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Archives: March 23, 2009

AP quotes "labor lawyer" who is really an anti-labor lawyer

How about this for an economic plan?

The 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War, a growing humanitarian disaster

Workers of the World Unite! ........ Labor in quotes

New Mexico Stealth Creationism Bill Dies, No One Mourns

Government Should Put Onus on AIG Bonus Execs

Request for new trial on bird-seed ban denied by judge (man can't feed birds in his yard)

This homeless gentleman on 60 Minutes is simply amazing!!

The Repug vermin know that if private insurers have to compete w/Federal health care, it's all over.

A Month of Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoons - Day 21

Hospitalis hospital-theme restaurant

AIG Employees are getting death threats

WAMU Sues FDIC for $6.5 Billion.........WTF?

WAMU Sues FDIC for $6.5 Billion.........WTF?

Judge throws out lawsuit over fish virus-lawsuit aimed at keeping it out of Lake Superior

New Deal Opposition Came from Republicans (The More Things Change.....)

Interesting thought from Atrios...

Slapping my forehead: Melbourne wants ban on alcohol in glass

Parents and Students Face Off on School Peanut Ban (bus is evacuated after a nut is found on floor)

Manson at 74

Bilbray submits $26 million earmark for Predator drones

Pilots Killed in Crash of Cargo Plane in Japan

Developer of World Trade Center site needs a bailout

Yankees Ask Congress To Tax A-Rod's Bonus (Satire)

Let's pretend war crimes and the economy can't both be handled at the same time

Mental Health "groups" angered by high taxes on cigarettes and the smoking ban,

#2 US Shopping Mall Owner Hit With Property Seizure After Failure To Make $95 Million Loan Payment

iPhone Card Counting Scandal Leads To Increase In Online Gambling

iPhone Card Counting Scandal Leads To Increase In Online Gambling

iPhone Card Counting Scandal Leads To Increase In Online Gambling

Times haven't changed too much

Peter B Collins Show

No charges, but police can keep the cash

Will the corporate media be as upset with Steve Kroft tomorrow as they were with

Government regulations question.

Man stung thousands of times by "killer" bees in worst Las Vegas attack in 20 years

Anyone else watching "Family Guy"?

Introducing DKos Sunday Weekly Torture "Round-up"

Let's Count 'Em.... How Many WallStreeters Who Destroyed The Economy Have Gone To Jail?

More than a mailman to struggling customers

More than a mailman to struggling customers

Eliot Spitzer : The Real AIG Scandal, Continued!

Excuse me, is this the place for arguments?

AP Article: "GOP predicts doomsday if Obama budget passed"

I don't know if anyone posted this here before...

Anyone have a link to the article about the bus tour

Making excuses for a cop killer...

They have stolen so much that they can actually control things with their money.

Need help looking for photo from a posters Sig Line...

Why didn't Katie do the 60 minutes interview?

AIG on steroids

Private Investors balking at Geithner's program unless he guarantees no compensation limits on firms

From local Fox affiliate: "$10M Church Opens in Fort Bend"...

Aid to the developing world

Want to scare a republican? Beatles.

OMG...please, not more sensational, meaningless Natalie Holloway coverage.

Excuse me, is this the place to get a nice cup of coffee?

Excuse me, is this the place to get a nice cup of coffee?

Bust the trusts! Seriously. Why aren't we hearing this?

Times to launch syndicated radio show - Investigations, exclusives on tap

Some questions about the AIG bonuses.

President Obama wants exit plan strategy in Afghanistan



Who would you prefer as your president?

Who would you prefer as your president?

Hey Dow Jones Futures are up 160!

I can't and won't say that GW wasn't a horrific president

The Markets Are Set For A Big Open Today, When Do We See Jobs?

Paul Krugman: "Time for a Swedish solution"

Theme songs for the GOP (or at least Morning Joe)

Alaska volcano Mount Redoubt erupts 4 times

"AIG" is now "AIU". . . (per NBC, just now)

WTF is it with corporations trying to break up government agencies!?

Even creepier than Scarborough....

Obama advisers split over bribes for the Taliban - Afghanistan plan may be delayed until NATO summit

"I had a terrible drug problem as a child......

CNBC has just announced Howard Dean joining them as a Commentator

Spend some money on the kids while bailing out Wall Street..

I wish coming out wasn't necessary.

K&R on Day 62 , Give President Obama the Support

Now we must pay for the Afghan poppy damage via a supply drop we also paid for!!!

To get an idea of what a JOKE Norm Coleman is, consider:

What's your favorite way to wind up a Freeper?

Last Friday Rachael had a stat on her show that said

Just a humorous thought RE: president says he wouldn't accept Geithner's resignation

Existing home sales up 5.1% BUT 45% are foreclosures/short sales!

TODAY -- White House health forum at 10 a.m. CDT

Not everyone thinks the Geithner plan is a great idea...

Sure, they lost 171 good manufacturing jobs....but... they ARE getting a Wal-Mart!

Pestered Prop 8 donors file suit - Aim to restrict campaign rules

US Attorney in Madoff case deserves a DUZY!

It just ain't our beeswax Tweety now makes LESS than Keith, it just AIN'T!1

Jesus' General: It's time to stop getting horny about America

Jamie Lee Curtis: The Recession (R) Diet

It's party time! Citi shares crack the magic $3 mark. Checking Drudge for siren light graphic

Geithner Aides Worked With AIG For Months On Bonuses

We are harvesting the crop of George W Bush.

Fox News mocks Canadian Military

Like OMG WTF Obama is a stupid poopy head WTF I voted for this shit Ralph Nader was right!

Plane crash; Butte, Montana. Plane may have had kids heading for ski trip

Do you still trust Obama's judgment?

Did they ever have your heart and mind? When and how did they loose it?

Sarah Palin's pity party turns off Alaskan GOP

Sarah Palin wants to accept $197 million for Defense Spending in Alaska but

What makes Joe Biden laugh?

Homeland Security chief defines 'trigger point' for border response

Global downturn threatens Cambodian garment success

Just curious: Why does morning Joe and MSNBC hate America?

Postal Service looks for new ways to cut losses

Please include 24/7 child care every time you mention health care..

Up Triple Digits! Thank God for G.W. Bush!!!

PICS- Hunga Ha'apai off coast of Tonga erupts

PICS- Hunga Ha'apai off coast of Tonga erupts

Dennis Kucinich doing live webchat right now

Can the people of Alaska sue Sara Palin?

Why is Paul Krugman so worried? Succinctly, what's wrong with the Geithner plan

I'm not trying to sell financial advice ...

Is a trillion enough?

Do you know the 1989 eruption of Redoubt was the first to be successfully predicted by volcanologists

China To Keep Buying U.S. Debt & we already owe them 1 Trillion

Chris Hedges: America Is in Need of a Moral Bailout

Can California Pass A Law To Reduce Payments On My Pension As Proposed With AIG Bonuses?

Police Told To Write More Tickets

Anyone watch Howard Dean on CNBC this morning?

Arming the American Underclass

I will boldy state that Corporate jets are pure luxury.

Why is this not "class warfare": Wall street traders blow up the world economy

US Sought Ex-Guantanamo Detainee's Silence On Torture: Court

Petraeus hands over a 'political hot potato'

Donna Smith (of SiCKO): Healthcare Foxes are Building the Taxpayer Funded Hen House

Before I pop this pill, I'd like to know where it came from

Ann Arbor News to publish last edition in July.

Where to Now? At the rate we're going, it could take 100 years for women to achieve equal representa

On MSNBC they were reading our DU posts verbatim.

Is "Are you punch drunk?" an appropriate question for a reporter to ask a sitting President?

Kathryn Jean Lopez uses Rihanna to attack feminism

Trickle Down Joe wants to can health care.

Andrea Mitchel- What a racket shes got going

Andrea Mitchel- What a racket shes got going

GOP Wall Street TV

What's Wrong With Buying From China?

Media Matters Unveiling New Site: “Financial Media Matters”

The List

Legislation introduced to force airwaves assessment

c-17 crashes in Texas - updated with link

Legislation Targets Retroactive Rate Changes on Credit Cards

Death squad leader 'was top CIA agent'

New Zealand yanks copyright law that would force ISPs to cut off violators

Monday TOONS, part 1: AIG hunt

How much do you know about the bank rescue plan?

Afghan Build-up Means Contractor Surge

If republics are so anti-gummint and anti-spending then why

"When I Hear The Constant Vilification Of Corporate America I Personally Don't Understand It”

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Lunesta

Are Corporate Jets going to be evil in every case ?

Bill O'Reilly's 'great ambushers...of justice' stalk blogger

H.R. 875 – The Food Safety Modernization Act Does NOT Threaten Organic Farms

Mississippi Bans Traffic Cameras

Amazing story on an All American wrestler for Arizona State who has ONLY ONE LEG!

Galbraith Against Geithner Plan-Bloats Finance Sector & Won't Increase Lending

I think that I shall never see...

Sandbagging in the spring floods (another major flood happening in ND)

EXCELLENT DKos Post (Bonddad) On The Geithner Plan

Don't Fall For The Sucker's Rally

Bachmann joins the Republican Hypocrisy Hall of Fame

I sent an apology to the Canadian Governor General and Prime Minister.

Northern New England states rated as safest

Treasury Announces Auto Supplier Support Program

Do unto others

On South Africa's exclusion of the Dalai Lama - they should be ashamed!

My grandma would have had this to say about the Geithner plan to further enrich Wall Street:

free anti-war lyrics (poem)

free anti-war lyrics (poem)

free anti-war lyrics (poem)

Karl Rove Posted Answers to Siegelman Prosecution Questions

'Today' host Matt Lauer injured in bike accident with a deer

Canadian Government Demands Apology

Scary pic of George W. Most unflattering picture evah.

Arianna Huffington: " Take the Steering Wheel out of Geithner's Hands "

What made both Democrats and Republicans attack Jimmy Carter?

Fuck these greedy, arrogant, rich bastards!

Life begins at conception. Obviously, it must end at birth:

Canada's Defence Minister demands and apology

The murder of the 4 cops in Oakland had zip all to do with the BART murder

Ed Schultz will be hosting 1600 again this afternoon.

Wow -- Norah (Whorah?) O'Donnell trying to redeem herself

will the Saudis let the religiously insane rule their lives?

Damn, Thom Hartman is making WAY too much sense

"Inappropriate laughing"?

It Only Took 'Em 2 Months

Stock Market Up 1000 Points in Two Weeks!!!!!

The GIVE act....

AIG Bonus Bill May Be Delayed in U.S. Senate Until Next Month

AIG Bonus Bill May Be Delayed in U.S. Senate Until Next Month

So M$Greedia is more concerned about President Obama's

Anyone want to report someone to the secret service?

Anyone want to report someone to the secret service?

Anyone want to report someone to the secret service?

How does Bobby Rush square his antigun stance with his Panther days ?

Banks get bailed out; Workers get sold out!!

Let's get something straight: a 90% tax on a reward that nobody else gets is NOT a punishment.

Sylvia Plath's son commits suicide

Sylvia Plath's son commits suicide

Who knew domestic violence could be so funny?

EFCA backers not interested in corporate alternative

CorpWatch: Policing Afghanistan - Obama's New Strategy

THE NATION: Congress Should Demand Answers From Cheney

Tea Bagger Blog Fail of the Day

NC voters divided on gay marriage ban

Fox News redefines "The Ugly American"

Michele Bachmann goes nuts again

Obama has inspired me to work harder than ever before.

What thoughts do beautiful Spring days inspire you to have?

Dateline 2013: President Palin Outlines Bold $11 Trillion Plan to Retire Toxic Mortgages…

Why is M$Greedia screaming about politicians filling their coffers

The economy from a five year old's perspective.

New Rule: Your joke is NOT funny if I have to spend 15 minutes Googling to find out why it's funny..

Heads I win, tails you lose....

Houston lawmaker asks, "what's Medicaid?"

ACLU challenges Cleveland schools over removal of magazine

Italian court rules in favor of 'lonely shepherd's' right to enjoy marijuana

Skwentna reports 'complete ash-out'

CapitalFax (premiere political blog in Illinois) calls out Rosanna Pulido (R) for being a FREEPER

Could an obscure Senate rule free Barack Obama from the filibuster and enable health-care reform?

Triple Grande Caramel Macchiato, please.

Blue Dog Democrats Threaten the Obama Agenda

Bush Responsible For More Than 20 Types Of War Crimes Against Children

Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism

Redoubt Activity - Color Code RED

What in the hell is wrong with the Dems..

Poverty is too PROFITABLE to end

Obama Gives Clean Energy R&D Filibuster Protection

US prisons $60 billion a year vs. China defense spending $63 billion

I like the Toxic Assets Plan

EFCA is one of many pieces of legislation that we should NOT compromise on.

Law Professor Who Advised Obama Says House AIG Bill May Be Unconstitutional

Law Professor Who Advised Obama Says House AIG Bill May Be Unconstitutional

Geithner Aides Worked With AIG for Months on Bonuses

President Obama got a hell of a good break today. A hugh break.

How many Fat, Old, White, Arrogant, Rich, Fucks does it take to fill CNBC's guest docket?

Contra Costa County, CA: California’s Newly Poor Push Social Services to Brink

What an interesting "rant" by Ed Schultz on 1600 Penn Ave just now

S.C. Legislators Unveil “Sanford Clock”

AOL pushing Obama/Bilderberg conspiracy theory.

Grr! Sick of multi-million dollar talking heads opining that the US cannot "afford" healthcare

Consumers (Citizens/taxpayers) will start spending when

"A remarkably bone-headed decision"

"You don't have the trial for the arsonist while there are still victims to save in the fire"

This 2005 report from CIP aptly describes why the anti-immigrant Right is winning the debate

Shoppers trampled to death - The perils of a consumer society

Wall Street Journal: Geithner Senior Aides Worked for Months with AIG on Bonuses

gang violence and concealed weapons

Who is Kent Conrad? On 1600 saying he is cutting $600bil. from Obama's budget,

To a sizable degree, Obama's WH bully-pulpit has shown some strength and effectiveness

Attention Bobby "I don't know where I'm a gonna go when the volcano blows" Jindal:

The games that health insurance companies play

The Young Turks?? Feed problems?

March On Wall Street, National Mobilization

Vermont State Senators fucking rock: Vermont Senators vote 26 to 4 for Marriage Equality.

Dalai Lama denied visa for South Africa peace conference (BBC)

Thank you, America! I rode one of our NEW NATIONALIZED SKI RESORTS this weekend!

Sen. Schumer now supports gay marriage

No Bonuses for Field Docs

Joe scarbourough is an asshole...

Guess there are no employment laws on Craig's List, Huh

Fargo prepares for serious floods

Why more equal societies almost always do better

Family, friends farewell Natasha Richardson

amBUSHed - Jenna Bush Secret Service vehicle towed for unpaid parking tickets

The US Government: Of, By, and For.... Goldman Sachs?


When the next Timothy McVay blows up a Federal Bldg. we can thank assholes like this....

China's top banker proposes new world currency

Screwy global warming HA... Tornado warnings in March.Here we go.......

How bad the economy?

Average Goldman Sachs employee compensation in 2008 was $363 000 down from $661 000 in 2007

Sex Workers To Perform At College

Q: Do you like Kipling? A: I do not know, for I have never kippled.

Pentagon should establish fourth military service to wage cyberwars

HELP! Need links to explain to Canadian family about the Teabag Party!

Question for any lawyers or familiar with law.

Calls for Afghanistan peace talks get louder

Does anyone have an update on Oakland re the loss of four officers today?

Townhall: Michelle Obama is a B****, Get It?

Fox News, your official anti-Obama network

Economic Terrorism: The Bush Bust-Out

Picking a Wal Mart greeter

AIG: The Six Trillion Dollar Bank...

Blue_In_AK! Are you guys okay out there!?

Cuomo Says Most Huge A.I.G. Bonuses Were Returned

This video will break your heart. On the front page of NYT - a

Smoking ban angers mental-health groups

Hartmann on Larry King Tonight

US agency switches to Chinese-made condoms for international programs Move expected to cost 300

"Big Ed" Schultz tryout for MSNBC 10:00 p.m. Slot on NOW!

Is Stock Market rise today a dead cat bounce?

$650 worth of fresh, home-grown vegetables for $10

Palin UNETHICAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL - another lawsuit brewing?

Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs

W00T!!! Madoff ripped off right-wing think tank where Scooter Libby works!

What solution would you prefer

Jenna Bush's Secret Service Detail Ticketed

Would you apply for this job?

Newsweek: What They Got Away With. (Quantifies the swag of the CEOs)

Cover up-Bush tried to get ex-Gitmo detainee to sign docs saying not tortured as a release condition

Who in the hell is Cheney...

OK, what's the strangest job you've ever had/done?

Damned ads on DU! - If you accidentally click one it traps you on their page

FYI - enough dollars float about in our current health system that United Health paid CEO 1.6 BIL

New FTC rule will abolish "results not typical" models from weight-loss ads.

W. House officials: Taxing AIG bonuses may be 'dangerous way to go'

Obama might not sign the 90% tax on Bonus into law

Sample Investment Under the Legacy Loans Program (From Treasury Dept.)

What is the worst job you have ever done.

Chuck Schumer follows Gillibrand's lead; reverses position and is now in favor of marriage equality.

As the wife of a Police Officer- RE: The shootings

What More in the Name of Love?

Sign of the Times: "Connecticut’s ‘Rodeo Drive’ Abandoned as Hedge Funds Collapse"

How to Make Trickle Down Reagonomics Work-Instead of Tax Cuts give the Rich Money.

Lake of Fire: Is the best argument against legal abortion really that Jesus doesn't like it?

Howard Dean lands job at CNBC.

Ahem, Dow jumps by 500 points.....

Monday TOONS, part 2: Popes and republicans

Hullaballoo blog: " Immature Children Control Our Discourse"..a rant about media.

Join in on the next single payer conference call

Man arrested for assaulting officer's horse with 5' inflatable penis

The things that bug a lot of us most about Obama's campaign are

Plutocracy Reborn

Radio Host Tammy Bruce Calls The Obamas "Trash In The White House"

Vermont Senate Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

98% Of Babies Manic-Depressive

More pictures from the March on the Pentagon to end the War in Iraq.

More pictures from the March on the Pentagon to end the War in Iraq.

Soneone left a nice note on my windshield Saturday!

Mr. Cheney, What About This 'Executive Assassination Squad'?

We hear about short-term memory loss a lot, as people age, when

Natasha Richardson's death was not due to socialized medicine but due to her refusal of assistance.

n2doc ~~ Appreciation Thread! Let's hear it for the 'toon mavin!

Report of C-17 crash false, Air Force says

Search Tool Launched for Thousands of Uncovered Government Documents

There are so many double standards floating around that I can't keep them straight anymore

Site Offers 'Facebook For Filthy Rich'

The Real AIG Scandal- CEO Bonuses Are Merely A DROP IN THE BUCKET

I am disappointed that President Obama isn't ending bush's wars.

My Case For The Sucker Rally

Pillars of the community are now pariahs fearing for their safety in a ritzy area of Connecticut

FDR's Economic Bill of Rights

Have our business schools failed us?

Sears and Roebuck can KISS my ASS

Geithner Won't Endorse Bonus Tax Bill

Why we must take to the streets in protest

Tammy F%#@ing Bruce on the Obamas: "We've got trash in the White House"

Non-Kosher Hot Dog Incites Rage At Jewish Eatery

Do you have a YouTube Account? Do you counter freeper comments? columnist calls Michelle Obama a "bitch"

So is AIG trying to hide their building now??

Monday TOONS, part 3: Economy toons

Yet another city says no to upholstered indoor furniture on porches

Yet another city says no to upholstered indoor furniture on porches

Boy, 15, Dies After Police Tasering

25 years ago today,,,,

My One Sentence Response To A Libertarian

I put a brand a new flat screen tv in every room in my house

A totally unscientific survey about falls: Have you ever had a bad surface fall?

George W. Bush the Teacher by Ralph Nader

Jeffrey Sachs: Will Geithner and Summers Succeed in Raiding the FDIC and Fed?

I finally saw "Taking Chance" please tell me this is the standard for every fallen soldier l

Canada demands apology from Fox News

It is getting bad .... I just lost a good customer

Stop calling'em "tea baggers" - start calling'em "wing nuts"


The single most awesomely batshit thing ever on teh internets! You HAVE to read this!

Excerpt: Parents, your kids aren't that special

This Is What the Class War Looks Like

Where Did Everybody Go?

Went to Point Pleasant today

George Lucas is a genius!


So,WHY is the Amazing Race not on now? 60 Minutes??????

"I'm Declaring 3/22 "International Talk Like William Shatner Day"!


Yo Beach Baby...are you watching the World Baseball Classic?

I'm thinking seriously of shaving my head.

For my 19,000th Here's to Cris Williamson

For the never ending 'weight' debate at DU...

Harley, You’re Not Getting Any Younger

I'm not pregnant

Any Flight of the Conchords fans?

I need a strong drink and a stronger cigar really bad.

I just took the "Which West Wing Character are You" quiz on Facebook. I was...


HMMM, should I hide the Ed Gein thread or should I click on it

Just saw Watchmen and have one question

Is Hawaiian pizza BAD for you?! ... Ate the honey ham and pineapple but

Lois Griffin just got a job with Fox News

i'm getting buried!

Computer/Laptop question tech question re transferring data

Frozen Four brackets are out

When Less is More: Shortening the workweek would create jobs and stimulate the US economy

Ok just filled out my sweet sixteen bracket

Thank God for the Lounge!

Pinch me!

Movie Cliche Time

Jack LaLane is telling me to start drinking vegetable juice, so I said

Remember bailout supporters said the funds wouldn't be used for credit-default swaps?

Tell me some awesome music I just *have* to listen to?

Say hello

I'm hoping that this is going to become my theme song

Excuse me, is this the place for arguments?

Don't worry ma'am, I'm from the internet.

Dont you hate it when people try to write down their email address for you?

Good night DU. Sweet dreams to everyone.

Comic Book scenes that always brings a tear to my eye

BOOMERS! Again. And I mean thunderstorms.

I try to come up with the songs that would make megadeth the baddest metal band ever.

I try to come up with the songs that would make megadeth the baddest metal band ever.

Freddy Got Fingered proves to me that I am probably the least mature asshole here.

For all you (yuckpitui) dog lovers, a poll to DU:

I got my picture in the paper!!!!

Someone please explain to the beagle that I am NOT going to let her

Were the vampires in Twilight,really vegetarians?

King Crimson (double trio) performing "Dinosaur" on Conan O'Brien (video link)

Marathon #3 ... the long road back was a long road

Anyone know of a web site that allows you to search for movies that is worth a crap?

Its spring, right?

I did it!! Photos of me with shaved head and nipple piercings! (Dial up warning)

heavy metal one-on-one (pantera v lamb of god)

Can any Dune fans describe the concept of the kwisatch haderach?

Kudos, dammit! I demand March Madness kudos!

Absolutely NO DU time for me this past weekend.....

Belated St. Paddy's dinner coming up

Who's going to win the World Baseball Classic tonight?

Congrats to Team Ireland!

Congrats to Team Ireland!

Mmmmm bacon...

Can we have a rounchy joke thead?

Remember those asinine petition emails from years ago?

This is soooo wrong.

I know what I want for my birthday...

I must be spending too much time here...

Microsoft's IE 8- Anyone else make the mistake of installing it?


I'm at the meetup. Where the hell is everyone?

Describe Tom Waits voice.....


just found out we can't get a pool hall for the graduation party

This narwhal thing has gotten out of hand.

ELEVENS!!!!!! 11 !!!!!!!

Rubber duckies have come a looooonnnngggg way

Battlestar Galactica fans--what the frak did you think of series finale?

Bruce Willis marries for the second time

Cool Color illusion

I know snails are like pests and such, but why do so many people on youtube enjoy doing it?

I need a bailout on my NCAA picks.

I'd like to order a case of industrial strength WTF? please...

Would you consider me a drama queen if I told you...

DS1 says my nickname Midlo is teh awesome and I don't need a new one.

3.148675309 or 3.141592653?

DS1 has never said anything about my name.

I have to help my freeper uncle install some CD's this week. If he calls Obama "Sambo" again,


Favorite Beetlejuice work?

Question: Why didn't Midlo change her name during pregnancy?

What is this thing?!

Something died in the Lounge ...

Can we get some lounge vibes for my friend Kajsa

Bugs Bunny fans check in!! Favorite Bugs Bunny Tune

Something died in my dryer vent

So how many continents are there? 4? 7?

Tripping The Rift - Anybody elese seen this show?

have you seen these idiotic NCAA PSAs

Michelle Bachmann: The Obama Administration is “Foreign,” “Nefarious,” “The Enemy”

Good morning Lounge

Baby Boxer taking medicine. Awwwww.......


A show for cats!

Today and today only, I shall respond only in show tunes.

Why didn't LostinVA change her name during the amnesty?

A word of advice to those using tax prep software


Something to cheer us all up on this gloomy monday

Anyone familiar with Japanese given names?

Who the hell is DS1?

Who the hell is DS1?

Suggest good finger foods for a graduation party at a pool hall

Redstone, Parche, Pierre...have they been around?

Dear fellow library patrons...

From Mr.Salif Gambo

World's cheapest car gets road tested...

From my five-year-old, who's playing with his Matchbox cars in the next room

From the guy that brought you Badgers and Weebl n Bob

A cheerful ditty for your Monday

Harrison Ford proposes to Calista Flockhart after 7yrs of dating

I bought and activated an XM radio for my beautiful daughter's car.

My wife just brought fat free ice cream to my office

Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon? You know he plays for Oakland.

I think I have a major anxiety problem and it's beginning to get me really down.

Gotta go rub the pig.

It's fucking March and I'm fucking waking up to fucking snow? FUCK YOU MOTHER NATURE!

Very cool timelapse video of a snow storm

My laptop's wireless function has stopped working...

Holy Soap Fail

DS1 says that my nickname, BB, promotes firearms use.

"Uh oh. Who wants to die?"

Solving a snow mystery

If you had Foghorn Leghorn, what note would he be?

No offense to Geithner, but he has Condi's snarl, minus the tooth gap.

I need to pull a George Constanza

Malin Akerman

Pemba the 4 month old red panda cub

My wife's comment on Calista Flockhart

Why is fog so awesome?

If you had a fog horn, what note would it be?

Hick and Hurt Bath Brawles

Favorite HAROLD RAMIS movie

I just started the second season of The West Wing....

If McCain had won...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Little Red Riding Hood 2.0. A modern remix of an old fairy tale.

How sure were you that you wanted to get married? And, did it turn out to be a good decision?

A Cat (A poem)

People, bands, artists, athletes, authors, politicians... Name people who walked away too early.

Anybody ever watch the 80s comedy "Trading Places"?

I am certain my dog is Brain Damaged!

His 'N Hers Kitchen: Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Hiss and Hearse Bath Towels

How many cups of coffee did you drink today? I had 8.

Suspected drunk driver rams home, exposes pot farm

Why are the sirens going off here? It's dark early, but I don't see any weather???

If Midlo's kids are midlets, then does that make mcctata's..

Geithner's Plan "Extremely Dangerous," Economist Galbraith Says

My husband is planting stuff in the backyard and has already found 3 snakes!

Natural Cheetos


Thread alert - Calling all teabaggers

Oh no you can't!!! nt

Jack Cafferty: Parents, your kids aren't that special

how do I answer this email from a HS friend who is really very sweet

I just got a "wink" from Hell, I'd forgotten I even had a profile up

Is there any way to get rid of fleas without pesticides????

I am 42 and just found out I have osteoperosis in my spine and osteopeina

In "Pre-Production" but slated for 2010 release.....don't look..... OH NO... a remake OF.....

Why do people crop dogs' ears?

Tonight, on Top Gear

Favorite Beethoven work

His 'N Hers bathrooms: Took some getting used to

Excuse me, is this the place to get a nice cup of coffee?

Jesus Christ, You Really Rock!

Want to see what Domestic Violence looks like?


Facebook: Your opinion....

I found a great product your cat will LOVE!!

I can't stop thinking about the bondage duck...

Kill Bill Volume I and II.

Is there a positive correlation between the number of cats someone has

Is there a positive correlation between the number of cats someone has

DS1 says my nickname "PiGuy" is lame and I need a new one. I will now go by "CJ", which is short for

SoxFan's Virtual All-Week Fundraising Extravaganza!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/23/09 (warning: very graphic language; NSFW; NSF minors)

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here I am w/ some of my most favorite people in the world

There are DUers in need of comfort and reassurance. Give them a song

You know what type of PC game I miss?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/23/2009)

My family was taken hostage this morning...

Roseanna Barr looking to return to TV

At some point in the last few months...

What movies would've been dramatically better if the main character died?

Am I the only one who does not care for Willie Nelson?

Can't write much, I'm on my iPhone

Baltimore: The Greatest City in America

Third Way's words from 2007 about the middle class...coming back to haunt them?

OctoMom fires Angels in Waiting

One of my kitties died this morning.

Special Olympics bowler challenges Obama

Two simple things Obama could do for gays that would make this gay happy

Obama's response (60 Minutes) on AIG bonuses and tax bill was great

Is Hawaiian pizza BAD for you?! ... Ate the honey ham and pineapple but

AP: GOP predicts doomsday if Obama budget passed

Time for Obama to Stand Up to the Teamsters

Anyone watching our President on 60 Minutes?

Obama Proposing New Resolution Authority to take over Troubled Institutions

Why is Obama's former opponent (on ex comp bill) now Geithner's Chief of Staff?

need to put a smile on your face? watch this...

Krugman responds: Brad DeLong’s defense of Geithner

Schwarzenegger More Likely To End Up In The Cabinet Than The Senate

Mormon Mitt On Larry King

Cassano: $34 million bonus

President Obama on 60 Minutes (TRANSCRIPT and VIDEO)

US foreign aid

President Obama

Obama Bounces Back

The real problem

Framing Obama -- by the WPost

People Arguing Toxic Assets Are Actually Worth MORE Don't Have Very Recent History On Their Side

Ezra Klein: "The Problem Of Pricing"...

It Isn't Just Krugman Who's Panning The Snakeoil Obama's Economic Team Is Peddling

It Isn't Just Krugman Who's Panning The Snakeoil Obama's Economic Team Is Peddling

'Despair' over Treasury Plan. World wide rallies. S&P up 3.5%

The Only Way To Determine Value Of Toxic Assets Is To EXAMINE RECORDS & Obama Isn't Doing That

Details: The Official Geithner/Treasury Plan Summary....

Either The Assets Are "Undervalued" Or "Inflated". If They're Undervalued, Why Call Them Toxic?

Why I like Obama so much..

Pundits "flounce around in costume . ..make light of their problems" - then criticize the PRESIDENT

GD:P = Depressing

WH caught off gurard again. Geech!!

Geithner plan arithmetic

Love, hate and Geithner's plan to fix the banks

Obama Held Secret Talks With Gorbachev

Alice Waters, Michelle Obama, and Wall-E

Enough finance - time for a Labor News channel

Geithner: My Plan for Bad Bank Assets (WSJ Op-Ed)

Live-streaming White House events today: Health Reform Forum and then Green Jobs Forum

Robert Reich on MSNBC now

If you haven't read my other thread... Obama speaking at amazing green jobs event. Live online now.

Why Is Palin Still Relevant?

"Existing Home Sales Rise 5.1 Percent in February"

Stocks Soar As White House Reveals Plans For Banks To Purchase Toxic Assets

Another Distraction. JP Morgan to buy new Jets

Catholic Hypocrites Were OK With War Criminal on Campus

The Obama administration is clearly not up to the task like the Bush administration was

Take the Steering Wheel out of Geithner's Hands (Geithner steers Obama).

Unions for Single Payer HR676-2 more Labor Councils endorse

Has DU Become KU

NY-Gov, NY-Sen: Disaster Mode for Paterson; Gillibrand Tied with Pataki

Remember this story the next time the rabid right wants to play the "civility" card against us

WHY is Treasury NOT being staffed?


Geithner faces a tough room (CNN)

Take the Steering Wheel out of Geithner's Hands by Arianna Huffington

Howard Dean will join CNBC

Obama dropping vets insurance proposal

Krugman: Financial Policy Despair ('Cash for Trash')

Wall Street likes this plan

If Geithner says $1trln is needed to buy toxic assets, what the hell was the 1st $700 billion for?

About the Economic Plan.

Are republicons and the media...

The Nation - Nobel Laureate - Joe Stiglitz On Bank Bailout - Addresses Both Geithner and GOP Plan

Obama links budget to environment

Matthews Renews Contract at MSNBC -another four years (at least) of Tweety

Great 60-Minutes interview -- "US Afghan plan must have 'exit strategy': Obama"

The Geithner plan presents only One big Ethical Question

Larry Summers had it wrong on derivatives. And now he wants to lead on "entitlement reforms"

Brookings - Compares Bank Bailout Options Including Nationalization

LOOK Obama is not Bush!!!

Do you think that we need some investigations ..

Guys, I'm being recruited....

ed schultz subbing for shuster on 1600 penn ave again!

Republican Leaders Split On Geithner Plan

Its so funny. All of a sudden the networks LOVE Paul Krugman?

DU, lock and load, you are not going to believe the latest meme coming from the right

Links? Yes, we have links. Cool sites for economic stuff

Lanny Davis is an example of Democrats trying to screw Democrats.

What Geithner Has In Mind: Zombie Economics "Another banker-friendly flim flam"

So Lanny Davis is working AGAINST EFCA?

Is Paul Krugman A Freeper?

Sometimes I wonder if DUers know you DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE between Obama or Krugman

Obama Administration/EPA Take Steps Toward Regulating Carbon

Notre Dame sticking with Obama for commencement despite poutrage regarding abortion and stem cells

great comparative analysis of 3 possible bank recovery plans, by U of Oregon:

Barbiturate Left: A Rebuttal

Tammy Bruce:We have TRASH in the Whitehouse

Notre Dame sticking with Obama for commencement

The Nation: Hire Spitzer:

Newest Rightwing Loon To Join The Birther Brigade?

If you just watch the cable news, you'd think Leno interview=Special Olympics remark,

So who should we run in 2012?

A month ago: Stock market struggles proof Obama is doing everything wrong.

The Dow Is Up 497 Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An End In Sight For The Minnesota Senate Race? Franken to DC in mid-April.

Dateline 2013: President Palin Outlines Bold $11 Trillion Plan to Retire Toxic Mortgages…

FauxNews Glenn Beck and other asshats whining about how Obama plan benefits "the privileged class"

Remember Last Month's Talking Point? Obama Is Too Somber and Serious - He Needs To Be Upbeat

Lest we forget: A pledge

BREAKING - DOW Up 300 Points - CNBC Attributes It To Jim Cramer's New Cuff Links

And Now for Your Daily Robert Gibbs Hilarity...

Krugman is a concert violinist playing in a bluegrass hootenanny World

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Americans don't blame Obama for AIG bonuses

Geithner getting reinforcements at Treasury - (Info and Bios Inside)

Summers beats back at Krugman on CNN Situation Room

Obama did something cool

Obama Gives Clean Energy R&D Filibuster Protection

Howard Dean To Become Regular CNBC Contributor

Contrasting messages: Obama and Krugman

Do you like Geithner's plan?

i'm getting married!

Monday 23rd March...DOWJONESIND...gained euphoric

The President Laughed ... and stock prices soared!

Question about nationalization

*Vibes for Redstone*

Dear Mr. Krugman,

Asylum Judge: Gay Man “Was Never Physically Harmed” By Rape

Why should I trust anything the media clowns say?

Is the main goal of the toxic asset plan to get the market to price the assets?

$millions in AIG bonuses have now been returned, according to Cuomo.

This is why I get so depressed sometimes

Chase just bought some nice jets!!!

CNN - Campbell Brown Lies About Stimulus Bill Suggesting It Creates Right To Bonuses

Media can't make up their mind. Is Obama a punchy arrogant uppity or a doom and gloom debbiedowner?

One thing I don't get about the people who are hating on the Geithner-bank plan:

THE TODAY show calls out President Obama for getting called out on 60 MINUTES for giggling?

Krugman and Rich proven wrong again!

When they say "Taxpayer's money", do you think its like ....really yours?

The real question you should be asking is: who's making $$$ of the Bank Bailout plan?

The Constitutionality of Taxing Bonuses

Depressing realization: Geithner is actually worse than Paulson

According to Chris Matthews, Obama has no heart, only intellect!

As a progressive, a liberal, and a democrat, I cannot support Geithner's plan

Tammy Bruce calls the Obama's "Trash in the White House"

President Obama Made Me Proud in Tonight's Interview for This Statement

Brad DeLong: I Think Paul Krugman Is Wrong

Geithner's Bank Plan: Bringing Eric Cantor Closer to Paul Krugman

Curious: Who started the propaganda that "Obama is going to take away our guns"?

Latest idiotic M$M meme: NY-20 special election a 'referendum' on stimulus.

OK, DU, time to chill out with some cool PICS of our great leader!

Some Positive Comments on the Geithner Toxic Plan

Pakistan’s Chief Justice Returns to Work

GOP predicts doomsday if Obama budget passed

Regulators seek global approach to short selling

AIG starts makeover, changes sign at N.Y. office

2 China officials fired over disease reporting

Indonesian passenger jet makes emergency landing

Drug-resistant TB on the rise in Asia: WHO

South Africa bars Dalai Lama from peace conference

Global downturn threatens Cambodian garment success

11 injured in Thai bomb blasts

ING seeks some 2008 employee bonuses back: paper

Curt Schilling of Red Sox announces retirement

18 killed in Iraq bombings

Mumbai attack suspect in court hearing

US To Plant Afghan 'Prime Minister' To Bypass Hamid Karzai

British Minister on Iraq: We Did Not Plan for After the War

Pirates fire on Japanese ship off Somalia

Iraq suicide bomber kills 25, wounds 45 - police

In-flight entertainment systems raise safety issues

Australian anthropologist-soldier now drives US policy on war on terror

Stocks Rise On Bank Rescue News

NATO: Taliban commander among 10 killed in strike

Obama Sticker Shock

Senate OKs Marriage Bill

Goldman (Sachs) May Sell Part of Its Stake in Chinese Bank ICBC

Sunni Militia Say Iraq Didn’t Keep Jobs Promises

Obama Seeks Investors in Plan to Buy Illiquid Assets

Cuomo Says Most Huge A.I.G. Bonuses Were Returned

Nation's Fastest Growing Union Gets Bigger

State Regulators Say AIG Insurance Policyholders Still Protected


IRS Audits of Millionaires Fell 19 Percent in ‘08, Study Shows

S Asia reporters 'at severe risk'

Bolivia, U.S. seek to redirect diplomatic ties

Robin Williams recovering, publicist says

US lawmaker (Rep. Ellen Tauscher): missile threat from Iran exaggerated

Exports to China, Japan bolster US pork industry

Judge orders FDA to let 17-year-olds use Plan B

Cargo plane crashes at Tokyo airport(FedEx)

Geithner details ‘toxic asset' purchase plan

Gay marriage bill passes Vermont Senate

China proposes replacing the US dollar

Colombia Orders Return of Stolen Farmland:U.S. Pact Is Motivation For Move, Critics Say

EPA: Greenhouse gases threaten humans

Bank of America’s Bernstein Says Sell Bank Stocks After Rally

JPMorgan Chase To Spend Millions on New Jets and Luxury Airport Hangar

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise as Foreclosures Attract Buyers

Oops: Colbert wins space station name contest

Son of Sylvia Plath commits suicide

U.S. sought ex-Guantanamo detainee's silence-court


Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs

Geithner Won't Endorse Bonus Tax Bill,

Sweden Says No to Saving Saab, a National Icon

Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track

Alaska Volcano Redoubt Is Erupting

Soldiers: Army forcing troops to deploy despite health woes

60 Minutes: Obama Interview - PT. 1 of 3 'Bad Bets Made on Wall St.'

Barney Frank: Retention Bonuses Are Extortion

"Buddy, Can You Spare a Trillion Dollars?" by Roy Zimmerman

Obama responds to Cheney: 'I fundamentally disagree with Dick Cheney.'

Washington Journal - A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition's Brian Becker

60 Minutes: Obama Interview - PT. 2 of 3 Afghanistan 'There's Gotta Be an Exit Strategy'

Students protesting for free education

Kenya: Police battle protesting city mechanics

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Inside the mind of a Wingnut! Red blue and yellow.....

Steve Kroft Surprised Obama Teed Off on Cheney

60 Minutes: Obama Interview - PT. 3 of 3 'Hardest Decision - Sending More Troops'

Scenes from the March on the Pentagon Rally 3-21-09

Bachmann Wants Minnesotans to be "Armed & Dangerous" on Global Warming


Anit-War March on the Pentagon

Grow The Hope Dot Org

Portia De Rossi's PSA

Baghdad in a time of cholera

(Howard) Dean on Wall Street compensation

TYT: Is This Family Too Fat To Work?

KO & Seth Macfarlane On The Weeks Political Soundbites

Inheriting Halliburton's Army

TYT: US Senator -- Middle Easterners are Worse Than Nazis

KO & Rachel Maddow discuss being at the top of the Enemies List

President Obama fires back at Darth Cheney on 60 Minutes

Alaska Gov Palin killing wolves, 84 killed, goal is to kill 250

CNBC: Haines and Burnett on 'scary' stories about limiting executive compensation!! ZOMG

George W Bush to Write a Book on Decision Making

Inside the mind of a Wingnut. FEMA and Martial law update part 1

Legalization: Yes We Can

Greenspan- Admits The Fed Cannot Be Overruled by ANY Government Agency

Young Turks: Former Bush Official Snitches on Dick Cheney!!

"On The Edge with Max Keiser" a call to action for US victims of banking attack on Americans

Paul Krugman on $1 Trillion Geithner Plan to Buy Toxic Bank Assets

Rockefeller Discusses Shut Down of the Internet


Cessna Invesco Palin



OT - I got the SLO Community Garden plot!

Moderator Availability Thread, Mon 3-23

Save Small Farms and Home Gardens: HB 875 by Jean Ann Van Krevelen

Economic Dirty Bomb Goes Off in New York

Chris Hedges: America Is in Need of a Moral Bailout

Dan Loeb, the Edgy Hedgie

The Real AIG Scandal By Eliot Spitzer

Banned In Canada-George Galloway

MSM Grossly Underestimates Number of Protesters at March on Pentagon

Thom Hartmann: The Real Criminals are Neither Lynndie England nor the AIG Traders

Healthcare Foxes are Building the Taxpayer Funded Hen House

Tech jobs disappear at AIG -- and across the U.S.

Didn’t We All See This Coming? Information Clearinghouse

Injustice: Bush Deported Spouse to Country of Past Rape

Sunday Inspirations.... The Cost of Greed...

Soon there may be nobody left to lend to America

Another Republican Lie About Obama, in Wash Times Editorial

Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs

Unchecked, unregulated greed breeds corruption

The media defends executive bonuses

Wall Street hysterics over the AIG bonus bill

Indian CEOs raise H-1B issue with US

Judge denies request to halt Watson’s legal action against vegetable grower

Under attack: how medics died trying to help Gaza's casualties

John Mearsheimer: The Lobby Falters (LRB-26 March 2009)

US H-1B visa restrictions to end in two years

WPost Feels For Wall Street Bretheren: Parry Continues Assault on Neocons Pravda

Another thought on the financial plan from Thomas Friedman

Canada bars British anti-war MP Galloway

Democrats Do Not Want Michael Steele to Defect

Obama Sticker Shock

The Real Criminals are Neither Lynndie England nor the AIG Traders

Why won't Obama listen to Paul Krugman, et al.

Full Commanding Denial (James Kunstler)

Greed is Not Good: The Ronald Reagan Mantra is Dead

Joe Conason: AIG is chump change -- let's find corporate America's hidden billions

Cenk: Dick Cheney Believes There Are Witches in Gambia

Greg Palast: Stick Your Damn Hand In It: 20th Birthday of the Exxon Valdez Lie

White House Promises India: No New H-1B Restrictions

Geithner's Last Stand

Science Team Traversing Seldom-Visited Queen Maud Land In Search Of Ice Data

David Cameron Slaps Back At "Climate Change Taliban" Snark From Tory MP

Third Shetland Islands Salmon Farm Reports Infectious Anemia Outbreak - Guardian

20% Of Planet's Human Population Dependent On Degrading/Degraded Land

Scripps Lab - Seawater With Acidity At 2100 Levels Offers No Chance For Pterapods, Other Zooplankton

Experts Agree Giant, Razor-Clawed Bioengineered Crabs Pose No Threat

Publicly, Privately, In Copenhagen & Beyond - Scientists Say Chance For 2C Increase Already Gone

The growth of nanotoxicology

The Green Energy Economy: What It Will Take to Get There—barriers go beyond technology

EPA: Global Warming Threatens Public Health, Welfare

Energy Department Issues First Renewable-Energy Loan Guarantee

Another day, another solar fight in GD

The Ogallala Aquifer: Saving a Vital U.S. Water Source

CFC substitute emissions on rise

EU urges swifter action on climate, pledges funds

Tokyo declares cherry blossom season open (last Saturday)

Cameron fury at 'climate change Taliban' jibe

Bachmann wants her state "armed and dangerous" over Obama's global warming plan

Chris Mooney Dismantles George Will With Slashing Politeness - Enjoy!

RNC Chair: "Greenland, which is now covered in ice, was once called Greenland for a reason, right?"

Mother Jones: How Clean Energy Ruined "Watchmen"

The dirty green line

Inhaling A Heart Attack: How Air Pollution Can Cause Heart Disease

Cities produce surprisingly low carbon emissions per capita

MACHETERA: "Holding Uribe Accountable"

Prez of UN Gen. Assembly, D'Escoto Makes Some Long-Needed Points about US foreign policy

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama 'ignorant'

Chavez Asks Obama to End Blockade of Cuba

Bolivia, U.S. seek to redirect diplomatic ties

Colombia Orders Return of Stolen Farmland:U.S. Pact Is Motivation For Move, Critics Say

Heads up: Leopoldo Lopez, who funneled $ from PDVSA to Primero Justicia

U.S. Labor Department Releases More Details About COBRA Subsidies

Organized labor gives Obama high grades so far

NC House wants more child labor fines, reporting

MLB union files grievance over player donations

BRAND New union convenes

In hard times, we need unions

Organizing Wal-Mart: The Chinese Trade Union at a Crossroads [Updated]

Union sues to get ad on Fresno bus

On the picket line

Card-check compromise draws criticism

3,000 Corrections Officers Join the Teamsters (major organizing victory)

Loss for Private College Union (exempt from unionization because of its religious ties)

1st Circuit Issues First Ruling to Uphold Authority of Vacancy-Riddled NLRB

Smithsonian, worker dispute perils of asbestos

Bayer appeals citations in fatal explosion in W.Va.

DA deciding whether to file criminal charges in 2007 East Palo Alto electrocution death of employee

Texas Utility Contractor Fined $50K for Alleged Safety Violations

HRA: Antiquated OSHA Lead Standards Fail to Protect Americans

OSHA Will Finally Take Action On Popcorn Workers Lung

New study shows lack of understanding of meatpacking industry and immigration

Today in labor history Mar 23 Trial of 101 Wobblies, charged with opposing the draft

Obama to name out lesbian Assistant Labor Secretary (Email from Pride @ work))

WBC Championship: KOREA vs japan

Curt Schilling of Red Sox announces retirement

A Position-by-Position Guide to the Most Hated Yankees Ever

Lance Armstrong Broke His Collarbone in Cycling Crash in Spain

Curt Schilling retires.

Wisconsin Badgers: NCAA Women's Hockey Champions

How much do we hate Pitino in Boston?

NFL Kickoff Weekend and Thanksgiving schedule released.

Urban Dictionary Definitions for "cboy": Which one is is our boy?

Obama to name out lesbian Assistant Labor Secretary (Email from Pride @ work))

Chuck Schumer Comes Out For Gay Marriage

Gay couple sue Christians for barring them from hotel bed

All homosexuals should be stoned to death, says Muslim preacher of hate

Witnessed something simple, encouraging and amazing last night...

Battle Royal, vote your favorite.

Am I doing enough: It's a hard question, that I asked myself and every sexual/gender minority needs

Vermont Senate votes 26-4 to legalize same-sex marriage

Close To Half Of All Medical School Leaders Question Status Of Clinical Research In The U.S.

Judge Orders FDA to Reconsider Limits on Morning-After Pill for Minors

Is medical training now up to speed on the value of nutrition to good health?

More on HFCS

Study Finds Eating Red Meat Contributes to Risk of Early Death

Can Israel dismiss its own troops' stories from Gaza?

Rights group: IDF violated medical ethics in Gaza op

Gunships shell western Khan Younis, Special Forces invade east

Israel bows to U.S. pressure, lifts food restrictions on Gaza

A Question of Proportionality: Israel's Excessive Airstrikes

Haaretz: IDF ceased long ago being 'most moral army in the world'

Egypt seizes 560 sheep to be smuggled into Gaza

Egypt seizes 560 sheep to be smuggled into Gaza

Netanyahu is just a mirror

US parents visit wounded protester son in Israel (Tristan Anderson)

Israel risks isolation after Gaza assault, warns Olmert

Security forces using tear-gas canisters as weapons - B'Tselem

Palestinian Brothers: Israel Used Us As Human Shields In Gaza war

Netanyahu brings on 2nd coalition partner

Palestinian official 'assassinated' in Lebanon: Fatah

Why does the world media love to hate Israel?

J Street Releases New Poll of American Jewish Community

UN report says Israel used boy as human shield

Israel army rides out T-shirt row

Are the naked short sellers moving to Asia?

Jim Cramer is a Complicated Man

U.S. Central Credit Union may form "bad bank": CEO

Hidden Flaw In Ownership - picture

Property appraisers the real culprits ?

Judgment Day for Geithner

Nobel laureate Krugman slams Geithner bailout plan

What Geithner Has In Mind: Zombie Economics "Another banker-friendly flim flam"

Look what BOA paid the new Exec. of Countrywide....

Direxion Bull 3X Shares TODAY.....

Parents of critically injured US peace activist demand justice from Israel

poll on your credit card (s)

the NRA boogieman

gang violence and concealed weapons

Arming the American Underclass

Could someone explain something to me about the dollar and the stock market?

River Boat

I bought this plywood to do a little project and guess what?

Spring has arrived in North Texas . . .

Spring? What spring?

Dogwoods in East Texas

Calling Blue_In_AK

Greetings from beautiful downtown Nome

***APRIL PHOTO CONTEST THEME*** "The World of Work"

The Stars This Week: "Start Something New!" - March 23 - March 29, 2009

I got the job!!!

"Secrets of the Ring Muscles" and keep your old paperbacks

Message from "The Secret Scrolls"

Vibes for my favorite Lounger, Redstone.

Are there any other First-Week-Of-Spring Babies here??

Pluto Transits, aspects, etc

Okey Doke. I'm March 4, he's December 25.

Has anyone read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard

Scotland prepares to host Europe's first 'dark sky park'

Black Holes: Eternal Prisons No More, Stephen Hawking's Lecture

I like the Jesus of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne."

Question about "ceremonial deism"

Does your god have much hair?

the question of negative currency

Funny email. LOL

I found the most incredible little pho restaurant a couple miles from my home yesterday.

What's for dinner? ~ Monday the 23rd

Help!! I have a 7.43 lb pork shoulder that MUST be cooked tonight.

A possible bread epiphany

spaetzels - Anyone got recipes?

The final Flight 77 loop - circular, triangular, multiangular or what?

Ryan Mackey and the Physics of 9/11: Part Two

Time Warner Cable to Air Texas House Hearings

The Colour of Magic on ION

David Letterman Ties the Knot

Condi Rice to be on Jay Leno tomorrow night

sorry...posted in wrong forum

cross-posted from GD: Fox News mocking Canadian Military...

I'm a Texan who has been to Canada on numerous occasions

Supporters ramp up efforts to bring British anti-war MP

Kodak AIO printers