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Archives: April 10, 2009

City-run mental health clinics will stay open in Chicago..

Contrary to popular opinion and roll counts, "we" do not control Congress

Why hasn't Ed made the MSNBC website lineup yet?

Beer pricing discriminates against cyclists.

Why isn't Countdown on now, at 7:00 Central)? -- nevermind.

Just heard Glenn Beck on the radio when I was driving home

What does everyone make of Wells Fargo's impressive profits?

Where is KO?

Laura gardened too

Self-Deleted: This was intended to be a Lounge Post. NT

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Which side of the near half-a-century battle are you on?

Family lets media cover return of fallen Marine

Texas Lawmaker: Asian-Americans Need Simpler Names To Help ID Them

College Too Expensive? Try YouTube

SICK Glenn Beck ranting on Obama pours liquid from gasoline can on staffer lights match

Please ignore this post ....................

Bill Scher: Big Push for Public Health Plan Option

Does anyone have the link to the picture thread fom a few days ago?

CIA chief Leon Panetta orders closure of secret rendition sites

U.S. Food Safety No Longer Improving

Robert Gibbs kicks CNN reporter's ass on question about Obama bowing to Saudi.

C-Span has Lani Guinier/repeating an interesting program from 2/28/09

Liam Neeson To Star As Zeus In `Clash of the Titans'

Help! I need some computer help!

Interesting: For 8 years, Gallup polls consistently put presidential approval

On 3/20 appx 25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed in Iraq. Tea Bag party will draw how many


Buchanan/O'Donnell 'Hardball' debate video is up at MSNBC..

Also on Obama's plate: an immigration bill

Today we won a big victory in the RNC 8 case, but some major battles still lie ahead.

Democrat Gains as Absentee Ballots Counted in New York

When Clowns Get On Teevee

My God I just learned something major on Ed's new show!

Tom Hahaha AAAAAHHHHHHHaha hahahahaha Tancredo

How in hell can the right wing not know what "teabagging" means? Seriously?

A website for people to check out

The Colossal Failure of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Ed Schultz and Chris Dodd slam BOA.

There are some good judges left in Texas. Blocks enforcement on DL for immigrants

Corporate bond spreads predict we have another 7.8 million jobs to lose.

Richard Poplawski, Jim Adkisson, and Timothy McVeigh - Right Wing Terrorism Cover-Up

I busted a gut over today's BECK 'sploding head!1

Doing some book research... Has anyone heard of or seen military recruiters in front of a Wal-Mart?

Thursday TOONS: part 1

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The pirates

K-25 is coming down (Oak Ridge uranium plant)

your furkid or your taxes?

Geez, Kim Jong-Il looks like he's about to keel over

Ever notice how conservatives only bitch and complain about Tax Day when a Democrat is in office?

Labor Notes: Too Big to Fail? Take it Over

Charlie Rose: Robin Wright, Jehan Sadat on tonight, fyi. Juan Cole, too! nt

Rove Calls Biden a Liar. . . . . .

New neighbors moved in (they are so cute)

These fuckers are advertizing on DU

I think my Yahoo account has been hacked!

I don't mean this to be offensive, but our local publisher is Mormon

Hmmm, bitter herbs.

Michael Phelps pug mother is making an ass of herself on Larry King.

Manchurian Candidate

Anyone else expecting something more than corporate handouts, FISA cover, and troop escalations?

Christian The Lion... for all you night owls out there.

Re: Waiver and Certification of Statutory Provisions Regarding the Palestine Liberation Organization

Beck on Left Wing re tea parties:

Sabotage attacks knock out phone service

So, I'm looking for some pictures of Obama's seder today ...

I don't like the new "Ed Show". Nor that it replaced KO tonight.

I don't like the new "Ed Show". Nor that it replaced KO tonight.

Before you freak out, Ed Schultz is sitting in for Keith, because he and his staff...

From a white senator in Virginia? (Senator Webb)

Tentative signs of US gold rush

Senate Dem Michael Bennet Dines With CEOs After Airing EFCA Skepticism

"The Case Against Shell: Landmark Human Rights Trial (Wiwa v. Shell)"

Stunning rise in drivers who have dropped or cut back on auto insurance

Forbes: a List of the world's biggest companies

How many people are showing up for these tea bag parties?

Pirates recapture U.S. hostage after escape bid: Navy officials watch as sailor jumps off drifting

This is probably a dupe, but wtf is up with this ad from the National Org for Marriage?

Foreign Call Centers, Outsourcing and American's Frustration

Eric Alterman: Where Did the Worst of Bush's Cronies Go? To Work for Corporate Media

Financial ruin, even with "good" health insurance

David Sirota: The Best Investment Money Can Buy

Jack Welch

Jack Welch

When Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face.....

When Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face.....

Is Anyone Else Kinda Aching to See a Tea Party Riot?

The Daily Show: Full Metal Budget and Lieberman wants his laser planes

On the common practice of robbing banks

Minnesota Senate Deadlock Spurs Fight for Public Opinion

surge update - five u.s. soldiers killed in iraq

Ruined by Health Care: . . *Even with Insurance We Weren't Safe*

HUGH! Kiddie Porn Scandal Out of Nashville - Possible Police Involvement - Some Political

CREDO Action: Urge President Obama to stop protecting Bush's crimes.

Cutbacks? Not at this employer — $1,000 gifts instead

Report from the other side of the planet: Bush hatred alive and well.

Stimulus Aid Is Slowly Hitting The Streets

Radical kindness: the banker who gave it all away

Pension Plans Post First Gain In Funding in Eight Months

So the wingnuts are mad at the president because he may have bowed to one monarch yet at the

Strange confluence

General Ray Odierno: we may miss Iraq deadline to halt al-Qaeda terror

A reminder for the wingnuts as tornado season is here

About the Wells Fargo profits and the stock market spike today-

Does Unresolved Grief create monsters out of people?

Kansan sentenced for drunken racial incident

So is that Thelma or Louise on that California police chase

So is that Thelma or Louise on that California police chase

Can anyone explain to me what this means?

Tomasky Talk: Republican-style justice

Obama's problem may be he is too nice..

I don't hear Western Europe...

So the MSNBC guy is talking to a firefighter in OK about those fires and breaks away

Any idea why she started laughing.

Once in a while, do you ever

Somebody please arrrest that prevaricating criminal ROVE!!!

DemocracyNow: “Untapped: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil” (2007)....

That Mena Tornado in Arkansas

Some of the things we found in the house were the same things used in the Oklahoma City bombing

Why do those dumb-ass Oklahomans "choose" to live so

U.S. Rep. Clyburn urges S.C. lawmakers to take Sanford to court, RE: stimulus

U.S. Rep. Clyburn urges S.C. lawmakers to take Sanford to court, RE: stimulus

Piracy, Guerrillas & Insurgents (why our "old military" is useless)

A Good Friday Appeal To Abolish The Death Penalty

Yay! The stock market is closed for Good Friday!!

CIA abandons use of contract interrogators

Barack Obama, Torture Enabler-by Ted Rall

OK, who's rooting for the MSNBC car-chase lady?

Students disciplined for praying can sue

Students disciplined for praying can sue

Toe sucker Morris falsely claimed Frank "killed" Bush's "proposed measures to rein in Fannie Mae"

Toe sucker Morris falsely claimed Frank "killed" Bush's "proposed measures to rein in Fannie Mae"

A Plea To President Obama: Don't Bankrupt America

Atrios' comment about Krugman's column on bankers. "Skimmers", says it all.

All U.S. shipping off the horn of Africa

The Pirates are Out of Gas....

The Pirates are Out of Gas....

Rove calls Biden a 'serial exaggerator' and a 'liar'

More Squatters Are Calling Foreclosures Home

The UNION To The Rescue

Why the US position on nukes is Totally Bankrupt

New Report Calls For Radical Food Changes

Rove v Biden - did I just hear Pat Buchanan say that

Crimes That Deserve Punishment- "Torture--even the torture of evil men--is a crime" Eugene Robinson

I just had a thread "Locked"

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Allow the Rude Pundit ...

Fear the rainbow! By Mark Morford

W and his encouragement of the 'ownership society.'

Barack Obama explains the appeal of marijuana to a young person

What is "teabagging"?

The Road to Area 51

Red Cross report details CIA war crimes

What I imagine would be the best comment on the Bush (lite) Library

Stephanie Miller

SCENARIOS - How will Somali-American pirate standoff end?

Thursday TOONS: part 2

Good Friday is less important now that I know it was a hoax.

Glenn Beck's "Light Me On Fire" Immigration Moment—The Nuttiness Continues

So is it today that Jesus turned into a Zombie ?

How can Wells Fargo say it made a profit? 3 Billion?

Shit on people long enough, they will fight back. nt

Heading For Extinction

It's state testing time at school again and I hate it!

Somali Pirates 'Will Kill U.S. Hostage If Attacked'

Cop who Tasered his Wife Is chrisTo-Fascist Who Believed in Satanic Conspiracies

BRAD BLOG: Franken Isn't 'Leading', He WON...So Why Won't the Media Say So?

NYT: Labor Pact at a Quebec Wal-Mart (only union Walmart in N America)

CHIRP - Chicago Independent Radio Project . . . looks interesting . . .

It Is Galling That The 'Tea Parties' Are Getting Ample MSM Coverage.

NY-20 Nail-Biter Continues: Dem Murphy Now Ahead By 46 Votes

Boston hospital performs face transplant

With all kidding aside about teabagging

Might the U.S. Finally Join World Criminal Court?

The GOP is sending this information to its minions..

Americas on alert for sea level rise

Easter Marches focus on Afghanistan and nuke-free world

What Doug Feith Hopes and Expects Re Spanish Prosecutions

Maddow & Ana Marie Cox discussing "teabagging" with almost straight faces.

Could use some advice here: Abstinence Assembly at my kid's school...

CDC withheld evidence that contaminated tap water caused lead poisoning in kids.

Newt and his list of words

Cannabinoid action induces autophagy (kills cancer cells)

Obama won’t receive ASU honorary degree

Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be on "The Ed Show" this evening. nt

Iraq blast kills five US troops (Stop The Goddamned War!)

How could Rove know what was said in the Oval Office?

Breaking : French Forces free hostages from Somali Pirates

Using Foreign Aid to Fight Terror in Pakistan

Where is the American Medical Association on Doctors assisting Torture?

Campaign of Energy Leader Joe Barton (R-TX) Lost $700,000 in Markets

WTF??? New Hampshire's Bathroom Bill

Why "The Ed Show" will not have the same popularity as Olberman?

Why "The Ed Show" will not have the same popularity as Olberman?

5 more dead today - 4271

J. Edgar Rove? Bush's Brain Claims He Kept Loyalty File On GOP Rep

In Boost for Detroit, Obama to Buy Fuel-Efficient Fleet (17,600 of 'em!) for Uncle Sam

USS Halliburton?? Really??

Breaking on CNN - Two killed in Michigan college shooting

good to see that GM is working hard to re-invent their business . . .

Can anyone explain to me what this weirdo is so afraid of?

Licensed to Kill

Is There A Common Thread To The Recent Acts Of Right Wing Terrorism? Is It Being Censored?

GOPer: Government Spending Is Not Stimulus -- Unless It's Military Spending

If I lived in MN I would pay 1/2 taxes for the parts of 2009 I had 1/2 representation

Money to Democrats, NRA vs. Brady Campaign

Obama's Joint Chiefs of Grass

Glenn Beck off his meds: Claims Obama wants to set the average American on fire! (Video)

Poll: 7 in 10 Americans back diplomatic relations with Cuba

Whole journal section is down again.

War vets help stop Hays County, TX road contract

I had a genius brainstorm. Someone help me

Who is Heidi Harris?

Two high speed chases in Los Angeles area today. Both women

Ron Christie LOL

Caption Hillary and Barack sittin' by the tree...

Just because it's Easter time again....and I have vanity problem

More Manufacturerd Outrage

Do you ever get tired of the people herds?

Do you ever get tired of the people herds?

ASU Stiffs Obama, Claims Too Inexperienced For Honorary Degree

Karl Rove to Speak in Granville, Ohio on April 16th at Denison University

HuffPo - GOP Sen. David Vitter Wants To Be The Face Of Tea Bagging, But His Proposal Is Rejected

OK, will someone please tell me what it means when Jesus and the Easter Bunny see their shadow?

Need ideas

1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon

My Present Path Toward Advocacy Journalism (aka Reflections On Independence, Volume 6)

Fer Gawds sake, cablenews CHENEY STARTED IT

Bank of (un) America boosting rates on cards with balances

Dr Michael Parenti: Various MP3s

Pretty funny typo on

Not trying to disrespect anyone's religious beliefs but I really want to know.

Congresswoman wants answers on KBR contract

Two children (14 & 15) held in rape and beating of 89 year old woman

Hybrid Pit Bulls to have Visible Halos

(Michele) Bachmann says green jobs are jobs lost

More Jesus Pushing in the Military

Tell F*cking AT&T to do what's right by their workers!

Tell F*cking AT&T to do what's right by their workers!

Dobson on culture war: "We have lost all those battles"

The Nation: Fighting for Our Health

Colorado governor signs partner bill

Advocacy / civil disobediance groups move squatters into foreclosed homes

'Pirates' Strike a U.S. Ship Owned by Pentagon Contractor, But Is the Media Telling the Whole Story

Karl Rove calls Joe Biden "a liar" and "serial exaggerator" -- then lies about him

Guns and Rick Warren. TV on Easter weekend

Aaron Sorkin goes back to Olbermann inspiration for return to TV

NWS...Take Cover Central TN..Nashville to Knoxville Tornado Warnings In Effect..

French Navy Frees Hijacked French Yacht--One Hostage Killed

Obama might tackle comprehensive immigration reform: isn't his plate too full?

This does not pass the sniff test. - Stevens / Siegelman

Gov't. commits a crime against you -- the taxpayers

Radical commie lefties are planning to counter the tea bagging with....

There is so much outrage: Is it time to call for Obama's impeachment?

Do you think President Obama should be Impeached?

Lawsuit filed against 3 US companies for supplying chemical WMDs to Iraq

Pirates Want $2 Million for American Hostage

French capture Afghan valley where 10 troops killed

Dungeons and Dragons Co-Creator Dies at 61

Christian Science Monitor: Student debt and defaults surge

RNC's Steele Laughs Off Recession: "The Malls Are Just As Packed" (No, They Aren't)

Warning: This Tea May Cause Severe Damage to Journalistic Integrity

Warning: This Tea May Cause Severe Damage to Journalistic Integrity

Cheney's "Stay Behinds" (Hirsh article). Odierno maybe? n/t

Barnicle, what't the fucking point? Shit stirring?

Inhofe Aide To Launch New Global Warming Denial Web Site

Call Fox News to register your disgust about Beck. (888) 369-4762

Polish Politician Slams Zoo Over Gay Elephant

Sperm bank sued under product liability law

Boston Hospital Votes Union Yes

Are The Freepers Just Crazy Because They Lost Power?

Beck is on comparing Obama to Hitler and Mussolini

American Nonbelievers are now Third behind Catholics and Baptists

Buying American.

Pakistan capital put on high alert

Dennis Kucinich coming up on the Ed show n/t

Rove trying to stay in the spotlight...dissing Biden.

I just found out we are having a tea-bag party in our town, and we are

Iraqi shoe thrower is world’s 3rd most powerful Arab


Teabagging Day is also Same-Sex Kiss Day at (Union-Busting) Starbucks Stores

Fox News Tea Baggers Consumed With Fear

If Americans won't spend, who will?

Fewer Disney employees whistle while they work

Captain escapes, recaptured.

Did you file your taxes yet?

Help drive the debate on a clean energy smart grid.

Candance Gingrich on Ed saying brother Newtie is just askerd.... :o) nt

Stormfront (white supremacy group) helping to promote Teabagging.

Captain Richard Phillips

Ed must have got the memo. He's being a bit more agressive against the rethug tonight

"Now Levi look, I'm gonna put this stuff in here...."

Fire marshal: Blaze that destroyed dozens of homes in Oklahoma intentionally set

Worst legacy of Bush's presidency?

Bush: Iraq War? What Iraq War?

Looting America to preserve the fortunes of the financial aristocracy. What about small investors?

Things to Throw at Tea Party Protesters on April 15th

Karl Rove calls Vice President Biden a serial exaggerator and liar????

Is Bill Maher on 2-nite?

Dear Mr Obama, these are the words of your church against the Iraq War

Wisc. Supreme Court may review anti-gay marriage amendment

What’s The Duggar Family’s Big Announcement?

Lest people forget: the REAL powers behind the Teabagging parties

Two Gay Men Looking for a Menage a Trois

Planting 6,000 Easter Eggs for Peace this Weekend in DC & NYC

This is truly surreal. The U.S.S. Halliburton. Guided missle cruiser.

Czar Obama: The president's incredibly imperialist wielding of executive power.

How the programmer helped create the Financial Tsunami

My Advice If You Plan to Go to the Teabaggers Ball

Wind turbine imports increase; Can U.S. factories catch up?

I witnessed something beautiful this morning.

I witnessed something beautiful this morning.

Another victim of school bullying

Anyone here remember Carson's "Floyd R. Turbo" ?

On 3/20 appx25 showed up here to remember Soldiers killed inIraq. Tea Bag parties will draw how many

A Bush and Dick feud?

Congresswoman's cancer bill draws surprising opposition

Man Charged With Child Abuse; Left Two Kids Alone With Loaded Shotgun

The End of the Chevy Volt?

+++ 4,948 +++

Counter protests at Faux news tea party??????????

Heads-Up Atlanta... SC... NC... Everybody !!!

There is something seriously wrong going on here re: state secrets/warrantless wiretapping LINK

Gen. David McKiernan, Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan, Studying the Quran

Tens of Thousands of Iraqis Stage Massive Anti-US Protest

Obama Protects CIA Torture Memos

From Pennsylvania Ave. to the Lone Star State.....

Update on Computer Problems/Viruses/Hijackers

Fashion tip for the day - What shall I wear to infiltrate the teabaggers in San Antonio?

I am waiting... kid is overseas in Ireland......

I predict a final ruling by the MN Election Contest Court today

I predict a final ruling by the MN Election Contest Court today

Today the RW decided that pirates are terrorists. How desperate is that?

DUers in Southern States - please

Passover seder photo posted on

More Quickly Than It Began, The Banking Crisis Is Over

Glenn Beck turns the crazy up yet another notch!

AP Newsbreak: Obama looks at climate engineering

Phil Ochs gave up living on April 9, 1976.

Post your favourite Frontline documentaries.

Breaking: Photos of Tea Party leaked...

President Obama tell ASU to

ASU to Obama- "Sure, sure, Leader of the Free World, but you're still no Erma Bombeck!"

The French are kidnapping bosses throughout the country

Contracts are sacred: Taxpayers MUST bail out the Somali pirates!

Rep. Bachus (R-Ala) makes secret list of 17 Socialists in Congress

"There's a black man in my house!" Anyone else catch that woman on Good Morning (White) America?

"There's a black man in my house!" Anyone else catch that woman on Good Morning (White) America?

PETA: Obama 'Outraged' Over Seal Slaughter

I was "pre-tipped" last night at a table

Just Rec'd A Call About The Tea Parties

Faith Groups Increasingly Lose Gay Rights Fights

The Poppy Palace: new interview with Sibel Edmonds

Not Just State Secrets: Obama Continuing Bush's Stonewalling On Gitmo Cases, Lawyer Claims

Where Is the Charitable Organization to Help the Rich?

Howard Stern calls Rush Limbaugh "crackpot" during Sen. Specter interview

President's Pizza Preference Poo Pooed.....

"I believe that I did have PTSD"

And a walk-in closet the size of Rhode Island

AP reporting Sen. Larry Craig storms out of "tea bagging" brainstorming session....

Wrongful Prosecution: Stevens and Siegelman

Rant: I am sick and tired of the garbage from the RW "good Christians" because I am Wiccan.

Disgusted with Glenn Beck? File a COMPLAINT with the FCC. Denounce Fox News!

Action Alert: "New Way Forward" & Other Groups "Banking Action Day, April 11th...

Indictment of Bush Officials may come in Days

Food Bank Friday! April 10, 2009!

Archbishop says pending report to show Irish priests abused 'thousands' of children

Most important news story of the week (ending April 10, 2009)

"I Am Troubled" Statement of Sen. Russ Feingold on the Obama DOJ's brief

Austalia today is whole world tomorrow-metaphorically

60 drone hits kill 14 al-Qaeda men, 687 civilians

Eric Holder says no review underway for Siegelman.

Eric Holder says no review underway for Siegelman.

breeder Biden bought puppy from harrased.

The real reason the RW media is claiming the left is going to infiltrate the Tea-Bagging Parties

Are You Open With Your Children About Your Use of Cannabis?

I'd like to report a crime.

I'd like to report a crime.

Step Up! April 11, 2009 Nationwide Protests to Breakup Banksters Bailouts -- A New Way Forward

First lady's organic garden concerns chemical firms

Rant...I hope you on the far left and those on the far right are happy with the anger

Credit crackdown -- is it hitting you?

Perfect Politicians: Grading Congress on a Curve

Indian Country

Holder has to go.

Naked, hands chained to the ceiling for days without end, shitting and pissing on themselves

Cheney planning to skip Bush administration reunion next week.

The Restaurants of Paris (France) -- about service and stuff.

Stalking the Shadows: Does DU need its own "Boogeyman"?

the people are moving to the left

Faith groups increasingly lose gay rights fights. (It's about time.)

Teens arrested in shooting plot at Colorado school

Positively Misguided: The Myths and Mistakes of the Positive Thinking Movement

Bullying-My daughter's experience

The Official End of Obama's Honeymoon By Matt Taibbi

Rachel is doing a segment on "teabagging,"

Have any mass murderers been caught with left wing books? I don't think so.

Question or solution to Pirate/Hostage situation

New Book by a former CDO Structurer: "How I Caused the Credit Crunch"

Dad hammers Wyo. teen's phone after mega-bill

15-year-old dies after being Tasered by police

Appomattox Again

I Trust Obama, And I'm Sick Of People Here Not Giving Him A Chance

My niece took this pic of a bumper sticker on a pickup truck in Norfolk today...

Kerry doesn't wants internet policy defined by special interests and lobbyists.

Why does the Department of Education have a Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Center?

What should Obama do about the Somali "pirates"?

I don't really understand all this food stuff but APPLE TURNOVER!!! everyone Click here to h

Where's my peeps?

I'd hit it

Dante missed a rung of hell.


I don't really understand all this football stuff but TURNOVER!!! everyone


My debt collection adventure!


There are actually real Pirates? Who knew? I thought that was just in the movies.

Is this a real drink, or just a movie script drink?

Every once in awhile I get in the mood for an old Pierce Brosnan movie

If you are offended by bland jokes, do NOT read this post.

*Uh-oh!* bad news about Sunday

Happy Over pass!

Every once in awhile I get in the mood for an old Charles Bronson movie

So I got one of those Aerogrow things.


Dirty Bastard Aptitude Geek Quiz

Heads, LFP, Benny, jazz fans: A *real* early Phil and Friends show (1959)

C'mon, you beatle voters

Holy shit, ROYAL FLUSH!!!


Ladies, when you replied to MrScorpio's poll question, were you lying?

Has any talking Chiahuahua in film or tv *not* had a Mexican accent?

How many times will the story about the TX GOP woman's comment about Asian names be posted?

Any "Ron and Fez" fans here? I'm guessing nobody here knows who I'm talking about and

Whatever happened to philboy?

Olberman on Lenno tonight

Oh, of course. I forgot.


Anybody up for the "Anti-Crist of light beers" on the 25th?

My hot water heater just blew up

Slider Stations...

i managed to break three of my toes at once today

Who is on your all-star superhero team? Pick 5.

I just had another Pabst ! The Blue Ribbon Beer !

Atlanta late work night again

I found a great movie, it's not new though, and I'd like to recommend it.

This farking computer dumped my mail account! AGAIN!

If you are offended by Perot jokes, DO NOT read this post.

"My Curse"- The Afghan Wigs & Marcy Mays

Eat Static - UFO over Trenchtown

If you are offended by parrot jokes, DO NOT read this post.

that Heineken Commercial is an insult to men and women....

You know what we knead? More dumb, unimaginative copycat breads.

I don't think I'm likin' this show in ER's time slot.

Willie Nelson - Whiskey River

Faith groups increasingly lose gay rights fights. (It's about time.)

If you're drinking tonight, raise your glasses please...

The most important thing to know about Mexicans

You know what we need? More dumb, unimaginative copycat threads

delete duplicate post

I turn the big 29 next week.


WHY do I feel guilty about calling in sick to work today (laid off on May 1st)?

Polar bear and a mock Easter Bunny

Jomo like treats

People should spend more time fucking and less time goofing off here

I got my drivers license renewed today. Midlo only charged $500 to represent me.

I just switched my sleeping arrangement to the other end again. Best to keep cats confused.

Any unrepentant grunge weirdos left?

"What are you, a gay fish?"

I have had a sore throat for four days(it may be Strep throat)

9,200 Easter eggs

Amused to Death

I think it's unfair that since MissHoneychurch has a long weekend

Is anyone else excited about Terminator: Salvation?

Why does Pepsi Max make me burp so damn much?

You sir, are a fucking idiot. n/t

So, I got an interesting letter from one of my cousins yesterday

Geez am I wasted right now....and I still haven't had a smoke

Don't miss the broadband until the wifi runs dry...

Has anyone hiked the M&M trail for any distance...


LOST fans- the Egypt connection


just had a kick ass walk

Jerry Garcia would roll over in his grave if he new

Anyone here use Adobe premier elements or Magix for making videos? I want to...

Oh, TZeeeeee......


Wow. Look at how well Bobbie Battista is holding up after all these years.

False alarm. Chuggo is all right. I repeat, Chuggo is all right.

Todays best thread ever in GD!

That's it. I'm moving to Cardiff.

Bulldog and Orangutan (youtube)

Does the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts commercial crack you up?

Drunken cops harass prostitutes by throwing eggs

Wii costs just about the same everywhere.

The Orioles 'dreams of a 162-0 season were dashed yesterday.

I think my marriage of 15 years (and glorious ones) may be unraveling.

I'm so lazy today I'm

For all of those not eating bread this week . . .

HI folks...Updates, etc

Has anyone seen that Peter Weir movie "Fearless" ? (LOST fans???)

What do you give as a Bat Mizvah gift? Anyone?

Which is better?

Signs of the times....

What's better?

Seriously, is there anything in the world better than being young, healthy and Swedish?

I just sneezed out the biggest booger I've ever seen in my life.

Battle of the Sexes-- FINAL SCORE: BeachBaby 15, ? 10

I'm 300 words into a 2500 word essay.

Holy bejeesus, it's slow in here today

It's Friday and I'm good

All of the stimulus package money is going to Kenya anyway...

Funny Bunny pictures !!! Thanks for the idea PARCHE!!!

Jesus and the Pope fight over a condom:

What would Good Friday be without pictures of Punky Meadows?

*tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on? Who is up tonight?

Best upcoming Zeus? Sean Bean or Liam Neeson?

Are you open with your children about your cannibalism?

When everything is coming your way........

Everyone in the Northeast - thanks for suckin...

Don't you love those work lunches when you can get half drunk?

Are you open with your children about the ghosts in the closet?

Ladies, all things being equal, would you allow a man shorter than you

Dish Network Spike and Comedy Central are in HD

What is "beetagging'?

I love the Easter Holiday...almost as much as Thanksgiving...


Indian women eats 51 ghost chilis!!!!!

All of the stimulus package money is going to Kanye anyway...


Are you open with your children about your metrosexuality?

Are you open with your children about your heterosexuality?

Has anyone ever caught any brown trout in the Mianus River?

Next week is K's spring break

Has anyone ever read anything by Edward Said?

Mathew McConaughey

Are you open with your children about your Bromosexuality?

I think it is probably true that...

I just wanted to share

According to Wikipedia, Easy E sampled the Beasties for Boyz-n'-the-Hood

Do you celebrate Easter?

going to a wedding in June

GD is not in the mood today for tongue in cheek

They were playing this song in the grocery store the other day

School update: I am not the Menace of the Public Highway

Eddy Money was he

Since it is Good Friday. Here's are really good Friday picture.

Life of Brain

What is "teabagging"?

w00t! In the final 50 of the photo contest

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/10/2009)


Now, list underaged female singers

OK, Who beat meat today?

Through the darkness of futures past

I have been looking at housing

I have waited all day for UPS to deliver a package.

Best science fiction films?

PHOTO: "One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong..."

Post some sci-fi movies that you love that most people wouldn't know about

new shoes

Is anybody else fascinated with New Old Stock?

Random thing overheard in the Target Parking lot...

Maundy Thurday. Where'd THAT come from?

Wouldn't it be cool if they discussed the NFL Draft in church instead of

OK, The Hangover looks hilarious

I propose a bicycle beer keg for Taterguy

Breakin the Law!

ah yes, one of the reasons I miss living in LA:


Texas is on fire

Texas is on fire

Hey BeachBaby!

You can't be both Christian and pro-choice" bumper sticker seen today.

My Firebird and I got pulled over this afternoon.

WhoooHoooo!! Noodleboy finally got a Job.

What do people actually do on Good Friday?

Name your favorite restaurant.

If you have computer viruses, trojan horses and infections, it's because you go to dirty sites.

my first wedding.....laughing my ass off.....

Has anyone here done the Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet?

i just wanted to share, that lisa got me a brand new engagement ring!

Utopia - for all.....

the songs I MUST have in my IPOD

If you hate paying taxes...

Most overrated female vocalist

What are YOU doing this evening, DU?

I played with a Reggae band last night...

Remember RED DWARF? Well, the new series starts this weekend

Remember RED DWARF? Well, the new series starts this weekend


you tube copyright question

Teen's phone meets dad's hammer after mega-bill

Ok, so I drank a bottle of wine tonight

Most likely Sci-Fi future for the world?

Had some free time - made these. Whadya think?

Sarah Michell Gellar will have a little vampire slayer in the fall!

We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble!

I just had a thread "Locked"

OK, Who ate meat today?

Life of Brian

who's phillboy now ?

Did Bob Marley intentionally rip off the "Banana Splits" theme?

It's boring in here. Start a fucking flamewar. I'll sit back and watch. n/t

oh oh

Sir Ian McKellen explains the secret of acting

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Which side of the near half-a-century battle are you on?

would you rather talk on the phone or send a text message

Fox Tea Party

I Am Personally Sad Because My Cousin Blew Her Brains Out Yesterday

How do your pets wake you up in the morning?

This guy takes his business card seriously

Neil Young or Willie Nelson?

Empowered Man Murders Controlling Wife In Lifetime For Men Original Movie

Peeps Show III - Peeps diorama contest from Washington Post

Has anyone traveled the Hershey Highway for any distance...

What Are Your Easter Plans?

27 Years ago today. Seems like an eternity. Seems like yesterday.

How come what the media calls the most beautiful women are less attractive than my Sweetie?

Saddest moment in a Disney film?

Ever been thrown out of a bar?

All in all, it has been a shitty day.

PHOTOS Today's Photo Thread Links (April 9)

According to Rush- Bam Goes Into the Loan Shark Biz

Republican Texas Lawmaker: Asians should change their names to make it 'easier for Americans'

watching rachel cover the teabag issue, i had an epiphany

Ed has Lars Larson on again

Mods/Admins I am hoping we can get a 14 day amnesty on sex threads re: teabagging. . .

The Activist President and the Art of War.

Dupe, pls. delete. Thanks! nt

Hey, Obama--give a Commencement speech at Occidental College this May!

Obama to attend (unidentified) D.C. church for Easter

Purdy please.. Help me DU a local yocal poll.. :o)

President Obama Fulfills Two Critical Campaign Promises to Vets

A few more Pics of the President and the Troops by Callie Shell

CIA shuts down its secret prisons

You poor dumb-as-shit Freepers! When will you ever learn.

Repubs are having a "Tea Party" here next week

How much better did Obama do than Kerry in Utah.

The reason why Repubs are now running from Bowgate: Blitzer Bush kissed the King

The world breathes a collective sigh of relief in Obama's wake

Sestak, Korb Support Gates/Obama Defense Reforms

Okay, the "cut to the chase" TARP 3.0

Pentagon budget envisions a series of Iraq-style wars

Simon Johnson: Does The US Still Face An Emerging Market-Type Crisis?

The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Fair Elections Now (Or a Donor Strike?)

Burris' Legal Fees Top $500,000

How is returning to pre-2000 tax levels the equivalent to taxation w/o representation?

Republicans Tripping

Live vote re: Obama on MSNBC being overrun by wingnuts

Ten Things You Can Do to Oppose the War in Afghanistan

PHOTO Happy Seder

Turkish Reporter Uses Blackface to Report on Obama


Sen. Dodd on Ed Schultz show last night speaks favorably of Sanders/Durbin credit card usury bill.


Tea bagging, blowhards, pirates, bending over & lack of stimulus - Has the Right got other issues?

Shouldn't Tea Parties Be Co-Opted Into Anti-Military Spending Parties? Gutting The Military?

If Government Never Created a Job ...

Obama And ASU: Who Has Received An Honorary Degree?

White House selects more Native faces

Obama: Glimmers of Hope. (updated)

AZ State refuses to give Obama honorary degree

SOME day...SOONER OR LATER...and OMG this is gonna be SOOO FUNNY!!!

VA-Gov: Moran Leads Narrowly in Primary

Is President Obama like Jackie Robinson? IOW - does he have to play nice

Long lost Kahuna returns to Kaneohe to retire..he spent 12 years with various mountain tribes Borneo

The Somali Pirate incident is a looming crisis for Obama and the

Communist Minister of Education of the People's Republic of China got an Honorary degree from AZS!

From Pennsylvania Ave. to the Lone Star State-W still in his bubble of denial

Sorry states of affairs

Please UnFreep my poll

Udall spokeswoman says he will bring EFCA to Senate floor

Its funny they act like Obama is controversial, however its the behavior of his enemies that is. . .

Its funny they act like Obama is controversial, however its the behavior of his enemies that is. . .

As bad as it seems, I think, as a whole, we're still better off today than we were in the 80s.

Since Easter is in two days, I thought I'd post this classic.

East Valley Tribune Editorial: Obama deserves ASU honorary degree

Things to do with teabags.....

Answer to "We can't afford stimulus because of the deficit"

Andrew Sullivan: These are not tea-parties. They are tea-tantrums.

Chrystia Freeland: Calmer Obama ushers new age

So what is it about America that makes us great, or more precise, unique?

Mrs. Obama Meets Mrs. Windsor

W releases Prez. library promo video & Cheney will NOT be part of W "all stars" reunion next week

W releases Prez. library promo video & Cheney will NOT be part of W "all stars" reunion next week

Are these idiot Tea-Baggers only protesting the stimulus package and NOT the Wall St. bailouts? n/t

The secret life of White House bees

Howard Dean says Democrats should not shy away from controversial issues.

Don't the Republicans and Fox feel stupid about TEABAGGING?

Why do these teabaggers hate America?

U.S. recession to end in H2 but unemployment to rise: survey

Sanford, Jindal, and Palin flip-flop and take the money

RepublicansIn Tenn. Introduces Bill Barring Gov't From Seizing Guns During Martial Law

Obama, Clinton take Oval Office talk outdoors

Holder Not Reviewing Siegelman Prosecution

Rachel Maddow having a great time with Anna Marie Cox discussing the RW "teabagging"

Flanders: "Looks like Heaven's easier to get into than Arizona State."

How Would You Fix the Economy?

Help, I need a quote from a racist on how civil rights activists were imposing their agendas...

Pot calling kettle black?...Rove calls Biden a "blowhard and a liar"

Agribusiness to Michelle Obama: Use more chemicals in your food.

Guess Who?

Anyone else here participating in a Tax Day Tea Party?

"Obama is polarizing!" "His policies are less popular than he is!" "Brawwwk!!"

Rovian Turd Blossom Goes On FauxNews - Calls Vice President Biden a "Liar".

Terrorism and Hate Media - Remember Timothy McVeigh? What Were His Motives? Rarely Discussed By MSM

Kerry to the fore- "Kerry calls for pirate hearings as drama continues"

If I Wanted To Contribute To Promote Obama's Agenda, Is Organizing For America The Right Recipient?

ASU Halts Recognition of MLK Holiday

Statement of Sen. Russ Feingold on the Obama DOJ's brief in Jewel:

Repug CongressCritter Bachus says there are 17 "socialists" in House.

Must Read from Newsweek's Michael Hirsch: Wall Street Digs In. Is Obama Getting the Message?

I'm looking forward to the "Barack Hussein Osama is a socalist muslin" signs held by teabaggers

Obama may get ASU honor after all

Obama may get ASU honor after all

Bloomberg - Obama Requires TARP Recipients To Participate In Home Affordability Plans

I just emailed the President of ASU - told him "fuck you"- here is his link:

Kerry's statement on the 1999 Conference Report that included repeal of Glass-Steagall

Prez Pup Coming to Obama White House Tuesday

Obama wins praise from many Muslims

White House Souvenir Hardwood Easter Eggs for sale online!

Tea Parties - Crackbrained right wing protests to occur on April 15th

Why does he hate baseball - Obama turns down NATS throw out first pitch

MN-Sen: Who Sits on the Minnesota Supreme Court

Have you ever stepped into a thread, not knowing there was personal history behind it?

Pitchforks Optional April 11, 2009 Nationwide Protest of Banksters Bailouts - A New Way Forward

Rahm Emanuel's Think Tankers Enforce 'Message Discipline' Among 'Liberals'

Media frenzy prompts White House clarification on geoengineering

Arizona State students scalping Obama commencement tickets

CIA bars contractors from doing interrogations

Greenpeace to ASEAN: Don’t go nuclear (Bats for renewable energy)

Texas GOP Lawmaker Suggests Asians Adopt "Easier Names"

Faith Groups Increasingly Lose Gay Rights Fights

U.S. Food Safety No Longer Improving

North Korea's Kim appears in public (looking frail)

Pakistan offers to help screen U.K. visa applicants

Report: China denies alleged steel pipe dumping

Iraqi shoe thrower is world’s 3rd most powerful Arab

Mugabe Aides Are Said to Use Violence to Gain Amnesty

Indonesia Moves Toward Center in Elections

Slashdot Mentioned In Virginia Terrorism Report

More Quickly Than It Began, The Banking Crisis Is Over

Huge Baghdad rally marks 6-year anniversary of Hussein's fall

China Outlines Incentive Plan for Electric Cars

Slain Pakistani politician helped free American

Licensed to Kill

General Ray Odierno: we may miss Iraq deadline to halt al-Qaeda terror

Thai, Cambodian leaders meet in wake of clash

Indictment of Bush Officials may come in Days

Israel: World misunderstanding Obama

Obama not pushing to pass immigration reform this year

Lawsuit: Firms sold poison gas ingredients to Iraq

Al-Maliki, Putin Hold Talks On Military, Oil Cooperation

Beijing professor's remarks spark angry protests

U.S., others urge end to 'futile fighting' in Sri Lanka

Health agency covered up lead harm (withheld evidence-tap water caused lead poisoning in kids)

Storms and Fires Kill 5 in Texas and Arkansas

U.S. Squeezes Auto Creditors

China's New Healthcare Could Cover Millions More

Pirates recapture US hostage after escape attempt

Hurricane-force winds fan wildfires in Southwest

Strikes 'kill 27 Afghan Taleban'

Dungeons and Dragons Co-Creator Dies at 61

Budget deficit triples to $957 billion for year

China denies cyberattacks on U.S. power grid

Obama releases Reagan records

Pathologist in Ian Tomlinson G20 death case was reprimanded over conduct

Boat captain pleads guilty in fatal migrant smuggling case

Japan extends sanctions on North Korea after missile


Economists See a Rebound in September

Pirates recapture U.S. hostage after escape bid

Vice President Biden Announces $2.3 Billion in Recovery Act Funds to Help Care for Children...

Pirate ships converge on US hostage at sea

Five US soldiers among dead in north Iraq blast

Arizona State: Obama unready for (honorary) degree

Cape Fear Bank of Wilmington, N.C. fails; 22nd of year

(Sen) Dodd Rallies to Union's Side to Oppose F-22 Budget Cuts

Tamil protesters 'ready to die'

Obama Taps Former Idaho AG to Lead Indian Affairs

China's birth limits create dangerous gender gap

US workers protest India-made steel

Obama says economy showing 'glimmers of hope'

GOP Govs Get Dose Of Stimulus Reality

Saudi man divorces wife by text message

Holder Not Reviewing Siegelman Prosecution

Fed Said to Order Banks to Stay Mum on ‘Stress Test’ Results

Look who wants to protect a GM plant

Pakistan capital put on high alert

Richmond jail to start charging inmates $1 a day

Obama releases Reagan records

Congressman (Spencer Bachus) Says 17 House Members Are Socialists

Venezuela's Chavez sees 'good signals' from US

Mich. college locked down; gunman reported inside--2 Dead

Pirates want $2 million for American hostage - source

Hastert contracted to lobby for Turkey

Tony Blair: 'Bloody aftermath of Iraq war haunts me every day'

Paul Minor Denied Release by 5th Circuit and Justice Department

Killing of black man by police shakes La. town

Rove Calls Biden 'Liar' After VP Boasts of Scolding Bush

Susie Turnbull (MD Dem. Chair) at Grow The Hope house meeting


The Case Against Shell: Landmark Human Rights Trial (Wiwa v. Shell)

Rachel Maddow -Veteran's Groups Very Happy With Obama - 'Deserves Credit'

TYT: Is Glenn Beck Encouraging Violence Towards Obama? (w/ Wes Clark Jr.)

Greed - National TV Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

IAVA's Paul Rieckhoff on President Obama's Support for Advanced Funding of VA Healthcare

News Hour Details the Changes in Veterans & Troops - A Good Watch

President Obama: Improving Our Veterans' Health Care (full speech)

President Obama's Student Roundtable in Turkey (44 minutes)

Pat Buchanan & Lawrence O'Donnell yelling match: If you will shut up I will

Miami: US based terrorists strike at Castro - USA

D.U.N.G.: Parody of National Organization of Marriage Ad

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman & leading activist discuss the fight against mountaintop coal removal

Rachel Maddow Ridicules The GOP's "Tea Baggging The White House" Debacle

As civil war looms in Pakistan, the Taliban prepares to march on Islamabad.


Go Ahead And Die! (Pirates Of The Health Care-ibean)

Glenn Beck 'America Is Not A Violent Culture' but Admits He Needs Police Protection

KKKarl Rove: Joe Biden Is A Liar

Pirate Hostage Captain Attempts Ecape - Leaps Off Lifeboat - Recaptured

Beck and Cavuto chat on FauxNews about how Tea Parties aren't "coordinated," just "regular people"

Al Jazeera English: Taliban Threats Put Pakistan's Capital On High Alert

Obama Expands on Bush Telecom Immunity Claims

President Obama Talks About Economic Progress 'Glimmers of Hope'

Fiber Optic Cable Vandalism A National Security Problem

Fiber Optic Cable Vandalism A National Security Problem

Senator Dodd's 20-Years-in-the-Making 'CREDIT CARD ACT'

First Lady: White House Garden Will Feed Many

Texas Lawmaker Asian 'Change Your Name So You Can Vote' Video - They Recorded It!

Rachel Maddow Tells You All About Teabagging

Arizona State No Degree For Obama 'Dumbest Decision Ever Made' - Who GOT One?

Cap and Tirade: Bachmann Repeats Falsehood

Young Turks: New GOP Talking Point is that Obama is Starting a Dictatorship

Inherited Scars of Agent Orange

The Sex and the City gals explain the wingnuts teabags

O'Donnell Kicks Buchanan's "Religious-Fanatic's"-Ass!!! On Obama (Not) Being Welcomed To Notre Dame

Health Care Everybody In, Nobody Out

Sean Penn Narrates 'Witch Hunt' A New Documentary

North Carolina Town Prints Own Currency to Support Local Business

Young Turks: What Happened to Obama's Team of Rivals?

Thom Hartmann - Clean Coal - Lesson or Peril?

Want TYT On MSNBC? Get Your Cameras Ready!

GOP Changes Name to 'SFT': Scumbags For Teabags

Another U.S.-Sponsored Catastrophe - The Nightmare in Somalia

Why the Right Should Support Gay Marriage—the Arrival of an Equal Rights Wave

How the Supreme Court Got Boumediene Wrong

Christian Science Monitor: Student debt and defaults surge

Joe Klein: Diplomatic Surge: Can Obama's Team Tame the Taliban?

Retired Teamster Says Blame U.S. -- Not Unions

Liberal Blogger in White Wing Tips

For Congress, the Fierce Maybe of Sometime

Gene Lyons on the delusions of moving to the center

Mother Jones: Gay Marriage Leads To Mass Murder? (yes, according to the religious right)

Citing His ‘Gayness,’ GOP Rejects Peter Pan’s Help With Somali Pirates

Exporting torture, importing justice

Cheney Advocates 'WaterBoarding' of the Pirates

When The Hour Is Late, And Things Aren't Going So Great...Just Fabricate!!

The Impressive Hypocrisy of the GOP

In case you missed it: Rachel Maddow on Tea Bagging & Tea parties

India Inc asks Obama to avoid protectionism

Welcome to tax-dodge city, USA

David Sirota: When you're in, you're in

Moody’s Downgrades Berkshire

Holder Begins Justice Revamp

Glenn Beck - Obama why don't you just set us on fire

The Utter Futility of Seeking Republican Budget Votes

(Cheney indicted) Grand jury gives earlier indictments of high-profile officials a second look

Santorum Takes the Palin Train

Safe to go back to Ed Schultz. Right wing radio as topic of criticism, not as guests.

Robert Reich: Sorry states of affairs

Robert Schlesinger-Glenn Beck's "Light Me On Fire" Immigration Moment—The Nuttiness Continues

Steven Weber: G.O.P.: R.I.P.

Why I'm Against Obama's Afghanistan

Eugene Robinson: Torture Is a Crime That Must Be Punished

Missing the Point of Atlas Shrugged

Microsoft hoping for Win 7 upgraders, reluctantly allowing downgraders

Krugman: Making Banking Boring (Summers Strikes Again!)

Sample video from Ignite!..the educational software by Neil Bush.

Genes from Tiny Algae Shed Light on Big Role Managing Carbon in World’s Oceans & Coping with Env…

Ancient Diatoms Lead to New Technology for Solar Energy

How climate change may be threatening national parks—…parks a warning system…

Americas on alert for sea level rise

What will global warming look like? Scientists point to Australia

ODAC Newsletter - 10 Apr

At U.N. Talks on Climate, Plans by U.S. Raise Qualms

Water—Sin aqua non—Water shortages are a growing problem, but not for the reasons most people think

NOAA Review - Federal Protection No Help For New HI National Monument In Face Of Warming, Acid Seas

Bachman, "Skeptic" Hold Forth On Climate At Public Meeting - Another "Skeptic" Moderates Forum

Record Starvation Deaths Among Scottish Hedgehogs - May Be Linked To Warmers Autumns, Winters

China wind power installed capacity "likely to rise 64 pct this year"

Area Of New South Wales Affected By Drought Edges Up From March To April

Corndoggle How did Oregon’s largest producer of “green” fuel fail so fast?

2/3 of scientists disbelieve AGW

Energy blamed more than ethanol for food prices

Obama climate adviser open to geo-engineering to tackle global warming

Blue Dog Congressional Dems Backing Away From Climate Plan, With Assist From GOP


Teaching foreign language

VEN National Assembly Passes New Caracas Administration Law

Cuba Supports Urgent Reform of UN Security Council

Ooops, duplicate. n/t


Building a New Socialism by Carol Delgado, Venezuela's Current Consul General in NY

Colombian Indians seek security

Ros-Lehtinen Blasts Chavez' ALBA Summit :Venezuela's Alternative Summit is a "ROGUES" Summit

Jeff Davidow Final Gets What's Been Coming to Him - An Expert Whacking About Cuba

Bombing victim's brother applauds Posada indictment

MACHETERA Slices and Dices CANF White Paper on Cuba-US Relations

Venezuela's Chavez sees 'good signals' from US

Boat captain pleads guilty in fatal migrant smuggling case

Bandleader's making a crack in the wall (Juan de Marcos González of Afro-Cuban All Stars)

VIDEO (spanish): Eva Morales Comments re: Hunger Strike

Just wantd to say I am thankful for this forum and its

On This Day

Is this the year the Pirates break .500?

UMBC wins the NCAA Chess Championship!!

Which professional team do you think will disappoint the most this year?

Scott Boras is Human

Newly remodeled Kauffman Stadium with a new statue

Giants pitcher hit in head by line drive

Boxing: A Huge Weekend (April 10 & 11)

Chase Boycott Starts In Michigan Over Bank's Treatment of Chrysler

Wall Street Chooses Greed over Workers, Employee Free Choice Act

Union unity re-emerges

US newspaper owners ratchet up pressure on organized labor

Why workers need the Employee Free Choice Act

Make Our Future Work 'Buy American' Resolution Tool Kit (Resolution No. 1)

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center workers vote to join union

Against "shared sacrifice"

Economic Report: Economic Free Fall May Be Ending, But Workers Still Hurting

Today in labor history Apr 10 Birth date of Frances Perkins, named Secretary of Labor under FDR

The deindustrialization of Detroit

Fourth-generation telecommunications worker says AT&T squandering a legacy

Former AFSCME Staffer Jordan Barab Named Acting OSHA Chief

"The Jerry Springer Show" Moves To Stamford (Jerry fights for his workers)

UFW Co-founder Dolores Huerta turns 79 today! Wish Dolores a Happy Birthday!

Bosses talk recovery Workers lose jobs

Cleveland workers discuss ‘Low-Wage Capitalism’

Tell AT&T to Do What's Right

Fake People Tell Fake Stories About the Threat of Gay Marriage

Wisc. Supreme Court may review anti-gay marriage amendment

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty: Gay Marriage in the Capital 'Will Eventually Happen'

Polish Politican Mad That Zoo Purchased a Gay Elephant

Day of Action: Equal Taxes. Equal Rights - April 15th

Kanye West Is OK with Being a Gay Fish

NYC Officials want gay marriages counted in census

I know, this is a little frivolous, but a lot of you guys are my friends

A thread for GLBT people of color

Health Research

With Nancy-Ann DeParle as Director of Health Reform...

Garamendi Reaffirms Support for Single-Payer Health

"Universal Health Care" is a misnomer...DAMN IT!

Hardships Of Wall Weigh On Many

Israel: No objection to West's talks with Tehran

Abbas to Quartet: Israel must commit for talks to resume

Obama wins praise of many Muslims

We have become slaves

Ominous warnings

Nasrallah confirms reports of arms smuggling through Egypt

Pharaohs Can't Celebrate Passover

Army's ethics chief: Israel fought fair in Gaza

Israeli Products Popular world wide

Getting ready for work. have radio station KGOR on in Omaha and the

IEA Cuts Oil Demand Forecast to Lowest in Five Years

Short Stocks: Bets build against pharma, credit cards

Firm Acted as Tutor as It Sold Risky Deals to Towns

Goldman Sachs mulls stock sale to repay TARP money: report

Does Krugman say the bank crisis is over?

John Perkins: Iceland and kicking the IMF in the shin. Lecture at University of Iceland 04-06-2009

Poll: The capitalists are dying off!

Seized credit union planned to understate loss

FDIC Publishes Public Comments On The Legacy Loan Program (PPIP)

Thought you'd like to see a tour of a China radio factory.

HPD: Man Dies While Trying To Steal Boat

Student shoots 3 in Greek college, kills himself

Rep. Spencer Bachus [R] of Alabama says 17 members of the U.S. House are socialists

“Some Link Economy With Spate Of Killings”

Why the shootings seem to catalyze more of the same

Fear as a political motivator, or gun control as the new McCarthyism

The Daily Beast has begun keeping track of our gun murder sprees

Money to Democrats, NRA vs. Brady Campaign

The Decade of Darkness

That's it I'm going to start writing letters on the NICS situation.

"I have never fired a gun."

Careful, Summers....remember "Mission Accomplished"?

Playing With Light

The Tightrope Walkers (Edited)

possibly passible

Stolen Chili Cheese Dog (and 5 more)

Work in vain & other stuff

Asteroid Centaur Hylonome

Something for all of us:

A new Matthew message is up.

Please have a look at this DU artist's fantastic

Great vegan recipe wanted

Everything shifts on Monday

From the Egyptian bulrushes to the underground railroads of Dixie

Movement to expand kosher to include moral standards stirs controversy

Hitchens: Our worst enemy is a faith based one.

Iknow Islam regards Jesus as one of the great prophets/teachers what do they say about his teachings

This is one BIG honking statue

Hundreds turn out for homeless foot washing (Daily Sound / Santa Barbara)

The Pope publish a text against individual liberty and democracy in a neo-nazi publication

Jesus made political, religious leaders very sad

No Zombie Jesus: The Vatican and Roger Haight

Get "Rapture Ready"

Not trying to disrespect anyone's religious beliefs but I really want to know.

Faith Groups Increasingly Lose Gay Rights Fights

Any significance to the fact that Christians eat ham and leavened bread on Easter

"I had to send my son to heaven and myself to Hell."

To my fellow Jews who are celebrating Passover, Do you realize the story never happened?

How do you "convert" to Buddhism?

finally, I've got this no-knead project mixed up and rising...

The paska dough is undergoing it's first rise - note:

Wanted to share some sourdough starter awesomeness

Pork Belly!

New rule: You can't use "data" and "education" in the same sentence.

Does anyone have foreign language education K-12?

Cooperative, not competitive, education shows best results

Slashdot Mentioned In Virginia Terrorism Report

Insiders talk about Area 51

You know, I could probably buy the official story

gardening advice please

The Ike Dike

Joe Barton lost $700K campaign funds in the stock market.

Amy Pohler's new show

Liam Neeson To Star As Zeus In `Clash of the Titans'

MacKay pleads in vain with Tories over Mulroney

Dr Michael Parenti: Various MP3s