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Dog Drenched In Household Cleaners Dies

Looking for names, adopted a female St. Bernard Great Pyrenees mix

Anyone ever notice how the master race people


Obama Scratches His Ear, Women Faint...

Is Your Mental Countdown Clock Working?

Obama Takes a Sip of Water, Reporters Take Note

Obama Belches, A Stunned Nation Stares On.....

I don't get it--why is GDP closed?

Anyone know who will be acting head at Justice as of Tuesday afternoon?

Oakland Police to 11 Officers: You're Fired

Oh no! Reporters find Barack Obama chilly and guarded!

(AFSCME) Obama Limited Edition Tee

(AFSCME) Obama Limited Edition Tee

Indelible images:

This is why I eat nothing but dirt and rainwater I have filtered through dirt

Barrett-Jackson Auction, 1970 Superbird ...

Ya know what I'm liking? I'm liking looking at the faces in the crowds.

I got high , I got high, I got high

I got high , I got high, I got high

Charles Krauthammer trots out the same old spin . . .

Charles Krauthammer trots out the same old spin . . .

Charles Krauthammer trots out the same old spin . . .

Charles Krauthammer trots out the same old spin . . .

How Deregulation Eviscerated the Banking Sector Safety Net and Spawned the U.S. Financial Crisis

An omen of things to come?

What would make the inauguration perfect...

'Inaugural Warning!!!1 P for PERVERSE! Do NOT let children watch!'

'Inaugural Warning!!!1 P for PERVERSE! Do NOT let children watch!'

'Inaugural Warning!!!1 P for PERVERSE! Do NOT let children watch!'

'Inaugural Warning!!!1 P for PERVERSE! Do NOT let children watch!'

The great pretender

Anyone have a good Inauguration avatar?

Christmas at Arlington National Cemetery

Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House

Things to be thankful for during the entire Bush Administation...

Why I think the Obama administration will be different than the Clinton administration.

Three more nuke plants this year

Thank You George Bush (An Appreciation)

RNC Chair Candidate: "Homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed or changed."

Drunk Driver Kills Drunk Driver

Memo to Larry King...

Great skit on SNL: Gitmo going out of business sale!

Bush and hard decisions

Think back to Fahrenheit 911 - Bush's egg throw protest inaug. vs today's elation and joy.

The Roman Catholic Church condemned Ricardo Oyarzun's plans for a show featuring the models

The Georgia 300

The Georgia 300

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, except a few fucking Bush-lovers, can't wait until Tuesday

It is 2 days, 11 hours, 54 minutes and 23 seconds until the Inauguration

Deregulated gov't warns "If you eat food you'll die unless we approved it" LOL

Would it be possible to brand the "Neocons" as a Terrorist Organization?

No Doubt About It...

The Fierce Urgency of Now

Frank Rich: White Like Me

King for a Day

Time for a Saturday Night blast from the past - the Clinton years.

The only satisfaction I'll get from 8 years of George W. Bush....

And let us not forget, just before the pardons come out at the last minute....

What the Hell Just Happened? A Timeline of the Bush Years

DUzy 2.0 release date: 1/19/09 in the evening.

North Korea claims to have weaponized plutonium

It doesn't matter....they are all the same.

Damn, I'm a terrible peron according to Jim Robinson of FR

On a serious Obama note, anyone else still feel a need to pinch themselves?

On a serious Obama note, anyone else still feel a need to pinch themselves?

Snopes Warns of Virus: Email Subject line: Obama Acceptance Speech

Snopes Warns of Virus: Email Subject line: Obama Acceptance Speech

"Sir! No Sir!" on until 6 AM on Sundance Sun., 1/18/09 - documentary of VietNam vets' anti-war

The Afghan Scam

Get a Grip People: Bush Is not the Worst President in U.S. History

Get a Grip People: Bush Is not the Worst President in U.S. History

We can put the negative stuff behind us for awhile!

For user name amnesty I'm selling my screen name.

Huge Iron Age haul of coins found

Tanks In My Memory - A goodbye to Bush video

Washington Journal this morning

I hate to beg,but please rate and comment on my ltte Re: MLK

2000 Inaugural attendance

I'd like to thank the senior SCOTUS John Paul Stevens (and his doctor)...

Want to see what a hacked, anti-Israel, site looks like?

**NObody** loves the voice of Peggy Noonan more than ......

I just heard on MSNBC that they've already started closing bridges...

New worries about meth trends

"I think America got caught at its fattest and laziest." - Will Ferrell

Local Fox anchor roughed up by police.

What are the black trucks in a Presidential Motorcade?

What most media missed in Clinton's confirmation hearings: the end of Plan Columbia?

Who's watching CNN?

I am sitting here wondering if Bush will Pardon Jay Rockefeller?

".. and, if in the next year you lose your job, we'll let you return it."

I can't believe that GE used the Geese ad...

Do American's want an investigation into the Bush years?

Political Hit Piece via Yahoo News: Obama stimulus plan not sure bet to heal economy

Viddeo: SNL skewers America's favorite skeletal skank, Ann Coulter.

Most see bu$h* presidency as a failure, poll shows

Dramatic details released on plane crash into the Hudson

On Bush leaving

New CNN Poll: Most (68%) see Bush presidency as a failure, 44% say due to "personal shortcomings"

Pelosi wants Bush officials' actions reviewed

Obama inauguration could put a stop to Guantanamo trials

And in the end the "Little Ceasar" is reduced to wearing a beenie cap....(TOON)

Religious Clout

Did Chase Bank Raise Your House Payment?

Melvin! "Every so often someone yells 'OBAMA' out in the hallway."

Did Chase Bank Raise Your House Payment?

I think less Americans support Cheney

Was cruising youtube...

92% Now Say The Economy Is In Bad Shape, record high for CBS poll

when it's time to prosecute the gitmo guys, the bu$h*/cheney torture program will be exposed

Jonathan Capehart.... Yay or Nay?

Hijacked Ukrainian tank ship's crew unwell

We hit a Lame Duck!!

There will be ______?_______ arrests on The National Mall on Tuesday

Amount of time George W. Bush should stay OUT of the public eye after January 20th

one thing bu$h* did do for future generations....

Nominate someone for Wingnut of the Year.

The executive director of the union no longer has the guts to strike but puts contract to a member

Bush to pardon Roger Clemens?

I just saw a post over in the labor forum that could benefit someone besides the big shot thieves.

Parents share load of kids’ college borrowing

Pelosi about to speak on CSpan1 at the

Closing...... SNL.... Gitmo going out of Business sale.

Closing...... SNL.... Gitmo going out of Business sale.

My first LTTE of the new year, for your comments:

48 hours, folks.

Brilliant caricature of the outgoing president

Evangelical Christians fear losing right to incite murder

74 year old with 36K in student loan debt

" Jubilee "

" Jubilee "

Terror? Forget Afghanistan or Iraq, think Mexico.

Terror? Forget Afghanistan or Iraq, think Mexico.

Bwahahaha. Conservative Wingnut Writer: George Bush is Aslan.

CNN commercial for CNN just now.

Fu-gue, Ed Gillespie...

Idea to deal with Rick Warren this Tuesday...

What will become of the Pig Farm now that it is no longer needed for its prop value?

Little Debbie peanut butter crackers recalled

Israeli Foreign Minister confronted at National Press Club

BIG month for my family

The media myth about the cost of Obama's inauguration

Steer clear of peanut butter: U.S. authorities (Reuters)

Cursing a felony in South Carolina?

Obama pauses to honor war dead at Arlington

Here comes the Sun

Fuckwit is back again.

This fuckwit, drug addled.....

If you don't live in Texas… - How you can help avoid disaster

Today's Sunday Comics - Two poles. Candorville - the future. Doonesbury - the past.

The word that most defines Two Shoes.....

Bank of America Threatens Fed, Demands More Cash From Taxpayers

Bank of America Threatens Fed, Demands More Cash From Taxpayers

What time does Obama RadioNation 2009


Are there "1st Amendment Zones" under the freeways for anti-Obama protesters?

So I'm sitting here wondering how in hell

Mukasey Agrees: Prosecutions for Torture Now Hard to Avoid

Speaking of "Whistle Blowers"

It is 1 day, 23 hours, 8 minutes and 14 seconds until the Inauguration!

Our Thoughtful next President

Our Thoughtful next President

Sixth Senate Page Dragged Away By Congressional Swamp Creature

what annoyed you most about Bush these past 8 years?

what annoyed you most about Bush these past 8 years?

My heart remains unchangeably frigid .....

***C-Span Website has Excellent Coverage of all the Inaugural Events** at this link:

Anybody remember how Clinton's last days in office were covered vs. Bush's?`

Can we ****please**** can the "???-in-Chief" bullshit?

Let's trade names instead of change them

68% see Bush presidency as a FAILURE

XPOST: ONE concert online streaming at

Cleveland woman pleads insanity in drowning deaths of daughters

H.R. 156: Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act

Should I change my name with the upcoming amnesty?

Are yu able to watch teevee, see the faces in the crowd in DC this weekemd, and not ........

Sign of the Times

Canadian Geese Added to Terror Watch List

Non HBO Comcast subscribers. How do I get it on?


The "Founding Fathers" fucked up when it came to Pardons

Electronic tutorials for you and your children... programmable

Anyone up for Pardon watch? Bush basically has 48 hours to

Why is it when a Republican in the White House, they can be "conservative"

Why is it when a Republican in the White House, they can be "conservative"

Strong statement about VALUE of Labor from Vice President Biden!

OMG, No Fucking way. "The Sacrificial Presidency of George W. Bush"

Sarah, we have more animals than people in our house. We love them all and care for them all .......

Schwarzenegger's plan would cut kids off welfare

LOL - Faux questions: How Green is the Inauguration of Barack Obama? (guess what their answer is)

America is BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know about you but I'm just loving the vibe coming out of the celebration on the DC mall

HBO offering free access for the concert in Portland, OR... check your local cable provider


Do Republicons ever read what they just typed before they hit "enter"?

Question: can stimulus $$$ for states be conditional?

The 25 Dumbest Quotes from the Bush Years

Obama to Order Iraq Withdrawal on Day One

Palimpsest President - Moved to GD:P ~

Rick Warren singing American Pie?

Well damn it all to hell in South Carolina, god damn it!



Push to cut funding for abstinence-only education to begin in Obama Administration...

U2: " Israeli dream!...And ALSO a Palestinian dream!"

Are there any Sunday morning news shows worth watching?

Anyone else vacillating between tears and laughter watching the concert?

Black Money Investors: Implication Bernie was laundering Colombian drug money?

'Ok ok ok, Atheists, if everybody agrees to try out being Atheists for a week, what will happen?'


FYI! HBO unscrambled the signal so you can watch the concert even if you don't subscribe

Anybody know if this is on HBO on the WOW sat system??

Americans flock to D.C. to be part of Obama's inauguration

Its A Beautiful Day

tom hanks talking - I kept thinking of the contrast of Forest Gump

Hi Guys - do you think any of today's concert will be

Streaming LIVE HBO "We Are One" Obama Event (direct URL as well as link)

Axelrod Reaffirms Obama’s Commitment To 16 Month Iraq Withdrawal Timetable»

The first quarter FReepathon

Do you feel it in your hands? -- We're taking this country back

Wow, Herbie Hancock screwed up the intro to One Love......


Unsold vehicles stacking up around the world...

Transcript: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on 'FNS' (I am so mad at Pelosi)

Chinpy's Farewell by the numbers

Beyonce -- America the Beautiful

I am healing. I am released.

Horseface is still peddling the hit the ground running in her red crap.

Give us our Social Security now!

renee fleming is incredible.... gives me chills! n/t

I love you all!

I don't have to say "I want my country back" any more.........

Joe Madison is a DUer! ???

They're singing the "controversial" last stanza....

Celebration and solemnity as Obama nears inauguration

Bill Moyers: "An honest critic is a government’s best friend"

A call from the President-elect for 'self-sacrifice' from Americans . . .

If CNN is broadcasting from outside, why doesn't their breath show up

may have to rethink my feelings on Garthy boy...did you see him wave just to the obama girls?

I was thinking about John Cornyn and his 24 hypothetical....

Stephen Jr.!

I GUARANTEE the media will get a conscience and investigate shit for the next four or eight years.

OK, now I just lost it completely...

Is it my imagination ??

What are the Arizona Cardinals doing in the NFC Championship game? Sign of the Apocalypse?

That was just totally AWESOME...I am going to DVR it tonight so I can record it

question - why did obama and biden go to arlington and lay a wreath

Can we all agree that domed football stadiums are an abomination?



Petition for Secretary of the Arts request, per Quincy Jones

After 9/11, Rove pressured the entertainment industry ‘to produce propaganda.’

I'm not religious or superstitious but if I were the Obama's....

The Tyranny. The Horror. Never Again.

If McCain/Palin had won, what music would we be listening to today

Let's hear it for MO's new Democratic governor!

question: are at&t and verizon

Democratic women cheer their own, and Obama too

I need advice/help with what to do about my neighbor and their dog!

A day and a half left in his Administration and we still don't know why he went into Iraq

When was the last time you heard anyone described as a "Progressive Republican"?

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Remember when banks required a thumbprint to cash a check?

where's Rachel Maddow?

C-Span Progressive Radio Symposium starting now

Whitman leads Newsom by 2 points in CA governor's poll.

Brian Williams now, Road to the Whitehouse

His Way With Words: Cadence and Credibility

Greek Bloggers were instrumental stopping the Arms shipment.

My dad, a fundamentalist Church of Christ preacher from Texas, says....

Guns don't kill people ...... Gun owners kill people with guns.

Maya Angelou: At Long Last, Ready for the Real Deal

Flag Protocol - Lessons From The Far Side.

Americans thought Bush's 2005 inauguration was too expensive

Being broke is temporary; poverty is a state of mind

Obama is the President-elect, so does that make John McCain


Tiger Woods to speak at We Are One

Pete Seeger needs to be head of the National Endowment for the Arts.

I hope all of you see the symbolism in the marian anderson intro and the gay mens chorus singing

Right Now! We Are One Concert At The Lincoln Memorial!

NYT: How Culture Prepared America for a Black Prez

A short lexicon for the next four years. Or hopefully eight.

David Gregory?!

AP takes a closer look at the future first lady, calling her assertive but "more polished."

Is is fair to say that this inauguration will be the biggest one in history?

POLL: Is Bush going to issue pre-emptive pardons ala Ford prior to noon Tuesday?

Obama's new ride ....... what plates will be on it?

Flamebait Afternoon.

Wife and I are concert bound tomorrow. Anyone else going?

Did anyone see Eugene Robinson's Invocation today?...

Tabloids are at it! "Obama has Mother-in-Law problems".

Tabloids are at it! "Obama has Mother-in-Law problems".

Tabloids are at it! "Obama has Mother-in-Law problems".

Obama prayer leader from group US linked to Hamas

Wow! The AZ Cardinals won!

G W Bush and the Truman lie.

I think Bush wants to get investigated. I think he'd relish it.

CSPAN now- Randi, Stephanie, etc

Bush will leave issuing a sweeping pardon. End run on the way out.

"If we falter in our leadership we may endanger the peace of the world" - Harry S. Truman

Is there something above Cloud Nine? If there is, I'm on it.

Is there a passenger list from the plane?

Qui Tacit Consentire - Silence Implies Consent.

Obama's best speeches have always revolved around stories. Which one will he tell on Tuesday?

Anyone else feel today as if a 10-ton weight was just lifted off their chest?

Special Edition "Dogs 101 - Presidential Dogs" on now @ Animal Planet

Special Edition "Dogs 101 - Presidential Dogs" on now @ Animal Planet

If I asked you three years ago: which will occur first? Peace in the mideast or an AA Prez?

Charlie Rose sits down with Rahm Emanuel

Just for the record, neither of the clergy at the Inauguration support marriage equality.

If you're going to be at the inauguration...stay safe.

Barf alert: WH Photo essay. Odd, where are the Katrina picts?

What can be done: (peak oil primer)

C-span is repeating the coverage of the whistle stop tour: 9:55 EST

History News Network: What Would King Tell Obama?

Is there somewhere where I can get a list of all the concerts,

Hey - Notice Anything 'Interesting' About The Huff-Po Front Page?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

50 Most Loathsome people of 2008

This is cool - 44 Presidents

School System Believes Cutting Back On Heat Will Save Thousands

Does George Bush deserve a golden Parachute?

My SO flew First Class today, and listened to the wad next to her complain that Obama isn't American

Even a sage can sit on an ant mound

How long has Sully been flying this route? I may have flown with him once...

Okay, now I'm PISSED. I am absolutely sick of people here who are...

Paul Krugman: What Obama Must Do

I just finished watching the Baltimore Speech...

Gallery of pictures of Obama's staff

"Every Silver Lining Needs A Cloud" Crowd...

Two days and a wake up

Obama, Biden and families arrive in Washington's Union Station

Son throws taco at mom, arrested and held without bond

If you missed the HBO "Live Stream" of Incredible Obama "Inaugural Concert" be sure to tune in here

When I see Dubya take off in that helicopter for the last time, I'll cry...

TX school district reverses decision about students watching inauguration

Photo of the Day - New Arrival in DC - Hope - It has been a long 8 years.

White House Open House

Anyone else here tired of being bashed by the Obama fan club for being a hard core progressive?

That does it. From now until February, I'm not clicking on anymore negative threads

Asia Times-Bye Bush: "Close To Destroying A Superpower & Global Economy Virtually Single-Handedly"

"Thank You, Mr. President"-Helen Thomas At The White House...

Pete Seeger

Obama Inauguration Drink Recipe Search

Smudging the USA! A national Smudging Ceremony.

K&R this post if you are tired of people begging you to K&R their posts!

A Teeny Plastic Preview of Tuesday

Oh dear. What will the Obamas eat?

Many of Obama's top advisers have learned and lived abroad.

Isn't it wonderful? So many of us hoped for this day. Me, am so

Transcript: Obama's Baltimore Speech

Did Arlen Specter speak at the Philly event today?

Should we push Obama to change the national anthem, while we're changing everything else?

Just another bit of history...

Toddler left in car while mom partied, later found in Longwood yard after car stolen

A good old fashion banshee's curse to send off our national nightmare (please add your own)

A good old fashion banshee's curse to send off our national nightmare (please add your own)

Will Anyone Give Bush a Job?


Mr. Obama's new wheels - First official look

Gosh - I am crying - we finally have the usa back from the destroyers

Obama's People

We need a feel good thread on here. I am happy and excited. Let's

Some things you may not have known about past Presidents

Accountability for the past, present and future


Your Assignment

I'm unhappy with Beyonce's presence....

Two right wing sites get suckered in by satirical site story on Schwarzenegger and Obama citizenship

Today's Candorville comic Beautiful

NWS: DC Mon nite lo 21, Tues hi 33, Tues nite lo 19

I would like to say thank you to Justices Ginsburg, Breyer,Souter and Stevens

2 Years After Campaign Began, a Different World

Anyone planning to retire their Bush signatures once Obama's in?

Pardon Watch: 50 Hours To Go. Who and When.

Happy Birthday life long Democrat Betty White

I will MISS george w. bush (jr., shrub, chimp, etc)...i REALLY WILL... on Bush's departure.

Just saw The American Gangster with Denzel Washington.

Report: Syria Ready To Cooperate With Obama

I'm feeling it!

Medicare For All - The MUST DO NOW economic stimulus

Medicare For All - The MUST DO NOW economic stimulus

Obama seriously unhappy with the Commodores.....

Twist and Shout, 2 days left!

I love seeing all the black, white, brown, young and old faces together. (pix)

Dish network will offer a free preview of HBO tomorrow for the Lincoln Memorial celebration!

Accountability NOW

Obama to attend today's concert...

With presidents like George Bush, who needs Terrorism?

This makes me cry every time I listen to it.

To All California DUers

"Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" My Ass.......

Note to Mr. Obama

What movie reminds you most of Bush?

I think I'm feeling a little better today

Will Bush's last speech @ 1:30 PM (1/20/09) as he takes off from the airport .....


I have a question about investigating Bush and Cheney.. is it not the congress

Beekeepers fear sting of imported Australian hives

on HBO at 2:30 -- coverage of Obama's Inaugural Concert on steps of Lincoln Mem.

"When The Ship Comes In" (Dylan-Baez at the 1963 March on Washington)

"To become Lincoln Obama needs a Fredrick Douglas"

What The Inaugural Means To Me...

Photos: President-elect Obama & VP-elect Biden lay wreath @ Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington VA

Happy Birthday Michelle! ( a day late ).

There is a downside to Biden being vice president

Please do whatever you can to help President Obama succeed...P L E A S E

Oh God! I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope!

What are you doing for Inauguration Day?

My Game-plan for Tuesday....Whats yours?

WaPo opinion article by a young conservative Republican that is rather humorous..

Rham is doing a great job of answering gregory's stupid questions

With Obama's election generating support across racial lines, is a real transformation happening?

According to Globe, Obama is snubbing poor bratboy.

Bush History: GOPers Beg Bush to Show Real Leadership, & Bush Atty Gen. Loses It-1/18

Does anyone know if the invocation will start before 11 a.m. Tuesday?

George W. Bush's Positive Accomplishments

MIchelle Obama interview with Roland Martin on TV One

A Letter from The United States of America

The Bush/Cheney Torture Legacy Still Being Whitewashed

How will they all fit in?

Blackwell: GOP Must Defeat Job-Creating Stimulus Because It Will Ruin GOP's Election Chances

I got to shake his hand!

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate

If you were to make a "poutrage" animated gif, what would it look like?

Uh oh - No IM'ing in the WH - reaction: "It sucks. It's really going to slow us down,"

Small thought: Could we refrain from calling the Secret Service "the SS"?

Fox says Pelosi open to prosecuting Bush officials. But did she really say that?

Anyone else watching GPS on CNN?

Bipartisanship -- is Obama being realistic?

Jeanne Shaheen speaking now. She joined the Foreign Relations Committee

It's being overshadowed, but we'll have a much better *vice* president in 2 days as well.

George Bush, as a past president, can be a great resource in the future.

Pelosi, Obama split on taxes, probes

Executive Order: Granting Reciprocity on Excepted Service and Federal Contractor Employee Fitness

Googling "Bush pardon" -here is what I found--SCOOTER coming on strong

Godless Kay Hagen coming up now

* is making his way back from Camp David to the WH

AFL-CIO Inauguration Day items for sale: Posters, bookmarks, shirts....

Question for people that are going to DC on Tuesday

Ill. Man Selling Obama's Old Car On eBay

my daughter and hope...

Freepers declare their love for W, declare war on geese and are dreading inaugeration

What are your plans for Monday's call for your "National Day of Service"?

Andrew Jackson's Inauguration in 1829: The party that got out of hand

Does anyone have a good live stream for the concert?

Does anyone have a good live stream for the concert?

CNN has great photography of the proceedings at the Mall, but Blitzer and the

C-Span 2 on now- Obama in 2004 discussing his book, "Dreams from my Father".....

I gotta ask it. Tomorrow. The Concert on HBO? Or football?

World News Trust: They’re Just Not That Into You, George (Mary Lyon)

For all the haters who say Krugman never offers specific proposals:

I'm seeing nothin' on re:concert at Lincoln Memorial. Anyone? nt

I'm seeing nothin' on re:concert at Lincoln Memorial. Anyone? nt

How long have you been at DU?

Spreading Democracy in the world through music.

Will Obama's concert today be televised???

Is there a comprhensive list of the Inaugural events broadcasted on all networks

Rick Warren's Taxes and Tax Breaks......THE NATION

Are there some crimes that presidential pardons can not exempt?


I have a "theory"...

This concert is unbelievable!!!

Question for people that purchased Parade bleacher tickets

My two favorite racists, Joe and Pat on a Sunday!!!

If you don't have cable you can still stream "We Are One" from at:

HBO offering free access for the concert in Portland, OR... check your local cable provider

Bruce Sprinsteen Kicked Off Obama Inauguration Concert with THIS SONG!

HBO Concert is free on DirecTV and Dish satellite networks. It is probably free on most cable nets

Great to see the staunchest, freedom of speech musicians up there...

Frank Rich: White Like Me

Jack Black Starring in "School Of Barack!"

Final poll before Obama takes office: Bush approval rating at 22%

Today - NY Times Magazine is certainly a keeper! What great pictures!

I am in tears already...The BOSS's song did it for me, I am filled with joy, filled with HOPE

Surprise! Larry Summers Was A Managing Director Of The Sixth-Largest Hedge Fund

Please write HBO and let them know you'd like to be able to buy a copy of "We Are One" - DU It.

just turn3ed on tv

Palimpsest President - How Obama will write and rewrite his presidency

Where will I be able to watch the inauguration streaming online?

This is the most remarkable, magical, wonderful, emotional and inspirational moment ever!

WTHeck.... Hollywood has come to DC

Time Warner/Oceanic Hawaii will unscramble HBO for the 5-7 broadcast.

Leaving on a prison train


In the Name of Love !

Any Cox subscribers in OC CA getting HBO

Stay tuned - "Thank You Mr. President" a profile of Helen Thomas...

I've had it with these mother fucking Bushes in this mother fucking place!

Obama Will Roll Over His Opponents

George W. Bush - the flock of birds that clogged America's engines.

Watch the "We Are One" here if you don't have cable.

Anyone else found themselves completely Obama obsessed today?

Who's singing along? "this land is your land" I'm singing it! Because it's true again. nt

Awesome display of Democratic patriotism

Three Bad Things That Smell Worse Together....

This bears repeating today....

'A Great American Moment'

Sure it's art but the question is will it work better than the original DIDN'T?

Schedule of events - Inauguration Day I want the Helen Thomas Bio on HBO on DVD or Blue Ray too!

I believe Obama should give up his Blackberry

does anyone know where I can either see, or read, Robinson's invocation? got link to text

Hellen Thomas documentary coming up after concert on HBO. nt

Cable-LESS? 'ONE' Inaugural concert streaming ONLINE!!!!

What a feeling! I think my blood just turned red, white and blue!

HEY, Dammit!! Where is Lee Greenwood!!!!!!! More Greenwood, i.e., more cowbell!

As a choral singer I wish they had identified the choruses

Concert report

Oh Noess there's still over 153,000 seconds left in W's term!

TOON: Brace for impact

God bless the Bush Countdown key chain but here's to it becoming obsolete!

OMG I'm crying now

Concert is underway 2:30 pm est HBO and its going to be great

Go Get Em Garth!!

why is David Gregory asking such asinine questions?

Current composition of the federal judiciary by the party of the appointing President (revised)

Now Chavez is accusing Obama of meddling in the referendum that could allow him to run indefinitely

Most Kick-Ass President Elect Ever

Tiger is in the house!

Obama dominates 'King Sunday' at black churches

Is Lahood's nomination going to be pulled back?

I am so glad we are not relying on Jack Bauer to protect our country. nt

1 day, 17 hours, 49 minutes

Chavez or Obama? You have to decide! (A LoZo-matic™ poll)

What Will Lieberman's Role be At The Inauguration?

OMG, I'm in downtown DC and it's MOBBED

Why do Americans love Obama so much?

The Front Page Of My Local Paper Today

The Front Page Of My Local Paper Today

What's the headcount today?

I'm leavin' on a jet plane

Is Joe S. gonna be a grown up about this inaugural or will it be one big whine fest


COMCAST cable--my brother has a bunch of HBO channels and

We have a chance to be the country we say we are.

Obama-cize yourself ala Shepard Fairey's famous HOPE portrait...

So, how long will it take before we say, "George, who?"

So, how long will it take before we say, "George, who?"

OOOH Sorry Sen. McCain, you didn't win the presidency but please accept this consolation prize

Look everybody its Challenger the American Eagle..

My cable guide says Keith O. will have a show on at 9 p.m. EST tonight.

Pete Seeger's grandson Tao Rodríguez-Seeger was leading on This Land is Your Land

Holy crap Randi Rhoades and Ed Shultz just hugged.

What are you watching now?

I Flipped Over To Fox News During A Commercial...

LOL @ Huffington Post - "Obama-Stock"

Did I miss Robinson's invocation?

Does the outgoing president make a speech during the swearing in ceremony?

Does the outgoing president make a speech during the swearing in ceremony?

Will this be Cheney's attire on Tuesday?

We should not be proud we elected the first Black president, we should be embarrassed

Article VI of the constitution and the obligation to prosecute torturers

Freeperland shows the Worst of America's Instincts: Accuse Obama of Skipping Bush's Farewell Address

"King: It’s ‘bizarre’ that Obama will use his middle name when being sworn in."



Let's get one thing straight about Two Shoes the Non-Pilot.....

Let's get one thing straight about Two Shoes the Non-Pilot.....

A Change is Gonna Come. (Otis Redding's take)

I'm A Little Tired Of The Posters Who Are Tired Of Being Bashed For Bashing Obama

Back to say........If you don't already feel and see the change, then you are not paying attention!

Could Faux show just a little respect?

"Prostitution Free Zone" During Inauguration


Obama on now!

Obama on now!

I never thought I would see an Inaugural Celebration singing Bob Marley!

If you told them 8 years ago...

The auspicious portent and revitalizing symbolism of Flight 1549

Joe Biden Yelling His Speech

they sang the commie version of "This land"

400,000 Attend WE ARE ONE Inauguration Concert

Mondale Gives A Good Reason Why The * Admin Needs To Be Investigated & Prosecuted

Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY) proposes constitutional amendment to repeal presidential term limits

NC: Hagan, Obama & 2010 Senate Contest

Saw two things this morning.

Not One Dry Eye

who here has bothered to actually read Dreams from my Father?

Honestly, folks, I'm just not feeling it

My Dyslogy to King Boy George - Good Riddance to GWB, but the sad thing is.....

Well, I guess we should get ready

How did you like that "We are One" Concert?

********Live "We Are One" Concert thread********

OK, it is day one and President Obama calls his staff in-what will be the first thing he tackles?

My thoughts about this "change" thing...

Stevie! Keep On Groovin'!!

What was your favorite part or parts of the festivities today?

New group created - Writers for Obama, PM me for info on joining

We are living, truly living a historical change.

'My daughter's Woodstock'

Overheard at the grocery store this morning.

Overheard at the grocery store this morning.

6 year old dies at monster truck show-Tacoma, Washington

Nothing has changed. There is no change yet. Everything is the same.

*** ALERT *** FR preparing to launch its SECRET WEAPON

K&R if you are part of the Obama fan club AND a hard core progressive!

Okay, Garth? I Don't Get It

What President Obama can learn from Captain Sully

One more time: Howard Dean

To Those Here Who Worked To Help Obama Win The Election

To Those Here Who Worked To Help Obama Win The Election

This is one of the reasons I like Garth Brooks so much

Why I Get Pissed When I See Certain TV Ads (Brief "Feminazi" Rant)

Freepers and Limbaugh pray for Obama failure and ultimately against America

What symbol will Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury) use for President Obama?

Do you REALLY want to help Barack Obama succeed?

more about the 8 yr old autistic girl being arrested.

It's weird but I feel CLEAN

Instead of tax increases on the wealthy , California takes money from poor, elderly

A little bit of what it all means ...

'Buy American' support builds as sales fall

"Now is not the right time"

Are we allowed to change our names?

Are we allowed to change our names?

So You're Leavin', George

I honestly feel sorry for those here who get no joy, satisfaction, pleasure

ESPN raised in interesting point, the role of black athletes leading to a black president

ESPN raised in interesting point, the role of black athletes leading to a black president

So, what are your favorite music DVDs?

Hey Tav, I got the picture of your kids!!

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Weird. I had a dream of flatulent Wench last night.

Why does orange juice just make me thirstier?

Is DU doing strange things for everyone else?

Never mind. I found them.

So I picked up Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS.

Hmm. Going from Mac to PC mid-surf is like downshifting from fourth to first

Anyone tried this?

I see by their pizza-box logo that Pizza Hut is now simply "The Hut".

Never do a brazilian wax on a rooster

TOONS: A Very Bushie Legacy


For a superhuman, Khan sure throws a lousy punch.

Near Dark is an ok vampire flick, but (spoilers)

God DAMN, that was good.

"The difference between us is not very far

Abbreviation FAIL:

Whale and Dolphin pics

So.......after being a single mom for many years now.....

Never do a brazilian wax on a roadster.

"The Horror"

Well, since you insist- some Fractal Art (major dialup warning)

Linda Hamilton Was Really Hot In Terminator 2

The post about Harem Protocol Reminded me that I don't know what Harem Protocol is

What's everybody listening to tonight?

A very personal Procol Harum thread-Post your favorite Procol Harum song here

[Adult Swim] AcTN Owl (FULL SONG)

America Was Just On SNL!

what movie should I rent

Wow. Just saw Gran Torino and it was really great.

America - Tin Man

I Think I'll Make A Sockpuppet Called Southpawkicker

The Post About Procol Harum Reminded Me I Used To Have A Harum Here...

I Hate It When Fares On Turnpikes Are Unfairly Labeled As Tolls...

If this thread gets 13,541 recs, I won't post any more Oasis threads for a YEAR.

Okay, I'm not going to try cooking calimari again anytime soon.

Still Water (Peace)

Somebody grab that damned Groundhog out his hole and shine light from behing his damned head NOW!

So, I read a post about Brady Bunch porn and I see this

Okay, I'm stoked! I Tivo'd freaking Toxic Avenger 3 and am about to watch!

[sigh] Any MS Word gurus around?

Insidious ear worm....

Jimmy Dale Gilmore isn't just for increasing fish breathing capacity.

In re the Amnesty: a few suggestions if you want something new:

Tamino is boring

Say you could design the perfect you...Well design you.

B-52's aren't just for War.

Chat al'arab,

Damnit! The pool hall I loved as a kid is now a 7-11.



Because I'm mopey, I thought I'd cheer myself up by sharing a poem that's darkly amusing.

In Dulci Jubilo

The Talking Heads aren't just talking ~

CCR - Born On The Bayou

I just saw Hamlet 2

Ebony and Ivory or Crimson and Clover?

I fell out of my chair laughing. I probably shouldn't have,but ...Border Patrol Fail

I got a haircut from hell and I'm bummed

Pissed off with computers

Saddlebacking! What is it? Help Dan Savage define it!

Is "You don't smell as bad as you did last week" a compliment?

Neverending Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie Thread

Barrett-Jackson Auction, 1970 Superbird ...

America - A Horse With No Name

20" of snow on the ground and still snowing. Mr. Livetohike just

Is Kate Winslet the greatest actress ever to not win an Oscar? (Yet)

Jesus Christ, I can smell JVS from here. n/t

A copycat thread walks into a bar...

I had onions yesterday and now I smell strange. What can I do?

JVS walks into a bar...

Chatty Katty

Which Incarnation of The Doctor was the worst?

Between storms -- some photos for you. :)

Anyway to watch the inauguration on the iPhone?

Hey !...Did someone in here eat onions ? The Lounge smells like an onion farm !

Cindy McCain 'asked to do Dancing With The Stars'

Philboy walks into a bar...


Now Presenting: The Chic Shaper

Guy who won second place in a spelling bee walks into a bar...

My teenage neighbor was brutally attacked

I'll make a Deal: Donate as much money to DU as possible by 1 20 and the duck goes free.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/18/09

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/18/09

If you had super powers, would you use your abilities for good or for evil?

Now Presenting: The Dic Shaper

Humbert Humbert has just added me as a friend on Facebook. Should I confirm?

Party time at Chez Aristus!!! Who's with me?

Just watched the Doctor Who Episode with the traffic jam in New new York...

So I (used to) work for Circuit City

Ice Sculpture Fail

The best way to eat marshmallow peeps?

Stupid guy tricks

Check out Henry Rollins's "Be Cool" speech

Speeding ticket FAIL

If I were in charge of professional sports leauges...

so, um, what's the deal with all the "reality" shows about spoiled rich women on bravo?

Cardinals? Ravens? Eagles?



Any classical music buffs watching Science Channel RIGHT NOW?

Eagles' Cheap Shot Artist Bryan Dawkins should be Suspended

I had vegetarian food yesterday, and now you smell strange.

I think we have a live one in GD


Have you ever read a thread & felt as if 50% of the people who responded...

Who else is getting excited about this week?

Once in a while it's good to be reminded why I live where I do.

I HATE my new printer...

How sad is it...

How Cold Is It Where You Are?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/18/2009)

I hate when new posters are unfairly labeled as trolls.

"Give it up! For me!!"

Weekends are too long

Looks like the Eagles ARE getting their asses kicked...

The Vegan Deer Hunter

The Vegan Deer Hunter

I can't sleep

Could there possibly be ANYTHING more irrelevant, these days, than "Miss America?"

'Cactus 1549'

What are you listening too?

What are you listening too?

I want to create a thread that... never stops chilling

I want to create a thread that... never stops killing

Grover Cleveland, Great President or Great, Great President?

As Luck Would Have It

Oldie but Goodie

OK How many DU'rs Are In DC

I'm off to buy a new ATT compatible cell phone...suggestions/warnings on models?

James Thurber on dogs:

Bull riders trading 10 gallon hats for...helmets?

I'm at Mabus' house!

Squirrels are the comic relief at the backyard birdfeeders

Squirrels are the comic relief at the backyard birdfeeders

My Session Ends In 10 Minutes Here At The Libree

Kids do say the darnedest things...

Chicago DUers....HELP.....

What time is it?


My birthday is in 2 days.

A question to hippies

Daughter #1 ()8th grade one) just tossed this grenade

Kurt Warner said that God gave him the win today.

The Eagles, are they getting their asses kicked?

For My DearCaliforniaPeggy Celebrating In DC

Imagine the absolute worst traffic jam you have ever experienced in your lifetime

The Beatles Anthology 10 hour documetary is good movie making

Your attention please Lounge Vibe Posse!

I have just discovered a facet of the workings of the DU posting software


All I can say is it was a hell of a season for the Eagles


Eagles Lost and I'm PUI!!! AMA!!!

What ever happened to Kurt Loder?

Pete Seeger and Bruce sing on the Lincoln Steps!

Does the lyrics/style of this band remind you of another artist?

This Land is Your Land

Will spicy food hurt dogs or cats?

I'm developing a cold. Give me some bogus medical advice to combat it.

Sarah Jessica Parker leaving Matthew Broderick

Rachael Ray for Miss America!

Are Vista Laptops Dying en Masse or is it just me

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning) HEY! :)

Sunday breakfast/brunch....

Sunday breakfast/brunch....

Note to Steve Miller: "facts is" does not rhyme with "Texas".

You may like Rachael Ray or not, but you gotta admit she's got nice,

Found out J.Depp will be marrying in April!

I'm covered in calamine lotion because I broke out into a mysterious rash today

Some floral pics from my trip:

I have solved the mystery of the disappearing flashdrives and Chapsticks

I thought I was the only one who did this

I keep having inappropriate dreams about someone...

How Warm Is It Where You Are?

My teenage neighbor was brutally attacked

Got my pizza and my beer. What everybody drinking tonight?

Pensive Pippy

Are there any heavy equipment operators in the house?

Photo thread?

Reminder to self: Do not look at rescue kitties when in PetSmart

I want to create a thread ... that stops Rabrrrrrr!

Why you should adopt a pound puppy

Have you ever lived through a weather disaster? Tornado? Flood? Earthquake?

I just discovered something about DU posting software.

A conversation about the Ivy League

Post replacements for gray's duck!


Why Is Football SO Boring?

Okay, seriously, what are you, five years old?

My Bella Boo!

I've known for some time that Garth Brooks is "one of us"

I need cheering up. Good gawd.

I hope my DR works tomorrow...I did not refil my pain med friday

What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to you?

Movies You Thought Were Good When You Were Young That Actually KICKED ASS

Talk me down...

Give it up for Jesus Kurt Warner

How's everyone celebrating on Tuesday??

Proposed definition: 'saddlebacking'

I think I want a Wunder Boner...

When the roads are icy, stay the fuck home.

When the roads are icy, stay the fuck home.

$160 Million Media Lie About Obama's Inauguration.


Poverty in America: Remember EVERYTHING MLK Stood For

The families of Flight 93 victims need a 2200 acre memorial for them? WTF?!?!

Venezuela's Chavez says Obama has "stench" of Bush

Oakland Police to 11 Officers: You're Fired

Obama's People

Monetary union has left half of Europe trapped in depression

Former Okla. sheriff convicted of rape, bribery

Israel readies post-war battle for public opinion

Cindy McCain 'asked to do Dancing With The Stars'

Hawaiian rights activists protest on Kaua‘i, O‘ahu

Nicaragua Farmers Fight Police, More Than 160 Arrested (high interest rates)

Dalai Lama says faith in Chinese people unshaken

North Korea claims to have weaponized plutonium

With Thailand accused, India says hundreds feared dead at sea

Hamas ceases fire in Gaza, gives Israel week to go

Obama, earnings to call stocks' tune ($4.6 trillion of lost stock market value under Bush)

Brown moves to head off new banking crisis

Russian, Ukraine Agree to Resume Gas Supplies to Europe

Siemens upbeat on bribery insurance payout (Insurance to pay Sieman's fine for corruption)

Al-Sadr's followers eye comeback in Jan. 31 vote

Officials Find Flight 1549’s Black Boxes

Israel's Barak gains in polls, Netanyahu stays ahead

"Erroneous" Western democracy not for China says official

Iraq occupation Bush's "mother of all mistakes"

John Mortimer, Barrister and Writer who created "Rumpole," Dies at 85

Crews Hoist Ditched Plane From Hudson River

Almost all U.S. cities to lose jobs in 2009: forecast

Mississippi Paper Offers Apology for Its 'Gross Neglect' During Civil Rights Struggle

Little Debbie Peanut Butter Crackers Recalled

IMMEDIATE RELEASE-Detainee Transfer Announced

Protest turns violent in Olympia (police shooting)

U.S. could be no-show at 2010 Shanghai World's Fair

No Bush Moving Trucks Needed Inauguration Day (almost everything moved out ahead of schedule)

U.S. Labor Department adopts tougher financial disclosure rules for unions

Venezuela's Chavez says Obama has "stench" of Bush

Israel eyes gas bonanza from large offshore find

CAIR: Bush 'Abandoned' Americans in Gaza

North Korea military says to "wipe out" the South

Speaker Pelosi weighs repeal of Bush era tax cuts

Pelosi open to prosecuting Bush DOJ

Chavez: Obama meddles in Venezuela term-limit vote

Taliban ban 'un-Islamic' female education in Pakistan region

Starbucks smashed and looted as anti-Israel protests turn to violence

AFSCME: Make America Happen. Again.

Lewis Black - Milk & Water

YES WE CAN - Will.I.Am (Remember this???)

KO's Worst Persons: O'Reilly's legacy as bad as Bush's

KO's Worst Persons: O'Reilly's legacy as bad as Bush's

Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza

Kentucky Unemployment trust fund NEARLY DEPLETED!

The Week In Cartoons 1/17/09

Dubya Goes Home

Destroyed homes greet returning Gazans

Hey Bulldog (recording session)


TYT: Dick Cheney Takes A Nap During Bush's Farewell Speech (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Delete dupe system hung up and refresh caused a dupe

Red State Update: Obama's Treasury Sec Pick Didn't Pay Taxes

Naomi Wolf on The End of America

Fox reporter: Bush ‘inherited the 9/11 attacks

Newseum War Crimes Times Protest

Protest in Iceland (banking crisis)

Last Chance to Submit Ideas to the Citizen's Briefing Book (7 hours left)

Pelosi: Investigate Now

Norman Lear's Patriotism: Born Again American

George W. Bush and Laura Bush Talk About Cindy Sheehan (1/12/09)

Mindless Sheep Thumbscan To Get Into Disney World

AT&T and Share Our Strength Fight Childhood Hunger

SNL: No More Bush

Late Show - Farewell to "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches"

RIOTS The Beginning of the End for Europe

A Long Time Comin' - We Are One Concert

Obama inaugurated in LEGO form

My Country Tis of Thee - Marian Anderson tribute - Josh Groban

TYT: Breaking Down The Republican 'Ticking Time Bomb' Scenario

The Palestinians say: 'This is a war of extermination'

Springsteen and Seegar singing in rehearsal in DC

Ralph Nader: Punishing the Palestinians

Chomsky: Undermining Gaza

Silverlight to Stream Obama's Inauguration

Guantanamo defense calls for charges to be dropped

Gaza: A New Middle East Indeed

Obama at a Theater Near You?

Obama's Half Brother Far From Spotlight

Obama is taking the train

Nazi behind Winslet film role is revealed

Media Matters: Coverage of economy repeats Iraq mistakes

Noam Chomsky On Gaza - 2009.01.13

A disastrous eight years under Bush (SF Chron)

Pete Seeger Restores "This Land is Your Land"

The Historian as Cartoonist: Drawing George W. Bush (Joshua Brown)

Holmes: The bubble president floats away (MetroWest Daily News)

Blumner: Judgment of Bush presidency will only grow harsher (Salt Lake Trib))

The Long, Lame Goodbye-DOWD

Bush's presidency was, in sum, a disappointment -- editorial (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni confronted by Press Club journalists

Obama speech - We Are One celebration

The 25 Dumbest Quotes from the Bush Years: Idiotic Quotes by President Bush and His Cronies

Poll Finds Faith in Obama, Mixed With Patience

Editorial: Bush leaves behind a legacy of failure at home and abroad (Contra Costa Times)

Our View: George W. Bush's legacy, for better and (mostly) worse (Peoria Journal Star)

He was some kind of leader (Times Union)

Finger scanner- I just went along with it I didn't protest!

.. Bush education legacy not worth crowing about, says Flint Journal .. columnist Kelly Flynn

Editorial: Closing Guantánamo (NYT)

A disastrous presidency (Courier Journal)

Record editorial: Farewell, Mr. President (The Record)

Realism would have better served Bush (The Day)

EDITORIAL: Bush's watch (Daily Freeman)

Value in studying Bush's bad examples (Monterey County Herald)

Editorial: Bush's Departure: Cleaning Up the Mess (Philly Inquirer)

Bush struck out in his presidential 'inning' (Leader-Telegram)

World News Trust: Planet of Lost Souls (Mickey Z.)

Obama's View an Ode to America's Promise

The Opening Line We'd Like to See in Obama's Inaugural Speech

Futurist: Anti-Viral Marketing (Big Pharma Facebook Advertising)

World News Trust: Ending Entitlements (Hal Cohen)

WA Monthly: PENTAGON, PUNDITS, AND PROPAGANDA (Where's the DU outrage?)

Darryl Cagle: Can you draw an editorial cartoon of President Bush in three strokes?

Steve and Cokie Roberts: Bush fumbles, Obama recovers (Indiana Gazette) Opinion: "Closing Guantánamo"

Welcome to Your New Job, Mr. President-Comments From 8 World Leaders

What's Wrong With Theater?

Clarence Page: Bush's Lessons for Obama

For Businesses Big and Small, It's Lights Out

Secret List of U.S. Military Bases to Replace Gitmo

We have come to praise Bush, not disremember him? (New Haven Register)

After eight years, Mr. Bush leaves Washington (Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel)

Frank Rich:White Like Me

Escape from Emotional Terrorism: The Bush Years

Top newspapers play into Social Security scaremongering

Feeling in tune with a fellow child of '70s

George W. Bush (San Diego Union Tribune)

J. TODD FOSTER: Bush Worked Hard To Earn Title Of Worst President (Bristol Herald Courier)

Bush: A legacy diminished by mistakes and arrogance (Kansas City Star)

US has come far but is not at its journey's end (AZ Republic)

Israel Doesn’t Get 4th Generation War by Bill Lind

From the Hudson to the Potomac: Courage and Hope for a Depressed Nation

Time for US to show true character

TYT: Sex Offender Wins Lotto - Does He Deserve To Keep Money? (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Glenn Greenwald: Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture

War on Drugs: The Collateral Damage

Barack's Heroic Action Saves Thousands at Obamastock

An Epitaph for the Bush Years- By Scott Horton

Why this Progressive will miss George W. Bush

Surviving the Obama Comedy Crisis: A Report From the Front Lines

America, where sick children are chased for money while the rich bicker about their flying options.

It's Bruce Springsteen in utterly candid mode, discussing how Bush ruined America and more...

Opposition To U.S., Israel Unites Conference Attendees

Farewell to America's First Catastrophic President

The Horror of Healthcare in America

Ben Browder - The Confession of an Iraqi Vet

Bush Is Over! - Remake of John Lennon Song "War is Over" - HD Music Video! - PUBLIC!

Black military leaders express pride, not surprise, at progress

COLA falls for Japan, Okinawa locations

Odierno expands Super Bowl beer policy

Obama to Face Major Troop Decisions

Afghanistan Advance

Pentagon: PTSD Does Not Warrant Purple Heart

Slowly but surely, life in Baghdad is improving

VA Diagnosing Higher Rates of PTSD

Michelle Obama: A Salute to Military Families

More Okla. Guardsmen Headed to Iraq

Ala. Army, Air Guard Have Inauguration Duties

Miss. Guard Unit Prepares to Deploy

Police Say Missing Soldier Unharmed

UN to Obama: No Changes to Afghan Strategy

‘Old Guard’ Ready For Inauguration

Aide: Obama, Top Officers to Meet On First Day

Military Projects Are Popular Part of Stimulus

NATO: Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan

self delete- same article-different title oops....

Report: Shipbuilding Consolidation For Naught

Norfolk Rollout of New NWU Draws a Crowd

Pentagon: Iraq Pullout Plan Being Prepared

Spc. Reunites With Dog Found in Trash in Iraq

Details Emerge on Post-9/11 GI Bill

Long-Missing Pilot Finally to Be Laid to Rest

Extra Red Flag Week Allows For More Missions

Former VA Chief Says Bush Did Right By Vets

Sailor: Tea, Not Drugs, Made Me Pop Positive

Cargo Drops on Rise in Effort to Avoid IEDs

Rules Tightened For Mexico Travel (details on ruling)

Motorcyclists Pushed to Limits at Pendleton

Israel Unilaterally Halts Fire

Worldwatch releases 'State of the World 2009'; IPCC chief challenges Obama to further cut emissions

Gold mine wants court to OK dumping waste in lake

Warren Watch: Sokol plugs electric car, Berkshire investment ($232 million bet on a Chinese company)

"Areva said today that it could not be certain exactly when the station would be completed"

Palm Oil Frenzy Threatens to Wipe out Orangutans

Why haven't solar power optic fiber light units become more popular?

President 'has four years to save Earth' - Observer

Smart grid could be early winner in U.S. stimulus package

Job 1 for alternative energy initiatives, PROVE OR DISPROVE

Ralph Nader: Punishing the Palestinians

Berlin court: German Peace Council is allowed to use Hamas symbols

Gaza: A New Middle East Indeed

Egypt to host Gaza summit

Gazans don't trust Israeli ceasefire

Israel declares ceasefire as it hails success of bloody Gaza onslaught

Weighing Crimes and Ethics in the Fog of Urban Warfare

The Blame Game in Gaza: Covering for Israel, Concealing War Crimes

Gazan Doctor and Peace Advocate Loses 3 Daughters to Israeli Fire and Asks Why

UNDP warns Gaza violence will have long-term impact on Palestinians

A real discussion on TV regarding U.S. policy towards Israel

Gaza protest chokes central Sydney

FACTBOX-Developments in Gaza fighting, Jan 18

Question: Why did Osama Bin Laden want Israel to attack Gaza?

Haaretz:The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools

Summit in Egypt seeks long-term Gaza truce

Israeli ceasefire offers precious respite, but little has changed

World News Trust: Gaza: A New Middle East Indeed (Ramzy Baroud)

* News * World news * Gaza Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza

Israel’s Next War: Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon?

Lebanese fear Israel's next step

Hertz withdraws from Israeli airline deal

Brown Says Israel Killed Too Many Civilians in Gaza Attacks

Muslim pupils study Gaza conflict

Hamas Announces Ceasefire in Gaza

Israel prepares post-war battle for public opinion.

(Avigdor) Lieberman: Gaza still Hamastan

Hamas's Gaza Leader Declares "Victory" Over Israel

Gideon Levy / An open response to A.B. Yehoshua

Villagers Tell of Israeli 'War Crimes'

Gazans come out shocked after 22 day nightmare

Israel Doesn’t Get 4th Generation War by Bill Lind

Israel's Barak gains in polls, Netanyahu stays ahead

Huge gas reserves discovered off coast of Haifa

Gaza rockets hit southern Israel - Israeli TV

Gazans grapple with scale of death and destruction

Gaza Rockets Continue Pounding Southern Israel

British Jews attacked for pro-Gaza solidarity

Neve Gordon in The Guardian: How to sell 'ethical warfare'

The Boss Has Gone Mad

Israelis Soldiers refuse to serve in Gaza (video)

Militants fire rockets into Israel after cease-fire

John J. Mearsheimer: Another War, Another Defeat

Cuomo v. Clearing House Association going to Supreme Court

Did anyone see the exchange on Chris Matthews last night...

Bailout dilemma

Images - Growing stocks of unsold cars around the world

It's earnings time again.. This coming week!


200+ sign document condemning PA inaction, calling for national struggle government

Doom and gloom fact or fiction.

Monetary union has left half of Europe trapped in depression

FIGHTING FOR CARPENTERS RIGHTS IN SALEM, OREGON… picketing scab jobsites around the state capital

FROM UNION LABOR TO THROWAWAY JOBS…San Francisco Chronicle to fire all 200 Teamsters-printers

THE PARADOX OF THE HUDSON RIVER AIRLINER RESCUE… union workers are derided as “union thugs”


Delta, Northwest pilots elect union leaders

Unions Obtain Historic Health Care Settlement for Members and Other United Healthcare ($350 million)

An Internal Union (150,000) Dispute Turns Nasty, With a Local in the Balance

Union Starts Campaign Against Bank Of America Rescue

Big Firms Deepen Job, Wage Cuts (hasn't been wielded broadly since the Great Depression)

Factory Closures Strain China's Labor Law

Starbucks spends lavishly on corporate jet for CEO while cutting back on worker benefits and hours

Israel eyes expanded Egyptian force at Gaza border

$1 billion in worker givebacks sought

Man shot, killed during fight at Plano day-labor office

Labor quote for the week: after the government seized U.S. coal mines during a strike; 1956

Big Labor cartoon for the week: Exports

Today in labor history Jan 18th “Take This Job and Shove It,”

Today's Carol Simpson Productions Cartoon: African American

What can win jobs?

Labor joke for the week: Holy Work

CWA promotes Operation No Kid Hungry text donation program

21,000 Jobs Worldwide Erased in Day as Recession Chokes Demand

Struggle heats up to stop foreclosures Deals for union members.......

Financial Coup d’Etat & Your 401(k)

‘Stop foreclosures & evictions!’

Firefights Reported in Gaza

Congressional Leader Asserts LGBT Civil Rights Agenda

Cool labor site for the week of January 12, 2009 (Pride at Work)

Wingnuts Win, Doubletree Hotel Cancels MAL Party

A question not related to Warren, Prop 8, etc. - not to anything really substantive, actually

We are leaving for Saddleback Church - will post photos later.

The ick factor from a comedy show I watched last night

1138 Reasons Equality Matters

In Memorium

President of Argentina, Christina Kirchner to visit Cuba today

Stone meets Bolivia's Morales for interview, coca

Nicaragua Farmers Fight Police, More Than 160 Arrested (high interest rates)

Get ready to defend Chavez again..CIA backed protests are starting

Chavez: Obama meddles in Venezuela term-limit vote

Palestinian Government's Open Letter to President Hugo Chavez

Chavez says Obama has same stench as Bush

Can anyone help with this that an accurate translation

What a day coming! Eldrick Woods in DC! FOOTBALL!!!!!

NFL Conference playoff thread

Now the BIG BOY game

It's Official...I'm cheering for Arizona in two weeks...

For any of you who support the College BCS system

I want to root for the Cardinals, but

Can we all agree that domed football stadiums are an abomination?

Health Care You Can't Afford Not to Afford

Travolta tragedy report helped treat 8-month-old

Two of my partner's friends (both in their early 50s) got heart attacks around xmas!

‘This Question Has Been Asked And Answered’


Guns don't kill people ...... Gun owners kill people with guns.

Senator Feinstein is giving up gun control!!!!

Smudging makes the greatest page......

Name change amnesty ..

Oh no... I think I poisoned my cat :(

*** January Finals are now up in GD ***

Please help rename itsjustme

I want a New Name TOO!

Between storms.

Two-ish black & whites and a question for everyone:

The Photo Group is the most spoiled bunch of people on DU.

Former Kennedy Space Center officer confirms Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

I just had one of my house dreams

The Stars This Week: "A New Day, A New Way" - January 19 - January 25, 2009

Your most memorable psychic or intuitive prediction that did NOT materialize.

Crisis could lead to creeping U.S. protectionism

First visible-light image of a planet orbiting another star.

Did dark energy give us our cosmos?

Nice shot of Hyperion from Cassini (APOD)

Our world may be a giant hologram

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