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Human rights watch finding evidence of white phosphorous used everywhere during attack on Gaza

Sometime in the future.....

Wall Street’s Sick Psychology of Entitlement

KO - More on spying

(envelope please) ...and the 2010/2012 GOP touchstone issue talking point is......


The Jan. 26 New Yorker article "The Dystopians" is FANTASTIC!

The Jan. 26 New Yorker article "The Dystopians" is FANTASTIC!

Think Quickbooks Pro 2009 is kewl and neat?

Can we please have a "DU Forum" where we can discuss DU?

Check out this "rate my professors" page:

Sarah Palin looking for book deal worth $11 Million...

A question about Minnesota law

"I WON" Deal with it Repukes!!

Look what I Stumbled upon

Omahan faces federal charge in threat to Obama

The Twins Video On What They Wrote To The Obama Girls

"Rethinking White House Term Limits"

"This puts Nixon way below Little League" - JohnDean on Bush spying

Has Norm begun to bow to the inevitable?

Gitmo only holds 245 people

Obama overturns the Policy that Alan Keyes wrote for Reagan

Carl Bernstein: "If they targeted the press (NSA), then there ought to be hell to pay."

Andrew Manis - When Are We Going to Get Over It?

Andrew Manis - When Are We Going to Get Over It?

video of Chicago mayor Daley calling Blago "Cookoo"

"Who's your pick in the Super Bowl?"

Fired counselor sues Omaha Catholic school (pregnant while unmarried)

So the country was recorded, but the computer system in the WH

Hib Outbreak Kills Unvaccinated Child

so I've always wanted to be rosebud rather than rosebud57 but some long dormant DUer took my name &

From Gigapan: Check out the clowns between the Clintons and the Carters.....(Caption please)

Media advance falsehood...that 61 former Guantánamo detainees have returned to battlefield

Tell me what you feel when you see this photo.

Bring me up to speed: LIMBOsevic should have been gone LONG aong, SO

Bring me up to speed: LIMBOsevic should have been gone LONG aong, SO

End all discrimination

Laura Ingraham: America is already less safe under Obama

Steve King sucks ass......

A pro-lifer on Obama's inauguration

Maddow doing a special comment! Why are senators being picked this way?

Jon Kyl or John Cornyn.

Rich jerk watch

Obama: Quit Listening to Rush Limbaugh if You Want to Get Things Done

Goat implicated in auto theft...

Bush screwed up Gitmo beyond compare like everything else:

"Neither one of them should have ever been parents"

The Mudflats' excellent analysis of SP's "State of the State" Address. This is good.

Recession...a liberal lie...

We just had an Earthquake

Watching Sirota and Frank on Bill Moyers! Very interesting.

Pa. man considered bank error 'a gift from God' ($177, 250 bank error)

Top stories of the week from Capitol Hill 1-23-09

My comprehensive analysis of Governor Blagojevich's press conference today:

President Obama

Suit: Man died after being jailed for parking tickets and missing chemo

Tennessee Supreme Court allows sleepwalking defense to child molestation charge

Chief JustASS John Roberts

The volume on You Tube isn't working again.

Yesterdays Daily Show

I'm getting really impressed by President Obama

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

AROUND THE WEB IN 80 SECONDS 8.23.09 Sen. Whitehouse calls for investigation of Bush Administrtation

Republicans Resort to Sheer Comedy

Helen (The blogger, not Thomas) "Kiss My 83 Year Old Ass"

Will GLBT families be welcome at the White House Easter egg roll?

Screw Credit Card Companys and PayDay Loans

Click, and be happy to be an American again...

Update on Bear/Sage story (kids who walked from stuck car in blizzard, one died)

Rush Limpballs, the fat sack of shit is so powerful.....

I'm tired of the fucked up media. They are irresponsible at best, pure evil at their worse!

Why is the Russell Tice story not front page news?!!

FR: Commie Anthem (This Land Is Your Land) Sung at Inauguration

A couple of things I saw on TV tonight

'The battle over the fate of Mr. Blagojevich

'The battle over the fate of Mr. Blagojevich

Reuters: Good bank, bad bank all adds up to nationalization

Miss America 2009 is crowned Saturday... Does anyone care anymore?

At Maliki rally, desperate Iraqis plead for help

A 16 year old girl was killed tonight while walking across a very dangerous intersection.

BCTGM-ARA: Senate Finance Chairman Unveils Plan to Give Seniors a Payment of $300

Please DU this poll with a no (EFCA)

What is John Stewart's political philosophy?

Marine commandant wants his troops out of Iraq

Paul Craig Roberts: Another Real Estate Crisis is About to Hit

Swiss nuclear smuggling suspect claims CIA link

Animal-rescue family distraught after fire kills 12 pets (One cat survived)

Well, I think she means "fist-bumping", but watch this and decide for yourself:

Well, I think she means "fist-bumping", but watch this and decide for yourself:

The Nation: Social Movements 2.0

Taliban Fill NATO’s Big Gaps in Afghan South

Evan Thomas, "Editor at Large"of Newsweek on C-Span - what a tool

Japanese learn English using Obama speeches

No one is working harder for the Democratic Party than Rush Limbaugh

Second Chance at a Rebate

When are the prisoner abuse photos going to be released?

An odd picture with a not-at-all funny back story

Boehner: Republicans are concerned about the size of the package.

Two Bush Legacy Tragedies (BLTs) that are easy to confuse

Split Outcome in Texas Battle on Teaching of Evolution

California Nightmarin': Unemployment Nearly Doubles

Befuddled and dazzled. Everytime someone mentions something about Bush and Cheney being gone, I

389 Years Ago.............

John Roberts Scratched The Disc

CBO Report on Stimulus Turns Out Not to Exist

YouTube: Whitewashing, censorship and historical revision

Rumor: MSNBC courting Bill Maher for new 10p.m. show?

My neighbor--the old codger who blasted Rush on his outdoor radio--voted Obama

Former Sen. George McGovern says Obama should reconsider U.S. military build-up in Afghanistan

What do you hope the Obama Administration will accomplish?

Dear Rush.......

For Kucinich fans - a fun treat. Rep Becerra, also.

Media advance falsehood that Pentagon has confirmed that 61 former

The Predator Class is meeting this weekend in Davos. What would YOU tell them?

I believe Elvis is dead but when it comes to Ken Lay I'm a doubting Thomas

I believe Elvis is dead but when it comes to Ken Lay I'm a doubting Thomas

UK Jewish member of Parliament:: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

Idiot rightwing columnist asks "Suppose there had not been an Iraq War"

Enlisted Man Gets Burial Once Reserved For Officers

C-Span Washington Journal thread: Listen to the Repigs bitch and moan.

C-Span Washington Journal thread: Listen to the Repigs bitch and moan.

comment,if you dare...this pro-life editorial in my paper

When personal income tax rates were high, the Dow was low

If I were going to see a movie this weekend, do you have a suggestion?

Asia Times: The fleecing of America

Why is the media just focusing on released Gitmo prisoners?

President Clinton tried to be President of the World.

What is the opposite of schadenfreud? Is it mudita?

Happy 25th Birthday, Macintosh !!!

My suggestion for Gitmo detainee relocation.

Sasha and Malia Dolls Irk First Lady

Will the "Latest Breaking News" forum become illegal??

Will the "Latest Breaking News" forum become illegal??

The $43,000 Recession Suit; As overall sales wane, some luxury makers push the price envelope -(WSJ)

Will the Bush Brainwashed be able to accept economic recovery?

Aretha Franklin "Hatter" is Very Busy With Orders From Jolly Old England!

Prosecuting Arlen Specter, John Cornyn: Corruption & Graft.

The Middle Employee Free Choice Act of 2007

There is a reason Two Shoes was kept in a bubble....

UCSF study raises doubts about stun gun safety

House Stimulus Bill (Full Text)

The Republicans are out of ammo. They're firing blanks now.

Media - Get a grip!!

HELP! DU this poll

President Obama must free Leonard Peltier, Amnesty International

Somebody is trying to link Obama to communism.

Yo Yo Ma To CJ Roberts: "Next Time, Lip-Sync Administering The Oath of Office."

Murtha Attacked For Offering To House Gitmo Detainees In PA: They Might Indoctrinate Other Inmates!» we predicted? Pickles in Dallas, chimp in Crawford?

Sheriff: Dog Stopped Rape Attempt

We want payback

Mo. neo-Nazis join `Adopt-A-Highway' trash cleanup

Fundies: No Country For Straight, White Anti-Abortion Christian Old Men

Behind closed doors...

Fallen evangelical pastor Haggard faces claims he had relationship with ex-church volunteer

Albert Keidel, neo con was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Scott Horton: UN Rapporteur Call To Initiate Proceedings Against Bush & Rumsfeld Now

Suspicious Cold Medicine Purchases Lead to Arrests

Pakistan urges Obama to halt missile attacks

msnbc had a feature this a.m. ' Obama-the first week....'

Palin's red Naughty Monkey shoes for sale on eBay

On Roe Vs. Wade Anniversary Rep. Pence Introduces Legislation

An Open Letter to President Obama: Support Peace for the People of Gaza and Israel

An Open Letter to President Obama: Support Peace for the People of Gaza and Israel

An Open Letter to President Obama: Support Peace for the People of Gaza and Israel

Remember those three cops beating up that guy article I posted? It was racial

Are garbage disposals environmentally safe?

Interesting chain of command at the new DNC.

Interesting chain of command at the new DNC.

Boehner, contraceptives, Republican SOS (Same Old Strategy): Sex! Sex!

How will, or can, the history of this recent period be written?

Real News Network parses Obama's orders on GITMO and prosecuting Bush/Cheney (Video)

Haggard had relationship with ex-church volunteer

Blagojevich really doesn't want to be taken seriously, hires Drew Peterson's flack

advice please re: a good camera

Iraqis Bid Bush Goodbye: "You Are a Liar and a War Criminal! Farewell!"

President orders air strikes on villages in tribal area

Huffington Post: Kirsten Gillibrand Opposes the Obama Agenda

The Literary Art of Presidential Politics

Any links for Captain Sullenberger's parade

As Usual, the CNN daily Poll needs help

Pope Reinstates Four Bishops, Including Holocaust Denier

Just for the fun of it.....(Dial up warning)

For the GOP It's 1933 Déjà vu All Over Again

Girls team shows remorse after 100-0 win

Hate. Remorse. Forgiveness

Paterson's a piece of work, isn't he?

Snowbama! (time lapse video)

Snowbama! (time lapse video)

Your opinion on the US attack in Pakistan today?

Bush's Legal Foes Now on Obama's Team

Bush's Legal Foes Now on Obama's Team

I give you today's Republican Asshole...drumroll...Pete King!

Obama skips Medal of Honor Ball! Freepers OUTRAGED!

Obama skips Medal of Honor Ball! Freepers OUTRAGED!

Washington Monument

Security experts skeptical on Gitmo detainee report

Motorcycle riders, deaths reach all-time highs in 2008 (Kern County)

I'm just back from a meet up w/ my new Dem. Congresswomen Mary Jo Kilroy

The one area where Gillibrand needs to change

Saving Emerson: A Family's Struggle with Health Care

For a Bruised Caroline Kennedy, What's Next?

Coffin tapped for U.S. attorney

Israeli use of United States of America white phosphorus shell #M 825A1 in Gaza...

Washington legislation would test police for drugs

Fake priest charges 'fornication fee' for couples getting married

Like Hurricanes? MP4 of the 2008 Season

Palin: Don't Save the Whales

Politico: True Colors Flying

Abe Vigoda Is Not Dead, He will Be In Super Bowl Commerical

Why do states have balanced-budget rules?

HBO's running the Inaugural program now

Has Obama acted too hastily in ordering the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility?

Gillibrand's father is an Albany insider and lobbyist tied to Repub Bruno who was just indicted **

Foreign-Trained RNs Are Paid Less/Taking Our Jobs - and Other Myths Debunked

Captain Sully

Meet My Son :)

Meanwhile in Repub bizzaro world...

The 1971 Pentagon Spy Scandal

How would you grade President Obama thus far?

McConnell promises to work with Obama, congressional Democrats

Msg to the GOP: Angry? You guys shouldn't have been such assholes when you were in power

Statement released after the President rescinds "Mexico City Policy"(family planning Gag rule)

Shutting out Al Gore and John Kerry has effectively denied the White House to a Vietnam Vet.

So then, are all those NSA illgotten snooped files subject to FOIA requests?

Why should Obama lend an ear to whiny-assed republican enablers of crime?

The Lexus And The Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman

Great Obama poster for reading campaign:

With words like Liberal, Progressive, Blue Dog being tossed around, where do I fit?

I saw Kenneth Lay walking down a beach here in Costa Rica.....

Unreturned library book leads to woman's arrest

the rethuglicons had no problem granting bu$h* 700 billion...did it in one week

What's that I hear? Crickets? That about sums up.....

Did I have a weird dream about Obama last night...

Behind the narrative echoed by the GOP-controlled media.

Did I hear Boehner say that Dems are pushing a partisan

National Low Income Housing Coalition Chart for Money Households Need for Rentals in USA

National Low Income Housing Coalition Chart for Money Households Need for Rentals in USA

So the guys who pick up my trash just knocked on my door

Anyone else wonder if their phone is tapped?

Name Palin's memoirs.

Can I please ask for a site back that Only tells the truth

Sign of the times: Circuit City

WA legislation would set minimum hunting age at 14 (W/O Adult Supervision)

Bush Speechwriter: Obama Is 'Most Dangerous' President Ever

Public Broadcasting question ...

Public Broadcasting question ...

How could Gavin Newsome ever have been married to that horrid Kimberly Guilfoyle?

I just did a little shopping - the store was very crowded.

President Obama: "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done"

Reports Say GM To Cut 1 Of 2 Shifts At Lordstown Plant (Ohio)

do you have a rethug Senator?

Grover Norquist's GOP Strategy: Embrace Obama, Appear Bipartisan, Slam Dems

Soldiers Kill Iraqi Couple During Raid at a Home

Tom Hanks Apologizes for Calling Mormon Support of Prop 8 'Un-American'

The newest fear-mongering campaign from the Right and the media

Poll: Should Limbaugh be removed from Armed Forces Radio?

So Rush Limbaugh is featured on the cover of the National Enquirer's new "Who's gay?" issue...

Trashed $180K worth of Palin's clothes reportedly in garbage bags

Our First Lady has a problem with Ty - and so do I!

Profit Motive and the Public Trust

Obama's stimulus package will lower power bills

N.C. State women's hoops coach Kay Yow dies

An update on the crisis in Emmonak/Western Alaska

Revenge Of The Indie Rocker (My father is a despicable man)

Republican policies do not work. It's that simple.

What ever happened with Dr Sanjay? Did he say "yes"?

A view inside the White House before the oath. From someone's cousin who knows the butler..........

Vatican accuses Obama of 'arrogance' - Times of India

Brazilian amputee model dead at 20

Reminder - Prayers for Bobby on tonight at 9 pm on Lifetime - Gay Teen Commits Suicide

Exclusive pic of unreleased NYT front page...

The proper way to deal with Rush, Hannity and the media wingnuts: Break the media oligopoly!

Why I can't stand Counterpunch

Merrill CEO Shopped While Company Burned

Prop Hate donors demand special exemption from disclosure laws

Stimulus Package Pie Chart & Appropriations Com. Summary - One Big Thing Missing - Housing Help!

"... only natural to experience a twinge of anxiety while celebrating at the edge of an abyss"

A relative grieves for a man and his wife killed during a U.S.-Iraqi military operation...

Obama orders toast points for breakfast, GOP outraged.

N/Assembly staff swears oath of secrecy

So cool: 1474 mega pixel photo of Inauguration - zoom in and check it out!

Oh, the irony! An R named Boner objecting to contraception as part of the stimulus plan.

Celebration in my front yard on busy street in a newly blue state

Oh yeah...It's now PRESIDENT Obama

Now there is a botulism related recall.

Obama Administration: Wiretapping Legal Challenge Must Die

Here’s what pisses me off most about DU

An Orwell quote on sports - I'd like to hear your opinion

We Don't Need the Fairness Doctrine


So far SO GREAT, Obama! Keep making me sorry I doubted you!

Senate panel proposed $300 for seniors

A Personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs. How do you score?

Change in TV to High Definition unless Congress stops it ---

Change in TV to High Definition unless Congress stops it ---

*PLEASE* sign the petition for a White House farmer and on-site organic farm

Bakery Celebrates Obama With "Drunken Negro Head" Cookies.

Obama Tactics May Strain McConnell-Boehner Tie

Some weekend TOONS

The man whose propaganda "sold the war" boasted to cadets he gave Kuwaitis US flags to wave.

Connecticut Democrats' LIEberman Letter: Apologize

Connecticut Democrats' LIEberman Letter: Apologize

Mr. Conyers, there is already a "commission" in place to investigate Bushco crimes:

"What Heather Connell Told Me" (& A Bomb Threat) Mark Crispin Miller Interviews Larisa Alexandrovna

US Code Title 18 Part I Chapter 118, 2441

Summing up the Bush Presidency: Historians Rate Bush Worst Ever – 107 of 109 Rate Him a Failure

Obama's CHANGE is lagging in Latin American issues.

Florida drowning in jobless claims.

Obama to Bush: I Can Release Your Records. Don't Like It? Sue

so now when the Pentagon kills people, it really IS in my name

so now when the Pentagon kills people, it really IS in my name

I'm checking it twice

In Las Vegas...squandering precious resources

Cheesy hypocrisy?

People. Again I have to remind you about Friday Night Lights?

What do you do when a good friend of yours wants to date someone who's an asshole?

Dja ever carry assault and battery a coupla miles?

British-type persons: if I drink green tea white, does that make it aquamarine tea?

How do you like the new avatar?

I'm making a fist

Buttermilk, lard, eggs, cheese, chicken, potatoes, marinara sauce...GUESS THE CHEF.

Etta James : At Last

I almost took out part of our fence with the Volvo, today.

Will Tom Zarek live or die tonight?

Do not think of me as a source of your knock up.

Is it my imagination, or didn't there use to be something called "snow fencing"?!


Delete....Thanks! Question has been answered.

But I Don't Need A Journal To Write The New Story Of My Life From You...

Is it my imagination, or didn't there use to be something called "writing your name in the snow"?!

Is there anyone else out there like me - I rarely laugh and never out loud.


So what's for dinner everyone?

Lay off the censorship kick

Newspaper claims suspect transformed into a goat

Thank you all for voting me the best DUer in all 7 categories.

On Thursday I left the house in need of a coffee pot.

"Excellent communication skills imparative."


Wanna hear the best rock and roll band in the US today?

I just polished off a Hungarian with a bottle of red wine. DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE ASK ME ANYTHING.

Oh great! I'm foaming at the mouth again!

I changed my name on Facebook so none of you freaks will be able to find me.

We know what supernova is drinking; what about everyone else?

I had the best birthday this year

Midlo just called me a freeper on facebook

I really want someone to change their name to NicePostHitler

Holy Hell this made me laugh...(stupid, and I mean REALLY stupid Fundie...)

I love this site for 'white noise', static sound

I just defied the FDA and bought a snack containing peanut butter. How long do I have?

NSA releases a photo, they need the public's help...

Admit it, you antagonize CreekDog because you like it when she yells at you

I just felt an earthquake! Southern Cal.

I am on Skype and the person I am talking to is whistling...

If I change my name, will everyone have to re-ignore me?

I just seen Forest Jump kill James Bond...

Someone posted this link the other day. I'm posting it again, because I'm so happy.

What role should Serious Cat have in the new Obama administration?

That Doogie Houser SNL orchestra skit from a few weeks ago.

Admit it, you antagonize Midlo because you like it when she yells at you

Is "douchebag" a gender-specific term

I know everyone here hates Creed

Is anyone still awake here? pm me.,,

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, a thousand times no!

Let's check and see how funnyman Artie Lange is doing, shall we?

Let's check and see how funnyman Artie Lange is doing, shall we?

I feel guilty keeping my username.

I'm polishing off a bottle of Hungarian red wine. Don't ask me anything!

Burning pain/tingling in arms ..

I had a major revelation today.

My cat just pulled three keys off my keyboard.

Wow--Facebook is really popular!

I want to destroy a thread

I have a secret about Midlo

Why do some people feel the need to want to share their life with someone else?

Somehow, this seemed appropriate for the Entire Lounge, enjoy

I'm board. Ask me anything

I'm bored. Ask me anything.

What does it mean when they find your first album...

Check in if you're too big of a name to consider changing it

waxing the hobbit

The Scorpions - (Ghost) Riders in the sky (1961)

I hate that dog thats on the search window in windows explorer

I watched two movies about the Holocaust...

Random Poll

Kelly Osbourne arrested / checks into rehab

We kicked Comcast to the curb!

Anyone else posting nekkid??

how much $$$ do you give baby at their christening, if it's parents you don;t like...

I'm having a strange problem with Flickr. Perhaps somebody can help me?

Let's play, "The Beatles, Who, Misfits or Pixies"?

Vampire v Werewolf Who Wins in a Fight?

BALLS!!!!!! . . . . . (dial-up warning!!!)

Hi, I'm Satan. Ask me anything.

Ever since we got our kerosene heater

What should we watch tonight? Choices:

I only have one question for Billy Joel fans

Music for my Saturday morning, Beethovens Symphony #1

Check in!!


I want to create a thread

Snacks in my Sunday School class last week: pineapple, oreo cookies, plates with


Sony A350 review (compared to Canon Digital Rebel EOS450D (aka the Rebel Xsi)

Fun with TurboTax

You know when you pour warm vanilla pudding into your navel?

Did you know that there's a pill that can make men larger?

Am I carzy, or did Meryl Streep play the "low talker" on Seinfeld?

My to-be sig line: Is it OTT?

Any of you familiar with the term Overcoat Rock& Roll?

Today three little kittens about 3 months old were eating at the cat bowl on the deck.

I did quite nicely at the resale shop today.

No lying allowed, what do you do with all the art your kids bring home from school?

I find most of the name changes to be ruinations of perfectly good names for mediocre new names

My kid sits around speaking Simlish out loud. To himself!

Brazilian Beauty Contestant Finalist Loses Hands And Feet

I'm On Facebook On My Phone

"SPORTS" Jose Conseco vs. Danny Bonaduce-celebrity boxing *Tonight*

Outlook Web Access question (URGENT)

I'm no clinician, but I think the official diagnosis for my governor is

All right, where is MO dammit? If I don't see MO by noon on Saturday I get

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/24/2009)

Pothole appreciation thread!!

Adventures in the Surreal Zone

I don't need anymore shoes, really.

WTF? After reading today's horoscope I don't know if I want Monday to get here!

Oops. It's now Saturday. Isn't it.

advice please re: a good camera

My printer won't let me install it

Hide the bongs and the interesting shoes, Mom's almost here!

I'm posting from The Fort Street Brewery in Lincoln Park, MI

I'm way into the Miss America pageant tonight. Here's why:

I just realized Iggy Pop's "Sister Midnight" is also Bowie's "Red Money"

So you think the "miracle" pilot was good?

I really like Vampire movies

For a change...I am NOT drunk!

Holy shit, you should so look at this freak I stumbled upon...

Washington Monument

Whose book would you buy: Ann Coulter's or Darth_Kitten's?

Edward James Olmos was offered the part of captain of the Enterprise ST:TNG

On the other hand, at least now I know what a glioblastoma is

FYI - It's not called "fist bumping" any more

The Farting Preacher - it Rick Warren!!

Mystery thuds--halp!

Cartoon Anakin Skywalker from Clone Wars is way cooler than movie Anakin

Okay all you DUers who are on Facebook and are not yet my friend

Enjoy the crazy while it lasts. (unprecedented snark potential!)

Star Trek

Another Saturday Night

So a man I've never met before slipped me some tongue today...

I'm scared to go outside in case Tito is there!

Dynamite Possible Role for Brad Pitt.....I just watched Benjamin

The Official Friday Night Flirt Thread....

I dreamt that I told Jon Bon Jovi that Led Zeppelin was much better band than his ever was

Looking for trash, workers find $100,000

I hab a code.

Woman lives with 5,000 scorpions for 33 days

Eddie Izzard - the reason we have mass-murdering [email protected]#k$

So, peanut butter in jars is okay, right? Or is it?

Electric shavers v. disposable razors

Presidential Pogonotrophy Puzzle

So that guy I have been dreaming about....

Cat pee/puke question

Jeepers Creepers, I turn my back for a week or two and everybody has a new screenname!

Has anyone else been battling an upper respiratory thing for over a month?

to all you guitar folk I need an answer

Why can't anyone write an interesting history textbook? (rant)

Just spent an hour, looking for a phone number..did you ever lose a slip of paper with a phone # ?

The Shamwow guy in a new commercial!! NOOO!!!!

We've seen pics of the ceremony. Let's see what you were doing on The Day!

Best Homer Simpson alias to use as a DU username?

Happy 65th Birthday Klaus Nomi!

My two-year-old Apple has started running very slowly.

A dating site for farmers!

Slumdog Millionaire -- discussion (might have spoilers)

Post your favorite quotes

Post your favorite quotes

What's your credit score? I'll tell you if you tell me. :-)

How do they get 45 minutes of commercials in every episode of The Daily Show?

What food do you sneak into the movie theater?

Have A Microsoft Works Question...

I just iChatted with my daughter who's in Senegal!

Friday Night *Pic Thread*

Oh, the irony! An R named Boner objecting to contraception as part of the stimulus plan.

BSG - Battlestar Galactica - Jan 23 episode - spoilers

Anybody watching "Elephant Walk" on TCM?

Can you refreeze meat?

The Guava Jelly, one time only,semi-occasional Poetry thread break

My mother's cancer treatments are over. To those of you who care for us when we're sick

My mother's on Facebook!!! AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Jimmy Stewart movie?

Hometown call out. You have to stay awake till you find a match:

Good vibe thread for Joan_Alpern.

How does one go about improving their social skills?

Has It Really Just Been Hippies vs. The Establishment?

Anybody else get into a video game that is ass-kickingly hard but couldn't stop playing it?

"President's Therapist" Ad on DU

The worst pop singer ever

The assumption that all women want to have children really bothers me.

Bush leaving DC: So nice.

Gillibrand's a babe

The thing I liked the most about Obama's Inaugural speech

FRAME GAME: Do Republicans not trust their own law enforcement/prison agencies in their states?


Look at these Presidential Flash Cards I got at Costco tonight! (you will like . . . )

Highlights of Senate economic stimulus plan

At 42, Gillibrand's the Youngest Senator

The Senate should reject Obama's DOD deputy, William Lynn.

Mike Malloy's "Tribute" to Chimpy playing now on NOVA M

So, where do you think the Obama's will turn up over the weekend?

Ahem. Did Anybody Notice Those Big American Flags Flying All Over Villages In Africa?

Al Franken must feel like he's been held back a grade.

Barack Obama: The President


The Stimulus Package Is Leaning To Scientific Research & Not Shovel Ready Projects?

Blackberry One? Olbermann mentioned some details about Obama's new toy.

The RW is pretending that Bush's Presidency was a model for American security. Reality check time.

How was it on the Mall! Were there giant TV screens

I just put a TV on my roof!

Even The Devil Himself Deserves The Benefit Of The Law.

From Gigapan: Two Shoes and Shitstain hating life.....(Caption please)

More Blago news: His chief defense lawyer has quit

Barack Obama: Inaugural Edition DVD

Some people are really crazy and cannot be reached

Anyone else feel like they've just witnessed THIS this week?

Controversial CBO Report On Stimulus Turns Out Not To Exist

Here's To Sharp Elbows...

Finally got around to watching CSPAN inauguration coverage

Why Afghanistan is Obama's Toughest Foreign Challenge

Blagojevich on Larry King monday, email a question if you would like.

Nasty, bitter right-wing LTTE: Obama deserves mockery too, not just bush

John Dean just told Keith that Nixon's spying was little league compared

Cross-border Attacks on Pakistan Counter-Productive:Pakistan to the UK

Text of President Obama's First Weekly Address:

Obama will "listen", then decide what HE believes is best for this country.

Mr. Obama's decision to keep his blacberry should have been left to John McCain..

I am so FUCKING glad my words here are not going into a gigantic filter that someone will use

Is it just me, or....

Your weekly address ..... from the library.

Obama is 'handsome,' says Italian PM's wife

Of all the photos regarding our new President, this one says it all

Musharraf Admits to Al-Qaeda "Sanctuaries" in Pakistan

Musharraf Admits to Al-Qaeda "Sanctuaries" in Pakistan

Wingnuts on Parade...

Great conversation...R friend says "That Michelle is one classy lady."

Its the end of Obama's first (partial) week, tell me again why he is not a progressive. . .

Rachel Maddow is making a GREAT POINT right now...

Rachel Maddow is making a GREAT POINT right now...

Obama's favorite suit-maker files for bankruptcy

Rachel Maddow playing Blagojevich's press conference today with him telling his cowboy story...

Anyone else think Senate and other non-presidential threads should be in GD, not GDP?

Major Freakout Over One Word in the Inaugural Address or "Obama A Heretic and SERIeS Threat"

I haven't seen these pics before: Caption: Michelle Obama keeps warm wearing her husband's jacket as

Just got this funny email re the new Bush Library (my apologies if it's a dupe)

FFRF runs ad in Washington Post requesting Obama to stop Faith Based Initiatives

Obama’s First 100 Hours: A Clean Break From Bush»

Own your own pair of almost VP shoes, don't ya know!

Time for a Jack Chick Pool!

Must Read from Robert Reich: American Has Embraced Lemon Socialism

Morphing Presidents

U.S. Joins Four Law of War Treaties

So, when can we expect federal (non-SCOTUS) judicial appointments?

Wow. I'm reading threads on DU, and over half of them have things that make me smile!

Before you criticize Obama's Inauguration Committee, let's remember the fiascoes in 2001 and 2005

President Barack Obama

It's time to take a chill pill regarding Ms. Gillibrand.

BYE! (hadn't seen this pic until now)

BYE! (hadn't seen this pic until now)

Presidential Sexuality FAIL

Fox News claims that the "I won" comment was back at Eric Cantor

these reporters kill me

Blago to Sit down with the Ladies of "The View" On Monday...GMA as well.

Write a haiku about this week

A really good interview with NY's new Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand.

I saved my 1000th post to say-

Expecting a Lot from Obama? Get in Line

Obama's suit-maker files for Bankruptcy

Larry King predicts a lesbian president is in his future

Paterson Dooms Himself to Lose Vs. Andrew Cuomo

You know who I DIDN'T see at the Inauguration??

Freeper Madness* Obama song calls for overthrow of private property.

So far Obama has kept 5 promises, compromised on 1, broke none, stalled on 1, & has 14 in the works

Obama Plans Fast Action to Tighten Financial Rules

Obama Impresses State Dept. Staff With His Indonesian (VIDEO)

A little humor for the weekend at Obama's expense:

A little humor for the weekend at Obama's expense:

There is a tendency to call some liberals "centrists"

Gallup: Obama starts with 68% approval and only 12% disapproval..

We are On concert on NOW WITH Rev Robinson

"I am pleased to accept Life Membership in the National Rifle Association ..."

Two ways of looking at it...

The SCOTUS term ends in late June: who'll retire first?

Do we have the most PEOPLE-FRIENDLY administration ever?

FYI: ABC News doing piece on Malia the Shutterbug! NOW!

Obama unveils another website so we can track Gov't spending.

DWT: Kirsten Gillibrand Choice Exposes How Weak And Unqualified David Paterson Is To Be Governor

"Bush's legal foes now Obama's legal team"

Please make me stop having bad thoughts about our President....

Politico: Gillibrand unpopular among peers

Today is the first saturday in 8 years

Ok, I must voice my disapproval regarding the "ethics waiver" issue.

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows (Biden on CBS)

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows (Biden on CBS)

Can A Small D Democratic Leader Be Successful Without Triangulating In A Pluralistic Society

Obama's Other Family-Planning Move

President Obama More Than Charisma

Are you f-ing kidding me - Some were mad Obama said "non-believers" in his address

Stunning Inauguration photos

Photo: Boehner looks like he's really, really, REALLY enjoying THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: WEEK ONE.

President Obama's week in review (is this what we signed up for?)

Kirsten Gillibrand is a star

Huffington Post: Kirsten Gillibrand "A Dynamic New Leader in the Senate"

Jill Biden

Peter DeFazio(D) just called out both President Obama and sorry ass Lawrence Summers

Breaking: 6.1 earthquake in Alaska!

I want Obama to explain the US killing people in Pakistan

Russia Ready To Cooperate With U.S. On Afghanistan (This is huge)

"In just the past few days, we've had a big downward revision..."

"In just the past few days, we've had a big downward revision..."

President Obama Warns Repubs To Quit Listening To Rush Limbaugh

House Stimulus Bill (Full Text)

Top Chefs Pushing Obama To Change Country's Approach To Food

Rush Limbaugh Backpedals on Barack Obama

McCain Digs at Obama on Ethics Waiver

Superficial Alert for DUer Fashionistas- Let's talk!

Isn't this just an awesome photo?

My new favorite photo from Inauguration Day.

Where is the Outrage Over Obama's Stikes on Pakistan?

Repubs' bizarre tribute to Bush on the House floor

VolcanoJen's Blue-Ticket-To-Nowhere Inauguration Adventure - Now, With Photos!!!

Post-Inaguration Word Association Thread

FOUR DAYS into the Obama Administration and some of you are criticizing him for not moving fast

Obama to Republicans: Quit Listening to Limbaugh

What's been the "most important election in your lifetime"?

Americans overwhelmingly Support Israel, not Palestine

Gillibrand unpopular among peers

Poor Economy Hits Courts, Hurts Programs For Poor

Spain To Aid Probe of Reporter's Death in Haiti

Senate Panel Proposes $300 Bonus For Seniors

David Hicks keen to clear name: father

Venezuela To Ask New US Gov't To Hand Over Posada

Government urged to come clean on co-operation over CIA secret prisons

Obama Urged to Keep Pledge to Ratify Nuclear Treaty (Update1)

Swiss nuclear smuggling suspect claims CIA link

Guantánamo detainee resurfaces in terrorist group

Chinese FM, Clinton Talk about Bilateral Relations

UN reopens schools in Gaza Strip

2009 Bank Failure #3: 1st Centennial Bank, Redlands, CA

Obama to Decide Soon Whether to Add to Bailout

Somali capital bombing kills 16

Three Turkish officers arrested in coup probe

Russia says Ready to Work with U.S. on Afghanistan.

Governors Seek Concessions from Public Workers.

Security experts skeptical on Gitmo detainee report


Cambodian police use teargas to evict slum dwellers

Four children killed as freak storm lifts roof from Barcelona sports hall

Source: Gov. Paterson was underwhelmed with Caroline Kennedy from the start

Trashed $180K worth of Palin's clothes reportedly in garbage bags

Recession hits Silicon Valley as layoffs pile up

U.S. Joins Four Law of War Treaties

Feds supoena Blagojevich about contacts with Axelrod, Jarrett, now top Obama White House staffers

Wife killed for 'single' Facebook status

30 Northampton County inmates file MRSA suit

Iraq to Reopen Notorious Abu Ghraib Prison

Kay Yow, Basketball Coach, Dies at 66

Obama Plans Fast Action to Tighten Financial Rules

Four pathologists back death row inmate's innocence claim

Controversial CBO Report On Stimulus Turns Out Not To Exist

Firms That Got Bailout Money Keep Lobbying

Official says Icelandic gov't could fall this wknd

Bird flu virus hits B.C. farms

Sasha and Malia Dolls Irk First Lady

Dispute over deadly US Afghan raid

Obama pitches his plan to reverse economic slide (radio address)

Lawsuit over website links in spotlight

Tom Hanks Apologizes for Calling Mormon Supporters of Proposition 8 'Un-American'

Bank Employing GOP House Leader’s Wife Got Bailout Bucks

Mariana Bridi Dies: Miss World Finalist Succumbs After Amputations

An Honor Guard Comes Out for Obama’s Ban on Torture

Senate Nears Deal To Delay Digital TV

Disgraced pastor (Ted Haggard) faces more gay sex accusations

Texas Board Moves Closer to New Science Standards

Few laid-off workers keep health insurance, report says

California jobless rate soars

Colombia fires 10 soldiers linked to extra-judicial killings

Senator questions, prods Microsoft on inclusion of H-1B workers in layoffs

Pope rehabilitates Holocaust denier

Roundtable Discussion With Bernard Madoff

Did Bush Policies Create Terrorist?

Pelosi & Reid after Obama Meeting

Marc Maron's United States Sad Bastard Hope Plant Part One.

Chomsky: On Gaza, Obama similar to Bush

Love Is The New Hate

Talking Toilet Warns of NSA Spying

Obama speaks Indonesian at reception

Obama To Republicans "I WON"

max keiser; 'the oracle' bbc world news, the global banking mess

FUEL Trailer

Redford: Protect Environment From Bush Profiteering

Machine Gun Fail

Naomi Klein vs. Alan Greenspan on Inequality

McConnell's EFCA Attack (Employee Free Choice Act)

Barack Obama = The End of White Guilt?

The Cafferty File: Is it a mistake for the GOP to oppose the stimulus plan?

Obama at the White House --lookin' for a place to smoke?

Kucinich on Fox: Save America's Homes

The Tarp Song by Bill Zucker I Want some tarp

Naomi Klein vs. Alan Greenspan on crony capitalism in the US

BUSH: He Was A ‘Knowing Lion’ Who ‘Walked Among Us’

Great Inauguration Video from the world's first Vlogger

2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama video

01/24/09: President Obama's Weekly Address

TYT: Hypocrisy in the Obama Administration?

Young Turks: Bush Team Cries All the Way Home!

An so it begins... ICELAND Revolution beginning NOW! Part II US?

The GOP's Grand New Strategy: Kill time (carpenter / Buzzflash)

Carolyn McCarthy Challenges Kirsten Gillibrand to a Duel

It's time to choose right over wrong (Galloway | McClatchy)

So few were actually able to stand up to the face of George W. Bush

Erasing Bush- With a call for 'relentless' diplomacy, Hillary further obliterates W's legacy

OBAMA and how Republicans don't know what they are talking about

Coleman-Franken trial: Going through the motions with nary an agreement

Stimulus Bill Provides for a Six-Foot Condom — To Protect Us From a Boehner

Benjamin R. Barber (author of Jihad vs. McWorld): A Revolution in Spirit

Teacher from Kenmore recalls Obama was a focused student

Fed. Public Defender Talks About Guantanamo Bay

Bob Herbert:More Than Charisma

Courting 44: How a .. group of retired military leaders made their issue Obama's top priority

Man Wrongfully Executed (Bahama Journal)

Settling Arctic feud

What Obama needs next: a brief guide to our home and native land (Montreal Gazette)

The secret of digital politics

Wall Street Beggars Being Choosey (Jim Hightower / Texas Observer)

“Service Outage (a note from the USA)”--Dear World,

AlterNet: Whistleblower Levels Shocking Allegations at Bush's Spying Programs

World News Trust: North Toward Home (Joe Bageant)

Stimulus Bashing And The Secret CBO Report

Obama Signs E-Man-Child-cipation Proclamation

I'm Not Weeping; It's an Allergy (Dick Cavett)

Unwarranted delay (Louisville Courier-Journal)

The party's over; it's time to get to work on change (Pottstown PA Mercury-Opinion)

Why 'not being Bush' will not be enough (Ian Bell / The Herald - UK)

Warmth by Inauguration window light

GOP Raises 'TV Land Fantasy' About Guantanamo Closing

U.S. Media Ignore Call for Criminal Investigation of Bush Torture (F.A.I.R.)

International Court of Justice Press Release No. 2009/4:

Obama Develops Carpal Tunnel from Reversing Bush's Policies

Biopharma's shares soar ...

Right Wing Whack Jobs on Parade

Punch Drunk For Jeebus

Friday Talking Points (62) -- Obama's Inaugural Speech


From Ice-cream to Cognac, Advertisers Try to Hijack the Magic of the Obama Brand

What really is happening in Gaza

McCain-- The Myth Is Back. Our msm remains WILLFULLY INSANE.

The new battle in British politics is how to be most like Obama

Return the Fairness Doctrine...NOW!!

Army Re-emphasizes Combat Age Restrictions

Incentives For SF Warrant Officers Extended

Bragg troop dies from heart attack after run

GAO Says VA Still Underestimating Costs

SecNav Says Early Goodbye in D.C. Ceremony

NOAA Sets Rules for Navy Sonar Training

Study to Compare Exercise, ‘G-suit’

Wild Horses Join the Corps

New Lawmaker Vows to Help Troops

Lawmakers Ask Obama to Review Peralta Case

CMC: Iraq Withdrawal Well Underway

Sources: U.S. Searched Iranian Ship

Coast Guard Flag Officers Brief Napolitano

Tidewater Sailors Can’t Wear NWU — Yet

The South just isn't what it was (Tampa Bay Times)

Child poverty grows in Michigan

New Yorker Article "The Dystopians" is a great read

U.S. to get European proposal on gas emissions

City kangaroos collared for science

An Interesting, Perfect Reason To Design a New Type of Nuclear Reactor.

NADA warns of 'irreparable' harm from state CO2 rules

Reuters: EPA objects to (South Dakota's approval of) coal plant, Sierra Club claims new day

IHT: U.S. to get European proposal on gas emissions

Freedom and the price of oil

(Newly-confirmed EPA administrator) Jackson reaffirms commitment to science

What to do with wood scraps?

Tesla Admits Huge Losses on First Cars, Boosts "Option" Prices to Recoup

Steinway Installs World's Largest Solar (Heating &) Cooling System

[video] BBC's George Monbiot hammers through Royal Dutch Shell CEO's corporate bafflegab

American Solar Energy Society Green Jobs Report - contact your elected officials

Partisan, Playful and Profane, Obama Aide Tries to Hold It In (Rahm Emanuel)

Henry Siegman: Israel’s Lies

Hamas Says It's Back In Control Of The Gaza Strip

Hamas Says It's Back In Control Of The Gaza Strip

Gaza dreams destroyed

Gaza in Ruins: A news special - Part 1 - 23 Jan 09

Growing concern over Israel's weapons use

Fatah fears Gaza conflict has put Hamas in the ascendancy

Gaza villages Wiped off the map

10-Day Vigil for Gaza in Rome, Italy - report and photos

Hamas and Egypt officials in Cairo to discuss Shalit

Obama redraws Middle East policy


Diplomats: U.S. Middle East envoy expected next week


A 1953 FEDERAL RESERVE SPEECH (the birth of free trade)

UK Jewish member of Parliament:: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

It's that time again! The Vampire Elite to gather in Davos for a blood fest!

Insider trade question

Wikileaks...Bank Fees: Banking on silence

CANCER ON A DIME: Mystery weapons allegedly used in Gaza developed at military bases in Va., Fla.

Thousands march in Paris to support Gaza

China Rejects Currency Manipulation Charge

As Gaza dust settles, questions of morality and justice arise

Analysis: Obama's Signals on Middle East Scrutinized by All Sides

Israelis admit missile use may have been illegal

The self-defence defence

Captive Nation: How Gaza became a Palestinian prison

No Home to Return to in Gaza

Worse than an earthquake

UNRWA warns of growing extremism among Gazans if they don''t get justice

Lifting the Lid-Some Madoff clients lay low to avoid lawsuits

California’s First Centennial Bank Shut by Regulator (Update1)

Italy's Milan sues four banks over derivatives

Bankruptcy as a Step to Solvency

Bankruptcy Modification and the Emperor's New Clothes

How common is it for multinational corporations to issue annual reports in a variety of languages?

Is there any such thing as a "Credit Card Workout"?

Who will finance Israel's heroism?

Gaza's water woes likely to get worse

Israeli use of United States of America white phosphorus shell #M 825A1 in Gaza...

Middle East scholars offer suggestions for Obama's bid to improve relations with Muslim world

Card check issue stalls panel’s vote on nominee

Wilma Liebman Designated NLRB Chairman

UFCW Weekender 1-23-09

Gaza raids make Israel more ambitious

A Play About Shells for Gaza Children

Egyptian Negotiators Meeting with Hamas Delegation over Cease-Fire

Economy starting to hit closer to home...

The 5 Stages of collapse

BNSF Railroad Announces Layoffs Despite Higher-Than-Expected Profits

Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived

Union bill can wait-US Rep Miller

Today in labor history Jan 24

Building solidarity at Stella D’oro

Huffington Post: GOP Blocks Obama's Labor Nominee, Pushes Big Lie on "Card Check"

ANALYSIS / The IDF model that failed in Lebanon succeeded in Gaza

ITV breaks with BBC in Gaza row

Dutch premier hears concerns of anti-Semitism

Flood of foreclosures: It's worse than you think

UN to reopen its schools in Gaza

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas

US envoy worries settlers Settler leader says Mitchell's appointment 'disturbing'

Gaza Notebook: The Bullets in My In-Box

Hamas agrees to allow Fatah forces to patrol Rafah crossing

Phosphorus Wounds' Alarm Gazans

Seventy pct of wounded Gazans amputees - QRCS

FYI for folks around here or visiting: you may want to attend

Hello friends! I found the latest news on the Prop H8 supporters (LINK CORRECTED) ...

Will same-sex marriage save the institution of marriage? It already has.

A very touching reaction to Milk's nomination from the screenwriter

Key elements of new Bolivian constitution, community justice?????

Cuba FM welcomes Obama order to close Guantanamo

Haitian Lawyer Lays Out Haiti Policy Agenda For Obama Team

Gloomy prognosis predicted for Haiti as misery deepens

The 2009 El Salvador Elections: Between Crisis and Change

Don't let Obama pull this RW crap.

Disgraced pastor (Haggard) faces more gay sex accusations

Israeli right set to win elections on back of Gaza war

A hate crime in my neighborhood. Lesbian attacked. Minneapolis.

Sam Adams and the Double Standard

Oh no! Herm out Shanny in????

Hmmm. Looks like U of Tenn is NIT bound this year.

NC State Women's Coach Kay Yow dies

X Games. Yae or Nay?

Does anyone know anything about the pseudomonas bacteria?

How long do you think the $4 prescriptions will be available?

Doctor calls for cut to curb HIV

Low Levels Of Vitamin D Link To Cognitive Problems In Older People

have a menopause question- hot flashes

Apple Juice Can Delay Onset Of Alzheimer's Disease

I have been a democrat all my life,

Cool panorama from the inauguration


i'm looking for a good camera

Not worthy

question about film

Speaking of Crystals............(major dial up warning)

Poll question: *** FEBRUARY CONTEST: THEME POLL ***

Our Universe may be a giant hologram- New Scientist

just finished watching "Into the Wild"

Inauguration Confusion and Competence

Engineered Viruses May Serve as Neurosurgeons of the Future

Three day ferment half whole wheat bread a happy accident!

Tasty, hearty, healthy, protein-rich lunch

Utah's Catholic bishop defends church against ACLU lawsuit

Pope to lift excommunications of four 'Lefebvre' bishops

Florida Catholic Priests 'Stole Millions From Collection Plate'

Beef stock - what to do?

I'm making baguettes out of the Artisan Bread in 5 tonight

Welsh Rarebit

Is there anything that Sikhs and Jews have in common...

Vatican criticizes Obama

Comfort food from childhood - Tunafish and Peas on Toast

How would your district weather a 22% budget cut?

So who are all these folks here with apparently no other purpose

Here's one for all of you.

To those who park their asses here...

A sad report from Galveston and Chambers County

Does this look like a controlled demolition?

Filmmakers Log 01/26/09

Trying to set up a wireless network. Some questions.....

Computing jobs/certifications question

Change we can really believe in. Office of Legal Counsel.

Stuff we missed this month: Getting an Afghanistan plan

OpEd by Sen. Kerry in the Washington Times: Pakistan

Quess who has a brief appearance in Frost/Nixon?