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History of Palestine

Israel has plenty of tactics for war, but none for peace

Fuck DU

Fuck DU

“George W. Bush Is To Blame For The Current Gaza/Israeli War”

How sad for David Shuster

How sad for David Shuster

I will give Bush credit for one thing

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine To Become Next Chairman Of Democratic Party

SNL "Sports Extra" on now on NBC!

SNL "Sports Extra" on now on NBC!

Entertainment news... NEW Jason and the Argonauts series buzz

Daily Kos: Why the Employee Free Choice Act Is So Important: The Power of Organization

Richardson drops bid for commerce secretary post

Research project: Bush1 sent troops to Somalia Dec 1992

"Bromance" on MTV, more like "Douchemance".

Occupation 101 - watch this film if you want to understand what is going on in Gaza

War in the Middle East will widen in Bush's last week in office.

Why Obama's green jobs plan might work

In Gaza, the real enemy is Iran

Nakheel may offer shares, you might be able to own part of the palm islands

Cheney Previews Legal Defense

What is Ethnic Cleansing?

Sarah Roy -If Gaza fails

Looking for something good to watch? ESPN2 - "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

2008 Election Analysis: A Compendium of Links (TIA) - x

Brian Eno: Stealing Gaza - An Experiment In Provocation

The next Senator from Minnesota did THIS.

For Israel, Chance to Strike Before an Ally Departs

Another Bush Failing-Not Doing Anything to Stop the Israeli Incursion into Gaza!

Rulings target Internet sex stings

WTF???!!! Bush gets a $200,000 pension for the rest of his life - on our dime???

Norm Coleman is...

Holy shit... I am so sorry....

In regards to foreign affairs ...

the politics of abundance

Media Matters has again ripped Coulter to shreds-debunk of her lazy new book up

Test : True or False

So... this is like a republican's wet dream... right?

11 year old challenges city and wins

Anybody else think Meet the Press is boring with David Gregory?

The numbers are the numbers.

Does anyone remember the Travel Channel and 'Lonely Planet'?

2008 - The Year in Review by All Hat No Cattle (Dial-up warning)

The US and Israel used to support Hamas

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

Aren't Palestinians the traditional whipping boy of the Middle East?

Gaza as an Indian reservation, under siege

"But I'd keep the Volkswagen"

Pat Hingle is dead. :(

Anyone watching National Geographic's program called "WOMB"????

A small piece of Americana has gone down the drain...

Damned if I don't feel better already

The ‘FDR made Depression worse’ fantasy

Mexican warlock predicts US troops on border

Scientology violates the most fundamental of human rights.

Republicans Have a Four-Way

Write your congresscritters and ask them to cut out Medicare Advantage

Loser 41 Throws Jeb Into 2012 Presidential Circle

US and Britain are the only ones left with troops in Iraq

Richardson's abrupt exit opens the door for Dukakis at Commerce (satire - or is it?)

Helicopter crash kills 8, injures 1 in Louisiana

The blood pipeline -And there lie the bodies

Hamas 'to attend' Cairo truce talks

Gaza: Journalist reports on own father's death

Frontline:The Old Man and the Storm -Jan. 6, 2009 (Check local listings)

Obama cover for The Progressive by Zina Saunders

Trooper, union say politics delayed Johnston drug case

Israeli Ambassador Issacharoff on Washington Journal

Al Franken will be gong to the Senate on Tuesday

The local Target was DEAD on Saturday, you could hear a pin drop.


Tracking new bills proposed in Congress..Don't want to lose sight of them

American needs a national depilatory.

A moran?

Bill Press' Comment: Karl Rove's Hand in NM?

Take that, you slackers!! (Chesapeake Bay Foundation sues EPA

Catty and diversionary post - Contessa Brewer on MSNBC .....

SLIDESHOW: Kingston Fossil Coal Plant Sludge-Slide Disaster

States Cut Juvenile Justice Programs to Save Extra Cash

Did Lieberman campaign for Coleman?

"How dare those Christian settlers defend themselves against the arrows of those savages?"

U.S. Opens New $592M Embassy in Iraq

The mainstream media's complicity in the Iraq War.

You're gonna love this story: Tarra and Bella :)

Condi and idiot son working hard! Three-tier solution!

anyone else feel like LBN is moving pretty slow this last week?

World's largest U.S. Embassy opens in Baghdad - where's the ceremony???? $700 MILLION

McClatchy: Civilian casualties rise as Israel presses in on Gaza City

For Privacy’s Sake, Taking Risks to End Pregnancy

Author Of Defense Of Marriage Act Now Thinks It's Time For His Law To Get The Boot (LAT)

Does anyone have measurements for the windows in Norm Coleman's office?

World Leaders Converge In Region To Press For Peace...

Not surprisingly, Afghans under the protection of NATO up north predicted to dominate elections

C-Span Washington Journal: Should the Senate seat Franken and Burris?

Forget O'Reilly. What's Dennis Miller's reaction to "SENATOR FRANKEN"??

Ted Stevens was 'innocent until proven guilty', but Gov. Blagojevich is 'obviously corrupt'. HUH???

Watching the White House Briefing (1/5/08)

Once among their nation's elite, some Iraqi refugees find economic hardship and loneliness in Md.

Boy saves girl from pit bull attack

He kept us safe*

e-mail link to let Bill O'Rielly know about Sen. Al Franken

Peter King Sees Caroline Kennedy As The Most Vulnerable Candidate To Run Against .....

Steinem suggests Maloney for Senate, CK for Maloney's House seat;Paterson hasn't interviewed Kennedy

Margaret and Helen - Getting the Bad Guys

Writing a Young Adult Novel based on personal experience involving school harassment

The Shortwave Radio Report

RNC chair race: 'Everyone is ... pissed'

Group finds more than a dozen lies in Coulter's latest book

How Republicans waste taxpayers' money

FYI David Gregory on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight

I got a link to a video of a Ford plant in Brazil from a co-worker

Housing Push for Hispanics Spawns Wave of Foreclosures

NYT Thinks "Gay" Is A Bad Word-Censors It With A "Beep"

I can't wait until workers and non-workers have rights again

Leaking of CIA Middle East analyst

Footage of BART police shooting suspect at Fruitvale Station (shot in the back while on the ground)

Portland, Oregon is now largest US city with openly gay mayor

Funny, funny, funny....Link

New Gaza War Reports Combine Tweets, Maps, SMS

Anyone? What tools can I use to determine a precursor to sudden food price spikes?

Authorities: Palin figure's narcotics arrest was politically timed

Family of 'The Big Bopper' plans to auction his casket

New DNC chairman Tim Kaine on gay issues - against marriage AND civil unions, whee!

So how are you gonna answer when your kid asks you

I can't wait until we have some good news that we can attribute to Obama

Army Manual Promotes Christianity to Combat Epidemic of Suicides

'blocking an african american at the senate door'

What the heck do you think this statement from a credit card company mean?

Top 10 Alternative News Sites of 2008

MoDo is an "avowed liberal"?!1 Who knew?!1

2008 Conservative Idiot of the Year

How exactly does someone spend $235,000 on a bathroom renovation in a federal office?

President-elect Obama hits Washington with economic policy on his mind

NYers. Does anyone remember Peter King's reaction to Hillary

Gaza humanitarian crisis deepens

Robert Reich on Talk of the 1:12pm cst

Krugman: Is Obama relying too much on tax cuts? (questions Obama tax cuts)

why did bill o'reilly say that franken's victory would give the dems 60 seats in the senate?

About this "one president at a time" meme...

R.I.P. Senator Pell

Sheriff Gives Pay Raises To Niece, Friends After Layoffs

The Rude Pundit - Advice to Senate Democrats: Just Fucking Seat Burris

U.S. Labor Against The War Statement: Solidarity With The Working People Of Palestine & Israel

Doesn’t Israel have surface to air missiles that can take down crappy Hamas rockets?

AP Photo: "Bush reflects on the crisis in Gaza, Monday, Jan. 5, 2009"

Does the New York Times think ‘gay’ is a bad word?»

Anyone else confusing Claiborne Pell with Clara Peller?

Bruce Fein, Ralph Nader in SF Chronicle: Censure Bush/Cheney For Declaring War Against Constitution

Nice New contract for Tweety?

Conservatives Label Fitzgerald A Failure, Ignoring His Record Of Successful Terrorism Prosecutions»

"And yet, the president is using fear to trump the law. " - Leon Panetta on torture

Bush to establish 3 marine monuments in Pacific

Taliban f orces Sharia on large areas of Pakistan.

TIME Mag: Guantánamo May Close, But in Afghanistan Another Gitmo Grows

Crystal, china maker Waterford Wedgwood collapses

Crystal, china maker Waterford Wedgwood collapses

half day off for CA state employees?

time to put a bet down on Franken in Minnesota!

Breaking on HuffPo!! Bill O'Riley is gay!!

New California law protects school journalism advisors

FAA reaches settlement with whistleblower

Breaking news: Republican says that Bush got his judicial nominees filibustered

Before the night is over, we'll be under two weeks!

Grocery Chains to Offer FREE Antibiotics (Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states)

Franken certified by MN board...just now on M$NBC

Bristol Palin: "Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with – this isn’t ideal. "

Only on Freerepublic..."Smoking Rooms Eliminated Following Erection"

oh shucks, even Obama's poop has to be guarded

Obama's impressive new OLC chief- by Glenn Greenwald

Obama's First Test: "Will Obama victory come at the cost of kowtowing to Congressional Republicans?"

Edgy snowboard graphics (Playboy nudes) test liberal Vermont

Richardson's e-mail

For all you Apple Fanboys and gals, here's the movie for you.

Starting on CSpan1 shortly - House Hearing on Madoff Investment

Obama taps Panetta to run CIA

So - now Obama's Econ Stim package is delayed until February...

Another excellent piece by Jim Kunstler on 2009.....

Where else? Miss Vermont Goes With "Green" Gown

wtf? "US troops 'monitoring Rafah crossing'"

Al Franken coming up live on CNN

Senate Democrats May Try To Seat Franken This Week

Need any more proof that Limbaugh is either on Oxy again or just batshit insane?

"Go back to the Oven"

Panetta ......

Foreclosure Help?

ABC radio gives Mark Levin (ptoooey) a multi year show to 3 hours a day

Archives Must Rely On Bush's Good Faith For Records

CHENEY: Bush Is Innocent - Because "He Wasn't Impeached"

Heartbreaking. Homeless shelter fire kills 5 in Paris, Texas

Even Bush's cat couldn't make it out of his presidency....

So when do we get to start pimping for 2010 Candidates?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - true love

Norwegian National Radio - Download free Beatles

John Yoo and John Bolton: “Don’t Try Us for War Crimes!”

So, will Franken be seated tomorrow or not?

"Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother"

Coulter is canceled on the Today`s show.

Groupthink Could Kill Us All - Headlines 1/5/09

President Obama's Infrastructure Plan..

Neglected German Shepherd is nursed back to life from brink of death(graphic pic)

If a cop witnesses a crime and does nothing did a crime happen?

CBS Morning Show will have Coulter on tomorrow

A Sen. Inhofe v Al Franken Debate is coming to a Youtube near you very soon

Anyone speaks Turkish?

Limbaugh just said Hannity isn't very bright. I'm inclined to agree with OxyRush on this one ... LOL

Minnesota Supreme Court denies Coleman lawsuit

Hello......Where Is Al..??????


Wikipedia page on Al Franken:

Medical marijuana rules called a burden on police

Greg Palast...Richardson Kissinger-American

Updating Karl Marx who said that Religion is the Opiate of the People

Here's why the Coleman camp, if someone can come up with the money,

Charles Gibson one talked to him in 7th grade when he first attended Sidwell Friends.

Bruce Fein: Bush-Cheney WON Undeclared War Against Constitution-Congress Should Act PRE-Inauguration

Will Obama Hold this Position re Israel?

March of the Dead to Greet Congress on Tuesday

March of the Dead to Greet Congress on Tuesday

Group finds more than a dozen lies in Coulter's latest book

Devil's Advocate re: Panetta and the other Obama staff picks

Democrats should not seat Cornyn

First picture of Booshe pResidential library (conceptual)

Is There a Major Jeb Bush vs. Governor Crist Feud Brewing?

Neil Young-Perfect Storm for Innovation Gathers in Washington

Robert Fisk: Keeping out the cameras and reporters simply doesn't work

Seating Franken and Burris - Memo to Congress: Try Following the Rules

Trooper, union say politics delayed Johnston drug case

Budget-based recognition of civil rights

Who reads a newspaper and is anyone worried about their demise?

Mr. Bush is no longer the president and no longer resides here....

What do you call the islands that the Brits and Argentines fought over in 1982?

Isn't it amazing how "reasonable" and fiscally responsible republicans have become?

OK, fine. Richardson is out. Who should Obama pick to be Commerce Sec?

Republic of Money: in re Richardson

President, Mrs. Bush, Barbara, and Jenna Deeply Saddened by Passing of Their Cat India ("Willie")

Prior to mandatory child saftey seats...

For every divorced women there is a divorced man so why is coulter blaming society's ills on 1 sex?

A 50-Year Farm Bill

Olympia Snowe should go rogue. Let's face it, she's a moderate Republican,

Gaza death toll hits 500

Hey Prezident Obama!! How about a massive hire of phone-available staff at Social Security Admin.

Pat Buchanan is making more sense than Harold Ford on GEM$NBC right now...

Poppy Bush: "Right now is probably a bad time" for Jeb to run for Prez

MSNBC just listed about a half dozen Justice Dept appointees...

SENATOR.... AL.... FRANKEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Guilty: Coulter's latest book filled with falsehoods

Thank you Queen Noor

Coulter`s web site says NBC has canceled her

Serious question: Is theorizing that someone is gay a "homophobic" act?

Is there any possible way Bush read 91 books in two years?


"The Culture of Our Discontent"

War Story: My Firsthand Experience of Israeli Tactics

America will not change without the truth. America needs to hear

Just think how Harry Reid really feels about Al Franken....

Like Obama, Franken is a "bootstrap" politician..and intelligent, as well

Early in Dumbya's occupation, he changed a law ...

OK, yesterday the Shell station had regular gas for $1.49 and at noon today, it's $1.79. Why?

Cartoon in one of the newspapers

One Gender's Crash: "All the perpetrators of the greatest economic mess in decades are, well, men."

Hamas fired 30 rockets into Israel today - Apparently Israel's bombing the wrong areas

Official Gaza Protest thread

Will There be a Recovery?

Petition to PE Obama to save the polar bears...please sign

I would like to see the White House remodeled.

Leon Panetta tapped by Obama to head CIA

Bush Cites Failed Social Security Privatization Push As His Biggest Domestic Policy Achievement»

Consumer Reports: GM, Ford closing gap with foreign brands

Juan Cole: Have Bush and the Neocons Ruined it for the Israelis?

Jordanian Bloggers to the Rescue!

Meg Whitman to run for California Gov...

For anyone working in the tech industry:

Bush family’s 18-year-old cat dies

DNA Collection Does Not Violate Prisoners' Religious Freedom

Obama is losing a battle he doesn't know he's in - Guardian UK

Its time for the top 10 conservative Idiots to come back

Minn. Supreme Court denies Coleman petition. VICTORY FOR AL FRANKEN!!!

Bush Special Prosecutor Is Top Question for Obama

Bush is no longer the president and no longer lives here.

Leon Panetta to be named head of CIA

Constant upgrading technologies will be the death of the planet..rant

a scrumptious treat for everyone...

Can someone help me understand why Republicans hate Palestinians

Will stupid people and their pseudoscience cost more lives this year?

What's Going On With Google? I Only Get Shopping Crap Up In Searches?

Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

Preliminary NTSB report on Connell crash

It is the business of business . . .

How important is "666" to DUers?

"Killing hope: Cover-up of the stolen 2004 election" by Pete Johnson (1-5-09 Online Journal)

Grocery Store Blues

Did medical bills lead to Peoria nurse's firing?

It's clear that Obama has surrounded himself with conservatives

2 yr old dies in ATV crash while Dad was checking text messages

What does "White trash" mean?

what kind of bomb is this ? (pic)

Ann Coulter banned for life from NBC

I just ain't feelin' the love ........

Congressional Dems Should Play Hardball With Right Wingers

In the face of their grief, Travolta and Preston are facing interrogation

Secretary of the Senate rejects Burris' appointment

Yes Pecan- Ben & Jerry's teams up with Common Cause

Tom Geoghegan for Congress?

Americans with medical insurance refusing / delaying health care

Should I drink the green beer at the Irish pub?

How do I shut off Outlook CONSTANTLY asking to compress files?

Well, this caught my eye

Master Bates

All the Best...

Smile, dammit

Where can I get some chocolate starfish?

Happy 2009

I love this woman.

If I watch the game, the Eagles suck. If I not watch the game they score

If I watch the game, the Eagles suck. If I not watch the game they score

If I watch the game, the Eagles suck. If I not watch the game they score

Can someone who has a Facebook page tell me if Don Henley...

How can someone not get life for killing someone while driving drunk?

Tonight on Masterpiece Theatre: Tess of the d'Urbervilles

"Bromance" on MTV, more like "Douchemance".

I'm back! Did everybody miss me?

Anyone here work out at Planet Fitness?

TBS teaser on The Outlaw Josie Wales--15 seconds and funny *WARNING* language

I shake and shake my laptop, but I cant get more internets to come out faster

I'm completely shut down....

History Channel 7 deadly sins


TCM Remembers - 2008

So, it appears I leave for Beijing on the 20th....

So how come the penguins from Happy Feet aren't dancing in

I am having a bad night.

Which group of penguins would you want on your side in a fight?

"The Planet" on the Discovery Channel is the greatest stoned television experience in history.

Perhaps I Am A Jackass After All...

Two things have been true about Clint Eastwood movies in recent years

Made a music video for a married couple I know (X-Posted from Animation)

Dr. Who is getting a new Doctor?

Road Trip Update (Soccer Tournament Pics)

Tennessee Stud.

%&%^$#@#[email protected]! Snow!

I am posting on DU from my new iphone.

Good night FUCKERS.

I am going to tell a happy story.

Is it ok to apply for more than one job simultaneously at one company?

Hard to Believe Moments From the Past

Updating my facebook

I can't believe I didn't post this over the holidays!

This just might be my favorite TV commercial ever - Hendrix and Pepsi

The most perfect Dog-Day (for you dog-folks)

I'm really scared right now, I heard all this yelling coming from the other room

Virginia is for Losers

Back in spite of lack of popular demand, Coyotespaw's drunken poetry corner...


I should take my new sig into GD

"Thank you large tap dancing chicken!"

I have $25 to spend at Itunes as an xmas gift. What should I buy?

Confessions of a teen idol

My HP Deskjet D1455 is whisper-quiet while printing, but...

Start your morning out with hearty laugh about fiery automobile accident death

Thank you again, Bertha

Gloria Estefan

Aw! That's my Mom!

Cat fight with a cat photo

About how many hours a week do you work?

For anybody who missed it on New Years....

How many wine glasses have you broken in the last week?

Don't you people get it?!?!

This is how it will be when they get Bill-O to say senator Franken

OK, I'm going to stay in the Lounge tonight

I need to get me one of these!

Why do I feel compelled to check on the garbage people?

How long before people start flocking to this?

Free Pancakes @ IHOP on Feb. 24th

Good Riddance to 2008.....

Do you think Obama could declare the Utes national champions and invite them to the WH?

How wrong is this?

The Giants win if.... The Eagles win if...

How The Hell Do You Screw Up Ramen Noodles??????

You know how to tell when you've smoked too much?

Child elopers' Africa plan foiled [LOL]

I'm very much like my online persona

A lunchbox from your youth?

Come on, caption the hell out of this pic.

Anybody know anything about Beach Boy Mike Love ever having a nervous breakdown?

Another freaky attention whore on You Tube

Is it just me...

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!

Someone at work keeps lowering my chair!

Which of these classes sound more interesting?

I never got out of my pjs today.

MacArthur Park - Maynard Ferguson

GOLDFINGER 'Into Miami' - John Barry

Any 'True Blood' fans here

Two Tokyo sushi bar owners pay $100,000 for a 282-pound bluefin tuna

Anyone around here got a treadmill desk?

Books that will make more sense than buying Ann Coulter's new book - post your suggestions here!!

Great news! Cafe Duck Butt is safe!

HAHAHAHA I keep lowering the chair on this one co-worker. You should see her rant

ever get the feeling

This Is My Workspace

The only football prediction I will make and the very safest bet at that....

Ok I need a vacation or I will blow. I need your help recommending a cruise.

Any of my Canadian homies see this last night?

Why am I not famous and insanely successful?

I never got into BNL's pjs today.

powerpoint conversion programs? anyone?

What do you use to scratch your back?

I'm worth a million in prizes

One of my nephews has been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia.

Just checking in to say hello


2008 has been a wild year

If ever a picture begged for a caption...

is there anything lamer than posuer white buskers singing 'Redemption Song'?

Seriously, my neighbor & her daughter are really starting to annoy me

The temp INside is "fuuuuuuuuuuck"

How the hell do they expect us to race across the grounds to respond

I'm lazy. (No scary pictures this time)

Katy Perry - 'I Kissed a Girl'

FReepers FReakin over Pelosi Erasing Gingrich Fairness Rules..Good one!

Crazy Cat

On the off chance any of you receive Birder's World magazine,

People who talk on cell phones in the library...

Olive Garden!


Dammit! I'll take snow cones over Icees anyday!

Rick Warren!

Circuit City!



Pit Bulls!

Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles!



Hetero Lounge women: what if you learned your man was an alien AND he leaves the seat up?

Cornflake Chicken!

TV never got any better than this:

Ravens suck!

"Mannix Theme" - Lalo Schifrin

pictures of our car after the wreck (estimate: $5,200)

Anyone ever used an internet prescription service? Recommend one?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/5/2009)

With Arms Wide Open

Lord of the Rings or Star Wars

OMG! Jaywalker just run over in front of our house.

Damnit, whose day was it today to make sure that PeterU got his meds

Ralph Nader!

I wish I wasn't so freaking sensitive.

Twins owner Carl Pohlad died.

For My MccTaTas......

Hey! Airbrush this video! We don't need to see that sort of split!

I swear the parking garage at work is going to be the death of me..

what the hell is this TMZ crap

Is Val Kilmer the future of Brad Pitt?

I hate making roadkill...

"Smoking Rooms Eliminated Following Erection"

Liiiive from Minnesota, it's....SENATOR Franken!

Millions of peaches, peaches for free.

I don't much care for George W. Bush,

Ann Coulter calls children of divorce who were raised by their moms "Future Strippers"

Movies everyone should see at least once but you haven't yet....

kitten picture of the day for monday january 5

Penis peppers!

DU Southerners: Anyone want to make me up a care package of Corn Pones?

Pet Pix!

Everybody needs some puppy love

A new version of the RickRoll


What percentage of Amish are African American?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/5/09 (warning: graphic language)

The phone is ringing some... but the job search is slow

Damnit--I'll take snow over ice anyday...


What is the all time best Star Wars movie scene between a man and a woman?

Pardon me while I go on and on about my wife's fabulous skills

Amy Winehouse: Relaxed, Healthy, and Topless

My first real earthquake

Borders Books

why should I pay for anything *you* get?

The Clash



An Arab Moran?

The temp outside is "fuuuuuuuuuuck"

Family of 'The Big Bopper' plans to auction his casket

How thin is too thin?

Oh wow! a $500,000 Mastercard for $210.00.

Any computer gurus wanna peek into computer group?

The Difference Between A Man & A Woman...

How much weight have you gained since Thanksgiving?

Sharon Osbourne: "They can f**k with me, I don't give a s**t, but not my family..." (VIDEO)

A Polar Bear and amazing set of pictures.

Hook 'em.

So, all I did was do a Google image search for "brazilian"...

Summertime - Maynard Ferguson

Jersey Girl wants me to get in the car with her. Should I worry?

I just got carded for beer at the grocery store.

Due to the economy, your position is being eliminated

Post a song that describes your life. Here's mine:

I wish I wasn't so freaking sedagive.

Whats the dumbest movie you've ever seen that you loved?

Sorry I have been gone.

Rolling Stone's 100 best songs of 2008

"One of the last things our country needs is a White House that has Christian right on speed dial"

Qatar says Israel's Gaza offensive a "war crime"

HEADS UP: Obama arrives in DC

What I'm f*cking waiting for........and am particularily excited about......

With Richardson out, Gary Locke would be a great choice at Commerce.

2008 Election Analysis: A Compendium of Links (TIA) - x

GDP seems.... peaceful tonight :)

Does anyone remember Bill Richardson's biography stating that he was drafted into MLB?

I bet you haven't seen theses pictures in this controlled news media

Is anyone listening to this Burris interview on CNN?

"I gotta say I choked up a little bit leaving my house today," Obama said

CNN special on the First Family coming on now! n/t

Time to speak up Pres Elect Obama: US blocks UN statement demanding immediate cease fire....

Reid To Coleman: It's Over. Concede.

How did you spend your leap second?

Blago getting nailed for this scandal is like Al Capone being nailed for tax evasion.

PE Barack Obama and Michelle, and the girls

Economy messed up? Pulling out of Iraq? How ya gonna do it, Mr. President?

Does Cheney have any powers that we should be worried about for Thursday's joint session?

Latino Groups to press Obama to appoint another Hispanic to replace Richardson

Duties of the DNC Chair....

PHOTOS Obama Arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

Sorry, this is a bit mushy...the moment Michelle decided Barack was "the one"

Obama's Perilous Compromise with Wall Street Looters

Self-delete: Wrong forum.

Bush Will Not Get Lifetime Protection

Justices’ Ruling in Discrimination Case May Draw Quick Action by Obama

Obama names solicitor general, more top Justice posts

Burris: "We are hoping and praying that they will not be able to deny what the Lord has ordained,"

Huffington Post's slideshow: Sasha And Malia Obama Start School

To all the boys and girls: 15 days left. Joy to the World!

I just wish the Bush's would just leave us alone!! Now Poppy wants Jeb to run

'USA Today' Planning Obama Inaugural Special -- This Week

Conservatives Label Fitzgerald A Failure, Ignoring His Record Of Successful Terrorism Prosecutions

Chimp BLOVIATING on CNN, counting: 15 more DAYS!!!

Ok, NOW it feels real ... (Barack lands in DC via an official plane)

Krugman: Fighting Off Depression - and the New Tax Cut Proposal

Obama to propose $310 Billion Tax Cut for businesses and middle-class workers

MN Supreme Court Rejects Coleman's request...

Tim Kaine and the Future of Obama For America

Throw the shoe

If George W. Bush had been a Democrat: name the popular talking points!

"Mall Standing" tickets going for $750 each

The Dems should refuse to seat ALL of the GOP senators who won

The Dems should refuse to seat ALL of the GOP senators who won

Nationwide ignorance of Illinois politics (Obama/Blago)

The purpose of a stimulus package is to spur economic growth

Obama Picks Pete Souza As White House Photographer

Leon Panetta to be CIA chief

Paul Krugman: Is Obama Relying Too Much on Tax Cuts?

Leon Panetta to be named CIA Director



I think you will like this article written by Panetta

burris boarding plane in chicago, heading for d.c. senate.

Obama to Pelosi: Stimulus 'can't wait'

President Barack Obama and Senator Al Franken

In photos: 'President-elect Barack Obama in Washington DC'

Famous Twitter users hacked; Screenshot of FOX News Twitter update

Al Franken next on CNN.

Obama Pushed "new-style Democrat" Kaine to Take DNC Job

Obama Pushed "new-style Democrat" Kaine to Take DNC Job

What's the difference between 51 and 80?

I'TS DONE!!! Minn. board certifies results showing Democrat Al Franken winning Senate recount.

Tim Kaine is the product of Dean's 50-state strategy

Norm Coleman has lost to a pro wrestler and now a comedian

Ihave no real objection to Leon Panetta,, but Still think it is a very odd pick

Your Moment of Zen: Kathryn Jean Lopez on Al Franken...

Correct me if I'm wrong: the DNC chair determines who gets elected and who calls the shots

Help...Has Obama selected a Secretary of State yet?

The Illinois State Senate should affirm Burrus.

Anyone catch Scarborough.. "The Chosen One has arrived".

Andrew Cuomo Accuses Hospitals of Kickbacks, Fraud

Court Rejects Coleman's Bid

***MN Supreme Court rejects Colemans' suit. Canvassing Board Certifies Result

New Justice Dept nominees just named

President Bush Meets with President of Southern Sudan

Dems usher in new era of dull scandals


Obama names critics of Bush terror tactics to key Justice jobs

Bush History-Prominent GOPer & Military Expert Blasts Bush Admin Iraq Failures, 1/5

BREAKING-Al Franken will be declared the WINNER tomorrow!

Biden To Embark On Fact-Finding Trip To Southwest Asia

DUers and Freepers agree! No more Bush.

MORE freeper reaction Franken news and MN board finalizing results:

Anyone know anything about the Obama train trip?

"He's good enough, he's smart enough, and doggone it, Minnesota likes him"

LOL! Freepers give Thumbs Down to Panetta! Meltdown Alert!

Gosh now why would the GOP be resistant to Obama's tax cut?

A few comments about Richardson

Freeper Heads exploding!

Obama selects Brad Kiley to oversee salaries, budgeting - highest ranking LGBT appointment in the WH

First Day of School * * Photos **

Is there "one president at a time" or not?

Is there "one president at a time" or not?

Should President Elect Obama make a public statement in support of

The Panetta appointment is a strong statement

Dog Lovers! Top ten peeves that dogs have against humans!

Let The Al Franken Decade Begin!

Bon Jovi will help clear Senator Hillary Clinton's debt

Bon Jovi will help clear Senator Hillary Clinton's debt

PHOTOS: Obama gets his girls ready for School

Those who are currently unimpressed/angry with O's picks/actions so far....

BWAHAHAHAHAHA - Senate rules officials order Coleman's offices shut

"And clean-up is a snap!"

Need a substitute for diet soda

Help me out here: are Freepers Anti-semetic and Pro-Israel all at the same time?

BREAKING: Burris Rejected By Secretary of the Senate

Dianne Feinstein Not Too Pleased With Panetta Pick

New Yorkers Prefer Andrew Cuomo over Caroline Kennedy 58% to 27%

"We look forward to working with President-Elect Obama and our DEMOCRAT colleagues..."

When did the Hays-Adams first rent rooms to African-Americans?

Obama's generation is...

Obama's OLC nom: ‘We must regain our ability to feel outrage whenever our government acts lawlessly'

My brother got inauguration tickets!!!!!

Richardson Kept Details of Investigation

The DLC lost but the DLC won...Is Obama a "Centrist" Trojan Horse?

Tim Kaine on abortion, stem cells, same-sex marriage, civil unions, and labor issues.

Iran Threatens to Break Israel's Gaza Blockade

Foreign journalists vie for the few slots to get into Gaza

Czech EU Spokesman Sorry For Calling Israeli Action 'Defensive'

Schumer: Franken is the winner

Reid To Coleman: It's Over. Concede.

Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota

Gaza death toll surpasses 500

Lebanese police clash with anti-Israel protesters

Will stupid people and their pseudoscience cost more lives this year?

Commerce Pick Richardson Withdraws, Citing N.M. Probe

Trooper, union say politics delayed Johnston drug case

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

For Privacy’s Sake, Taking Risks to End Pregnancy

U.S. Opens New Iraq Embassy

Police break up pro-Gaza university protest

Child elopers' Africa plan foiled [LOL]

Iraq signs $70 million (US engineering firm) Pratt & Whitney power deal

Former PM (Allawi) blames U.S. for foisting democracy on Iraq

Greece: Attack on police raises terrorism fears

Investors dump $89B in U.S. securities in historic fire sale

(Senator) Cornyn: Franken has no 'legal right'

Panel to declare Franken winner of Senate race

Harvard Law School's Elena Kagan nominated for solicitor general

White House confirms (pardon) review of Idaho soldier case (convicted in killing unarmed Iraqi)

Six-way race for GOP chairman heats up

Judge Gives Feds More Time To Get Gov. (Blagojevich) Indictment

Demonstrations continue worldwide over Gaza violence

Web Passes Papers as a News Source

Laura Bush to Release Memoir Next Year

Obama Launches Stimulus Campaign on Capitol Hill

Gunmen shoot policeman in Athens

Britain moves to curb rise in knife violence

Minn. board gives Senate win to Franken

President, Mrs. Bush, Barbara, and Jenna Deeply Saddened by Passing of Their Cat India ("Willie")

Recount results certified with Franken on top

India sets renewable minimum for utilities

Civilian To Head CIA

Rival Greek, Turk Cypriots condemn Gaza attacks

Ann Coulter banned for life from NBC

Man asks for 15 minutes of Obama's time in ad

Secretary of Senate rejects Burris, aide says

Ford’s U.S. sales fell 32 percent in December

Tyson Foods CEO Dick Bond leaves company

Bush first ex-prez to face limit on Secret Service protection

Fed, ECB prepare to tackle deflation head-on

More of Detroit's aged go hungry as economy falters

Pat Hingle dies at 84

Durham Man Expelled from Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

Washington Post's Managing Editor to Step Down

France Tries Accused 9/11 Plotter for Tunisia Blast

Turkey, Iran bombard Kurdish rebels in Iraq: PKK

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 5

Steve Jobs has hormone imbalance, will remain CEO

Bush On Gaza Fighting: Israel Has The Right To Protect Itself

Frustrated reporters locked out of Gaza war zone

Gaza wounded dying as cut off from help: ICRC (Red Cross)

Reid To Coleman: It's Over. Concede.

Court rejects Coleman bid to consider rejected absentee ballots

Johnston pleads not guilty to drug charges

Obama Plans "Neighborhood Inaugural Ball" ( "an inauguration for all Americans")

Obama Arrives in Style

Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohad is dead

The (New York) Times to Sell Display Ads on the Front Page

WSJ: Obama Eyes $300 billion dollar tax cut.

Panetta to Be Named C.I.A. Director

ACORN voter registration recruiter charged with voter registration fraud

Rendell proposes no parole for repeat violent offenders

Rendell proposes no parole for repeat violent offenders

Dianne Feinstein Not Too Pleased With Panetta Pick

Blair to get US Medal of Freedom

U.S. anti-kidnap expert's vanishing spins Mexico mystery

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

Iran and Bahrain officials call for oil as weapon

BART appeals for calm as footage shows shooting (Fatal shooting by officer of suspect on ground)

Autopsy completed for Jett Travolta

Franken on top in Minn. recount; Coleman to sue

(Senator) Reid Will Try to Seat Franken

Citgo to suspend heating oil aid for U.S. poor

California Supreme Court says breakaway Episcopal parish can't take national church's property

UN official rejects Israeli view of extent of hardship

Sarkozy: Hamas to blame for Gaza suffering

Foreign journalists vie for the few slots to get into Gaza

Boycott Israeli Goods

Insight into the I/P situation from my cousin, a transplanted American living in Israel

Guillotining Gaza by Noam Chomsky

Sarah Roy -If Gaza fails

America's Hidden Role in Hamas's Rise to Power

Diplomacy behind Obama’s Gaza silence

Hamas delegation to visit Egypt

Dr. El-Sarraj: Terror in Gaza

So what happened to my thread with the link to Occupation 101?

Demonstrations continue worldwide over Gaza violence

Gaza incursion halts aid convoy, commerce at Egypt border crossing

Israel examining int'l treaty to isolate Hamas

For Israel, Chance to Strike Before an Ally Departs

Jordan 'reconsidering Israel ties'

And there lie the bodies

Aren't Palestinians the traditional whipping boy of the Middle East?

Israel Wary of Second Front Against Hezbollah

Why the conflicts in Gaza and Sri Lanka will continue

Gaza: The death and life of my father

Pro-Israel Palestinians

Abbas: Stopping Offensive on Gaza "Priority"

Two Hamas Leaders Killed

Israelis Take Over Hamas' TV Station

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

c-span is afraid of Israel too, re: Israeli Ambassador was guest

B'Tselem to Attorney General Mazuz: Concern over Israel targeting civilian objects in the Gaza Strip

Is the Real Target Hamas Rule?

Depleted uranium found in Gaza victims

Israel's 'Fait Accompli' in Gaza by Eric Margolis

Gaza rocket strikes empty kindergarten in Ashdod

U.S. to foil any Arab bid to push Security Council resolution for Gaza cease-fire

Mods Please move......

A Palestinian family huddles together in Gaza City

The Islamic Republic of Luxembourg

Would an international peacekeeping force help stop the violence in Gaza?

CNN: "Civilians on both sides caught in crossfire"

Hamas Armed Wing: More Surprises Wait for Israeli Army

Why Aren't More Americans Dancing To Israel's Tune?

The Invasion of Gaza: "Operation Cast Lead", Part of a Broader Israeli Military-Intelligence Agenda

"Go back to the Oven"

So which is it? Are Gaza related posts allowed on GD

Why the Hell Are We Allied with Israel?

Larry King Live: Is there anything more old & stale than Alan Dershowitz yammering endlessly...

Did you know that nearly 50% of the population of Gaza are under 14 years old?

Resisting to protect our own

Gaza War Diary III: If Mexico shelled Texas, like Hamas shells Israel

Our speech at the UN: by Israeli Ambassador

Brian Eno: Stealing Gaza - An Experiment In Provocation

Gaza humanitarian crisis deepens

Israel: Always the Victim

Paramedic killed as shell hits ambulance in Gaza

Gaza as an Indian reservation, under siege

Circular Reasoning Enables Hamas

In Gaza, the real enemy is Iran

The graying of the presidents

What would be a "proportionate" Israeli response?

Juan Cole: Gaza 2008: Micro-Wars and Macro-Wars

The Devil's in the Details: Cheney Explains the Missing Emails

Expert: Microsoft made $1.5B on 'Vista Capable' campaign

France braced for 'rebirth of violent left'

Jamal Dajani (HuffPo): Day 10: Gaza Burning

Even to his defenders, Bush's legacy is 'debatable' (McClatchy)

Virginity Pledges Cause Amnesia!

Juan Cole: Have Bush and the Neocons Ruined it for the Israelis?

Guardian: 'There were shells, rockets everywhere'


The CIA Wouldn’t Lie to Us, Would They?

Some informal extensions to mathematical game theory: factoring in elites and religious fanatics.

DFP special report - Part 1 of 5 - Sexual assaults on female inmates went unheeded

A Voice for the Consumer

NYT editorial: A Pitch for Mass Transit

WSJ: Let's Commit to a Nuclear-Free World By Dianne Feinstein

Franken looks like winner, not quite Senator; "Good enough, smart enough, gosh darn a U.S. Senator!"

A quarter of all British families will have no disposable income in 2009

'Blago' Senate charade

Restore the Senate’s Treaty Power by Two Crooks , New Yorks Times Op Ed

Bicycle Enthusiasts are Terrorists

Your News For Real: Headlines We'd Love to See in 2009

Let President-Elect Obama Stay in His Own Lane

Dear President Obama:

Obama's silence and Israel's ownership of General Dynamics

Robert Parry: Israel's Looming Catastrophe

Eric Margolis: Israel's 'Fait Accompli' in Gaza

Will Blago Meet RICO?

Al Franken Is the Right's New Punching Bag

Palestinan hip-hop - DAM - Born Here

CBS: Obamas Ready to Move

What torture is, Bush Administration style

Chris Floyd: Fallujah by the Sea: Aping America, Israel Unleashes Chemical Weapons in Gaza

JFK On today's politics

Hey...shut up! You had your 35 minutes! SHUT...UP!

NBC to ban Ann Coulter for life

Paul Krugman:Fighting Off Depression

Video tribute to Bush's dead cat

What if Egypt, Jordan, and Syria had won the Six Day War?

Chris Hedges. Lost in the Rubble. He explains why the existence of suicide

Tim Kaine Appointed DNC Chairman

Free the Shministim – Israel's young Conscientious Objectors

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

AP: Virginia Governor Kaine to Take Over as DNC Chairman

01/05/09: Obama Arrives On Hill for Consultations with Congress

Larry King Live: Dershowitz vs Zogby on Gaza Part 1

Mitch McConnell: Some kind of bipartisan considerations would be helpful in stimulus package

Talon Mobile Laser Air Defense

James Bamford on NSA Wiretapping - 10.14.2008

Harry Reid: Bush Is The Worst President Ever

The Maron vs. Seder Office Xmas Party.

Blame Television for the Bubble

Palestinian Casualties Overwhelm Gaza Hospitals

Israeli Professor Neve Gordon Condemns Israeli Invasion of Gaza on Democracy Now 1/5/09

Valentine War: A Poem by: Dr. Rafey Habib

Bill O'Reilly Declares A Winner: Norm Coleman

More children killed as war on Gaza continues

04 01 2009 CNN : free gaza free palastine protests

Steele: Saltsman sending 'Magic Negro' song 'doesn't help,' 'reinforces negative stereotype' of GOP

Obama as food critic, circa 2001 - "Those johnny won't have room for the peach cobbler"

TYT: Do You Believe George Bush Read 91 Books in Two Years?

Entertainment Tonight: The Women in Rock: Part One and Two (1986 ... Tipper Gore Vs. Sheena Easton)

Krugman: Is Obama relying too much on tax cuts?

Now The Truth Can Be Told

U.S. Blocks UN Security Council Vote Calling For Immediate Cease-Fire In Gaza on Democracy Now 1/5/0

UK Guardian: Bringing God to the protest won't help the cause

Al Franken interviews Jerry Garcia

Inmates Forced to Drink Poison Water - No Place to Go for Help

Oscar Grant Murdered by Oakland Police Officer (shortened video to moment of slaying) BART Shooting

The road ahead in ’09

Guam, focus of new U.S. strategy, faces hurdles

Town mourns soldier killed in Humvee crash

Fort Riley soldier dies in Iraq

Benning-based soldiers to deploy for Iraq

Iraq vet held in movie shooting

Fort Riley soldier stabbed

New command to fix Navy ‘culture problem’

Guard deployments put strain on grandma, girl

Carrier numbers, budget issues await Obama

French navy saves 2 cargo ships from pirates

Heeding complaints, Corps seeks better vest

Russian carrier to train near Greece

Corps featured in several Hollywood projects

Memorial for fallen MoH Marine stalls

Yuma squadron headed to Japan

Latest Hueys, Cobras make huge strides

All-quadrant gun set for Osprey installation

Undeterred by Taliban threats, Afghans showing up to get voter cards

Sadr City security staffing may change

Tuition program now offering loans only

Itaewon: Troops remember a place known for its vices

U.S. transfers FOB Callahan to Iraqis

Visitors to U.S. will soon need online approval

Misawa uses town patrol program to help contain off-base incidents

COLA increases for most troops in Pacific

Army puts collection of Korean War photos, videos online

Israelis Push in, Tighten Hold on Gaza

Geren Mulls Study of War Vet Violence

Afghan Army to Grow to 100,000

Many government employees now face airline baggage fees

Rules set for religious access at MEPS sites

Crew fights off pirates with water jets

George H.W. Bush carrier set for commissioning

Question about artillery rounds

Ready for a 4-day workweek?

15 Years Out, Vet Ordered Up to Deploy

Time Magazine: Nuclear's Comeback: Still No Energy Panacea

Paving and Developing Forests

Edenpure heaters--Reliable? Save energy?

Toyota's Solar Concept Might Not Be a Car At All

Germany Overtakes US as the Most Attractive Market for Renewable Energy Investment (thanks Bush)

Company wants to use ocean waves to produce electricity (Ventura, CA)

Houston company pulls out of (Nevada) coal-powered plant project

IBM to (help) Make Hydraulic Hybrids

"… most pollution problems are first detected by citizens …"

Delays keeping local solar electrical systems in the dark (NOLA)

Tidal power gets a boost from propeller and wind turbine technology

Report: (extraction and refining of oil from) Tar sands threaten birds

Orange drinks with 300 times more pesticide than (maximum allowed in) tap water

Washington Scientists Identify Multiple Causes In Rapid Dieoff Among White Pine Trees

Legislating a negative feedback loop

How we got here

Phones fingered in spread of superbugs (within hospitals) - (Hey Doc, wash your phone!)

Researchers focus on bringing bees back: renewed interest into finding new ways to boost bee numbers

Obama's Energy Team

Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation.

Free Almost free

Colo. GOP lawmakers to sponsor oil shale bills (what we need are some tax incentives!)

UCSD Plans Fuel Cell Installation.

Sempra solar energy project makes advances in costs (grid parity)

Prius Powers Home During Ice Storm

In Eight Yrs, Bush Never Set Foot In San Francisco - And The Loathing Is Mutual

Good news about the polar bear population

The rising costs of UK nuclear energy

Tennessee: Early warnings on ash pond leaks - TVA, state inspections show repairs, suspension …

"Killing hope: Cover-up of the stolen 2004 election" by Pete Johnson (1-5-09 Online Journal)

The Gold-Standard and the Perfect Economic Storm

Fed, ECB prepare to tackle deflation head-on

Obama's Perilous Compromise with Looters

Can we help the poor

No poor people in USA

How many

FDIC Agrees to Sell IndyMac to Investor Group

Auto sales plunge again in December ( {worst since '92}

Tax cuts--the dumbest economic "stimulus"

Calls Grow to Cap Property Taxes

They don't get it


Obama will give tax credit to firms that forgo layoffs

Report: SAG Members Want to Oust Guild's Negotiators

In memory of a murdered Iraqi trade union leader

Today in labor history Jan 5 Ford raised wages from $2.40 for a 9-hour day to $5 for an 8 hour day

U.S. Labor Against The War Statement: Solidarity With The Working People Of Palestine & Israel

Missouri jobless benefits fund going broke, again

Employee Free Choice Act Compromise?

Starbucks settles with National Labor Relations Board on union member interrogations

Posted earlier in GD. From the Sunday funnies....

MILK is fantastic!

White House: Immigration Controls Working

Wkikleaks: Mormon Church Handbook of Instructions, 2006

Obama selects Brad Kiley to oversee salaries, budgeting - highest ranking LGBT appointment in the WH

Gay, elderly and alone.

That Satan Clause

The Dem message now: I got mine screw you.

Bisexual characters on mainstream TV?

Kaine to head DNC, Obama stabs GLBT in the back again

My excellent adventure protesting the School of the Americas, Part 1

Salvadoran leftist leads presidential race (Miami Herald)

No surprise Caracas named 'murder capital of world'

Looking for something good to watch? ESPN2 - "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

Some music for your enjoyment tonight:


BCS stinks

What is the Big Ten equivalent of Gatorade??

Oregon could set standards for diet and exercise at day cares

'Detox' seller caught lying on national British radio about their own claims

Creature Comforts - monkeys for quadriplegics, parrots for psychotics and an assistance duck...

What are the primary causes of brain lesions in adults?

The fifth world

Hey Ladies

I had a weird

More pictures

When will Congress make its first serious push for another semi-auto ban, if at all?

A few random shots from the 50th Anniversary celebration.

This is the month my photo appears in Birder's World.

I found my brother's quilt panel from the AIDS quilt.

Please tell me about your range hood...

I Gots a Wine to Recommend

I have 4 pounds of Harina prepararada para tortillas, a pre-mixed

Lawmaker in Kentucky Mixes Piety and Politics

It’s Survival of the Weak and Scrawny

Merging the Gospels...

How the Republican ticket incorrectly referred to science on the campaign trail

Would there be interest in an Atheist-Christian Alliance?

The 'first true scientist'

A suggestion about the Episcopal Church; what do you think of this?

German battlefield yields Roman surprises (CNN)

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

Protest re Gaza continues in Houston.

Can someone tell me how to find out if a domain name has

i picked up a copy of the Amazing Spiderman with Colbert on the cover running for President

looking for Excel tutorial program, my wife is losing her job and only needs it for another job, she

I'm having a port issue I think

every time i start up my Vista64 i have to reinstal Adobie Flash

Powerpoint conversion

every time i start the computer i have to download Adobie Flash Player, AGAIN.!! anything

Sen Kerry on Ed Schulz Show today

Tay Tay - is Kerry going with Biden to Pakistan?

Britain moves to curb rise in knife violence

Evil Tories threaten to cut taxes/spending