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Inauguration experience from

LA Times: Drastic downsizing of pediatric care at L.A. County-USC Medical Center

Anyone Watch Fareed Zakaria's show today ?

Many rethugs are against the stimulus package. Has even one of them

David Koresh's Mother Stabbed to Death

San Francisco Chronicle: Paying the Price for Prop 13

Norwegian Daily: Terrorists Working for Western Countries

Anti-worker front group rigs poll to contradict huge majority support for Employee Free Choice Act

just found out a friend died last night at work

A question for European (especially Scandinavian) DUers

NARAL: President Obama Reverses Bush-Backed Attack on Family Planning

Govt. Regulators Aided IndyMac Coverup, maybe others...

Sign of the

Take a look at this lunch crew at the Waldorf...

India Police Kill Two 'Pakistan Militants' Near Delhi

Obama being used by Satan. Freeper delusion.

TPM has done to their pages what Huffpo did.

60 Minutes reporting on Palestinian people's lives? SHOCKING!

Anybody watching the Special on Air Force 1 on Nat'l Geo Channel?

Bishop Robinson's Invocation.

Schumer Signals Support For Prosecution of Bush Officials

Hillary Clinton favors diplomatic response to extraterrestrial life

The abortion debate is framed all wrong

puke alert...hannity and rush circle jerk

Who's watching 60 Minutes

Calling all political voyeurs: On Board Air Force One

Are these guys watching the same first week in office??

Independent UK: Britain is facing return of three-day week

Thank you Obama and Dems

Is the Novel a Dying Art Form?

A hide forum feature would be nice.

Peter Werbe's live online radio show now talking about the Inauguration

2 dead, 7 injured in Portland shooting

Mansion sold to wife for $150 (Leman Brothers CEO Fuld's)

Afghans, in Hospital, Dispute U.S. Account of Raid

What % of laid-off DHL employees

Guns! Guns! Guns!

Anyone see 60 minutes tonight,

Lehman's Fuld sold Florida mansion to wife for $100

Armed squirrel shoots and kills intruder in the nuts!

Closing Gitmo Just the Beginning

medicare and the "part D" or "part B" of whichever company Bushy put in

Did anyone watch "Prayers for Bobby" Tonight?

With Obama in the house...

did anyone see 60 minutes?

Redoubt rumbling prompts volcano alert - Southcentral Alaska

Rwanda-Congo force pushes deeper into militia zone

Wow! Vids of Peter Schiff Being Laughed Down on FOX As He Predicts Recession in 06/7

The past is a disputed country

Bad Times Spur a Flight to Jobs Viewed as Safe

Researchers Explore What Contemporary Science Cannot Explain

Little confused - oil per BBL is going down, refined is going up?

The MESS in Gitmo paperwork further evidence of B*sh malfeasance!

The MESS in Gitmo paperwork further evidence of B*sh malfeasance!

California is almost out of ways to pay bills, fund programs, controller says

California is almost out of ways to pay bills, fund programs, controller says

Prosecuting Bush Inc. Murder-Torture-Obstruction of Justice Felonies

How would YOU look with Aretha Franklin's hat?

Cartel 'stewmaker' says he dissolved 300 bodies

Congo warlord pleads not guilty in landmark child soldiers trial

Even the space aliens went to the Inauguration!

Honey Laundering: Tainted product still slips easily into U.S.

Two US aircraft crash in Iraq, four killed

Rents down, vacancies up across US

X-Post from Energy Forum - please help get this word out.

Who Owns the Holdup on Hilda?

Throw away the key.

Why won't the media report the Republicans want more tax cuts for the wealthy?

Boy, 14, dupes police, patrols Chicago for 5 hours

Judge Orders Gitmo Detainee, Held Since Age 14, Freed

God bless Ann Althouse

Deep in Debt, and Now Deep in Worry

Another 36 Thousand Jobs down the drain - 3 post in LBN

Dear NBC...

Damn! Oprah coulda been my senator!

I'm rolling on the floor laughing. A noteworthy 60 Minutes segment on Palestine airs.

In which nations should we seek to eliminate oppression? Further quesitons:

Canadian peanut (oil) assault

Okay, Dems are in charge, why are we still in Iraq?

Tired of shoveling snow????????

Filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

The mark of the Beast - Have you taken it yet? HURRY, SALE ENDS TUESDAY!

i think rush limpballs speaks for the rethuglicons in congress 'they hope he fails'

This is not a sports score: Iraq 4,236. Afghanistan 641

The "SOA 6" go on trial tomorrow.

Iraq prime minister expects speedier US pullout

Great William Kristol Column Today.

Lghtfoot v. Bowen Stay Request DENIED (Birther Case)

American scientists celebrate end of the Dark Age

Alaskan Volcano: Redoubt... rumbling

Cynical, final reason to investigate: keep blame for worsening econ focused on Bush failures

Within Stimulus Bill, Democrats Move to Expand Medicaid

Within Stimulus Bill, Democrats Move to Expand Medicaid

Culture Wars right near me (ACLU takes on local school district)

Numbers on the Mall on Inaugural Day.

President Obama is gonna take it to the people this am....

At least Roberts wasn't this bad...

It didn't take long for the bigots to squirm about the "unbelievers" line, did it?

Obama clearing way for California emissions waiver

This should be the motto of the Republican party:

Federal Depts. Not Meeting Civil Liberties Requirements

LOL - Republican website credits GOP policies for 'robust' economy

Krugman: OBAMA WON-"Indeed he did-and he should disregard the huffing and puffing of those who lost"

Krugman: OBAMA WON-"Indeed he did-and he should disregard the huffing and puffing of those who lost"

Al Queda #2 - WHO RETURNED TO TERRORIZE US - Was Released By BUSH In 2007

Went to a bookstore today

10:32am - OBAMA to speak - STIMULUS Package

!!Enquirer perpetuates Vandalize Keyboard Story!

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is pushing stronger curbs on greenhouse gases

Obama reverses Bush on auto emissions

I suddenly find myself on the defensive...

msnbc has pat fucking buchanan on to talk about President Obama calling out rush limpballs

Obama to review rule limiting immigration arrests

A mildly depressing observation.

John Dean: WAR CRIMES - "Other Countries Are Very Likely To Take Action If US Fails To Do So"

Severstal NA to shut down steel furnace (1100+jobs)

Obama just slammed the bush admin again

Isn't there a way to go after these Robberbaron's Assets?(Lehman's Fuld sold mansion to wife 4 $100)

On Morning Jerk, they are speculating about who trashed Caroline.

Paul Krugman:Bad Faith Economics

William Kristol: "Conservatives have been right more often than not"

"Republicans have not been brought in to the degree they should be.."

Rove defends torture: "You bet we squeeze them for information"

OK, what's the story on Diane Sawyer?

OK, what's the story on Diane Sawyer?

Caroline Kennedy Would've been a terrible choice.

Whenever some right-wing fuckwit starts passing the....

Does anybody have that picture of Palin and the First Dude where she is hogging the TV Remote?

Dennis Miller Is To Comedy What Joe Is To Plumbing

Secrets Of Stradivarius' Unique Violin Sound Revealed, Professor Says

Google Purges Obama 'Miserable Failure' Googlebombs

Bill Kristol's Last NYT Article

GM, dealers to discuss closing shops-plans to trim 30% of its franchisees by 2012

CNN; GM will cut 1200 in Lansing.

Bennett: Limbaugh Wrong To Say He Hopes Obama Fails

WTF? So da Gov. Blago was gonna appoint Oprah to the Senate?

Will Obama Save Liberalism?

Guantanamo closure a blow to Al-Qaeda propaganda: analysts

Economists: Many More Layoffs Coming

Christian Right demands "neutrality" from corporations in the "culture wars"...

(Smirking Chimp) Let a new noun enter the lexicon: the dubya.

53,000 today alone

Coultergist is going to be on Good Day LA this morning

GOP happier with Gillibrand, says poll

Can someone tell John Boehner to STFU!

The LDS church is officially the church of dirtbag.

If one is genetically predisposed to irrascibility, partisanship, and 'sailor' language ...........

RNC Chairman Race In Flux; (Mike) Duncan Has Modest Edge

Survey: 39 Percent Of Companies Expect 'Significant' Layoffs

The 10 Most Embarrassing Award Winners in Automotive History

The Rude Pundit: Why Does Conservative Spooge Bucket Kevin McCullough Hate Black People?

Is Corporate America Undermining Obama?

Obama's first week...

35,000 more jobs lost the past week and 36,000 more announced to come and...

Sac PD: More Bad Guys Using Fake Guns

Blago coming up on The View in a couple of minutes

You can watch Blago's impeachment trial live online here:

We are NOT in a Depression

"The Bush Economic Miracle" - does it adequately describe the last 8 years?

(Video) Fooled by globalization

Obama throws al Qaeda a curve

"We must give former President George W. Bush his due"

Despite his "post-partisan" approach, Obama has shown no sign that he'll cave

Jane Mayer (in the New Yorker): Behind the Executive Orders

'Going to Summers, Rubin, Reich, Tyson, Volker

Blagojevich Impeachment trial is on the air!

I'm Glad Obama is using the word "inherited"

Aren't' you all Tired of People making

Aren't' you all Tired of People making

If Matt Damon agrees to debate Kristol and Kristol wins BIG FUCKING DEAL. . .

The extraordinary life of a roo called Myrtle

Live Feed: Minnesota Senate election contest starting 1pm CST

At Davos, crisis culls the guest list

Home Depot = 7000, Catepillar = 20,000 (!), Pfizer 19000, Sprint 8000

A secular, scientific rebuttal to Rick Warren

Robert Reich: How America Embraced Lemon Socialism

Action Alerts from AU

so, has anyone seen REPO genetic opera?

NYT: "This is William Kristol’s last column......"

Thain to pay back office decorating costs

Repub Filibustering...

David E. Sanger: Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look

Rush is cracking me up.

"At least he kept us safe"???? What about Clinton foiling the Millennium plot in 2000?

When are we going to admit that we're falling into a mild depression?

*banging head* Not me, oh I never thought this would be me.

Newspaper claims suspect transformed into a goat

Monty Python Videos on Youtube Lead to 23,000% DVD Increase

Unwanted cars are piling up on storage lots worldwide

What does Obama have for Breakfast?

Oopsie! The physician and nurses shortage was manufactured.

Liberal Civil Rights Lawyers=Mold Spores

Liberal Civil Rights Lawyers=Mold Spores

Krugman shows why boneheaded republicans continue to be wrong on the economy

AP: DHS lifts rule requiring high level approval for arresting fugitive immigrants

What I Learned From George Will: Lower Standard Of Living = The Free Market At Work!

Germany mulling incentives for people to scrap their old cars to stimulate auto industry.

Larisa Alexandrovna: House Asked To Name Special Prosecutor In Case of Jailed Dem Donor

Frank Rich: No Time for Poetry

Important Election In Iraq This Saturday

Fox Shows Photos Of Muslim Men: ‘Would You Want A Guy Like This Living In Your Backyard?’



Will Pitt gets called "childish" by Newsbusters, but...

Anti-California Bigot Amendment Leaders Acknowledge Their Poor Decisions...

Sen. Bunning talking on the Senate floor about lack of regulation on banks

William Thomas and his wife Conception. 2 photos of the White House sidewalk residence

Senator Levin wants Treasury to halt Citigroup corporate jet order

Ready-for-Disaster Republicans - e.j. dionne jr.

How long before Obama realizes the "bipartisanship" he seeks...

Major Warning: Brace yourselves and look at Two Shoes' left nostril....(Caption please)

Aargh!: Heartland Payment Processing (credit/debit card) breach

Stimulus and Contraceptives, Explained

BART Promises Investigation Of Second Officer's Punch (videos still coming to light)

GOP is writing its epitaph today as petty, obstructionist group that places party over country

do you still cringe when you hear the word President on TV?

Can any explain this DU Republican ad for me?

OMZ!1 I got an e-mail from Barbra STREISAND!1

Looking at the jobs loss posts on LBN and watching the Pigshits obstruct and fearmonger ...

CNN: Just finished interview with expert on torture, makes news says there's a case against them.

Another day, another 50,000 jobs lost......

Why can't our Senators ask Eric Holder about the Orlando Bosch pardon?

Novels are Dead

What was the purpose of Camp Six at Gitmo?

Americans United calls on President Obama to make this list a priority.

Senator Russ Feingold :A new effort to empower the people



The gentlest possible cartoon smackdown of Shrub, his Shrubbites, & their regime

Housing Forclosures

Gonzales: I don’t think anyone is going to prosecute me.»

14-year-old fools Chicago cops and goes on patrol FOR 5 HOURS!

Yard Sale Nation: The Change Required to Salvage U.S Society Runs Much Deeper Than Most Imagine

'Bush Jokes About Not Finding Cause For War' IMO His Worst Moment Ever

Franken gets jump-start on Minnesota Senate hearing

Shopping day in Nunam Iqua, Alaska - The Mudflats

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

What ever happened to MediaWhoresonline?

Just one-third of Americans support sending more troops to Afghanistan

One out of fifteen homeowners in my town are trying to sell their homes

Today, Obama will reverse Bush on states' emissions limits

Thanks Rep Crowley

Where do I grant a microcredit loan?

Should Obama go direct to the Internet and skip the media?

How the hell can people get away with "Oh noez, teh foreigners are steeeling our jobz!!11" on DU?

Worthless Windbag - Why do morons like this continue to be employed?

NY Times: Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look

Poppy and Bill Give Speeches for New Orleans Aid at National Auto Dealers Association Meeting!

Should Auschwitz be left to decay?

FYI: Jury Duty Scam

Louisiana Sen. Vitter to Face Porn Actress in GOP Primary?

Geithner debate and vote today starting at 4:00 pm ET

This cover says it all, for me..."The First."

Did you hear? It's going to be cold in DC on the day of a climate change hearing!!! How funny!

Bloody Monday: Over 68,000 jobs lost

I am so fed up with the media and the republicans.

Which Do You More Believe?

What's up with Novakula

High school football coach charged in HS player's death-Heat Related

Rove's prediction

Chrysler and Fiat plan 7 new vehicles for U.S.

Geithner confirmed 60-34.

Rethugs sending viral emails- - to each other

Private Jet Welfare Queens

Quarterly profit reports: are they necessary?

Pakistani Taliban turn honeymoon spot into slaughterhouse

Does anyone know any McCain voters...

Doesn't death resulting from "enhanced interrogation" automatically indicate torture??

in five days President Obama has reached out to rethuglicons more the bu$h* did in 8 years.

AP: Carter: If no Palestine, Israel sees 'catastrophe'

So I find myself asking myself, what makes one a liberal?

Jim Lobe: Elliott Abrams to Parachute to Council on Foreign Relations

Jim Lobe: Elliott Abrams to Parachute to Council on Foreign Relations

But you *can't* just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done, that's the truth!

If pay truly was commensurate with the contribution one makes to society,

So we give th eguy a special dinner, hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and what do we get?

Pushy Yanks saved themselves on Titanic

When less is more: Shortening the workweek would create jobs and stimulate the US economy

Former Bush Speechwriter: CIA Torturers Are ‘American Heroes’

A Loyal Bushie Burrows Into Obama's System

Jesus?!?! Has Anyone Looked At LBN This Morning?

Countdown to Election Day 2012

Looking for a "Free Credit Report" That Won't Burn You

Fundies: Lawmakers Must Consider Gawwwddd's Law in order for Democracy to survive

So are any businesses profiting from the "depression" we're in?

BushCo Held Men NOT Because They Were Or Are Dangerous-But Because It Would Be Embarrassing

Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years

Can anyone tell me a little bit about how Hospice works?

Our society is in a downward spiral. Obama is a shining light. What he MUST do -

Just watched PBS newshour - editor of car and driver magazine = asshole.

Any one listening to Rick Sanchez right now - holy cow!

Tweetie's blood sugar is too high again

Cornell law professor analyzes the oath "controversy"

I have my 3rd interview for the same IT job on Wednesday - Advice?

2 killed 7 injured in Kansas...shot during a Wake...Gang activity and guns

Why does New York feel it needs another DINO Senator? NT

Inspiration, Republican Style!

Media LIES about Stimulus Pkg. for Family Planning! Paints Dems as Population Control Nazi's!!

President Obama and the Mann Gulch Fire metaphor ..

Man with homemade gun pleads guilty

Are you now making 25% or less than the highest salary/wage you ever made?

When Guns are women's only form of defense (India)

Barack Obama Shuns the American Flag?!?!

Rant on Sean Hannity - The neo-nazi of the media!!! Media Matters

Stop Having Children!!!

Geitner Confirmed 60-34

Winners of SAG

Shady Bush deal could see light of day

Bad Economy Spurs Egg and Sperm Sales

Freepers turn to supermarket tabloids for the REAL "news"

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - photo history of Bush's time in office (NYT)

Even I Predicted This Depression/Recession....And I Don't Know Anything About Economics

The Stimulus Payment

URGENT ACTION:Massive Push For Signatures - End Torture, Restore the Rule of Law

Macs hit with BitTorrent-embedded malware attack

Sex toy buzz helps launch ex-Nortel engineer's startup


Break over:

Caroline Running In 2010?

Dog attacks prompt cities to look at pit bull bans

Firefighter Tears Up Over Suspension For Nod To Obama

C-SPAN 2 Voting on Geitner now. He's a crook but he's our crook? I can't believe Obama

Susan Collins

Happy 99th birthday, Granny D!

Feeding Bambi Would be Banned Under bill

My Hopes and Concerns for Obama - John Hagee (I'm in total shock)

Sri Lankan troops battle rebels in jungle

The 25 People At The Heart Of The Economic Meltdown

CFL lights, they suck!!!

What does everyone think about Quincy Jones' idea...

3D Porn to Revolutionize Industry

Washington Note: More on Kristol: Out for Lousy Fact-Checking?

Anyone ever wonder why the postage isn't paid on those IRS envelopes?

Mike "Bahnacle" calls Rushbo a "great entertainer" on live teevee

House subpoenas Karl Rove over US Attorney firings, political prosecutions

Now Comes Lilly Ledbetter

impressive catch by Media Matters

Citigroup about to complete purchase of brand new $50 million corporate jet.»

Will Obama's Militarism Obscure and Overshadow his Diplomacy?

Okay. I know I haven't heard it all, but this is damn close!

Rummy caught with his pants down...

Obama's Showdown Over Nukes

Of employers who checked on sick day claim, 17% drove past employee's home.

OK, Mr. Conyers, we're tired of you crying wolf. If he doesn't show this time

Talk Radio in Ohio: Nothing but Republican Propaganda

The Covenant School (Dallas) fires girls basketball coach (100-0 game)

GE, Caterpillar Fight ‘Buy American’ Rule in Stimulus

Just in case anybody doesn't know. David Gregory sucks it.

Rep. Defazio puts forth amendment to give 2 billion more for public transit

Jimmy Carter will be on The Daily Show tonight.

Obama's taunting of Limpbaugh is brilliant!

rare pic of Joe Lieberman at Repub Nat Conv found!

The Guardian UK: "Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown ..." - Guess who tops the list.

DU: How does YOUR Job situation look? (poll)

NY Times dumps William Krystal onto the garbage heap of history

Obama the Conservative. A view from across the pond.

What I learned about Rush Limbaugh

What I learned about Rush Limbaugh

How many kinds of gun owners are there?

House asked to name special prosecutor in case of jailed Democratic donor

Revealed: Day the banks were just three hours from collapse

Revealed: Day the banks were just three hours from collapse

Revealed: Day the banks were just three hours from collapse

Rumsfeld's Intervention

So tell me about torture... it just can't be as bad as pulling wisdom teeth

Financial Meltdown, Great Depression: Who's the right target of your anger?

Has anybody here ever used open courseware?

Holder Confirmation ‘Doubtful’ After Indictment Threat

KARL ROVE Subpoenaed!!!! Breaking news live on CNN-

Hemp for a Healthy Planet

Need a little advice, or to know if I did ok. Please read, it's important to me.

Poem for Caroline Kennedy

Ice Ice baby

Public school runs candy sale. Profits help kids pay for school lunches.

Republicans are happier than Democrats with Gilibran pick

John Thain and the $1000 garbage can

Computer worm going around and how to avoid it

The President needs to order a MASSIVE Computer Literacy and Ownership Initiative to Circumvent the

Did comedians help Obama win?

Crist: "I'm not a big-government fan" he awaits federal rescue for Florida.

the time has come

Out-of-control corporatism is killing us.....Here's a resource guide for restoring democracy

Right wing terrorism - White supremacist carried out killing spree because Barack Obama is president

The criminal rich were well aware of what they did, and that the party would end.

Man (93) freezes to death indoors, city limits flow of electricity due bills, indoor temp < 32

President Obama Vice president Joe Biden We Demand Audits or Full Hand Count of the Paper Ballots

Helen: "Why are you sending troops to Afghanistan to kill more people?"


People need to learn to cook again...

What is your opinion of Ron Paul?

....We all saw it coming,, the economic collapse.

Drum Major John Coleman is suspended for Obama nod at inaugural parade

Do you think this is murder?

Where does your state rank on the pain scale?

Was it good for you?

Anyone watching 60 Minutes?

Riche$t Basketball Team is on the [email protected]

Riche$t Basketball Team is on the [email protected]

Riche$t Basketball Team is on the [email protected]

Beware of shapeshifting car theives.

Corn Nuts!

Tomorrow you have decided to go homeless. What do you pack in your sack and what shoes do you wear?

And I hope you like jammin' too

So, what's with all the name changes?

i finally got a much needed hair cut, but can i still be in a fabulous 80's hair band?

What TV show are you most likely to end up on?

stooopid God!

Do skiiers where ski masks?

Well, ain't THIS inspiring!

Who is watching the SAGs?

55 Beers That Will Knock You Flat On Your Ass

So relaxing...Christopher Cross... Sailing

Has anyone seen Revolutionary Road?

lost a close friend last night

Dear Hiring Authority,

Hey all you estimators out there, I need some rough numbers.

Outstanding instrumental from Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny --- Spiritual

What if your groin....

Banana Puddin'

For those of you who DID read the article, what was your reaction?

Goober or Gomer?

Cool, I took a good pic today that'll be my new desktop

Just how many movies have the Hallmark Channel made.

Did I miss a "dinner" thread? What did you have?

Make a new plan Stan


Should I have another half a donkey drenched in honey mustard?

Should I have another piece of chocolate cake?

Do they make full body Grecian Formula?

Should I ask for pay cut at work?

Should I ask for pay cut at work?

I feel like I'm gonna throw up

I got this message from my freeper uncle, and I don't understand what it means??

Moo you bastards! Mooooo! That's right...I'm a fucking cow! Moo!!!

I thought up a new username for Mcctatas today...


This Amateur Java Programmer Comments on Visual C#

Quick question: Can you successfully mix cottage cheese with...

Call of the Lonesome Tomcat

All this time I have been doing the wrong thing.

Fuck the cold. I'm putting my thigh hair into dredlocks...

There are three DUers sitting here in my living room

Who writes/wrote the best sentences?

Should I send this to my brother?

Life with Josie: the list and monster farmers

"Lifted" by Pixar

My once feral kitten has turned into a very calm kitten, he is sleeping on my neck right now.

Away From Her.......great movie...powerful....

ABC has a Homeland Security reality show

Happy Year of the Ox!

Too much coffee already from the looks of things.

Heath Ledger's posthumous awards run continues, wins SAG best supporting Actor

Dammit, I forgot to take something out of the freezer for supper, AGAIN!

For those interested. "Prayers for Bobby" in on now. On Life.

My fingers are crossed, but I think I m coming out of my pain.

In the waiting room at the doctor's today...

Life gets so much better in 20 days

NO. I won't watch. I wont watch them ruin it. A thousand times no. Etc...

NO. I won't watch. I wont watch them ruin it. A thousand times no. Etc...

I wonder if that old stereotype about truckers is still alive and well

Election's really over. We're back to circumcision wars.

Kate Wisnlet racks up Screen Actor's Guild award for "The Reader"

A New Year's Gift: Schweddy Balls

I got a million dollars yesterday from Obama's socialist communist fascist welfare state.

Those who've used Weight Watchers: what is your experience/opinion, please?

Is facebook being a pain

I'm on a low carb, low fat, low calorie diet.

What Do Women Want?

Google image search for "angry badger"

This is NOT another one of my sexual innuendo posts

Can I make a word document into an image?

A Conundrum with NeoOffice Calc...(excel like program)

My World

When I said goodbye


To the iphone DJ music techy folks.

YOU might officially be in recession, but *I* am officially

This is not a copycat thread

dupe (n/t)

Fuck my luck...

Fuck my luck...

Read it and weep; Christina Hendricks engaged

Computer help!

What's with all these posts all of a sudden that involve "reading"?

People: It's WILMINGTON not Wilmingtun

I've just discovered that putting a bandaid on your own back is harder than you think!

Alright, who's changing their username to Farticle?

If I wanted to start a website with a layout similar to DU

God actually went to bed before Kurt Warner thanked him in post-game interview

David Bowie China Girl Live in Glastonbury

I Need A DU Shoulder to_____ on

So I'm watching the Bucket List...

Boy Am I Fuked

I Got Farticled This Morning

Is a farticle something written by a proctologist for the JAMA?

Who wants some cake?

i miss indianajones.

The #1 song at Billboard's on Pres. Obama's birthday....

I need to hire someone to follow me around with a blow torch

Hey, when did MonkeyFunk get TS'ed?

Replacing soda with water is no fun!

What are you listening to right now?

How good a guitar player is Mark Knopfler?

I forgot to watch the first couple of episodes of Heros this season and

Modern Love walks beside me

Redskins Lay Off More Workers

People: It's PITTSBURGH not Pittsburg

GD has change we can believe in again

True confessions time: Your dumbest, absolute worst "D'OH!!!" moment on DU!

Why are we scared of dead people? nt

Banana pudding

Ladies, it seems these are the pending questions for men of this generation...

I guess that't why they call it the blues

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/26/09

A Giants fan that did not take the loss to Philly very well

Wrong word usage?

People: It's BRAZILIAN not brazillion.

I wanna know why Jesus gets all the credit

It is my religious belief that NJmaverick is doomed, because he thinks sports are important.

self delete!

WOW...I totally forgot how exhausting 9-5 work is...

There are three dudes up in the trees in my front yard.

Would you all stop peeing in Kurt Warner's pool of religion??

Does anyone else like raccoons?

Anyone having farticles for lunch??!!

Bad Reputation

BabyG has his very first friend (at the new house) over...

I don't believe in the farticle theory.

It is my religious belief that LynneSin's name begins with the letter L

Mom met the horde, and the horde won

Any Fans of HBO's "Big Love" Here?

People aren't messing around today. It is PISS OFF the lounge day!!

People aren't messing around today. It is PISS OFF the lounge day!!

Hey, you. Yes, you. I'm talking to you.

Today was Bella's first day at day care!

Actors and their moms (courtesy Pravda)

Harsh news: Brazil's finalist to Miss World competition has hands & feet amputated

Veteran's forum; specifically Vietnam

What do i do when WinZip expires?

Year of the OX

today is the first day of the rest of...

Dumb-ass question about nothing at all.

Name a band and an unusual venue they have played.

I only need one more rec...

Tofu question

Movie help

Okay guys...just stop it!

Background checks and permits for ammo?

I hate phone interviews!

I'm losing flexibility in my toes

Two of my favorite ABC shows got cancelled. Those bastards!

A comparative study: Brasier size by European nationality

How often do you flog the dolphin / perform the horizontal mambo?

Comcast's On Demand service

Obama Curses LIVE During Inauguration

Have you met Weebl and Bob?

Sniffa's home made chocolate-banana-granola mix

The beagle and I are watching "Dave". Ask us anything! nt

Finish this analogy:

Everyplace on DU is scary today

Highway to Heaven takes on a whole new meaning...

Where do sub-threads go when they're deleted? nt

So, has anyone here actually put the lime in the coconut, and if so, what happened?

I'm cold. I have the fireplace on. I'm wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a thick sweater.

Split Pea Soup in the Crock Pot! Ask me anything.

Just ran some errands and six people said hello to me and called me by name.

After jack ate his dad he went to school...

Tall cactus picture.

Hey, when did Symarip get TS'ed?

Oh man, I just finished this game called Hotel Dusk for the DS...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/26/2009)

kitten picture of the day for monday january 26

SF/East Bay Duers: I'm going nuts and I need to get away. I would love to spend a week

The number one song when you were concieved

Jack McDevitt.

I finally did it! Say hello to my new cat, Mr. Poofy Hiney!

I'm taking mucho pain medication for chronic back pain...

I'm back from the hospital.

Football Players in the Hands of an Angry God

The funniest Obama merchandise I've seen so far...

So has anyone left the cake out in the rain even after they lost the recipe, if so what happened?

I watched Across the Universe this weekend and...

What the fuck is Ben Kingsley's problem?

I had to drive past Super Bowl Ground Zero today.

More on my "Beatles revival'' thing

My cat has started sleeping under the covers in the bed.

Music you loved but have trouble listening to now because of some painful experience.

Frequent Masturbation Raises Prostate Cancer Risk

Why are Stradivarius Violins considered so good?

The number one song the day you were born:

Whose offices should all the newly unemployed workers storm?

Nobody likes me....

A non-football story about Kurt Warner

Kitty Cam 2

Let's all congratulate Taverner - he started the new DU catch-word

Who got 100% on the census test?

"The Little Man" has left the building.

Will Beyonce's "At Last" song that she sang for the Obamas be available for download?

TO is going to have a reality show......

I just slept 14 hours

GOP Leaders Object to Size of Obama's Package

DU cat experts: I need to get one of my cats to gain back some weight.

Have you ever had an OP Locked?

Funniest sitcom moment ever?

ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING? (about antique asian carved bars that is)

Favorite T-Shirt I saw in DC for the Inauguration: "Ask me why you deserve to go to hell"

Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Empire in Hot Water

Anyone remember DU'er CorpGovActivist - the Halliburton whistleblower?

Anyone remember DU'er CorpGovActivist - the Halliburton whistleblower?

Sunday nights are the worst.


57YO woman mauled in her driveway; Neighborhood pitbull breeder says "Stuff happens"

Guess why my darling daughter is so happy to be holding this 'item'

I have a job interview tomorrow morning!

Ummm, who forgot to tell John McCain that Obama won the election?

John McCain: "I think The World of Sarah Palin"

Greg Craig, Susan Rice and George Mitchell

The Bushies Stole Us Blind ... So, How Did You Like Your Beer?

Obama to Direct Shift in Emissions Regulations

Bipartisanship is the new code word for selling out to corporations

So Begala is comparing Gillibrand to Obama?

President Obama will issue executive orders Monday allowing states to set own automobile emissions

One positive from the Bush regime: A tactic that Obama is using nicely

Heads up if you are interested: Nat Geo special on Air Force One @ 8 PM, Sun 1/25

Pres. Obama to Address ... um ... everybody from the East Room Mon 10:30am.

House Members and Speaker Nancy Pelosi Called Paterson to Protest Gillibrand's Nomination

Drug dealers name heroin after President Obama

Obama Earns Respect From Senator Inhofe

Senate-designate Gillibrand: My goal is to try to fill Hillary Clinton's shoes

Kennedys, Cuomos, Bloomberg Angry with Paterson; Gilli goes on NY "Listening Tour"

Mary Shapiro, new head of the SEC, a thankless job, I'm thinking,

HBO webcast of the "We are One" Concert now starts with Bishop Robinson's Invocation

Oooooh economic guru "the fundamentals are sound" MCCain is not pleased.

Pepsi rides O's coattails with new $1.2 billion ad campaign

What happens to the president's book royalties while he's in office?

Defending State Funded Universal Health Care

Hey VenusRising!! You rock my world! (With a PIC!)

Olbermann, Maddow, Joy Behar?

I decided to watch the "We are One" Concert available on my "On Demand" menu, and guess what?


Fears Grow That US Could Become Isolated In Afghanistan

Obama acts to reverse Bush climate moves

'Air Force One' National Geographic Special Review

Orly Taitz Request for SCOTUS stay of the Inauguration Denied

Strange LTTE slams hatless Obama: serious or spoof? I honestly can't tell.

How pleased are you with Obama's first week?

Blago the New Media maverick! "I Considered Oprah for IL Senate"

The REMARKABLE thing about Obama telling the GOP "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh ..."

This is easy. Raise minimum wage and then tie it to inflation NOW.

Drum Major John Coleman is suspended for Obama nod at inaugural parade

Those "Pretend Patriots" are only concerned about one thing;

Kadima, Likud Trot Out Dennis Ross

Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look

What did Obama actually say about Limpballs? And what was the context?

Real Person's Inauguration Pics

Gillibrand Isn't Going Anywhere

Gillibrand Isn't Going Anywhere

What's the right thing for the Administration to do in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The Surge in Afghanistan- Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Blago is on live on GMA

I as an American would like President Obama to make a prime time address on the economy.

Don't forget. Tomorrow on "The View"


The Republicans are setting themselves up for failure.

Obama Announces Plans to Achieve Energy Independence

NBC to air Obama interview with Matt Lauer during Super Bowl Pre-Game

Liveblogging of EVERY WH news briefing

Where is that "Seed of Hope" picture?

Obama Sends Biden on ‘Special Mission’ to Antarctica

I no longer find Huckabee likeable

The New York Times’ Frank Rich: Obama is right—the people are to blame

Gillibrand '16?

ARA: ALTERNATE REALITY ALERT!... Gov. Blagojevich on Larry King Live Tonight at 9PM!

Barrett: Did Paterson Consider the Bruno Connection to Gillibrand's Dad?

John "maveriky" McCane does the Republic Party flip-floppy again!

30% tax credit to install solar water heating

Huckabee on his show last night railing against Obama's "radical agenda" that'll "surprise people"

If a penny was the total taxes the Republicans would still complain about paying too much. nt

So for those of you in DC for the big party: Post your favorite memory

Repukes Are Politicizing Terrorism Again and Are Seemingly Hoping For Another Attack

Get the HELL out of here!

Lawrence O'Donnell (uh, maybe)

GOP Congressman Cantor's Wife's Bank Did Well in the Bailout

What's with all of the "Contraceptives? Is that stimulus?" bullshit?

First lady duds get backlash

Press briefing NOW with Robert Gibbs

GOP Leaders Object to Size of Obama's Package

BOOOO @ locking "size of Obama's package" thread

Download a PDF of current Obama stimulus package anywhere?

Poll: Who Read The Stimulus Bill?

I saw this today and thought it was cute. nt

What's Up with the History Channels Obsession with Hitler and Nazi Germany?

So whatever happened to 'B Girl'?

Susan Rice: Obama will use ‘direct diplomacy with Iran

Inaugural stage humor

Top story right now on CNN's website (take two deep breaths)

Cheney threatens Biden's residence

Geitner Nomination vote on CSPAN 2 Now

Gonzo: They Won't Prosecute Me For Torture

There's a HUGE difference between Presidents Bush and Obama, isn't there?

Paterson-paid pal doomed Caroline, insiders say

Poll: Caroline Kennedy to blame for Clinton replacement process

Obama: Mideast peace envoy to engage "vigorously"

Why the f**** does Tweety keep quoting Rush Limbaugh???

Obama was using the name "Limbaugh" as a metaphor for being stuck in the past.

Action needed: Rep. Defazio amendment for 2 billion more for public transit funding

Anyone hear Limbaugh's economic proposal today?

Real Politics - Obama Approval Rating 73.6% versus Congress at 21.7%

What are we supposed to be posting in this forum as opposed to GD?

Fuck The Olive Branch.... Extend A Finger!

DU this poll about the proposed Freedom Tower.

This "bipartisan" BS is driving me INSANE!

Walt Starr walks into a bar...

The best thing for this country is 0bama to fail and fail terribly.*Freeperville

Harkin will not vote for Geithner. Speaking on senate floor now. (CSPAN2)

John McCain: I will not support Obama's Plan

Good News - Obama does formal TV interview with the Arabic cable TV network Al-Arabiya

Geithner confirmed on floor of the Senate, 60 to 34.......

What was Patterson thinking about? Will the Gillibrand pick give GOP a new House Seat?

Remember this? : "ladies and gentlemen...we got him"

Susan Rice takes question during first day at UN

1,474 Megapixel Image from the inauguration. SO FREAKEN COOL (And I found myself)

I think Blago is right

Renamed schools, streets mark early tributes to Obama

Is Obama growing a mustache?

Finally, I've posted enough to have my first thread!

The age of Obama promises the rebirth of US liberalism

State Department Staffers Compare Rice to Wicked Witch of the West

what a giant load of crap

PHOTOS: President Obama meets with Hillary and George Mitchell

Limbaugh: "I think Obama wants me to fail"

Limbaugh: "I think Obama wants me to fail"

Why would they design beanie babies

Obama Live CNN! Obama tagging high tech layoffs by name, company by company is a stroke of genius

I am sorry for my fellow DUers from California, but I am glad to see Arnold FAIL!!!

Black Artists Association Whines About Michelle Obama’s Textiles

Obama continues to disappoint progressives: Picks fight with Limbaugh, acts on behalf of the enviro

Since Ashley Todd (Backwards B Girl) is Done in Politics, Where Should She Get a Job?

Clinton: Obama Will Succeed Where I Failed

Did Obama fix everything yet?

Paterson in Free Fall: Poll shows Him Losing Ground Vs. Cuomo and Rudy

Do the clintons run New York?

So Robert Gates is giving President Obama his daily briefing...

So .. what happens after we blow through 2 trillion bucks, and people still can't buy stuff?

Is there EVER a valid reason for a country to go to war?

So, New Yorkers, what are Pete King's chances in 2010 now that

"Why Are We Picking A Fight With China? This Is Engaging In A Dangerous Sport"

Hillary to Cornyn: "The Clintons don't forget."

Fear, crime and terrorism (WARNING: A BIT LONG)

In the dysfunctional family of American politics, Repubs are the in-laws you can never please

Awesome Letter to Local Paper: Vandals can't stop celebration

Since Today Seems To Be About DU Past, Who Would You Bring Back?

Baroness Reuter, last link to news dynasty, dies

Iceland's ruling parties meet, future uncertain

Mass. House speaker (Dem) resigns amid ethics allegation

UN says many civilians killed in Sri Lanka clashes

International court begins with Congo trial

India parade honours Mumbai dead

Pakistan cycle bomb 'kills five'

(UK) Cannabis law change 'illogical'

Saudi authorities rearrest ex-Guantanamo inmates

GM Announces More Layoffs(2,000),Production Cuts Amid Falling Demand

Rove's prediction

DHS directive aimed at Obama's illegal aunt

German sues Macedonia over capture, torture (by the CIA)

Sources: Clinton to name climate change envoy

Democrats try to lower economic expectations

Silvio Berlusconi criticised for 'pretty girl' rape comment

2 US helicopters crash in Iraq, 4 Americans killed

Obama Directs Regulators to Tighten Auto Standards

Obama Directs Regulators to Tighten Auto Standards

John deere trims 700 workers

Vietnam halts boat rescue mission

Doctor calls for cut to curb HIV

Fed May Gain More Financial Oversight

Franken-Coleman Senate race goes to trial

Families Of 9/11 Firefighters Want Obama Meeting

Caterpillar Moves to Cut 20,000 Jobs

Immigrants Gain Right to Medical Interpreters

Probe questions fate of refugees in Thailand (cut adrift in open sea)

Obama begins reversing Bush climate policies

Calif farmers idle crops, veggie prices may rise

Macs hit with BitTorrent-embedded malware attack

Monster truck crushes promoter at event

Finance crisis claims government, 85,000 jobs

Pakistan Poses a Growing Challenge for the Obama Administration

WTO backs US in Chinese piracy dispute 66.6 per cent guilty

Iraq: 'Secret plan' will prevent voter fraud, polling official says

Grand jury to investigate Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom (R)

Halliburton nearing $559 mln Nigeria (kickback scandal) settlement

Texas Instruments reports a big profit drop, will cut 3,400

Fifth death from bird flu reported in south China

Sprint to eliminate 8,000 jobs

$5 trillion in pension assets evaporate in ‘08

U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks

Home Depot to cut 7,000 jobs, exit Expo business

ING Group to Cut 7,000 Jobs

Obama to Let States Restrict Emissions Standards

Wikipedia Reconsiders Editing Process

India has no better friend, partner than US: Obama

Iceland's government topples amid financial mess

Invoking Obama, House Judiciary Chairman subpoenas Rove

Netanyahu Would Let West Bank Settlenents Expand

Pfizer to buy Wyeth for $68 billion, cut (8000) jobs

Cambodia, Thailand agree on more border talks

U.S. Said to Seek Cosmo in $380 Million Ponzi Scheme

Prosecuting torture: 'Hard to believe' (says Alberto Gonzales)

President Obama Signs New Executive Orders on Economic and Energy Crisis

Bloody Monday: Over 68,000 jobs lost

Republicans step up criticism of Obama

Supreme Court: law bars sex harassment retaliation

U.S. Claims Victory In WTO Complaint On China Piracy

U.S. Existing Home Sales Rise on Record Price Slump

Just Plane Despicable (Bailed Out Citi to buy $50m private jet)

Hired PR gun doomed Caroline, insiders say

Indian H-1B visa techies in US may lose jobs in Microsoft

McDonald's posts sizzling 80% profit rise in 2008

Man freezes to death after city limits electricity

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 26

Compilation of late-night hosts making fun of the Inauguration

Joe Biden On Economic Plan in his first Face The Nation interview as Vice President

Panorama: What now Mr President 2 of 3

Gene Robinson Invocation at the Obama Inauguration (As Cut by HBO)

The Week In Cartoons 01/24/09

Professor Paul Krugman on this week - Shuts down Sam Donaldson's Nonsense A new day (A Tribute To President Obama)

Panorama: What now Mr President 3 of 3

This Week Panel Discusses Stimulus Plan (Paul Krugman with some other people)

TYT: Cenk's Thoughts On President Obama's First Orders

Tom Friedman Fear Mongering on Meet the Press

The Promise '09

Tony Benn London 24 Jan 2009

President Obama: Words for How We Feel Now

Byron Dorgan’s Crystal Ball

Blagojevich Admits to Considering Oprah for Senate Seat

The great Mayor 9ui11iani thinks they should go through each individual Gitmo case

Daily Show compares Obama's inauguration speech with G. W. Bush's speeches.

Larry Summers--Economic Stimulus 1

Music video by Australian band - Red Paintings for Sea Shepherd Conservation

Countdown: Still Bushed! Jan. 23, 2009. KO breaks down the GTMO illogic

"Fucking" Felony... Are You Kidding Me?

Panorama: What now Mr President 1 of 3

State Officials Travel to Emmonak, Alaska

The Pope's New YouTube Channel

Lobbyists Find Loophole in Bailout

Chris Matthews Show: Panel Excuses Lack of Potential Torture Prosecutions

Citing Atheists Offensive in Obama Inaugural Address?

John Dean tells KO that what the Bushies did was WAY beyond what Nixon even wanted to do

The Onion: Study Finds Youths Don't Follow Office Politics

Red State Update: Obama Week One--Inauguration, Secret Oath

Lewis Black on Heartless W. Bush and the time-space continuum

Countdown: Worst Person Jan. 23, 2009. Dick Morris wins for outstanding hypocrisy

Franken Jokes With His Radio 'Base'-Blasts Rush Limbaugh etc

Blago on The View

Greek farmers in protest blockade

TYT: Which Country Allows People to Show Up Drunk at Work?

{Rachel Maddow} GOP In Exile: Kubbler-Ross Stages -- Anger


Rachel Maddow Grabs Some Popcorn - 23 Jan 2009

There's Probably No God! - Richard Dawkins, Ariane Sherine, And The Atheist Bus Ad Campaign

Obama Pushes Stronger Fuel-efficiency Standard

Chris Hedges: With Gaza, Journalists Fail Again

NH phone jam: Let's get answers (Nashua Telegraph)

Juan Cole: Obama's Vietnam?

Indiana’s Privatized Welfare System: IBM Wins, the Sick and the Hungry Lose

Pleasant Surprises, So Far, About Race

Troubled Minds and Purple Hearts

Krugman: Bad Faith Economics

Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look

Teenager Fools Police: Gets Assigned To Squad Car

India's outsourcing sector faces bleak outlook: analysts

...Obama seeks space weapons ban

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was driven by passion to end slavery

Real science comes to Washington

Citigroup: $45 bailout upgrade to $50million corp jet

Spencer Ackerman in The Washington Independent: Progressives Launch Attack on Afghanistan

Researcher turns up heat on global warming skeptics

Obama Names George Mitchell to Investigate Steroid Use in the Middle East

Matt Drudge’s Bitch Promoting Bill Kristol v. Matt Damon

Thom Hartmann: Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years

'Poetic Justice': Administration Develops Plan to Send Detainees to Alberto Gonzales

Economic crisis unleashes violent protests across Eastern Europe

There's more to fear than fear

Lesley Stahl Asks Rachel Maddow: What Do You Do at 7 on Sundays?

If Obama is serious...he should get tough with Israel

Obama takes on Rush Limbaugh

Palast: "Why An A**Hole is Always in Charge"

I’m Not Weeping; It’s an Allergy.

Grand Jury Probing Latest GOP Culture of Corruption Suspect reports theft of user data

E.J. Dionne: Disloyal Opposition-The GOP's good cop/bad cop plan to bring down Obama

Can a Law End Economic Inequality?

Carter: Hamas Can Be Trusted

Structure the stimulus for the shafted.

With Gaza, Journalists Fail Again

Bill Kristol's Last NYT Op-Ed!

John Dean: Are We Civilized Enough to Hold Our Leaders Accountable for War Crimes? World Is Watching

Will illegal immigrants take the stimulus jobs?

Evolution war still rages 200 years after Darwin's birth

Fareed Zakaria: There’s More To Fear Than Fear

Soldier found dead in Grafenwoehr barracks

SC installations could see construction boom

University brings classes to soldiers in Iraq

Early battle looms for Obama on Guantanamo

Airman convicted on lesser charge of assault

2nd sailor punished in Iraqi detainee case

Anti-piracy role of other nations is murky

Navy wants to expand training off NW coast

Admiral: Pact near for Somali pirate trials

Ambassador: Don’t leave Iraq hastily

Lejeune area battles health care shortage

More restrictions placed on travel to Mexico

Malmstrom O-3 facing court-martial

Nearby range to help new Cannon AFB wing

AFPC to oversee medical record transfers

High demand keeps pilots in cockpit, out of HQ

Afghan border patrol facing more training courses

Better top off your tank before driving to Benelux

Suicide prevention training program gives everyday people skills to intervene

Dependents ordered back to U.S. over gang graffiti at Vogelweh

Decision on Malmstrom fuel plant delayed

Army deserter released from Fort Sill

Terrorists Test Obama's Pledge

U.S. forces overseeing nearly two dozen solar projects to alleviate Iraq’s electricity crisis

Army: Shower Death Negligent Homicide

What your peers think about Obama

Troubled Minds and Purple Hearts

Counting the Walking Wounded

Nothing to go back to, no place of their own

Cenk: Tearing Down The "Move On" Defense Of Bush Administration Crimes

(60 minutes) Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution?

Have you seen this Veteran?

MUST SEE: Who Wants Peace in the Middle East?

Gore highlights new US push on climate change

Important - and potentially disastrous -- prediction for 2009 Yukon River salmon run.

Obama’s Order Is Likely to Tighten Auto Standards

Fusion power only years away: B.C. company (General Fusion)

Obama Green Energy May Lag Growth Pace of Bush Years (financial crisis)

… Major Breakthrough in Wind Resource Utilization Using … 'Quad Wind Turbine Array'

California's energy efficiency an economic boon

Greenpeace: ‘Myths’ being used to fast-track BNPP (Bataan Nuclear Power Plant) operation

Hurt Japanese whalers evacuated

Survey Finds Broad Agreement That Human-induced Global Warming Is Real

Why isn't there any more talk about a low national speed limit.

Rare Storm Covers 5,700-foot Peak In UAE With Eight Inches Of Snow - AFP

Southern Ocean Fauna - Sea Spiders, Limpets, Urchins - Among Most Vulnerable To Small Temp Changes

OneRail coalition forms to influence legislation

Bad Reactors. Rethinking your opposition to nuclear power? Rethink again.

Calif farmers idle crops, veggie prices may rise

Virginia's Oyster Populations Now About 1% Of Levels 100 Years Ago - Times-Dispatch

Old (California Wind) Turbines Get a Second Wind Through Remanufacturing

Report on Water Quality Withheld

NPR: Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says

India - Antibiotic Content Of One Day's Wastewater Enough To Treat 90,000 - Highest Levels Ever Seen

Computer Modeling Shows Ocean Dead Zones Could Last For Millenia, W. Sufficient Warming - AFP

Lovelock on charcoal: One last chance to save mankind

BofA played role in $4 billion Merrill bonuses: report

European banks see losses, announce job cuts

Global pensions lose $5 trillion in 2008: study

UK: Crooks in the House of Lords caught selling their services!

All border checkpoints with Greece remain blocked

Nationalize Now

Arts Leaders Urge Role for Culture in Economic Recovery

Thom Hartmann: Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years

Unprecedented economic crisis

401K IRS Penalty Moratorium?

You really want to stimulate the economy ?

Scholars call Employee Free Choice Act vital to economic recovery

Card check' may give workers rights again

Top NLRB Precedents in Jeopardy Under an Obama Labor Board

Twenty-five People at the Heart of the Meltdown

US: Economic crisis forces families to cut back on healthcare

NLRB orders Genesys to reinstate eight employees

There are 50,000 job cuts on the LBN page this morning

Can someone explain to me why is Capital One such a monster?

State agency settles sexual harassment claim for $800,000

CNN: Chrysler, GM Aim To End Union Job Banks

Service Employees Union loses NLRB appeal on election

Starbucks reportedly laying off 1,000 workers after lavish spending on corporate jet for CEO

Job losses prove we’re in recession

Ruling on First CAFTA Labor Complaint Demonstrates Weakness

OSHA Proposes Rulemaking on Diacetyl, Seeks Comments

Dangerous Downtown Condo Collapse Results in Loss Of Life and Lawsuits

OSHA levies $119,000 fee on Pasco contractor

Worker killed at construction site in Boston (story & video)

Feds: Crane (one of the largest) operator in fatal accident untrained (4 including operator dead)

Police name worker who died

Economy going to hit environment to survive.

CEO calls OSHA violations 'complete joke' ($140,760 in fines)

Bush politics seen the rule at OSHA (Administration protected industry, many officials say)

Today in labor history Jan 26 first workers’ compensation agreement in America by pirate William Kid

"A power greater than their hoarded gold"

Emergency jobs program needed

What can you tell me about the Employee Free Choice Act?

Employee Free Choice Act Poll needs some DU Love

What would today's unemployment

Hamas may extend ceasefire if Israel ends blockade, says deputy minister

60 Minutes reporting on Palestinian people's lives? SHOCKING!

Gaza faces failed harvests after the bombardment by Israel

Israeli court orders Gaza open to foreign media

Carter’s new peace book out

How Words Could End a War

Quelle Surprise! Big Banks Who Got TARP Funds Reduced Lending

IDF's violations of laws-of-war prohibitions

How Words Could End a War

Israel stymies French push to lift Hamas boycott

Hamas tried to hijack ambulances during Gaza war

Israel Screwed Itself Over with Its Gaza Assault; the World Sees It as a 'Blood-Stained Monster'

Meretz seeks 'blocking majority' to prevent Netanyahu government

Hamas and Fatah Meet in Cairo

Arabs’ Patience Running Out

Hamas has 'overwhelming responsibility' for Gaza war: EU

IDF: Only 250 of Gaza fatalities were civilians

Shalit should not be part of Gaza truce deal: Hamas

IDF rabbi told troops fighting in Gaza: We must not cede a single inch of Israel

Netanyahu: Likud-led government wouldn't build new settlements

Hamas executes former B'tselem field worker

A question on the rainbow thing.

Gay foe Bruno indicted on federal corruption charges

Colombia Ven plan to increase bilateral trade to $10 billion

Venezuela with the highest increase in food prices in 12 years

Recalling the one who mixed politics, poetry

A robot and 3,500 troops to protect Chávez in Colombia

Choice Launches Medical Check-Up Program For Snowbirds Traveling To Cuba

Bolivia Looking Forward: New Constitution Passed, Celebrations Hit the Streets (Upside Down World)

High School Girl's Basketball Team Wins By Margin of 100-0

Reports: Torre takes swings at Yankees in new book

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (January 25): Movsesian Leads in Wijk aan Zee

What Do the Mavericks Need

Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution? - 60 Minutes (CBS)

Single Brain Cell Can Hold a Memory

Resurgence of rare disease leads to warning: Vaccinate

Resveratrol segment on 60 Minutes.... now isn't that

Is anyone interested in starting a separate form for DIABETES?

Study: No Link Between Autism, Vaccines

Resident kills burglar at NW Houston apartments

18-month Old Holister Child shot and Killed

Tulsa Child Shot in Face

Police: North Houston resident disarms, kills burglar

Child Shot Inside Saginaw House

Suspect Shot in Home Intrusion

Intruder fatally shot during struggle with resident

Teen Intruder Shot Dead in Dallas

Only you cheapskates like me will like this

I've been Fong-itized

NYC sunrise

*** Official "Screw You, Winter" photo thread! ***

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/26/09

Can I ask ASHA for Good Vibes, Chants, Prayers or...... ?.?.?

Opinions please on name changes.

The Queen and Crop Circles

Appearance of rifle thwarts would-be robber in Cambria


I'm a Pisces, born in the year of the ox, is that a problem?

New Observations Show that the Pleiades May be Harboring Earthlike Planets

Lizards Evolving Rapidly to Survive Deadly Fire Ants

Female Companionship Extends Sex Lives of Male Mice

Do our genes make us popular?

Tour the Space Station in this recently released NASA video

Dolphins - a wicked cool walpaper from National Geographic

Asian Green Beans

[Video] Blasphemy Challenge

What's on the menu today?

Kalabache (pronounced "calabash")

Does anyone have any inexpensive appetizers they could share?

I went to my first Methodist service (UMC)

My "experimental" no-knead rye is about 10 minutes from going into the fridge

Pad Thai Noodles

Wasn't college education free

How did the "D.C. Truth" event go on inauguration day?

House rules address absolute authority (kicking Craddick)

Can someone tell me what all the "ga ga" is about 30 Rock???

Stephen Harper may have just outsmarted himself again.....

Hubby's laptop--need advice!

Understanding DNS, custom domain forwarding to

More edumacation needed, please. :) Firefox versus IE display

Kerry Commentary on CNN site:

Comment on the Jobs Bill from Sen. Kerry on

(UK) Cannabis law change 'illogical'

Nick Cohen - Why I blame the left for Britain's financial ruin