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Archives: January 21, 2009

Obama Team Pushes to Complete Rescue as Stocks Plunge

for extra credit...what is the Secret Service code names?

So now the conspiracy idiots will have to change their $19.99 DVDs to say

Question on closing Gitmo.

How much difference four years make: MrScorpio's 2005 Inaugural Redux

One question I have is Who is Treasury Secretary right now?

Somebody pls tell Pat Buchanan that today's market drop is an indictment of corporate leadership NOT

"Let America be America again"

Iranian AIDS doctors sentenced to prison

Obama's address. Some themes, lines I liked - paraphrasing off the top of my head -

how long before justice stevens announces his retirement?

Go! - You Masters of War's inaguration live blog round up

U.S. Supreme Court .... Birthdays ... Ages .... President who picked em

My Yes We Did! shirt got here today!!!!

Notice to ALL radio stations!!!

Follow "whitehouse_gov" on Twitter

A big THANK YOU to the VOTERS of the United States of America

Why Pat Buchanan Should Shove it up His Ass

President Barack Hussein Obama. Am I dreaming?

Obama Became President Today Before He Took The Oath

It is a small thing, but I am REALLY looking forward to visiting some of my clients ......

The Inauguration as seen from space

MSNBC Live: Mr and Mrs President at The Neighborhood Ball

At Last.....

Ken Burns: "Today was the beginning of our third act."

I watched it was exhausting,including reports of either Kennnedy / Byrd or Both going Down

A black and white issue?

for some reason I've been on the verge of tears for the entire day

I have called him everything under the sun in the last 8 years, but henceforth I will call him .....

Woohoo! The first dance.

I hope bushitler took his nasty codpiece with him!

What the right-wing ladies had to say about the inauguration

I just got a text message update from co-workers our freaky Fundie colleague's reaction today.....

Indonesians celebrate with Obama pizza

Obama: Federal agencies to halt all pending regulations until his administration can review them.

Who the fuck does Cornyn think he's impressing?

Obama Pledges ‘Humility and Restraint’ in Foreign Policy

Super-duper Marriage is between same sexed couples

Tonight the Republicans have no balls!

Being bi-racial, I am also proud of having America's first bi-racial President!

I wish people would shout something different ...

My Alma Mater's Band

neighborhood ball ... watch it on ABC

I am a Bush survivor

Protesters of Obama had ZERO impact on the inauguration...(a few pics)

MLK Lecture in Social Justice: Danny Glover

OK, maybe it's just the paranoia from eight years of phantasmagorically unbelievable shit, but......

So who else still has that instictive recoil of disgust whenever they hear the words "the President"

democratic underground......

I've only felt this relieved once prior in my life! I will sleep well tonight for the first time in

Who else is happy that they can now spell "pResident" as "President"?

Have you seen the updated White House website yet?

Who knew? Eating a can of French Onion Soup can lead to more Gay Marriage !!!!

Who knew? Eating a can of French Onion Soup can lead to more Gay Marriage !!!!

Tonight the Republicans have no garumbah!

Friend of Rick Warren gives a thumbs down on the invocation...

From the new WH website: Presidential Pets (cool pics - many dogs, two cats and a pony)

ok - vp and wife at and on tv n/t

They have to rush around so much and not really get to enjoy everything

Obama at work already - Obama orders a halt to all of Bush's pending regulations

A Hissyspit PHOTO For You All - Bush Leaves D.C. By Helicopter

They should've had Zack de la Rocha give the inaugural poem

Bush speechwriter calls Obama's speech "Cliched"

great pic....michelle & 'date'

Don't you just love it... "EX-president Bush"

Obama/Biden.. I love it better every day

I like the digs Obama put in his speech

Fox News on my TiVo schedule is showing Inaugural Ball, the description is interesting

Fox News on my TiVo schedule is showing Inaugural Ball, the description is interesting

the 8 year nightmare is over. I do believe we regained the world's respect

For the 1st time in eight years, I will be able to listen to a SOTU address...

Today feels like a long hot shower after not being able to bathe for 8 years


Our President

WH Chief of Staff: Hold on right there, Skippy!

President and Mrs. Obama just came to the Neighborhood Ball! ABC.

~sigh~ (PICS!)

Heads of state welcome Obama presidency (France, UK, EU, Spain, Italy)

Oh Gawd not another one!

Merkel Hopes Obama Will Launch Era of Global Cooperation

Scurvy spider

I'm confused - The goodbye song to Bush was on a split screen

I'm confused - The goodbye song to Bush was on a split screen

Ms. Magazine Cover...

Okay - I'm buzzed

We are one in change. Today was amazing.

The contrast is remarkable, don't you think?

Bush: Egged on the Way In and Shoed on the Way Out

As if you need another reason to love San Francisco.....

Are you listening to the Military greet our President

ok now where can I view more balls - neighborhood at abc is over n/t

Empire 2009

Eight years. Eight long years. Ansd in that time, not a single white house blow job was discovered.

Why doesn't the "news" media just say...

What a contrast...

Sweet Dreams, mes amis

Malia and Sascha slide show. Ultra Cuteness Alert

They danced to one of my favorite songs at the military ball.

President Barack Obama and I were born only two months apart

Now, now, relax. The bad man is all gone. He can't hurt us any longer.

he is at the youth ball 18-35 on live right now 10:30pm EST n/t

The President is at the Military Ball. This reminds me of a dream I have had for a while .....

My Good Night Message: I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS!!!!

Anyone see Michelle & Barack's first dance? They seemed to


No spins, Barack!

With the power Anything, anything you want to do


Katie the Pixie Couric just labeled Two Shoes....

Right-winger does it again...

Thank you freepers!

Malia and Sasha slide show. Ultra Cuteness Alert

I cannot wait until tomorrow!

List all the families yopu know who have among them, not one, but TWO failed presidents.

Freepers send their love

"In a Winter so cold that only hope and virtue could survive"

"In a Winter so cold that only hope and virtue could survive"

CONFESS!!!!!! Who here is posting while intoxicated!!

Hey, hey, (we) saved the world today...

Want to make a bet this is a right-wing talking point tomorrow?

Holy Cow! Did you see that protest banner in the inaugural parade???

I was over there at Free-republic

What is the root of the bad blood between Carter - Clinton

Hope Day 1

Splendid ! n/t


I knew republicans would be happy about the market falling, they will be thrilled

VP Joe Biden is tired... Dr. Jill Biden is wearing a knock-out red dress

VP Joe Biden is tired... Dr. Jill Biden is wearing a knock-out red dress

Dear, Right Wingers. We're coming after your Bibles.

Dear Right-wingers, we're coming after your manhood.

Guess what congressman Chris Matthews was talking about.

Dear Right Wingers. Mandatory yearly abortions. Men included.

Lovely dress First Lady Obama

Do we get a real FDA now? One that doesn't abet poisoners and try to cut its' own budget?

Dear Right Wingers. Gay marriage for everybody is coming!

Dear Right Wingers: Do you mind if we dance with your dates?

Dear Right Wingers. We're coming after your white women

Can't get enough of hearing "president" obama!!!! n/t

Dear Right Wingers, it's me, Chelsea

Can we call the theme of the first Obama administration, "New Pragmatism?"

Dear Right Wingers: You've just been humiliated.

Leno says the Roberts' flub was the second major SC mistake.

Dear Right Wingers: We're taking Fox News and Talk Radio

Dear Right Wingers. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Faux News, already in rare form......

120 day freeze on military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

Dear Right Wingers. We're letting EVERYONE in!

Dear Right wingers: You must learn science now.

Dear right winger, you will pay OUR taxes...

Dear Right Wingers. We're coming after your assault weapons

Wishing Sen. Kennedy speedy recovery.

Dear Right Wingers. We're replacing the Constitution with the Communist Manifesto

One word of Hope:

An email from John Conyers

dear right wingers, we're going to teach your children how to have sex

Today's wet rag.

Dear RWers: Your Momma's gonna take away your computer priveleges.

Dear Right Wingers. No more wars!

Does Circuit City sell toasters?

Dear right winger, we will print the 10 commandments in every toilet bowl...

Dear right winger, we will take away you truck and you will now drive hybrids...

Hey Bush- thank's for the jobs!

Dear Right Wingers: PISS CHRIST!

Damn. Letterman's a rerun tonight.

Dear flying monkey right wingers: We are going to nationalize the banking system.

If not "At Last," what should Barack and Michelle dance to next?

Dear Right Wingers: FUCK YOU!

Somewhere in Texas, a village is no longer missing its idiot.

The Obamas First Inaugural Dance To Beyonce (VIDEO)

Kerry on Obama Inauguration

Dear right wingers: no fetus is safe!

Hey - I just realized - where are the DU decorations?

I. Love. You. People. except for the right wingers. eom

We didn't just elect a president, we elected an idea - and Obama is gonna need our help

Hey Jebby, just keep remembering that phrase you said 2 years ago, "Yo no tengo futuro".

OK who else is afraid that the White House is full of bugs

When black will not be asked to get back,

Thank you DUers... It's been a long hard road.

Another great night for thread titles:

Someone at work just told me Obama's oath wasn't "legal" today

Hey RW's: We're all gonna get laid.

Dear Americans

Well, we know the new direction for TDS fnd Colbert .. Bush and Cheney

Dear Right Wingers: This country is through making war.

Dear Right Wingers: It's once again pronounced "new-clee-er"

Well lookee here, Two Shoes, Pickles, Wimpy Daddy Nutsack and the Silver Douchebag..(caption please)

Obama orders Gitmo freeze

PATIENCE, even in the most optimistic of circumstances

I may be coming late to the party but,

A repost, but appropriate for today.

Commander in Chief ball is at attention!

So Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face is taking up residence.....

I'm a straight dude who would like to gay marry someone, have an embryo planted

Somebody ought to put all these Dear RWers one-liners together

biden and sometimes obama said the same thing at every

Dear right-wingers: FUCK YOU!

Please forgive me if this is a bit crude, but...

Dear right-wingers: now you know what it's like to feel like a stranger in your own country. Enjoy.

Do you think we can't have the ERA? Yes, we can!

Brilliant summary of what an Obama presidency means

White House update - ServPro came yesterday to get the stale weenie smell out.*

Dear Right Wingers, Please join in singing our national anthem

Dear Rightwingers: Please report tomorrow morning to the nearest FEMA re-education camp! - n/t

Dear Right Wingers. Christmas is now ILLEGAL

Now That Jr's Back In TX, Time To Give Tx Back To Mexico

Dear Right Wingers. Obama is your new Messiah. Worship him now.

BBS may finally subside

‘To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward’ (Newspaper Lead in UAE)

A cool thought

MSNBC is getting goofy

My idea for economic stimulus

Axelrod ‘kvells’ at Jewish inaugural event

We had an Irish Catholic President today !

The Best 404 Ever

Yes, We Can Make the Stimulus More Stimulating

Dear Right Wingers, All Your base are Belong to us!

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'

dear left wingers: why don't we act as if we have been here before...

Bu Bye! Bu Bye!

Chers Droits Ailiers. Le Français est maintenant la langue officielle de l'Amérique. was your January 20, 2009?

"The market fell more than 300 points on fears that the bailout does not do enough for banks"


Worldwide Celebration: Slideshow

Oh yes...Michelle is such an "angry black woman", isn't she?

Mishun a kompleshd!1

Okay. I'LL be the one to wish our intelligent, hard-working, & visionary former President goodbye:

Will there be a baby boom in October?

Here is the t-shirt I wore to our inaugural party tonight

Freepers - delusional to the end.......Check out their "Goodbye President Bush" thread:

Anyone in Southern California up?

HELP! Re- a Statue on the D.C. Mall:

Att. Jewish DUrs: What did you make of Rick Warren saying the Shema today?

I'd like to gather all those who knew George Bush would not give up the office.

CELEBRATE tonight stop being downers

Upon seeing Dick Cheney in a wheel chair

Dear copycats: there's no comma after "Dear" when opening a letter.

to bob_weaver's awesome photoshop pic ... adding a quote from MLK

Is there video of the Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye?

Guardian: Jubilation and resignation as world reacts to arrival of new US president

There's a strange feeling in the air this morning. I think its HOPE.

Thrill over. Start the arrests.

1800 tickets **still** available ..... and they were ***free***

Wow! I'm just speechless. It's truly amazing.

Obama administration moves to suspend Gitmo trials

Pres Obama to end the horrific "Stop-Loss" program!

Obama is Well Received & Celebrated around the World

Is Obama a Peter Tosh fan?

WJ this morning - the inauguration

Obama and Bush

Here is to the healing of all those Bush hurt so badly with his violence and war

War Crimes Times: Corporate media & war crimes

Online Video of Inauguration Sets Records

Oh my!

Tuesday, 1/20/09: Just Hours Away ...a note from Michael Moore

I would like to thank whomever invented the nickname "jug-eared fuck" for Bu$h.

Hugs for a new day, a new era....

It's still Clinton's fault (Bill, that is)

Bishop Gene Robinson

Yes, this is change.

Mich. police: Boy, 8, spent 10 days with dead mom

Dean on CNBC now.

SKorean Officials Probe Clash That Left 6 Potesters Dead

SKorean Officials Probe Clash That Left 6 Potesters Dead

Ruling on Records Delivers a Win to Cheney [the back-breaking boxes]

Bush, Rumsfeld should be pursued for torture: UN rapporteur

i just noticed free republic received a contribution from cuba

Michelle's dress - how do you like it?

OK, my turn: Dear right-wingers, it's not patriotic to criticize the Commander in Chief during a war

Chinese donate rice to Obama's step-grandmother

Bush Dies Peacefully In His Sleep

Need Help Replying To A Facebook Comment

Bush Signing Statements Will Retire With Their Author

Black women are mean!

Goodbye Gitmo

It was obvious Israel was taking advantage of the last days of Bush to wage their assault on Gaza

I am so glad we now have a prez. who doesn't talk in "bumper stickers"

I am so glad we now have a prez. who doesn't talk in "bumper stickers"

I wonder if we'll find out about the excavations at Cheney's secret location now?

Lets Go Whistleblowers

Helicopter taking *W* away ! New Screen-saver for a while while I wait for his arrest.

AP Poll: People optimistic on Obama by 3-1 margin

Barack and Michelle dance like they still have sex.

What is Bush smirking about in this photo?

Woohoo! Great day to be alive!

Was hoping Trudeau would reveal his Obama symbol in today's toon...not yet!

According to my TV this morning, the most important thing that happened yesterday

For first time in 80 years GM is the #2 seller of autos in world.

So, how's Lee Mercer taking it?

LOL Did you see the man in his tux on Moanin Joe? He said he's waiting for the bar

Venezuela tolerates FARC rebels in border region, residents say

Joel Pett - "Yes we can."

Wow, DU didn't crash yesterday. Thanks, admins!

As America wakes up to a new President the DOW climbs

Dancing to "At Last".....again!

Investors sent a strong message to Obama yesterday: His stimulus plan isn't working.

Did Bush and Cheney interact yesterday?

US Civil War claims another casualty (re-enactor shot)

Some photos from an inauguration party

Obama's Inauguration speech as a cloud tag

Anyone know how to change user name? nt

EU welcomes Obama decision to suspend Guantanamo trials

I watch 2 min of TV this morning and what do I see - a call to the WAAHHmbulance for poor *

Alone among networks, Fox News gives Bush homecoming cheer

Feds: Zero Arrests During Obama Inaugural

Good morning DU! I just had the strangest dream. Get this:

Has any incoming president ever scolded the previous one so?

So apparantly I had a pretty decent inaugural experience

What do you think the first line was in the note Bush left for Obama??

Bush didn't pardon ANYONE?

President Obama Orders Guantanamo Trial Of Canadian Halted

my favorite moment from yesterday...

Aargh. 4 to 8 more years of stupid Hitler comparisons.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Summed up the Bush Dynasty pretty well

F. Scott Fitzgerald Summed up the Bush Dynasty pretty well

Boehner: We Can't Just Be 'Party Of No' Under Obama

Aerial photo of inauguration

A Cabinet that would really make the freepers crazy:

The Rude Pundit: The United States, One More Time

He ignored chants of "no more Bush" and "bye-bye Bush" from the masses in the Mall, grinning gamely

Supreme Court won't revive online content law (Child Online Protection Act)


Bush was a uniter after all

Well, Thank God CNN is now "Keeping them honest"

Will Republicans need a decoder ring to understand Obama's speeches?

"When I get home and look in the mirror, I'll be proud of what I see" bush

German Woman Missing 12 Years Found Alive in Swiss Woods

I just turned my flags right side up.

Will gives President Obama his props (albeit begrudgingly).....

Repost from last night: From the OTHER Obama comic book...(dial-up warning)

DU legal minds please weigh in.(Labor Related)

Ok what word were NOT in the speech that would have if Bush gave it?

UAL Corp 4Q Loss Widens, To Cut 1,000 More Jobs By Yr-End

UAL Corp 4Q Loss Widens, To Cut 1,000 More Jobs By Yr-End

I'm starting to get SPAM from some RW "Christian" website......

Bush: "I’d like to be a part of making the real history of this administration come to life"

Obama's election ended racism so we don't ever want to hear about it again!

China worried that President Obama won't be like 'president' Bush

Yea he's getting some tonight....

How Comes The Obama Gets To Be A Presidents?

I Will Never Ever Second Guess Myself If I think something is wrong with a child.

Naomi Wolf: Obama inauguration: A new tone. No more fake optimism for the people

GM loses global sales crown after 77 years (Reuters)

This phrase has been rattling around my cranium this morning . . .

Activist Judge on Supreme Court Re-Writes Constitution (Roberts)

Rachel just said 1.8M

Woman Quits Woods, Meets Sister, Back in Germany

Where there any protest yesterday?

Want something new to complain about re: Obama? He used lincoln's bible, a snub to American Indians?

Dick Watch: dickie to address Wyoming House and Senate

What's this? A Freeper coming to his senses?


George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were both born in 1924.

When is the first press conference due? Either Bob Gibbs or Obama himself. Anyone?

Poppy Bush looked pretty fragile yesterday.

Poppy Bush looked pretty fragile yesterday.

Arabs and Muslims give Obama benefit of doubt on new way

BREAKING NEWS: Former Vice President Cheney at the age of 67!

In Final Legal Act, Bush Appeals Spy Ruling

Can You Help Me Out With Local Newspaper?

Politico pisses on the parade: Seven reasons for healthy skepticism

Now that the adults are in charge where can we build one of these in North America?

'president' Bush: 'I always felt it was important not to pass tough issues on to future Presidents'

The Coming Fight Over EFCA

For better or for worse, I guess that anyone really can become president

Does anyone have a crowd shot of Bushs inauguration to compare it to Obamas?

Cube Rats Set Record for Online Video Viewing of President Obama's Inauguration

Obama's swearing-in upstaged by Aretha's hat.

Cross post from the Native American forum

OK, so why are the fundies so enamored with Blondie?

Here is my way of harassing the right wingers-

It pisses me off that Cornyn gets the respect of being called "Senator"

Sign up for emails from

I rocked out in my car to this song today...thought it captured the spirit of this historic day:

First day on the job, Market soars 80 pts.

Now, to work >>

Canada stands firm on 2011 Afghan withdrawal

OK: Party's Over. Get To Work

By GOD! we are lame!!!1

Look at that white house staff being sworn in

Hitler's Grammy Drunk During Cop Stop, Says Mom

Do-not-call list made situation 'worse,' says group in Canada.

Beulah School Board lifts book ban - “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

Anyone Else Convinced We Just Witnessed a 'Velvet Revolution'- American Style?

A Picture is worth a Million words. I'll let this one speak for itself.

Now we're talkin'

Lieberman: I pledge to ‘do everything’ in my power to help Obama be a great president.»

What's with the weird cropping on Obama's 'official presidential portrait' (from Wikipedia)?

Scientists: Earthquakes, El Ninos fatal to earliest civilization in Americas

Bill would bring beer into Nebraska parks

Wing Nut Email

The moment

Biden just cracked on Roberts for flubbing oath.

2009 is probably going to be a rough year for me and my family.

Giving Bush the boot--literally

Giving Bush the boot--literally

Rod Blagojevich

Even my dogs and cat seem relieved that Bush is gone. I swear

andrea mitchel and alan greenspan - finding it hard to listen to her

"To: #44, From # 43.''

This story will make you give a shit. Could Poop Power Your Car?

Timothy Geithner confirmation hearing on now

Timothy Geithner confirmation hearing on now

"Yes. We did."

Helen Thomas interviewed on the CBC.

Helen Thomas interviewed on the CBC.

Breaking on CNN: The draft order on Guantanamo calls for it to be closed within a year

Temporary street flower sale ban OK'd (for Valentine's Day)

CNN: Engine type found on 1549 may run too hot, causing compressor stalls.

Obama's words lift audience at a troubled school

PHOTOSHOP REQUEST! (yes, I'm a nerd)

Why I feel less stressed

Where will the reeducation camps for free republic members be set up?

Germany bans drug "Spice"

Bush, Hannity, Limbaugh, and the Republican legacy depend on Barack Obama

The Jonas Brothers Surprise the Obama Girls

The real equality is when we can have a black president as dumb as George Bush

So what did you all think when Bush was booed by the crowd yesterrday?

Musicians: The fiddlers are back! Classical is back!


Obama to ban all hunting, give animals right to sue, phase out meat eating

To all the Freepfuck fucking fuckheads who think that a bobbled....

Free at last!

OMG! Obama's REALLY a leftie!

Iraqis say they're ready and able if the U.S. pulls out early... We should roll with that and split

What is up with our military?

username amnesty

Great Cultural Arbiter Kyl calls Obama inauguration speech 'low brow'

VIDEO: Protesters Chant 'Sha na na na, Na na na na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye' to Bush Chopper

Hi, DUers! I've been media-free for a couple of days...

GM loses world auto sales crown to Toyota

Shout out to the Secret Service, D.C. Metro Police, F.B.I., and others!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahha - everyone is cashing in

Has Obama failed yet?

Will Barack Obama oversee the waning of the American 'superpower' status?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Jenna & Barbara Bush Give Advice to Sasha & Malia

Obama's first proclamation: A National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation

Biden: ‘My memory is not as good as Justice Roberts.’ (VIDEO at link)

Who is delivering the sermon at the

Norm Coleman Returns To Senate As Non-Senator

Obama collector plates

Anybody have the information about the cost of the Bush inauguration vs. that of Obama?

In First Foreign Foray, Obama Heading to Latin America


It is 1,460 days, 0 hours, 7 minutes and 35 seconds until President Obama begins his second term.

A thought about Freeper's constantly passing the buck

Obama plans to ban mothers, apple pie and fluttering flags

Bush Loses A Street

Malia Obama should publish the pictures she took this week. IMHO

So far, the Obama Administration is not meeting my expectations.

i was invited to do a video commentary-don't you people care?

Only now can I sob on the outside. Exhilaration and fatigue after my 28 hr round trip / pictures

CNN BREAKING NEWS: White Powder mailed to Wall Street Journal.

Yes He Is; "He is really president."...104 year-old daughter of slave

Inauguration Day: 1-20-09 - The Installation of Hope & Change

If they're going to keep bringing Bill Clinton into Hillary then

So, I came home and discovered I was in a new United States...

Freepers annoyed that the new was

(empty coconuts collide) Rush on "Hannity" TV tonight

LOL - CNN calling out Limpball's for saying "I hope Obama Fails"

A question about Geither

Michelle and Barack Obama

Yo. What's the difference between GD and GDP these days?


Senate GOP forcing Holder confirmation to be put off until next week...

Obama hasn't appointed Lee Mercer Jr. to anything yet?

DU Amnesty takers: check in here!

Dear Republican Obstructionists .......

It seems just yesterday we were worrying about yard signs getting stolen & poll results!

Did Cheney Pull A Groin Muscle or Hurt His Back?

Was I the only person who wanted to push Scalia off the stage?

Front page of Pensacola News Journal

Some scholars say Obama should retake oath Roberts flubbed 'just to be safe.'

Caption this.


LMAO . . . the latest in Freeper paranoia

rick sanchez is mocking roberts on cnn-

Baby's phone call from indoor marijuana farm lands dad in jail

You chicken shit, whistle asses, wussie motherfuckers.

Any other DUers make it back from The Mall yet?

Wanted: Personal Trainer Needed Immediately. Apply to H. Reid, c/o US Senate

Wanted: Personal Trainer Needed Immediately. Apply to H. Reid, c/o US Senate

Obama freezes salaries of some White House aides

I survived the Bush Administration (and all I have left is this lousy t-shirt)

Clinton Confirmed

Clinton vote for SOS up NOW

WTF happened to Mary Matalin's face?

My wish for tomorrow.....all the Bush DOJ appointees get their pinks slips and supenas at the same..

Rush; truly a big fat idiot.

Clinton is SoS - 94 yes; 2 no

Sec. of Treasury Nominee lying thru his teeth at hearing on C-span

Debbie Downer versus Muffy the Cheerleader

Debbie Downer versus Muffy the Cheerleader

Obama Opens First Day With Prayer Service

DOW gets back almost all of yesterday's losses

I would expect much more information coming out about GWB wars and torture programs very soon.

Hey, Skinner! How about a Password Change Amnesty?

Cheney in wheelchair

Did Google put up a special graphic yesterday? I forgot to look

Under Obama, the Dow is up over 3.5% per day!


Obama isn't president yet,and I can prove it.

Freepers Caption Obama at Desk in Oval Office

Vitter and DeMint only two votes against Hillary...

My favorite new Dilbert Toon....... good in most arguments with

To all our new visitors .... HI THERE!!!!!

Poor wingnuts...they lost big ...but its like they are in total denial.

New VA Numbers: The Enormous Challenge Ahead

(my dream) Executive Order: Arrest Bush Immediately for war crimes. n/t

Oval Offices throughout the years

Fox Only Major Network That Covered Bush's Texas Homecoming

Change Comes to the Oval Office

I don't trust Obama

Joe The Scar Is Upset That Bush Was Booed........

Lie to me....(Scientific American Mind)

An idea to kick the "right" further down. Have a "correct instead of right" day!

Michigan's unemployment rate hits double digits


If I change my username during amnesty will that remove me from everyone's "Ignore" lists?

I don't know why but this reminded me of ex-president Bush

May I suggest a return to 70's fashion anyone?


Obama looked so YOUNG in amongst those gray beards yesterday

Is it just me?

It's like they're a SuperCouple! (PIC)

Inauguration jolts Internet

FReepers bask in afterglow after Dr. Phil taping with their heroine Coulter

I have never had a happier birthday than today!

I went ahead and did it. Don't hate me.

Although I can't stand bush, and hope to see, at a minimum, meaningful investigations

Democracy Now! Alice Walker - Inaugural Poem

Mighty Good News From The White House Today - extremely important

I need a quick link to refute that DC was torn apart by Dems

President Obama...the two greatest words in the English Language.

Obama should pardon Siegelman and Scrushy

CA ABC affiliate refuses to air ad promoting same-sex marriage and families

David Vitter ..... you petty little poopie head .....

I'm going to make a trip to Europe. Do you think I could leave from here if Fidel was gravely ill

Brush - off your Tin Foil Hat

Matt Lauer Fed Up With Bernie Madoff

Now I know who Madoff reminds me of..

WorldNutDaily founder: "Pray Obama Fails"

Obama, are we gonna have to deal with this shit every day?

Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover Customers Vulnerable In Massive Credit Card Data Theft

Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle

Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle

Need hope? Professor Marty Lederman joins Obama team

H.R. 414, the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act

Ok folks, I need some help here. I just took this pic about an hour ago,

Magnificent 'toon from Justin (via BartCop)

Testing: DO NOT K&R this thread.

I'm a NON-believer, proud to be recognized by President Obama!

I was disappointed by John Williams music for the Inaguration;

House passes bailout goals, restrictions

Keep Gitmo open so we can house the neo cons there & torture them a bit.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Inauguration day!!

DUers that like to breathe check in thread & Rec! This is Hugh!!11!

So, I'm Watching Obama Sign P.O.'s Today

Rolling Stone: Obama makes sure Bush's papers will not be privileged forever

Email to rush bimbaw. he must apologize

House stimulus bill--Mass transit got the shaft to make room for....wait for it....

can someone explain to me why GOP House members have any say in anything???

this story is tragic- about a football player at a local high school

Best line from Obama's Inaugural Address

So, should I change my user name?

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Presidents are required to smoke

OK, Obama is President, you can start bashing him now (3,2,1....)

Old Age Was Secret of Modern Humans' Success..(Specifically GRANDMOTHERS)

graywarrior STILL has that duck TAPED DOWN!11!!!!!

Can someone tell me why this bailout wouldn't work?

ABC News On the Money Trail: Lobbyists Are People Too, Reid Says

It's Not Just About Getting High (wow, Bob Barr now backs Medical Marijuana?)

Roubini Predicts U.S. Losses May Reach $3.6 Trillion

How about we just put a hose clamp on Limbaugh's sad little weenie and leave it there until ........

Free Blogads On

Man Swaps Empty Lobster Shell for Crab Legs

Bishop Gene Robinson was *hilarious* on The Daily Show last night

DUers that want the Bush/Cheney administration criminals prosecuted check-in thread

Enthusiastic Crowd Meets Bush In Midland, Texas. Did You See Any Pictures?

Fired US Attorney To Prosecute Gitmo Cases

Time to give Dr Mudd a break and replace "his name is "mud" " with "bush"

Video: Happy "Obama is President Day"(from my little sisters)

"We shouldn't be sad because Johnny/Susie/Grandpa is in heaven."

Full-screen photo of inaugural from space

as I watch the Prayer Service, as an atheist


I really envy the kids who will be graduating high school in the next few years...

"Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, goodbye!" to Bush, on the Mall yesterday

Sadly, there are some people here who, no matter what Obama does,

Why Saying No to Foods May Be Harder for Women

Some of the students in the PS where I work think VP Biden is gay.

Can anyone with any experience with healthcare..

Buchanan's saying the market had a "bloodbath"

A lot of talk about Aretha's hat, but I noticed a lot of men wearing dress hats too

Fate is a Fickle Bitch.

Over 300 teachers stood arm in arm watching the oath of office with tears flowing

Justice John Roberts: Proof that Repukes are incompetent and have no business.....

Obama is NOT the President

Just IMAGINE the HARM Smirko McCokespoon could've done if he were INTELLIGENT?

George Mitchell, special envoy to the middle east.. good idea? not?

The official "Let's make shit up about what Obama will do to the country!" thread!

Does bad spelling reveal anything about the writer? (includes classic FR example)

Brownback bill seeks 90-day notice before trying to close Guantanamo

Anonymous Holds Put On Confirmations Of Two Obama Environmental Appointees

What Inauguration Speech phrase will be Obama's "The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself'?

Tech school instructor on leave over Obama remarks - elected "because of the color of his skin."

'WE HAVE ALL THE DOCs'-UN Special Rapporteur On Torture Calls on U.S. to PROSECUTE Bush & Rumsfeld.

Tweety tearing Rush a new one

Rethugs delay Holder confirmation because they're concerned Holder will prosecute?!

What do people think about sending something to Senator Kennedy?

Obama limits ex-presidents' discretion on records

Turley: Most abroad will view Bush as a war criminal

Who all changed their screen names?

Horseman, Pass By

She died

1.8 Million People! ZERO Arrests!

Tell Arlen Specter it's time to put away childish things. The world has changed but he hasn't.

Choke on it limbaugh, you racist, junkie pedophile.

Anyone catch Schumer on the Senate debate for SoS confirmation? He questioned Kerry's chairmanship

What Obama Needs To Do Now

Is Robert Kennedy Jr. Sick?

Hannity & Haney (show update)

Harry Belafonte clip on DemocracyNow!

Obama Knows Women Matter!! *snips from*

TrendMicro: possibly the biggest virus we have ever seen

So in his first day in office...


HUGE worm attacking MILLIONS of PCs

Coleman Camp Says Count 5,000 Absentee Votes -- Up From 654

My son's teacher pulled a devastating bait-and-switch yesterday

Rapture Ready freaks...

How did you like the ball dress?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz to be vice chair of DNC?

CNN Catches UFO on Camera during inauguration?

For those confused by Aretha Franklin's regal hat, may I recommend:

The FOUR Global Warming Impact Studies BUSHCO BURIED In Final Days

Mr. President, please interview Sibel Edmonds.

Predator State: "Let's take the wayback machine to 1992."

Olbermann's plug for tonight: Whistleblower with some explosive new

My pix from the inauguration weekend.

Craig Crawford: Impeach John Roberts

Kaine: Dems will court all 50 states ‘now and forever’

Trust your doctor? READ THIS.

The middle class HAS been sacrificing since the inception of NAFTA.

Obama says the fix for SocSec is "easy--" just eliminate the cap

"It was a putdown"-44 Takes Office with Blunt Rejection of 43-by Helen Thomas

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld.

Let's ban these stupid "Rec if you think..." threads, dammit.

Palin to media: Leave my kids alone

This is a good moment to catch the time spirit

From Daily Kos and Open Left....RIP 50 State Strategy.


If any of you out there are watching MSNBC, please tell Buchanan to shut his piehole.

wandered into a forum here on DU

So...who got Taco Bell tacos for 20 cents today?

We had a "thanksgiving dinner" in our house tonight

Inaguration Tavernertavern Beer: Surly Grit 16 outa Minny, MN

So I think my friend caught me accidentally eyeing his spouse

Levis has 44% off on their website...

Who's in a good mood right now? Check In!

Hi Neighbor! Say Howdy to a DU'er neighbor today!

hey, baseball card collectors. get your Obama cards

LOL (with tears in my eyes) I just saw an auto ad in which the

The Ectofuntus...

GREAT NEWS!!!! Free Republic lays down their arms, pledges full support of President Obama!

Ken Burns said IT GOES TO ELEVEN! OMG!


Tacoma DU-ers. I'm at The Swiss tavern on Jefferson. Anybody want to join me for a celebration?

I so wanted to say today that I am proud to be an American, but....

I found out that someone I once knew died of brain cancer.

MadinMaryland has been asking for this

Hey, hey, we saved the world today

I demand Zombycoffee to celebrate this moment!!1!11

Ken Burns and Dave Barry: separated at birth?

inauguration night picture thread!

You should really check this out. bob_weaver nailed this photoshop!

Oh, yes, the bagpipes! Yes! Yes! PLEASE!

Annie Lennox Walking On (Broken Glass)

K&R if you want Senator Vitter's diaper fetish to make the front page of DU!

episodes like this one showed the genius of Seinfeld

Fark Obama Photoshop contest

With all respect to the great Sam Cooke...the best version I have ever heard of this song....

let me hypothesize for a moment...

So who is Giddy + Wasted as me?

It is customary for the outgoing president to leave a letter for the incoming


Can't help but look at *this* pic of Barack and Michelle, and thnk...

It's official:

Yo Loungers! Happy "Obama is President Day"(from my little sisters)

I did a little bit too much celebreating tonight

It's official...I hate other guys who don't share the same testosterone pumped, muscle-flexing

KitchenWitch Appreciation Thread.

This is the first time in how many years a black man is the most powerful man in the world?

Give your Dad an empty nest

emotional manipulation

We have a Prez, a First Lady and a Queen.

We got Pippi back from the vet

I need help finding an image (or images) from today

Tim Gunn on CNN. Commenting on the gown.

Disaster du Jour

How do you do an exact word count on Microsoft Word 2007?

Dear sir/madam

Bad News! Dick Cheney Saw His Shadow -- Four More Years of Bush!

Wow! My professor from last semester just sent me a hoax chain-mail

Dear sir or madam

Good night, everyone. I can sleep soundly, knowing that What-'is-face is finally gone.

The day's pomp, circumstance, and relief in 6.36 min.

The day's pomp, circumstance, and relief in 6.36 min.

Anyone else wish there had been a Player Haters Ball?

Take a look at Bush St. in San Francisco!

We need an "Ask the Administrators" thread

Anyone ever get embarrassed by their facebook friend's profile pictures?

Ha! Started up 'Been Caught Stealing' on the PC, and MY dog starts barking with the ones in the song

Make 'em stop talking, so I can hear Wyclef Jean.

What will Obama hide in the secret compartments of his desk?

Awright, who expects a massive flu outbreak in a week or so?

President Obama's first official duty --

Are you freakin' kidding me? n/t

I'm a little green around the gills this am

Pictures from the Mall in DC before the swearing in ceremony

Preview of Todd Rundgren's upcoming HDnet special - "Courage"

While you guys were partying...

Fuck. I really really really really really really really really really really really

Shit, my company is doing layoffs today

Instead of an idiots list, how about we group DUers according to head circumference?

What about Idiot lists in DU? We have Ignore lists, which are nice.

BREAKING NEWS: Former Vice President Cheney at the age of 67!

I'm in a cyber cafe' on broke down...can make DC in a few hours...

Help me identify a video. PLEASE!

In the spirit of bi-partisan unity.....

The largest ever single gathering of humanity for a Political Event

During part of an online job application, I had to submit to a version of the Myers-Briggs nonsense

Shite! I just remembered my mom's b-day is tomorrow.

So I was eating vanilla pudding with chocolate syrup while watching the Biggest Loser last night

Pete Seeger Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize


Speaking of translating lyrics, fun with Babel Fish

Good morning Lounge, I just had the strangest dream. Get this:

"I found her diary underneath a tree, and started reading about me..."

Dipthong: Borat-style bathing suit or two-tone vowel?

So, how long before Malia gets really drunk and wraps the limo around a tree on a late night prank?

30 effing pages of instructions

Finally made it to DC!! Looks like I am early, no one is here yet! n/t

Our newest Freeperese term: "Sickafants"

Lil' AA had her first modeling shoot today

Looks like I'll remember Obama's Inauguration as the day my brother died of a massive heart attack.

What I would like to hear in details of Obama's new deal with Arab World:

Tomorrow: Obama's First Day In Office

Hey, I just changed my user name. How do you like it?

Scottish mouth music

One of the greatest musicians you've probably never heard of....

Cool thing at the end of the parade.

Dan Rooney and his son Jim personally present President Obama with AFC championship game ball

What are some of Obama's favorite foods?

Good morning Lounge

Good morning Lounge

I can't get this song out of my head!

I fell asleep. Did I miss the RAPTURE?

Help me settle and argument. I say Frampton's Camel is way better than anything Oasis ever did.

I DID IT!! I'm just baked now!!

What was the last movie you watched?

What does it mean to dream of abandoned buildings?

Is Skinner going to change his name? That would be a hoot.

well....I changed my name.

We're watching Tina Fey on Sesame

"What if the mightiest word is love..."

I was thinking of changing my name to

How cold is it where YOU are right now?

It's been said once before in our nation's history and will be said again.

My 1-20-09 Bush's Last Day Bumper Sticker

Some Christian comments on the inauguration

You are what you eat.

A Sampling of World Reaction to the Beginning of the Obama Era

Freeper Kitty

You can change your username, and you can pick your nose, but

I wish I could celebrate tonight.

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad ---Translation of the lyrics

I always suspected squirrels were evil

Did you see Barbara Bush's reaction when Junior got booed?

This afternoon Erin Burnett (CNBC) said "we have a clip of the President's comments on the economy"

We have a President again!

I DID IT!! I'm just Bake now!!

What a relief!

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

I get morning sickness every day now - except I'm a guy

Can we change our screen names yet? I'm ready!!!!

Has the name change amnesty started yet?

DFW loungers - kitten help

Should I change my DU name?

Police cite buggy driver with DUI

On this day......(fill in the blank)

I think Skinner should institue a forced unsername change for everyone

Yes, you can change your username, BUT...

My little ultra-feminine girly-girl SophieMN wants to join wrestling at her school.

The ONLY thing that would have made me smile more today is:

Was Senator Franken present during the inauguration?

I sure wish my username was Prince so I could change it

show us pictures of your favorite balls

Anyone else watch it all on BBC? It was wonderful

Al Franken for Heavy Changes Ego Spray

WTF! This just isn't right!

BESIDES the speech and the oath of office, was the highlight of the Inauguration Ceremony?

I love this warning... possibly the most fabulous warning ever

Wreck this thread if you have both the desire and ability to wreck it.

I've noticed Skinner has a disruptive clause on the name change

Drinker or non-drinker?

Woot! JerseyGirlDem is OUTTA HERE!!!!!

I don't want to change my username, but I want the shiny red signature line.

Secret Admirer

Come here and DuStrange will assign you a new username

I'm feelin indecisive. How many times can I change change my name during the amnesty?

I'm feelin indecisive. How many times can I change change my name during the amnesty?

Primal scream time...

In the words of that late American poet James Joseph Brown, Jr...


A modern day Rip van Winkle

Will someone please make a flowchart?

am I the only one that hears "Hail to the Chief" and thinks of the movie Dave

I had enough trouble figuring out if the old usernames were male or female

Remembering the political insight of Robert Kennedy back in 1968.


Anybody ever purchase real estate that was subject to short sale?

Is it wrong that I enjoyed the movie Van Helsing?

We got some seriously good looking folks staying at our houses!

woot! just picked up the Inaugural Special Edition of the Washington Post

Just wanted to kick this one up since it got no replies. n/t

Looking for LRYers. Especially Homestead alumni '71

star star star CAPS CAPS CAPS star star star

OK! It's 'FIGURATIVELY,' but the 'message' is the SAME!!

Faux Snooze...funny to the bitter end.

See Dr Strangelove Cheney in the wheelchair?


Where is a good stream to watch the balls? I don't have cable. Thanks

My new favorite link:

I think Obama purposely toned down the speech to match reality..

Can urine tests detect gender?

cross posting in a busier location - lost my bookmarks

Looking for Bush's Last day video on youtube

Ladies of DU My wife is wondering what you think of Michelle's dress.

I wear my new name with pride...

Well, PeterU will soon be history.

DANGER DANGER! - NO Peanut butters!

Obama's day starts with Prayer Meeting tomorrow.

Anyone else bored with the username but unwilling to change it?

Did anyone save a copy of the White House web page after Shrub's Inauguration in 2001?

This feels like the time I couldn't orient my car with the pump in order to get gas.

"Good Bye George Bush" BEST youtube video yet!!!

What happens if someone on your ignore list changes their DU name?

Vanity time!! Which would have been best?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/21/2009)

Congrats from Sweden...

Obama has already done more for this country than Bush did in 8 years . . .

First daughters Malia and Sasha Obama stand by their brand, J. Crew

Rock (or film or TV or political) "stars" you really REALLY met.


Stupid-ass freeper call to Cspan: Roberts "standing up for his honor by flubbing the oath"

Stupid-ass freeper call to Cspan: Roberts "standing up for his honor by flubbing the oath"

When did Katie Couric cut her hair?

The speech was an oratorical evisceration of the last eight years

Do You Include All of Your Temp Jobs on Your Resume

Are there really people getting upset over Lowery's benedictions closing?

Cool, I found a neat photo show of my city

*** A PuStrange Appreciation Thread ***

What are you guys doing?! Stop it!

President Obama and Michelle are on their way to the first ball - per ABC (live)

I freakin' LOVE my username, and NOTHING could make me change it!

If only Ann Dunham could have been here today, to see her son become president.

Let's be thankful for small blessings too--I'm sure Michelle won't try to

I'm so confused

she looks beautiful in white~



No trolls all day?

Raise a glass and toast the First family

I'm going to change my name to PrinceEdwardIslandPeggy

I don't want to change my name but I want a signature line that says

Michelle Obama is going to be one hell of a "FABOULOUS" First Lady

Turn on your favorite TV channel folks -- they're doing their first dance

Look on ABC ... Barack and Michelle just came into the ball!

I do believe that today we regained the world's respect

Is this the first inauguration with no protesters?

She died

Hey Ralphie!! You still think there is no difference between the two parties???

These colors don't run

Even the wingnuts hate him

From the cocoon of undisclosedlocation crawls the particularly ugly moth Bossy Monkey

This is the DUer formerly known as rateyes.

Ever have a company that you just CAN'T boycott?

Do they always televise inauguration balls like this?

What should I change my username to?

Can we ever forgive Elton John?

Hmmm...I wonder if Rabrrrrrr is going to change up his "r's" again??

A question about interracial relationships.

OK, I'm torn (or duct taped-whatthefuckever)

Obama caught on camera with a known terrorist!

I have to blow by doze dow. I'b catching a code.

If I have someone on forced Ignore, and they change their username,

so the "living" Dead played at the Mid-Atlantic ball last night

Nominations for Most Unbelievable Name Change, anyone?

Which of these names do you like more?

What name should DuStrange change to?

Leonard Peltier Severely Beaten, Placed in Solitary, Denied Food.

Obama issues first Executive Order - halts all regulations pending review

Are yaul getting ready for the balls?

Can I just say, it's so nice to see two people so in love...

*** Post Here if you intend to KEEP your username! ***


Should I change my name? Piere.Smooth called me names.

Joe Biden in a tux at the Commander-in-Chief Ball on CNN

San Francisco changed a street name today; from Bush to Obama (photo).

Jonas Brothers Surprise Visit to WH; Midlo is jealous.

I don't remember seeing a President actually DANCE before.

Please recommend that private citizen George W. Bush be PROSECUTED FOR MURDER.

President Obama was doing the bump ROFL!!!

Washington Post has a live feed from the balls ... sorry I found this so late for cube rats

Circle K's carding policy, (or carding policies in general)


Well, thank God, THAT's over,

Stunning picture of a lenticular cloud (APOD)


Greenwald on the inauguration

Whoooaaa... CNN satellite image of the crowd on the Mall today

Schumer: Obama is a "moderate activist" who will not necessarily lead a “left-wing government.”

CNN Now! n/t

Look on CNN live feed ... Michelle and Barack about to enter Home State ball

Thousands with Inaugural tickets don't get in, and miss the ceremony.


Changing my user name

Where's the Puppy?

The symbolism of Roberts' flubbed oath

John Cornyn is a fucking asshole.

all you debbie downers couldn't wait one day before you start crap?

1.8M estimate...

OK, new rule.

****Neighborhood Inaugural Ball****

Obama's should each dance with a same sex enlisted person!

C'mon everyone, say it with me

Wow look at these stupid ugly clouds. I hate clouds and sunsets.

The Bidens are speaking at the Neighborhood ball

The cutest baby ever? Pretty damn close!

First of all, How good looking is my wife? - Barack

I am addicted to the internet.

So, what do you think Lounge?

Robin Roberts interviewing Obama on ABC (backstage at ball)

I feel for Michelle. She looks tired. Why are the balls on Inaguration night?

OK. I just watched the speech again.......

I just watched my newest nephew be born!

CSPAN 2 is showing the former presidents at the inauguration. Maybe we can catch the booing * got

Fashionistas, here's the website for Jason Wu.

what a dumb move by the networks to not air these things live for everyone...

I hate these innaugurations.... How about some REAL change?

CSPAN's coverage was awesome!

Please good vibes to me. I'm going in tomorrow to get the tests ready for ECT treatment

found a nice slide show at the LA Times

CNN - Obama is at the Commander-In-Chief Ball

Crooks and Liars has the download links for THE Speech today

I noticed John Boner refused to applaud after Obama completed the Oath of Office.

I wish that I lived somewhere with Indian food delivery

hopefully the dresses get better as

Barack is talking to service people in Afghanistan (I believe)

I hate these whiny about some REAL change?

The President, First Lady, Vice President and Second Lady

Methinks a final TA-TA to Bush is in order. . .Sing along with me. . .

Turn to CNN Obama at Commander In Chief Ball


O, Christmas tree, O Christmas tree...

I tasted my first protein shake today.

Am so choked up watching Obama and Michelle

Rachel said that Roberts apologized to President Obama? Did I hear that?

Don't feed it.

Turn on ABC to see Bidens dancing

Respect and dignity has returned to Washington,DC.

Barack and Michelle expected soon (maybe 10:45 EST) at Youth Ball ... should be a good appearance

Good Night! I'm Divorced! I'm Going To Bed!

Oh thank God this man will be our Commander in Chief

Smoker or Non-Smoker?

We'll be a good member of the UN again.

kitten picture of the day for tuesday january 20

Has There Ever Been Any DUers That Met Each Other Here and Got Married?

Obama talking to the troops

These fucking *media* jerks love the sound of their own voices!!


was the duck freed?

Michelle: "Hi! We're home. Isn't it great?!"

Here's a geeky change.


My beloved America is now a place of hope. At long last.

"I hope the media is as harsh with Obama as they were with Bush."

Inauguration party over front pages

and now for your Shortwave Radio update!

"My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over." Remarks of Gerald Ford on taking office

President Obama. Has it sunk in yet? President Obama. n/t

Photos of Michelle and Barack (and Joe and Jill) at inaugural balls ... post them here

Obamas juggle inaugural balls.

I am looking for the ball that the Clintons are sure to be attending.

Obama is at the Youth Ball now

Obama rockin' the Youth Ball!

Like Pinochet, Bush can be prosecuted by foreign nation, Maddow's guest says

This President is SEXY !!

Our president said, America is a friend to each nation....

USA Today Inauguration Day Pics!

SallyMander or sallymander?

Will the girls be making an appearance?

Anybody see George's face during Obama's Speech?

Chris Matthews: Bush worked to limit our memory and brains

Matthews just refered to Bush's "Stupid Chauvinism"

OKay, for those of you lusting after Dr. Biden....(like me..sorry Catwoman)...

AP Estimates Crowds At About 1.8 Million

how much hope do you have tonight?

This Day has been nothing short of Perfect

Hey, how about THREE CHEERS for the DU admins!!!

Park Police, MPD Report No Arrests....well thats simply amazing


Is tomorrow when we find out about all the missing O's and exploded frogs all over the place?

It just hit me....watching Obama dance

Is there anyone else who doesn't want this day/night to ever end?

Bush's remarks in Midland sound like he and Rove spent the whole plane ride back crafting "answer"

New Movie: The International - A Take-off on BCCI???

Wow...Jill Biden!!! (Up dated with a picture)

One thing we can thank Bush for

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/21/09

The one negative thing tonight about President Obama just struck me as I watched the "balls"

Picture request

Picture request

The inauguration poem was exactly the kind of poetry I don't like.

Gene Robinson on TDS

5 down, 5 to go...

This isn't the end of the battle folks - it's the beginning...

Colbert ask the staff to show something to ice his heart.

FOX is coviering all the inaugeral balls

Obama's thanking of George Bush* made me turn to the Green Party.

Are Barack and Michelle going to be sick of "At Last" by the end of the night?

How will the media be now they are in Obama's reign?

Tensions are running so high on here, even though we have won ...

Chris Matthews is batshit crazy.

Today is a great day.

Deep Thoughts...

I'm sorry, but I think the Obamas are laughing their way through this ball circuit.

I feel good about these folks.

Full of wonder

Rachel just reported Roberts apologized to Obama for fumbling the swearing in..

I love it: at the ball everyone has their cameras over their heads with the LCD glow as they film

TD Jakes preached at St. John's Church this morning? Ugh.

I know it's a great burden, Barack, but we've set our family's hope on your vision

REPORT: Obama Seeks 120-Day Halt to Legal Proceedings at Gitmo

I have decided to grow my hair out! Yikes!

I just found out Bay Buchanan is Pat Buchanan's sister. I never thought of

Today was a good day, not a perfect one. A GOOD day. Let this be a lesson!

You know, there may well be a monument/memorial to Obama on the mall one day.

So what's going on tomorrow?

Do you think our president has sat behind the desk in the oval office yet?

Over 50 years ago my parents watched a young black couple refused to be seated at a restaurant in

From the OTHER Obama comic book...(dial-up warning)

I'm Totally Drained From Just Watching All The Events On TV


Ball gown - Southern belle frou frou on an elegant, tall, statuesque, 45 year old woman?

Hey! Does This Mean That...

self delete

When did coverage of the Inaugural balls end?

New View Of The Inauguration (McClatchy photographer)

John Roberts Can Has Cheezburger?

And now we can all, Exhale

Does Michelle's Inaugural Gown have cotton balls stuck all over it?


Playing about with that dress ALL NIGHT!

Obama the radical

The guy on the right is cool, the guy on the left forgets small portions of the Constitution

If George W. Bush were a Bond Villain he'd have to be "Shitfinger"

Call me a Star Trek geek but this song has been stuck in my head all day:

Whatever you want, Barack. Whatever you want.

Ok... I'm crying now.

Bush, the last 64 Minute count down: Secrecy & Tyranny

The last couple of days have been magical

Anyone know where I can watch the full inaugural ball coverage?

Meanwhile back at their secret undisclosed location, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are:

Meanwhile back at their secret undisclosed location, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are:

Wow. Is this as big as I think it is? Obama halts ALL pending Bush regs until/unless they

A reminder to any freepers and trolls trying to make an issue out of the "oath blooper"

From the 1730s onward, we have had a president born in every decade...

Please join in !!!

I am SO not interested in the fashion obsession...

secret microphone captures heated discussion between John Cornyn and Hillary Clinton

Joe(the black eagle)Madison stop your DOOM andGLOOM

You know what bothered me?

Anyone watch the ABC interview with Michelle?

Did one of the justices skip the inaugural ceremony today?

I am so embarrassed - I just got this email...

Does anyone know what the all-black military unit was in the parade?

We Are One concert


WSJ: Vanden Heuvel, Gringrich, Palin and others weigh in on their hopes for an Obama Presidency

Wait a hot minute.

Nomad1776 is no more

Nomad1776 is no more

Michelle's gift to Laura Bush was a journal with a Louis L'Amour quote...


Inaugural Prayer it televised?

Sen. Cornhole thinks your stupid

Obama orders Guantanamo prosecutors to seek freeze on all pending cases

Obama Halts All Regulations Pending Review

Heard Breaking News on Morning Joe don't know if anyone else knows

Sign-up for White House e-mail updates here:

Good Morning --- It's Wednesday

So, how did your place of work handle the Inauguration? Executive Branch INCLUDES the office of Vice President

Hey, somebody was missing...

Kudos to Presidential Prayer Team

BlooInBloo's 5 Biggest Take-Aways From Today...

The Obamas' first dance (Beyonce At Last)

My best memory of the election......

I guess Chief Justice Roberts can't accept that Obama voted "NO" on his confirmation

"The Oath" is just window dressing...or how the RW media is stupid on a stick

Toon from Tony Auth--putting away childish things

First Lady. Oops.

Pat Buchanan...

LOL! George Bush Even Gets Rejected by ‘The Sunset’

Msg to Chris Matthews: STFU

Okay, when do you think we will elect an Atheist president...

Robert Gibbs had the best seat in the house yesterday. Air/Simple Gifts up on Youtube.

"Ally of Hamas Speaks at Obama's inauguration prayer service"

Just want to say that all day today, the media was talking about tomorrow....

I think Barack Obama has already made the world a kinder and safer place

Timothy Geithner Hearing on Now. CSPAN2

Elizabeth Alexander's Poem was terrific

Obama stands up for dissent and freedom of speech in his Inaugural Address today!

Be sure to copy the following info down! It has just become relevant again in the White House!

Did Obama sport a bulletproof suit for the outdoor festivites?

Does anyone have a .wmv video file of the Swearing in and Inaugural Address?

I heard on Bill Press this morning that Lieberman was booed when his mug was up on the jumbotrons...

Judge Grants Obama Request to Suspend Gitmo Trial

Anyone got a good pic of Bush leaving?

Control to all DU operatives: Notice

Hilary Rosen just reported on CNN that Sasha and Malia are having a sleepover tonight at the WH.

"Man, just who is this Obama guy? He'll be President someday."

Cheers for Obama are heard around the world

World reaction to PRESIDENT Obama's speech yesterday?

I just deleted the GWB Countdown Clock from my Bookmarks

Ok! Listen Up... Wanna Know What Happened at the Inauguration Yesterday????

I've been trying to come up with a youtube link to music that sums up today for me

Anyone else regretting that they didn't go to the Inauguration?

If you're fixated on the oath flub, you probably need to re-read Obama's speech.

The Westboro Batshit Crazies made it to the Inauguration..

Rock (or film or TV or political) "stars" you really REALLY met.

Rock (or film or TV or political) "stars" you really REALLY met.

Obama Considers Mitchell as Mideast Envoy

The inauguration as seen from space

To all the freeptards that spread the Koran rumor

Does anyone have a link to the text of Warren's invocation?

You know what, I can't wait to see how Michelle decorates the White House for Christmas this year.

You do know those people in the Listerine Commercials

I noticed something when I looked at the newspaper this morning:

WH: President Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans

In the words of MLK . . .

Anybody else have that Day after Christmas feeling?

Photo: Crowds welcome Bush back to TEXAS!

In the spirit of President Obama's goal of working together....

For those who missed our new president doing the bump last night ...

No Comment!

Worldwide reaction to PRESIDENT OBAMA'S speech yesterday??

I expect Drudge to be the official mouthpiece of the Right Wing and driving anti-Obama news

Ya know, even I'm annoyed at the idea that any church calls itself

Photo of President Obama, Vice President Biden, SoS (to be) Clinton, and their spouses from today...

Protagonist or Antagonist? Raining on the Inauguration or Giving It Volume?

I love this about the new website

Senate debate on Sen. Clinton's nomination to be Sec of State now

Chris Rock reveling in the Inauguration and his doc film "Good Hair"

As if you need another reason to despise Warren -



And Now for the Really Hard Part...Governing

Another SCOTUS Order List, Another EPIC FAIL For Birthers

Britain Reacts to Obama's Inauguration

Just Watched The Swearing In Again. Didn't Realize They Both Messed Up! (I Think)

change has already come to DC

Rec this Thread!!! - If you want to stop people from asking to have their thread rec'ed!!

The end of Fearorism!

I had my best night of sleep since November 2000


New TIME Magazine Cover

The most beautiful 404 Error page ever created

Obama tells America to grow up and set aside "childish things"

Kyl calls Obama’s inaugural address ‘low-brow.’

Geithner was an idiot. Most of the people I know would not have done that mistake!

Obama Enters Oval Office (statement from the White House)

Is this an awesome picture or what?

What is up with the Top Atlanta Newspaper?

The preacher at the Inaugural Prayer Service did a great job

I also know the Obama team has deeply appreciated the degree to which President Bush and his staff

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gestures prior to the inauguration ceremony

Last night was like a meta-wedding.


Just so there's no confusion with all the name changes, Rush still sucks.

It would seem that for the Rove and Gingerich Rs, "loyal opposition"

Larry King: What is it about him? Because he's no Clark Gable

Can we get Rid of General Discussion: Presidential - We have grown past it.

Drudge Drudgery: "Wall Street Stays Spooked..."

VP Biden: "My memory is not as good as Justice Roberts"

This Fuss About the Oath is Ridiculous.

C-SPAN 2 -- Senate discussions on Hillary's nomination/confirmation

Jonas Bros. surprised Sasha and Malia with WH visit last night

Aretha Franklin and her Church Hat. A great subject to explore learn more about.

Creepy Japanese Obama doll

History was made yesterday

Obama's ethic rules....discussed a few minutes ago on MSNBC. DC thought he was joking, I think.

Pic: Obama moments before delivering inauguration address

It's the first morning in eight years where George Bush is not president.

Craig Crawford: Impeach John Roberts

Obama's Announcement to White House Staffers

Repugs To Hold Up Holder.......

So is Obama still the "anti-christ"?

Change Comes to the Oval Office - Obama gets rid of a dumbass Bush rule on Day 1.

On CSPAN, the mod is saying that the oath of office has to be administered EXACTLY, or

Is it alright to demand FOCA NOW! Pres Obama "promised" it would be the first legislation he signed

Obama Hints he won't Preserve Bush secrets:

Finally! A woman on Fox reporting that GWB was booed loudly...

Obama may not lift stem cell limits

O'Reilly Had a Low Class Obama Inauguration Show

President Barack Obama

Has anyone noticed that MSNBC uses that pic of Obama hugging that Black child in their promos?

What is your worst sick story? I was just reminded of mine.

I want to see Jill Biden's ball gown.

"Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,"

How did you pick your username?

Geekiest. President. Ever!

I Just Found Out What Happened To The Mission $ Billions!

We need a good candidate in Florida who can take back the Governor's mansion..


The fashion critic reviews are in: Michelle "an ultra-feminine goddess. Picture-perfect!"

DANGER DANGER! - NO Peanut butters!

DANGER DANGER! - NO Peanut butters!

Call Lamar Smith and tell him he's a fucking liar.

Call Lamar Smith and tell him he's a fucking liar.

TMZ wants to know whether or not Barack & Michelle did it

Was Roberts (oath) "screw-up" a payback?

Inauguration was most watched in Raleigh

Doing homework where the Gettysburg Address was written.

Here is an interesting article on how Obama could save money with open source software:

K & R if the magnitude of Obama's inaguration is still sinking in for you

John Paul Stevens looked better and sounded better than CJ Roberts

John Paul Stevens looked better and sounded better than CJ Roberts

Cool interactive photo of the inauguration crowd

While most of Chicago was celebrating yesterday, 100 Young Republicans gathered at a bar and sulked.

Obamas make PSAs calling for Americans to volunteer. Just saw one on TV:

I am going to talk about a non-issue

I am going to talk about a non-issue

Jpint COngressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies apologizes to ticket holders

How long will President Obama keep the Bush rug in the Oval Office?

PIC: Obama and Emmanual in the Oval Office

CNN shows its bias -- AGAIN

Any word on when the State of the Union speech will be?

*~*~* Lounge Lizard Username-Change Compendium *~*~*

FACTBOX-U.S. draft executive order to close Guantanamo

President Obama, please lift the ban NOW

Could we have, like, ONE official "What I didn't like about the Inauguration" thread

You can watch the National Cathedral prayer service here!

Times Have Changed

Great slide show of pics from yesterday.

3 things for the President to do to become immortal:

I changed my screen name to add caps. Dammit. Now, who's up to relegate W. to w.?


What will become of ?

Obama and a woman's right to choose

(Former Senator) COLEMAN: 'I will be ahead'

"Welcome to the White House!" (Barack and Michelle have an open house.)

For the first time I'm thinking Kurovski and I aren't going to win this thing

Instructor in trouble for Obama remark

Obama's inauguration highest-rated since Reagan's

This is going on all over the government today, and it is great

Letter to Sasha and Malia Obama from Jenna and Barbara Bush.

I think SomeECards nailed it!

I am confused by the lack of Bush pardons

The Stuff Obama's Done So Far Is CHOKING ME UP!!!

So I did it - I turned on Faux - AND

President Obama to freeze pay of WH staffers making over 100k

Panel's vote on Holder to be AG delayed a week


The Funniest part About the Oath Flub

Unemployment rant...

Fabulous photos from the Inaugural Balls!

Biden to senior staff: "do solemnly swear, or affirm" - sounds like the entire staff said

David Gregory; "These balls look terrific.".

ooooh, i love this image:

The Daily Show's Live Inauguration Special on Now with Guest, Rev. Robinson.

There are those who don't want you to discuss the Bush 43 years.

To Change my name or not to Change my Name

A Crystal Heart

"Transparency and the rule of law will guide this administration"

I watched the oath of office with 300 teachers and we were all arm in arm

What is going on with the US Attorneys?

It must just totally suck to be a Republican tonight.

OMFG....I have no words....this picture takes my breath away!

Gene Robinson on TDS

DId anyone see Caroline Kennedy at the Inaugural? Was she even there?

LOL! Keith just said that Chimpy couldn't get rid of 1800 FREE tickets to his "homecoming" party

Hmm. Wonder what the weather's like in Wasilla today?

The President in the Oval Office!

Obama needs to get his FCC folks on the case of the Dumbass Always Opining Media....

Official: Hillary is S.O.S!!!!

Congratulations Sec. of State Clinton

Obama's first phone call to a foreign leader: ABBAS.

Post one song...just ONE song...that captures today's mood for you

Here's a new Bad Word For the Haters: "Ideologs"

"John McCain goes to bat for Hillary"

Didn't Roberts flub by addressing Obama as Senator?

Barack Obama Has Played The Republicans For Fools

Second-worst part of the ceremony?

Salon: "A brand-new day: Obama does more good in first 8 hours on the job than Bush did in 8 years"

Just this morning I discovered

Awwww alert.

Which Justice of the Supreme court do you wish Obama could replace next?

CNN breaking: 3 executive orders coming tomorrow

Seriously, how great is Biden? Ripping on Roberts and then Obama's lack of amusement was hilarious.

World News Trust: So What Do I Do Now? (Mary Lyon)

I am a little dissapointed in Obama.

This toon pretty much sums it up (re: Oath Flub):

UN Official in charge of torture has a message for our new administration

Have You Seen The New White House YouTube Channel?

Oscar De La Renta: Hillary Is "Very Prudish" About Showing Skin- Contd.

Oscar De La Renta: Hillary Is "Very Prudish" About Showing Skin- Contd.

PHOTO: Tell me he isn't wasted

Tweety has that feeling trickling down his leg again

Oh wow-- remember Check it out now! :-)

The rug (photos)

So, did anyone turn their backs on Warren during the invocation?

There's one question that has never been asked of Barack Obama

The BBC reported today that Obama "flubbed" his oath.

PHOTOS: Soldiers in Iraq react to the inauguration

PHOTOS: Soldiers in Iraq react to the inauguration

DC police reporting not a single arrest all day..

What I Loved (And Didn’t) About Obama’s Inaugural Address

What I Loved (And Didn’t) About Obama’s Inaugural Address

Some Notes on My Inaugural Experience Today:

Uh Oh: Freeper on CSPAN talking about "Those People"

President Obama, make your words ring true - its time to end the sanctions on Cuba!

Will there be a PRESIDENT OBAMA Robot at The Hall of Presidents in Disney by the time I get there?

Salon: "Wonderful" poem: "That's how poetry works, distinguishes itself from prose ... preaching."

PIC: The Moment We've All Been Waiting For (Obama in the Oval Office)

So... Who Was Rahm Doing THIS To?

"We've finally did it. We finally elected a Muslin" (sic)

The President

"Bush History:" is History, 1/21

VolcanoJen's Not So Excellent Inauguration Adventure

USERNAME CHANGE AMNESTY: DUers can change their usernames until January 31. Instructions here:

USERNAME CHANGE AMNESTY: DUers can change their usernames until January 31. Instructions here:

Philadelphia Fund Manager Forte Charged With Fraud (another Ponzi, this one $50 mil)

Salazar confirmed in Cabinet spot

Canada investigates Taser death

US consumer confidence falls near record low - ABC

Obama orders Guantanamo prosecutors to ask for 120-day halt in tribunals: trial source

Colombia- U.S. relations: Days of anguish

30 mile stretch of NJ Turnpike shut down (BOMB THREAT)

UN Calling for Unfettered Access to Gaza Strip

Israel 'admits' using white phosphorus munitions

U.S. judge halts proceedings against Omar Khadr

Guantanamo prosecutors seek trial freeze

Thailand: U.N. Inquiry on Refugees

Thailand: U.N. Inquiry on Refugees

250,000 Tamil civilians urged to flee to safety

Indian FM visits Afghanistan

'Civilians die' in Pakistan clash

Ericsson Posts Lower Net, Plans to Cut 5,000 Jobs

IDF completes pullout of all soldiers from Gaza

Judge grants Obama request to suspend Gitmo trial

Gitmo judge stops 9/11 trial despite objections by martyrdom-seeking defendants

Clear Channel Plans to Trim 1,850 Jobs

Obama begins day with moment of solitude, then business

Obama Seeks Halt to Legal Proceedings at Guantanamo

Swiss to consider hosting Guantanamo inmates

Antigua to rename its tallest peak Mount Obama (on POTUS' birthday)

Israel admits troops may have used phosphorus shells in Gaza

Ireland says may accept some Guantanamo inmates

Cost-cutting Google Scraps Newspaper Ad Program

Ted Kennedy expected to leave hospital

In culminating moment, Biden is vice president

Few Protesters at Inauguration

No arrests made during ceremony

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld.

University group appeals to prime minister to allow William Ayers into Canada

Arabs hope for Obama change, Israelis expect more of same

Franken: Minn. allows election certificate

Man who died (suicide) after standoff a Fort Carson soldier (Iraq war vet - awarded Purple Heart )

Judge grants Obama request to suspend 9/11 trials

World Celebrates Obama's Inauguration

Khadr couldn't pick out Arar immediately, FBI agent admits

Obama asks Mitchell to serve as Mideast envoy: source

Something fishy about Torres Strait survival

House GOP leaders want changes in Dems' $825B bill

For GOP, it's hard to say goodbye

President's Order to Close Detention Facility Expected Thursday, Military Trials Suspended

Obama administration drafting order to close Guantanamo within year, AP reports

Arabs hope for Obama change, Israelis expect more of same

Sweden to allow gay marriage in May

Bush Again Defends His Presidency

Republicans to hold up on Eric Holder nomination

Newspaper: Iraq ready for early U.S. troop pullout

WSJ, Dow Jones CEOs Get White Powder Mail

Senate confirms Hillary Clinton as secretary of state on 94-2 vote

Chrysler forms alliance with Fiat

United Airlines: Hedge Funds Hurt Us on Fuel

Some troops unhappy about Obama pledge on gays

India: Pakistan must be brought to justice

Al-Qaeda cell killed by Black Death 'was developing biological weapons'

Lieberman: "I was deeply moved and inspired"

IAEA to look into Gaza uranium ammunition claim

Obama phones Palestinian president on peace effort

Satellite image of crowds on the Mall

High court sides with union in Maine case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 21

Eaton Says To Cut 5,200 Jobs To Cut Costs

UPDATE 1-Intel to shut sites, cut jobs

AP Exclusive: Obama freezing some aides' salaries

Millions May Be At Risk Of Credit, Debit Fraud After Security Breach{Heartland Payment Systems)

Barack Obama announces sweeping rules limiting involvement of lobbyists in his White House.

Study: Antarctica Joins Rest of Globe in Warming

GM Loses Global Sales Crown After 77 Years

Dutch MP to be prosecuted over anti-Islam comments

Supreme Court lets Internet porn law die

USERNAME CHANGE AMNESTY: DUers can change their usernames until January 31. Instructions here:

Argentina: president meets Fidel Castro in Cuba

Another first: Obama acknowledges 'non-believers'

Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'

Don't undo Bush's work, China tells Obama

TARP bailout protest: 'The bailout is bullshit. You broke it, you bought it.'

U2 - Beautiful Day: Video

President Obama & First Lady dancing @ Neighborhood Ball

President Obama & First Lady dancing @ Home State Ball

From Crooks & Liars founder John Amato: Shoes thrown at Blow Up Bush in DC during Inauguration

Bush Leaves Washington

Juan Williams Chokes Up on Fox News

Happy "Obama is President Day"

Keith Olbermann Says Goodbye To George W. Bush

FEDERAL LAWSUIT FILED (Bailout $$)- Defendants: US Senate & US House of Reps

The Amazing Atheist: 3 reactions to Obama

The Obamas at the Neighborhood Ball


Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Recounts How His 11-Year-Old Son Died in a Israeli Warplane Bombing

These Shoes Were Made For Tossing

7 year old Introduces You To Your NEW President

Photo Journalist, Scout- Yes We Can-Campaign Photos

Cory Booker on the Rachel Maddow Show 1/19/2009


Bush, Cheney Get Millions to Move

Rachel Maddow on the People's Inaugural festivities

One last song to close the celebration before the real work begins

TYT: This Was OUR Inauguration (We Have Our Country Back)

Walter For President (politically incorrect, occasionally graphic language)

The Bailout is the Mother of all Sub-Prime Loans

FOX's Wallace: Is Obama Really Prez After Bobbled Oath?

Dick Cheney In A Wheelchair On Inauguration Day 1-20-09

Obama: Transparency Will Be Touchstone

UK Bankrupt, Intl Collapse has Begun

AT LAST....The Obama's First Dance

On flight back to Texas, Gonzales cried, received a kiss from Bush

Ray Charles-America The Beautiful

Happy Days

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

One More Time--With Feeling: GOODBYE!

Iglesias reinstated and working on Gitmo!

Bush appears at inauguration, crowd sings 'Na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye'

Great interview with Ken Burns on Countdown w/Keith Olbermann

Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman Perform at Barack Obama's Inauguration Celebration

Glen Beck an Ass-hat as usual

5 Favorite Inagural Moments

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Part 1

TYT: Did Israel or Hamas Win?

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Part 2

Obama Gets A Phone Call From Bush

Biden: "My memory isn't as good as Chief Justice Roberts'"

TYT: Did Obama Diss George Bush in His Speech?

Guardian UK: America, under new management

King's legacy demands reforms in criminal justice system

Gitmo court adjourned for a day, perhaps forever

Cheney's Final Act: Renditions Wounded Vet Who Took His Handicapped Spot

Der Spiegel: 'America's Renewal Is No Modest Undertaking'

Recollections of Obama’s Ex-Roommate

George W. Is No Martyr: Bush deserves all the criticism he gets (WSJ / Tilting Yard)

Bush, Rumsfeld should be pursued for torture: UN rapporteur

Robert Scheer: Time To Get To Work

Black Airmen, Frail but Proud, Hail Another Pioneer

Colombia- U.S. relations: Days of anguish

The Eloquence is in the Moment

Maddow and Turley on the Effects of Obama's refusal to investigate Bush crimes

George Bush Even Gets Rejected by 'The Sunset'

Heilemann: Obama's Spare Inaugural Rhetoric Signals Strategic Mastery

Corruption in India like Africa: WB official

Obama inauguration: A new tone. No more fake optimism for the people (Naomi Wolf)

Nattering, inanity and an hour of utter magic (Globe & Mail)

Let That Be Realized

Gene Lyons on Barack Obama's teachable moment

Tom Friedman Should Hang Out (Up?) in His Closet for A Few Days

Bush’s Incompetence Already Lasting Longer than his Term

The ultimate irony- "Are you with us or against us?"

A Hope for Humanity

Sleeping Through the Barack Obama Inaugural Address

Bush's Depressing Goodbye Party: One Staffer Gets Job At Abercrombie

The transfer of power in the eyes of G.B. Trudeau

WSJ: History Will Remember Bush Well

Vilsack not the right choice for ag secretary

Barack and Michelle Obama do WHAT together?

Cenk: The Country Was Made Ours

Forget the Inauguration Poem - Here's the LIMERICK We Woulda' Liked

Garrison Keillor was on the Mall yesterday

Rev. Joseph Lowery's benediction (text)

Capitalism’s Self-inflicted Apocalypse .... by Michael Parenti

Obama to terrorists: ‘We will defeat you’

Shinseki confirmed as new VA secretary

Troops in Iraq cry, cheer for inauguration

Afghan insurgents learn to avoid airstrikes

Carson soldier in WTU dies after standoff

Man sentenced for fake military claims, fraud

Blasts hit convoy in Iraq, wounds 2

Marine One squadron proud to have served Bush

Defense: Prosecutors seek to pause Gitmo trials

Afghanistan seeks control over NATO deployments

Blue Star Families, First Lady stand united

Lawyers oppose extradition of DoD hacker

(Army Times) Editorial: Speak strongly to fix VA

B-52 squadrons trim planes, swap missions

Security forces airman dies in Iraq

Tuskegee Airmen reflect on Obama inauguration

Decision due on Mont. synthetic fuel plant

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: A more martial manner

Obama calls for 'new era of responsibility'

New Commander-in-chief Sworn In

Karzai Claims Defense Deal With Russia

China Calls for Better Military Ties

Emboldened Hamas Declares Victory

Benning Gets Medical Evac Strykers

Combat Team 1 Completes Third Iraq Tour

DoD Buzz: Today, Smiles; Next Week, Who Knows?

(Military Times) Op-Ed:Military Medical Alert

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Make Vets a Priority in First 100 Days

Troops Bid Former President Farewell

War Protesters Take Final Shot at Bush

I'd appreciate it if my DU vet friends would comment on my latest LTTE

Beyonce- Single Ladies SPOOF (Barack Obama)

Green jobs at Fuel Cell Manufacturer in Conn.

Energy and emissions top Obama's green tasklist

NOVA: The Big Energy Gamble

Glaciers melting so fast some could disappear by middle of the century: … melting faster than ever

Sea Shepherd Campaign Appeal: Need Funding for 2nd Round

Sarah Palin Attacks Beluga Whales in Favor of Oil Industry

Ontario coal-fired power plant to switch to biomass

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin Embraces Renewable Energy

Cleaner Air Equals Longer Life

Antarctica is warming, not cooling: study - Reuters

Mitsubishi unveils first mass-market electric car from a major car maker

Survey: (About 82 percent of) Scientists Agree Human-Induced Global Warming is Real

Climate scientists seek a urea moment: …fertilise the ocean…plankton to slow climate change.

Better grazing practices could boost CO2 trade (and soak up millions of tons of carbon a year)

Israel pinning hopes for Hamas deal in Gaza on Egypt intel chief

Last exit for Gaza

"Exterminate all the Brutes": Gaza 2009

Study: Half of J'lem haredi within 10 years

Gazans Rally Behind Hamas

Gwynne Dyer: Olmert said 'jump,' and Bush did

It was obvious Israel was taking advantage of the last days of Bush to wage their assault on Gaza

Lebanon may claim gas deposit found off Israel's coast

Lebanon army gets boost from Russian jets

UN Calling for Unfettered Access to Gaza Strip

Israel wanted a humanitarian crisis

Israel resumes razing al-Quds houses

Hamas says it doesn't oppose co-op with PNA to redevelop Gaza

Israel deploys troops along Gaza border

Waiting and waiting for entry to the devastation that is Gaza

Israel and the white heat of justice

Lieberman: Court gave Arab parties license to destroy Israel

PCHR: 894 of the 1,284 Palestinians killed in Gaza op were civilians

Quartet will talk to Hamas if it recognises Israel: Blair

High Court revokes ban on Arab parties from national elections

Israel prevents Abbas from bringing cash to Gaza

Israel denies medical teams, food supplies entry to Gaza

Israeli human rights activists: Arrest Olmert, Livni, and Barak for war crimes

Lebanon Army Gets Boost From Russian Jets

Too Many Pieces to Pick Up

Israel 'admits' using white phosphorus munitions

Amnesty: White phosphorus used in Gaza

Stoic Gaza claws back to what passes for normal

One Laptop per Child Donates 5,000 Laptops to Refugee Children in the Gaza Strip

Israel Looks To Hold On To Close US Ties Under Obama

Pumping from Kinneret halted as water drops to critical level

High Court revokes ban on Arab parties from elections

UN demands flow of goods to Gaza

CARE assessment: 89% of respondents in Gaza say they have received no humanitarian assistance

To rebuild Gaza we need a superhighway not a country back road, says Oxfam

Hamas leader urges West to talk


Gaza: Der böse, böse Nachbar (Gaza, the bad, bad neighbor)

Israeli Completes Gaza Troop Pullout Radio Wednesday: It's Time to Talk Truth About Israel!

Israel accused of executing parents in front of children in Gaza

How Israel drowns dissent

Israel admits troops may have used phosphorus shells in Gaza

Olmert: U.S.-Israeli relations will grow even stronger under Obama

Israel's bigger battle ahead: its national identity

Unexploded bombs 'major threat' for Gaza

Higher Wages and Debt Relief

How IDF lawyers okayed hitting Gaza homes

Israel must pay for destruction of Gaza, says international lawyer

Zero Rates Push Traders to Cash-Rich Swiss Franc, Yen

Gaza doctor who lost 3 girls in Israeli shelling demands explanation


Madoff lieutenant a point man for prosecutors: report

Layoffs Keep Growing—Is Your Firm On the List?

Big Bank Cliff Diving

When World News Trust: Krugman Is Correct But Has Wrong Conclusion (William Chirolas)

TARP II: Money for Banks, Not Homeowners

Blair: Quartet will talk to Hamas if it recognises Israel

Dupe. Sorry!

Make Special Agent J. Keith Mularski Head of Treasury!

Tip Toe Tax can't work.

Investors pull record $155 billion out of hedge funds

PATIENCE, even in the most optimistic of circumstances

Treasury Nominee Failed to Halt Bond Scam

Dow Jones executives get white powder mail

Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Holding Reports Big Loss

Sen. Bob Corker :" banks know they are insolvent"

Royal Bank of Scotland expects to report biggest full-year loss in British corporate history

Palestinians set out basis for talks with Israel

Nationalisation linkfest

Obama Tightens Ethics, Lobbying Rules, Freezes Pay of Staff

Hamas asserts control in Gaza, seeks "collaborators"

Feng shui masters see calmer markets in Year of the Ox

Apple trounces Wall Street estimates (CNNMoney)

Cerberus could gain in Chrysler stake give-away

A Year of Jubilee! (Repudiate the Debt)

News that Didn't Happen: Pollard and Shalit Still not Free Men

Gaza: 'I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls'

Swedish model for western banks(nationalize banks)

Capitalism's Self-Inflicted Apocalypse

Obama vows to seek 'durable' Mideast peace in Abbas call

Yishai: Gay parade should be banned completely

Disaster in the Shadows - H-1B Terrorist program

Arabs and Muslims give Obama benefit of doubt on new way

Intuit falls after Geithner says he uses TurboTax

Roubini: banking system is “effectively insolvent,”

Gaza smuggling resumes after IDF withdrawal

The Real Audacity of Hope

Inaugural Parade Marchers Display Diversity and Strength of America’s Workers

U.S. House of Representatives passes pro-labor bills

GOP May Try To Block Incoming Labor Secretary

New Labor Laws in China Could Hinder Investors' Profit Potential

Workers vs. Wal-Mart at the Supreme Court (Canada) on Wednesday, January 21st

Grocery Retailers Benefit from Lower Union Wages

Today in labor history Jan 21, 600 police attack picketing longshoremen

Obama Outlines His Agenda on

Obama provides hope for gays, lesbians (

Arnie Kleiner and LA’s -KABC Refuse Pro-Gay Family Ad During Inaug.


I'm watching the President and First Lady dance right now at the Youth Ball.

My 1000th post. Dedicated to you, my GLBTIQ sisters and brothers.

My latest blog post - a bit ranty

Since post of my important posts are in here, which of these names do you guys like more?

Comparing New Admin to Mor*ons on GLBT Issues

Michele's dress.?.

DVR/Tivo Alert: Prayers for Bobby, this Saturday

How many gays? What causes being gay?

It was Great to turn my back to Rick the Hater Today

What's ahead for Latin America-U.S. ties in Obama era? (Xinhua)

Peru: farmers strike over water

HAITI's 10 Demands to President Obama

Argentine prez: Fidel Castro 'believes in Obama'

Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'

Argentina: president meets Fidel Castro in Cuba

Officers cloaked to hamper lawsuits

Stephon Marberry? Someone explain this to me.

As Bush leaves, so does pardon shot for Roger Clemens

Collins in the Pro Bowl over Pennington is an absolute joke.

Obama's rooting for the Steelers

RIP Jose "Chegui" Torres

Eli Lilly Pays $1.4 BILLION for breaking rules, NEXT FDA changes the rules that Lilly broke

Steven Nissen Gives Obama an Rx for FDA Reform

GERD sufferers....ladies....what kind of bra is best for you?

CCW holders shoot Houston woman who shot man with bow and arrow

Should people who accidentally shoot other people still be allowed to own firearms?

Is a person justified in killing someone committing criminal assault (i.e. robbery, rape, beating)

Actor Accidentally Uses Loaded Gun In Play (FL)

Film shooters and scanners.... this is cool

We Are a Generation That Documents Like No Other In History

New View Of The Inauguration (McClatchy-Tribune photographer and cool story about getting the shot)

The view from my front door is cluttered with civilization, but...

You might enjoy watching all the presidents morph

Don't miss Mira's inauguration pictures.

OMG. UFO @ the Inauguration!


Anyone check the Global Conciousness Project today???

Georgia sunrise with crescent Moon

Peace, mah fellow babies

Is the VOC moon today really that foreboding

2009 predictions

Astrological Reading Request

Did I miss the name change jopportunity?

New Matthew Message up ...

NEWS FLASH -- Surveyed scientists agree global warming is real

New predator swaps dung for decapitation

New Species Of Climbing Fish Shakes Catfish Family Tree

Inventor of "Orgasmatron" joins Lifeboat Foundation's Biotech/Medical Board

Stunning picture of a lenticular cloud (APOD)

Crap, I'm tired.

If you could create restaurant menu, what would you choose?

Y'all like the new suit?

Obama's Fascinating Interview with Cathleen Falsani

Speaking of Automats...

Invocation and benediction

As if you need another reason to despise Warren -

An Alternative (Humanist) Invocation

Trials for Parents Who Chose Faith Over Medicine

"Non-Believers" A great phrase

New York Times Front Page, 1/21/09

John Cornyn is the biggest asshat in Texas today

I know you know Cornyn's a jerk, but here's more evidence

Did Bush move into Mark Cubans neighborhood?

Are any other Micro-Trend users getting locked out of e-mail?

Anyone know anything about the new virus DownandUp?

Can anyone recommend a (free or cheap) program for recording audio? Besides Audacity?

Huh ? Book marks gone!

Fascinating discovery from Wood Hole researchers (climate change)

Sen Clinton nomination on the Senate floor, Sen. Kerry managing it

JK and Vicki were there and grabbed Teddy as he became ill.

Happy New Year! (Well, for our new Democratic government)

Former VP Al Gore to testify before SFRC next Thursday on Climate Change

Damian 'The Omen' Green, the Sequel: House of Commons Crack Den Busted?