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Archives: March 31, 2009

Republicans disenfranchise State of Minnesota from the Senate

Eric Boehlert: The NYT plays dumb about Glenn Beck

Soldiers Blinded, Hospitalized by Laser 'Friendly Fire'

Conyers Moves on Iran Diplomacy

NYT - Glen Beck - An Almost Warm Profile of A Very Angry Man

"the utter moral bankruptcy of the G-7 countries that will soon translate to financial bankruptcy"

Congratulations Lake Mary, FL. Now get as many more as you can.

Rachel you're the best

W.Va. bullying bill to include online posts

DUers, need to refute freeptards who are complaining about the April 1 tax cut....

Hmm how much would an M-1 would go for in Baghdad, FUNNY RACHEL

Wall Street on the Tundra

Madonna Tours Impoverished Malawi School In $2800 Chanel Sweatsuit

there's no way around the poor.

Palin's AG Pick Called Gays "Degenerates"

Methinks it's time for an early 90's movie revival to fit our crappy economy..

Being a Democrat, to me, doesn't mean blind loyalty

Maddow: "Why do we need to oursource justice " ( Spain courts)

These aren't the crooks you're looking for - he can go about his business - move along..

Cheney is going to get caught

This Modern World Elegant non-simplicity or communofascism? You be the judge. By Tom Tomorrow

Fellow North Texans: Now that we know just what kind of human beings Dallas police officers are

The Bizarre Poetry of Glen Beck

My Manhattan Project: How I helped build the bomb that blew up Wall Street.

Important legal ruling of the day

Update - Lyric's thread yesterday (healthcare, welfare, and the ones left behind)

Really officer, I wasn't drunk.....All I had were two Granny Smiths.

"From Golden In Greenwich To Homeless In Greenwich" (Madoff Sons and Walter Noel's Fairfield Group)

The Great American Disconnect.......

Oooooh, Turley's On Countdown!

Blackstone Rejects SEC Request for Fund Data as Fortress Agrees

Lawrence Wilkerson: Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay

fyi, Jon Stewart is back, and Jack Cafferty is his guest. nt

Aw nuts: Pistachios recalled

Aw nuts: Pistachios recalled

More than 100 major cargo ships are currently sitting idle in Singapore .......

What happened to SOX? (Sarbanes Oxley)

Kucinich to probe $3.6 billion in Merrill Lynch bonuses

Leno on how you know the economy is bad:

How exactly is Obama "abandoning" the auto workers?

How exactly is Obama "abandoning" the auto workers?

House Democrats Plan to Introduce Greenhouse-Gas Bill

Freepers selling out American companies.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Yay Mike new website is up!

Aaacckkk..North Texans keep an eye on our weather...radar has me wanting to hide

Press Conference on Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Asked To Go On Unpaid Vacation Today

Anyone else feel this way about the Wall Street Bailout?

How do I stop my brother from watching Lou Dobbs?.......

When someone explains the theory of relativity to you, and someone else

"If you posses something but you can't give it away, then you don't possess it ........

Anyone notice how late night TV ads have changed lately...

Forest Grove (Oregon) woman one of the last children of an American slave

Fred Phelps Raises Money for pro-LGBT Causes

MPAA Slaps NC-17 Rating On Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Bruno’

Ford v. GM - Why The Latter Is Screwed and The Former Isn't - Some Numbers

Post your favorite Sun Tzu quote in relation to the Dems' anti-GOP strategy

Remember Floyd Brown?

Should I still buy that new Camaro? It shows us "what Detroit can do"

Public Service Notice: Can you PLEASE quit ASSUMING Obama has evil corporatist motives...

when was kent conrad elected president?

Blow up your TV

The US is flat broke yet the Pentagon Budget goes up, up and up...

Medical Tourism - Going Abroad For Affordable Health Care

Donchajustluv Ambien disclaimers on TV?

What Does an F-22 Cost?

If The World Had A Front Porch . . .

That "new frontier in music" thread; I can't find it. Please help?

Billionaire Astrotourist Charles Simonyi takes second trip to space..

Freepers and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (if you dare)

Collateral calls

What If We Are Getting Conned?

They started showing Sex In the City on late night TV lately and I started watching it..

Shamwow guy's handywork.

Gee . . . just wouldn't be CNBC if they didn't have the most Republican Republican on.

15 workers fired for accessing octuplet mom's file

Hundreds Die As Migrant Boat Sinks Off Coast of Libya

Credit card reform may stall consumer lending efforts (re-selling debts)

10 Video Clips of Rachel Maddow in Conversation With MoJo Editors

What's wrong with trickle-up economics?

Media doublespeak... . a backflip in motion:

Not different points of view, just contradictory liars.

New York Race Watched for More Than Results

Angel's Andy Hallett dies

How much of a difference would It make for GM if we had single payer tomorrow?

Now Joe Scum is REALLY upset...

The Impending Perfect Wingnut Hate Storm

IBM files for patent on offshoring jobs

"5 Years" By Cindy Sheehan

Crazy Wingnut Republican blames 19th Ammendment (Women's Right to Vote) for Destruction of America..

2 Dems could be best allies for gun advocates

G-20's economic plan--for the world

Curious - how angry are the citizens of Minnesota at being denied representation while this charade

Zardari Asks US to Provide Drones to Pakistani Military

A fascinating American-Guyanese woman will be laid to rest today

Who should America provide/not provide aid to?

Someone has a crush on Rachel Maddow

Poverty Goes Straight to the Brain

John McEnroe made a joke about Morning Joe slapping Meeka around!

Sanders Makes Gregg Eat His Socialist Europe Meme (kos diary)

Obama to propose 2.8 billion dollars military aid for Pakistan

Microsoft's own Bridge to "somewhere".. ($11Million stimulus money)

Rove KNEW You Don't Win Elections If The Economy Sucks-So Last Summer....(Emptywheel Nails Bushco)

my asshole senator: 'Sen. Corker calls Obama plan for GM a 'power grab''

Communications and Internet Regulation

Competing for the remaining customers is not going to solve the overall problem.

Since we're having Chavez threads today. Here is why I get mad when people say Chavez is a dictator:

No Making Work Pay tax credit for those who receive VA disability?

Looks to me like Wagoner is a wuss. He didn't have it in him to call the president on his position.

What is the progress of Prop.8,, Where does it presently stand??

Worse than the MN Senate race, Minneapolis PD continue to intimidate peaceful citizens

GM Execs doing a Dog and Pony Show live on CNN.

Toxic assets and toxic thinking...

New GM CEO doesn't have a clue. He doesn't get that No Jobs = No buying cars.

Message from an aid worker in a Refugee Camp

The Rude Pundit: Six Times That Bill O'Reilly Stated as Fact That Abu Zubaydah's Torture Worked

Chavez proposes "petro-dollar" currency to vie against the U.S. dollar

World leaders brace for high-stakes economy summit

Walking the dinosaur...

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul won't work.

All of these auto workers who are against President Obama's plan

Just saw a guy at the grocery store get chased, cuffed & stuffed for stealing....

Do NOT use Members Mark Hand Sanitizers

President Obama, Lead Us, Tell Us How We Can Help

Racial Bias Seen in Hiring of Waiters

University hosts mass for Schiavo anniversary

Note to car manufacturers:

Mysterious East Coast Boom Was Falling Russian Rocket

“Federal troops to quell urban violence? Black on Black Love founder asks Obama to send help”

Here's what we're fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan;

Israel closes probe of Gaza incidents, denies they happened

ABC/Washington Post Poll: Obama is approved of in every region of the country

Thick brained people are smarter

Why would my repukelican senators vote against a bill to commemorate 9/11?

Why would my repukelican senators vote against a bill to commemorate 9/11?

Subject: Fareed Zakaria Showing His CFR Stripes

So, the government is now in the auto warranty business, eh?

Sorry, but Obama still has union support.

oh jeez - life insurance next to explode

Former Alabama judge indicted on inmate sex charges

"One Roadblock Too Many for G.M."

Call for Reporting Gays in Zambia

Its payback time for Michigan, in my opinion.

The Man Who Ate the G.O.P.

Order of Christian "knights" seeking to recruit CIA, CSIS, and MI5 professionals...

Through the Looking Glass-child model, perils in front of camera

Dance of a Thousand Hands - amazing

Dems Bringing Web Ad Against House GOP 'Budget' To TV

Happy 5th birthday, Air America Radio!

The banks vs GM: the difference from Obama's POV (as I understand it):

Robert Crumb set to publish 'scandalous' Bible satire

"Rush" has arrived on Clematis....

Seeing credit cards being rejected in the check out lines.

The WAR ON DRUGS Is INSANE-By Jack Cafferty

Did MSNBC Choose A Host For The 10pm EST Slot?

Hundreds of French workers take bosses hostage

On the Record of Obama's New Drug Czar

Driving While Under the Influence of a Red Delicious?

Who here is "livid with rage over the way management at a historically anti-union megacorp has...

Ministry Members Charged in Baltimore After Baby's Body Is Found

*** Last minute PUSH needed to help a fellow DU'er TODAY! ***

Glenn Beck just broke Morning Joe!!!

missing millions - malawi fundraiser

Limbaugh: 'If Obama Fails, America Is Saved'

House Republicans Lower Expectations

San Diego Regional Fraud Task Force raids home of shoplifting couple from Dr. Phil show

Does anyone here know of a left of center discussion board?

Clinton Warns N.Korea On Missile Plan, "Japan has every right to protect and defend its territory."

Let's play: Fact or fiction, conspiracy edition.

Had a "Is this DU?" moment when I saw a topic

What about focusing jobs creating program money on auto industry?

TARP Watchdog: "We Do Not Seem To Be A Priority For The Treasury Department"

"The Guy James Show" returns today

Verizon, AT&T May Tell U.S. on $7.2 Billion Broadband Stimulus: Keep It

There will be a concerted effort to blame Obama for auto industry failures.

Andrea Greenspan Mitchell--

Pakistani Taliban Leader Pledges Attack on D.C.

Former Cheney Aide Suggests That Hersh’s Account Of ‘Executive Assassination Ring’ Is ‘Certainly Tru

Television's longest running daytime drama may get the axe in September

Oh god I hate new parents...

The President cannot be proud of what is happening on DU lately

Worried about yer money???

DU Call to Action! NPR Marketplace - AEI

DU Call to Action! NPR Marketplace - AEI

U.S. Climate Change Summit Sets Stage for National Response—(They want your input!!!)

Vampire Panic at the Boston Latin School

Government website now offers 'suicide warning signs' for victims of recession

Gore recount lawyer declares, 'Senator Franken has won'

Iran and US hold 'cordial' talks

Nearly 8 years after 9/11, Rush tells NY to 'drop dead'

Anybody watching the Senate budget debate?

Mr Fish : Cheney making America less safe....

Concerned Women for America breaks new ground in loserness: Calls internal survey "public opinion"

Dow 36,000 and your pension (Krugman)

Blaming Obama for the auto crisis, union busting...

Microbes make methane from CO2 and electricity

The Arms Race in College Coaching

TPM Muck: A Brief History Of AIG's Three Decade Duty Free Bermudan Adventure

Waxman kicks off climate debate

Married barrister had 'affair with client - and charged her £250(358.444 USD) an hour '

Every Democratic President in my lifetime has disappointed me in some measure.

The biggest abomination unto the gods...

Congress expands ways for Americans to help others

Instructions for aspiring bigots.

(Goat) Blowing the lid off another super-secret nefarious,blood-thirsty liberal email cabal of evil

TIME:Spanish judge may issue international arrest warrants for Bush-era figures, if no shows @ court

Frontline tonight: SICK AROUND AMERICA- Frontline investigates the failures of America's health care

'Dead' Pakistan Taleban Chief Takes Credit for Lahore Terror Attack

Apart from the grossly overpaid line workers, what's GM's problem? :sarcasm:

BS Astroturf Group Falsely Claims PETA kills 95% of the Pets in Its Care

Anyone know where to find returns for NY-20 tonight?

Snopes debunks Wingnut "CA is banning black cars" urban legend

World’s Most Powerful Laser has the Energy of a Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea Threatens War If Japan Tries to Shoot Down Missile

Neil cauvto tries not to Laugh over Faux News new promo ad

DNA Evidence Frees Black Man Convicted Of Bear Attack (VIDEO)

Feith Responds To Spanish Charges: ‘I Never Advocated’ For Torture, I Was Just ‘Giving Advice’

Goodman Interviews Hersch on Assassination Ring (Wing)

From Vanity Fair: Average age of radio dittoheads - 67.

Walgreens giving free care to jobless and uninsured

A quick question, how much US bailout money has Ford asked for?

IF words matter querry me this

Juan Cole: President Sounds Like He's Channeling Cheney or McCain

Have the Spaniards offered a reward for any war criminals yet?

The State of Black America 2009

Kyl (R-Whiner/Hypocrite): Dems have 'no right' to demand Republican budget

There are times when I think WalMart does have a sense of humor....

Congressman: We’re Turning Into Soviet Union (R-Idiotland)

The books of Ayn Rand make me literally, physically ill. How do you deal with her fans?

Church Capital fund ... Faith-Based Investing.

Church Capital fund ... Faith-Based Investing.

In your opinion, What is the difference between Liberals and Progressives? n/t.

Now I've seen everything: DUI arrest for driving on a bar stool!

The Constitutionality of Taxing Bonuses (Balkinization)

Du This Poll

When Judd Gregg was apparently going to be in the administration,

Cesar Chavez Day



For the t shirt, sort of: The Golden Age of DU.

Oklahoma: lawmakers seek to condemn university for inviting evolutionary biologist Dawkins to speak

How much is $2.9 trillion ?

Reports of tension between Russian and American Astronauts on the International Space Station

"I wrecked my bar stool," 15 beers + motorized bar stool (38 MPH top end) = DUI for Ohio man

3 shifts are working 24 four hours a day, seven days a week, turning out Ford F 150 pickup trucks

In Wake Of GM Ouster, Unions Demand Obama Fire Bank Of America CEO

In DC .... things of beauty clearly in evidence

Your Conficker To-Do List

How are you feeling about Barack Obama's presidency so far?

Reagan: The Great American Socialist

Is there a decent market for Liberal Radio?

Orbitz: "Because we have an 'Assassination Ring'!"

VIDEO: George Galloway interviewed on CBC's The Hour March 30, 2009

Nine Lives: Cats' Central Nervous System Can Repair Itself And Restore Function

Study: The healthiest & unhealthiest chain restaurants

"is the treasury avoiding the tarp fund watchdogs?"

"is the treasury avoiding the tarp fund watchdogs?"

The VP who still can't shoot straight

Gov. of Virginia Race--matching funds 'til midnight 3/31--please donate

What the People in Idaho are Saying about Obama LOL

One thing they agree on: The color of money is green

6 ‘Tactical’ Weapons That Are Anything But (warning-offensive author comments)


Tedisco's Lawyer Will File to Impound Ballots in Today's NY-20 Election

Report: Director Gave Trooper Lottery Tickets After Traffic Stop

so how many ways is my company breaking the law

You think Cheney is making noises about the Obama Administration because

Huge computer virus may hit tomorrow, April 1 - WITH instruction on what to do

I've never posted a labor history here in GD or a day early

Hamid Karzai signs law legalizing rape in marriage

People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches Dot Com

People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches Dot Com

The New Great Game- The Long War Across Europe and Asia

Are we going to have an April Fools party in GD?

Coultergeist Gets Her Comeuppance - From The Far Right

New Effort Under Way for Consumer Protections on Credit Cards

Lawmakers: Let's be sure we're collecting VoIP tax

Mom's Plea Deal Includes 'Resurrection Clause'

Brothers: Chimp victim is talking and improving

IL State Senate wants $1 cigarette tax increase as federal hike set to take effect

Shuster tearing Bachmann a new one

Hit & Run: Passenger pushes victim from car windshield and car drives off

Cafferty Argues to Legalize Pot - Cafferty?!

David Schuster you make me want to shoot my tv

Court Narrows Number of Minnesota Senate Ballots to Count

Why I am of two minds regarding Obama's stance on pot legislation

A Scary Corporate Coup Is Under Way -- We've Got to Stop It

Mrs Obama and the Gentleman accompanying her arrived in London

Rally aimed at RI gas, cigarette tax proposals

Stephanopoulos: Adminstration officials say GM bankruptcy LEADING OPTION

Michael Moore Stalking Lawmakers On Capitol Hill

History of the demise of the Glass-Steagall Act

What has Obama done so far to help crush the UAW?

I always thought sales taxes were Republican tactics

Does anyone believe Roland Martin's guest hosting at CNN could turn into a full time gig?

Seems the Banks Are Trying To Weather The Crisis WITHOUT Coming Clean....

Taleban: we will launch attack on America that will amaze world

Adults charged with providing alcohol to 13-, 14-year-old girls at a party

should drugs be legalized and taxed. CNN poll

I Have a New-Minted Philosophy To Get Me Through These Trying Times

so is the Senate going to seat Franken tomorrow?

Do you think the federal government should be deciding who runs a corporation?

Looks like the Minnesota Court FINALLY ruled.... We'll know April 7...

Why I won't be voting for Bloomberg.

President Obama heads to London; criticism is now forbidden

JPMorgan Chase: $88 trillion in derivatives...

best freeper misspelling in ages.

About those jobs that have left America and will never come back...

You know that Cheney is still committing treason every day

There is casual Friday, then there is REALLY casual Friday

The real danger of O'Reilly's ambush interviews

Okay, if you're against the GM plan, what would you have done better?

GM is in the exact same situation the legacy airlines were in:

TEDTalk Tuesday: "Going Under"

I collect articles related to diplomacy surrounding U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

Countdown to Conficker

"Mr. Wurzelbacher appeared unperturbed by the catcalls as impromptu audience debates grew heated"

a simple blood test.... 12 years ago tomorrow, my dad died of leukemia

How necessary was Obama's call for the resignation of GM's Rick Wagoner?

The Unnamed... No Aspect of Iraq Has Not Been Savagely Attacked and Broken Into Pieces...

Is America still on top of the heap (best country in the world)?

Life in Mendota, Calif., where the jobless rate is 41 percent

Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez

A Vaccine Debate Once Focused on Sex Shifts as Boys Join the Target Market

The True MATH: Confirming Election Fraud 2000-2008 (TIA) - x

'Green Death' soccer coach resigns

Obama supporters from primaries on DU: How are you feeling he has done so far?

ARE WE SAFE YET? War Resisters 2009 Pie Chart- 51% of Federal Budget Goes to MILITARY SPENDING

Is Obama Telling Us Everything?

Is Obama Telling Us Everything?

Fun with text to speech

Ever wish that a ship would sink?

All Joe Cassano Ever Wanted Was To Not Pay Taxes

if Detroit Electric can make a $25K electric car- why can't gm? or chrysler? or ford?

How to Write About Africa (by Binyavanga Wainaina)

IBM Files Patent for System that Calculates How to Offshore Jobs While Maximizing Tax Breaks

Another AIG scandal? Helped transfer taxpayer $ to major banks giving them "abnormal profitability"

Spanking 'brings couples together'

Hersh: Cheney left a 'stay behind'; still has power

Barack and Me

''Netanyahu's Ultimatum To Obama'': How dare He ????

Teabaggers to be in Denver on April 15th

Divorce Jackpots Leave London Bankers Begging for Relief as Bonuses Vanish

Afghan leader accused of bid to 'legalise rape'


The way GM and Chrysler are being treated by the Obama Administration is giving me pause

Tim Kaine blasted by NARAL for okaying Crisis Pregnancy Center. Also oks Choose Life license tag.

DU Public Service Announcement

South Carolinians, your governor is a real piece of sh*t

I recently saw photos of acres and acres of cars that were waiting

I recently saw photos of acres and acres of cars that were waiting

Democratic Underground April T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Enter To Win Free Stuff!

Obama will be called on the carpet in Europe...

Douglas Feith, the chickens have come home to roost. And you are a liar.

Maybe Michigan needs to stop its dependency on the auto industry. Is there anything left to lose?

The man who killed seven senior citizens (aged 78 - 98) and a nurse

Yeah, the American people really do seem to be turning against President Obama

Things I thought I'd never see on DU, #42,421:

The Question Geithner Refuses To Answer

YES WE CAN....bust your unions by closing down your factories while giving trillons to wall street

I've posted my college admissions decisions, and I know many in GD asked me to keep them updated

Who's gotten their stimulus?

the real reason why GM and it's workers are screwed

We need universal pension reform!!!

Week 10 Presidential Week in Review

Week 10 Presidential Week in Review

Chavez Opposes Arrest Warrant For Bashir; Asks Why Not Bush?

MoveOn Is Not New to Supporting War

It's been done before, time for an update - HOW OLD ARE DUers?

The pain in the auto industry is not limited to Detroit, it will hit nationwide

Palin replaced as headliner for Republican dinner

Happy birthday Former President Al Gore!

America's 10 Best Fast-Food Restaurants--- and Worst

"Battle in Seattle"

The embargo against Cuba will be gone within a couple of years

Computer worm

How can an Obama supporter have a 401k investing in war or war related stocks...

Is it just me, or are the biggest complainers about "socialism" the biggest leeches...

President Obama and the Powers Behind the Throne

If you received $1,000 bi-weekly/$2,000 per month in

Miss Universe blogs her "Incredible" trip to Gitmo. Your mouth will fall open with this one.

Physics and math people: I have just figured it all out, and no, the aliens did not tell me.

About OnStar

Um. Err. Narwal?

How fast can osteoporosis cripple a person?

Man, I Have A Craving for a Slice of Cherry Pie, But I'm on a Diet

I need help with a word.

Full Screen Or Widescreen?

Got a good slogan? You could win a free T-shirt!

I Just Turned Down A Situation...

I'm ready for the withering attacks, but "Chuck" is one of the most

Zero 7

Why does my Logitech keyboard spacebar keep sticking? Aaaarrrrrgghhh!

Gay Men and Women to be Executed in Iraq

If this fucking leak doesn't fucking stop in ten fucking minutes, I am going to kick this:

Is anyone excited about the release of "Slumdog" tomorrow?

Angel Star Andy Hallett Dies of Heart Failure

Adventures with a skittish kitteh

Tonight's Lullaby - Silbermond

Humans can be such assholes

You would not believe the brain power it took for me to find this song

There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle that of course I forgot to save

Hail to thee, alma mater...

One of the first fractal images I ever created.

For your evening listening: Fats Domino and Ricky Nelson

i'm not worried, really . . .

What's tonight's cravings?

My cat says the snow is almost here

Methinks the fat ass doth protest too much


"You're breakin' my heart, you're tearin' it apart, so fuck you"

Magnifying Face Shield

I'm having sneezing fits tonight. What's pollinating right now? It did storm today

Are You A Troll? Tell The Truth Now!

Laughter is the best medicine, they say.

Good news and bad news...

Examples of proper usage.

AOL truly sucks teh ASS, and that's all I have to say about that. Goodnight DU.

I'm cold again tonight. Could I put my feet in your armpits?

I can't sleep.

Angel Star Andy Hallett Dies of Heart Failure

Sad news, fellow Whedonverse fanatics

Now you've done it.

Fuck this shit.

Fuck this shit.

Hey - proles - here's a cocktail for you: The Last Word! Fan-frakking-tastic!

spend some time in the humor group for a pick me up

DU techies

Perhaps the most romantic song I've ever heard.

Maurice Jarre has passed away

Anybody looking for a job?

Are you horribly indecisive?

Mint - enlarged spleen

My vet gave me the most wonderful invention yet...

Good morning Lounge

What are your favorite non-alcoholic concoctions?

Would it be terribly wrong to bust into the cantelope before the kids get home?

Of all circumstances in which to blow someone off - a pet adoption?!

Do you own/use a cell phone?

I got to meet Charlie Musselwhite this weekend!

How come the only word in English that ends like "hungry"


Updates :-)

Jesus, I posted a help wanted ad on craigslist, and this woman got really snarky with me.

MrLaraMN is ditching me for over two weeks. Can I paint his truck in my driveway?

I need some advice.

Let's Play Dead Or Alive. I'll Go First:

GLBT friends here..... I have a teacher question,....

I've never been the type to point at and stare at trainwrecks...

I've never been the type to point at and stare at trainwrecks...

Food Forum??

How can I most effectively torture MrLara during his five hour tattoo sitting tonight?

GLBT friends here....I have a fashion question.

Filled to the brim and downed

You know what? It's just as easy to post someting illiterate as it is to post something literate.

Had a great idea for a lounge thread yesterday...

MrCoffee is a fun sucker.

Tomorrow is Iza's birthday

Please tell me how to find a home for this cat. Damnit! So frustrated....

i show much flex when i step up to the mic

You know what? It's just as easy to post someting literate as it is to post something illiterate.

The beagle just had a whole box of Puppies.

duh herk eaarggh durrrhh

Happy Birthday to Christopher Walken! 66 today!

Little Steven nails it. "A Crisis of Craft"

The beagle just drank a whole box of Peter Vella.

Happy Day of the Dude...sort of.

Wow! Mr. Acker Bilk finally made the cover of Vibe!

I will be consuming a massive cup of java, tomorrow at 7pm EST.

Post Number 5000: A look back at 1 through 4999.......

We've replaced the regular Lounge MrCoffee with an imposter.

Self Edited for not being respectful.

My neighbor has a yappy little dog named Portia. Guess how I know?

my husband is out of town

Which is the worst Ghostbusters film?

Cesar Chavez day

ok people, he is an ass....

Obama & the Borg - the Military/Corporate/Financial Complex. Why dissent is ESSENTIAL.

We're thinking about going to Puerto Rico. Any advice?

5-Hour Energy Shots.....

Do cats cry (you know, with tears and all?)

The beagle just farted holes in a box.

I hate pdf files.

Thank jeebus, I finally got the wireless working at home

Baseball Team Offers Flatulence Filters To Go With All You Can Eat Games

Speaking of janesez, what is her new username?

OK, I am not going to make a big deal about tonight

NEW in Wolfgang's Vault: Allman Bros. Cow Palace 12/31/73 w/ guests Jerry Garcia & Boz Scaggs

Is this any way to greet a Swede at the airport?

Lou Reed's "Coney Island Baby" - what say you?

Whats Your Favorite Song By The Jonas Brothers? Tremidlo




There are times when I think WalMart does have a sense of humor....

Cooking and Baking has sunk to a new low

Now I've seen everything: DUI arrest for driving on a bar stool!

Here's a funny video

Any suggestions on what to do in Berkeley/San Francisco?

What is the significance of the gopher?

Pole-dancing as an Olympic Sport?

Look what the cat dragged in....

"I wrecked my bar stool," 15 beers + motorized bar stool (38 MPH top end) = DUI for Ohio man

Single DU'rs Where Do you go to date?

Godfather 1 and 2 on AMC right fucking now

My friends have the best and worst cars.

Old ladies who aren't wanting to cross the street, REALLY don't like being helped across the street.

The Pope's Secret Life

Empty Desk = Empty Mind?

The biggest abomination unto the gods...

Hello! How am I doing?

Scratch Ankle, I almost forgot to miss ya.

arcadian actually gets my sick sense of humor. We should pray for him.

I just sprayed Febreze in my navel, and now my dog does not know who I am. n/t

"...Nugget's...Hot Wing's..."

I am King of Burkina Faso and need your help.

Are you disconnecting from the internet tonight and will it help to avoid the big bad

Daniel by Elton John is my favorite song, Trebek.


I need some creative and humorous suggestions for the new Comment Box at the bar.


Weird. When I use the "Dashboard" feature of my MacBook, it automatically logs me off of DU.

I want her

12 Piece Bucket KFC $11.99

The April Fools party starts at Mid night

Have you been teabagging?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/31/09 (non-graphic language, but semi-graphic subject)

It's my birthday!

Question for skinnydippers in the buff

Is there anything glamourous about being 29?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

What's your prediction on how many hoax threads we'll get tomorrow?

NEWSFLASH: Common Lounge saying's origin found!

I got new glasses today

Two short Russian films on

Our dumb-ass Republican neighbors' dogs won't shut up..

Tomorrow is a very important day. April 1st. You HAVE to watch Jeopardy.

What size shoe do you wear.

Micro$oft ending 'mainstream' Windows XP support?

March 31st sucks balls. Our family hates that date and I need hugs

With all due apologies to Bob Dylan...

Tomorrow , at work, we are granted 7 days off, for the year, to use however we want...

Wow: Carry your baby while looking utterly ridiculous with this strange device

Is it against the rules to post in the Lounge a copycat of a GD thread?

The Star Wars Trilogy, as retold by Amanda (who hasn't seen Star Wars)

Question for "2001: A Space Odyssey" buffs

cool video of model trains.

I passed my Pharmacology re-tests! 91% on the Mid-Term re-test; 84% on the Final re-test.

Five Tuesday questions

LTMom is 80 today 3/31/2009

Chai Tea is God!

A very serious ice cream thread


Is it unusual to be 50 years old and not need any kind of glasses?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing

I don't know if it's accurate, since IQ tests are quite unreliable, but...

Why did you choose the career path you've chosen?

This is my first non-vegetarian dinner since friday...

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of my vasectomy. Ask me anything!

Most asinine bumpersticker evah! I'm series!

60's hippy sugar

I want to thank everyone that helped me with the competition.

Went to the dentist yesterday, ended up being taken by rescue squad to the hospital.

This is the WRONGEST video of all time.

Today is my last day at my job. Bummer.

actual job description @ craigslist...and my reply

I turn 35 tomorrow, so I'm posting a pic.

Calling all knitters and Code Pink supporters!

Update on Lyric's mom...

Oh god I hate new parents...

Heard on the radio: A sequel for "Star Trek" already in development, a third on its way too

What kind of critters have entered your house through the pet door?

Stressed Female Mushroom Corals Become Male

I thought it was a joke.

Advice please: 20-something siblings still living at home

What are the major differences between Cold Play & Radio Head?

Geico lizard meets his match with lol cat

I just found out that my Gr' grandson died yestersday

Well here it is, my official college admission decisions thread

Why do you hate modern film remakes?

Geithner or Krugman? A third option: Help out the under-water home owners and borrowers

odd as it is to find myself advocating the middle ground,

Rachel's Gonna Talk About Franken's Senate Seat

Random Speculation: What Would Happen If G-20 Countries Told Obama...

Obama, Medvedev to sign declaration on treaty

House Democrats (even some "Blue Dogs") Receptive to Obama’s Budget Pitch

I have found the correct and righteous balance between criticism and apology

Time for a hard hitting Skink break.

Is Cheney setting up a defense for himself by attacking Obama so overtly?

Black caucus calls for more diversity in bailouts

Time for a cute puppy break.......

Are we there Yet?

Republicans Release Their Alternative Budget

Glenn Beck encourages audience to decide whether to drive a stake

Hey DUers!! THIS is the Enemy:

Talking about fighting about fighting about talking about agreeing without fighting about talking

Lawrence Summers

Ford v. GM - Why The Latter Is Screwed and The Former Isn't - Some Numbers

Why Does The Media Seem Quiet (relatively Speaking) On The Minnesota Recount?

I'm disappointed in obama... a study in legit criticism.

The Latest Episode of "Occupation Rebranded"

Remember These Guys? (Thanks gblady!)

Poll: Americans believe world leaders respect President Obama, think he will represent US well.

Angry At The Banker Bailout? Are You Even A *Potential* PUMA?

POLL: Michelle Obama's Formidable Favorables, 76% favorable overall, 59% among Repugs.

I think it is outrageous that Al Franken is not seated yet.

Obama administration guaranteeing warrantees for Domestic vehicles

After advocating death for AIG executives, Krauthammer rips Obama for ‘demanding’ GM CEO’s ‘head...

A political site that tracks Obama's promises:

Cars vs. Cash

FYI-Senate hearing on TARP

So my local Comcast cable just moved MSNBC from channel 60 to...

MSM war against Obama continues. Is Obama Risking Summit Overload?

Blame for Downturn Not Fixed on Obama-6 in 10 Back His Handling of Economy

Inside the Obama-Bank CEO Meeting

NY 20th DUers - how's turnout looking?


Breaking: New Washington Post/Abc poll-Obama approval rating at 66%-highest in 20 years

Norm Coleman's a sore loser. Why won't the press say so? (MediaMatters)

Repugs sense defeat in NY-20, lower expectations.

If Tedisco wins, it will be a repudiation of President Obama and his policies.

GOP lowering expectations in NY 20 race

Detroit plan has GOP Careening out of control

Democrats Warn of Congressional Losses Without Quick Action to Fix Economy

New York Magazine: "Is Paul Krugman having a crisis of confidence?"

USA Today/Gallup. Obama Approval 64% Republicans 30% Democrats 42%

I Voted and Respect Obama BUT!!!!!!!

"Blame for Downturn Not Fixed on Obama"

DU Politics Poetry Jam - "Lay down "

Chicago Examiner: "[Krugman] is starting to look like the 'angry man'"

Any Suggestions For A More Pro-Democratic Forum?

Why do Auto Workers Feel Like GM is being treated unfairly?

The End of Conservative Talk Radio?

KO talking about Obama elitists with some guy who says that

502 Person ROAD TRIP!!!!!

PA-12: Murtha: "If I'm corrupt, it's because I take care of my district."

VA-Gov: Moran Pulls Back Into Primary Lead

After Wagoner, Bank of America's CEO may be the next to go

A Call for our own round of Obama House Parties!

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

"W.H. discusses possible bankruptcy" - WH is focused on the Bondholders taking a haircut.

Safe landing for Obamas

New chief: We need to reinvent GM -- and fast

Live results here for NY-20 after 9PM Eastern

Dont you hate it when folks make you sit through their annoying vacation slide shows?

The Democrat is going to win in NY-20

Over The Past 30 Years, How Would You Rank The Presidents From Most Progressive to Least?

Over The Past 30 Years, How Would You Rank The Presidents From Most Progressive to Least?

How cluttered is your computer space: Pic thread

The Obama Bloc

Where would conservatives go?

How the media changed the narrative of the NY-20 race,

Obama's Auto Demands: "It's the age-old Wall Street vs. Main Street smackdown again"

Obama's Auto Demands: "It's the age-old Wall Street vs. Main Street smackdown again"

People on some internet forum I get to use for free don't behave the way I think they should

Gov. Granholm op-ed: Electric (Motor) City

LOL! TPM: Krugman Traded To Republicans

With all due apologies to Bob Dylan...

Chris Dodd writing in Huffpo: The Moment for Credit Card Reform

Lobbyists fight back against Obama - lawsuit in the works

Is there "immunity" for posters who've been here a long time-

Anti-Limbaugh billboard rolls in to West Palm Beach

Who will challenge Burr?

MN Court Tells Coleman To STFU - Dismisses All Complaints - Orders 400 Ballots Counted by April 7.

Dow finishes with best month in 6 years

US to seek a seat on UN rights council

Nate Silver on one of the major reasons why the Obama administration can't keep propping up GM

Oprah Snags Interview With Elizabeth Edwards - To air on May 11

What the difference between Rush Limbaugh & the Marxist Left?

95% of Democrats approve of Obama's job as President According to ABC/WaPo Poll

Craig Ferguson warned any dogs in Alaska seeing a helicopter should get inside.

Angry? Focus your rage here where it belongs.

Marijuana Town Hall Denial

If the G20 summit was a beauty contest, we win

Sebelius: As Insurance Commissioner, I Saw Rationing Of Care ‘On A Regular Basis By Private Insurers

BREAKING: Sebelius tax problems surface now officially launched; check out which banks in your state got CPP funding

On The Ground Reports Favor Murphy in NY-20

Michelle Obama's Formidable Favorables

Brian Moran takes the lead over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia

The problem here with discussions at DU

NY-20 Election: Republicans now are lowering expectiations

Who will win today's special election in NY-20?

PHOTOS Joe and Hillary.....why all this tension?

I like the Obamas a lot. And I like their dog.

Peter Boone and Simon Johnson: The Real Geithner Plan, a ‘Nuclear Option’

Poll: Americans believe world leaders respect President Obama

Forget Palin & Jindal. Which GOP Celeb will we face in 2012

Limpballs -- The Man Who Ate the G.O.P. (Vanity Fair)

(is now a bad time for a photo thread?)

Top TARP recipients extended $245 billion in new loans in Dec and January

Calling the Game at the top of the First Inning

Paulson In A Wig

AP: Turnout Light in NY House Seat's Special Election

Angie Harmon: I'm Not Racist Because I Disagree With Obama

Obama's teleprompter

All Work, No Pay , should the First Lady get a salary

Hillary Clinton Favorability Ratings Hit New Heights - 58%

My father turns 100

Why Is GM So Much Worse Off Than Ford? Its Debt Ratios Are Horrendous

PHOTOS London Calling!

Did anyone see Shuster right now?

"Sore Loser" Coleman Legal Spokesman Makes It Official: He Will Appeal...In Effort To Steal Election

"One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time." - RFK

PHOTOS Whooo, hoooo: Europe here they come

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/31/2009)

At the risk of costing us the noise-to-signal ratio record, an asset purchase plan post:

Our new president's first trip across the pond-can we wish him well?

Obama in LEGO

Simon Johnson on the banking crisis: 'The Quiet Coup'

"Actress" Angie Harmon: "If I have anything to say against Obama it's not because I'm a racist..."

I think what has happened at DU lately,

I think what has happened at DU lately,

Who Has Signed Howard Dean's petition for a public option?

PHOTOS Know your G20

Hillary is Flowering as SOS: She looks beautiful and radiant!

Is The Media Giving A Free Pass On coleman Being A SORE LOSER?

No one has successfully nationalized a bank in the circumstances that we are now in.

Senate Single-Payer Healthcare Bill Introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders!

PHOTOS British Newspaper Front Pages (April 1)

Seriously, what are you doing here if you think Obama

Suggest ways to drive the DLC, "New" Democrats, K Street, and Wall St. from the Democratic Party

I Have To Give A Shout Out To Jackeens

SEIU puts pressure on Obama, Bank of America CEO

There was no Hillary "gaffe" in Mexico City. She was pointing to a framed image of the cloak!

Put yourself in HIS shoes.

Democratic and White House Betrayal on EFCA (Emloyee Free Choice Act)

More proof that he is heading the right way.

Two Lingering Questions for Krugman

Elizabeth Warren, Tarp watchdog: "We Do Not Seem to Be a Priority for the Treasury Department"

Analysis: Obama tougher on autos than banks

Asia Split Over China's "War Of Nerves" With U.S.

Global Stocks Set For Best Month In Over 6 Years.

Yemeni held at Guantanamo since 2001 to be released

Massive Chemo Dose Targets Cancerous Liver

Angel's Andy Hallett dies

U.S. Decides to Release Detainee at Guantánamo

Chechen rival hiding in Dubai assassinated

Cambodia PM rejects wider Khmer Rouge trials

Barack and Me

Body of yachtsman killed by pirates found: Family speak of 'relief'

China rejects computer spy claims as "ghost of Cold War"

Boeing to deliver $17 billion of planes to India in 5 years

Iraq: suicide bomber kills 8, wounds 12 in Mosul

Government website now offers 'suicide warning signs' for victims of recession

Turkey hopes to boost Afghan, Pakistan security ties

Afghan army 'kills 30 militants'

Hundreds feared drowned off Libya

2 rare elephants shot dead in Indonesian jungles

The Man Who Ate the G.O.P.

American Servicemen Tortured by Iraq Applaud President Obama's Order Against Torture

Pakistan Gets $500 Million Loan From World Bank

Chicago Sun-Times owner files for bankruptcy

Experts predict Calif. justices will uphold Prop 8

U.S. voters don't blame Obama for economy

U.S. Takes Over as Britain Begins Basra Pullout

Iran Offers Help for Afghanistan

Hundreds of French workers take bosses hostage

Bankruptcy Is Now ‘More Probable,’ New G.M. Chief Says

Overtures to Taliban endanger women's rights: activist

U.S. top court dismisses Philip Morris appeal

U.S. Economy: Consumer Confidence Hovers Near a Record Low

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Remains Near Record Low as More Jobs Are Lost

Japan's biggest drug maker Takeda Pharmaceutical to move R&D base to Chicago area

Anti-war activist Steve Hamilton dies

Statement from Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa, UH Center for Hawaiian Studies

Meteor or piece of spacecraft caused fireball, boom, expert says

Czech Opposition to Missile Shield Grows (brings down Prime Minister)

Iran offers to help US rebuild Afghanistan

Philly news execs got bonuses before bankruptcy

Afghan leader accused of bid to 'legalise rape'

Billboard Attacking Limbaugh Debuts in Fla.

Sebelius Open to Fast-Track Process for Health Bill

Ford, GM to cover car payments if buyer loses job

Polypill 'could become a reality'

Gore recount lawyer declares, 'Senator Franken has won'

Madoff brother agreed to US asset freeze in Dec.

Cash-for-Clunkers Plan Gains Speed

Cheney used insult Mussolini favored against UK

WRAPUP 1-Judge freezes assets of Madoff sons, executives

Pakistan Criticizes U.S. Linkage of Aid to Anti-Terrorist Fight

Chinese seniors say they're under siege

Senator: Expect Painful Cuts In Pentagon Budget

Obama's aunt becomes symbol in immigration debate

As bad as the Taleban? Afghan President backs law which 'legalises rape within marriage'

Gingrich becomes a Catholic, then has dinner at Café Milano

Chief of notorious Khmer Rouge torture center testifies, apologizes

Coleman all but concedes, but will appeal court ruling

U.S. to Join U.N. Human Rights Council, Reversing Bush Policy

Study: Seattle housing for (homeless) alcoholics saves money

North Korea Threatens War Against Japan Over Missile

U.S. Supreme Court rules state has authority to sell ceded lands

Walgreens giving free care to jobless and uninsured

Top Bush advisor (Douglas Feith) denounces Spanish torture probe

(Seymour) Hersh: Cheney ‘Left A Stay Behind’ In Obama’s Government, Can ‘Still Control Policy Up To

Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis

Minnesota Senate Court Ruling Released

Taliban Leader: We're Planning Attack On D.C. "Soon"

Conn. Thieves Steal $1 million Worth Of Cigarettes

Recession Puts a Major Strain On Social Security Trust Fund

Bailout tab: $3 trillion so far

In Wake Of GM Ouster, Unions Demand Obama Fire Bank Of America CEO

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 31

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell by a Record 19% in January

France is threatening G20 walkout

Lose job? Ford, GM will make car payments

Supreme Court rejects Philip Morris' appeal

The True MATH: Confirming Election Fraud 2000-2008 (TIA) - x

Workers Say Obama Treated Autos Worse Than Wall St

Obama & Dems talk budget passage

White House Spokesperson Questioned About Obama's Position on Marijuana

Pres. Obama Signs Major Public Lands Protections & Reeves Paralysis Act

New NASA Module On Display in Washington D.C. - Constellation Orion

130+ Women Sold, Russian Intelligence Official Allegedly Used Govt to Profit

Cheney security advisor John Hannah totally confirms Sy Hersh's story about assassination squads

O' Reilly Goes After UPS - Says Corp Party to 'Evil Deed' Against Rape Victim Center

Hypocrisy Watch, CEO Treatment in Washington - BA vs GM

Drought? Water rationing? Some Folks Are Painting Their Lawns Green

Canadian Seal Hunt continues - Humane Society Coverage - VERY GRAPHIC

Bipartisan Bill Seeks to Curtail Patriot Act; ShamWow Pitchman Beats up Prostitute

NOW: The People's Sheriff on "illegal aliens"

Fox News Babes

Morning Joe Discuss Glenn Beck: Somebody Get This Blubbering Buffoon A Kleenex!

Unions Protest Joe The Plumber

Hit and Run (DSCC Ad)

Countdown - Prof. Jonathan Turley - on prosecuting crimes

Gov. Sanford (R-SC): Accepting Education Funds = 'Fiscal Child Abuse'

Inhofe: The Science of Global Warming Is Just "Not There"

Congressman Bob Inglis: How to Engage Republicans, even Skeptics, on Carbon Legislation

Maddow on Coleman/Franken plus great slam by Boies of SCOTUS

George Galloway on CBC TV - 3.30.2009

Young Turks: Obama Smacks Down GM CEO But Not Bankers??

Rep. DeFazio on Bush Economics

Morning Joe Rips Into Glenn Beck (Uncontrollable Laughter)

O'Reilly Editorial: Spain, War Crimes, Feith Indictment

TYT: Intel Officials Admit Torture Did Not Work At All, Cenk Reacts

Schema Thing


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Moderator Availability Thread for Tuesday March 31st, 2009








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Prophet 451

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Rachel Maddow covers Spain, war crimes, Dawn Johnson, & Abu Zubaydah

Analysis: Obama tougher on autos than banks

Oil: Exxon Chairman's $400 Million Parachute, Lee Raymond

Sy Hersh: Cheney Told Israelis Obama Eats 'Pastrami on White with Mayo'

More Change in Auto Industry: Barack the Rock Star the New Voice of OnStar

For This Health System, Less Is More.

The Progressive: Geithner Gets a Taste of the Peasants' Anger

Bush official Charles E.F. Millard shifted insurer's billions into stocks just before crash

Choosing people who make money out of thin air over people who make actual things

Lay Off Madonna with the Fake Controversy

Afghan surge takes a fruitful twist

Trust Your Guts by William Greider

Sarkozy and Merkel Try to Shape European Unity.

Three Christian Whack Job Attacks and a Poet

New Polls Show Obama Above The Fray

Who's Afraid of New Media?

Jacob Heilbrunn: The New Neocon Alliance with Obama

Chris Floyd: Beyond Here Lies Nothing: Surging Further Into the Abyss

GM's New Offer: If You Lose Your Job, We'll Give You the Job of CEO

Time Magazine: Will a Spanish Judge Bring Bush-Era Figures to Justice?

Hot debate as Obama's war drones on

IBM files for patent on offshoring jobs

Another Dead Stoner

Anti-Choice Activists Become Cheerleaders for Death of Children

The Woman who could nail bush-worst torture memos to come?

New Study Highlights Cruelty of US Immigration Policy to Children

JTA: Republican Jewish Coalition curious about Carter meeting

Karzai signs law - UN says legalizes rape

Port cities may get buffer zone

Obtaining biogas from food industry waste

Flexible, Transparent Supercapacitors are Latest Devices from USC Nanotube Lab

AGs (state attorneys general) air Desert Rock (coal plant) permit concerns

The climate summit that's more important than the G20

Arizona State University Dedicates Five Solar Installations (1.88 MW)

REC Silicon's Moses Lake Plant Starts Up (Moses Lake, WA)

YouTube video to rate down-

NY Times: Concrete Is Remixed With Environment in Mind

Biffa to build a new anaerobic digestion plant (UK)

PV Tracking Applications Gather Momentum

Senate energy policy markup begins, but heavy lifting is weeks away (NYT)

Salt Lake may plug in to electric-car revolution

'It's all about green energy'—The world has only six years left to limit greenhouse gas emissions…

Spain leads on concentrated solar

What's in your water?: Disinfectants create toxic by-products

Democrats Unveil Ambitious Global Warming Bill

Gorbachev pushes for solar energy in San Antonio

Snohomish County PUD Introduces Solar Express Program (WA)

Some Great Energy Related Legislation Coming Down the Pike...

Wanna be proud of your country? Try these women on for size, in Haiti.

What the expanded remodeling (weatherization/insulation) tax credit means for consumers.

Hurdles Remain for Nuclear Comeback in Europe

Up In Your Green Grill - BRAD BLOG's 'Green News Report', 3/31/09 (Audio Link)

Can 'biochar' save the planet? (Terra preta gets the CNN treatment)

Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) brings “Crude” film to Hill

Solarbuzz Reports World Solar Photovoltaic Market Grew to 5.95 Gigawatts in 2008 (110% growth YOY)

U.S. Climate Change Summit Sets Stage for National Response—(They want your input!!!)

Life in Mendota, Calif., where the jobless rate is 41 percent (drought)

Greenpeace Report Shows that Forests in Carbon Markets Would Derail Climate Action

'Python Patrol' targets giant snakes of South Florida

Amazon rainforest likely to become savannah due to burning, deforestation, climate change

How it got to be too late

The full solution to global warming, from Climate Progress

Fidel and Argentine Sociologist Atilio Boron: "God is in the details"

Judge Kills Cuban Lawsuit on Havana Club Trademark

Rio gov't building walls around slums

CNN: Bill to OK travel to Cuba to be unveiled

Last U.S. Newspaper Bureau in Cuba to Close

Venezuela Supports Creation of New Global Currency

Bacardi wins rum rumble; Cuba's trademark suit tossed

SELA Opposes US Blockade against Cuba

""God is in the details" - Meeting between Fidel and Argentine sociologist, Atilio Boron

"Cuba Should Be Re-admitted to the OAS, Says Insulza!!

Mercedes Sosa hospitalized with pneumonia

Party: Venezuelan Opposition Leader In Hiding

Whoo-hoo! ***Spoiler***



Stanford women advance to the Final Four

I love homer announcers

How did breaking sports rules become a federal offense?

I Want Revenge drills for the Wood Memorial (G1)

Online job ads plummet in WNY (over 30% in one year)

Observance of Labor History Week, State Holiday Honoring César Chávez Encouraged

Company fined $70K for scaffold collapse

OSHA Cites Mississippi Contractor Following Worker Fatality

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on American automotive industry

Bank Employee Reports Suspected Fraud, Suffers Retaliation; OSHA Steps In (over SEC violation)

B & H Foto Agrees to Pay $4.3 Million to Hispanic Workers

Jury awards $6M to worker in Secaucus construction mishap (jury was outraged at the conditions)

Today in labor history Cesar Chavez born, 10 hour work day approved, CCC approved

Obama demands deeper cuts in auto workers’ jobs, wages, benefits

Laid Off and Left Out

Obama: Labor's Pains (administration's plan for Detroit does few favors for the UAW)

Walgreens giving free care to jobless and uninsured

Council postpones vote on raises for city workers (yes that is MY raise)

Thinking Outside The Box to Get The Employee Free Choice Act EFCA Passed

Let's Keep This Kicked Till Franken Is Seated Or Hell Freezes Over,

Sharon Smith - Unite and Fight? Marxism and Identity Politics

Keith Olbermann, Suze Orman Honored At GLAAD Media Awards

VT House J Committee votes 8-2 in favor of the marriage equalit bill

Lesbian mom ordered deported (Heartbreaking)

National call for civil disobedience issued

TVC: "What sort of chaos will be caused in the military by bare-backing parties and... orgies?"

I wonder why my elderly (84) sister in law's stomach get so hugely distended?

Most Mainline Protestants Say Society Should Accept Homosexuality

Arab leaders back 'wanted' Bashir

Trouble looms for Israel coalition

Hisham B. Sharabi Memorial Lecture: Apartheid and Occupation under International Law

Israel muddies US-Iran momentum

Patrick Lang: It's "Bibi" time again.

Lieberman is no abnormality

IDF Ends Gaza Probe, Says Misconduct Claims Are 'Rumors'

Netanyahu sworn in as Israel's prime minister

Israel closes probe of Gaza incidents, denies they happened

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will

Cancer, Vitamin D, and Sunshine

We all know what this means

Markets on an Uptick....

GM Teaches The Fed A Lesson

NRA vs.

Oh Canada!

Sen. Kerry makes push for tighter gun control

Some very interesting facts about Congress' retirement plan

At the aquarium

Reflections & such.

I finally got the camera out

Salmon colored roses In the spot you already know, on my kitchen table, in the afternoon sun

A couple of tricksters

I hereby declare the 2009 Northwest Photography Season open...

Can you all spare some love and support for Jitterbug Perfume?

Drop In Daddy Long Legs Is Devastating Bird Populations

BBC: Giant laser experiment powers up

Quantum weirdness: What we call 'reality' is just a state of mind

Seaford, NY Lutheran pastor charged with sex crimes

Cardinal Egan named in sex suit

Rival Anglican Parishioners Clash Violenttly in Zimbabwe After Anti-Gay Rift

I just read this item on IBM and Outsourcing from the Times Herald

Let's listen to Buffy Sainte-Marie singing some Leonard Cohen

The Problem With Demonizing the Word "Faith" Is In Giving Up Your Own Power

Because of the crusades and the inquisition.....

If atheists are firm in their non-belief, why do they feel the need to....

The Minimalist makes Tortillitas With Shrimp

My crepe adventure

Biscuits and Gravy

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday March 31st edition


Help a fellow Texas DUer - TexasLady

You Can't Touch Me I'm Part .....

They started showing Sex In the City on late night TV lately and I started watching it..