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OUTRAGE(the movie) + trailer

For all those DU'ers who haven't gotten their ponies from Obama yet:


Huh Huh!!! KO is talking about GOP shrinkage!!

Kazakhstan: Government to build UFO base and alien embassy

Every time Keith talks about GOP "shrinkage"

Letters to the WSJ: We'd Love to Live on $250,000 a Year and Be Squeezed

Pakistan Taliban 'Re-enters' Buner

Pakistan Taliban 'Re-enters' Buner

Resources for Rare Cancers: Do you have support for the kind you or a loved one have?

One species is enjoying the recession - rodents !!!!

One species is enjoying the recession - rodents !!!!

Bill Moyers.......

Obtained: Cheney’s Request Form Detailing The Two CIA Torture Docs He Wants

Whatever became of Wes Clark?

Ret. General John Batiste coming up in KO

Ret. General John Batiste coming up in KO

Soup Kitchens and Tent Cities: Crisis Plunges US Middle Class into Poverty

Pastor Putnam called it a "teaching tool." Police call it illegal.

Breaking News: Another SoCal Bank Failure: First Bank of Beverly Hills.

Putting the Bush Years on Trial

STREISAND: LIVE IN CONCERT (Saturday ) (tomorrow) on CBS @ 8:00 ET)

It's BANK BUST FRIDAY Everybody !!!!!

On pandemics, the WHO and Peter and the Wolf...

[Streaming Video] Real Time with Bill Maher

Robert Reich: The Great Credit Card Battle To Come

OK. Oprah is being an ass.

Have You Heard the One About the Rapper That Mooned The Nazis?

Have You Heard the One About the Rapper That Mooned The Nazis?

Ugh! Harry Reid is defending Judge Bybee? Then Reid MUST go!

Torturing Detainee May Have Produced False Terror Alerts

Torturing Detainee May Have Produced False Terror Alerts

Chrysler Financial executives refused loans to avoid compensation caps

Waxman calling out Gingrich on Hearing repeat, C-span NOW

If GM goes Bankrupt... will it still function in China and Brazil?

You know what it is with the repukes? Know what it's all about?

You know what it is with the repukes? Know what it's all about?

RNC to vote on resolution demanding Democrats change party name to...

No "Palin effect" (on toursim to Alaska)

but but the torture, I mean enhanced interrogation prevented a 9/11 style attack on the west coast..

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

We can get torture convictions, if we heed these words...

Can we impeach Rep. Bachmann (R) from MN?

As There's No Statute of Limitations on War Crimes, This Won't End With Obama

The TX anti-Immigrant fence should move to Oklahoma !!

The TX anti-Immigrant fence should move to Oklahoma !!

Cutting the crap: It's just an idea, and it's science fiction until we have 1st hand evidence/proof.

Is it really possible that another Spanish Flu-type pandemic can develop?

Dollars & Sense: 14 million homes are vacant

CNN BREAKING NEWS: 68 dead in Mexico from Swine Flu..

GM’s story is an old one — even for GM

Obama Tactic Shields Health Care Bill From a Filibuster

Palin has stepped in it....again. SarahPAC morphs into "The AK Fund Trust"

I LOVE Bill Moyers and tonght's Journal was the hugest load of apologist "expert" economist shite

The Siegelman Case (NYT Editorial)

Shrub: the Elephant-in-the-room, the Emperor-no-clothes -- why is he ALWAYS exempt?!1

"Together, we can help Governor Palin turn back the tide of overtly partisan and personal attacks"

Guess? co-founder Georges Marciano... running for Governor in CA... owes $2 million in CA back taxes

Venture capital firm set to reap rewards on swine flu

Anyone Got the Graph showing the national deficit over the last 30 years

Children and arson

Children and arson



Can prosecutors and defense attorneys boycott Judge Jay Bybee?

Ronald Reagan on "torture"...

Wounded, and Stories of Loss, Fill a Hospital

Texas? Secession? How about a little spoonful of "Be Careful What You Wish For"?

Use of Tasers

Communist Musical Band Wins Epic Oklahoma Battle Over ‘Official State Rock Song’

How does Obama have time for his family?

Petraeus: Shipping Industry Should Consider Armed Guards

WorldNutDaily's 23 lies about Obama

Jim Hightower: Why Is Texas So Psycho?

Freed Pirate Hostage Accuses Limbaugh Of 'Hate Speech'

Rachel Maddow show advertised on FOX.

Today's ironic headline (NYT): "Americans Accused of Stealing Fuel in Iraq"

A Tough One To Spin

Who's A Terrorist Now?

Glenn Beck's Common Sense Comedy: Laugh or Die? I choose the latter.

America opens new front in the war against cancer

Criminal indictment against Yukio Asano for waterboarding

I've Figured Out What Pisses The Reichwing Off The Most About Obama

CIA official: no proof harsh techniques stopped terror attacks

The Phelps clan protested at Walt Whitman High School -- because it's named Walt Whitman High School

In 2002, Military Agency Warned Against 'Torture'....yet bu$h* tortured anyway

Joey Scar: "If I were a liberal..."

Bybee (now) Regrets

Cruise to Cozumel Mexico next week,,,would you still go?

National Day of Prayer Event Is Up in the Air

Conservatives Live in a Different Moral Universe -- And Here's Why It Matters

C-SPAN3 healthcare discussion w/ Tom Daschle, Michael Leavitt, Judy Woodruff

FBI Arrests Oklahoma Teabagger For Twitter Threats

My recommendation for a "Special Prosecutor/Lead Investigator" on Torture: Judge Evan Wallach

Huffington Post: On Tour for the Employee Free Choice Act

I loves me some Rachel M.

N.Y. Democrat Murphy Wins House Race After Concession

The GOP, 2009

The GOP, 2009

here's video of gore and blackburn - she implies he's profiting from global warming

Ponderings about ANZAC Day and the Right claiming ownership of all things military

Justice Dept. "incensed" at White House for waging assault on their independence to prosecute

Not kidding: NOM calls Miss California 'Queen Esther'


H-1B Visa Law: Trying Again

The "Axis of Evil" - they always were guilty of what the claimed someone

I think they thought they could get away with breaking laws,

Father: Reporter Saberi on Hunger Strike in Tehran Prison

Senator John Kerry: Warner vs. Gingrich On Climate Change

Health Officials Investigate Illness at Queens Private School 75 students symptoms swine flu

The 'American' Way is that the Ends don't justify the Means.

Man Fired, Returns Home To Find House Burning, Single Father, Worked As Emergency Counselor

Readers in Mexico have been emailing the BBC describing the sense of fear gripping the country

US Airways, Continental relax ticketing policies for Mexico City passengers over swine flu outbreak

Flashback: A Look Back at the Church Committee’s Investigation into CIA, FBI Misuse of Power

Flashback: A Look Back at the Church Committee’s Investigation into CIA, FBI Misuse of Power

Who's there: Owl lives in Ark. Home Depot

Largest Kazakh Bank Stops Foreign Debt Payments - Gov. Seeking More Oil Deals To Plug Holes

FINALLY: an EPIPHANY moment for Right Wing rats ? - - "This is America! We Do Not Fuckin' Torture!"

Imagine if your local police began torturing suspects and bragged about how well it worked on TV?

GOP is discovering that Obama knows how to play hardball...

Right wing threatens Obama over torture charges

Human Swine Influenza Investigation - CDC

Craigslist founder refuses to close 'erotic' section of his site

When I was a child I remember Civil Defense Drills and Air Raid Drills.

Christian blogger "People who torture are possessed by demons

Out of work bankers seen scavenging in the EU.

is it a coincidence the way Fox is pronouncing Carl Levin's last name?

Kerry campaign wants to make film

American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination

The Obama's posh digs

Killing me Softly...

Bush said America doesn't torture, but we have been for well over 20 years

A New GOP Smear- Gore refused to debate a "Science Advisor" to Thatcher. She wasn't a denier though.

Shimkus: Capping CO2 a greater ‘assault on democracy’ than 9/11.

Ethnic Differences and Discomforts Through The Eyes of a Child

kos diary: David Duke Arrested in Czech Republic

Stem cells 'able to reverse symtoms of multiple sclerosis'

Howard Dean on Bill Maher!!!!

Howard Dean on Bill Maher!!!!

If this guy were Arab would this have been terrorism? Man charges Delta cockpit

Did they draw straws and Cheney lost ??

Venture capital firm set to reap rewards on swine flu - Reuters

anybody counting how many times CNN is advert. their Wed. nite 100 days show?

Pirates seize German ship near Somalia, US Navy says

Climate Change Deniers' Own Scientists Said Global Warming Was Real

Conficker virus begins to attack PCs: experts

T-shirt idea: "Just following orders." under GOP Elephant

Michigan high school senior aces SAT, ACT, and the PSAT.

Interior secretary announces $500M for tribes

Monsanto suing Germany: corporate interests vs public will?

Judge Rejects CIA Attempt To Withhold Records On Destroyed Interrogation Tapes

Judge Rejects CIA Attempt To Withhold Records On Destroyed Interrogation Tapes

DNC frames 100 days mark as contrast with GOP

"What Pakistan is where it is" - excellent piece by a Pakistani columnist

Why does the EFCA not allow secret ballots for the employees?

CDC: Too Late To Stop Swine Flu Outbreak..New strain has officials worried combine bird, swine human

Amy Goodman is live on c-span2/BookTV - call with torture quesitons etc.

Fighting Deadly Flu, Mexico Cancels More Events(WHO to Raise Alert From 3 to 4)

So how can you tell if you are a zealot or a rational person?

Maggots in candy

been thinking of those 7000 gun stores along the border

President Obama wants government to be primary financier of student loans

The New York City Health Department to hold News Conference

Is Capital Punishment of Americans As Heinous As Torture of Non-Americans?

A Palo Alto nursing facility continues to operate under quarantine

Flu Wiki Forum - for everything Swine Flu - plus cool graphic and Daily Kos article

Alleged Craiglist Killer and Ashley Todd (Backwards B Girl)

flu questions: maybe some of the medical people here can help me

Freed hostage layeth the smack down on Limbaugh (and freepers go ballistic)

There's a great book waiting to be written on why we need government

Comcast and Obama screw the family pooch

The feds took over my credit union today.

Swine Flu: Look Hard Enough, and You’ll See Strange Things -- WSJ blog

Former Republican State Representative And KKK Leader David Duke Detained Overseas

when does the swine flu become president obama`next big test?

Wasn't Obama in Mexico City recently? I sure hope he

WHO: Mexico swine flu has 'pandemic potential'

The Siegelman Case

Can we track down this report of 200 deaths in Mexico? Help

Oprah Defends Her Hair: "This Is Not A Weave!"

The DCCC has created a website to expose Michele Bachmann for what she is.......

The DCCC has created a website to expose Michele Bachmann for what she is.......

Defending Torture Will Wreck The GOP

How to Tell I'm Not A Terrorist by Sarfraz Manzoor

Thank You Naomi Wolfe -Go for the Top

David Duke, Former KKK Leader, Detained In Prague For Denying Holocaust

Suspected 'Craigslist Killer' had issues with people of color, had issues with women

delete: dupe

Are the Penn Relays the biggest high school track meet in the US

Had I the right to take offense at this bumper sticker I recently saw?

New Flu Has Spread Widely, Cannot Be Contained-CDC

the Disaster is,... that Mexico has no gov infrastructure for anything other than

Why the torture photos should be released.

Before this latest flu panic starts - READ THIS

NOTE TO COUNTRY: if you can't do the time, don't do the crime

Fundie church spends $300K on legal fees - state AG investigating church finances

The most famous speech in American political history

Paterson whacks Giuliani

Biosurveillance company offical testified in July '08 Congressional hearing about pandemic outbreak

Woman Pwns Bishop Malone about Same Sex Marriage in Maine

A Real American Hero

To get a good job, get a good education (President Obama & team saw my DU post last year)

Police badgered an innocent man into confessing to the rape and murder of his own daughter

Another multiple shooting. Three killed this time.

How Torture Worked to Sell the Iraq War

Anyone here remember where to find the national pandemic procedures plan?

Bush era comes back to haunt us: DoD contignecies for pandempic quarantine.

Didja ever notice, funnily (sic) enough...

2001: A Space Odyssey and the monolith. We've been looking at the monolith for years.

Flu Kills The Torture Memos

Hold on. The memos Cheney thinks prove the effectiveness of torture

I'm surprised Europe and Asia have not stopped flights from the Americas yet.

Thank you

Eric Holder?

Follow Up On I Popped a PUKES CORK.. Last Night thread

You know your bank is in trouble when…

UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis Scheduled for June 1-3 in New York

Pigs and Birds form terror cell and unleash biological warfare on unsuspecting North Americans...

Al Gore 1, Ms. Blackburn 0

Ms Too-Stupid-For-Words comments on the President's first 100 days....

multiple shooting of the day: Professor sought after 3 shot dead near University of Georgia

Triple shooting a mile from my house last night (suspect's wife, 2 friends serious condition)

Kevin Spacey Playing Jack Abramoff in Biopic

Watch out for SWINE

Sanford sticks to proposed cuts for wildfire fighting

Pigs on a wing


Watch out for EVIL Swine

Going to the emergency room will be problematic with an epidemic.

The Discussion on Torture Survived the Entire Bush Administration, It Will Survive the Flu

Tip for following the latest on "swine flu"

If we'd tortured the pigs, we could have stopped the swine flu outbreak.

RIP Bea Arthur

City pastor charged with having man killed for life insurance

Why are post that have zero to do with 9/11, like swine flu and the Bilderberg Group

CNN Reporting President Obama Does Not Have Flu...

TX Gov requests 37,430 courses of antiviral meds (for suspected cases and healthcare workers)

Lets try and explain we have the world on our side, Fox and the Teabaggers have no one..

Bea Arthur dies

Wal-Mart's "Frightening" Narcotics Deal

Dilbert's law of things #14 - Don't argue with idiots

Pat Fuckcanan is a digusting POS.

Homeland Security chief seeks to repeal Real ID Act

Larry Wilkinson on Rachael's show: "VP Cheney is a man who frightens easily."

UK Crew Member in Hospital After Mexico Flight

Swine Flu Likely Sickens 100-200 at St. Francis Prep (Queens/ New York City)

Obama greeted by possible flu vicitm

Obama greeted by possible flu vicitm

Can someone point me to the DU preparedness forum?

It's not Craigslist, it's bad laws.

Ok, someone's gotta ask this -- Why doesn't anyone talk about the Hong Kong flu pandemic?

Two patients in isolation after being in Mexico

Check out this UK Guardian Poll

Conspiracy Theory is a term Conservatives use on US...

Second-in-command of hijacked ship blasts Rush Limbaugh’s ‘disgusting’ comments.

CNN: NY tests don’t rule out swine flu.

Well she did it. She got a makeover. (Susan Boyle - photo of the 'new' Susan)

Kansas judge's order for sex-offender signs is overturned

I'm angry at the torturers. And those who enabled them. Want to know why?

What would happen if Israel bombed Iran's nuclear facilities?

Flu Victims Tortured - Pandemics and other notable epidemics

"The Terror Presidency" by Jack Goldsmith

Labor Secretary Solis holds veterans issues town hall meeting in downtown LA

Are the confirmation hearings for Sebelius just a testing ground for Supreme Court vacancies

Bea Arthur Kicks The Bucket

Kansas Governor Vetoes Milk Labeling Bill (Speaking of Sebelius)

Does this seem fair to you?

Powerful antivirals to have on hand

Here we go with Tamiflu again.....

Darron Mikeworth, Injured Iraq Vet, Gets New Face In Operation Mend

Austin school announces closing........(swine flu)

Let me see, we've had war, beheadings, torture, pirates, and now plague.

Investigating Torture And Other War Crimes Is Ridiculous

The Torture Document Dump Timeline - by emptywheel

"Golden Girl" Bea Arthur has died

hey rethuglicans, wanna torture? fine

Zimbardo: Blame the leaders who created the torture scene

Food Price Hike Causes Stir At Prisons


CNN Reporting Swine Flu Cases Confirmed in Kansas.

Possible College Ban for Illegal Immigrants (Missouri)

NYT: Unemployed, Unapologetic and Unrestrained: It’s Cheney Unbound

Cheney the visible

Local author dies after slitting throat in Wal-Mart


Key Facts About Swine Flu (Source: CDC)

NEW national brand of fair trade coffee

Animal rights activist on FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' list

Homeland Security advisory re: swine flu

Captain Trips!

Suppose you could get a Loan for a house, car, college from a U.S. Governemrnt Bank?

Landlords lead push to ban smoking at home

What do you think will cause your demise other than the usual causes (cancer, heart disease, etc)

Can someone tell me what happened between Gore and Blackburn?

Writer/filmmaker hires stripper to impersonate her at 10 year high school reunion-makes documentary

Iowa Magistrate to Stop Performing Marriages

The torture debate is driving the conservatives crazy!

Over 1000 Cases, 68 Dead

Obama’s Iraq: NO ‘CHANGE’

Ever heard a Rightie say "Socialism doesn't work except in the military!!!111!"?

Greenwald: Democratic complicity and what "politicizing justice" really means

Bea Arthur in The Star Wars Holiday Special

Any new book suggestions?

After Mom's Wistful Remark, A Maternity Ward Inquisition


NEWSPEAK- Clinton Promises Iraqis Obama Administration Won't Abandon Their Country

Heads up: Arlo Guthrie on Prairie Home today.

a must watch video of "Maude" RIP Bea Arthur

Mark Crispin Miller On Karl Rove's U.S. Attorney For Utah

Waterboard Hannity For Charity group on FaceBook

Anyone remember the swine flu in NJ (1976)

WAIT Susan Boyle has been pushed off the pages of DU

Chrysler, CAW reach tentative agreement on concessions

Is "Swine Flu" another hyped POS to get tough Immigration Laws Passed?

Rummy's parting words as Sec. of Defense


Teabagger arrested for threatening to turn the Oklahoma City capitol steps into a bloodbath

When a parent is ill: Trying to do the right thing for them.

Poor Porter Goss

Fox News Confidential: The Truth Behind Its Secret Mission

Is FOX News Channel buying up radio stations across America ?

My LTTE: We need moderation in punishing torturers

lets help the freepers

Glenn Greenwald's interview with UN Rapporteur Nowak (transcript)

during ww2 there was a priest who worked with japanese prisoners of war and got info out of them by

Clinton adopts new word for Iraqi resistance

Can you give me examples of things that were hyped up in the media that turned out to be unfounded?

Beyond the VA colonoscopy/Hep C scandal: The UNMENTIONABLE reality: Endoscopes CAN'T be autoclaved:

1976: Fear of a great plague.

When Jewish Scholars Fled to the South

digby: Things That Are Driving Me Crazy

Soil Association condemns decision not to ban pesticides that kill honey bees

It Takes One To Know One: Bachmann Denounces Attacks on Right Wing Extremists

BBC: More than 200 dead from swine flu in Mexico?

Why is water boarding wrong??? (Real question)

ageing gracefully

Picture Tribute to Bea Arthur (PHOTO HEAVY)

"Worse than Gitmo:" ACLU Asks for Documents on Bagram Prison, Where the US Still Holds 600 Prisoners

Bill Maher Still Doesn't Get That Torture Doesn't EVER Work

Why have a Constitution if we always need to suspend it to keep us "safe"?

I feel so bad for my Republican neighbors. I really do.

"Oath Betrayed"..The 2002 death of Dilawar. From our early days of torture in Bagram.

Norway Finance Minister seeks ban on petrol cars from 2015

They didn't torture to stop an impending attack.....

TX Gov. Perry: Texans might get so frustrated...they would want to secede from the union.

Funniest line I've heard in some time:

Funniest line I've heard in some time:

Wilkerson: Cheney is "a man who lives on fear, and he's a fearful man."

Have big PR firms been hired to "sell" torture to the American people?

we did a good thing but in a bad way...does the good out weigh the bad?

WOW! Searching DU for a topic just completely outperformed a Google web search

Watch Me Combine Twitter AND Swine Flu In One - ONE - Post!

GOP Cookbook - Now Available!!!

GOP Cookbook - Now Available!!!

Swine Flu Poll

Repugs Say: If you Go after Bush Cheney..We will get Obama On War Crimes in Afghanistan!

EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE IS DEAD…conservative Democrats killed it!

Help Tennesseans prevent delay in getting rid of DREs: go online & comment on this op-ed piece

Forget the Tamiflu - take your Vitamin D

Are we going to allow sharia law in America?

Isn't it amazing how quickly torture headlines

Family in TX quarantined after son falls ill.

From Twitter: Biosurveillance company reporting Canada to Mexico flights being cancelled

WE FRIED BAD APPLES for following orders!

Here is a factoid as to why some of us are worried about flu and mexico

Jesus Christ on a license plate. Yup, it's Florida.

Gotta love this: "Capitalism is leading humanity and the planet to extinction"

Promised Part II of 'The Soldier Who Refused to Torture--And Killed Herself a Few Days Later'

If you live in California, have you prepared for an earthquake? If not, why not?

Obama Repeatedly Reminds House GOP Of Their Zero Stimulus Votes (GREAT)

Obama Repeatedly Reminds House GOP Of Their Zero Stimulus Votes (GREAT)

Why Porter Goss Is SO Panicky-He KNOW'S Bushco Broke Laws

Experts ponder 'paradox of pornography'

Vanity Fair seems to almost want to "go there": Palin's "first acknowledged grandchild"

Outrage at 'skin and bones' Miss Universe contestant Australia

I Troll (found on Glenn Greenwald's letters on Salon)

I Troll (found on Glenn Greenwald's letters on Salon)

Man Smashes TVs At Wal-Mart With Bat

Google Map for swine flu cases (and a website for timeline of events)

A Thread To Honor Our Beloved Freezer Which Died Today At Age Of 40 Something.

What was Midlo's big news today?

Thinking of changing my sig.

Thinking of changing my sig.

"Sextette" - WTF?????

So midlo has gorgeous kids! She has to go and post their pics.

If Texas Secedes, Then The Dallas Cowboys Are Barred From The NFL

Do you care if people here at DU criticize or make fun of your posts or opinions?

For my beloved, a romantic song.

Are they skimping on the pasta in burger/tuna helper these days?

STREISAND: LIVE IN CONCERT (Saturday ) (tomorrow) on CBS @ 8:00 ET)

It's Friday, I am not in love

The weather here is beyond awesome! Except for

Anyone here know how to make a link to something in the iTunes store?

Victim or the Crime!?!

Great Moments In Spam History

is Mount Royal Light a wimpy wiskey or what???

I am not pregnant. I will never BE pregnant again. If I GET pregnant, Mr. Midlo will suffocate me.


How much of an asshole is you-know-who?

How does a woman convey that a joke about her getting pregnant is, in fact, a joke?

Kevin Youkilis is a god.

During normal operations under Windows Vista, what should normal 'CPU Usage' percentage be?

Honey, I'm home!

I apologize for my absence the past 2 months

Some people are so batshit insane they shouldn't be allowed out without supervision.

Micro Brew fans take note, tomorrow is Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery

Testing, Testing

This is cool ... deep.

How does a woman get pregnant and or stop it?

It sure would be nice if I could breathe out of my nose.

Tonight's cowbell tune: Little Feat - Fat Man in the Bathtub

I'm starting a three week liquid fast/detox Monday, the Martha's Vineyard detox.

I have never had a cavalier; what am I missing?

Say what you must about Toby Keith, but "I Love This Bar"

It's stuff like this that makes me wonder if anyone has a conscience anymore

The Gospel of St. John, by Rowan Atkinson...

Mariano Rivera has now blown his 12th save against the Sox

I haz a basement.

I guess my only other question is: How could a writer as brilliant as Hunter Thompson think Wild

My lips are on fire

Netflix streaming on anything other than a PC is crap

How to make Hot Ice!!! Crazy

saw a pretty bad movie at the theater tonight...but the nap was great


I played the shit out of some foos ball tonight.


Whoa! I went to school with that guy!

Do you think you would win in a fight with a rat?

Do you think you would win in a fight with a rat?

I say young lady, you have a butterfly on your nose!

Biggest successes that resulted from too much cocaine.....

Find your nude celebrity pictures right here!!!!! This is HUGE!!!!

I'm calling out flvegan! Apparently he is an idiot6 and he EID.

I am so sad right now

Do you think you would win in a fight with a dust mite?

I think it's high time that teh Lounge creates a contact list.

You say "Batshit Insane" I think...

funniest bird video ever

Alright, DBs, I ain't happy with this 44-6 crap!

44-6, the new code for FAIL

Skunk roadkill (nothing worse than rated PG pics...)

Remeber Miss South Carolina's map answers...well...listen to Miss Arizona on health care...


Speaking of unusual local festivals, Saturday is Eeyore's Birthday!!!

What's the descriptive name for gray & beige tortoiseshell cats?

friends with benefits: vote here

Gimmie a good reason to get up out of bed

Saw the Go-Go's last night. They were AWESOME!

So the police came and tazed a guy in our store's men's room today

"Realtity" vs. "Unrealtity"

a question for you ladies

My bullied son's last day on Earth (CNN)

Where's Kitten Picture of the Day?

I'm calling out birth control! Apparently this includes condoms and an IUD.

fashion PSA for the lounge

terrorists sieze embassy, force Susan Boyle to sing

It is time for a new "On Notice Board"

Wanna make millions for dancing around like an ape on amphetamines?

Music for your Saturday morning, what are you listening to?

I have never had caviar; what am I missing?

I know it makes me a horrible Dead-head, but

Finally, finally, FINALLY!

So begins my long wait for an SSI hearing.

Do any of you work from home?

A far reaching question with intense repercussions must be asked:

Let's start cutting, Alex Trebek

No, the stupid woman isn't Sean Hannity - she's a Roper!

Whats the name of that restaurant next to Best Buy?

7 months of searching for work or clients, now working at a call center....

"Eats, Shoots and Leaves?" Need Grammar Police ruling on "Beyonce does interview with bleeding feet"

I want to never dye the thread that breaks.

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!! I have to spend the afternoon with my goddamn

Now THIS is a great way to spend Sat afternoon



AARrrggggg!!! Cat loving computer geeks, question:

Breaking: 'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur has died at age 86

Hey, I found Bill O'Reilly's mentor!

Swine Flu Victims: A point worth noting

Penguins - Flyers is a great game

And THIS is why tigers eat their young.

It happens.

Who would win in a fight between Gareth Keenan and Dwight Schrute?

With twelve reviews in so far, Star Trek (2009) is a 100% on the Tomatometer!

OK, ya slobs. LISSEN UP!

So the world IS made up of all types! In 1970 there were republican hippies. In 2009:

I would like to publicly apologize for casting asparagus on bacon....

Watch out for SWINE

Is this a nice going away gift? We have a teacher friend who is moving 3 states away

My dog stinks.

Fucking Spring Allergies!

Can it be? The Nationals looking at 3-13 today?

How hard up is anyone here for money?

Do you think you would win in a fight with a dog?

West Side Story/Worst Slide Story parody. Hilarious.

What brought you happiness today?


Sideways...a funny, quirky, insightful little buddy flick or an overrated piece of crap?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/25/09

Whose face is that on the "Informers" poster?

Johnny fucking Damon

Why hasn't the Lounge been flooded with post after post about swine, pork, pig,

Does it go without saying that...

Are the Yanks/Red Sox pitchers taking the day off today?

Giant Bat-Eating Centipede

Shit! We are all out of Q-Tips and I have an itch so deep in my ear that it feels as if

If you're familiar with Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) this is hilarious!

Do you think you would win in a fight with a cat?

Breaking: Memo includes this photo of "enhanced interrogation"

AWWWW, Mel Kiper is pissed that the Raiders aren't following his rankings

Waiting in LAX for my flight home...

I am having a trivial problem


The Golden Girls or Maude?


Somewhere, Gerry Ford is saying, "Told ya so!"

the Patriots have all 32 picks in next year's first round

***BREAKING*** Jessica Alba gets ticket for driving wrong way down a one-way street ***BREAKING***

GRRR!!! Rape jokes = NOT FUNNY, especially when a rape victim can hear them.

I want to break the thread that never dies

PSA: Do NOT point a gardening hose at hornets.

Been Vegetarian for 10 days now. how long before

Falafel is soooo tasty

I just got done reading 'Watchmen' - anybody else ever read it?

Irrational fears?

I take some GED pre tests monday and will start math classes on may 26.

An unusual way to stretch a dollar

A VERY rigid backstage rider from a musician whose diet used to primarily consist of SMACK.

Best Beatle non-Beatles Band

BEA ARTHUR has passed away from SWINE FLU!

Grow up, America

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/25/2009)

Older DU'ers, do you remember mental hygiene educational films from the 50's?

Arlo Guthrie on A Prairie Home Companion now!

I know 4 people who have lost jobs in the past week.

Not much of an update on Mrs. V., but here it is:

Is it unethical for me to put the "baby sleeping" sign on the door NOW?

Amazing - I just got home from a mall that has NO bookstore

Random Rant: I'm sick and tired of seeing Quantum Mechanics abused

Febreze and transdimensional physics

OK. Oprah is being an ass.

**** Official NFL Draft Thread****

I'm having a serious problem

Where in tarnation is DS1?????

Ridiculous start-time at school, anyone else have/had this problem?

They told us bird flu was the end of the world, now pig flu is going to kill us all

RELITIGATE?? When did we ever litigate torture in the first place?

Gone With The Wind.

Hey, Dick Cheney,

Colin Powell's former COS coming up on Rachel Maddow's show...

We knew Cheney was full of shit before he opened his mouth

Democrat Murphy Wins New York House Seat as Rival Concedes Close Race

First 100 days: Assault weapons ban

Orin Hatch on the Dems using reconciliation for Healthcare

Not Prosecuting Interrogators is Obama's Decision. But Prosecution Of The Big Cheeses Is

My Audacious Hope for Obama, the Reluctant Hero.

NYT: As 100th Day Nears, Obama Takes Hoopla and Runs With It

G'Nite and happy fantasies to you all!

UN pressures US over torture memos

What is the single BEST thing Obama is doing for America?


One almighty good thing

Isn't it time for President Obama to take a vacation?

Rednecks for Obama

Jordan’s King Abdullah says U.S. tortured. (VIDEO)

Obama, Biden Relocated After Two Small Planes Stray(From Friday)

Insane motherfuckers:

Obama backs measure to restore fiscal discipline

Repugs now heart France. "From freedom fries to nuclear power..."

On tour for the Employee free Choice Act.

Thoughts on the first 100 days

Chris Smith: Why Obama's Right on Torture

FBI Arrests Oklahoma Teabagger For Twitter Threats

I think our Justice Dept. can handle the neo con crimes

Obama Tactic Shields Health Care Bill From a Filibuster

Secretary of State Clinton visits Baghdad and says Iraq on right track despite recent violence

Torture -- How many current troops in Iraq support torture?

Organized labor not giving up fight for EFCA

The Republicans would have called it a "partisan witchhunt" regardless if it had happened during

President Obama's 100 day Message to those who Oppose Him!

For all of you who think it was ok to torture the "bad guys" because they gave useful information...

What if Obama pardoned Bush?

So, President Obama also plans to use reconciliation on his student loan plan

Oh, No!"Lobbyists March on the WH-Angry at the Obama administration’s restrictions on their access"

First Lady in Control of Building Her Image

We have 3 years and 9.5 months remaining until President Obama is reelected.

Meghan to Cindy: If you want grandkids, call my brothers; To Rove and Cheney: Go Away!

Was it okay for the Japanese to torture our soldiers if the justification

Regarding what to do with low-level interrogators, UN Rapporteur on Torture provides the answer

Robert Dreyfuss: "Several top Obama officials are proponents of detente with Hamas and Hezbollah"

Right wing radio is getting further and further from the truth.

DU Science Forum attempting to explain the Limbaugh phenemenon.


When we torture people, we CREATE martyrs for the cause we are against! We strengthen that cause!

Krugman: Kudos to Obama!

Sunday News Show Lineup

A hypothetical question

Poll: 79 percent approve of Michelle Obama

Statement of President Obama on Armenian Remembrance Day

Wow. I never knew about the intense enmity between cat and dog lovers.

Obama greeted by possible flu victim

Watch Biden shut down the rw bs on the Obama/Chavez handshake in a matter of seconds.

Eleanor Clift: The Halo Holds

Obama To Tap Roemer (Nuclear Proliferation Specialist) As Ambassador To India...

CIA inspector general in 2004 found "no proof harsh techniques stopped terror attacks"

VP Biden to Make First Morning Show Appearance on GMA

Fox News Shep Smith: "I don't give a rat's ass if it helps, WE ARE AMERICA, WE DONT F-ING TORTURE!"

Holy Cow! Today's Gallup Tracking Poll: Up to 66% approval and down to 27% disapproval!

Bybee desperately trying to keep his job, sorry he wrote memo sanctioning torture.

The torturers are forming a circular firing squad.

Please..... let's DU this!

Guess what James Comey predicted would happen when those torture memos were released?

Shame On Fox News

James Rubin: Why Obama Shook Chávez's Hand

President Obama struggles with being in the spotlight

Ghoulish Freepers wish for sickness and death for the President of the United States

The first 100 days-let's make our list

How many here are against the release of the torture memos and/or against prosecution of Bush admin?

What a shocker - David Broder is pro-torture.

They Are Telling Us They Will Torture Again

Democrat Murphy Wins New York House Seat as Rival Concedes Close Rac

America Is Stupidly Shutting Out Immigrants. Isn’t It?

SWINE FLU: California, Texas Residents Diagnosed With Illness, Doctors Expect More Cases

Industry Ignored Its Scientists on Climate

Obama Touts Plan to Change College Loan System

Suit Claims JPMorgan Aided Madoff’s Fraud.

Jailed U.S. journalist on hunger strike, father says

What do you expect? It's talk radio, court says

WHO chief will oversee swine flu crisis

Democrat Wins House Race Seen by G.O.P. as Obama Referendum

CIA official: no proof harsh techniques stopped terror attacks

Clinton in Iraq amid new violence

Two swine flu cases confirmed in Dickinson County, Kansas

Suspected Colombian rebel arrested in Venezuela

Barack Obama to release up to 2,000 photographs of prisoner abuse

Landfills hurting as consumers repair, reuse

Judge: N.C. Chief justice 'bought'

BREAKING NEWS: 8 of 9 student specimens test probable for swine flu, NYC health official says

Obama Tactic Shields Health Care Bill From a Filibuster

Cheney Requests Release of 2 CIA Reports on Interrogations

Shane Murphy, Pirate Fighter, Takes On Rush and the Dittoheads

Protesters, police clash near IMF meetings in Washington

North Korea urged back to talks

Iceland’s Voters Are Poised to Punish Conservatives

Amid Outcry on Memo, Signer's Private Regret- Friends Say Judge (Bybee) Wasn't Proud of Outcome

Retired Drew ethics professor, Clinton mentor Jones dies at 78

Kansas state officials confirm two flu cases

Mexico’s Calderon Declares Emergency Amid Swine Flu Outbreak

Freed Pirate Hostage Accuses Limbaugh Of 'Hate Speecn

GM employee stock fund dumps all company shares

Chrysler reaches deal with CAW

University of Calif. admissions rule angers Asian-Americans

No 2nd Minn. senator until at least June

Republicans push nuclear energy to lower costs

Brazil calls for Cuba to be allowed into IMF

Three dead in shooting at theater

Officials: 2 Fla. sheriff's deputies fatally shot

British spy loses secrets in a handbag

Appeals court rules Gitmo detainees are not 'persons'

Desperately trying to implicate Dems, Goss admits CIA broke the law, twice, in briefing Congress

MSNBC BREAKING NEWS: 'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur, has died at 86

Montana Town Dreams of Being Guantanamo of the Plains

Ari Fleischer VS Paul Begala:Torture Interrogations

60 Minutes: Lesley Stahl's Notebook This Sunday - VP Joe Biden

Rachel Maddow: Cheney Requests 'Sickening' CIA Report; 'History Refutes Torture' a Serious Bombshell

Haynes was told methods were TORTURE and were UNRELIABLE by JPRA

2002 Memo Told Pentagon Methods Yielded "Unreliable Information"

Waxman Smacks Down Gingrich On Cap-And-Trade Talking Point

Gore & Warner support climate bill

There IS market for toxic assets, Banks just want more MONEY - Charlie Rose

Countdown: Maj. Gen. Batiste - "Torture Put Whole Nation at Risk; Own Up to It, Heal"

Fox News report on ThinkProgress Bybee Impeachment campaign

OMG- Pawlenty the Latest Republican to catch JINDAL SPEECH FEVER - It's Not Pretty!

What's the difference between a Neo Conservative and a Neo Liberal?

Obama Weekly Address: Announces 4 New Principals to Innovate Government

Swine Flu Update

Max Keiser - France 24 Debate (clip) Boss-napping. Why not GM, Ford, Chrysler, JPMorgan and Goldman

We Will Be Free HQ Music Video (More Equal Union)

Republicans and Torture

Countdown: Jonathan Turley- Decision Not to Prosecute War Crimes is Wrong

Obama congratulates 2008 NCAA Nat'l Champion Univ of Florida football team

GLOBAL PULSE: Politics and Torture (4/24/2009)

This week in playback 4/24/09 - Comedy shows discuss Bush's torture

Republican Strategist Gives Obama an 'A' For Making Country Safer

Young Turks: How Repubs Went After Bill Clinton

Rachel Maddow: A study on sleep deprivation used for torture


Hillary Clinton Arrives in Iraq - AP

Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Reproductive Rights and Family Planning

More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

Al Gore and Marsha Blackburn

Rachel Maddow: Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Ret. - "VP Cheney Frightens Easily. He Lives on Fear"

Dana Perino On Interrogations

Torture: Wrong, Stupid, Etc.

The Ethiopians---Hong Kong Flu

TYT: Is Bill O'Reilly Rooting For A Terrorist Attack On The U.S.?

Al Gore Embarrasses Another Republican Fool

Bill Maher New Rules Apr 24, 2009 10 57 PM - Maher skewers Repugs

Overtime Bill Maher

A Message to the Texas Bashers

Torturing Cheney

Abu Ghraib Torture Blues

TYT: Did Cheney Order The Torture To Get Bad Information?

Christian Anti Defamation League Bashing

Maher's panel discusses the "Moronic Conservative Response to Global Warming"

Maude verses Archie Bunker--- a tribute to Bea Arthur,

Ron Paul Didn't Expect This Response From Hillary Clinton - 4/22/2009

Hardball: Turley VS. Buchanan Over Torture Part One of Two 4-24-09

As Seen on Rachel Maddow

Inside the mind of a wingnut. Waterboarding Saves Lives...

Bush Ducks Shoes, Norm Coleman Ducks Eggs

Tyrants Get Another U.N. Platform

Austan Goolsbee's Vindication

Cheney REALLY Opens Up: 'Twitters on Torture'

Obama's First 94 Days

President Obama speaks at Holocaust Days of Remembrance Ceremony

Coleen Rowley: Real World Reasons Against Torture

The Historical Use of Torture and Its Ineffectiveness for Interrogation.

Ho hum. Another day, another state law broken by Sarah Palin.

A-Twitter About Malaria

President Obama's week in pictures April 20-24, 2009

Mid East expert: Obama part of cure

Fox News Confidential: The Truth Behind Its Secret Mission

New Democrats Flash Independent Streak.

The Star: Former U.S. spy linked 9/11 terrorists to Canada

WaPo: Eyes Wide Shut

Forget the Torture of KSM, Bushies Waterboarded KFC

Freed Pirate Hostage Accuses Limbaugh Of 'Hate Speech'

COHA: Cuba and the United States, Let’s Not Waste an Opportunity for Change

We're All Torturers Now

Appetite for Destruction: Why Are Americans So Obsessed with Disaster?

GOP: Release of 'Torture Memos' Poses Threat to Tortured Logic

McCain said Bush approved Water Boarding By CIA in each case when it was used

Flashback: A Look Back at the Church Committee’s Investigation into CIA, FBI Misuse of Power

Forgotten Franklin letters offer glimpse into US history - 47 letters about & by Ben Franklin found

America Is Stupidly Shutting Out Immigrants. Isn’t It?

Why we're not done with the torture issue just yet (Sarasohn / The Oregonian)

Dupe thread- self deleting

Artist Maira Kalman's latest installment in "Pursuit of Happiness"

10 Big Really Hard Things We Can Do to Save the Planet

Confessions of a War Resister

The Hilarious Aspects Of Torture

Perlstein, Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America

Wilkerson on investigating or prosecuting Cheney and Rumsfeld (Think Progress)

Release all records on interrogations (Muskogee Phoenix)

Prosecuting Torture: How Poet WB Yeats is Helping Us! (Lane / HuffPo)

Allies split with US over torture (Allen-Mills / The Sunday Times)

The Military-Non-Military Split Over Torture (Mark Shields)

Daniel Knight Hayden: The new face of the Republican Party

Why Does A Former FBI Director (And Altar Boy!) Have A Shady Saudi Benefactor?

Darth Vader Refuses to Die

Obama .. must fully expose .. mistakes and misdeeds behind abusive CIA interrogations (Plain Dealer)

Torture: Investigate and learn (Phoenix East Valley Trib)

Torture: What's it for? (Memphis Commercial Appeal)

Interrogation techniques' efficacy wasn't scrutinized

Stop Trying To scare Us Porter Goss

From the archives: The Abolition of Torture

California wins if Cuba embargo ends

Events in Pakistan, Afghanistan overtake Obama's new strategy

Fight to Claim Astor Fortune Mirrors Battle 50 Years Ago

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says, 'carbon dioxide is a harmless gas.'

Some Right Wing Christian Stupid: Donnie’s Musical Miracle

The liberal supremacists

No truth commission on torture, says Obama

Kathleen Parker: Torture question defines us as Americans

The Weekend Economists' City Slickers Edition April 24-26, 2009

How Well is Obama Doing as President?

Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrant for Fugitive Mayor Charged with Corruption

Havana Spins Revamp of Fidel Castro Brand

Colombian drug lord backed Uribe?

Bancolombia Announces a Decision by the Colombian Attorney General's Office

Brazil calls for Cuba to be allowed into IMF

Peru: indigneous peoples block Amazon tributary to resist oil operations

Cuba Population Continued Decline in 2008

FIDEL: "An Impressive Gesture" (The Kennedys)

Biggest Of Six 09 Duststorms To Date Hits N. China - Visibility In Some Regions 100 Meters - AFP

New Zealand climate scientist fired for unapproved comments

Drowning in plastic: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of France

Scripps Oceanographic Study - Expect 60 - 90% Miss Rate In Colorado River Water Deliveries By 2050

EU acts to save 'hungry vultures' (BBC)

As GOP Honks Endlessly Against Climate Laws, DuPont, Alcoa, Duke Energy Testify In Favor

Cantarell Collapsing - Study Projects "Uneconomic" As Early As 2014 As Gas Cap Falls Rapidly

Flush from the brazillion solar roofs victory, Governor Hydrogen Hummer Becomes Governor Electric...

EPA Will Test For Hexavalent Chromium In Four NW Missouri Counties

Standoff over Columbia River salmon

Sebelius Vetoes Measures Blocking Daries From Advertising Milk As "Hormone-Free"

GOP goes nuclear in policy pitch (CNN)

Gray whales granted rare reprieve (BBC)

Rumor: The Steelers are drafting a D-Lineman. Bad move. Need OT.


Rivera blows another save against the Red Sox.

Bye. Bye. Looser Flyers. Crosby just beat you. Eat it all summer.

Cleveland Browns are on the clock .... Mike Junkin or tim Couch

Moving thoughts about Patriots' draft

Holy Shit. Heyward-Bey over Crabtree?!

Is Mark Sanchez Really a Good QB?

49ers get Michael Crabtree

NHL roundup: Flyers brimming with confidence after Game 5 win

The Hitman vs Pac Man

Today in labor history Apr 25 The NYT declares the struggle for an 8 hour workday to be “un-American

LL Bean to slash jobs

When $45 Billion is Really $199.2 Billion

Tribune Wants To Pay $13 Million In Bonuses As Layoffs Continue

WSJ: Obama Pick Marks a Victory for Labor Unions

Protecting America's Workers Act of 2009

Wal-Mart Workers for Change

Jews & Labor: New Labor Leaders Take a Page From History & 3 other Jewish articles

Daily Kos: "Socially conscious" lobby firm joins Wal-Mart against labor!


UFCW Weekender 4-24-09

UFCW 789 plans rally at Best Buy corporate headquarters (remember circuit city?)

Revolutionary Unionism

Huffington Post: With Friends Like These...Robert Reich's "Mistakes" on Employee Free Choice Act

Video: A Worker's Vision for a New Auto Industry





Labor Needs a Radical Vision

Miami Herald: Wal-Mart issue: Understanding the basics of labor law


NPR Cuts 13 In Second Layoff Round; Imposes Unpaid Leave

US House Bill Addresses Investment Advice For US Workers

Smithfield Plant Workers Reject Union

North Miami Beach Wal-Mart may be first to unionize (story & video)

Open Forum: Why do we support goods produced by cheap labor?

Star Tribune, union reach tentative agreement (275 workers)

Pete Seeger's 90th at Labor Hall

It's officially a crime (she was 17 and pregnant, 3 get involuntary manslaughter charges!)

Union activist appointed to Labor Department has forums worth visiting.

Anyone know how Big Brothers/Big Sisters handle gay volunteers?

New Hampshire same-sex marriage vote next week.. contact these senators!

Toward the Health of DU

New microchip can detect type of malaria within minutes

Predictions on what health care reform will look like this year?

F.D.A. Allows New Remedy For Arthritis


Help: I'm looking for menus/recipes for an older person with Diabetes, Hypertension, and high

Ground-Breaking Combination - All-Oral Agents Demonstrates Potential as Hepatitis C Treatment Regime

Nothing will stunt Palestinian rebirth

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israel must choose integration or isolation

Masked settlers open fire on Palestinians at Nablus area school, six injured

Gun-data remarks exasperate Rep. Tiahrt, tells Atty. Gen. Holder read law

Just in - shooting near Univ Of Georgia. 3 dead. n/t

Three college professors favor concealed carry on campus...

Cleaning up the gungeon. Do we care?

Come and take it.

Magnitude of dirty VA hospital equipment unknown

“Tom was the Henry Ford of derivatives,”

Here are the regular Friday night bank failures

Insider Selling Jumps to Highest Level Since 2007

Should banks clean up vacant homes?

A few flowers (weeds)

Remember the sculpture of ladders? I picked my ladders up today....

A Unique Community

Just checking in

A Housing Crash Update

More from Cliff of Half-Past Human :

Cliff And George - April 18 Interview - More Half Past Human Info

I got to thinking, the Republican Party IS the Collective Ego

Just say no to swine flu panic

Anyone picking up vibes on the Swine Flu outbreak?

Affects us all

Here's the main way Astrology works...

Reversals of Earth's Magnetic Field Explained by Small Core Fluctuations

An alternative to teaching evolution in the public schools.

Good Day For It

Hey guys! Just checking in...

Cooking in (very) small spaces.

Help me with this

Flu Kills The Torture Memos

Former U.S. spy linked 9/11 terrorists to Canada

CIA conduct before 9/11

Once more 'round the block

Thoughts on Rick Noriega for Governor

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival: "Vogelfrei"

US: New Screen Actors Guild leadership caves in to studios

Tories declare respect for Mulroney after party feud

Nick Drake wins "Posthumous Britain's Got Talent"