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Report: US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

An Opinion About Credit Cards

$$$ This message is so important! $$$ Let's rec this up so more will see it!!!

Oscar Grant - Deafening Silence

Burris Admits He Reached Out To Blago Confidant in Criminal Complaint

this is one useless government employee...totally useless (pic)

Israel Condemns Vatican’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Remarks

There's going to be pizza in Boston tonight

Heat may spark world food crisis

Replay of the Dashle confirmation hearing right now on cspan2

Expressing glee over civilian deaths makes you an asshole.

UN: 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Union Card Raises Wages for Women as Much as Year in College

Watch Mary Beth Maxwell Discuss Employee Free Choice on C-SPAN

Do you accept the view that all politicians sometimes Lie?

Cornelia Wallace Dies.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the next Senator from Missouri

Roadmap..courtesy of b3ta

Does Seppuku violate the Eighth Amendment?

Gaza Children Found With Mothers’ Corpses (NYT)

Interesting letter to the editor

What's going on with the football game?

LA sheriff visiting Israel to show solidarity

The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

Spam source explained...maybe

Hannity found someone to replace Alan Colmes on his show...

CLARIFICATION on New Safety Law and Thrift Shop Items

Welcome to the United States Senate, Al Franken.

A letter from September 10, 2003. We should not be surprised at the support for Israel

Nebraska Among 13 States With At Least 200 Percent Growth In "English Language Learners"

Wilkerson: CHENEY-'became VP well before Bush picked him & Began To Manipulate From That Point'

A REPUBLICAN (Palin) brings up the spector of

Gaza Crisis: Is Bush to Blame?

What did you hate about Oh-Eight?

Our hearts breaking over the killing of the children or who profits who dies?

DC Map for those going to inauguration day

My message from the RNC---(don't e-mail McCain, you get on the list)

More U.S. Children Face Poverty (R U surprised?)

Any USFS or BLM volunteers out there? I'm looking for a fire lookout gig for the summer.

Closed highways hinder grocery deliveries

Peace protesters go to far in New Zealand

Reinstate the 50 State Strategy

It's pretty bad when the unemployed know more about Int'l Economy than the...ahem...experts

Levi's mom speaks out (People Magazine again)

Interior Dept 's Classy New 'Outhouse'

AP: Obama and Spider-Man appear in comic together

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"They're ruining my yard and sprinklers"...tourists flock to future home of Junior & Pickles (video)

Florida says Howard Dean and the SEC rule!

About 3 minutes of football till the Bob Stouper cry, bitch, and whine show starts.

Is there anywhere to watch MSNBC streaming online?

If you are on the left coast, or are not watching The Daily Show on the East Coast..

Draft letter to Congresspeople about Gaza/Israel:

Obama Team Asks Congress to Postpone Digital TV Switch

Cheney DARES Obama "You Need To Sit Down & Find Out Precisely What It Is We Did & How We Did It"

The Circuit City pop-up almost makes

Would "Recovery Bonds" work? Like War Bonds, you know.....

9/11: Gitmo "judge" order likely to suppress "KSM" "trial" "transcript" (!)

So who is taking the day off to see History?

Kidney Pie anyone?

PETA seeks to rename high school Sea Kitten

Did Al Franklen win?

Beginning today U.S. to collect DNA samples of arrested immigrants

never thought Kucinich would be too inflammitory to post..

Oh sweet Jesus if they wrap their arms around Tim Tebow I give up

Kucinich on I/P


Looking for statistics on Afghanistan I came across a VERY useful site for numbers on all nations.

Sports talk DU style with a pissed off commie.

A bit of trivia about John F. Kerry you probably didn't know.

Company photographer took & released on internet photos of pantless skier hanging upside down.

Only for Palin watchers...

Mike Malloy appears to be the only talk show host who dares to speak

“The Age of Reason” Tom Paine’s SMACKDOWN on Organized Religion

Springsteen To Open Inauguration On Steps Of Lincoln Memorial?

I am completing a survey from my Congressman, and I have a couple questions.

Live Coverage Of The Gaza War Hasn't Made It Into Most American Living Rooms (Al Jazeera)

The idea that we have to incentivise breeding for population gain is and has always been stupid

Venomous mammal caught on camera

Gee Mr Obama! When will it be time...

11,000 national guard troops for Jan 20th?

How BART protest devolved into anarchy, rioting

Todd Rundgren on the departing liars, cowards, hypocrites and perverts & reclaiming our future.

NYPD wants tech to disrupt wireless communications

Joe the Plumber reporting from Gaza..............

Joe the Plumber reporting from Gaza..............

Incoming Treasury Secretary Overhauling Bailout To Aid Cities, Homeowners, Small Businesses

I want to see this SO BAD! Scarborough being urged to run for Congress again!?

2 Qaeda Leaders Killed in U.S. Strike in Pakistan

Palin: Couric 'not the center of everyone's universe'

Force Fed at Guantanamo - Bin Laden's driver speedily released

WJ this morning - Obama's Stimulus plan - too much? too little?

Al Franken stole the election? Prove it or shut up (Salon)

Five Kids Who Made the World a Better Place

Conyers tries to keep Gupta from surgeon general post

Westboro Baptist Church Gets Green Light to Protest Inauguration

For One Night, GIs in Iraq Get a Taste of Home: Football and Beer

Since the BART shooter is no longer a cop, should he now be treated like the civilian he is?

Skinner, I can't take the suspense anymore! Who won the MILK prize packages?

george bush broke our country

Blago seeks to have Fitzgerald removed from case

Blago seeks to have Fitzgerald removed from case

A made-up fact to start your morning

Rifts show as Obama urges quick action on stimulus

What should a person do if they run over and kill a notorious mobster's son?

Congress blowing hot air once again.

10 Absurd Conservatives Myths About Obama's Recovery Plan

Israelis Watch the Fighting in Gaza From a Hilly Vantage Point: "Bravo! Bravo!"

5 Soldiers, 9 Afghanis killed

Why are Norman Finkelstein videos being locked?

Unemployment rate 7.2%, 524,000 jobs lost in December.

Did You Know That Pretty Much Everybody Agrees That The New Deal Failed?

The real objection to Sanjay Gupta

2.6 MILLION jobs lost for the year. How many states population does that equal

Maybe I'm being too hard on Sarah, but...

God Hates Fags church granted permission to protest at Obama inauguration

One appointment I'm happy about: Cristeta Comerford

Are we fighting a proxy war with Iran? With all the arms aid the US gives Israel - how many of

A warning to Obama from Tom Hayden

Kucinich speaking about Israel resolution n/t

Jobs: not only lost, but those never created

New Obama Documentary is Bogus

It feels a little bit liberating, and quite satisfying at the moment. That may or may not change

TPM: On healthcare reform, Dashcle demurs

Not Doing Enough

I had a very scary flight today ......

Kucinich speaking on Gaza

"Re Fi." or...Norman Coleman = Refinance Norm in debt to his eyeballs.

Being an editor of a magazine with a French name makes for Ambassador to France?!1

Washington's and Jefferson's Revolutionary War was a flop...

Coleen Rowley and William Cox: No Victors in the War on Dissent (Must Read)

2009: All panic, all the time? Or is there room for something else?

This whole Bernie Madoff thing is a regular laff riot

I guess according to Gator QB Tim Tebow--- if we don't believe in Baby Jesus, we'll all perish!

Well, one good thing for Coleman now that the Minnesota senate race is decided...

Did you know? The "liberal left" "is all about fairness, justice and equality for all"...

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Double Check the Planes Flying Overhead

TPM: The Bill Richardson investigation: Tentacles

How do we get 7.2% unemployment with these statistics??

Eco VW Microbus

Now this is too rich. Brownie evacuated in natural disaster

GOP Hypocrites of the Week

Law doesn't require secondhand stores to test for lead

Shooting Michael Moore (update)

More Two Minutes Hate

Retail crime rises; security firms benefit

Comedy Gold: The Rethugs energetically supporting pay discrimination

USHR today . . . Gaza and "Pay Equality" ....

Students abandoning engineering

FDIC's Bair Gets Nod to Stay, Address Housing Mess

New addition to the NYT op-ed page: Bono.

Illinois house voted to impeach Blagojevich

Illinois house voted to impeach Blagojevich

Toon on Burris (snort)

The race to the bottom continues with Bush's help....

Does it trouble you when you find yourself in full agreement with those from the hard right?

Think of how depressed the country would be if McCain had won the election?

How the Entire Economics Profession Failed WITHOUT Mea Culpas...

How the Entire Economics Profession Failed WITHOUT Mea Culpas...

Blago has been impeached

Take a long look at this picture...

Unions embrace proposed transfer tax

Unconstitutionality of $700 Billion Bailout to Banks + Billions to Fannie, Freddie & Friends

xkcd on Windows 7

Obama: Iran as threat but US should try diplomacy

Bill Easing Unionizing under Heavy Attack: Ny Times, what else is new?

My Austrailian relative visiting America says US is a mess....

House Republican Conference Announcement on Bill to Ban Fairness Doctrine

Make your own Obamicon............

Whatever happened to the mine owner in Utah whose mine collapsed?

Are you disappointed that neither Bush or Cheney were impeached?

Venezuela reinstates free home heating oil for poor in U.S.

Venezuela reinstates free home heating oil for poor in U.S.

Have the Christians who say "Get over it. Prop 8 won. The people have spoken" given up the pro-life

For the jobseekers... Great blog post on interviewing!

US says Iraqis may still be held indefinitely without charge


Military force-feeding 10 percent of Guantanamo detainees

spotlight turns on PricewaterhouseCoopers re: Satyam India's fraudster

Uprising News for Jan. 9, 2009: Greece, Gaza

A Fairy Tale of Trees and Tribes

Now Is Your Chance To Thank Bush

Now Is Your Chance To Thank Bush

Scorched Earth: Bush Admin. to bar autoworkers from striking against GM

Scorched Earth: Bush Admin. to bar autoworkers from striking against GM

Guardian: Birth of first British baby screened to be free of cancer gene

Be sure to fill out the "Thank You to President Bush" at the RNC website

Need help catching pedophiles - Any ideas?

The word "tacky"doesn't hold much meaning in our current society.

AP: UN rights chief wants investigation of Gaza abuses

Does Illinois have a special election for Governor now?

The event I most want to see on Inauguration Day:

So, we lost 2.6M jobs last year...yet two who should have lost theirs are still working

"Economy is on the rise, kickin' into overdrive, angry liberals can't believe, it's 'cause of ...

Shell gobbles up Yampa River water

Rec this thread if you are sick of threads asking for a rec

New jobs numbers portray an economy in near free fall

New jobs numbers portray an economy in near free fall

Bernie Sanders LIED on Thom Hartmann Show

Wailin' Palin and Annthrax Coulter, living proof that irony is dead among Repukes.

Call The WAAAAAAAAmbulance! Sarah Palin Thinks The "Liberal Press" Is Mean!

The Freeper disease: Exploding Head Syndrome

A Simplified History of Democratic And Republican Economics

A Simplified History of Democratic And Republican Economics

Blago is wishing he was a Republican about now

Do we need something in between the Buddy and Ignore lists?

BART.... A Public and Private Partnership!

Have you guys seen the latest video to emerge from the BART shooting? (It's bad)

So I am reading a Washington Post story

Bush lost 3.04 million jobs on his watch

Gay White House Appointment; Lesbian Family in Inaugural Tour

Eleven more days until we are rid of the worst president in history.

Our weapons, our tax dollars. Our complicity...

Did Obama Aide Admiral Dennis Blair Lie to Congress?

Leven more days... Fuck!

Bush says he's not considering scaling back $300 million library

Paulson Approves Bailout for Adult Entertainment Industry

"Would you prefer the return of indentured servitude or slavery instead?"

A Final Report Card on the Reagan Years?

Debt Collectors Busy Nowadays But Discovering More Can't Pay

Ouch. Blago only had one vote on his side......

Who's watching Shuster and Zeigler

MarketWatch: Roubini forecasts recession will last 2 years

Associated Press: Iran bans volunteers from fighting Israel

Live Thread: C-Span 1 debate on the Israel/Gaza resolution

MSNBC: "You don't have to be guilty of committing a crime to be impeached

House passes legislation fighting wage discrimination.»

To add insult to injury, Howard Dean mugged by anonymous black man.

Oops the Illinois Court says the signature is not necessary

all negative press about Isreal is crushed on the DU. Why?

Pakistani PM Presses Biden For More Military Aid

What sort of infrastructure would you support being in the stimulus package?

Obama, Clinton Plan to Retrieve Ex-Envoys, Keep Bush Official

Sen. Kennedy: It's Great To Be Back In The Senate! Change Is coming.

Pay Money To Thank Bush

What do you think of radio talk show host Ed Schultz?

Anyone in favor of renewing "Statute of Limitations" on Student Loans . . .

Dean Dissed?

Has your job been "deskilled?"

Blagojevich press conference about to start on

Judge hands loss to White House on visitors logs

50 State Strategy not a priority with new DNC head Kaine

Seattle P-I up for sale

Comedy Red State Update: Turmoil in the Senate!

Anyone just hear Ron Paul re: resolution supporting Israel on CSPAN?

Just deserts: Brownie forced to evacuate.

Worst year for jobs since '45

Do you feel sorry for "poor, exploited" Sarah Palin?

Another Bush Legacy: 84 Percent More Unemployed

How soon we forget.

House passes Pay Equality Bill

David Shuster smacks down Palin docu-director John Ziegler: Palin turns on Ziegler too

Is there a low-price battery-powered digital TV for emergency/blackout use?

Oh yeah ..... the 'entitlements'

Family Blames Texas Police Shooting on Racial Profiling

An utterly insignificant but illuminating example of Government ineptitude

Will the DLC Dems support Keynsian Solutions to the Economy?

Population 1.5 million

Bush Admin. to bar autoworkers from striking against GM

An Ode to an Impeached Governor

I apologize. Sanjay Gupta is a shill and unfit to serve.

Hilda Solis, future Secretary of Labor

What's with Obama's determination to give torture and rendition supporter John Brennan a post?

So how many times a day do you say or think "we are so, so screwed in this country"?

Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction-by Naomi Klein: " It's time. Long past time."

Senate's Democratic majority clears path for Roland Burris Pressure by President-elect Barack Obama

They Really Do HATE Us for Our Freedoms Right?

question: What's the dealeo with Clinton and Carter not liking each other?

KBR seeks to blame Army for death of its own drivers

Heads Up - Dennis Kucinich will be on Tweety today n/t

GOP Senators Give Hope to Anti-Obama Activists, Walk Fine Line with Conspiracy Theorist Constituents


Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon indicted on corruption charges

Anyone familiar with NY State Teacher Certification?

Warning: More Doom Ahead (Nouriel Roubini)

House approves bill to fight wage discrimination

Retailers say 2008 was the worst holiday season in decades

Cartoon Journalist asks GREAT question:

Now that Blago has been impeached ......

Bush Admin Still Withholding Key ‘War on Terror’ Memos

How much longer will we live for NOT having to endure the daily bullshit from Shrub and Shooter?

I'm sure the members of our little DU ethics choir are throwing up right now at the sight of a

Can your grocer stop the seal hunt:?

How often do you "Recommend" posts here in General Discussion?

Please email Randi Rhodes and tell her why Warren is not the lovey dovey person Randi is professing!

U.S. troop deaths increase in Afghanistan

Sleeper Bill of the Month: Our Own Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Feeding America DU Charity Donation drive

Cheney: "the administration did not get a lot of credit for the stuff that did not happen"

More Orwellian than Orwell

Patrick Fitzgerald

Larry Flynt and Joe Francis Ask for Government Bailout of the Adult Entertainment Industry

Publisher: Bush will receive ‘minimal interest’ on the lecture circuit.»

john ziegler.....what an asshole....where do they find these clowns?

Detroit Free Press: More stores struggle as recession has people buying only necessities

Lack Of Answers 'Shocks' Bailout Official

After Defending Bush Admin Abuses, McConnell Appointed To Intel Advisory Board By Obama

One good thing about Rod Blagojevich: He has made the nation

Goodbye to Bush in Three Minutes

Utah Student Raises $45,000 to Protect Land from Drilling

And now, for your reading pleasure,....

Dear Reverend Phelps,

Speaking of Blanket Pardons

Church removes 'scary crucifix'

New (clearer) video of Oscar Grant shooting

post a question for Kaine

Free newspapers

Taylor's son jailed for 97 years (now for Bush/Cheney and friends)

I need some help. Don't know how to deal with this.

The New Deal prolonged the Great Depression.

Toyota, Ford spar over hybrid m.p.g. claims

This Description of Events just prior to the French Revolution Sounds Just like Today

Who was that ho on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

Rick Warren Raises Thousands of Dollars for LGBT Equality at Obama’s Inauguration

PHOTO: There was a sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics.... :)

Illinois Senate seat to stay vacant: Durbin

Zeigler on Shuster now

Check in and Rec here if you're planning to attend Obama Inauguration...

Bill Moyers Journal to Air Footage of March of the Dead, Arrests in Senate Offices

Gates thanks Bush for commitment to troops

How you can Start a Farm in Heart of the City

George Bush's Very Successful Presidency - No, Seriously

CNN To Air I.O.U.S.A. This Weekend

Unacceptable That - USA Has NEVER Taken Responsibility For Crimes Its High-Level Officials Commited

GOOD News for a change: Geithner is overhauling the second half of the TARP bailout!

A Progressive Economic Recovery Package


Reaganomics was "trickle down" as Bushonomics is to....

Caption Blago today NY times photo

Rick Warren is Meddling in the Episcopal Church...Again

"This is in regards to your credit card. If you do not call within the next 24 hours ......."

Online Threat to Kill Obama Leads to Arrest

question about DU ad bot...

NYPD Wants to Jam Cell Phones During Terror Attack

When Norah O'Donnell laughs, is she actually communicating with dolphins?

Prognosticaions on the rest of Mr. Bush's life?

Had to stop a few times to rinse my mouth from the vomit.

Israeli war machines grind deep in reeling Gaza

The BART cop has got to do time...

So, Obama's named this guy Dennis Ross as a "top envoy on the Middle East"...

Contessa Brewer: "Is it even cool anymore to be White?"

Seven Executive Orders to Launch the Obama Agenda: With The Stroke Of The Presidential Pen

The Nation: Can Labor Revive the American Dream?

For my 1,000th post: MEMORIES (Toons) {DIAL-UP WARNING}

Why the Rude Pundit Will Not Be Writing About Ann Coulter's New Book

Utah congressman "saves" $1500 a month by sleeping in his office

If you Are Not Christian You Are Going To Die says CO Gunman

And Another Birther Theory Crumbles (Obama Not Adopted By Lolo Soetoro)

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on Universal Health Care - White House OMB

What's your television situation?

The DCCC spent over 1.5 million dollars on 3 votes AGAINST equal pay for women

On Obama’s Choice of Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General

"…Katie, you’re not the center of everybody’s universe," no sarah, YOU are

Fundies: "Homosexuals immune to Massachusetts budget cuts"

Sitter charged with baby's dryer death

In support of a feminist stimulus*

Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime Americans lost something extremely valuable

Blagojevich: v. to ramble at length shortly after being accused, indicted or impeached.

Blagojevich: v. to ramble at length shortly after being accused, indicted or impeached.

$3 trillion for the Iraq War. But no TOILET PAPER for Detroit Public School students.

Toon time: Tom the Dancing Bug

Poll: Minnesotans Want Coleman To Concede Defeat

Holy shit, Blago is so full of shit.

Prosecutors: Dusty Foggo Testimony Will Outrage The Public

I hate to say this, but... comes the Mother-in-law...for how long?

Naomi Klein: Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction

U.S. won't tolerate torture, Obama says

Bill Would Create Commission To Probe Bush Administration Crimes

Did Bush Cause the Financial Crisises?...BBC

Is Obama being honest about his connection with the DLC?

We have FOUR lucky winners for the "MILK" movie prize pack giveaway!

Gaza Victims' Burns Increase Concern Over Phosphorus

Prop 8 supporters sue to overturn campaign finance laws to prevent boycott.

Sarah Palin is whining about Caroline Kennedy getting "kid glove treatment" from media.

Dear Skinner - Can we have a countdown clock until the worst President

3 Police Shootings - All Questionable - Post Racial America?

John McCain and Sarah Palin got less of the vote than Dukakis: 45.62% v. 45.65%

After Listening To The Blago News Conference And Hearing Him Defend Himself.....

Kucinich letter to Rice concerning the 1976 Arms Export Control Act

5 "Democrats" voted against paycheck equality....

The same DoJ that brought you "waterboarding is not illegal" and "non-Chritsians need not apply" ...

TV Doc Gupta and the "Virtual" Cabinet

Laid-off workers can't afford COBRA, report says

Seating Al Franken....

Obama sucks up to Warren but completely disses Dean

Directly after his swearing-in, what unrealistic but badass thing would you like Obama to say?

Cutaway of Obama's New Ride

A bobcat is a "nuisance animal"?

High speed rail may be the answer to our economic problems...

Public Works Project Idea: Bridge across the Aleutian Islands to Vladivostok?

About the standardization and computerization, universal and instant access to medical records

Report Says White House Rejected All Advice from Government Agencies That Torture Was Illegal

Letter to Barack Obama From Ralph Nader: "Move Fast to Restore the Rule of Law"

Just What We Need: "boycott American products and the use of the US currency"

I'm Going to Kill This "FDR's New Deal was a flop" meme, once and for all.

kentauros is here, but there are not very many threads rec'd

DU'er most likely to go powermad if given moderator skills?

Anyone else have odd displays in the forums?

Hey! Watch out for that pole!

For dumbest TV ad ever, I submit, "Do you ever wish you had sonic hearing?"

Miz t. is drinking my whisky.


Why wasn't I told that Bernadette Peters was on Ugly Betty?

Every time I hear the "Star Spangled Banner"

Happy Birthday E

Off to San Diego for a few days...

I had dinner with a friend at Quizno's, and now my coat smells like onions.

I think the CIA is putting thoughts in my head. (No we aren't.)

Say hi to Skidboot

Is anyone else on Linked In? Would you link me?

Miami bound!

Has anyone had experience w/ Honda Civic Hybrids (07- on)?

Puppies are awake!

Cute Things Falling Asleep!

Is there a way we can save the Lounge when the rest of DU crashes and burns?

Sticking with the movie theme today - Eastwood film Gran Torino

Why all the vimax pills ads

Why all the vimax pills ads

PROOF! THe Rolling Stones once owned yer face!

10000 questions....

Dixie Chicks Should Perform at the Inauguration Ball

Dixie Chicks Should Perform at the Inauguration Ball

So, at work on Monday I had to do a flood story.. so I called up the City of Chilliwack


Anniversary thread!

Man, am I bound!

Flintstones character most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction

Is the Bicycle Commuter Act more wealth redistribution for the South?

Is the Bicycle Commuter Act more wealth redistribution for the South?

Javier Bardem is fucking sexy.

My wife and my sons watched "Kandahar" this evening.

I completed my jury duty today. Ask me anything!

Congratulations to the University of Florida!!

congrats, Gators.

The Unfairness of Life - Cats Have Great Muscle Tone Despite Sleeping All Day

So.. so you think you can tell...

Ever tried Yak Traks? A friend says I should get some, before the next ice storm hits.

Is Tebow the Reincarnation of Rock 'n' Rollen?

And the winner is...

Are YOU brave enough?

10 questions

2009-2010 College Football Preview

When News Media goes bad

You haven't heard the word "John McCain"


Just when I thought things were going really well....

Who the hell recommended my thread??? They're asking for it!

FL appeals court to hear lawsuit against DNC about the primary and delegates. ?

My hair feels wonderful tonight.

Honestly, will anyone go see "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"?

Name something that doesn't have a name.

Today's College Football Thread -- BCS Championship Game Edition

The latest in rap

Hot hard sweaty chicks swearing...

Maybe she's just a butt-head

Ever use the on-screen keyboard?

Clicker training

A lounge sing-song

I'm drunk as fuck and listening to Irish reels

So, fellow loungers, how you doin'?

Why do I get awful stomach aches after working out...

Anyone else tip their mechanic?

WTF is Recreational Parks Management?

I have a pet peeve too. Tea, with sugar and lemon!

How do you write the name of that thing in your pocket?

Thursday Night Pic Thread

Thursday Night Pic Thread

Jean Michel Jarre - Rendezvous Houston

the deification of Tim Tebow

Shadow needs some lounge ~~**vibes**~~

Did anyone hear "Coast to Coast" the other night? They had this guy

I. Can't. Wake. Up.

So do you think this is a good sign?

In honor of Dubya being shown the door, we should have a Brazillionathon joke-off

Yay, I figured out where the leak in my house was coming from,

Yea! It's Girl Scout Cookie time!

True story

Only the fourth or fifth thread I've ever started that broke 100 replies:

Tomorrow is my Birthday- Ever closer to 40.....

So Romney is "Morman of the Year". Who is "Flying Sphagetti Monster Person of the Year?"

So Romney is "Morman of the Year". Who is "Flying Sphagetti Monster Person of the Year?"

IT'S FRIDAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! Weekend plans here......... Working on the house.

Laptop repair question and advice, please:

Dirty Joke for Friday Morning

Embarrassing question about neutered dogs.

Specific questions about The Godfather and Star Wars...

G'morning and Happy Friday!

Any CSI fans here?

Gaaaaahh!! Ann Coulter got on the Today show again!!

After lunch heavy metal thread: Motörhead "death or glory"

I just figured out who The Stig really is

Can we agree that the Heisman Committee got it wrong?

Post a favorite song that has no chorus.

Visitor defecates on Fort Pierce woman's porch (why yes, it is Florida)

mctatas, please pick up the white courtesy phone...

Why do I bother?

Disability specialists....question

What are the cheapest digital TVs available?

Let's revisit this youtube classic, shall we?

Topic of debate: Voice box part in "Do You Feel Like We Do?" Cool or overdone?

I'm fighting with AT&T re billing and want to dump them. Anyone here

I have a question and I hope you all have it too...

Congratulations Gators! Great game. Now play Utah.

DuStrange's book club: Dispatch, by Bentley Little

what the hell is with Taco Bell's new commercial advocating NOT tipping?

Wow!! Layoffs are hitting the NFL!

Do you know what a DNA test is?

Todays morsel of wisdom: when dealing with a court clerk be SUPER NICE

You're gonna love my nuts.

Have a favorite scented bath/shower gel?

My team actually finished 2nd in the nation.

If you know how to ghost kick the ~*NEW*~ way. Please keep it to yourself.

If you know how to ghost kick the ~*NEW*~ way. Please keep it to yourself.

Don't reply, don't rec and don't view this thread. Let it drop.

Another DU Classic

Hypothetical question for armchair tax experts to ponder (the marriage that never was)

In the house till Monday at 4am, SNOW SUCKS! What should I do?

In the house till Monday at 4am, SNOW SUCKS! What should I do?

Can we all agree that Wake Forest is the best college football team in the country?

Make your own Obamicon........

R.I.P. The beeper

I hate it when my co-worker tells me I look 'swell'

Flaming dog poop in a bag!

Okay so my brother got invited to the Presidential Inauguration

Bartcop has got to do time...

Fuck you


Anyone else Freecycle?

Stop Having A Boring Tuna

Thank you lounge...

Sly Stallone said the Eagles will beat the Giants - so it must be true!!!

What Bill Clinton really meant to say about the rug in the Oval Office

A plea to the DU Administrators: Couldn't we please have a countdown clock for

Aw yeah, that feels good, right there, ye- HOLY SHIT, WTF MAN!!!!!!

Hey kids, say hi to my online stalker!

Hey, dammit! I'm supposed to be typing a funeral service!

Is there anything more awkward than sitting next to a parent...

Top Ten Retirement Jobs for G. W. Bush

Dear West Virginia University

OMG! Loungers, help me congratulate my beloved ThinkBlue1966!

Remember the one where Monica thought Chandler was flogging the dolphin to "shark porn"?

Best. Sig. Pic. EVAH!!

Goodwin's Hello Kitty Law

Romeo's Tune

Is it really possible to unlock an iPhone for Sprint? Or is this a geeky "rickroll"

Don't feed me coffee!

DC DU'ers: What's it like to live there?

DC DU'ers: What's it like to live there?

tweeter was a boy scout til he went to viet nam

If you have a Wii and an internet connection, you NEED 'World of Goo.'

Holey Crap!! There was a Carrot Top siting in the Sports Forum!

Is your ring finger longer than your index finger or vice versa?

Use an LSD monitor on your computer? No better place in the cosmos to calibrate it than here:

What if Stephen Stills, Jimi Hendrix and Peter Tork had started that band?

Use a LCD monitor on your computer?

Use a Nile Monitor on your computer? Or anywhere else?

Mountain Dew I'm pretty much a dead man walking.

What things could your IRL friends tell us that we don't already know?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/9/2009)

Photo thread for ugly people

Two fractals

Is using the word "fucking" as an emphasizer in a punch line always a cheat?

Midlo never gives me anything

NFL to Draft Jesus, Passes on Tebow

When you have a roast but no side dishes or even bread, you end up eating a lot of roast.

Dog cries in his sleep:

Bands with numbers in their names

Bands with numbers in their names

Xpost from GDP: Poll--How will you celebrate on January 20?

Cristiano "I'm a diving crybaby @$%^" Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari...

UFO hits wind turbine!

Anyone here use Twitter?

So you say there WON'T be investigations? Kerry taps Douglas Frantz for SFRC chief investigator

I think I have a terminal case of boredom!

Oh my. Chuggo's been covered. By women.

That one was a 5.0

You so ugly...

Rick's Cabaret exotic dancer didn't report $80,000 in tips, charges say...

What Drama Movie should be made into a sitcom?

This summer: "Terminator 4."

Samuel Adams--have you ever had it?

Patrick Swayze has checked into the hospital

The film Ju-On...worth watching?

Irresponsible Dog Owners

I took three cats to the vet all at the same time today.

PETA wants to change the name for fish

Did you resolve to get out of debt this year?

Photo thread for good looking people.

Patented lounge vibes urgently needed.....

Match Game '09 time: "Two (blanks) walk into a (blank)...

Billy Mays gets his own tv show.

I have become an Investor! (With pics, no less...)

kitten picture of the day for friday january 9

Billy Mays - The Big City Toilet

What's the longest thread in DU history?

Mackerel & sardines for my cats?

"Spite Dishes"--you may have played a few rounds.

What's the biggest mountain you've seen in person?

Jesus Tebow and Football.

In Cat, what does 'trill-ack-squeak" mean?

When it comes to your favorite band/artist, do you ever find yourself wondering...

Does anyone have a good recipe for dill dough?

Don't say I never gave you anything.

Obama Calls for Halt to Buying Ammunition and Guns !

The End of the "Who Could Have Known ERA!" Arianna Huffington

The End of the "Who Could Have Known ERA!" Arianna Huffington

For One Special Voter, Two Special Days (Ann Nixon Cooper turns 107 Friday)

Piece of Shit KIT BOND will not run again in 2010!!!

A year ago , tonight. New Hampshire.

Don't we have bigger battles to fight than Sanjay friggin Gupta?

DC Map of inauguration info and other fun facts

Not enough Dem on Dem bashing yet?"Stimulus showdown:trees vs. roads!" Dem govs v Environmentalists

At least the criticism of Obama on DU is (mostly) grounded in reality...

Inaugural Rentals Begging For Takers

How do we know Howard Dean didn't snub Obama?

Obama surprise: long birth certificate finally released

Has anyone else gotten a "Presidential Inaugural Committee requests the honor of your presence"

Just a question for my edification and am sorry if this rubs anyone

Anyone else a little freaked out about how fragmented the dems are?

There is nothing like power to fragment Democrats

I am against the medical use of marijuana

"Spidey Meets the President"

Neera Tanden to work with Daschle on New Healthcare Plan

Will you be recording the Inauguration and if so which channel?

Barack Obama has picked John O. Brennan as his top adviser on counterterrorism

Obama picks (former) lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2

Say for sake of argument Dean was snubbed by Obama. Why? What is wrong with Dean?

Colin Powell Presser tomorrow on Obama's Call for National Service

Buzzflash says Howard Dean Shunned by Team Obama..and I agree

Two People I'd Like To See In An Obama Administration In Some Capacity Are.......

Chris Matthews not running for senate - all I can say is THANK GOD!!!

Do you trust PE Obama's judgment or not??!!

If Obama doesn't get us single payer healthcare, the Republicans will

I still think there is a fair chance Coleman will not contest

Who should call Urban Meyer and congratulate the Florida Gators?

Tickets for Obama Parade Seats Go on Sale Today

Will we get to watch the beautiful people at the Inauguration balls on the teevee?

Is Obama's stimulus plan another windfall for big business?

Kerry: "spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion"

Something big Obama will have to deal with that nobody is talking about.

Okay, all these threads with PE Obama made me think NYC was naming

Unemployment rate: 7.2%

Governor Dean... Post a Link to Him saying he was interested in a Positon

Once again the colloquial meaning of "impeach" becomes a problem

2.6 million jobs lost in 2008, the most since 1945

OMG! Buchanan thinks Palin would have made a great candidate for the Dems but for

How about one more chorus of "Idiot Son of an Asshole" to send * off?

As if Obama didn't anticipate the Democrats would scream, "He should spend more!"

Guess the stimulative effect. (Not a sex thread)

Hilda Solis Confirmation Hearing Starting Now

GD:P so much badly needs NanceGreggs to return....

Bush History-Bush Admin Lies about WMDs, & Bush Inches Off the Global Warming Denial Bus, 1/9

Just wondering if the RW is trying to take Palin out before 2012.

I love this headline: Obama puts his trust in government

In retrospect: that $700B was as dumb as many of us thought it was

Sarah Palin: "If I wasn't a demented fascist the media would have loved me."

When does the national debt become too great?

Poll on recount: Coleman should concede

NYT: "Senate (so-called) Allies Fault Obama Stimulus Plan." Dems vs. Clinton II

It's Called 'Governing'

Duty Now For The Future

Points to ponder from PE Obama's announcement today

How will history judge Bush's legacy? LMAO

Hallelujah! 11 days Left! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Republicans opposing equal pay for equal work - Buck McKeon (CA-R) leading the opposition!

Richard Nixon born January 9, 1913

Obama's Press conference is avail @

Obama on cover of comic book with Spiderman

Did anyone else get this e-mail about parade tickets for sale?

Dean Congratulates Gov. Kaine on DNC Chairman Appointment

The Bush Administration's Most Despicable Act - Joe Klein Time Jan. 08

On Obama's tax breaks for business: didn't we just give away the store to business for last 8 yrs?

"Biden's Overseas Trip Could Be Passport to Trouble"...per Karl Rove

Which Republican ideas are worthy of bipartisan support?

The Free Speech Argument For Digital TV and Digital Radio

The List: Celebrities In DC For Obama's Inauguration

Gov. Palin: Her comments were taken out of context

What immediate stances do you expect the day after Obama's inauguration?

Never thought anybody could get one up on Obama, but I guess Dr. Dean did.

Never thought anybody could get one up on Obama, but I guess Dr. Dean did.

Would The Failure Of Holder As AG, Mean Obama Needs To Work With GOP For Supreme Court Nominees?

Obama: ‘If Paul Krugman has a good idea…then we??re going to do it.’

Today's provocative topic: "A mob is still a mob, even if they are with you."

ON Sanjay Gupta...I'm willing to be persuaded he's a good choice...

Why I'm hoping that Eric Holder will NOT be confirmed as AG

IMO, Obama's opposition to the digital TV switch seems petty and ill timed. If

Dear President (elect) Obama (and Congress): Please, no stimulus checks

Blago: I tried to sell Obama's seat to raise money for the poor

Inaugural parade tickets sell out in less than a minute

Happy Birthday Elvis...your dream has come true.

Oh boy - more BLAGOTV!!!

BREAKING NEWS:Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon indicted on 12 counts - will move to IL & run for Gov.

Scared Yet?

Is it possible 3 Senators for Illinois- MSNBC: a credential's fight??

Maureen Dowd : Sweet on Caroline (Kennedy)

Who would be better for 2012? Bush or Palin?

Ridicule is very easy. It works well. Being a bully is easy.

On the bright side the IL State Legislature apparently has more guts than the last 4 Congresses.

Heck of a job GOP...ya did Bush/Cheney in there look...they lost 3 million jobs

Silly or Not? NAACP Alabama president objects to Azalea Trail Maids being in the Inaugural parade

CNBC is calling Frank's retro-TARP package the "Jamie Dimon Flys Commercial Act"

Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be Illinois governors...

Did You see David Shuster Destroy Palin and Zigler?

Jeb Bush drops out of 2010 Florida Senate Race.

John McCain on FauxNews right now defending Obama and Panetta..

Obama sais ECONOMIC PLAN WILL BE REFINED! (or, be patient people!)

Video of Howard Dean, clearly looks snubbed

Obama, Biden Lincoln-themed Inaugural Luncheon Details Released

Palin Whines in Interview about Unfair Treatment During Campaign

Does Sarah Palin have NO ONE on her political team who can stop her from making an ass of herself?

Please help me understand

Anyone else agree that this whole "Dems vs Obama" is just the media playing us?

Why Dean should have gotten an appointment.

How will you celebrate January 20th? (humor)

Too bad this Blago fellow is corrupt. That was a heckuva performance

Need a Job? "The Company" Is Hiring...Apparently...

So what's up between Obama and Dean?

Blago's final flame out -- what will it be? Name his addiction/defense

OH MY GOD! Joe Biden just resigned from the Senate. . .who saw this coming. . .

List of things that will not be going to hell in a handbasket when Obama takes over


Obama Vs The Dems In Senate Re: Economic Plan: Good Cop/Bad Cop?

Are you smarter than Barack Obama?

What really bothers me about Palin

The tree of liberty needs all three branches...

On Obama’s Choice of Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General (Time for Change ) - x

Parade tickets just went on sale - ticketmaster - none

Is it true that the Dems are abandoning the 50 state strategy and if so why?

Hacked Blackberry message from Obama proves he snubbed Dean in 15-minute press conference!

Inauguration worries: For Jennifer Griffith, it's all about details

Just got a call from Byrd's Office - I GOT TICKETS!!!!!

A NEW GI BILL FOR EVERYONE – Instead of More Wall St. Bail-Outs

Tina Fey needs to come back to SNL tomorrow night and stick it to Palin for being a whiner.

Donnatella Versace: Obama Has Inspired Me!

I'd give Obama a B+ so far

Obama invites lesbian couple on his Inaugural Whistle Stop Tour

Orman and Noonan: Sarah Palin is stupid, pathetic, immature, and not astute, not Reaganesque

Hardball Award: Never Refrain from Asking for What You Believe is Yours...

Prop 8 supporters sue to keep donor names anonymous

No (as in ZERO) Birther cases granted Cert today

OK everyone, simmer down and have patience.

Obama’s Mother-in-Law to Move Into the White House

Holy Crap--I lived in the same tiny residence hall as our President-Elect!

There have been no further terrorist attacks on American soil for 7 years!!!!

Which of these decisions by Obama do you think is his worst?

Which is more embarassing? Gov. Palin or Gov. Blagojevich?

Should we start tracking legislation and Exec Orders Obama Signs?

Obama team included in national security exercise next week

PHOTOS: Vice President Biden in Pakistan

Sarah Palin meets her Maker at what seems like the Pearly Gates

11 more days and I can finally take down this web site!!

Obama chooses openly gay head of Import-Export Bank

Grill me if you must: I think that Blago looks impressive, eloquent, believable!

Howard Dean is known for speaking truth to power, right? THEN BELIEVE HIM WHEN HE SAYS. . .

Do Congressional Democrats Need Intervention? Attitude adjustment?

Paul Krugman is your friend.

JOHN KERRY appreciation week - next week on 1600

What is the ONE THING that Obama could do that would help you the most?

Obama has a lolcat message for Bush:

I love Randi but...

Math is based on 10 as a base. Why do humans and animals alike have

Matt Taibbi: Tom Daschle has close connections to insurance and pharmaceutical interests

Hell, Let's put Palin and Kennedy on Jeopardy, all categories political related!!!

I'm thrilled Obama was elected. But he doesn't get a mindless blank check..

Hmm, I Think Obama is a Great Public Speaker, even if he "Ahhs" at a rate of 25/minute

Physicians for National Health Care comes out against Gupta

Most Dissapointing Cabinet pick for Obama

On health care. Hehe. I'm at work right now at the doctor's office and am finding it the ideal

Senator Burris, it is official

Your Opinion, Please.

Rasmussen: Kennedy 51%, King 33% in potential matchup

Jim Dean says his brother would have rescheduled his trip..

POLL: Photo threads on DU....where should they go?

Can you stream TV video from Europe? Meanwhile US blocks people

NCUA(National Credit Union Administration) Activates National Examination Team

First Lady Debuts New Bush China

Ill. House panel recommends governor's impeachment

EXTRA: Hamas criticizes Egyptian proposal for Gaza

Khmer Rouge Leader May Be Tried in March

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

Cheney says no one saw financial crisis coming

Agreement Reached on U.N. Resolution Calling for Mideast Cease-Fire

UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

Security Council calls for immediate truce in Gaza - US Abstains

Police investigate threat letter to Bobby Rush

Mexico awards cash for worst gov't red-tape sagas

Markey to lead powerful energy subcommittee

Top al Qaeda Targets Reportedly Dead After U.S. Air Strike

US immigrants facing deportation have 'no right to an effective attorney'

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

So Who's To Blame For Gaza's Misery?

Protesters gather once again on Oakland streets (Thursday night)

Cheney: CIA Did Nothing Illegal in Interrogations

Venezuelans protest Israeli military actions against Gaza

Geithner Preparing Overhaul Of Bailout

UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

Retail fallout claims Goody's chain (287 stores)

UN's rights chief calls for independent investigation into possible war crimes in Gaza, Israel

Palin: Couric 'not the center of everyone's universe'

UN agency says Israeli troops forced Gazans into house, then shelled it 24 hours later

Gaza Children Found With Mothers’ Corpses

AIG yanks $93 million in quickie payouts after Dems squawk

Citigroup supports measure giving courts big say on mortgage reductions

Unprecedented heat will trigger global food crisis

As condition of loan, UAW can't strike against GM

100 Survivors Rescued in Gaza From Ruins Blocked by Israelis (Red Cross blocked for 4 days)

Greek police fire teargas at stone throwing youths

Protest groups plan 3 rallies in Greek capital

Israeli government says military offensive in Gaza will continue despite UN resolution

Prop. 8 supporters file challenge to campaign donor laws

Russia ready to restart gas flow to Europe

Iraqis march against Israel, cleric wants revenge

Eric Holder pushed for controversial clemency

U.S. Stocks Drop on Concern Job Losses Show Worsening Recession

Texas filing seeks to put off suit tied to (Norm) Coleman

Texas filing seeks to put off suit tied to Coleman

Pressured by I.R.S., UBS Is Closing Secret Accounts

Google layoffs above 5,000

Bailout Czar's Secret? Copy. Paste. Repeat. (Treasury Rpt on Bailout Borrowed from Previous Docs)

Study: Health Care Overhaul Needn't Break Bank

Iran's Larijani slams Arab, European proposals on Gaza - Summary

Northwest Flooding Blocks Major Roads

Iran as threat but U.S. should try diplomacy - Obama

Charges dropped against ex-Reagan budget director

Third "Human Terrain" Researcher Dead (Afghanistan)

Israel rejects UN truce resolution, continues Gaza operation

House Launches New Labor Agenda With Wage Discrimination Bills

As a condition of loan, UAW cannot strike against General Motors

Zimbabwe troops 'eat elephants'

VP-elect Biden holds talks with Pakistani leaders

Senate Democrats May Seat Franken Before Coleman Lawsuit Is Resolved

Illinois House impeaches Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Nationwide Inquiry on Bids for Municipal Bonds

Senate's Democratic majority clears path for Roland Burris Pressure by President-elect Barack Obama

Seattle P-I up for sale

UN says it will soon resume suspended aid in Gaza

KBR Seeks to Blame Army, Insurgents for Iraq Deaths

Bank: error led to (Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha) Blackburn's home foreclosure

Taylor's son jailed for 97 years

Whistleblower in Blago Case: Corruption 'Never Ceased to Amaze Me'

Blago seeks to have Fitzgerald removed from case

Moderate quake hits Southern California (5.0)

KBR (and Halliburton) Seeks to Blame Army, Insurgents for Iraq Deaths

TVA spill estimated at 10,000 gallons (new one this time Alabama)

(Supreme) Court steps into case involving Iraq (is Iraqi gov't immune from US lawsuits?)

Dollar Tree settles with family over benefits for slain worker

Mayor Sheila Dixon indicted

Bush seems at ease as presidency ends

Bush seems at ease as presidency ends

Satyam's Raju surrenders, arrested

Obama-Bush teams to stage 'disaster' exercise

Senate Career Over, Craig Drops Appeal in Bathroom Sex Case

Bush Admin. to bar autoworkers from striking against GM

Family wants police charged in New Orleans killing

FDA scientists complain to Obama of 'corruption'

U.S. says Iraqis may still be held without charge


U.S. says Iraqis may still be held without charge

Boeing to announce (4,000+) layoffs today

UN: Israel shelled house where civilians were held

FDA scientists complain to Obama of 'corruption'

Prosecutors urge release of testimony in CIA case

Great Depression jobs parallel may not be far flung

Venomous mammal caught on camera

Cheryl Holdridge dies at 64; popular Mouseketeer

Frank: House to put conditions on bailout

UFOs spotted 'by hundreds' at wind turbine site

U.S. won't tolerate torture, Obama says

Pelosi: Bush harmed country

Democrats quietly toss term limits on congressional chairs

Robert Rubin quits Citigroup amid criticism

Log Cabin facing money woes: Gay GOP group at least $100,000 in debt

VP-Elect Biden visits Kuwait on World Tour

Sarah Palin Questions Media Treatment of Caroline Kennedy

Military re-enlistments increase as jobs become scarce

Bush Delivers Final Policy Speech with Few Watching

Judge hands loss to White House on visitors logs

Obama Raps Bowl Championship Series: 'We need a playoff'

Press TV station destroyed by IDF in Gaza

Saudi tanker 'freed off Somalia'

Peru sends jailed American Lori Berenson to capital for treatment related to pregnancy

Obama Says Economic Critics Should Show Him Ideas

Seattle Post Intelligencer for sale. Likely to close.

U.S. seeks ship to move arms to Israel

5 new earthquakes (largest 3.3 mag) hit Yellowstone

Online Threat to Kill Obama Leads to Arrest

10-Year Sentence for ‘Sopranos’ Actor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 9

Supreme Court considers challenge to Voting Rights Act

Few speak out for Palestinians in U.S. Congress (House Adopts Measure Backing Israel)

Congressional Panel Blasts U.S. for Failing to Aid Homeowners

Calif. gay marriage foes want donors anonymous

Cops tell resident to ditch (No on 8) sign

Burris appointment valid, Illinois high court says

Bill Calls for Statewide Smoking Ban

Obama has asked to say 'so help me God' at swearing-in

Obama’s Mother-in-Law to Move Into the White House

OH Senator Voinovich, (R) hints at retiring from U.S. Senate

Breaking News: 524,000 Jobs Lost in Dec., Unemployment Hits 7.2 Percent (Worst Year Since WWII)

U.S. paved way for Israel’s attack

Gaza Children Found With Mothers’ Corpses

Wanted: a superhero to save America

Now Is No Time for Phony Thrift

Eric Margolis: While Gaza Burns, the World Watches

Michael Moore Lays Out His Conditions for Sanjay as Surgeon General

Ready, Aim, Democrats!

The Damaged Institution of the Presidency (John Dean)

Charlie Wilson's (HA!) War

Joe Conason: Al Franken stole the election? Prove it or shut up

"Body count mentalities"

More U.S. Children Face Poverty

Thoreau to of my all time favorite "political" quotes

GlobalPost: A startup treads where big media retreat

Why Are the Media More Interested in Blago Than in Unraveling the Bailout Mystery?

YouTube Clips Unveil Oakland Shooting

Way to Evacuate, Brownie!

The Case for Panetta by Robert Baer

The Obama Gap by Paul Krugman

Mitt Romney Wins Narrow “Mormon of the Year” Vote

Bono to Write New York Times Op-Ed Column

Police State in Rainbow Gathering

Will There be a Recovery? (A must read! )

U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Killings in Gaza. (19 billion military aid as freebies)

Since we are posting Pastor Manning's vids...This is called "Quadruple-stuffed Oreo"

Pressured by I.R.S., UBS Is Closing Secret Accounts

Family Farmers Demand Real Change

Cowboy churches rope in new Christians

U.S. Drivers Keep Autos Longer, Shun Showrooms

American woman stands in front of Israeli guns

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First

Village hit by mystery illness

Ann Coulter - The REAL Victim!

Broom the CIA

From Reptiles to Humans: A Three Brain Odyssey

From Oakland to Greece, F*k the Police!!

Kit Bond Retires: No Word from The Hoff

Ann Coulter VS. Matt Lauer On Today

Full Video of Electoral Vote Count

Walt (The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy) On Goldberg and Douthat (Atlantic)

Republicans: Seeing the World through Crooked Glasses

Another GOP Senator Retiring?

Can we give it up for a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice?

Obama Girl: "54 double D? Really?"

The age of brilliance

The Skeletons in Dennis Blair's Closet - (Obama's Dir. of Nat. Intelligence)

Song Ends Peaceful Rally In Memory of Oscar Grant

Matthew Rothschild: Obama Hits Many High Notes in Speech on the Economy

Bush: I have liberated America's school children.

BBC: Israeli Gov't Investigating UN Allegations on Bombing of Safehouse

Rachel Maddow: Bush Admin Continues Trying to Rewrite History

Rachel Maddow: Republican National Chaos (Couldn't Get a Quorum LOL)

Obama's Hopeful Economic Speech

Mac vs PC (Transformers)

RFK, Jr. with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

RFK, Jr. with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - Part 2

Deficit Spending - A Necessary Evil

TYT: Joe The Plumber's New Job (Good Point About Objectivity)

Coulter & O'Reilly debate book sales

Matthews finally corrects a GOOPer: It's the DemocratIC party

Obama announces Panetta and Blair for intel posts

The CIA's Handling of The Washington Post

Panetta and Blair speak at Obama Presser

Clinton's last hurrah: pay fairness bill for Women.

Obama: "Under my administration, the United States does not torture."

Illinois State House Votes To Impeach Blagojevich

Countdown: Democrats Objecting to Gupta Appointment

Red State Update: Joe the Plumber/Reporter

Pelosi: "Equal pay is an issue of fundamental fairness"

Republicans SUDDENLY discover that we have a big debt. Holy Smokes! How did that happen?

Riot in Oakland, California

Palin Blames Media For Her Defeat

Did Obama Aid Admiral Dennis Blair Lie to Congress? Allan Nairn speaks to Democracy Now 1/9/09

George Bush Top 10 Moments - David Letterman Show

Ron Paul: Israel Created Hamas

Sarah Vowell on the 'Smart-Alecky' Geneva Bible.

Rachel Maddow: Cheney Interrupted by Pelosi w/ Obama Victory Applause

TYT: Bobby Rush has a screw loose

Fiscal stimulus for infrastructure, yes...

Rachel Maddow Show: America's (& Obama's) Policy in Afghanistan

TYT: AIG Executive Still Getting Paid For Losing Money

Cenk goes balistic (from 2006) earmuff the kids

Cheney On KBR Poisoning Indiana National Guardsman

Propaganda that is airing during countdown, etc.

Happy Idiot

International Energy Agency 'Blocking Global Switch to Renewables'

Shuster V, Right Wing Palin Film Maker

Propaganda war: trusting what we see? (BBC)

Countdown: More From Palin the Absurd Narcissist ('If I'd Run As a Reformer on the Democrat Ticket')

Footage Of Josh Brolin's Arrest -- Why Did Cops Use Tasers?

Obama Picks a Conscience for The CIA by Ray McGovern

Obama: If The Idea Has Merit, It Will Be In The Stimulus

israeli spokesman gets shut up by Alex Thomson

Joe the Plumber Reveals His Itinerary for the Middle East

Johannes Mehserle and the killing of Oscar Grant - When will he apologize in tears for the wrongful

Palin attacks media over 'very scary' reporting - accuses journalists of believing 'gossip and lies'

Clearest video of BART shooting so far

Israel losing Turkey as Gaza offensive continues


EXTRA: Hamas criticizes Egyptian proposal for Gaza

Gaza Crisis: Is Bush to Blame?

UN passes Gaza ceasefire resolution

Israeli Captain: We are Near WW III

2 soldiers dead in Afghanistan bombing

Obama picks more senior DoD leaders

Petraeus: Afghan success needs cooperation

Okla. veteran charged in bomb-making

Afghanistan: Civilians die in U.S. operation

Report: U.S. goals in Afghanistan unrealistic

Webb blasts Mayport decision in report

Navy names new sub for ex-Va. Sen. Warner

Panel: Navy excels at nuke mission, mostly

2-star: Anbar lacks Iraqi government support

One-star tapped for new piracy task force

Increase in airmen requires more instructors

Army planning energy-efficient housing

Lack of rewards worries Iraqis

UN Votes for Gaza Cease-fire; US Abstains

A Word From Afar: Who Benefits from the Gaza Conflict?

Kucinich on I/P

Democracy Now: Discussion on Gaza - Norman Finkelstein and Martin Indyk

Kucinich on I/P

U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Killings in Gaza

AIPAC praises Senate support of Israel

Interesting letter to the editor

Gaza crisis: key maps and timeline

Oslo, Caracas rocked by Gaza rallies

Israel shelled Gaza house crowded with civilians: witnesses

Venezuelans protest Israeli military actions against Gaza

Red Cross Orders Gaza Restrictions

Kucinich: Israel's Attacks are Illegal

Israel can't play tit-for-tat with terrorists

Petraeus Says Afghan, Pak Problems One

Obama Taps Gitmo Advisor as DoD Lawyer

AFMC begins search for new Air Force One

Can anyone confirm this?

Army in Florida Search for WWII Bombs

'John Doe' Printer Anonymous For Now

Carrier Bush to be completed by mid-March

Army requiring disclosure of language skills

Cost of fuel will plunge in Germany

Transcript: Obama's Speech at AIPAC

Cast Lead not limited by end Bush term'

The Israel rules

Writing on the wall

Beirut Warned Over Rocket Fire

Olmert: Gaza op to continue, UNSC resolution not practical

The Miseries of Settler Colonialism

The lying silence about Gaza

What has happened to prices in Gaza Strip?

Former Amb. Martin Indyk vs. Author Norman Finkelstein: A Debate on Israel’s Assault on Gaza and the

BBC'S Have Your Say

Israel's weeklong turning point

6 injured in violent Gaza protests in Oslo

The IDF ground force: Analysis of short comings at the small unit level that lead to failure at the

Israel rejects UN truce resolution, continues Gaza operation

Israeli forces shelled a house where they had ordered about 100 Palestinian civilians to take shelte

Babies cling to life in stricken hospital

Egypt allows doctors to pass into Gaza Strip after days of refusal

Iran TV says Israel strikes Gaza office, two hurt

UN: IDF officers admitted there was no gunfire from Gaza school which was shelled

Mauritania: dozens injured in anti-Israel protests

Dead Gaza fighters "bulldozed into piles"

Few speak out for Palestinians in U.S. Congress

Playing into the hands of Hamas

Demonstrations Tomorrow As Debate Spreads Over Israel's Attack On Gaza

Pro-Israel Group Criticizes U.S. Over U.N. Resolution

Doctors at the border

Report: US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

50,000 Egyptians stage protest amid worldwide fury over Gaza

Walt (The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy) On Goldberg and Douthat (Atlantic)

Survivors say Israelis shelled Gaza building where troops told them to shelter

My niece and nephew's shirts...

Ron Paul: Gaza crisis is blowback for past US interventions

Threat of epidemics in Gaza

The War Isn’t Over, But Israel Has Lost

A day with our troops in Gaza

UN: 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza

Flashback: What happened next?

The Real War -- Ken Kesey

So Who's To Blame For Gaza's Misery?

WaPo: 100 Survivors Rescued in Gaza From Ruins Blocked by Israelis

'Not all Israelis are bad'

'Not all Israelis are bad'

The time of the righteous (Gideon Levy)

Hamas: UN Gaza truce resolution 'does not meet our demands'

The World's Pornographic Interest in Jewish Moral Failure

A better way for Gaza than military attacks

Sen. Boxer Jabs TVA Over Coal Ash Spill

Markey to take chairmanship of new Energy and Environment Subcommittee

First CO2-counting satellites to launch soon

Whale hunts by Japan: Is the tide finally turning against them?

Plant That Spilled Coal Ash Had Earlier Leak Problems (NYT, 1/8)

"Gazprom is not a market player, it’s a political weapon"

Northern Maine Community College kicks off wind tech program

A123 Plans US $1.8B Lithium Ion Battery Production Facilities (14,000 jobs, MI, MA)

Wafer-based Solar Cells Aren't Done Yet

Utilities Seek 'Renewable' Goal Change (clean coal & nuclear, FL)

Arizona manufactured solar panels enter market

FArmer builds his own robot to pull his rickshaw. It's battery powered!

Laidlaw to convert pulp mill into (66 MW) biomass power plant (NH)

Hudson River Lovers Fight to Shutter Aging Nuclear Power Plant

Another TVA spill this time in Alabama

Sebelius unveils renewable energy plan (Kansas)

Yet Another Problem At Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

Progress Of 'Nuclear Renaissance' Slows (Forbes)

Unprecedented heat will trigger global food crisis

SunEdison Announces 259-MW Solar Program (200 shopping centers, US)

Gazprom is not a market player, it's a weapon: Times online.

The Geopolitics of the Financial Crisis

Payroll employment falls 524,000, Unemployment rate hits 7.2%

Chicago Tribune bonds almost worthless

U6 January 2009 - 13.5% - we already HAVE double digit unemployment

Simply this

One Third of CAFTA 30 Are Gone!

In bondage to the bond markets

Bitter end

Madoff 'victims' do math, realize they profited

On the RW talking point that WWII, not FDR, got us out of the Great Depression,

Bullshit--Professionally Speaking

Measuring Unemployment

2009 Will Be Very, Very Bleak

MANY SYRACUSE CONSTRUCTION UNIONS RIPPED OFF BY MADOFF (100's of millions in retirement accounts)

AP: Democrats strike early with labor rights bills

Teamster Freight Members Ratify YRCW Job Security Plan

Rep. Ellison (D-Minn) Shows How to Support Employee Free Choice

Detroit Free Press: As condition of loan, UAW cannot strike against GM.

Mine deaths fell to all-time low in 2008

AFL-CIO Groups Highlight Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Today in labor history Jan 9 Union leads Missouri Highway sit-down of 1,700 families

On PBS Bill Moyers interviews USW Pres Leo Gerard

Union Ramps Up Massive Campaign to Keep Obama's Feet to the Fire

Support Fair Pay for Women Workers

Great Hyundai ad from France

Hey sweet people--just wanted to point out

Supporters of Prop 8 Sue to have names removed from doner rolls.. Funding Hate should be secret

I don't go to the choice forum

I know Di Fi is not popular here

Employee Says He Was Fired For Being Gay

So, now Obama has invited some "real live gays" . . .

How do you plan to capitalize on the Democratic majority in Congress?

Invasion of Gaza Met With Protests Throughout Latin America

Please take time to look over an excellent post from bobthedrummer in "Editorials:"

Colombia drugs lord shot dead in Madrid hospital

Pres. Correa's Terrific Speech in Havana

Colombian Politician Opens Orlando Office

Brazil confirms Lula will visit Bolivia and Venezuela next week

That's the first time all year OU didn't score on either of their initial two possessions.

I'm so bored...there is NO GAME of any importance on tonight...NONE!

What's going on with the football game?

This new style of college football---where the QB stops before the play and looks at the sideline---

Congratulations to the Florida Gators and the SEC.

It's a fucking gizz fest on fox sports tonight. SEC/BIG12

Redskins Lay Off Employees

So Who's #2???

Dear Jesus, this long-suffering Lions' fan has a request

The SEC...the top conference

USC- the best

Fighter Sees His Paradise in Gaza’s Pain

Body repair 'could be ramped up'

Childhood Trauma Tied to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Flu Found Resistant to Main Antiviral Drug

Autism Cases on the Rise:Study Shows Increase Is Real, Not Just Due to Changes in Diagnosis Criteria

Whatever happened to Aspergum? Is it still for sale?

Police: Man Invades New Britain Home, Shoots Woman, Abducts Another

First homicide of the year in Amarillo

'Justified homicides' more than doubled

Full Moon Summons the Goddesses and Gods

Swearing in Time Not So Good for Obama Admin

Silly little suggestion.

facebook v. democratic underground

Mercury retrograde coolest thing since Sixties

Well if you were wondering what would happen Dec. 21, 2012

Good urban gardening article from Alternet

Bountiful leader calls polygamy charge 'religious persecution'

Christian challenges atheist bus advert

Saturn's Titan -A Giant Organics Factory

Mystery radio signal could be from universe's first stars

“The Age of Reason” Tom Paine’s SMACKDOWN on Organized Religion

Why are some Atheists are angry...

Fruit Flies? Again? Really?

Condom Burnings and Anti-Gay Witch Hunts: How Rick Warren Is Undermining AIDs Prevention in Africa

Inside the mind of an autistic savant

God of the gaps moves into yet smaller gap for creationists

This site is so "over the top", its hilarious. I cant figure out

Passion of the Christ (the movie)

Guardian: Atheist Bus Campaign is 'offensive', say complaints to ASA

New York City substitute teaching question

There are two great financial mysteries in America: by Catherine Austin Fitts

Texas death row inmate pulls out eye, eats it

High court to look at Voting Rights Act provision (Austin MUD #1)

How to open a .rar file?

Gas just shot up about SIXTEEN CENTS here today.

Kerry says he’s happy where he is

Email law 'attacks civil liberties'

He wants to, yet he doesn't. Will Brown do a Callaghan?

McCanns' anger at Tory activist

Awww, diddums ....

Johnson fined for forgetting his C-charge