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Archives: April 28, 2009

Pakistan Taleban break off talks as army assault gains momentum

Swine flu confirmed at Scottish hospital

KO is about to skewer the torturers and their

Ming Dynasty replica junk sinks (BBC) {16th-Cent. vessel crossed Pacific twice}

I'm glad Obama now refers to torture as "enhanced interrogation techniques" instead of "torture."

Where in the world is Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi?

New Hampshire Same-sex marriage vote this Wednesday (contact these senators!)

Ron Paul is right on with this issue

Pres Obama Promises Massive Commitment To Scientific Research

FAA notified New York PD this document shall not be released to public 1,000 people complete panic

His torture began on his first day in captivity. His first hours, really. From the moment he .......

Chris Hayes of the nation

Keith missed the memo, according to some the FLU should be all over

No N.C. swine flu cases, but officials preparing

Sandra Day O'Connor Should Lead Torture Investigation

Already EXCEPTIONS to Iraq Deadline Are Being Proposed

The Washington Post is becoming the Washington Times

Marcy Winograd looks to be exploring running against Harman now!!!

CDC Press conference today, best info I've seen.

it seems odd that the homocidal professor on the loose isn't getting more attention

Ok what happened, according to the meme torture should be gone

Blogger John Gideon in critical condition

ALARM!! -- checking body temperatures of arriving passengers in Japan

The images of Mexico City... WOW! They were unreal

Did I miss the part where Faux's White House privileges were stripped?

Did I miss the part where Faux's White House privileges were stripped?

Four-year-old could hold key in search for source of swine flu outbreak

For my Canadian friends on the West Coast...

Check in here if, when you first heard of swine flu

Gay dad, kids receive Social Security benefits

A relative tries to console a girl whose mother was killed in a U.S. military raid

In GOP base, a 'rebellion brewing'

I've changed my mind about Anderson COOPER

Seen at Wal-Mart today: "Will be Waterboarded For Food"

Fuck Torture...

faux network refuses to air Presidential Press Conference.

I was just sent this by a friend and wanted you to see what kind of

Contact Fox, remind them that the airwaves are public and that they should carry the President

Police arrest woman they say used Taser on officer

Cheney did call waterboarding a no brainer

Cheney for President (NYT op-ed)

Tom Hanks Called "a Pawn of Satan" by Occult Expert

Cannabis Cures Cancer - "Run From The Cure" The Rick Simpson Story

Advice/Ideas needed - Neighbor verbally abusing children

Susan Boyle tests negative for swine flu after photo op aboard Air Force 2 over New York

I think I have the swine flu

Sanjay snooping around Mexico city hospital..

You know, if Holocaust deniers can go to prison, maybe eventually "Torturer deniers" will also

Is Swine Flu A Curse From The Almighty?

56 suspected cases of swine flu in New Zealand

Person shoots, kills self at Casselberry shooting range

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Most underrated thread in quite a long time

Are New Yorkers really "frightened" "afraid" "cringing" because an airplane flew over?

It's time for the the ADIZ over NY city to be lifted. It's necessary if they are ever to live in

good read and swine flu mini tutorial

Oh my. Secessionist Texas Governor Asks for Federal Help to Deal with Swine Flu

I'm tired of the phrase "tough economic times" when they trying to say a word like "recession".

Is Swine Flu a biological weapon created by Obama to frame Dick Cheney for creating it?

Is Swine Flu a biological weapon created by Obama to frame Dick Cheney for creating it?

When Pigs Fly/Swine Flu

Spain and Britain to open investigation of toture by previous officials

Jon Stewart and the swine flu

Obama should "forbid" FOX from carrying his press conf. - then you know they would!

Some blurbs from the Veratect twitter entries today

FOX does NOT own the airwaves.

2 months ago Rove Mocked Pandemic Flu Prep Spending

Glaxo, Novavax, other drug stocks leap due to swine flu

It's here: The World Digital Library (WDL). Open for bidness.

TOON: This Modern World - 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Torture'

Outbreaks in 5 states rattles U.S. 42 confirmed

SCENARIOS - Market fallout if flu outbreak worsens

Osama bin Laden has won a small victory.

H1N1 Swine Flu map

Panic in New York: YouTube video

George F. Kettle - a name you should remember

DOZENS of Australians are now being tested for swine flu

OK--You can't get swine flu from eating pork, yet it comes from pig farms? Please someone explain.

OMG! The Swine Flu Pandemic Was Predicted by The Bible Code!

Iraq doubts possibility of keeping US in cities longer as military is set to request

Tweety just called this nation "Right of Center"! Gawd, I hate this guy!

How Many More Cops Must Die?

The GOP About face

What will Sean Hannity admit to under tort- um, enhanced interrogation?

GOP: Look forward, not back on TORTURE. Look back, not forward on Reconciliation

Obama R&D Spending to Outstrip Space Race

Domestic violence

The swine flew...

I just realized it at work today. The right truly is going to move more toward the center.

Why is it that every time on DU when the media stirs up a panic....

Why FOX News is not carrying President Obama's press conference?

Time Magazine Throws Up Its Hands As It Gets Pwned By 4Chan

Foreclosure Pets: Soaring Rate Of Abandoned Animals Are The Latest Sign Of A Deep Economic Crisis

Is this heaven? No it is Iowa.

Budget Reconciliation HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE*

Joe so far:

OK, ABC, the hunt for patient zero was over the line

Richard Shelby can't believe only 21% of American are self identified Republicans now

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall in Joey the Scar's hot air emporium):

Chuck Todd"..if you live in New York City...if you were in New York City yesterday...":

Another word on the Death Penalty

I'm kinda happy with our new Prez

BTW, Speaking of Rand, I ran into the Fountainhead on my TV not too long ago

Policy-Driven Madness-The Downing Street & Torture Memos-"Linked In Time"

Is Swine Flu A Biological Weapon?

Randi on terrestrial radio

Tom Tommorrow cartoon. Republicans on Torture....

I have been referring to the swine flu as Bacon's Revenge

Decision Making At Colleges

Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff for Waterboarding Prisoners

Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff for Waterboarding Prisoners

French group urges Iran to free US journalist

Morning Torture: 3-hour torture apology-fest.

False-Flag Flugasm

The Queen of France (pic heavy)

DHS report obsession: Conservatives continue to conflate themselves with violent extremists

I was threatened again yesterday

Note to current President and future Presidents:

Gonzo and Ashcroft in L.A.

I sure hope these guy doesn't get the death penalty. It would be too easy. Let him rot in prison

Do you change your mind easily after you have made a decision?

Fake Obama commercial

How green is your office coffee?

Fed Pushes Citi, BofA to Increase Capital

How ’07 ABC Interview Tilted a Torture Debate

Here's what caused the swine flu:

Conservative Celebs

Despite D.C. Media Reticence, Huge Majority Says Waterboarding Is “Torture”

Swine Flu Pandemic Should Be A Great Teaching Moment On the Truth of Evolution

Bush Tortured Detainees To Seek Iraq-al Qaeda Link

Oopsie. Gun owners attack Rush Limbaugh because he does something right?!

Bush: We found the WMD's

Limbaugh, Beck assign political motives to response to swine flu

One 4 year old boy 4 weeks ago and now there are how many cases?

Do you think the anti-choice crowd knows if they're in the minority or not?

Frankie Manning, the Ambassador and Master of Lindy Hop, Dies at 94

HealthMap- nice infectious disease monitoring tool

How to make, and how not to make, the case against torture.

What old model will the Republicans roll out in 2012?

Sebilius confirmation debate on now. Coburn demonizing her pro-choice stance.

WHO Raises Global Threat Level As Reports of Swine Flu Increase Confirmed Cases Double in U.S.

Former International Criminal Tribunal Prosecutor - Why We Must Prosecute

Please DU a Poll

“We got him hook, line and sinker,” Crawford said of Orfield’s arrest on April 22

Is there anyone happy? It's spring, weather's great (or a bit weird)

Is Obama a war criminal on the level of bushco?

WOW what a welcome for the President

We Can't Afford To Ignore the Douchebags

I am starting this thread to thank Morning Glow.

Swine flu linked to Smithfield Foods factory farm?

Cheney's torture doc's - would a man who tortures falsify documents? n/t

Suspect case of swine flu in Allegan Co. (Michigan)

Spot Quiz: What is the craigslist killer's political party? (one guess only)

Has anyone put together a wanted poster for all the Torture Guys (and Condi)?? nm

CNBC Reports: Spector to run as Dem

A product of three million millionaires and 100 million easy marks

KMA radio in SW Iowa/Same sex Marriage/lets Kill People

36,171 flu-related deaths occur EACH year, on average

Specter's statement:

Gone, but Still Playing a Role

Gun nuts attack Limbaugh; Humane Society

I wish people wouldn't send me this CRAP ( wingnut email about Chavez/Citgo) ..

I wish people wouldn't send me this CRAP ( wingnut email about Chavez/Citgo) ..

The sky is falling Repubs...

The "biggest threat" and conservatives

The hype vs statistics - The flu...

I was thinking that the neo cons are alcoholics and they want everybody

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold released a "100 Day Rule of Law Report"

Al Franken Now! Al Franken Now! Al Franken Now!

Sanctioned Degradation

wonder what the Rendell for Senate Campaign's thinking right about now?

Banks razing newly constructed housing .....

MSNBC said some statement from Indianapolis...

Not to be confused with the former deputy secretary of state (Re: Torture)

Politico white board: Biden played key role in persuading Specter

The Rude Pundit: Some Conservatives Discover Their Morality on Torture


What happens to Sen Specter's committee assignments?

Which committee(s) will Specter get?

Specter pulled back from supporting EFCA

Specter pulled back from supporting EFCA

Specter pulled back from supporting EFCA

Not to loose a distraction opportunity: "Mortgage Cram-Downs Stripped Out of Rescue Bill"

The Limbaugh Disease

From veratch twitter

C'mon, Specter is eminently qualified to be a Democrat!

Specter To Switch Parties - nytimes

The Day the Filibuster Died....

Re Specter: The more you tighten your grip Tarken, the more star systems will slip through your

Florida's Republican State Legislators - Oh teh Crazy Part Trois!

Specter Switches To Ds. DU JFK CTers Now Fully Support "Single Bullet" Theory


Health stocks looking good on threat of pandemic

Arlen Specter cures the swine flu!

Phil Spector Joins Ds In Attempt To Avoid Jail Time

Supreme Court upholds FCC fines for 'fleeting expletives'-fines against Fox upheld

forget not his treatment of Anita Hill.....and his role in...

A democracy functions when everyone does all the right things for all the wrong reasons.

UMich president calls bullshit on Time Mag report. U-M is NOT going private!

Specter's Senate webpage is delivering a server error...

Specter's Senate webpage is delivering a server error...

Has OxyRush's head exploded yet?

So, how impressed are we with Michael Steele's leadership?

According to MSNBC, Democrats have promised Specter not to field another Dem candidate in 2010

According to MSNBC, Democrats have promised Specter not to field another Dem candidate in 2010

Statement by Arlen Specter

Swine flu case reported in U.S. state of Indiana

We got Arlen, can Olympia be far behind?

Anyone know what Arlen Specter's stance on banking and finance reform is?

What happens to the Senate Judiciary Committee? Specter loses his position as ranking member.

FOX just used the word "CATECLYSM" over Specter's announcement

Specter Switch a Rove Cheney MSM Limbaugh plot.

Ok, not to burst a bubble - but we get 60 IF Lieberman sticks with us

Strom Thurmond, Phil Gramm, Richard Shelby, Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Lieberman switches to R in less than a week

One possible effect: Other moderate Repub senators might not be attacked by the right as harshly now

Arlen, listen to me!

As a PA Democrat, I just realized that I'll now have to vote for Arlen...

Possible blowback to Specter's switching parties:

Why did Sen. Arlen Spector change parties?

why is the MSM insisting on calling it "swine" flu when it's either a hybrid flu OR

Suck it, Republicans!

The Rethugs Just Do Not Get Why Spectre Shows That They Still Have Ghosts To Exorcise

I've been watching Specter for some time now

Specter pushes swine flu off the front page after torture was pushed off

OH NOES, CONSPIRACY, the flu is no longer the chief story!

OH NOES, CONSPIRACY, the flu is no longer the chief story!

"In his early political career, Specter was a Democrat"

Choosing between two Republicans in PA General Election. How likely is that now?

Bush: “Who authorized putting him on pain medication?”

Now People In Both Parties Mistrust Specter.........

Obama approval near 70%, 60 Ds in Senate, Murphy beating Tedisco

Perhaps Dem leadership was right to not punish Lieberman

Foreclosure Pets: Soaring Rate of Abandoned Animals Is the Latest Sign of a Deep Economic Crisis

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA):

McConnell Out Of Commission When Specter Announced Party Switch

Freeps panic: "This bodes ill. With Sphincter switching, Dems have 60 votes if Freaken gets seated"

Freeps panic: "This bodes ill. With Sphincter switching, Dems have 60 votes if Freaken gets seated"

Betcha Republicans fund a big Green Party run in the 2010 PA Senate race....

Now Franken can be press secretary.

Glen Beck the Savvy Fraud Conservative God!!!

If all the Specter switch accomplishes is pissing of the GOP and FOX, it's a big win.

With Spector's switch, the IQ of both parties has now decreased.

Health care in the US

ok - who snuck in there...

Four-year-old could hold key in search for source of swine flu outbreak

Simple Question. Are you for Capitalism or against it?

Spector switch could help labor bill

A Specter is haunting the GOP...

Iraq demands official apology for US raid

For those of you enjoying Fox Snooz today, Turd Blossom is coming up. n/t

Do you realize right now we could have had a president who doesn't believe in evolution?

Arlen, bring Olympia Snowe with you

Is anybody else imagining Mitch McConnell...

Immigration: Gillibrand Versus the Minutemen-AlterNet.

Specter just made a seat available on the Hindenburg. Call Karl Rove for price and departure info.

"Healthcare is more than just a public policy with Specter, it's personal. "

Steele Loses Again, This Time Without Even An Election!

Steele Loses Again, This Time Without Even An Election!

John Kerry: Violent Iraq Withdrawal Expected

the media is delivering the news about this Swine Flu as if it was

Arlen Specter is a Fixer-Upper, For Sure.

The Democratic Leadership screws us again.

If Toomey ran against Specter in the primaries - Toomey would win but give Dems the seat

Rachel has a Mac on her desk.

Matthew Shepard Act to be voted on tomorrow, Please Please call now

1968. The most recent pandemic, known as the Hong Kong flu - 1 million people - 2 years

CSPAN Clip: Specter in 2001: Why he Changed Democratic to Republican in 1965!

An important unstated probability about Specter. He probably won't run in 2010

What's going to happen to Specter's committee assignments?

Kerry Sanders on MSNBC ....Officials in Mexico sent the sample to North America


Did the possibility of this move keep Matthews out of the 2010 race?

swine flu?

el-rushbo is calling Arlen a hopeless liar

Where can I watch Specter's press conference? n/t

Fire Louis Caldera, White House Terror Plane Plotter!


Global Warming Denier Michele Bachmann Named To House GOP ‘Energy Solutions’ Group

Stinky Sez

the flyover/photo op thing....

Schwarzenneger Declares State Of Emergency Over Swine Flu

They've found the Swine Flu "patient zero"...

Obama Is VERY Popular, It Is In Specter's BEST INTEREST As A Dem To SUPPORT Obama

Senator Specter (D) will speak at 2:15 EST

Unofficial DU Welcome Arlen Thread

Awesome two minute four second youtube video for environmentalists.

WOW. Specter just admitted to switching in order to win re-election.

WOW. Specter just admitted to switching in order to win re-election.

Snowe says GOP isn’t ‘encouraging’ of ‘moderates,’ will she follow Specter?

Weasel words like "two steps short" "could" "might" etc

So what promises were made to Specter to switch?

Can we get rid of LoserMan now?

Specter says he will not support cloture on EFCA

Fox is going nuts....

Michael Steele says Spector's move was political

Heck, in India even two frogs can be married to each other ..

Watching the MSM: Idiots or Tap Dancing Around the Issues?

If Specter doesn't support Union card check, what good does he do?

Concerned Women Asking About Swine Flu Panic

Okay, so Arlen Specter is now #59. What does he bring to the Democratic Party?

Specter will be 80 in next year's primary.

Do I have this right? Arlen Specter did a 747 buzz by thru to infect New Yorkers with Pig Flu...?

Universal, Single Payer Health Care - if not now, then why? If not now, then when?

Good News about the economy


Puke press conference. Look at the faces!!!!!!!!

Worried about support for a coservative (Arlen) in the primary? Two words: Ned Lamont

Please enjoy this hilarious discussion between two Repubs on a different message board. Wow.

Hoffa met with Specter on Monday

How does Specter's switch impact committee membership?

Right-Wingers Show Range of Emotions as GOP Becomes Even More Southern and Wingnutty

Specter Originally Supported EFCA. Changed In Attempt To Remain Viable As GOP Candidate

Specter is just pulling a reverse Lieberman

Welcome To The Socialist Party Sen. Specter

Does this give "JoMentom:" a free ride to move over to the Repubs?

BREAKING: SERE trainer says he will get Hannity to ...

Reid on cspan3 now re: Specter

FYI: Making Home Affordable Plan

FYI: Making Home Affordable Plan

Arlen Specter on MSNBC just now said he will switch party registration in May.

Against Dawn Johnson, against EFCA and cloture on it, against reconciliation

The first thing that Specter needs to learn is that he is now

Rick Sanchez just went off on CNN

Maine Sen. Collins surprised, disappointed by Specter switch

Tell your state senator to vote YES on HB 346 to provide equality for all New Hampshire couples

Q: Are campaign contribs refundable by law?

What a difference a years makes.

gratuitous announces the next Big Grassroots Movement: Head Cheese

Need help with translation

Maine same-sex marriage bill receives strong support from Judiciary Committee


OMFG! Guess who'll be on Fox today?

OMFG! Guess who'll be on Fox today?

Stop the presses!!!! Theres a stolen truck being chased

Now that the tyrant is out of office, Arlen Specter wants to rein in executive power

If your name was Zack Wamp and you sounded like that .......

"Conservatives" Actually Celebrating Spectre Conversion

Lord this is amazing with the idiot fucks

Because there aren't enough Specter threads, I just want to say

If you can, turn on Thom Hartmann.

Imagine what George Carlin would do with Banksters, Torture Memos and Swiiiiiinnnnnnne Fllluuuuuuuu

A Defining Quality of Our National Discourse: Those Who Disagree With Us Are "Crazy"

The sky is falling.....

high speed chase on fox news...

So do you see GOP leaders begin to kiss Collins' and Snowe's asses to keep them in line?

Freeper "Bitter table for on please."

the real significance of today's SCOTUS decision on FCC indecency rules

Prediction: Norm Coleman will go all the way to the US Supreme Court

Would you live in a house on a lake that was the cooling reservoir for a nuclear power plant?

OSC Finds Substantial Likelihood of National Security Vulnerability Involving Airlines

why is it that when a person aged 19 is shot by police a teenager..but

Purity rings for GOPers???

Republican Rep. from Alabama introduces legislation to praise Miss USA runner-up for anti-gay faith

Over 90 disability rights activists arrested in DC

"Unyielding" banks on mortgage cramdowns first in line for federal money says Durbin

China and IP: The Piper will Get Paid

SNAP ANALYSIS - Specter defection a sharp blow to Republicans

And to think, all those times we made fun of Fox News,

My statement to Arlen Specter, in song.

How low will they go? The GOP, that is.

Worst Paper on the Whole East Coast

Why doesn't Poland fund Auschwitz renovation with CIA torture camp proceeds?

Specter is just trying to distract us from torture and the swine flu

Steven Green's trial... Not disupting rape/murders but "Context". Bragged it was "awesome"

Truth commission to proceed despite Obama’s wishes

NOM Facebook "Stand4Marriage" rally is a total FAIL

Specter's departure hints at a larger political realignment.

yay! Now *Dems* can primary Specter!

Oklahoma's official song causes controversy

Supreme Court rules against networks on indecent speech (CNN)

I LOVE the Tuesday during-the-day news dumps.

The Democratic Party Should Grant All Sorts of Perks to Specter

Holy shit! Neil Cavuto just asked, "What if the Mexicans decide to flee their country in panic ...

Morning Joe Summary for the 28th

What happens now if Specter doesn't make itto 2010?


Drama Queen McConnell: Specter switch is a threat to the country

Specter Says No To Assault Weapons Ban, WHY doesn’t Obama?

If we get 60 in the Senate, we have to SCREAM LONG & LOUD for single payer

President Obama and Harry Reid on Specter's move

Supreme Court ruling outlaws broadcast expletive outbursts

GOP head Rush Limbaugh wants to throw McCain out of the party, along with Specter

"Sexy" iconic 60's hotel in Los Angeles endangered, says historical group

Do we have any assurances at all that Specter won't just switch back after winning in 2010?

I know it's all swine flu all the time, but...

Senate voting now on Sebilius nomination. Roll call just started.

Here we go as Napolitano skates over POSSIBLE deaths in LA

Breaking: LA county coroner investigating 2 recent deaths linked to swine flu

I Smell A Rove...

The Mathematics of a Pandemic

Rocket Record: The Largest, Heaviest Amateur Rocket Ever Launched

Conyers, Nadler request special prosecutor on torture

NYPD cops charged in rape of drunken woman they escorted home - 1 raped while other acted as lookout

Here's hoping the Repubs come down HARD on Specter with extra viciousness....

Steele is an idiot (Specterc)

Jim Bunning to switch parties!

I just want to say Schultz, Olbermann, and Maddow are going to have great shows tonight!

Ed Shultz just said his opinon on health care on today's Ed Show: Americans Demand Single-Payer!

wow...ed is on a roll!

US offshores 22,000 green jobs to India

Spercanish is doing something amazing

Progressive Caucus Will Pitch Public Option for Health Care in Meeting With Obama Tomorrow

Michelle Bachmann: "swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president "

Specter isn't great, but today I'm just going to enjoy watching Repuke heads explode...

The comments on this thread about McConnell's hissyfit are great

Obama, Swine flu, and the borders....

I've found something that liberal religious people and nonbelievers can agree on.

I've got a fairly idiotic question to ask, regarding the repub points

McConnell: Specter's Switch A "Threat To The Country" (VIDEO)

Arlen Specter's defection, Lindsey Graham and gay-bashing.....only at

Wow, NPR fluffing torture-enabler Bybee -- RIGHT NOW!!

4-year-old boy at Mexican pig farm may provide clues on swine flu

Another Specter Thread: Total Conjecture (not cynical)

I have to say that with each passing day, I'm more convinced the flu scare IS a psy-op.

Alcohol Tax Proposal Scrapped - creates a hardship for family winegrowers

Specter needs to prove he's not replacing Lieberman

Now that Specter is a Dem, what will Bayh do?

Swine Flu Cure ... Cannabis!

Somali vigilantes capture pirates (BBC)

NYC: "Many hundreds" of schoolchildren ill with what is "most likely swine flu."

Does the U.S. pay Interest to the Federal Reserve of Use of Fed Note/Dollars?

Michael Steele Political Death Pool:

Does anyone have info on Lord Christopher Monckton


This is life under quarantine

michelle bachman gets it all wrong

An Apology and Promise to my Son

And what have the Republicans done during the first 100 days of the Obama White House?

With no $10 laptop in sight, India buys 250,000 OLPCs (

Specter (D) to GOP: You guys are nuts! Bye!

Michael Steele appreciation thread.

Arlen Specter: The Democrat Most Deserving of a Primary Challenge

dupe post, please remove.

So, are the Repub purists going to calm down and learn a lesson....

Specter: First Member Of Congress To Mention Impeachment For Warrantless Wiretapping

Dahr Jamail: Last week found Iraq swimming in blood once again.

The Rethugs Just Do Not Get Why Specter Shows That They Still Have Many Ghosts To Exorcise

Mortality rates during a normal flu season vs pandemic

Tuesday PUSHBACK Thread

Utah County Republicans reject 'Satanic' resolution

Furious Obama Vows Terror Plane a Mistake and Orders an Inquiry!

Crucifying Craigslist

Hey McCain! Rush doesn't want you anymore, COME ON OVER!

Joe Lieberman leaving Democratic party was a principled stance ... Arlen Specter becoming D is an

Lousy Performance, Lavish Pay? Ending the CEO’s Free Ride

McConnell: Specter defection a 'threat to the country'

Ok this is conflicting info

I'll take Arlin Specter as #59, I don't care what people think about his opportunism

What if all this torture busines was about getting pics & videos

04-24-2009 = PA Senate Primary = Toomey 51% Specter 30%

Bernie Sanders

Why does Michelle wear Black all the time?

Has anyone here started working after time off for a medical condition? I could use some advice.

Anyone catch any scuttlebutt on Pres' meeting with Progressive Caucas?

Swine Flu Crisis Lays Bare the Meat Industry's Monstrous Power

So how, technically, does a senator change parties?

So how, technically, does a senator change parties?

So Rush, how's that Operation Chaos going?

My opinion on how Michelle Obama dresses

Constitutional Law types

As a Coast to Coast fan, I'm so ashamed of George Noory

Joe Sestak just told Big Ed that he's not pulling out of the PA Senate race...

Eligibility for reduced COBRA payments- Health Care Alert !!!

CIA And The Washington Post: Joined At The Hip

faux calls specter, 'Benedict Arlen'

"Checks and Balances"

Why the US still hates Cuba

The GOP = The Party Of Ideological Purity

Answer: They are Landrieu, Feinstein, Nelson, McCaskill, Bayh

Summary of our newest Democratic Senator: Arlen Specter on the issues

So should I wear a surgical mask now when I go out in public?

UPDATE: Swine Flu UNLIKELY in Two L.A. Deaths

Limbaugh talking about "Pig flu" is like: (fill in the blank)

How ’07 ABC Interview Tilted a Torture Debate

Just had a close encounter with

Farmers worry `swine flu' nickname may sink profit

Did anyone pay attention to Specter's statements on Chafee? He wants to help the GOP

Fat May Help You Form Memories

It must be hard going through life as a neocon

US flu deaths seen as likely as outbreak spreads

What's that I see flailing around in the bathtub? It looks a lot like Grover Norquist.

Our patience with our Prez is paying off.

I am not ashamed to be an American.

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be an American

so will joe liberman now switch to his new party n/t

Why We Must Prosecute - Torture Is a Breach Of International Law (Wapo)

I'm watching Faux News today so that you don't have to

Not to diminish this flu scare, but does anyone remember polio????

The only thing Nordquist is shrinking small enough to drown in the bathtub is the GOP.

Dems in power during flu, Bachmann notes

A brief math lesson for those who think people are getting too

flu deaths could be due to overactive Immune System.. very interesting..>Link>>

GM to force more than 1,000 dealers to close

Will Snowe be next?

WHO flu Update for the day

Am I the Only One Who Thinks the Specter Switch Won't Mean Shit?

once Franken is finally allowed to take his seat, and the Democrats have 60 in the Senate,

Hard, I know, but unleash your inner FReeper for a moment: McConnell & Boehner


Slumps: How did you Climb out of Yours?

When the hell is the House Judiciary Committee deposing Rove and Miers?

need a genius, lots of patience with a logical mind HELP!!!

Michelle Malkin - what's her deal?

Bachmann: It’s ‘interesting’ that the last swine flu outbreak also occurred under a ‘Democrat...

Folks, if you really want to be the majority party, you have to accept

I would like to take this opportunity to thank George Dumbya Bush.

Is this offensive? "Save the tatas"

Miss California's church says pedophilia is central to the gay lifestyle

Miss California's church says pedophilia is central to the gay lifestyle

"Passage" through humans can increase the virulence of a new flu strain.

Snowe calls Specter move 'devastating'.

Specter condemned Jim Jeffords' party switch in 2001

If you are a purist - meaning you think Specter's change is a bad thing - listen here

I love it - Des Moines lesbian couple asks to waive waiting period for marriage

I love it - Des Moines lesbian couple asks to waive waiting period for marriage

The Disaster Yet To Come.

OK, keystone staters, who can we run against Snarlin' in the primary?

OK, bin Laden is dead, let's go home

386 same sex marriage licenses issued in Iowa yesterday.

I just locked my refi rates under the Obama Housing program - I will save $260 a month

Should Obama Really Raise Funds and Campaign for Specter

What is there 300 plus million people

Cafferty To Cheney: "You & Your Gaggle Of Miscreants Had Your Shot & We're In Toilet Because Of It"

Thousands expected for Anti-Gay Rally, less than 100 show-up, including Crack-Head Marion Barry



War Within the ACLU

2004: Contrasting words from scenes of Abu Ghraib torture. One man alarmed, one said he enjoyed it.

I, for one, welcome our swine overlords.

Memo to GOP: Seat Franken or we'll keep Specter's committee seats


All those who think Harry 'Who me?' Reid will screw up the Specter defection raise your hand

Greenwald: What Specter's switch says about him, the Democrats and our political spectrum

Krugman: The Specter of Republican marginalization

Anyone watching "We Shall Remain"?

Why Specter's Switch Matters...

36,000 Americans die each year from flu.

VP Biden key man in getting Specter to switch parties

Bachman Michelle Bachman vs. The Truth

Here's the definition of sad. Hannity was still flogging the teleprompter horse with Steele.

"the GOP just lost a seat on every committee that Specter sat on"

Anybody spot The Walking Dude yet?

"Minnesota Nutbag Michelle Bachmann"


Salon: The Last Great Swine Flu Epidemic (1976)

Brain shock: The new Gulf War syndrome

Short Quiz on the DU Rules

Want to really be scared? Imagine this scenario.

For science nerds only, Patient Zero identified

Could we Southern DU'ers please get some recognition?

Court Rejects Obama Admin's State Secrets Claim

Scott Horton: Busting The Torture Myths (The Stomach-Turning Truth of Bush's Torture Programs)

What does it say about the Democratic Party's core beliefs

How do you spell f-i-l-i-b-u-s-t-e-r p-r-o-o-f ?

Let's play "Name the Next Flu Pandemic"!

Georgia candidate for governor Neal Horsley says sex with mules, watermelon behind him

"Its UnAmerican to buy American"

Why are pot smokers compelled to tell people that pot is an herb?

Dear husband is too creative to work

Dear husband is too creative to work

Trio cleared over 7/7 attacks (BBC) {UK bomb plot}

How did you come up with your DU username? - I'm curious about those that changed it recently

"If you know that you aren't very good at controlling your behavior or your emotions..."

So if I become a mod, then

I've been too bored lately so I've taken up a few tasks to amuse myself

Linux is on the PS3

I'm becoming a big fan of

my pigs are sick

I do not feel like cooking tonight

This is my 22,000th post

For planting some shit in a pot on a patio in an Apartment

In honor of my 14th anniversary tomorrow, my wife sent me the following video

I went to the clinic today

This is why you are fat

Crocodile Man

FLUPANDEMIC - Flying Fish Sailors (a little gallows humor for the swine flu outbreak)

To those of you ragging on the Nats for Ryan Zimmerman's big contract..


Am I on everyone's ignore list?

Oh TZeeeeeee......

Do we get pig snouts if we get

Free Association thread: Cherry Picking

Craigslist Establishes Separate Listings for Psychos

And the band played Waltzing Matilda - The Pogues

At first I thought it was swine flu

I think I am in love with Helene Grimaud...

**********A funny clip on the 1976 flu propaganda...************

Susan Boyle tests negative for swine flu after photo op aboard Air Force 2 over New York

I just saw "The Science of Sleep"

V for Vendetta is just starting on FX.

Online All-Star voting started today

Danger Mouse is being mean and refusing to join my Mob Wars gang.

love kills , love hurts

in honor of that mysterious number 999

Ho. Lee. Crap. (Basketball spoilers)

I think I have the swine flu

I just thought of a punch line for a baseball joke

On The 40 Year Anniversary of Led Zep's live performance at the Fillmore

All my love - Led Zeppelin

Castle is one of the best shows on TV

link please?

What are you waiting for?

Wait...what's this? The Red Sox are in FIRST place in the AL?

How can I sell my house!

Europe shows us how not to raise social consciousness

Why are 14" shot guns illegal? Someone had an antique one on Antique Roadshow tonight

Someone go get me some Chinese food!!!

John, Ethel and Robert.

Hmmm. If I become a mod, the DUCK WILL GET FREED!!1!!

Favorite TV theme openings?

Google's "Life Magazine Photo Archive" (in Google Image Search) is friggin' AMAZING.

Iphone users can anyone recomend a real spreadsheet app?

At my old place of employment, I would rub my cheek against the doorknob of the executive washroom.

Have you ever burped so hard that you cracked a tooth?

Why isn't the best "West Side Story" song more famous?

Just dropped Mrs. SoxFan off at the airport. Don't ask me anything.

I don't care for Heroin, I'll never inject it

I think I found the worst looking presidential wax figures.

I'm getting a pimple on the tip of my nose.

Comic: What if creationists were right?

Beautiful New Zealand. Lousy Flying.

Post your current earworm.

GM is going to drop Pontiac? Huh?

How long is a 'cubit' again?

Natinals score 11 runs!!!!!

Any Stephanie Miller listeners in the lounge?

sleep number bed??? worth the money??

Need A Name For An Academic Group

Need A Name For An Academic Group

I was on my last nerve with the receptionist today.

Question about organ donors.

What's the best hot sauce to train your baby on?

They say if you talk to yourself, and start answering yourself, you're

I've just gotta share this one - (joke)

Totally real and true and possibly somewhat amusing Skype conversation.

Anyone have recommendations for a good non-alcoholic beer?

I want to learn to play guitar and sing so I can start a band so I can name it

Was "Captain Trips" a swine flu, or a bird flu? Did King ever say? nt

I guess nobody told the Japanese about Mercury poisoning (violent wrestling pictures)

I have to go out today and I don't want to.

I have gone an entire month without red meat

To this day, I have to have the covers up to my neck when I'm sleeping.

Anyone have recommendations for a good non-alcoholic vodka?

Joke for the day-Will I Live to see 80?

Gone with the wind: Chihuahua blown away

A story about a big squirrel and a baby squirrel

DUers in the Philly area: Let's go to a Phillies game! Phils vs. Nats May 30th, 2009


How come we don't have a ceremony for those who switch to our party?

OMG Have you seen this talent competition video?

How many Arlen Specter threads will there be by midnight? (4/28)


My goal is to live for 30,000 days.

Is there a place where I can see used PC parts?

VIDEO: James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini & the paparazzi

Alright the movie Tremors has just started, I have seen this movie at least 1000 times.

VIDEO: "I'll hug the shit out of you for $2"

Cenk has a humorous anecdote late in this clip

Anyone here able to give me advice about owning an Emperor Scorpion?

Blow me down- I found an actual enjoyable Billo interview.

Kevin Smith talks about his Superman movie

I have been referring to the swine flu as Bacon's Revenge

Technical question regarding internet downloads v. live feeds.

YEA!!!!!! Congratulate me on becoming a second-cousin!!!!!

I am SO GLAD Arlen Specter is switching teams!!!!111

Are clowns evil? nt

In other news from Florida's license plate wars...

Cincinnati Superhero (Shadowhare) Patrols Streets Fighting Crime


ROFL, I am so evil and wicked and mean... (snicker)

Damn. Just damn.

Hope all the Houston area Lounge people escaped the flood this morning.

I don't care who says what, I think the sun is hot

RANT about the scientific ignorance we have seen

REMINDER: Today is "One free chicken leg & thigh plus 2 tortillas & salsa" day at El Pollo Loco

Does chili get spicier while it sits in the refrig?

kitten picture of the day for tuesday april 28

Greetings lounge! Cornhole anyone?

He doesn't care who says what, Justin Timberlake thinks Katy Perry is frickin' HOT! n/t

How often do you call your spouse or SO when he/she is at work?

Do we really want bad hair on our side of the aisle in the Senate?

Ways to deal with an a-hole boss?

I don't care who says what, Justin Timberlake is frickin HOT!

Decisions, Decisions...

Who remembers - - "And God Created Canada" - - yeah - I posted it twice in the last six years

If you could bring back one extinct species, which would it be?

Welcome to GD

Are you happily married to a Rupub. or a Librarian?

What Is Your Gender?

Just so you know. I hold you bastids responsible

Has anybody here ever exterminated their spouse because of spiders?

Man of the Day: Bob Casey----Uber Semi-Bald Hottie!!!

What's the opposite of paranoia?

Glenn Greenwald, Salon: "Democrats shouldn't be celebrating" Specter's switch

Pepsi Throwback / Pepsi Natural.

Florida teen finds rocks in Nintendo DS box

Snappy answers to stupid questions

From a Repuke concerning Specter

Danger Mouse is scaring people in GD again.

My sex is not any of your Goddamn bussiness

What's this I hear

Bird Flu. Swine Flu. I'm not impressed.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of ohiosmith?

You wanna terrify Midlo?

You wanna terrify Midlo?

I am *this close* to dumping MrCoffee on my lawn

Music Stores SUCK!!!

Thanks to Arlen Specter I just made an extra $40

I got a $200 gift card to a patio store!!!!

I got a $200 gift card to a party store!!!!

BREAKING!! Arlen Specter switching to Dem. 60 proof majority! For Realz!!!

You wanna terrify the Freepers?

You wanna terrify the Freepers?

Arlen turns like a Bad Wrestler into a Good One !

Sinatra, Martin, Davis spin in graves as MSNBC asks "What Rat Pack tunes should ‘Idols’ sing?"

I decided to apply to be a mod, bwahahahahahaaaaa

Houston Flooding

People who teach thier kids and friends to ride their bikes against traffic...

Uh-oh. Little Anthony from that Twilight Zone episode is going to be one of the new mods

I drank all my Cherry Coke and have nothing to wash down these Pop Rocks with

Is ogling attractive passerbys sexual harasment ?

Is googling attractive passerbys sexual harasment ?

I don't think there are any Russians. And there ain't no Yanks. Just corporate criminals.

I Think Bacon Is Going To Be Pretty Cheap Soon

The Official Thread of Cool Cop Shows Opening Theme Songs

The Official Thread of Cool Cop Shows Opening Theme Songs

Turn on your radio right FUCKING NOW

Nerd lovers... which nerd from The Big Bang Theory is your type?

Post a picture of your springtime

Did I hear wrong? To call it "Swine Flu" is offensive

What is your sex?

What is your favorite M & M color?

Has the wind blown back through here since,say um, Friday night or Saturday morning?

Squirrel ate three of my tulips!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/28/2009)

So everybody has been brushing their teeth with "fecal matter".

Jeepers, Midlo, just how did you manage to joke your way out of a ticket last night?

Anyone still vacationing in Mexico despite the fearfest?

You wanna terrify Midlo?

Mrs. SoxFan is at the Minneapolis airport

It was so hot today in Central Park...

I guess I should apply to be a mod. It is time I paid my dues.

I have a fever.

My mom has Alzhiemers...

There'z an 18 lb cat on my mousepad

Linda Hogan files papers for additional $8,200 per month from Hulk after his OJ comments

Has the GOP blamed anyone for Specter leaving yet? If not ...

zOMFG.... HELP, Yanks, Devils, and the Rangers.... Help me

I am going to apply to be a mod...

Where have all the Olive Gardens gone?

Yo, flvegan - my brother has given his official call for the 2009 World Series.

Stupid question. Is the nicotine patch a script? Or OTC?

Why I won't apply to be a moderator...

keroro gunsou's name is too hard for me to remember how to spell.

Wanted to share a song I heard this afternoon that got me really choked up...

Has anybody here ever exterminated their house because of spiders?

Favorite type of sammich

I Have Just Bought Democratic Underground....

PetSmart field trip.


My God! They are arguing about "save the ta-tas" over in GD!

Five Cars Only Gearheads Would Love

Iraq is Obama's Occupation Now

Any one else do Yoga?

If you ever found yourself in a slump, how did you climb out and how long did it take?

I turn 23 today! Jeez, it just seems like I graduated from high school yesterday!

Obama:100 days Lost:100 Episodes Coincidence?

Ugh, it's so fucking hot and muggy right now

Any interesting new music you've discovered lately?

Tatas are overrated

Is there any reason I shouldnt store my toothbrush in Listerine? (now with pics!!!!!!)

Name a famous person who would be a good Lounge Lizard

Democratic Underground May 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Enter To Win Free Stuff!

Question for the guitar players

Mr. Skinner asked me, as his assistant, to relay a message to you.

"Run a credit check on her": Most disgusting commercial ever

Nats at Phils tonight, tomorrow - may rain both evenings.....

What's up with this Phil Spector guy joining the Democrats, anyway?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/28/09

What's the first thing a new Marine wants after graduating basic training? *pics*

Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" has sold hundreds of thousands in last 18 months

A question about driver's tests:

Is Specter gonna get Franken seated?

Guess Who Else Bragged About Cutting Pandemic Funds

*** Poll: Arlen Specter switching parties ***

I'm at work and I've been huffing liquid paper all PM. Ask me anything!

What are your fav. peanut butter sandwich combinations? Are mine really so strange?

My bus driver today was wearing rubber gloves

Updated Fulmer Cup Standings!

I got a job, pending a background check

Do you think people of previous decades, centuries, etc. were happier than people today?

Yarr, I be ready for the summer plundering season...

I don't care who says what, Katy Perry is FARKIN HOTT!

You wanna terrify taterguy?

SIT! STAY! READ! Kids read to dogs to improve literacy skills

It's *passersby* dammit.

Do you support the continuation of the PATRIOT Act?

If CNN offers Boojatta a time slot for the daily "Fifty Minutes of Boojatta"...

Asking For Good Vibes For My Daughter-In-Law

"Good Night": to Miss Honeychurch, and all the ships at sea.

American Idol "Rat Pack" night song spoilers... if anyone cares to know. Serious, btw.

Cute kitteh pics! (No, really!)

OK so exactly WHAT is holding up Franken now?

Democrats seek quick pact on budget

Lying and hiding truth is GOP SOP

Times/CBS News Poll: Obama is a Different Kind of Politician

Poll: Support For Same Sex Marriage Grows, 42%!

Eric Kleefeld wonders what the Gallup poll result would have been, had it used the word "torture"

Fox blacks out Obama coverage - refuses to cover prime time press conference

in all the years of so-called "Bush derangement syndrome"....

Is the WSJ worried about something: two op-eds on torture

The topic is not be distracted. Prosecution is the goal.

AG "must decide whether Bush..officials should be prosecuted...Critics call the methods torture."

Watching a clip of McCain on one of the Sunday shows sure does help to give perspective

Has anyone looked into if Michael D'Antuono might be a Republican?

Time to put "wealth on trial" again?

A U.S Senate campaign may be tougher for Charlie Crist than some realize

Obama in free fall

Pls. delete. nt

Evening thought .... by President Decider

President Obama Schedule: Tuesday April 28, 2009

If McCain had won...

More previously unreleased photos of Air Force One plane flying close in New York City

Rush Limbaugh Blamed for Swine Flu Outbreak

What will it take for Obama to start torturing swine?

I Received A Very Disturbing Message Today from NRCC Chair Rep. Pete Sessions (TX-32)


Another Obama-hating wingnut cop murderer

Congrats Former Sen. Coleman

'Obama's innovative methods apparent after first 100 days' (Irish Times)

GOP = SPS = SPURNED PARTY SYNDROME...Anger, Revenge, 3. Destruction

Jerry Brown immortalized in California Uber Alles.

What is the time table on a Holder decision on speical prosecutor?

Obama Plays Basketball With UConn Women's Team

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn er... Proud2BAmurkin

Obama Seen as More Liberal Than Most Americans

Madame President...

Delete please.

So, man enraged 'cos he can't find his Clearasil kills two cops 'cos Obama was elected President?

Rush blames Obama for swine flu..

Question For President Obama, RE: Not "Looking Backward"....

Stick up for Michelle in this kinda cute poll!

Google Maps Tracks the Swine Flu

Here is a note from my right wing neighbor! Does anyone have a site that debunks it??

All of the Clamor to Grade President Obama's First 100 Days is a Good Thing

Republican's are really losing touch with reality... I bring you

The Official Thread of Cool Cop Shows Opening Theme Songs

Correct me if I'm wrong, but before 9/11, Bush Didn't Serve 100 days as President

RFK's son Chris considering US Senate run in Illinois

Obama 'furious' over plane mishap, sources say

Analysis: Obama can't expect rubber stamp from Democrats, but Bush could...

If Dems could sponsor a resolution to rename the Republican party, what would the new name be?

If Dems could sponsor a resolution to rename the Republican party, what would the new name be?

Specter To Switch Parties (WaPo)

Detroit News: 'Obama works to lift Michigan'

**Heads Up!** - Michelle and Hillary Live at Sojurner Truth Unveiling

PHOTOS The FBI's newest recruit?

Washington Post: BREAKING: Arlen Specter to switch

So what happens on the Judiciary Committee?

Specter might be a bastard...

Welcome, Senator Specter (D-PA), to the Democratic Party.

Specter just said this doesn't change his position on EFCA

Um Arlen? Good to have you. But PLEASE, PLEASE --

Chuckles Todd makes a good point on Specter. "I didn't leave Repug Party; Repug Party left me"

ala LBJ: I'd rather have him inside the tent pissing out

Extract from Harry Reid's book re Obama/McCain/Bailout meeting

**Heads Up!** - POTUS speaking live at the FBI

DU poll for FLOTUS Michelle Obama

It's like your rival's house is burning...

Why don't I remember them discussing W's 1st 100 days?

Andrea Mitchell just brought up Sebellius, and how we don't have a Sec of HHS because of Repug

Poll: 71 percent believe that waterboarding is torture.

Specter will be pandering to dem primary voters, instead of to GOP primary voters

If Obama is thrilled, I guess so am I.

What's going on with Sebelius? Has anyone heard anything? n/t

Joe Klein: Exceptional Myopia

What a nice present to celebrate Obama's first 100 days!

Negotiators settle on federal budget blueprint for 2010, vote is tomorrow

"Vice President Joe Biden was, I'm told, deeply involved in the talks with Specter."


The Numbers Behind Specter's Decision

On Bybee and Impeachment

CHALLENGE: What are the freepers saying about Specters switch?

Spector changes party affiliation to Democrat - 60th Democratic Vote in Senate Confirmed

A story the will write itself if anyone reports it. . .unfortunately death threats are the norm. . .

Goodness! Brit Hume on Fox just seemed so . . . so . . . what's the word . . .BITTER!

Joe Sestak on MSNBC... He is using a wait-and-see approach with regards Running for Senate in 2010.

Steele's response to Specter's departure.

So, where's Al Frankin?

LA Times: 'Obama's liberal arrogance will be his undoing'

delete, sorry

"Permanent Republican Majority."

Specter is 21st Senator to Switch Parties

Here is the news item that would make it PERFECT

PRESIDENT Obama is the first PRESIDENT since FDR in 1937 to have a filibuster-proof majority!

Deleted - dupe

ABC NEWS just reported Spector is already seating with the DEMOCRATS in a hearing. . .

PA Voters Applaud Specter's Move to Dem Party at His office [video link]

Arlen speaking now

Even if Specter's voting doesn't change much...

Freepers unhinged! They scream at Specter: "Take McCain with you!"

TPM's Josh Marshall: SEIU's Andy Stern's statement on Specter switch...

Man of the Day: Bob Casey----Uber Semi-Bald Hottie!!!

PHOTO The Specter news? Man already selling 'Freeper Brains Imploding' caps

Joe Sestak is on MSNBC. He's not ruling out running.


Specter move caught GOP leaders by surprise

Please Welcome Arlen Specter to the Democratic Party ! (Link to Email Contact Form)

Specter is still opposed to the nomination of Dawn Johnson

Im glad you came around Mitch(R-KY)

PA-Sen: Shapiro Won't Challenge Specter, Sestak Uncertain

I contacted the Club for Greed and personally thanked them for giving us another Senator

heh, it's fun looking back at ridiculous articles.

Specter: I'm apposed to the nominee, Dawn Johnson...

Remember Jim Bunning's threat to resign if the RNC ran an opponent against him...

Anti-Immigrant A-hole wishes swine flu on Obama

Democratic cheering on Specter's switch shows "lack of core beliefs" in the party (Glen Greenwald)

General Patreaus(?): "We need to get Draconian"...Huh?

Specter is RETURNING to the Democratic party

Obama's presidency improving US race relations

It's the message that Spector's switch sends to voters about the GOP that Counts!

If Specter wanted to do a "Lieberman"

Democratic Senators reintroduces Fair Pay Act

John Cornyn speaking now. He looks ashen and sounds shaken

Our Prez on CNN.Com Live - National Teacher of the Year in the Rose Garden!

Hopefully Specter helps us get a vote on Sebelius today

See The Change In Your State

Jim DeMint (R-Obviously) is giving a masterful performance

So I guess those nasty goopers can't complain about lack of bipartisanship

The Nation's John Nichols: A Liberal Democrat Returns to the Fold

Rapist/murderer Steven Green's trial started

Aw, cheer up Wolf!


“You could make life a little easier for yourself by making that little change from ‘R’ to ‘D.’”

Ok, Specter is saying he's getting any Committee positions

Boy, are they running scared....

Old "apples and oranges" comparison dragged out again...

So can we get Crist to run as a Democrat?

"I'm a loyal Democrat. I support your agenda."

This commercial shows you how popular Obama is in Indiana!

We don't need a better Democrat to challenge Specter. . .

New buzz phrase: checks and balances

LOL! I want to see the Media talk about a lack of bipartisanship Now!

Anybody else think the rush connection is funny?

Olympia Snowe: GOP Has Abandoned Principles; Specter Switch "Devastating"

So talk to me about this 'Filibuster Proof Senate' - I'm not buying it

Is this the start of "Nacht Der langen Messer"?

With Specter in, can we tell Joe Lieberman to get the f-ck out?

Turn on Faux News for superfun coverage of the Specter Drama!!



DNC Chair Kaine Welcomes Specter To Party - Repugs Say "Good Riddance"

Talk About Sore Losers: Texas Wants to Leave

If this flu outbreak happened under Bush, he'd be on TV tonight imploring us to eat bacon

60 Minutes has much more video online than they played last night of Biden interview

100 Days: Michelle Obama takes the country by storm

The real significance of Spector's change, The Republican Party is now a regional party.

We lose nothing by gaining Specter

Tweety: It was Biden that really pushed Specter to switch

Steele on Specter (CNN): "His Momma didn't raise him that way!"

Newsweek Discusses the Spock-Obama Connection

PHOTOS The First Couple, The First 100 Days, 50 Images

Sweet! 100 Days of PDAs - Barack + Michelle

Senator Lugar (R-IN) to support nomination of Dawn Johnsen to head Office of Legal Counsel

Reuters:SNAP ANALYSIS - Specter defection a sharp blow to Republicans

Poaching Specter Is a Cowardly Move.

I, For One, WELCOME Our 59th Democratic Senator.

When Obama said he was going to bring CHANGE to Washington -

I do believe this is the perfect metaphor for todays Republican Party

First Lady celebrates Sojourner Truth

NBC poll: 81% like Obama personally

How soon until Michael Steele is booted as the RNC Chair - this was his stupidity

Snowe and Graham blast repuke conservatives over Arlen's switch

I just asked Senator McCaskill to support the impeahment of Judge Bybee, do the same!

What's with all the "hottie" threads here?

I'm a Liberal, but I also recognize that Conservatives are Americans too. Re: Specter.

Remember: We support Democrats

Sebelius confirmed 65-31

***Popcorn! Get your Popcorn here!***

Specter Won't Face Schwartz in Democratic Primary After Party Switch

PHOTO: President Obama speaks with Specter about the Switch

Pres Obama Promises Massive Commitment To Scientific Research

Limbaugh's unsurprising response to Specter's change of party:

Is Joe Biden happy?

"A criminal investigation into the actions of the OLC lawyers is required..."

Will Specter's Switch Affect Norm Coleman's Position on the MN Election?

Crazy Michelle Bachmann Implies Dems are Somehow Behind Swine Flu

Roll call on On the Confirmation Kathleen Sebelius

BREAKING: Conyers, Nadler Ask AG Holder to Name a Special Prosecutor

Obama administration revokes Bush-era rule undermining 1973 Endangered Species Act

Would you welcome Olympia Snowe if she followed Specter in to the party?

Snowe vs. Collins.....

I dunno... This Specter thing smacks of a "dating a married man/woman" scenario.

Biden's Big Role (regarding Specter switching parties, from Politico)

White House Easter bunny: I'm a Republican

You ready for this? Sanity AND serious thought from a Freeper

Spector: IT'S A TRAP!

I can just picture Joe Biden talking to Arlen Specter...

(GOP chairman) Limbaugh to Specter: Please take McCain with you

Obama expands housing help to include second mortgages

Our prez right here, right now...

Obama Blamed for Swine Flu Outbreak

A Children’s Treasury of Wingnut Responses To Arlen Specter

Susan Collins comments on Specter

So is this how Michael Steele "punishes" the pugs who voted for the stimulus?

PHOTOS Teachers in the Rose Garden (April 28)

It is better to be negotiating with our own conservatives (+ Specter) than Repub conservatives

Why Michelle Obama inspires women around the globe - nice piece

Pres. Obama Meets with House Progressives on Healthcare

A PA active democrat's thoughts on Specter

What Obama has been able to accomplish in his first 100 days is enough to make any president envious

Poll: What's your initial reaction to Specter's return to the Democratic Party?

"Get ready to go to the mat, baby, because we're coming after you and taking you out."

MSNBC saying Obama is going to campaign for Specter in PA Primary

As soon as Al Franken is seated Democrats will have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate

Lieberman welcomes Specter to caucus

We NEED to pursue a Better Democrat to Run Against Specter in the 2010 Primary

Say what you want about Specter... but this news is a PR disaster for the GOP...

PHOTO Caption it?

PHOTOS Michelle, Hillary, Nancy and Sojourner Truth

Ladies and Gentlemen - Our Vice President Joe Biden

PHOTO Caption it? (Biden and Specter)

I completely disagree with Arlen Specter switching parties...

WTF? They promised not to run a primary against him?

Stop fake reform! Send the DSCC and DCCC a message!

PHOTOS Michelle and Hillary (April 28)

The Bad News is That Norm Coleman Has Every Incentive To Keep Fighting

I think the Specter GOP exit is going to be the beginning of a Republican moderate exodus

Kerry Statement on Arlen Specter

Bernie Sanders just spoke the truth- It's Up to Us to Rise Up!!!

Are there any Republicans in congress or other offices nationwide you WANT to join our party...

I can't think of one good thing about that traitorous sob becoming a dem

Can Specter be swayed on EFCA?

Man of the Night: Gavin Newsom--UBER HOTTIE!!!

Peru grants Chavez critic asylum

'Matrix' director Larry Wachowski resurfaces, reignites sex change rumors

Plum Creek to close Pablo mill, possibly 2 others

Obama Seeks to Reverse Mountaintop-Mining Rule

5 US lawmakers, others arrested at Darfur protest

Tehran ready to talk with Washington

Gone with the wind: Chihuahua blown away

Feds Charge Metro Dream Homes Officers

Pak Taliban threatens Karachi’s co-education institutions

Japan to Halt Visa-Free Entry for Mexico on Swine Flu

Sri Lanka sparks row with EU over ban on Swedish minister

Video proves plan to kill Bolivian President

Heavy security in Kabul for canceled celebration

10 killed by suspected insurgents in Thailand

Myanmar opposition to decide later about 2010 poll

How ’07 ABC Interview Tilted a Torture Debate

Singaporean man sentenced to 18 yrs in Indonesia

Colombian drug baron gets 30 years in US prison

U.S.-CUBA POLICY: As trade push mounts, diplomats are talking

Truth commission to proceed despite Obama’s wishes

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter will switch from the Republican to the Democratic Party

Arlen Specter to change parties

Chrysler creditors, Treasury reach pact

Arlen Spector Switching Parties Today?

Arlen Spector Switching Parties Today?

Consumer Confidence Improves Much More Than Expected In April

UAW leaders recommend approval of Chrysler deal

Four-year-old could hold key in search for source of swine flu outbreak

Swine flu prompts California 'state of emergency'

Canadian company to explore for gold in Haiti

Colombia defends Cuba's reintegration into Inter-American system

Fox sticking with schedule instead of Obama

Obama praises FBI, says country counting on it

World Health Officials Race to Stem Deadly Flu (Napolitano: 'As If Preparatory to Full Pandemic')

Specter condemned Jim Jeffords' party switch in 2001

U.S. to pay off mortgage investors

Democrats announce agreement on budget pact

Senate set to confirm health secretary (Sebelius)

Greeley judge unhappy with pot-themed sub shop

GM to force more than 1,000 dealers to close

Georgia candidate for governor Neal Horsley says sex with mules, watermelon behind him

2 Calif. deaths investigated for swine flu links

Two cases of swine flu in Marin County (CA)

Ecuador's Correa Has 51.88% Of Vote With 77.81% Counted

US farmers, ranchers push for greater Cuba access

Spokeswoman: Palin will OK most stimulus money

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 28

Bush-era endangered species rule revoked

Disgruntled Japanese turn to resurgent communists

Sebelius confirmed to lead Health and Human Services

Iranian presidential candidate promises change

"Takeout Only" Ordered For Mexico Eateries

New evidence of a secret torture prison

FCC 'fleeting expletives' policy in _ for now

Obama Gets a 'D' on State Secrets from Democratic Senator

Poll: Obama gets high marks for first 100 days

13 MILF 'satellite camps' overrun in Maguindanao: military

U.S. senators favor sanctions on Iranian gas trade

Palin's legal fund challenged as ethics violation

Ex-soldier bragged about Iraqi rape, deaths: lawyer

Past 100 days have been rough for GOP as it seeks message

Official: US flu victims may be infecting others

NRSC Chairman Cornyn’s Statement On Senator Specter

Obama 'thrilled to have' Specter

UPDATE 1-CalPERS calls for ouster of Bank of America board

Citi and BofA may need more capital after stress tests

Human swine flu confirmed in Indiana (no link to Mexico)

US flu deaths seen as likely as outbreak spreads

Fed Court Permits Landmark ACLU Rendition Case To Go Forward-Government Cannot Claim State Secrets

US court rejects Obama position in 'rendition' case

Plastic Water Bottles May Post Health Hazard

Longtime GOP Sen. Arlen Specter becomes Democrat

Arctic CO2 levels growing at an 'unprecedented rate', say scientists

Albania to apply for EU membership

'Too late' to contain swine flu

FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic

Autism research: Scientists find genetic variations linked to autism

Company pulls plug on `Fallujah' video game

Pakistan begins new offensive against Taliban

Ford claims 81.5 mpg in Fusion hybrid

GM Offers U.S. a Majority Stake

Was Specter a casualty of the long Clinton/Obama Primary fight?

Mortgage Cram-Downs Stripped Out of Rescue Bill

Wilkes Barre, PA Tea Party Tax Protest

The Republican Party Has A Shrinkage Problem

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Party like its 1998

Turley: If BushCo Confident Waterboarding NOT Torture Allow Special Prosecutor!

Dean on Bill Maher's show...discussing torture, assault weapons and more.

Bring the Boys Back Home.

Sarah Palin Faces ANOTHER Ethics Violation

Rachel Maddow on Swine Flu response: this is what governments are for

Limbaugh: "Obama Goes To Mexico - They Get Pig Flu"

Sen. Arlen Specter Switches Parties

Olbermann taunts inSannity further, talks to his would-be waterboarder

Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead and Ed have a good laugh about stupid/funny conservatives

White House Issues Apology To New York City

Susan Collins On Republicans Stripping Flu Funding, Blocking HHS Nominee

Michael "Gimpy" Steele Responds To Specter's Move. He "flipped the bird" at Cornyn.

FLASHBACK: Steele threatens Specter on FauxNews. "I'm always open to everything, baby, absolutely."

SMART REMARKS: Specter's impact on GOP

Rick Sanchez challenges Jim Demint

Katrina vanden Heuvel on Obama's First 100 Days

President Obama on the Necessity of Science--Speech to the National Academies of Science 4/27/09

Bob Dylan - Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Steele mad at Specter: 'I'm sure his mama didn't raise him this way"

Bachmann on Swine Flu

DeMint: "The biggest tent of all is tent of freedom." Sanchez: "What the hell does that mean?" (CNN

1976 'Swine Flu' Public Service Announcements

Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge - Day in 100 Seconds

Compare AIG To What Is Being Asked Of Auto Workers! Congresswoman Kaptur

TYT: Republican Hypocrisy Starring Judd Gregg (RIDICULOUS Quotes)

Bill O'Reilly and his "Blondie Brigade" whine about angry left wingers on teevee

TYT: Oops - Republicans Were Against Money to Prepare for Pandemics!

GWB: 'War Criminals Will Be Punished & It Will Be NO Defense To Say "I Was Just Following Orders"'

Was this a botched attempt by the neocons to embarrass Obama?

Michelle Obama Receives Roaring Ovation At Sojourner Statue Dedication

Banks destroy brand new homes rather than repair code violations.

747 Over NYC - April 27th

Bush's First 100 Days: "A Surplus Unending", Another Stupid (Yet Moral) War, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy...

2009 MacArthur nonprofit grant recipients

Cheney Links Swine Flu to Al Qaeda

Intel is the largest green power purchaser in the U.S.

Mission Possible

Harsh truths (Rutledge Herald)

We’ve Got a Pattern: Police Murdered in Okaloosa

U.S. Plans Attack and Defense in Cyberspace Warfare.

A Serial Job-Killer Is Stalking America

How ’07 ABC Interview Tilted a Torture Debate

Let’s Not Forget CIA Victim Charles Horman

GOP Set to Celebrate Their First 100 Daze

An Odd Coincidence: Many SOA Grads Become Latin Death Squad Killers

Iran Force-Feeds Iranian-American Journalist

A Little Something on the topic of Torture

The Health Care Industry and their Capitol Hill Protectors Are Sabotaging Our Chance for True Reform

Fareed Zakaria: The Secret Of His Success

Why We Must Prosecute-Torture Is a Breach Of International Law

Obama enlists Microsoft, Google execs to help in push to boost R&D spending

Congress to vote on Matthew Shepard Act tomorrow, LLEHCPA, Please CALL your representatives


Breaking News: Senator Arlen Specter to switch parties

Snarlin’ Arlen Crossing From the Dark Side

Senate expected to confirm Kathleen Sebelius for HHS Secretary today

Cheney for President (Hey, I didn't title this!)

Bush-Era Rule Grants FBI Unprecedented Investigative Powers

Republicans = Death... by Mike Malloy

Andrew J. Bacevich: Farewell, the American Century; ...Adding In What's Been Left Out

Torture Finally Broke Them

Specter's Departure a Wake Up Call for GOP

Experts Say Panic Over Swine Flu Is Premature, Mexicans Ready to Come Back after Winter Vacation

Dean Baker: Can Health Insurers Whine Louder Than Bankers?

Preppers and Hybrid Flu

Forget Specter's Party Switch, Norm Coleman Switches Identities

The NYC Fly Over and the same mMilitary that Lied to Pat Tillman's Family

Patrick Fitzgerald Agrees To Stay As US Attorney: Durbin

Tech firm president charged with visa fraud

The Need to Roll Back Presidential Power Grabs (Arlen Specter)

Specter's Departure a Wake Up Call for GOP

America's Schizoid Pot Culture -- 4 in 10 Have Smoked It, and Millions Are Still Getting Busted

The Financial Warning Almost Everyone Ignored

Patrick Kennedy: Personal Low, Career Peak

82 Year Old Black Farmer Arrested On Terroristic Threatening Charges

Florida Approves Jesus Christ License Plate

Bachmann (disturbed - MN): "Interesting that swine flu broke under out another Democrat president"

Bachmann (disturbed - MN): "Interesting that swine flu broke under out another Democrat president"

Today begins the trial for the “Campo de Mayo” crimes against humanity

Report Reveals Why Lawyers OK'd Chiquita Payments to Colombian Terrorists

Venezuela recalls ambassador to Peru (Peru grants asylum to Rosales)

La Alborada: "What Raul Said"

Video proves plan to kill Bolivian President

Colombian drug baron gets 30 years in US prison

US farmers, ranchers push for greater Cuba access

As trade push mounts, diplomats are talking

Jean-Guy Allard (Granma): Those Protecting Posada are Same People Who Conspired Against Kennedy

Canadian company to explore for gold in Haiti

US-Cuban Diplomats Met Twice in Past Two Weeks (2 articles)

Colombia defends Cuba's reintegration into Inter-American system

Ctr. Econ and Policy Research: "IMF's Econ. Growth Projections for LATAM/CARIBE Appear Questionable"

BOREV is on steroids today! "The Role of the Gay Muslim Nazi Will be Played by Tom Hanks" (Bolivia)

Pope wants Bolivia to explain bombing of cardinal's residence

public lynching in Bolivia, including a pregnant woman graphic video

Shark fins protection welcomed (BBC)

Seasonal Atmospheric CO2 Levels Hit 397 PPM At Svalbard Monitoring Site - Guardian

Biomass plant safeguards in place

Peak Oil Review - April 27

Drumbeat: April 28, 2009

Kenya poachers admit ivory haul (BBC)

China's "Eco-City" Dongtan Boasts Organic Farm, Six Wind Turbines, Nothing Else - Gone From Expo Web

Comprehensive AMAP Survey Shows Massive Climate Shift Moving Rapidly Through All Regions Of Arctic

Bangladesh Temps Hottest In 20 Years - 40,000+ With Acute Gastro Disease As Water Quality Plunges

Abengoa Concentrated Solar Plant Begins Commercial Operation Near Seville - ENN

BP Delays First Output From Sunrise Tar Sands Project By At Least One Year - Bloomberg

Argentine Government Catching Heat For Handling Of Dengue Outbreak - 20,000 Infected, Five Dead

Wilkins Northern Edge Collapse Under Way - NYC-Sized Glacial Calving Confirmed By ESA

UK Government Funds Five-Year Ocean Acidification Survey In Atlantic, Arctic, Southern Oceans - BBC

USFWS & NOAA Restore Scientific Consultations under End. Spp. Act (overturning Bush rule)

SOS Clinton At DC Climate Conference: "Facts On The Ground Are Outstripping Worst-Case Scenario"

Union of Concerned Scientists on Ethanol Mandate -- The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve (SIWR) is being threatened by strip mining

Supertrains to Nowhere

The Dilemma: Solar Panels (Sexy!) Or External Wall Insulation (Not Just Unsexy, But Invisible)

Damn you Jason Bay to hell. Fucker hit a walkoff HR.

I now predict the Sharks will win tonight. *JINX*

Game 7 is about the goalies

Jason Bay sucks ass.

Selke Award finalists (best defensive forward)

I am so happy to be a New York Islanders fan right now

Quite possibly the post of the year.....

We would like to thank the San Jose Sharks for participating in this year's

Arena team offers contract to Vick: $200/week

What do Alfred Pupunu, David Volek and Francisco Cabrera all have in common?

One name will always piss off Bruins fans - Ulf Samuelsson.

Game 7 Scenarios: Breaking down potential matchups

"Do you know the way to San Jose? Fa la la la la la la la lahhhhh"

Yankees Slash the Price of Top Tickets

Uh-oh! Folks think I should be a moderator in this forum!!

Yankees Slash the Price of Top Tickets

The UCONN women's national championship team with Obama

Guess who was at tonight's Giants game?!

Let the hate build up Sharks fans....goood. goood....

UAW leaders recommend approval of Chrysler deal

Bosses, gov’t behind auto crisis

Today in labor history Apr 28 The AFL-CIO sets April 28 as “Workers Memorial Day” to honor the dead

From the BuzzFlash mailbag,

meet in the middle (Fresno) invitation from Cleve Jones

Delete message

Transsexual city manager starts new job

Illinois folks: Just called Melissa Bean's office--she has NOT taken a position

Volunteer peace monitor trainings for San Diego 'Day of Decision.'

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, Opposes Gay Marriage But Parties with Transsexuals

Is there any way this Swine Flu could have been allowed to spread?

New Hampshire poll: 55% support marriage equality, 39% oppose

And now Miss California lies her homophobic Christian ass off.

The cost of gay marriage in Vermont

Miss Cali-bigot parties w/ the gay!

Iowa Gay Marriage Poll needs DU's Help

Best Wishes and Congratulations to a Beautiful Family

Many Of Our GLBTQ Family Live in California and Other States at Risk.

We're Winning: 42% (+9%) now say same sex couples should be allowed to legally marry (national poll)

Arkansas: all the names and addresses of the Arkansans who signed the petitions put Act 1 on Ballot

Committee approves gay marriage bill (Maine)

Selling Out Single-Payer

'Proof' face creams beat wrinkles

WHO Global Surveillance during an Influenza Pandemic - updated draft April 2009 (PDF)

Swine Flu: Why is it killing people in Mexico but not in the US?

When Bad Advice Is the Best Advice

Venezuela establishes ties with Palestinians

Palestinian mother slams son's killers' sentence as 'pathetic'

Israeli president to meet Obama in Washington next week

Lebanon arrests another suspected spy for Israel

Olmert administration OKd settlement expansion

The Obama-Netanyahu Showdown

Palestinian gets death sentence for selling land to Israel

Netanyahu's honesty could be a boon

Syria won't help Hizbullah or Hamas attack Israel - Assad

Article-Dallas police seeking impostor who helped make arrests

A double agent exposed.....

Obama Mulls ‘Assault-Vehicle’ Ban to Spur Car Sales

CIFTA could ban reloading without a federal license.

We just picked up another PRO GUN Democrat!!

Specter Says No To Assault Weapons Ban, WHY doesn’t Obama?

Mission Possible

Charlie Rose: A conversation about the economy with Joseph Stiglitz.

Five questions for Robert Reich

Mounting strains in Commercial Property

Geithner, Member and Overseer of Finance Club

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/27/09

Citi and Bank of America "Encouraged" to Get More Capital as Result of Stress Tests

The Wail of the 1%

Flu and the economy

Suggestion for a pic thread: dichotomy.

Carrowinds Roller Coaster

Copenhagen Zoo

Today at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I just lost my job.

birth of a psycho killer?

Hello. I've been thinking about posting here. I like junk cameras.


Volcker punctures the nonsense

Repubs are flooding votes against Obama, need your help!

Psychic Pet Rescue

Has anyone tried to to an astrological anaylsis of the Swine Flu?

Don't expect a homeopathic remedy for swine flu

Anyone else feeling a POWERFUL energy surge today?

Matthew on Swine Flu- a short message

Belated B'Day Wishes for davsand

This morning I watched the TRY IT ON EVERYTHING DVD.

Kitty missing

A Tiny Hominid With No Place on the Family Tree

Most distant object in the universe spotted

American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

Is Swine Flu A Curse From The Almighty?

I have a proof that Goldbach's conjecture is false!

"National Day of Prayer -- Let's Make it Inclusive and Interfaith"

My big, strange muffins.


I have a craving for chocolate. I have some cocoa powder, but no

Help!! SOS!! M'aidez!! (Stinky keep out!)

Is Swine Flu A Biological Weapon?

Bentham Chem Physics Editor In Chief Resigns Over Inclusion of Herrit Paint Chip Article

False-Flag Flugasm

US Covert Operations and 9/11 - Collateral Damage

I have to say that with each passing day, I'm more convinced the flu scare IS a psy-op.

Airplane 'Photo Op' Angers 9/11 Witnesses

Questions about network news cameras locations on 9/11

Biden to visit Austin

Looming Republican blow-up over voter ID in the Texas House?

How's the rest of TX doing with their weather?

'Matrix' director Larry Wachowski resurfaces, reignites sex change rumors

Anyone Want A Sealed First-State Alan Livingston Copy Of The Beatles "Butcher" Album Cover?

PMO paid former Bush spokesman $24,500 for PR help

For my Canadian friends on the West Coast...

Is it just me or is "Krod Mandoon" fucking rubbish?

How many new Canadians are on DU?