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Archives: April 13, 2009

Good news: God is Great, and he Loves you...

Opera banned by Nazis revived in L.A.

Bonn 1: Action needed to close rich-poor climate divide

(Easter) Our traditions make us human...

The Progressive: Everyone Is Working for the Weekend

Get Up, Stand Up! ...... Robert Nesta Marley is smiling on Thailand and Georgia right now

Any DUers watching When Weather Made History

Self Delete

Ancient Observatories, Timeless Knowledge

Legendary DU pissing contests.......

Tea Party Insanity: "Burn The Books!"

WTF is ""

Judith Krug, Founder of Banned Books Week, Dies

See that UFO in downtown Phoenix? It's a car

cnn, faux have rescue specials, msnbc - sex predators

Fox News' 'Teabagging' Events Prove the Right Can't Do Grassroots

The Next Guantánamo

BREAKING: Passengers in FL land King Air when pilot dies.

I wonder if ASU will change their attitude about an honorary degree for Obama now?

So does anybody think the Pirates can still take the NL Central this year?

Open Pirate thread.

I gotcher pirates right HERE!!!!

Clinton's Haitian Nightmare, 1994...Haitian's Perspective

Wild, wonderful West Virginia gets wilder

What do the Tea-Baggers want?

RAH, RAH USA . . . when are we invading Iran?

Albany 'Times Union' Cancels Union Contract

Suddenly Senior newsletter

The Eco-Crusader vs. Pirate Guide for Dummies:

Obama is pretending to be European

The Veterans Administration continues its shameful fraud against veterans

Timothy McVeigh, the Radical Right and Glenn Beck

Expect the attacks on Obama to get a lot worse because

Heres to good news!

With all the dog talk today......Has anyone ever seen the film "Amores Perros"?

With all the dog talk today......Has anyone ever seen the film "Amores Perros"?

Wasn't fathead O"Really the host of Inside Edition before moving up the shit slope to Faux Nooz?

Fort Lewis soldier accidentally killed by wife

Credit Suisse starts shutting U.S. offshore accounts: report

Why not make Thomas Jefferson's birthday (4/13) a holiday?

Somali pirates vow retaliation after captain freed

Why We Don't Condemn Our Pirates -- Guest Post by K'naan

My Name is Rachel Corrie

NY Times: Longer Unemployment for Those 45 and Older

I'm supposed to fly to Bangkok Wednesday...yikes.

Robert Smith Jnr, an idiot or just a racist?

Why are we always so willing to spend money to kill people that could have been used to educate them

The best description of the Somali pirates I've seen

Gee, after all that vigorous Teabagging that went on over the weekend...

Obama Family dog nominee has withdrawn its name from consideration to become First Dog

"No real danger in the world ....

Obama's Day: Easter Egg Roll, DOT Stimulus Project

New Photos From MLK Assassination Emerge

An Early Military Victory for Obama

Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!......French Socialists in Parliament Stand Up for Personal Privacy

Juan Cole at The Great Right-Wing Freak-Out

Feeling sinful? Get SoulWow, available now in NY

whats happening in IRAN

I just wonder what it would have taken for some DUers

Tea Party Insanity: "Burn The Books!" (VIDEO) Must See!!!

"Obama is a muslim and my monsignor agrees"

GM told to prep for bankruptcy filing: report

On Wednesday the NH Senate will take up the marriage equality bill that's

State Cuts Delay U.S. Benefits, Official Says

Christian Nation? Okay, Say You Got Your Wish. Now What?

Didn't Sunday's pirate-related activities seem like a tv show?

Obama considering uranium fuel bank under internat'l control in Kazakhstan to solve Iranian impasse

Ben & Jerry & George

Ivor van Heerden, who pointed fingers in Hurricane Katrina levee failures, fired by LSU

Krugman makes fun of the crazies and the teabaggers.....

Somali government hails rescue of U.S. hostage has "De-ranked" books with GLBT themes and characters

AA visitor shoots, kills robber

uh oh: Fundy head explosion imminent: Vermont Considers Legalizing Teen 'Sexting'

Pentagon holds war game simulating world financial crisis

Stupid Birfers. Dr Orly - Hacked. By Herself. Oh how stupidity hurts.

Toles Sketch: Not-Most wanted...

Joe Scum is one angry sick fuck...

WAPO: How SEALs Carried Out Their Mission

I sure hope Rick Warren is feeling better today.

Let's clarify the difference between seaman or merchantman and SAILOR.

Freepers respond to attack on U.S. Congressman in Somalia

Who are these pirates? --interesting article sourced from U.S. House Armed Services Committee

On 3/20 appx25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed inIraq. Tea Bag parties will draw how many

Homeland Security targets returning veterans as potential Rightwing Extremists

So if Maersk is a private company why did the Navy have to help them out

How a U.S. Marine Became a Warlord in Somalia

Asteroids coming our way

AUSTRALIA: Government Urged to Conduct Iraq War Probe

As of today the Rapture Ready Index is up one point

$80,000 for a Year Off? She’ll Take It!

Salon has a new feature: "Ask a Wingnut" (written by an actual wingnut)

The interview the VA didn’t want you to hear.

Can someone explain why I should feel good about Obama's stand on wiretapping and secrecy?

Are right wing terrorists driven by narcissism?

Amazon Accused of Removing Gay Books from Rankings

Cats are for lazy people!

Obama-Notre Dame protest rally draws all of 3 people

Is anyone else having trouble getting to their journals?

I owe taxes this year.....

Misery, Thy Name is Rumsfeld's Vacation Home

Touching Obituary in the Sunday Tines-Picayune

Study: Credit card fraud is now Americans' biggest fear

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger's site

AIG Executive Who Penned Dramatic Exit Letter Still Working There

There's a congressman in Somalia?

Goldman (and other banks') "Hedges"

Iraq looking to nuke-up again

Ed Schultz is pretty fired up about the Obama ordered rescue.


The Huckabee Report

do you find your posts hidden

do you find your posts hidden

Should there be a requirement that a person getting a dog license

rich Stephen Moore crap talked facts, sounding like a fool this a.m.

Somali insurgents fire mortars at visiting U.S. congressman

Children celebrate pagan holiday of fertility on WH lawn!!!

another fire in another nuke plant, this time Japan - plus US elder plants

I think shooting those Somalis for copying software/movies/music was a tad excessive.

Another surprise singer emerges from Britain's Got Talent --

New sofas to blame for rash of allergies - from China

Bossnapping - Now It's Your Turn, Minnesota!

Mexico says US fuels gun crime

When copyright law conflicts with an informed society

For once even I have to take my hat off to Larry Johnson- Even he credits Obama for the Sea Rescue

All you Washingtonians: Do the kids get the day off of school for the Easter Egg roll

My local news just showed a weekend teabag protest. There were 5 in attendance

Is there an architect in the house???

plz delete n/t

plz delete n/t

Breaking as per CNN: New images being released of one of the cargo ship pirates.

Peep Show lll

MSNBC Video: Easter Egg Roll

When they say legalize drugs what do they mean by that?

A modest proposal:

A Right Wing Easter Sunday

The False Nationalization v. Geithner Plan Dichotomy - The Answer Is Both

Vito the Jailbird-to-Be

Tea Parties bringing out phonies from all walks of life

LA Times Columnist Calls Out Kyl(R) and Lincoln (D) On Estate Taxes and Pandering To Super Rich

Huffington Post: As 'Secret Ballot' Myth Sputters, Chamber Launches New Anti-Union Attack Line


Enough pirates yet? How 'bout Glenn Miller and the Nazis?

Just wondering

the truth about pirates

I miss Mo Rocca on Countdown

I Guess Biden Was Right

President Obama and Family: Didn't you get the fuckin' Memo: You should be adopting four million

Somali pirate incident = Gulf of Tonkin?

Arizona State University a break and some Obama-like compassion...

A DU public service: Putting all the pirate-apologist threads into one post

"Ahead of schedule and under budget!"

Iowa gay-marriage opponents hold soggy rally

Rush moving to Austin, Tx?

Marilyn Chambers found dead in L.A. County home

'Superman' artist Joe Shuster's lurid comic world exposed-50's Erotics

Interesting comments from the warped mind of a Supreme Court Justice

ALERT! Everybody stop inhaling now. Call Congress!!

MN Supreme Court Justice is a Coleman Supporter-Donated to Campaign

Pardon the broken record - conservatives are idiots. "Teabagging?!?"

Fuck the pirates, let's get the Saracens.

Navy SEALS Rawk!

Are we going to need a "General Discussion: Pirates" - the other GD:P

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing

White House Mum on Legislation that Would Roll Back Bush “State Secrets Privilege”

Justice happens!

OK, so, trained seals balance balls on their nose in circus acts & 'tea bagging' is...

The U.S. Navy was created to fight the French, not the Barbary pirates

OT: FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

Gum control

Gum control

Did you know a doomsday cult has just about taken over a Florida city?

Did you know a doomsday cult has just about taken over a Florida city?

Health agency covered up lead harm - which could have harmed your kid

Do dogs think and feel in the same way humans do?

If our SEALs can take out the Pirates like they did - why not take out OBL that way?

PICTURES! White House Easter Egg Roll!

Chinese gov releases 2 year human rights campaign

Awwwwwwwwww too cute - that kid who shook Obama's hand

Right-wingers who hit 'PresidentPantywaist' have egg on their faces after U.S. forces killed pirates

Judge In Coleman-Franken Case Donated To Coleman Campaigns

A bit of background on Glenn Beck

Monday TOON Roundup, part 2

CNBC: Obama news sparks mid-day stock rally (link)

After smearing Obama, media figures call him polarizing

i love this place. everyone here cracks me up,

2fer: SNL, Tweety dreams of OBAMA in loin cloth. & CHEENEE *still* on "A"- list

The jury in Phil Spector's second murder trial has reached a verdict...

Thank you President Obama

Bolton Calls Invading Somalia With A ‘Coalition Of The Willing’ ‘The Prudential Response’ To Piracy

Pirates - my last words on the matter

So Pakistan's Govt could fall in weeks... and it announces 2 new nuclear plants to be built...

Join "The Big Howl" -- help stop the Obama Admin's continuation of Buscho's wolf-killing policies

Ah, the drama. The state of the economy.

Johann Hari: You are being lied to about pirates

Bail out Banks Hike Credit Card Fees

Crowd rallies against Iowa gay marriage

Who will benefit most politically from Obama's new Cuba policy?

Some of the more simplistic DU'ers may like this

Pirates of Somalia - Video


knee-jerk reflexive "America is the world's greatest evil" is no different

McCain’s daughter urges GOP to embrace gays (calls anti-gay bigotry 'Unamerican')

CNN News Ticker: "State Lawmakers Question Timing of Palin Trip" anyone know what this is about?

How safe is gelatin?

I'm not a stereotype.

I like this country.

I hope everyone realizes that the US Navy consisted mostly of Pirates when it started

I hope everyone realizes that the US Navy consisted mostly of Pirates when it started

Global links: sharing surplus saving lives...

I'm seeing some of these "don't tread on me" bumper stickers. I live in wingnut land.

Wife kills husband during shooting lesson

Glenn Beck Comedy Tour

Clarence Thomas fails further to understand the Bill of Rights

Clarence Thomas fails further to understand the Bill of Rights

Phils broadcaster Harry Kalas passed away

Whatever became of Anita Hill?

S&P Upgrades Ford Credit Ratings

Lutheran Church takes steps toward gay ordination

Honolulu Star-Bulletin goes tabloid

Honolulu Star-Bulletin goes tabloid

They're not pirates...they're just misunderstood...Officer Krupke

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger's site

What's the latest on the astroturf tea bags?

WTF? MSNBC poll "Obama 45% F grade"?

Rick Warren canceled TV date due to "inhalation of fumes from the newly refurbished pulpit "

I say let's apply the bush doctrine to the Somalian pirates!

Happy New Years to all my Theravadin Buddhist Friends

Escalating the pirate situation into a war would be stupid.


YAY!! Chris Matthews is back.

Thanks, President Obama, for the nice income tax refund!

Ever see a couple guys who look like meth-heads selling meat out of a pick-up?

Cut Sens/Reps pay to 40k per year, Prez 50k not a dime more.

Trying to find a post here that had a large collection of misspelled Republican signs....

Remember the first (or was it the second) international crisis of the....

Good citizens check for duplicates!

E-Mail From My Son Re Computer Virus. Says it's no hoax

Oh no. Gov. Goodhair is inviting The PigBoy to move to Texas.

The Brownbow Coalition

Phil Spector found guilty of second degree murder in Los Angeles

The Post Jihad on Social Security Continues

Tweety on the RIck Warren lies

Obama to ease some business limits with Cuba

Good citizens check for duplicates

Good citizens check for duplicates!

New rare orangutan population found in Borneo

Instead of being Pissed off

Rescue From Somali Pirates is -- You Guessed It! -- Another Obama Failure, Say Rightbloggers

POLL: Did You Ever Imagine That Democrats Would Be Dismissive Of Somalia's Desperate Situation?

Organizers Needed for ‘Hanni-Tea Parties’

The other side of the "pirate" story

Yanno ..... sometimes a good thing is really a good thing

US Defense Sec Gates: Pirates untrained teenagers with heavy weapons

Let's Learn from the Disaster of Prohibition and Terminate the Drug War

Union: Canada's Big 3 made billions

It used to take missing teen girls to distract us, now it takes ship's Captains and Commandos

Rights Groups Call on Obama to Declassify Documents on Secret Detention, Rendition, and Torture

Pirate problem identified in Kentstown homes

US senator: Obama must not neglect Somalia

Since when is piracy = terrorism?

I Just Wonder: Did The U.S. Make ANY Attempt At Negotiation?

The pirates had EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO SURRENDER THE CAPTAIN! They didn't take it.

Maersk A-Class vessels (which includes the Maersk Alabama)

Good citizens Check for Duplicates!

5 Former Area 51 Scientists breaking some of the silence

**BREAKING** Obama's puppy taken hostage by pirate

Anyone here need a new avatar?

Good citizens check for duplicates!

Russia Gave The U.S. a 9/11 Memorial

Breaking News: Autopsies Conducted on Dead Pirates

Hot off the presses: THC kills brain tumors

Would you support a bombing raid on the Somali pirates base?

The Moderation In This Forum Has To Tighten

What is good info online about the suppression of social deviance

POLL: Did You Ever Imagine There Would Be "Pirate Apologists"?

Kristol Uses Pirate Crisis To Argue For More Defense Spending

I know next to nothing about the latest sordid spectacle

As Iraq rape trial begins, attorneys attack law

Sign the petition protesting Amazon's new discriminatory policy:

Afghan Women's Rights Activist Assassinated

Crazy guy says Bush deserves credit for Navy Seal rescue

Why is Pastor Hate backtracking on his statements against equal rights for all Americans?

Limbaugh's Dirty Little Secret of Radio "Success"

What's Tweety doing in Boston?

Glenn Beck backs out as San Antonio Tea Party keynote speaker

10 Great T-Shirt Slogans For Teabaggers

Norm Coleman, you are the weakest link

Are message boards bad for protests?

MassResistance's Displeasure to My Delight

Ugh!! Neal Bortz is on the "Ed Show" blaming consumers irresponsible lifestyles

Karl Rove Accosted By Ex-GOP Chief Of Staff "You Guys Wouldn't Be In WH Without Feeney"

I am thankful everyday, every single day, that Obama is our President.

How can Faux News get by with "organizing a protest" for political purposes and

norm coleman concession thread....

Kristol Uses Pirate Crisis To Argue For More Defense Spending

So, I read the chicken farm raid article last week

3-judge panel: Al Franken wins, give him the election certificate

Time for a friendly reminder that many Christians (like me) find Rick Warren to be an ASS CLOWN

Hey RW "Teabaggers", you are making the wrong Tea Party analogy.

Blend Exclusive - National Car Rental Employee To Trans Customer: "Screwed-Up Man Faggot"

Outrage Metathread attributing a few controversial posts to all of DU!

Marilyn Chambers, star of hit 1972 adult film 'Behind the Green Door,' dies at 56

Question about (gulp) The Captain of the Ship...

Lonely in an Electronic Wilderness: "The Great Emotional Sickness of Our Era"

Pirate apologism explained.

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

Would you like to travel to Cuba some day?

Small time pirates get the sniper treatment while big time pirates get taxpayer bailouts....

Small time pirates get the sniper treatment while big time pirates get taxpayer bailouts....

Small time pirates get the sniper treatment while big time pirates get taxpayer bailouts....

Wear a black ribbon for Lawrence King on April 17th

WATCH: Guest Passes Out Live On "Glenn Beck"

BREAKING: Minnesota- Judges rule in favor of Franken

BREAKING: Minnesota- Judges rule in favor of Franken

Pirates Smirates...if they resort to Piracy...which is kidnapping and confinscating cargo for ransom

Which nation does a typical citizen of Earth have most reason to fear?

Just found out my Brother in law was again laid off from his job...aircraft

GLENN BECK Needs to be Taken off the Air

What's Really Happening In Somalia

I'm a foreigner and I went FUCK YEAH when I knew of the rescue.

Republican National Convention Aviation Assets, 2008

CNN- SOF (not necessarily SEALS) shot from 75-90 yards with nightvision

America - No. 1 at Shooting People Right In the Head. Yay!!!!!!

Somali "Pirate" wanted US Protection: He's 16 years old.

Jingoism, it ain't about the pirates, it's about you.

REMINDER: 'We Shall Remain' tonight on your local PBS station

Pirates poll

It's About to Get Worse

It's About to Get Worse

Good citizens check for duplicates!

Somali pirates are...

I'm going to a tea bagging party

Navy SEALS are damn good...

RE the credit crunch - I can't get this out of my head.

Telling secret eases vet's mind (kept a secret for nearly 60 years)

Telling secret eases vet's mind (kept a secret for nearly 60 years)

Rational questions for those who feel Obama is a failure...

Fumbling Towards the Goal Line: Obama and the American Worker

DU this Poll from US news & world report

Lay 'death tax' debate to rest

Isn't Somalia a Libertarian/Conservative's paradise?

Looks like Bo is in da house

What Are There Most of on This Site:

Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fidrych dies in apparent accident...

Mike Webb (R.I.P.) - a tribute show with reruns of his shows is now streaming

CBS: Gun Sales: Will The "Loophole" Close?

Clarence Thomas proposes 'alternatives' to Bill of Rights

My somewhat conservative white BIL told me this weekend that he is

How did the DU battle ground go from guns to pirates so quickly?

Defense Secretary: Killed Somali Pirates Were "Untrained" Teenagers

Bush's Torture Nation should not be shielded by Obama's desire to move forward

Monday TOON Roundup, part 1

To get universal health care Obama and the Dems should do what Edwards suggested

Leave the pirates alone! We need pirates so we can reduce global warming!

My country disappeared

"Only Obama can restore our moral compass on the crimes of the post-9/11 era"

Why is President Obama suddenly quiet on Iraq??

Mr. President, we have miles to go before we sleep.

Isn't divorce off limit for Catholics?

Mel Gibson Divorce Shock - wife files papers

Good-bye Pirate Daddy! Who will feed Polly the parrot now?

No dehumanization here, mates! New show will follow Navy’s pirate hunters

Subverting the teabagg'n... Thom Hartmann style.

Rick Warren, Obama's first mistake.

Need Statement from P. Obama on Cuba's Travel Decision

What should be done about Swiss companies dumping nuclear waste on the Somali coast?

Emma Goldman On Patriotism

Are you going to a wingnut teabagger party?

I think using torture defines a civilization.

Did someone say FEMA Camps?

I apologize...

Child actor cries in anti-smoking commercial; was a line crossed?

Thanks to the rendering industry, you've probably eaten shelter killed cats & dogs, road kill ...

I may get flamed all to hell for this, but I would be remiss in not noting it

Go Navy

Integrity Now? What happened to Kucinich?

DU dissention a good sign.

What's with the apologism for Somali pirates that I've been seeing?

Paul Krugman On The Tea Parties

Paul Krugman On The Tea Parties

Who Finances Somali Pirates?

GM Recalls 1.5 Million Vehicles

Performers who you refuse to watch/listen to due to their political/religious nutbaggery

Are there *really* flame wars going on after that rescue?

Now! Prancer!


Help ME get this poll turned around....please!!

I am Arnold J Rimmer. Ask me anything!

Is DU hanging or acting funny for anybody else?

Okay, when does this No PTUI rule go into effect? Because

David Lynch's "Inland Empire." Even though to me "Lost Highway" and

The Gestapo is marching in my head so I need good vibes for my clinic visit tomorrow,,,please?

A song I like for Easter.

Hi, need some input from an architect....

Hi, need some input from an architect....

Last time pays for all. Spring Quarter starts tomorrow. Twelve more weeks of Didactic Year left.

Disgusting crucifixion things

TOONS: Funny National Poetry Month Cards

Just found out a good old friend of mine passed away yesterday.

Whats the dealeo with Xavier ?

Why is Ronnie Milsap advertising his new Gospel CD on Adult Swim?


Peanut playing with himself

I wonder if any of those Somali pirates had peglegs or hooks.

Best Johnny Depp fantasy character:

Should I ask my ex to do something if I know there is a 99.9% chance I'll get turned down?

Florida's jobless benefits' computer programming based on 1972 technology.

so i'm up late watching a thunderstorm and sipping on a caffeinated drink

I'm so damn drunk, it;s not even funny...

Insomnia is nature's way of letting you live twice.

Its only Pain

Best Ron Shelton film?

I get so depressed sometimes. I worked for years with homeless animals, and

Woo hoo! I'm rich!

Monday morning cat fans

Hey sinners, got that "less than Godly" feeling? Try a SoulWow.

Okay, so a piece of string goes into a bar...

I am done with my family

Is NanceGreggs Overrated?

I don't want monday to come.. I don't want monday to come

Today was my 28th birthday!

How far back to "these days" go?

Best show on the Travel Channel?

Stay tuned for a historic DU Lounge announcement later today.

Post a pic you took of a pirate hang-out

RIP Randy Cain of the Delphonics

Now! Dasher!

Does watching all the Bible shows on the History Channel today count as church?

Ever been thrown out of a bar and DEFINITELY deserve it?

67th Pirates Post Today: The Question Begging An Answer, "Why Does President Obama Hate Pirates?"

Quietly Desperate

Quietly Desperate

If all Boomers were raptured away to Rock N Roll Heaven, who would a certain poster

Ever been thrown out of a bar and not deserve it?

I have the sore throat from Hell, so don't expect much from me

Is it OK for a man to not be "in the mood?"

You know, I'm really beginning to loath holidays

This is THE COOLEST THING EVER! (Grateful Dead content)

I went to GD again. Somebody shoot me in the head.

Running Out Of TIme

self delete nt

Have you had sex while driving? (THIS IS NOT A SEX THREAD!)

One day, on a drive in the countryside with Ann Coulter......

Pulsar Creates Cosmic "Hand" (Cool Pic!)

Best Ron Jeremy Film?

Operation Easter Egg haul = EPIC FAIL (funny true story)

Happy Dyngus Day!

What are your plans for the day, DU?


I will be very sad if they cancel The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The Chuggo One Million Project. What does it mean for DU? (Mods, please put a sticky on this post)

Stressed people check in!

Don't look now, but GD is now making fun of cats.

Lent is over. What that means is JVS is back. So it might be

Who watched the final day of The Masters, yesterday?

LOL, laugh of the day - Fox News website was serving malware

Ah, the drama. The state of the economy.

Attention DU Lounge. TZ and I have signed a one week non-aggression pact.

Weekly MLB thread. Post here with your team's W-L record.

GD:P confuses and saddens me.

Hello Ball

Which one is a bigger badge of honor:

Did you go to your 10 year HS or College Reunion??

I want to create a Chuggo thread that never dies.....for a week at least.

What I did yesterday --

If I'm ever taken hostage by a pirate...

The Vegan One is awfully grumpy today.

I am sick or have bad allergies

This gun frenzy is getting out of hand. Even some of the lefties in my class are talking about

Hello Lounge

Should BeachBaby get a Tazer instead of a hand gun?

Being sick sucks

James R Bath connects Bush, bin Laden, Petrodollars, BCCI & BFEE.

THIS is why one should NEVER bet on the Nats against ANYONE

Hey. I'm going to Cuba with my brother Fredo.

Oh look, the Duggars are reproducing again

Wow, GD is really into the whole pirate story. Look at one of their most recent threads:

I hate to call out my fellow DUers....

Any fans of the show "Breaking Bad"? (possible spoiler level reached)

Should Rabrrrrrr get a larger Death Star instead of a regular Death Star?

Frizzle chicks!

So I look down and see that my knuckles are red...

Al-Qaeda, Somali pirates, now Timothy Hutton extremists.

So I look down and see that my knuckles are blue...

DS1's Greatest Hits: Lord of the Chuggo

I found out how they defeated the pirates.

Glenn Beck needs ___________________ - (fill in the blank)

Any of you masculine DU'ers wear Betula sandals?

He's so cuuuuute!!!

Cats are for lazy people!


Sandals- What kinds do you prefer?

Is Psycology nonesnse or or there something to it?

I just cleared my massive ignore list, am I........?

Some sunset pics from tonight...

Some sunset pics from tonight...

So, I was driving past the Olive Garden today...

A DU Lounge creative writing contest in honor of Chuggo Week.

in a hole in the ground there lived a herpes

Was DU down just a few minutes ago?

So I look down and see that my knuckles are through...

For Baseball fans: Harry Kalas, long-time voice of the Phillies, died this afternoon.

Whatever happened to Lee Mercer, Jr. ????

Suggestions in light of Chuggo-Week

Proud Potty-Mouths Check in Here!!!!

Do you approve of three-way Chuggo marriage?

I just asked my sister, who loves to hunt, if she'd want a pink hunting rifle.

yes, I feel sorry for the pirates.

yes, I feel sorry for the pirates.

yes, I feel sorry for the pirates.

This post is ONLY for people who joined DU after April 2008

Prosthetic Pirates Poll

Pathetic Pirates Poll

I'm thinking about buying a gin....

I'm thinking about buying a pun.

If I cough my way into an aneurysm, please find me before the squirrels eat my eyeballs.

I'm thinking about buying a pug....

Legendary Phils announcer Harry Kalas dies

A task for someone skilled in the art of video editing - Chuggo related.

The Old Philosopher

Are we banning swear words yet?

I'm thinking about buying a rug....

I'm Waiting for the Man

Breaking: Americans are the descendants of pirates

Breaking: Americans are the descendants of pirates

Australian Pirates take offense at the bad image portrayed by the Somali pirates...

Mmmmm....Leftover Ruth's Chris

Why did Taverner's post get locked?

Breaking as per CNN: New images being released of one of the cargo ship pirates.

Here, as promised, and DIVORCED. The feeling... is not great.

People selling bikes on Craigslist are NUTS!

To all the people who pawned it off as just anxiety:

The new Red Dwarf series sucked- like watching Return to Gilligan's Island

If we as a DU community can't get Chuggo to 1,000,000 youtube hits, can I still have one thing?

Blind Melon kind of day....

Who do you like more?

If Elvis was still around

Ellen is on!

Am I getting old?

So I finally broke down and got on Facebook.

You can hear me right here, right now

The Phillies' beloved announcer, Harry Kalas, has just died.

We need Navy snipers in GD.

me being nostagic....

Awesome birthday present!

the only good thing about easter this year....

A New Duggar story for the lounge. They are going to be grandparents...

Relax. Your two tents.


I have a hard time reading fiction now days


DU Techie types - GPS unit question

I sense a lot of hostility in the Lounge today

Shit, I have to 'make' someone redundant

Oh, how SPECIAL. Fucking punk Chris Brown has a new "plain Jane — cute though" girlfriend.

Is this going to be my new avatar

ugh, one of my best friends made me join twitter

Saturday Morning can NOT come soon enough....

Psst. The eagle flies at dawn. Ca-caw! Ca-caw! Tora tora tora!

I'm feeling nostalgic. My baby sis sent this song to me. Bette Midler: Wing Beneath my Wings.

What if God was one of us...

As seen on the Sean Hannity message board site.


Dumb Headline O' The Week: "Obamas host first White House egg roll"!


Spokane parks to detonate squirrels

Ack! WTF? Is this a good or bad sign?

The Radicalization In This Forum Has To Tighten

The Washington Nationals are beating the Phillies!

Do you ever wonder where hidden threads hide?

Jesus? It's Iggy....

What's on your refrigerator?



Did the Vikings make it to the Great Lakes?

Phil Spector found guilty of 2nd-degree murder

As soon as the weather gets nice outside, they crank up the A/C.

Talking Dog

Suggestions please: shampoo for oily hair


I need a bad recipe with Tofu...


CLUCK! Free the DUCK!!

this is an actual review on

Man. Bad day in baseball. First Kalas drops dead

It's snowing!!!

’A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ Britain’s most played song

Anyone else hoping South Park hits this pirate thing?

I think the themepark weekend broke K


POLL: Did You Ever Imagine There Would Be "Pilates Apologists"?

What is good info online about the suppression of social deviance

Harry Kalas and Marilyn Chambers...Who's going to be the third?

Firefox's "Better Privacy" plug-in/add-on: kills Flash "super cookies"

40 years, yesterday. Top that.

Which reporter should Bo bite first?


I don't want to worry anyone, but I believe that a

I am an AA member and have never recruited anyone to AA in my life

Okay, mental illness, drunkeness aside, WTF would prompt someone to enter

Note to DU Lounge. If anyone is thinking of signing up for (the Sarah Palin fansite)..

The dankest shoes ever

I need cheering up. Let's play, "Who am I?"

I did two themeparks in two days over the weekend.

If Obama got a tribble instead of a dog, it could tell him if ...

Armored Narwhals vs. Somali Pirates. Discuss.

That "shame on you" gesture --

What kind of bird was this?

How do you Cat people feel about the WH Dog Bias?

*** Official Chicago White Sox 2008 AL Central Champions Thread ***

I can only get DU by going through Google

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/13/09 (warning: graphic language; NSFW)

You are being lied to about the pirates

Do You Approve of Interracial Marriage?

Oh, for God's sake. Fabio wrecked a Ferrari this weekend.

I need a good recipe with Tofu...


Again, the Divine Ms M. "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Facebook Relationship Status Options


Which DUer would you like to call out, if such a thing were allowed?

Mel Gibson's Wife Files for Divorce....

My favorite personal holiday is today - Easter Candy Sale Day!!!!

Favorite pirate?

"Good Morning America" this morning: No voiceovers in the commercials this morning?

Can someone find me a video of the last Johnny Carson show with Bette Midler? I can't find it.

Somebody gave me a laser pointer for the kitties.

Why so much snark over the Nats? Is it an inside joke?







My band got Blues Track of the Week on garageband!


It's April 13. Do you have your taxes done.

Brother cats: Monday afternoon in the sun (dial-up warning)

we need some suggestions for our cat.

i finally saw howl's moving castle, which miyazaki movie should i watch next?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/13/2009)

a question about alcoholism

So I nearly severed my finger yesterday

Florida lawmakers will likely reject about $440 million in additional workers' compensation benefits

Dude! Depeche Mode's new song kicks ass! It's called "Wrong"...

Have you ever had to put a relative or friend into a nursing home?

Marilyn Chambers has died

A Death In The Family

The Specials have...

HELP!! I have Cole Porter show tunes running in sequence as earworms. It has been like this for DAYS


DU'er RushIsRot could use some positive vibes.....

To birders - could be upsetting to some

How pathetic is it to get a boner over killing pirates?

FOX News: Obama Twice Approved Plan to Rescue U.S. Sea Captain

Is that Inside Edition of Bill O'Really where he starts freaking out & screaming "F*CK...!"

McCain uses immigration to raise money

"a flicker of hope amid the imperialist darkness"... you'll never guess who said this....

the "Obama-policy hurricane" may force 2009 TV issue ad spending to $1 bn.

No love for Micheal Steele- RNC denies tea-party slight

How the hostage rescue deal went down.

Has there been a time in the modern era when one party was so irrelevant?

Look at this clip and tell me if Paul Krugman isn't good for President Obama

Ben & Jerry Looking for Ice Cream Flavor for Boosh? Some options -

President Obama's Numerous Nemeses currently in a Huddle Scratching their collective asses!

The freeping conundrum (if freepers knew what "conundrum" meant): If Obama is "socialist"

The freeping conundrum (if freepers knew what "conundrum" meant): If Obama is "socialist"

So.... who's going to play Captain Phillips in the movie?

WaPo: An Early Military Victory for Obama

I really hope we find out that Captain Phillips voted for Obama

"Why the Democrats Are Losing Ground As Obama Is Gaining It"...

"They're going to want to test him. And they're going to find out this guy's got steel in his spine.

Sign the 'Fair Elections Now Act' Petition--Before Congress returns from Easter recess April 20!

Roy Moore, Alabama's "Ten Commandments judge," says he's likely to run for governor

Why didn't Biden give the okay on the Somali pirates?

Obama Officially Best Military Commander Since Eisenhower!

Lets Just be Honest Here... We are holding Obama to a model in our minds of the perfect President

WSJ: Bailed-Out Banks Face Probe Over Fee Hikes

the Easter Egg Roll live-stream (Monday morning)

Gallup: Americans Most Confident in Obama on Economy-Dem leaders in Congress fare better Rep Leaders

Blagojevich Allegedly Promised $5 million for Jackson Appointment

Bush Bowing Before His Master

Easter Egg roll coming up on MSNBC, the Obamas will be there, will Bo?

SLIDESHOW Of The White House Easter Egg Roll: Twelve Things You Didn't Know

If tragedy happened at sea, corp conservative media would hang Obama, so now we get crickets instead

PHOTO Caption It!

The Next Guantánamo

Socialists Take Over Congress (A GOP Fairy Tale)

Other places to shop besides Amazon ...

There are some adorable pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt on Getty Images...

Obama to allow travel, money transfers to Cuba

State lawmakers tout single-payer healthcare system

Justice Souter still has not hired clerks for his next term, Ginsburg: Court Opening Coming 'soon'

I don't know how many times I have to tell this to you people.

Obama Addresses Captain Rescue

Pic: Bo the Puppy Runs with Obama

Limpballs loses.

"Yes, Bo, I AM the new Big Dawg!"

be honest....who thought about Hillary

Teabaggers getting good and ready ... Time to whip out your...cameras.

Hotline chronicles conservative bloggers psychotic nonsense regarding Obama and hostage rescue.

Is something wrong with Andrea Mitchell's brain?

An emerging progressive consensus on Obama's executive power and secrecy abuses

Don't You Wonder, How A President John (I Overreact ) McCain Would Have Handled Pirate Issue?

Phillies postpone visit to White House

So who was in the Bunny Costume?

Want to have a good laugh? This article about the pirates from Thursday cracks me up..


Steve Leser is doing a great job on Fux n/t

Tea Parties Forever, By PAUL KRUGMAN - "It doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people..."

The Pirate story ........ IT'S A TRAP!!!!

Chuckles Todd to Host New Show on MSNBC

Robert Kuttner writing in Huffpo: Obama's Loyal Opposition

NEW CNN Poll: Dick Cheney, Joe Biden and America's Safety

And Big Eddie DUMPS The Pirate Apologist

Is there any reason an insolvent bank cannot be profitable short-term?

For Once The Talking Point Writer Man Is Stymied

NV-Sen: Angle May Run for GOP

How Long Before We Hear: The Whole Pirate Saga Was STAGED!!!

MJ trotted out the "pirates were stupid" meme this am to see how that would fly.

Have we started the Bo the Puppy countdown yet?

Permanent Democratic Majority: New Study Says Yes

Bo's big debut

"a failure to revive the banking system would be Obama's Vietnam. It would wreck everything else."

An idea to make things a little more chill around here.

Guy passes out on Glenn Beck's show. Just happened.

Class act. How to fight insanity with clarity & facts.

White House to Announce Easing of Cuba Restrictions

Remaking Rahm: Even Republicans concede Emanuel's tactics are working

Three Possible Financial Narratives for the Obama Administration

That Balcony . . .

The truth, and everyone knows it: The political right wanted Captain Phillips to die

Corporate media's willful ignorance is absolutely stunning.

My dog just came to me looking for help. He was all tied up in a sex toy.

Obama's Proposal To Preserve Estate Tax On Richest 0.3 Percent Of Americans Meeting Bipartisan Opp

Thinkprogress - More Evidence Of Corporate Sponsorship Of Teabag Protests


I am happier about Obama being president today than ever before because...

Down with MIKA MOUSE!!!

Phillies will meet Obama at WH on Tuesday

Analysis: Obama beats first national security test (AP)

POTUS and Bo .... I dont need to add any more .....

MY President made history again: Spanish spoken at podium during WH briefing for the first time

WP: A Shaggy-Dog Story: How Bo Wound Up With the Obamas

The Nation: Two Good articles on Michelle Obama: Williams and Pollit

JoeKlein: "Our socialist, pacifist, crypto-Muslim POTUS has bagged 3 terrorists and saved a captain"

Best. Egg. Roll. Photo

CNN Obama's stimulus package; "Under budget and ahead of schedule."

Obama mimics Kennedy photo...climbs under Oval Office desk

TN-Gov, TN-03: Ford Won't Run; Dems Find a Candidate for Wamp's Seat

Navy Seal snipers are some bad mofos

Breaking: Obama puppy nominee faces uphill battle in Senate

Does Obama speaking at Notre Dame=Warren speaking at Inauguration?

Limbaugh's having a bad bad day. LOL

Carter's Ghost: Operation Evening Light, 4/24/80

All this bickering about and defense of Obama on DU has me... quite pleased

Washington Post: "An Early Military Victory for Obama"

Republicans Fighting Wave of Retirements

As I stumbled in the dark, seaching for antiquity

"Fulfilling the Promise of Change? Obama Rapidly Rescinding Bush Policies"

The absolute best Easter Egg Roll photo

PR disaster for the GOP: Republicans bet against the United States and lose

Obama was briefed 17x in four days of piracy drama

RE: the "3 AM phone call"

How do you think W is feeling right now?

Nouriel Roubini: "the results of the stress test are not worth the paper they are written on"

PHOTOS Easter Egg Roll (VERY VERY pic heavy!)

PHOTOS Easter Egg Roll (Part 2)

from Glen Beck's messageboard

PHOTO Come on, come on, caption the new Bo pic (April 13)

CNN now promoting Teabagging parties as well!

I dont get it -Why is the pirate situation being touted as a great Obama Victory?

GOP Desperately Seeking Mr. Popular

Krugman: "Republicans have become embarrassing to watch" -- but they've always been this way

The Dead's first tour in five years - Audio link to last night's opener in Greensboro NC:

Help! Skinner, any chance of changing this forum...GDP...

Video link to my appearance on Fox News Re: Tea Parties

ugh, one of my brother's friends added me on facebook

Is there anyone here who pays half of their income in taxes?

Amazon Accused of Removing Gay Books from Rankings

Iran Welcomes Nuclear Dialogue With World Powers: Report

Treasury Is Said to Warn G.M. of Bankruptcy Risk

U.S. marshal goes on trial for mob ties

Troops die in India Maoist attack

Tibetans protest outside Chinese embassy in India

Warning that Pakistan is in danger of collapse within months

Iraq roadside bomb kills US soldier

Passenger lands plane at SWFIA with help from tower after pilot dies mid-flight

China Releases Human Rights Plan

Thai army cracks down on protesters

The Jackson $5 million?

U.S. wheat industry supports trade with Cuba

Iraqi leaders attacked over spate of homophobic murders

US: 8 suspected militants killed in Afghanistan

Saudi records out at Bush (41) Library

Madoff Investors Petition to Force Bankruptcy Filing

Audit reveals huge fraud in Tajikistan

Granholm: Stimulus Cash May Be Needed To Balance Budget

Alaska (Republican) lawmakers take aim at timing of Palin trip

Action on AIG unit may cost taxpayers: report

Five weekly Observer & Eccentric newspapers to shut down

Plan to Change Student Lending Sets Up a Fight

Pakistan to construct two nuclear power plants with Chinese help

China says domestic armaments are world-class

NW Arkansas Focus : Springdale alien roundup raises questions

Report: Shana Madoff Contacted Prison Consultant

Bankruptcies Surge Despite Law Meant To Curb Them

Ex-Arizona State coach Bruce Snyder dies

A step-by-step forecast: Franken will likely be seated by May or June

Bailed - Out Banks Face Probe Over Fee Hikes: Report

GM preparing for possible bankruptcy: report


Pakistan leader under pressure to back Swat deal

IBM to cut `thousands’ of jobs

Activists thwart Japan whale hunt

Spector jury reaches verdict, not yet announced

Pakistani Taliban begin imposing rule in new area (Buner, 60 mi. frm Islamabad)

New show will follow Navy’s pirate hunters

Goldman Sachs swings to profit, plans offering (to help redeem "all of the TARP capital." )

Exxon Mobil CEO gets $23.9 million in 2008 pay

Obama Twice Approved Plan to Rescue U.S. Sea Captain

Oregon sues manager of state's college savings plan

Pirates vow to kill U.S., French sailors

Obama to allow travel, money transfers to Cuba

114 Held In Swoop on Power Plant Protesters

Stocks Bounce Back Amid Obama Buzz

DA: Rape may be alleged in Calif. girl's slaying

Indonesia party eyes death (penalty) for graft

How SEALs Carried Out Their Mission (Capt. Phillips rescue)

Obama: U.S. resolved to stop piracy

Phillies TV man Kalas dies at 73

Mark ‘The Bird’ Fidrych, Former Pitcher, Dies at 54

Citizens Held as Illegal Immigrants

Citizens Held as Illegal Immigrants

India Rejects Calls For Emission Cuts

BREAKING: Phil Spector convicted of second-degree murder

Some travel restrictions to Cuba to be lifted

Obama sources: stimulus projects 'under budget,' 'ahead of schedule'

Japan kills 680 Antarctic whales, below target

Goldman push to repay $10bn

Oil Industry Braces for Drop in U.S. Thirst for Gasoline

Afghan women's rights activist slain (by Taliban)

Porn star Marilyn Chambers found dead in L.A. County home

Bloomberg Finances Gun-Control Ad in Virginia Race

JUDGES: Franken winner of Senate race

52 NH Christian center buildings burn on Easter

Dealership's Ads Hammer Senator (Shelby)

World needs to ‘wake up’ on piracy, Maersk first officer urges

Teen piracy suspect raises legal, moral issues

Mortar shells fired at US congressman in Somalia

18 kids, 1 grandkid: Duggars announce pregnancy: son follows parents footsteps

Diana Palin indicted on break-in charges, pleads not guilty

TheRealNews: Roots of Sri Lankan Conflict

Young Turks: The Most Diverse Crew of Criminals in America!!

Joel Rafael - This Is My Country - plus free MP3 on his website

Boris Karloff- Brief History of America's 'White House'

Young Turks: Cenk's Thoughts on the List of Socialists in Congress

Mexican Ambassador on Face the Nation: US Should Take Marijuana Legalization Seriously

Georgia Guidestones Vandalized

Legal Residents Deported For Looking Foreign

Pirates We'd Like To See (Part 1)

Pirates We'd Like To See (Part 2)

Rick Warren Caught In Lies Sent Scrambling From ABC 'too sick to go on' poor dear

Government Employees Make Too Much Money?

Inside the rescue of Capt. Phillips. The Full Story

Is The Economy Saying No to Stimulus?

President Obama On Captain's Rescue,Transportation & Economy

The war against unions

First officer of the freed Maersk Alabama: World needs to 'wake up' to piracy

Michigan JP Morgan Chase Boycott

Press Conference for parents of American critically injured in Ni'lin in the West Bank - Part 1

Families From Across America Descend on White House For Easter Egg Roll 2009

White House: Easing of Cuba Restrictions

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Approval, Mockery, and Agnosticism

Young Turks: Should Schools Teach Books By More 'Traditional American' Authors?

Billy Bob Thorton interviews Joaquin Phoenix (as done by the Red State Update crew)

Conservative Economic Success

Young Turks: Republican Hypocrisy on Norm Coleman!!

Glenn Beck Prepares To Tea Bag

Obama's non-texbook liberalism

Bayh Uncertain of Health Care Plan -Cites Prescription Benefit Plan As A Model

Bolton Wants 'Boots On the Ground' in Somalia - Invasion by 'Coalition of the Willing'

Gingrich on Iowa gay marriage: 'The fix is in'

Pakistan: Children of the Taliban

TYT: Geithner Screws Us Again, Wants 'Self-Regulation'

TYT: Disturbing Clips From Conservative Hosts RE: Guns (Reaction After)

N.J. Town Goes Green

Flooding of Iowa and North Dakota

U.S. Captain Phillips rescued by Navy Seals, 3 pirates dead

Ben Stein on tea parties.

Pakistan: the epicentre of Islamist terror

Lawmakers Respond to Improved Access to White House.

An Early Military Victory for President Obama

Craftsmen finally see upswing in Afghanistan after civil war, turmoil

Amazon claims censorship of LGBT books a "glitch"

No Drama Choc-Obama

Feds: Rezko steered money to Blago's wife

Forget about the economy and pirates!

Debt is not money.....Thom Hartmann

A Combination of Ignorance and Arrogance Under Bush Squandered Opportunities With Iran

The Coming Siege Of Austerity (James Kunstler)

Local Chevy/Cadillac dealership runs ads ripping Sen. Shelby a new one -- video

'We're not facing our problems. We've got Prozac politics'

China operation to grow even if GM goes under/China, Mexico, San Antonio freight service to begin

Robert Dreyfuss: Dennis Ross's Iran Plan

Opinion: 'Hire American' is a slogan that doesn't help America

Paul Krugman: Tea Parties Forever

Your Mother's a Tea-Bagger

Drumbeat grows louder for Coleman to concede soon

The year Detroit flew high with 'The Bird'

Recession Causing Lawyer Layoffs At Big Firms

Nice fight, Norm, but it's over

The Next Guantanamo (New York Times editorial)

Tax Freedom Day: 8 days Earlier Than In 2008

A Permanent Democratic Majority: New Study Says Yes

The Obamas' dog, Bo arrives at White House tomorrow

What You Should Know About Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Pulp Nonfiction

Guardian columnist compares British & American cable news

The Far Right and the Heritage Foundation has fell off the Table of lunacy.

Is Geithner's Game Up?

Mel Gibson, Victim of Gay Marriage

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 362

A Giant Garbage Island in the middle of the Pacific!

Pentagon Prioritizes Pursuit Of Alternative Fuel Sources

Science, Mythology, Hatred, and the Fate of the Gray Wolf

On "experts" in the halls of power, and the unfolding eco-crisis:

Cuyahoga River Fire Galvanized Clean Water and the Environment as a Public Issue

Sebelius vetoes western Kansas coal plants

Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation Will Make for Uneven Ozone Recovery

Join the "Big Howl," and help stop the Obama Admin. from continuing Buscho's wolf-killing policies

President Obama to Lay Out Plans for High-Speed Train Travel

Home based hydrogen production

Nitrogen Cycle out of Whack? & Waterless Urinals: Cheap. Green. Gross?

114 environmentalist arrested

Forget Peak Oil; Peak Gasoline is Already Here - WSJ

World's first retrofit of a power plant with carbon capture and storage

Tesla S--all electric---300-mile range, 0-60 in 5.5s

International Conference on the Environment and Sustainable Development in HAVANA, July 3-12

The Emerging Secrets of Guatemala's Disappeared

Clinton's Haitian Nightmare, 1994...Haitian's Perspective

EL NEUVO HERALD: Lula Stresses His Diplomatic Effort

Ecuador to increase steel business with Venezuela

REP. FARR to deliver Cuba letter to Obama, includes 10 step plan for normalizing relations

In Response to Paraguay's Outcry Over Itaipu Brazil Offers US$ 1 Bi Loan

A more useful Haiti article: Haiti at a turning point

White House Issues Fact Sheet on Cuba Policy

Haiti: Uncovering U.S. Involvement in Aristide Coup

I for one am ecstatic that the U.S. may host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022.

Pirates kicking Stro Ass - Taking Names.

Mark "The Bird" Fidrych dies

MLS Goal of the Week - Week 5

AP: Phillies Announcer Harry Kalas Has Died

The first Dodger to hit for the cycle today for the first time since 1970 against

Today in labor history Apr 13 The Great Northern rail strike began in Helena, Montana first victory

National unions form coordinating committee; AFL-CIO president announces retirement plans

Eiffel Tower tourism restricted by strike

AFL-CIO Web site offers resources for unemployed

Why construction workers strike (don’t receive sick pay, vacation pay, or holiday pay)

AT&T Is Just Like the Auto Industry—Except for its $12.9 Billion Profit

Reading, Writing, and Union-Building

Teens Choose Justice Over Prom Plans (teens raise $3,000 to not cross picket line!)

New Hampshire Marriage Hearing on Wednesday

The Day of Silence is this Friday

Dear Amazon: Fuck you, you aren't going to profit off of me.

Sign the petition protesting Amazon's new discriminatory policy:

Wear a black ribbon for Lawrence King on April 17th now says a (very selective) glitch responsible for gay-panic de-listing

Amazon.Com Banishes Queer SF Writers To A Null Dimension

You're all flops.

Rep. Polis Calls on US, Iraqi Officials to Investigate Death of Gays in Iraq

Research since 1950: Vegetables, nuts, "Mediterranean" diet are heart-friendly

Hamas Comes Out of Hiding

Former AIPAC member puts up billboards decrying Gaza as "monstrous inhumanity"

Israeli Occupation Places Baby under House Arrest

Israeli tourist stabbed by Libyan worker in Sinai

Palestinian fishing boat explodes near Israeli coast

Chris Hedges: Israel’s Racist in Chief

Christian housing faces Israeli encirclement

Hamas Comes Out of Hiding

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger's site

Duplicate Self-Delete

a failure to revive the banking system would be Obama's Vietnam. It would wreck everything else.

Nouriel Roubini: "the results of the stress test are not worth the paper they are written on"

what background and credit search do landlords usually use?

Is most of the gun control even legal???

Amusing case for gun control, a list of reasons

I'm glad the militant illogical gun grabbers have finally conceded defeat.

Did you hear about this guy shooting up the neighborhood in East Ventura California?

AA visitor shoots, kills robber

The Great Bondholder Bailout Won't Even Save The Economy

The Coming Siege of Austerity

another hard-working person

A tribute to our State's flower - with apologies to Blue in AK

Just bought an "unfamous name" digital camera - LARGON!!!

Some B&Ws from Gotham City, April 1-3, 2009

Everyone's invited to a B'Day Party for woodsprite

Does our sense of smell change as we age? I know it diminishes as we age,

Science, Mythology, Hatred, and the Fate of the Gray Wolf


Evolution cannot explain existence of creationists, concedes Dawkins

Another gun related incident

Easter and the Hope of Victory (Paulo Evaristo, Cardinal Arns, Archbishop of São Paulo: 1981)

School District Pays $400K to Settle Muslim Suit

Kohlberg's Six Stages

Lego Jesus Unveiled by Swedish Church for Easter

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in Italy and the United States

Your Smurfs, Carebears and My Little Pony Dolls are tools of Satan!

[Video] Atheist Hater Murders A Young Woman

Saw a really nice looking loaf of bread down at the mall the other day

Friends, might anyone have ideas?

So, what did wa all do for Easter?

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday April 13th Edition

Compound Salads

The bottom of my funnel has a hole in it

Is this really solid proof?

Niels Harrit interview

If you look carefully at the footage of WTC7 going down, you'll notice something startling.

Is there anyone here that disputes natural selection?

Bo Obama (new 1st puppy) is a Texan

Another surprise singer emerges from Britain's Got Talent --

Question about "Tales of the City" (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

I looked, and can't find it-- For inspiration-- Susan Boyle from the UK

The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America's Defense on 9/11

Could Avast, Malwearbytes or CCleaner have caused a problem in Powerpoint?