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BEA ARTHUR has passed away from SWINE FLU!

Official DU Rosey Statistics from the 2009 Tax Return Trenches from “the girl”

British Airways cabin crew was taken to hospital with suspected swine flu

Symptoms of swine flu:

Swine flu H1N1: evolution of a virus

Natural Cures for Flu - Just some ideas to help protect yourselves

Republicans should rely upon prayer and rugged individualism in the face of flu-like symptoms.

STFU Blitzer

New Facebook group to have Kentucky Der-bea 135 named in honor of Bea Arthur

More Americans have died mysteriously in Joe Scarborough's office than have died from H1N1 Swine Flu

As Of April 2009, More Banks Have Failed Than All Of 2008...

Good for Ashton Kutcher

If the flu outbreak is a diversion or a scare tactic

Chit, they are sending him back

Wake me up when it IS a pandemic.

Last week 3 vials of deadly virus went missing...

CIA reportedly declined to closely evaluate harsh interrogations

When these cable TV political talk show hosts argue over ratings....

General who probed Abu Ghraib says Bush officials committed war crimes

How should the Democrats deal with the GOP ?

What websites do you read on a weekly basis??

anyone seen State of Play? Holy Shit! (spoiler alert)

Fat Bastard

CIA Never Bothered to Assess Whether Their Tortures Were Effective or Necessary

Here is something that will wake your ass up on a boring Saturday night.

Swine flu worse in Mexico than US, but why?

Oh look! Guess where the swine flu is headed?

I had to turn off Lakers/Jazz game on ESPN

In honor of Bea Arthur here is "Bosom Buddies" from MAME (duet with Angela Lansbury)

Soya Reduces Testosterone Levels

Attention, DU Science Nerds! Regarding Swine-Avian Virus "Crisis"...

Tim Geithner On SNL

'I'm Every Woman'.

'I'm Every Woman'.

Self-delete. Dumb.

Bloomberg says that Obama met with possible Swine Flu Victim

Let's flood the Dallas Morning News with anti-Torture Letters to the Editor...

The Banality of White House Evil

Holy Hell, tornado on the ground within miles from where I live.

Swine Flu

Boring Gordon Brown

"Rule of 78s"

For all those DU young'ens who don't know this man.....

A future Bush Presidency Memorial should contain:

It might be that we're always students in a big ass class.

Don't worry. We can get the flu and STILL hate torture.

Governor prepares NY for Swine Flu

Pres Obama greeted by Swine Flu victim who died following day

I hate to think where we would be today if....

Anyone else here read Adbusters?? Just asking.

Saw A Singularly Repulsive Bumpersticker Today

What would it take to hire 1000s of new FDA employees?

Swine flu spreads panic in Mexico City ~~Thank heavens we're not in Mexico City right?

I'd like to apologize for accusing people who criticized Nadya Suleman of being "anti-choice".

And now for some lighter fun on the flu .... look who else is paying attention?

The Swine Flu wants to take your guns away!

The Swine Flu wants to take your guns away!

US Constitution Article VI Paragraph 2: "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which

What does the 'honk if you are paying my mortgage" bumper sticker mean?

Iowa Judge Asks Pharmacy Board to Look at Marijuana

And the answer is: SCOOTER!!!

100 days of myths and falsehoods

It's a re-run -- but the best Obama sketch EVER is on SNL right now! "The Rock Obama"!

Reality Check: All R Presidents Have Sucked Since Ike Left Office

If Michelle Bachman thinks CO2 is naturally occuring harmless gas..then

New single payer activist website

Tonight's entertainment - Levi on Larry King

Obama may have been exposed to Swine Flu?

22 Auckland's Rangitoto College students back from Mexico via LA - Swine Flu

GM Employee Fund Manager Dumps all GM Shares

Without Superfund Tax, Stimulus Aids Cleanups

Tornados west of here

The Torture Document Dump Timeline

Just about the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Is the Mexican Swine Flu a genetically engineered weapon?

People that abuse animals and small creatures will abuse other people...

Well, with all the hoopla about Swine Flu, it should knock torture off center stage.. dontcha think?

To some it is an emergency

“By no later than the summer of 2004..."

American Rainbow Rapid Response offers vital info on Swine Flu

Ok some of you may have read how I bumped my head oh ten days ago

A war crime .... without a doubt

The Boyle Effect Boosts Resistance to Swine Flu

I thought torture could have been a distraction from the economy

Did Gov. "Goodhair" Perry change his mind about secession?

My children, the only thing that will end the world is fear and hatred

The woman moved herself right into the line of fire

The woman moved herself right into the line of fire

my legs are a little sore...

If Texas Was 5 States - Results?

McCain's Broken Promise to Aid Obama in Ending Gridlock

Oklahoma City man arrested by FBI for death threats on Twitter.

The Banality of Bush White House Evil ny times oped

It's okay to criminalize policy differences,

WJ this morning - Dick Cheney the Visible Man

Make NO Mistake, Obama Wants Justice Too

Protest at the IMF/Word Bank meetings in DC today

Was President Obama exposed to Swine Flu in Mexico?

Here's the plan....

So, what were all those "WE CAN'T PROSECUTE TORTURERS" doing back in 2001?

NY Times: At the Polls, Icelanders Punish Conservatives

My fellow DUers: May I ask what effect it would have on you if the last administration was brought

“That’s the most hopeful thing you can say about print journalism...old people are living longer"

Deleted by poster:

WHO declares swine flu outbreak "public health emergency" W.H.O's panicing now?

Dollars & Sense: 29 Failed Banks In 2009 -- So Far

Remember when the banks were going to go under and the system was going to collapse??

Karl Rove says Obama is like a Latin American dictator. Hmmm... interesting.

Tornados in Kansas, biker dies from lightning strike - pictures and local news coverage

it's sunday morning and time for a FUCK YOU DAVID GREGORY thread

Flu mutations and lack of selenium


Multiple rapist supports Obama on Torture: Free the torturers – and the rapists too!

Neo-Nazi Group Resurfaces, Citing Obama

Forty-five percent of Americans support "torture"

That a "debate" even exists over torture is tortuous

Uh-oh. The end is coming starting tomorrow. Gay marriage will be legal

Is Fred Phelps the source of the Swine Flu?

Do You Think Heavy Duty Torture Videos/Photographs Will Be Surfacing?

Waterboarding...Rape..No physical harm so must be okay to do...

Celebrities come out to suggest putting Dick Cheney behind bars

There is a Dick Cheney, married to a Lynne Cheney, who birthed Liz Cheney and Mary Cheney

Secessionist Gov. Rick Perry asks for federal help to deal with swine flu.

The key to understanding modern reactionary Republicans:

Please give some thought to your answer to this question

LOL-guess who had their own (more accurate) version of our "Tea Parties"... THE FRENCH

Police fire baton rounds at Kent State rioters

Who would be the first witness on the stand in a torture hearing?

Here's A Torture Timeline - All The Way From Sept 1987 To March 2009......

BREAKING: Bush and Cheney surrender

Are There People Actually Panicking Over The Flu?

Greenwald: Newsweek's Holly Bailey with a moment of unintended candor

Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu, but admitted sending live flu viruses to subcontractor

Forsaken by (San Diego city) council, union turns to God

Help - The Other Day There Was A Post As To How Repugs Changed Their Tune On Torture......

"Snuggies parties were held across the country today."

Since we don't torture, why is Porter Goss making a big deal?

Joan Walsh ( distilled it down on Face the Nation this morning

I want Dixie Chicks BACK on the air!!! have been listening to their 2006 CD

Extra-crispy bucket of crazy, GOP-style

What would have been a better use of their resources? Sandbags or Tea Bags?

Cop Bragged On Facebook He Was Going To "Bash Some Long-Haired Hippies"...

White House to detail govt response to swine flu 12:30 p.m. EDT.

Japan travel agencies reported to be canceling May tours to Mexico

Do those who think capitalism has destroyed the world:

CBS' Face The Nation, Leahy vs. McCain on torture. Just coming on here.

Sorry Diane. I don't trust your review of the "techniques of interrogation".

when Nixon was first elected I told my Republican father that he was a criminal

Iowa Judge Asks Pharmacy Board to Look at Marijuana

Is anyone watching the WH briefing on the flu?

Everybody warsh your hands right now.

after crop circles... snow rollers

Democrats Push for Interrogation Investigations

If torture works, where the hell is Bin Laden?

Mexico gov't decrees special powers in flu crisis

Anybody remember a bushitler report card for the first 100 days?

Republicans gag on their own medicine and it's great.

Will Gay Marriage Pit Church Against Church? - Time

Using GOP logic: Do you prosecute the born again Christian

Flu question (relating to policy)

If "hard interrogations" aren't torture

Union-busting Russell Athletic losing university contracts

surgical masks and hand sanitizers do nothing to prevent the transmission of viruses folks...

What are anti-gun liberals afraid of?

So now that the US has declared a public emergency will those whistling

After a lot of thought - ban pit bulls and a few other breeds

The attempted coup on Chavez, 2002

Another poser, pogue, REMF analyst....

FACTBOX: Economic costs of a flu pandemic

Is there a link between factory farming and the current outbreak of flu?

Since we now reject the following:

Did bushitler's house get flooded in Houston last week or the week before?

Minnesota Poll: Most want Coleman to call it quits

My Letter to the Editor...what do you think?

20 Comfirmed cases in US (for those wanting an update):

What's going on at "Democracy for America" with their irritating fund raising?

What's going on at "Democracy for America" with their irritating fund raising?

A freeper told me why the economy is so bad right now...

health officials say has killed up to 86 people and likely sickened about 1,400 in the country

What you should do about the Swine Flu

This is interesting...

here is a video about the new Chinese cars.... excelent !!

The part that gets me is the Swine Flu is killing healthy young people.

Republican partisan stalls put American's health at risk. We need a Sec of HHS!

Would you trade accountability for the truth?

Thank you Jim Tedisco for being GRACIOUS & accepting the loss

New Zogby Push Poll

If torture works why aren't the wing nuts calling for Terry Nichols to be tortured?

Media gets a case of Flu to cure Torture

I'm confused. IE: Swine Flu

My Dad's Retired From Chrysler. Will He Lose His Health Insurance And Pension?


Still True Today: If You Don’t Count the Failures, Bush’s Anti-Terror Policies Were a Huge Success

Italian Cruise Ship Fights Off Somali Pirates With Gunfire

In response to popular demand, the fashion thread for the day

Right wing stirring the swine flu shitpot?

Las Vegas Mayor on CNN right now being a douche.

'Crisis gardens' start sprouting as Americans fear the future

If torture works, why didn't they waterboard Saddam Hussein to find out where the WMD's were?

So, will we be seeing AFATT* in the media ???

BMI told stewardess to wear Muslim robe

McCain On 'Bad Advice'

Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world

Bad parenting - blowtorching as punishment / forced tattooing

"situation is evolving quickly." this is a serious situation that must be watched very carefully,"

Now for my Debbie Downer moment: IIRC, the Great Influenza

Newsweek: "The Aug. 1, 2002, Memo From DOJ Was NOT The First Piece Of legal Guidance" For Torture"

Hope you are well. Here is something to ponder.

The ABC/WashingtonPost Poll on terrorism is a fraud.

Pirate Bay Prosecution Law Firm Under Attack

How will you celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Abu Ghraib revelations?

Anyone here dreaming about an elderly black woman in a cornfield?

The Doctor in the Kitchen

WHO Pandemic Alert classification system.

I am just sorry and surprised that it wasn't harder to make moral depravity mainstream

"Emergency" Sunday Dental Thread

Local News in DC Leads with Swine Flu Story

It looks like marriage equality is dead in New Hampshire for this year, and the murderers were...

Insanity reigns...20 cases now equals an emergency...

Obama can talk all he wants about not looking back but this grotesque past is bigger than he is.

Canada confirms six cases of swine flu

One flu over over the cuckoo's nest...

I'm watching the hearing by the House Foreign Affairs Co.. Hillary hust

Check : the horrors of socialism in Sweden

The Jordanian KIng is bitchslapping David Gregory

Ironic Liberty Travel ad in today's Sunday edition

You have to see this...Sorry if it has already been posted....NOT rickroll

Hannity Consents to Be Waterboarded

RE: Pig Flu, I'm With Atrios - Stop Cheering For It....

Today's Google

Kit Bond (R-Mo.) says torture photos endanger troops

When in danger or in doubt, run around, scream and shout

At long last GOP, do you have no shame!

Are you concerned that swine flu may spread to your community?

Tamiflu fixes it (swineflu)

Who Would You Rather Have As President During The Swine Flu Crisis?

Rick Perry, After Raising Secession, Calls For Fed Help With Swine Flu

The rape per capita statistics (1998-2000). USA is way up there.

Real Time w/Bill Maher - Howard Dean Is a Panel Guest On Now

Napolitano apologizes to veterans over 'extremist' flap (CNN)

It doesn't matter if they have an (R) or (D) behind their names...

Why was oil terminal built at the base of an active volcano?

Has anyone else gotten that "Spyware Protect 2009" spyware/virus thing?

What's with those damn geologists scaring everybody talking about "The Big One"

Iraqi woman killed in pre-dawn US raid - Two Iraqi commanders arrested for allowing US assault

No more nurse shortage (NOT about the flu)

Here it is. United States is now officially under a "Public Health Emergency"

Don't go to work! Don't go to school! Go to hospital?

2 more states report a handful of mild flu cases...Huffington Post utilizes the Bush Fear Tactic..

Wisconsin Teachers' Perspective On Merit Pay

So is Craig's List the new pimp

Al Franken should be seated immediately.

damned democrat tax-and-nationalize Obama socialist fascists!

What we need is a good race for RNC chair

Cornyn threatens White House on Judicial Selection

Observation about why the Flu seems less virulent in the US...

OK. Barbara Streisand is the entertainment tonight. Here.

Anger at deadly U.S. military raid in southern Iraq

This will all make sense to you very soon:

14 Schools in Schertz/Cibolo School District Closed. More Swine Flu Cases Suspected.

So let me see if I got this straight.

We were WRONG: There weren't 180+ waterboardings, there were merely 180+ "pours"!

We were WRONG: There weren't 180+ waterboardings, there were merely 180+ "pours"!

Here we go again...screwy weather. Tornado warnings...loss of electricity

The Top 10 Torturous Lies of Liz Cheney

FDA So Understaffed It Inspects Less Than One Percent Of Imported Food

Why the republiCons are defending torture so vehemently.

Police fire baton rounds at Kent State rioters

So how scared should we be of this swine flu?

What happened to the Dixie Chicks?

About COAL,

A thank-you note to Andrew Sullivan

*WOW* check out the headline for the NYT obit on Bea Arthur

Since when did Twitter become a news source?

Swine Flu Outbreak -- Nature Biting Back at Industrial Animal Production?


Gaps in the Right's "banana republic" rhetoric, from Media Matters

Twenty Five Thousand Four Hundred and Seven

A question about toys

Yet another fucked up freeper strategy -"Refer to the flu outbreak as Mexican Flu"

Thom Hartmann: Imminent Financial Destruction of the U.S. lead to Torture.

multiple shooting of the day: 3 Va. men hurt in shooting at Hampton University

Torture and the United States of Alyssa Peterson - FireDogLake

Larisa Alexandrovna: NYT Asks Why Holder Is Not Looking At The Siegelman Case

Not all flu strains are created equal.

Alarming court decision for Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Insurance gets last say, not doctor

PUT A PIN ON IT: Hillary's Best Brooches And What We Think They Mean

The Iraqi Prime Minister is accusing the US military of a 'CRIME' for pre-dawn raid

T. E. A. = Tortured Enough Already

Why I hate Republicans at all levels of Government

MTP's Choice Of david gregory, What Do You Think?

Is the Swine Flu, that the White House held a special meeting on today, concerning you greatly?

Litmus test on whether or not the Swine Flu is as deadly as it's said to be:

Can you believe this crap? Battleaxe Barbara's designer rags on Michelle's style

A Nation of Mengeles and Simon Legrees

Detroit Lions 1st Round Pick, Stafford,Looks Like A Young Bill Clinton

America: state sponsored usury. Americans are victims of this terrorism.

Powers of the President of the United States

David Limbaugh's topsy-turvy world

Will a Public Health Emergency distract from emerging criminal charges against Bush Administration?

Cool anonymous post from some soldier in the WaPo forum

I am stocking up .... my house is gonna be an official "swine flu" shelter

Banksters & Urinals • Not a solution, but might provide some relief ...

An open letter of appreciation to Rush Limbaugh--boy he sure opened my eyes

"the best documentary film I've seen in years!" Michael Moore

I have lived in Florida now for a little over one year.

Make Health Care a Right!

WHO and CDC info. on Swine Flu

Ex-Pirate Hostage Shane Murphy says Rush Limbaugh practices "hate speech"

More Info on Viruses

More Info on Viruses

More Info on Viruses

Guess who loves them some federal gubment NOW

“If your children are sick, have a fever and flu-like illness, they shouldn’t go to school.”

Reagan on Torture Prosecution

A few important aspects of America's torture policies rarely discussed.

Nadler on Torture: "There can't be a compromise" (Politico)

Here is a global Swine Flu Map Link

Human Swine Influenza Investigation - CDC Site - Sign up for updates in your email link:

Why has DU become a cheerleader for "clean" coal?

Disney's first "black princess" movie-Fox News reports on the "CONTROVERSY"

Was there ever a time that you opposed gay marriage?


Hunter stabs blind pet pig to death

Sacramento Health Department orders school closed

Drug Company Merck Drew Up Doctor "Hit List"

"75% of deaths from these cancers could be prevented w adequate intake of vitamin D3 & calcium" - x

Osama bin Flu.

Cow urine drink set to launch (BBC)

Cow urine drink set to launch (BBC)

"A Profound Disagreement:" Clinton Breaks the Political Sound Barrier"

The new CEO of the DLC says their mission is nearly accomplished.

"What If Vitamin D Deficiency Is a Cause of Autism?" -- Scientific American, April 24, 2009 -x

Whats the difference between a BLOGGER and a CORPORATE JOURNALIST???

Interesting Right-wingers Waterboarding Experiment

A man ain't an island—John Dunn wasn't lying


Pajama-Clad Toddlers Ransack Neighbor's Home

Anti-equality Miss California becomes the "pin-up girl of the Right Wing"

Filibuster of Dawn Johnsen for OLC Head May Be Key to Impunity for Bush Administration Crimes

11 more suspected swine flu cases in U.S.

Anyone who doesn't believe there will be another flu epidemic is just ignorant...

An response to Judge Bybee.

Are there any Freemasons on DU?

Math water into math wine: 2+2 = 5

We executed Japanese soldiers for Waterboarding?!!

An honest question to those who defend gays not being allowed to give blood

1918 Influenza: The Mother of All Pandemics

Craig's List Killer a Young Republican

Would torture be acceptable if it prevented something? Would it

Those who are trying to whistle past the swine flu graveyard....

Is this wingnut saying Dems should rachet down the flames (self-defense), but WINGNUTS continue?!1


Dog maces entire family. No, not a pit bull.

Wow. We just had a flash storm with rain and winds up to 90 Km an hour. A huge awning

Why is it that everytime I discover a good band

Do you think you would win a fight with a car ?

There are some BAD vibes in here tonight...

People in Mexico are e-mailing BBC news, saying situation is much worse than reported.

Aren't these guys just about the stupidest looking fuckers that you have ever seen?

What kind of evil villain are you? I got

USATODAY: DayGlo Dog Cloned in South Korea

Susan's competiton is online...

I like big beef and

Buying a Jeep sounds like a lot more fun than paying down the mortgage.

Boy oh Boy, Babs can still belt out the tunes...

I'm dreaming of this baby

Bea Arthur in Sex in the City...

Anyone want to pitch for the Yanks or Sox?

Its only April and I've already got a couple of album of the year contenders:

Damn. It is 172 degrees F in my computer room right now.

It is saturday night and I am sober ...

Parody of 'Maude' theme.

Ever go to a wedding while having a big sweat stain on your ass?

Post a rap song and the song that it samples

How come dogs never suck in their guts?

Anyone wanna shake hands with me?

Anyone wanna shake hands with me?


(Head slap) Just found out my city's slogan: Columbia SC: Famously Hot

Fucking migraine

Full Blown Anxiety attack

Semper Todd - the latest Dave update

Here's to the end of the world (swine Flu )

I'm here. You may begin. n/t

Hot chick

I love Intenet radio

Chuggo vs Beethoven

May I please have help on this poem I just wrote? Thank you.

Lounge , I am very dissapointed in you

Just like Heaven

crap, crap, crap

My Days With Dave---Update from that freeper sniffa

Real cowboys ride cowboys.


Gotta tell ya. When I turn on the 11PM news and hear the

I've changed flvegan's listing in my phone contacts to idiot6

Real cowboys ride cows.

I just sent Mr. Skinner an email asking him who has me on ignore...

Pics of my Dahlia(I can't wait till they bloom)


The pizza man just popped up in a thread of mine

I just had the worst F'in picture in my life taken of me

I go to sleep every night with the BBC on my radio, and it stays on all night.

I got a webcam!

I got a black eye!

I got a black eye!


Jesus, Google AdSense is a pain in the ass

Heard this tune today for the first time in years. Still makes the hairs behind my neck stand up.

Hey you olds, just go drink your Metamucil, watch your Matlock and leave everything to us.

Where can I get a set of Tinker Toys?

Your life is empty...

Thanks to All...

Gotta check this out!

Write Your Own Epitaph

Hey! Check this out!

Kumquats: Yay or Nay?


I finally found it!

Lounge, why can't you be more like your brother?

Well it's Saturday 11pm, I wonder where RevActs is at?

I just downloaded Google Chrome.


ok , after 3 beers , I am drunk now

"Laser beams from man boobs

Who ever said human flesh tastes like chicken is mistaken

Have any of you witnessed a Perfect Game? or even a No-Hitter?

Ava is so cute when she is pissed

***Official Saturday Night Sects Thread***

Odin2005 just hurt Undertheocean's feelings and I clicked on the thread and It sprained my EYE.

Odin2005 just hurt Undertheocean's feelings and I clicked on the thread and It sprained my EYE.

***Official Saturday Night Sex Thread***

The Dead from MSG is on RIGHT F*CKING NOW!

"I've Loved And Lost Again"

What is your favourite Aphrodisiac ?

Chicken town

Anybody watching South Park, it is great tonight.

For the ladies...

Funny how I find myself,In love with you

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good

OK, you people...

Richard Marx - Hazard -

Does anyone have that corn flake chicken recipe?

Aly walk with me

The Ghost In You

What if there was ball fighting?

Fuchsia! (Sinfest)

I /heart/ OT playoff Hockey



Seven year ache

Wrapped around your finger

Thank you stars

A Man Needs a Maid

few things are as annoying as someone arguing with you just to piss you off

I'm looking to give someone some harsh words...

Well, the online guest book is up for R

Cough up the $5 for fuck's sake.

kitchenwitch , don't worry , if it matters ,atleast I care about you

I'm going to live until I'm 150

Dick Cheney says Obama has made us less safe against bunco night

Right click, save page as

People who hate me, go ahead take your best shot.


I think I picked the wrong name...

OMG! PacMan got divorced!

Ok, so I just watched the movie "Teeth". About all I can say is that...

"Let he who has no Sin cast the first Stone"

Lounge. I am very, very disappointed in you this evening.

You know what? We are a bunch of fucking assholes.

Found out about you

The Boyle Effect Boosts Resistance to Swine Flu

Your sex is on fire

Destination- the Church

Elephantitis has taken the use of my right arm, and I'm posting from the bar!

Cold sweat...hard to breathe...shaking uncontrollably...

Please, lounge, try and patch up your important relationships

What does "become a whole person" mean to you?

has anyone had laser eye surgery?

Hey! Those growing up in the 90's and 2000''s!


Has anybody used a resume service that you liked?

Someone didn't teach their pigs to cover..

Kathys Waltz, for your enjoyment.

Has anyone used the Tunnel from Hatteras to Ocracoke?

So, Who's Playing Philip Markoff in the "Craiglist Killer" Movie?

Let's all get together in an empty lot and fucking kill each other.

ok , too drunk , even for the lounge

I go away for one night and look what I missed...

Better Sexy movie

You guys were awesome last night

I'm thinking of starting a band called "Printer Friendly Format"

Mortiss - Parasite gods

Driving across Iowa, I came to an interesting realization...


Harvest- Neil Young

The Dolphins Fred Neil....perfect song for a Sunday afternoon...

Ok. I think I'm finished reading it all. And my favorite quote is...

Did somebody spike the punch or something?

prom came and went and i didn't even notice until a week later

The Wrestler

OMG! The narcissist got 86'd from the ladies bar again!

Odin2005 just hurt my feelings

Ian Fleming- British writer "confessed" to eradicating the Jedi faith

I need an intervention...

High risk of severe weather today in Southern Plains

Favorite Football (American) Movie?

From Now On....

Don't share any bongs during this flu crisis

Something really weird happened to me today - laugh if you want, just makes me wonder

CTV (Canada) Network anchor was in tears after watching a Susan Boyle story. Her eyes


Pam Fleming- Scottish cop "confessed" to following the Jedi faith

Bands With Both Male & Female Lead Vocalists:

Is the government trying to put lipstick on the swine flu??

Chill out! Here are some Sunday Morning Kitteh Pics!

I Can See Clearly Now.......yes I can!

"Snuggies parties were held across the country today."


Favorite Don Dixon song?

A Snowball's Chance in Hell

Can you catch something from FR?

a FREE Classical Organ Concert in Fort Worth tonight, 7 pm. see inside for details

Who loves the ugly people

Uses for leftover corn tortillas?

Attention, whore! I'm going to the Greatest Show on Earth today! Gimme that fish!

It's too hot to cook today

Do you have friends who you love to bits, but are incredibly dramaful?

Can you catch something from DU?

Calling Barney Fife

A bird is building a nest on top of the back porch light

Do I come across like I'm PUI in most of my posts?

Did someone like put something in the punch here in the lounge last night?

With thanks to keroro gunsou, here are some LOL animals!

there is a GODDAMN PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY and all you people can do is engage in hijinks?

They grow up so fast; peas and sonflowers (pics)

Is the new film "State of Play" worth seeing?

I Want To Eat Like A Pig Today

Run away from the bad, bad man McBoobies!

Gimme a raspy-voiced male singer who emerged in the 21st century

so if we have a swine flu pandemic/outbreak

Re: Pandemics. Alcohol kills germs, right?

I am not a member of any swarm or clique. Never will be. Primarily

What's red, white and grey and goes "Weeeeeeeeeeee"?

Funny song my friends did in ' with video!

Woo-hoo! I'm going to do a wedding for two women, and it will be legal!!!

Jeebus, people...Go outside and get some sun!

I wish my brain would shut up.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/26/09

The sickness Disturbed


So what's the catch? Re: "If you lose your job we'll take the car back"


Hey, look me over!

The conspiracist woo woo in GD in the Swine Flu threads is really disturbing.

The video for Golden Earring's "Twlilight Zone" could be a metaphor for 'enhanced interrogation'

OK ... who watched Barbra friday?

I swear the cats are trying to kill us off.

Fuego mas alto para asado

GD isn't even talking about the epic threads being posted in the Lounge

Wow! greatauntoftriplets is having a really busy day here! How about

Here's your chance to some train wreck tunes

Ok, so the mommy is back. We can be on good behavoir again

Post something a freeper would say, so we can play whack-a-troll with you.

What is your favorite Josh Groban song?

My beloved West Texas

Mo and I are just fine

I called my Grandmother this afternoon..

I just chugged a quart of turpentine in the paint aisle at Home Depot. Now THAT was epic.

The Phillies are looking like World Champions again!

Are Snuggies really just Thneeds?

Even if you don't like poetry, you'll like this.


college humor rocks (the site not the TV show)

High schooler dies after being hit by pitch

I saw the Zohan movie.

One flu over over the cuckoo's nest...

I have been working on some Spring pictures (Pic Heavy)

What brand of soap do you use?

It is early Sunday afternoon, the coffee is hot, MPR on the radio, the newspaper in front of me

When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

Because they just won't STOP

I have the opposite of an ice cream headache

Happy 18th Birthday TomorrowNeverKnows!!!! And, welcome to DU!!!!

I'm sorry, but there is no way you folks aren't to blame for this.

15 years ago today, my father passed

Anybody know anything about finding somebody using Usenet post headers?

I want Dixie Chicks BACK on the air!!! have been listening to their 2006 CD

Swiss heartland voters ban nude hiking in Alps

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Grab a kleenex now edition

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/26/2009)

OMG, it's HAILING outside!!!

lets shake the booty

I miss primate1. That ghostsofgiants dude doesn't cut it for me, sorry.

the lament of the designated driver

Kitten Cam!

Who here LOVES New Orleans music?

I thought the Mac screen at Best buy was wonderful...

Loungers! And 12 Steppers! How Do You Feel About Sex Threads?

I have admit..I am indeed a little paranoid although i am not panicking

I have an announcement of epic proportions. Get a beer and settle in.

More pics of flowers in our yard.

I wonder if the mods ever

666, Mark of the Beast: Loathsome "Celebrities" Montag & Pratt from "The Hills" married in Pasadena

20 year old video of Susan Boyle surfaces

I know the lounge is saddened by the loss of Bea Arther but there is some good news...

Michael Jackson with an Indian twist-Britain's Got Talent (video)

Ladies and gentlemen...The ROLLING STONES!

Florida cracks down on charter schools for nepotism and lax financial controls.

Nothing happened in the Lounge last night. So stop saying that!

So I'm turning 18 tomorrow (4/26)... - is it a scam?

Post vacation duties really suck....


Harry potter is way better than Twilight.

Myspace people, please add this boy to your friends.


Teachers, check in. I salute you!

I learned more than I ever cared to today. And, PM's are not getting through. And,

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Favorite Baseball Movie?

Do you feel guilty about locking your car, or is it just me?

Boomers! The pup is in my lap now! He hates storms.

Rob Dibble annoys me as a baseball announcer

Some flu facts from a molecular biologist

Some flu facts from a molecular biologist

so after your inlaws screw you for tens of thousands

It's official. There is no food that can not be veganized. I give you...

12 Steppers. What do you say about legalizing pot?

:) :)

If someone had peripheral knowledge of Al Qaeda why would they turn themself in or offer information

If Bush had gotten involved with AG Gonzales in prosecuting Clinton

A little good old fashioned maipulation of the facts by the press ....

Sarah Steelman forming exploratory committee for Senate run

69 is a hot number.

Obama's Call For Reconciliation Process On Healthcare Is Payback For 0 republican Votes On Stimulus

I was conflicted on waterboarding till I read this

FOX going all out in denigrating President Obama this Sunday AM

*ACK* who needs coffee when you have the NEW YORK TIMES?

Barack Obama's new BlackBerry: The first details

"Defending Torture Will Wreck The GOP" by organicdemocrat

Summers On Falling Sleeping: It Was My American Dream

Obama's Health Fine After Trip to Mexico- because Fox News so cares

Obama Off to Solid Start, Edging Towards 70% approval


David Gregory asked King Abdullah to compare Obama and Bush...

Observer (UK): I never believed the US would turn on its torturers so swiftly

Young Democrats want to prove they're still engaged


Are the Republicans going the way of the Federalists?

Reagan Campaign Manager Gives Obama An "A" For Keeping Country Safe

WaPo/ABC POLL: Obama approval at 69%. Strong on economy, foreign affairs, leadership. Repugs at 30%

The Real Threat...

The Poetry Of Obama's First 100 Days...

When does a mother working two jobs to feed her kids get as much press as the Craig's List Killer?

Nutty Survivalists now want to be called 'Preparedness' experts!

A “public health emergency” is being declared to combat fears of a global swine flu pandemic.

Observer (UK): Obama's excellent 100 days

Cheney Lies Again: The case for a war crime prosecution is at this point overwhelming. (A. Sullivan)

Torture works! Cheney sez it pays off.....then....we should torture Bush and Cheney for the TRUTH

100 Days, 100 Mistakes: Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen

Minnesota Poll: Most want Coleman to call it quits

Time to Come Clean (on torture), By NICHOLAS KRISTOF

POTUS Goes Golfing

Michelle Obama, First Lady of fashion, celebrated in new book

Observer (UK): State that made Obama gives its verdict on him (Iowa)

Richard Wolffe: Selling the 100 Days

Praise for Barack's Summit of the Americas' performance: he feels no need to prove hawkishness

Clinton, in Lebanon, Lends Support Before Election

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time...

What Obama Has Shown, So Far, About His Style of Governing

Guys, I'm concerned all these approval polls are tainted by the Bradley Effect.

Anyone notice that most who gave Obama high grades for his first 100 days added,

A Lovely Essay and Slide Show on HuffPost Regarding the President's Manners

The Bottom Line for Me about President Obama

Robert Reich: How Obama Can Succeed in the Next Hundred Days and Beyond

If TORTURE works, why is Osama Bin Laden still at large?????

S Carolina: "Fired up! Ready to go!" Lady, others struggle

How Many Non-Terrorists Were Tortured by the U.S. Government?

**Heads Up!!!: Biden Coming up on 60 Minutes!**

Day 98 in the Age of Obama...and how are we doing?

In GOP base, a 'rebellion brewing' (politico)

Obama's 100-day grades:

AFP: Obama dominates in first 100 days

Jack Welch gives Obama an "A" on leadership.

Biden worries about son in Iraq

"Foxwire: Obama golfs, HHS has no Secretary, Swine flu response"

Newsom says he represents party's future, don't need a "stroll down memory lane" (i.e. Jerry Brown)

Hagan on NAFTA

Question to Any Legal Expert Here Regarding Bybee

Obama should stay chained to his WH desk until all problems in the US are solved according to FOX!

I think this cartoon sums it up perfectly.

NewsCorp rag NY POST busted! "Slap" at Obama falsely attributed to Palin.

If ya can't sling the hash ya gotta sell the diner.

"Yes we can" How Democratic policies impact infectious disease

The Banality of Bush White House Evil, By FRANK RICH

Sarah Palin comes out with an attack on Obama in NY Post Op-Ed Article

Peggy Noonan Is A Goddamn Drama Queen

For those who think Diane Feinstein is even remotely sincere

Biden cancels GMA appearance

PHOTOS A golfing Sunday

My Obama 100 Day Report Card (will likely say more about me than Obama's 100 Days)

Secessionist Gov. Rick Perry asks for federal help to deal with swine flu.

Pictorial Essay - FLOTUS Michelle Obama's First 100 Days

Johnathan Alter criticizes torture; but, alas! in 2001, he supported torture and rendition

Give the Media a Grade for their Reporting in the last 100 Days!

David Broder's piece goes viral

PHOTOS 100 Days, 35 Images.

Without Superfund Tax, Stimulus Aids Cleanups

CDC sits on documents

Pakistani official says Taliban in northwest's Swat Valley must disarm or 'face action'

Senator (Levin): Outside probe needed for interrogations

Global flu epidemic fear grows, more U.S. cases

Police caught on tape trying to recruit 'Plane Stupid' protester as spy

Profit reports turn spotlight on consumer spending

China relocates last pandas from quake-hit habitat

Bomb kills 2 guards from Afghan community force

WHO: Swine Flu is Public Health Emergency

Swine flu outbreak suspected in NZ school children

Ex-Klan chief (GOP Congressman David Duke) freed after arrest in Prague

WHO Fukuda: No Evidence Swine Flu Is Bioterrorism Attack

'Israeli oranges' faked in China

Sri Lankan rebels declare unilateral cease-fire

Inside accounts of interrogation approval differ

Iraq calls U.S. raid "crime" that violated pact

L'Ukraine commémore le 23e anniversaire de Tchernobyl

Iowa Judge Asks Pharmacy Board to Look at Marijuana

Pakistan takes action against Taliban militants

Pakistan bomb kills 12 children who thought it was a toy

3 'probable' swine flu cases found in Dallas County (TX)

U.S. declares swine flu public health emergency

US calls for 'fair' Lebanon poll

OPEC wants oil to reach $70 a barrel

Egyptian woman dies of bird flu, 3rd fatality in a week

Harley executives face questions on job cuts, outsourcing

BREAKING NEWS: NYC Mayor Bloomberg says CDC has confirmed swine flu

Irish reject e-voting, go back to paper

CIA reportedly declined to closely evaluate harsh interrogations

Tribeca film focuses on beheaded Afghan "fixer"

'The Truth' by Painter Michael D'Antuono

Man Brings Live Hand Grenade to Gun Buyback Event

Centre-left wins Iceland election

South African unions demand action after ANC win

Obama Admin. Releases Stockpile of Antiflu Virus Drug

White House to hold special briefing on swine flu

Ohio Swine Flu Case Confirmed

(Bush app'ted Porter Goss) Spies Come Out to Criticize Memos' Release

Khmer Rouge survivors speak out

VICTORY: CA Dem Party Will Pass Resolution of Impeachment Inquiry Into Bybee Today---UPDATE: Passed

Ecuador's president looks set to win election

Anti-abortion movement gets a new-media twist

Bolivia gang linked to drugs trade, race killings

Jerry Brown back on top after scorning Dems - Frontrunner for governor in CA.

Max Keiser - News appearance compilation - 24-25 April 2009


N.Z .Students test positive for Swine Flu

ABC News Exclusive: Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh

Re: Some thoughts on torture

The Week In Cartoons 04/25/09

Joe Lieberman: Torn Between Two Parties

McCain Calls Out "Extreme Talk Show Hosts"..."Shameful"

TYT: O'Reilly's Latest Lie - Nixon Never Met Mao (Check Out the Pics)

"the best documentary film I've seen in years!" Michael Moore

Max Keiser - Press TV pt 2 - IMF promoting world currency - US dollar is set to crash

Max Keiser - Press TV pt 1 - Geithner, Paulson, Jim Cramer should be in jail

John Podesta Calls For Impeaching Jay Bybee

Will Charlie Lynch Avoid Prison For Legally Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

Trump goes on FauxNews, defends President Obama who "inherited total mess", gives him a B+

And then there's Maude!

Lisa Ling Goes Inside a Tent City Oprah com

New Yorkers speak out on torture


Blakk Rasta - Barack Obama

Is Waterboarding Torture?

McCain: Torture Memo Prosecution Bad Idea (Chiefly For All Congress Knew About It)

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) making sense on torture prosecutions

Democrat kicks Republican butt....

This ones a classic. Lawrence O'Donnell sets a wingnut straight

Professor Jonathan Turley, Grilled About Torture By Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews Pt 1/2

TYT: Confessions of a TARP Wife

This Week - Torture - Donna Brazile: "It's about the rule of law."

TYT: The Full Explanation of Why and How We Tortured(!)

The One Percent Part 1 of 8

Coachella 2009 - Naked Wizard Tased And Beaten - FULL VIDEO

Pastor gets tazered

One tortured lie: that’s all it took for war

False Profits… The Messengers……. Now call themselves “The Fox Nation“.

President, Congress right to press credit card reforms

Find a spine, pursue the truth (Galloway / McClatchy)

Editorial: Darkness revealed (Philly Inquirer)

Examining torture in the Bush era (McManus / LAT)

Torture: The Memos and Partisan Reaction ( Washington Post-ABC News poll)

Why the Torture Memos Matter

Juan Cole: Maliki Government Resists Deal with Baathists

Our Opinion: Have 9/11-style panel investigate torture (Springfield State Journal Register)

The Banality of Bush White House Evil

When Republicans Don’t Know Squat About Science And Are Proud Of It

It's What The Money Is Used FOR

It's time for legal Cuba travel for all

Time To Put Republicans Out To Pasture

Outsourcing in this recession: will it increase? (survey at link)

Frank RIch: The banality of Bush's torture

Why did Porter Goss finger Jane Harman?

Money Talks-Can Peter Orszag keep the President’s political goals economically viable?

Putting the torture shame behind us (Vallejo Times Herald)

May the truth set us free on torture debate, with some cautions (Peoria Journal Star)

U.S. Declares Swine Flu a Public Health Emergency

Torture, Empathy, and Democracy

At the Polls, Icelanders Punish Conservatives

What a terrible mess: torture documents reveal U.S. at its worst

Torture? It probably killed more Americans than 9/11

Judge Bybee's cruelty (Jon B. Eisenberg)

Torture at Abu Ghraib by Seymour M. Hersh

McCain Says Lawyers Should Not Be Prosecuted for bad Advice

Conservatives Live in a Different Moral Universe -- And Here's Why It Matters

George Bush's Nightmare Comes True - For Someone Else

"President Obama can talk about not looking back, but this grotesque past is bigger than even he is"

George Lakoff: Torture, Empathy, and Democracy

Mary Mapes: Looking Back at Abu Ghraib 5 Years Later

Urgent stuff - get the family together for this - VERY IMPORTANT REVELATION

I never believed the US would turn on its torturers so swiftly (Philippe Sands / The Observer)

The Next Scam of the Century “The Fix is In” Credit Card Co & 2005 Bankruptcy Laws

Poor Oprah

Did Obama Throw Appalachia’s Mountaintops Under The Bulldozers?

Taliban's Coercion Betrays Qur'an

The gay marriage 'debate'

Hand of God Rock Wall For Sale on eBay, Brought to you by NutsRus

"Mankind Is No Island"

Mothers of Plaza De Mayo (Jakarta Post)

Obama's Real Plan in Latin America

Army intimidated journalist: El Espectador

8 soldiers arrested for Soacha 'false positives' (graphic photo)

Time to Strengthen Ties with Peru

Let's Hope This Gift Keeps on Giving (Monthly Review)

'Cuba good enough for PM, good enough for us'

Hockey scores tough to come by in Cuba (and other HORRORS)

Non-Aligned Movement Mtg. to Define Common Stance Amid Complex World Scenario

Bolivia gang linked to drugs trade, race killings

Jamaica/Cuba Eyecare Project Resumes Monday

Ecuador's president looks set to win election

The Book Chavez Gave to Obama

Correa set to gain easy victory as Ecuador votes

Final chapter written in Chaco war between Bolivia and Paraguay

Let’s sum-it up: Cuba stole the show

GAO report on high speed rail

Pew Applauds New Senate Bill Mandating Shark Conservation

LETTER signed by 28 scientists to Calif Air Resources Board opposed to INDIRECT land use changes

How LIFE Works - The concept of fusion-fission hybrids

miles and miles of windmill...

Widespread Coral Death, Fish Loss Off Oahu, Maui - Worst Damage In Developed Areas

Florida drilling bill is rigged: Republicans pushing to allow drilling less than 10 miles offshore

Australian Ecologists Describe "Death Spiral" For All Large Land Species In Northern Territories

Fish populations have been reduced by 70-95% - Imagine a world without seafood for supper

Cowboys draft Levitra. If he lasts more than 4 hours....

Rangers coach Tortorella suspended for throwing water bottle at fan.

How can you even think about sports ,when Bea Arthur has died????

Could the Sharks fans STFU so I can hear the announcers? Thanx.

Does your RB run well in space? It seems be important.

NHL puts Kevin Smith in the sin bin

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the past.....49ers unveil new uniforms

Wow. The Pirates take two out of three in San Diego!!1!!

The S.F. Giants fell 5 percent in value to $471 million. Why?

SUCKY sports weekend. Spurs lost, Royals lost, Chiefs traded TG and have a sucky draft Gordon wrec

Who had the best draft so far?

Obligatory "Red Sox defeat Yanks in thrilling game" thread

So? Everyone happy with their draft picks?

NBA fans. If you are not watching Bulls VS. Celtics

OSHA probes death at apartment construction in Springfield

OSHA proposes nearly $110,000 in fines against Wyman Gordon Co. for hazards at Grafton, Mass., plant

Dehler Manufacturing faces $229,500 in OSHA fines

After A Layoff, Detroit Family Struggles

Today in labor history Apr 26 60,000 people marched in Washington, D.C., to demand jobs for all

How long before Xenophobes start claiming that people

CDC Video: Dirty hands spread dangerous diseases like swine flu

A high-tech approach to getting a nicotine fix

"What If Vitamin D Deficiency Is a Cause of Autism?" — Scientific American, April 24, 2009 - x

India's 'holy powder' finally reveals its centuries-old secret

Lieberman: Israel will not attack Iran - even if sanctions fail

Iranian arms ship destroyed near Sudan

'Israeli oranges' faked in China

Daily Kos; Diary of a Liberal Gun Store Clerk

NYC police say man brought grenade to gun buyback

2A All the Way

Changing tactics with the anti-gun crowd.

Interest Rate Derivatives Beast

What are anti-gun liberals afraid of?

20 million people ages 18 to 34 live at home with their parents


Three from Lexington Cemetery from the National Register of Historic Places

La La La

How long before there is a homeopathic remedy for swine flu?

Law of Time & 13 moon/28 day calendar....

Astrology and swine flu

This I Believe

Will this Researcher Prove Reincarnation?

Grandma'ma Syzygy here!

Widely referenced, comprehensive star catalog?

A comprehensive list of sites for getting cosmetic/ritual ingredients (DIY skincare; etc.)

Mexican archbishop cancels Sunday masses nationwide

Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes

How long must we wait for the end of the world? It's been predicted

Taliban's Coercion Betrays Qur'an

Carolina Red BBQ Sauce

End results

I got really industrious this morning and made fresh cinnamon rolls for

Gooey Butter Cake

What does your pantry look like?

I found some black walnuts.

Mich. high school senior aces ACT, SAT and PSAT

Merit Pay Article (Wi. Newspaper) I Like It

Update on the small appliance police effort

Anyone have experience using "The Power of I"?

My new blog - "9/11 Truth Burnout"

North TX DU'ers: FREE classical Concert in FW tonight if you love organ music

2 dreams come true at once (Kristi Thibaut D-Houston)

Voting rights lawsuit started in Austin garage

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival: "Wild Field"

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival: "The Kautokeino Rebellion"

Talk Cinema: "Easy Virtue"