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Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein: The First Goal of Israel Is to Restore the Fear of Israel in t

Here is link to real news from Gaza

US academic group decries the targeting of schools in Gaza

US academic group decries the targeting of schools in Gaza

Scarborough working to overturn NBC/MSNBC Coulter Ban

New SEIU Ads Put Focus on Employee Free Choice Act

Dust monsters under the bed? Do your battles online...for points!

Ann Coulter is an anagram for "Unclean Rot". Some things are just meant to be.

Boy I bet Arlen Specter is in a pickle right now. He'll be the deciding vote on EFCA....

Franken declares Senate race win after state ruling

A story to warm your heart: RNC Chair race: "Everyone is...pissed"

Al is on KO

Just perfect!

300-Year-Old Diaries Of Pirate Who Saved Real-Life Robinson Crusoe Discovered

I'm reading "Angler. The Cheney Vice Presidency" -- chilling book.

Citgo suspends low-income heating oil program

This clip smuggled out of Gaza shows graphic footage - Viewer discretion is advised.

UK: New powers for police to hack your PC

Worth a Read, NYT: President-elect Obama must make “a forceful labor agenda”

Help, please: counting Burris and Franken we have 57 senators; there are two I's;

Dems can never hope to surpass Republicans in one field

Obama needs to re-introduce Glass-Stegall

Hemingway's Cuba papers available electronically

Comparison view between US and Arab news coverage of Gaza

Israeli Troops Backed by Airstrikes Move Deeper Into Gaza

Ann and Sludge sure know how to play the media like a fiddle.

Tweety's out of control in a subtle manner these days,,,

Bush chooses Uribe, Blair, Howard for Presidential Medal of Freedom

And the next Medal of Freedom goes to...drumroll...

"Coulter banned from NBC"? Uh... no. Don't think so.

Uncle Stinky wants to know .......

Reuters/Haaretz: U.S. to foil any Arab bid to push Security Council resolution for Gaza cease-fire

My letter to Today Show about Ann Coulter....

Custody of children and visitiation question...

"Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Some info on DiFi, if anyone is interested. Feinstein opposing Paneta...Wonder why?

Will he slink out of town?

Israeli Forces Cut Gaza in 3; More Than 500 Palestinians Killed

Republicans seeking to lead party blame Bush for woes

ABC News: 'People Are Being Killed in Their Homes'

Group: Israel deliberately attacked Palestinian journalists

Negroponte opens $700 million US embassy in the middle of the Green Zone

Hospital warns of 'desperate situation' over fuel

Leon Panetta op-ed re: Bush's fear tactics & torture

Name all the new people who will be involved in prosecuting the criminals who are about to walk

TPM: Reid Spokesman: He Will Not Try To Seat Franken Tomorrow

KBR and Halliburton

American propaganda.....

NBC: Coulter isn't banned

Kennedy Popularity Sees Rapid Decline (PPP poll 1/5/09)

ACTION: Overreaching Legislation Will Hurt Handmade Toymakers

Regarding the meme that 'outsiders' don't do well as CIA head ........

France pushes for Gaza truce at U.N.; Israel opposed - Israel rejects the idea of observers in Gaza

Forbes 400 wealth = GDP of Canada

Rumors: Gregoire (WA gov), Commerce Secretary?

Leon Panetta: "No Torture. No Exceptions." That's what his CIA post means.

“He died hungry.”

Love your new hairdo Rachel

RW moralizer Dennis Prager marries for third time

I believe .....

How Did Perriello Beat Goode?

Sarkozy leads international pressure on Israel to halt Gaza bloodshed

Will Bush go peaceably or are we going to have to call in SWAT to pry him out of the White House?

Jack Cafferty asks if Harry Reid's "worst president" label for Bush was "an unnecessary cheap shot"

BUSHCO's Ordering Of Illegal Wiretapping To Finally Be Scrutinized By Judge!

The banks and auto makers asked (and received) bailouts.

Architechen... Going make progress

Maryland State Police Label Bicycle Enthusiasts As Terrorists (this is NOT snark)

So You Want to Be a Senator? Answer 28 Pages of Questions (NYT 1/5)


Stephen Colbert is out of his mind

Redding residents evicted by the City of Redding for not paying electric bill

Leon Panetta at CIA is meant to compliment Dennis Blair in his role as Intelligence Czar


Agencies Move to Restrict FOIA Access in Last-Minute Regs

On Rachel just now, she said DiFi, Rockefeller, et al want

being from kansas originally, where truly-weird news isn't commonplace, comes this disturbing story:

being from kansas originally, where truly-weird news isn't commonplace, comes this disturbing story:

Israel's greatest Gaza campaign losses are self-inflicted

FBI Informant to testify in GOP Convention case

Two Presidents and two meetings from people from the Sudan

Two Presidents and two meetings from people from the Sudan

Anyone watched the Daily Show?

On Tim Kain and other "secular" politicians

Tim Kaine?? Who TF is Tim Kaine? And, what is it he's going to bring to the DNC?

A question about Constitutional law and the executive branch.

The Israel rules

THE GREAT PIRATES: Buckminster Fuller

Bush medals for Iraq war allies

Feds run out of digital teevee refund bux .....

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight due to

Should Roland Burris Be Seated? OR Will He Get Seated?

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night will keep me from my appointed rounds

Will the AP stop at nothing to push for war with Iran?

Israel Pulled the Last Straw Tonight

Depleted Uranium Found in Gaza Victims: Norwegian Doctors

Why can't the U.S. put a 10,000 peace keeping force in Gaza?

Child protestors attack Jews in Amran

Juan Cole: Israel/Gaza Cyberwar and Parallels to Abu Ghraib

Why So Much Animosity?

Crystal, China Maker Waterford Wedgwood Collapses

I'm cutting my satellite TV and relying on the internet for Television now

CBS interview with Norwegian physician: "They are Bombing 1.5 million People in a Cage"

SF Chron reveals cop's name in Oscar Grant killing - Johannes Mehserle

US weapons 'killing innocent civilians' in Gaza

Senate committee officials order Coleman's offices shut - Staffers told to take a hike

Rachel on NBC's Today!

Imagine the wailing & teeth gnashing if a Minn DEM Gov. failed to certify Coleman in same situation

"Clueless, humorless, self-absorbed assholes, right to the bitter end"

Bush ‘seriously considering’ pardon of Iraq war vet who killed unarmed Iraqi civilian

after your great response,read the responses to my ltte

Anyone watching Pence (R) on c-spin?

Fiorello H. La Guardia

not one mention of sarkozy peace talks in msm

Rep. Rush Holt on Leon Panetta

Drop dead Tony Blair

Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador

Spain Is a Key Battleground for Church’s Future

When Do WE Help Stop This Behavior...... Child Murder

Mike Pence - STFU

Blackwater guards to make court appearance today

Aaron Miller is discussing Gaza on CSpan1n/t

India PM Says Pakistan "Agencies" Linked to Attack

Camarillo preschool again marked with swastikas

Gaza protest news for Tuesday!


So about these Scientology topics...

Burning car rams synagogue door in France

Juan Cole and the Inordinate amount of influence Israel wields in our lap dog congress

Frontline tonight: Still flailing in Katrina's wake

"Americans have a desperate need to believe.We want to trust our government and leaders."

11-12 yr old boy missing in Kansas for 10 yrs - nobody told police

An Ex-Detainee of the U.S. Describes a 6-Year Ordeal

Another wave of legal arguments filed over California's Proposition 8

German and Austrian gas supplies severely disrupted

Alaska trooper says politics slowed drug arrest (Levi Johnston's mom)

Levi Johnston quits oil field job

c-span - Armed Forces farewell Ceremony for bush*

Gaza in 'full-blown' humanitarian crisis

Toyota Japan orders 11-day production halt as pessimism grows

Republicans Give Obama Credit for Listening

Holy Shit! Hillary Mann Leverett, ex-NSC, on KO just said

Am I missing something here? It appears that Republicans are still in charge

1,557 pages of pork (get ready, here it comes! or Wow! my wallet feels lighter, hmm)

Have you ever talked to a friend who listens to Rush or Coulter?

Barney Frank smacks down ABC corespondent

Power Line celebrates hate directed at Obama

Armed Forces Farewell Ceremony to Bush on CSpan1

Waxman: Bushco "The result has been billions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse."

Obama May Use Chavez as First Test for Talking With Adversaries

Senator Al Franken

Networks' international coverage hits record low in 2008

Several questions- Rhamm Emmanuel is from IL - what happens to his seat? How is it filled? Biden i...

Greg Palast was on Air America tonight and went too far and was offensive

K&R and n/t?

Does anyone think the Republicans would have backed down if Coleman had won by 225 votes?

This Could Be The Biggest Crisis The Obama Admin Faces ... LINK

President Bush wants gate near new Dallas home

Crisis takes toll on Gaza's seasoned doctors, medics economy implodes, the Middle East is at's John Travolta and Steve Jobs Health ?

Will the Obama Administration be a significant improvement over Bush's in Foreign Affairs?

The UN is demanding an investigation into the bombing

As Recession Deepens, So Does Milk Surplus

Impeachment panel may get Blagojevich tapes this week

If this Burris mess sinks Harry Reid as leader

*Shivers* Cheney is presiding over the Senate

Is "pay to play" becoming the new Nannygate and the old Pot confessional?

Acrimony sown by Bush will forever define his presidency

We don`t have to say anything just because children are being slaughtered.

So Madoff violated his bail conditions?

Reid created the 'circus' atmosphere around Burris today, not the appointee

Just posted this in LBN- no comments, any here?

Adolf Merckle, German Billionaire, Kills Himself As Empire Crumbles

Fayette schools to teachers: Please donate your raises

March Of The Dead To Greet Congress On Tuesday

Federal Judge Clears Path for Suit Challenging Warrantless Wiretaps

War is not healthy for children and other living things.

has anyone seen reports or video/pics of the clean up in Tenn?

Will Agent Mike be looking for work after Obama takes office?

Leon Panetta as C.I.A. Chief will be a debacle of huge proportions

LOL did anyone tell Virginia Fox that Rethugs lost the Elections

BTW - who won this year's 'War On Christmas?'

Jindal's Latest Attack on Louisiana's Families

I just finished the Vanity Fair article about the Bush administration...

If Democrats continue to support Israel's terrorism

Sarkozy back in Egypt, USA wants 'immediate ceasefire'

Frances Fragos Townsend - CNN "expert" nixes Panetta

Terrorists could use 'insect-based' biological weapon

Just a thought about Franken and Coleman

nytimes dot com front page picture....looks like the cops are gonna get burris

Brains! Must ... have ... brains!

"I triple-dog dare you!"

For Bush & Obama, The First International Crisis Test They Face(d) Came Courtesy of Israel

CBS Harry Smith has Coulter on the morning show - calls her Goofy and Sophmoric

Other conflicts going on in the world besides Gaza

Bush says military has his ‘undying love and respect’

Trooper Union backs off allegations re timing of Johnston arrest.

Feinstein Explains Her Reticence About Panetta Nomination

You might be a Wasilla Republican if...........

harry reid live on cnn....heads up/edit: obama now taking questions

Obama's Tax Cut Gambit May Be Shrewder Than You Think

To Whom It May Concern:

The Daily Show and Colbert & Colmes were back last night and HILARIOUS

Hartmann thinks Reid is weak. I think he's complicit. You?

I hate to say it, but, Roland Burris should be seated

My mom's daily bulletin regarding Franken/Coleman

Tuesday TOONS part 2 War and the economy

Top 10 Talkers of 2008 (Reader Poll Edition)

Let's all hear it for re-elected Speaker Pelosi

Gates Wants Another $69.7 Billion for His 'Wars'

national spam day? woke up to 41 email spams....

Interesting and poignant scenes as the 111th Congress begins --

Bankruptcy Filings Jump By One-third In 2008

TEDTalk Tuesday: One Laptop Per Child

Reports of more than 40 killed in and around UN shelter

I got a Boehner

Should Burris really WANT that Senate seat? I've been thinking about

(CNN) Sheriff: Parents didn't report boy missing for a decade

The State of Oregon is exploring the idea of taxing mileage instead of gasoline.

What event will nudge the first domino ?

Levi Johnston quits oil field job

Meet the new evangelicals ... the U of Texas football team

Appointments Tell Us About Obama - Headlines 1/6/09


Harry Reid didn't cave - Franken didn't go to Washington to be sworn in

2 months ago I served lunch to 100 people at a local church with a 92 year old woman, Alice....

OK, point blank. Somebody has to say it: Professionals, Doctors (dentists, Veterinarians, Docs...)


Hula Hoop Lady sues a Norfolk pig for his assault on her

Obama bans earmarks from big economic package

Rice Heads to U.N. for Talks on Gaza Cease-Fire

Sec. Spellings defends Bush:"Nobody says, 'Thank goodness no planes have crashed into any buildings"

Who needs Republicans to knock us around

Democratic Milquetoast of the Week: Harry Reid

Critics: Thumbs down for “Homeland Security” TV show

Let's have the whole world give Shrub the "finger" as his helicopter takes off!

Give Laura Bush's multi-million-dollar memoir the title it deserves

"Another Punch In The Gut For Global Warmers"

WSJ: Thrifty Families "A Major Reason The Downturn May Not Soon End"

Can a sitting President end the Burris and Franken stalemates?

Can a sitting President end the Burris and Franken stalemates?

Looks like Coleman is about to concede (nope Lawsuit)... link

Breaking - Jeb Bush not running for the Florida Senate seat

What would you do if a noted Conservative became a Liberal after some time?

MSNBC just said they learned Jeb will NOT seek the Senate seat

Norm Coleman: Filing Election Contest (Live at Press Conf)

New Voices in Congress Will Change Tone of Democratic Majority: "decidedly moderate, to the right"

Attention! Would everybody who expected anyone besides Pelosi to be elected Speaker of the House....

Friends: Jeb Bush may not run for Senate

I'm digusted

Texas Dept. of Trans choses stupidity and short sightedness re: TTC

Appropriators impose new earmark requirements

RE: Panetta, Sen. Wyden was consulted but Feinstein, Rockefeller weren't?

Facing Losses, German Billionaire Takes Own Life

Food prices still sky-high

Vid & Transcript of Gupta Lying About Sicko Movie

Ashlanders 'Shoe Bush' at Navickas' new art gallery

Bush: Rumsfeld did an ‘outstanding job.’

A Call To Serve

Say it all together now...

Will W. commute Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard's sentence?

Must Read - What does Kaine's nomination mean to VA Democrats?

Adolf Merckle commits suicide over losses

Coleman was fine with uncounted votes when he was ahead..

I'm wondering if Obama isn't a fox in the GOP's henhouse...

The things you learn from Internet Ads about politicians!

Bush wants gate on route to Dallas home....(Two Shoes so scared)

Alcoa cutting 15,000 jobs, freezing hiring and salaries

Act Now! Imminent Vote on Fair Pay Legislation

Should Franken do his First day in The Senate as Stewart Smalley?

Admiral Dennis Blair Aided Perpetrators of 1999 Church Killings In East Timor

Rec this if you want DU to kill that ad that yells "Hello!"

Laura Rozen: Panetta choice for CIA is praised by some in the foreign policy field

Levi Johnston quits oil field job


Top 10 (or more) Progressive Talkers for 2008 - DU edition

Apple's last Macworld is beginning of new era (CNN/cnet)

Al Jazeera Breaks the Israeli Media Blockade

Obama Predicts 'Trillion-Dollar Deficits for Years to Come' WHOS FAULT?

This just came from our IT Guru...

Jeb Bush not running for Senate in 2010

People are still trying to prove that Trigg is not Palins baby... What?

"More money for Robert Rubin" by Dean Baker

Olbermann: 'Fatuous, condescending lunatic' Cheney failed to prevent 9/11

Billionaire kills himself over financial crisis

Any News Yet On Sore Loser Coleman's Lawsuit?

I teaches my four year old how to treat a firearm in Ohio !

About this Panetta thing ......

About this Panetta thing ......

10,000 calls per hour crash NY unemployment system.

“The End justifies the Means” .... re-re-re-revisited

Progressive Blogger Matt Stoller Takes Job In Congress

Non Sequitur: Hits another nail square on the head.

"It is well known that convulsions/seizures may occur in clinical course of Kawasaki disease." ~

Enough About 'Roland Burris, Good Guy'

Police: Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter

Latest Study: Single People Do NOT Have Attachment Problems (Part I)

For Republicans: these objective reasons all add up to Al Franken won the Senate seat.

"For years I labored with the idea of reforming the existing institutions of society,

Anyone here know aobut War Crimes Prosecution Watch?

Right Wing RedState crowing about Reid always obeying McConnell's orders

If you are reading this in Nevada

Obama vows he will have 'plenty’ to say on Mideast after swearing-in

Goody's has gone. They were hoping to emerge from Chapter 11 but

Pence Challenges Americans To ‘Check’ His Facts: Guess What? He’s Got Them Wrong»

Playing For Change: Artists from around the world perform "Stand By Me"

Coulter: Drudge got NBC to rebook me

mostly civilians

you really gotta hand it to Keith Olbermann... he found an excellent format that works in todays...

Gas prices are going up in Orlando...I topped off my tank last Saturday for $1.559 per gallon reg

This Modern World This Modern World: Haven't you heard? It's the new era of post-partisan politics!

"NOW" we want an immediate cease fire?

Law Professor Jack Balkin's well considered views on the Senate's authority to reject Burris


Meet John Doe....

For unintended hilarity, the RNC potential Chairman debate can't be beat

Where To Stay Inside Yellowstone NP In September?

Buyer's Remorse: Don't Ignore the Great Advice You Can Procure Here on DU

Obama Appoints Fierce Bush Critic, Dean Of Harvard Law School To Justice Dept.

Obama Appoints Fierce Bush Critic, Dean Of Harvard Law School To Justice Dept.

Sorry Mr. Obama, My ticket to your inauguration is gone to someone else

BREAKING- Dr.Phil to be made Secretary of Shitty T.V

BUSHCO CAUGHT! Evidence-They KNEW Wiretapping Was ILLEGAL & Judge Walker Has PROOF!

I say hat's off to: Patrick Fitzgerald, his stunt of a press conference has created in Burris...

Democrats Do Not Support a Cease Fire in Gaza - regurgitate reThug rationale

Anybody watch Texas v Ohio State last night? Hubby and I are both

Anybody watch Texas v Ohio State last night? Hubby and I are both

I've always named my septic tanks after Republicans

Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General

Is Leon Panetta a good choice to head the CIA

If Illinois Secretary of State won't sign Burris' certificate of appointment he should resign

On the off chance that you think you are having a b-a-a-a-d day . . .

Anybody need to hear some good old-fashioned KICK ASS protest music?

from the break your heart folder: Austin Activist Admits He Infiltrated RNC Protest Groups

Former Republican Governor of MN calls on Coleman to concede

This Modern World Haven't you heard? It's the new era of post-partisan politics! By Tom Tomorrow

If You Got I-NAUG Tickets and Can't GO!!!!

The End of the Financial World as We Know It (NYT)

Good news: Obama will have a new limo !

I'm going to miss Howard Dean as DNC Chair

Obama's Silence: shows his wisdom, but also Israel's

I suffered no delusions, but a clear signal was sent today in Washington.

Israel Puts Media Clamp on Gaza

I am so proud of my son, he wrote his senior paper about HEMP!

Vitamin D info, FAQ, Myths, "New Research", Test Kits, Lab Sites, Costs, etc - x

Harry Reid -- wait for it -- CAVED on Franken

Republicans cry "Coup!" in Texas

Dennis Kucinich: We will create a New America and a New World

Of protest songs and war toys...

Isn't it remarkable how war crimes are no longer committed in this world!

Tuesday TOONS part 1 Bush and Obama

ABC launches new propaganda show, "Homeland Security USA," tonight at 8

The Sweetest thing I 've seen on TV in ages - Jacob Begich meeting P.E. Obama

If Sen. Reid has pissed you off over Burris and Franken, sing out!

Will Laura Bush get to keep her trailer, or does it go to Michelle now?

Prices for health care services have to be set democratically, not by the market

Finally the US Senate has a decent Mick Jagger impersonator!

Dahr Jamail: The Monstrosity of War

Help! Need to retrieve recipe I posted here

EU “demands” that Russia deliver gas

Boo Hoo Drier is bawling already

Pope blames women for toxic world problem

St. Paul refusing to release thousands of hours of video re: RNC

Is There A God-Given Right To Anything in This World?

Thom Hartmann's thoughts on why Feinstein and Rockefeller are opposed to Leon Panetta as CIA Dr.

Soldier dies after bar fight over Jimmy Buffett song

The Dems: A party of self-destruction?

What Happens Next?

The Weekly Standard is elated about Obama's Surgeon General choice

Israel starts a war and Obama gets (even more) unpopular

K&R this post if you believe Burris should be seated.

Synagogue set alight during rise in anti-Semitic attacks in London

Israeli Shelling Kills at Least 30 at U.N. School

Burris v. White: "It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State:"

Israel May Be in Violation of Arms Export Control Act - Kucinich

The Return Of Schiavo:Conservatives Plan To Revive Embarrassing Debacle To Block Obama’s DOJ Nominee

Do you have time for beauty?

"They want to build a prison... for you and me to live in..."

The Lottery/The Economy

UN official says Gaza school was clearly marked - Reuters

Why is health care so expensive in America?

Rabbi Michael Lerner is seeking help to publish full page ad in the NYT.

no comment

My final tribute to George W. Bush is now in my front yard....

The seven most BEAUTIFUL words in the English language: "Bush starts packing to leave White House"

Obama needs to make HSAs available to EVERYONE

Hopeless, absolutely fucking hopeless

Things I've Learned from Hannity & Coulter today.

Drivers dropping insurance to save money

Is Randi Rhodes still acting all pissy over Al Franken?

Is Randi Rhodes still acting all pissy over Al Franken?

Outgoing Dem chair has one place left to visit. Heading to American Samoa next week.

Obama and the democratic party treatment of Howard Dean is shameful

Does the Geneva Convention (GCIV) still matter at all anymore?

"How screwed up our system is" 101: Finally just watched "Recount".


URGENT: Help derail the Bush Administration's plans to sell more of our public lands to Big Oil

Oh , leave the girls alone

Unprecedented Numbers Of Americans Question Israel's Actions In Gaza

Smokeasies Defy Smoking Bans Across the County

Florida legislature is hacking budget, sparing no one. No cuts in corporate tax breaks in sight.

The Hill: "New DNC chief signals a change." Lanny Davis is back again.

The job market is incredibly scary, I had no idea...

The Rude Pundit: Al Franken Lives For Our Sins

2 Pictures - Look How Far We Have Come America!!!

Possible FSM sighting? Could ‘Tentacle’ UFO Have Destroyed UK Wind Turbine?

10: 20 EST MSNBC: Israel strike on UN school kill at least 35, untold injured

Slap the racists down. Weblog Awards 2008

"Why don't you for once tell America the truth?" Michael Moore asks of Dr. Sanjay Gupta

We may disagree about Rick Astley. But we can all agree that Milhouse is a meme.

Songs are around whenever you need them.

I am sooooo pissed at my is a good thing he is going to Iraq

Classroom Cell Phones

Fiesta Bowl score so far...

Damn....lost the coin toss (OSU Thread)

I'm IMing my partner on facebook

Important question .... OSU v Texas fiesta

Pet Peeve #56,890: Douchebags using our private parking lot as a pick-up/drop-off area

I saw the very epitome of cinematic perfection this weekend.

Moylans Moylander IPA + 420 + David Bowie "Heroes" = Heaven

Moylans Moylander IPA + 420 + David Bowie "Heroes" = Heaven

Happy Mungday!!!!!

anyone ever take an object to an Antique's Roadshow?

January 6th is a very special day!

i am a moderate cultish elitist

It's happening.

If DU had an irony icon, would it be more ironic to use it, or to not use it?

Muslims, as a whole, were not responsible for 9/11. Jews, as a whole are not responsible

Super-cute kitten!

Unreal. Someone just rang my doorbell. You will never guess who it was.

Favorite music?

I just bought a Jeep! Am I a bad Liberal?

What do ya do with a coked-out Freeper?

Has anyone carried a large bottle of contact solution on a flight?

YES WE CAN book signing tour

Who is your favorite Victorian novelist?

I have another mouth to feed.

Colbert and Colmes!!!

How fast can a Chrysler Town and Country go?

A kitten question:

Dinosaur Rap. Timeless and Classic

Mcctatas Appreciation Thread.

I saw "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" tonight. Pretty good for a caper flick.

First day of Winter Quarter today. It's going to be a long 12 weeks. Hold me...

So it looks as if the Buckeyes might actually win a Bowl Game...

I never heard of a "Divorce Cake" until today. (Pic)


'Penis fire' suspect is charged

Has anyone seen the thread "Man on Fire"?

+17 F here in Russell, IL. Cold as a well-digger's ass. Which segues into...

Today I tried to get a death certificate from Chuuk.

Gearheads...a question

Did I miss or forget something? Where is MissHoneyChurch?

Headline of the day! (NSFW)


What's up with the History Channel?

Smokie the stoned cat.....(photo heavy)

Laundry physics?

It ain't easy getting started with the day at 8 AM after a night out at the disco

Laundry Psychics

I should not be mindfucked by things happening halfway around the world.

Texting at a movie theater

I'm not nude yet... hrmmm...

Is being an asshole contagious?

The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights" vs. Chicago - "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"

24 miles from 100k

IRS website

What the hell is 'G'?

Craig Ferguson (CBS Late Late show) got married

A Caper About Copper Clappers

The two words my college-level students did not know on their final

Has anyone seen the film "Man on Wire"?

Kittengarten: Take your cat to class!

A friend just sent this to me...thought I would share it here-enjoy!

With you in that dress my thoughts I confess verge on dirty

Road to the Doghouse - Puppedential Debate

ZOMG! Sam Raimi is remaking Evil Dead I !!!

My printer started making noises at 5 am.

I cannot handle these

Canada wins fifth WJC in a row!

We don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time

Has anyone carried a large adult burro on a flight?

Has anyone carried a large adult burro on a flight?

Here's a real sign of the sucking economy. The end of free beer.

Patrick Swayze: "I'm Going Through Hell"

I found out the freezing point of embalming fluid in less than a minute

muscians/producers/studio types: does this blow your mind?

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation With Wish For Unlimited Wishes

My Baby Girl turns 3 today!!

What matches light aqua type color?

Stop dissing the Sham Wow....

LOL, I can't be the only one addicted to this site

Dupe--please delete

Just started sleeting here

Is 10 AM too early to be drinking whiskey directly from the bottle with a straw while naked?

A DU story that always cracks me up.

Five questions for those owned by cats.

WXPN Top 100 Songs of 2008

The Last Sizzuper

"Drinkability," my ass. How does ANYONE drink this shit (Bud Light)?

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


Car Guys: My car door won't shut. Ideas?

I started a boring blog...

Tell me about DVR

My treadmill desk, iteration 1

List your Top Ten songs of the year, without including

Divisional Round - Care to revise your Superbowl predictions?

Do engine and transmission additives help, are they worth adding

Dick Cheney's Backwash or Donald Rumsfeld's nipple sweat?

Jennifer Love Hewitt back on the market - calls off engagement

Is it my TeeVee, or is the new President kinda "dark in complexion"???

Question for Dawn of the Dead movie series

I'm looking for a website where I can post total crap and irritate the hell out of people...

I have a week until I'm sucked back into doctoral hell.

You know you've gotta be in a real snit if you throw away a perfectly good rubber band.

St. Louisans: How are the roads out there?

Divisional Round - Hottest Quarterback

Who else here is shitfaced?

Electric code type question

I just KNOW this is going to be the album of 2009 - the one we all will want to buy!!

Are there non-racist Skinheads anymore?

I have too god damn many passwords.

I don't swear often but FUCK! Another "wintry mix" storm.

I used to watch a movie called Taxi

Holy Hell! I passed 10,000 posts and didn't notice!

I've been playing phone tag with 2 different doctors offices ALL DAY LONG

Merry Christmas fellow rejectors of the newfangled Gregorian calender.

I used to watch a taxi called Checker.

Ever have that one spelling typo that truly screws everything up?

DU, I believe those vibes you sent helped; thank you so much for your time.

This Afternoon's Playlist

I Voted For Obama And Change....

14 days Or Less


Turn your PC into an HDTV for $25

Our tornado siren is going off. I don't think there's a tornado. Should I

I think "Tzipi Livni" is a cool name.

A Call To Service (New England DUers)

Ever dress your cat in an apron?

Oasis: Beatles as Alexei Sayle: Monty Python

Am I a redneck if I like Skynryrd's Free Bird?

I am WAY over and done with felines.....

****Lounge Vibe Posse Request****

I used to watch a show called Taxi

The word for today is "Buttfloss". Please use it in a sentence.

From Fundies Say The Darndest Things.....

Stooges' guitarist Ron Asheton found dead in his Ann Arbor home

Well, we blew Christmas.

OktoberKid's latest poem

Well, my Labs are swimming in the back yard now.

What is your favorite radio station and supply a link.

Vibes For lost-in-nj Please!

What could be worse than falling out of a moving chair lift? Having your pants come off too?

Do You Believe It's Possible to Communicate with the Dead?

A map of England that will not last very long

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/6/2009)

Like a great DEtective/Mystery Yarn? In the Electric Mist with Tommy Lee Jones & John Goodman

Happy Epiphany, everyone!

my little sister has possibly the most embarrassing video of me ever

*sighs* I'm beginning to hate people.

What does +1 mean?

kitten picture of the day for tuesday January 6

Woman set fire to husband's genitals

Texas vs. Ohio State. I'm rooting for a meteor hitting the stadium.

Who knew there were so many Victoria's Secret models...

I voted for Obama on Change.

Traffic Hell in DC Thanks to the Obamas Being at the Hay Adams Hotel

Hey DuStrange did you see that Mathemetician is considered the top job in the US?

6-year-old misses the bus, takes the family car

Zhang Ziyi & Fiance caught getting frisky on the beach (NSFW)

11-12 yr old boy missing in Kansas for 10 yrs - nobody told police

The tree is down, the decorations and lights put away

Well, well, well. My new puppy just earned his keep for the night.

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a retractable lanyard for an ID badge?

Ever put your cat on a diet?

Okay- Out with the sordid details.

Facebook sticky situation...advice please!

How come no one offers to send me nekkid pictures?

Vote for your favorite webcomic

Cenk: What Was Israel Supposed to Do?


What is the best thing invented by mankind?

Does anyone here send their dog to doggie day care?

My Psycho Roommate: The End Times Edition

Let the Right One In: prepare to have new favorite vampire movie.

Former American Gladiator 'Nitro' Says Steroids Ruined His Sex Life

What movie scene made you want to punch the movie's creator in the junk the most?

Could I possible ask for some vibes pretty please...

Rock of Love Bus is the most disgusting program ever.

White House Staff Memo Regarding the Transition on January 20.

Al Franken V. Bush

At the risk of sounding COMPLETELY superficial.....

Coleman's staff locked out of Capital offices!!!

Jacob Begich shouts out to Obama

Al's got Norm under his thumb

Liberals Still Confident in Obama and He Wins Over Some Republicans

LOL Per Drudge (and I'll believe him) Scarborough working to overturn NBC's Coulter ban. . .

Let's seat Roland Burris under one simple condition...

Bush to give medal of freedom to Tony Blair. Guess it's for sacrificing his

Does anyone have a live link to a free stream of MSNBC?

Ladies and gentlemen ... welcome to the beginning of the Al Franken Decade!

Ladies and gentlemen ... welcome to the beginning of the Al Franken Decade!

Apparently CSPAN has full faith in Burris for tomorrow.....

I sure missed Olbermann

The least Reid can do is let Franken and Burris use his office to play gin while they're waiting.

The least Reid can do is let Franken and Burris use his office to play gin while they're waiting.

Who should Obama nominate for Commerce Secretary?

Maybe This Is Why Kaine Wasn't Picked As Veep

California DU'ers need to lay off of criticizing other states for their choice of Senators

Franken should challenge Reid for Majority Leader...

Feinstein and Rockefeller didn't need to stab the president-elect in the back

I spent 4 years of HS Latin with Solicitor General nominee Elena Kagan

So Leon Panetta might start unraveling the CIA budget....

Dylan Or Springsteen

I was watching the Barack Obama He Completes Us video on Comedy Central again

Have you guys heard of It personalizes a music station for you -- Free.

Terry McAuliffe Announces Campaign Staff - Virginia heavy hitters

If Obama "could" speak out on the Gaza bloodbath...questions I can't ignore...

One thing I don't get with the Tim Kaine pick, is why pick someone who's outside the mainstream?

Glenn Greenwald:Obama's impressive new OLC chief-plus more good news was Obama's CIA pick of Panetta

Economists see jobless surge, deeper housing hole

MSNBC reporting Burris to show up today at Swearing in

Speculation That Washington Governor Gregoire to be named Commerce Secretary

I am so tired of the idea that 9/11 was a bigger deal than the Cold War

Burris Shot Down by Senate Secretary! Will File Lawsuit?

Would you be interested in reading a memoir by Laura Bush?

Enough is enough. Obama needs to say something. Just today, at least 40 killed at UN School in Gaza

Could Gregoire be tapped for top Commerce post?

Two weeks folks.

Republicans frightened Reid again. They planned to disrupt opening of new Congress.

Now is not the time for Capitol Hill parliamentary bullshit

Check this out!

Harry Reid got played.

India, The First Kitty Has Passed Away..

Any lawyers on DU today? If they refuse to sit Burris couldn't they refuse to sit someone who. . .

How Reid brought this Burris mess upon himself

14 days left. Bye Bye Birdie

NASA climate scientist pens personal appeal to Obama

Why would you want a statement from Obama when he has already stated his position?

Becerra isn't interested in Commerce Sec.

Bush History-Top GOPer Admits Bush War Management was "terrible", & Lies to Congress , 1/6

"The Secret Service guy told me to calm down." A story we might all relate to:

Say what you want about Burris but to ridicule him for naming his kids after himself?

If Burris were white, would Reid's refusal to accept him be because of his whiteness?

Now we know who is prone to idiocy.

McClatchy: Obama's choice of Panetta to lead CIA suggests shake-up is coming

Whatever else is going on, Roland Burris does NOT have the requisite credentials to

The Roland Burris Appointment Is Turning Into A Real Circus!

Dick Cheney Swearing In Biden In Senate Today

COOL! Malia Obama's school is LEED Platinum (standard for environmentally sustainable construction)

Burris Arrives at Senate: Insists on being Seated! Media Mob in the Senate Halls...

Anyone know what time the House and Senate will certify the election?

How long before republicans yell............RULE OF LAW?

An emotional Obama, on the flight to Washington

The only way Obama can comment on Gaza is WITH Bush next to him

How much longer before Gov. Paterson appoints someone to NY's soon-to-be-open Senate seat?

A Black Man is barred from entering a public building

So how is it all going to go down?

I recommend that everybody read "The Audacity of Hope"

Why are DiFi and Jay Rockefeller so Upset about Panetta's CIA Appointment?

How Bush Broke The Government

Reid didn't have a GAWD DAMNED THING To Do With Burris Being Rejected Today

You know the "Serenity" prayer?

The real reason Obama isn't speaking out on Gaza.

PHOTO Idle hands? January 20 seems a lifetime away............

Looks like the publicity stunt worked (or NBC caved in) - Ann Coulter to be on NBC 'Today' tomorrow

Wowza - poor Norm Coleman. When they locked the door they shut down EVERYTHING!!!



Zero tolerance for pay-for-play Senate seats!

Burris to testify thursday before Blago impeachment panel

LIEberman is forgiven, retains leadership position, but Reid cannot seat Burris?

Report: Figure in probe that led to Richardson's withdrawal gave money to Obama's campaign

Obama "deeply concerned" about civilian casualties in Gaza

Norm Coleman speaks at 3pm

A Call To Service (Mass/NH DUers)

Pat Buchanan: Burris is a US Senator, Blago did his duty.

Burris should accept the offer to take the seat for only 2 years and not run again

Burris Should be seated, but the man is an egotistical jackass.

Dianne Feinstein: Obama and Biden Apologized to me for Not Telling Me about Panetta

House re-elects Nancy Pelosi as speaker

How one bad apple spoils it for everyone (actual research)

Job Description of the Surgeon General

The Illinois Sec. of State doesn't have veto power people.

Concerning Gaza and Obama.

On the issue of Blagojevich's appointment, the Dems, including Obama, are in full agreement.

Richardson, Obama Teams Trade Blame

What is the worst thing invented by mankind?

Feinstein says Senate should seat Burris

Would Gupta be the highest serving American of Indian (Asian) Descent in US History?

CNN Headline: Obamas $1 trillion problem

PHOTOS Cheney's fun day at the office.

The one thing Dems can do better than anyone else

So how many of you have run for president? [I have.]

Coleman sues over Minnesota Senate recount result

Norm Coleman's future in electoral politics

Wash Post - Obama Wants Journalist Gupta for Surgeon General Googling... who is the Surgeon General right now?

((((Breaking))))Jeb Bush will not to run for U.S. Senate

Harry Reid is bad...very bad

Roland Burris is....?

Feinstein Explains Her Reticence About Panetta Nomination

Official Duties of the Surgeon General & Sanjay Gupta's Specialty

AP: Kennedy missteps might not trip her up in the end

PHOTOS Ted Kennedy (Jan 6)

Feinstein bucks Dems on Burris

Not for nuthin', but why does D Feinstein feel compelled to pour sour milk on Obama's Wheaties?

Not for nuthin', but why does D Feinstein feel compelled to pour sour milk on Obama's Wheaties?

First Lieberman, then it was Gerry Ferraro, now DiFi?

ABC News: Barack Obama Taps CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General

Leon Panetta & the DCI

Why is there a delay with the appointment to Senator Clinton 's seat?

Obama adds 'Neighborhood Ball' to parties

Illinois DUers chime in: to seat or not to seat?

Would Rahm Emanual Have Made A Better Speaker Of The House......

Atheists granted hearing on inauguration prayer

Breaking: Jeb Bush will not run for the Senate.

TOON: "Only one President at a time!"

Barack Obama is a social conservative.

With Reid as Majority Leader we may be in trouble getting Obama's cabinet

It would be unconstitutional for the Senate to seat Burris

At Sidwell, Everybody's Top Subject; "She seemed very happy, she was skipping and smiling."

Why are so many here freaking out about Gupta as SG?

Obama Needs To Speak Out! Now! Now! Now!

Who would be a better Surgeon General than Sanjay Gupta?

Poll: Caroline Kennedy Might Put Senate Seat At Risk For Dems


Minnesota law prohibits final certification of a winner in the face of such a lawsuit

Richard Parsons, ex Time Warner Chair, to be Commerce Sec?

AP: Obama's Kenyan Grandmother to Attend Jan. 20 Event

TIME: Caroline Kennedy's Shaky Quest for Camelot II


Sen. Russ Feingold pleased with selection of Panetta for CIA Director

Obama rewarding corporate thieves with power and our money.

For those who want Burris seated

For Those Asking "What Does The Surgeon General Do Anyway?" or "He's just a spokesperson"...

PHOTOS Joe Biden (Jan 6)

Dems Plan Pro-Israel Resolution Supporting Israel's Goal In Its Gaza Strip Operation.

Weighing in on the Blago/Burris/Reid Senate Seat Controversy

My First Major Disappointment With Obama

Should Burris be seated?

Team Obama dabbles in drama

DiFi: “I believe the President should have the prerogative to appoint who he wants to be the DCI"

Obama breaks silence on Gaza, voices concern

Chemerinsky on the law, and's LA Times

One toilet for every 6,000 people (at the Inaugural)

All Presidents' Lunch

Need a room/bed/couch in DC for the Inauguration.

Crisis takes toll on Gaza's seasoned doctors, medics

San Francisco cop shoots apparently helpless man in the back

UN contradicts Israel over depth of crisis in Gaza

A Top Editor Leaving Washington Post

New video shows BART officer shooting Hayward man in the back

Another wave of legal arguments filed over California's Proposition 8

Israeli Forces Cut Gaza in 3; More Than 500 Palestinians Killed

Israelis watch bombardment of Gaza town

U.S. judge revives lawsuit over Bush wiretap program

Prosecutors Want Madoff’s Bail Revoked

Escalating violence pushes oil price higher

Treasury to grant GM additional $5.4-billion loan on Jan. 16

Gaza hospital overwhelmed by dead, wounded

Economists see jobless surge, deeper housing hole

Singh accuses Pakistan on Mumbai (BBC)

U.S. denies Haitians protected status

A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone

Israeli soldiers killed by 'friendly fire' in Gaza

Passenger forced to cover Arabic T-shirt receives $330,000 compensation

Sheriff: 4-Year-Old Shoots Teen Babysitter for Stepping on Foot

Bush library donors to be kept secret

Levi Johnston quits oil field job

Jerry Brown wins praise, criticism for stance on Proposition 8

Strike on Gaza school kills 40

Ebola alert shuts Angolan borders

Spain's king calls for Gaza cease-fire

Warnings Not Enough for Gaza Families

Could Gregoire be tapped for top Commerce post?

Strike on Gaza school 'kills 40'

New Guantanamo chief judge warns of change with Obama

70,000 Iranian students 'volunteer to carry out suicide bombings in Israel'

Burris, Rejected by Senate, 'Weighs Options'

Police: Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter

Sarkozy leads international pressure on Israel to halt Gaza bloodshed

New D.C. tone: Obama meets both Dems, GOP on stimulus

Bush designates ocean conservation areas in final weeks as president

Obama adds ‘Youth Inaugural Ball’ to celebrate young Americans’ service

Source: Ex-eBay CEO to run for Calif. governor

Senate bid by Jeb Bush iffy, friends say

Nelson Report Says Ross Will Get Iran File

An Ex-Detainee of the U.S. Describes a 6-Year Ordeal

Timber company drops road deal with Forest Service (Plum Creek won't pave logging roads)

Obama breaks silence on Gaza, voices concern

Alabama AG announces legislative crime package (top crime Voter Fraud)

Senate officials close Norm Coleman’s office

Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General? WTF?

TVA: Rain won't worsen sludge slide

Enron’s Skilling loses appeal of conviction

Burris Refused Seat in US Senate

Al Jazeera Breaks the Israeli Media Blockade

Va. 6-Year-Old Takes Family Car After Missing Bus

Levi Johnston quits oil field job

Airstrike kills 3 at Gaza school U.N. using as refugee center

MN-Senate; Norm Coleman to speak to media in St. Paul

Obama's Justice nominees signal end of Bush terror tactics

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. warns Burris controversy becoming 'racialized'

As Prices Rise, Some See $2 Gas

Turkey holds suspicious Iran-Venezuela shipment

Skinheads: State says hearing on plot wastes time

Obama breaks silence on Gaza, voices concern

Japan wants anti-whaling ship barred from ports

Rifle Found At Fort Lewis May Have Belonged To Saddam Hussein

Jeb Bush says he won't run for Senate in 2010

Hard-Hit Families Finally Start Saving, Aggravating Nation's Economic Woes

Shares skyrocket as Porsche takes over Volkswagen

Obama bans earmarks from economic package

Obama's Kenyan Grandmother to Attend Inauguration

Gov't: Official billed $1.2M for no WTC tower work

IBM May Cut Thousands of Jobs, Employee Group Says

Toyota shuts plants, China risks riots as crisis bites

Obama Says Expects to Inherit U.S. Deficit Approaching $1 Trillion

Wilkes getting out of prison

Canadian soldier accused of killing insurgent following ambush (Afghanistan): lawyers

Apple Drops Anticopying Measures in iTunes

Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse

Starbucks plans to settle another labor (NLRB) complaint

Flier wins $240,000 settlement over t-shirt flap

Bush leaves legacy of ocean protection

VP-elect Biden sworn in for 7th Senate term

Iggy Pop’s Guitarist, Ron Asheton of Stooges, Found Dead at 60

No Purple Hearts for PTSD, Pentagon rules

Senate Democrats put off plans to seat Franken

Ohio Unemployment Claim Systems Overwhelmed

Coulter booked for 'Today' show

'Fat' soldiers as US Army relaxes weight limits to increase recruitment

Obama vows 'plenty' to say on Mideast after swearing-in

Alcoa to Eliminate 15,000 Positions

Real Estate Executive Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Billionaire Merckle Killed by Train, Die Welt Reports (possible suicide)

Biden: Not Notifying Top Senators on Panetta CIA Choice a 'Mistake'

Sen. Dianne Feinstein breaks with Democratic colleagues, says Senate should seat Burris

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 6

House re-elects Nancy Pelosi as speaker

Obama Wants Journalist Gupta for Surgeon General

Burris Determined to Take His Senate Seat Tuesday

Bush wants gate on route to Dallas home (payed by Federal funds)

Russia gas disruption bites in Europe

Norm Coleman formally announces he’s contesting Senate election

Can't Make Car Payment? Just Give it Back (Hyundai offer if job is lost)

Israeli strike near UN school kills at least 30

Richardson withdrawal disappoints Latinos

Israel's actions are wrong. Hamas's actions are wrong.

UN contradicts Israel over depth of crisis in Gaza

"As the Arabs see the Jews" King Abdullah of Jordan, 1947 essay in American Magazine

Jordan 'reconsidering Israel ties'

House to house fighting in Gaza

Israeli forces encircle Gaza City

Gaza war poses special physical, psychological threats for children

Fares Akram: People are fleeing the north on donkey carts

‘We’re wading in death, blood and amputees. Pass it on – shout it out’

Group: Israel deliberately attacked Palestinian journalists

Israeli Forces Cut Gaza in 3; More Than 500 Palestinians Killed

Hamas looks to Hezbollah's inspiration

Israelis watch bombardment of Gaza town

Force will not advance Israeli or Palestinian aims - By Vaclav Havel, Desmond Tutu, Hassan Bin Talal

In Memoriam ~ Rachel Corrie ~ 1979 - 2003

“He died hungry.”

Gaza horrors sow seeds for future violence

Why Israelis support the Gaza offensive

ABC News: 'People Are Being Killed in Their Homes'

'People Are Being Killed in Their Homes' (ABC news)

Egypt's Mubarak to EU: Hamas must not be allowed to win

Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israel

BBC - video updated @ 02:57 GMT, 6 Jan 2009: Fighting flares outside Gaza City

The Israel rules

Israeli Troops Backed by Airstrikes Move Deeper Into Gaza

Israeli Police Arrest 300 Palestinian-Israelis Since Gaza Attacks Began

My thoughts on this conflict- A look at the tactics that were chosen

Israel shuns ceasefire plea as it prepares for street combat

Juan Cole on Gaza the West Bank and global public opinion

Egypt's Mubarak to EU: Hamas must not be allowed to win

'As I ran I saw three of my children. All dead'

In Fatah-Governed West Bank, Solidarity With Hamas

Warnings Not Enough for Gaza Families (New York Times)

Jewish and Arab students clash on Gaza offensive

70,000 Iranian students 'volunteer to carry out suicide bombings in Israel'

ANALYSIS / Israel is on its way to reoccupying all of the Gaza Strip

Rome’s Jewish chairman inadvertently exposes Zionist trick!

This brutality will never break our will to be free

LAPD opens emergency center over Gaza

Gaza: The Musicians Change, The Sad Song of Destruction Remains the Same...

Mods Please move......

The Invasion of Gaza: "Operation Cast Lead", Part of a Broader Israeli Military-Intelligence Agenda

'People Are Being Killed in Their Homes' (ABC news)

"As the Arabs see the Jews" King Abdullah of Jordan, 1947 essay in American Magazine

Israeli Troops Backed by Airstrikes Move Deeper Into Gaza

Burris to Seek Chairmanship of Senate Ethics Committee

Feds Seek to Revoke Madoff’s Bail, For Playing 'Fantasy Football'

Why Israelis support the Gaza offensive

An Open Letter from Laila Halaby to the President Elect Obama

Israel's fait accompli in Gaza

Gareth Porter: Bush Plan Eliminated Obstacle to Gaza Assault

Israel sets Hamas disarmament as truce condition

Film Review: 1982 Massacre (Sabra and Shatila) Rendered Through Dark, Distorted Lens

I'll Post This Here, Because It's The Only Relevant Forum Since Ask The Admins Was Closed Years Ago

Experts: Panetta's Too Old to Withstand CIA Hazing Ritual for New Directors

An Ex-Detainee of the U.S. Describes a 6-Year Ordeal

Unearthing the origins of the current economic crisis - Where Is Our Ferdinand Pecora?

America's Hidden Role in Hamas's Rise to Power

In the US, Gaza is a different war

Sea Shepherd headed to Australia to refuel

Atrocities In Gaza: Piecing Together The Story

Bob Barr, Former Church Lady, Changes Mind on DOMA

Obama and Gaza: Exiting the Vortex of Violence

Editorial: Franken rises to the top (Worthington Daily Globe)

Gaza horrors sow seeds for future violence

A Conflict Hamas Caused

That Old Blackwell 'Magic'

E. J. Dionne: The Party of Tomorrow

WP editorial: Overreach at Bagram; In last days, still making arguments about detainees

Leon E. Panetta: No Torture, No Exceptions

David Remnick: Homelands

Adolph Merckle, referred to as 'the German Warren Buffet,' has committed suicide

US and Israel Targeting DNA in Gaza? :: The DIME Bomb: Yet another genotoxic weapon

Keep race out of it

Where were the Palestinians before 1967?

Making Fun of Democrats: The Obama Action Figure

The Anti-Stimulus Crowd: The Fear of Success (Dean Baker)

A Battle is Won, But the War Continues

The tables turn: Those zany Republicans are behaving like Democrats

Have Bush and the Neocons Ruined it for the Israelis?

Gaza Holocaust

The Outline for Peace - Bernard Weiner

The Nation: Israel in Gaza: Irrationality

Mayor Villaraigosa throws support behind Israel

Four UN Buildings hit by Israel in the past 24 hours

CUPE calls for ban on Israeli professors

Doctor Decries Israeli Attacks: "It's Hell in Here" "They are Bombing 1.5 million People in a Cage"

Sarkozy:Egypt invites Israel to hold border security talks

Israel seeking Gaza exit beside Hamas' wreck

Gaza rocket hits Gedera, 30km from Tel Aviv; baby lightly hurt

today is the last day of Xmas-- rejoice all Palestine?

"The Story of Stuff"

Palestinian president to address open Security Council meeting

Bill O'Reilly Reacts To Al Franken Victory

Bush's Last War Crime? - Israeli invasion of Gaza, launched Saturday, might very well be...

Gore Vidal on Sarah Palin and other fun stuff


Al Franken Declares Victory

Queen Noor on MSNBC - Gaza a desperate situation

God is With Us

Kucinich: We Will Create a New America and a New World

Behind The Rubric: The Bushies by Ted Rall

Negotiate with Hamas says US War College professor

Obama's Statement on the Economy and Budget 1-6-09 pt1

IDF shell kills 30 in Gaza UN school; Israel mulls appeal over Hamas fire from UN facilities

Rachel Maddow Show: Indiana Guardsmen In Iraq Exposed to Deadly Toxins

The Burris Circus

Olbermann to Cheney -- Listen, you fatuous, condescending lunatic

Protests in Israel Against Gaza Occupation and War

Batgirl v. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Out of the Way of Fair Pay

Hannity: Today Show cancelled Coulter appearance because Liberals can't listen to different views

Sanjay Gupta vs Michael Moore about "SiCKO"

WeRPolitics - New Political Film - INTENSE TRAILER!

Al Franken declares victory

Arundhati Roy on the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

TYT: Israel's Gaza Invasion Is A Very Bad Idea

Bill O'Reilly Gay?

Jeb Bush For President

Barack Obama On Leon Panetta & CIA Nomination

Reid to Coleman: Face It, You Lost

WTC7 in Freefall--No Longer Controversial

DIME Weapons - Stop Israel's massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

TYT: Republicans attack Fitzgerald

Michael Moore's "SiCKO" gets critiqued by Dr Gupta...

Ex- Israeli Air Force Captain Speaks on BBC News

Friendly fire deaths as fights break out in Gaza capital

CBS interview with Norwegian physician: "They are Bombing 1.5 million People in a Cage"

TYT: What Would You Want To Be Buried With? Your Cellphone?

Denmark Protests After Israel Bombs Three Gaza Clinics

TYT: Is Israel Using The Right War Tactics?

Robin Williams (after the elections)

Red State Update: Israel In Gaza

Fears mount of Gaza conflict spill over in Europe

Israel Hits UN School, Nears Major Gaza Towns

Bloomberg goes to Israel and opens his mouth

And Then What?

URGENT - Israel agrees to Gaza ''humanitarian corridor''

Israel Claims Hamas Fired From School As Death Toll Hits 640

Airstrike kills 3 at Gaza school U.N. using as refugee center

Accompanied Korea tour changes detailed

Army begins to establish formal EW specialty

Casey, Geren, Preston make visit to Fort Bliss

Soldier killed after Jimmy Buffet song fight

Biden, senators plan Southwest Asia trip

Air Force crew flies Obama into Andrews

New U.S. embassy inaugurated in Baghdad

Taliban whopper: 5,220 foreign troops killed

Obama picks Panetta for CIA

Blackwater shooting defendants in court Tuesday

Major pleads guilty in bribery scheme

Vermont Army Guard unit back from Afghanistan

ACLU files suit to allow counter-recruiting

White House considers pardoning soldier

Murdered ex-soldier had rough military past

N.D. Army Guard police unit back from Iraq

Analysis: Gaza will not be Stalingrad

No Purple Hearts for PTSD, Pentagon rules

Obama picks retired admiral to be DNI

Lejeune Marine dies in Afghanistan

Lejeune units leave for Iraq

Laurean’s former home up for auction

New maintenance rules aim to save cash

Ex-colonel sentenced in paternity case

Airdrop crews deliver double the cargo in 2008

Army paying $17.7M for training game

From your house to the big house

Air Force Reservists ship out from Homestead

Navy trimming ranks, offering early outs

Behind Afghan Walls

Snow wreaks havoc on Northern Europe

U.S., S. Korea mulling delay of troop relocation

8th Army soldier accused in New Year’s restaurant fire

Iraqi police, army mending fences

Fighting Now on the Streets of Gaza

US Moves into New Embassy in Baghdad

Lockheed in Defensive Strike for JSF

NAS Whidbey to Get Four P-8A Squadrons

GI Rejoins After 38-Year Service Break

(Military Times) Op-Ed: A Former POW's Open Letter to Congress

Report: Hamas stealing aid supplies to sell to residents

Don't pity the Palestinians

Dems plan pro-Israel resolution

US troops 'monitoring Rafah crossing'

Israelis, sipping Pepsi, watch bombardment of Gaza town

Hamas puts Gazans in danger by drawing IDF into urban warfare

Harold Ambler's Huffington Post climate misinformation-ganza

Riding the backs of the poor.

Power to the People:Seattle Residents Sue Big Polluters

Found: the pink iguana

Peak Oil Review - Jan 5

The Top 10 Peak-Oil-Related Stories of 2008

NAS: EPA Should Pursue Cumulative Risk Assessment of Phthalates and Other Chemicals

BBC: Warning over 'clean' power plans

Northwest contractor wins huge (up to $5 billion) grant to make federal government energy efficient

The mystery of Antarctica's speeding glacier: … Pine Island Glacier … robot submarine …

Toshiba announces full-scale entry into (utility scale) solar power generation

Bulgaria re-opens Kozloduy nuclear plant in absentia of the EU after Russia stops supply

Crops absorb livestock antibiotics, new science shows: … even ones grown on organic farms

U C Davis Biogas Energy

Forestry: Where Bush's Midnight Regulations Could Backfire

What a wonderful idea...

UK's BE sheds 2.4 GW nuclear capacity in unplanned outages

Sustainable Society Index

Flat-screen TVs to face energy-efficiency rules in California: Starting in 2011 …

Who Is Responsible For Protecting Securities Investors? Because YOU SUCK AT IT! Congressman Ackerman

Exclusive analysis, Part 1: The staggering cost of new nuclear power

Wind tower maker cutting about 20 percent of jobs

Ocean Energy from Warm Water and Wind?

Turning back from the brink: Detecting an impending (ecological) regime shift in time to avert it

This is a DISASTER!!!! And we've deliberately been kept in the dark.

Fraud is a boom-time crime

Nasdaq Opens Derivatives Clearinghouse

Barron's calls bubble in Treasuries

Don't think this is what the people had in mind with the Bail Out

Toyota shuts plants for 11 days (BBC)

Apple to end music restrictions (BBC)

Farewell GWB

Effect of high gas prices

Synovus stock tumbles

This stock is up 97% on no news!

Another Reason to Disagree Over Basel

Erdogan blames Israel, Hamad charges 'war crime' and Mauritania pulls envoy

Richard Heinberg: Slo-mo splat

Waterford Crystal going bankrupt

Hard-Hit Families Finally Start Saving, Aggravating Nation's Economic Woes

I wish you were dead !

Change policies to aid auto industry

Census Offers Opportunity for the Unemployed

Program covers English, welding lessons while immigrants get on-the-job training

Obama, Congress Put Working Families at Heart of Economic Plan

For the record

Court backs ruling that says Kravis Center negotiated in 'bad faith' with stagehands ($6 M back pay)

A Look At Major Union Contrcts Set to Expire in 2009

Employee Free Choice Act is vital, New York Times

The State of U.S. Labor

Anti-Union Network

Today in labor history Jan 6 use tear gas bombs and fire into the crowd; three strikers are killed,

Workers Struggles:The Americas

David Bacon, A worker's site you might like

Unions:Schools for Democracy

Is it a choice?

Holy shit.

Typo in Proposition 8 Defines Marriage as Between "One Man and One Wolfman"

A situation...

Anyone here attending NGLTF's Creating Change Conference 2009?

Obama's CIA pick, Panetta: Another DINO appontment?

Congress swears in today! Tell them how you feel about ENDA!

More Nonsense From The Religious Wrong

More Words Of Witlessness From The Fundies

How is your relationship with your parents since you have come out?

boxturtlebulletin: Marriage Rights Predictions for 2009

Fred P. Hochberg: U.S. Secretary of Commerce

The Hate Amendment that forced me to leave Virginia and move to New Jersey

Elections to Watch in 2009

PERU: Open-Pit Mine Continues to Swallow City

U.S. denies Haitians protected status

Panama`s President Reiterates Friendship Relations with Cuba

Guatemala land slide video

Human Rights Watch Responds to Criticism of Venezuela Report

Turkey holds suspicious Iran-Venezuela shipment

Borev blogger works for Venezuelan Information Office

BOREV: Alvaro Uribe to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Failure

Hockey fans need to be watching this gold medal game between SWE and CAN juniors.

It's 5 days into the new year and I already have the funniest quote of the year in the sports forum.

It's five days into the year and cboy and trumad are squabbling again!!

Hey, Buckeyes! Great game!

So, Jets you liking the Brett Favre Show now?

"Creating Heaven on Earth" - Karen Bishop - January 5, 2009

Will Brady / VPC succeed in pushing for another AWB?

Could someone explain why so many of those who advocate mandatory training for gun owners . . .

On the off chance that you think you are having a b-a-a-a-d day . . .

Another Central Florida Righteous Shooting

Vivid color dreams, Passed relatives and Doors.

Transcending: Words on Women and Strength by Kelly Corrigan

is there anything more beautiful

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part I

another camellia bonanza...

paging Maestro...

One-eyed Jax - a face only his daddy could love. :-)

Puppy playdate and a new camera

Who is "the prophet" referred to in John 1:20?

Ham & lentil soup for a blustery night

Calif. high court rules US Episcopal Church retains ownership of breakaway parish property

How much are we responsible for our higher grocery bills?

More Nonsense From The Religious Wrong (Cross Posted To Relgion/ Theology)

Are Zombies real?

Gravity’s growing role in ‘The Starry Night’

Pink iguanas unseen by Darwin offer evolution clue

Baby Jupiter's huge weight g (BBC)

Huge Spitzer/Hubble image of the Milky Way released today

Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing

9/11: NIST Provides the Proof 9-11 was an Inside Job / False Flag Attack

Myths, FAQ, "...Vitamin D: A Real Missing Link..." Prescription=D2 vs D3, Testing, Optimal Ranges

Perry travels to Iraq

"Trans Texas Corridor is Dead" per TxDOT

Reset a computer??????

Windows Live OneCare?

If I put a picture out on Photobucket, how can I get it into a post on DU?

Sam Taylor, Famed Bluesman, Dies

Just bought a new TV need help...........

Maxtor | Recommend | NOT

Legendary punk guitarist Ron Asheton: Dead at 60.

Sen. Kerry joining CODEL trip to Southwest Asia this week

Watching the Senators being sworn in

1st Meeting of "SHOCK DOCTRINE" Discussion Group - Madison WI - 1/6/09

Obama Inauguration Party at Serb Hall

Obama Inauguration Event in Brookfield