Acting Chairman To Act Boldly On Media Diversity

GM Pension Vow Seen as `Garbage' as Bankruptcy Might Wipe Out $16 Billion

China auto sales surpass US for 3rd month

Obama administration 'anti religious,' Gingrich says

Obama looks at climate engineering

US banker sees 10% jobless rate

Survival Tips From The Stone Age

Freaky Right-Wing Militias Prepare for Obamageddon

BBC: President Obama visits U.S. Troops in Iraq

Arab= Muslim = War = Terror?

President Obama Visits Troops in Iraq

Countdown: Rep. Kilroy (D-OH) on Bullying Repub House Tactics

Obama team warns U.S. lawmakers: Expect confrontation with Israel

Divisive Attacks

Rachel Maddow: Chuck Shumer Says DOJ Should Investigate Torture/Red Cross Report

Ted Stevens' Conviction Overturned

TYT: Have We Reached the Tipping Point on Gun Violence?

Visteon Factory Occupation Workers go to Boss's House

FOX News attacks Mr. Rogers.

Robert Greenwald on Rethink Afghanistan

Countdown: Fineman on Admin's Rationalization for Warrantless Wiretapping Defense

TARP Panel Oversight chairwoman on Rachel Maddow

Stephanie Miller, Penn Jillette Et Al On "Larry King" Re: Obama At G-20

Glenn Beck's radio show descends further into madness: foreign infiltrators!

'Frightened' Far Right Ad Against Same Sex Marriage - Scaring America All Over Again

Avraham Burg gets 'tough' on Israel at Georgetown University

Video of police assault on Ian Tomlinson, who died during G20 protest in London

Right Wing At It Again - No Shame Too Low, Kids Used to Manipulate Debate

SMILE!! You know you need it

Fox "News": Mr. Rogers Is Evil

TDS on Repubs paranoia

Caller calls Rush Limbaugh 'Brainwashed Nazi'

Bush Writes His Memoir

Thom Hartmann - The Global Crisis of American Capitalism

GM And Segway Create New Microcar Concept

Sanchez slams Fox news for its doomsday talk

Elizabeth Warren Introduces COP's April Report (on TARP)

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Gets Clobbered By Caller (!)

Stopping by Baghdad

MATURE CONTENT: Beck, Boner (Boehner) - Wingnuts Are Weeping!

Countdown: Prof. Turley on Obama & Wiretapping - 'Dead Wrong on Unlawful Surveillance'

TYT: Is Obama Breaking The Same Laws Bush Did?

Thom Hartmann: Single payer healthcare, corruption at PBS

BEAUTIFUL: Chris Hitchens Mops The Floor With FRC's Ken Blackwell- Satisfying

Turkish TV reporter dons blackface during report about President Obama

Zinn on class in America

TYT: Wes Clark Jr. Classic rant on images & marketing. Claims Applebee's is the Matrix

More Dramatic Change: Iraqi Journalists TAKE OBAMA'S SHOES

The Authoritarians - A book about the RW and their Sociopathic selves

Iowa Gay Marriage Opponent Says “Suck” a Lot

Economist Nouriel Roubini Lashes Out at CNBC Host

In These Times: Do-It-Yourself Governance

Holder Defends DOJ Following Stevens Dismissal.

U.S. Envoy Seeks to Soothe India Worries.

The Last Jew in Afghanistan. Video

Chris Dodd: Scourge or Casualty of Wall Street?

Dylan on Obama

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Changing the Rules of the Blame Game

Guy's a democrat and doesn't know it.

“Special Rights” for Bigots

Summers: In Charge and Living Large. ref: TruthDig's Robert Sheer

The Nation: Old Europe, New Again

Helen Thomas: Obama plays it safe

Economist Nouriel Roubini lashes out at CNBC host

RBS cuts 9,000 jobs

Bill O’Reilly < Than Sluggo

Chris Floyd--Hero Blues: Liberals Line Up With Militarism

Right-Wingers Condemn Activist Vermont LEGISLATORS

Glenn Beck and the rise of Fox News' militia media

Ethanol producer Aventine files for bankruptcy, Wonder why the country is broke?

The Obama's trip to Europe in Pictures

Support for gun control at its lowest in 50 years

Turkish News Anchor Appears in Blackface to Report on Obama

Sacramento Tea Party, Cavuto Revolution should be Categorized as Enemy Combatants

Kevin Phillips: The "Disaster Stage" of U.S. Financialization

The Pew Poll About Obama’s Polarized Early Job Approval Ratings, and The Trouble with Percentages

Israel Cries Wolf

Don't look now, but things just got worse;

Time Magazine--Wikipedia for Spies: The CIA Discovers Web 2.0

The Red Cross Torture Report: What It Means

Why Obama Derangement Syndrome Has Stopped Being Funny

US Department of Interior Moves to Speed Up Wind Energy

Entergy's Indian Point PR Reaches Critical Mass, new firm is the Breaux Lott Leadership Group

new ethanol crop with dual purpose

Americas on alert for sea level rise (BBC)

PAM Forum: The Case for a National Infrastructure Policy

Brazil cracks down on illegal loggers in Amazon

Pemex May Squeeze Extra 3 Billion Barrels From Cantarell Field

Report lists America's 10 most endangered rivers (CNN)

Bill McKibben: The fierce urgency of now

Paddle enthusiasts save money and rivers (CNN)

Patrick Moore is now shilling for Big Pharma

I'd like a scooter - any suggestions

AMY GOODMAN: FL Journalists Talk About the Cuban-American Community

Link to Adam Kufeld's photos of election day in El Salvador

New law weakens anti-Chavez mayor in Venezuela

NAT'L. GEOGRAPHIC TONITE: "Locked Up Abroad - Caracas"

Nicaragua Says the Final Declaration for Summit has not been Unanimously Agreed On

FIDEL: "The Meeting with Barbara Lee and Other Members of the Black Caucus"

Brazil court orders jail, retrial in US nun death

Teachers Union Leader Killed in Colombia

Charlie Rose interviewed Death Squads last night. Video link:

Two C-SPAN events: Black Caucus Press Conf. in DC after return AND Summit of the Americas Preview

FLASH!! Possible Spy Case in Cuba Possibly Related to Lage, Perez Roque and Remirez?

Where is Raúl Reyes’ body?

SHIELDING "GONI": Why are top Democrats Protecting Bolivia's Former Prez from Trial for Massacres?

'Cuban Five' receive Brazilian human rights medal

U.S.-Cuba policy could take center stage at Americas summit

House Majority Leader Hoyer (D), waves pom poms for Plan Colombia

To the smartass here that said the Pens would not make the playoffs.

Congratulations to the UConn Women and winning the NCAA Championship

O'Malley introduces Preakness bill in Assembly

Jesus Tom---Throw her a couple of crackers!

Giants win opener!

Today in labor history Apr 8 A violent explosion ripped through the Banner coalmine, 128 killed

Visteon Factory Occupation Workers go to Boss's House

AFL-CIO, CtW, NEA form National Labor Coordinating Committee

Yes on 8 had a far superior web presence

Marriage Equality opponents in Vermont whine: "They outspent us"

Baldacci: Vermont vote won't influence him (Maine)

Is Sedona pretty gay friendly?

Rhode Island's Governor Carcieri joins chrisTo-Fascist anti-Equality Crusade

Iraq Vigils: NYC on Friday 10 April, London Next Thursday 16 April

I need biblical references/resources to help a gay fundamentalist who thinks he's going to hell.

Gingrich: Iowa ruling ‘judicial arrogance’

Jack Wrangler, Gay Porn Idol, Dead At 62

Can same-sex marriage be legalized in Oregon in 2010?

Any Prop 8 lawsuit news?

Educators urge 'yes' vote on gay marriage (Maine)

Iowa gay marriages delayed (budget cuts)

NYT: bodies of as many as 25 boys and men suspected of being gay have turned up

Unions as healthcare providers?

Hospitals to pay $1.6 million in skid row dumping case

New Approach Discovered To Lowering Triglycerides

Secondhand smoke a downer for mood as well as lungs (USAToday/Delmarva Times)

Biden warns Israel off any attack on Iran

AFP: Israeli Settlers Rampage In West Bank Village -Medics

Arabs still remember lost Palestinian villages

PA Ultimatum: Three Conditions or No Contact with Israel

Obama team warns U.S. lawmakers: Expect confrontation with Israel

Happy Passover, DU!

Lieberman to be charged with fraud

demolition of home of Jerusalem 'bulldozer attacker'

Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings

"The Military has repeatedly violated Medical Ethic Codes during its Gaza Offensive"

Israel to seal Gaza crossings for four days for Passover

US hits back at Lieberman: The goal is two states

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/07/09

A Tale of Two Depressions - study that Krugman cites today.

Goldman Sachs' Bailout Bonanza

Bill Moyers on the economy: "Stand aside, Mr. President, and let us prod with our pitchforks"

Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Firm Acted as Tutor as It Sold Risky Deals to Towns

Treasury Expanding TARP To Bail Out Insurers

If Obama is a socialist, what does that make Reagan or every other republican president?

World Economy Falling Faster Than in 1929-1930

How the FDIC is circumventing the law in order to take on $1Trillion in risk with the PPIP plan.

Infinite debt:How unlimited interest rates destroyed the economy

Fear is NOT the reason I own guns for self-defense

Shotgun-toting robbery suspect shot and killed by business owner

Self-delete. duplicate

Marshall County man charged with manslaughter.

Good for you if you've never needed a gun. Congratulations.

Reality Check

A shooting story we can all be happy about...

One month, Eight mass shootings, 57 people DEAD.

Gallup: Support for more gun control hits all-time low

Changing the Rules of the Blame Game

i could

Wait, so let me get this straight

"We *do* want their guns, we just don't want them to figure that out yet"

4 shot, 1 dead at Christian retreat in California

4 shot, 1 dead at Korean retreat center in Calif.

Jewish settlers rampage through West Bank village

Let's all join the NRA.

Obama won't take your guns, Nancy Pelosi will do it for him...

Good Lord, those fucking lunatic rightwingers are even crazier than we imagined!

Hello Veterans, Just A Nice Little Story For You . . .

Sunset in volcanic haze

Save the Farm (lots of pictures)

Damn, I am tired of taking pics like this one

I finally got all the captions done on my Iditarod galleries.

I finally got my Canon Xsi today!


I ran into a kindred spirit the post office.

Don't identify too closely with your Sun sign.

FREE on-line seminar: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) World Summit 2009

Need a smile? This will do it

Need help with mythology or religious figures

I need some good vibes for my kitty Benny.

How bird feathers produce color -- it's all about beer (sort of)

Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex

Monster space telescope prepares for launch

Tiny Newfound Frog Fits on a Fingertip

How a memory champ's brain works

Even isolated cultures understand emotions conveyed by Western music

Urge California Governor to Sign Harvey Milk Day Bill

Why is monotheism supposedly better than polytheism?

Vegetarian Buddhist tortured their 3 y/o son with bamboo sticks (Demon Exorcism )

The things that made the things for which there is no known maker

Happy Easter

Bishop: Religion hampers gay civil rights

On Religion

Why Peter Singer makes the New Atheists nervous

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side

Wasabi farms

I've seen it all now - Special Grooms cake - Meat Cake

What's for dinner ~ Wednesday ~ April the 8th Edition

Top 10 Lavish Ballpark Foods

April '09 Cooking and Baking Project.

I need to vent: This time of year blows.

Active Thermitic Material - a Question

2 pit bull terriers euthanized after being set on fire in Dallas


CP: Tories considering $150M for private TV

CP: U.S. slaps 10 per cent duty on Canadian softwood lumber imports

American Idol

question about stylesheets

Conflicker Eyechart Test

It all starts tomorrow.

Dowloaded Open Office yesterday, can't save anything.