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Did I just see a FNC commercial on MSNBC during KO?

"WTF?" and " BFD!"

When Evil People Breed.......

The Right Vs The Geneva Conventions by Andrew Sullivan

A little something for everyone .........

The military will continue to be a dominate part of Obama's 'solution' for Afghanistan

Exelon plans solar project in Chicago using stimulus loans

Film industry concerns delay NC smoking ban debate

So, billo the clown denies Nixon shook hands with Mao. Named

Obama Didn’t Ban Torture

The last tea party photo thread

Dead Horse Abuse Alert: Repugs demand increased use of the word "Socialist"

Pollution 'fights global warming'

Larry Murphy, R-PA: "Rush...Is a Racist...A Cancer To the Republican Party"

Arguments against Commissions?

Gun Owners of America: "Obama Proposes Signing Treaty To Ban Reloading"

Morgan Stanley's Miscue-Bank fund blows up on senior execs.

Self Deleted: Meant for Lounge NT

First 100 Days: Key Civil Rights Leaders Give Obama 'A'

If a husband cheats on his wife (or the converse)

Mr. Whitley goes to Washington (a nice story amid all this torture talk)

A simple law to reign in the Credit Card companies - Expedient, effective and fair.

I never though of this, but Lawrence O'Donnel is right! The Pubs

I never though of this, but Lawrence O'Donnel is right! The Pubs

Ray LaHood is a stool pigeon.

DOD paying KU for Mapping of Indigenous Lands in Oaxaco, Mexico

Calif. lesbian mother given deportation reprieve

Serious question - Who supplies the talking points for the RW now?

Newsmax advertising on Rachel Maddow. God, they must be hurting.....

Newsmax advertising on Rachel Maddow. God, they must be hurting.....

April is also Confederate History Month

REMINDER **** Gay marriage starts in Iowa Monday *** REMINDER

Waterboard a repub Pay Per View playoffs, Round One: Cheney versus Hannity

Jesus was tortured...

U.S. to release photos showing alleged abuses by American personnel

Proof positive that Chaney was the real president (or at least co-president)

Montana town wants its empty jail to be new Gitmo

Montana town wants its empty jail to be new Gitmo

i too want to contribute money to the charity of hannity's choice

T. E. A. = Tortured Enough Already

Senate Leaders Opposes Interrogation Inquiry Panel

Pelosi has denied any knowledge of specific methods of torture, yet

Ban on saggy pants ruled unconstitutional

Ban on saggy pants ruled unconstitutional

Richard Engel's story being told on Maddow's show ought to scare the shit out of this country.

MSNBC: GM's 9-week shutdown will affect "much more" than the 24,000 workers involved

"Kean, (Lee) Hamilton, Warner Should Lead ( a torture) Commission"

California Housing Defaults Skyrocket

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OK Duers, a couple questions about the Bushco insiders

Colbert Report: Shepherd Smith..We are America...We do not swear on camera!

Beware new Comcast Terms and Conditions

NYT: Unapologetic and Unrestrained: Cheney Unbound

A survey worth taking

Did Keith just say some GOMPER volunteered to be tortured to prove that water boarding isn't torture?

Microbe-powered 'fart' machine stores energy

RNC faction wants Dems branded socialists

Persecuted Christians go all Michael Moore on our ass

Michelle Obama sneaks out for burgers

Incredible torture coverage by ABC

N.H. Senate panel rejects transgender bill

Charlie Rose: David Brooks may be the first guest? nt

Online Privacy Law On The Way, Congressman Promises

Dear DHS: Is that the best you can do for a "start me up" musical sound track?

Clinton warns Israel on peace talks

Jon Stewart: Sh#t that's never gonna happen!

Afghan veterans offer stories from 7-year US involvement

Has Boeing management finally learned that outsourcing doesn't pay?

Hey Keith ..... you put up your $1,000/per second, and I'li put up ten bux.

Torture and the Skink administration.

Oh noes! Mitt Romney just sold off two of his four mansions!!

Just found a great new show on FSTV - Fault Lines from Al Jazeera featuring Avi Lewis!

"If the repubican party implodes, the Democratic party will split to fill the void"

Pledge Money for Charity to Waterboard Sean Hannity!

What a sweetheart, that Kim Jong not-just-il-but-a real Sickfuck is ........


In the last week, Maryland was the site of two family eradications with 7 murders and two suicides

Obama DOJ Seeks to Restrict Defendant's Right to Lawyer During Questioning

What is the likelihood ...

There is currently a US citizen in jail based on evidence from "enhanced interrogation" techniques

The torture policy was Cheney's baby, not the military's.

UN says nearly 6,500 civilians dead in Sri Lanka

C'mon Hannity! When can we waterboard you? Or, was that just hot air you spewed Thursday?

My nominee for "The Mouthfart of The Week by a Rich Old White Male Asshole" is ...

Well, we now know that Bill O'Really failed History class

Question for lawyers: What exactly would be the charges?

Lawrence O'Donnell nails it!!

Why is it that... (re: torture)

My point about Keith Olbermann being stupid...for those who missed it.

So, how quickly will Dumbass Hannity back out of his pledge to be waterboarded?

Randi Rhodes on XM

Steal these pictures of our First Lady during "Take Your Kid To Work Day"



Reagan's DOJ Prosecuted Water-boarder's

New Englanders, do you watch NECN? Since my cable options

WJ this morning - Is the Economy Improving in your Area?

Newsom in 2016! By Mark Morford

It appears that the RW expects the "left" to prove that torture is "evil."

Today's RW Spaghetti (as flung at the wall in Joey the Scar's hot air emporium):

Why haven't we heard from "Dubya"?

Banana Republics, Show Trials, & Witchhunts, OH MY !!!

I wasn't "raised" to wear a seatbelt-do I have to now?

Prediction -Hannity will announce the insurance company for his show will not allow waterboarding

Don't you mess with grandpa, sonny

Can you hear the chickens clucking?

New Report Finds Over 80,000 Iraqis Killed Since 2005

My complaint against MSNBC.

There are no gray areas here. Black and white.

Oh Yeah....(Toon on Cheney)

Fuck You Joe Scarborough (and Mika Mouse and Pat Pukecannon)

Canadian soldier found dead on Afghan base

Canadian soldier found dead on Afghan base

A Friendly Reminder To Our Friends On The So Called "Right"

Wanna Meet Joe The Plumber? - It's Gonna Cost Ya

I suggest the loss of individuality causes us to act like a superorganism:

Stevie Nix sang, "Thunder only happens when it's raining".

Morning Joe is showing us some current talking points...

Time to Give up on Obama

"Thou Shalt Not Kill" is a left-wing "point of view"?

Nutjobs on Parade. Does the Plain Dealer have fact-checkers?

The Roadblock Republicans: 100 Days of Saying No to Progress (new TV spot)

The Roadblock Republicans: 100 Days of Saying No to Progress (new TV spot)

Verschärfte Vernehmung : A reminder what it is and where it came from.

Feds (DHS) Turn to 'Brain Music' to Boost Emergency Worker Performance

Morning Joe talking point summary for Friday

Mika B. is worse than Joe Scum, and this is why...

Oprah Shines Light On Great Pacific Garbage Patch (VIDEO)

Defense Department to release abuse photos, ACLU says

Breaking MSNBC: Pentagon releasing 2000 photos of torture next month

Hoekstra: It's all Nancy Pelosi's fault...

KPOJ (OR.) has been saying all AM that Randi will be back on air.

FBI Agent Who Interrogated Abu Zubaydah: The Torture Advocates Are Lying to You

Why do you think Boehner started using the word "torture" yesterday?

And the GOP's counter witness to Al Gore on climate change is...drumroll please...

2003- Bush Encourages UN To Prosecute Those Who Torture

GOP: The Incompetent Scrubs On the Sideline

The Hannity $1,000,000 (Million) dollar Water Boarding Challenge

Gawker conducting a sting operation on O'LOOFAH's ambush gopher

According to Will Rogers (and others), we are not an organized political party. The "big tent"

The Rude Pundit: A Long Quote to End Torture Week 2009 (Probably Just the First of Many)

Homeowner Problems With Chinese-Made Drywall Spread

NYT: Bush Admin Prepped Talking Points For Harman On Wiretap Scoop

If "Harsh Interrogation" worked pretty well then just think how well full blown torture will do?

Bird-strikes (bats, reptiles, too): 82,000!

Randi Rhodes Returns To Talk Radio On Network Home Of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck

Who would have thought Shepard Smith has more character than Keith Olbermann? Wonders never cease.

Re: Torture: This guy had it right in 2004! Why has the discussion devolved

Ford Posts $1.4 Billion 1Q Loss, Burns Through Less Cash While Restructuring Without Gov't Aid

... guards or interrogators prepare to sodomize him with a broomstick ... Not as bad as Abu Ghraib?

Yes, of course men have the right to voice their opinion about abortion

GOP Leader To Obama: Only Release Torture Docs That Could Prove Cheney Right

There is a great interview with Frank Church's widow Bethine on Amy's show today:

Cheney At Home

OK, regarding the use of torture by the Booshe misAdministration

So, I wake up this morning and hear on the radio that Fiat...

Reid discourages call for independent "truth commission" re: torture. "Relax!"

China Uses Global Crisis to Assert Its Influence

Coleman Delay Strategy Working? MN Ruling Extends Appeal Schedule

What, if anything, should Obama do about Pakistan?

La. Republican Cao open to torture hearings, prosecution

RNC members to Dems: Change your name to "Democrat Socialist"

Gothamist interviews Rachel Maddow (great interview with bonus filmclips!)

Morning After Morning After Pill Re-Impregnates Guilt-Ridden Women

Beyond sadistic..this needs to be called what it is..absolutely no room for debate..

MSNBC: Pentagon preparing to release as many as 2,000 photos - some depicting torture

GM corn fed beef clone medallions in clean coal steroid sauce...

Key Dem Senator Likely To Vote Against Top Obama Legal Nominee (Dawn Johnsen)

I call on all Republicans to follow through with GW Bush's EXPRESS wishes concerning torture

So, Randi Rhodes is coming back..........

Video Shows Demjanjuk Walking Unassisted

Half of Texas Republicans favor secession

Larry Summers nods off during WH meeting with credit card execs

Can we throw the Fascist label on to the GOP now?

With A Truth Commission Apparently Off the Table, What's the Next Step?

Protecting the Bald Eagle - A Task Now Falling to ... Hugo Chavez?

HuffPolitics (tweet): Olbermann offers $1,000 to charity for every second Hannity is waterboarded

Here is what President Obama will do about the torture issue...

Question re: plastic and its production.

UK High Court demands U.S. torture documents

Andy Worthington: Who Ordered the Torture of Abu Zubaydah?

Coleman appeal to be heard June 1.

2000 torture photos to be released

It is amazing how adept the Repubs are at confusing the issues...

Are there any intelligent Republicans?

Who's listening to Ed right now?

Why do so many Americans support the use of torture?

Time for an e-mail campaign to the media outlets, re the term "torture"

nuke events in Spain and here in US

*Update* on "small aircraft " warning the Captial

Pakistani Taliban Withdraws From Key Valley Near Islamabad

Chinese Muslims held at Gitmo may be released into U.S.

Government Should Make Bagram Documents Public, Says ACLU

spending the night in an ex AK47 factory

Capitol & WH being evacuated due to an airspace violation

David Horowitz the bastard

After the rest of the photos are released American people won't care if we leave Iraq Vietnam style

Thom's cat got a credit card application! Also, send your credit card horror stories to Bernie!

David Kay: “The greatest threat that Iran’s nuclear program poses is to Iran itself”

Please send good vibrations to First Family and White House Admin

Anyone else see a pattern with the Bill O'Reilly show here?

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

Gawker: Ambushing Bill O'Reilly's Ambusher

Did we torture Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph?

Jus' wondering

Union Urges AT&T to Take the Lead on Health Reform


Obtained: Cheney’s Request Form Detailing The Two (only 2??) CIA Torture Docs He Wants

Something a little different. Tomorrow is National Arbor Day...

What's a good Native American anti-defamation type group?

Looks like Gov. John Corzine's competition is in hot water...

What is a man's lasting legacy? 0.9% financing on 2008 Hummer H2s?

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Abu Ghraib Photos: Time to Remember this report from 2005

Madoff stooge to "name names"

When do you think the Bush Admin used torture to try to link Al Qaeda to Iraq

Will Franken be seated before the one year anniversary of the election? Don't bet on it.

Nigerian scammers at work! Bernie Madoff - Yet!


Landlords lead push to ban smoking at home

Why are only the automakers being encouraged to go into bankruptcy? Why not Wall St?

I was in line at the grocery store today and a conservative was in front of me

Markoff hid the gun inside his Gray's anatomy book

is anyone else

Hugo Chavez gives New Jersey an island

Raw Story: Torturing Detainee May Have Produced False Terror Alerts

We used torture to obtain FALSE CONFESSIONS.

I have a question about a half heard news report - I only caught part

If no torture and everything was legal, we should definitely have investigation(s) to clear the air

If no torture and everything was legal, we should definitely have investigation(s) to clear the air

This business about "we're handing them our playbook" is just bogus.

What do you think pushes someone over the edge, and can we prevent it?

What about the Sy Hersh photos?

We've got a Democratic President AND a Democratic Congress

IRR Resister Declares Victory After Misconduct Hearing

Let's call torture advocates what they are: COWARDS.

Anybody Have A Link To A Smiley Being Waterboarded?

Anybody Have A Link To A Smiley Being Waterboarded?

hilarious picture from freeperville

How has George Tenet's name remained out of the news?

Pelosi Denies Knowing Waterboarding Would Be Used

Carville's terrible commentary about torture could be for a reason

Whaddya know--more paintings by Der Fuehrer?

Whaddya know--more paintings by Der Fuehrer?

Specter Well Behind Toomey in Pa. GOP Primary

Pukes are threatening war if reconicillation is used for the Budget...

Judgement at Nuremborg: The Verdict

Why Torture is Wrong

On the effects of torture

On the effects of torture

On the effects of torture

My questions for the people who say "it's not torture" and who downplay the effects

Yahoo pulls the plug on GeoCities (BBC)

Pentagon may have up to 2,000 photographs of prisoner abuse

Are you a writer or do you hold copyright on written work?

So, what is Obama afraid of re: torture prosecutions? One thought.

So, what is Obama afraid of re: torture prosecutions? One thought.

Boiling the frogs

Crew Pulls WWII Dive Bomber From Lake Michigan

Regarding torture and murder. There is a point at which I'll give up on the USA

Stand by me

Who are 'Citizens For Legitimate Government'?

as an anti-torture person, I guess I have to say: welcome, what took you so frickin long?

Preparing for a flu pandemic

NH Senate committee unanimously rejects transgender anti-discrimination bill

Detainee Abuse Pictures to Be Released May 28

Urgent Action Alert: Support Arts Funding in CA - Support AB700

If you were arresred & charged for killing a homeless man while he slept, would you be smirking?

The Germans have a word for it . . .

The Family: “the most powerful group in Washington that nobody knows.”

Torture is wrong , mkay

Westboro Baptist (KS) Haters Will Be In My Neighborhood Today

Friday, April 24-----Faux News having a ball " I told you so---Democrats

Friday, April 24-----Faux News having a ball " I told you so---Democrats

Friday, April 24-----Faux News having a ball " I told you so---Democrats

Democrat wins in New York! Just being reported on CNN.

I know something you don't know.

What were the torture pictures taken for?

If Cheney's proof that torture works is in a folder labeled

Reconciliation Now Has a Date: October 15

Witch Hunt?

Friday TOON Roundup part 1: The faces of Torture

Serious question

White supremacists rented NH American Legion hall

NY-20: Republican Jim Tedisco concedes, Scott Murphy will replace Gillibrand in House

Is Morning Joe deliberately avoiding having liberal guests on the show?

Is Morning Joe deliberately avoiding having liberal guests on the show?

Gun Matches Bullets in Craigslist Murder Case

Can we start a petition to get Fox to put a disclaimer on 24? (24 is a fictional tv show)

Can we start a petition to get Fox to put a disclaimer on 24? (24 is a fictional tv show)

An open post on combat.

The president cannot lose their good will, because they never offered any.

Would a Flu pandemic right now help with the recession ?

Gallup To Release Poll On Torture Probe That Pundits Will Ignore

question about Ed Schultz

question about Ed Schultz

Dogpile time....

Do you want to just feel uplifted?

One more time: Mitch McConnell was for budget reconciliation before he was against it...

So, what kind of America do Conservatives REALLY want?

I fear the next Repub. talking point: the American people don't care that we torture.

New GM-Segway Vehicle Coming

Madoff investors ordered to return false profits

Eating Beef is Green.

Eating Beef is Green.

This is really, really bad for "conservatives," and I don't have a good feeling about it

Can we extend Senator Franken's term to make up for the months that were stolen from him? n/t

Congrats Scott Murphy

"illegal aliens who get social security" -- correcting lies

Cnn reporting that Dems may fast track health care funding!

Cnn reporting that Dems may fast track health care funding!

Cheney Starts Pro-Torture Facebook Page

Clueless Freepers~

Rangel: Atmosphere for torture created by superior officers

Washington, DC in late April 1971 - - how many of you old timers remember?

Persecuted Christians go all Michael Moore on our ass

Outspoken Archbishop Chaput yet to weigh in on Bush torture memos

TPM: Bachmann at it again

Madoff's service 4 special clients- some investors knew it was a fraud & used it to their advantage

Those in the know re: taxes, capital gains & IRAs

If our government is in a crisis over the fact of torture, could someone please explain

They Keep Threatening To Shut Down Congress

Militia calls for armed march on Washington

Ok - I'm not getting all the sovereignty business.

Iraq al-Qaeda leader US general said 'never existed' is 'captured' in Baghdad

I posted a curiosity raising thread earlier, to see if people wanted it, would you want it in an OP?

I posted a curiosity raising thread earlier, to see if people wanted it, would you want it in an OP?

I posted a curiosity raising thread earlier, to see if people wanted it, would you want it in an OP?

I'm astonished that we are even having this dicusssion in the 21st centruy

Pat Buchanan Dips Into Lexicon Of Obscure Racist Phrases?

Iraqi hospital official: "Would you please ask Obama to postpone the withdrawal?"

Hypothetical question about interrogation......


Is Bill Maher another re-run tonite?

How Do You Ask a Man to Be the Last Man to Die for a Mistake in Afghanistan?


GM to announce the Pontiac brand will be killed off

If I spank my child harshly in my state I get arrested.

"Great Deals on the Phones That Call for Karl Rove's Arrest"

Are you familiar with Sunlight Labs?

"Torturing n persons is justified, because by doing so you are saving n Xs n people."

Were the Nixon break-ins, burglaries and cover-ups "policy differences"?

Torture, Cheney, and "The Stovepipe"...

Do You Torture Your Beads?

US Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police

Ben Nelson--Opposes Filibustering Nominees, Also Opposes Nominees

Ben Nelson--Opposes Filibustering Nominees, Also Opposes Nominees

"I can prove torture works! I can't offer any proof because it's secret, but it saved LA!"

Using Malmedy Massacre as an example, do RWers think we should have killed all German POW's?

Check Out This Link - It Is A Torture Timeline .......

'Baby Shaker' app pulled from iPhone store

Lights, camera, Kerry: Senator seeks movie funds

Appeals court rules Gitmo detainees are not 'persons'

surge update - At Least 60 More Are Killed in Attacks in Baghdad

Gifted Children & Education: Opinions, Please?

Gifted Children & Education: Opinions, Please?

Bill Moyers Journal tonight - looks good

Bill Moyers Journal tonight - looks good

Most important news story of the week (ending April 24, 2009)

Excellent show about foreclosures.

Sheesh, the RW nutjobs have even infiltrated my video game playing

OK DUers who among the cabal will have

banana republic screed

ACLU info?

Source Says Tedisco Knows He Lost (NY-20)

13 Breathtaking Effects of Cutting Back on Meat

Limpballs to give keynote address at Sojourners’ Mobilization to End Poverty confer

Limpballs to give keynote address at Sojourners’ Mobilization to End Poverty confer

Baucus Lays Out Health Care Overhaul Details

Limbaugh Equates Somali Pirates With ACORN

My ideas about the media are based on... ?

Democrats who don't "walk the walk"

Link to Released U.K. Files on U.F.Os

Anyone watching the repeat of Turley, Tweety and Buchanan

Anyone watching the repeat of Turley, Tweety and Buchanan

Military historians, I have a question re: firearms.

So, what's going on in Norm Coleman's mind right now?

Torture and the Bush-Cheney Dream of a Totalitarian State

Has Hannity reacted to KO's promise yet? Re:waterboarding

Rockstar Energy Drink: Hate in a Can, part-owned and founded by Michael "Savage" Weiner

Remind that antichoice fundie..

Hardball Award to John McCain. Fuck That.

Pakistani Taliban end feudalism and corruption in the Swat Valley.

7000 US gun stores on the US/Mex. border - don't faint

CIA death squads killing with “impunity” in Afghanistan

Activist in MN shut down several recruiting stations on "Zero Recruitment Day"

Email your Credit Card Horror Stories - Senator Bernie Sanders wants them

21st Century Homestead Act

"If you read that Miss California has been murdered you'll know it was me."

Republicans Threaten To Become Bigger Assholes

What is this Republican obsession with names and labels? I fail to understand the strategy...

"Choking game" learned on Youtube killing youngsters

Yes, National Review, We Did Execute Japanese for Waterboarding

Harry Reid not ready to impeach Bybee

John Yoo calls UCal-Berkeley, his employer, the "jurisdiction of the People's Republic of Berkeley"

Florida Dem Chair Misleading Public In Fund Raising Letter. Corporatist Election Bill Dropped!


Are Leading Democrats Afraid of a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Torture?

In everyone keeping track of how Cheney (and the Cons) have shifted the "torture debate"

FBI's 9/11 Whistleblower Rowley: Real world torture at odds with Cheney's Hollywood 'reality'

FBI's 9/11 Whistleblower Rowley: Real world torture at odds with Cheney's Hollywood 'reality'

Girl to throw out first pitch at Citi Field

Venues for PUSHBACK

I got to really help a destitute family yesterday.

I got to really help a destitute family yesterday.

If you had $50 million dollars to spend to create jobs in your city or county

Why are leading Democrats Afraid of a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Torture?

Experts Debate Pandemic Potential of Swine Flu

4th colonoscopy patient tests positive for HIV

Shane Murphy, Freed Pirate Hostage, Slams "Disgusting" Rush Limbaugh

for all the lurking freepers, shove the "liberals hate the military" canard where the sun dont shine

The "torture prevented a west coast 9/11" lie

Could this be the beginning of a flu pandemic and what does that mean?

Is women's sexuality is less fixed than men's?

Please join the "Waterboard Sean Hannity for Charity" facebook group

Today's unintenional humor brought to you by the Family Research Council and David Vitter

An officer who said no to torture

What do Pelosi, Johnsen, Sebelius, Solis and Napolitano have in common?

Fleecing of the public continues unabated

Very powerful article, from ret. FBI Coleen Rowley on "Torture is Wrong" by another FBI agent

Hey Democrats, Truth Matters! by Robert Parry

Watching Rachel Maddow discussing the GOP with Ed Rendell, I can't help but think

Drag Racing's Patron Sheik

U.S. has raised specter of new virus against which much of humanity would have littleor no immunity

I'm curious--where do torture prosecutions fall on your list of priorities?

Agree or disagee: Was Norm Coleman a Senator in the first place only because Paul Wellstone died?

Class Distinctions

New Toon by my 12 year old son- What do you guys think?

Ok over the least 24 hours I have had two older white men defend

We, the undersigned, hereby petition dick cheney to go fuck himself.

General who probed Abu Ghraib says Bush officials committed war crimes

We are so done.

The 9/11 commissioners violated the Convention Against Torture.

Sen. Feingold Questions Afghanistan Strategy During Foreign Relations Committee Hearing

Swine flu has killed 60 people in Mexico - WHO concerned over 800 Mexican flu cases

What ever happened to Valerie Plame's lawsuit?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending April 24, 2009 ***

Petition: Support Sean Hannity's pledge to get water-boarded for charity!


New Teabagger Rally to be All About Fisting

Quote for the Day

Jesus Worshipers Run Amok in Florida Public School

The Role of the Media - A short clip from FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq

Scott Horton: New Holder memo summarizes CIA meetings with WH re: torture; identifies participants

CIA ordered to turn over documents relating to destroyed interrogation tapes

Dems plan to Scrap Middle Class Tax Cut?

Westboro Baptist Church Planning Suicidal Exodus?

To the uncompromising environmentalists; How are you going save the planet?

They Added a Tracheotomy Kit to the Torture Chamber

Wall Street’s 1929 Scams Return in Geithner Plan

Who would Jesus Torture?

Bill Maher: The GOP: divorced from reality

A point that gets lost in the discussion of torture...

Feinstein: Senate Committee Has Completed Torture Investigation Into Two High Value Detainees


Religious right got their "abortion reduction" as a top goal of the Faith-Based Council.

Uhhh, Guys, About That Yankee Liberal "Let's LET Texas Secede" Joke...

Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols claims prison diet causes "constipation, bleeding, hemorrhoids"

Obama DOJ Seeks to Restrict Defendant's Right to Lawyer During Questioning

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance

Just Popped The Cork On A PUKE At Walmart

A few people have expressed confusion about what is permitted here now that Obama is president.

An Actual 1955 Good Housekeeping article... (how to be a good wife)

Free John Walker Lindh, Bush's and Cheney's First Torture Victim!

Churches that endorsed candidates await IRS

Another MLB uniform FAIL!

Tomorrow I am going to post something epic. And, you are all going

Who should be going to jail for torture?

joe baca, supposed dem, rides again!

What I learned about my father's stem cell transplant today

I'm so happy to see Lounge threads receiving recommendations

Tea bagging parties in France - From a friend

If SoxFan posts one more time about the ribs he's having for dinnah

Good evening, New Jersey

KenKen appreciation thread!!

Mr. Jeff Beck

I can piss off the entire lounge in one phrase.

Is teabagging torture?

Jay Leno cancels tonights taping, checks into a hospital

Comments on Susan Boyle from all over internet (Sweet and Funny)

I love going to my local record stores and browsing the used CDs and Records

REMINDER **** Gay marriage starts in Iowa Monday *** REMINDER

I Watched The Rick Astley YouTube Video Again

I am going to win the prize for threads that drop to the bottom like a rock

Where is the computer/technology forum -?


Guilty pleasure, TV division: Survivor... anyone else?

I Watched The Susan Boyle YouTube Video Again

it is so irritating when i can't find the cd i want to listen to

There is a PARTY....everyone is there...

Did you ever make a mistake that you felt was so bad you had trouble accepting you had

Shop online and avoid the sturm und drang of department stores.

The Tree of Life.

Can you get in trouble from ordering Canabis seed online ?

List some artists you would love to interview for one hour, some who are alive, some who are dead

I think this is a really serious, sad song and the drummer's fried on acid

Are free vaccinations still given to schoolkids?


Sprouts, two weeks on

Sorry for the red-eye

Fucking earthquakes and aftershocks.

Check out these badass kung-fu skills

Picture of the squirrel who's living in my house

are Gatsby parties overdone?

Today I sorted burned photos of my kids growing up from the fire that

Did I just watch a GREAT movie!

Twitter defined...FINALLY!

Gonna be one of those days

Stupid question about Mattress toppers... feather or fiber

I used to post here, but most of you probably do not remember me.

Which would you choose?

It is not every day that when you walk your dog in NYC you see someone walking their cow!

Because Midlo abdicated her role as publicist - new Dave update

Nine out of ten people in MN live in the Twin Cities.

Some chihuahua knowledge needed here, PLEASE!1 (Re: housebreaking)

Holy cow! It's Friday!!!!

great song Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright name is mc frimmer-frammer...

First Homo Leagues Player Shatters MLB Sexuality Barrier

Alvin and the Chipmunks-The Real Slim Shady

I had the strangest dream last night...

The irony -- Rehab is ruining my relationship

Turf war: Squirrel vs. Woodpecker

I'm back. And thanks to the extra 30 bucks or so I paid for expedited shipping, I'll bet nobody

Can allergies to pollen make your ears hurt?

"New Moon" movie coming out this year--POSSIBLE SPOILERS

delete, duplicate

Never mind

Mo is AWOL!

I am going to see this woman perform

MUST READ: If you didn't see this, check it out - Skinner addresses "what is allowed now"

A SERIOUS chicken thread

"I see" said the blind man, as he pissed into the wind.

Anyone watch The Office last night?

The Bobster is touring with Willie this summer!

When are we going to get an amnesty on chicken threads?

Ever have the urge to hide under your work desk?

I have three vegetarian friends over for this an adequate menu

Why torture is right

mmmm Yummy! I went to a Tapas restaurant for lunch. Absolutely Yummy


Worldview emails?! Is this someones idea of a sick joke?

Free at last, free at last.........


What the heck?

Back from Boston. Everybody needs to visit that city!

I've never been to Cleveland, so I have nothing against it, but this is damn funny.

UK develops race car powered with chocolate, made with carrots and potatoes

It is 84 degrees

ONE YEAR LATER, I get a good diagnosis for my crippling arm pain.

I wish there were more posts about old cars and beer pong.

Do you have the problem of being always right ?

Ode To A Staple (repost from three years ago)

I was sitting on the hopper at 3 am last night and there was a grasshopper sitting on the

What's the most uncomfortable topic a stranger/aquaintance has discussed with you...

can you get buzzed on the absithe they sell in the U.S. now?

I am going to win the prize for threads that drop to the bottom like a rock

Have there been any documented cases of Du'ers who have lost their minds

I tell you why I don't post about what I like, TZ

Question about MP3s (you're going to think I've been living in a cave)

Because sniffa is a freeper, stay away from his blog. Not funny. At all.

Courtney Love claims Pamela Anderson is living in a trailer park in Malibu (double-wide cost: $325K)

Interesting day here in the Lounge

Take a look at this menu from the Yankee Stadium menu

I am so sick of corneal ulcers, or, why Bauch and Lomb sucks goat ass

Why Is Everyone Taking Off Their Clothes?

Chronologically gifted, please check in here.

2 football careers down the drain:

Can the Unemployment Department be any more frustrating?

What do you get when you mix the Bronx Bombers and fine dining?

it's 90 degrees and the pool is looking very tempting right now

Eagles, Redskins and Giants fans unite!

Kitty mosh pit

Don't check in if Midlo hasn't called you a "freeper"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/24/2009)

Warren Zevon or Tom Waits

A few people have expressed confusion about what is permitted here now that Obama is president.

Note to self: If you want to be liked in the Lounge, do not reply thus:

i have a new clip up from my documentary

Did anyone see the new movie"The Informers" that opened today?

Can one use regular drumsticks on the Guitar Hero drumkit?

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - a fuckin' great album

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/24/09

is it me, or has the flood of email spam abated?

Bon Jovi is all up on Philly metro radio today!

So I started learning how to spin a yarn today... (Pick!)

With the fist pick, the Detroit Lions select...

It's Friday, I'm in love

A beautiful day and hubby is grilling

Cheesecake thread! (WARNING: pic-heavy)

I know something you don't know.

Jesus, " I need a beer and a smoke" !!!

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

My outrage of the week...

Poll question: Would you become a vegetarian if La Lioness Priyanka was your personal chef?

Good morning Lounge

Eminem - 3 AM Eminem

Is your Firefox acting up worse than your IE?

~Weather update~ looks like there is a BEER FRONT moving in

Wow! FUCKING incredible hiking weather today!!


All right, which one of you kids left the gate open again?

Has anyone here watched the show "Operation Repo"? if so, how many of you

The lounge needs to get laid.

How much would you pay to waterboard Sean Hannity?

I have seen Baby Mama so many times this week.....

Posting this from my playstation 3

Five Random Questions for theThursday Night Lounge!

Here it is. The epic I promised you last night.

Damn you heat damn you all to hell(oh wait you are already in North Carolina)

Pick a number between 1 and 10223 - that's the number of the song that will be "Our Song"

True or false....

OMG, Matthew Stafford is a Bill Clinton look and sound alike.

Interesting history between the Dallas Cowboys and the "other" NFC teams...

OMG! I just had a taste of homebrew!

Does this look like bronze to you?

Does this look like bronze to you?

Two Questions: Your First Concert and Your Favorite Concert(s)

Well, you likely Portishead despising philistines, I'm off to go read some Savage Sword of Conan

There's a raccoon on my back porch.

"Regret" by New Order makes everything better.

I'm sleeping days away and becoming way too isolated. Come visit.

This is a brand-new experiment if you will.

Ask me anything, seriously ask and I'll answer...

(Oops. Wrong forum.)

Biggest Flops that Resulted from too Much Cocaine

Susan Boyle gets eyebrow-raising makeover

Moosehead Lager !

Do you use Wii Fit?

Do you use Wii Fit?

2 attackers go after 84 year old WW2 vet, one leaves with balls kicked in.

"Her sisters took her to her local salon for her monthly trim, wash in, wash out & color put on"

Pollen is plant semen!

So I started learning how to spin yarn today... (Pic!)

Serious liquor drinkers: Is "Wild Turkey" a serious whiskey or a joke?

Fictional character most likely to join the Lounge?

Have you ever experienced road rage? I did once, and it was terrifying.


furbaby pictures!

Pictures from Rome, the Vatican & Florence (dialup warning)

I want to create a thread than never makes any sense

What happened to Mo the Lounge Cat?


what's the weirdest thing you've been accused of on DU?

Post your favorite pissed-off, kiss off, breakup songs here.

Check out this anti-Obama LTTE in Everett Wa...and my reply

Obama plans prime-time news conference Wednesday

Senior McCain aide (Schmidt): The GOP is a 'shrinking entity'


PHOTOS Today's photo thread links

Where are the torture polls?

Obama administration to release Bush-era detainee photos (LAT)

How vacuous is the Repug Party? To call Obama a "socialist" or not...

Republican Torture Lawyer McCarthy: Waterboarding repeatedly is torture

LOL....anyone else cracking up at how the GOP are getting more and more desperate???

If OJ Simpson Walked Around Yelling "I Killed My Wife, And It Was A Great Thing!!!"...

Where is Bush? Come to think of it:

Gates supported release of torture memos.

The Abu Ghraib-Guantanamo difference

Obama: World's people must resist hatred, racism


Senate Leaders Opposes Interrogation Inquiry Panel

Sebelius Being Blocked

Where is MtnSnake... lookie here, our SOS is making us proud!

Another letter to President Obama re Prosecution for Torture

What effect has GD:P on your mood on an average day?

Obama, Reid oppose torture commission

Pakistani Taliban say withdrawing from key valley, amid mounting pressure from US.

Who else saw that hideous creature talk about body bags on the Manatee's show?

Daily Show: Sh#t That's Never Gonna Happen - Global Currency (Bachmann), UN Ban on Spanking (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney has something to fear all right:

New Dyer up, "The Dream of Justice"

What is the freeper referring to here - please. Obama, Seals and the Hostage Captain?

Rep. King (R) threatens "scorched earth", "shut down activity across the board".

Congress Prepping Budget Gift for 100-Day Mark

Obama bipartisanship push has mixed success - AP Article which is BS

O's Ateam MIA: Dawn Johnson, Katherine Sebelius, et al.

Obama inherited executive power that he has not abused. RAISE HELL, YES!

The idea that the GOP could win back the house in 2010 is "lunacy."

Florida: Martinez Says Crist Likely to Run in 2010

Schmidt, Plouffe: McCain was a long shot

Question... that sheriff in Texas who got 10 years for waterboarding..

A "Great Nation" : Andrew Sullivan nails Peggy Noonan's rank hypocrisy.

CARTOON: Nothing to Investigate

(Repub. Rep) Cao open to torture prosecutions.

Quick DU this poll...

USA Today/Gallup: Obama Gets High Marks

No better talking point than the Reagan Justice Dept. convictions for waterboarding in the 80's

Du this Poll

Five Pro-coleman Papers Tell him to Quit

Updated: A Glimpse of the Dark Side...Cheney apparently kept a file in his office marked "Detainees"

The Obama Approach to Governing, the basics

shouldn't Rice the Liar's name be coming up more re: torture?

The Repubs and Lieberman have been/are actually making the case for prosecuting torture

I cant wait for November 2010 ...

In First 100 Days, Obama Meets or Exceeds Expectations

The Torture Timeline

Election 2010: Pennsylvania Republican Senate Primary Toomey 51% Specter 30%

"W.H. backs reconciliation for health-care reform"(why Obama met with Congressional Leadership)

Obama Gets Kudos from GOP for "Trying to Stop Torture Inquisition" - But "Lefties Won't Let Him

DU This Poll on Prez. Obama's 1st 100 days - MSNBC Poll

Obama SPEAKING NOW on education

I guess they are really pulling the plug on Joe the Plumber

DU This Poll on the President's 1st 100 days - The Daily News

PA Repuke Primary Poll: Toomey 51, Specter 30

If the Taliban are on the verge of toppling Pakistan, what should we do?

I dont want to hear about waterboarding anymore.

Day 95 in the Age of Obama--and no matter what--I no longer feel cranky!

BREAKING: WH and Capitol just got locked down

Flashback, Bob Herbert: All Too Human

STeve Schmidt: (yeah that Steve Schmidt) Lauds Obama 2008 Campaign as the "unfinished RFK campaign"

If you have nothing better to do on a slow friday - then

If you have nothing better to do on a slow friday - then

Fed says help for stress-tested banks available

Nobel Laureate Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'


When Pirates Attack: The Cost of Doing Business On the Open Sea

Who likes polls? I do, I do!

Reid calls torture commission 'unwise'

CNN: Bill Bennett

IL-Sen: Daley Won't Get In

I am sick of only hearing about waterboarding...

Anyone who says waterboarding is not torture should prove it by being waterboarded

TX-Gov, TX-Sen: Poll-a-palooza


So Murphy won. How do ya like them coattails?!

Pentagon: Photos do not show systemic detainee abuse

DU This Poll - Orlando Sentinel - How is the President doing?

Has there been a poll released on torture?

PHOTO Caption it? (April 24)

Is heidi on crack???

Obama at 100 Days: Strong Job Approval, Even Higher Personal Ratings

Murphy now ahead by 401 votes in NY-20

Maybe this is the problem with prosecuting Bush war criminals:

Sean Hannity says he'd allow himself to be tortured for charity.


What ought to be on the table: Capping credit card interest rates

Anybody love to hear the repiglets squirm?

Anyone watch Hannity's interview with Cheney?

"Releasing the CIA memos makes us less safe because terrorists know our interrogation tactics"

A healthcare deadline... Done Deal

Torture: Its not about efficacy or about morality. Its about narrow self interest - Reciprocity

Uh-oh... looks like Evil Tweety's back on Hardball

So, is Tweety pro or con when it comes to Torture...

CQ: Good News for Obama and Democrats, Bad Tidings for Republicans

Senator Franken Update: oral arguments June 1 in state SC

Paul Krugman: Reclaiming America's Soul (we can investigate the Bush era AND look forward)

BREAKING-Dem. Scott Murphy WINS NY-20! Tedisco conceded!

Jon Stewart: We Torture

And the Winner is::::> Scott Murphy

N.Y. congressional test: Obama's win

Conservative Catholic Groups Fueling Obama Notre Dame Scandal

They tortured to justify Iraq war

Time's Joe Klein sizes up Obama's first 100 days

Time's Joe Klein sizes up Obama's first 100 days

Breaking: Military Agency Called Harsh Methods 'Torture,' Questioned Their Effectiveness

Polls show President Obama gaining support from both affluent and blue-collar voters. (NJ)

GOPer Tedisco Concedes NY-20 Special Election

Foil Conservapedia's Plot Fellow DU'ers!!!

President Obama to have Press Conference on his 100th Day? Poor Media! LOL!

Obama To Ben Nelson: We're Going Around You

Robins born at White House

Former John Warner looks terrible

How is Liz Cheney an Expert on Interrogations?

Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton to unveil sculpture of Sojourner Truth in Emancipation Hall

PHOTO The First Lady and Queen Rania

The torture apologists are advancing two arguments:

Kerry: Detainee Photos Could Be Terrorist Propaganda, But Truth Is Important

Republicans pick most bipartisan Democrats (Guess which delightful Senator had nothing nice to say?)

You better sit down, Faux News poll out on Obama's first 100 days

Tedisco May Concede Election Today

Favorite Line of the Night: "They're literally eating themselves alive."

Obama Spars With GOP Leaders In Private White House Meeting

Please help Obama limit defendants' rights

Krugman: Reclaiming America’s Soul

Former pirate hostage: Rush Limbaugh "disgusting"

Great LA Times Op-Ed by Bill Maher today - The GOP: divorced from reality

"But if we knew an attack was imminent, couldn't we torture for info?"

King Abdullah II To David Gregory: America Tortured

Watch-out Joe the Plumber - you're about to be dumped for Carrie the Bigoted Beauty Queen

Robert Reich: The Great Credit Card Battle To Come

Stimulus Spending Gets a Slow Start, GAO Finds

The best thing about HRC losing to Obama

The Torture Juggernaut has crashed the gates!

Consider an email to the White House to register your objection to torture.


What's the sweetest thing in the world? What tastes so good?

Obama breaks his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide as Genocide

Food Bank Friday! April 24, 2009!

Obama payback for 0 Republican House votes for Stimulus = Health Care enacted thru Reconciliation!

"Obama To (Ben) Nelson: We're Going Around You" (Using Recon. to get Student Loan Reform done)

Boston Globe's Big Picture brings you Earth Day 2009 ...

Quiz: What the last First Pet that wasn't either a dog or cat?

"No attacks since 9-11" ARRRGGGHH! Will it ever DIE?!?!?!

Eugene Robinson: Torture Is a Crime, and Crimes Demand Prosecution

Missing - please help

US and Russia hold nuclear talks

Facebook to give users greater control of personal data after vote

Israel 'risking support on Iran'

U.S. to release photos showing alleged abuses by American personnel

Arrest of Iraq "insurgent leader" still unconfirmed

House votes to strengthen Fla. school voucher program

Double suicide bombing in Baghdad

New Hampshire senate committee rejects gay marriage

Row at Wal-Mart China settled after unions step in

U.N. Says Scores Killed in Recent Sri Lanka Clashes

U.N. Says Scores Killed in Recent Sri Lanka Clashes

Taiwan, China to Meet for Talks This Weekend

Thailand lifts emergency, plans charter reforms

Interpol seeks arrest of opposition leader: Venezuela

China announces Japanese PM trip

White House: No independent interrogations probe

Five of family killed by wild elephants in India

Land mine blast kills 5 during India's elections

U.S. to release photos showing alleged abuses by American personnel

Holder Says He Will Not Permit the Criminalization of Policy Differences

WHO says new malaria strain poses global threat

China spiritual group endures despite 10-year ban

(Former AG Alberto) Gonzales Said to Have Intervened on Wiretap

Russia and US hold first talks on treaty to reduce nuclear weapon stockpiles

Australia charges Indonesians with people smuggling

White House North Lawn Evacuated Because of Airspace Violation

ACLU: US Attorney OK'd GPS to track cell phones

Why textbooks we paid for never reached Afghanistan

Tedisco concedes; Murphy headed to Congress (CD-20)

UN says nearly 6,500 civilians dead in Sri Lanka

Labor Advocate to Join Biden's Middle Class Task Force

4,000 Florida National Guardsmen to be called up for active duty

James Le Fanu admits getting New Scientist story pulled

So Long, GeoCities: We Forgot You Still Existed (died today)

Fed Says Gov't Ready to Save Stress-Tested Banks

PM must press U.S. for Khadr's return from Guantanamo, court rules

Mexico Shuts Some Schools Amid Deadly Flu Outbreak

Palin formally unveils new legal defense fund

Sydney man shot 34 times in head with nail gun

In Reversal, Army Ends Delay on Lightweight Armor

Madoff investors ordered to return false profits

American Southern Bank becomes year's 26th failure

Germany worried over Taliban advance in Pakistan

Obama faces dilemma on Armenian killings

Obama touts plan to change college loan system

Cao open to torture prosecutions.

Michigan issues first medical marijuana cards

Russia military spy boss 'sacked'

What Do You Think? Should I Go For It?

Pair of Suicide Bombers Kill 66 at Baghdad Shrine

Durable Goods, New Home Sales Better Than Expected

Minnesota High Court Won't Hear Senate Case Until June (Franken / Coleman)

‘Stevens Six’ Hiring BigLaw Counsel; DOJ to Chip In

McCain defends Napolitano, insists 9/11 perpetrators came from Canada

UN torture envoy: US must prosecute Bush lawyers

Key talks on Pakistan Sharia deal

Taliban to withdraw from Pakistan's Buner: spokesman

Document: Military Agency Called Harsh Methods 'Torture,' Questioned Their Effectiveness

Tedisco concedes

Canadian woman soldier found dead (in her room at a military base) in Afghanistan

U.S. plans to accept several Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo

Report: Post-Katrina levees not strong enough

Turley on Hardball: "Let me finish for the love of God!"

Utility Suspends Nuclear Plant Effort

Most in U.S. favor diplomatic ties to Cuba

Captain didn't surrender to save crew, engineer says

Former KKK leader detained in Prague

GM to pull the plug on Pontiac

Mexico swine flu deaths raise fears of global epidemic


Kerry: Detainee Photos Could Be Terrorist Propaganda, But Truth Is Important

Microsoft sales fall for first time in 23 years

Economy May Force Obama to Abandon Plan to Overhaul Immigration

Earthquake Reported in Southeast Ohio

Former federal prosecutor: Special prosecutor would be PR move

Sen. Leahy: Investigate Bush-Cheney Abuses

Clinton: Bush's Iran Policy Was a Failure

NORML National Marijuana Forum Part B - Dr. Robert Melamede - CU Boulder 2009

NORML National Marijuana Forum Part C - Hemp - CU Boulder 2009

NORML National Marijuana Forum Part D - Prohibition - CU Boulder 2009

Pentagon Channel - 'Never Again - What You Do Matters...'

Bank Stress Tests & 2 of the Big 3 Possibly Filing For Bankruptcy - Sen. Dodd

Torture is Evil

Rufus Wainwright - Going to a town

Rachel Maddow: Republican Resolution- Change 'Democratic Party' Name To 'Socialist'

Pogo the Clown

Anderson Cooper: Another Child Bullied To Death With Slurs

Thom Hartmann talks to Chief of Police who says Pot should be legalized

Countdown: Torture Timeline Doesn't Add Up; Former Interrogator - 'Glaring Failure'


Condoleeza Earliest 'Green Light' For Waterboarding - Pelosi Denies Knowledge

Rachel Maddow & Eugene Robinson laugh about Dick Cheney criticizing deficits

Rep. Hoekstra on CNN with Lou Dobbs 4-22-09

Former Christian coalition director argues for torture

Ted Turner asks Ashton and supporters to Send a Net and Save a Life

Rachel Maddow on GOP's latest ScamWow - Obama's taking over the intertubes!!!111

Late-Night Standup Comedy in MN House

It doesn't matter if torture works

Kit Bond Threatens Obama

Rep. King: Jay Bybee 'should be given a medal for what he did.'

Rudy Giuliani On Gay Marriage

TYT: R's Siding With Big Credit Card Companies (Dems Should POUNCE)

Bush, Oct. 2007: This government does not torture people. We...we...we...we...we stick to U.S. Law.

Milton Friedman Choir - The Corporation

Rachel Maddow update on Pakistan - not good

Preeminence vs Partisanship - Utah Gov. Huntsman: Equal rights are important. NOM? Not so much.

TYT: AF Admits Bush Should be Investigated for Torture!

Rick Reyes's full testimony before Congress

DNC Web Ad: Broken Steele (Dems waste no time - smack Steele around over NY-20 loss)

Thom Hartmann asks if this is our Schindler's List Moment?

'Green coal' --------28 seconds of Newt

McCain: Prosecutions Would Make Us "No Better Than a Banana Republic"

Larry Summers Falls Asleep During Meeting Again

Susan Boyle aged 25 singing I Don't Know How to Love Him

Countdown: Keith Challenges Hannity; O'Donnell Takes On Right-Wing Trivialization of Torture

Olbermann Bets Hannity $1,000 Per Second Of Waterboarding

Gore on 'The Bernie Madoffs Of Global Warming'

Max Keiser - France24 - 'banking oligarchs are going down'

Gingrich Repeatedly Attacks Gore During Waxman-Markey Hearings

The Truth about Facebook!


C.I.A. Abused Missing Prisoner

Shepard Smith's Torture Tirade

Michele Bachmann: "CO2 Is A Natural Byproduct of Nature!"

Gore Tells Off Republican AssHat Congresswoman

TYT: Shep Smith - We Don't F*#kin' Torture! (Cenk Reacts)

Matt Taibbi: Tom Friedman Strikes Again

Stupid is as stupid does

Europe Needs No Part in Doomed Afghan War

TYT: Most Texas Republicans want to secede

Forget Bootleg DVDs, China Complains to U.S. About Piracy, of Torture Manuals!

Whatever Works, Dick

Tortured logic (Bennington Banner editorial)

Torture: Official investigation needed (Clarion Ledger)

Why the Prisoner Interrogation Story Won’t Go Away (CQ)

Time for accountability for those behind US 'torture' tactics (Gloucester Times)

News Flash: Populism Is Popular

Will Obama Reboot Capitalism Anew?

Don’t Stand in the Way With that Whining, John McCain

On Torture by Kayla Williams

Torture Timeline

Jane Mayer on the torture program

Krugman: Reclaim Our Soul

Why the Prisoner Interrogation Story Won’t Go Away

Paul Krugman: The defining moment

A Dubious C.I.A. Shortcut - Zelikow

Why did Porter Goss finger Jane Harman?

Breaking With the President on Torture

Sen Bernie Sanders on credit card companies

Publish and be damned, Mr Cheney

Pat Robertson and Liberia

Cheney Starts Pro-Torture Facebook Page

Moved this to GD.

Industry Ignored Its Scientists on Climate

Well these detainees certainly did not die by drowning

Madoff's Right Hand Man To Name Names

Bill Maher: The GOP: divorced from reality

(Madoff) How Bernie Did It

Media favor process over substance in Obama press briefings

Research: No evidence for 'too big to fail' policies

Germany's slump risks 'explosive' mood as second banking crisis looms

Cash-Strapped Bronx Zoo Lays Off Animals

DU this poll - MSNBC grade for first 100 days

Sean Hannity volunteers to be waterboarded 'for the troops', GOP appears to condone torture

Flashback: A Look Back at the Church Committee's Investigation into CIA, FBI Misuse of Power

Jeremy Scahill: U.S. Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police

Obama Chooses Health Care Reform Over Fake Bipartisanship

Paul Krugman: Reclaiming America’s Soul

Lessons from the GOP in Retrograde

Senator, Wife of Detained Rights Activist Appeal for U.S. Help

Dead Polo Ponies Belonged to Chavez's "Right-Hand Man"

Justice Is Essential for True Forgiveness

David Sirota: Populism comes on strong as elite politicians falter

What Will It Take For Attorney General to Prosecute Torture Crimes? (Alternet)

Harman Wiretap Highlights Suspicions: Intel Concerns of Dual Loyalty ‘Rooted Deep in the System’

Robert Reich: The Great Credit Card Battle To Come

A moment of serenity among chaos

Bill Maher: The GOP: divorced from reality

Recognized in Death: How Undocumented Immigrants Are Buried

Hal Lindsey Defends Torture!

The First Annual Cable News Alternate Titles Contest

Robert F. Kennedy Urged Lifting Travel Ban To Cuba In '63 (National Security Archive EBB 158)

Bolivia: water people of Andes face extinction

FIDEL: "Trapped by History"

FIDEL: "Pontius Pilate Washed His Hands"

MACHETERA Translation of Raul's Extemporaneous Remarks at ALBA Mtg. - "Cuba's Rubicon"

Lugo's family keeps growing in Paraguay

Guess who did NOT sign the final declaration of the Summit of the Americas

HAITI: Lavalas Demands Obama Remove US Ambassador Janet Sanderson

Ortega Reveals Summit Cloaked in Secrecy and Censorship

Fidel Didn't Really Dash Hopes For Cuba Talks

Microbe-powered 'fart' machine stores energy

$135 million biomass energy plant planned for Hartsville SC

Bolivia: water people of Andes face extinction

ODAC Newsletter - 24 Apr

Bolivia: water people of Andes (Uru Chipaya) face extinction

Drumbeat: April 24, 2009

Greenland’s ‘good news’ methane finding

Russia sees no need for oil cuts as shortage looming

Mexico flu outbreak kills dozens

Reviving the once-mighty railroad (BBC)

CHILE: Scientist Warns of Threats to Rock Glaciers

Levees Cannot Fully Eliminate Risk of Flooding to New Orleans

Orchard losses 'threaten species' (BBC)

USDA to conduct first wide-scale survey of organic agriculture

NY Times: Industry Ignored Its Scientists on Climate

(Texas) AG Charges California-Based Business With Fraud In Water-To-Fuel Scheme (Thank You!)

US Ex-Im Bank Approves $900 Million Direct Loan To PEMEX - Guardian

Gas Drilling in Northeast Raises Health and Environmental Concerns Among Residents

Biofuel loses fight with California pollution regulators (CNN)

Climate Activist Tape-Records Police Attempts To Recruit Her As Cash-And-Carry Informant - Guardian

‘Limits to Growth’ predictions surprisingly accurate after 37 years

VA Rep. Boucher (D) trying to gut Climate Legislation

The Road to 35 MPG: Analysis From 2009—the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress

Lousy effort by the Pens last night.

Teixeira expects icy reception at Fenway

Extreme golf: million dollar Par 3

Lady Bing finalists (Sportsmanship): St. Louis, Datsyuk, Parise.

The new Yankee Stadium: Don't care if I ever get back


What is your second favorite professional sport?

"Shady" McCoy, RB, Pitt. Draft his ass and you won't be sorry.

Boxing: April 24 & 25

Pretty lackluster effort by the Sharks tonight.

The JR Chess Report (April 24): Aronian, Alekseev leading in Nalchik

Today in labor history Apr 24 International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union halted shipping

Workers Struggles: Europe & Africa

Emergency Senate bill saves lesbian couple from deporation

Disturbing information within the reporting about new "swine" flu outbreak.

Some thoughts on the endless hetero fascination with female "fluidity".

Red Sox Give Tip of the Cap to No. 100 (Great Story!)

Netanyahu's candidate for U.S. envoy backs one-sided pullout

Palestinian wounded during Na'alin protest

Laughing at Ahmadinejad

Israel strives to re-brand image

Nonviolence? Israel prefers the Hamas

Human Rights Watch: Israel/Gaza: Israeli Military Investigation Not Credible

Hearing echoes in 'Seven Jewish Children'

Candidate for U.S. envoy: Israel must unilaterally quit West Bank

"Many Contra Costa crooks won't be prosecuted" XPOST in LBN

I have a question about the history of firearms.

Lindy Blake, one of the Presidio 27 mutineers died recently:

A copy of the Right Wing e-mail circulating about the Maersk Alabama/SEAL team incident

Congress going after estate taxes - again - USA Today editorial

Again: Government Lawlessness

Bank of America’s Lewis May Face SEC Probe on Merrill

Apple retail sheds 1,600 full-time positions

Bear, AIG Dumped $74 Billion in Subprime, CDOs on Fed

Woke up this morning, to a Red Sky on the horizon......

a pussy willow

backlit bus stop

I saw a Merlin this monring

Springtime in Utah

Around town

Blessed be, MagickMuffin!

What another B'Day Party! ...... Happy B'Day NMDemDist2

This week's Starcodes

Just about at the end of my rope

Half Past Human - Latest Report - Feedback From The DU Seers And Astrologers

Pssst........have you noticed?

'Climate change' forces Eskimos to abandon village (CNN)

Why werewolves, as presented in the movies/books, etc. couldn't exist:

Tomorrow is a great opportunity to see a razor thin crescent moon

Canada's UFO Files

If you need a good laugh tonight . . .

Cutting the crap: It's just an idea, and it's science fiction until we have 1st hand evidence/proof.

We Found Jesus!

Wow .... $1.99 spareribs at Safeway today.

New class brings history home to students

Tell me what you know about Teach for America

Physics of Impossible A Scientific Exploration Into World of Phasers Force Fields Teleportation

WHAT IS YOUR "HOP" LEVEL? (Page that refers to DU)

640 Architects and Engineers Call for New 9/11 Investigation...

Texas governor's secession talk a laughing matter on Capitol Hill

Did ya hear/know that Rick Noriega has been promoted to Colonel?.?.?

Anyone else going to see Howard Dean in Dallas on the 26th?

Substituted HB3 and SB3 Will Remove Fine Arts Requirement from HS Graduation Requirements

Thermitic Pyrotechnics in the WTC Made Simple

Need help finding a Mini Computer

Tea Timer

silly question time