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Archives: April 11, 2009

A Modest Proposal for Tea Bag Day

So all those governors blinked and took the money

Had you been told last October:

Attorney Paul Minor denied emergency release to be with dying wife

David Shuster talking about teabagging parties on Countdown -- and guess who

Place your bets: How many signs will be misspelled at Tea Bag events?

The historian David McCulloch makes a case for saving the Brooklyn Bridge from developers.

SSDD: Anti-Gay Marriage Ads Air In Iowa

I'm Sorry. I'm Immature. Every Time I Hear The Phrase, "Tea Bagging Party". I Chuckle.

Seeing-eye horse guides blind Muslim woman

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! The Easter weekend news dump edition.....

Dollars & Sense: 'Bailout Funds' to 'Allow' Main Street to Invest in Bailout

Farah Fawcett's courage in opening discussion on upsetting to discuss cancer.

Republicans are the Real Polarizers

Obama appeals ruling that 3 Baghram detainees can challenge detention in court

LOL: GOP desperately seeking Mr. Popular (MSNBC)

Six people I know personally in Orlando are unemployed right now.

Woman watches home being robbed on monitor. Cat's ok with it.

So I Guess It's No Fun Being Governor Of Louisiana Anymore

Teabagging made simple (mature)

Cost of Iraq invasion and occupation will surpass that of Vietnam war by year's end

I made it! I can't believe it!! 10,000 POSTS!!!!!

Do you know a Repuke that drinks hot Tea??

I don't know if Obama's pizza has arrived from St. Louis yet, but mine just did..

I don't know if Obama's pizza has arrived from St. Louis yet, but mine just did..

I need sign ideas to ' welcome' KKKarl to my town

Bill Moyers special edition on now: Looking For Lincoln

DUer having a baby. . . right now!


I swear there are more Pumas on DU these days

Budget cuts in Florida Gov't means cut backs in Orlando area Public Defenders Office.

On NOW: Gettysburg the Speech that Saved America - on the Military Channel

On 3/20 appx25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed inIraq. Tea Bag parties will draw how many

Can you help the Special Olympics out?

Shut the (*&@# up!

Theodore Roosevelt on criticizing the President of the United States.

They've got Teabags. We've got Coffee Filters. Say it's the last vestiges of Trickle Down Economics

Gay conservative 527 launched to counter Log Cabin Republicans

This Sunday, if you're near DC and want to have a marvelous afternoon ....

Note-sharing Web site draws fire from critics

Alaska senate rejects another Palin nominee

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Easter everyone!

Playing on the remains of the last vanquished 'nation-builders'

President Obama orders pizzas delivered to tea bag parties around the country...

ICRC report is important legal document that contains well-sustained allegations of criminal conduct

International Complicity in US Abuses, Part III

Guantanamo Attorneys Face Possible Prison Time for Letter to Obama Detailing Client’s Allegations of

Palin administration rejects endangered listing for Kittlitz's murrelet

Social Security's Surplus Disappearing Fast in Downturn

Tea day protests

Obama releases a quarter of a mill. pages of White House

As U.S. cities chop mass transit despite high ridership, at least one N. American city gets it....

Extreme Cuts to Mass Transit in Boston

Jon Stewart on Letterman...11:15 PM CDT... Rerun, but

Tucker Bounds just said "Gazoo" on the Ed show

Legal opinions signed by 9th Circuit Judge Jay Bybee helped pave the way for alleged torture during

Attending Easter services or not?

George W. Bush's Dick-less Reunion Dinner...Cheney not attending, too busy pouting over Scooter


I really don't mind the Beck person's lunacy on Fox, it's actually tame

Stories from Area 51

OMFG!!!!!111 Theres a right wing guy on TV and he's saying stupid things!!!!!11111

Obama deploys naval press gangs to teabagger rallies in bid to fight Somali pirates

Is April the Cruelest Month? Why all the Shootings?

Proud to be a fascist scocialist democratic atheist terrorist!

NASA to announce module name on 'Colbert Report'

Gore Vidal on "Real Time With Bill Maher" (HBO) any minute!

So the Shiites are turning on the Sunnis again

What's the diff between a pod cast & streaming the radio over the net?

Just watched Captive City starring John Forsythe on Turner Classic Movies.

Just watched Captive City starring John Forsythe on Turner Classic Movies.

Holy shit! You want to see what one of those 9/12 meetings are like?

Obama taps former Idaho AG to lead Indian Affairs.

US Ships Block Help for Pirates Holding US Captain

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do not talk down to their listeners

Did the Valarie Plame case every get finished. Rove's role?

Karl Rove can kiss my ass.

Bobby Rush is on WJ discussing the trip to Cuba

Naked, pissing myself, hands tied, star all- inclusive in Cancun, 1988

So faux uber-populist Glenn (Festus) Beck, lives in one of the most elite communities

US Warships Block Help For Pirates Holding US Captain Hostage

US Warships Block Help For Pirates Holding US Captain Hostage

Bush's buddy in Georgia isn't getting much support from the Obama administration

Mad Fox Tea Party

China foreign exchange reserves at $1.954 trillion

"Health Care's Year" by E.J. Dionne for the "Washington Post"

Penalty-free 401(k) penalty withdrawals still not on the agenda, and taxes are due next week

Should the pirates' ransom demands for Capt. Phillips be met?

Where's Volker?

Free student software licenses for unemployed designers architects and engineers

HAL suit offers superhuman strength

Buchanan says Rove's outburst was an authorized hit

No strength in numbers for America's uninsured

Many of the jobless get no unemployment benefits

Tech question about posting a chart here

These "tea bag" events have to be the dumbest things I have heard about in years.

The Daily Beast has begun keeping track of our gun murder sprees

Unbelievable Police Dispatch recording - Triple Murder

Why do firms lobby? A 22,000 percent return.

Have ya noticed that...

Is Hysterical Right-Wing Media Pushing the Unhinged Over the Edge?

Is there a way within the law to compel the Obama Administration to act on Torture?

CIA Videos Predated Bush Legal Memo

Yankee Bombs Go Home: Foreign Minister Wants US Nukes out of Germany

Imagine what might happen if every Senator and Representative got a copy of the Torture Report

"The Hum" a constant low-pitched rumbling noise like a nearby idling diesel truck.

I am REALLY curious about that Canuck of ours that flew that Cessna for 5 hours in USA air space

Obama Turns More Cautious on Climate Change,

After Occupation Ends, Tensions Flare Again

Man Charged With Murder In Death Of Angels Pitcher

Somali pirates seize U.S. owned, Italian flagged tugboat

Defense to Bush holdovers: Sign ethics pledge, or leave

Congress: The Problem and the Solution

Getting to the Heart of the Matter - What would an Autopsy on the Death of Jesus Show?

It is soo funny how

Teabaggers get a stern police warning (Savannah, Ga)

Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger's site

An Open Letter To National Organization For Marriage

Saudi Arabia Executes Rapist in 22nd Beheading This Year

This hour of the Limbaugh Wire brought to you by the pirates of ACORN

Nearly everyone in their seats is looking forward, at the game, and not backward, at the man.

the awfulness of container ships

Has anyone ever seen this horeshit?

Stimulus spending invested in volcano monitoring - Republicans look like clowns again

Just watching 2001: A Space Odyssey and remarked to myself

Palestine Chronicle needs some help

Christopher Hitchens Debates Kenneth Blackwell About Religious Influence In America (VIDEO)

Is The Economy Turning America's Children "Goth"?

In praise of incrementalism.

You think Glenn Beck is batshit crazy? Try Monica Crowley. These people are irresponsible.

Woman watches home invasion on webcam

Is Clinton to blame in some degree for the Somali Pirates.

"Hey, you left-wing liberal dirty hippies....

Great Bumpersticker alert ...

TruGreen - is this the company that will not go away??

Texan says Fox News/O'Lielly "inspired him" to set up Palin defense fund

daughter started her new job tonight. LOVES IT

Pro-choice leaders in Congress circulate letter to eliminate funding for abstinence-only program

Pro-choice leaders in Congress circulate letter to eliminate funding for abstinence-only program

A typical Republican Tea Party

Do you think Glenn Beck is naturally crazy?

Memo To Jeb Bush: Your Brother’s Administration Blamed Clinton For 9/11 And The Economic Crisis

Where are the Navy SEALs in all this?

Captain Phillips is only 1 of 250 hostages being held by Somali pirates

Captain Phillips is only 1 of 250 hostages being held by Somali pirates

America wants to see Ruth Madoff behind bars

Billy Bob Thornton will NOT be the next Ambassador to Canada

Say one thing for Rove, the Rushicans and their hacks in the media

Justice Ginsburg Laments Being Court's Only Woman

David Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons game, dies at 61

14 kids, man goes to prison, owes 530,000.00 child support

Alex Witt admits pushing irrelevant stories

Kids Literally Smoking CANDY

Arizona State Univ. not awarding Obama an honorary degree when

On 3/20 appx25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed inIraq. Tea Bag parties will draw how many

Faith Based Initiatives ain't just an office in the White House.

Bill Maher... Real Time W/ Gore Vidale

Obama to release Reagan records kept secret by Bush

Philip Wollen, the Australian Banker who Gave it All Away, Winsome Constance Kindness Trust

Glenn Beck and the Tea Party phenomenon. Questions.

Glenn Beck and the Tea Party phenomenon. Questions.

Campbell's Soup donating tomato seeds for soup purchases

Who saw Glenn Beck's Hitler/Great Depression scare-fest last night?

Petition at

If McCain was president, would Glenn and the rest be bleating about depression and all?

ARREST in Tracy California

Eugene Robinson calls out Washington Post colleague and discredited liar George Will

Home Sales Plummet in the Hamptons

Obama may get ASU honor at commencement after all

Guy James is BACK!!!

Sentence the pirates to death, converted to long term community service.

Reminder: "Torture Prosecutor Tops 70,000 Questions for Obama on Change.Gov"

NY Times: A Nice Place to Stand and Wait for a Bus That Might Stop Coming

Does anyone fear America anymore?

28% - Republicans: Fewer, More Conservative


Is his real name Jeff Christie or Rush Limbaugh? Or is it something else?

Michael Bloomberg, bullshit artist

Layoffs coming to Best Buy

The FDIC's Insurance Commitments are 34% higher than reported.

Warren waver on Prop 8 stuns leaders

Somali Pirates a Far Cry From Buccaneers of Old

I am SO going to my local Teabagger Orgy

For those who understand ..... what's going on with the economic happy talk?

Should I tell them what it means?

Krugman: He’s too big to fail (Volcker)

The Nation: "Occupy Everything Right Now"

The Nation: "Occupy Everything Right Now"

Would you tell an older "churchtype" lady you could score some weed

Would you like to rate the UrbanDictionary definitions of TEABAGER?

Would you like to rate the UrbanDictionary definitions of TEABAGER?

I continue to be sick of the fact that I don't control the universe & sometimes...

Iowa Gazette Poll needs some attention

Return To The Wild: A Modern Tale Of Wolf And Man

Another Poll that could use some DU love.


Picketers in front of the Atlanta branch of Federal Reserve today...Signs said 'BANKS SUCK'

PSA announcements on the telly...

Texas Rep. Betty Brown Apologizes For Saying Asians Should Simplify Their Names

Alcohol tax: Small consequences, big opposition (A penny)

Bear safety, Keep your beer off the porch :)

Stranded otter had testicular cancer

Palin will accept stimulus money under conditions, willing to compromise on parental notification

Crew of hijacked ship hints at heroic fight to repulse pirates

Guardian: UK Teachers' union votes to boycott national curriculum testing.

Bill O'Reilly, narcissistic conspiracy theorist

Happy Ostara,Easter,Spring Equinox..

With private health insurance...

Are the Becks, Bachmans, Coulters, Malkins, etc., an open admission by repubs

What percentage of Obama's campaign promises has he kept?

Did Bush's DOJ sabotage the Ted Stevens prosecution? Stevens IS corrupt.

Anti–Gay-Marriage Ad Sparks YouTube Revolt

Basic information on congress's PAC's, both sides. Link.

Don't twitter, facebook, my space? If you just DU, here is something else for you

My position on the teabag thing.

Pollution may affect foetus growth - particularly traffic pollution

Homeless Veteran Buried With Full Military Honors

Damn you for ruining my marriage, gay people!!

Time to Face the Facts: The Economy Probably Won’t Get Better For Quite a While

No Human Being is Illegal

No Human Being is Illegal

Kenton Co. Sheriff Spreads Easter Cheer

Brad DeLong on the Economist's claim that the rich are "under attack"

Bailout of AIG, the CIA & Covert Operations

Question: how do these pirates in small boats take over

Amid Recession, Is San Francisco Losing Its Heart?

A typical Republican Tea Party

Up in arms

Obama trying to reinflate the bubble and it isn't going to work....


Any chance we'll have "Joe the Teabagger" as the new pukie mascot?

Mass layoffs threaten New York state and city employees

Mass layoffs threaten New York state and city employees

Anyone remember how funny Rapture Watch, Morning Remembrance, Sammy The Stem Cell, etc...

Media Sponsor of Homegrown Terrorism

"I'm about to marry into a pumpkin pie family": W. Kamau Bell, comedian, does race.

It's Amazing How The Media Can Create Irrational Hysteria (Somali Pirates Story)

It's Amazing How The Media Can Create Irrational Hysteria (Somali Pirates Story)

Sunday School teacher arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Sandra Cantu

Helpful FL joblinks for Central FL / FL Unemployment up from 7.6% in Dec, 8.6% in Jan to 9.4% in Feb

It's the official Glenn Beck free publicity thread.

Same Sex Kiss Day -

The Nation: Glenn Beck Faces Down General Tso's Sleeper Cells

The tea-bagging parties will be huge.

Oversized flags blamed in five-car pile-up

Sen. Schumer Proposes New Federal Scalping Law

Obama: Diplomacy in a 'dangerous world'

HEB Grocery Stores Closed for Easter. WTF?

Palin says she'll accept stimulus money under conditions

*** DUzy Awards for week ending April 10, 2009 ***

COBRA - a horror - and I'm one of the lucky ones

Reuters: Is America's love affair with the "exburbs" over?

I'll Tip An Automatic 20% When You:

China `Concerned' About U.S. Investigation Into Possible Dumping of Steel

ASU Renaming Scholarship Program After Obama

Back in Texas, A More Simple Life for Bush


Right wingers up the ante: Move from "teabagging" to "M4M"

Tell Pesticide Peddlers: We support Michelle Obama's organic garden...

Biden's Puppy Breeder: "Never, Never, Never Again"


Wow. Check out this testimony from the recent trial of an abortion doctor in Kansas

REGNERY Press to publish book by Bobby Jindal

WTF?! Arrest made in Sandra Cantu kidnapping and murder

Study finds that biofuel threatens water supplies

Physician May Have Exposed Children To TB At Chicago Hospitals

Physician May Have Exposed Children To TB At Chicago Hospitals

History Lessons: The 1975 NYC fiscal crisis

States Slashing Social Programs for Vulnerable

No Strength In Numbers For Uninsured In US

DU, Please help us understand the apparent aversion to actually DOing something on DU?

TMZ: Obama Dog to Arrive Tuesday (Not a pound pooch)

Crisis Altering Wall Street as Big Banks Lose Top Talent

I think this Easter toon would drive the fundies nuts

What's dropping as much as GM stock? GOP approval rating

'These People Fear Prosecution': Why Bush's CIA Team Should Worry About Its Dark Embrace of Torture

"The Healthy Americans Act" Senator Ron Wyden D-Ore

A little Easter weekend reading from the Progressive Curmudgeon®

So when was your personal "income tax freedom" day?

This is why I am angry at Obama

Does the Obama administration reject the Nuremberg Principles?

Let me see if I understand this...

The 7 stages of Republican grief

Palin's AK AG nominee "“If a guy can’t rape his wife…who’s he gonna rape?”

In light of all the recent murders and the anti gun ops where do you stand?

Who new exactly what they were getting when they voted for Obama

I just saw the Bill Maher show and loved it

A German view of the economy -- inflation is coming.

Seen in the checkout line: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Medical Care for the Uninsured"

This editorial cartoon about CEO's from 1896

Saturday Protest: Close Legacy Banks

Just what kind of person falls for the crap you see on Fox or hear on National Hate Radio? This kind

Tell me if my thinking on the economy is wrong

Pirates 2, U.S. Navy 0: Pirates repel Navy sailors trying to reach Captain.

Rahm Emanuel's Think Tankers Enforce 'Message Discipline' Among 'Liberals'

Until you are "Tombstoned" .. because of the DU Rules ...why Should Anyone NOT be Welcome Here?

Obama 2006-What He Said Then-Compared To What He Is Doing Now...

SLC Police Chief Won't Comply with New Immigration Law Provision

If you could reverse or prevent one event in all of American history ...

"Massive wave" of foreclosures coming

And honest and important question for Obama critics.

time to give up?

Inventing the Terrorist Threat

" How do you get kids to eat fruits and vegetables? With a shovel and rake."

Freeper-type does it again, only worse!

Tonight I made a salad grown totally in my own garden......

Tonight I made a salad grown totally in my own garden......

Is it wrong to identify someone as "Black" when describing the person?

Is Obama blowing it?

Secondhand Smoke Affecting Millions of New Yorkers (exposed on sidewalks, etc)

How Tweet It Is! Considering a New News Source (Editor & Publisher)

In Calif., Medical Marijuana Laws Are Moving Pot Into Mainstream

Sunday School Teacher Murders 8-year old girl: Armchair Forensic Psychiatrists Check In Here.

This is why I am angry at Obama

Are you out of work, uninsured, and need medications? Please go to this website!

Are the bailouts socialism or fascism ?

Why Corporate TV Can’t Give us All the Important News we Need

Homophobia associated with homosexual arousal

European Companies Dumping Toxic Waste Off Coast Of Somalia

Republican Family Values

VA agrees to return reporter's sound equipment

These people give tea bagging - and the human race a bad name. The 912 Project people.

Are you doing your taxes this weekend?

Concerned Women for America's Failing Financials

Isn't it ironic, dotchathink? "Christian Fundamentalists" and their contempt for hate crimes laws

any sociologists here?????

Model S: More than 700 reservations in two weeks

Pres Obama should pardon Lynndie England.

Why I Prefer My Tea Parties With Little Cakes and No Politics, Thanks.

Facts Behind Recent Purported Public Dust-Up Between Feeney's Chief of Staff and Karl Rove

A check-in thread for those of US that advocate PROSECUTION of BUSH/CHENEY criminals.

Is Twitter A Bubble Phenomenon?

Jeb Bush still stirring the pot of Florida's school system. He just won't go away.

In the spirit of pro-gay laws: Question. How much of your relationship revolves around sex?

Why I Am Extremely Pissed Off at Obama Over His Economic Decisions

What would I, a teacher, recommend to fix public education?

Mr. President, I'm Going to a Protest in St. Paul.

The Intense Stress of this Period Tempts me to Engage in Self-Destructive Behaviors.

What's the difference between Meat and Fish?

Kal Penn - Played Jeeter in "A Lot Like Love"

Last Holiday Is On TNT

I can haz 2 pregnant cats?

Stevie Nicks to Blo-han: I don't THANK so!

I find it humorous how things line up on DU sometimes

South Park doing Mel GIBSON is TOTALLY hilarious

Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway > Rascal Flatts', hands down.



I don't know if Obama's pizza has arrived from St. Louis yet, but mine just did..

LAMPINELLI is on now!1 n/t

I just finished watching BSG, Day Break-2

Hey, did you guys know that the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska

PSA.. Numb3rs is explaining sock puppets

To the Chicago Cubs fans...

Mmmm mutant berry

Growing tomatoes upside down

Have you ever had to or chosen to stop communicating with a sibling or family member?

Do you like rap?

I LOVE Joe Crede

I biked to work and my wife got yelled at...

I do believe I've found a worse bullpen than the Cardinals'.

kitten picture of the day for friday april 10

I have David Cook stuck in my head, and I'm not ashamed.

I'm here.

Dammit, Lounge!! One of us is going to have to break down and clean my bathroom...

I can't wait any longer

Now there's a name for when the phone rings just as you're walking out the door...

The readers on Moyer's Lincoln thing.

Look alive Marino!

Woman watches home being robbed on monitor. Cat's ok with it.

Man, youtube has been blocked for about three weeks.

How'dee do ladies! Name'a Pete!

"The Metro Stations are going to be packed, Get there early"

You know what the Lounge needs more of?

A bunch of fucking nuts.

boots, baby!


There is nothing more annoying in Sports..

TZ is asleep, after another Reg-Nat loss.

I've been trying to get a fiddle or banjer on lay-away

Will someone fucking liven it up in here fer Christ's sake.

A NEKKID appreciation thread for TZ, for when she recovers from another

I just hate it when I post in a thread...

The following thread needs a lot more snark


"You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish"...

Anger .. he smiles.. towering in shiny purple armor

Make your own "Ceiling Cat"

Gawd, it irritates me when DU takes a shit at night.

Apologies to the original for starting this game, but I'd like to start a "Who am I?"

Can you guess from which movie this song is from.

Would you rather have any young daughter of your's watch Hannah Montana or Observe and Report?

Game: "Don't you know who I am?!" As in a famous person. Rules:

Anybody know anything about sergers

All rap begins and ends with Young MC

DON'T MISS THIS!- Bill Hicks and the real story of Jesus

anyone interested in live eagle cams, babies are hatched.

Presenting.....Mr and Mrs E. Bunny!

BOO-impeach Obama...

Anybody else eating Easter candy now, I couldn't wait.

Curfew for teens

Do you like... rap?

Two more days until Chuggo Week.

Okay, I registered on Twitter.

A question about an old dog

I'm hungry. But I'm feeling too lazy to do anything about it.

Shut up Wesley!!

Q's Secret Revealed!

I never cared much for the Vangelis score to Blade Runner but upon a recent viewing

Dirty Screen? You NEED this... amazing software...

Game #2: "Who am I?" As in a famous person. Rules:

Pumpkins says good morning

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Deleted Scene

Relationship/Breakup lines

Does anybody have a clue why

What was Sky Masterson's old user name?

Stuart Gordon's Blood Feast is on TCM at 1 am central time...

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

One more. "Who am I?"

I had an odd day yesterday.

Wesley Crusher gets owned

Human skidmark Joe Francis: "You're a f**king piece of s**t. I'll see you in court mother f**ker!"

ladies of the lounge, can you spare some honesty?

Oh this is cool! Yard Sale Treasure Map Google Maps mashup

Oh this is cool! Yard Sale Treasure Map Google Maps mashup

Game: "Who am I?" As in a famous person. Rules:

So have the repubs teabagged themselves into bliss yet?

Woody Harrelson claims he mistook photographer for zombie

how to tie your shoe laces


Okay, one more. "Who am I?"

How do you talk to your pets?

I've been gifted! This is perfect too!!!!!

I need vibes. Badly.


Ask me only yes or no questions

I think I have pet-related Munchausen by proxy. Another sick pet.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/11/2009)

So Sham Wow guy gets arrested

Are you only a bird in a gilded cage? Or are you so vain...

Easter weekend, and the water heater decides to blow...

Greek wedding music, specifically the Tarantella...HELP!

What ever happened to the good David Horowitz?

Wanna fall in love with me all over again?

My cat just bit me

"I'm sorry but all questions must be submitted in writing" --- Willy Wonka, 1971

What goes up, must come down

Hi -- anyone have any idea why my audio/sound would not be working

Cat health question

Windows 7 prices leaked. Take a look then take a leak:

The Ex Owner/Boss Threatened to KILL Me Yesterday At The Libree

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

I Am Thinking About Buying A Firing Range So Beachbaby can fire her gun

Quiz: Star Trek Character or Over-The-Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pill?

Jesus vs the Easter Bunny

Have You Ever Been Teabagged?


One day after getting booed onstage in Canada, Billy Bob's band cancels shows due to "flu"

Pet pic thread! (dial up warning)

Who Would Jesus Teabag...

Paparazzo presses bar, gets pellet: Woody Harrelson's "history of anger management issues"

No matter what you do or don't believe have a great happy Easter!

I'm drinking Aqua-Fina water.

Please accept my apology



To the "Richards" of DU

Yikes! Cat fight!!

I was wondering what happened to the Fame kids

Contractions lasting 1:17, and 4-6 minutes between

Where can I get some colored caulk without buying it online?

What actually happened with King Abdullah... new video reveals truth!

Is your partner, spouse, boy- or girlfriend good to you?

Is your partner, spouse, boy- or girlfriend good to you?

Has anyone informed FOX what "tea bagging" actually means?

Okay we can all agree...Jake Shimabukuro is the greatest

At last! My Prince has come! Rejoice with me DUers, for I have finally found Mr. Right.

I am back from Sandy Eggo. Life is good!

Anybody ever wonder about giving notice to quit your job?

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

It's a shame you are a junkie because heroin is so passe...

I need a gadget.

Help with ingredient in Chilli Recipe

"Booty is booty."

Pit Bull, Blitz, thwarts abduction attempt.

Favorite Female Backing Vocalist - I'll go with Marcy Levy

The most useless advice in the English language: "Just get over it."

WTF? A guy just walked by carrying a sword

"Who am I?" You know the rules.

It's that time of year again...Bunnyocalypse.

My first Dead show.

Question - Were I to post on GD and watch it sink to P2 with 0 replies

Who is the Go-To Gossip Guru of the Lounge?

I just made a homemade carrot cake

I got served a notice today.

OK, I have had enough duck ridicule!!!! I'm need a meeting. Meanwhile. . .

Yesterday we had a vegan restaurant dinner.

How do you pronounce Michael Buble's name?

Polar bear attack at Berlin Zoo

New Habitat For My Red Ear Slider Turtles


Do we have any Cougar Women here? Just for fun!

No joke: Best scene EVER in Star Trek's lengthy and tedious history:

Anyone Remember PAAS, The Easter Egg Coloring Kit?

Lebowski Fans: New Shit's Come to Light at the Dudespaper

I'm thinking about buying a whip...

Why isn't Supernatural the Lounge's favorite show?

This is my Easter bunny

I have some good gossip on Jobycom!

And HE cast them out from the GARDEN, the Man and the Woman...

I have just realized that the Rabrrrrrr demographic is grossly underrepresented in the Lounge.

*sniff* *sniff* Say, is that a picture thread I smell?

I need this like I need a hole in he head...I actually HAVE holes in my head:

Is Astrology Nonsense or is there Something to It?

I'm thinking about buying a gun.

Jindal To Run Against Vitter?

DU, Please help us understand the apparent aversion to actually DOing something on DU?

SEC To Seek Comments On Proposed Short-Sale Rules

Want to be on the 2nd Circuit? Maybe Don’t Ask

So when does Obama re-do the bow?

What a smarmy liar and GOP mouth piece.

Karl Rove calling Joe Biden a liar is like...

DU Obsesses about RW "Tea Parties!" Post after post..Yet no attention to DEM Protests?

Conservative Critics Lobbing the F-bomb at President Obama. (Fascist)

Rwingers are STUCK on STUPID! They don't even know what the hell they are protesting!

Obama releases a quarter of a million pages of White House records

I am no kidnapping expert but.......

Teabagging counter protest idea... (Satire)

Could Obama be using this pirate issue as a lead-in to helping Africa?

C-Span - Republicans Panel trying to figure out their Future

As to the pirates...

Karl Rove accosted by ex-GOP chief of staff and lets slip he keeps files on Bush's enemies

A New Wave of Community Organizers for the Obama Era

ASU to give Obama honorary Peyote Buttons

About "the bow"-you'll never believe who gave a fully rational & intelligent explanation on Fox News

Poll: Big majority favor diplomatic relations with Cuba and end of travel ban to Cuba

The big banks under President Obama / Secretary Geithner

Here is a Fox News tea party poll to DU

The American mood: Is the angst bottoming out?

KS-SEN: Without Sebelius, who do the Democrats have to run here?

Look at what the EVIL Conservatives has done to us....made us believe Liberalism is Bad

Tammy Bruce Calls The Obamas "Trash In The White House"

Passover at the Whitehouse (Photo)

Leahy Rebuffs GOP On Do-Over Confirmation Hearing

The Somali Pirate Story Proves Why It's So Hard To Dismantle the Military Industrial Complex

American right wing wants Obama and America to fail

Kal Penn - Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2024?

Obama: 'Tis the season for interdependence

Forget the economy and the wars, focus on the imporant stuff: Name the First Puppy

list of people that recieved ASU honorary degrees

Boosh throws Cheney under the (short) bus.

No degree, but ASU names scholarship for Obama

Obama is being tested!

Sunday News Show Lineup (zzz...sleep in)

Pirates hijack second US vessel

RW hyper-inflation follies

It's raining outside -- I blame Obama!

Obama and Habeas Corpus - Then and Now

Banks Whining Over TARP Repayment Terms

New Yorker: Obamaism by George Packer(dominant characteristic="activist government, on every front")

Has a Corporate News outlet ever involved itself in leading a protest against the Government?

Help Congress help President Obama with his State Secrets policy

So next week I'm going to the Tea Party

First Dog Charlie

Dear God Glen Beck is trying to compare Barack Obama to Hitler

The president gets $19,000 for entertainment expenses?

In my opinion, President Obama has no choice but to set a military precedent off Africa Horn

Rasmussen Poll Indicates American Shift Toward Socialism !!!

This pirate/hostage incident is critical

Why The Left Should Trust And Support President Obama

File a FCC Complaint against FOX News for deceptive marketing Here!

Does anyone really believe Obama is a warmonger

From FOX: This Tea Party Will Be the Fad That Flopped

Who do the "message discipline" mafia want to silence? Those of us who want true healthcare reform..

Single-Payer Health Care for all is a radical departure from the status quo.

Here's A List Of ASU's Previous Honorary Degree Recipients....

I've been contacted by Fox News. They want to interview me Re: Tea Parties and

I've been contacted by Fox News. They want to interview me Re: Tea Parties and

Time to play, MrScorpio's WHO AM I?

Crew of Maersk Alabama give new meaning to 'Union Strong'

Bachmann: Obama trip was 'shameful'

Challenge to Florida's Cuba travel law heads to court

FDIC sets up bank to resolve failed New Frontier (failure #23)

Debate over U.S.-Cuba policy is at fever pitch

Showdown Seen Between Banks and Regulators

Obama turns more upbeat on economy

Suicide truck bomb kills 5 U.S. troops

Advisory firm urges shareholders vote "no" on Citigroup

Georgian protesters urge PM to step down

Fiji military chief returns to prime minister post

(Pittsburgh) Police Clear Up Confusion About Obama Letters

Asia leaders evacuated by chopper from summit

David Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons game, dies at 61

California returns 'looted art'

U.S. to upgrade volcano, earthquake monitoring

6 found dead as riots continue in Pakistan

Mexico prisoners crucify selves to protest ‘torture’

Obama Urges Cooperation on Global Threats (Economic Meltdown, Climate, Nuclear in Weekly Address)

G20 police officers may face multiple claims over brutality allegations

Obama may get ASU honor at commencement after all

Teacher Booked in Child’s Death

Goochland residents have highest average income in U.S.

Indian fireworks blaze kills 23

No Strength In Numbers For Uninsured In US

NYT News Analysis: Dismissal for Stevens, but Question on ‘Innocent’

Maoist rebels kill 10 policemen in central India

Judge: Investors can force bankruptcy

Canada asks Russia for training-mission notice

Haiti prepares for Hillary Clinton visit

Afghanistan Won’t Legalize Forced Marital Sex, Ambassador Says

Pirates seeking hijacked lifeboat turn back

CIA Videos Predated Bush Legal Memo

Taliban begin enforcing Islamic law in Bajaur (further encirclement, encroachment on Islamabad)

Thai protesters force Asia summit cancellation

States Slashing Social Programs for Vulnerable

Source: Pirates repel sailors attempting to reach captain

Seafarers official: Pirates hijack US tugboat

Student shoots 3 in Greek college, kills himself

AP: More POW claimants than actual POWs

Cuba inaugurates center to assist HIV/AIDS patients

Biden's Puppy Breeder: "Never, Never, Never Again"

UP TO 100,000 HOMES WERE BUILT WITH CONTAMINATED DRYWALL…. product was made in China

Man charged with murder, drunk driving in pitcher's death

New sofas (from China) to blame for rash of allergies

Obama to Appeal Detainee Ruling

Sarah Palin: Levi Would Have Lived With Bristol "Over My Dead Body"

Calif. Sunday school teacher booked in child death

ASU Renaming Scholarship Program After Obama

Jackson Browne David Lindley - The Crow on the cradle

CNN on ASU's refusal to grant honorary degree to President Obama - now "reconsidering"

Obama Talks Europe, Holidays, Global Threats in Weekly Address

Project 912 Glenn Beck Tea Party

From Conspiracy Theories to Cable News

PBS: 'Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai'

TheRealNews: Unions in America

Anti-Govt Protest Swarms ASEAN Summit -All Asian Leaders Evacuated By Helicopter

What makes the US great!

AlJazeera: Egypt's youth 'lack local role models'

Thom Hartmann debates Chris Hedges: Part 1

Afghani Perspective on US Intervention - Fariba Nawa

James Risen on Bush Spying on Reporters

TYT: GGL Inciting Right Wingers To Stockpile Their Guns & More

Countdown: When Turdblossoms Attack

TYT: Right-Wing Attack Obama For Bowing to Saudi King (Reaction After)

Glen Beck Drenches His Hate Speech in Gasoline... Literally

Thom Hartmann debates Chris Hedges: Part 2

Matthew Shepard PSA Fighting Words

4/11/09: Your Weekly Address-Diplomacy In A Dangerous World

Should Obama Continue Drone Attacks In Pakistan? - Hamad Mir

Same Sex Marriage = Freedom of Religion - Argue THIS Wingnuts?!!!

Rep. Kucinich: Where Is Osama bin Laden?

Wouldn't It Be Great If Everybody Had a Gun?

Real Time With Bill Maher - New Format Experiment Gore Vidal & Ron Howard

Crackpot Glenn Beck: Progressives marching America to Fascism

Rachel Maddow: Kal Penn on Going to Work at WH

OBAMA: Cheerleaders vs. knee-jerk Haters

Japan to give Pakistan $1 bln in aid: Nikkei

Michele Bachmann Fear-Mongering Again

Harry Enfield - "L Is For Labour"

9 Scientists Find Nano-thermite in WTC Dust

Rachel Maddow Vs. National Org. for Marriage's "2M4M"

How this recession made us whole

CIA Videos Predated Bush Legal Memo

Detroit's Challenge: Getting Glenn Beck to Run on Electric Shock

Republican Flu Season: Whackjobberai Teabaggerhea is Rampant

Big Food Is Copying Big Tobacco's Disinformation Tactics, How Many Will Die This Time?

Buy Now or Forever Hold Your Peace! Banks Playing the Greed Card Again!

Obama Denied Honorary Degree by University of Phoenix Online

Daschle's still in health care mix

Friday Talking Points (73) -- "Good Grief!" Friday

Tear Down This Wall! (Re: Cuba)

'These People Fear Prosecution': Why Bush's CIA Team Should Worry About Its Dark Embrace of Torture

It's Your Country Too, Mr. President (Washington Post)

To execute or not: A question of cost? (AP)

Jamison Foser: The military-media-industrial complex

Eleanor Clift: Lessons From the Gipper

NYT News Analysis: Dismissal for Stevens, but Question on ‘Innocent’

Pirates threaten disaster if US uses force to free Maersk Alabama Cptn Richard Phillips

Warrantless wiretaps

Shootings are insane, but so is response

The American mood: Is the angst bottoming out?

Weekend Economists--The Equinoctal Edition April 10-12. 2009

Croc shot in search for missing Northern Territories man

Wind energy markets set to continue booming (triple to 332 GW, 2013)

Solar Savvy: East Lyme High School turns on the solar power (481 kW array, Conn.)

Carver first in the state to develop roadside solar energy project (Mass.)

Solar apprenticeship program heats up in California

Michigan wind turbine maker to hire 250 workers

(Asshole Republican) Dissenter on Warming Expands His Campaign

Could Nevada desert become a huge solar energy farm?

A (republican) nuclear meltdown in the state Senate (MO)

Look up in the attic for next year's tax deduction

Salazar Calls for Bold Steps Toward Energy Independence

Nuclear winter revisited (Jeff Masters' WunderBlog)

Philip Wollen, the Australian Banker who Gave it All Away, Winsome Constance Kindness Trust

Don’t buy Kimberly-Clark’s latest ruse

Help! It's the stinky kelp

FPL to build major solar plant at Babcock Ranch (FL)

(Asshole Republican) Dissenter on Warming Expands His Campaign

Asian oysters rejected for {Chesapeake} bay (AP)

Save some cash, & get unplugged by cutting the 'phantom load'

What are some of your favorite green blogs and websites?

The Emerging Secrets of Guatemala's Disappeared

HAITI: "Perverted Priorities: Corpses, Sham Elections, and Sweatshops"

Canada's "Democracy Promotion" in Venezuela

Ruling may make it harder to book a trip to Cuba from South Florida

POSADA's indictment: Transcript 4/9 Press Conf.-Presentations /Q & A, with Pertierra & Di Celmo

DeFede, CBS4-Miami: New Posada Indictment Opens Old Wounds

BOREV:Too Hot for the WaPo -BoRev's Peeps Diorama Didn't Make Cut, Invites You to Express Outrage

Anniversary of 2002 Venezuela Coup This Weekend - Telesur TV Featuring Historical Video Footage

U.S Experts Admire Orthopedics in Cuba

Cuba braces for U.S. visitors

FIDEL: News About Chavez and Evo

Summit exposed corrupt leaders

Debate over U.S.-Cuba policy is at fever pitch

State Dept. Says Cuba Tried to Hurt American Morale and Poison Family Pets

I claim this thread on behalf of all Pittsburgh sports teams.

This is why I love the Detroit Tigers

I have a hockey question

Riddle me this, bat boys, how many World Series have the Giants won since 1955?

MLB Gameday Audio sucks.

The JR Chess Report (April 11): Russian Team Championships Conclude

General Quarters won Toyota Blue Grass at Keeneland.

Subterranean Fire - Sharon Smith (video)

I remember in detail my former local GAU union president saying....

Today in labor history Apr 11 Frank Norman kidnapped from his home murdered by the Ku Klux Klan

Cutbacks? Not at this employer — $1,000 gifts instead

A New Day For OSHA?

USA Today: Many of the jobless get no unemployment benefits

A Twitter campaign against AT and T during the Masters?


Social Security's Surplus Disappearing Fast in Downturn

Helpful Central FL Job Links / FL Unemployment up from 7.6% in Dec, 8.6% in Jan, to 9.4% in Feb

American Rights at Work on the "Ed Show"(video)

Public Hearing on LD 1020, the Marriage Bill - Maine (date & location change)

Assuming everyone has seen the original(and infamous) NOM(NOM, NOM, NOM) ads...

New threat to gay marriage in Iowa

Desert Stonewall Democrats Call for Boycott Against Pro-Prop 8 Businesses

Colorado governor signs partner bill - Republicans outraged (duh, I coulda told ya)

Is national health insurance ‘socialized medicine’?

Shriners may be forced 'out of the hospital business' within 5 years

FDA Reverses Stance on Removal of Morphine Painkiller

Vitamin pill salesman and his campaign against AIDS treatments

Farah Fawcett's courage in opening discussion on upsetting to discuss cancer.

Morality Play

All he did was kill an Arab

Differences with US on Mideast 'semantic': Israel

Wall: A Monologue

Jordan's king urges 'immediate' Pan-Arab peace move

Nasrallah: Hezbollah running guns to Gaza through Egypt

Federal Tax Receipts Off 28 Percent YoY

Prepare for a long, slow recovery

Unusual Economic Indicators -- Forklifts, underwear and Chocolate

Advice on using a credit union instead of a bank?

Helpful Central FL job links / FL unemployment up from 7.6% in Dec, 8.6% in Jan, to 9.4% in Feb

Why home prices may never recover

The cost of the bailout grows, potential exceeds $12 trillion

AIG head’s $3M in Goldman stock raises apparent conflict of interest

"Massive wave" of foreclosures coming

Is Silicon Valley a Systemic Risk? (Geithner Again.)

Dogged Pursuit: Professionals Find New Livelihood Selling Frankfurters

Cop murders 6 kids and commits suicide.

Site where gunman killed 30 reopens.

Robert Gibbs: In full retreat from a new AWB, Helen Thomas pissed

Over/Under on how long to execute Poplawski.

“Feinstein: Not The Time For [AWB] Gun Control" Obama still supports AWB

Homeless Veteran Buried With Full Military Honor

Thought about submitting this...

"Assault rifles" are less powerful than most hunting rifles.

New York Auto Show ...part 2

New York Auto Show ...part 1

Dream of crashing a wedding

Just for fun, Pick your favorite astrological planet

What to look for per Sun sign next week with Mars joining Uranus

Clarification: Change from Mars/Uranus will extend Mon-Wed

20/20- if i only had a gun

Attending Easter services or not?

Dublin archbishop: Sex abuse report will shock (1,000's of children sexualy abused)

Did you eat meat yesterday?

anyone here able to read arabic?

God's Top Gun of Deliverance

Blog Against Theocracy 2009

Jesus Kitten

There's a church in Gaza? A report from an IOCC relief worker.

Obama’s Rabbi

Charles Spurgeon, "liberal evolutionist"?

Getting to the Heart of the Matter - What would an Autopsy on the Death of Jesus Show?

What's for dinner ~ Friday ~ April the 10th Edition

The most hysterical thing happened about

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday April 11th Edition

I could use some help ASAP with a minor LAMB emergency.

Hot Cross Buns...

Deliberating - whole sirloin roast is on sale...

I finally bought a stove today

Note-sharing Web site draws fire from critics

Introduction to Nanotechnology and Defense applications (ie: Nanothermites, Superthermites)

Bailout of AIG, the CIA & Covert Operations

An honest person would admit that this is a mighty strange "Boeing 757 crash" scene--

Texas Rep. Betty Brown Apologizes For Saying Asians Should Simplify Their Names

United 93 Crash: 10:06 as per original reports, or 10:03 as per 9/11 Commission?

Remains of Ziad Jarrah IDed by DNA At Shanksville

Hi -- anyone have any idea why my audio/sound would not be working ......

need some help.. my auto run isn't working do i get the option box back at least

I try to update Adobe Reader and all hell breaks loose.