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Bill Kristol Column Following Bush's Last Press Conference

How can a company that makes over 4 billion profit lay off workers?

So some idiot right winger was trying to tell me income tax was unconstitutional

What the FUCK did Kit Bond just imply about prosecuting Clinton????????????

New Middle East envoy: Peace is Possible

"Liz...Liz...if it's just blogs, drop it. If you have something that's hard reporting, share it."

retrospect- Mr. Fish's first Bush cartoon

Anyone want a little "Yes We Did" banner for their sig line?

SF Housing Authority settles gun lawsuit (prohibited guns, ammo), never intended to enforce...

revelations that the NSA wiretapped the media should be sending alarms off everywhere

Special zones urged for people who sleep in RVs, cars in Venice, California

Lawmakers reintroduce paid parental leave bill

Clinton promises State Department employees a 'new era', welcomes debate

Requests flood in for 'Queen of Soul's' (Aretha Franklin) custom hat

My Obsessive TV Viewing Habit Has Been Cured!

FISA Whistleblower on Olbermann Again Tonight With More Info "Worse Than Anyone Thought"

FISA Whistleblower on Olbermann Again Tonight With More Info "Worse Than Anyone Thought"

Rep. Kirsten Gillebrand asked to come to the NY Governor's

Al Qaeda Theorist Urges Ceasefire Because of Obama’s Executive Orders

Obama More Committed to Government Transparency Than News Media?

I have a better idea than pulling Pigboy from AFN, and it would WORK!

Russ Tice back on KO now.

Gates: 16-Month Iraq Timetable Just One Option

Radio personalities are never guaranteed an outlet for their views.

i'm in nashville tennessee and today we are voting on an english only amendment....

The Case of the Vanishing Students

Another sign that Chimpy is gone: Employee Free Choice Act is being advertised

Anyone else having a hard time believing it's all over?

Senators urge Obama to keep F-22 production lines open

KO's worst person: Former Merril Lynch CEO John Thane for lavish spending spree

I'm watching KO and I'm wondering, is it me or does

Is Russell Tice "American Dad?"

Housing Prices, Starts Tumble at Record Pace in U.S. Recession

TX textbook decision on evolution theory may change schoolbooks around the US

Intel’s Silicon Valley Plant Closure Signals End for Production

Who else is shell shocked from 8 years of Bush?

There was a protest of the Iraq War at Union Station in D.C. on MLK Day.

KO and John Dean Drop "Bomb!" Did Bush issue "Secret Pardons" when he left?

Not much about Bush to miss

Get ready for 4 to 8 years of Geithner jokes, now that he is confirmed

Barack Obama celebrations around the world.

Castro says he doubts he'll be lucid in 4 years

It would have been so easy for the most failed president in history to issue pardons

Could Russell Tice be a trap?

I didn't realize how releived and happy I am until today.

I heard that Gillibrand was invited to Patterson's house at 11.00 tomorrow morning ........

A Day at the Office

"Shoe" Fly

Rockefeller on Wiretapping

James Bamford is coming up on Rachel

I want this to happen not just for the unity it shows but to watch heads of the

What do you think of this idea......

Boehner appears to be cornering the market on Gitmo timeshares

Vilsack's introductory remarks to USDA

The 'English Only' vote is losing.

Dollar Firmer After Geithner Remarks

There's been a lot of talk about the 1st amendment and rightwing talk.

Cheney's secret energy confab -

Somehow, it's unfair that Obama is a jock AND a nerd at the same time.

Aluminum foil hat time ... (MINOR EDIT)

Can we save the "what's she wearing" shit for the Oscars?

Picking Gillibrand is dumb for many reasons...but the biggest one is

No matter which party is in power...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: One Family, Three Layoffs

State Department staffers compare Rice to Wicked Witch of the West

Officer admits excessive force on man in wheelchair (Chicago 2005)

How (and when) will New York's Lt. Gov be chosen?

Cholera moves to rural Zimbabwe

A Rock, A River, A Tree.

Malaysia bans foreign recruitment

Sorry, Gillibrand is a f-ing awful choice for NY senator....

Lobbyists Who Pay $25,000 Get To Mingle With GOP At Winter Retreat Next Week

Estonia withdraws its 34 troops from Iraq.

It's really no surprise that NSA has been monitoring everyone

It's really no surprise that NSA has been monitoring everyone

A 16 year old girl was killed tonight while walking across a very dangerous intersection.

Anyone watching Jon Stewart?

Afghan political rivals meeting with Obama administration officials may signal US split with Karsai

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

DTV converter box problem.

Consumerism and how it works

Sentence upheld against armpit fetishist in Singapore

China closes 1,250 sites in online porn crackdown

Castro says he probably won't be around in 4 years

Why was John Negroponte at the State Dept when Holbrook and Mitchell were appointed?

MN-Sen: Coleman Takes Another Gig

About State .... Clinton ..... 6 special ambassadors/undersecretaries .... and Wes Clark

Japanese firms unveil 'robocop'

Latest recalls (this is long)

Tom Tomorrow: " Of Course..."

Nashville voters reject 'English First' proposal DELETE

Will exile ever end for Haitian prez (Aristide)? (Chicago Defender)

If I were ever to write a movie or play, the guy I would focus on is Yoo.

T.I.A. Total Information Awareness (very troublesome project)


Regarding Tice and the wiretapping. Something more to consider

Taliban warn Obama: Leave Afghanistan

The last Bushism?

2012 watch

Former Merrill Lynch CEO buys fancy curtains as the walls crumble - 1.2 million on his office

Marijuana Inc. The inner workings of the marijuana trade on CNBC now

Obama: "The Inheritance", David Sanger on Tavis

India – Most Economical Destination for Conducting Global Clinical Trials

Famed quartet played inauguration to taped music

O'Reilly reaches a new level of hypocrisy

So Microsoft had 4+ billion profit last quarter and they are laying off 5000

So Microsoft had 4+ billion profit last quarter and they are laying off 5000

Colorado’s Junior Senator, Michael Bennet, Is Sworn In. = Youngest Senator

Mom Let 3-Year-Old Son Smoke

Mexico to rethink death penalty

The Oaf of Office

Albany Times Union / Capitol Confidential reporting Gillibrand chosen for Senate seat

Hes off to a good start

dupe-please remove-thanks mods!

Shouldn't rush & his followers seek some medical help? "Why so serious?"

HISTORY CHANNEL: On now "The Presidents" (West Coast)

Oldest ex-Major League Baseball player dies at 100 (teammate of Babe Ruth's)

Why was Bud Selig at the State Dept. with George Mitchell??

Leaders quit at indebted Christian college..(rats leaving sinking ship..$42Million in debt)

How did we get to 61 on the Ledbetter bill?

I don't see a press secretary news conference transcript on the WH site

U.S. Senate confirms Rice as U.N. ambassador

Science solves Italian Job mystery

Sri Lanka journalism 'under threat'

Chuck Schumer - Senator from GOP?

Have we finally heard the last of "Clinton Caused It"

I just saw a pic of OxyRush on KO .... holy shit.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: One Family, Three Layoffs

Audit: More bad accounting in veterans health care

New Orleans Kicks Off Carnival With Festivities

Rush didn't invent hate radio his idols did...

Chances of complete justice for Bush and Cheney ? Your thoughts please

Sen. Rockefeller: NSA may have spied on me

New White House website angers conservatives with dig at Bush

New White House website angers conservatives with dig at Bush

Bush's 'war on terror' comes to a sudden end

Bush's 'war on terror' comes to a sudden end

Oh my god - Are you watching C-Span?

FDA allows first test of human stem cell therapy

More Obama Inauguration photos.(extra added bonus: Tweety pic & the back of Pat Buchanan's head!!!)

I don't see how kicking Limbaugh off of AFR is a free speech issue.

Lord Mandelson: 'The banks are fucked, we're fucked, the country's fucked.'

My Blog cartoon. Bush says goodbye

The 'Wild' one Joe Francis bombs at Sundance

Remember – Unemployment controls Inflation

Stimulus Plan Meets More GOP Resistance

Could the Gitmo prisoners be moved to the SuperMax prison in Colorado?

Expanded Peanut Butter Salmonella Recall List

US Drone Attack "Kills Eight Militants" in Pakistan(First Drone Attack Under Obama)

Bush's 'War' On Terror Comes to a Sudden End

GREAT inaug pics

The Vice Principal I work with was not going to announce the inauguration

The English Only vote in Nashville is dead!

Why no indictments for Crude Oil price manipulation

One Good Man Goes to Gitmo = David Iglesias appointed Gitmo JAG prosecutor

Anyone still think Caroline Kennedy was a bad idea after the Gillibrand pick?

Oh, How Conveeeenient

Sarah Palin's book should give Katie Couric something to read

Bush Junta's Final Legal Act, Filing Appeal of Warrantless Spying Ruling

'Flying car' goes to market

What best describes your feelings of the first couple of days of President Obama

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 02 June 2006

Picture of Obama/MLK high fiving...where can I find it?

Sometimes Change Only Comes Through Pain - Right Wingers Will Now Be Added to NO-FLY List

Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer/comedian. We should treat him as

If you think they didn't pull information out of that NSA program for political opponents...

Sen. Rockefeller: NSA May Have Spied On Me

Green Light For US Stem Cell Work

If you are getting a state/county/city retirement, or expecting to get one

It's Time To Begin Dealing With The Limbaughs, Hannitys, etc

It's Time To Begin Dealing With The Limbaughs, Hannitys, etc

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."

Judge: Obama gets chance to weigh in on detainees

I've always wondered how did Lynn Cheney fall for and marry

TPM: Gillibrand's Record Shows She's True to the Blue Dog Creed

HORTON: Did Bush’s Terrorist Surveillance Program Really Focus on American Journalists?

Are there any well-to-do people without Tax & Nanny "issues"?

BBC reported this a.m. that Iceland riots attributed to bank bailout...

Why we had the "war on terror"?

cnn just showed jon stewart making fun of biden making fun of

DU needs to have a group (forum) for books

First Castro Photo Released Since November

It just occurred to me- I can apply for A LIBRARY CARD now!!!

U.S. Government May Have Your Credit Card Records, Too

knife attack kills three at Belgium child care center. 12 being treated

The Obama bashing e-mails have begun, and I just got a real duzzy!

Danziger nails Limpballs..."The Decline of the Right"

Danziger nails Limpballs..."The Decline of the Right"

MSNBC's Newest Host: Bill Maher? Could Happen

Since the Bush government merely claimed...

Sen. Specter's Forced Delay of Eric Holder Offensive to Millions of Americans

Why is Porter Goss Chairing the First meeting of Office of Congressional Ethics? Cspan now.

Incredible photos of the inauguration

I Really Need Some DU Help!

In these times of fewer and fewer “good” jobs, frequent layoffs, and general job insecurity

Official: UN may prosecute Bush administration, regardless of US action

Gillibrand is right-wing because her district is right-wing.

Just how pro gay is Gillibrand?

"Don't Blame Me, I voted Republican" (Google image search results

Humorous Irony.

US Airways Retrofit...

Which do you want the administration more focused on?


Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't.

Washington Journal on CSpan - Closing Gitmo

On November 26, 1968 - something happened in Geneva which should give us all hope!

I won't say that Representative and soon-to-be Senator Gillibrand isn't

So, is the new Senator from NY our version of Sarah Palin??

Moscow Worried By Georgian Buildup Near South Ossetia, Abkhazia

Cheney's secret energy confab -

State Department staffers compare Rice to Wicked Witch of the West.

think Gillibrand has no republican ties -- think again

Bolivia set to adopt new constitution empowering indigenous majority

Limbaugh and Hannity, the True Faces of Conservatism: Impotent, Irrelevant

Why did closing Gitmo have a higher priority than stopping spying on Americans?

Spray Foam Insulation...What is your experience Pros/Cons? Thinking of having house done...........

Paterson should appoint Michael Moore

"I want him to fail" = TREASON

Arizona State House Committee Approves Late Term Abortion Ban Bill

Paterson news conference at noon ET on Senate appointment - live stream:

Yesterday at work was JUST like it was on 9/11- Layoff notice.

an obstacle to universal health coverage?

Most of the prisoners left at Guantanamo are Yemenis.

Most of the prisoners left at Guantanamo are Yemenis.

Most of the prisoners left at Guantanamo are Yemenis.

All hail to the ox (Obama is one)

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Calls for Prosecution of Bush on Torture

Dailykos: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Passes Senate

Barack Obama to end the ban on federal support for stem cell research.

Does Paterson pick the House seat replacement, too? n/t

DU this poll: Should Gittmo be closed?

Conservatives lose first evolution vote

Report: Teens In Committed Relationships Commit Less Crime

Anyone seen the bank leverage numbers?

Another one of those "666th post" posts

At first I thought Roberts screwed up on purpose. But now I realize

Gibbs Preser on GEM$NBC

Are the graves really that shallow?

Company-Required Economic Downturn Happy Kit

I wish I could say I wrote this

Cow farts and roadkill

Chicago schools to ban fans from some games

Frigid Fingers Were Live but the Music Wasn’t (Inauguration music not live)


Question for skinner?

Barack's Gift to the Talibornagains

Can the market system finally be made to serve us? Or will we continue to serve it?

These Republican 'folks' are scared to death or worse...

Don't know how many of you remember...but now you can say I was right

Bravo Carolyn McCarthy

Fourth day of Obama Presidency and Right-wingers in full-attack mode...


Palin's expensive duds stuffed in trash bags at RNC headquarters

Bush Inner Circle: “It was an ungracious inaugural. It was pretty clear he was taking shots.”

Alan Keyes Brings the Crazy Again

Ezra Klein: Knee-jerk charges of anti-Semitism have made it safer to criticize Israel

need help finding out if a car loan company went out of business

So what's Agent Mike up to these days????

So when the full story comes out about politicians voting because the NSA

Obama Press Meet-And-Greet Interrupted By Actual Question

Any ideas where the Obamas will vacation? They don't have a "ranch"..

WTF - I just heard the guy on GEM$NBC ask Jeffrey Sachs

Need some help finding some information

You know something? This is a beautiful poem.

What To Look For As The Obama Detention/Interrogation Review Process Proceeds

Pittsburgh (NHL) sign 8-year old to contract. Jacob Anderson's dream comes true.

NC-Sen: Burr Looking Vunerable .... But Dems Could Hand Him The Seat By Nominating Heath Shuler

So far, Barack is a ROCKING prez!

What's Exceedingly Obvious Over the Last Three days

Eric Cantor Slams TARP - While His Wife's Employer/Bank Cashes In

Eric Cantor Slams TARP - While His Wife's Employer/Bank Cashes In

my photos from the inauguration

I helped defeat Nashville's English Only amendment....

Press conferences are not the only place to watch for flying shoes....

Fox News -10AM with Bill and Megyn

Breastfeeding May Prevent Breast Cancer

Ill. gov tells AP that strain is like Pearl Harbor

Republican BS we need to slay ASAP..

Dear President Obama:

Could someone explain this to me since I'm not too bright....

Right wing weirdness. Focus on the Family praises Ted Bundy (Yes, the serial murderer)

Pulling out the pistons for 100 miles to the gallon

First trip on Air Force One, Obama orders a Burger

OK... let's see if I can understand right wing logic:

The Nation's Oldest Public Library Is In Danger of Closing

Police: Man pulled knife over chicken wings

This Week's Global Report TV Digest

This Week's Global Report TV Digest

This Week's Global Report TV Digest

Whaaa! McConnell fires shots at Schumer for campaign tactics

Righting the Balance Between Diplomacy and Military Force

Obama to GOP: 'I won'

DU Demographics #2

TPM: Merrill Lynch gave out $3 to $4 BILLION in bonuses last month.

Wait for it - it's coming: OBAMA not eligible to run in 2012

Brig. Gen. David Irvine: What Jack Bauer Has Not Done


Do you think that the Obama administration will help with...

Marine commander: 'Time is right' for Marines to leave Iraq

Welcome to the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association!...

When is Michael Weiner Savage going to turn himself over to the authorities for treason?

A Little Primer for everyone, "Right-Wing Logic 101"

Texas girls hoops team seeks forfeit of 100-0 win

Mo. neo-Nazis join `Adopt-A-Highway' trash cleanup

Top UN Official Tapped As No. 2 At Homeland Security

What happens if you mix Diet Coke and a eucharist wafer?

Why are big business, anti-labor/EFCA ads appearing on DU?

NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps Were Combined with Credit Card Records of U.S. Citizens

What are your main priorities for Obama administration actions?

It's a Boehner

**Breaking** Barack's semen is selling for $2,500

Gillibrand Inches Leftward, Now Supports Gay Marriage

Former U.S. Attorney Bush Fired For Being Too Honest David Iglesias now a Navy JAG at Gitmo

Should our taxes pay to broadcast a TRAITOR who advocates Commander-in-Chief FAILURE to our TROOPS?

Who else KNEW that the NSA was spying on dissenters as opposed to Terra-istsssts

Who else KNEW that the NSA was spying on dissenters as opposed to Terra-istsssts

Barack Obama to reverse 'global gag rule' on family planning organisations

CNN iReport Airhead on 'Closing Gitmo'

Replace limpballs with Thom Hartmann on AFR

Boehener: 'I'm concerned about the size of the package'' and Contraceptives"

US ally readies for fight against war crime charges

Possible Clinton replacement favors crackdown on illegal immigration

Kirsten Gillibrand On the issues (there are more issues than gun control)

ALERT: Phil Gramm is lecturing us on how the banking crisis came about.

Jaybus H. Kerist. They had Palin ...... we have Blago

Clyburn poo poohs bipartisanship

Man with backyard collection convicted of littering

16 Billion vs 825 Billion? Please help if you have a sec

Hahahahah a local station is playing At Last

Ruins hint at the benefits of catastrophe

Editorial: Be wary of city bans aimed at trans fats

Forbes demonstrates they don't know what a liberal is.

Can't they shread the partriot act and get rid of the term war on terror?

Would you want released terrorists like bush or cheney living in YOUR neighborhood?

There's a fine line between "stimulus" and "pork"

I adore the President, the First Lady and their adorable kids so please

Senate Passes Lilly Ledbetter Act

Bahamas holds 2 in alleged plot to extort Travolta

Obama Picks Critic of Warrantless Wiretapping for Slot at Justice Dept.

Gaffney on Tweety

Progressives Start Web Campaign To 'Get Afghanistan Right'

State Department staffers compare Rice to Wicked Witch of the West.»

Are people hard-wired that they have to have somebody to look down on?

Does Skinner look like this guy...........

Yesterday it was Negroponte. Today it was D'Amato. May I ask ..... WTF???

Bank Employing GOP House Leader’s Wife Got Bailout Bucks

A quiet congratulations to Keith Olbermann for blowing up the fake number

Why can't rush limbaugh keep a wife or girlfriend? I think I know

The Holder Hold-Up--The Real Reason?

Just FYI: You ARE ALLOWED to shout "Fire!" in a crowded theatre

Obama? Missle strikes in Pakistan?

You know that popping sound you hear when destroying bubble packing material?

Apple fans mark 25 years of Mac devotion (CNNMoney)

So, what happened to all of the Midnight pardons?

To all those right wingers out there bemoaning anonymous blogs: what about our founders who called

I don't see how it is possible to record all communications, 24/7. 365/year on all Americans.

Man fathered four children with daughter, didn’t report deaths of three

"It has, and always will be, the way of the Democrats to insult and belittle the opposing party."

Spitzer in on cronyism rather than capitalism in America

The press always seems to be one administration "behind"

Hot Dog Sauce King Dies

Glitch with Google

Here's what I've never understood about "torture"

Hey Kids! Let's connect the dots! NSA surveillance might be connected to:

Microsoft's Self-Destructing Email Pink Slips (1400 jobs cut this week)

Which is the better word to use right now? Prosecute or Investigate?

A word of thanks to the mods and admins

Palin's $180,000 Worth Of "Donated" Clothes Stashed in Trash Bags at RNC

Very upsetting! (Cats as bait)

South Carolina State Senator Wants to Outlaw Profanity

Hillary's reception from her staffers. Anyone else besides me think Camille Paglia's head expoded?

News Videos vs Text . . . which do you prefer . . . ???

Women Cannot Control Their Hunger As Well As Men, Study Shows

Planned Parenthood attacker was mentally ill, court records show

Corruption Indictment for Ex-Senate Leader Bruno

I think we are going to be okay...I have lost my instant worry wart button

hawkeye-x asked me to do him a favor...Don't Blame Me, I voted Republican

House sales are through the roof in northern NH.

What church does rush limbaugh attend, if any?

GOP Campaign Website: The Economy Is "Robust"

Bay Area Gathering Saturday January 24th , 2009 information

"I hope limbaugh fails". Who's with me?

The Ticking Time-Bomb Scenario: Would you torture someone to save tens of thousands of lives?

Nova M is creeping me out..

Interruption Of Service Notice

So will the USA now join the World Court?

Ever write software for political purposes?

Food Bank Friday! (January 23, 2009)

I LOVE LOTS OF OGRES LOL!!! just kidding

Why is gas going up again?

Rush Limbaugh =

Most important news story of the week (ending January 23, 2009)

Sam Brownback is angry at Obama about closing Gittmo

God, my city is just dying...

Homeless when there are 1 million empty homes, hunger when the USA produces record crops?

I love this Toon....Inauguration Day

We all know Rush wants Obama to fail.

Cop Pleads Guilty To Beating Man In Wheelchair

So a 4 month delay on digital TV switch. Guess too many Americans are just too darn ignorant

The Rude Pundit: They're Losing Their Fucking Minds, Part 1

Victory Garden at the White House (Eat the View)

Man Says Employer Told Him To Remove Obama Shirt.. (Sam's Club)

Just heard: MSNBC got the lowest ratings in Inauguration coverage. Why? Could be no HD..

News Release : Danube Delta Holds Answers to ‘Noah’s Flood’ Debate

Republicans Demand Holder Promise No Bush Prosecutions

Court turns away suit over Confederate flag shirts

The whole point of Gitmo & the other 'black sites' was to torture Muslims publicly

Blue Dog Dem, with 100% NRA record, picked to replace Hillary

Holder me crazy...had a thought

Obama: "Our Daughters Have the Same Rights and Opportunities As Our Sons."

I heard a rumor Obama wants to do away with social security.

Site of seminal Robert Johnson recordings to be demolished.

Map of Structurally Deficient Bridges in United States

3 news agencies refuse to distribute Obama photo

Americans are a bunch of crybabies when it comes to taxes.

Eagle soars over Obama's head at inauguration. website launched

What a tragic, freak accident

Obama Reverses - Obama Reverses - Obama Reverses - Obama Reverses

Blagojevich is giving another crazy press conference

The Nation editorial honors Howard Dean today. Also welcomed at Netroots Nation.

When will Bill Maher be back?

At least 40 al-Qaeda killed by Black Death Plague?

Friday TOONS: Restoring the rule of Law

The Pentagon is spinning their crap again

Send a feedback to Armed Forces Network about Limbaugh!

Saakashvili lambasts 'relentless enemy' Putin in TV phone-in

Bill Moyers Journal tonight

Politico puts Michelle Obama on a list of 'Frenemies' to the White House

Thain was CHAIRMAN of NYSE. Madoff was CHAIRMAN of NASDAQ

Friday TOONS, part 2: We're taking over, they're going crazy

Update on Brittani

My landlord is being foreclosed. Eeeeek.


I used to think that I was a free speech absolutist as well.

Obama Should Worry About the Bush Family Tentacles Undermining His Plans (Russ Baker)

Obama's Pentagon, Bowing to the Masters of War?

Are stores disappearing near you?

5 yr old Native American boy punished for wearing braided hair...

Killings by armed, unmanned drones continue under Obama administration

Men say bird vomit saved their lives in 25 days lost at sea: report

Michelle Obama Thinks Sasha, Malia Dolls Are "Inappropriate"

Why are they afraid?

Two 15 year old children to be tried as adults

Site Lists Top 20 Healthy Foods Under $1 Per Serving

Sen Whitehouse: Republicans Demand Holder Promise No Bush Prosecutions

My friend, the death row prisoner, is busy dying at this moment.

World Agenda: riots in Iceland, Latvia and Bulgaria are a sign of things to come

Freepers are not smart

The "pro-life" crowd was everywhere in downtown DC today, and it was appalling.

Did you get the digital converter box?

Toyota considers job cuts in North America

Obama Picks Lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2

Chris Matthews just really impressed me.

30 by 60 foot Confederate Flag near Tampa's I-4 and I-75....refurbished for Super Bowl visitors.

Global gag rule overturned!!

Why did you change your username?

First Steps on a Long Road

A fair estate tax plan: Tax the fuck out of Billionaires when they die

I hope that you name changers recalibrated your chakras too

All these new people - Who Are You?

Inchworm wants to 'get on' Oprah, Springer, *and* Ricki Lake!

If I were to die - you all would help my wife say something nice about me wouldn't you?

Inchworm is pregnant!!!

OK! Who has taken advantage of Skinner's amnety and changed their underwear?

Thursday night LOLcats classic

Notice: trof is still trof

Ugh, I've lost my voice

I just have to say this...

Here's to fine blondes from Delaware!

Democrats Inch Toward Torture Probe

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Best Court Testimony Ever!

It's a blessing when a dove lands on your head, but what about a butterfly?

It's a blessing when an anvil lands on Rush Limbaugh's head, but what about a tsetse fly?

this is an amazing little film of the 44 presidents..just cool

A metaphoric goodbye to GWB, Freda Payne's "Band of Gold"

I have discovered the secret to perfect homemade cinnamon rolls, purely by accident.

One small step for "green jobs"

I can't remember my new name

PSA: laidinmaryland is now known as madinmaryland.

I've decided that I'm going to change my underwear.

History will show that George W Bush was right - email I received

I am not changing my name, but if I did

Sigh. How come when you have an awesome, mischievous plan, it never goes as smoothly as you want?

I inadvertently tried to changed my user name to that of a highly sought fugitive...

It Came Today!!!

Seven cats successfully vaccinated, four to go.

Boy, was THAT a tasty snack!

"Prunes" are now..."Pitted Dried PLUMS"!

Obama vs. Cheney

Oh CRAP!!!

ALiberalSailor is now SKKY. Everyone please update your block lists...

Oh, what the frig? Now my Peter University joke doesn't work any more.

You should change your username if it appears truncated with a ...


Listening To Those Closest To The Problem

Does the Daily Show have a podcast?

I haven't lived in the States for more than 4 years now, so forgive me here but...

Sentence upheld against armpit fetishist in Singapore

neat story in the DU Science forum:boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows


I just looked up the person who has the username I wanted.

What do you think will happen to what's in my oven?

I know I'm unloveable.... you don't have to tell me

So I'd like to ask my roommate from my freshman year in college

bUsh said he has protected us from another terrorist attack, what else has he protected us from...

Is there still time to change my name to chuggo?

My signature vanished!

Does anyone like Hulu?

Things you never want to hear a small child ask you.

It is done. It was either this or Count Duckula anyway.

Am I wrong to want an empty nest?

Sorry, just ain't gonna work out

I think it. I say it. You hear it.

Fucking NBA basketball commentators would get every thread locked here!

X is for exhausted

And now for something completely different -

If you don't like this, then you just don't like sports at all...

0 Replies

I love you guys

i got a new avatar

Congratulate me!! Picked her up today...Rides like a dream (pic)

GAAAH Facebook is making KitchenWitch refer to herself in the third person

I'm not sure I understand.

Name changers . Write your old names epitaph

ANOTHer freaking earthquake!

The 'terrible twos' are a remarkable understatement.

Olive Garden Lentil Stew

If you have changed your name post your picture here..

Obama gets to keep his Blackberry!

Las Vegas toddler survives 300 lb snake attack

Killing time while my database compiles....

And FACEBOOK users here? Have you read your T.O.S?

How "underground" are we if we're the ones in control?

Can someone give me directions to this address, I couldn't find it on google earth..

Wii gamers - Rock Band or Guitar Hero

I'm officially old. Dentist says I need a partial.

This week, we turn our eyes to the one man who can clean this country up.

David "Fathead" Newman, jazz musician, dies at age 75.

I want some string cheese. Give it.

So it looks like I am going to need a second surgery

Pastel polka-dot skirt, neon pink and black tights, a blue hoody, and boots.


Texas girls basketball team that won 100-0 seeks forfeit

Good For Dan Freakin Marino

My Costco rebate check came yesterday.

Eww - Jenna's and Laura's letter is as inelegant, hamfisted, and clumsy as their dad

If it turns out that aliens or government agents ARE reading your thoughts


car people

”What power would hell have if those imprisoned there could not dream of Heaven? ”

Best Hacked Road Sign Ever. (and how to make your own)

What's your porn name?

Dja ever run about 300 feet with an 80 pound dead Greyhound in your arms?

Good employment thoughts, vibes, prayers, spells, what-have-yous, please?

Looking for a really awesome new username? Check out this list of available names.

Volkswagen- Then and Now......

Abstruse Goose: Lie of Omission

Its casual Friday so I wore my commemoritive Obama inaugural tshirt in..

Inaugural Omens Indicate "Year of the Dude"?

Chicken sighting in GD

Chicken sighting in GD

Computer question. My sound doesn't work. When I plug in the speakers to the

I am going to the store to get string cheese and tiny umbrellas.

*PSA* Antivirus 2009 is one nasty piece of malware, but I kilt it!

Is this the Lounge's slogan?

"Drunken Negro Face" Cookies On Sale at Greenwich Village Bakery


I just saw the footage of Hillary being greeted as SOS. If that didn't make freeper heads explode...

I just saw the footage of Hillary being greeted as SOS. If that didn't make freeper heads explode...

So anyone here hear about the secret to Barack and Michelle's marriage?

Bill Nelson: The October Man

Filing "head of household" first

I am streaming music, wirelessly, from my mac to my PS3

OK, for most of you this is no big deal...

I think I ticked off a local law enforcement officer this morning....

Anne Richards was on King of the Hill, I miss her.

This thread sponsored by Gandalf Anti-Diarrheal Suppositories

Deviled Ham is freakin' delicious. n/t

Proper terminology?

How would you like to live on Butt Hole Road in Crapstone, England?

Olive Garden rears its ugly head in GD!

the drive shaft fell out of my car yesterday

Okay, what DUer was I just driving behind?

Should I see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans tonight?

I hope this isn't too gross.

If your looking for a curling iron or an open bag of CVS depends

Company-Required Economic Downturn Happy Kit

Do any posters have fun while in the 700 Club anymore?

Barack Obama has been President for 36 hours. What is your biggest

taking my cat for her annual shots this evening, call for help if I don't return

From FSTDT.....

Tom Cruise's PR handlers give him a 5-point system for winning back his female fans

More pevity from the Repukes: "Republicans concerned about the size of Obama's Package"

If someone doesn't take me to My Bloody Valentine 3D, he is NOT going to be my valentine.

AC/DC tickets - only $2000 each!!

kitten picture of the day for friday january 23

Homeland Security has released pictures of the terrorists that brought down US Air #1549...

Not dead yet - just without stomach lining

2 cats at the pet store looking for homes.

Attention Midlo: download Lexulous already so you can play with us on FB

And The Best Film of 2008 Is....

Shircuit Shity update

So I wrote President Obama a letter

GD Topic du Jour: Cats as bait.

Want to see a really disturbing conservative photoshop?

Animal Rescue League Auction

Did you hear about the baby the invisible man

Amusing searches that led to

Pardon me


My "baby" boy is 18.

¡Mis pantalones! ¡Son en llamas!

Someone caught having sex on Google Earth

NFL Trivia Question: Name 3 of the Top QB's that have made many pro bowl

OMFG! There are 324 Bunco groups on Facebook!

OMFG! There are 324 Bunco groups on Facebook!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/23/2009)

The Star Wars original trilogy in a nutshell

There's no joy like telling a troll

Autoerotic Music Video Friday?

Will someone buy this book for me for my birthday?

I'm making a list

I wanted to cook a standing rib roast- Is that cut seasonal in stores?

1,474 Megapixel Inauguration Panorama anyone?

Error message recieved on the Free Republic website:

"Changing your underwear doesn't mean you're no longer an asshole."

Homoerotic Music Video Friday. I'll Start.

Heteroerotic Music Video Friday. I'll Start.

Button Accordion!

Freecell addicts

We're officially in recession. How about you?

How much do you pay for vehicle registration?

Anatomically correct Barbie & GI Joe dolls

HOLY SHIT, have you seen Google Maps' "Street view"

HOLY SHIT, have you seen Google Maps' "Street view"

"Planet Rock". Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force!

What is your earworm on this Friday?


A moment of silence for the Brazillion Joke, please.

Mp3 player shuffle algorithms

Sooooo...... Is Hilary Swank hot?

Which is the correct way to say 'route'?


Friday Night Posting While Drunk/Stoned Thread

According to facebook, I am Malibu Barbie!

Why does Coke in the little glass bottles taste so much better....

Why are nurses being brought from other countries to fill jobs Americans need?

Well, my surgery is tomorrow morning.

Dja ever carry a car battery a coupla miles?

This is totally bizarre. Still can't believe it.

It's a 2.5 pound kidney stone...with pictures!

I'm an auntie! Meet Annabelle. (pic)

I'm an auntie! Meet Annabelle. (pic)

I have a small problem...

Wanna See What 60-something Sylvester Stallone Looks Like With His Shirt Off?

What do wild rabbits like to eat?

"Changing your username doesn't mean you're no longer an asshole."

Leaked: Photo of B*sh's telecommunication center at the White House! (dial-up warning)

Friday kitten for everyone...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/23/09

I don't even know what I'd do with a 65" TV.

Hordes of caterpillars swarm Liberia, Guinea

Apparently the gender of my kitten is really difficult to determine.

Ethics(?) question about Lucy-the-dog's demise.

Besides Dubya, Cheney and Karl Rove, what other people do you wish were rotting in prison forever?

Hi Lounge, This is my new name.

New Springsteen album now streaming at NPR:

Good morning Lounge

A question about tattoos

Gordon Lightfoot - The wreck of the Endmond Fitzgerald

I regret changing my name...

Tim Wilson - Church League Softball Fistfights

Is putting food on the table a high priority?

Anyone else ever write with their own blood?

two picures of me an old boyfriend gave me from 1978

so i'm freaking out just a tad bit

Not Your Regular LOLCats

What's your idea for a bad restaurant?

Girls team shows remorse after 100-0 win

When will Prez. Obama rescind/revoke NSPD-51 ?? Remember this??

Does anybody know what has become of "The North American Union"? n/t

Is anyone listening to Hardball and Kit Bond (R) Mo

I hope you NY DLCers are're not getting CK!

Transcript of comments from Obama, Biden, Clinton, Mitchell and Holbrooke at state today:

On 35th Anniversary, Obama Praises Roe v. Wade Precedent

After the Second Full Day in Office, How would you Rate President Obama's Performance?

After the Second Full Day in Office, How would you Rate President Obama's Performance?

According to NYT, Roberts flubbed the oath because he believes in the bogus "split infinitive" rule.

Senate confirms a cluster of Obama nominees

Republicans...wake up and smell the coffee. There IS a new President in town.

Has anyone else rewatched the inauguration?

John McCain, LOL.

Did anyone see "Katy from Kent, Ohio" on CNN?

A funny Freeper skirmish at the airport while returning home from the Inauguration

Text of Fidel Castro's Online Essay

Obama Pardons Bush, Cheney

Obama Pardons Bush, Cheney

Obama is Our First ePresident

Caroline Kennedy "linked" to Arthur Sulzberger?

Caroline Kennedy "linked" to Arthur Sulzberger?

Caroline Kennedy "linked" to Arthur Sulzberger?

Now that is dead, does anyone know...

Lou Dobbs just said

To "44" .... From "43"

Democratic contenders should try to oust Schumer in 2010

More in Latin-America consider themselves "socialist" than "capitalist" (Gallup)

McCarthy pledges to primary challenge Gillibrand in 2010 if she is chosen

Any true count on the size of the Inaugural crowd?

Well its Day 2 and Politico already out with a hit piece on Obama - and of course, Drudge is on it

America 2.0 .... love this inagural front page, and the headline!

Kudos to President Obama.

Senate Confirms (Susan) Rice as U.N. Ambassador

Famed quartet played inauguration to taped music

Getting the job done--what a difference!

President Obama.....

Barack .... I mean the President .... visits the press bunker....

My little sister posted this bullshit in her blog..I have to go to bed so I

Who believes that a bus will pull up to your local Starbucks and unload 27 Gitmoers into your town?

The Press thinks transparency means opening up the Prez to THEM.

How about you? I have to keep rubbing my eyes when I read the news now.

Why do you suppose Chimpy didn't pardon Scooter?

Obama Picks Critic of Warrantless Wiretapping

As if President Obama wasn't enough...

Why not try the Gitmoes in some sort of international court? Shipping them here = bad for O

Checklist for tomorrow's (Friday) retaking of the Oath, again

Meanwhile..... back at the "ranch"....

So are we only going to spy on REAL terrorists from now on

Obama inauguration a recruiting tool for hate group

Eugene Robinson: Obama’s Salvage Operation

Okay, just my opinion, and I realize no one cares, but....

Executive Orders and Memorandums for 1/22/09 Up at

If FOX NEWS reported 2 million people in DC for the inauguration,

My message board argument with a FOX news Viewer over Cable News Ratings!

Citigroup, Bank of America ‘Nationalized’ as U.S. Calls Shots

Misogyny Kills: Rick Warren, Mark Dybul, and AIDS (Part Two)UPDATE: OBAMA DUMPS AIDS CZAR due to

The Gitmo guy who became a Queda Chief was released by the BUSH adminstration!

Next week we'll be offically at 58 Senators, hopefully 59 soon

Obama spy choice won't call waterboarding torture

Obama 'Declared End' To War On Terror

Political Civil War in New York; Paterson and Gillibrand in Trouble in 2010

Obama accomplishments in 50 hours vs. Bush in 8 months

A Blast from the (recent) Past. Ron Howard's call to action.

Dowd, Sullivan, Hiatt, among Forbes' 25 "most influential liberals"

Embryonic stem cells to be used in US

Dee Dee Myers On Gibbs's First Press Conference

Obama's health care proposal.

Obama Says Stimulus Bill Should Pass By Feb. 16

Obama Says Stimulus Bill Should Pass By Feb. 16

Obama Says Stimulus Bill Should Pass By Feb. 16


Do you want to know why Roberts MIGHT have flubbed it on purpose?

NY State Tax Dept: "No problems with CKS taxes"; CKS: Paterson is a Mudslinger

On cynicism and Obama

Fox News Fear Imbalance - Daily Show

Gitmo letter to the editor

Freepers think some dumbass AOL blogger's online poll is accurate and "breaking news"...

Screw Patterson. Announce all f'n ready, you clown!

Gillibrand has a 100% progressive record on corporate subsidies and labor rights

DU Project: Research GITMO service contracts.

Did you see the army interrogator on MSNBC a few minutes ago? He was great

Who Shall Ascend to the Hill of the Liberal???

Is there any reason to expect Patterson to win the primary in 2010?

WTF! Al D'Amato next to Gillibrand?

So Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle?

Obama's a liberal!

Gillibrand is very good on issues related to transparency/good government

OMFG. Faux News saying Obama's orders signed yesterday aren't valid.

I am sorry, but I am not impressed by Gillibrand...Soapy Water

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Sort Of Like Hillary Clinton's Mini-Me

U.S. Missile attacks in Pakistan today...

Inflatable Bush doll?

Why does Joe Scarborough continually insist the Geneva Convention doesn't apply to Gitmoes?

A great lolcat about the Obamas

Why is Gillibrand a DINO?

Obama Ends Funding Ban For Abortion Groups Abroad

Dear World, we are back. Love, USA.

Obama statement this afternoon on reproductive/abortion issue

Obama Reveals Contents of ‘Bush Envelope’

So the music at the inaugural was "staged" "fake"

thank you all for showing up. what a mandate.

From The Campaign, Gibbs HANDLES Sean Hannity (youtube)

Just watched Gillibrand on the local nooz, and...


LOL!! Gibbs Shoots Down Chuck Todd Again!!!

Kerry: Senate Approves Fair Pay for Women

Obama lauds Gillibrand pick

Michelle Obama: "Let 'em in"

What would make me happier

When the "Chips are Down"....Gillibrand is far from progressive

Bye Bye Bushies

CNN iReport bimbo on "Closing Gitmo"

My new Senator supports gay marriage, Medicare for all, increased regulation, unions, and the ACLU.

Back in 2003 when we invaded Iraq, I calmed my fears by writing music...

Obama Sides With Bush in Spy Case

I Like Robert Gibbs & I Think He's Doing A Fine Job As The WH Press Secretary

Please DU this poll

another great Obama lolcat

Five Rows Behind VP Biden at the Inaugruation... it's Joe Biden's Evil Twin!

Independent Confirmation Of Obama's Birth

What's the most batshit insane thing you've heard someone make up about President Obama?

Question- Was Rev. Warren set up?

A letter I sent to the Cleveland Indians about broadcasting on a Rush and Beck station...

The Gillibrand complaints are kind of confusing me.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Gillibrand Wants To Balance The Budget And Reduce Federal Spending

Maybe Gillibrand is a placeholder for Clinton in case she decides to go back to the Senate.

Obama Lifts Abortion Gag Rule

Gillibrand support Marriage Equality.

in reply to those who blather "History will prove Bush was Right"

Yes, it's back to business. The Casey Anthony Case is big news again.

Erasing Bush

Jennifer Brunner for President 2016

Imagine the gigantic spiritual, emotional rush of Obama

Do you think Obama will rub off on Reid and Pelosi? Just a little bit?

If Caroline isn't Senator Kennedy due to taxes women have a right to be furious

Word Cloud from Obama's Inaugural Address

Dear Senators Gillibrand and Burris...Renounce your Governors

I wonder if the NSA spying was really as extensive as we think...

Some Repubs are in a funk because Obama won. For example, Bush's speechwriter

Sherffius Sums Up Obama Win to Keep Blackberry

Get ready for Freeper Madness

Boehner talking about Boners...

"X number of Guantanamo detainees returned to terrorism after being released"

Latest Nonsense: Gitmo Protects Human Rights!

He's Back! Blago Holding a News Conference!!

What the hell was D'Amato doing next to the gov. at the Gillibrand announcement?

Global Gag Rule: Gone

How did Gibbs answer the question about the "WAR ON TERROR"??

Four months and many late nights later, Republicans come up with fresh new idea to save economy

A RW Repug Friend E-Mailed Me This & I Want To Send Him A Blistering Response - Please Help......

Surprise! Charles Krauthammer hated Obama's speech!

America is back.

I'm doing something I've never done before, check the White House web site everyday

My Gawd! Kirsten Gillibrand? How dare she believe she can be a senator!!

Solis Pick Stalled By Fiece GOP Resistance

Principal forbids 5th grader to wear Obama shirt to school

LOL! Dirk Kempthorne (Bush Interior Secretary and ID Gov) wants to run in 2012

Obama to Reopen Lady Liberty’s Crown

ACLU scorecard: Kirsten Gillibrand, Lifetime score: 90%. Hillary Clinton, 76%

Thank God Gillibrand ISN'T another 'progressive' hack

Does Not Having A Blue Blooded Pedigree Help Or Hurt Obama?

Inauguration Day in Crawford

The First Lady Sends Message With Dresses

I wonder how Kirsten Gillibrand will play in Harlem?

Dr. Orly Taitz Did NOT Get Her Request For Certiorari Approved Today (BIRTHER ALERT)

I thought "Air and Simple Gifts" was BEAUTIFUL!

Panorama Inauguration Photo - Neat, Sharp, Crisp Zoom capability - Enjoy!!

Friday News Dump!

Is Clarence Thomas asleep at the Inauguration in this photo?


Human Rights Campaign Statement on Gillibrand’s Appointment as Senator

First Medical Marijuana Raid by DEA Under Obama Administration

Obama is kicking ass and taking names!

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama - The Big Picture

Congratulations, soon-to-be Senator Kirsten Gillibrand!

Bush administration whiners commenting on how Obama was "less than gracious" in speech

Pakistan Drone Strikes: Obama-2, Chimpy-38

Sasha's smile could be a guide to our future

Sasha's smile could be a guide to our future

Anyone think Robers "flubbed" the oath on purpose?

Mitt Gillibrand just pulled a Romney on gun control in her press confrence

My uh, name uh, is uh, Robert uh, Gibbs, Next uh, question?

Tweety: Gillibrand is from Rural, Gun-loving NY. She is very NRAish!

Freepers Ecstatic about our new NY Senator Gillibrand...

Gillibrand has a 60-percent rating from the pro-Repub Chamber of Commerce

And the world watched... (pic heavy)

President Obama Speaks Indonesian!!!!!!!!

PLEDGE: I will no longer link "Politico" articles in any thread I start or participate in!

Blago is ill. And this is no longer funny to me. It's just painful

Is there a difference between Barack Obama and John McCain?

Check out this inaguration pic.

**For Immediate Release**The New Agenda Hails NY Choice of Gillibrand for U. S. Senate

Oh, STFU, Ari

He didn't close Gitmo immediately...he is responsible for all of the deaths

Check out this portrait of Obama

Obama taking care of everyone. Check this out>>> those that missed the inagural to get things...

Why Hillary Fans Like Gillibrand

Kerry op-ed on Pakistan

Sorry, Robert Gibbs needs to get it together

Obama to GOP: "I won."

Sen Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) career path will be VP in 2012, Potus 45 in 2016. She

hahahaha, in only 7 hours 34 minutes, Kirsten Gillibrand has shattered Hillary's old record

I am depressed about the stimulus package

Inauguration Day photos and some comments about the amazing day

Wonder if President Obama will order all white house TV's to not play

DU Demographics

Why is everyone so insistent on not wanting Gitmo al Qaeda suspects in their (state) prisons?

US Senator Kirstin Gillibrand. Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Rep. McCarthy: "I will challenge Gillibrand, it is not the fight I want, but it is a fight ...

Caption Newt at the Inauguration

Hey, check out this loser on Free Republic!

Obama spy choice won't call waterboarding torture

ALL prospective Senators invited to NY Governor's office on Friday. Not just Gillibrand.

Thain Pushed Out at Bank of America as Merrill Loss Widens

Japanese Housewives Desperate After Currency Scheme Collapses

Hamas Decries Obama's Israel Statement

Regional Nuclear War and the Environment

Possible Clinton replacement favors crackdown on illegal immigration

DR Congo rebel leader 'arrested'

Sarah Palin's book should give Katie Couric something to read

India's 'nuke' cruise missile test fails

Obama urges NATO to help Afghanistan.

Frigid Fingers Were Live but the Music Wasn’t (Inauguration music not live)

Fair-Wage Bill Clears The Senate; High Court Decision Would Be Overturned

Suicide bomber kills 2 in northwest Pakistan

US approves 1st stem cell study for spinal injury

India PM to undergo bypass surgery

Venezuela Will Push U.S. to Hand Over Man Tied to Plane Bombing

Heartland data breach sparks security concerns in payment industry

Judge upholds affirmative action ban

Gunmen in Iraq kill (eight members of) family

OHSU(Oregon Health & Sciences University) will cut 500-1,000 jobs, benefits by June

Britain Officially Slips Into Recession

(Gallup Poll) Democrats’ 2008 Advantage in Party ID Largest Since '83

US Interior Department to Go Ahead with Offshore Drilling Plan

Tibet official: Dalai Lama uninvited to World Winter Games

India hails Obama remark on terror from Pak(istan)

Green light for US stem cell work

Obama Picks Critic of Warrantless Wiretapping for Slot at Justice Dept.

Haarde Calls Early Iceland Vote Following Protests

Geithner signals tougher stance on China

Spanish unemployment swells to 3.2 million in 2008

Parents Express Anger Over China Milk Verdicts

New Middle East envoy to visit region soon

Harley’s profit skids, plans to cut 1,100 jobs

(Sec of State) Clinton phones Israeli, Arab, Afghan and Pakistani leaders

Obama moves to block Bush's "midnight" attempts to relax green rules

US Jewish Groups Warn Turkey Against "Anti-Semitism"

Merrill’s Thain Said to Pay $1.2 Million to Decorator (as the company was firing employees)

Saudi warns US over Middle East

Russia Pledges Support To New U.S. Regime's Afghan Mission

Park Service to Reopen Lady Liberty’s Crown

NY gov picks upstate NY congresswoman to Senate

Saudi prince says U.S. ties at risk over Mideast

Ill. gov tells AP that strain is like Pearl Harbor

Harley-Davidson cutting 1,100 jobs, consolidating plants

Officials: Obama to reverse abortion policy

Cubs sold - Lovable losers fetch $900 million

Citigroup to Sell $12 Billion of FDIC-Backed Bonds

Secrets will be revealed if Guantanamo closes: Mamdouh Habib

Two are sentenced to death over toxic milk scandal

Marines ordered to stay clear of Tijuana

NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps Were Combined with Credit Card Records of U.S. Citizens

Anheuser-Busch Inbev to Sell Stake in China's Tsingtao

US allows use of embryonic stem cells

Obama Wants to Reopen Lady Liberty’s Crown

Obama slams companies for squandering bailout funds

Obama calls Saudi king, British and Canadian PMs

Fair-Wage Bill Clears The Senate

Venezuela Will Push U.S. to Hand Over Man Tied to Plane Bombing

TFRs: Cheney out; bigger Biden in

Judges refuse Coleman ballot inspection request

Faith Leaders Laud Obama for Torture Ban

Iran in scramble for fresh uranium supplies

France to give free newspaper subscriptions to teens

Sweden’s Fix for Banks: Nationalize Them

Franken Legal Team: Coleman Is Doctoring Evidence

Obama Names Copps as Acting FCC Chief

Child porn charges are dismissed (Judge ruled police search not legally justified)

U.P.(Union Pacific) sheds 3,150 workers, eyes more

Nashville voters reject 'English First' proposal

Morales promises ‘democratic revolution’

Obama Overturns 'Mexico City Policy' Implemented by Reagan

Five killed in knife attack at Belgian creche

New photo of Fidel Castro debunks deathbed rumors

Ex-Gitmo Detainee May Be Al Qaeda Leader

Corruption Indictment for Ex-Senate Leader Bruno

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 23

ACLU to sue Twin Cities charter school that caters to Muslims

Suspected US missile strike kills 10 in Pakistan

Ill. gov: I'm skipping trial because it's 'unfair'

Confirmed: Kirsten Gillibrand Chosen to Fill Clinton's Senate Seat

War Boosted Extremists In Gaza, Says U.N. Official

Castro says he doubts he'll be lucid in 4 years

'Vista Capable' case could cost Microsoft $8.5B

Barack Obama Could Visit Russia In April

Obama Supporter's House Burned Down

Howard Dean's Speech at 2009 DNC meeting

Pres. Obama Signs Executive Order to Close Gitmo

Countdown: Ret. Major Gen. Eaton on Obama's First Day - 'Great Courage'

TYT: Cenk Questions The MSM's Take On The Bush Booing

View's Hasselbeck Slams Critics of Michelle Obama's Fashions

Countdown: John Dean - Why Didn't Bush Pardon Libby?

BBC News, 22.01.09: Israeli investigation underway of accusations IDF deliberately shot children

Countdown: Author James Risen 'Bush Admin Got My Phone Records' NSA Spying

Davezila - Obama Inaugural Walk along Pennsylvania Avenue - Widescreen

An Adorable Goodbye To Dubya

Asking Anti-Abortion Demonstrators an Important Question

Hardball - Sen. Jay Rockefeller = Guantanamo, torture, ...

Rachel Maddow: 'Shadow Factory' Author James Bamford Discusses NSA Spying, Etc.

Suprise Pick to Replace Hillary Clinton = Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand

TYT: Is a Billionaire Allowed to be Depressed? (Ear-Muff The Kids)

CODEPINK outside blue dog democrat event

Crashing the Blue Dog/AT&T Party

Barack Obama Inauguration George W. Bush Thoughts

In Congress Today Kucinich Mentions White Phosphorus

Hannity interviews Rush (8:07) Part 2 - amazing other reality with these two

TYT: Olbermann Breaking News - Bush Adm. Wiretapped Reporters 14:05

Countdown: James Risen on the NSA Spying on Journalists

Rachel Maddow w/ Frank Rich, on Obama lobbying and sunshine ethics guidelines

Countdown: KO Debunks Released Gitmo Detainees Propaganda Numbers

Really? Did 61 Gitmo Prisoners “Return to Battle”? - Rachel Maddow's guest - explains the propaganda

CBS News: White Phosphorous Uproar

Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) - Guantanamo is wonderful

QuestionGate...Obama visits W.H. Press Corps and...OMFG...does NOT answer a question!

Rachel Maddow and ACLU representative discuss Obama closing Gitmo, banning torture

Rachel Maddow discussion w/ Robert Redford on environmental action, esp. near Arches NP

CBS Raw Footage: Obama Meets the White House Press Corps

GOP Congressman: We Owe George W Bush A Debt! For Being An Example For Our Children! (WTF?)

TYT: Has The Liberation Of America Begun?

Obama Inauguration & Website Change Over

Al Jazeera English on the Inuaguration

Countdown: NSA Whistleblower Tice Talks to Keith Again 'That's When They Came After Me'

Gaza villages Wiped off the map


Blagojevich Comparing His Arrest To Pearl Harbor

TYT: Obama Opens Up the White House And Cenk Loves It

Barack Obama and NBA + January 19th TOP 10

Jessica Alba: "Goodbye, Bush! O'Reilly is an A-hole!"

Tweety: Let's stick to journalism. I don't do that here. If it's just blogging let's drop it.

Conyers, Cohen file H.R. 104, Seeks Commission to Investigate Bush Crimes

President Obama Tours Air Force One

Obama Closes Guantanamo - Bans Torture - Restores Morality

Air Force One Tour

It’s Time to ‘Git On With It’

With promises to keep

Building a Healthy Community, One Child at a Time

Caribbean Crossroads: Bushes snubbed Haitians to the end

War crimes: talk but not much action

Conservatives lose first evolution vote

On "terrorism recidivism" -returning to the fight

Appointing Emissaries, Obama and Clinton Stress Diplomacy (NYT)

GAO targets regulatory agencies as troubled

Compassionate Killing: Can war be fought for humanitarian reasons?

Krugman: Obama’s Inaugural Address

Barbara Ehrenreich: Resistance to Housing Foreclosures Spread Across the Land

EU states monitor spread of civil unrest

Obama Must Rein in 'Terrorist' Databases

Why Can't 'Eco-Conscious' Liberals Clean Up After Themselves?

The Nation: Rethinking the Market Mentality

British Capitalism - the Worm Ouroboros, by William Bowles

A Most Promising Start For Obama


An Enforcer Named Emanuel

Brent Budowsky at Mitchell's Appointment Marks Change

GOP See Economic Crisis as Ripe Cause for the Very Same Policies That Got Us Here in the First Place

Qaddafi Proposes Merger of Oval Office and Palestine: Ovaltine

Two Sides of a Border: One Violent, One Peaceful

From Venezuela, Obama: Between Biology and Destiny

Citigroup, Bank of America May Look ‘Nationalized’

Salazar lays down the gauntlet!

Forgit Gitmo - Obama Issues Order Shutting Down MSNBC's 'Lockup'

The Next Real Estate Crisis: Shuttered Stores and Empty Malls

Storming the 4th Circuit

Christopher Hayes: 'I Saw My People'

When Does Dick Cheney Become Merely an Historical Footnote?

Socialist phobia turns into hysteria!

The newest fear-mongering campaign from the Right and the media

The President Orders Transparency

Sasha's smile could be a guide to our future

'Young Turks' Announces Candidacy for MSNBC Slot

Environmental Issues Slide in Poll of Public's Concerns

Sorry, just discovered struggle4progress got there first with this article. Please look for it there

Bush camp carping over 'sharp elbows'

Economics the Hard Way

Clive Crook: Why Obama Must Be Radical

Rags in the Shadow of Riches (3rd largest recipient of US foreign aid!)

Johann Hari: Is the US about to treat the rest of the world better? Maybe... (Independent / UK)

Obama's Guantánamo Mistake: He's Not Closing Gitmo the Right Way

Obama getting the best of anti-American rulers

Remain Angry, Everyone!!

Jim Hightower: Obama Must Be Even Bolder Than FDR

Feds to 'rethink' license mandate

Spiritual decay at roots of economic collapse

All Cheer Jim Bunning’s Desire to Run for Reelection

Worst Pundit In America: Dick Morris (In A Landslide)

Mysterious Prison Buses in the Desert

Weekend Economists' Winter Carnival Weekend: January 23-25, 2009

please proofread my latest ltte re:Shinseki's appointment

Order closes Gitmo, impacts interrogations

Judge throws out statements in detainee death

Hearing slated for 7 charged in death of pfc.

Army cuts off pay for 27 Alaska WWII vets

Soldier charged in death of fellow soldier

Freeze on Bush rules won’t delay GI Bill

Severely injured get new disability process

Cornyn calls for hearings on recruiter suicides

SecDef says Iraq meeting was start of process

Gates: Military interrogation rules enough

Newest amphib set for commissioning Saturday

Sources: U.S. searched Iranian ship

Marines join counter-piracy mission

Death penalty sought against 4 Marines

Sharing UAV feeds easier with new data link

Malmstrom airman found guilty of larceny

Veteran to stand trial in puppy theft

Motorist teeters on cliff edge after canyon plunge

Piecing together a battered Iraqi city

Bombings drop as security tightens in Abu Ghraib

Army expects to save millions by switching to LEDs

KBR faulted in soldier’s electrocution

Military update: Fiscal crisis snips GI Bill’s ‘Yellow Ribbon’

Base commanders issue new restrictions on travel to Mexico

Disabled vet faces attack charge

Airman gets 18 months for indecent acts on child

AAFES delays release of fuel price changes

Stuttgart hotel project breaks ground

Health needs a concern as Iwakuni grows

Blair Says Army Manual to Apply to CIA

DoD Buzz: Lexington’s Thompson Forecasts Period of Prolonged Pain for Defense Industry

Sailor Gets 15 Years for Striking Baby

Spain insists on energy saving, not nuclear plants

Renewable energies: key to climate protection, economic development and poverty eradication

Peak Oil Notes 1/22/09

ODAC Newsletter - 23 Jan

Rate of tree death found to double in the western US

Environmental Issues Slide in Poll of Public’s Concerns

Missouri Nuke plan legislation is on its way

Stetson Wind project goes on line (Maine)

Billboards ordered turned off by 9 p.m. (in Manilla)

Sanyo, Nippon Oil announce solar power tie-up

Ontario signs $1.3B in clean energy deals

Solar farms flock to Gujarat (India) for new tariff plan

Wind, ‘the last crop to harvest,’ grabs attention of more farmers across the (SW Minnesota) area

Lawmakers okay ($20 billion in) energy tax breaks in Obama plan

Green light for "world’s largest" (up to 4MW) wave farm in Scotland

Baby Beetles Inspire Pitt Researchers to Build “Mini Boat” Powered by Surface Tension

GLOBAL CATASTROPHES AND TRENDS: The Next Fifty Years -a book review

Few survivors from mass whale stranding in Tasmania

GM Volt Battery Plant to Cost $30 Million, … in 2010, and … be Converted From Existing Facility

Obama's Challenge: Cleaning Up the Planet After Bush

Drought spurs Calif. farmers to slash planting

Reuters: Spanish wind power sets new records

Legalizing "green"

Regional Nuclear War and the Environment

Analysis: Green sector may save economy

MEPs (European Parliament's industry committee) back 60% renewable energy target for Europe (2050)

A billion frogs on world's plates (BBC)

Collapse of the Clean Coal Myth

Garageland: Hydrogen in the Garage - first hydrogen-solar powered home in North America

Captain Islam and the fight for Gaza

BackStory: Filming Gaza death

Israel rules out opening Gaza border if Hamas gains

A future for Gaza's children

Gazans stay away from Israeli clinic

Druze, Bedouin diplomats wage PR war

Human Desperation and Environmental Destruction in Gaza

War crimes: talk but not much action

Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza

Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza

Jews and the 2008 Election

BBC News, 22.01.09: Israeli investigation underway of allegations IDF deliberately shot children

Likud Surpasses Kadima in Israeli Race

Worse Than an Earthquake

Saudi prince says US ties at risk over Mideast

No Home to Return to in Gaza

An Unenviable Job

Amid dust and death, a family's story speaks for the terror of war

Waltz with Bashir gets Oscar nod

Jim Lobe: Parsing Obama’s Words on Mitchell Appointment

Gaza truce, Obama fuel talk of talking to Hamas

Palestinian Authority, Israel Welcomes New US Peace Envoy

Gaza Hamas officials return to Egypt for talks

War boosted extremists in Gaza, says U.N. official

UN: Israel cooperating in efforts to improve Gaza humanitarian situation

Gaza doctor's loss grips Israelis

New study reveals staggering cost of Mideast conflicts

Finkelstein on Gaza War, 01.19.2009

Gaza recovery in doubt as Israel pressures Hamas

President Obama's remarks to State Department

Human rights watch finding evidence of white phosphorous used everywhere during attack on Gaza

Israel readies for fight against war crime charges


Jimmy Carter: ‘Peace is possible’ in Holy Land

UN: Israel cooperating in efforts to improve Gaza humanitarian situation

Gaza crisis centered on Clinton's diplomacy agenda

Guess who was on CNBC today!

US ally readies for fight against war crime charges

Supply-side economics != free trade

Obama asks for Saudi king's help on Gaza

What about the rich

Greek farmers escalate struggle with roadblocks across the country

Dryships suspends dividend, dumps expansion plans

California Probes Muni Bond Derivatives Amid Mounting Deficit

Companies Slashing U.S. Dividends at Fastest Rate in 53 Years

UN official: Israel should probe shelling which damaged UN buildings in Gaza

Roubini Sees S&P 500 Slump Due to Downturn in China, Edwards Predicts 40% Drop Down to 500

Post-communist economy takes toll

Report: Toyota Mulls Cutting 1,000 Full-Time Jobs

It’s Not Their Money

PA official: Israel made 'big mistake'

France sending frigate to survey Gaza arms

Will the government take over the banks?

Time to Get Swedish

Taxpayers.... Bankers

Sweden’s Fix for Banks: Nationalize Them

Good bank, bad bank all adds up to nationalization

....End the Recession/Depression..... Legalize Marijuana/Tax it - EOM

Icahn seeks support in case against Steel Partners

Geithner comments revive China currency bill hopes

Tough Workouts (mortgage modification nightmares)

U.S. & UK on brink of debt disaster: John Kemp

The NGO Front in the Gaza War: Exploitation of International Law

Wow, I just got a letter from National City Bank saying....

Hamas says Fatah taking revenge in West Bank

.......End the reccession......Raise taxes on the over $250k

Don't Continue Israel's Status Quo

Chance for kids to find a pal in Gaza

U.N. investigator: Evidence of Israeli war crimes

Egypt-Israel Flows At Risk

7 civilians injured by Israeli gunboat in Gaza, “We won’t accept this any longer”

Weapons are smuggled into Gaza from Israel, says Egyptian human rights official

Censor bans identifying IDF officers involved in Gaza operation



Today in labor history Jan 23 Ratification of the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Russia to help Cuba with oil projects

Labour organisations hold demo in Athens for Bulgarian activist splashed with acid

A Semi Serious Thought For Stimulus

Company agrees to settlement & then refused to pay. You can help.

Child-labor violations found at 2 South Florida malls

Hamas: Obama doesn't represent change

Hamas Decries Obama's Israel Statement

Geithner Warns Japan, China on Currency

Japan steps up warning on markets, BOJ gloomy

US Jewish Groups Warn Turkey Against "Anti-Semitism"

Egypt resumes flow of journalists into Gaza

Happy Friday!

Interesting Rick Warren tidbit from The Nation

An LGBT movement takes shape

First gay divorce hits Texas court

I need some help please


Tampa Area city council vetoes gay partner benefits

Tampa Area city council vetoes gay partner benefits

Clinton's Senate Replacement Backs Full Gay Marriage Rights

Lifetime becomes gay central this weekend (but get your tissues handy)

I'm it safe?

MILK!!!!!! YES!!!!

Bolivia constitution could give Indians upper hand

Are any GLBTQ members signing up as moderators?

Fidel Castro - My days are numbered

U.S. Diplomat in Bolivia Walks Out on Morales Speech (Update1)

Haiti: Rebel Leader Wants To Become A Senator

Colombian military should not try key human rights case

Venezuela, Argentina sign raft of bilateral agreements

Johann Hari: Is the US about to treat the rest of the world better? Maybe...

Bolivia poised to get surplus Czech L-159 combat aircraft

Brazil offers helicopters to facilitate release of 6 held by Colombian rebels

Rags in the Shadow of Riches

Dupe. Sorry. n/t

Morales promises ‘democratic revolution’

ALLARD: The Batista and Bush Clans Have Their Candidate for 2012

El Salvador: ARENA campaign ad features Obama's LatAm advisor Dan Restrepo

Obama's Dep. Secretary of State Steinberg Gets Stupid about Pres. Chavez

Ros-Lehtinen Busy Gunning for Venezuela and Cuba

Venezuela Will Push U.S. to Hand Over Man Tied to Plane Bombing

Progresso Weekly: Obama - Change or Continuity? (with special empahsis on VEN and CUBA

BOLIVIA Launches State Newspaper Before Crucial Vote

XM subscribers - - email XM to get Sirius OutQ on the XM lineup

'Handful of lawmakers protest Gators’ title, BCS'

Now that Shrub is not the pResident, what are the odds that he becomes the Commissioner of MLB?

Book proposal implicates McGwire (SHAMEFUL)

Israeli NGO: Try Hamas for war crimes

First stem cell study for spinal injury approved by feds

Cleaner Air Worth Five Months of Life

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Gout, now what? Chances are good I am having a flare up of gout.

Vitamin D 'is mental health aid' (BBC)

Anyone here ever have a ventrial hernia? Looks like I have one.

The Impossible Happens...AGAIN

Political views by Cabela's employees

NFL football players and firearms...

Man hurt when gun blasts toilet...

Kirsten Gillibrand new NY Senator. A Blue Dog democrat!

Classic in the parking lot..



something about film

DU name poll

Ooops -- sorry -- wrong forum -- disregard post

World Peace Meditation January 28, 7:30pm

Neat Image or Noise Ninja or ?, What is the best noise reduction progrqam?

OT: Has anyone been through a foreclosure?

Weekly Healing Project #18 | Jan 25-31 | Healing & Connecting with the Earth Star Chakra

Science solves 'Italian Job' cliffhanger

Ottawa boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows

I have a loaf of rye bread from the deli and don't want it to waste

Last night I dreamed about my refrigerator

Dark flow: Proof of another universe?

Question on the MotherEarth bread in the fridge

Cooked tonight for the first time in months

Anyone wanna talk salads?

Religious torture opponents pleased, concerned by Obama executive order (Associated Baptist Press)

I might not make it through the night...........

Born again republicans attempt to weaken science in Texas fails

Building an "emergency" Birthday cake...

What happens if you mix Diet Coke and a eucharist wafer?

What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

Questions about Prayer

How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You're Left Behind


The Golden Girls In My Eyes

Damages Season 2

Tories aim to gut environmental rules, NDP says

Wow, Ignatieff is kicking some ass in TO

I can't highlight and copy text. Why not?

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act passes. Yeah, change happens.

The bullies that Labour has unleashed

Harley-Davidson cutting 1,100 jobs, consolidating plants