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Archives: January 16, 2009

Fatah cracks down on Hamas in W. Bank

Tzipi Livni is an ass. Live on CSPIN

Pro-Israel Rally For Attacking Gaza, NYC, 1-11-09

Letter Denounces Wiesenthal Center for Building "Museum of Tolerance" on Muslim Cemetery

AP is Lying to Push for War on Iran (Again)

Death toll from Israel offensive soars amid diplomatic moves

Hamas: We will not accept Israel cease-fire demands

How to sell 'ethical warfare' - Claim moral superiority, intimidate enemies and crush dissent –

Turkish journalist claims that CIA has tried to divide Turkish army into two poles...

RNC race gets pricy, nasty

Can you sue

The Ticker: Maddow, King, Schneider...

Wis. mayor charged with plotting tryst with child

Speech and Reaction Preview

Usually when a president is about to give his final address, there is a lead-up.

i hear bu$h* is headed to new york with a bullhorn

eric holder 'waterboarding is torture'

I think I can. I think I can. I'm the little engine that could.

I think I can. I think I can. I'm the little engine that could.

It’s a Trial Date Tango in Minnesota

The only two things we know about the Thing on Mars--

Yippie kay ey motherfucker! It's his last speech!

Dollars & Sense: Privatization = Death

When is blivet blabbing tonite? nt

Every fucking channel??!??

Oh barf.


This is some seriously cool shit

U.S. Navy plans to chase, capture Somali pirates

Fuck you, chimp.

did i mention 911?

anyone who thinks that NCLB is good is someone who likes GWB

I can't believe it's not butter.

(On NOW) Direct Feed from the Whitehouse Link Here:

tough decisions.....vacation or not to vacation

Throw a shoe or two or thousands, anyone? Here ya go . . .

he really thinks the amercian people are dumber than owl shit

Honest to God, I am trying but I think I MUST turn him off ! What a consummate

Real leaders do not have to tell everyone they are real leaders

I do not care if it the last words he will ever speak..I will not watch that lameass

smirk smirksmirk smirksmirk smirksmirk smirksmirk smirksmirk smirksmirk smirk

A REAL Farewell Address from George.

No End In Sight on Sundance Channel Tonight 10PM EST.

Looking for something to do while Dumbass speaks?

the audience includes ALL the people who voted for him in 2000

It's now official: Our current President is one supremely fucked up dude.

Tarted Up "Howdy Doody" gives his last "Speech to American People!"

His lips are moving. You know what that means

Clueless. Go away mrbush.

Clueless. Go away mrbush.

please disburse there's nothing to see here....

Incidentally, It's over

drunk AND sedated

He's doing a Blago!

A new Guiness Book of World Records record was just established.

CSPAN didn't cut that caller off in time.

Will Bush take credit for his administration for today's crash landing in the Hudson River?

I wish his first speech coulda been like this one!

Ugly Betty was postponed 15-minutes for that piece of crap

how many shots did he have before he spoke?

Four More Days! Four More Days! Four More Days!

Just as dumbshit came on TV, I had to go to the restroom

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXXIII: Talk to the Hand 'cause the Face Ain't Hearin' You

Wow. What planet was bush talking about?

don't let the door......

Hey Shrub, you speak of "moral clarity" - ya mean Gitmo, lying to justify a war, illegal wiretapping

Dahammm! Scotty!

Bush speak; mistakes and screw ups = tough decisions

Based on the Senate confirmation hearings, anyone else think O is going to hammer Bush/Cheney

Based on the Senate confirmation hearings, anyone else think O is going to hammer Bush/Cheney

msnbc is the only network reporting on bu$h* the rest are back on the plane crash even faux

Bush has become Karla Fay Tucker: "Don't kill me! Please don't kill me!"


I Am Watching George W. Bush's Farewell Speech. This Is Actually Happening.

Is he REALLY this delusional?

Amy Goodman: Israel Pounds Gaza: Shells Crowded Hospital, UN Compound and Building Housing Media Org

Dumbass just delivered his last message from the White House.

I need some help locating a Supreme Court decision

Should NonProfits Be Exempt From UE Insurance

so...before 9/11 bush was vacationing? Look what he missed

Nicholas Kristof of the NYTimes is a neoliberal shill

George W. Bush's Farewell Address

check out the web news sites.....bu$h* has no headlines

Will MSNBC break away from their non stop coverage of Goosama Bird Laden's attack for Chimp's speech

Remember on "death scenes" Harvy Korman did on Carol Burnett

John Cornyn, massive asshole

"Above all, I thank the American people for the trust they have given me"

Since all the Shrub supporters think it takes 20+ years before you can judge a Presidency...

You know what I liked?

Did anything good happen for you during the Bush Administration?

Buh-Bye, George! Pepperoni or sausage?

We should all take a moment to thank George W. Bush for the one great thing he accomplished...

Departing CIA clown in uniform says torture 'worked'

How many plane crashes have a happy ending? According to the Daily News...

Another BUSH departed in SHAME!1 Never again!1 This means YOU, Jeb!1 n/t

You know, I think coast to coast most people are saying "Good, riddance"

DU your thang!!!

Rachel is ripping shrub a new one...

He lives in a dream world and is protected by his family and lackeys.

I'm celebrating here! Last speech EVER of bush! Hoisting a brew!

I think he's been looking PANICKED all week....

Watching Bush, I Keep Reflecting on the Year 2000 and How Great Things Were

photo and bio of today's hero: Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger

Freep, ovewhelmed by Bush farewell: "I know I'm gonna be sobbing in about 20 minutes"

UK Guardian: The change we need

Anyone else notice Bush's wierd swaying?

He's still the same brutally stupid, narcissistic, arrogant, mean, small-minded bigoted shithead

Was THE pilot .. (get ready for it) .. in a LABOR UNION! (((GASP))) making high wages?

RNC report released. Good news! The police showed great restraint!

Where can we read a copy of the $825 billion Democratic House Stimulus Package?

What's with Rachel? She looks like she just got back from partying all night.

A song dedication for the appointed President, as he makes an ass of himself on TV for the last time

Questions at Holder Hearing Focus Mainly on the Future, Not the Past

Taking Responsibility

So, when Holder answered Leahy's question about torture

Tweety is tearing Bush a new one

I am in tears watching this final performance. He has been my absolute favorite. I will miss him.

Joan Walsh (Salon) on "utterly self-indulgent, delusional" Bush farewell: "Every kid gets a trophy"

faux news......the final kiss on chimpy's ass

Graphic designers -- TPM is looking for someone to work on a project

Epic Bush

Bush sees an updside to Recession: Gas down to $2/gal - "that's $2,000 per family - as a result"

Five Hours after US Air 1549 The FAA has not issued...

My lord bush ain't getting it

Can he just go away now???

Everyone calm down, please!

Rice Vs. Bolton

Cheney nod off during Bush farewell speech?

How will history treat George Bush - Poll

How will history treat George Bush - Poll

My response to *: "There has been no higher honor than serving as your commander in chief."

Office Space

I have a great idea for an Obama inauguration video.

I have a great idea for an Obama inauguration video.

Homeless people to be removed ahead of Obama inauguration

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

4 Days, 14 Hours and 11 Minutes...

FAUX Noise Forum: The 22%-ers are gushing all over Shrub's legacy.

Situation Report on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip No.11 (OCHA)

Now that Butt Plugs BEEG speech is over, lets help him pack!

This morning, I saw a sign on a hardware store saying "Al Gore, give back your Oscar."

So who wrote W's speech?

So who wrote W's speech?

Star Tribune files for Chapter 11 protection.

The rumor mill has it that he's actually dead.

Was this forgotten tonight?------- “Fuck Saddam,” Bush said. “We’re taking him out.” (March 2002)

Did Dems turn the $350 Billion Stimulus package into a Huge Pork Barrel?

Justice Department lawyer says missing emails may have been found


Tell Mayor Bloomberg: NYC Should Have Parade for Flight 1459 Pilot, Crew, & Rescue Workers

Call-In for Single Payer

Mr. Bush's America: thanks a whole fuck of a lot.

Bush Pardons Weinberger, Five Others Tied To IRAN-CONTRA (December 24, 1992)

Link to world news feeds....Pakistan, Iran, UK,Ireland, Russia, Al Jaz, etc.

I've seen better make-up jobs at the funeral parlor

Do you realize that in 4 days, we can wake up and know Shrub will

TV Reality Show Leads to SoCal Arrests (beat up homeless guy)

Dog bites neighbor and selectmen sentenced him to death

Ok....I have to say this...Rachel looks like she hasn't slept in a week...

All right, Canada, that's the last straw. I've had it.

If you make the US Air Pilot a super hero ... everybody will be ditching airplanes

That was a nice piece of flying there, Ches.

Constitutional Experts Thread (Please Add Links)

Anybody else find they can't stop laughing every time clueless george's face

Southern California has been in the 80s this week

Dear Sir Obama: Presidential Advice

Is it just me or did George smirk throughout his entire miserable speech?

I saw a brief headline about another ponzi scheme crashing

It's not too late for W. to invade Canada over this dastardaly attack on US Airways flight 1549

Despite report kids unlikely to meet predators online

History well call it the "Wet-Brained Presidency"

90 years ago - 1/16/1919 - Eighteenth Amendment ratified; Prohibition....

Krugman NYT column: Prosecute Bush crimes---add your comment at

Prisoner Number 6 dies at age 80 (Patrick McGoohan)

Is it my impression

didn't "news" use to mean dispersing information as quickly as possible?

All these questions tonight asking how History will treat George Bush....

Ford starts making Fiesta in China

Eli Lilly fined nearly $1.5B in drug marketing case

Please help me itimize Bush's failure by comparing then and now

A bit of a laugh this morning: goofball RW LTTE in Columbus Dispatch.

Vote ..."How will history treat GW Bush?" MSNBC

roll call for chips vote in House

Dana Perino: "Talk to the Hand."

Chimpy's "audience" tonight. (photos)

WJ this morning - the Bush speech

FYI= Employment Opportunities!

How Do I Hate Yee BushCo goons, let me count the ways.......

OK. Ask me about the Hudson River ditching.

Is there anything else happening in the world?

People who think bush was a wonderful president are:

What planet is Fred Barnes from. He is on CSPAN WJ this morning

Indiana boy licks light pole, gets stuck

This Week beats Meet the Press for first time ever

Ick! Headline News "Showbiz Tonight" is promoting "Ann Coulter Unplugged."

he smiled as he said 'he lost his son in iraq'

Dept. of No Dah, -14 F is cold and bush's speech was more of the same

mika having a palin-fest with peggy noonan....goodbye msnbc

Jan Hamsher - FireDogLake - ON CSPAN NOW!

What to Do About Judge Bybee?

ACLU: 'Secret courts' conceal fraud by military contractors

Wow. Just. Wow. (worth reading IMHO)

Another Admission: Okay, So We Tortured

Another Admission: Okay, So We Tortured

As expected Citi to break into "good bank," Citicorp and "bad bank," Citi Holdings

Black Men Buying Body Armor

Keeping us safe? Keeping the economy working is part of it, no?

DOJ Internal Probe Confirms Politicization, Again

Jane Hamsher from FireDogLake on WJ

This is NOT photo shopped

Nice progressive radio symposium next week

I look forward to forgetting about bushwipe

Anybody ever hear of Lord Buckley?

Methane Discovered In Mars Atmosphere! Discovery Could Mean Life On Mars

Vitter is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest thorns.

Bush, 30 Officials, To Be Named In Torture Complaint To Go To Obama Administration

I bet the geese didn't think it was a 'miracle'...

What DU user name will George W. Bush use after he resigns?

What DU user name will George W. Bush use after he resigns?

Elizabeth Holtzman: Holding Bush Accountable

Police taser man after he has seizure.. VIDEO

Didn't watch the "speech" last night....

Pro Team Seeks Plus-Sized Cheerleaders; All-Male Team Sought For Dance Routines

Obama's AG pick on track for confirmation

I Pray that the lack of attention to investigations and prosecutions is to avoid pardons

22 below zero..

Immediately after inauguration, Obama to appoint team to deal with Middle East troubles

Does your CongressCritter have a YouTube site? Mine, John Sarbanes doesn't. Nancy Pelosi

Jane Hamsher made a good point on Washington Journal this morning

Your Daily Bankruptcy: ARG Enterprises (Black Angus Steakhouse)

Important warning to all those not used to below freezing temperatures.

Rep. John Conyers, Jr. : Why We Have to Look Back

Appoint David Iglesias as Special Prosecutor of Bush Crimes

-12 with a windchill of about -32 here in the Detroit metro area......

Juan Cole Says Bye To Bush: "In the end, he replaced being drunk on beer with being drunk on power"

But....he made the tough decisions.

Outgoing CIA director defends detainee interrogation program

Smoking ban violators should be cited by police, health board says

AP: At Least 26 Cases Of Bushies Burrowing In

Great Obama crossword! 'Barack to the Future' by Merl Reagle

Oakland to fire 11 cops in search warrant case

Preston Hollow Dallas TX Becomes President & Laura's Next Home - Secret Service around the corner!

George W. bUsh, a great success story.

Some of wondered what our "job" would be now that Bush is gone? Now we know!

Sex offenders may have GPS surgically implanted

ACLU: Afraid to say he’s gay, Larry Craig took wrong case to court

ACLU: Afraid to say he’s gay, Larry Craig took wrong case to court

another example of MSM's stupidity

Is there a slow rage growing with bush & cheney skipping merrily into retirement?

How is this possible: Dog left in vehicle w/out food or water, in Vermont for 19 days, survives

Boener's response to the stimulus package: OMG!!!


Try your hand at what the lame-duck president was trying to say these past eight years

While Contessa Moron and the other hacks go on a goose hunt

Congratulations, George.

Obama vows to reshape SS and Medicare...

From this moment forward I will never again refer to Bush* as such

Boy George is sentenced to 15 months in jail

With Small Numbers, House GOP Whip No Longer Whipping

Words like 'hero' and 'miracle' are easy to overuse

U.S. Issues Scathing Report on Immigrant Who Died in Detention

Kay Bailey Hutchinson outraises Perry by $1M

Homeless Need Convincing To Seek Shelter From Cold

Sick SOBs in the UK urge suicidal teen to kill himself. He jumps, and dies.

Bush leaves office as a hero-healer. He saved 10 million lives

Bush will get pension of almost $200,000 a year

Which is correct? Senators Dole or Senator Doles or Senators Doles?

Bush expected to pardon those with torture links

One of the Hudson River Boat Captains (rescuer) is named ...... Vince Lombardi

Thank you, George, Dick and boll weevils

Thank you, George, Dick and boll weevils

Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

Prediction: If there is a terrorist attack on Inauguration Day...

American Military Bases overseas

Virus Alert -

Did you see Holder get tied to FISA?

Buy One - Get The Second For $1.00

Dear George,

TinEye. Now this is cool. An image search engine. I mean, you use an image instead of words.

Spin Meter: What was said vs. the truth

It's over: Bush staffers make exits

Circuit City to be liquidated, 35K out of jobs

Leamington man loses $150,000 in Nigerian scam (True. Must read to believe)

Governor O'Malley (MD) Begins Quest To Repeal Death Penalty

Under Eric Holder, 'War on Terror' Would Still Define the Department of Justice

When did Chris Matthews all of a sudden decide to hate Bush?

Your tax dollars at work: clown teaches abstinence-only ed in Ohio middle schools

Brother visits Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush

Peace. Do we have to live in 'dangerous times'? DOP DOPEACE DO PEACE

ready for this? 'bu$h* saved 10 million lives' bill frist

Minneapolis' Star Tribune files Chapter 11

Andrew Wyeth dead at age 91

Please have Gay sex during Bigot Rick Warren's inauguration prayers

What is my "Backwards Bush" screensaver going to do on 1/20/2009??

**The official goodbye bush thread**

The new face of clean coal:

****Live Thread**** Holder Confirmation Hearing Day 2

SC senator wants to ban profanity, sagging pants

So, How'd You Like Your Beer?

R.I.P. Circuit City

Department of Peace finishes in 2nd place on poll!

Man kills another in duel (triggered by one of them riding an ATV too fast)

"Fired up, ready to go" woman coming to D.C. for inaugural

A tribute to the pilot who who took media attention away from Bush's last speech

Having a competent pilot in charge of the plane is like having a competent President

Court Rules On Wet T-Shirt Pics Of Teen

Concerns raised over cyberbullying in Harts

Kids Learn That Killing Is Fun at the Army's Lethal New Theme Park

You know, there's one group that hasn't been given any credit at all after today's near tragedy:

Another solution to the pardon question...

The Rude Pundit: Gone, Bushes, Gone

Non Sequitur: "Take Me To Your Leader".

Please have pity on me and show a little sympathy.

Why is it that every White House reporter has to ...........

Man loses £130,000 in online scam - paid for "mother's medical expenses"

So the Big 3 build hybrids

Playmobil Security Check Point ....LOL

Has "Sully" given any interviews yet?

Bravo Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger

Who would have standing to challenge a pardon for crimes not charged?

Who would have standing to challenge a pardon for crimes not charged?

Bush Administration Proposes Letting Oil Companies Drill Offshore

c-span - dana perino's last press conference

PE Obama is speaking on Ohio

Retired White House butler

Democratic Underground is FUCKING


Has YOUR life changed since 911? Mine sure as hell has mr egomaniac asshole bush

Zimbabwe unveils $100 trillion banknote

Farewell, George, and please let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

Obama giveth, Corporate America taketh away . . .

Krugman: Forgive and Forget? (Hell No)

Did you know Limbaugh and Hannity are taxpayer supported?

ACLU: Schools can’t ban Obama

Cross Post: DUCK VOTE

Roland Martin: Bush's Post-White House Goal Should Be Rebuilding the Gulf Coast

Obama's secret dinner with the media ommentariat...

Gottschalks Files for Chapter 11

Judge blocks cigarette tax law

Firedoglake:This Miracle Brought to You by America’s Unions (AFA UFA USAPA NATCA SIU PBA)

I'm not sad at all to see a lot of these worthless retail ripoffs go out of business

The Wicked Warlock...

The Wicked Warlock...

Senate Allows Coleman Entry To His Office -- To Clean Out His Desk

NY Gov to announce senate choice today.

i so amused at the 'suddenly fiscal responsible' refucklicons

Obama should withdraw Tim Geithner's nomination for Treasury.

An AG Who Believes in the Law? - Headlines - 1/16/09

Lee Rejects Bush's 3-More-Years-in-Iraq Treaty

Arrgh! Do they all get a farewell speech?

lol Perino

I figured out why the Dubai economy is

Why does Mrs. Greenspan get to ride in the inaugural parade?

Genetically modified crops linked to Bee dieoff?

D'ya think Bush will push his way off the Inaugural platform first?

...Bill Maher walks into a bar in heaven...

The Republicans in General think the Democrats are fools because

who did Obama pick

It Has Come Down To This:

Obama Should Clean House at Justice-by Dan Abrams

Side-splittin' Fox News comedy piece: "Most Americans think George W. Bush is a good person"

Any captions for this photo?

Stop the Obashing

Court Affirms Wiretapping Without Warrants (NYT)

More TOONS: Inauguration and Cabinet

Go your own way - Haaretz (Israel)

The Presidential Election '08 R.P.G!!!

You know, back in the old days, a lot of things were considered miracles.

Police standoffs... Cardboard cutout and empty shed! LOL

Aircraft owners save on taxes with new law (drops tax by as much as 95 percent)

Bush expected to pardon those with torture links

Eyeless in Gaza

Bush finds Bin Laden!!!!

Nadalian to ride bicycle of peace on Persian Gulf coast

OMG Robert Redford is an enemy to poor people

I think I missed the memo...

I guess you can say, "They deserve it" to the jerk ass employers

Come on DUers - where are the photos

Kucinich Resolution for Gaza -Immediate Ceasefire & Humanitarian Aid

Canadian chiefs deliver warning to Obama’s transition team

Canadian chiefs deliver warning to Obama’s transition team

On complacency

Let Judgment Be Bush's History

The real Bush legacy: Failure under fire.

Flying your flag?

Help - is there a movie out there like "Sicko" for the media? One that


Let's DU this effort -- Help Karl Rove write a farewell note to Bush

Bush pardon poll -- when and how many?

Help me pick a going away present for Bush.

Help keep the Peter B. Collins Show on the air.

Freeper thread saying something interesting about World Nut Daily.

LaGuardia Airport Monitor of US Air Flight 1549

Thanx Andrew Wyeth and R.I.P.

Thanx Andrew Wyeth and R.I.P.

How to sell 'ethical warfare'

When there's too many women in an office

Know your weapons - white phospheros

Hidden beer alleged to have led to boyfriend's beating

Lesbian is a dirty word

You hear that loud sucking sound coming from Washington D.C.?

"...the journey we have traveled together ...??????

Most important news story of the week (ending January 16, 2009)

He's leaving for Camp David



Richard Armitage: “I hope he pardons Scooter”

Pro-Life my A$$!

Fred Barnes doesn’t bat an eye when C-Span caller and Barnes fan calls Obama ‘Mr. Monkey Boy’

Man killed old friend when battling a 'ghost'

My joy at Il Dunce's departure and my excitement about Obama does not change one whit ........

Obama Opens White House Wednesday; Sign Up Now!

John Boehner: Difficult to find a worse Republican prick than him

I believe the incidence of racial crimes will, in a US led by President Obama, ......

**************'s Final Address Thread #1*************

Bankrupt Circuit City Stores Inc — closing its 567 U.S. stores and cutting 30,000 jobs.

David Corn points out...Mr. Bush left out some very important issues..

U.S. solar panel makers prefer overseas (this is a travesty)

Bankrupt Circuit City Stores Inc — closing its 567 U.S. stores and cutting 30,000 jobs.

Bankrupt Circuit City Stores Inc — closing its 567 U.S. stores and cutting 30,000 jobs.

BushCo says good bye...

I think Shrub will not pardon himself or anyone else responsible for war crimes.

Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III, is certified as a glider pilot,

What Are the Chances Someone Has Video of the Water Landing Plane?

What's missing with the Crash story?

The Artic becomes a security risk, bush signs presidential directive (no, not the onion)

If tainted peanut butter is not sold in stores, why is Kellog's pulling its p-nut butter ??

'LOVE' sculptor has new message for Obama era

Hundreds of organizations urge the California Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8

Looks like Circuit City is done for good

Clowns teaching middle schoolers abstinance only....

The Final Friday News Dump. Pentagon Pundits IG Report. (TPM).

If you don't support looking back, you don't support democracy.

You know, after thinking about it, we DO need to reach across the aisle

Madoff's mother tangled with the feds

Rick Sanchez obliterates Joe the Plumber-Again

another amazing pic from today's river landing-people "walking on water"

On George's speech...

Was George Bush's stubbornness his greatest fault?

Bailed-out companies using offshore havens to cheat US out of taxes

Mary & Jesus appear in Sydney man's lava lamp-has helped him with job offers, $, finding a partner

"Rising unemployment affecting health insurance industry because there are fewer people to insure."

Apple CEO considering liver transplant.

I'm going to start spying on my neighbors.

Holding Bush Accountable-By Elizabeth Holtzman

Torturing a Teenager, Guantánamo's Forgotten Child

UPDATE: Three arrested in Wisconsin Snowmobile deer slaughter

Circuit City to shut down

Palestinian Doctor's Daughters killed while he is interviewed on Israeli TV

This is a straaaange weather map

Blago's Lawyer Quits Impeachment Trial

Bigoted GOP Congressman: It's 'bizarre' that Obama's oath-swearing will include his middle name

Business is fine, people are wonderful. It's a new day.

Boy George Jailed for handcuffing male escort to bed

C-Span host: "Obama has shown praise for Bush . . . "

Lincoln Memorial Inaugural Celebration - on HBO Sunday 11:30 AM and 7:00 PM

Palestinian Doctor's Daughters killed while he is interviewed on Israeli TV

Question about the Cold

How should DU celebrate Dumbass' departure?

The FAA developed this new device for testing how airplanes withstand

Miracle on the Hudson happened thanks to the skill and dedication of union workers (X post)

"Every kid gets a trophy"

Who will be the face of the next generation of Bushes?

Milbank: "Ceremony to Commemorate Foreign Policy Achievements"???

Link to pictures of Dumbass' farewell speech ...

....Republicans are already upset

The Air Bus A320 has a ditching switch that helped it float.

MSNBC: Independent Women's Forum

Virginia considers autism bill

With Obama's Election There's a New Attitude Abroad: "It's cool to be an American again."

Warren says dedicate yourself to Christ like Nazis dedicated themselves to Hitler

McCain "puts the kibosh" on Cindy McCain "Dancing With The Stars"

Would You Go to Camp David Next Weekend if You Were the New Prez?

Ohio Pol Arrested for Running Hooker Review Site

Barack and Michele Obama look alikes:

RIP Andrew Wyeth

Can we take a moment to toast the incredible pilot that executed that water landing?

GAO: Many Bailout Recipients Operating in Tax-Haven Countries

Prayers for Bobby

Circuit City Answers Customer's Questions - Bankruptcy/Liquidation FAQs

What happens to homeless people, animals, wildlife, in a big freeze like this?

It's official: I am now another black mark against George W. Bush's legacy

Bush has left the WH for the last time, Condi Rice is done. Now, where the hell is Cheney?

Is the Hudson landing an omen or a metaphor?

Government Regulators Aided IndyMac Cover-Up, Maybe Others

Abortion Donuts

“They will impose Obamunism upon our nation.”

Last year, the principal of our school pulled me out of my room during a lesson

Looking The Other Way

"It's worse than we thought."

The Waaah It's Cold Thread

Brazen Dishonesty From The Wall Street Journal (warrantless wiretapping)

I just turned Randi Rhodes off and she will stay off

I have the solution! (GLBT Marriage)

I have the solution! (GLBT Marriage)

Jesus' General, a gay marching band and Obama's inaugural parade...

On Wyeth's CHRISTINA'S WORLD, switch Christina to Dubya, same pose

Will Bush stay at Camp David until he leaves for Texas and are any lawyers with him?

Fellow Investors: The Markets Ain't Going to Skyrocket just because we have a Great President


Editorial: Blow Me Down! Popeye turns 80!

Will Bush staffers trash the offices like Clinton's staffers were accused of?

Vatican: Gay `behavior' in seminaries declines

As I Look Back on the Past Eight Years...

Interesting that the engines sheared off.

it's 18 degrees here in cartago, costa rica!!!!

119 Rooms But Not One Key for the Obamas

Bush Ends With a Whimper; "His right eye kept narrowing to an uncontrollable squint."

487 days at Camp David - that's the total time this

Conyers on Ed Schultz Show just said he will push for 9/11 type Bush Crime Commission

Can we rename National Airport in DC?

So Long Worst President Ever; 10 Reasons History Will Hang You

Let's not forget about the First Officer on the US Airways flight

SUCCESS!!! Condi says "one day there is going to be a from tyranny," she said

Wow, I just saw Bob Woodword !!!

Bush: "Murdering the innocent to advance an ideology is wrong every time, everywhere."

Vatican reveals secrets of worst sins- Cracker discretion worse than genocide

when is Reagraham Lincool running?

Obama to prohibit waterboarding and will shut down "black site" prisons around the world...

Republicans Are Terrified Of Tim Kaine

Republicans Are Terrified Of Tim Kaine

Sign My Farewell Card for George W. Bush!

Daschle's Delay: The Backstory Behind EduCap with Lobbyist Daschle..Trips and Perks!

Bank of America Threatened Paulson saying: "Give Me That TARP or ELSE!"

Were the upper-crust of the art world snobs for disparaging Andrew Wyeth's work?

Available to all DIRECTV customers: HBO FREE PREVIEW January 15-18 (For Inaugural events and more!)

Riverbend, you remember her, has been silent since October, 2007.

Dana Perino’s final lie.»


Exchange Between Bill Moyers and Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League

"Murdering people to advance an ideology is wrong..." he said,


Obama Open House Set For Day After Inauguration

Obama Open House Set For Day After Inauguration

Obama Open House Set For Day After Inauguration

Obama Open House Set For Day After Inauguration

Obama Open House Set For Day After Inauguration

What's really odd regarding the plane crash yesterday...

Free shipping to military bases: Hickory Farms online sale - up to 75% off!

-50 in Maine, not much warmer across north

Still more TOONS: Senate seats and other follies

Creditors who keep calling the wrong number: Is this legal?

So... How Are My Fellow Former Smokers Doing?

An excellent rant on what the GOP has become from a former republican

Steve Jobs to seek liver transplant


So you use a cellphone while driving - take this test

Food Bank Friday! January 16, 2009! (Four days to go!)

Alaska's Rural Villages in Crisis - Update...from The Mudflats

Rev. Al Sharpton on faith-based homophobes

Boy licks light pole, gets stuck (for real)

The unsung heroes of the Hudson River incident....flight attendants.

The unsung heroes of the Hudson River incident....flight attendants.

One word to sum up the Bush years---


NY Congress members team up on Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights

NY Congress members team up on Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights

Trudeau issues final "Go Fuck Yourself" to Two Shoes....(TOON)

A Retired Republican is about to learn the lessons of the free market.

Just heard something silly on XM-Sirius POTUS

Has anybody ever made a movie about General Smedley Butler?

Conyers - H.R. 104 National Commission on Presidential War Powers & Civil Liberties

Kucinich on the Destruction of the UN Headquarters in Gaza

Life changing event DU knows before most of my friends & family

Life changing event DU knows before most of my friends & family

I suppose it's asking to much to never have to look at or hear that motherfucker again.

W.'s Twilight: A Man of Feeble Temper

3,000 autos abandoned at the Dubai Airport as people flee the meltdown

Gays, Your Secret Is Out - You Want To Serve In the Military For teh Sex. It's OBVIOUS.

TOONS: Buh Bye you pile of garbage....

Bush is Broken, Frightened, And Plagued By Voices

LegoLand California- The Inauguration is already happening.

Winners of Inaugural essay contest announced

Isn't it about time to change this thing to "General Discussion: Inaugural"?

Pre inauguration humor from Non Sequitur

Will Keith be on after *'s speech tonight?

Florida Republicans make drastic budget cuts, expect Obama's federal recovery to bail them out...

HOW to help feral and stray cats survive in this freezing weather

Have you noticed how much bigger NYC news is?

I am going to make the ultimate sacrifice...

This Miracle Brought to You By America's Unions

Good riddance, Asshole.

Rumpole of the Bailey creator John Mortimer dies

We can read this instead of listening

lol, he's not even in the oval office

I Suppose I Just Might Miss Bush...

Apparently for George it's only "murder" in the third the first person it's "liberation"

Fuck it--I'm watching *'s farewell. It may prove to be cathartic.

It's -15 outside right now

It's -15 outside right now

Good riddance (mass murderer) George Bush

only 5 more days until sanity...

Oh man oh man, where's a shoe-thrower when you need one?

So what's the difference...

So what's the difference...

hmmm, is he talking about the same presidency I endured for 8 long years???

hmmm, is he talking about the same presidency I endured for 8 long years???



Good bye asshole!


A fantastic farewell speech:

How nice of Bush to place some blacks in the front row

I am opposed to ANY tax cuts in the stimulus package

I am opposed to ANY tax cuts in the stimulus package

oh thank god its over

He is every bit as crazy as my schizophrenic friend Richard

Shave the Date: No Bush Left Behind


13 minutes

Hit the road, jack...and dontcha come back no more no more no more

Sending 60 year old men into battle is something to be proud of?

....and with that, so ends a nightmare!

Chimpy looks drugged

The GOP sure bloodied Holder today.

Wow, do I hate that guy!

I wish someone had thrown a shoe at him

I wish someone had thrown a shoe at him

Two things.

Former top CIA official reveals new details about the run-up to the war in Iraq.

Former top CIA official reveals new details about the run-up to the war in Iraq.

He's the proud owner of a police shield???

(sorry) dupe

Exactly which parallel universe is that goddamned treasonous monkey living in?

Obama's U.N. Pick Pledges To Work For Reform (NPR)

That plane

DRINK DAMMIT DRINK!!! He got to 911 in less than 60 seconds!

Send a thank you email to Captain Sully here:

Mark my words, the 1549 pilot will be a guest of honor at Obama's first State of the Union

Molly Ivins is smiling down, remembering when she wrote,

Obama Had Secret Meeting With Mideast And S. Asia Scholars

Damned W! Moments after he finished speaking my projector bulb blew

MSNBC Poll: Give President Bush a grade....

Ding dong, the bush is

Holy crap..the pilot of 1549 was only 900 feet AGL when he crossed over the GW Bridge!

Rate President Chucklenuts:

Let me see you DU your thang

Washington: Stay away from foreign ties. Ike: Beware military-industrial complex. W: I was Great.

&*%$(@)&%, &&&@)(*$#^[email protected](. +!?//, &>>)@#

Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger III at work - prelanding *PIC* over the Hudson

The hopes and dreams of DU'ers who have passed on are getting ready to come true

The hopes and dreams of DU'ers who have passed on are getting ready to come true

Well, I just watched the psychopath's final whoop-dee-doo on

LOL! Shrub started his speech at 8:00 EST and Obama left Blair House at 8:01 EST to go out to eat

Before the GOP wants plays guilt by association in the Blago case they should talk to Individual C

The best thing about Bush's farewell speech:

Ms. Maddow eviscerating the blivet, Arianna coming up next. See,

Ms. Maddow eviscerating the blivet, Arianna coming up next. See,

Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, GOOOODBYE!!!

I was watching evil demons that are trying to bring about the Apocalypse on TV tonight

NPR HEADLINE: "Orange County pastor Rick Warren's prominence grows"

The Party begins tomorrow, DUer's.

Kerry Statement on Susan Rice Confirmation Hearing

Why doesn't Bill Clinton get credit for keeping us safe after the failed attack on the WTC?

As George Costanza would say "These geese are breakin' the deal"!

Women in poor countries 300 times more likely to die in childbirth

DU my red-state local poll on Shrubby's Presidential Performance issues.

Is it really almost over?

Clinton - Bush - Obama

Reposting an apology to the Iraqi people

Wax replica of President Obama

Obama Wax Figure - Lady Tussaud's in London

Official Bush Epic Fail Thread

Official Bush Epic Fail Thread

Tell him off, Tweety!

Now I have to clean shoe-prints off my TV.

Isn't it funny that W* is using people of color as props in his farewell address. . .

Isn't it funny that W* is using people of color as props in his farewell address. . .

Obama Team Should Reappraise Afghan War Efforts Before Doubling Troop Levels

We've been hung in a bad place for too long. A song that describes the post-Bush* mood.

We've been hung in a bad place for too long. A song that describes the post-Bush* mood.

When you were between the ages of 7 and 18, did you EVER steal ANYTHING?

WTF: Rod Blagojevich Signs Another Document

BREAKING: Lou Dobbs blames illegal immigrant Canadian geese for plane crash..

I had to clean up the kitty litter boxes ...... what did Bush say?

A blast from the past: Pollster questions Obama support

A blast from the past: Pollster questions Obama support

Who's watching Gwen Ifill on Letterman?

Who's watching Gwen Ifill on Letterman?

Damn! There's still over 392,000 seconds left in George Bush's administration!

Hey now, you told me you had a Michelle Obama "whitey" tape.

From The Inauguration of BARACK OBAMA, the 44th President of the United States.

Pre-Inaugural Address-Non-Sequitur

************* 4 MORE DAYS! *************

If you were impressed with Susan Rice last year, you really need to watch her hearing

Scott McClellan is busy throwing W under the bus right now on MSNBC!

Kid's Inaugural ball

Why was there even a question whether the second half of the TARP fund would be released to Obama?

Did anyone see the Letterman clip of Bush tonight?

Inauguration Weather Forecast

Exactly 100 hour of Chimpolini left. 8:00am EST.

Freepers mourn the loss of pResident bush on the occasion of his final speech

House Summary of Stimulus Package (for reference)

Anyone else catch this sickening irony in last night's speech?

Anyone else catch this sickening irony in last night's speech?

Just checked out these engraved Obama commemorative mugs

Just checked out these engraved Obama commemorative mugs

Bush Bids Buh-bye: Watched or did not watch?

Expect Bush to have a pardons party today

Has any other nation ever elected a minority as their president or prime minister?

Obama Polls Well

Fuck this.. Where's my bong?

question about presidential pardons

What I'm noticing on Washington Journal

Faux News: "Commander AWOL was fabulous, as always."

DU this poll. How will History treat GWB?

Write Bush A Farewell Letter»

Alcalde Bloomberg habla español bien

Alcalde Bloomberg habla español bien

You know its COLD when


4 days left! And in "The End" the love you take is equal to the love you make!

Republican Presidents have occupied the White House for a total of 88 years...

Republican Presidents have occupied the White House for a total of 88 years...

This guy has been a pilot for 40 years but apparently had daughters stil in school

D'j'ever see 49 Republican heads explode in unison? You 'r' gonna LUV this!!!!

SoH Nancy Pelosi to be on FakeNews Sunday...nt

To all going to Washington, I still feel too much is being spent but... come home safely!

Some folks never got over the way Bush stole the election in 2000

Stars Converge for Inaugural Celebrations: Several events will be nationally televised

Absolutely damning indictment of Cheney on NPR

Grassroots will not wither under Obama 2.0

Biden and Clinton Say Goodbye to Senate

Malia Obama lays on the pressure: Inaugural address ‘better be good.



Am I alone in thinking that Pelosi should be investigated along with...

Am I alone in thinking that Pelosi should be investigated along with...

Palin Skipping Obama Dinner In McCain's Honor

Obama to Ohio wind turbine plant today - mobilizing public behind agenda

Obama to Ohio wind turbine plant today - mobilizing public behind agenda

Obama to Ohio wind turbine plant today - mobilizing public behind agenda

OMG: I think it is awesome that Joseph Lowery is givng the Benediction.

OMG: I think it is awesome that Joseph Lowery is givng the Benediction.

OMG: I think it is awesome that Joseph Lowery is givng the Benediction.

To all Bushies: Get the hell out of Washington and off the airways!

To all Bushies: Get the hell out of Washington and off the airways!

To all Bushies: Get the hell out of Washington and off the airways!

I'll be downtown but won't be able to see the Inauguration, I'm gutted

Those attending the Inauguration: I found a website with some logistical tips and maps...

OFFER: Obama compilation DVD.

An Observation about USAir 1549 at Work Today

GRRR! Bush Declares Sanctity of Life Day! ( Kick women in the teeth again)

Is this a hint? Paterson statement on Clinton replacement

Must read from Robert Reich: Why Citi Turned Around on Mortgage "Cramdowns"

It seems like the same people who "guaranteed" Bush's impeachment are ever so certain Bushco

Let me repeat this one more time...

Which remark is the least offensive about Obama?

Bacardi to raise giant U.S. flag in Miami to honor Obama remind me of nixon...

Cindy McCain almost on Dancing with the Stars......John said no...

A Will Pitt Truthout Essay

Will Obama cut SSDI?

No matter what McCain does with the rest of his life, I will never forgive him

Carlotta Walls LaNier (Little Rock Nine) on the election

My son will never wear shoes as well made as my father did

Great news, Beau Biden (Joe's son) will be back for the inauguration

Send a farewell letter to President Bush—Email [email protected]

All Hail The Revisionisticator: a poem I wrote as I watched Bush's final speech

Passengers on Obama’s DC Train Ride Reinforce the Winning Campaign Theme

Katon Dawson (RNC Chair candidate) pledges to become Obama's "worst nightmare"

Lookin' For A Leader

Obama talks to Washington Post (audio)

Report: Obama Ready to End Harsh Interrogations

Being that Bush and the GOP are the masters of "projection"

Being that Bush and the GOP are the masters of "projection"

My workplace announced

The stimulus bill gives the SOE power to guarantee about $100 billion of loans to alternative energy

I realized for sure W is a sociopath last night

30-pound marijuana brick delivered to wrong address in Denton

Chris Matthews's response to Bush* speech....

Henry Payne is still trying to accuse Franken of stealing his senate seat

Blair House: 119 Rooms But Not One Key for the Obamas

Cheney dozes off during Bush's farewell speech

Obama's daughter (Malia) on Inaugural speech: "It better be good.'

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa): Obama 'bizarre' to use 'Hussein'

Beyonce To Sing Obamas' Inaugural First Dance

Trial Date Set for Coleman Challenge

Shepard Fairey's "Hope Poster' featured on Colbert Report

I watched "Smallville", who can tell me about W's

I may get to meet Gov. Sebelius and take 4 students with is between me and one other teache

Bush is 1st president since Nixon to

Eugene Robinson: The District of Pandemonium

I had hoped Maya Angelou would be part of the Inaug.

Senator Burris doing a great job on Hardball

Would anyone else appreciate a Hide Thread function based on a search word?

Would anyone else appreciate a Hide Thread function based on a search word?

Rather than pop off on "entitlement reform", fucking learn something!

Bush's Approval Rating Rises To 51% !!!

Anne Hathaway: I Want To Babysit The Obama Girls

Barack Obama Selects the Dead for Inaugural Ball: “It Was Quite an Honor”

Pro-Life Group up in Arms over Krispy Kreme's Abortion Doughnuts

"a charming, interesting, beautifully mannered history buff"

Something looks different about the cloture vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009

You guys going to DC for the Inaugural...some Metro rules

Stimulus plan repeals big tax break for banks

Kaine pick sends ripples across RNC

If Geither fails because of tax evasion, Obama could put in a progressive in Treasury like

Where will Obama's Western Camp Gitmo be?

Which is More Offensive?

Which is More Offensive?

The Neighborhood Ball, the smallest, has 'become the hot ticket.'

Gov. Paterson to Re-Interview Senate Candidates

Gorgeous Michelle Obama in past formal gowns

Michelle's birthday is Saturday

Can David Gregory go to hell with his biased opinion?

What was the purpose of the 9/11 attacks?

Obamas buy bed from Seekonk, Mass. store

Obama's Half Brother Mark Ndesandjo Performs in China (and will attend Inauguration)

Good men don't torture

WPGC FM 95.5 kicks off 95 hours of Inauguration celebration

Draft Obama founder gets stiffed by Inaugural Committee

Draft Obama founder gets stiffed by Inaugural Committee

I couldn't help but look up "Obama" in the DU Archives from July 27, 2004.

Obama is being interviewed by John King on the Situation Room right now

Conyers: Why We Have to Look Back

After Pearl Harbor everyone was sure the West Coast would be invaded

Obama: "If I didn't have to move twice in five days I would be happy."

Uh oh! How Citigroup Unraveled Under Geithner's Watch

Can you imagine how busy Michelle is right now?

Freeper Meltdown because Obama Will End Harsh Interrogations

Turn out the lights, the party's over, leave your keys, at the security desk

If Gore had taken office in 2000, might we now be saying "President Elect JOE LIEBERMAN?!"

This photo is a riot!

Philly event this Saturday is apparently "invitation only"

Kaine answers questions

If the Inaugural Committee sends me another fundraising email...

The Most Ridiculous Speech of All (on Bush's farewell address)

Who will be Obama's ally in the White House? His Mother-in-law?

Bush's Plain of Shinar

Thank God for George W Bush

Should we be worried that some republicans are praising Eric Holder?

My winger neighbor just announced they're having an innauguration party.?? Cool...but ??

Paul Krugman: Forgive and Forget?

So when does Air Force 1 take off with * on his last ride on the damn thing.

Obama: "Caroline is One of My Dearest Friends"; Sen. Caroline, how much clout would she wield?

Christian right congressman and two anti-abortion protestors have prepared the Capitol for the Obama

The best 13 minute flurry of DU Thread Titles ever!

Tiger to speak at Lincoln Memorial

Tiger to speak at Lincoln Memorial

AP: Beyonce to Sing Etta James's 'At Last' for First Dance

Where will Obama's Western White House be?

Where will Obama's Western White House be?

Where will Obama's Western White House be?


Look who just spoke for prosecuting law-breaking Bush officials

Oscar De La Renta: Hillary Is "Very Prudish" About Showing Skin

Barrett-Jackson, the world's largest collector car auctions

My best friend and her hubby got tickets to the Biden Ball, which is allegedly the hot ticket!

O'BAMA ! Ireland set to honor native son:

Please, help stop Coleman from breaking the law . . . again!

Looking back, did we ever think we'd get here?

Looking back, did we ever think we'd get here?

24's Sutherland says Bauer will have inner struggle about torture. About time.

24's Sutherland says Bauer will have inner struggle about torture. About time.

24's Sutherland says Bauer will have inner struggle about torture. About time.

Gallup: Obama 83 approval rating for transition, 22 pts more than Bush's 15 pts more than Clinton's

Autistic girl, 8, cuffed after school scuffle - refused to take off her beloved "cow costume"

***CAPS LOCK!!!!***

***CAPS LOCK!!!!***

Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform...?

Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform...?

Bush History:Bush Admin Working Hard,Going All Out ... to Promote the Interests of Enron-1/16

Krispy Kreme offers one free donut on Inauguration Day to celebrate, Freepers go nuts.

Obama and Iraq

SCOTUS orders for the week are out and Berg is not included

A Music of the Soul

Do the Conservatives have a city equivalent to San Francisco?

Do the Conservatives have a city equivalent to San Francisco?

So * actually admitted that be didn't read security briefs before 9/11

Bruce Bartlett on CSpan tearing Bush to pieces...

KGNU Hosts National Call-In Program On Inauguration Day

My Thoughts on the Human Soul

My Thoughts on the Human Soul

"Bush is a good man..."

Krispy Kreme To Celebrate Inauguration With Donut Giveaway

Student, 15, charged in brownie theft

Student, 15, charged in brownie theft

The gift of Chesley Sullenberger and all those people who helped pull off the miracle

Dean closing out three-decade political career

Dean closing out three-decade political career

KGNU Hosts National Call-In Program On Inauguration Day

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

so I might have said I love you during a drunk dial

Have you ever fell in love to early in a relationship too early

I apologize for my katy perry thread.....if it offeneded anyone

Higher than high

Serious question about underwear...long underwear

I'll be watching Battlestar Galactica all day tomorrow

Did I just hear the crowd snicker?

I apologize for my steve perry thread.....if it offeneded anyone

I want to watch something more intelligent than the farewell address

Where do stupid nudists buy 85 lbs worth of implants dangling off them?

Hey Creekdog...there's nothing wrong with MY cats...

I apologize for my Lee Scratch Perry thread.....if it offeneded anyone

Get your Kitten Cannon on!

I will never understand the world of finance I.E. Debt consolidation is a fucking joke.

how do animals survive outside when its -15 degrees?

Cooking? Please refer to the bacon flow chart for guidance

back to the future

CaliforniaPeggy twisted her left wrist by smashing an informer's face into a candy machine

I hate people sometimes.

Lee Scratch Perry - I Am The Upsetter

Out here in the perimeter there are no stars, out here we are stoned immaculate

Hi, my name is Lara and I'm a Wii-dow.


In the spirit of the pardon storm soon to come from the White House: songs with Pardon

I intentionally skipped the inauguration in 2001 because I was pissed that Bush stole it

Was walking down the street today on my way to work. I passed a mother

I always crack up...

I almost set the kitchen on fire tonight

I found the best bacon in the world!

So I'm flipping through the channels...

I just poured wax from a candle onto my pants. Do I have to throw them out? Any way to save them?

Anyone watch The Office tonight?

You are getting verrry sleepy...

For the record, I am responsible for Oeditpus Rex's Eggy Sandwich

Great interview going on with Frank Langella tonight on Charlie Rose....

Anybody love some Syd Mead?

CaliforniaPeggy is a mafia strong-arm with warrants outstanding in 34 of the 50 states

Can anyone direct me to a good

Respect CaliforniaPeggy, or she'll hand you your own liver on a platter

Should I play WoW?

i just beat rock band2

White-trash Mary Kay saleslady shows how classy she is

ONE degree and there goes the water

multiple boobs, spinning boobs

So I saw in the paper that Greg Brady

Dear TV Land,

Cause of the USAirway crash

What really sucks about life....

where did flamingyouth go?

A ransom note to all you people with temperatures in the 60s and 70s

Class starts on Wednesday and I need 2 books for the class

John Scott Martin, 'Man Inside the Dalek,' Dies at 82

Is it possible to have no views? DON'T LOOK AT THIS THREAD!

who's drunk?

Burns Night: Celebrating 250 Years on Jan. 25th

Who else in on their 7th shot of breakfast whiskey?

Anybody love some Syd Straw?

Its a balmy 6 degrees with a -8 wind chill this morning!

my wallet and keys got stolen, and my dead hard drive cannot be read.

Tardive Dyskinesia

Aggh! Heading to Key West and having to pull out winter clothes for the kids.

ZOMG! The attempt to sell Inauguration memorabilia has finally gone too far:

Nancy Pelosi has a YouTube site. Really cute cat-cam.

Did you all see where California Peggy took down Kimbo Slice in 14 seconds?

My paperwhites are in bloom!

Funny Condom Ad

I figured out who Eric Holder reminds me of.

This stuff is freaking addictive!!!

Check out these T-Shirts!

Boy George Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison

Good morning Lounge

twilight fans

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it)

Ever eat old food from your pantry?

"Bluebirds over the Mountain" was good by the Beach Boys, but by Ersel Hickey is

News Exclusive: There is LIFE on MARS!!!!!1!!!!

I need some Ebay help here!

What is flame baiting ?

Embarrassing moment number 139,742

How cold is it in Minnesota?

Ever had a stomach ache like this? Last night I had a dull ache in

Just so you all know.

You would have to be a pilot to fully appreciate this

Just saw Last House on the Left for the first time last night

"Catfessions" postcards: Today's winner ("beans") is from a friend.

Job interview tomorrow

Good vibes request for future step-sister-in-law

How do you get an Airbus out of the Hudson River


The FBI emailed me - I'm a millionnaire!!!!!!!

It's cold out but,,, One of the worlds best beers tapped in Lisle Il tonight!

new medicine making me manic

Just one more thought on the Hudson River incident. Walking the aisles twice and being

I got a huge corporate gift yesterday and my co-worker tried to take credit for it

I need to get into another line of work.

Hey gang...

What is your favorite itunes radio station?

"deformed ewok" is the phrase of the day, change a thread to include "deformed ewok"

Doctor Who?

We, the human race, are the decendants of the Battlestar/Cylon fleet

Onslow on KEEPING UP APPEARANCES--how would you classify his accent?

I have an empty pipe! God hates me and has a horrible plan for my life!

I'd like to hear Ocelot's take on the Hudson plane thingy.

Rush opens his piehole about Sports again...

Unflattering picture post...if you dare!

Brace yourselves, Lounge, for singer/songwriter Mark Gormley

I have a SERIOUS crush on Glenn Close.

Our Wii sensor bar sleeps with the fishes. This, my son assures me, is an emergency.

I have a frozen pipe! God hates me and has a horrible plan for my life!

What did my cats do outside all night on the coldest night of the year?

Sometimes you see something that just makes you feel good inside

So cold here that bubbles freeze

Human rights

The Duck Vote.

In the polls we post here, why is red

I'm about to blow dry a pipe! Ask me anything! nt

Registration for the Jeopardy! online contestant test is now open!

Well which is the greatest Sci Fi Franchise?

I'm making a workout video of running in place.

Every day when you leave the house, how much of your local fur baby do you end up taking with you?

Help, please! What's the difference between "skanky" and "skeezy"?

News blooper: cock collector

knock knock...

Well, I'm now officially caught up with BSG.

I wish skin was like those paint-with-water coloring books,

A little afternoon football humor....

Vibes? My Mom Begins Chemo Tomorrow...

I'm afraid to move because I keep getting electrocuted!!

**PSA** Don't IM and post on DU at the same time. You will invariably

**AHEM** A knock-knock joke for the Lounge.

I checked out the September 11 Forum this afternoon. Are those folks really DU'ers??

I'm having a rough day

Why the fuck do I bother remaining a Democrat?

Damn -- my favorite radio station in Los Angeles is going off the air.

Life begins at confection!

I'm having a dough ray

Should Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX Be Made?

Just so you all know..

I have a new respect for school photographers

Oh Google, must you betray us as well?

"Colder than a witch's tit" was how JFK described the weather

DU Ladies!: Jan 20 Waxing Special - Say Goodbye To Mr Bush!

Geeky Star Trek question

When I select a SO is it OK to change his or her name?

I need some perspective on the amount of painkiller someone close to me is taking

Goddammit, it was NOT A FREAKING 'MIRACLE,' you stupid 'news' fucks!

Duh, I'm bad !

A dog in GD needs a name

I found the crotch of a dead mule in taterguy's pantry.

I have a frozen pie! God hates me and has a horrible plan for my life.

Dear hionest person: I am be professor of english Astronomical law in National oxford Univesity at

15 below zero outside....there is frost inside my house!

Why is Apple stock so tied into Steve Jobs's health?

Your parents visit you at college and take you to Olive Garden

Your parents visit you at college and take you to Olive Garden

Gettin' a little long in the tooth there...

So how cold is a witches tit?

PSA- Important safety tip, during this cold spell

Our world may be a giant hologram

When your bar of soap gets really, really small:

I'm changing this to a poll

Which state doesn't allow you to name your kid "Junior"?

What's your favourite state perk?

Can you only be "incandescent" with rage?

You guys up North aren't gonna believe this. *We're* off work today. For *wind*!

I thought DU was the only place where cats and rats got along

kitten picture of the day for friday january 16

kitten picture of the day for friday january 16

i was just told that i have "beautiful wrists"

The antibiotics are working, Mom is doing much better.

It's official: Canada is declaring war on the US.

The 12th Cylon was the mastermind behind the attack on the human race

Buccaneers fire Gruden, GM Allen

Need vibes for my psychologist appointment tonight!

Bwahaha! This is extremely wrong and ***NSFW***

When I adopt a dog, is it OK to change his or her name?

knock knock. n/t

May I vent?

The last season of BSG will suck unless

The last season of BSG will suck unless

Why are you people still here? Shouldn't you all be waiting

Why are little girls in love with ponies?

What's with all the posts about MIRACLE Whip?? I prefer Hellman's

The Whirlwind

Slumdog Millionaire….spoilers and mini-rant….

You laughed before...who's laughing now?

Here's your chance to change my username!

What is your favorite steak part?


i gotz a "kick me" sign

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/16/2009)

what should be the new Skinner amnesty screenname for leftofthedial?

The Good Old Days

I hate to mention this, but there's a really lame new Chick Tract up...

Want to see something cool - Me from 16 years ago..

Woman unwittingly ate children.

so how cold is it where you are? Had to ask.

Cute things kids have said: post yours here.

Mnemonics, two I use and one I am no longer so sure of.

Undeniable miracles:

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/16/09

The hair on my legs is really super long.

Results 1 - 10 of about 992,000 for flvegan.

I sure do like CaliforniaPeggy. She always treats people with dignity and respect.

Henry Rollins vs. Iggy Pop

Well, I think it was largely a miracle.

The Ultimate 80's Retro video game : Diamond Dave Asteroids!

In honor of "Rev" Warren, can we make "Saddleback" into a disgusting euphemism for something?

PSA thread. "Don't Buy It." Post your own.

Whom do you think is the final Cylon?

I'm starting to "enjoy" using "superfluous quotes".

The Best, most ass-kicking Movie of the 80's

Greatest UK game show ever!

What is your favorite state park?

Poll: Iceberg Lettuce?

Wow. I had a thread deleted from the Dungeon. The Dungeon!

Worst bullshit statistics you've heard?

Are Big Cats Still Cats?

"How Long? Not Long."

These two photos of today's plane totally amaze me

Will we learn who the final Cylon is tonight? BSG is back!

Our cats are all in front of the heating vents

Madinmaryland told me to STFU, should I cry?


Happy Days Back As X-rated Film

Very well; so Skinner has a 'user-name amnesty thing' going on please review ~

Woman horse rider kicked out of Tesco store because she was 'too smelly'

Looking for names, adopted a female St. Bernard Great Pyrenees mix

Imagine if cell phones were available in the "Little House on the Prarie" days.

Poverty in America: the Old and the New

Guinea junta appoints government

Gitmo detainee lawyers raise torture allegations

U.S. probe into Afghan civil deaths "flawed": group

Irish bank set to be nationalised

Gulf Arabs say Kuwait summit to focus on Gaza

roll call for chips vote in House

U.S. strikes home in on al Qaeda, kill 8 leaders

U.S. to review Europe missile shield under Obama

Around 7,000 protest anti-crisis measures in Lithuanian capital

US Supreme Court says evidence is valid despite police error

NY Congress members team up on Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights

Ireland nationalizes Anglo Irish Bank

Coleman can keep office until Feb. 4, senators say

Senate Votes 'Yes' on Public Lands Protection Package

US, Israel to sign deal to boost Gaza truce effort

Lawsuits Filed Over Rule That Lets Health Workers Deny Care

Government makes decision on gray wolf protection

Russia plans navy bases in Mideast and African ports

GE Capital Said to Target at Least 7,500 Job Reductions in 2009

Saudis deport Chinese labourers

Biden’s Son Leaves Iraq For Inauguration

(Outgoing) CIA director defends interrogations

China FM urges withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza

Hamas: We will not accept Israel cease-fire demands

Iran president: 'Not feasible' for Israel to live

Trial opens for US suspect in Italy slaying

Students, communities pay when schools cut busing (today's DUH)

Russia seals recognition of Georgia breakaways

Pilot Praised for 'Masterful' Landing

Momentum builds for a self-ruled southern Iraq (give Iran its biggest prize)

Kaufman Replaces Biden in the Senate

Former gay outreach director, DNC settle discrimination suit

First Family Discusses Move Back to Texas (Bush says he's keeping the "ranch")

Franken proposes quicker trial than Coleman seeks

US, Israel sign agreement to cut off Hamas weapons supplies, boost Gaza cease-fire effort

The Pentagon Pundit IG report is out.

Bush is Broken, Frightened, And Plagued By Voices

GE Capital to cut up to 11,000 jobs: report

ATF, Arson Investigators at Abortion Clinic Fire in Bellevue

Obama is preparing to prohibit the use of waterboarding and harsh interrogation techniques

Condoleezza Rice Has Left the Building

Famed Ilikai may shut its hotel facilities

Secret List of U.S. Military Bases to Replace Gitmo

U.N. chief calls Israeli airstrikes of compound an 'outrage'

Relative calm descends on Gaza

Rain speeds Antarctic Peninsula glacier melt

U.S. (Treasury ) targets a bin Laden son, 3 other militants

Hertz to Cut More Than 4,000 Jobs to Reduce Costs (Update1)

It's over: Bush staffers make exits

China to celebrate day Tibet feudal rule ended

Some Ask if Bailout Is Unconstitutional.

U.S. and Israel sign pact to stem Gaza arms smuggling

Democrats sneak Net neutrality rules into 'stimulus' bill

One of US Airways Jet's Engines Is 'Missing' After Splashdown in River, Say Investigators

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 16

Zimbabwe unveils $100 trillion banknote

Former transit cop pleads not guilty to murder

December industrial production drops 2 percent

Iraqi shoe-hurling journalist visits brother

Madoff's fund may not have made a single trade

Bank of America Receives $138 Billion of Rescue Funds

South Africa calls on Israel to stop military offensive in Gaza

California tax refunds to be delayed starting Feb. 1; state running out of money

Bush approves Peru trade pact, despite objections

No headline- Report: Obama Ready to End Harsh Interrogations;shutting down secret black site prisons

Obama Pressed to Investigate Bush Era

Frontline says roughly 80 mln bbls oil stored at sea

Report Finds Major U.S. Companies Have Offshore Tax Havens; Some are receiving bailouts

Wind Farm Off Cape Cod Clears Hurdle

BREAKING NEWS: Circuit City to be liquidated, CNBC reports; 35,000 expected to lose jobs

American painter Andrew Wyeth dies at 91

Nothing kosher about meatpacker's money handling, feds say

(Bush) White House Sees 'Strong' Econ Recovery Early In Obama Administration

Did Obama Skip Bush's Speech?

Why Two Bush Appointees Are Refusing to Leave

Judge won't order Obama not to use 'God' in oath

Clear Channel Plans Revamp

(Condi) Rice departs predicting a world free from tyranny

Obama Turns Focus to Fixing Social Security

Uri Avnery: The Blood-Stained Monster Enters Gaza

Cheney's Parting Shot: Claims His Bird Hunting Made U.S. Air Travel Safer

Post mortems on a pathetic president

Dubya's Farewell Gives the 'Finger' to Former Famous 'Farewells'

Former White House Butler Reflects On His Service

Former White House Butler Reflects On His Service

Damon Weaver Gets Batboy, Not Obama Interview

Paul Moller: Take a ride in the Skycar

Preparing for power: Biden limbers up for office with scathing Cheney attack

Liveblogging Your Prime-Time Presidential Message To America (Jason Linkins / HuffPo)

'Shock therapy' sell-offs blamed for 1m deaths (FT)

Editorial: Obama should make clear his opposition to torture (San Jose Mercury News)

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate

Bailouts & Sellouts (Edward Herman / ZMag)

Greece, a single bullet

Commulism and Changing Global Polarities

Steven Pearlstein: Expensive, Dangerous and Necessary

What Bush Left Out of His Flat Farewell

Forget Pot Smokers; What Does It Take to Lock Up Drug Company Execs?

Indigenous West Australia student invited to Obama inauguration

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

President Obama Gives us Hope in Our Heart

WSJ Editorializes Against Social Security in News Section

TYT: Man Fakes Own Death To Avoid Being Arrested

Senator Shelden Whitehouse questions AG designate, Eric Holder in Senate Judiciary hearing

Coyotes vow to take the Prairie Back.

George W. Bush--Time to Say Goodbye

Billy Bragg-The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie

Glenn Greenwald: A real discussion on TV regarding U.S. policy towards Israel

Hillary Fundraiser; Jon Bon Jovi sings

Bush's environmental legacy.. "He has undone decades if not a century of progress on the environment

Bush Confesses on videotape: I Personally Authorized Torture

TYT: Bush doesn't care about low approval ratings

ABC News: Andrew Wyeth Day at the White House (1970)

New Evidence Mormons Illegally Contributed to Yes on 8

Dear Sir Obama: Presidential Advice

Line 'Em Up - James Taylor (feat. Elio & le Storie Tese)

You Can Take The Canadian Flag Off Your Backpack

Eric Margolis: Who and what is Hamas? Part 3

Hillary's Farewell Remarks to the Senate

Activist organizations file suit against FBI over raid, seizure of computers (Raw Story)

GOP Goes 'Back to the Future' on Holder Hearings

The frat boy ships out

Pilot Whales in Amusement Parks and Killed in Faroe Islands and Japan

Snoop Dog on Peace

Did Cheney nod off during Bush’s farewell address?

Crawford Setting a Trap for Obama

Bush Trade Rep: China Policy Was 'Right on Target'

Biden's last speech in the Senate.

Jane Hamsher discusses Bush legacy on CSPAN - part1

Robert Redford says Bush is a lame-duck guy at Sundance Press Conference

An open letter to Pastor Rick Warren

Obama Should Clean House at Justice

Why Liberals Should Want Obama to Take On Social Security Now

Tradition and Change Battle on the National Mall

Can't we all get along? (from CBS -just go with it, I promise...)

Analysis: Americans happy 'failed marriage' with Bush is ending (CNN)

TYT: Corruption begins at Obama Inaugaration

Sally Quinn on Bush, Obama, and the Blair House

No place is safe for Gazans

" So there he stood last night, pleading for a reduced sentence by history."

CIA chief: No proof of Iranian A-bomb

Rachel Maddow & Jon Turley on the FISA court ruling on wiretapping

President Bill Clinton - Farewell Address

Cheney On "The Nation Guide To The Nation"

Americans Expect History to Judge Bush Worse Than Nixon

George Bush - Na na na, hey hey, GOODBYE

In Tribute To Bush

George Bush's legacy- The frat boy ships out

Anglo Irish Bank nationalised

No Evidence Madoff traded a single share for clients...

james blunt,

A Note About the Bailout

Arab-Americans look to Obama

Cornyn's Absurd Hypothetical: What If Waterboarding is The Only Way To Interrogate?

UN issues warning on Gaza children

ACLU head: Worst civil liberties president about to be history

CNN - Gaza Hospitals Struggle to Cope With Deaths

Freeze Foreclosures, End Bank Hoarding, Cut Executive Compensation

The U.S. Economy Is Being Marched to the Gallows

Tyler Drumheller: What Bush Really Knew About WMDs

The House That 'Mission Accomplished' Built

Obama Anointing Prayer for Walkway to Inaugural Stage-End Date Error

Neil Young: Fork In The Road

Ted Nugent for Drug Czar?

Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for 'Wiping Out' Palestinians

At the Smithsonian, Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life

Beyonce Perform Etta James At Last

Rachel Maddow responds to Bush's bye-bye speech

Harry Reid : ‘I really do believe President Bush is the worst president we’ve ever had.’

Friday Feminist Fuck You: George W. Bush

For Bardophiles: Reflections on the end of the Bush Regime

Dear Mr. President by Pink

Best Friends Condi and Tzipi sign

TYT: Bush Administration Official Finally Admits To Torture

TYT: Israel Strikes a UN Facility - Is it Intentional?

McClatchy: Vaya Con Dios, Bush

Red State Update: Gay Bishop At Obama's Inauguration

Chris Matthews rips 'rich kid', 'tabula rasa' Bush and the neocons after farewell address

Visions for Change in U.S. Health Care — The Players and the Possibilities (New Eng Jour Med)

Bye-bye Bush! GW's big sendoff

Bush's Final Speech - Original Version

Caller calls Obama "Mr. Monkey Boy," Fred Barnes Doesn't Bat An Eye

Rescue of Banks Hints at Nationalization

George Galloway "The West has DOUBLE STANDARDS when it comes to Israel"

Robert Bryce: US Role in Gaza Invasion

Ray McGovern: What's Hayden Hidin'?

Satyam Firing Workers 'Onsite,' Analyst Says

President_Elect Obama's Stimulus Plan is Only Half A Loaf

Joe Conason: The real reason Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich

And I always was told how gracious Laura Bush is. Not!

David Sirota: Fool me Once


So Long Worst President Ever; 10 Reasons History Will Hang You

Krispy Kreme to Suffer Boycott by Right Wingers

McClellan: Bush, Cheney 'deceiving themselves' on legacy 'tour'

Krugman: Forgive and forget? (WHOOHOO-- this is great!)

Autopsy: Gunshot wound killed Bragg nurse

U.S., South Korea agree on military payments

Pentagon: Iraq pullout plan being prepared

Ex-soldier abandons insanity defense

$350M for DoD energy in stimulus bill

U.S. to pay $350,000 after suicide of Marine

New DoD center offers help for PTSD

GE to become Army Reserve employer partner

Second victim of helo crash at A&M dies

DHS pick faces many issues at Senate hearing

VP’s son back from Iraq for inauguration

Lawmakers against naval training relocation

TYT: Cenk & Ana Break Down 'Purity Balls' (Includes Actual, Disturbing Footage)

Task force soon may be able to capture pirates

Attorney for detainee wants charges dropped

Northrop Grumman to build new Ford carrier

Marine accused of beating wife faces judge

CMC: More dwell time between Afghan tours

Marine leaders make visits to Mexico tough

Navy special boat units get new missions

Bill seeks hospitals for vets in every state

Obama wants to end don’t ask, don’t tell policy

USAFE bans 'Spice' drug; violators face steep penalties

Army’s unneeded spare parts worth billions of dollars

Coalition air traffic controllers help Iraqis assume airspace responsibility

Military Update: Active-duty retirees die sooner than reservists, actuaries say

U.S., Iraq reach reconstruction deal

Military won't comment on airman tied to funeral crash in Lithuania

Cost of AAFES diesel down nearly 65 cents in Germany

Two charges added in Camp Foster theft case

Interesting mailbag in today's Stars and Stripes:

Bush: 'Had Best Interests of US in Mind'

Itaewon eatery owner sympathetic to soldier blamed for fire

Two Plead Guilty in Plot to Kill GIs

Israel Hits Gaza Hospital, UN Building

Alibi Heard for Chaplain in Rape Case

NASA Debuts Global Hawk

Marines Eye LCS for Future Missions

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Reclaiming Army Standards

CIA Head Defends Harsh Interrogations

Sully's splash was a real splash w/o one splash, cept for the water!

OMG..I saw "In the Valley of Elah" for the first time.I can't stop crying.

What do you see as Shinseki's biggest challenges as head of the VA?

The Destruction of America - Bush Style! 'The song is ended but the melody lingers on' -

Peak Oil Notes - Jan 15

Energy research needs $6 billion (Australian) - to achieve projected carbon dioxide reductions

Rain speeds Antarctic Peninsula glacier melt

A Rare Deep Freeze Warms the Dutch Soul

Russian gas cutoff energizes nuclear comeback - C.S. Monitor

Detroit auto show reveals electric future

(US)Business and Environmental Leaders Release Landmark Blueprint for Climate Protection Legislation

Cape Wind project gets favorable government review

(UK Conservatives) Our Plan for a Low Carbon Economy

Out of Africa: Saharan Solar Energy

Salt Lake City mayor eyes geothermal power

Maglev wind turbine at Joe Leno's Garage

More Than 6,300 Solar Panels Atop (California) Winery - approx. 50% of (their) energy requirements

Flying the Coal-Fired Skies

Gordon, Alexander introduce bills to ban foreign radioactive waste

Waxman Sends Polluters a Message as Industry Climate Proposal Falls Flat

American Meteorological Society gives James Hansen its top honor

WSJ: A global nonproliferation treaty is in serious danger of falling apart

For Wind Turbine Manufacturers, the Layoffs Begin

Could new (more reflective) varieties of wheat and barley save the planet from climate change?

Religious groups join the green movement

NASA researcher says turf grass largest irrigated crop in the country - 3 times the acreage of

Amid broad Israeli support for Gaza war, a rare dissenting voice (CSM)

Israel controls access, message in Gaza assault

European envoys fear aid pinch after Gaza crisis

CARE halts aid deliveries amid Gaza bombing

Amy Goodman: Israel Pounds Gaza: Shells Crowded Hospital, UN Compound and Building Housing Media Org

Gideon Levy / Someone has to stop Israel's rampant madness in Gaza

6 ministers to launch 'PR attack' abroad

Gaza: A New Middle East Indeed

Israelis describe bombing of UN headquarters in Gaza as "an error" -- Rice

Independent Groups Debunk Israeli War Propaganda

Gaza rocket destroys Negev structure just after laborers exit

How Many Divisions? (Uri Avnery)

Modest Backing For Israel in Gaza Crisis

Israeli groups call for IDF 'war crimes' probe (New Kerala)

Israeli Troops Pull Out of Gaza City

Video shows proof of phosphorus bombs in Gaza

Council of Europe Secretary General - Operations in Gaza are not making Israel any safer

Israel's Gaza offensive will not help security: Sarkozy

Reporter's Notebook: An emotional disconnect

Israel: Stop Shelling Crowded Gaza City (Human Rights Watch)

The failure of force: an alternative option by Prince Hassan of Jordan

Gaza: Medical Personnel Unable To Enter

Bolivia to take Israel to The Hague

Overwhelming Israeli support of Gaza op: 94% of the public support

War in Gaza 'entering final act' ahead of Obama inauguration

Muslim ads on county buses drive Jewish group to protest

US, Israel to Sign Deal to Boost Gaza Truce Effort

Death threats for French imam who preaches peace with Jewish neighbours

Email and text keep neighbours in Gaza and Sderot in touch

Fatah cracks down on Hamas in W. Bank

Eyewitness: Gaza's medical crisis (BBC)

(Israeli) Cabinet to vote Saturday on unilateral Gaza truce

Israeli Army Kills Palestinian Demonstrator in West Bank

Meshaal Tells Summit Hamas Rejects Israeli Truce Demands

Chomsky: Undermining Gaza

Trauma and terror in Gaza

NYTimes: Israel Lets Reporters See Devastated Gaza Site and Image of a Confident Military

Israel poised to halt Gaza attacks

Israeli Assault Injures 1.5 Million Gazans

Cabinet to vote Saturday on unilateral Gaza truce

Palestinian Doctor's Daughters killed while he is interviewed on Israeli TV

An open letter to Gideon Levy

UN to adopt resolution on Gaza conflict

Democracy Now: Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Recounts How His 11-Year-Old Son Died...

An open letter to Gideon Levy

Israeli TV airs Gaza doctor's pleas after children killed

Proportionality and Hypocrisy

Hamas vows revenge after IDF kills Gaza Interior Minister Said Sayyam

New Zealand pubs ban Israelis over Gaza operation

Disproportionate doesn't describe it

Obama and Gaza

AlterNet: Gaza Is a Concentration Camp

90 organizations, mainly French, to prosecute Israel for War Crimes

How the Gaza War Could End: Three Scenarios

Journalists call Livni 'terrorist' during press conference on Gaza operation

Indiscriminate slaughter from the air is a barbarism that must be abolished

Chomsky: Undermining Gaza

British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli counterparts

How to sell 'ethical warfare'

Palestinian Doctor's Daughters killed while he is interviewed on Israeli TV

Turkish PM Erdogan: Bar Israel from UN over Gaza offensive

War doctor grieves 3 daughters

A Cessna Citation Columbus

Saving grace

U.S. Gives Bank of America $138 Billion Lifeline

What is the possibility of someone buying

Rescue of Banks Hints at Nationalization

Government Regulators Aided IndyMac Cover-Up, Maybe Others

Inquiries show Olmert version of UN Gaza vote spat closer to truth than Rice's

The man who bankrupted America

Online trading accounts...

CNBC talking about Morgan Stanley and other banks putting oil in tankers.

Today in labor history Jan 16 Palmer Raids detainees win right to meet with lawyers

Service workers facing cuts

UFCW Weekender 1-16-09

Miracle on the Hudson happened thanks to the skill and dedication of union workers

Capacity Utilization and Industrial Production Cliff Diving

DERSHOWITZ: Hamas' Dead Baby Strategy

CNBC: Is Now The Time To Legalize Drugs?

I Have A Question... No... Wait... A Real One!

Jesus' General: Satan Blows a Piccolo

Was the Constitution written on parchment?

Ha! A young lady from my Home Town on American Idol

Is hemp a viable economic crop for the southeastern U.S.?

Former Civil Rights Chair Mary Frances Berry says Obama needs new gay and human rights Commission

New Evidence Mormons Illegally Contributed to Yes on 8

Is there constitutional protection for straight marriages.

When did this forum become the new Lounge?

ok, guys, you got one more person in cali to support you with my vote

Obama wants to end don’t ask, don’t tell policy (xpost from Veterans)

Pastors offer their suggestions for who would have been a better choice to pray at Inauguration

I am cold.

Google signs amicus brief in support of challenging Proposition 8

Bush Declares Sanctity of Life Day!

Medical News Today: "Prejudice Study Finds Gay Is The New Black"

Fox News “Transition Tracker” Plays Fear Of Teh Gay Inaugural Parties

A plane lands safely on the Hudson.

Venezuela seeks investments from Big Oil

Arm yourself, my friends -- Venezuela Referendum Facts & Law

Thom Hartmann ->Douglas Schoen: "The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War Against America"

Lula urges Obama to change U.S. view of Latin America

Kasparov - Simultaneous chess game

Gruden was fired

"Republicans Upset Over Children's Health Bill" - doesn't protect private ins. plans enough

Guns and gold.

How about feeling a little lucky?

Bunch of fabulous dancing girls for an energy boost!

I believe in omens and symbols.

Great funny photoshop tutorial videos.

Speaking of photographing people in the street....

What a difference a couple of days make.

A treeful of cedar waxwings

Just three things coming from radio host Thom Hartmann today that belongs in this forum.

Street Scenes that I should have entered in the competition

Thanks for the good thoughts

Methane discovery hints at living Martian microbes

Archaeologists unearth Roman villa in English village

I'm not saying that it's incredibly cold outside...

Science wins big in US Congressional stimulus package

Faith leaders urge Obama to ban torture on Inauguration Day (Associated Baptist Press)

How Google Is Making Us Smarter

Friday Night Eye Candy (Dialup warning)-New Day Dawning

Coffee Filters

The Laws of Thermodynamics

I have just created heaven in a dessert

a baking question -- Nutella cookies

For those who believe in god(s), the divine, do you feel when you think about it?

This is a perfect explanation of god to me

1/15 was an "inside job"!

Woman cleared in vote-fraud case (Amarillo)

Texas Senate adopts rules change to allow Voter ID vote

ACLU-TX Launches New Blog

Drought Map

Texas' largest all-nude strip club opens in Dallas

Can Texas tell Bush not to come back?

Can someone listen to these songs and tell me the artist and title?

The software awards scam

Howsabout a XML sitemap for $250.00? SCAM ALERT

How to correct website design - IE versus Firefox

My computer is dying and Circuit City holds the warranty! (Dial-up warning)

Ottawa doesn't need a city council.


Governor General to visit native country

Congratulations Sen. Clinton and thank you!

Tweety got The Joke right!!!

I'm SOOO tempted to become Kerrycrat

MPs to be exempt from publishing expenses

Trident nuclear missiles are £20bn waste of money, say generals