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Archives: April 14, 2009

I thought "Ed Show" was good in Lead Out Tonight. "No Obama Banner/Mission Accomplished"

4/7 MN Supreme Court judges may recuse themselves in Coleman appeal

Surprise surprise! Goldman Sachs' profit tops estimates

Hastert to lobby for Turkey ***Did Speaker Hastert Accept Turkish Bribes***

Dollars & Sense: How Harvard Lost $11 Billion

Explain to me what is the agenda of the tea partys

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in Italy and the United States

Any DU "Long Timers" remember when we split with "Daily Kos" website and Markos?

we got a live one....hurry.

we got a live one....hurry.

The Gay Massacre we are Paying for in Iraq. The UK Responds.

has Sarah Palin commented on the pirates?

Unknown singer stuns Web (This will blow your socks off!)

I'm mad as hell about the President's new dog!!1!1!

I like Ed Schultz and all but I sure like David Shuster a lot better

Wanna see a fight?

Are you being lied to about the Somali pirates?

Microsoft offers computer training to unemployed

The Tea Party Morons probably don't even understand the actual Boston Tea Party.....

Does anybody know if people are going to dress as Indians for the Tea Parties Wednesday?

Looking for advice: ferreting out the sponsors of a 'teabag' event

Obama really handled this thing horribly.

What About al-Shabab?

Reagan, Media and Heroes



Good fugging grief Norm Coleman

Did you hear about this guy shooting up the neighborhood in East Ventura California?

Take back the media?

One 8-year administration ago today:

Another day, another Chinese attack on my home web/media server...

I am oh so sick of the dumbbell narratives of slowly phasing-in other energy sources.

ICRC's Damning Exposé of US Torture by Stephen Lendman

This Modern World: Glenn Beck and the mystery of the White House fascists.

Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down this website. I wonder why?

ASU: No Sitting Politicians Get Honorary Degrees--Except One Arizona Republican

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Yay Mike's live!

Iranian leader denies Holocaust

Who Knew? Obama - The Classical Music Performer

Dear former Senator Coleman,

Right-wing pundits fall out: Limbaugh eviscerates Jonah Goldberg

Since we're all getting tired of the "Same Old Article" about Somalia-

New Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Show Congress Ignored Corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie

Let's get serious: Toilet Paper vs. Sanitary Wipes--Who Else Has Made The Switch?

Best line: "There's a lot of love in teabagging"!1

On 3/20 appx25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed inIraq. Tea Bag parties will draw how many

I just read this on another message board, (not Free Republic)...

c h a n g e - Obama Lifts Some Restrictions on Cuba

Why is MaCain on Jay Leno AGAIN?...

Congrats Al Franken!!!! YOU are the...uh..."leading vote-getter"

Best News of the Day: Spain to proceed to indict Gonzales and five others

People do really stupid fucking things at times

Pirate/hostage crisis under President McCain. For all those "there's no difference" people.

Are Republicans off the hook, or off the Captain Hook?

Talk to the hand... no... seriously...

Lifelong U.S. citizens were being deported under the Bush regime

Words you never thought you'd see in every other thread title

Somali Pirates to conduct tea party on Thursday. Obama vows to stop them.

America the Liberal -Permanent Democratic Majority: New Study Says Yes

The Boston Tea Party by Thom Hartmann

What should we do about Franken and Coleman?

Flag lapel pins - the true measure of one's character

Should we have a human rights forum?

Should we have a human rights forum?

What's with all the "embedding disabled" and "removed" videos on YouTube?

I-94 closed in parts of ND due to flooding

wrong place

Is your local media fawning over the teabaggers?

Is your local media fawning over the teabaggers?

9:26 Politico's Mike Allen serves as spokesman for Rick Warren -VIDEO


UN to launch online digital library for the world

See #9 of the Top Ten. Cheney got his feelings hurted.

Maersk has a History. Is it usual for there too be this many cases against one Shipping Company?

America’s hidden unemployment crisis Provokes Online Firestorm Over "Banned" Books

I just found

Schuster is having a ball with the 'tea bagging' and doing it with a

Hey, we got a real live teabagger!

I'm praying for rain, sleet, snow, wind, hail and a cloud or two of locusts

So we'll find out Thursday whether President Obama releases Bush-era torture memos.

Ok dumb question time, my bank was recently taken over by BoA

oh man: on WJ, author of "More Guns, Less Crime", John Lott

Glenn beck comedy tour

Oh, it's ON, bitches! The anti-gay NOMbies censored Rachel Maddow's news piece on YouTube

cheer up good jewish joke here

Spokane parks to detonate squirrels

No Keith tonight :(

Pirates? Hostages? Hell...I feel sorry for the President.

The number of the day comes from Bob Herbert: 120,000

in Pakistan, the Taliban is winning- big.

Will Native Cubans end up living on reservations?

The First Time I Saw al-Shabab Mentioned in the News Was the Debunked Threat on the Inauguration

The military-media-industrial complex

U.S. Looks at Dropping a Condition for Iran Nuclear Talks, Officials Say - NYT

It's time we do something about these pirates. They are so young.

Bernie Goldberg: We have to stop going out of our way to find fault with every single thing he does

CEO’s With Lavish Contracts Oppose Workers’ Rights To Bargain Contracts

Girls Gone Wild: Vatican telecast spurred record sales

Thermite. "The loaded gun." WTC

(Mediumish Legnth Essay) Holy shit! This alien just ripped it's way out of my stomach....

Results from prostate "Cancer Vaccine" final trial released Tuesday

Why are newspapers dying? St. Louis Post Dispatch terminates Sylvester Brown Jr.

Bag a Polar Bear for $35,000 -- Hunters in Rising Numbers

58 American citizens whisked off the streets and sent to foreign countries

Obama and Georgetown

White supremacists rent American Legion Hall; Legion lawyers up

Vanity Fair Reporter Infiltrates Bohemian Grove >

When Words Can Kill: 'That's So Gay' - 11 Year Old Suicide

Markets are down

NY Governor Paterson To Introduce Gay Marriage Bill...

A Poem for the Tea Parties

FYI: Montel has two Tea Party girls and a Media Matters guy on now

When headlines and story clash...

Charlize Theron compares Gay Marriage laws "a form of apartheid".

Wow! forum members are groovin' on Obama's handling of Somalian crisis:

Wow! forum members are groovin' on Obama's handling of Somalian crisis:

From Townhall: A wingnut's list of evils:

Where is a list of PACs and 527s - educate me please...

Tom Feeney now with the Heritage Foundation.

Tom Feeney now with the Heritage Foundation.

Tea Parties = New Vigilante Movement

3fer: Bill'n'Hil best buds. Plus, best busts Deborah NORVILLE and SPITZER

Senator Franken Presser!

Favorite MSNBC evening political talk show.

Texas continues to lead nation in wind power

My response to MS-GE-NBC's survey regarding "Morning Jerk"

You know, Spain was once ruled by a fascist, too

Tibetans refuse to sow spring crops in protest against Beijing

Navy SEALS were secretly in Katrina. Fox News told not to report on it. Why?

Robber at AA meeting shot

Kinky Friedman forms committee to seek Demo nom for Texas governor

Maybe we should send the Teabaggers some Listerine

Karl Rove accosted by ex-GOP chief of staff

Failed US Automaker GM Recalls 1.5 Million Cars!

Yet another $50 billion for rust-bucket nukes?

Viagra, Cialis Didn’t Show Eye Damage in Study

Hi, I don't know your name, but I'd like to send you off to die in a war!

Russia/Georgia: Cluster Bombs Harm Shows Need for Countries (Like US) to Join Ban|Human Rights Watch

Bernard Goldberg: Hannity Going Too Far In Obama Attacks (VIDEO)

In this police booking photo..showing Rock music producer Phil Spector after he was convicted Monday

Formaldehyde-Free Funeral With Cardboard Coffin Shows Industry Goes Green

X-post: anwers to RW mass e-mail

What a great proud to have Obama after 8 years of do nothing/know nothing

Ummm, this may be considered tinfoil....

Correctly Political: Tea and Sympathy for the Devil You Know

Warning that Pakistan is in danger of collapse within months-173m people and 100 nuclear weapons

Lewd conduct? Obviously I've been seeing the wrong version of "Brigadoon!"

Scarborough To Coleman: "You Lost... It Is Over" (VIDEO)

since when do 'news organizations' become the political opposition?

aaaaand paranoia sets in with the tea baggers

Pit Bulls are no more dangerous than Shepards

If you homeschool you probably have fundie tendancies

Goldman Sachs to return bailout funds.

A Note From Al (Franken)

A Note From Al (Franken)

No big hoopla planned in his hometown for returning Captain

BREAKING: Pirates Spotted Off Coast of Antarctica

LIVE THREAD: Obama at Georgetown: Major Economic Speech.

Guantánamo Attorneys Urge Panetta To Preserve CIA Black Site Evidence

Saudi records out at Bush (41) Library

I normally just delete forwarded emails off the server. For some reason I didn't delete this one

Sanders to Bachus: Prove red scare

"The Now Wants to Become A Bastion Of Citizen Journalism" (Oct 2008)

Nuclear-Weapon Labs to Get New Missions, Energy Secretary Says

As an officer in the Navy

We should sic the Free Mumia people on the Tea Baggers.

YAY!!! i just got my first thread locked!!!

The Top 10 Signs You Are Living in a Banana Republic - #4

Hate Crime in Gloucester, Massachusetts....

People are lazy about stopping these wars

Residential protests

Austin, TX. Council approves largest solar system in the nation, one of largest in the world.

Great teabag design!! Bwaaaaaaah!!

How do I find how much the US government spends on healthcare every year?

Greenwald - differing views of the "rule of law" in Spain and the U.S.

Andrea Mitchell On Blago.......

Can sheep throw teabags?

Richard Phillips, Chesley Sullenberger provide lessons for our captains of industry

"Tea baggers" protest. Compare coverage to these photos of "thousands" protesting the war

Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich joining teabag parties...

Can Harry Reid decide to seat Franken if Pawlenty refuses to sign certification?

Why is Goldman Sachs So Scared of Mike Morgan?

Cinderella story

NYC protestors tell PBS -- Put Single Payer Back on the Table

the "civilian AK47" is a deer rifle dressed up, so says John Lott

Idaho family sues after son dies in recalled Toyota

Good Synopsis of Obama's Speech (from Salon)

Who are these people?

Oh, fuck. Not this shit again. It's time for the fucking Webby Awards. Everyone go vote.


Teabagging Party Turn Out ... Poll

Deputy back at work after GVSU student shooting

unfunded mandates question--how to get around that

I keep getting signed out of DU

Coleman pays costs, experts say his argument for appeal is flawed.

I overslept today because of ACORN. Then ACORN ruined my office presentation.

Obama's Bad Bank Plan Could Destroy His Promising Presidency

Teabagging: An Apt Term

If they throw these teabags into rivers and such - isn't that littering?

Who is your mayor?

The Rude Pundit: A Few More Notes Regarding the Tea Party Protests

There is nothing quite like a cock fight

Someone PLEASE Tell Me This Is Satire- Obama Vows "To Halt The Rise Of Piracy"

Kelley Drye Files $1 Billion Suit Accusing Insurers of Aiding Chinese Food Dumping

Kelley Drye Files $1 Billion Suit Accusing Insurers of Aiding Chinese Food Dumping

Israeli president warns of a strike against Iran

End of the Christian Right? More and more Christian Right operatives and groups are just giving up.

Cowboy churches get back to basics, emphasize salvation

Still Protesting Guantanamo

Are you going to teabag tomorrow?

I think Conyers is jerking us around, again....

Does the Military Commissions Act contain language that would grant

So it turns out that one of my competitors is organizing the local teabagging

MN-Sen: Pawlenty (R) threatens to drag out contest even longer

Obama's Sheriff

Obama's Sheriff

Obama's torture bind

Can Al Franken file an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court ......

Can Al Franken file an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court ......

Full Text of Obama's Speech

Fear the Taliban? The US nation-building employed in Iraq and Afghanistan has been brutal

A lot of people won't even give Obama a chance - bad weekend

Student killed in love triangle involving teacher

Thom Hartmann: "Somebody find Ross Perot and give him a medal."

Reid Should Just Seat Franken Now......

Are square buns offensive? I think not!

Why do I get the feeling we are going to be seeing Richard The Captain on stage with Joe The Plumber

Did you know? "Dinosaur herd buried in Noah’s Flood in Inner Mongolia, China"? Freepers discuss

Are You Watching Obama Right Now?

66% trust Obama

Virginia GOP Enjoys Lesbian Porn

The people here who rail against the Obama "fans" are almost

Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism

Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism

Breaking: Immigration agents are at John Demjanjuk's house per AP

Transcript of Negotiations Between U.S. Navy and Somali Pirates

Pray you chose wisely, cuz once in office, they're just gonna do whatever the fuck they want

Pirates foiled by Dolphins???

Math pupils learn how to drown Turks

Math pupils learn how to drown Turks

DHS responds to critics of RW extremists report saying it released a left-wing extremists report too

You think those pirate blocking dolphins were cool?

Anybody having trouble with spell check?

Recession fueling right-wing extremism, U.S. says

There's another kidnapped American we've forgotten about: Roxana Saberi.

OMG. This IS for real: Tedicso campaign in challenging Gillinbrand's vote. Really.

How To Protect Yourself As The Economy Sinks

Bo steps up to the mike. What's he gonna say?

Bo steps up to the mike. What's he gonna say?

On the teabaggers: Where were these motherfuckers when we were spending billions to kill people

Immigration Reform and Hard Times-NYT Editorial

Wannabe Teabagger-in-Chief Newt Gingrich in Hot Water over $4 Million in Private Flights

Wannabe Teabagger-in-Chief Newt Gingrich in Hot Water over $4 Million in Private Flights

The fate of the Gray Wolf:

Will Larry Craig be the Honorary Teabagger Chairman?

Wing nut Republican Sun-Times columnist is convinced there must be a conspiracy behind Obama's dog

Photo: "You're the man NOW, dog..."

It is a conspiracy dammit,, I just went to Wal-Mart,

Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism

DHS assessment warning of violent 'rightwing extremism'

META: How to tell if you need to spend more time in the real world

I nominate NWA worlds biggest for Teabaggers theme song.

Politico: Palin 'most untrustworthy' figure in American politics

I hope Pres Obama is right but have my doubts re. economy.

Minicars perform poorly in crash tests, study says

Tyler Poison Gas Plot: the threat is real

frank gaffney is pontificating about why we are innocent of torture

Tweety - The Honorable Al Franken

British Police to Face Yet Another Probe for Police Brutality at the G20 Protests

What one quote, photo, video, etc. defines Bush for you?

The Power Of Justice

Help me find an article?

"We've got to change the morality..."

Spain: 'They Would Suspend Investigation If -AT ANY POINT-US Were To Undertake An Investigation'

Here is my protest sign for the Tea Party tomorrow.

Has there ever been a scientific revolution in the social sciences?

John McCain disses Sarah Palin on 'The Tonight Show'.

Need help responding to this re: Cybersecurity Act of 2009

Officially the weirdest thing ever: Hannidate--Sean Hannity's Dating Website

Judge temporarily stops funeral protest law

So, who's going to go laugh at teabaggers tommorow?

Will Obama Prosecute the Somali Pirate in a US Court?

Has cable news ever reported on this guy who was building a dirty bomb?

I'm a tea drinker

I'm a tea drinker

On This Cruel Ability We Have to Accept Animals as Family, and Then Get to Hurt When They Pass...

Is the main BBC channels available in the USA? Any BBC experts here?

Vermont Tea Parties: FAIL

Who do we write to to thank the Spanish judicial system

The conservative word for Canada

Rwanda Genocide Fabrications Human Right Watch Alison Des Forges& Disinformation on Central Africa

Dear Republicans: You've disenfranchised the People of Minnesota long enough, it's time to stop.

What are you doing for tax day

Antibiotics pose concern for Minnesota ethanol producers

Any Randi news yet? n/t

What's this thing about Texas on Drudge's site? LOL...

Death threats against gay lawmaker following Iowa ruling

WTF is this Tweety thing with Gaffney?

Ruh-oh. Cybersecurity Act would give president power to 'shut down' Internet

The Teabagger's Weather report for tomorrow, Wednesday, bagged GOPers day.

Message to Tea-baggers... The Era of Big Selfishness is OVER!

Tea Bag Terror: Protests Causing Scares, Evacuations At Congressional Offices

Somali pirates hijack 2 freighters in one day

I Hope The Naysayers Watched The Speech Obama Just Gave

Received teabag message fwd from a friend

The Congress Forum - Does it have a purpose?

Batshit crazy Alan Keyes at Pittsburgh Tea Party

This Modern World - Glenn Beck and the mystery of the White House fascists. By Tom Tomorrow

Permanent Democratic Majority: New Study Says Yes

Gaffney on with Chris Matthews. Let's see how this goes. n/t

The right wing media is pushing hard for 2 more wars-

Dean re-emerging to push healthcare

I just got robocalled to notify me not to miss the Tea Party tomorrow.

Please ask Prez Obama to reverse Salazar's delisting of the Gray Wolf: defenders of wildlife:

Revolution... Have it your way.

Chalabi charges Bush with conspiring with Iran

Would you like to see 97,000lb trucks on the highway??

Conservatives outraged at DHS assessment warning of violent 'rightwing extremism'

Help Obama and HuffPost by sifting through recently released Reagan Files

Forgive Me If Already Posted, But This Is The Best Editorial I've Read On CNN In Years.

Why do conservatives insist on being a comedy act?...

Brownback and Limbaugh to participate in teabagging tomorrow.

Obama: 'Instant gratification' fueled bust

Teabag This: Taxes At Most Popular Level Since 1956!

On 3/20 appx 25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed in Iraq. Tea Bag party will draw how many

What time do the tea parties start?

Ed Schultz's new show

I am so sick of hearing and reading about "tea bagging"

The Top 10 Signs You Are Living in a Banana Republic

Is Melissa Huckaby covering up for a boyfriend

Outsourcing Jobs To Low Cost Labor Markets Destroys The Consumer Base

How about a big hand for the Mods?

David Shuster: GOP "Going Nuts" For Teabagging, But They "Need A Dick Armey"

"You libruls gotta stop blaming Bush!" --- she said to me

DHS finds right wing terrorist groups are on the rise

Palin AG Pick Ross - If a guy can't rape his wife who can he rape?

Teacher Sorry For Calling Janitor 'The N'

Day of Silence event in Knoxville - Friday, April 17

Politician fumes over 'gay' elephant in zoo

Tracy, CA girl found in submerged luggage may have been raped (Sunday school teacher charged)

Twitter and Facebook could harm moral values, scientists warn

Jamie Foxx to Miley Cyrus: Catch Chlamydia

It's Teabag Eve - should I change my avatar?

Taxing Grandma to Subsidize Goldman Sachs

“10 years later, the real story behind Columbine” did Bowling for Columbine tell the complete story?

I hope that Washington DC never gets Representation

Greetings from our DU pets to Bo Obama!

Small cars get poor marks in collision tests

Veterans angry that teabag rally will be held at Veterans Memorial

Where Will Neil Cavuto Be Tomorrow?

Noam Chomsky on Obama & our one-party state

Chai Party

Somebody (In Congress) Saw This Coming and that Somebody Is Trying To Do Something About It

Worried that you might be infected by the Conficker Virus? Try this:

Disturbing new home page for Teabaggers... seriously

Who will play Captain Phillips in the movie about the pirates?

Ugh, Jed Babin is coming to speak at my school -- Rant

PBS documentary miniseries "We Shall Remain" revisits Native American history

Demjanjuk Removed From Ohio Home On Stretcher

Infinite Debt: How Unlimited Interest Rates Destroyed The Economy

Stop Time-Warner's Rip-off! (they're shoving tiered-internet pricing down our throats!)

Rec this if you couldn't possibly care less what kind of dog the Obamas have.

Sean Hannity asks HOW his followers want to violently overthrow the U.S. Government

PLEASE give this poll a little loving. It's being FREEPED! nt

Tea Drinkers - no more Portsmouth Tea - ever - help me spread the word...

H-1B Visas Lead to More U.S. Jobs

H-1B Visas Lead to More U.S. Jobs

How about some theme music for the Teabagg'n parties!

If MLK Jr. was alive, I believe he would be at odds with Obama

UN Security Council unanimously condemns North Korea launch of a long-range rocket

+++ 4,950 +++

Here’s why Republicans are the scum of the earth – and dangerous to America

Obama Taps 5th RIAA Lawyer to Justice Dept.

"Obscene — Almost Pornographic"-Anatomy of Bush's Torture 'Paradigm' By Ray McGovern

"Obscene — Almost Pornographic"-Anatomy of Bush's Torture 'Paradigm' By Ray McGovern

The Real Definition of Tea Bagging


So the governor of Texas wants to wave the 10th Amendment around?

Lipton's or Red Zinger? What is tea? What kind do you drink?

The Taliban scares me in a pretty primal way

Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934


Pictures of Bo at his new home.

Just got an email from Senator Brownback regarding his appearances at Tea Day Parties...

Creationist Science Fair (O...M...G)

Week 12 Presidential Week in Review

Week 12 Presidential Week in Review

We are for full PROSECUTION of the criminals employed by the BUSH/CHENEY administration.

Tea Bag Rally in my town tomorrow

Susan Boyle: The Beauty That Matters is Always on the Inside

Florida Dem senator may be deciding factor in granting immunity to CSX...

Republicans are PRAISING OBAMA?

So my wife shoved the credit card in the receipt dispenser at the gas pump.

Bah! Best of Top Gear tonight.

I climbed through my monitor into the inner workings of the lounge...

Damn, the Nationals suck so bad their suckiness killed the opposing teams announcer today

A sad day to be a sports fan

RIP, Mark Fidrych

I am a slave

I am a slave

"Grande Illusion" on Turner Classics tonight at 10 PM.



People need to just stop hatin' on these guys!

I've been wanting to say this for a LONG time now.

Arrgghh Florida hotel and/or Orbitz is trying to bump us to some other hotel

So who else was surprised to see Stringer Bell replace Michael Scott?

"The Bird" is dead

Got my student ID today...

Call out a DUer who does not exist, but could...

From Countdown: "The Tea-baggers are going nuts about it"

Thank gawdess. n/t

delete n/t

Guaranteeing Barack's re-election.

Does anyone know if there are any sites out there that let you create your own Wiki?

Anyone going to see Shpongle/Posford in Chicago?

I saw the movie "Remember the Titans" this weekend

Real "Steampunk!"

Thank God for the Navy Seals

cat.v. dog

Cracked presents 6 horrible music videos for your approval.

Have Fun Storming the Castle.

kitten picture of the day for monday april 13

Cat who likes sticking his/her head in a paper sack

It's funny...

Talk to the hand... no... seriously...

Spy vs Spy

FLAT like a buttonhole, stings when I pee.

Dancing Kittehs!

I'm switching my sleeping arrangements again tonight. To confuse the pets.

Anybody watch Craig Ferguson? Did Dwight Yoakam guest, or play too?

Dave's Not Gay!

Got laid off today...

You are being lied to about Pilates......

God Damn, my feet fucking stink tonight! What the fuck!?

David Alan Grier tells DWTS judges to 'wrap their lips around his asshole'

cheer up good jewish joke here

I need one more help searching a Bet on Midlo song.

It's time we do something about these pirates. They are so young.

That was almost major!

My Conficker Virus Test for you Loungers.

saw Floyds 'the Wall' last nite for first time.

Should I worry ?

*THIS* is how excited I am to watch the various Wingnut Teabag Rallies ........

Shrek, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Lopez were having lunch and...

Kitchenwitch may not have recruited me to AA but she got me addicted to

sign of the times

If you thought Paul Potts was a big hit - then watch this....

Good Bye DU!!!!

Chocolate cream pie. Do you like it dark, or lighter?

Why are the news stations offering information on how to participate in "tea party" protests?

I'm like a chocoholic, but for booze.

How do you stop an elephant from using his credit card?

Study: Children exposed to pornography may expect sex to be enjoyable

Whoooo... I got the Dayquil coming on like a freight train right now

Wisdom and patience

Well, why the heck not???

Well... at least Lindsay Lohan has a sense of humor

I need one more help searching a Bette Midler song.

I'd like to get in on this tea bagging thing...

Something to get you moving this morning

Billy Mays Orders Breakfast At The Drive-Thru

I've joined Haruka as someone who had to explain "teabagging"

Chuggo endorses teabagging at Glenn Beck's 9/12 project

For my 700th post...Jesus Swept

Taking a trip over to Fundies Say the Darndest Things for some comedy

According to the Sean Hannity forum, Chuggo to teabag Buffalo, NY this Saturday!

Conservative orgy.

Good morning Lounge

Little Gordon Ramsay - part 1

FOX label for Bo Obama poll

Seriously. Who has never seen the movie, "The Princess Bride"?

Let's get serious: Toilet Paper vs. Sanitary Wipes--Who Else Has Made The Switch?

Is Tommy_Carcetti liable for inciting a riot when Chuggo doesn't show up to the Buffalo teabag?

Mood swing - Maybe it's not right for the lounge, but...

BREAKING NEWS: Redqueen likes porn.

Why is it that, many people like male singers singing falsetto, but otherwise

Confession: I love porn for turtles.

Remember when graywarrior demanded to be "fucked sideways"?

OMG..look out "ileagles" are taking over the country!

Found a great site for us costume lovers

I have come to the conclusion that Minnesota really only has 2 senators...

Tired of bunnies and deer eating the flowers off the family graves. Any

Idea!!! Idea!!!! I-DE-A!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking of personalizing all my underpants with "Underpants". What do you think?

Il Eagles.....

Here's a novel idea for a photo shoot: attractive women with no clothes on!

Are square buns offensive? I think not!

I take it back. I found music worse than Nickelback and Rush.

How's this for a sleeping baby?

I made baked potatoes last night. Favorite Toppings Poll Time!

Women of the lounge, what's the deal with not wearing hosiery?

Square Biz

I dragged myself through broken glass, fire and barbed wire to the clinic today

Square Pegs


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/14/2009)

Vibes for LyricKid. We're going to the hospital.

Nice try, BeachBaby.

BREAKING: Pirates Spotted Off Coast of Antarctica

How about some Queen this morning?

Why does Washington want a continuing military presence in Afghanistan?

Awesomely awesomely stoopid

Who is Your Favorite Office Supporting Character?

Anyone else going to counter-protest the teabaggers tomorrow?

I am a REAL American

The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

I met this girl on Facebook and she's kind of fast

My nephew's dog died and I can't stop crying.

Please tell me how to keep time from dragging at work

I can't go for that, no can do

Jeff Beck fans: Wolfgang's Vault just posted a vintage concert with Rod Stewart & Ron Wood

Is gibberish nonsense, or is there something to it?

My daughter is watching "Free to Be You and Me"

FYI: Sylvia Minor passed away last night

Caprica Pilot has made the torrent rolls

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait... "porn for women" is not just trashy romance novels.


Want some coffee to go with your Dominoes pizza?

My thermostat lies to me!

I hope that this person has a great future in production design

Al Wilson, YouTube: "Show And Tell"

Man Builds Chair That Tweets His Farts, Single-Handedly Justifies Twitter's Existence

Man Builds Chair That Tweets His Farts, Single-Handedly Justifies Twitter's Existence

Yesterday I watched my uncle bust open a safe from the 1930's

How do you save a laptop that got rained on?

Lou Rawls, YouTube: "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"

I have been watching On The Beach, what a sad movie.

What the hell? This is called "news" at Huffington Post?

Is proctology nonsense or is there something to it?

Michelle Obama pulled a...

Vibes for little Banjo, please?

Anyone else going to counter-teabag the teabaggers tomorrow?

Anyone know where I can assistance for medication?

Do you let your dog have rawhide chews?

David Shuster: GOP "Going Nuts" For Teabagging, But They "Need A Dick Armey"

What's the deal with Netflix skipping around my queue?

I have come to the conclusion that Minnesota really only has 2 seasons...

Yeah, my life sucks. BoyM has had his license for a grand total of


Horrible, horrible day

For pea soup, how long do you cook dried peas after soaking them?

Retrolounge and Kitchenwitch are good people (appreciation thread).

What do you think of Japan's latest fashion craze?

Where do you keep your toothbrush?

Who, exactly, is this Chuggo guy?

So, did you miss me?

So what exactly is it we're supposed to do in protest tomorrow?

Paul will wake up in 10 minutes. I'm taking bets on whether he remembers my birthday...

Next question: OK I get it that only mom jeans come up to my waist,

Burning Man vs. Native Americans

So I have a $800 car repair bill. !%$#$#!$#. Somebody tell me something good, and soon.

Pizza Slut is a Republican-owned greasy fatty slime-food joint.

Any creative DU peeps have ideas for projects connected to children's books?

So... abstinence and celibacy are not the same thing?

I just found the most unintentionally hilarious thing from a fundie site EVER

What music are you listening to?

Post A Baby Picture.

YouTube of Dominos employees doing disgusting things to your food

Little Caesars is owned by a Dem who has put his money where his mouth is

Hard Liquor vs Beer

How does one shop for a psychiatrist?

Favorite movie endings


NFL schedules released

Is your Secret DU Crush a REALITY?


Is your Secret DU Crush a REALTOR?

My parents are coming to Lelapin's college graduation - OY!

Describe the taste of mango in terms of other familiar fruits

BREAKING - UN Security Council Unanimously Condemns North Korea Rocket Launch

Rhode Island Senators Suggest Circuit Nominee (will make the 1st Circuit 3-3)

BREAKING NEWS: Minn. court declares Franken leading vote-getter

John Cole on Pirate-gate: "Folks, this was not the Cuban Missile Crisis." Kos agrees

Atlanta is going to be graced with the presence of Hannity live on April 15th

Obama Eases Restrictions on Communist Nation....

NYT-Obama's Plan To Cut Out Subsidies To Private Lenders And Offer Direct Aid - Where's Cable News?

This woman is amazing!

Men of The Lounge: how come no garters anymore?

So I'm thinking about Going to the Tea Party in Madison

Obama at the egg roll (funny pic)

This just in: Sean Hannity has no reading comprehension skills...

THIS IS A MUST SEE: From Rush Limbaugh

AssHannity - Obama was required by law to take out the pirates

Krugman: Tea Parties Forever

PHOTOS: Today's threads....for anyone (a) interested and (b) who missed them :-)

Question--Other than loans, purchases, and guarantees: How much have we spent on bank bailouts?

Low-profile Burr may be a target

To be suckered or not to be suckered, that is the question...

The Obama Effect: American Optimism Makes a Comeback (link)

So on April 15 Republicans will be protesting GEORGE W. BUSH's tax code,

Poll: Public disagrees with Cheney.....not so surprisingly

How did the kids get picked to do the egg roll

Where the Wild Things Are

Easy answer to Somali problem.....offer Statehood...freedom, welfare, guns, Malls, NFL, NBA,

Teabagging and the Second Cumming of the GOP

The dog - good choice IMO

Military Expert Blasts Gingrich And Right-Wing Media For Hitting Obama During Pirate Standoff

Well that didn't take long: 2008 Election movie in the works by HBO

Hoekstra(R-MI): Obama deserves credit for rescue

Still keeping Iraq war money out of official budget reckoning?

Mark Penn; Democrat ...I mean democrat?

The next outrage: US may drop key Iran talks condition

The next outrage: US may drop key Iran talks condition

Republicans losing control of the Mad Tea Party

Birds of a feather

About this footholding over fires...

FauxNews: "Move Over, MoveOn: Tea Parties Spark Conservative Insurgency Online"

Happy talk doesn't change this simple fact: Obama is allowing the banks to hold us up

Proof that there's no difference between Clinton and Bush

McCain should have won. The only reason Obama won is that McCain let him.

Ok, the sheer number of Recs on this thread PROVES DU is infected with Trolls

ZING! Richad Cohen: "I suggest naming it the "George W. Bush Institute of Management Failure""

I think I figured out how we got suckered in the election.

Double plus good. Retail sales off only 10% Year over Year

I say we combat "Astroturf" with REAL grassroots efforts.

Number of Pirates Killed by Presidents...

President Obama To Give 'Major Speech' On The Economy Today

Just saw McCain on the Tonight show

"Gimpy" Steele says President is part of "blame America first" crowd, shows "absence of wisdom"

Does anyone ever find it strange how personal some people treat discussion of a politician?

Washington Times Poll needs DU

LOL how long before the right wing introduces "Joe the fry cook" after Obama's speech today

Will we prosecute the surviving 16 year old pirate and NOT the Bush torturers and killers?

taxing the rich, in historical perspective: Obama's taxes are LOW:

Please K&R this thread if you had enough of the IHateObama crowd around here.

POLL: Obama earns nation's trust - 66%. Also, Dems trusted more than Repugs.

Banks paying back TARP funds with interest is a GOOD THING!

PHOTOS Easter Egg Roll Change You Can Believe In?

Is "Liberal" Cable News Being Censored and Used To Undermine Obama? Ed, Maddow, Olbermann

Right wing blowhard complains that Obama administration was slow to act on pirate standoff

You Know Who Is NOT Politicizing the Rescue Operation?

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Address on the State of the Economy (TRANSCRIPT)

A question for all those that are angry because all the banking, wall street and insurance

GOP Sends Message To Norm Coleman

If we don't have more puppy threads I frankly don't see the point of going on

Confession: I love porn for women...aka trashy romance novels

Either the polling is wrong or FOX News is...

WSJ - Yale Professor Attacks Obama/Geithner's Proposed Regulations On Executive Compensation

Gov. Perry backs backs resolution affirming Texas State sovereignty...

First dog's father from Ambridge,Pa.

Summers on CNBC now n/t

Any economic predictions for Q2? "Rough, Rough." Taking questions at today's press conference,

It's obvious Obama is a member of the Illuminati!

Coleman's Legal Spokesman Makes It Clear: Norm's a Sore Loser, Still Trying To Steal Election

Robert Reich: We Need More Stimulus, Not More Bailout

If you plan on ‘tea bagging all around the country, you’re going to need a Dick Armey.'

PHOTOS: Bo arrives at the White House!

Gingrich Eyes Possible White House Run In 2012

Warning: Amway has commercial on tv purporting themselves as business.

Lesser of two evils.

Obama’s on Right Track in Afghanistan, But Real Destination Must Be a Nation

Talkingpointsmemo: Congress Probing AIG Spin Shop

Obama Meets Privately With the Dead

Bo Watch - Day 1 - How many days before the Portuguese WATER dog

Barney was way more cuter!

I still can't tell if Obama has drunk deeply of the Summers-Geithner Kool Aid,

Looking for talking points for counter-protest at tomorrow's KKK party.

PHOTO Caption It (April 14)

FRAME: I think the guy is trying to "Pull A Coleman"

More Bo cuteness - Diabetics beware

Coleman: SOARING, to new heights, LOSER.

Are you all ready for the epic fail tomorrow?

Palin's AG pick: "Washington D.C. is not friends with Alaska" (Feds are "bears and giants")

Sarah Palin's AG Pick Defended KKK Statue, Mocked Offended Student

So, is Obama speaking tonight? or was his speech in Georgestown, his major econ speech? nt

Video - Obama remarks on economy: GU 4/14/09

A Dirty Shame

Obama Derangement Syndrome Epidemic On Conservative Airwaves

So this just appears in one of my facebook "friend's" profile

I see there are still many who can't handle success here at DU

Tea Parties are a Sham and a Fraud – Part 3

Breaking: NY Gov David Paterson to seek bill legalizing gay marriage!

Next DU Fundraiser Trinket?

Obama Dog Video: Bo Obama Shown Off By Obama Family (VIDEO)

Biden Mum On State Secrets Bill He Once Supported

Anyone for some late night comedy? Ted Nugent's guitar doesn't gently weep, apparently.

What's the problem with paying more taxes for single payer?

Dear freepers claiming Thomas Paine as one of your own;

Scarborough To Coleman: "You Lost... It Is Over"

Richard Burr is Trying to Start Bank Runs


"He's a good-lookin' dog-let's face it!"-Barack Obama "He can't swin!"-Sasha Obama

They're Not Going To Stop Until Blood Is Shed.

Did McCain deliberately throw the election to let Obama win?

The American Prospect's Ezra Klein: Do the Rich Pay Too Much?

Los Angeles Port Traffic Rebounds / Libor falls at fastest rate since January

"Let it Sink"

I Say We All Go And Pick Up Some Free Tea

I Say We All Go And Pick Up Some Free Tea

The right underestimated Obama so when will the left stop doing the same?

James Fallows about Obama's speech - An impressive piece of explanation.

Washington pool reporters awaiting appearance of first family with Bo. Politico says 4:40 PM.

Reporter: "Will he sleep in a bed?" President Obama: “Not in my bed.’’

Obama on nationalization

Friday Night News Dump: FORGET HABEAS CORPUS at Bagram

WHOSE dog is he?

President Obama Lends "Powerful" Weight to World Cup Bid

President Obama's five pillars of economic recovery

The Best and Somewhat Safest Picture That Depicts Teabagging

ASU on Obama degree: 'We blew it'

Noam Chomsky on the Global Economic Crisis, Healthcare, US Foreign Policy and Resistance to American

This may sound like a dumb question, but don't first ladies have their own stylists?

PHOTOS Bo. (April 14)

"The peasant mentality lives on in America" Great anti tea bagger rant by Taibbi

President Obama Has Given My Family A Very Personal and Real Hope

Druge retort--Texas wants to leave the US

Goldman Sachs to return bailout funds.

Somali pirates hijack 4 ships, take 60 hostages


Dear Mr. President: Everytime when I hear you promote science education

I met this girl on Facebook and she's kind of slow

A year ago, two years ago, when talk of getting a Democratic president in...all agreed

NY-20 Update: Murphy Leads, For Now

Be Honest. Obama has taken to the Presidency Like a Duck To Water

Should Habeas Corpus apply to non-resident combatants captured in a third country?

How does DU rate Obama?

Where will Bo sleep?

Hey Governor Perry if you want Texas to secede say bye to your military bases, highways, mail. . .

Maine State Legislature Endorses HR 676

UN Security Council condemns North Korea launch

**Immigration Legal System Does Not Protect Rights.**

US Rethinking Boycott Of UN Meeting On Racism


U.S. May Drop Key Condition for Talks With Iran

Fiji deports foreign journalists

Zadari approves Sharia law for Swat

Labor Groups Reach an Accord on Immigration.

Pakistan detains 'Mumbai plotter'

Pirates seize Greek ship

OPEC Cuts Thwarted as Brazil, Russia Grab U.S. Market

GM recalls about 1.5 million cars: reports

DHS report warns of rightwing extremism

PG&E Seeks Approval of Contract to Get Solar Power From Space

Deere To Combine Divisions, Cut 200 Jobs

Guantánamo Attorneys Urge Panetta To Preserve CIA Black Site Evidence

Facebook Users Get Worse Grades in College

Bolivia Congress Approves Law Extending Pres' Term Limits

Freighter hijacked near Somalia

Troops in fatal Kashmir avalanche

US looks at Colombia for military base

Afghan Taliban Kill Young Woman, Man for Eloping (by firing squad in front of crowd)

H-1B Visas Lead to More U.S. Jobs

State reverses itself, will seek death in Casey Anthony case

Rescued Captain To Reunite With Crew Tomorrow

DHS WARNING Right wing extremist may attack

(White) Supremacists rented NH hall

Amazon Says Error Removed Listings ("Homosexual" books moved to adult listing)

Vatican vetoes Barack Obama's nominees for US ambassador

Goldman Sachs’s Viniar ‘Mystified’ by Interest in AIG

China’s Electric Cars & the Road to an Affordable EV

Oregon jobless rate spikes to over 12 percent

Union Members Rally Downtown For Employee Free Choice Act (outside Sen. Specter's office)

Obama to drop uranium precondition for Iran nuclear talks

Afghanistan fears Swat deal may harm its security

US troops could stay in Mosul (Iraq) past June 30

Angry N Korea quits nuclear talks

Harder-Edged Warnings About Britain’s Economy

Poll: Obama earns nation's trust

Fishing Boat, 2nd Boat Collide Near Cape May, (New Jersey)

Morales ends hunger strike

More CEOs got pay hikes than cuts in '08

Reagan Library opens files on possible GOP SCOTUS nominee

Iran Plans To Send Bigger Satellite Into Space

N Korea orders UN inspectors out

Workers' Confidence About Retirement Security Falls to Record Low in U.S.

Retail sales tumble in March (MUCH worse than expected)

Federal court halts deportation of Demjanjuk

Transplants help Type 1 diabetics skip insulin

Pakistan passes Swat Sharia deal

Bush Aide Perino to Join Firm Led by Clinton Adviser

Appeals Court: Marine Can't Sue Murtha

Jury will hear suit against Cheney's Secret Service agents

Anti-Gay-Rights Group Gets MSNBC Clip Pulled From YouTube

Spokesman says Coleman will appeal ruling, probably next week

Spokesman says Coleman will appeal ruling, probably next week

Arrests over 'radioactive' sale

Metropolitan police officer suspended over attack at G20 death vigil

'Tea Party' location irks veterans(Pittsburg, Kansas)

Paterson Will Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Kerry: Pakistan needs more urgency in terror fight

EC starts legal action on Phorm

Gates: No Need To Bulk Up Response To Piracy

Shell Studies Iraqi Oil-Field Investment With China

UCLA professor stands up to violent animal rights activists

U.S. Appears Set To Boycott United Nations World Conference Against Racism

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 14

Some US-backed Iraqi militias plotting attacks: VP

Taleban 'kill love affair couple'

Intel Says PC Sales ‘Bottomed Out’ in Quarter

Why Aren't Oil Companies Drilling?

Allied Militants Threaten Pakistan’s Populous Heart

More job losses and falling GDP ahead: White House adviser

Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates

Even (Senator) Gillibrand’s ballot challenged (NY-20)

The Bush Six to Be Indicted

Wife of Imprisoned Attorney Minor Dies After Furlough Denied in Alleged Political Prosecution Case

Kinky Friedman may run for governor as democrat

Woman charged in slaying of girl found in luggage (weeps in court )

Obama to Tap Fannie Mae CEO to Head TARP: Source

Federal agency warns of radicals on right

Federal agency warns of radicals on right

Gay Iowa senator gets death threat

Germany to ban cultivation of Monsanto GMO maize

What's a nice girl like you doing with an arsenal like this? Police seize 20-year-old guarding vast

Castro: Obama should now end ‘cruel’ embargo

Soldiers are convicted; Army assailed

N. Korea To Boycott Talks on Atomic Program & Restore Its Nuclear Facilities

What A Difference A Year Makes - Easter At White House Under Bush

David Shuster: Teabagging Mouthpieces

Obama Reads Where the Wild Things Are!

Iggy Pop chats with Dinah Shore, 1977

Top American General in Afghanistan McKiernan studies Quran, Right Wing Explains Consequences

AC360: Rev. Mel White Slams Warren's Hypocrisy & Calls Out Tony Perkins for Being an Anti-Gay Bigot

Hardball: Pastor Rick Warren Caught In Blatant Lie About Supporting Gay Marriage Ban

Man passes out on Glenn Beck show

Sarah Palin Wants A New Election In Alaska - Countdown

Cavuto- Fox News covered Million Man March *before* Fox News existed (1:42 compilation)

Judges In Minnesota Rule Al Franken Is U.S. Senate Winner

Pentagon Channel Barack Obama Commander In Chief March Interview

DUer stevenleser on Fox: Tea Parties are Sham & Fraud

Young Turks: Who Funds the Repub Tea Parties?

Possible dancing protest for Grand Central Station in New York City idea!!

Michelle Obama Thanks The Secret Service

Michelle Obama Thanks The Secret Service (DUPLICATE)

TYT: Glenn Beck's Clown Antics Turn Dangerous?

Lessons From Darwin - We're Still Involving

KO: CIA Taped Torture, Miers Knew; CIA Destroyed Tapes

Douche bag Rick Perry holds a presser to support Texas Sovereignty

Protesting Torture in April at Radio City Music Hall

David Buckner FAINTS On Glenn Beck Show

Gov. Kaine calls on Coleman to concede

Tent City Homeless Vacate Notice By Police - iCare-America

Peace Activists Arrested After Protesting US Drones in Nevada. Democracy Now 4/14/09 Pt 1

Story Time With President Obama & Family at the White House Easter Egg Roll

Today in 100 Seconds - Pirates, Parties and Pooches (oh my)

Hardball: Spain to Prosecute Bush Officials? (DUPE)

'Texas Declares Sovereignty' - Gov. Perry Pulling a Palin

National Tax Day Tea Parties

Teabagging in a Nutshell, a Who is Who

Big Ed: Where Are The Republican Blowhards Now?

Scarborough to Coleman: It's over, Norm, get over it.

TYT: Rick Warren Lies about Gay Marriage & The Myth Of Marriage Definition

Palin's Racist, Homophobic, Rape-Supporting A.G.

Former Bush Officials Can No Longer Travel Abroad

The Seven Sign Of Terrorism

Mayer: Obama undermined ACLU case against Bush-era powers

Obama Lawyers Argue to Drop Yoo Torture Suit

Obama Takes Bush Position On Habeas Corpus

Fox Far Right Wingnuts Think Tea Parties 'Deeply Deeply Threatening' to White House

CBS: Ex-CIA Director George Tenet Denies Torture

Sky News Reports on a Taliban Training Camp in the Swat Valley

Protesters tell Charlie Rangle: Support Single Payer, get our asses covered!

Hardball: Spain to Prosecute Bush Officials?

Analysis: Why Did Somalia Piracy Begin? Democracy Now 4/14/09 1 of 2

President Obama Speech on the State of the Economy

Religious idiot tries to threaten Christopher Hitchens with hellfire. Hilarity ensues

TYT: Breaking Down CRAZY Footage From TeaBag Party

Chris Hedges: Israel’s Racist in Chief

Right Wingers Claim Obama Gave Pirates a 'Free Ride'

The Two Sides of the GOP Teabags

Karl Rove’s G.O.P. By Scott Horton

Wealthiest Americans, Spending Millions to Save Billions, Taxes & Truth

On this Day

Marie Cocco: Wrong Road to Recovery

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

"Florida's been a ground zero for big-name tax evasion"

2M4M, New Extremist Right Wing Project, Now Gay Website

Tax day single-payer action...

Chris Floyd: Embedded Bellwether: The Paper of Record Prepares the Public for More Slaughter

AlterNet: Legalizing Pot Makes Lots of Cents for Our Cash-Starved Government

$350,000 CEO Bonus Weeks Before Bankruptcy

Tea Parties are a Sham and a Fraud – Part 3

AIG Jake DeSantis Resignation Watch, Day 23:

Tea Party Insanity: "Burn The Books!" (VIDEO)

Rise of Piracy and Other Maritime Insecurity in Somalia

Global Ad Spending to Drop Most in 29 Years, Hurting TV, Print

62-CV-09-56: Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order for Judgement (Franken-Coleman)

Jewish Activists Oppose Desmond Tutu Speaking To College Grads

Resurrection of Intolerance

Propaganda Extravaganza - Fair and totally Unbalanced - Fox News Mad Hatter Tea Party!

America’s First Anti-Globalization Protest The Boston Tea Party

You are being Lied to about Pirates

White House Easter egg roll in pictures

Obama’s on Right Track in Afghanistan, But Real Destination Must Be a Nation

Tea party goers to protest Bush taxes on April 15th

Want to Show Your Tea Bag on TV?

WSJ: Gay, Proud and Conservative

Robert Dreyfuss: Is Iran "Demonic"? Ask Dennis Ross

As Coleman’s hope dims, pursuit of seat questioned (The Hill)

Palin and Pelosi, Together at Last

Death Threat For Iowa State Sen. Who Supports Gay Marriage

Balt Sun: Airing a dangerous paranoia (Glenn Beck)

Pump and dump for Goldman's stock today?

Limbaugh's Dirty Little Secret of Radio "Success"

Glamour Dims as Hecklers Hit the Auto Show

DHS Report: After Obama’s Election, Right-Wing Extremists ‘May Be Gaining New Recruits’

The Rotting Racist Underbelly of the Tea Party Protests

Has Cheney been Murdering Americans?

A Revived EPA Takes on Climate Change and More

‘In the Great Ship Titanic’—…Chu is out to revitalize U.S. industry and save the world—if he can.

FT - Crisis Hits North Sea Production Outlook - # Of Exploratory Wells Down 78% YOY From Q1 2008

Migrant Bird Species - Little Egret, Firecrest, Cetti's Warbler - Now Breeding, Nesting In Sussex

PNAS - All Pinon Pines Drought-Stressed At 4C Over Current Averages Die Before Any Control Trees

In Himchal Pradesh, Chilling Hours Apples Need Fall From 1,200 To 800 In Past Three Decades

Endangered black rhinos drugged, mutilated by poachers

World will not meet 2C warming target, (86% of) climate change experts agree

Peak Oil Review - Apr 13

Saudi Aramco Delays $8 Billion Plan To Upgrade (400KB/D) Ras Tanura Refinery - Reuters

Interior Secretary - US To Spend $15 Million To Upgrade VOLCANO MONITORING!!!!

People's misperceptions cloud their understanding of rainy weather forecasts

83 Of 94 Austrian Glaciers Monitored 2007 -2008 Shrank, Seven Unchanged, Four Grew Slightly

Central PA, Heavily Planted In Ash After Dutch Elm Disease Struck, Awaits Emerald Ash Borer Arrival

Moss spray could restore moors and tackle global warming

Biofuels Could Hasten Climate Change

Arrests over 'radioactive' sale (BBC)

Global Warming: Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Would Save Arctic Ice, Reduce Sea Level Rise

Is there a market for a synthetic tree that can move around?

A cure for honey bee colony collapse?

Farmers relying on Roundup lose some of its benefit (Surprise!)

Even small increases can add up to a big hike in utility rates

Germany Bans Cultivation Of MON 810 Variety Of Transgenic Corn - AFP

Some Deep Ocean Marine Animals Capable Of Withstanding Acidic Conditions, Researchers Find

BBC: Attenborough warns on population

Beetle-kill biomass gains momentum as ‘green energy’ funding grows

Castro insists US go further, lift 'cruel' embargo

FIDEL Responds to White House "Fact Sheet": "NOT A WORD ABOUT THE BLOCKADE"

Many dead in Peru bus crash blaze

The Havana Note: "Applying Principle to Practice at Summit of the Americas"

Colombia to ask Venezuela to pay $260 million owed to Colombian exporters

US looks at Colombia for military base

Transcript - Yesterday's White House Press Briefing on Cuba

EVO WINS ! Election law passed, ends hunger strike

PG&E seeks agreement to purchase Solar Power from Space.

Rep. Kendrick Meek opposes remittances to Cuba

Bluefin tuna fished to extinction in 3 years

Drew Litton toon for today >>

Man! My whole childhood. In one day. Fidrych, Kalas and Marilyn Chambers.

Who cares about the new Mets Stadium...

Oh FFS, Josh Beckett suspended for 6 games.

jermaine dye and paul konerko hit back to back 300 hr on the same day

NFL schedules out today?

Microsoft offers computer training to unemployed

What a crappy day!

Exxon Mobil Execs Get Ten Percent Average Raise

Today in labor history Apr 14, 100 arrested for their unionizing activities, “criminal syndicalism.”

Tax day single-payer action...

NYC Hotels Try To Snatch Back A Pay Raise

LA airport hotel signs union contract

Labor Groups Reach an Accord on Immigration

MSU-Bozeman faculty vote for union representation with MEA-MFT

If were this guy's coach,

On A Much Lighter Note......

Iraqi leaders attacked over spate of homophobic murders

Are there some good sites "close to the ground" reporting on the California efforts at marriage =

Lowenstein: Meghan McCain has a pro-gay message for the GOP

NY Gov Paterson to Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill on Thursday

Anti-Gay-Rights Group Gets MSNBC Clip Pulled From YouTube

NY Archbishop: Would ‘defend’ gay rights, not marriage

An openly gay state lawmaker received a death threat

Hollywood (and All that Jazz)

Action: Tell Obama That Marriage Opponents Follow His Lead. Stop the Obama Defense Now.

Eve Sedgwick Has Died

I have a question?? Which is correct?? LGBT or GLBT??

Bilerico: Up Date- Amazon May Have Been Victim of Hack Attack

What's this about Top Gun being gay?

Charlize Theron Likens Gay Marriage Ban to Apartheid

Just Recieved an Anti Gay Comment from an Ebay User

Tax day single-payer action...

Another Awkward Sex Talk: Respect and Violence

Deep brain stimulation tried for obesity

Drug offers hope on Alzheimer's (BBC)

The lies my father's supplement companies told me.....

Poor Nutrition In The Womb Causes Permanent Genetic Changes In Offspring

ANALYSIS / Egypt's rage at Hezbollah isn't on Israel's behalf

Report: U.S. to drop key condition in Iran nuclear talks


Egypt fears Hezbollah bid to infiltrate Israel from Sinai

Israeli find could mean cure to deafness

Pharaoh for Passover, a dead son, and the Jews

Israeli police may prevent settlers from praying in Al-Aqsa

Lebanese ex-general accused of spying for Israel

Goldman Bonuses Are Way Up Too!

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/13/09

Analyst: Wells Fargo will need $25 billion more in capital.

FAS and the Furious: The Rise of the 3x or Triple Leveraged ETF

UPDATE 1-DryShips signs contract with Petrobras

Fed’s Flood May Leave Democracy Needing Bailout

Man shot, killed while trying to rob Five Pts. AA meeting

The Farce Behind Quarterly Earnings

Wells Fargo to Show $120 Billion in Stress Test Losses

280 percent increase in first-time delinquent taxpayers?


Give money to banks or the people? Economists need to debate.

Dear America, All your tax base are belong to us.....Always, Jackoff Bankster

"NRA Has strangle hold on congress"-John Byrne

Weak retail sales and banks take Wall Street lower

Obama Sees More Pain Now but Hope Later on Economy

How far we have come...

Should gun owners worry? The case for a new AWB is murky, but possible, IMHO

Not Everything Is Doom and Gloom, Folks

Mexican weapons cache seized...

Man threatens family, but wife shoots him first

It's the banksters, STUPID!

gun control measures that makes sense?

the "civilian AK47" is a deer rifle dressed up, so says John Lott

Another Roller Derby pic

Catnip For Sale

A mostly b/w Easter walk on God's acre - our largest cemetery

This has got to do our Spirits good!

video a friend made..

Daykeeper's Weekly Energy Update

Unbelievable video, 88-yr-old Aquarian mayor

The father I never knew

Last Voyage for the Keeper of the Hubble

Metal In The Mussel That Gives Mussels Their Muscle Power

Great new book about science experiments

Humans didn't descend from chimpanzees

High-resolution Image Of The Brightest Orion Trapezium Star

If some DNA from some long ago historical figure were available,

Absolute Truth

[Video] If you dont matter to God

Question about a religious holiday on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009.

Jesus died for your sins?

Marxism and Religion in America

Leftover Ham

The sign on the "Mythbusters" fridge

What's for dinner? ~ Tuesday April 14th Edition

When traveling or eating in a new place, neither experiment too much nor not at all

Man, I love basil

Obama vs. Private Lenders over Student Loans

Thermite. "The loaded gun." WTC

Recently moved into District 10 (Austin)- McCaul

Gov. Perry Backs Resolution Affirming Texas’ Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment

Kinky forms fundraising committee (Possible run for Dem Gov)

I Just Heard That TNT Cancelled "Trust Me" ........

Unknown singer stuns Web (This will blow your socks off!)

"Grande Illusion" on Turner Classics tonight at 10 PM.

Canadian soldier killed just weeks into first tour

Are there any web sites that allow me to create my own Wiki?

No system sounds, no you tube sound, but itunes works? Help!

Desktop retrieved, but how do I copy Word....

Coming soon to a laptop near you...