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Amy Goodman: Seattle’s Lessons for London



Seymour Hersh on Countdown with Keith Olbermann Tonight

Obama scores dead last in poll .......

Raw Story Blog welcomes director Robert Greenwald -- Live chat -- 9pm EST tonight

Katrina vanden Heuvel: No to War in Afghanistan, No to NATO

March U.S. troop deaths in Iraq fall to lowest monthly level since Bush started the war in 2003

It's got to be cheaper to buy Haitian debt than GM debt. CDS on GM rose to 79.5 plus 500

Anyone notice that BoA is running ads for people

why would a prosecutor agree to this?

Tedisco pre-emptively contesting election results?

Fox reporter hits horse with car ...........

Is Bank of America Shilling for ReTHUGS?

'West Wing' actors join workers, members of Congress to unveil "Faces of the Employee Free Choice Ac

For those of you following the NY-20 returns tonight, here are the results from 2006

Showdown in Londontown

N. Korea to Try U.S. Journalists; Face 10 Years in Labor Camp

With all due apologies to Bob Dylan...

Asia Times: Beyond the dollar

NY 20th tied at 50/50 27% reporting

My biggest fear regarding the Geithner Plan to fix the Economy is .....


Have the Wall Street insiders made big bucks on this up cycle?

'Call me anti-Semite if you want to'- Louis Farrakhan

Despite Economic Slump, Global Defense Spending Soars

Advice please: 20-something siblings still living at home

Fear of a Red Planet? (China)

French workers hold bosses at Caterpillar plant

Any Results from NY 20th Cong. District?

"The Rip Off Must Be Stopped!" A New Way Forward Urges Public Demonstrations April 11

So, Cheney has "stay behinds" in the Pentagon. How about we use the Patriot Act

Virtual tie in NY 20 ...Update, MURPHY TAKES LATE LEAD

Final, Murphy by 59. I'm going to bed

For 2008 : 5 Million new unemployed 2.5 Million less cars sold.

Janet Jagan Obituary

Is DU the fastest loading page you visit?

Bill O'Reilly making an Ass out of himself on David Lettermen Show

You can take Obama out of the White House but . . . . .

How come I got more under President Bush

FBI Helps Loudoun County Sheriff With Ex-CIA Slaying

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

self delete

Judge freezes assets of Madoff sons, executives

Colbert is fall down funny tonight - Beck's 9/12

"Lawrence of Arabia" composer dies

Limbaugh Explains US Economy- the obvious response.

The Right To Protest

Fair Elections Now!

East Coasters: Letterman is teeing off on Bill O'Reilly right now.

Simon Johnson on Wall Street's Influence Over Washington(video)

Comic relief is needed. So, a Ukraine Polka Band presents!

Seen this? ....



Letterman just called O'Reilly a Goon

Time Out..., Newsbreak...Woman arrested for stalking 'bikini teacher'..

"Obama Making the Taliban Shadow Into the Real Thing" by Ralph Lopez

Putin pumps billions into auto industry

Dave to O'Liely: this the same Paul Bremer as in Central America, did he bring death squads to Iraq?

538's take on NY20

As States’ Rivers Began to Swell, Federal Resources Poured In.

Carly "fired" Fiorina looks to run against Boxer for Senate...

Intellectual dishonesty on Obama foreign policy

Obama and Brown are live on MSNBC..

The media are pissing me off as hell right now.

Did anyone catch that anti GOP spoof "We want to be the Party of Yes"? that just ran on MSNBC

Where is Frontline?

If Cheney left 'moles,' can Obama wiretap Cheney to....

If part of the bank's problems is all these credit default swaps...

Amy Goodman Interviews Sy Hersh: Secret U.S. Forces Carried Out Assasinations In 'Lots of Countries'

it would boggle the mind but i wonder....

Who exactly are the "powers behind the throne" in 2009?

Post deleted. Apparently, I've unintentionally touched a nerve and

PBS Frontline: Sick Around America (9PM)

Who's watching Frontline?

Doctors want 'dietary disaster' warning & age 18 requirement on new monster burger

Congratulations to Matt Taibbi!

Los Angeles: 12,000 rape kits, untested

Matt Taibii has a big fucking bugger hanging out of his nose on Rachel!

No forensic match for ammo in Blackwater shooting

CNN showing scuffles breaking out along police line

*** BREAKING *** Plane Crash Kills Vice President Dick Cheney, 7 others

Google Breakthrough: CADIE

House final version of budget at 10:30 this morning.

I've just declared myself to be KING OF DU! I'm taking OVER!

Ann Coulter bushwacked on radio by conservative Christian abortion foes

Aaaaw.. How sweet.. Our precious widdle media is growing up..

Its April 1st. Is the Internet still here?

Fainting in This Country Can Carry a $10,000 Price Tag

live coverage of G20 protests in england

The Justice Department will drop the Ted Stevens prosecution.

G20 protesters say Capitalism isn't working and they don't want to pay for the greed

I want to serve my country after graduating from college. Not eligible for military service. Help?

Richies have done away with 700,000 + more jobs in March.

Did you know Neel Kashkari is still a senior Treasury member?

Sen. Ted Stevens being let off the hook!

McCain Battles Party Leaders on Budget Plan

Laid-Off Caterpillar Workers Kidnap Their Boss (France)

Cheney fires shadow government, disappears

Watchdogs: Treasury won't disclose bank bailout details

Watchdogs: Treasury won't disclose bank bailout details

"The West Wing" cast comes to Washington to lobby Card Check

Horsefeathers? Groucho pegged the party of NO back in 1932

Push to end U.S. curbs on Cuba travel renewed

"The Obama Betrayal" By DAVE LINDORFF

Obama White House Close to Settling Missing Emails Case

DARPA Plans to Regrow Human Body Parts

Todays Cartoon

President Obama talks with russian president...msnbc would rather talk about the queen

Twisted narrative on renewables in FT -herd the investors away?

Send Your Name to Mars

VetVoice: On Funding, Gates Knows What He's Talking About

rupert murdoch's wall street journal now has a 'fashion reporter'

Five years later: Air America and the mainstreaming of progressive talk

It is from NPR so I doubt its an April Fool, but charges have been dropped against Ted Stevens

Somebody.. get Chris Matthews a history book..

The language CNN reporters/anchors are using about the protests in London

Republicans choose April Fool's Day to roll out their budget.

DOJ Statement By AG Holder On Stevens Case

It was Reagan's laissez-faire and militarism that got us into this mess...

DOJ Statement On Stevens Case

In case you were wondering how Michael Moore Felt about GM

Obama sells ailing GM to Indian Gaming Nations

Cheney's Man at the Department of Energy is head of the Inspector General's unit

Cheney's Man at the Department of Energy is head of the Inspector General's unit

Doritos to name new flavor after comedian Stephen Colbert

Patti SOLIS DOYLE continues her screwing-up. Can a job with Faux be far behind?!1

So the people protesting the G-20 summit don't want them to find answers to the economic downturn?

Conservative Cyclists Transcend Cultural Stereotypes - Can’t We All Just... Go for a Bike Ride?

Cold War Flashback: The U.S. Talks Nukes With Russia

Remember this? World Leaders Don't Shake Bush's Hand At G20 Summit (VIDEO)

"We the People" to "King of the World": "YOU'RE FIRED!" - by Michael Moore

Thousand on the streets on London

Dover, NH

the rethugs are on the teevee talking about 'their' budget

Is Obama's Car Czar Plotting to Crush the Auto Unions?

good set of protest pics in london

US to seek seat on UN Human Rights Council

Please lock.

Kroger chain recalls mayo sold in Ohio, Ky., Ind.

Please Lock

GOP Chair Steele Urges Republicans To Be Like Him

Conflicker Erases Bush Administration E-mails

General Clark is on Stephanie Miller right now. nt

Westboro Baptist Church protests at the WH

Civil rights groups to push for 'card check' tomorrow on anniversary of MLK death

I want a fucking pony!

Robert Parry: To Bush's GWOT, RIP

Obama abroad..... Has anyone seen.....

Anybody been Cornflickered yet? n/t

word of the day:

Momentum grows among Dems for using rules to avoid filibuster on healthcare reform

Dem Senators: Don't Water Down DOJ Probe Of Yoo

Thornburg Mortgage, `Jumbo' Home Lender, to File for Bankruptcy, Liquidate

Watching Rep.Ryan 'splain the GOP budget on TV

You Are Being Told The Truth

Kill a Flock of Vultures With One Stone: Stop Feeding the Global Banks

Apologies "to those I may have " or "those who were" offended aren't apologies at all.

Manufacturing Probably Shrank as U.S. Slump Hit 70-Year Record

Aspartame Almost Killed Me!

UN: Killer strains of tuberculosis may 'spiral out of control'

The Spanish’s Judge vs. Bush’s Architects of Torture+Bushco's Attempt To "Justify The Unjustifiable"

anyone else getting a 'we're related!' message from Obama on Facebook?

anyone else getting a 'we're related!' message from Obama on Facebook?

Paul Ryan’s Break With the Past: Tax Cuts for the Rich!

Obama's Domino Theory By Juan Cole

Feminists Announce New Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls

Fox Eyes Wanda Sykes For Saturday Late Night

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose

I was talking to my ex wife ..... she's been in IT since the 60s ....

There is not enough money in the world to bail out the banks...

House GOP Budget: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Offshore Drilling

Bush Aides Changed Watchdog Report

Who is this "Security Expert" on with Anderson Cooper?

the GOP budget wants to repeal the Stimulus Package as well?

Historic Senator Robert Byrd Imploded In Controlled Demolition

I Am CONFLICKER! Everything I say is a lie!

New Rule: April Fools Threads Are OK Only If They Are Funny

We're Still Getting Screwed: Geithner Plan Will Make the Rich Richer!

Jake Tapper is a sucker


US Marshals Seize Madoff's 2 Boats In Florida

O'Reilly on Letterman: "I am thankful we won the Iraqi war".

Urban Non-Renewal In Flint, Michigan; Shut down neighbourhoods filled with abandoned homes...

Will Sen. Stevens seek to overturn Alaska Senate election?

Senate GOP Could Filibuster Obama Legal Nominees

Miss Universe says had "lot of fun" in Guantanamo

Did President Obama say the American people value what the queen of england stands for?

'new' republicon ideas for budget....

Eat the Bankers - G20 consensus / G20 protests

Eat the Bankers - G20 consensus / G20 protests

GOP: Democrats trying to 'steal' NY20 ("pull a Franken"?)

Honda Cuts U.S. Production and Salaries

guess what India just did?

Mika scolds her producer on MJ. Later says it was a joke. Gets hate mail from viewers.

Britney Spears is pregnant again

If you are thinking about becoming an over-the-road truck driver...

Derek the Abstinence Clown

Republican Budget Follies:

14 Terrorists Enter Into Lahore, Islamabad

If they'll drop the case on Stevens then they'll sure as hell never open on on Bush

Administration Criticizes GOP’s ‘Bush Era’ Budget

Two men report missing marijuana

We'll be butchering that pony and feasting on it's flesh before the year is out!

Can we please declare GD and GD:P an April Fool-free zone?

I'm so friggin angry right now, I can't even see straight.

I want a fucking pony.

Workers at 3M plant in France detain managers from leaving....

Too Big To Fail

Peabody Awards total: Tina Fey 1 Bill O'Reilly 0

Report: Campaign To Drum Up Outrage About Obama Budget A Bust

A possibly absurd solution to the GM problem

Cut the deficit so a moron like Bush can spend the savings on his cronies.

It's 1:45PM EDT, do you know where the Republican budget is?

Did I miss the Glenn Beck "collapse" poll?

Car and Driver: Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out Of NASCAR

The 1031 Project is in effect

Private prisons to lock in growth on more demand

The bad old days

Mother Nature is playing a silly trick on some of us today.

So what did a Republican government using a Republican Justice Dept. have to gain by scuttling

“Officer hit in face, taunted, police say” (Modesto CA) Is there more to come?

US General Wants 10,000 MORE Troops in Afghanistan Next Year

Want a flat tax? OK - but then we have to make it 75%!

Breaking: Canada invades US.

E. P. Thompson's classic "The Making of the English Working

When Cheney made the statement "Reagan proved Deficits don't matter"

Republicans show up for press conference with no budget -- after introducing budget without numbers

Obama won't defend Bush's spotted owl cuts

The free market is the best and most opportunistic economic system we've had . .. ever.

The White House calls the Rushican 'Fudgit' (thanks KO)

Unemployment compensation is NOT welfare!

G-20 Protests in London - Great Slideshow


Do you subscribe to Newspapers?

WE were the deciders who voted in large numbers. WE turned this into history.

Stephen Colbert is a big fan of Glenn Beck...

Just listened to Sam Donaldson on NPR's...

So it's back to ooold Plan B for the Royal Bank of Scotland

Pantless woman charged with indecent exposure

Holbrooke Calls for "Complete Rethink" of Drugs in Afghanistan - Poppy eradication 'wasteful'

Drug tests for unemployment insurence applicants?

Hit-and-run driver leaves apology note next to body in Texas.

PIC: Cloris Leachman goes all natural for PETA

G20 Summit - A socialist response

Remember this from 2005? Big tough revolutionary, Michelle Bachmann, hides in fear from protesters

Breathless claim of unrealistic, enormously important news story.

Dachshund mauled by pit bull mix undergoes surgery

Cop who detained NFL player at hospital quits

Colbert just crashed his server.

Man gets paid to have sex with friends wife

Sebelius' $7,000 Tax Problem. Yes. $7,000. The Horror.

Team hosts 'Octomom Night' at ballpark (not April Fools)

Cage sells his Bavarian Castle

BREAKING- News Corps. Buys Out New York Times

Hey, I got some of Chris Matthews' email today

Billo Busted

Burmese Pythons Squeeze South Florida (Warning-Picture)

Wall Street Minds and Your Financial Well Being

This is why you shouldn't have spicy food

Ugh. Murkowski: Government ruined Stevens

They're baaaaack. Democratic President smear center, Western Journalism Center, suddenly reappears

Edit: Eh, seems like nobody else sees the offense. Delete please.

Who supports the protesters in London?

Wall St. opens offices & homes to those they made homeless

UC San Diego Plays a Cruel April Fool's Prank

I'm certain all of us recall the 2000 Election,

How Can They Just Drop The Charges Of A Convicted Man?

Would this be a good idea to do with GM?

Boner (aka Boehner) on Olbermann last night.

Mary Tyler Moore walked in on a nude Ed Asner and was impressed

Call me inspired, but here's something I like...

Barack Obama’s ‘Auntie Zeituni’ wins deportation reprieve

Breaking News: Free Republic Website Closes Down For Good

WOOT!!! JOHN YOO ARRESTED IN ITALY!! .. to be extradited to Spanish Court.

First Dudes Gone Wild? Todd Palin: Spending $150K On Clothes "Out Of Our Control"

What an interesting life this woman must have led

Should gay people stop paying taxes?

Should gay people stop paying taxes?

Not a good day for the FReepers...LOL.

Republicans: Let's Privatize Medicare!

GOP could win 2012, Is Alex Castallanos on Crack?

The laws of unintended (or intended) consequences

Oops Stanford has no money for a lawyer!

NBC's Richard Engel reporting this is the Cappuccino crowd of Anarchists in London

Bill Cosby goes on FOX News and apologizes to the black community for acting so white

Chris Matthews just gave Al Franken huge props for his work entertaining troops overseas...

This post is just another April Fools joke.

This is no Aprils Fools joke Largest Gathering of Fools On the Face of the Earth WARNING GRAPHIC

Lyons, Illinois Village President and Trustee caught making racist comments on tape

Justice on Stevens by Scott Horton for Harpers

Wouldn't dropping the trade embargo on Cuba be in the U.S' best interest?

BREAKING: Republicans Release BALANCED BUDGET!!!

Small minds are easily impressed

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: Get off the Wagoner

Are We To Respect A Person's Beliefs, Or Only Their Right To Believe?

Happy Birthday Rachel!

That texas cop quit... the one that prevented the NFL player from reaching his MIL's death bed

The best April fool's prank today

Do you support The War Against Terror (T.W.A.T)?

Why I think the repubs have already written off 2012

Warrant-less wire tapping

See what one police dept does with Michigan's voter approved medical marijuana law

Fun numbers about your birthday - LINK

Bush accused of extortion on Fox station

France: NOT COMING Carla Bruni

Alicia Pedreira And Other Kentucky Activists Are Challenging Publicly Funded Discrimination And Indo

George W. Bush --FINALLY-- Admits A Mistake.

Extension of D.C.’s Religious School Voucher Subsidy Goes Down To Defeat, But Battle Continues

Aboard the Imperial Star Ship Ameriprise- Heading for the Final Frontier

Tax Funding For Baptist University Violates Kentucky Constitution, Says Americans United

BREAKING: Ed Schultz will be on Olbermann tonight! Keith talked about an announcement last night!

Oregon lawmaker wants to make nicotine 'prescription only'

Interesting turn of events in regard to my LTTE.

Do you drive an American car?

The Dallas police officer in the Ryan Moats traffic stop case has resigned

Michele Bachmann to ban the number 6. "[it's] one letter away from s-e-x" ...

Larisa Alexandrovna: Rove's Former Client To Preside Over Paul Minor Appeal

All I can say is, Damn. "Man decapitates 5-year-old sister in front of officer'

I had the misfortune of watching Fixed News this morning

DHS wasted nearly $16,000 publishing book of Chertoff’s speeches.

Reconciliation Watch: GOP Getting Worried

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: Foolish Republicans

Mrs. Landingham Your President is a Geek.. (Life imitates art)

Mrs. Landingham Your President is a Geek.. (Life imitates art)

The Rachel Maddow's show is on a 6 month delcine in TV viewership

Is this surprising? The military is by its nature, a right-wing organization...

You can't fix everything with duct tape.

Utah City May Reject ‘Seven Aphorisms’ Monument, Justices Say

NBC Nightly News says this is a ...."Car Sales Crises"...

Female Troops Still Lack Access to Plan B Despite Its Legality

G20 row... the FT claims French "victory" tomorrow

Handing A Victory To Americans United, Justices Skip New Jersey Legal Contest Over Football Coach’s

I see an SNL skit coming out of GiftGate 2.0...bwa ha ha...

Question On GM & Chrysler: What Happens To Retirees Pensions And Health Care If

limpballs to leave NY over higher everywhere he lives ought to raise them

##OFFICIAL Bush-Cheney ICC War Crimes Trial## Thread 1

Tweety is so fucking clueless...

TPM Interview: Siegelman says Stevens case dropped, what about me?

Amy Goodman: What countries, Sy Hersh -- what countries are they operating in?- Hersh: "A lot"

WTO Proposes Slavery for Africa

Democrats in Brussels this week. Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, and Barney Frank.

I don't usually post on General, but I had to show this to someone...

It's time to give Gonzales and Feith a free vacation to beautiful Madrid, Spain!!!!

Don't use the R-Word.

My Dad died 6 years ago today.

Rachel Maddow's 36th Birthday Today: Send Her Your Wishes!

Americans United Issues Statement On Tony Dungy Appointment To Obama Faith Council

DOJ Watchdog "Revising" Critical Report on John Yoo's Legal Work on Torture

About the Obama admnistration's "Abortion Reduction" plan.

VOTE HERE: DU April 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest Finalists

What is the proper way to greet the Queen?

Apparently Emirates Airlines is none too happy with their new A380's

Microsoft wants more H1-B workers.

An Iraq Vet's wife was screaming for joy, he came home 2 weeks ago

GM's current market cap is $1.18 billion. Nationalize it.

Somebody peed in the bank.


Fake Plumber: "Drop it, brother, drop it. I never said I was an expert, man."

Paul Ryan's Crazy Budget Graph

The Big Picture (Boston Globe) brings you: Earth Hour.

Wish me luck everyone. . .my time in Seoul is over. I'm going to China

Americans Fleeing To Mexico Looking For A Better Life

Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism by Joseph Stiglitz

Okay, time to let my fellow DUers in on a little "secret" good news...

sooo.. I'm flipping around the channels and the History channel is talking hippies

HDNet Dan Rather Reports: Cheney Regrets Iraq Invasion, Enhanced Interrogation,

New York Race Too Close To Call. Murphy with "Tiny Lead"

John Yoo Arrested

Keith Olbermann said to tune in tomorrow for an announcement

Verizon wireless customers: Do you WANT your calls and location sent to anyone?

Where did Liberty University students go on Spring Break?

No joking around when it comes to PROSECUTION of the BUSH/CHENEY criminals-it ain't "funny"

No joking around when it comes to PROSECUTION of the BUSH/CHENEY criminals-it ain't "funny"

Protest the inadequate health care survey question

Taking The Klavan Challenge, Part I: Conscience is Bad

WTF? I just don't know what to think about this.

Applying For Jobless Benefits? Here, Pee In A Cup

Canada Bows to US Demands to Beef up Coastal Defenses . . . .

Skinner is going to ban the word "fuck" from DU

'Ontario residents only' at Tent City

Rush Limbaugh to Speak at Sojourners' Mobilization to End Poverty

Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism by Joseph E. Stiglitz

Something that would end the financial troubles of GM and Chrysler: National Health Insurance.

today i visited what was once the world trade center.....

I LOVE President Barack Obama!

This morning the president said that Americans value what the queen of england stands for

Goodbye, DU!

Dig A Pony

Hey Olbermann: Congrats!!

Limbaugh: If Gordon Brown keeps "slobbering" over Obama, he'll "come down with anal poisoning

Sign up to keep track of the PNAC nuts and their new think tank...

'Recession gardens' trim grocery bills, teach lessons

So, I replaced the upper control arm bushings in my 99' S-10

Arne Duncan: Big city mayors should take over school systems

Michael Moore Approves

Holder horrified about Stevens case but what about GOV DON SIEGELMAN's CASE?

GM, Chrysler bankruptcy could hurt TCS the most (TATA)

A little project - sources for Mexican drug cartel guns other than the US

(Harvard) Analyst says she was fired for criticizing controversial investment practices

Rusty And Me (Rush Limbaugh's cousin speaks)

SO we traded Ted Stevens for Don Siegelman.

9 patients made nearly 2,700 ER visits in Texas

In the final analysis, Bernie Madoff was the victim of overzealous regulators.

Angie "Law & Order" Harmon: Republicans "Don't Point Fingers" And "Have Class"

Universal Health Care? April Fools!

I have been thinking about something about the GM situation

The Obamas got their dog!!

Anyone else think the protestor smashing thru @ the RBS window looks like a military type?

The Wikipedia-Short-Selling scandal widens.

Excellent CBC News special reports: "Red, White and the Economic Blues" - videos

Re: Anarchists. Which is a crazier response to injustice (perceived or otherwise)

5 easy things you can do to "go green"

National March on Wall Street - Friday & Saturday

Stephen Colbert loves Glenn Beck's sanity... and fears for it

Would there be any interest in a DU polyamory group?

Colbert weeps for Glenn Beck's sanity

Limbaugh: Obama May Give Gordon Brown "Anal Poisoning"

Limbaugh: Obama May Give Gordon Brown "Anal Poisoning"

Reliving what horrors we did in Fallujah. Marine court martial begins. War planners walk free.

Old, New, Borrowed and Dumb

Abandoned dog with 'Help Me' note on his collar hit and killed. His name was Copper. See the note...

Florida: When is a barn not a barn? When it's really a house. Elite gaming the system.

So, my understanding is that the 'royals' are a bunch of in-breds.

Well I quit my job today

"We the People" to "King of the World": "YOU'RE FIRED!" ...a letter from Michael Moore

The Distortion of U.S. History

Newt Gingrich: My Third Wife Wants Me to be a Good Catholic (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

OMFG - the Obamas shrunk the Queen

The Case Against Breast-Feeding

I just don't get anarchists. Just don't. And

I just don't get anarchists. Just don't. And

Anyone watching Turner Classic Movies? Robert Osbourne is so svelte -


A match made in hell....

My sweet cat just brought me TWO lucky rabbit's feet!

Could you please give a thread some love?

Please wish me luck...I will be on American Idol next week...

One of the best TV live music performances EVER

I've moved boxes and furniture 25 out of the last 31 days.

Okay, after much reading and talking to a couple of tech types I know,

Okay, after much reading and talking to a couple of tech types I know,

A Big Confession For The Lounge Tonight (Real One!):

sometimes I just hate my hubby

I made a pair of cobblers

Frontline on PBS now - Health Care

Are we breakin' up?

Tai Chi is Dog!

Is it against the rules to post a copycat of a lounge thread that is a copycat of a GD thread that .

wedding invitation/announcement etiquette question

People Should Not Force Their Cats To Do Things Like This. It's Wrong

Some sad news for fans of Angel... Andy Hallet, the guy who played Lorne, just passed away.

My 14,000th Post:

I have a funny idear

Is There Any Spam In The Lounge?

So how many "I'm becoming a Republican" posts will we get tommorow?

HELP!!! I have cats in my yard and I don't know


Rodney Stanger

Why does rural America vote Republican?

All this teabagging talk makes me want to....

Something NOT to try on April Fools Day...

Happy New Year!

Is it cruel to tell your cat that you wish you'd bought a dog instead?

My cat has a foot fetish. Seriously.....

I, for one, like new parents

GM's most troubling problem

A quandary, loose tea or teabags?

Goodnight everyone. All of this teabaggery talk has worn me out!

house hunting will be the death of me

I had a dream last night in which I learned the secret to permanent happiness.

Seven more shopping days until my birthday

Postcard from Ptah.

Postcard from Ptah.

I wish you all could hear what I'm listening to...

Why does Billo even go on Letterman?

I was going to ask if anyone in the lounge wanted a date, but then...

What the fuck did Rob Zombie do to Michael Myers?

I might regret starting "The Silence of the Lambs" this late...

Oh god I hate new patents...

Torn and Frayed (youtube)

Go to YouTube and play any video now! (spoiler inside)

Anybody going to the WV Road Kill Cookoff this year?

OMG!!?! Wikipedia says that the world is going nuts

Top 5 Forgotten Albums of the 1980s (April Fool's Day edition)

My brother just called.

"Wounds my heart

FYI...G-20 protests seem to be heating up in London.

I saw the wierdest sh*t at the O.G. (Post a funny picture)

Post weird videos you like....(hey it's worth a try)

Happy Dance!!

Weed sponsors air

I'll be in Harvard Square this afternoon

What's the deal with Google? I was looking for information on a range of subjects and kept getting

How do you pronounce this?

Al Gore is going to announce his intentions to run for president in 2008! Woo-hoo!

Cockatoo loving the music of Ray Charles - Video -

Gmail Autopilot by CADIE

holy shit! G20 Protestors have kidnapped Obama!!!!

As you all know, I'm only three degrees of separation away from Adolf Hitler

Giant cock found in Barberville, Florida.

I fostered a Border Collie for a month...

The Washington Nationals: America's team.

Today is our anniversary. No. 13

If I were to nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize it would be the guy who evented this.....

The Lounge is inhabited by savage third-worlders.

So you answer a phone at work

My school's basketball coach has a cooler name than your school's basketball coach!

Okay people. I have a giant cock and I have GD.

OMG!!11! Google has released a sentient AI into the intertubes

Dinner, Costco style. FUCK YEAH!!!1

Obama's limo attempts a 3-point turn in London

The Lounge is inhibited by savage Thirdspacers

Start the reactor, Quaid, freeee Marrrrrrs...

An official message on behalf of Tommy_Carcetti.

Heads up, Lounge.

The DC traffic grid.: Efficiency at its greatest!

Delete dupe

PHOTO: President meets Simon Cowell

So if there is a DU hell, and I am going there for my purebred dog post, where am I going?

BTW, you are all FOOLS. I'm a proud member of Free Republic!!! And none of you KNEW!!!

awesome xkcd

Oh, hell yeah. Brad Pitt to star in upcoming 'Thundercats' movie.

hey, Did the shuttle come down yesterday or is it today?

Note to self:

Did you know there was a Museum of Bad Art?

Awesome new GMail feature!

I Watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' Tonight...

DU help needed: When is Cinco de Mayo this year?

kitten picture of the day for tuesday march 31

So the Mods (GD) have a sense of humor -

Caption compy...


Good morning Lounge

Ohio man charged with drunken driving on bar stool

Should I be on the computer today?

Things that look picturesque and quaint, but AREN'T!1 (gardening edition)

In 2 days I'll have been unemployed 6 months

Since we can't agree on cats and geckos, can we agree on cats and teabags?

I love Ronald Reagan - ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Tommy_Carcetti (and all other pranksters), I've got your "out" for GD

Everything he says is a lie

I am conflicted about Conficker!

Can someone explain the whole spinning-rims-on-car-tires thing to me?

Here's my own little April Fool's joke.

Does GD and GD:Pee wanting to be a "Joke Free Zone" make them an even bigger target?

How much kicking and screaming

There are some mornings when just one Pop-Tart will suffice

OK, so clearly Freepers think they're superior in every way....

Now this has potential

Post a youtube song containing the word "Fool"

I don't think Bucky deserves merit pay.

Bird found with arrow in it survives, thrives

This is one dog that SHOULDN'T hunt!

As a Freeper, I'd like to share with you tell-tale signs of what a freeper looks like

Happy april fools day.

Dr. Strange is DTM

Forget TinyURL, try FreakingHugeURL

Deserted island - what music would you want on your iPod?

FYI: It's raining (with some snow mixed in) in Seattle today

I want a fucking pony!

Toss your iPhone. Argentina has a better phone.

MrCoffee says this is his day of jubilee. Wonder what he means by that?

I joined the BlackBerry Cult today

Who's up for a DU Lounge coordinated AF's Day prank on GD?

I don't condone violence but go here and fight my character (takes 1 minute)

Gah! Damn that Sesame Street song thread! I can't get "The Batty Bat" out of my

My morning with mom.....

Internationl Wife Carrying Championship on July 4th...

Mona Lisa recreated with burger grease

Bruce, a panda, and a beer---this is no joke

I want to fuck a pony!

Favorite Sesame Street Character

Anyone need an asshat fan for their pony?

Florida: home to the sanest smartest nicest best people in the world

I've just declared myself to be KING OF DU! I'm taking OVER!

Burglar almost coldcocks himself during attempted break-in (w/hilarious video)

Do savage third worlders have soles?

Happy 36th Birthday to Rachel Maddow!

Do FOX talking heads have souls?

Anyone remember "The State" on MTV?

To help MrCoffee out

We'll be butchering that pony and feasting on it's flesh before the year is out!

anyone a big ass fan

anyone need a big ass fan?

Pony references

Can this be for real?

When is MrCoffee on Wheel of Fortune?? Say hi to Pat and Vanna

The breathtaking effect of cutting back on meat : Kathy Freston

What beer do you hate the most?

Do you think MrCoffee regrets any of his previous PMs

So If you loved someone.....would you make them walk

Obama Dumps Religion, Embraces Atheism During European Tour

The new Gmail Autopilot is awesome!

Okay, this is the lounge, right? So, where is the DU bathroom?

Historic Senator Robert Byrd Imploded In Controlled Demolition


News from Dumfuckistan

PETA thread up in GeeDee


How would you like to be on the admissions staff of UCSD today?

The war on April Fool's Day has begun.

I made pear cobbler.

Dear No-Smoking Diary, Day One entry...

VOTE HERE: DU April 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest Finalists!

Team hosts 'Octomom Night' at ballpark (not April Fools)

Okay, that's it. I'm re-registering Republican.

Woman locked in car can't get out, calls 911

St. Stupid's Day parade in SF pays homage to stupidity

You guys don't know just how difficult it is to be a pretend freeper

Well I was going to go the mall but just heard on the fire band

Gorn Is On Fire

Anything interesting happening tonight?

In honor of April Fools Day, LOST tonight will throw us for an unexpected loop.

a big ass pony walks into a bar.....

Woman has sex with pine cone, needs surgery to remove it

How come in the South, many people are called by 2 names?

I think my Mom is dying

I think my Mom is dying

Does Gmail read your emails?


This is so sad.....

I have complex feelings while contemplating parenthood....

So I finally told Verizon to "Go Fuck Yourself"

I give up. No more cats for me. I have had it.

What Guiness Book World Record do you think you could break?

zOMFG! Obamessiah's meeting with the Queen!!!

Do purebred dogs have souls?

Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: what's the difference?

Attention: Anti-breastfeeding thread up in General Discussion

Happy birthday to me

Two of the guys from Korn are now fundies. Rapture Index to spike shortly.

Arm The Homeless: Give Piece A Chance

I am Spartacus,

I am the Lorax - I speak for the trees!

Obama with Huge Jintao

It's snowing and there's thunder and there's wind and it's frightening.

So I Am Working Temp At Verizon, And This Rude Woman Told Me To Go Fuk Myself

Well I got good news for once from the doctor.

So I Am Posting at DU Today, And This Fellow DUer Told Me To Go Fuk Myself

YouTube: Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

You otter click on this thread

If you seek Amy

Why the fuck is Faux so hyped on this "Global Currency" bullshit?

How do you like my new avatar?

I'm upset that DS1 is missing out on a delicious cup of coffee tonight.

Chocolate in coffee, is this a good idea?

Post a song with the word "fool" in the title.

How long before MrCoffee forgives me and 5gan for today's antics?

Question about creating Polls: Is there any way to create a poll in which the respondee can vote

I am Kirk Douglas.

Great independent music label: ESP-Disk. Just reissued vinyl for

Film that put Santa Rosa on the map

In my defense...

This ain't no April Fool, baby!

Man gets paid to have sex with friends wife

There are days I shouldn't get out of bed without training wheels.

Inglourious Basterds.

Physics buffs: Is this Wiki Answer re: sound waves perturbed by wind true?

Stress Management Technique

Bonehead bumpersticker o' the day

I want to thank all the DUers who bought GS cookies from my daughter

My knees!!!

I'm watching JEOPARDY and drinking java, right fucking now!

I Think I Am In /LustLove With A 20yr Old

C A N C E L L E D - My worst nightmare come true!

13 minutes!!!! I'm all tingly.


Who Is That Decaffeinated Slob On Jeopardy?

What is a Federal Claims Examiner?

I updated my blog!

I Will Take Juan Valdez For $500 Alex

What Are We DU'rs Listening To?

I have an entire bag of Lindt White Chocolate truffles.

Calling Brenda,: Give Midlo A Sedative

MrCoffee is totally kicking ass and taking names.



Hmm. I didn't know happiness could be bottled.

kitten picture of the day for wednesday april 1

Are you watching 1600?


I'm goin' Penguin Huntin'

Judy is fucking pissing me off.

Osbournes: Reloaded is f'n awesome.

I like cheesecake....oh and coffeecake.

Breaking - 50% of women fake orgasms - Men - 0%

Don't spoil Jeopardy for me!!! I'm on the west coast --it's not on for 3 more hours!

People who write malware should be necklaced!

South Korean scientists successfully splice pig and poodle genes

A cat died in my neighbor's garage by getting stuck in it.

Change any part of a movie title to "big ass pony"

Scientists Find 'Baffling' Link between Autism and Vinyl Flooring

Breaking - Bush to submit to IQ test

Obama Depressed, Distant Since 'Battlestar Galactica' Series Finale

Braindump from Republic Land

So, did you get the conflicker today?



The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/1/2009)

Poll: U.S. Catholics Lean Left On Social Issues

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/1/09 (The single greatest poem I have ever read.)


"When All the World's Asleep"--tonight's poem from the open mic...

[Adult Swim] Cartoon Network

All I wanted to do was warm up my damn leftovers...

The Lounge is inhabited by savage third-graders.

Good Bye all! Its been a great journey. I am leaving to join the new Mormon

Who else is absolutely jonesing for a cup of nice hot coffee?

Have you seen Green Porno?

What kind of underwear do you wear?

just-turned 18 yr old daughter and friend planning to drive from NY to FL, making two

Pet Owners who Worry about what they Feed their pets...

AMERICAN IDOL (spoilers)

Well its official, more or less,

Bella's message to the baby haters

I'm FINALLY watching Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Next Time A Republican Tells You Cutting Corporate Taxes Will Save Or Create Jobs, Tell Them This

This is NO JOKE!

Obama invites anti-gay Dungy to serve on "Faith-Based" council. (I know,he will only sing one song.)

Post April Fools threads you would most likely find at Free Republic

Ten Percent of World is Addicted to Porn


Tales from the cockpit: Wrong airport

What Was The Best April Fools Joke You Have Ever Done?

I don't want a fucking pony.

Alright, is this an indicator of how truly simple I am?

Tell something about your state that most people don't know.

Remember, Jeopardy tonight. Guy in the middle.


KO... "Big announcement here tomorrow night... it will be worth your time"

The administration's public economic projections are less than serious

Prestigious economist: Geithner's plan "repeats the same errors Japan made in the 1990s"

Lessons from the New Deal

Ok. It's been 15 minutes since the polls closed. Who won NY-20????

Reid Spokesman: He Awaits Resolution For Franken In *Minnesota* Courts

Win or Lose, NY-20 is close enough for a recount.....which is a HUGE loss for Steele

Obama to shop market reforms to G-20

I love my NY DUers

Uh oh: G20 Obama-Worshiping Musical Chairs

Peter Orszag will be on the Daily Show tomorrow.

FrenchieCat's Adopted Vs. Native - Battle of First Ladies!

Do you ever misread a headline? eg 'Ohio man seeks trial over getting DU on motorized barstool'

Is the "TOO CLOSE TO CALL" race in NY-20 a win for us?

Man, sometimes I kinda wish Bush was still in charge...

Since the Repigs are releasing their budget on April 1, let's declare April 1 "Republican Party Day"

Award-winning economist: "What the Obama administration is doing is far worse than nationalization"

I know it's far off, but I really am not scared for Obama in 2012...

McConnell: Obama has "disappointed me after two months" but "it's not too late" for him to change

GOP Organizers to Palin.... We don't want to hear her speak either!

Sy Hersh on Morning Joke now

G20: I'm Glad We Have A President Who Can Stand Up To All Of Europe!

Seriously thinking the Birthers may be on to something.

New York Magazine Blog Takes Down Michelle Obama Booty Post

Obama and Russia negotiating arms reduction!

BREAKING: G20 Protestors Kidnap Obama in London (!!!!)

Politico: Obama referendum: no winner, one loser (Guess Who)

Liberal group Catholics United comes to Sebelius' defense

You may be reading about me later today

coleman's Not A Sore Loser: He's A SOARING LOSER!

Why I LOVE The Birthers

Meghan McCain's Aaron Schock Blog: "He Can Relay A Message In Ways My Father Never Could"

Pending Home Sales: Good news (and a hi-larious euphemism)

Any moment now? Protest situation is getting INTENSE ...

PHOTOS G20 Protests - The Banners (London April 1)

Anyone listening to those Jackasses

So, Any Word On The Republan Budget?

Oh jeez... The Republicans' Budget plan... freeze non-defense discretionary spending for five years!

LOL at the cartoon in The Sun (UK)

David Paterson lost us a seat tonight.

Cruel April Fools Joke?

It's not only okay to say "Fuck you Obama" here but to say "fuck you" to other members now.

How do you stop the bombardment of security pop ups

Walked away from DU for two weeks....

Krugman and Stiglitz Offer Support To Key Elements GOP Alternative Budget

Budget Reconciliation is back on the menu!

Colbert Takes On Glenn Beck's Weepy Nonsense (VIDEO)

NARAL blasts Presidents Obama's new DNC chief (Kaine)

Wow, amazing slideshow-Obamas In Britain

Watchdogs: Treasury won't disclose bank bailout details

CNN Video: Michelle Mania

A First Lady Fit for a Queen

Just saw the video of President Obama meeting the Queen on CNN

Oh no, wait til the Pope hears who Michelle is dining with tonight

From what I've seen, the police in London are doing a pretty decent job

I wish people would stop harping on alleged "crimes" of retired VP Cheney. He's gone. Get over it.

Obama's meet Her Mag and her old man

Freeper Running for Rahm's Seat Apologizes for Bigoted Freeper Posts She Made

A Question - Has the Corp. Media covered the Past Bush-G20 Summit Protests this well before?

want to see what's going on in London, without our M$M filter?...go BBC...

PHOTOS Hillary's Morning (London, April 1)

KY-Sen: Bunning to Announce Retirement Today

Never mind meeting the Queen, meeting her husband will be the, eh, interesting one

Deputy OMB Rob Nabors attacks the Republicans and their budget

An iPod versus a framed signed photograph of the Queen and her hubby: I know which I'd prefer!

An iPod versus a framed signed photograph of the Queen and her hubby: I know which I'd prefer!

Sleeveless alert!

PHOTOS G20 Protests - Bloody Hell. Literally.

Whoops and hollers in the street and a brief chant of "Obama! Obama!".

Murphy's lead revised to 25 votes

Anybody else watching the House debate on the TARP bonus bill?

Surprise!!!!The Queen REALLY gave the Obamas puppies!!!!

U.S. SOS Hillary Clinton trips over Ambassador

Prince Philip to President Obama: "How could you tell them all apart?"

Why does the Liberal Media call all the protestors---Anarchists?!

Here is an open letter from 'Michael Moore' this morning!!

Stiglitz vs. Johnson

Democrats Predict 210-Vote Victory in NY-20

Grassley: Obama plans welcomed in Europe because they're socialist

March Economic Summary in Graphs (calculated risk)


NYT: The proposed Republican budget promises renewed compassionate conservatism


Pretty good cartoon from The Sun.

Updated: Dems could fast track Obama's budget; GOP worried

"It's being seen as the first verdict on the president and his policies."

NYTimes Whines: Is Obama Trying To Muzzle The Press Corps?

PHOTOS The Queen Meets Royalty :-)

PHOTOS Ok, links to all today's photo threads, in case you're (a) interested and (b) missed them!

Richard Wolffe just said the Queen is "not an iPod person" but the English "expert" said she already

Todd Palin interview proves he's a joke

Screen captures of the Obamas' poll numbers

McCain just said that he supported this President and wished him every success.

How To Decrease Gov. Spending, Quickly

BBC Video: First Lady Michelle's day in London

I present: The official House Republican Budget (from

PHOTOS British Newspaper Front Pages (Thursday, April 2)

Re: Justice,

PHOTOS The Obamas at No 10, Downing St (April 1)

self delete. n/t

PHOTOS Michelle's Morning (London, April 1)

Obama Shocks Queen With Gift of New Car

Maybe I am being too patriotic but, the leader of the FREE WORLD is giving an audience to the Queen

TNR On Larry Summers - Only For Those Who See Beyond Black and White

So what is KO's big announcement tomorrow?

***NY-20 Election Results - OFFICIAL THREAD***

Why didn't Krugman advocate Gordon Brown's plan?

PHOTOS G20 Protests, London (April 1)

OMFG!!!! Michelle Obama Will Be Seated Next To J.K. Rowling Tonight!!!

Odds On Obama Quashing Government-Run Health Insurance?

Did the White House censor single-payer discussion from "live blog" of health care forum transcript?

Homophobe coach asked to serve on Obama's 'Faith Council'

WaPo: (Republican Budget)Revision Proposes Deep Tax Cuts and Slash in Medicare, Medicaid Programs

Freeper threatens to kill Obama in response to an April fools story

GALLUP: Obama Working With 61% Approval on Foreign Affairs

Holder throws out charges against Ted Stevens

Administration Releases Regulations To Scale Back Unfair Insurance Practices

BREAKING: Supreme Court To Hear Obama Birth Certificate Challenge

When we say someone has class, what do we mean? Or rather,

Democrats Agree on a Health Plan; Now Comes the Hard Part

***NY-20 Election Discussion - THREAD TWO***

Does anyone really care that Justice Dropped the Stevens case.

Scarborough loses his shit entirely laughing at Glen Beck (video)

It's a gaffe!

PHOTOS Hillary's Day (April 1)

Does anyone remember any other first lady being compared to Jackie THIS much?

My local TV performance for OFA will air April 20th

CBS news so concerned about Michelle not having a purse like all the British.

Making me proud ... Obama w/ a Bobby in London. pix

No soul searching no Colgate in G20 diplomacy

President Obama Sends "Blunt" Letter to Gov. Sanford of South Carolina

"Mighty Michelle" - "a welcome dash of class"

no joke. Oliphant nails it.

Virginia Foxx (R-NC): “Democrats Have A Tar Baby On Their Hands”

Obama: “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother”

PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama Tax Pledge Up In Smoke

Nobel Laureate Joeseph Stieglitz on Obama's bank bailout

PHOTO Now listen up men.......

PHOTO Now listen up men.......

PHOTOS Last call - the end of a very, very long day...sleep well President and First Lady!

Don't be surprised if Michelle Obama does not curtsy to the Queen

Morning Joke, Olbermann, Hardball & Maddow gain BIG! .. CNN's Campbell Brown & Dobbs are TANKING!

For those who don't read Chris Floyd and Empire Burlesque, a sample:

PHOTOS More meetings, handshakes, handshakes and meetings (London, April 1)

Do you consider yourself to the left, right, or same as President Obama?

PHOTO Angry Crowd Greet the President at Buckingham Palace

PHOTOS Michelle, sleeveless in London (thanks for the warning jenmito!)

It's amazing having these two represent our country on the world stage.

How To Muzzle Paul Krugman? Easy. Release The GOP Budget Proposal

Card check (EFCA) is dead and no it's not Obama's fault

Just in case you forgot, This is what a Gaffe looks like

AP tries to claim that Obama is a liar- again

Michelle and the Queen, KIND OF hug.....

Would The Economy Have Been Any Different If Bill Clinton Had Been President 2001-2008?

Obama White House Close to Settling Missing Emails Case

House Democrats unveil pollution reduction plan

Unusual direct communication from US to Iran

Key Item for Obama, Medvedev: New Arms Talks

New York 20th CD Election Results

Alleged Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai loses Hungary extradition appeal

Detainee informer wins release ("Government's Star Witness")

Obama Said to Conclude Bankruptcy Best Option for GM, Chrysler

Obama tries to rally world to cope with downturn.

Sarkozy warns G20 over "false compromises"

Obama calls for G20 global action.

Energy Secretary Chu Announces $6 Billion in Recovery Act Funding for Environmental Cleanup

GM, Chrysler bankruptcy could hurt TCS the most (TATA)

Flu Epidemic Hits Pacific Island

North Korea missile seen consistent with satellite

Supreme Court rejects Philip Morris appeal of award ($155 Million)

FBI probing arson attack on UCLA researcher's car

Betting on birds banned (Cambodian nationwide ban on cockfighting)

'10 dead' in Afghanistan attack

U.S. Plan Sees Easing of G.M. to Bankruptcy

China and US pledge co-operation

U.S. Companies Slashed Payrolls More Than Forecast in March, ADP Data Show

Retired military officers: Keep DADT

Gates Foundation launches 3rd initiative in China

Polygamous Indonesia politicians may lose female votes

Taliban militants blow up PML-Q leader home in Swat

Research group switches on world's first "artificial intelligence" tasked-array system.

U.S. private sector job losses rise in March

Recession Puts a Major Strain On Social Security Trust Fund

Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev agree to cut their countries' nuclear arsenals by end of year

China denies US ship access to Taiwan Strait

Fargo businesses reopen as swollen river subsides

Madoff Feeder Fund Accused of Fraud (fed over $7 billion to Madoff)

Military: Afghanistan War Needs More Time, Money

[NY-20 Special Election] Murphy, Tedisco race to be decided by absentee ballots

A bridge to Microsoft HQ: Critics slam $11M in federal stimulus for overpass

Dow Up In March After 6 Down Months

Pakistan is 'centre of terrorism'

White House rules: Governors control stimulus cash

Bush accused of extortion on Fox station

One dead in multiple shooting at B.C. nursing home

Lawsuit against Army contractor (KBR) upheld

Cop who stopped NFL player in hospital lot resigns

Senate to Take Up House Climate Bill

Protestor Dies amid G20 protests

Republicans seek to undo much of stimulus spending (Budget)

G20 protests: Rioters loot RBS office after clashes in City

Ted Stevens Guilty verdict being "dismissed"

G20 Protestors set up 'flash Camp' / climate camp in heart of London

Home Prices in U.S. to Decline Through 2010, Insurer PMI Says

Ford’s March U.S. Sales Fell 41% as Job Losses Rose

General: Afghan-Pakistan insurgents get stronger

Rudd decries 'false god' of free markets

Vatican to probe Catholic order

Judge orders feds to reconsider help for jaguar

Judge allows Obama's aunt to stay in U.S. until at least Feb. 2010

Scientists Find 'Baffling' Link between Autism and Vinyl Flooring

Mom Accused Of Daring Teens To Chug Vodka

Republicans Disinvite Palin to Major Fundraiser

Taliban say U.S. reconciliation offer "lunatic"

BREAKING: MN-Sen court order in; Franken Wins - barring counting miracle for Norm-April 7

Andy Hallett, 33, singer known for TV role in 'Angel'

DPD Cop Involved In Stop Of NFL Player Resigns

Standoff Ends at Caterpillar Plant in France

I need helpful suggestions. A student in my class is over cleavaged every day.

Public's Cry as G-20 Meets: 'We are Struggling'

Clashes outside Bank of England

Japan gives cash to jobless foreigners to go home

Feds seize Madoff's boats in South Florida

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 1

Petraeus Says Israel Might Choose to Attack Iran

USA Today Dealt New Losses

U.S. to drop charges against former Sen. Stevens: report

Pardon sought for first black heavyweight champ

Army lied about how my son died in Iraq: Friendly-fire victim was 'misidentified' as enemy gunman

ACLU Urges Obama Admin To Turn Over Torture Docs-May 05 Bradbury Memos Said To Ratify CIA's Torture

More spy towers planned for Detroit, Buffalo

Grassley, Durbin plan to renew H-1B fight in Senate

China challenges US global financial leadership

US replaces Blackwater for some Iraq security

Inside Obama's Meeting With Medvedev

China general tells troops Party trumps state

Upstate New York House Race Is Too Close to Call

US road privatization may hurt states

Bomb blows hole in Lenin statue

Man Dies During G20 London Protests

Poll: U.S. Catholics Lean Left On Social Issues

9 patients made nearly 2,700 ER visits in Texas

Missile Strike Said to Kill at Least 10 in Pakistan

Beijing strikes in currency war as Argentina to use yuan instead of US dollars in trade with China

General Motors boss has Hummer in his sights.

G20 Protests - (Bankers wave money at protestors

Mike Malloy vs Right-Wing Libertarian

Air Force One Landing In the UK - President Obama's Ride

Michael Steele Phones Obama To Tell Him They're "Done"

Morning Joe crew makes fun of Glenn Beck crying

David Shuster Gives Michele Bachmann Some Love - Hypocrisy Over The Line

Rachel Maddow: Ron Suskind on Cheney & Torture

Rachel Maddow: Ron Suskind on Cheney & Torture

PBS Frontline - 'Black Money' Promo

PM Brown: Obama Has Given 'Renewed Hope' To World

Obama arrives @ Downing Street -next stop the Queen!

Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee calls GOP budget proposal an April Fool's joke

Stan Loses His Money At A Bank - POOF!

President Obama and PM Brown: Joint Press Conference

AP: Obama - 'Some Are to Blame, But All Are Responsible'

G20 protests London, riot police deployed 1st April 2009

Rachel Maddow & David Sirota on the GOP's selective poutrage on CEO class vs. working class

Boehner Vs. Ryan On What Constitutes A Budget

KO & Dan Gross on The Blue Collar White Collar Bailout Double Standard

Jabba the Rush: Supernews

Rep. Ginny Foxx - The Democrats have a tar baby on their hands

Public School House Rock

President Obama Jokes with Gordon Brown about Soccer

Glenn Beck Obama is a Blood Sucking Vampire

Queen Elizabeth Meets President Obama At Buckingham Palace

TYT: Cenk Reacts To Bill O'Reilly's Ban On Spain (Cheney Involved?)

Rove Admits Involvement in Siegelman Case, Plame Affair

TYT: Do You Agree w/ Fox Business, The WSJ & Hank Paulson?

G20 Agrees To New Global Currency - U.S. ATM's Replacing Dollars over Easter?

*Blubbering Buffoon* HATES 911 Victims!!!

Rep. Barney Frank: Repugs Suffer From a "Pyschological Disorder"

G20 March In London - The People Are Angry - Anarchist Socialist Demonstration

Sleep Now in the Fire

Bjorn Against

OT - Jeopardy fans alert!

Moderator Availability Thread for Wednesday April 1st 2009



OT - Anything special experienced mods want to share about April Fools day?





OT - Who knew Whole Paycheck had a sense of humor!

Fido Dido


OT - Oh my word - Team hosts 'Octomom Night' at ballpark

4/01 Snip please, masuki bance,











OT - I think I've found the culprit, or *a* culprit, in the spam wave.









TYT: Miss Universe visits Gitmo

Bill Maher - New Rule: End The American Military Empire

Simon Johnson points out what should be obvious - that Wall Street has taken over the government

Letterman to O'Reilly: You're too smart to believe what you say

Norm Coleman's a sore loser. Why won't the press say so?

Naomi Klein/Rabbi Arthur Waskow: To Boycott Israel…or Not?

"You’ll be happy to hear that the kids are all right."

Iran's offer of help to rebuild Afghanistan heralds new age of diplomacy with the US

Priority 1: World Growth

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in London for G20 Summit

Where is the new JFK we expected? He's stuck in a rut with Gordon Brown

Administration Is Debating Release of Interrogation Memos.

Polygamous Indonesia politicians may lose female votes

The ongoing FitzBlago saga is in some ways irresistibly funny...

Cynicism We Can Believe In

Talk About CHANGE: Angela Merkel ASKS Obama for a Backrub

Hersh: Cheney ‘Left A Stay Behind’ In Obama’s Government

G20 Protesters storm RBS branch

Preemptive Republican Whining

"IRS Launches Crackdown on Offshore Tax Evasion" (3-26-09 AP via CNBC)

Israeli Nuclear Arsenal Prohibits US Foreign Aid Under Symington Amendment

Wall Street Journal: Home Prices: Low, But Still No Bargain

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

Robert Jensen on White Supremacy, Patriarchy, and Capitalism

Obama Should Debate Rush Limbaugh

McCain Leads Fight to Pardon Jack Johnson

Neo-Cons and Moral Degeneracy

Visa program for skilled workers under attack

Mythbusters Jamie Heineman & Adam Savage: Sarah Palin can't see Russia from her house

DHS wasted nearly $16,000 publishing book of Chertoff’s speeches.

Chris Floyd: Darkness Renewed: Terror as a Tool of Empire

Wachovia worker training replacement interviewed by local TV

Pissed Off at the Corporate Banking Industry? Here's an Easy Way You Can Hurt Them

Is Merit Pay a Distraction in the Fight for Meaningful Education Reform?

Palin Jilted for the Prom

Get Your Red Hot Whiney Excuses Here!

Good to let Stevens go?

"The Left"

Democrats Agree on a Health Plan; Now Comes the Hard Part

Judge orders feds to reconsider help for jaguar

Climate change experts call on G20 members to commit to action—Last-ditch effort…

US sues BP unit over Alaska oil spills

Energy Secretary Chu Announces $6 Billion in Recovery Act Funding for Environmental Cleanup

EV Pusher Trailers

Giant laser {fusion} experiment powers up (BBC)

Ballard announces availabilty of Automotive Fuel Cells

Gov. Corzine signs bills to boost N.J. renewable energy

Kia Aero-soul (A.P.R.I.L. system )

NOAA Report Calls Flame Retardants Concern to U.S. Coastal Ecosystems—Health Care Concerns…Noted

Fusion catches fire—Polywell tidbit

Ford readies mix of all-electric and plug-in hybrids

Peak oil review - Mar 30

Multinational Science Team's Findings - Even Slight Boost In CO2 Decreases WAIS Stability - AFP

Lord Mayor Of London Cuts 50% Of City's Environmental Staff - Business Green

McGuire (Air Force Base) goes 'green' with solar panel installation (goal: energy neutral by 2015)

BP cuts 620 jobs from solar business (out of 2,200 worldwide)

Bolstering solar development in Japan

Defense Department Program Aims to Create New Biodiesel Fuel

Breakthrough Made in Energy Efficiency, Use of Waste Heat

Ceramic fuel cell sets electric record (Oz)

First hydrogen fuel cell for the home

Rio Building 7 Miles Of Walls Around Biggest Slums To Cut Deforestation In Surrounding Terrain

Pacific Ocean Mercury Levels Increasing - Methylmercury About 29% Of Total - Nature

State of the Birds

Testimony of Cuban Agent Octavio and the taking down of the 75 US Undercover Agents - 2003

Yesterday's Press Conf: Senate Cuba Travel Bill

Honduran journalist killed

NEW Bolivia-UN Weekly Newsletter

VEN proposes Oil-Backed Currency, South-South Alliances at Arab-South Am Summit

Mark Weisbrot: G-20, Welcome to the Multi-Polar World

Preliminary Economic Comparison of Space Based Solar Power and Nuclear Power

Good Jordan Commercials

Boxer Parisi dies in car accident at 41

Pardon sought for first black heavyweight champ

Miguel Tejada Not Going To Jail

I've decided to call a peace truce with Upton & Cboy and let them know they've been right all along.

When did breaking THE REAL SPORTS FAN's rules become a federal offense?

Cutler is gone! Front page news in Denver's only newspaper tomorrow.

PTI Got Me

AP sources: Stallworth to be charged in Fla. crash

Giants picked to finish last by Sporting News

The most compelling Final Four ever?!?!?!

Trillions for Wall St., poverty for workers

Connecticut Union Organizers Are On A Roll

Chicago Sit-Downers Win Round Two, Await A Settlement

Rep. Matsui (D-Ca) Recognizes March 31st as César Chávez Day

Today in labor history April 1 Police raided the strikers’ tent colony; the chief of police was kill

Visteon Workers Occupy plants

The Canton, Ohio Speech, Anti-War Speech

Honoring Triangle Shirtwaist victims

Follow up on Brother Dave's passing from cancer 44 Wife, children, grandchildren

Detroit auto workers denounce Obama's concession demands

Retired military officers: Keep DADT

Still More Iraqi Gays To Be Executed

Public Hearing on LD 1020, the Marriage Bill - April 24,2009 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Clementine Ford: "I Am Gay"

Is terrya still around?

eHarmony Launches Site for SS Matches

Judge OKs same-sex couple's divorce (Broome Co, NY)

Obama invites Tony Dungy to join White House faith council

Swedish Parliament today voted yes to gender neutral marriages

I just got flamed on GD for suggesting that polyamorous people face many...

Aspartame Almost Killed Me!

New study covers just about everything!

Settlers hopeful Netanyahu will boost housing construction

U.S., in reversal, runs for UN rights council seat

Court aggravates sentence of policeman who killed Palestinian

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran Or I Will

. Haaretz poll: 54% of public dissatisfied with new government

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

UN: 70% of Palestinian youth oppose violence to resolve conflict with Israel

(Avigdor) Lieberman: Israel not bound by Annapolis

Netanyahu government / No sense of democracy in action

Palestinian youth orchestra shut after performing for Holocaust survivors

Syria Calling: The Obama Administration’s chance to engage in a Middle East peace. by Seymour Hersh

Israel: Transforming International Law by Violating It

Exxon Pension Fund Sues Northern Trust Alleging "Massive Losses"

Report: Obama believes automaker BK appears inevitable

G20 Protest Pics

Confirmed: Sources Say President Considers Bankruptcy Best Option For Automakers

Tax credits for paid time off?

Foreign central banks aren’t going to finance much of the 2009 US fiscal deficit...

Geithner, from the Peanut Gallery

Levitt and Mankiw join the Obama Administration

Question regarding the February "Pending Home Sales" number...

Senate Panel Approves Bill Limiting Credit-Card Rates

Youth pastor accused in bullet ricochet

Here's your April Fool's economic story...

Boats Too Costly to Keep Are Littering Coastlines

Some advice, please. Good time to refinance?

BP Fires A Quarter Of Its Solar Workers (620 Green Collar jobs out the window)

ADP: Private Sector Loses 742,000 Jobs

How AIG Is Driving GM Into Bankruptcy

The Economy Is Contracting A Lot More Rapidly Than The Government Is Reporting, Per TrimTabs

Even death isn't recession proof: Funeral homes are cutting costs

Survey finds Chinese manufacturing worsening

Moody's Warns of Worst Corporate Default Rate since WWII

David Kotok Explains Why Geithner's Toxic Asset Plan "Stinks"

50 Stunning Examples Of Architecture Photography

Is that a pic for the April contest?

How about this for hard work?

On the first clear day since we got back from Nome

The Family Plot

Fun with numbers about your Birthday-LINK

Do you ever send 'vibes' to people who might not want them?

Wedding Anniversary

Rick DiClemente's April Starself Astrology Newsletter

April 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Cats' Central Nervous System Can Repair Itself

Study reveals baby chickens aren't just cute — they are also math whizzes

What's All This Calculator Stuff, Anyhow?

Tracing The Theory of Evolution to Benjamin Franklin

Any forensic scientists or buffs here?

Pope Ratso to Investigate Scandalized Religious Order, Legionaries of Christ

Vatican to Investigate Scandalized Religious Order


I had a major revelation this morning: Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

Appropriating the Suffering of Others

Are We To Respect A Person's Beliefs, Or Only Their Right To Believe?

Salmon With Pink Peppercorn Citrus Sauce

I made pear cobbler.

Best ingredients for homemade tortillas?

Whole Foods Website 4/1/2009

It was 52 years ago today, and I don't think it's happened again since

Well...the cheese is tasty but it didn't make proper curds.

What's for dinner ~ Wednesday ~ April the 1st Edition

NBC 86-es Chopping Block

I'm going to be a a bit late to the crepe party

The Dumbest, Yet Most Widely Accepted 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: EXPOSED

Repo: The Genetic Opera

Thoughts on Better Off Ted

Guiding Light Cancelled

Cage sells his Bavarian Castle

Harper 'deeply troubled' by Afghan move to limit women's rights

Your thoughts please: Recently I had my computer cleaned of

Can anyone please tell me what these are?