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DUer Steve Leser's Fox "Tea Bag" Interview Footage Being Featured on Countdown

environmental concerns superseded by a state’s obligation to bring in revenues from its land?

environmental concerns superseded by a state’s obligation to bring in revenues from its land?

It's Keith's turn to cover the tea bagging

Tea Baggers AKA Ball Sucking Republicans

Even More AmazonFAIL: 'It was the French! Seriously!' How Not to Handle a Social Media Rampage

Democrats want clearer benchmarks from Obama on Afghanistan

Dollars & Sense: China To TIGHTEN Credit

CNN: Borger: Republicans Twittering away credibility

"Former Senator Coleman"

In honor of the GOOP, I will drink coffee tomorrow. I will have a counter-protest "Coffee Clatch".

Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism

H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act

H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act

GOP survival tips for teabagging events Wednesday (seriously)

After a couple of posts on current news from today, I'm just wondering who gets more sympathy on DU

US troops 'might stay in N Iraq' (BBC)

Hong Kong Christens an Ark of Biblical Proportions

Two brothers charged in gay bashing crime on Gloucester, Mass

Two brothers charged in gay bashing crime on Gloucester, Mass

AT&T Introduces Particularly Creepy FamilyMap Snooping Service

For those of you who are convinced that Melissa Huckabee is covering

For those of you who are convinced that Melissa Huckabee is covering

Fellow DUers, we've always been at war with eastasia

Biden Won't Comment On State Secrets Law He Once Co-Sponsored

Aging donkey rises to the challenge (we could learn a lesson from this donkey!)

Vatican 'vetoes' US envoy names (BBC)

Chalabi charges Bush with conspiring with Iran

No Idea how to title this thread about a teacher/coach - pic/news item says it all...

More maturity from the GOPers attacking the tax code from the Bush years (caption photo if you like)

Illinois Moving Fast Towards Civil Unions, But Should It?

Anderson Cooper is discussing the DHS report on rightwing groups

DU Obama approval poll here:

Report: U.N. spent U.S. funds on shoddy projects

I can believe I missed out on an opportunity to cash in on the teabag parties

Well I knew that Blago was appearing on at least one NBC reality show, but TWO?

Administration decides to reveal results of bank stress tests

Maybe there is justice: Senator Al Franken takes the late Paul Wellstone's

Virginia GOP embraces soft-core porn

Tea bagging and Faux ratings

Pirates just tried to board a ship flying US flag ( breaking)

Charles Barkley and Don Rickles will be on Leno tomorrow night.

Pirates damage another American ship

proof of our decline

Please, for the love of

"The Republican Party is now just another show on Fox News"

Man I've found a way for a hooting good time

800 union workers near me just lost their jobs.

The FleeceaFreep has entered its third week....

Any lurking Alaskans, check out my thread in the Alaska forum...

Bo is just a whiny punk! I'm keeping my eye on this kid!

The original "Tea Party" protested lowered taxes

Accessorizing dilemma for female tea baggers

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Infinite Debt: How unlimited interest rates destroyed the economy

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acknowledges global warming is affecting her state

I'm counter protesting a Tea Party at the AZ state capital tomorrow...

Cramer Won't Stop Whining About Jon Stewart!

Film Seeks Middle Ground For Native Americans in History - Neither hapless victims nor warriors

It's 12:05-Anyone else "tea bagging" already?

Live or Die

NC Senate PPP Poll out tomorrow: Cooper Leads Burr in North Carolina

Clinton presses donors on Haiti

Italian Jews aid World War II saviors hit by quake

New York governor to push bill legalizing same-sex marriage

Will Carlyle Go Down For Bribing Government Officials?

It's a girl: Scientists in Dubai claim first cloned camel

It's DOMA, stupid.

Lotta "teacher" posts lately....

After two days of questioning from the DA and the defense, I was NOT seated for a murder trial

I wholeheartedly agree with the Freepwads!

Any DU'ers out there have a current list of Obama accomplishments? I'm not lazy, just busy!

Put the tea baggers in steel cages

FWIW: if you are filing your taxes tomorrow by mail, make sure

Can someone post a quick explanation of this "teabagging" stuff?

Man who shackled 15-yr old daughter to bed to stop her from overeating gets 15 years

Letterman: This is Bush's ninth year in a row of not being president.

Nurse called out of surgery and laid off

The Teabaggers' Creed

Bush is Back!

Could Glenn Beck be a Genuis like Andy Kaufman or Sascha Cohen


We have to look to Spain to get justice. The US is incapable of policing itself.

We have to look to Spain to get justice. The US is incapable of policing itself.

Heads up for WJ: First calls re "teabagger day", then Mark Shields

April 15, 2009: Get a Brain Morans!

Political cartoon idea: Conservative Priorities.

The tea thing is not about taxes or grass roots or even protest.

This report isn't about you - Conservatives get paranoid over DHS report about ultra-rightists

A RW view of immigration reform - Mark Cromer: No, You Can’t!

I feel so deliciously rebellious this morning. Instead of my usual...

During WWII people shut their mouths and paid their taxes without bitching and complaining

Protest at UNC-CH Stops Speech By Tancredo

Is anyone making sure Dem's in Congress know teabagging is all

The top tax rates go from 35% to 39%...

Here is what I love about today's teabagger protest

US airstrike kills six civilians in Afghanistan (including a 3 year old and a 10 year old)

The Tea Party

It's unsettling to think that the Beck droids are actually looking forward to

Great American Detox, By Mark Morford

Somali Pirates Attack Another US Ship

The *Official* Teabagger Infiltrator Check List

Guantanamo Detainee Claims Abuse (Under President Obama)

DOMA cost us at least $645.00 last year

Woman to police: 'There's a dog taped to the fridge'

What pisses me off about these tea baggers...

Tea baggers- one if by land, two if by sea

Will blogs replace science journalists?

Would You Like some Astroturf with your Tea (Party)?


The difference between liberals and conservatives

Was this anticipating teabagging?

"Rescue Me" has always been a great show

Billionaire investor Sam Zell Says Commercial Values Down 30%; Tribune Was a ‘Mistake’

Any teabagging going on?

Are the Teabaggers holding a Ball tomorrow night?

As Finance Offices Empty, Developers Rethink Ground Zero

WOW! Tea party's are really expensive!

There's not really a GOP anymore.

Okay. Now I think I've seen everything...

Health Care for All: A Moral Obligation

Today's Teabag weather map (it's a gonna be a wet tea gargling day).

'Observe and Report's' Date Rape Scene: Funny or Offensive?

Wow. CNN says Democrats got more pork

Hey, Teabaggers.....

Early footage from Freeper tea ceremony in Boston Harbor...

Can women be arrested for DWI?

Teabag Stimulus...

Did Sen. Burr use insider info to protect his bank account?

You are being lied to

What's with all of the rape apologists recently?

I've been watching Faux and Friends interview "teabaggers on the street".

I've been watching Faux and Friends interview "teabaggers on the street".

I'm all for tea parties.

DU Obama approval poll currently with 400 responses

Economist William Black accuses Obama Admin of breaking the law...

1500 Farmers Commit Suicide in India

Right wing hate groups infiltrating tea parties, conservatives continue obsession over ACORN

maybe it's just me, but I don't give a rats ass about the ball-licking teabaggers.

So are any of the RW blowhards going to rename their studio the Tea Room for todays astroturf...

Florida Boy, 2, found near alligators while babysitter slept on toilet

President Bartlet responds to Governor Perry's call for Texas "sovereignty"

MSNBC is "currently unavailable" on my cable system.

Interesting quote from Timothy McVeigh about taxes

An article worth reading for any Alcoholics or anyone with a dependent Alcoholic

Starting the day with pissed off

Where's your sympathy people? $ave the Rich!!!!

RUSH: "President Obama Ordered the Killing of Three Black Muslim Kids"

Evil libruls purposely crash fishing boat into bridge near San Mateo to detract from tea party

Franken wins!

Help me, DU!

Sorry, Minnesota - You may never be able to recover.

wow. shit house rat crazy drama queen freeper teabaggers and bagettes

Tea party Prediction

Please enlighten me - what ARE the teabaggers protesting?

Sewing machine frenzy in red mercury hoax

Breaking: black helicopters observed circling tea party sites in Atlanta and DC

Scarborough: Obama Is ‘More Focused On Targeting Veterans’ Than Fighting Al Qaeda

California woman mistaken for suspect in girl's killing

I’ve got a bad feeling about this, I hope I’m wrong

Whether it is called Mesopotamia or Iraq, the geographic location is the same

Eliot Spitzer coming up on Morning Jo(k)e

UBS to Eliminate Another 7,500 Jobs as Loss Widens on Flood of Withdrawals

CNBC 20 minute Tea-bagger segment

have the tea baggers prevailed yet?

Colbert - "It's the industries cake. And consumers can eat it."

Vote for Transparency in Government AND Help CREW Win The Webby ....

Will they have a dance after the party? A Tea Dance?

Just bang their heads against a wall......they'll tell you everything you wish to know.

The Rude Pundit: Extremism as Defined by the Right

Plastic pitchforks for plastic populists with styrene souls: Thomas Frank on the teabaggers

They're renaming ASU: Obamazona State University!!

Obama was supposed to sign his first budget right after Easter

What the teabaggers are really saying with their "grass roots" protests

Remember this FBI report done last year during the Bush administration?

Judith Krug (Remember this name)

Do we have to "repay" the payroll deduction when we file our taxes?

Afghan women protesting new "Dennis Prager Law"


How Does One Justify Federal Stimulus Funds to ACORN?

Don't be surprised if quite a few of the tea parties are well attended

NASA Names Treadmill After Colbert

The Atlantic: Sitting next to a soldier on a plane. (Iraq Report confirms all my suspicions)

Tea-Bag Invite

Ask teabaggers why they don't want to support our troops and pay

Post pictures of tea bag party signs here.

James Dobson: "There are no Timothy McVeighs out there right now. "

Proposal: Tax Elimination Act (TEA) of 2009.

In my opinion, the whole teabagging deal is about two taxes.......


Undercover Footage From Tea Party I Just Attended

Do students planning to become teachers get any instruction in classroom management?

Mel Gibson trying to cheat Passion of the Christ writer

Obama kicking off Tea Party

Rimjob's so out of touch since he rakes in over $320k a year

So is covering a tea party in DC that is turning into a promo for FOX NEWS? LOL

Trivia: Righties are always complaining that the US has one of the highest corporate tax rates...

French Warship Captures 11 Pirates

Ed Schultz is attacking the "teabaggers." Says that this is about keeping whites in power.

Female vets struggling to get treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

If Convservatives hate the media/news outlets so much

Will there be a tea party for stoners?

I disapprove of what you say but

I disapprove of what you say but

Rush and the repuke racist sore loser crusade...

Heh! It's POURING in DC today. Wet little tee-baggers!!1!!

GREAT NEWS! If you REVOKE your citizenship you won't have to pay ANY taxes!

Iran Complains To UN About Israeli "Threats"

Ouch! Ted Rall

RW propagandists are defensive about their extremism

Maybe someone can help me out here (re:the tea baggers)

How do you like your coffee?

Tea Parties Aren't Grassroots-They're Work Of Corporate Lobbyists-FOX & TOP-Hired Gun-Dick Armey

help me understand....President Obama gives most americans a tax break and they're protesting?

Just passed a tea bagging

Pat Toomey makes it official - he's going to run against Specter in the Primaries....

Ed Schultz is ON FIRE!!...

Just saw a TEA BAG Rally in Madison, WI!

Confession: I know nothing about all this 'tea bag' discussion, don't know who's doing it

USDA Sec Vilsack - Medical Marijuana Arrests to continue in National Forests

PHEW we're back

chimpy gets a new job!!

Fux claiming that millions of people are teabagging

Weather god hates East PA Teabaggers - raining, temp in

There are tax protests *every* year on April 15 as I recall.

Fiat: No Chrysler deal without major union concessions Headline "Anti-Tax 'Tea Party' Protests Expected Across U.S."

Watching the CNN Live feed of the Boston Teabagging Party...

It's teabags now but later it will be bullets.

Did we just get tea bagged or something?

GOP Senator Encourages Run On Banks

Rush Limbaugh sides with the pirates

Fox News is nothing but Tea Parties

DOW up, so MSNBC only showing NASDAQ (down)

Protecting cargo ships in pirate-infested waters........

How do you feel about schools going down to four day weeks?

Would Timothy McVeigh be a teabagger?

Saw three nice, average looking, fifty-something Teabaggers in Chicago

LIAR LIAR pants on fire

Thom Hartmann and Alex Jones are on the radio

CEOs Laying Off Workers Instead of Taking Pay Cut

Anyone else catch the PNAC diatribe on "Rescue Me" last night?

Hey, if they don't want to pay taxes that's fine by me. As long as they...

WTF? an email I just got...(edited)

Did we just get tea bagged or something?

How about a bee tagging protest

Teabagging Turn Out must be terrible .... Fox just covered Obama's speech

We Should Run A 'Sand Bag' Counter Rally...........

Attention, teabaggers: It's a weekday...

Looking for reasons to stay longer in Iraq?

Republican Teabaggers Pledge to Form Circle and Rim The Whole Park.

Real men drink COFFEE!

Current headlines on

Teabagging screencap on Kos, PRICELESS...

FAUX News: Fox Fact - DHS Report Focuses on Right-Wing Extremists

FAUX: "From Portland to Pennsylvania, *thousands* are taking part....

I'm just seeing these teabagging parties... the best unintentional sketch comedy ever!

Code Pink @ DC "tea party"

I think it's funny to call these people tea-baggers and all, but.....

white, white, white

Alex Jones visits Willie Nelson and guess what Willie had playing on the radio?

The Age of Impunity

Tea bag hilarity in NY

Tom Hartmann and guests talking about urban def of teabagging...

USDA Sec Vilsak - Medical Marijuana Arrests in National Forests to continue

Libby Young, of Des Moines, wears a tea bag on her sunglasses

Tea Party Command Center

How many of the teabaggers can we find at the Rushican

looks like Code Pink is there

Buy a plane (or boat) and get a tax break? (and then fire a teacher!)

A 50 cent roll of new Lincoln pennies is going for 6 bucks

20 Years ago today...4/15/1989 ...... R.I.P.

I know this probably won't work, but could we try to have one thread with all wacko/misspelled pics

Fake Teabaggers Are Anti-Spend, Anti-Government: Real Populists Want to Stop Banks from Plundering A

America is not a Christian nation.

I'm just thankful that the department of homeland security is


I just got back from the Madison Teagbagging Party

Right wing extremists at the protests

Kudos for the Dark Side and “Torturing Democracy”-By Scott Horton

White House Responds To Tea Baggers - OUCH!

who started teabagging to do. who had the idea. hubby heard ron paul.

Corporatists Ass Kisssing = A Tea Party

MSNBC does piece on right wing hate groups and Contessa..

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

No Representation Without Taxation!

Very short observation on the state of the News

This Teabagging Thread is useless without Pictures..

G-20 Anti-Capitalist Protest Coverage v. Tea Bag Media Coverage - Will They Be Called Anarchists?

Is it raining, or has this lady been teabagging before going out?

2010 elections prediction

Question to those who have access to video: Are the tea parties all white?

Like the brooks brothers revolt we are witness to the walmart marchers...

The Ted Spread - From 0.4 Up To 4.6 And Down Finally To < 1 - What Does It Mean? We Were F*&ked

As Lawrence O'Donnell Said, the Teabaggers Are Protesting BUSH'S Tax Rates!

Is anyone else thinking "For heavens(sic) sake...just get it over with!"

Just saw a disturbing protest sign.

Shall we call them "Somalia Conservatives?"

Rush Limbaugh Ridiculing Anti-Capitalist Protesters At G-20? Irony? Hypocrisy?

Fox News Reporter: Wake Up And Fight The Fascism In Our Country

Pope Reverses Longstanding Ban On Abortion

Tea-bagging - Its supposedly bipartisan and apparently whites only.

I just tried to consolidate my credit card accounts

Troops Stole Boxes of Iraq Reconstruction Cash ... Literally ...

On this Tax Day let us remember those who took away the personal interest deduction.

A reminder of the kind of people that are teabagging together today

Protesting against your country

On the eve of Tea Bag Day, a word from Thomas Paine

The same assholes who "teabag" are the first ones to bitch

Is anyone else hoping that no one shoes up for these tea parties

Chik-Fil-A Supporting Teabaggers

Imagine if all the "protesters" today actually refused to pay those taxes?

We Are A Christian Nation.

When did your county's jobs disappear? An interactive map.

Wealthy republicans are busing in people collecting unemployment and welfare

Nation's Only Cage-Free, No-Kill Shelter Seeks Help

this may not be appropriate...but which republican congress person would you

Gingrich rewrites history for tea bag day

The TRUTH about Republican DEBT

The TRUTH about Republican DEBT

Full-head teabagging

Teabagging report from Wilmington DE

MSNBC just mentioned Timothy McVeigh with respect to RW extremists

Tea Bags Denied.

GOP = Party Of Teabaggers, Birthers, and White Supremacists

On Rick's face book page

Teabaggers bring a million teabags to DC to dump in Lafayette Square, but are sent away.

Fox News Usage Of Political Terms "Liberalism," "Socialism," and "Fascism"

Fox News Usage Of Political Terms "Liberalism," "Socialism," and "Fascism"

Really, the teabaggers are just exercising their first amendment right

LOL! Local Dallas news calling it tea partying

LOL Mancow is accusing Obama of having his ACORN brownshirts. . .

FreedomWorks Finally Gets Around To It, Warns Protestors Of 'Teabag' Double Meaning

French warship captures pirates

Alaskans: Self-absorbed, but at least we're not neurotic

Where Are The Massive Teabag Protests? Nothing In LA and OC. Over-Hyped?

Teabagger's are the ones who lost the election...

Reading all of these stories about the tea parties has convinced me that

Teabaggers. Yich.

Just go home

About a month ago the Pentagon was under siege from an unruly mob.

Permit? We needed a permit?

Protesters' Plan to Dump Tea Is Prohibited (and no rally permit)

Just watched Maher's Religulous.

So, according to the right wing, 9/11 was Clinton's fault, since * was only in office 9 months...

Something interesting about Portuguese water dogs ...

Paul Minor's Wife Dies While "Justice" System Dawdles (Legal Schnauzer coverage)

CNN Lady asks a Teabagger why Obama is a Fascist....

Teabag "movement": Who wins?

Thom Hartmann and Alex Jones: CAGE FIGHT!!!

Teabagger vacation. Toon by Joel Pett

Making sure pets aren’t forgotten

Obama's tax cuts: Anybody see it in your checks yet?

are these tea baggers taking the tea out of the bags

i guess we can assume that all the 'teabaggers' make over $250,000 a year

OMIGOD! Huge Organic Protest In Nation's Capital!!!

Here's a picture of the one black guy attending the tea parties

Need a giggle...

Tell the teabaggers - higher pay is better than lower taxes.

Where was Fox News during the Anti-War protests?

Neil Cauvto seems to think this is the biggest thing ever

A Very Important Letter to Faux News

People calling teabagging protests "white power rallies" are racist.

I pay taxes so the Navy Seals can do their jobs.

A local poll needs some help

OK - the Teabag Protests are not in themselves White Power rallies

Having just mailed off my 2008 return, and my first payment for 2009,

Any Tax experts out there? (non- teabag related question)

I've attended several "lib'rul" protests and this one was in DC (awesome pic)

Big Tea Party goings on here!

And what is Faux news doing today?

So, about this guy with the "Stop Spending" hat....

Here's a guy who is willing to pay money to get teabagged.

The offshoring debate in a small organization brain hurts...I need someone to explain to me why corporate fat cuts are protesting bailouts

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Pirates

Will Faux keep doing these stunts for four years

My first and final post about teabagging

Ok so there's a bunch of church guys in suits handing out bibles outside my daughter's school today

Savannah Tea Party report

New Haven Tea Party: "Burn the books" part two.

Cant stomach to watch any more Faux teabag coverage

What would your Teabagging Event sign say?

Let's say an average of 100 teabaggers in each of about 500 venues

Teabagger sign just shown: "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic!"

These are the exact same losers who went to Sarah Palin's rallys, aren't they?

Who Employs Joe The Plumber And Who Provides Him With The Speaking Material In His Public .....

Breaking...Memphis To Poor To Have....

Coleman's 10-Day window is shrinking - any news?

The political stupidity of DHS breaking ranks with returning veterans

Sure could have used these teabaggers during Shock and Awe

National Organization For Marriage just called me. I'm divorced.

NC:drag artist murdered in Fayetteville

Let's create a compendium of the dumbest dumbfuck thing heard over the last few days from the right

Blowing a HUGE hole in Neil Boortz's "UnFair Tax" scheme

All this tea-bagging is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Vigilant Freeper notices something in backyard!

Hardball is talking about Rightwing Extremists

Maersk = "longtime Pentagon contractor" with "top security clearance"

Teabagger Definition:

With the stunning success of the teabagging parties...

This thread doesn't mention pirates or teabags.

hey heidi harris, shut the fuck up.

DC Tea Party Protest Shut Down By Secret Service, Package Thrown Over White House Fence (VIDEO)

McClellan: Bush insiders planning to 'spin an alternative reality'

Thank you Bob Shrum -NNN0LHI posted this earlier

Are these the exact same losers pushing the "Obama birth certificate" and "Obama Muslim" memes?

Dialogue found on the internet (not written to me, incidentally)

Don't think of it as Tax Day.

Tea Party goers berserk in DC, try to lob things at the White House

So are the Sheeple dumping Snapple too?

The Real Boston Tea Party was an Anti-Corporate Revolt (By Thom Hartman)

Tea party participants, tea baggers, check in here!

Steven Green, rapist/murderer of Abeer

Tea parties are shutting Dems out of the media

Just when you thought you heard it all - "DHS is attacking Jesus by mentioning right wing threats!"

How much media attention did the numerous anti-war protests get during Bush's term?

Going to a tea party? Please give this poll a little DU love.

faux news should receive the same scrutiny as a political action committee

21000 K Federal, 5000 K State, 600 City of Portland, 600 TriMet Tax...

Election 2008 2.1: Return of the Republicans

So, any really good wide shots or aerial views of the teabaggers?

Brothers charged in gay man’s brutal beating

So... will all this "teabagging" crap be over after today, or........

Don't blame me I voted for Sarah - pic

Community radio reporter interviews teabaggers - OMG they're effin delusional!

Ron Christie alert! Hardball

GRRR! Time-Warner Tells FCC to "Shutup about Net Neutrality"...SIGN the petition!

Has Anybody Here Been Scammed By A Company Called Zero Plus Dialing Inc?......

In Digital Age, Angelic Voice Shines Through.

French capture 11 suspected pirates; Greek ship freed

Don't think beck should have done a wideshot of his teabagger fest...

Texas Tea-Baggers provide two more freeperisms

Rush too famous for tea party. I kid you not.....

FReeper Texas teabaggers

Post teabagging dinner.

I do not Twitter

Ed Shultz is nailing it - Robert Gibbs on now

Report from the Sacramento "Tea Party"...

A Teabagger Timeline: Koch, Coors, Newt, Dick Armey There From The Start

Small City. North Georgia. Conservative. Tea Partying.

My conservative buddy in Georgia says the tea-bagging is really a front for the fair tax initiative.

My conservative buddy in Georgia says the tea-bagging is really a front for the fair tax initiative.

The Nation: Can We Forget About Pirates, Please?

Stockton Militia Organizer Claims Strong Support

I gotta say this: During the Clinton years I was young and not interested in politics yet. So...

Bandits steal $18 million in gold

Gilded Age Taxation...(teabag this!)

Tea-Bagger or Idiot?

Rate today's teabagging events ...

Cavuto description of tea baggers: "All stripes"

Who is more powerful? Rupert Murdoch or Italian PM Silvio Berslusconi?


Hollywood "stars" on with Toad Cavuto? Who the hell is John Ratzenberger?

Man Who's Not Dad Fights Child Support

Man Who's Not Dad Fights Child Support

These are the people we are dealing with folks (Videos of "tea baggers")

Today's email exchange with a right winger

Now, how can we get 10 more dumb ass states to go with them.

Alice and the Mad Hatter Tea party

Taxpayer Tea Parties steeped in insanity

*LOL* Tea Party Protesters Gird for Possible Liberal Backlash (hilarious Fox News article)

*LOL* Tea Party Protesters Gird for Possible Liberal Backlash (hilarious Fox News article)

Still no Randi news?

Black people dont mind paying taxes

Why were people "protesting" today?

the idiots are protesting because President Obama gave them a tax break.....

Now this is the Ed we know and love

I support patriotism and President Obama

Another lethal April, another failure to ask why.

Governor Says Texans May Want to Secede From Union But Probably Won't

I thought I was kidding, but did I actually define the Ideal Teabag State?

Are they equally upset about the first bailout package that Bush proposed/signed?

Woohoo.....DOW over 8000!!!

Secret Service just shut down Teabaggers at the White House

My Only Problem With the Tea Bag Protests

Kinky's going to run as a Democrat?

Kinky's going to run as a Democrat?

Pirates threaten to "slaughter" American sailors

LOL. Check this picture. (i.e. Why can't wingnuts spell?)

This is required reading for "Tea baggers"......

To Mike Pence: "A Grassroots Movement" .......

My Mother-In-Law is staying with us for a few days...

Bill Press just smacked down a couple teabaggers

Amid the day full of fail, at least one wingnut kept his sense of humor

$10/month ATT DSL if anyone is interested

Look who else showed up to one of these teabagging rallies

To the cameraperson or director person of MSNBC Schultz show, remember that because you can ........

Hey Texas... LEAVE.

The Daily Show and Colbert Report have a month's worth of material from today

500,000 not enough for fox--how many teabaggers?

500,000 not enough for fox--how many teabaggers?

what you missed while you were busy making the same teabag joke over & over

Houston Chronicle Poll: Are your taxes too high?

Oh Noes!.. The left has "professional cameras"..and ACORN will insight violence

Oh Noes!.. The left has "professional cameras"..and ACORN will insight violence

LOL. On Tea Party day, Vermonters Protest- For Higher Taxes

Can anyone shed some light on the facts behind this RW spam email?

My sides hurt from laughing so much

Mike Pence (R-Indiana) is one lying sack of shit!

Tea Party photos. *will update*

Obama's Bad Bank Plan

there are other tax protesters that have been doing this a lot longer

My report on the Santa Rosa, California tea bag whinefest, um, protest.

how stupid is the media?

Who sponsors the programs on the Faux New Network, and more to the

Asia Times: Decouple the world from the dollar

F**ked Snooze Video: John "Cliff Claven, haven't worked a day since" Ratzenberger "joins tea party"

Demjanjuk returns to home after deportation halted

Teabaggers are all Fakes: Alternet

Mad Hatters' (and other apparel) Tea Party (photos)

NPR: New Wave Of Foreclosures Looms- 1,000,000 homes

I never knew that Janine Turner was such a right wing nutcase

Where were all these goddamned teabaggers when Bush was spending trillions on Iraq?

OK, so did the 'teabaggers' AKA FAUX News puppets, accomplish anything today?

"I'm not your ATM" with a drawing of white hand giving black hand money

A Breach in the Tea Bag: Philly Reporting.

"How many nuts could a wing nut suck if a wing nut could suck nuts?" Happy Teabag day

Anyone seeing the John Birch Society becoming more active on a local level?

It appears to me, that if something is in the "mainstream", ALL sides would be represented

Hour 2: More paranoia: Rush claims government union workers are trying to infiltrate tea parties

Book Returned to Va. Library — 145 Years Late

Anyone check the Lipton Tea company stock lately?

If you love to travel to foreign lands, now's the time to do it!


Evidently Wall Street isn't worried about a handful of Tea Baggers.

So, the teabaggers hate Dick Cheney now?

Is "homeland" an appropriate term for the United States?

Ah, the "Tea Parties" have brought out some of the RW nutjobs on my Facebook "friends" list.

Doing my taxes last minute - and have a question

Is this a joke? - CO: Tea Baggers, Salad Tossers Gather

Any word on a group for mortgage refinance and loan modifications?

MY Money! MY God! MY Guns! (((PICS!)))

Did any of the Teabagger parties break 1000 today?

Tea Party (TP) propaganda. Is it all about the Torture?

Hahahahahaha Hohohohohoh

Teabaggers on Hardball. Think about that for a second.

Teabagging in Kingsport, TN. (dial-up warning)

Leftchick Appreciation Thread

Never-kissed woman, becomes YouTube sensation

Never-kissed woman, becomes YouTube sensation

Astroturf Faux-revolutionaries! (PICS) 'IMPEACH MALL'! 'I HEART THE RICH!'

Without Justice for All: The New Liberalism and the Retreat from Racial Equality


OMG Check out this email the head of the College Republicans at Kansas State sent out

Frontline tonight. Did anybody watch? Children of the Taliban

It's Jackie Robinson Day for MLB!

Don't "They" have as Much Right to Protest as We Do? I Defend Them...BUT!

Loan modifications, refi's...

So the Mad Hatter had a tea party...

For the record, NOBODY has paid for the bailouts yet

How Bad is the Troll Infestation on DU?

They are among us!! Tea baggers infiltrate DU!!!

The Obama family paid over $850,000 in federal income taxes this year

Here's Teabagger Hat Guy!

cnn covering 'protests' in d.c.....looks like about 20 people

Utah Democratic Party’s Response to “Tea Party”

oh dear...

Hot cougar sex! (adult women as crazed wildcats)

The Secret Affair of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Philip Morris


Homeland Security assess risk of rise of Right Wing Extremists as high

Five reasons why the H-1B cap will be increased, revised

Canada’s Quiet Bargain: The Benefits of Public Spending

White House north lawn evacuated.

60+ DUers....YOU ROCK!

At the White House, Joking about a Torture Investigation?

5:30 CST Mountain Home Ar TEA BAG PROTEST

More bad news for Hannity and the Tea baggers in Atlanta

Who Cuts Deficits Again?

So I talked to some Teabaggers today.

Dear Freepers, THIS is a protest

Fabricated by fox but real enough. Why we should be concerned.

Why cant these teabag idiots be charged with LITTERING?

"My parents made me skip school to hold this sign."

Look who showed up to the teabagger party!

ACLU - Obama Administration Reportedly Considering Withholding Vital Information In Torture Memos

When are we going shoot the people who steal fish and dump toxic waste?

Video of the CNN reporter getting roughed by tea baggers. . .LOL she calls out FOX

OK so When's the pro-Obama rally

somalia backgrounder

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Tomorrow we are going to know a lot more about what sort of Administraton we have now.

How incredibly brave are these Afghan women?

WOW. CNN's Susan Roesgen Just Reamed The Tea Baggers Live

What The Admin/CIA Want To Hide: "It’s Not the Water-Boarding, It’s the Blows to the Head"

Taking one for the team, I venture into the belly of the beast...

Texas -May Secede From the Union... Says their governor...

All this talk of Tea, my fav. beverage

Idea re. teabag parties: Send IRS agents to every one of them!

Idea re. teabag parties: Send IRS agents to every one of them!

2009 Jeep Patriot - Basic no frills - what should I pay for this?

I've been away from the news all day - Was the teabagery an epic fail, or not?

Somalia wants to handle the pirates internally

Small farms as a solution to joblessness?

Why is the media pumping the tea bag thing up? And why are we?

DU a teabagger poll at the Houston Chronic

DU a teabagger poll at the Houston Chronic

Ha ha! And courtesy of Wonkette, a Counter-Teabagging Photo!

Ha ha! And courtesy of Wonkette, a Counter-Teabagging Photo!

How often do you see serfs protesting that the lord of the manor is taxed too heavily?

Code Pink went to a teabag party

Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates

ASU Says "We Blew It," Alumni Recind Donations

Single sentence response to so-called Tea Parties:

SHOCK VIDEO: Dominos Workers Caught Contaminating Food With Spit, Snot And Worse

TEABAG'd: my day at the party!

Susan Boyle - OMG

Wall Street Sharks Circle the UAW

Protesting is bad except when it's something I like!

Protesting is bad except when it's something I like!

This month 10 Democratic senators pushed for a tax break for multimillionaires.

Internet Poker: (Un) Licensed to Steal

Anyone heard any Randi Rhodes news?

White Nationalists Tied to Tea Parties

"The Unbearable Whiteness of Teabagging"

The sad demise of the english language

Let's call these "Tea Parties" for what they really are - white power rallies





Support submissives who like to be teabagged!

Those muthafucking snakes are on muthafucking FX right now!


Dupe n/t

Taxes finally done...thanks to Turbo Tax.

PROGRAMMING ALERT! Deadliest Catch Premieres tonight at 9:00pm!

sorry dupe about susan boyle...delete

Anyone want to go to a baseball game on Saturday? It's free*.

This is just about the coolest picture I've ever seen

Interesting bit of music trivia I learned today

They laughed when I suggested sending narwhals to fight the pirates

Wait a minute. It can't be...

enough is enough! I've had it with these monkey but snakes on this monday to friday plane!

Quotes from Mel Gibson's divorce trial.

Weirdest travel agent requests

Sweet SOUL music

Spotlight on Lou Rawls now

I'm home from Italy

OMG! Don't ever Google image search "Teabagging" with the safe search off!

Hives. Eeek.

A burning question for the lounge?????

Nice to meet me!

I swear I just heard hoof prints on the roof

This is just about the hottest picture I've ever seen

Joe Crede is my boyfriend!

Kind of says it all IMO

A pointless YouTube channel that, nonetheless, kept me interested

BBC America's "Any Dream Will Do" Winner ***SPOILER***

HD radio question

do you ever just feel like crying and just feel bummed for no reason

Welcome home

bvnf bvnf

Great T.V. On PBS "We Shall Remain"

Whew! Crazy weather, huh?

Too damned windy here today (and cold)

Whaddaya MEAN ya don't believe me!

Any linux / unix experts out there?

Any linux / unix experts out there?

Images from my last pre-graduation college visit (dialup warning)

Aaaand Chris Carpenter is hurt!

Accessorizing dilemma for female tea baggers

Fuck it.

Spotlight on Sam amd Dave now

I feel really good about what we accomplished here tonight.

I feel really good about what we accomplished here tonight.

Local headlines:

Best number

Tipper Gore joins Grateful Dead on drums for encore(s)

Did Mel Gibson ever explain why he cheated on his wife?

Can anyone help me with Windows Vista?

Live one in GD:P

"I sent 2 units- they're bringing her down right now". "No, Lieutenant, your men are already dead."

OMG moment!

Spice up your bathroom for company.....

The most spoiled dog in Japan - Video

High-speed sex costly in Norway

kitten picture of the day for tuesday april 14

Some Sweet old Folk

Jimmy Kimmel show goes to HD *live* (1:04 pretty funny)

LeftyKid is very happy, because I got him a shirt at the thrift store. (pic)

Can you see the picture in the body of this post? What is happening in it?

I'm concerned..the forecast calls for rain all day..

The Love Theme from the Towering Inferno....

My boss said "thank you." I feel like dancing!

This post could be a winnah!

This one is for TZ: Teabagging Il Eagles at

I've never heard of Ripopticlidice before.

Susan Boyle..."homely" woman discovered on talent show...

Has Midlo left with for her teabag party yet?

What is the half-life of a cat fart?

Has all this talk about political tea bagging resulted in an increase in actual tea bagging?

Do you like GOOD music?

Can one send money to Paypal without having an account?

help with digital camera

kitty ambush

At last! A movie that, IMO, is worth seeing is coming up.

What the fuck?

It's a tax paying tea bag laughing hump day birthday for me!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Good morning Lounge

Hmmmmmm... Which to attend?

I went to a teabag party today

I just created my crowning masterpiece, but I'm not supposed to unveil it until Monday.

Susan the Singer on the talent show? Must be mega-viral . . .

My office mate will not shut up!!!

I can't stand this song:

Has anyone here been to a MLS Soccer game? Safe for kids?

Whoa. WTF just happened?

Dead At Your Age - (Morbidly interesting)

TEABAG FOX! Seriously - send your used teabags to your favorite asshat at FOX!

So are you getting or giving extra money to the IRS today?

Tea for Two Party in San Diego?

All this talk about teabagging has left me with a strong craving for

My office mate will not shut up!!!

Pinetop Perkins, Yay or Nay?

After two days of questioning from the DA and the defense, I was NOT seated for a murder trial

This is the Youtube video you've been hearing about all week.

What's your favorite internet radio station?

The Ultimate Ear worm!

Outdoor Challenge for the Wii, equally as physical (or maybe moreseo) than the Wii Fit.!

I am so sleepy today.

Just watched "True Romance" for the first time. Had no idea how brutal it was.

Is there any humane way to hasten the demise of FOX?

Your plans for tax day?

the first lolcat to make me spew a drink

It's tax day! You know what that means?

What is the punishment at DU if you post an article in LBN that may not be on the up and up?

Which is more likely to start a conversation?

Overheard at Macon, GA teabagging party...

For those here who might have missed the fun:


Does Obama's dog have a soul?

SWEET! Still on pace for 161-1!!!

I'm back from Italy, ask me anything

Do most decent sized cities have a "Chinatown" section?

So, we went in Lock down tonight at work. Apparently, there were

7 empty-faced, close-eyed, sweatpants and t-shirt wearing idiots at my town's tea bag ceremony

There's a tea bagger in GD who's gonna get a pizza.

The Chuggo-Pitbull connection. This is NOT a joke. Totally authentic.

Just talked to another colleague who doesn't list honraria or bonuses

I got a neighbor who built a pontoon boat for our lake out of stainless steel


Let the photoshop fun of Teabaggers begin....

Ham and Beans on the menu for tomorrow night. Slow cooking in the Crock Pot as we type

they are such sourpusses!

When the tea bagging is over, let the salad tossing begin!

Piano lessons make my brain hurt.

The wind here has been terrible!

This is amazing!

There are teabaggers outside my window!

What special purpose would you like for your tax dollars?

Just sayin'....

Wilford Brimley: Biker/Teabagger

Hey Teh Loungez

Sir Ian McKellen on his craft.

"Protestor" gets in a funny one!


Ok, which one of you assholes teabagged me?

Ok, which one of you nutsacks teabagged me?

Name one of your favorite new brands

Dumb asses get their special day

Question about airfares - why do they fluctuate so much?

""...Judge sentences Eric Carmen to 180 days in jail + $1000 fine

Is there any humane way to hasten the demise of a fish?

Seriously, if it's interesting and it's more than ten minutes old

I've got a golden ticket...

""...Judge sentences Eric Cartman to 180 days in jail + $1000 fine

Hulk Hogan: "O.J. had the right idea" (Hmmm...regarding football, Hulk? Acting? Could you clarify?)

And now, Match Game PM.

There are those who call me Juror #1...

Useless Fred Durst-wannabe dirtbag "BangBang" misspelled Rihanna's "Sanskrit scripture" tattoo

Just scheduled my 50th birthday present,

If you have a spare 7 minutes...Meet Susan Boyle...

America's Team, Baby!

Not a single one of you bananaheads wished me a happy birthday on Monday

Name one of your favorite new bands

Corgi, attempting to herd a cat

Long day at school today; long day tomorrow. I'm going to bed.

Here's a blast from the past for all my '80s buds.....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/15/2009)

CALLING: Mr. Coffee

Match Game Story: "On Taxe Tag, the hound of death's icy breath blew on Crow and Tom's soul __ Joel"

Any tips for "pilling" a combtive cat?

Big Giant Hair Photo Thread - Post if you've got big hair!

Your favorite aroma?

How can ghosts wear clothes?

My masterpiece is almost finished.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

What is your favorite meal/snack or desert that is unique to you or your family?

Man bites snake...

Do you base your DU crushes on the avatar

Here's another response to RWer.

All we have is beans in the house and tomorrow's my Pap!

Got new sneakers today, and now I'm 100% fashion!


Do you have a family pic that's 60 years old or older?

Anyone here a fan of Velvet Underground when they were together?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/15/09

more failblog laughs

i know where to get porn...don't need huff post to guide me.

Burr told family to withdraw everything from bank

Al Franken's lead attorney coming up on Countdown

OH-Sen: Portman With Lots Of Cash

Time for a sing-a-long: Obama Will Destroy The Right Wing (to the tune of Wind Beneath My Wings)

Borger: Republicans Twittering away credibility

whoops....DUPE! AC360 Teabagging Quip!

Beck: "You can't convince me that the founding fathers wouldn't allow you to secede" (AUDIO)

Is Bo Derek going to be attending one of these teabagging events?

Biggest challenge to the White House is going to be...

Advice from Samantha for the teabaggers tomorrow:


Dearest freepers; if you protest tomorrow against "crippling taxes" as Fox "News" puts it

Please No Bash Texas in Theads - This Is Perry's Idea, Not the people of TX

Is it too late for mass admin and hill staffer hiring?

I think we know who enjoyed their new dog the most today

Why when liberals are mad do they say they're moving to Canada?

Castro: US changes 'positive' but small

Right-wing extremism may be on rise, report says

Are we all ready for a good Bagging?

It's official: GOP is the tea bag party

Grateful Dead: Live in the Oval Office

Gingrich eyes possible White House run in 2012

LOL Right Wing Complaining About Being Profiled.

Remember Syndi White?

Have we LOST to the Teabaggers...

Largest Tax Cut in US History; who?

In a strange way the "tea party" thing is Obama's "Revolutionary" ideas at work

The freepers just don't understand what the "Tea Party" was really all about......

I don't think Sasha is feeling Bo . . .

U.S. Planning to Reveal Data on Health of Top Banks

So we Shot the Pirates What about the Banker Pirates?

Seriously, I believe in God and even SHE realizes this Teabag Protest stuff is a joke

Call CNN's 1-877-MY-AMFIX and tell them how you "feel" about the Teabaggers!

Gee, I thought we weren't going to promote the Tea Party?

Why is Fox "News" astro-turfing the teabagging party so hard? Could it be to...

I am Pissed! 6 Years ago, the media didn't talk about the Million people marching against Iraq!

Extreme Dog Houses (Which one for Bo??)

Teabagging Traitors (In their own words)

Texas declares sovereignty from U.S.

Chuck Todd is so out of touch it's pitiful. The Peter Principle is real. ...

President Obama to tea-baggers: I've already cut taxes

Bo makes his political cartoon debut already!

Stand up if you support patriotism and President Obama

HBO to stage 2008 campaign (because you just couldn't get enough of it)

Protesters' Plan to Dump Tea Is Prohibited

I think I'm gonna wear my McCain-Palin "lipstick on a pig shirt" for the protest today.

Pirates threaten to "slaughter" US crew of next ship...

President Obama Underscores Commitment to Restoring Fairness to the Tax Code...

Haha - a must watch Teabagging video spoof -

Joe Conason: The Tea Party Brigade: Obama Couldn't Ask for Better Enemies

Could you imagine a President McCain making the speech that Obama gave yesterday?

Delete dupe n/t

Delete dupe n/t

Teabag Day - Correcting Fixed News Usage Of "Liberalism," Socialism" and "Facism"

So Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn't want anymore Government

The DHS report on right-wing extremism is *NOT* just hypothetical...

no matter how fuck-up crazy the Bushies got, no matter how evil mcscary....

Rick Sanchez doing report on RW extremists report now

I'll have a report with video of the Teabag event here in Madison today

Rick Sanchez is having a "Tea party organizer" on his show

Lovely. "Hundreds" of "soggy" protesters include people carrying pix of Josef Stalin .. H'burg, PA.

LMAO. CNN reporter at a Chicago Tea Party just called out Fox News

"It's a genuine, grassroots uprising."

I don't remember this much coverage of the anti-war protests.

Obligatory tea party post to draw attention to how

Maybe someone ought to deliver mouthwash to their teabag parties?

Maybe someone ought to deliver mouthwash to their teabag parties?

Are the wingnuts clueless or were these tea party hissy fits planned before Obama took office

Anyone else getting a lot of bug error messages when posting? nt

LOL Showing Their Ass.

Coburn still unsure about reelection; says it's a 'spiritual thing'

What?! No Krugman Fans To Post his latest Blog Entry? Here, let me help you

We should be on guard against those who ridicule the notion of radical right wing hate groups

Teabaggers: Where Were You The Past 8 Years?

Why the hell is Ron Paul the the go-to guy for RW commentary now?

Could you imagine how crazy Faux would go if MSNBC actively promoted gay marriage rallies?

FL-Sen: Rubio May Challenge Crist

Have we gotten any classic signs from these tea bag parties yet?

Paul Begala on April 15 is Patriots Day. (he busts on Fox and teabaggers!)

DU Should Enter Their Own Definition Of Teabagging At Urban Dictionary

For First Time This Year, Majority of Americans Believe Nation Is Headed In Right Direction

The Freeper protesters were out in my town too

This poll needs your help!

What is the best argument to use when I nicely confront the Tea Baggers at 5:00pm today?

These are some sorry-ass protests.

Junior stiffed me on my stim check last year, but Obama just gave it to me.

Just remember, we're the majority.

Heidi Harris spouts the Freeper mantra on Hardball:

Could There Be A Bigger Flop Than The Teabagger Rally?

If I spent all day teabagging

PHOTO Oh Lordy, Oh Lordy, Oh Lordy.

Carnahan doubles up Blunt

I'm just going to call these teabaggers Hooverites.

"Where were the protestors during the Bush years?"

Obama to tea-baggers: Eat my shorts

Teabaggers, freepers, free staters, fundies...they are on the march and

That dog seems super-hyper

Seventy Teabaggers Showed Up At Daytona Beach Rally

CNN is showing these nut jobs for what they are!!

Tea Parties have little to do with Obama or Democrats; much to do with Future of Republican Party

When people complain that they, meaning the evil government, is spending our money...

This tea party BS is going to backfire on the GOP massively.

I wonder if any of these protests took place at tax-payer funded public parks?

Is It Just Me Or Were The Anti-Iraq War Protests Bigger? Just Not Well Covered?

So this is what the GOP's mid-election "strategy" is--to scare with "high" taxes?

Which Republicant Would You Most Want To Teabag?

Pastafarians painted into a corner....

Freep-a-licious designer tea bags, for the upscale, discerning teabagger/teabagette

Saving the Rich with Pitchforks

I can't tolerate Heidi Harris....

The Republican Party has turned into 'Splinter Groups'

What happened to Howard Dean's grey hair?

Ted Nugent Is At Glen Beck's Teabagger Rally On FOX

Howard Dean on Maddow: "I revere Krugman... I agree with Obama on this one"...

Robert Reich: A Short Citizen's Guide to Kooks, Demagogues and Right-Wingers on Tax Day

I met Earl Grey this morning and I wasn't impressed

You know what's going to be funny next week?

Fox News is crossing the line - MediaMatters

First Dog Gets His First Children’s Book

PHOTOS Tea-bagging on a rainy Wednesday afternoon

For the next right wing gimmicky outing, should protestors be:

Ok Duers welcome to the Afrosphere

A Quote About Norm Coleman From A Freeper Board

I don't get Joe Scarborough....Is he sick this week?!

Right wing extremism report threat from DHS has all the right in a tizzy

NC-Sen: Cooper Maintains His Lead

Bush Reunion??? All the past players cept for Cheney, Rove, and Scotty?

Bush Reunion??? All the past players cept for Cheney, Rove, and Scotty?

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Clown) requests federal aid, declares sovereignty

Are the Republican extremists engineering Obama's assassination?

When does President Obama Swear, use foul language.....

To the rest of the (incredulously baffled) world; tomorrow, April 15,

'Anti-Obama Taxpayer Tea Parties steeped in insanity' -LA Times

I pissed off a Republican, the other day.

Notice missing Freepers today at DU! They must all be busy Teabagging!

Obama's and Biden's Tax Returns

Who are the people watching the protests gonna believe-the racist protestors or their paychecks?

Wow. What are Repubs going to do now? New Gallup Poll shows Obama has won the tax debate

Crowds protesting Obama in DC

The Freeper Knuckledragging Theocratic Oddballs are out at the Teabag rally in Madison

Anderson Cooper, "It's hard to talk when you're teabagging."

What About An Anti-Fox News/News Corp. Rally? Isn't Eight Years Of Propaganda Enough?

PHOTO The President Responds To The Tea-Baggers

The Party of No fast becoming the Party of Nuts (updated)

PHOTOS More Tea-Baggers

Has there been a "Morans" sign yet today being held by a teabagger?

To all of the Obama is failing DUers: You would have a lot more credibility if just one time you..

Hillary could still use some help with campaign debt

Hillary could still use some help with campaign debt

2 hrs ago: WH on lockdown after tea bags thrown over gate; protesters yell "death to president"

Government Optimistic of Kerry's Visit (Darfur) as Historic

Idol fans (or not). Adam Lambert?

We May Have Another Democratic Congressman: Murphy's Lead Grows in NY-20

PHOTO Caption It

Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Could Secede, Leave Union

Chalabi charges Bush with conspiring with Iran

ArcelorMittal to lay off 400 workers in Indiana

Notorious Racist Supports Police Killing Suspect

Tally of school districts' pink slips passes 4,000

Castro says Cuba doesn't want to rejoin "vile" OAS

Guantanamo detainee claims (recent) abuse

Donors pledge $324m in Haiti aid

Canadian soldier killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan

Protests as Hungary PM sworn in

PA police uncover arms lab in West Bank mosque

Law Professor to Lead FTC's Consumer Unit.

U.S. Planning to Reveal Data on Health of Top Banks

Pirates attack but fail to board U.S.-flagged merchant ship off Somalia, NATO source says

Right-wing extremism may be on rise, report says

Venezuela Chavez calls for Colombia FARC ceasefire

Did AIG Spend Bailout Cash on Image Campaign?

Lawsuit proceeds against Cheney security team

Church, Kiddieland among institutions 'strong-armed' by police chief, prosecutors charge

Yahoo plans first major layoffs under new CEO

Lawyer for Mumbai attack suspect dismissed

Guantánamo Detainee Phones Al Jazeera From Prison

Guantanamo detainee claims abuse (phone call from Gitmo-according to Maddow/MSNBC)

Policeman shot dead in Indonesian Papua

UBS AGM: pre-announcement of key elements of the first-quarter results, further cost-saving measures

Suicide car bomber kills 10 people in north Iraq

GOP challenges Senators ballot

Consumer Prices Dip In March, Post 1st Annual Drop Since '55

Lambuth University can't make payroll

Biggest drop in industrial output since VE Day

Alzheimer trial yields positive results

Dallas hedge fund exec Barrett Wissman pleads guilty to securities fraud

Iraq urges Christians to stay, vows protection

FLIP welcomes verdicts in cases of two assassinated journalists

(GM and Chrysler) Retiree pensions are at risk

U.S. says new troops push Taliban away from Kabul

Aussie inventor in $537m ($US388 million ) Microsoft damages win

Gingrich eyes possible White House run in 2012

N Korea orders US nuke monitors out

CIA documents shine light on secretive Air America (airline, not radio station)

State Nursing Associations Announce Formation of a New National Nurses Union (70,000 RN's)

Offshore Tax Havens: A State-By-State Breakdown Of The Cost To Taxpayers

Nurse called from surgery, laid off

US soldier guilty of Iraq murders

Banker linked to 1980s S&L scandal dies after jumping off Tampa International Airport garage

Broward businessman pleads guilty in UBS income tax case (Florida)

Nationwide 'tea party' protests blast bailout


Five reasons why the H-1B cap will be increased, revised

Warrant for Grand Valley student shot during drug raid

Obamas Pay More Than $900,000 In Taxes

NASA names cosmic treadmill after Colbert (LOL)

Attorney General Cuomo Announces Arrest of LI Business Owner For Denying...

US unveils plan to tackle piracy

Palin Names Three Candidates for Senate Seat

Court views video of hooded men showing off bombs(Iraqi insurgent prosecuted in US court)

5:30 CST Mountain Home Ar TEA BAG PROTEST

US blacklists Mexico drug cartels

Climate change: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acknowledges global warming is affecting her state

Housing index posts biggest jump in 5 years

Unions agree on path for immigration reform

Iran Says Will Offer Nuclear Package to West Soon.

US slams Islamic law deal in Pakistan

Colombia captures top drug lord

Taliban Declares Judicial Independence In Swat

Michigan Unemployment Rate Jumps To 12.6% In March

Fishermen’s blockades bring chaos to land and sea (France)

Fiat CEO warns Chrysler unions: cut costs or we walk

Obama Aide Sees Public Health Plan as Part Of Reform.

Toomey enters race against (Sen Arlen) Specter

LA school board votes to lay off 5,400 employees

French warship captures pirates

1 Million Tea Bags, But No Place to Dump

Obama Team Tells Jewish Leaders: UN Durban Text Crosses "Red Line"

New Technology Reveals Close Calls With Asteroids

US mulls stiffer sentences for common Net proxies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 15

Smokers may boost cancer chances by eating fruit

Obama Vows To Rewrite, Simplify 'Monstrous' US Tax Code

Joe the Plumber at Michigan Tea Party: Saying ‘In God We Trust’ Will Get You Shot In Some Places

Protesters throw apparent tea bags at White House (prompting SS to lockdown the compound)

8 killed as suicide bomber attacks police in Charsadda

Obama Wavering on CIA Memos-Top Officials at Odds Over Whether to Withhold Some Details

U.S. FORECLOSURE INDEX: Foreclosures Soar in March, Up 44 Percent Over February’s High

Obama Tilts to CIA on Memos

Fir Tree Found Growing Inside Man's Lung

Suit: Yankees force fans to sit for 'God Bless America'

Vermont moves to reduce teen ‘sexting’ charges

Obama to tea-baggers: I've already cut taxes

United to charge heavier passengers twice to fly

Armitage: I should have resigned because of torture.

Chavez appoints official to govern Caracas

Blagojevich seeks permission to participate in reality show in Costa Rica

Nature: 'The Loneliest Animals' - Critical Biodiversity

Gay Marriage: Just the Facts

TYT: New Polls Show (R) Party in Trouble - Becoming Generational Minority

Al Jazeera English: Claims of Recent Abuses at Guantanamo Bay Made by Phone to AJ Journalist

David Buckner faints on Glenn Beck's show

Rachel Maddow: National Org for Marriage Removing Audition YouTube Videos

Countdown: Fox News 'Tea Bagging' Bias Montage (Features DUer Steven Leser)

Max Keiser - condemns copyrigh cartel pirates - forget Somalians, what about Disney and Monsanto?

Rachel Maddow: Krugman - 'Astroturf' Groups Organzing Tea-Bagging Events

What Really Happened During The Glenn Beck Fainting Episode.

Switzerland's UBS - 9,000 More Layoffs Losing Almost $2 Billion In 1st Quarter

Urgent message from the IRS!

Tea-bagger protest song!

Lou Dobbs Takes Offense to DHS Looking at Right Wing Extremist Groups

Tea Party Planning Session

Beck tries to slime his way out of the fainting incident - crew 'thought it was part of the show'

Marriage For All Maine Families

Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics Thom mixes it up with Reagan biographer Craig Shirley

Al Franken on MN Senate Election Contest Ruling


Thom Hartmann and Scott Horton talk about the Spanish court indictment of "The Bush 6."

Taxes and US Foreign Assistance (Chomsky, Falk)

Meet tea-bagger Sparkles the Clown

There's ANOTHER Storm Coming!

Tea-bagger Disco King "Buy your family a gun"

The Spirit of '43 - Donald Duck on taxes and patriotism

Thom Hartmann and Walid Shoebat (former avowed terrorist) shake it up about piracy and terrorism.

Health Insurance Companies Ruining Your Sex Life?

The GOP's Civil War

Un-employment Darwinism

Sen. Norm Coleman On Fox 9 News

Sen. Norm Coleman On Fox 9 News

Rachel Maddow talks to Howard Dean on Obama's economic speech

Glenn Beck's Obama Derangement Syndrome

Tea Party Infiltrated by Sam Undercover

The Invisible Wounds of War

Glenn Beck is a Neocon (Not a Libertarian)

Rise in Hate Groups

MSNBC Debunks Right-Wing Lie: DHS Report is Not About Politics, About Hate Groups

Paul Begala To Ari Fleischer "You Helped Ruin The Country"

Proud to Pay My Taxes

Tea Party Theme Song

OLD tea-baggers

TYT: NC Of Fox News BUSTED In Lie To Defend Tea Party Coverage

Fear Of Rainbows

NYC protesters tell PBS -- Put Single Payer Back on the Table

Taxes to smash the axis. Donald Duck advertising paying tax as the patriotic thing during wartime.

Look out Spain, Bill O'Lielly looks really upset!!1!one

Rachel Maddow: Gitmo Prisoner Makes Secret Call to Al Jazeera

TYT: Who Does Larry Summers Work For?

Goldberg calls out Hannity. Full of LOL.

KO launches another string of double entendres about teabagging. Hilarious.

Fox reporter at teabag party: “Wake up and fight the fascism!”

Mike Malloy vs Republican caller

CNN Reporter at the Chicago Tea-Party

Obama Is a Fascist

Cisco 'could' announce 10% layoffs, analyst predicts (6,600 jobs)

IT pros prefer old XP over new Windows 7, survey says

Even Some 'Broken Goldbergs' Are Right Twice a Lifetime

The Problem of Transition: Development, Socialism and Lenin's NEP

Prosecution and Pharisaism: From Pinochet to Bush

The cost of capital punishment

Tea Party Day: Brace For Crazy

Yahoo Is Said to Plan More Layoffs

Auto Workers Essential to GM's Future Said to Win Out Over Bondholders

Depression Lurks Unless There is More Stimulus - Robert Shiller

Paultards Started This Tea Party Business, So Shut Up GOP

DOJ retraining prosecutors

AlterNet: Young and Gay in the Bible Belt

Rush Builds A Revolution.

Get Your Popcorn Out, The Teabagging Adventure’s About to Begin

The Hand of God with a Song

Editorial: Expedite appeal in election contest (Star Trib)

Al Franken Wins Minnesota Senate Race...Again (Begala /HuffPo)

Mr. Coleman Doesn't Go to Washington

In pictures: The Obama's dog, Bo, makes his debut at White House

Tea Parties and Pirates (Pat Ryan / Blue Oregon)

The Real Boston Tea Party was Against the Wal-Mart of the 1770s (Hartman / HuffPo)

Hiring freeze spreads (hollywood)

China Epidemic Dangerous/Deadly Imports Counterfeit Making/Costing Billions Public Notices

Paul Begala on Teabagging - good piece

New 'First Dog Bo' Reverses Policies of Barney

On Teabags and Douchebags

G20 protest videos: Growing catalogue of evidence against police

Teabaggers vs. Tea Baggers: Who's winning the grammar war?

The Pirates of Somalia

Dr. Amy: The baby in the bottle

Is America the new Russia?

Fake Teabaggers Are Anti-Spend, Anti-Govt.: Real Populists Want to Stop Banks from Plundering Us

Bush's Forgotten FUBAR

Herald - UK: The Beauty that Matters Is Always on the Inside - Susan Boyle

Why IBM has the offshoring blues

Believe in god, or this kid will shoot you in the face.

We spend millions on smallpox, but nothing on this far greater threat—…oil running out

Melbourne's Nine-Dam System Will Hit 28.4% Of Capacity Today - New Record Low Within Days

Global Email Spam Uses As Much Energy As 2.1 Million US Homes, Generates GHGs = To 3.1 Million Cars

Lilacs Planted By USDA In 1965 As Planting Indicators Blooming Up To 2 Weeks Earlier Than 1960s

Valley Fever (AKA Lung Fungus) Up 4X In Arizona 1997 - 2006 - Disease Will Thrive In Hotter World

Sempra Generation Proposes New 48-Megawatt (PV) Solar Energy Plant

Illegal fisherman jailed in Ecuador, Precedent Case - Sea Shepherd

Animal Rights Activists Indicted as “Terrorists” For Home Protests - Will Potter

Climate endangerment finding clears White House review

Green construction and affordable housing

It's right windy here in AZ today.

Lake Mead Will Hit Levels Not Seen Since 1965 This Summer - 8 Ft. Below March Forecast

I can't f***ing BELIEVE I'm seeing this shit again!

Marine power not ready for prime time, experts say

Palin Suddenly Discovers Global Warming Problem, Proposes More Natural Gas Drilling As Solution (!)

Castro says Cuba doesn't want to rejoin "vile" OAS

La Alborada editorial: "Obama's New Rules"

FIDEL: "Days That Cannot be Forgotten"

FLIP welcomes verdicts in cases of two assassinated journalists

Chavez appoints official to govern Caracas

MACHETERA: "Waiting for Godot - Obama's Cuban Dilemma"

Clinton Pledges More Than $50M in Haiti Aid, But Canada Wants to Play Harball

Most-wanted Colombia drug lord caught 'like a dog'

TELESUR Coverage of ALBA Meeting - Correa and Chavez Pumping Up the Volume

FIDEL: "Does OAS Have Right to Exist?" OAS has "garbage of 60 years of betrayal of peoples of LatAm"

WILPERT: Venezuela, the 47-Hour Coup That Changed Everything

Besides that awful Pirates team, guess who else is fucked this year?

Pressure from lenders could force sale of Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, experts say

Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero will not be charged with rape

I think Oscar made a good call...

Hmm...SF at Dodgers tonight, who will Cboyupton root for?

Anyone wanna defend Florida International?

Anyone watching the ManU/Porto match?

Evidently, the Liverpool-Chelsea game was really something to see.

Has there ever been a weaker President's trophy winner than San Jose?

Official Tim Wakefield Appreciation Thread

NHL first round predictions.

Today in labor history Apr 15 successful six-day strike by the first women-led American union 1919

Ex-Starbucks worker sues, alleging whistleblower retaliation

Labor push for immigration reform

Newark union workers leave picket line to help car crash victims

Newburgh firm must quit union-busting (One week after proposed OSHA fines)

NLRB Upholds SEIU UHW as Union for 48,000 Kaiser Workers, Dismisses Bogus Petitions to Decertify

Canadian workers achieve first-ever contract at Wal-Mart

Workers at AT&T Poised to Strike - Job action would be biggest U.S. strike in recent years, and firs

Parking lot rapist Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) threatens to veto Nevada Domestic Partner bill.

Conservative groups call for school boycott on Day of Silence

Hate organization Illinois Family Institute endorses anti-Day of Silence video

Drag performer found dead in Fayetteville

Talk about over analyzing

The gay fundie teen who lives next to my cousin was found out.

Study: Stem Cells May Reverse Type 1 Diabetes

New York Senate has the votes to pass marriage equality!

Did This Happen On The Oprah Show? - Embryonic Stem Cells Denounced On National TV

Suicide - the silent crisis

Vaccine Developed For E. Coli Diarrheal Diseases That Kill Millions Of Children

Who provides ins. coverage for federal employees?

Prostate cancer vaccine has another successful clinical trial

Amos Oz, Approaching 70, Sees Israel With a Bird’s-Eye View

White House to Jewish leaders: US won't attend 'Durban II'

PA police uncover arms lab in West Bank mosque

4 Persons, Including a Child, Killed in Two New Crimes Related to "Family Honor”

The Region: Palestinian moderates want peace - with Hamas, not with Israel

Egyptian FM: Lieberman is not welcome on our soil

Israel’s new right-wing leaders pose threat to Israel itself, critics say

Trembling earth under economic peace

Gaza kids art proves Israeli war crimes: activist

Gates warns against Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities

'Israel bad, Palestine good' is killing us

Gaza militants fire rocket into Israel after two-week lull

What are the origins of Muslim anti-Semitism?

Carlyle Probed Over Business With New York Pension Fund

Man defends home and family with a 12 gauge......

The Warren Report

PA Gov Rendell Expected to call for AWB

The Great Beast Lashes Out

Rendell, Ravenstahl call for assault weapon ban

BBC-Right-wing groups 'growing' in US

Today on the blogs: Analysis of Goldman's earnings, rumors of Geithner's imminent demise...

If you didn't manage to see the hatchet job on 20/20...

Rendell IS calling for the Obama Admin

Hallmark Cards to cut up to 750 jobs

Israel 'unlikely' to cooperate in Gaza probe

Is America the new Russia?

Should pistol permits be valid in every state?

Police: Man Shoots Intruder

AGCR does it again...

Suicide - the silent crisis

A boy and his squirrel.

Prelims are up in GD

Problem with prelims

There is something almost obscenely erotic about

I had another returning to high school dream

Paranormal Investigations of North Texas (All Of North Texas) looking for volunteers

Manifestation? I got one for ya!

This is such an inspiring clip

Sometimes a good manifestation appears bad on the surface...

Play the Star Formation Game!

The Wedge Strategy

Aaron Weiss - mewithoutYou

Believe in god, or this kid will shoot you in the face.

With Broccoli Rabe, What’s Not to Like?

What's for dinner? ~ Wednesday April 15th Edition

Thinking of trying to dry age beef at home

Well, the small appliance police are descending on our school.

What Firefighters Think Of "Firefighters For 9/11 Truth"

AE911Truth's Richard Gage gives TV Interview in Vancouver last April

TX Governor Rick Perry loves to teabag!!!

DPS computer system has a virus

Paul McCartney, Tom Hanks Give George Harrison the Star Treatment

My proposed series has a potential actor lined up, I need help with the next part of my plan

I found what seems to be an unprotected